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File: 1596326518835.png (425 KB, 652x1024)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
Stage Slut's whorish performance garb.


>Shimslut aka Whore of CHS
>totally-not-a-slut Trixslut



>Slut Sunset


>Slutnata sluts up the beach

>Detention with Whoreshwhinny

>Turboslut makes you her slut

>pantyslut Harshwhinny

>Sunset, the High School Reunion Slut

>Camp counselor Anon fucks Turboslut & others

>Bislut Pinkie & Maud slut up the club

Previous sluttery: >>35547490
File: 1553574224199.png (440 KB, 961x832)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
Safety first
File: 2033184.jpg (138 KB, 800x1050)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
File: 2379364.png (711 KB, 800x960)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
Wrong previous thread btw >>35617750
File: 2108583.jpg (455 KB, 902x837)
455 KB
455 KB JPG

Easy Money

wordcount: 2900

tags: straight shota, excessive cum, deepthroat, shotadom, Rarity.

Let me know what you think.
yeah, that’s Rariwhore alright.
Stage Slut needs to do her hair like that more often. Perfect for handling and thrusting.
i want a piece of that leotard covered ass
>Stage Slut

Bugger Grips
File: 1478201661076.jpg (1.82 MB, 1600x2696)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
Pretty hot by itself, ngl.
For me personally though, its too vanilla. I like my rariwhore to get absolutely degraded. A small boy can only do so much unless she were the dom and corrupted him
File: 2009621.png (408 KB, 1500x868)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
We need more slut on slut action
File: 1838195.jpg (206 KB, 900x1800)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
dead hoes
>Dead hoes
>The horny ghost of AJ's dead mom haunting the farm house
>Creepily moaning in the night
>"Diiiiiiickssssss... Diiiiiicksssss. Giiiive needs the Deeeeeee...."
Little cute sluts
File: 1463526281194.jpg (302 KB, 1000x1000)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
threesome+some more
Saving you guys from page 10 this one time.
i want Stage Slut to perform the disappearing dick trick on me
File: 1842323.jpg (331 KB, 1920x1080)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
fitting attire for stage slut
those tits tho
rariwhore was made for pantyshots
File: 2413604.jpg (147 KB, 996x1280)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
She wants a facial, but doesn’t want it to get in her hair.
the head is too little.
too bad slut, im gonna jizz all over her body and she better like it
narrow, tight crotchstraps make my peepee hard

Like Zatanna, Stage Slut is so fuckable in heels.
File: 2414903.jpg (2.27 MB, 2976x4906)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
>no whoreheels
See me after class
File: 60505.png (526 KB, 600x1106)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
what are you gonna do? force her to wear whoreheels and fuck her from behind as she's bent over tiptoed?
depending on how much time i get with her:
1 hour:
>force her to wear whoreheels and fuck her from behind as she's bent over tiptoed
1 day:
>force her to wear whoreheels and go for an extra long walk through the city, fucking her every time she needs to rest her feet
1 week:
>just force her to wear whoreheels while in school, but having teachers call for her constantly so she has to strut through the school hallways, letting everyone in the school hear her heels on the hard stone floor
1 month:
>actually dont know
1 year:
>start out on 4 inch heels and slowly work our way up to 7 inch stripper-tier shoes. also lock the shoes on her every day she leaves the house. have her strut on a treadmill for extra excercise when at home
Trap Turboslut enjoys getting pounded from above
i miss highway to tartatus :^(
File: sunset-shimmer-maid.png (2.57 MB, 2200x2600)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
The whore of CHS in a much more tame costume

In Soviet CHS, Gilda forces you to have sex with her:

...and while not featured here by Racoonsan, she would look dominant in 8-inch heels to go with her punk-themed leather outfit as you sexually worshiped your mistress
Bipolar Slut showering and giving you a show. She knows you have a hidden cam installed there.
File: 18824456.png (139 KB, 345x875)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
File: 2414381.png (3.76 MB, 2550x3300)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB PNG
File: 2400758.jpg (275 KB, 1280x2541)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
rare slut
someone has the full pic?
>8inch heels
I love me some good balletheels, ngl
flutterslut helping out at yet another fundraiser for the local animalshelter
I'm giving her all the business she could ever need
File: legs.jpg (58 KB, 577x755)
58 KB

I was thinking more along the lines of (her seamed stockings worn with such) these:

Supplied by Rarislut: whenever she wants ultra-hard boners, she wears these ultra-high heels.
i would give her and rariwhore wombfillings if they wore either of those and i cam across them.
imagine dominating them on some slippery surface as they struggle for safe footing... clip related but without the violence
seriously. i think the highest heels you can realistically get that arent "ballet" style are 6-7 inch unless its for male feet, for which they look like ass. 8 inch is purely with small pleateau or a whore walking on her toes.
>"oh anon, would you mind covering my thighs in sunlotion? and make sure you cover everything in between as well! if you do a good job, i have some other areas for you i cant reach as well..."
File: 2415621.png (1.62 MB, 989x1217)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
clingy slut
>sluttershy's low cut panties
>The two of them getting surrounded by beach studs with pitched tents
>Sluttershy is nervous, but wants to get pounded senseless
>Dashslut notices they're mostly staring at her friend, but wants to get fucked senseless too
File: 1407989.jpg (1.32 MB, 2171x3312)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
She has to wear them low because her hips are wide and there isn't enough fabric to hug her undersides and come all the way up above her pelvic bumps. You can actually see her mons pubis when you look down the front of her panties because of the way they're held afloat by her pelvic bumps and leave a lewd gap between the panties and her skin down the middle.
>she could ask rariwhore for some custom panties to "fix" her problem, but instead she asks her to make them look even sluttier on her
time for dashslut to step up her game
File: 2412579.png (676 KB, 1920x1570)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
>i-i want panties that barely rise up to my hips and only covers half of my ass
File: 2302806.jpg (102 KB, 720x1213)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>"i thought you would never ask! come and take your clothes off, i have prepared a whole line just for this moment..."
what else would she have ready?
i would suggest some super skimpy hotpants to her as well as some way too short shirts revealing plenty of underboob
flimsy leggings that show off plenty of pantylines of her tiny panties
high-cut leotards for showing off her legs, panty straps, and erect nipples in public
6 inch skirts that disposes of all modesty
>6 inch skirts
call them what they are, belts
File: Spoiler Image (824 KB, 2760x3138)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
She wears them nice and low like those rave sluts. It barely covers her lower ass and flashes plenty of her panties.
perfect for a professional streetwhore but is it perfect for sluttershy? do you think she would be able to deal with the sudden increase of groping and her getting pulled into dark corners for quick mouth, ass or wombfillings?
then again, im sure rariwhore had this all planned out for her, knowing she would be able to handle it somehow.
File: Spoiler Image (1.5 MB, 2720x4096)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
she wears them for special occasions like taking over Rariwhore's "clients" when she's busy or for inappropriately slutty cosplays. she's a meek weeaboo slut who dresses kinda modestly on an average day but always wears whorish underthings and attends cons in outrageously skanky cosplays.
>he's a meek weeaboo slut who dresses kinda modestly on an average day but always wears whorish underthings and attends cons in outrageously skanky cosplays.
i like that idea. her regular clothes would a bit slutty from a distance, but nothing too outrageous. its only when you get flashes of her silky underwear that you would know that she is a permanently horny skank.
and only once you meet her servicing her/rariwhores clients, or going all out during conventions would you see that she is a slut through and through. and just for those socialmedia clicks she would sometimes even go a few steps further:
>"forgetting" that she doesnt wear anything underneath while lifting her skirt
>taking some aphrodisiacs before her stageperformance and having her arousal visibly run down her legs, leaving a trail on the ground
>not wearing any bra so her pierced nipples poke the thin fabric of her outfits
never anything too offensive but always makign sure people whisper "slut", "whore" or "hooker" around her
also bending over at the waist to pick things up, whether she's wearing her Rariwhore brand panties or not. her average day tank tops would also run dangerously low on threadcount and do nothing to hide the bright pink lace bra she wears underneath... or sometimes nothing at all.
File: 1486965231988.jpg (41 KB, 500x917)
41 KB
>her face when rariwhore reveals all those clothes and plans for her
she just cant wait to get her first fuck in the streets!
she's a meek weeaboo slut. the only time she'd say yes to street fucking is when she's already aroused from strutting around the convention center in slutty cosplays. any awkward boy who shares her interest in anime is going to get his cum sucked right out of his balls... and maybe even scattered all over Sluttershy's slutty cosplay.
File: Spoiler Image (433 KB, 669x1004)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
In that leotard, pantyhose & stripper heels, Sluttershy will definitely get all the wombfillings she wants:
File: 530144.jpg (412 KB, 748x1750)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Sluttershy's newest costume
she does really know what its supposed to be, but the stares are proof enough for her to wear it again at the next con
I'll be giving her as many as she can handle!
I'm going to kidnap and make Fluttershy my sex slave
very fuckable
i bet she wouldnt even resist. the worst you could hear coming from her mouth would propably be a "are you sure im not revealing too much skin with this outfit?"
what would you want her to do for you? pose in lewd outfits for you or others? turn her into a streetwalker while you are going out with her? be her pimp? tell us, anon!
I kekd hard
First I'd reply telling her she's not showing enough skin and start pulling off her slutty outfit and groping her all over before fucking her immediately

I'm going to make her into a breeding slave, and use her for live sex shows, streamed and in public. People can vote on what outfits they want her dressed up in, how much they want her to fight back, and of course we'll do some cosplay sex too, her dressed up in slutty superheroine and anime girl outfits just for me to violate her and impregnate her again
acceptable treatment for such humilitationcraving slut. i knew there would be another anon here who would enslave his slut and use her as property
I wouldn't allow anything else for my sexyshy
i already told the tale of how i would totally dominate every or rariwhores aspects of life...
we should team up our whores for some lesboaction porn. with certain restrictions ofcourse. we cant have rariwhore cum now, can we?
File: 2415943.png (798 KB, 832x1600)
798 KB
798 KB PNG
Pull down the top part of that bunnygirl outfit, and putting my dick in that oh so silky smooth cleavage, I wouldn't need lube in the process of fucking Sluttershy's exquisite tits.

This hot pink-haired whore would love it when I came on her face & boobs.
I just had the idea of simply sending over rariwhore to you, have her prep the both of you for sex and force her to watch while you make hot, degenerate love to each other. Meanwhile she would be strapped down on all fours and just fucked up her ass by a machine. No orgasm would come to hear while she is forced to watch sluttershy come over and over again. You can leave the machine running over night while you sleep... just spank rariwhore if she even whimpers a bit. Anything is fair game as long as she doesnt orgasm.
I will rewatch the pornclips with her leater while I force her to ride me

Make sure to have her fix her outfit once you soiled it and have her parade it around infront of others!
File: 2415910.png (1.89 MB, 1502x2069)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
File: rarihips.jpg (158 KB, 1920x1080)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
I will make rariwhore get some surgery and turn her into the ultimate cocksleeve. Dont listen to her saying she doesnt recognize herself anymore... she may not always openly show it to everyone but she loves her oversexualized body!
UnPrincipled Molestia is Trisexual:


...if it's Sexual : she'll Try it.
What’s the third gender?
Read the entire post you stupid hoe
Tell me more.
Maniacpaint is a fucking living legend
File: 1593869099228.jpg (264 KB, 1000x1160)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
File: 2415968.jpg (136 KB, 773x1027)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: 2415972.jpg (101 KB, 756x1007)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
going to bed wearing nothing but that? she's just asking for it.
File: 2415986.jpg (62 KB, 646x928)
62 KB
File: 1051613.jpg (1.27 MB, 3072x4096)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
whore of chs wearing layered bikini makes my dick hard
File: 2409735.jpg (192 KB, 1044x1200)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
File: 2139820.jpg (229 KB, 626x900)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
I will try to write some green about her descent into sexual slavery later
File: 486758.png (299 KB, 688x1219)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
File: 2174257.png (2.22 MB, 2480x3507)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
former rariwhore poster here
im trying to get better at writing green and need someone to proofread before i post "finished" stuff here. would posting it on pastebin and other commenting on it ITT ruin the expirience too much for you?
or is there discord where i could post it?
anyone? :^(

im at 6000 words already
yes what? post it here? or create a pastebin first? i want to make this a enjoyable reading exprience as opposed to the boring old "X and Y would happen" thing
File: 2416317.jpg (2.31 MB, 4960x7015)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
Juniper Slutage's Womb Raider cosplay
Would Juniper Frotage be more appropriate? While it's wordplay that hews more closely to the original name, it is less directly related to the concept of sluttiness and requires the removal of a t to work entirely correctly
so, she's a trap slut?
I would say just type it out and post it here.

There are a few anons that help writers by pointing out grammar errors, spelling etc.
And posting it here and reading it over yourself you pick up mistakes you’ve made and can change them before you post them to a Pastebin.

That’s what I do
File: 2380760.png (676 KB, 3339x6000)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
ok then, its still not where i want it to be, doesnt have dialogue or complex chains of events but at elast its better than the shit i wrote last time which was pure coom-posting
ill write more tomorrow

>start of summerbreak
>be anon
>walk into shady nightclub because why not
>meet some hot skank at the bar, dressed like a cheap slut. cheap pumps with 3 inch plastic heels , black stockings, black minidress that goes down to midthigh, "normal" rarity-tier makeup
>start talking to her
>its rariwhore acting and dressing like some bitch in heat without control
>push her into a corner, slide your leg up between her thighs and find out if she really is just another wannabe slut among millions or if she has potential
>find out she craves to be dominated
>when asked where she see's herself in 10 years she says she wants to be known for her clothes as well has her hot body
>sneak some pills into her drink while you talk and make out
>eventually, the pills take their toll on ehr and she says she needs to go home, but doesnt know if she can still make it
>you lead her out to your car and just in time she passes out
>be rariwhore the next day
>your whole body hurts and you have no idea what happened last night
>walk into the bathroom and take a shower as if automated
>your headache slowly fades away as you try to remember last night
>while applying nicely bodywash to your body you realize something is different
>thats when it hits you, your breast which used to be a modest C-cup are now well beyond D's while your ass has also grown alot
>you hastily jump out of the shower to check yourself out in the mirror to see the full extend of the changes
>its real
>thats when you start to remember what happened last night
>you finish your show and walk over to your phone right as someone calls
>you remember the voice from last night and he inquires how you like the changes he made to you TWO WEEKS AGO
>be anon again
>rariwhore seemed to be lost for words after your revelation
>you told her you simply gave her what she secretly craved, and a bit more
>you also told her that you are going to take charge of a few things for her now, so she can concentrate on more important business
>a few days later after you made sure she had understood and come to terms with the changes you start visiting her regularly
>to her suprise, you also had quite the fashionsense and a thing for art
>she blushes when she first sees the designs drew up for her but she doesnt argue with them and instead slowly gets to work
>a week later and she finished most of your designs and a few of her own
>honestly, you were suprised how quickly she adapted
>from that point onwards, you would have a say in all the designs for her and the ones she sold at her boutique
>bras would from now on either be quarter or halfcup, or have cutouts for the nipples to poke through
>panties would either be made from seethrough material or barely cover anything with their fabric at all
>skirts would be either ass/thigh-hugging and be supershort and made from the lightest material possible to make sure every breeze would lift them up
>blouses and shirts and other as well would be made in such a way that they always put womanly features on display
>in addition to that, you also found a supplier for new high heels
This did actually occur to me, but apparently Frottage does not necessarily imply rubbing cocks on one another, only rubbing bodies against one another for sexual gratification. So no cocks need be involved, though they aren't necessarily disallowed. Though I ought to at least acknowledge that cultural common knowledge dictates this.
>back to being rariwhore at the end of summerbreak
>starting tomorrow, you would have to show off your whole "new you" to all your friends and schoolmates and the mere thought of it made you nervous
>a few of your boutiques old customers asked what had brought about this recent change in you and your style but you simply told them that this was a new global trend and you were simply trying to be a leading part of it
>trusting you, they simply kept buying your new slutty outfits
>meanwhile, anon had kept visiting you regularly and had made sure you lived up to the standards he set out for you
>he expected nothing but perfection and grace and you were happy to deliver on that
>you were now used to your nipples being constantly teased by fabric as well as simply their additional weight
>same about your new, fatter ass and the thin strips of cloth that bit into its felsh and that of your pussy
>your feet still hurt after long days in the new highheels he made you wear but the way they made your long legs look was totally worth it
>still rariwhore
>end of the first week in school
>you have never had this much attention and you hate to admit it but you LOVED it
>you now get catcalls every day on your way to school
>one day you overslept a bit and had to take the bus, and you groped and felt up from all sides
>even in school the action doesnt stop with boys turning their heads to check you out and even some girls checking out who is making that ruckus with her highheels
>while changing clothes for PE, other girls were asking if it that new underwear was really made by you, securing yourself soem valuable new customers
>this weekend, anon had invited you to a date at a fancy restaurant in town but set up a list of requirements for you to fulfill
>you werent allowed to wear ANY underwear, your dress was to be one made from a single thin layer of silk, hugging your waist and breasts tightly and ending just below your buttcheeks, while being held up by two thin shoulderstraps
>you would look like some cheap escort but you couldnt say no. the mere thought of it made you wet
>and just in time the new heels he had ordered for you arrived as well...
>be anon again
>you are on your way to pick up your date and wonder if you didnt set the bar too high for her this time
>"its too late to change things now" you think, as you knock on her door
>opening the door is propably the hottest slut you have ever set your eyes on and you have to restrain yourself from showing her too much approval
>at least you now know that your initial "investment" was worth it as rariwhore has now fully embraced her place in this world even if she doesnt quite know it yet
>with her living central enough, you decide to walk to your destination, parading her to the world around you
File: rariwhore.jpg (131 KB, 716x847)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>to your satisfaction, she has fulfilled all the requirements you set for her. her nipples poke through the thin fabric of her dress as she struggles to keep the hem of it down in the light latesummer breeze while a faint blush can be seen under her thick, slutty makeup
>you were worried about the shoes you bought for her bet seeing her strut along besides you means those worries were misplaced

thats it for now
nopan already? that's steep escalation even for rariwhore.
In Soviet CHS, Nightwhore Rarislut breaks you and makes YOU her slave
where to go from here? do you think rariwhore was ready for this outing or is she prove that she needs much more stricter supervision and leadership?

is the writing ok?
that skin doesnt work on a human tbqh. maybe if you got some bits that had reflections on it to give it the illusion of a latex bodysuit

Whores... I mean works for me:
i mean, i would love to come across a dominant rarislut...
what would she be into?
File: rarity_by_shonuff44.jpg (243 KB, 1024x2502)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
>i would love to come across a dominant rarislut...
>what would she be into?

...after coming across her tits , Rarislut the Cougar would be into you blasting your mancream into her cunt
Tempest Shadow would be the dominatrix of CHS
File: 2416677.png (99 KB, 2600x4024)
99 KB

Sunny Bunny Cunny
Slutty sluts
File: 2416895.png (1.96 MB, 1472x2048)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
breasts-squishing slut wedding
File: 2416418.jpg (2.41 MB, 1447x2039)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG
File: egral.png (558 KB, 1280x901)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
This playful slut is ready for some experimental fun! What unorthodox thimgs do you want to try with her?
writefag here
and this is where i am already at my limit. i know where i want to go from here but have no idea how to put it on "paper". shit sucks
do greens get more love the more typical writefaggery here?
what do you mean?
i am trying to git gud at it but am struggling to do proper pacing
Magicslut is checking you out.
sluts sharing clothes!
File: 1528507224288.png (243 KB, 1336x1828)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
I'm down
File: 1947067.jpg (328 KB, 2121x2828)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
>its a bit too tight around the top and too loose at the bottom
File: 1596069456887.png (1.24 MB, 1236x3072)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
File: 1238968.jpg (305 KB, 1000x1000)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
>1st row
i can imagine poofyhair having a way bigger but less firm ass. i would love to give her ass a smack in those leatherpants
>2nd row
maybe its the colours but they look like they could share clothes on a regular basis
>3rd row
damn, i'm liking that slutwear swap
Being the generous sort, Rariwhore is teaching those new to the dicking scene how to be slutlicious in leotards & heels:
what would a short crashcourse for beginners be like? or for her more expirienced sluts? would the trainingoutfits change?

Miss Rariwhore would teach as(s)piring sluts how to arouse studs by putting on seamed stockings & fuck-me heels in such a seductive way, the boys would be aching to give them dickings.
File: 2324296.png (534 KB, 1200x1600)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
let me help you out with that
>beginnersluts would be trained in posture, style and fitness
>this would include but not be limited to:
>posture: shoulders back and breasts out at all times, the right stride for wearing fuck-me heels, how to flash the panties, bras or straight up nipples without looking "too" cheap
>style: skintight tops, short skirts, seamed stockings and fuck-me heels are the basic combo every slut should start from and many fall back to when they are out of ideas. this is also the basic training attire
>fitness: sluts need to be able to deepthroat, ride cocks and pleasure cocks with their hands for longer periods of time and this training will be focused on those musclegroups. cardio will also be trained with treadmills while wearing whoreheels to get the sluts used to those as well

now tell us about more advanced sluts. i want to git gud writing this stuff
File: 2417052.png (1.44 MB, 1481x2048)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
public sluttery
Flare Whoreden taking her new female body for a ride... in a threesome
File: 108968.jpg (39 KB, 400x600)
39 KB
what kind of services and advices would Rariwhore offer to long-term slut pupils?
This comes to mind
File: rarity pinkie hair.png (626 KB, 1920x1080)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
No ass
File: 2305897.jpg (102 KB, 482x506)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
i asked ebcause i keep projecting my vision for rariwhore on others but i guess people enjoy this

>sluts are required to complete a basic fitness and knowledge test to take part in this class. the test includes:
>maintaining consciousness for 1 minute while a dildo is stuffed down the throat
>vagina and asshole are required to be able to fit a 6 inch dildo inside them
>students must be able to wear 6 inch fuck-me heels for short and 5 inch heels for long periods of time
>students are being tested on blowjob, cunnylingus skills as well as basic fitness (cockriding for at least 15 minutes, wealking on 5 km in fuck-me heels, run 1 km)
>rariwhores advanced-trainingcourse builds up on the things learned in the beginner one but also adds practical elements to it
>with these standards confirmed, no slut should fall behind on the curriculum and those who still do, can be punished accordingly for tardyness

>advanced posture: sluts learn that it isnt just about presenting their titties to everyone around them and not stumbling over their own feet. they learn how to properly stride in their fuck-me heels, proper hipsway and all this while having toys crammed into their holes trying to disturb that perfection. if requested, sluts first get pierced and then learn how to properly take care of their new modifications and their limits
>advanced style: sluts find their individual styles, best suited for their bodies, hair, favourite colours, social standing and so on. some may just end up as trailertrash with cheap makeup, plastic earhoops and bracelets, walking around on stripper pleateauheels with cheap, secondhand clothing. others become high class escorts, having to doll themselfes up every day with perfect makeup, hair and body. the clothes will be made just for them by rariwhore herself and may include sluttified traditional dresses like dirndl's, kimono's or cheongsam's. racy evening gowns that barely cover the minimum of their bodies.
a handful of them may even end up as fetishwhores for all kinds of customers.

>advanced fitness: sluts are being trained in more advanced sexual techniques. focus is once again being placed on cardio but this time, they will get handson expirience for a few weeks in a brothel where each slut gets to spend a few nights in each of the differently themed rooms. this will include but not be limited to: vanilla sex (with a focus on speed. more customers=more money), roleplay rooms like a subway, classroom, masters bedroom or hospital, fetishthemed with light bondage, petplay and up to hourlong BDSM sessions
Great ass.
File: Fleur_dis_li_angel.png (1.07 MB, 1268x2048)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
File: 2417499.jpg (3.68 MB, 4000x5301)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
File: 1SSFONDO22.jpg (499 KB, 1064x1825)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
File: 2377857.jpg (194 KB, 1600x2608)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
File: 2417520.png (1.29 MB, 1058x1419)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
oc sluts
File: 2404389.gif (189 KB, 624x352)
189 KB
189 KB GIF
Datt ass
just how does rariwhore manage to look so slutty and yet so posh at the same time?
File deleted.
it's the art of sluttery, baby
>file deleted
File: 738134.jpg (168 KB, 875x550)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
too lewd probably
File: 2417682.jpg (902 KB, 984x2099)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
appleslut and her ass-length hair
i want to braid her hair and use it to tie her hands behind her
File: 2417857.png (792 KB, 1620x2160)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
>your ass feels firm... slut workout?
based mexican artist
everything this guy does is pure sex
File: 1927016.png (645 KB, 852x1566)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
this is propably my favourite. it reminds me of one of the uniforms in agent aika which is peak sluttery imo
File: 1541397.jpg (124 KB, 1600x1200)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>skirt with transparent parts for showing panties
that's some depraved slutwear shenanigans
All Rarislut needs are high heels:
those arent high enough. her tendons have shortened and all she can wear now is 6 inch fuck-me heels
Rarity's always complacent with her tits and ass being in the open.
i want her to pull those panties up and see how they fit tightly around her hips and pinch that plump ass

Trust me, if I had a pic of Rarislut wearing only ones like these: >>35702426 , I'd have posted it.

Still, her wearing those while she raises her ass, ready for me to be between her legs & giving her the dicking & wombfilling she needs: all the while caressing her luscious tits which I would fuck & come on her face later is sufficiently bonerrific for me.
i want to make her wear those heels and lock them to her feet with tiny padlocks...
File: 2372585.jpg (2.15 MB, 2168x3508)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
File: 2418153.jpg (731 KB, 652x1119)
731 KB
731 KB JPG

Whoreia Blaze really pulls off cosplay as she pulls off so many boys . As this pic proves, I would really enjoy her Vaggie

As her husband Shining Armor dressed as the Radio Demon would say to the Goddess of Sex cosplaying as Angel Dust, 'And what can you do, my feminine fellow...?!'

Principal Cumdump 'I can suck your dick!'
File: 2319721.jpg (350 KB, 1280x1817)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
i'd love to see Whoreia in a slutty tennis outfit

New balls, please.
File: dtxcheer.png (1.81 MB, 1197x2048)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
File: RARA01.png (1.69 MB, 1440x2060)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Whorelestia working hard filling her cum meter.
>He has a condom on
How's she supposed to fill her cum meter if it's not even going directly in her?
she sucks it out afterward, or she peels it off when he's about to climax. it's there to prolong the intercourse.
those leggings look tight enough to show pantylines, but i see none... is she going nopan?
File: 2418408.png (441 KB, 1120x1500)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
File: 556590.jpg (133 KB, 750x900)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
She knows what she got
she acts so reluctant as a slut, but she’s not above doing stealthy slut stuff like sitting with her knees up in a skirt.
Every pantyflash, every bit of visible skin on her body is calculated. Its not just thebeay she sits in her short skirt, its also her shirt/blouse. Its this short so when she picks a book from up high in the library, usually some smut, she flashes her her underboob
File: 1634021.jpg (1.23 MB, 2046x1434)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
excuse the pony but imagine rariwhore just using a long, wide silk ribbon as her panties... open one carefully tied bow, and it would all slowly come down
File: 1126255.png (800 KB, 2000x2500)
800 KB
800 KB PNG
that's hot. cut just high enough to flash underboob with body posture, but not high enough to appear outright slutty. god, reluctant sluttery is so sexy.
File: 1596880801640.jpg (377 KB, 1430x2048)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
there is appeal to all kinds of sluttery
>voluntary sluts are playful, know how to use their goods and are propably loud and wild in bed
>reluctant sluts can appear out of nowhere, sometimes they dont even know thez had a slut in them all along. all it takes is a short skirt on a windy day or a too tight blouse with a light drizzle and it appears
>forced or reluctant sluts can be controlled from behind the lines, forcing them to finally release their inner, supressed slut

they are all hot to me
File: 1086011.png (767 KB, 785x1200)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
I really like the reluctant sluttery like the Twislut larp in OP. A slut who's constantly embarrassed by her depravity but can't help herself from flaunting it shyly is so unfy.
File: 2290995.png (170 KB, 400x773)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
aaah stop posting that pic, i want to bend her over a desk, tie her arms down and fuck her for hours
>Loud and wild in bed.
Yes, please!
>go for a pee in a bar
>take a leak
>a stall behind you opens and a hot slut, lets say pinkie drags you in
>quickly she pushes you against a wall and gets on her knees
>her blowjob is sloppy and very loud with her moaning and slurping around your cock
>she leaves pink marks on your cock and makes sure they reach all the down to the base of it
>everyone around you can hear her and maybe you, moan as you cum down her throat and all over her face as she pulls away
now imagine this stuff getting dialed up to eleven once fuck her from behind
i like to imagine that Party Slut goes to bars and clubs dressed exactly like that underneath a butt-length coat.

I'd Razzle Colwhoretura's Dazzle: Tits and Clam

...Rarislut too:
File: 1769153.png (2.89 MB, 1873x2500)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
am i the only one who likes pantylines? all these artists draw those delectably tight fitting pants and yet none of them seem to want to add that sexy detail...

With all the eclairs she's deepthroated (and all those cakes go to all the right place, natch), Pinkiewhore has absolutely noi gag reflex whatsoever.

She'll swallow your dick till you're balls deep: your ballbag banging her chin as you throatfuck this hot pink-haired whore. And take your cream as deeply as she would if you were giving her tight cunt a good dicking & filling her womb.
thats a very ugly rarislut, but i like her being leashed
File: 19091137.jpg (566 KB, 1872x1500)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
being the cumcrazy slut that she is, she takes measures no other slut does
>her hair braided into two to the left and right for people to hold onto their head like handles
>hard to remove lipstick so her territory stays marked
>tonguepiercings to increase pleasure, some of her piercings even have small vibrators attached!
>sinusimplants so she can keep breathing while her throat is filled to the brim
>a controllable chocker so whoever fucks her throat, can increase the tightness
>drugs to keep her pussy permanently lubricated and ready
she just cant get enough! she loves this life of hers!
Sluttershy's kind of not ready for a full on penetration yet, even though she's resigned to being a reluctant slut full time. She offered Appletrap a thigh job instead.
File: 2381617.jpg (206 KB, 1600x2611)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
File: 2418921.png (693 KB, 3472x9904)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
she caught you staring at her thong-clad ass
That the rule agaisnt it is for a very good reason
File: 2419039.png (294 KB, 946x1478)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
File: 2419001.png (183 KB, 914x1257)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Sluttershy taking her first deepthroat action
File: 495305.jpg (2.38 MB, 2400x3203)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
No-pan and no-bra, just the way things should be
File: 2066676.png (997 KB, 1152x1584)
997 KB
997 KB PNG
god, i wish i was rariwhore...
Office sluts Rainwhore Dash and Sluttershy about to take some dick-tation:

Dashie's already feeling up Flutterslut.
File: 1173052.png (3.81 MB, 2241x2953)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB PNG
frontal pantyshot? oh my unf
File: 2419354.png (635 KB, 923x1000)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
even Stage Slut's everyday clothes are a bit slutty
are those micro miniskirts obeying the dress code? or are those sluts just wearing them voluntarily for "office morale"?
File: 2419546.png (597 KB, 1920x1080)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
>are those micro miniskirts obeying the dress code? or are those sluts just wearing them voluntarily for "office morale"?

their contracts have a special clause that gives them bonuses for reaching certain levels with their uniforms. they get rewarded for:
>each additional 0.5 inch over 3 for their highheels
>for wearing certain stockings/legwear no idea how to set levels for this, maybe you guys have an idea
>for certain types of skirts same here? and i dont want to make it just "shorter=better"
>for "special" services to customers and employes
anything else?
File: Spoiler Image (211 KB, 1920x1440)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
the sluts are required to take creepshot selfies of their legwear/skirt every day, or make themselves available for other employees to snap one under the desk. those pics are made available to all employees on an app and they get to like or dislike them. more likes = more dolla.
File: 2051557.jpg (464 KB, 1280x1856)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
had more ideas
>every day, a slut gets picked as "reliefgirl" and is "installed" in a booth in the mens bathroom for the day
>officesluts are encourage to have "underdesk-streams" >>35723547 thx for the idea
>if a slut is late, she has to crawl through a hole below celestias desk and suck cum out of her holes until she accepts her apology
>her skirt's so short that she can't even sit with the back of her skirt tucked under her butt
that's absolutely slutty
File: Spoiler Image (684 KB, 1920x1434)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
i'd work so hard like i've never done in my life both as a watcher and as a slut having her pantyshot streamed
File: 2389919.png (2.81 MB, 1860x2631)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB PNG
what are the rival sluts up?
File: 2140211.png (1.26 MB, 1112x1600)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Octavia is making sure some of the vibration reach her clit!
turning sweetie into a cockhungry nymph
>cutie mark double penetrators!
File: 2419599.jpg (754 KB, 1800x2400)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
File: acute.gif (196 KB, 482x560)
196 KB
196 KB GIF
guess who just got herself a date!
she's staring at a cock she's about to suck just outside the frame, isn't she?
its a short, messy, slutty date, but a its enough for her
We're the CMC!
"Cum-Milking Cumdumpsters!"
>We're the CMC!
>"Cum-Milking Cumdumpsters!"

...and whore... I mean more besides:

So much sluttage to choose from!
File: 757272.jpg (1.26 MB, 1400x934)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
they take after their sisters
If there’s someone strange in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call? Roastbusters!
If there’s some girl weird, and she don’t look good
Who you gonna call? Roastbusters!
File: Spoiler Image (9 KB, 270x186)
9 KB

Yes, potatoes cooked in an oven are good. Now go back to /r9k/ >>35724784
Stellwhore Flare is MILFlicious
File: 2419790.png (1.81 MB, 1701x2457)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
File: 2419829.jpg (755 KB, 1900x2600)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
Rariwhore's ready to be cummed on
how uncharacteristic of Rariwhore. not a single wet spot on her panties.
File: Spoiler Image (2.8 MB, 2000x3000)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
>be you
>.... Sluttershy.
>n-no, stop!
>you're not a slut, you swear
>that night was just a heat of the drunken moment
>but your friend Rarity won't let you live it down
>you and her had went to a bar for your 21st birthday celebration
>she was in her usual revealing splendor, drawing all the male gaze to herself
>some infernally short dress with plunging v-neckline that went almost down to her navel
>you were just wearing your normal clothes
>white tank top, teal shorts...
>but one thing led to another, and soon you were stumbling drunk and letting guys grope all over you

>you tell Rarity that you "don't remember" any of it
>but the truth is, you recall at least some of it
>you also remember how liberating it was to be treated like that
>those calloused, thick fingers brushing against your tummy, cupping your breasts, digging into your panties...
>just thinking about how they felt makes you feel hot and your knees wobble
>you suspect that Rarity knows you enjoyed it
>she's taken to calling you "Sluttershy" with a wink when everyone's out of earshot
>it makes your face hot with embarrassment
>but also with a deep primal desire to do it again....
>...no! bad Fluttershy!
>you're not a slut like Rarity!
File: 1592504.png (276 KB, 1156x1022)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>Rarity is a... strange friend
>you can't remember when the change happened, but she's flaunting her body more than she did back in CHS
>stranger still, you feel like Rarity's slutty antics have rubbed off on some of your friends
>not all of them are like that, oh no
>but a few of them have had their wardrobe "adjusted" by her, and even their demeanor changed too

>Pinkie dresses like she's just asking for it all the time: tight denim shorts that fit more like panties, tube tops without bras, thongs pulled up above the waistline like a porn star from the 90s
>on top of that, you don't have the heart to tell her that she smells like... o-oh, my...
>there's always a faint odor of... cum... when Pinkie is nearby

>Rainbow Dash was always obsessed with herself
>but now, it's gotten a little ridiculous
>you swear she stares at her own ass in yoga pants more often than doing the actual yoga
>her athletic tank tops, loose fitting and with giant holes for arms, always seem to fail to cover her breasts

>and Sunset, oh gosh--
File: 2401052.jpg (136 KB, 1280x1658)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>*knock konck*
>Rarity interrupts your slut-friend musing
>she stands in the doorway of your bedroom, smiling ear to ear
>she hands you a pink shopping bag with frilly tissues overflowing at the top
>Rarity smiles and tells you its your belated birthday gift
>you thank her and take the shopping bag from her
>you walk to your bed and sit on the mattress, ready to see what's inside
>Raritys still watching, but she looks gleeful

>oh no...
>you forgot you've been lounging around in your skirt all day
>you stand up, tug your skirt down, brush down your rear, and sit back down
>"it's too late, darling, I already saw everything~"
>you blush
>"my little Sluttershy, a lady shouldn't twirl around like *that* when she's wearing such an airy skirt, especially not in front of your roommates..."
>you meekly stutter something about not meaning to do that
>"go on, open it up!"

>the shopping bag is filled to the brim but feel very light
>you soon discover why
>it's full of frilly underthings
>some of them could hardly be called panties or bras
>entire halves of the cup missing, see-through lace where your private parts would be
>some of them have way too many straps, like they're designed for strippers
>they're obviously Rarity's handiwork
>y-you can't possibly wear these!
>a stray wind blowing up your skirt would let everyone see your... y-you know...
>you hold one of them up in your hands
>it's a g-string with credit card sized coverage
>"oh yes, you'd look ravishing in that one, Sluttershy"
File: 2318893.jpg (274 KB, 1280x1811)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
>you blush furiously
>god, you hate that you love being called 'Sluttershy'
"they're... they're for me?"
>"why of course!"
>Rarity walks in and sits next to you
>"when i saw you getting absolutely ravaged by those men last weekend, i *knew*"
"knew what?"
>"that you're just like us. me, Sunset, Pinkie, Rainbow..."
>Rarity takes the shopping bag from you and dumps the rest of it on your bed
>"and the way you blushed and your eyes darted when I called you your favorite nickname--"
>she knew!
>"--made me realize that you actually remember what happened, and you secretly enjoyed it"
"i-i didn't!"
>"of course you didn't"
>Rarity puts on a smug face
>your face is red now
>all you can do is stare at your knees and breathe heavily
>you've always known she likes to... umm, "slut" up her friends who share her interests
>and you've always secretly wanted to be like them
>so confident in their sexual powers
>unafraid to show skin
>you've always wanted to ask to be one of her slut friends, but couldn't find the courage
>but now...
>"of course, we'll have to work a bit hard to bring out your wild side. you're kind of like Twilight, in a way"
>Rarity covers her mouth
>"oops! darling, let's keep that last part a secret between us, shall we?"

to be cumtinued
File: 2419826.jpg (735 KB, 1900x2600)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
Thats some very hot green. Cant wait for rariwhore to lead sluttershy further down that path
One day, Flutterslut will be such a slut that Rarity will be just another submissive girl in her harem, begging for her affections.
>>it's full of frilly underthings
>>some of them could hardly be called panties or bras
>>entire halves of the cup missing, see-through lace where your private parts would be
>>some of them have way too many straps, like they're designed for strippers
>>they're obviously Rarity's handiwork
>>y-you can't possibly wear these!
>>a stray wind blowing up your skirt would let everyone see your... y-you know...
>>you hold one of them up in your hands
>>it's a g-string with credit card sized coverage
fucking UNF!
the whore of CHS cant even leave the house without any toys anymore
File: 2406446.jpg (365 KB, 566x953)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
im sorry sluttershy, but thats simply not slutty enough.
cute= yes
slutty? no
“Something to drink now?
And maybe something to eat later on?”
the panties are really lewd, low rise and probably g-string with side ties and all that. it's probably narrow on the bottom and barely covers her pussy lips.
the top needs to be more revealing though.
i agree with the panties, there is still hope for her.
junipers body was made to be paired with a dirndl
These are hot. These are really hot. Oh my goodness.

Also nopan Sugarslut ftw
File: 1368091.png (622 KB, 735x788)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
>you gasp
>Twilight is a... slut?
>gosh, that's such a lewd word!
>"anyway, she's an ongoing project of mine. much like you're about to become~"
>Rarity runs a finger down your arm
>"say, why don't you get dressed? we'll take a stroll outside and drop by my boutique to get you fitted for *proper* clothes"
>b-but you're already wearing clothes?
>"ohhh no, darling. i meant get *dressed*"
>Rarity eyes at the frilly pile of underthings and winks
>"it's windy outside, so be sure to wear something *appropriate* over them"

>you... you can't possibly do this!
>at Rarity's insistence, you give up and dig through the frilly pile, trying to find the least revealing set in that pile of slutwear
>your heart is pounding, and you almost forget again that you're wearing a skirt
>"my, my~ already so eager as to bend at your waist?"
>you squeal and jolt up
>y-you didn't mean to do that!
>"of course, darling. hurry now, we've got lots to do today."
>you sigh and keep searching
>there are things you didn't notice before: garter belts, stockings, fishnet things, ringlets and chains, odd looking belt with pleated frills...
>...wait, that's a skirt
>oh my goodness...
>your secretly wonder what it'd be like to sneak outside at night wearing some of these
>your ass barely covered by a "skirt" barely 10 inches long
>your breasts exposed to the night air underneath that fishnet tube top...
>o-oh my, there are chokers in here too
>you feel dizzy with arousal
>you hate that you're getting slightly damp in your plain panties
>but you also kinda like it
im gonna think up some more special positions for office and worksluts
File: Spoiler Image (3.68 MB, 2624x2025)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB PNG
Yes, please!
thank you for adopting the manipulative rariwhore idea. i would write more about her but i really struggle to get things paced nicely
File: Spoiler Image (99 KB, 650x982)
99 KB
>you're Sluttershy...
>you walk out of the bathroom clutching a bundle of still-warm underthings that you wore minutes ago
>Rarity's slutty handiwork hugs your shame tightly underneath your white tank top and green skirt
>you had picked out the least revealing set you could find from the "slut gift" pile
>a pink bikini set
>it fits similar to what you've seen Rarity wear to the beach before
>patches of fabric no larger than your phone half-covering your breasts, tied up behind your neck like a halter top
>frills adorning the top corners of the cups and making your breasts look even larger than your natural size
>bikini bottom resting at your hips, scrunched back and fitting more like a tanga
>the side ties are long curly ribbons almost reaching your lower thighs
>you resist the urge to reach under your skirt unladylike to fix it digging into your ass
>gosh, it keeps riding up with every step you take...
>you tug your midthigh length skirt down trying to keep the side ties from showing, but it's futile
>"well, darling? do they fit you well?"
>you have to admit, they fit perfectly
>"excellent! shall we head out, then?"
>your knees wobble
>you're in your normal clothes and all...
>but the thought of going outside, everyone watching you, you and your slutty affair hidden under your normal clothes like a stealth mode harlot
>you try to say "no" but it comes out more like a moan
>wh-what's happening to you?
>Rarity smirks
>"was that a yes, Sluttershy?"
File: 2165267.png (323 KB, 1000x600)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
>you try to protest, but it's no use
>Rarity finds your purse from somewhere and thrusts it into your hands
>and before you know it, you're outside in your apartment's hallway
>Rarity locks the door and tosses the key into her own purse
>n-no, please
>you can't... you can't go out like this!
>you tug down your skirt, almost catching your bikini's side tie and accidentally undoing the whole thing
>"the elevators are to the left, yes? come along!"
>Rarity urges you forward and struts in front of you
>her scandalously stripper-like heels clip clop on the fake marble floor of the hallway
>you shuffle along in your slightly less tall heels
>you feeling a slight breeze wrapping around your thighs and up under your skirt
>please, you can't....
>from behind her, you can see Rarity dressed to kill and her hips swaying like she's trying to get jumped and raped with every strut
>her severe dark purple dress comes barely down to her upper thighs
>it's very formal, like she just walked out of a courtroom, and yet it fits tightly like it's made of spandex
>are those wrinkles over her tailbone?
>o-oh my gosh, that's her thong pantyline...
>there's a split running from the hem of her dress all the way up to her ass
>you think you can see the slight curvature of her underass in the slit
>you blush furiously

>the two of you wait for the elevator
>Rarity eyes you up and down
>"hmm, maybe I should've paid more attention to your outerwear, I was so caught up on making you wear my underthings..."
>she walks up behind you and wraps her hands around your waist
>you yelp
>constructioncompanies are tired of their workers getting distraced by hot skanks walking past their constructionsites
>they have found a solution in what is best described as gloryhole/fuckbox converted out of a portapotty
>a worker who suddenly has an urge can just either stick his dick through a hole and get sucked off or walk in and properly fuck the slut inside

>companies have grown tired of sluts just slacking off and distracting their male coworkers
>so in addition to "reliefgirls", the other sluts still on regular work duty have now been equipped with special chairs
>the regular seatingarea has been improved with two dildos with vibration-, inflation- and pump-ability
>upon arrival at work, sluts first clean themselfs, then their chairs before being strapped down for the next 8 hours
>a system monitors their activity and if it falls below a certail threshold, their plugs become active
>they have to call their supervisors to be released before their shift ends
>different chairmodels have been developed with more flexible, adaptable mountingpoints, different attachments and even a model for standing desks
File: 2175906.png (2.03 MB, 2480x3507)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
>"such a lovely skater skirt... you even pull off that dreaded green color so well~"
>she pulls up your skirt higher around your waist
>no! if you wear them that high...
>the side tie straps...
>you try to pull her hands away
>"hold still darling, skater skirts are meant to be worn around the waist, not hanging loose around your hip. honestly, you're just as bad as Rainbow sometimes when it comes to fashion..."
>you cover your face in embarrassment
>it feels hot in your hands
>"see? all better"
>you move a finger aside to see your blurry reflection in the elevator door
>your green skirt is now billowing out around you from the waist, enhancing your hourglass figure
>also it... it fits scandalously short!
>the pink side tie curls are plainly visible under the hem of your skirt
>"hands by your side, darling. or you'll ruin your makeup."
>you meekly pull your hands away
>you swear Rarity rolled up the waistband while you weren't looking, the hem is an inch or two away from your fingertips
>your hands wander to the waistband, trying to make yourself more modest
>something inside you hesitates
>you look at your blurry reflection again
>you're gonna look like... like *THAT*
>and you're going outside?
>even if you could run back to your apartment, Rarity has your keys...
>maybe you could hide behind that potted plant?
>before you can make up your mind, the elevator doors open
>Rarity drags you inside and hits the ground floor button
File: 1531973435620.jpg (145 KB, 718x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>>you look at your blurry reflection again
>>you're gonna look like... like *THAT*
>>and you're going outside?
cute and hot! in a few months time, she wont believe she has ever been this prude...
File: 2189374.png (377 KB, 682x827)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
>you've never thought you'd go out like this
>parts of your underwear hanging out visible for everyone
>they're just fabric straps, but still...
>you're both at the ground floor now
>Rarity extends her elbow to you, and you cling to her arm like a scared damsel
>at least that's a relief...
>you could maybe hide partially behind her!
>the lobby is kinda empty
>Rarity's heels clip-ciop echo draws few gazes
>you shrink behind her, trying to hide
>soon you realize that it's no use
>more than one gentleman walk past you two and crane their neck behind to get a good gander at your rear
>th-the skirt!
>you stand upright
>you were slouching, bent forward, trying to hide behind Rarity
>o-oh no, how much did they see?
>you brush down your butt with one hand and feel the skirt ending a few inches shorter than you're used to
>oh no, they probably saw glimpses of your neon pink bikini
>they're just swimwear, but it's all about the context, right?
>with how much the scrunched rear is riding up your ass now, they probably thought you were some lesbian harlot wearing a thong under her skirt, just like the other skank in her arm
>oh no...
File: 938485.png (509 KB, 603x818)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
>you glance at Rarity
>is she.. drooling?
>her face looks kinda red
>there's even more sway to her hips now, and every step she bumps her hip against yours
>you notice some wrinkles around the waist of her dress
>she's... ohmygosh, yeah she is
>she's walking more exaggerated to let her tight fitting dress ride up higher
>you don't even have to look to guess how that rear slit looks on her now
>you feel a mix of horror, disgust, jealousy
>here you are, almost having a heart attack over how someone might've seen your bikini under your skirt
>and Rarity's intentionally trying to flash people
>her thong-clad ass probably visible through the slit whenever she takes a wider step
>what kind of person is this?
>you almost don't recognize your friend
>well, she was always kinda showy even in CHS, but now...
>she's a slut through and through
>Rarity's eyes roll up like she's in the middle of a sexual ecstasy
>her confident voice gives away and she mewls quietly, almost like you
>such depravity!
>but if she's so depraved, why is it that you secretly wish you could be more like her?

more cumming soon
excellent stuff. cant wait to see what rariwhore has in store for her
that pic reminds me of our humble larping beginnings
File: 855440.png (324 KB, 525x1065)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
that skirt, stockings and heelcombo is extremely acceptable
File: 67907.jpg (178 KB, 1280x1280)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
such a good look on her. artsy but tied together with unexpectedly revealing skirt and slut heels.
>those breast-waist-hipratios
just ever so fuckable
File: 1819172.jpg (643 KB, 1900x1800)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
put pittle padlocks on her underwear left and right so she cant take those panties off!
File: 1655004.png (77 KB, 800x1442)
77 KB
oh noes! sluttershy has lost it!
File: 2420392.png (747 KB, 1361x2934)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
borderline anthro tbqh
>officially, company sluts only model for advertisement calenders that are being given away on conventions
>unofficially, all sluts that are printed on it can be hired by possible customers, or just be send over as sort of a bonus to improve company relations between each other
>same applies to loyal customers
>other merchandise includes: fleshlights modelled after the sluts cunts and asses, sexdolls, QR codes to remotecontrol vibrators used in the "underdesk-livestreams"

>companies encourage their sluts to regularly exercise and burn calories
>personal trainers professional streetwalkers, retired pornstars and cardiobunnies offer a wide variety of trainingprogramms for modified trainingequipment
>rowingmachines that power fuckmachines
>exercise bikes with, you guessed it, fuck machines
>treadmill/VR combinations with realistic scenarios to prepare for, like walking down a shoppingstreet and getting your ass spanked while being catcalled
>yoga and ballet while being fitted with dildopanties as to stretch not just those arms, backs and legs, but also their holes
File: 2420413.jpg (101 KB, 900x800)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
what's the company policy for office slut trainees falling for their trainers?
oof, thats hard to say. On one side, the trainers were hired to increase the officesluts performance during workhours, but who is to say that she wont still be able to recieve wombfillings, or swallow recordamounts of cum?
I would encourage them to keep it professional, which means they can go to town on each other but should do it while streaming and in companyapproved attire and porngenres
File: 2246974.png (111 KB, 310x854)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>you are finally outside your apartment building after an eternity of male gaze raking your scantily clad body
>well, scantily clad by your standards
>the scrunchback bikini has ridden up and you feel like it fits more like a thong by this point
>you could maybe reach under your skirt to fix it when nobody's looking...
>...no! bad Slutter-- Fluttershy!
>n-not in public..
>you also feel the bikini top has shifted a little
>they feel like the cups avoided being pulled aside by the elastic snagging onto your erect nipples
>and the bumps are plainly visible through your white tank top
>gosh, why didn't you put on a t-shirt or something?
>it's not like you didn't consider putting one on in the bathroom
>you aren't actually enjoying this, are you?
>you shudder at the thought
>"a leisurely walk to my boutique sounds lovely, doesn't it Sluttershy?"
>this time, Rarity calls you by the S-word
>you feel your heart beating in your ears
>thankfully, it doesn't seem like anyone heard

>speaking of being heard, there aren't that many pedestrians outside
>th-thank goodness...
>you'd be stared at nonetheless, but at least it'd be by fewer people, right?
>a car drives by and you hear the occupants howling at you and Rarity's direction
>you yelp and hide behind Rarity again
>"aww, don't be so shy, darling. boys will be boys. we'll take a short path to my boutique"
>you begrudgingly follow her, tugging down your skirt
>it's not like you could say no and go back home, Rarity has your apartment keys
>you take meek steps in your less scandalous heels behind Rarity
>gosh, they are really high...
>...and you have to admit they make her legs look rather sexy
>you can't help but wonder what it'd be like to strut so confidently in those
File: 1462782.jpg (189 KB, 1329x2036)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>soon, you and Rarity are walking into a nearby park
>"see? not a person around"
>you disagree
>you can plainly see people jogging, flying drones, grilling things...
>"oh psh, hardly any people here compared to the sidewalks. we can always go back to the main road if you'd prefer that"
>you dart your eyes as you follow her, seeing if there's a bathroom nearby to sneak inside and fix your underthings
>a jogger runs past you two
>he's clearly checking out both of you
>"it feels so nice, isn't it Sluttershy?"
>your face feels hot
>there's no way that jogger didn't hear her call you that!
>"just a few minutes down this way and my boutique's right across the main street. we live so close! it's strange how i haven't.. ehem, *indoctrinated* you to our friends' way of life"
>Rarity raises her arms and stretches, making her dress hikes up a few inches
>the hem of her dress sits lewdly over her underass
>the rear slit flashing her pale ass with every step now
>you want to say something...
>she can't be doing this on purpose, right?
>she continues walking for several more seconds with her arms stretched above her head
>the clip-clop of her stripper heels ring in your ears
>you wonder if she tailored her dress to the perfect length for this sort of "malfunction"
>you clutch the hem of your own skirt, sorely reminded of how short they feel on your ass
File: 1674824.png (723 KB, 1000x1050)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
>a light breeze picks up
>your skirt starts ballooning out around you
>thank god you were clutching at the hem at the right moment
>you practically glue your hands down to your thighs
>someone whistles from behind you
>oh no! your rear...
>you arch your back and try to get the backside of your skirt under control
>instead, your hand makes contact with your half-covered asscheeks
>h-he's seen everything...
>you feel almost dizzy with panic
>and a tinge of arousal?
>you twist your torso around and clamp down front and back with your hands
>you scurry next to Rarity
>m-maybe that wolfish pervert would be distracted by Rarity's state of dress and stare at you less?
>(check that out, bro)
>(shit, nice)
>you hear the whispers but pretend to not hear them
>you glance over at Rarity
>she's got the same glazed look she had at the apartment, clearly knowing and enjoying the attention
>she quickly reaches for one of the wrinkles around her waist and tugs up her dress ever so slightly
>you look away, totally embarrassed on her behalf
>Rarity! how could she?
>how is she such a thirsty slut?
>you hear a camera app click
>oh no...
>they're taking creepshots of you and Rarity
File: 2296858.jpg (1.45 MB, 3019x4270)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
>Rarity trips on a small pebble and spills a bunch of credit cards from her purse
>"how clumsy of me, I guess i was so turned on by those two gentlemen and didn't bother to look where i'm stepping..."
>like a good friend, you bend down to help her pick them up
>gosh, that's a lot of credit cards
>they all smell like Rarity's perfume, too
>you quickly grab a few, but Rarity's hands just hover over yours, not doing much
>what's she doing...?
>you shove a few back into Rarity's purse
>suddenly, her hand grabs yours
>"(slow down, darling)"
>you look at her
>her face is scarlet red
>"(trust me, just follow my lead)"
>you glance downward and notice that she's not crouched
>that's when you realize her posture and yours
>you.... you bent over at the waist!
>you hear more clicks from a phone app few yards behind you
>you try to stand upright but Rarity grabs your shoulder and stops you
>"(no-no, let Sluttershy out from the shell...)"
>you can't believe this!
>you're in a skimpy swimsuit and indecently short skirt worn over it, and...
>you become very, very acutely aware of your bikini bottom pinching your asscheeks
>another light breeze picks up and gently caresses your ass
>you shudder despite feeling hot *everywhere*
>"(nice and slow.. let's give them a show they'll never forget, shall we?)"
File: Spoiler Image (106 KB, 899x943)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>you swallow and obey
>you slowly pick up one of the plastic cards and hand it to Rarity,
>she takes it and puts it in her purse just as slowly
>then another one
>your knees wobble with panicked arousal and it makes you wiggle your ass without you wanting to
>maybe realizing that you two are doing this on purpose, the two men walk closer
>you hear them taking pics mere feet away
>is... is this what being a slut is like?
>Rarity's breaths get more labored and you smell something else in the air
>her shoulder, pressed up against yours, starts to tremble
>she's... oh my
>she's getting so turned on by this
>...and you think you are, too
>your breasts hang heavy on your chest
>that tiny bikini top is probably completely out of place now, you feel your stiff nipples rub against the fabric of your tank top
>a growing dampness in your bikini bottom cools in the breeze, making you shudder like you're having an orgasm
>another card goes back into Rarity's purse
>(dude, these are fuckin' sluts!)
>(look at the purple haired one, her thong's already drenched)
>(god damn teasing whores)
>(that pink haired one's wearing cute ones too, maybe she came back from the beach?)
>another card
>Rarity is audibly panting now
>you feel your own breaths quicken
>your hands are shaking with adrenaline and drop the card a few times
>another card goes inside
>Rarity's hands wander over her breasts, cupping them
>she's not even bothering to pick up the cards anymore
>she moans softly, bending over a little more
>you pick up a few more cards, resisting the urge to let your own hands wander to your increasingly heavy breasts
>no cards left
>you and Rarity keep your posture
>Rarity bites her lip and winks at you
>"(great job~ you foxy slut, you...)"
File: 1059050.jpg (30 KB, 423x606)
30 KB
>Rarity spreads her legs shoulder width, arches her back, then slooowly stands back up
>slow enough to let them gander at her soaked thong, and take a few more pictures
>she turns her head around and smiles seductively at the two men
>you meekly try to do something similar, but can't bring yourself to do it
>you are shaking too much
>...and you think flashing your bikini at strangers is sluttery enough for now
>"well darlings, i can see that you enjoyed our little show..."
>you look down at their pants instinctively
>theyre' both pitching tents
>o-oh my goodness...
>"as much as me and Sluttershy here enjoyed your company, we have plans for today. perhaps next time we can take it further?"
>the two men look absolutely dumb, still not believing their luck
>"hmm... i suppose i can't just let you two leave without something to remember us by"
>Rarity taps her chin, then snaps her finger
>before you can react, she reaches under your skirt and tugs at the side knots of your scrunchback bikini
>you feel your hips and ass suddenly freed of pressure as the whole thing comes off in Rarity's hands
>you squeak out a yelp
>Rarity! how could you...
>Rarity smiles and tosses it playfully at one of the men
>"her name's Sluttershy. you got to take pics of her wearing it, and now you get to keep it~"
>they stare at your (!) untied bikini with wide eyes
>one of them brings it up to his nose and takes a sniff
>without knowing, you bite your lip
>"I'm Rarity by the way. please include our names when you share those pics online?"
>Rarity struts over to both of them, squeezes their hardened bulges, and walks down the path again
>you meekly follow her
>desperately hoping that another breeze won't pick up and lift up your skirt
>but not really
>your mind is a storm of conflicting emotions
>you shudder again as your own fluids start to cool around your inner thighs

more to cum
File: 2420484.png (3.06 MB, 2203x4098)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB PNG
File: 2420529.png (695 KB, 1644x2244)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
File: 2420556.png (925 KB, 927x1782)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
File: 2420576.png (218 KB, 360x746)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
how long can Rariwhore tease men until they snap and take her for themselves?
Poor little sluttershy. She is forced to learn to run rather than walk as a slut instantly...

She would hate that, wouldnt she? Just being taken advantage of, by a group of strong hot studs having their way with her and her friends?
File: 19837.png (851 KB, 1920x1080)
851 KB
851 KB PNG
sometimes you just gotta push a slut before she comes out of her shell
File: 1838770.png (82 KB, 298x936)
82 KB
Then lets hope rariwhore pushes her some more
sluts being motivated to exercise...
and yet another idea that can be used to turn a shy girl into a depraved skank. whether she likes it or not...
oh no, she is doubting herself! how do we fix this?
keep looking
There's a helpful tool we can use to fix this. It's long, hard and shoots white stuff.
it worked, turbo is back to her old self and her skirts are shorter than ever!
File: 2326342.jpg (140 KB, 1024x1538)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
that's an incredibly slutty bikini. and those painted lips! unf
turbo went all out for this summer
>depilated her whole body so there isnt a single hair left below her eyes anymore
>puffed up her pussylips and clit with some experimental drugs she and wallflucker came up with
>a new skimpy bikini made by rariwhore covering next to nothing
File: 2039070.jpg (652 KB, 876x1257)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
>you're Sluttershy
>you might as well own up to it, huh?
>you bent over at the waist in your slutty bikini and skirt with Rarity and gave a slutty public show to two dudes
>and you kinda liked it
>your inner thighs are slick and cool with your own evaporating juices
>your breasts are still heaving with your breaths
>to think you committed sluttery with Rarity...
>you can't believe it
>now you're walking next to Rarity to her boutique, clinging to the hem of your skirt like your life depended on it
>the fabric of your skirt brushes against your bare ass and hips
>it feels odd... yet fantastic?
>"that was a tantalizing distraction, wasn't it Sluttershy?"
>it was terrifying!
>what if they started touching you and grabbing your breasts?
>"oh, you'll learn to let yourself love it soon enough..."

>the rest of the walk goes smoothly
>only a stray park-goer glancing at you two, and Rarity winking at them or cupping her tits for them
>now out of the park, you cross the street and enter Rarity's boutique
>her boutique has changed since your CHS days
>colorful slutwear of all types hang from the walls
>some are fancy but revealing
>others make your toes curl at the thought of wearing them in public
>cupless corsets, fishnet things, slinky dresses with high side slits, slutty dancewear...
>high heels and platform shoes of all types
>chokers, elbow-length gloves, stockings, anklets...
>you think you also recognize some pre-made cosplays
>your eyes can't even take it all in
>>her boutique has changed since your CHS days
>>colorful slutwear of all types hang from the walls
>>some are fancy but revealing
>>others make your toes curl at the thought of wearing them in public
>>cupless corsets, fishnet things, slinky dresses with high side slits, slutty dancewear...
>>high heels and platform shoes of all types
>>chokers, elbow-length gloves, stockings, anklets...
>>you think you also recognize some pre-made cosplays
anon please, dont do this to me ...
File: 1732078.png (55 KB, 1286x2198)
55 KB
>you also see some shoppers
>unsurprisingly, they're dressed like sluts
>one woman looks like she just walked out of a slutty rave, wearing a skimpy pleated skirt and a short blouse fitted more like a bra
>she's holding a purple slinky dress in front of her to the mirror, side slits going well past where her panty straps would be
>another woman is wearing a dark leotard and pantyhose, standing tiptoed in her red-soled high heels checking out a purple minidress
>behind her, a hunky shop assistant stands close
>a-and... he's stroking that woman's butt!
>your heart skips a beat wondering how his hands would feel
>a tall woman smiles and gives you a hungry look
>"my my, Rares. got yourself another slut in training, did ya?"
>it's Sassy Saddles
>she's wearing an outfit totally inappropriate for a workplace
>her breasts are nearly spilling out of the black corset squeezing her torso
>her lower body is covered by nothing but a tight fitting black thong and equally severe thigh high stockings held up by garters attached to the corset
>she towers over you in her platform heels
>you can't help but gawk at her slutty garb
>did Rarity make her wear this at work?
>"Sassy Saddles! how's today so far?"
>"oh, you know. breaking in our new assistant. he's such a hard working boy, but he gets a bit too grabby sometimes..."
>behind you, you hear the leotard-clad woman moaning
>you turn and see the male assistant kissing the woman's exposed neck
>and his hands are... ohmygosh
>all you can see is his hand pumping in and out underneath the bottom of the woman's leotard
>"hey kid, get your fingers out of that lady's cunt! i swear, that boy's hands are glued to the patrons' pussies"
>Rarity laughs
>"well, i trust you to do the right thing, Sassy Saddles"
>Sassy and Rarity share two kisses on the cheek and a brief tongue-heavy smooch
>"don't worry Rares. off you go now with your girl-toy~"
>you yelp as Sassy playfully gropes your left breast
File: 1158607.png (435 KB, 1500x3629)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
>you follow Rarity into the employees-only area of the boutique
>behind you, you can hear Sassy yelling something about the store's "don't let our employees fuck you" policy and how the woman would be punished
>your mind wanders about what kind of punishment that leotard-clad woman would be facing
>this place is crazy!
>Rarity is crazy!
>you're crazy for following her!
>you should just leave, maybe buy the least slutty panty off the rack to cover yourself, and never speak about this again!
>but every time you want to stop, something inside you pushes forward
>you're not enjoying this, are you?

>you wake from your inner thought and look around you
>the "employees only" area is not what you expected
>there's a heart-shaped bed in the middle
>a nightstand is next to it, and there are boxes of condoms and lube bottles on top
>the walls are lined with more clothes hangars
>they look like they have more variety than what's in the store, but less volume
>like they were meant to be worn right here, not sold...
>"have a look! do you like it, Sluttershy?"
>you can't believe your eyes
>did she make all these?
>"oh good heavens, i only made about half of them myself. the other half is from an outlet that was going out of business. i bought all their slutwear catalog for cheap. there's even more of it in a storage unit, but this is basically all of it in terms of variety. but this being *my* boutique and all that, i couldn't really sell them here, so i decided to put them to a better use..."
>Rarity winks at you and beckons you to to a small TV
>it's playing some kind of porn
>a heart shaped bed
>two masked ladies, pale and blue
>getting dicked and moaning
>it's Rarity and Sassy!
>she makes porn here??
>"oh, porn is so low-class. we prefer to call our product 'beyond boudoir' videos..."
>the masked Rarity on TV is being flipped onto her back and her legs spread out like a crab
>an unknown man pulls her lacy thong aside
File: 2374164.png (186 KB, 314x516)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
>Rarity sighs and moans softly
>"i remember that man. his cock was EXCELLENT. i couldn't enjoy vibrators for a month because they just weren't as good as him."
>Rarity struts over and pulls out a hangar
>"i wore these for that shoot, what do you think?"
>you realize that it's a full clothes-and-underwear set, just like the other ones all around you
>a gothic looking dress hangs from the thick hangar, cut high around the sides and tapering down the back like a diamond
>the front of it keeps going up
>you don't think it'd hardly cover your crotch if you wore it
>the neckline, while looking Victorian, is definitely low enough to show at least some areola
>a bundle of frilly things hang on an attached hangar
>the bra looks more like a strap harness and has no cups
>the straps make an upside-down star shape with tight choker hole around the neck
>the thong is similar: three straps in parallel for waistband, a thin strip of lace for coverage, running up behind to connect to the other end of the waistband
>a pair of garter straps dangle from the waistband
>a pair of thigh-high stockings with lacy band hang from them like unfurled donuts
>on the floor where the outfit was hanging is a pair of 6-inch heeled boots with buckles and small padlocks
>you look at the TV again
>masked Rarity's body is being rocked back and forth now, her tongue lolling out from her mouth
>you see the same outfit on her, slightly undone and her dress hiked up above her waist
>"i had to get them cleaned twice to get rid of all his cum. it's a shame such lovely, tasty fluids leave horrible stains in fabrics"
File: 1981500.jpg (41 KB, 528x579)
41 KB
>her words ring hollow in your ears
>you look around to the other outfits
>you think they were put together with specific fetishes in mind
>there's one that looks like something out of Sailor Moon, but with thigh-high heeled boots and nearly see-through leotard
>there's that one-- it looks like Rarity's pony-up outfit but with a knee-length skirt that looks severely tight
>and... oh! there's one that looks similar to your pony-up outfit, but much sluttier
>the two parts of the hem meet much higher than you remember
>you don't think you could wear it without flashing the neon pink panty hanging in front of it
>it's also got a plunging backline
>"oh, those. it turns out some of our "clients" have a thing for pony-up girls from when they were kids. they don't seem to remember our faces though. that's pony magic, i suppose. i *really* enjoy getting fucked in those."
>s-someone has a fetish for pony-up girls?
>and you specifically?
>you feel your ears pounding with heartbeat
>Rarity... or maybe Sassy... they let random men fuck them on camera
>dressed like you...
>you touch your face with trembling hands
>you feel something hot running down your inner thighs
>why did that turn you on so much?
>Rarity glances at your thighs and smirks
>"say, darling... would you like to try on your pony-up costume?"
>y-yes, please...

cumming soon
File: 1417820.jpg (169 KB, 1831x1293)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
yeah you'd like that gay shit, don't you slut? i do too
god damn anon, thats good. i cant wait.
i mean, i would prefer to be rariwhore and forced into such costumes but hell yeah im into woman wearing outfits that make them wet. especially corset hugging their waists and pushing up their breasts ever so slightly, even when they are only quartercups...

Sluttershy in a Cheongsam & heels is extremely fuckable:
boobs are too small and heels too low!
>AJ just wouldnt listen to rariwhore and kept tugging her along... well, maybe she knew rariwhore left the remote for her vibrator at the cafe
Holy fuck!

That lipstick, coupled with her sexual aura, really makes me tempted to cheat on my waifu.

If she keeps this up, I might fold.
File: flutterslut.jpg (185 KB, 1280x2048)
185 KB
185 KB JPG

Trust me, if I had a pic of ponied-up Sluttershy wearing 7-inch heels, and had fuckable tits, I would have posted it.
File: 1325470.png (590 KB, 1280x2294)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
getting slutted up by Rariwhore
what is it about her that gets to you apart from the lipstick? is it the thin fabric of the bikinitop hiding nothing but maybe the areolas while the overall shape of the breasts and nipples just shines through? or is it the puffy pussylips flashing at the sides of her way too small panties? i bet if she stood in front of you, you wouldnt be able to resist to just open those side-laces...

do you think sluttershy would be able to seducively strut in such whore-heels or would it be more of a careful wobble, slow and vulnerable to whoever wanted to have his/her way with her?
File: 2421084.jpg (234 KB, 1583x2048)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
File: flutterbat_by_anonix123.png (833 KB, 1092x1024)
833 KB
833 KB PNG

Slutterbat would be as much a mega-whore as Lilith:
that didnt answer my question.
Principal of Vice Luna showing off amongst other things her latest ensemble:

Looking like a character from League of Legends here.
a cheap healslut no doubt
>tfw u nut but he keeps pumping
she craves the post-battle deep thrusting from her tanky chad
File: Spoiler Image (1.95 MB, 2000x4439)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
oc slut and plunging backline gone too far
Dont care much for the oc but thats a lovely dress, perfect for a a skank and it shows everyone at the party where she belongs
File: 2421163.jpg (246 KB, 1200x668)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
File: 2387427.png (757 KB, 1280x3855)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
>"ohhh, great! i can't wait to see your ponied up form again! well, at least the costume, anyway"
>before you can change your mind, Rarity takes the heavy hangar, puts the bundle in your arms, and pushes you into the nearby bathroom marked [staff only]
>gosh, what have you gotten yourself into...?
>you look around the unusual bathroom setup
>it's got a shower and everything
>but you suppose that's a necessity given the "activities" supposedly taking place next door regularly
>but the most unusual thing is the walls
>the walls and celing are actually massive mirrors
>even the floor is covered in polished reflective metal
>you see yourself from all sorts of different angles
>you look down at yourself
>those are... oh!
>you blush and shut your legs close
>...yes, Rarity had given your bikini bottom as a souvenir to some pervert at the park
>you almost forgot
>you look at the walls and stare at your backside reflected back at you
>gosh, you looked like *that* from those perverts point of view, huh?
>side boobs jutting out from your tank top's arm holes
>green skater skirt billowing out from your waist and ending seductively at your upper thighs
>you turn your body left and right, letting the skirt wave around
>you see glimpses of your underass
>you can't believe those perverts got upskirt pics of you...
>and it was so hot! why?
>you sigh and begin to strip your clothes, trying not to stare too much at the reflection of you bending over
File: 2372683.jpg (640 KB, 984x1859)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
>you peel your tanktop off over your head
>...yes, the bikini top had definitely drifted to where it shouldn't
>the triangle patches of fabric have been pushed aside to reveal your erect nipples
>you shake your head in disbelief and undo the knot behind your neck
>those men must've definitely seen *everything*...
>the flimsy top darts downward like a slingshot, leaving your breasts bare
>you reach behind your back and undo the other knot
>the whole thing flutters down
>there are streaks around your chest where the elastic straps had dug into your skin
>your skirt comes off next
>it drops onto the reflective floor like a pool of green fabric around your ankles
>you stare down at your inner thighs and assess the damage
>they shine under the fluorescent light
>....yeah, definitely fluids there
>you take a wad of paper towel and wipe yourself off
>it's been such a terrifying day!
>why is your body reacting this way?
>you stare at yourself in the mirror
>your breasts hang heavy down your chest
>rosy patches of areoa decorate your sizable breasts
>a source of embarrassment: they're so hard to conceal in some bras with your breasts being so big
>your hips, as wide as they are, make you always feel self conscious
>you've always had to go for large size panties despite you being average weight
>your slender legs meet your hips
>and in the middle is your hairless pussy
>you always shave your nethers like you're going to get naked and fucked that very night
>that doesn't really make you a slut, does it?
>n-no, of course not...
File: 1597520.png (248 KB, 690x690)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
>first you dig out the neon pink panties from the bundle Rarity gave you
>they looked like they were made of solid fabric...
>but up close, you realize that it's made of almost transparent material
>just a bit of moisture would turn the soaked parts entirely see-through
>you've seen Rarity model something like this for that "risque bikini" company
>out of water dry bikini shots: just a hint of her pussy lips
>laying on the sand with wave crashing onto her shots: dark patches where the seawater had gone through, soaked fabric clinging to every bump of her pussy lips
>you sigh and pull them over your legs
>it's either these or going nopan, right?
>your knees wobble at the sensation of mesh-like fabric sliding up your thighs
>they fit too snugly, obviously made for Rarity's more slender hips
>they stretch taut over your hipbones
>the backside digs into your ample asscheeks
>no amount of fiddling makes them fit any better
>you sigh and move onto the next item
>some sort of a studded leather garter?
>you don't recall your pony-up outfit having pink fishnet stockings, but they're there
>you wrap it around your thighs and snap it close
>no matter how hard you look, there's nothing to cover your breasts
>your pony-up outfit was a halter top dress, and you're certain that pony magic kept them from showing too much or at least came with magical pasties or something
>...you never bothered to look back then
>gosh, you'd have to be extra careful with what you do with your arms with the dress on...
>you unhook the dress from the hangar and slide into it one leg at a time, then pull up
File: 1860481.png (616 KB, 1920x1080)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
>you pull the top part to your neck
>the top is connected to a snap-on metal choker
>you pull one breast at a time into the narrow top, blushing all the while, and close the metal choker around your neck
>the backside has no coverage whatsoever almost all the way to the waistband of your neon pink panties
>you feel absolutely naked in this!
>the contrasting feeling of covered front and bare sides and back makes the sensation even worse
>you move your arms around a bit
>any sudden movement would *definitely* spill your breasts out from the sides
>oh no...
>it's too late now
>you pull the bunched-up dress from your waist down to your legs
>except... you can't
>the dress is much shorter than you remember
>the two hemlines that are supposed to meet in the middle of your thighs instead meet just above your crotch
>you can see a hint of your neon pink panties whenever you move your legs
>you try to tug the dress down
>that pulls on the halter top and bunches them up onto your chest, leaving your breasts exposed
>you cover your face with your hands in shame
>this can't be happening...
>you have to pick between pantyshots and nip slips?
>at least Rarity's the only one who'd see you in this....
>you readjust yourself and cover as much as possible on the front without leaving your tits exposed
>next, the translucent green overskirt
>it ties conveniently around your waist in a pretty knot
>you consider wearing it like an apron over the front, but decide against it
>Rarity would "fix" that and make it more "appropraite" anyway...
File: 2307013.png (251 KB, 680x773)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>the shoes come next
>it's a pair of pink high heels with ribbons running up the ankles like something a ballerina would wear
>you bend over gently, trying not to let your tits flop out, and wrap the ribbons around your ankles
>you wobble a little bit
>they're way higher than what you're used to
>once upright, you readjust your dress
>just the act of bending over hiked up the dress high enough to show the tiny bow on the front of your panties
>this is a disaster!
>surely not even Rarity would've guessed the outfit would be this revealing!
>you have to admit, you *do* look rather sexy
>you look at your backside reflection
>your pink hair curls and partly covers your bare back, like a curtain concealing something sexy underneath
>the backside of the dress fits snugly against your butt, showing a hint of pantylines pinching into your buttcheeks
>the hem of the backside ends right at the mid-thigh level and obscured by the translucent green overskirt
>the front is another story
>your bare sideboobs bulge outside the halter top
>it also fits tight enough to show a hint of your erect nipples
>the hem of the dress meets in an upwards angle at your crotch, showing just a bare hint of your neon pink panties
>you look...
>you look like a cosplaying harlot!
>it's so degrading
>but it also makes you feel kinda aroused
>you spread your legs a little and strike a pose like you're about to shoot rainbow lasers at a monster
>you can't help but glance down at the shiny metal floor
>your neon pink panties are plainly visible
>near-opaque mesh everywhere except where the gusset is
>you shudder with a strange feeling
>Rarity called it "slutwear," right?
>m-maybe you kinda like wearing them...
>you notice a slight damp spot on the gusset
>okay, you need to stop before you soak your panties and turn the whole thing see-through
>but you keep staring for a few more seconds
>you feel sexy, powerful, ready to be ravaged by someone...
File: 1774962.jpg (220 KB, 1366x768)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
>Rarity knocks on the door
>you yelp in surprise
>"Sluttershy, darling, are you doing alright? you've been in there for a while now~"
>yes, right
>you clear your throat and tell her you're ready
>are you really ready, though?
>it's just Rarity, after all
>but are you ready to be seen by anyone like this?
>you hold the doorknob with your trembling hand
>you take a deep breath
>she's just a friend
>it's not like you're about to get fucked like she did in her videos...
>you steady yourself, check yourself out in the mirror one last time, and open the door

>you almost stumble on your high heels
>"Sluttershy, you look ravishing~"
>you blush and whisper a thank-you
>it's one thing to look at yourself dressed like this
>but with Rarity leering all over your body...
>you keep your eyes fixed onto your high-heeled feet
>you close your legs together tightly and hold onto the scandalously short hem
>"aww, don't be shy, strike a pose for me"
>you hesitate
>"come on, you know you wanna~"
>you spread your legs out a little, cock your hp to the right, bend over slightly and put both hands on your left thigh
>"wonderful, wonderful!"
>you blush furiously
>you finally work up the courage to look at Rarity
>what... what's she wearing?
>"oh, these? i thought i'd make you feel less alone in your slutwear by wearing something revealing myself..."
File: Spoiler Image (419 KB, 1106x1920)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
>she's wearing an unusually severe and stark latex outfit
>her waists are clenched down with a cupless corset
>shiny latex "shirt" covers her breasts, but with her cleavage in full display
>her neck is adorned with a padded choker with a massive metal ring dangling from it
>her lower half is covered just barely with a flared-out latex skirt
>a pair of thigh-high heeled boots run up her slender legs
>"well? do you like it?"
>she winks and lifts up her skirt, flashing her latex panties at you
>you blush and look away
>"aww, don't be so shy. we're friends, right? it's not like we haven't seen each other in underwear before~"
>Rarity reaches for the front of your dress and lifts it up slightly
>p-please stop!
>"hmm, i suppose those panties are tad bit small for you... but that's what makes it sexy sometimes!"
>she pulls your dress back down and turns you around
>you can practically feel her hungry gaze on your backside
>"mmmm yes, your hips are absolutely lovely, darling. you fill out that dress so, so nicely."
>you feel her fingers dig into the side of your halter top and stroking mere inches below your breasts
>you gasp
>"hmm, a lot of gap here. i suppose you can't help it. i am so jealous of your breasts.."
>she turns you around back and forth for a while, fixing this and that
>once done, she takes one last look at you and claps her hands excitedly
>"excellent! you look oh so fuckable right now, Sluttershy!"
>you can't help but smile despite the embarrassment
>"oh, you look so fuckable, yes indeed. Sassy needs to see this! Sassy Saddles, come here for a second please"
>all the color drains out of your face
>being chcked out by a friend is one thing
>but by a woman you barely even know?
File: 1755737.png (123 KB, 181x653)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
>"yes, Rarity?"
>Sassy pauses and takes another look at you
>"oh my, Rarity, your handiwork never ceases to amaze me!"
>Sassy circles around you and nods approvingly
>"you're so amazing, Rarity. these sluts are like putty in your hands. i honestly thought you'd have a harder time with this shy one, but look at her!"
>Sassy reaches forward and runs her index finger down your exposed panties
>you yelp
>Rarity smiles smugly
>"oh trust me Sassy, the shy ones are always the freakiest..."
>you tug down the dress and endure several seconds of Sassy's eye raping
>she walks around you, groping this, touching that
>her hands always linger for a second too long
>you feel so.... so uncomfortable!
>but something warm builds up in your crotch with every touch
>you can't possibly be getting off from being assaulted like this?
>wearing this... this slutty cosplay of your own pony-up form?
>"Rarity, tell me, you're not gonna take her with you to see the client"
>Rarity squeals and claps
>"oh, i was absolutely going to! you see right through me again, Sassy~"
>the two women squeal together as you look dumbstruck
>with Rarity?
>are you... are you going to be having... sex with someone in this garb?
>"oh no, Sluttershy. nothing too sexual yet. it's going to be just an arm candy thing. literally escorting someone. a shy, closeted slut like you needs to be eased into the art first..."
>Rarity leans in and taps your nose
>"...no matter how much you secretly want to take it to the next level"
>you're not like that...
>Rarity's phone rings in her purse
>"oh! speaking of the devil, that must be the client."
>your eyes go wide
>"are you ready for your first slut outing, Sluttershy?"
>you swallow
>against your better judgement, you nod

even more to cum
File: 1794365.png (371 KB, 900x813)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
File: 2420980.png (141 KB, 753x1065)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
File: 2421336.png (521 KB, 1220x1840)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
I remember when autists in the Shimmer thread threw a tard tantrum over that image not saying “Anon” in place of Adagio.
Titlicious Turboslut demonstrating how a whore can look even more fuckable in stockings & heels:
This is wonderful stuff anon. Rarity is such a manipulative whore...
im sure rariwhores outfit was just a "random pick" and totally not her slipping into her mistressrole...

That word can be used - like her, sexually - in more ways than one.

...just as this classy slut loves to be used by more than one D
>what is it about her that gets to you apart from the lipstick?

It's the deception that she is innocent and adorable.
The boring glasses, the unassuming hair cut.
At first glance she looks just like any other nerd you wouldn't give another look to.
But as soon as your eyes meet hers, she pretty much has you hooked.
Those glasses hide the vixen beneath.
Add to that the fact that she is a bookworm and would no doubt have extensive knowledge and be quite learned in sex and reproduction etc.
And like most scientists, theory is one thing, but everyone lives for the practical side of things.
A chance to actually test out all that knowledge.
To get physically involved, hands-on, trial and error, repetition of experiments, I could go on and on.
Her whole demeanour just screams there's more than just the nerd on the surface...
Rariwhore will do anything to convert more girls into slutty skanks who walk the streets. If she has to be a pushy, manipulative mistress for fluttershy she will be happy to oblige... it also gives her an excuse to wear her mistress outfit.
She does seem like a switch likes to dominate and be dominated from time to time
lace her in!
what a whore
it’s kinda weird how this thread is all about slutty EQG characters but there’s very little talk about how they fuck Anon
It's mostly because all posters in this thread want to be the slut
idk, the poll from last thread seems to disagree
and if they want to be the slut, why not fuck Anon? the horniest male OC in existence
see >>35734691
and whenever i dont want to be rariwhore, i want to be her master/dom rather than just plow her holes
File: 2421516.png (998 KB, 1620x2160)
998 KB
998 KB PNG
sarongs are for teasing your thong bikini
Rarislut making her selection.
what's she choosing?
Glimmerslut is checking you out.
File: 1996779.png (247 KB, 477x523)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
>"come, Sluttershy! my client's waiting outside"
>Rarity twirls around and struts to the front of the store
>her short latex skirt flares out and you see a glimpse of her black latex thong
>she's so shameless!
>and crazy!
>she doesn't even hesitate at the thought of going outside dressed like that?
>you reluctantly follow her and try not to make eye contact with the customers
>you can feel your dress ride up with each step and try to take shorter steps
>the store assistant, who had his fingers dipped in leotard-clad woman's pussy, leers at you
>his eyes are fixated on your spilling sideboobs
>you blush hard and clutch at the hem of your dress with one hand and rest your other arm over your chest, trying to cover your swaying breasts
>soon, you're outside
>you feel like there's some staring at you from every window
>you're... you're showing way too much skin!
>you feel so lewd
>and if you're being perfectly honest, somewhat liberating
>you hesitantly lower your arm to your side, letting the halter top do the work of covering your shame
>you glance multiple times down at yourself, making sure nothing's spilling out
>one man walks past you
>his head turns and he gawks at the hint of neon pink panty covering your pussy
>you blush and fold your hands over your crotch

>"ah, there he is!"
>Rarity struts confidently to a man smirking like a wolf
>you're not sure why, but you expected him to look like a comic book hero
>or a stereotypical male porn star
>instead, he's built like an average man with a slight beer gut
>he's wearing a shirt with an anime character you recognize as a loli wizard who casts explosion magic
>he's also wearing a pair of loose fitting gym shorts and bargain brand running shoes
>you feel shameful
>you and Rarity are going to be arm candies for this guy?
>"sup Rarity? nice, i haven't seen that outfit before, you look like a fucking goth whore"
>gosh, his words are so filthy...
File: 2274135.jpg (163 KB, 544x717)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>Rarity gushes like a fangirl
>"oh i *knew* you'd like it! the way you fucked me last week in that goth dress, i guessed you have a thing for the stark-and-severe~"
>Rarity folds her arms next to her breasts and squeezes them together with her wrists
>the man watches and appreciates Rarity's whorish antics
>this is a *different* kind of Rarity than you're used to seeing
>does she do this with all of her clients?
>the man mouths "nice" and gives Rarity a hug
>he reaches behind Rarity's butt, lifts up her latex skirt, and gives her bare thong-clad ass a playful slap
>he turns his gaze to you and eyes you up
>"nice. who's the pony-up slut? your buddy?"
>Rarity rests her hand on his chest and props up one of her legs to wrap around the man's waist
>"oh, she prefers to be called Sluttershy. she's a slut-curious friend of mine. Sluttershy, this is the man with the *marevelous* dick i told you about"
>your eyes reflexively drift down to the man's gym shorts
>"oh daddy, you won't mind her joining us today? free of charge~"
>the man considers her proposal while groping her ass
>he stares at your hands clasped over your crotch
>"move your hands, bitch"
>his words strike you like a whip
>you hesitantly pull your hands away from the short front hem and rest your arms by your sides
>he stares appreciatively
>"nice. pink and visible. just the way i like it."
>your heart skips a beat
>this is so degrading!
>he's treating you like some ghetto bicycle!
>but he likes it... right?
>the front of his gym shorts is already tenting slightly
>gosh, that thing must be massive
>"you can call me whatever you want, but i don't give out my name to Rarity or to her skanks. she calls me daddy, i call her Rariwhore. you let me touch you however i like it. that's how we roll. you got that, slut?"
>you swallow and nod
>"good. now get over here. we've got places to go to"
>>"good. now get over here. we've got places to go to"
poor sluttershy. her first "date" and its instantly out into the wild world with someone who knows how to put sluts into their rightful place
File: 2406435.jpg (362 KB, 566x953)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
>you are Sluttershy
>you're dressed like one, after all
>you feel absolutely degraded
>you're forced to cling to the arms of a man while he parades you and Rarity around town like you're prize winning horses
>your face is red and you try to avoid eye contact with pedestrians staring at you
>they probably think you're a prostitute being led to a hotel for a dicking in broad daylight
>you occasionally pull one hand away from his arm to shimmy your dress down
>gosh, he's walking so fast
>you're barely able to keep up in your six inch heels
>and the wide steps are making your dress ride up very quickly
>your breasts sway back and forth like they're about to spill out at any moment
>you can't really see Rarity from where you're clinging to the man's arm
>all you can see is her confident strut and black, latex-clad legs
>you feel like you're alone in the skanky parody of your pony-up outfit
>you have to admit, you feel a hint of exhilarating arousal building up in your nethers
>you fight it like your life depended on it
>if you get too wet down there...
>you remember Rarity's risque bikini modeling pics
>gosh, that'd make you die of embarrassment
>"say, daddy, where are we going today?"
>the man huffs
>"Rariwhore, they fucking banned me from WeeabooCon for sexually assaulting cosplayers. i kept telling them i'm not the only one doing it and these sluts like it, but they wouldn't listen. the con's in town today and i can't go."
>Rarity coos
>"ohh, that's horrible! we're here to make you feel better~"
>"fuck them. there's plenty of cosplaying sluts on the bus to the convention center. i want you sluts to take the heat from other perverts so i can grope some fresh ones"
>"whatever you want, daddy~"
>your eyes go wide
>you've been to that con a few times
>and those buses are always *packed*
>and you're going to go on them on purpose
>...dressed like this?
>you're gonna get groped like like there's no tomorrow
>your knees wobble
File: 1728273.png (675 KB, 875x1250)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
>you have to get out of here!
>being stared at in this garb is already lewd enough
>...and yes, you think you kinda like it
>but getting groped by strangers?
>all because this pervert wants to use you and Rarity as wingmen for his perversion?
>your grip loosens in his arm
>you'd have to walk all the way back to the boutique, where your modest clothes are
>you'd be stared at for the entire walk
>but you could risk it...
>"keep up, bitch. the hotel's a block away"
>the man yanks at your arm
>your right breast spills out of the halter top from the sudden movement
>you hurriedly try to cover yourself while stumbling on your six inch heels
>there are a lot more pedestrians now
>you see several pairs of eyes dart towards your exposed tit
>oh no!
>you have to fumble a few more times with your trembling hand before you're tucked in again
>your heart pounds
>the adrenaline rush makes you breathe like a fish out of water
>your thighs tremble as you feel warmth pooling in your nethers
>not here!
>why is your body reacting this way?
>you desperately tug down at the front of your dress
>your fingers brush against the fabric of your neon pink panties
>it feels somewhat damp to the touch
>you desperately hope it's your sweat

>you're practically dragged to the hotel and the bus stop in front of it
>the three of you stand around and wait with throngs of people
>there are a lot more cosplayers than you remember from last time
>some are dressed to perfectly recreate the character's look
>the majority are just sexier versions of characters
>you spot more than a few boys blushing and smiling
>some of them already have their phones out taking pics of scantily clad women
>you also see an older man wearing a baseball cap
>he's holding a stuffed tote bag, casually walking to and from different cosplayers, holding his tote bag unusually steady below waistline
>you think you know exactly what he's doing
File: 1521878.jpg (451 KB, 707x1000)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
>you glance behind you to make sure nobody's doing something similar to you
>you pull your dress down as low as it'll go
>some of the phones are pointing at you and Rarity now, and you hear different shutter sounds of their camera apps
>you lower your head and hide your face behind your pink hair
>this can't be happening...
>what would your coworkers say if they found out?
>you glance sideways at Rarity
>she's doing the exact opposite
>she's blowing kisses, bending over slightly, winking, striking poses
>but still clinging onto "daddy" to make it clear who she belongs to
>even in your slutty garb, you feel like a sack of potatos in the backdrop of Rarity's sexy impromptu modeling
>you smile at some of the phones pointed at you, but don't dare move an inch
>you see a few of them start kneeling to take low-angle shots of you
>you blush
>you want to scream, cover your shame, hide behind *something*
>but like a captive animal, you just let it happen
>your feel your head pulsating with your heartbeat
>this is it
>you're a slut now
>of course, you're not posing for them or intentionally bending over like Rarity
>but you're still letting them take pics
>dressed like this
>you aren't even sure if the top part of your dress has enough threadcount to conceal your naked breasts under the flashing light
>you think the boy kneeling in front of you can see all the way up your dress and probably taking pics of your rapidly dampening neon pink panties
>but instead of covering yourself, you keep your arms clinging to the "daddy" next to you
>this is terrifying!
>but you also feel so, so sexy
>those pics are gonna end up on the internet somewhere
>people are gonna fap to you
>you feel dizzy with the mixture of panic and arousal
File: 1354057.png (687 KB, 1920x1080)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
>you're about to faint when the bus arrives
>it's already crowded with cosplayers and confused looking commuters
>"alright, sluts. you know what to do. flaunt it or no money, got it?"
>you think you hear Rarity moaning
>"oh yes, daddy~"
>you meekly mumble something resembling "yes"
>"good girls"
>the man slaps his hands over you and Rarity's asses and gives them a harsh squeeze
>you yelp and jolt upright

>the crowd stops what they're doing and lines up to get on the bus
>Rarity drags you forward and holds you in front of her by your shoulders
>she whispers in your ear
>"(nice and easy, Sluttershy...)"
>you feel Rarity's moist, soft lips meeting the small of your neck
>you coo and moan involuntarily
>"(good, let your body get worked up, let the boys admire you with their hands)"
>her hands wrap around your waist and she hugs you tightly from behind
>you feel her slender fingers slowly tracing their way up to your breasts
>"(ahh, your nipples are so hard already.. did those boys taking pictures of you turn you on?)"
>not like this in public...
>Rarity grabs your hand and guides them behind you, underneath her latex skirt
>"(it's normal for sluts to feel like that getting their pictures taken~)"
>your fingers brush against her inner thigh
>they're slick with her fluids!
>the line in front of you starts moving
>Rarity lets you go as you take one step into the bus
>your legs are shaking
>your heart is pounding, but with arousal now
>standing above the crowd, you feel conscious of the eyes behind you
>you brush your hands down your ass
>your dress is still there, and the contours of your pantyline
>you swallow and slow your breathing down, trying to calm yourself
>you can't believe Rarity turned you on like this!
>the crowd starts filling into the bus and the girl in front of you takes another step up
>you follow, trying to to flash your panties at the driver

more to cum
File: 990399.jpg (1.2 MB, 2112x2096)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
doing gods work
well, apart from letting us wait right as the real action begins after working us up
i like to imagine that Rariwhore's gag is put into place only after her mouth's pumped full of cum. She's not allowed to swallow any of it.
Turboslut begins her descent into hardcore sluttery
how would you punish her if any of it is missing when you remove the gag?
is she doing it for enjoyment or money?
Next time, it'll be her pussy getting filled before putting her latex panties on
but anon, thats what she wants.
personally, i would replace the ballgag with a dildogag that just ever so slightly tickles the back of her throat
that'll be the reward, then. If she behaves and swallows none of the cum, she gets to have her pussy filled to the brim and put her panties on over it. If she swallows, she gets the dildo gag treatment.
sounds fair to me.
how would a day, or just a night for you and rariwhore play out, if money wasnt an issue? ill give you my version after it
As soon as she gets to my place, I'm going to drag her inside and bend her over the table for the initial womb-filling with her clothes still on. It's going to be such a sloppy fuck that some of my cum would splash onto her skirt and panties. She doesn't get to wipe it off for the rest of the night. You can fill in the blanks as to what kind of panties/skirt she's wearing for my vicious dicking.
Then, I'll pull her panties back on over her hips. She's going to complain about how my cum's going to stain the gusset, and I'd tell her to shut up. She gets to suck my cock of her own juices with her mouth.
Once that deed's done, I'm going to slap her face with my cock and smear her makeup. I'll order her to strip down to her panties and bra and put on her slutwear she brought with her. She gets to wear her masquerade mask to "hide" her identity, and she gets to keep wearing it as long as she behaves. I'm going to then drag her to the gas station by the leash late at night. The one where all the losers and late night gaming neets congregate to drink beer out of paper bags and chat. They're gonna look at (You) like they're having a wet dream. I'll charge a degrading amount of money, say $1, for them to stick their cocks in Rariwhore's mouth. I'll pull the leash behind her and wrap it around her arms so she can't even stroke her cum-filled cunt to make herself climax. All she can do is edge on the verge of climax at those neets and losers thrusting their cocks inside her mouth, filling her mouth and nose with the arousing scent of their cum. I'm gonna hike up her skirt and take pics of her soaked panties, drenched with cum and her own fluids.
After enough of those losers have fucked her mouth, I'm gonna go against my word and peel her masquerade mask off, revealing her whore identity to everyone. What's she gonna do, try to stop me with her arms bound behind her? $2 for cumming onto her face now for her insubordination.
>wake up to rariwhore sucking me off under the blanket
>30 minutes earlier, she got automatically released from her "sleepingbox" at the end of the bed and had to somehow crawl and worm her way up the bed without waking me up while only having her elbows and knees to crawl around on
>get up once i came into her mouth and move into the shower with her crawling after me
>once inside, i release her from her bonds and have her wash me with her latexclad hands she isnt allowed to touch anyone directly anymore
>once im done, she is allowed to undress and i clean her up, inside and outside
>if i feel like it, i fuck her again while she is tied down in the shower with no attention wasted on her pleasure
>quickly finish up and tell her what to get dressed in
>do "work things" while she cleans
>hear her break a vase and go punish her -> she gets locked in her punishmentpanties randomly administer electric shocks to her clit for the next 2 hours
>eventually, its lunchtime and i have rariwhore serve us food, mine is on a nicely decked table, hers is some gruel she has to suck out of some wallmounted dildo
>once she has taken care of the dishes, its time for a bit of fun with her
>strip her naked and play some "dressup games". this way she gets to model in her slutty costumes she made during the last week while i get to stop her whenever i want and pound her holes
>after this, its time for her "afternoonwear: gloves, corsets and 7inch balletstyle fuck-me-boots reaching all the way to her crotch and i chain her to a treadmill for some exercise
>i will work out with her, but in more comfy clothes. but its not liek she has a say in those things. she is after all just a slave
>have another shower after this while she prepares a light dinner
>again, i get to sit on the table but this time, all she gets is my sperm that we've been collecting all day long in condoms. she really doesnt need anything else but her daily gruel.
>evening entertainment is provided by me and her watching some porn she and her friend have made over the years, with her being locked into her "teasing-belt" slowly vibrating away
>eventually settle down for the evening and tie her down into her sleeping position again
>have her crawl into her box again and "plug her in"
>she will get her ass and pussy pumped all night long while being unable to move, orgasm and leave her position
File: 2421802.png (531 KB, 620x763)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
them's fightin' whores
File: whore.jpg (78 KB, 1280x905)
78 KB
>$2 for cumming onto her face now for her insubordination.
you should consider putting the mask on her again once her face hes been plastered by cum. the area where the mask makes contact with her skin is gonna push the cum to the sides, making it run down over her eyes...
and why take her home again after you already made your way to the gasstation? just lock her leash down somewhere on the toiled, with it being short enough that she cant stand up straight. you can pick her up the next morning. that should make sure she doesnt complain about revealing outfits anymore...
oh yeah, she's definitely staying there overnight. i'll even pull her cum-ridden panties off of her and pull them over her face so she can keep her precious identity.
sounds like a lovely night out for her! is that every night or just weekends for her?
she needs a strong hand to lead her!
Whoreity & Slutty Flare as maids:

...but(t) who(re) would get my D first?

Rarislut's strong hand can lead me to her cunt

Fuck slutty flare and make rariwhore watch. Dont tell her, but if she touches herself, she has to clean your dick and slutty's cunt and ass for a week after every fuck. That should teach her that a sluts pleasure always comes last

I love her puffy lips and ballooning tits. Obscene but not bimbotrash-tier

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