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Thread archived.
You cannot reply anymore.

>”It ain’t polite to spy on a lady when she’s changing, ya know?”
You, Applejack, are no "lady". Not after what we got up to last night.
I thought this was Apple Bloom's room, fuck!
>what else am I supposed to do in this thread?
You’re in the guys changing room
I'm playing hide-go-seek with your lil sis and your ruining my hiding spot.
Well, good thing I announced my presence immediately then. Now, keep going, don't let me stop you.
Gross. Where's her feminine penis bulge?
I’m afraid “polite” is not part of my vocabulary, now keep going
We're in the same room. Not MY fault the booking got fucked up and we gotta live together for awhile.
Yes it is
How, Anon?
It just is
Explain this!!
File: chuck-norris-81.jpg (37 KB, 900x750)
37 KB
Probably rape her
“Applejack... GET OUTTA MY ROOM!”
I feel like this has happened before...
I smell Cuban tobacco and cheap vodka
Is that so?
I smell tight Apple buttholes
File: maxresdefault.jpg (31 KB, 737x415)
31 KB
>this premise again
I might just give it a go
anyone hungry for a bit of green in an aggressive, non-consensual flavor?
alright, gimme a min to come up with something good
Alright, I think I got how this first part's gonna go, been a little bit since I wrote anything, might need to shake off the rust
>The waves crashed against the sand under the moonlight, the whole beach bathed in a soft, cool blue
>Applejack sat in the still warm sand, enjoying the mid-summer breeze against her face as the water on her dried
>Late night swimming had always been a hobby of hers, the beach was almost always empty at this hour and the lighting was unthinkably comfortable
>She could sit there and forget the day's stresses, nothing but her, the moon and the tide washing in and out
>Applejack stood herself up as she looked towards the moon, she could tell just by where it hung that it might be time to go home
>She had class tomorrow, god forbid she wake up late, she'd never hear the end of it from Granny
>Taking one last deep breath, she prepared herself for the walk home, just one order of business before she got on her way
>She needed to change
>A girl walking around in swimwear at this hour might raise the wrong kind of questions
>She quickly rinsed the sand from herself, drying off and making for the change room
>Applejack stepped into the change room on the beach, it was a bit more spacious than most beach side change rooms
>Flicking the light on, she casually walked to the locker she'd put her things in
>It didn't take long for her slip out of her swimsuit, peeling her top off and tossing it on the bench, slipping her bottoms just far enough to be free of the pull of the waistband then letting them slip to the ground under their own weight
>Applejack took a moment to stretch, arching her back as she relaxed, feeling the cool air drift in through the vents in the room and over her exposed body
>She let out a warm sigh
>Piercing the atmosphere of the moment like a hot knife through butter, the sound of sand scraping beneath a shoe could be heard a few lockers down
>Applejack froze, she hadn't noticed anyone else in the room, then again, she wasn't really paying attention
>AJ swung the locker door closed, staring in the direction of the sound
>"Alright, who's there!?" Applejack demanded to know "C'mon, games over, ya been caught."
>A man stepped out from behind the row of lockers, his hands behind his back
>"Welp, guess I'm busted." he admitted, a smile on his face as he shrugged his shoulders
>"It ain't right to go hidin in the ladies change room like that." Applejack scolded, her tone growing angrier "Makes ya look like a right perv!"
>The man held his eyes on Applejack's frame as she lectured him
>"My mistake, I was just enjoying the view." the man joked "Can you really blame me?"
>Applejack had almost forgotten she was completely unclothed
>In a flash she grabbed her swimsuit and held it over herself as a last ditch form of cover
>"Y-You listen here!" Applejack shouted "I-I ain't havin no games here mister, y'all clear out! I'm fixin to call the cops you don't listen!"
>The man stepped further into the light
>"That'd be a real shame..." he sighed "I'd hoped you'd have a better sense of judgement than that."
>He pulled a hand from his back, pointing it square at her
>In his hand was what clearly looked like a firearm
>"Now look, there's two ways this is gonna happen." the man explained "You can cooperate and things will be nice and easy, won't even hurt that much."
>The man raised the gun in his hand, drawing a bead on her
>"Or, you can get lippy with me." he described in a more aggressive tone "If you wanna play it that way, I'll just pin you to the bench, do what I'm going to do anyways and clean that skull out for my troubles."
>The man slowly moved towards Applejack, backing her up against the lockers, gun pressed against her temple
>"What's it gonna be?" he asked "You wanna leave here in once piece?"
>Applejack looked at the man as he hovered over her, her heart pounding
>Applejack eyed up the door, it wasn't too far away, she'd never make it with him this close though
>"Don't even think about it." the man muttered "You won't make it 5 feet before the shot catches up to you."
>He was right, she'd never get free in time
>Though maybe if he couldn't get a clear shot...
>Applejack leaned her head back, closing her eyes
>"F-Fine..." she responded, her tone sounding far more defeated
>"Good girl..." the man remarked
>Lowering his had, he started to unzip his pants as his vision drifted back over her body
>He almost seemed entranced by her physique
>Applejack saw her chance
>In a flash, she jammed her knee forward as hard as she could
>Her jab made it's mark
>The mans gun bounced against the floor, both his hands gripping the spot she'd struck
>He winced in pain as he held his crotch
>Applejack took the moment to make a break for it, if she could just get outside
>Each step felt like she was jumping to her freedom, her mind set on getting to the door
>"Oh no you don't!" the man shouted
>Applejack felt her head rip backwards, the very hair on her head fighting her as she slipped back and landed on her ass
>She screamed as he gripped her long blond hair
>"I guess we'll do it my way." the man grumbled, his tone far less comical than before
>Applejack felt his hands grip her neck, choking her as they lifted her
>She fought for oxygen as she struggled against his grip
>It was no use, he had her
>Applejack watched the room fly by as she felt herself slam into the bench, her head bouncing against the wood
>She felt dazed, her vision blurring slightly
>At last his grip loosened, air filling her lungs again
>She panted as she tried to collect herself
>The man stood over her, his cock pulled free from his pants
>"Now you're in for it." he grumbled through his teeth
>His hands once more gripped her neck, pressing her against the bench with a relentless force
>Applejack closed her legs, bringing them between her and him, trying desperately to hold him off
>Moving one of his hands between her legs, he forced them apart, prying them away as he forced himself onto her
>She felt his member brush against her lips
>She wanted to scream but she couldn't even breathe
>All she could do was watch
>His torso pressed forward, his member slowly spreading her
>Applejack closed her eyes as she felt him break way, her tight hole stretching as his head broke into her
>She threw her head back as it penetrated completely
>he didn't even take a moment to breathe once he was in, he just continued to force it deeper and deeper
>Applejack felt completely stretched, her hole feeling 2 sizes too small for him
>Her head started to spin
>As the man bottomed out, he moved his hands from her neck to her shoulder, gripping it tightly
>Applejack inhaled sharply, coughing as she caught her breath
>She winced in pain as she felt his member slip outwards
>"T-Take it out!" Applejack begged, nearly screaming "I-It's too big!"
>The man laughed
>"You're too kind." he replied
>Pulling back to his tip, he forced himself forward with a loud grunt
>Applejack cried out in something that sounded like a mix between a moan and a scream
>"Besides, it's the least I can do after what you did to me." he added
>Wasting no time, the man worked himself into a proper motion, slipping in and out of her hole so hard that his torso slapped against her thighs
>Applejack closed her eyes as his member railed her, trying her best to bear the force
>Slowly the pain started to give way to something else
>She lay there taking his cock on the bench, her voice no longer in her control, her body no longer hers
>"See, it's not so bad once you get used to it." the man explained
>Applejack just turned her head
>As she lay on the bench, she could start to feel herself getting warmer
>She started to recognize the sensation building up, the realization sickening her
>She was getting close
>In a beach side change room, in the middle of the night, being raped on some cold wooden bench
>She was about to cum
>Applejack felt disgusted, she couldn't believe herself
>The man's pace picked up, his grunting getting louder
>She shook up and down the bench as he slammed into her, her whole body shaking as his member skewered her
>Like a shotgun blast, AJ felt it hit her
>She shook violently as she screamed aloud
>Her pussy felt noticeably more moist
>Along with the bench below her ass
>"That good, huh?" the man joked between panting
>Applejack felt his member dive deep and hard into her, nearly crushing her against the bench with his torso
>She could feel a hot, sticky fluid spray out from his member, flooding her hole
>She held her eyes shut tight
>The load spilled out slightly, dripping down her hole and onto the bench
>The man pulled himself out, slipping his member back into his pants
>"I told you, one way or another..." he remarked
>Applejack finally opened her eyes, watching the man
>The man walked over to his dropped firearm, picking it up and looking it over
>He made his way towards her, malicious intent in his eyes
>He pointed the handgun at the sopping, violated mess that was Applejack, clicking the hammer back
>Applejack closed her eyes
>"P-Please..." she moaned
>The man chuckled
>"BANG!" he shouted
>Applejack shrieked, convulsing in fear
>The man laughed to himself loudly, slipping the arm into his pocket
>He walked over to her locker, taking a look at what was she'd brought
>"Now, let's see..." he said to himself
>"H-Hey!" Applejack shouted
>The man placed a hand on his gun
>"Hay is for horses." the man sarcastically responded
>He drew her cellphone from the locker, turning it on and flipping through it
>"My, your friends sure seem to take after your looks." he explained
>"P-Please," Applejack begged "th-they don't gotta get involved!"
>The man chuckled
>"Then you best behave." he threatened
Didn't you do this story already?
File: 1595114277631.jpg (51 KB, 500x375)
51 KB
>Applejack watched as she man sent their contact info to himself, throwing her phone back into the locker
>He paused for a moment, looking over the things in her bag
>"Think I'll hold on to these for now..." he remarked
>The man reached into her bag, drawing out a white pair of panties that he stuffed into his pocket
>"I'll be seeing you around." the man added
>Applejack lay on the bench, too exhausted from the ordeal to respond
>She stared at the ceiling of the change room, slowly building up her strength as she tried to collect herself
>After coming to grips with what had happened, Applejack dressed herself and started on her way home
>The walk was rough, she still felt sore and the lack of underwear felt uncomfortable at best
>The night air almost felt colder than it had earlier, especially on the mess that still coated the spot beneath her skirt
>Done with what felt like the longest walk in her life, she finally arrived at home, making her way through a sleeping house to her bedroom
>The warm covers of her bed felt more comfortable than they ever had, the safety of home seeming like an unthinkably warm thought
that's it for now

Kinda, I think the last time things got a bit sidetracked, on going back through the whole thing recently I saw a lot that could have been made far less shitty, especially the ending, figured since I saw the thread and a few people I know said I should give it a go it might be worth going back through it and doing things a lot differently
Besides, who doesn't like a good excuse to do a bit of corruption and non-con?
Hope you’re coming back with more?

Though, I admit I do feel sorry for Appul being raped. She’s perfect wife material, far to good for mere rape.

Fluttershy is the one that should be.
Don't worry, I'll be back, I write best at night and usually get most of my work related stuff done during the day
We'll be waiting.
Hey man, I wrote a couple of fan stories due to yours (funny, a fanfic about a fanfic), and I wonder if I could post some of them.
I really liked that story, even if the end was a bit wonkers.
sure, might help keep people held over until I get myself sorted
File: th.jpg (30 KB, 474x546)
30 KB
I hope you're changing into a little pony.

That's the kind of changing she's talking about right?

>anon let me just change from muh dress.
File: Spoiler Image (24 KB, 474x534)
24 KB
>ah there we go, no clothes at all is sexy right?
Ok. Get me a few hours, and I may have found something.

Okay, sorry for the delay, got a bit sidetracked.
>The morning came about slowly, the sun peering between the curtains
>Applejack's sleep had been restless, drifting in and out of a state of consciousness
>Her eyes were sore, having to be shielded from the sun as she finally arose from bed
>She stood herself up at the side of her bed, her head spinning as she pressed her arm against the wall
>Taking a deep breath, she straightened herself out
>Applejack opened her door and made her way to the shower
>Stepping through the washroom door, she flicked on the light
>She began cranking on the hot water as she closed the door behind her, undoing her skirt
>It fell to the floor, the sight beneath her reminding her just how much of a mess she'd been made last night
>The inside of the skirt was riddled with cumstains and her panties were nowhere to be found
>Applejack pressed her back against the wall, groaning loudly
>("He's still gottem...") she thought to herself
>Visions of the previous night ran through her head
>The gun
>The mess
>Her clothes
>The choking
>How it all felt
>She tried her best to push the thoughts from her mind
>Stripping off the last of her clothes, she entered the shower, the warm water soothing her as it ran over her skin
>She could feel the sticky mess between her legs start to run off into the drain
>It felt almost as though the sins of the night before were being washed away
>Applejack was certain she'd never truly feel clean again though, not after what she'd experienced
>After liberal use of soap, she shut the water off and dried herself, redressing herself
>She stepped out of the washroom and made her way back to her bedroom, picking up her phone to check her messages
>There was 2 from a number she'd never seen before
>Opening her phone, she tapped over to her messages, opening the one's from the unknown number
>One was a text and the other was an image
>She read through the text first
>"Will be outfront, have something 4 u" it read
>She scrolled down and opened the image
>It was her panties from the night before
>Wrapped around his cock
>Applejack felt sick
>She quickly opened a reply
>"Keep em" she responded
>She walked to her drawer and started to look for a new pair when her phone vibrated
>Another message from the man
>"Not a request." it said
>Applejack sighed, closing her drawer
>She quickly grabbed a piece of bread on her way through the kitchen which she ate with a great deal of haste
>She grabbed her bag and headed from the house to the main road
>A grey car was parked along the road outside of the farm
>As she approached, the window rolled down
>A hand emerged from the vehicle, holding her panties out the opened window
>She paused for a moment, looking them over
>They were stained
>Very stained
>"Go on, take em." the man in the car demanded
>Reluctantly, Applejack grabbed her panties from his hand, moving to put them into her pocket
>"Oh no, you're wearing those." the man explained "And I got something else for you."
>He reached into the passenger side of the car
>Leaning back to the window, he held a small pill like object that was stuck to a cable that ran to a small box
>He looked over Applejack, still clutching her well used panties
>"Well, put em on already." the man stated
>Applejack hesitantly stepped in to them one leg at a time, slipping them up against her body
>They felt slightly sticky
>The man handed her the box and pill
>"Now, you know where this goes?" he asked
>Applejack shook her head
>"Ah couldn't even hazard a guess..." she sighed
>The man chuckled
>"C'mere" he stated, waving her over
>Carefully, AJ approached the car
>As soon as she got in arms reach, the man gripped her, pulling her close to the car
>He pulled up her skirt and down her panties
>"Now this..." the man said gripping the pill "goes right here."
>He ran his hand over her pussy, slipping the pill inside of the hole
>"And this..." he added, holding the box "goes here."
>He forced the box along her waist, pressing it between her skirt and her body
>"Now, this comes out for any reason, there'll be hell to pay." he explained
>Applejack stood there stifling moans
>"W-What is it?" Applejack asked, almost afraid to find out
>The man drew his phone, opening an app on the screen
>"Here, let me demo it for you." he explained
>Flicking his finger up the screen, Applejack instantly feel the pill come to life
>It buzzed and jitered between her lips
>In a rush of pleasure, she fell to her knees, crying out in a surprised moan
>"You have fun with that now." the man added "I'll want it back by the end of the day."
>He slipped his finger back down the screen, bringing the sensation between AJ's legs back to nothing
>Applejack sat on her knees on the dirt road, catching her breath
>"Oh, and pictures between every class." the man demanded "Should you forget though..."
>He slipped his finger back up the screen
>Once again, like a shock of raw pleasure, her pussy lit up
>Applejack winced in overwhelming pleasure
>"So, you gonna remember to take some good shots?" the man asked, refusing to turn it down
>"Y-Yes, p-please stop!" Applejack hastily agreed "I-I'll do it!"
>The man chuckled again
>"Good girl..." he muttered
>His finger pressed all the way to the top of the screen slowly, watching Applejack squirm and try her best not to moan
>"I-I said I'd- AH!" Applejack moaned, she could feel herself getting close
>She sat there panting and moaning, losing her composure as she sat right on the edge
>"Alright, I think I've made my point." the man explained
>He turned the slider back down to off
>Applejack felt the feeling leave her
>"H-Huh?!" she stuttered
>The man looked her over
>"Not yet, you only get to finish once you give me what I want." he explained
>"Wha- I don't-!" Applejack began
>"Don't bullshit me, your body's more honest than you are." he said with a smirk
>Applejack looked down towards the ground, not willing to admit anything
>"Now, run along." the man explained "Don't wanna be late for class."
>The engine revved up in his car as his tires kicked up dirt on the gravel road
>Applejack sat in his dust, still panting slightly
>It felt even worse now, she felt cold, even with the summer sun beating down on her she felt chills to her core, like she'd been refused something she deserved
>Slowly she stood, her legs still shaky
>("Sick bastard...") she thought to herself ("Y'all can't get away with this...")
>Steadying herself, she started on her way to class
>She just had to make it through the day, come hell or high water
Starting to zone out a bit, I gotta get some rest, writing tired only ends up making for shitty green
>Humiliating AJ
I have the mightiest BONER!
File: 1114252.png (127 KB, 348x498)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Some lewd to keep the flow going
File: im_so_tired.png (580 KB, 800x800)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
Alright, I've had my coffee, where were we?
Right, think I remember
Right, lets keep this going
>Applejack arrived at school. almost feeling normal again if a little tired
>She walked her way to first period, taking a seat as the rest of the class found it's way in
>It was English for the first two periods, a fact that relieved her immensely
>They had a substitute today, making things seem like they'd be all the easier
>Being the generic lazy substitute, the class was ordered to sit and read whatever they had for what was essentially the first half of the day
>Applejack felt a strong sense of relief, it's not like books were ever lewd so she'd likely be fine until lunch provided that thing between her legs didn't get revved up too bad
>Trying to put it out of her mind for the time being, she took a book from the shelf and returned to her seat
>Several minutes passed, it almost started to feel like a regular day
>That was, until about 30 minutes into the first period
>Checking the clock, AJ realized it wouldn't be long before second period rolled around, marking the halfway point of this remarkably boring English lesson
>Applejack sighed
>Suddenly, she felt a disturbance between her legs again
>The second it hit, her hips shot back involuntarily, her chair sliding back slightly
>The sound of it's legs scraping the floor in the silent room echoed like a gunshot in a metal vent
>Applejack looked around, no one seemed to notice or care
>Readjusting her seat as quietly as she could, she did her best to ignore the sensation
>It was dull but in the silence of the room it was more noticeable than ever
>Applejack felt a warm feeling in her chest, her heart rate starting to pick up
>She still had almost an hour before lunch
>Trying to suppress the feeling, she held her legs together, her knees slightly grinding against each other
>It did little to stave off the sensation
>Her breath grew hot, a filthy feeling filling her head
>Applejack just sat in her seat, looking at her book, slowly becoming too distracted to even read
>The time seemed to slow to a crawl, the vibrating between her lips starting to pick up in intensity
>Applejack's face started to get red, her breathing getting shallower as she tried her best to not make any sound
>She couldn't focus anymore, just staring blankly at her book as her hips started to shift slightly up and down her seat
>Her pussy rubbed against the seat under her, only adding to the problem
>It felt filthy to her, trying to not give away what she was up to while some man played with her in the midst of class
>As she started to feel herself getting closer, her phone vibrated
>Applejack almost didn't react, far too lost in the moment
>Pulling herself back to reality for a moment, she pulled her phone out and checked the messages
>"Having fun?" it read
>Applejack tried not to respond like an ass, knowing it'd likely only make things worse
>"I can't sit straight." she responded
>The buzzing inside her died down slightly
>"Good, let me see." the man messaged
>Applejack froze for a moment, unsure of what to do
>"Photos" the man wrote "lemme see how you're doing."
>She didn't respond
>As she sat behind her book, hoping it would blow over, she felt the vibration raise even higher
>She had to hold her breath, every exhale sounding like a soft moan
>Applejack realized her choices were limited, it was take some shots between her legs or finish in front of her whole class
>Reluctantly, she quietly lifted her skirt, sliding her phone between her legs
>Turning off the flash, she snapped a couple pictures of her now fairly soaked panties
>She sent them, starting to get desperate
>After what felt like an eternity, she felt the vibration subside
>"Good girl" the man responded
>Applejack slipped her phone back into her pocket
>Even though she'd felt the stimulation subside, she could feel her body almost begging to not be left off like she'd be earlier in the day
>She needed to deal with it
>Raising her hand, Applejack asked to be excused
>As she stood, she felt a bit shaky again
>Steadying herself, she made her way to the washroom
>Her step felt heavy, her head spinning slightly
>Nonetheless, she made her way to the washroom, locking the stall and sitting herself on the seat
brb, have some things to take care of, will finish part once I'm back
So close...
Nice dubs
Ok, let's do this.
For a quick recap, I basically wrote that the ones doing the raping was a team up of anons, not one guy.
Here is where it started
And this is where I'm picking up

>You are Anonymous
>Back from vacations, things were more mellow
>Well, not exactly
>Since Applejack was pregnant, she couldn't work so much
>And Applebloom visiting the psychiatrist leaves only Big Mac and Granny Smith, and her hip doesn't do any favors to their shortage of man power
>You offered to help. After all, what is a good friend after all?
>Then again, he didn't truly trusted you
>He always felt you were part of the little "stunt" your "pals"
>Well, you were, but you got out of it, so.... no harm, no foul?
>Whatever, is another Friday picking and packing up apples
>Your main job is helping Rarity with her modeling job, but she understands
>You put the last box on the truck
"Are you sure you don't want me to drive these apples for the weekend? Rarity will understand"
>"I'd like to, but this is an old client, and he only speaks to me"
"I see. Well, I'm going to-"
>"Wait anon, I need a favor. Check on my sister these days"
"What? But what about your grandma or AB?"
>"Lil Bloom has made progress, and she wants to spend more time with her friends, they are having a sleepover. And granny has worked hard these days. I only need you to stay and make sure AJ's fine, ok?"
>You smile internally
"Oh, sure thing Mac. You can trust me"
>Sure, trust I'll be plowing your sister

>The apple family share their goodbye
>Mac is taking Applebloom on the road, and Granny Smith went to take a nap
>Is only you and Applejack
>She is taking a little snack in the kitchen
>May as well start this show
>You check on her: lately she is starting to have a bit of belly, not to say her breast are a little more increased
>Sadly, her hips are starting to banish. They will be truly missed
>Luckily, she still has that honest apple bottom of hers
>You knock at the side of the door
*knock* *knock* "Hi Applejack"
>She turns around
>"Hmm? Oh, hi anon"
"Everything ok?"
>"Yeah, just taking a few strawberries"
"I though you didn't like them. You told me about that time you and that girl were banting at each other"
>"That Sunrise gal? I do not like her, but I've been craving her strawberries"
"Happens with pregnancy. I bet your mother had a weird craving when she had you"
>"Granny said she liked ice cream with hot dog bits"
>Both share a little laugh before her expression changes
>Her smile slowly turns into a worried frown
".... Are you asking that question again?"
>"It's..... he won't have a father.... And, I'm too young... What if-?"
"We already talked about this Applejack. We know what happened, and we know what the kid can bring up. No one is forcing you to keep it"
"But if you ask me, I think that kid at least deserves to know her mother"
>She turns her view at you
"I hold my tongue when we came back from Rico, but I believe every kid deserves to have a family, not matter how small"
"You told me Applebloom barely knew her parents. Your kid may not even know his dad, but he can still meet you"
>"... And if I keep contact with the family after the adoption?"
"What are you going to tell him when he asks why did you give him up to adoption?"

>She lowers her face
"I know I can't speak too much. In fact, I should be quiet about it, but I know he is the only GOOD thing that happened after all.... this. I know is a big challenge, but I promise you two won't face it alone"
>She starts to look up
"Do you really promise it?"
>She looks so innocent and honest. You understand why "him" went for her
>Time for a move
>You walk up to her and hug her. A bit strong
>Thanks weekend farm workout
>You see how she is feeling protected, cuddling her head on your chest
>A bit of confusion will help you get her
"Don't worry Applejack, we will keep you safe. After all..."
>You get closer to her ears, and whisper
"You are our good girl"
>This obviously shook her off, separating a bit
>"Wh-what di-"
>You sniff loudly, like searching for something
>She is finally confused, time to cut it
>You finally sniff close to your armpits
"Agh! I reek! I forgot to take a shower. I'll be back soon"
>You leave Applejack alone, and fetch your other clothes to change after
>Be Applejack
>You are wondering what just happened
>Anon just hugged you, and he said....
>No, it must be your imagination, he knew "him", but he never liked him.
>But the hug, the strenght, his voice....
>.... He sounds like him

>Your mind is having a mind race after that little moment
>That didn't happened, you didn't heard him, and you didn't though about.... THAT
>But the smell is on you, and you felt safe on his arms
>Anon has gotten stronger after helping Big Mac, yeah, that's what happened
>"Uh, sorry Applejack, I forgot to grab a towel, can you pass me one?"
>Is anon, he is screaming from the bathroom
"There ain't one in the sidetable?"
>"No, I checked. Sorry I bother you"
"No! Eh... no, I'll pass you one"
>"Thanks AJ!"
>You go to the laundry room, and find a folded towel
>You take it, and go up the stairs to the bathroom
>You knock on the door
>"Come in"
>You open the door
"Hey anon, here's your towel"
>"Whoa, thank-"
>When he leaned to get the towel, the curtain rack falls off, and you see his... everything!
"W-whoa Nelly!"
>"Ähh! Applejack, I-!"
>You try to look away, but he doesn't do much to hide his pecker
>You try to give him the towel, and he tries to grab, yet it looks like both of you aren't understanding each other's intentions
>Having his willy flopping around doesn't help. Seriously, how Rarity manages to handle that?
>Finally, he gets the towel, and covers him himself
>"Ah! T-thanks AJ. Ehhh, let me-"
"NOPE! Get out, get dressed, get dinner!"
>He tries to speak up, but you push him out quickly and close the door
"Oh... this isn't good for the baby"
>"NOPE! Get out, get dressed, get dinner!"
>You try to speak up, but Applejack pushes you out and closes the door
"..... See you later, my good girl"

Ok, brb

Okay, I'm back, but I will write this last post and I'm off to bed

>Be Anonymous
>Confusing the target was easy, now you only have to play along until a chance presents itself
>But for now, is time for grub. It's Friday, so that means takeout
>You call to a pizzeria, close to the farm
>You asked extra cheese, that means it will have an extra of oil. This will help you
>Some time later, the delivery boy arrives and you get the pizza
>You take it to the kitchen
"Pizza's here"
GS: 'bout time. I'm hungier than a raccoon in the middle of the night
AJ: Thanks for inviting us the dinner anon
"Meh, is the least I could do. I'm going to be taking care of both of you, so may as have fun"
>Granny Smith cuts the pizza, and you get a slice
"Aw yeah, pizza"
>You make a move: you turn the pizza a bit, so some of the cheese falls on your shirt
>It worked
AJ: Oh, bad luck 'non, should've kept the mouth closed
GS: Yeah, you're too big for a bib
"Alright, I got carried away. Shoot, it was my only good shirt"
GS: Grab one of Mac's, may fit ya
>You go to Big Mac's room, and grab a classic red flannel shirt, but you don't button it
>You go back open chested, searching for some napkins
"Man, the cheese blocked my brains. I forgot some papers to dry up"
>AJ is a bit shocked, she didn't expected you to build muscle so quickly
GS: Now don't go showing off, big guy. Here
>Granny passes you some napkins, and you start to clean up
>Well, more like smear. You don't push too much so the oil covers your chest, giving it a soft shine
>It sure brought up some of AJ's attention. Better cut it before Granny suspects something
"Hey AJ, can you pass me more paper?"
AJ: Uhhh.. sure!
>She gives you a fee napkins, and you clean up
>You finally button your shirt up
"That's better. Thank you, you really are kind for someone as clumsy as me"
GS: We all have our silly days
AJ: Yeah, accidents happen
"Yeah, but you two are really kind. You are really good girls"

Cont later
Where's the leak, ma'am?
>page 9
Okay, I'm finally back, interesting read in between
>Applejack lay back on the seat, her legs spread
>She lifted her skirt, overlooking the damage
>She'd been soaked through, another moment of torment and she'd have needed to hide cum trickling down her thigh
>Slipping her soaked panties to the side, she ran a finger down her lips
>Applejack shuddered at how sensitive she felt
>("I-I shouldn't...) she thought to herself ("Gettin off in the middle of class just ain't right, it's downright filthy...")
>She looked over the cable connecting the pill to the box, remembering how suddenly the vibration kicked in and how quickly it got to her
>Applejack realized the stakes of the situation
>("If I don't do this now, it'll just happen later...") she reasoned
>Taking a deep breath, Applejack pressed her finger against her pussy, gently slipping it it
>She winced as it slid in, her hips lifting slightly as the sensation struck her
>Slowly she started playing with herself, her finger sliding along her walls as her thumb slid up her lips and flicked her clit
>Applejack rolled her head back as she sat, her breath growing hot
>The finger inside her brushed against the vibrating pill that had tormented her so only moments earlier
>A part of her wished it'd spring back to life
>She slipped another finger in as she began to get more desperate to get off, the longer she took the more likely it'd be that someone might come through to use the washroom
>Her pace was picking up rapidly, her heart starting to pound as she started to absolutely abuse herself
>Applejack started to lose control of her voice, soft moans escaping her mouth as she climbed closer
>She could feel herself start to get close, her knees starting to shake
>Her hands were a blur, slipping in and out as fast as they could
>Goosebumps came up all over her, shivers running through her body as she felt it finally hit
>Her back arched as she bit her lip, her hole gripping her fingers in a vice
>Applejack sat on the seat panting as she regained her senses
>She pulled her now soaked fingers free, moaning they rubbed their way out on her sensitive walls
>Again, her phone went off in the pocket of her skirt
>Pulling it out, she looked at the messages
>It was him
>"lunch?" it said
>Applejack rolled her eyes
>"im good" she replied
>Another message came in just as fast
>"shouldnt have made it a question" it read
>Applejack shook her head, sighing loudly as another message came in
>"you, me, behind the school dumpster, 12 PM sharp" it read
>"fine" Applejack responded, not wanting to put up with another bout of vibrating torment
>"good girl" he responded
>Applejack cleaned herself up, trying to sop up the mess she'd made of herself
>Once she was as dry as she could get, she stood up and stepped out of the stall
>Still just here in the washroom
>Applejack washed the sticky mess from her fingers in the sink before returning to class and pretending to read again as she zoned out
>As lunch drew closer, she started to feel a dreadful excitement building inside of her
>Part of her was glad the day would be half over, the other was far too busy thinking about what the man had in store for her
>Time almost seemed to slow as the clock over the door drew closer to lunch hour
Just wanted to get that bit sorted for now, still a bit zoned out so I'm gonna sleep for a couple hours
Have a good rest dude.
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1.15 MB PNG
But we're married.
Well, let's keep it up for a bit

Man, Applejack is so sexy when she is molested

>Be Applejack
>You look at anon
>He is sporting his friendly smile, yet you are aware of what he just said
>He really said "good girls"
"Hehe, yeah... what a weird thing to say: good girls"
A: I don't see nothing weird. I mean, you two are girls, and you are good. Good girls"
GS: Well, I sure ain't a wee girl anymore. You know, back in my day...
>Oh no. Granny started up
>Suddenly the dinner was filled with her old stories, a few curses, and lots of giggling
>You don't mind her stories, but you don't want to hear them now, you want to talk to anon
>But when Granny stopped, he excused himself and went to the guest room
>And since Granny had a few stories in her, you helped her clean the dishes
>By the time you two finished, it was 9:30 PM
GS: Alright sugarcube, I'm off to bed. Tell anon thanks for the pizza
"Hey maybe is asleep now Granny, but I will tell him"
GS: now don't stay up late. I know how you keep up with your phone on
"It was one time"
GS: That isn't what Bloom tells me. Goodnight sweetie
"Hehe, goodnight Granny"
>You finish and go to your room to change to your pijamas
>Well, more like a nightgown. Your belly sure sprouted with the baby
>Makes trips to the bathroom quickly. Speaking of which
>You are making a small trip, but you notice the guest room's door a bit open. And light is seen from the frame
>You shouldn't, but you are a bit curious, so you go closer. Bathroom is the door next it anyway
>Ugh, this old wooden floor. You hope Anonymous heard it
>You take a small peek: the light came from anon's cellphone
>"... And he asked me to take care of her sister just for this weekend.... I know I should'sve told you sooner, sorry"
>Hehe, anon is getting nagged. Rarity sometimes is a bit picky
>"Sorry darling, but you know what I miss the most? Seeing what are you wearing tonight"
>Ok, that's enough. Better WHATINTARNATIONISHEDOING?!

>One second, he was speaking just fine. The next, he pulled his shorts down and he grabbed his cock!
>"Come on,"darling", I have a BIG friend who really wants to know"
>He starts to stroke his penis up and down, working the shifts
>You want to ignore it, but you have to admit that these months without one of those had been hard
>He didn't picked up speed before he got hard. Now he is stroking it up and down. He wasn't lying about being big
>"The red one? I love that one. Really shows off your derrier. Wish I could grope it with my big, strong hands"
>His pecker shows a small dollop of shine, before he grabs it and starts lubing himself with it. Now his phallus shine like the eyes of a dangerous snake
>A snake you wished you have
>"Ohhh~. Pervy girl, but I can do better. Mainly, your ass"
>Wait what?
>"Now are you complaining of being dirty? That wasn't what I heard back in PR. Especially when I shoved my big, thick, veiny, large cock inside your bum, "darling""
>You bite your lips as you pay full close attention
>"Did you forgot already? How I opened your fleshy walls? how slow yet progresively I started to go in depth as your moans filled the cold room? And when you told me hos stingy it felt, the scream of pleasure you howled as I filled you with my warm, sticky, and slippy-"
>Did you said- Whya are you fingering your asshole?! When did you started it?
>Anon starts to rise from his bed!
>You manage to sprint quietly to the bathroom
>Sitting on the bathroom, you hear if he comes up, but you only listen to his door closing
>You catch yourself some breath, and take a piss
>But now on the toilet, you remember the description anon has used
>You didn't wanted to tell, but it brought up some memories up. Sure those were your more scarier moments, but the feeling was the most intoxicating of all.
>Being streched out from the rear, his manly hands pinning you down as he went deeper and deeper until he unloaded inside you

>You decide to venture down, and send one hand to investigate
>You surely are wet, but you don't want nothing inside there
>Instead, you use the fluids to moist your fingers, and go to your "backdoor"
>Being not "used" as much, it sure made it a bit hard to go in, but your were doing it just fine before, so it may be a bit streched
>You send one finger in, no problem. You wiggle it for fun
>The ticklish sensation is there, and sure it feels good as always did
>You dare a bit more, so you send another in. You start to feel the streching sensation again, a bit of a sting, yet pleasing to relax from it
>Your breath has changed to a short series of panting and moans, as you wiggle inside quickly
>Finally, you send a third one. The feeling of being filled returns to you as you try to get deeper
>You finally get lost in the feeling, and send your other hand inside your pussy. You only play around the lips, rubbing the clit occasionally. You really wish you had a big cock inside your ass now
>Finally, you achieve your orgasm. It really has been long since you had one. You feel your little noggin twiching from all the action
>Panting and a bit shaking, you stand up from the toilet and clean up
>When you come out, you see anon coming out of his room
>"Hey, hi AJ"
"O-oh! Hi anon? Why up so late?"
"I forgot to leave something to launder tomorrow, and I was just leaving it"
>He walks up next to you, opens the bathroom door, and open the lid of the clothing bin
>"I didn't notice it, but some clothes went under the bed"
>He turns at you
>"I guess I just caught up with you finishing lady business"
"Ehhh... A bit. You know, I forgot to tell you: thanks for the pizza. It was delicious"
>"Thanks for letting me sleep here for the weekend. It was the least I could do"
>He gives you a short hug
>"Well, I'm off to bed. Goodnight"
"Goodnight anon"
>He walks to the guest room, and you quickly walk to yours
>That was really close

Ok, I leave it here for now
bumping while I prep
Meant to get more done today, ended up having to head out, sorry for the delay, will get more sorted in the morning
File: 1413196779380.png (990 KB, 1472x1760)
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990 KB PNG
Okay, I'm back in the world of the living, sorry for the delay
>The clock struck 11:50
>The bell went off
>A rush of chairs shuffling and students chattering filled the room
>Applejack stood, packing her things as she prepared herself for what was to come
>She went out through the front door of the school, making her way around to where the dumpster sat
>As she approached the garbage her heart thumped harder and harder
>Applejack knew what she was in for, dreading every moment
>She also knew there was no other choice, it was this or spend the day in the washroom climaxing as the toy inside her sat on full
>Turning around the back of the dumpster, she was met with a hand reaching out and grabbing her chest
>Applejack yelped in surprise as the man held her, turning her and forcing her chest against the metal wall of the dumpster
>"You're starting to listen pretty good." the man said "Quite the quick learner."
>Applejack struggled against his grip for a moment
>"Y'all gotta be so rough?!" she inquired in a disdainful tone
>The man smiled
>"Yeah" he casually responded
>She could feel a hand run up the back of her leg, catching on her skirt
>Slowly it slid between her thighs, lifting her skirt to reveal her panties and the wire running into them
>"And you even kept it in like I asked." the man remarked "Good girl."
>He patted Applejack on the head, a gesture that turned her face noticeably sour
>"Just get it over with already." Applejack rushed "Y'all the only one havin fun here."
>"We'll see about that." the man ominously remarked
>He slipped her panties down, revealing her soft, rounded ass
>Pausing for a moment, the man pulled his phone out once again
>Phone still in hand, he undid his pants and drew his cock
>Applejack braced herself for that familiar skewering feeling, her knees shaking as her heart pounded
>Suddenly, the toy inside her sparked to life
>Her hips shook
>She felt his head brush between her thighs, coating his cock in her dripping juices
>Applejack was quickly losing her composure, her mouth pressed against her arm as she tried to hide her voice
>The man pulled himself from between her thighs, his member good and coated
>She prepared herself for that violent penetration she'd felt last night, closing her eyes as she expected to be pulled in two once more
>Then, she felt his head press somewhere she'd never even thought about
>Her eyes going wide with shock, she realized that he was about to slam head first into her ass
>"W-Woah now, that there's the wrong whole sugar cube." Applejack protested "I-It ain't gonna fit."
>The man smiled
>"Sure it will" he responded
>Applejack was about to continue to argue when she felt the force on her asshole build up
>"W-Wait, s-stop!" Applejack begged
>The man grabbed her head, forcing her mouth back onto her arm
>The pressure built slowly, Applejack's complaints and pleading muffled against her arm
>She could feel herself start to spread
>"MMMMMMF!" she begged
>With a loud grunt and a hard thrust, the man pressed his head in
>Applejack could feel a hot pain as her ass went wider than it was ever meant to
>It was partly drowned out by the violent buzzing in her pussy, making her mind blend the two sensations together in a sickening mix of harsh pain and vivid pleasure
>The man continued to press deeper, Applejack continued to beg and moan into her arm, tears rolling down her face
>At last, he bottomed out, her torso pressed against the dumpster, a slight trickle of cum running from her thigh onto it
>"See, told you it'd fit." the man prodded, releasing her head
>Applejack gasped and panted
>"P-Please, get it out." Applejack pleaded in a pained voice
>The man shook his head
>She closed her eyes, biting her lip as she felt him start to pull back
>Applejack could tell she'd have a hard time sitting for the rest of the day
>He pulled back to the tip, sliding a hand down her front and over her pussy
>His finger began to circle her clit, drawing out a short moan that was only cut short by Applejack desperately holding her breath as to not make a sound
>Again he forced himself in, far faster this time
>Again he pulled back, not waiting to renter this time
>He continued to cycle her, the tight grip on his cock not even slowing him down
>Applejack simply sat pressed against the dumpster, taking every inch
>She could feel him toy with her, the vibration inside her, the warming sensation in her ass
>It was getting to be too much
>At this point he was properly ramming her, the dumpster shaking slightly as she got it
>She slowly lost control of herself, moaning loudly as she got fucked against the metal wall
>The man reached down between her legs, gripping her panties
>With a single tug and a loud rip, they came free
>Applejack couldn't even bring herself to complain, the sensations she was feeling were far too strong
>He pressed the shredded and soaked panties into her mouth, gripping it shut as she moaned and squealed against his hand
>With her relative silence guaranteed, he started to work her as hard as he could
>His torso clapping against her ass as he went, she felt herself getting close
>It was rougher than ever before, the sensation building up deep inside her, the onset far more intense than it ever had been
>She shook intensely as it rolled in, her eyes rolling back as her legs gave way, only held up by the mans force alone
>It hit, sending chills all the way down her back, her thighs tingling as she gripped his cock even tighter just making it all the more intense
>She felt him rail her one last time, pressing her against the dumpster with his body
>A hot liquid started to fill her ass
>Applejack panted through her nose, still out of it as he gripped her mouth, groaning
>As the man finally finished, he stepped back, his member sliding free and his grip releasing
>Applejack was too weak to stand, falling to her side on the grass next to the dumpster
>A thick trail of cum rolled from her ass onto the ground, coating the blades of grass around her ass
>She simply lay there, panting
>The man turned the vibrator off and pulled it free in a single motion
>"Good girl." he said, slapping her ass as she leaked onto the ground "You better take it just like that next time too."
>Applejack felt filthy
>She'd never felt a climax like that in her life, it was so intense, so violent, so rough
>She didn't respond to his demands
>"Here, you're making a mess." the man explained
>He pulled the torn, cum and saliva soaked panties from her mouth, stuffing them into her still stretched asshole
>Applejack moaned as he did, unable to think straight enough to hold herself together
>The man left as she lay there, tired and spent
>She could only hope that in an hour she'd be good to return to class
that's all for now, will get more in a bit
Now that's the stuff
2 AJ threads?
Truly a board with great taste
As an ass man, I can respect the desire for more appul
Is the apple bottom
Ripped for the taking
Ok, let's keep going

>The new morning comes up, but you aren't that thrilled to wake up
>Last night brought some serious repressed memories
>Mainly, how good it felt
>You felt dirty and exposed, but you can't deny that man really made you feel like a woman
>You wish you could forget him, but it is hard knowing his friends did the same to yours
>And it's even harder when
>"Morning sleepyhead"
"Morning Anonymous"
>One of them is still around. He wasn't as rapey with Rarity, but he still hanged with them
>"Granny Smith told me to wake you up. We have pancakes and juice for breakfast. Want some syrup?"
"I can do my own breakfast anon"
>"Ok, see you downstairs"
>He leaves your room happily
>He is nice, but you don't want to see men now. Not until your "issues" calm down
>You fresh up, and go downstairs. The kitchen smells really good, and Granny and anon are having breakfast
GS: 'bout time you woke up. Did the rooster didn't cried out?
A: I heard him just fine
"Nah, I was just a bit sleepy"
GS: Well, you better had a good night, it's laundry day, and it's your turn today
"Agh, could anon do it?"
A: No can do. Granny told me to fix the barn's roof. I though you gals already fixed it
"Police didn't wanted us to touch.... the scene"
A: Oh, sorry I mentioned it
"It's not a problem. Most now are lifers, so we won't worry about them anymore"
>Anonymous's face changes to a serious frown
A: Except for one...... *smiles* That coward won't come back anyway. You are right, it's in the past. Want me to help you later with the clothes?
"If you finish the roof"
GS: Well, you won't even start if you keep flappin your gums. Go fetch some breakfast
"Alright Granny"
>You get some pancakes and apple juice

>Outside it's a good clear day
>Warm temperature, and the field smells fresh. It always does when the harvest is done
>You really needed this. A calm day
>The washing machine is behind the house, and Granny gave you the clothes bin
>"Now don't you go slacking. If you finish quickly it will be dry by tonight"
"I know gran. you still treat me like a girl"
>Ï just want to enjoy you before I get called great-gran. I'm old but not that old"
>You giggle
"Don't worry about it gran, you will be called great-great-gran before you know it"
>She gives you a gentle push
>"Now call me if you need anything, I'll be cleaning the house"
Älright Granny"
>She goes inside, and you open the washing machine
>You check the bin: shirt, shirt, pants, shirt, anon's undies
>Anon's undies? But he-
>Suddenly it hits you. Last night he left something in the bin
>You grab it again, and your suspicion was correct
>He cleaned himself with this last night. It's still warm to the touch
>You see he left a big damp spot
>You start to shudder. It's the first time in a long time you have another man's clothes
>A perv though comes to you
>You make sure no one is close, and take a long whiff
>This really got you worked up
"It.... it smells like him"
>"Hey AJ, where are the tools"
>You quickly throw the underwear to the machine and turn
"A-Anonymous! How are you?"
>"Applejack, are you feeling ok?"
"YES! Yes! Yes. Sorry, what do you need?"
>"I was asking if you knew where did Big Mac left his tools. I can't find them in the shed"
"Oh! I think he left those in the living. He was fixing Granny's rocking chair"
>"Got it, thanks"
>He goes into the house
>You make sure no one is REALLY close this time, and grab the underwear agina, and give it another go
*Sniff!!!* ".... I think I have to clean mine too"

>You are a bit flustered, but you cleaned the clothes just fine
>The machine does his job, you went and relieved yourself, you cleaned up
>Everything will be fine
>You hope. Saturday just started
>The machine finishes, and you pick the clothes and put it in a basin
>Anon is just at the barn, finishing with the roof
>"Argh, did was hard. Now I understand why Big Mac hates to do this"
"Well, if it wasn't for that hole, God knows what could have happened to us"
>Anon... smiles? Is a creepy smile
>"He sure works in mysterious ways"
>He goes back to normal
>"Done with the clothes already?"
"Yup. Come down and help me hang it"
>He comes down the roof, starts grabbing some clothes and hang them on the cord
>"Feeling ok?"
"Why are you asking?"
>"You know, I saw you a bit scared before, and that isn't good for the baby"
"You only caught me thinking about some things, no biggie"
>"If you say so.... Hey, are these your panties?"
>He is grabbing the black thong panties "he" gave you!
"Pervert! Don't grab those!"
>You throw him a big chunk of wet clothes
>"Ahhh!! Cold! Cold! Cold!"
>You quickly fetch your panties, and hide them
>Fuck, how did you forgot you grabbed those? You are in worst shape than you though
>You take the wet mass of clothes
"You don't grab a woman's panties anon"
>"But I was just hanging them. Agh, now I'm all wet"
"Mac ain't having some fresh drags until later. Laundry day, remember?"
>"Hmm, can I call Rarity? She may drop me some dry clothes"
"Do it. I can do with some visits"
>You two finish hanging the clothes, and he goes to the living and calls Rarity. You just sit down on the sofa, watching TV, legs crossed, hoping he doesn't notice you are horny
>Fuck! Why pregnancy has to change your hormones? STOP WALKING ANON! YOUR WET CLOTHES STICK OUT YOUR ABS!

I leave it here for now
Alright, I'm back
>Applejack woke to the sound of the bell, her ass still good and sore
>Slowly she got back to her feet, starting to make her way back to class
>The rest of the day was a grueling several hours of uncomfortable shifting and moving, her ass only feeling more sore by the end of it
>The walk home only made it worse, by the time she was back to the farm her knees were shaking
>She quickly made her way up to her room, laying face first on her bed
>Applejack was exhausted after the day she'd had, still poorly rested from the night before
>She just lay there breathing into the sheets
>("Think I'll call it an early night.") she thought to herself
>Applejack got up and painfully made her way to the washroom, everything covered by her skirt was a good bit sticky still
>She slipped off her top, clipping off her bra and kicking off her socks
>As she unzipped her skirt, she saw something was missing
>Instantly she remembered what it was, her panties
>They weren't exactly "missing" but they would take a bit of effort to "find"
>Applejack slipped her skirt to the floor
>With a deep breath, she readied herself
>She slipped a finger into her ass, attempting to feel around for the fabric
>As it went in, Applejack gasped
>It felt so unbelievably tender and sensitive
>Instantly she fell forward onto the wall, hoping to find support in it while she tried to free her underwear
>Thinking ahead, Applejack reached for the washroom door and locked it, she wouldn't want even the slightest risk of being caught like this
>She covered her mouth as she again started to slide deeper
>Not much further in, she found it
>The waistband brushed against the tip of her finger
>Applejack sighed in relief as she started to try and hook her finger around it
>Every attempt slipped over the fabric and caught nothing, the feeling of movement only making her weakening knees all the worse
>Applejack realized that she'd have to change tactics, one finger wasn't working
>She slipped another in, bringing it just as deep
>The sensation in her ass only grew in intensity
>She was starting to feel warm, her heart beating faster as goosebumps ran over her
>She pinched down on the fabric with both fingers, trying to pull it free
>Her fingers slipped just as it started to move, causing her to let out a muffled moan
>Reaching back in, she squeezed down as tightly as she could on the slickened fabric
>Pulling once more, she did her best to keep a grip
>Applejack was panting through her nose, her pussy starting to drip
>She shivered as the fabric started to come free
>At last it was making it's way out, doing a number on her sensitive ass
>As it came free, it brought with it trails of cum, dripping from her onto the floor, leaving tiny white puddles
>Applejack felt her ass tighten on the panties as the were just about to come loose
>She closed her eyes as the wave of pleasure hit her again, falling to her knees as her panties slipped out
>A thin trail of cum ran down her thigh, pooling at her knee
>She looked down over herself, a cum coated mess
>She felt a strange warmth in her chest
>A warm smile took over her face
>Trying to free her panties felt pretty good, and that climax was fairly intense
>Her head was still spinning
>Applejack dropped the panties in the washroom wastebin, turning on the shower and quickly washing off
>She dried herself and returned to her room, not even bothering to dress
>She was too tired to leave her room anyways, not like anyone would see her like she was
>Laying back down in bed, now much cleaner, she felt strangely comfy
>Applejack wrapped herself in the blanket on her bed, feeling toasty and warm
>In no time at all, she drifted off to sleep, thankful it was a Friday and that she'd not need to worry about class tomorrow
that's it for now, need to come up with something good for the next part
Baby steps man, take your time.
Applejack's been raped so much that it's merely a minor annoyance to her at this point
Do Applebloom again
Gonna be honest, so far I still like the original story better. It was better paced and the smut involving AJ was better
Yeah, you're probably right, I should probably slow things down a little, getting a bit carried away with getting to later parts
File: 1590287658416.jpg (104 KB, 1920x1080)
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104 KB JPG
Those CMC sections still make me feel filthy and I write rapefiction for fun, maybe later on
I'll keep going for a bit

>A few minutes later, Rarity arrives
>You two saluted each other, and she went straight for a kiss from anon
>The scene turned cartoony when she felt the damp clothes
>He laughed and he reminded her his clothes were soaked
>She handle him the new dry ones, and he went to change
>Meanwhile, you offered Rarity some cold tea
>"Thank you Applejack"
"No, thanks for comin' rari, it's good to see you after this time"
>"It really passed some time. How are you feeling?"
"Good, you know, just waiting"
>You pat your belly a couple of times
>"Ohhh, I can't wait to see it. It will be a boy or a girl?"
"I actually haven't asked yet. I want it to be a surprise"
>"Fine then. I could do with a challenge"
"My baby won't be your model Rarity"
>"But the clothes are so adorable..."
"Maybe a little suit or two"
>"Does your family took it well. We couldn't talk so much after my vacation"
"Mac and Granny were angry for sure, and AB was confused, but thankfully they are happy I kept it. Let me tell ya', when we were in the attic grabbing our baby stuff, Mac giggle like a kid and grangran was reminiscing about pops"
>"Your family probably didn't like it to discover it that... way, but I'm happy they understand"
"What better household than the Apple farm"
>>"Your friends comes to my mind"
>Anon is back, in his classic black suit
R: Darling, where you listening?
A: Just enough. I bet the kid will love to meet us
"If you guys say so"
A: I'll be in the kitchen, you two enjoy your girl moment
>Anon leave us alone again
"You really catched a gentleman right there Rarity"
>"More like caught me. His car malfuntioned in front of my door. Who would've though we will click right there? It was almost fateful"
"You think so? I think it was planned"
>"What do you mean?"
"You know what I mean"
>"Oh.... It's true, he was with them, and he had our numbers, but he explained us. He never got involved, he only was forced to clear their tracks"
"Even his?"
>Rarity gasps

>"He would never! He wouldn't! I know"
"I'm sorry, but I don't trust him. He has always been so nice, and with the people he used to be-"
"Stop Applejack, but I don't like what you are implying. He may did a mistake working with them, but he assured me he never hurt a girl"
"Are you sure? You told me he is really close with Sweetie Belle. What if-?"
>"He and Sweetie Belle are just friends, and I can assure you he will never hurt her"
>>"Hey AJ, can I buy some snacks?"
>Both Rarity and you gasp surprised
R: Darling! Did you heard us?
A: Heard what? I just got some iced tea, but I noticed we didn't had cake or cookies, so I wanted to buy some
"Oh! Well, you can go"
R: No need Anonymous, I'm leaving now
A: What, but you just came here
R: I know, but I'm quite busy. I'll be going now
"Wait a bit Rarity, maybe we can talk it out?"
R: We talked enough. I'll be going
>Rarity leaves the house, and Anonymous follow her

"Woah, baby, what happened?"
>"Nothing you need to know Anonymous"
"Nothing I don't need to know? What are talking about?"
"Forget it anon, I'll be going now"
>She reaches her car, but you step in first and grab the car's handle
>You open the door and make a wave
"You can get in. I always open the door for you"
>She gets in the car, and starts it up
"I though there wouldn't be secrets between us"
>Rarity looks at you surprised, while you give her a sad look
>Moments later, she tears up
>"She thinks you planned all this"
>You touch her cheek
"And you believe her?"
>"I don't know"
>You look down
"It's fine. Don't worry if you do"
>You look up smiling
"She just doesn't know me yet much, but don't worry: we'll be good friends in no time"
>Rarity is surprised, but pleased you aren't angry with Applejack
>"Yes, she doesn't know you yet"
>You kiss Rarity on the cheek
"I'll be fine with her, you'll see. Say hi to Sweetie Belle to me"
>You close the door and wave her goodbye
>You see the door. Applejack is there

"I'll buy some snacks anyway! See you in a bit!"
>You wave AJ bye, and go down the road
>At the store, you didn't even bother to hide your anger
>A serious frown in your face and lower voice ramblings are surely bringing you some looks
>Applejack was more suspicious than Rarity
>You should've expected that. That mothefucker fucked first and took her phone in front of her
>No wonder AJ believes you are trying to save your ass
>Well, you do. But that's not the point
>Perhaps you can push the balance to your favor if you attack from the emotional side
>The barn would be a good place, seeing that place was where everything ended, but not tonight. She will know
>It has to be tomorrow 100%. If you don't fuck AJ, she will be always suspicious
>Besides, you have to enjoy the apple ass before diapers and sleepless nights ruin it
>You grabbed some sugar cookies, a mix for chocolate cake, milk, and one beer for you
>Not even finishing paying the things, you drank down the whole beer right there
>Alright, not you feel a bit mellowed. This may help you push through Sunday. For now play along while planning what to do

I'll leave it here for now
Uh, this is my room, and you are trespassing.
File: 2170011.jpg (96 KB, 900x675)
96 KB
Let's push thru a bit more

>Back at AJ's place, you only let things play out
>You had a small supper with the girls, went to bed. Nothing to write home about
>Sunday was your day though. Granny always have a small poker reunion in the old folk house, and she never misses it. That means you will be alone with Applejack
>The day is fine. You two clean up a bit, you order Mac's tools, and she picks up the clothes that were drying yesterday
>With some time to kill, you two are only watching some weekend movies.
>Nothing special too. Is the generic tv movie where a group of kids are having a problem to play baseball, and the weak kid will be the hero at the end
"Do you ever had that type of problems?"
>"No, but we sure had to help some people with strange methods?"
"You mean the magical music video and the crystal cave mini concert?"
>"Yeah, it was crazy"
"Say, AJ, you and the girls told me about your powers"
>"Yeah, what about them?"
"Why didn't you used them when... you know"
>"Oh... well, I didn't had my necklacle"
>"Is special, it let's me have great strenght. But when I used to go to the pool, I didn't carried it with me"
>That gives you a risky, but very interesting idea
"I see"
>You two keep seeing the movie, and nothing else
>Granny comes back, share a bit of her victories and defeat. Make the chocolate cake
>A pleasant afternoon
>Well, except for one thing
>You sneaked in Applejack's room, and take her neckacle
>You also found the black thong. You understand now, it was a "present"
>You stash them for yourself, a quirky idea on your mind
>Night comes up, and you set your plan in motion
>You only send a text
>no hooves
you make a good case to ban mobileposting

"See me at the pool. We need to talk"

>Be Applejack
>In front of the place where everything started
>You shudder to even see this place, yet anon wanted to talk to you here
>You find out the door is unlocked. He must be inside.
>You walk into the complex, reaching the pool area. He is there, looking at the water
>"So, you came"
>He turns around
"What do you want to discuss? Here of all places"
>He takes your neckacle out of his pocket
>"First put this on"
"Why do you-"
>"Please Applejack, put it on"
>You are a bit in disbelief, but you put your neckacle on, the magic surrounding you instantly
>"That's better"
"Enough lollygaggin'. What do you want?"
>"Applejack, I heard you talk with Rarity"
>Your eyes wide on
>"..... And if I want us to be friends, I have to be honest with you: is true, I had my share too"
>You freeze on spot
"So... you..."
>He only nods
>You quickly grab your neckacle and activate it
"If you get close, I'll hurt you!"
>"I know. That's what I want"
>"I had my share, but I also was forced to clean the mess of the others. I could sweet talk my way in, but the guys's methods were.... different. Sometimes very loud and with lots of evidence"
"So what? You think you can just get away with it because you are clean?"
>"No, I choose you end me as well. I am just as dirty, because I cleanned their messes. Sometimes, too bloody and cold messes. The gun was fired more times that you believe Applejack. And for that, I must pay"
>You raise your hand, ready for a punch
"Why? Why are you making all this?"
>"... I was also the responsable that I got the gang caught. I damaged the roof on purpose so they could be captured, and that's what happened. I couldn't allow myself to let Rarity's friends to end like the others. The man who picked you Applejack, he hurted more girls than your friends. Some are 6 ft now. I just couldn't do it anymore"
>Your fist start to tremble
"He... they... you..."

>Anonymous turns around
>"I wanted to stop, walk away, settle down. But they will destroy me first before it happened. I took the risk, and I'm sorry this brought to you and your friends more problems"
>A sigh comes out from him
>"Well, that's everything. If that neckacle makes you as strong as a tank, then this should be kick. My corpse will fly away through a windown, and my blood will end in the pool. If you start the drainer, any evidence will be gone. You can give Rarity a letter I wrote. Is in the changing room, in your old locker. That should be the end, and you will never have to remember us again"
>Your stance is wavering
>This is it. An oportunity for vengeance, and he is granting it to you
>You are shaking. One punch is all it takes
>One punch and you will not have to remember this anymore
>You will stop feeling scared with him around
>No one will know you did it
>You raise your hand
>"Thanks for being a good friend Applejack"

>Be Anonymous
>This is it
>You don't regret anything now
>Well, I guess being dead is just the same as being dead
>You feel a gentle tap on your back, and hear sobbings
>You turn around, and see Applejack leaning on you
>Did the plan worked?!
>"I.... I just want to stop being afraid"
>Holy shit it did! Better not fuck this up
>You hug her, patting her head
"Is fine Applejack, I know how it feels"
>"It's ugly"
"Don't be afraid, you don't have to be anymore. We will protect you"
>"You promise?"
>You make her look up
"I promise Applejack. You are our good girl"
>You kiss her forehead, and hug her a bit more tighly
>She stays safe for a bit on your chest, before looking up, and kiss you on the lips
>Jackpot, she fell for it
>"Anon! I-"
"No. It's fine"
>You kiss her back
"Everything is fine"
>She looses up now, and she kisses you again
>You follow suit, and oth kiss passionately for a while
>Finally, both break the kiss
"Feeling better?"
>"I am. Thanks for being honest anon"
"Is fine, I guess we better get going. Just let me get the letter"
>You go to the changing room, and open the locker
>You hear how the door closes
>You turn around, and see Applejack undoing her shirt
>"Anonymous, anyone ever told you it ain’t polite to spy on a lady when she’s changing?"
"No, should I know?"
>You walk up to her as she drops her shirt
>"Yeah, a bad man could take advantage of me"
"But I am a good guy"
>You grope her rear and pull her closer
"And you are a good girl, are you?"
>She graze your growing shaft
"Sure I am, sugar cube"
>You two resume the kissing while you try to undo her bra as she unbuckle your pants

>Your pants free, and her bossom showing, you find her preggy nipples are really out and hard
>You pinch one softly
"These must hurt you, isn't it sweetie?"
>She only nods. Must be very sensitive
"Don't worry, I know what to do"
>You envelope the nipple with your lips, licking and sucking it gently
>Applejack moans as she grabs your cock and starts to jack you off
>You only play around with her nipple: licking here and there, taunting it with your tongue, bite it softly with your teeth
>Finally, you let it go, and blow it
"Is just a bit of wind sugar, and I still need to take care of the other"
>You got for the other nipple. She stopped to fap you, but you don't care. You are hard as fuck and your hands are full of tits and ass
>You keep going as her moans fill the room. You even noticed she started to finger herself
>Perfect, she is in the zone now
>After a while, she finally climaxes and fall on her kness
"Feeling good Applejack?"
>"Good as Hell, hehe"
"Good to know, because I have something I need you to feel good
>You let your cock fall on her face
"Now, be a good girl and make me feel good too"
>She grabs your penis
"Don't worry sugarcube, I will"
>She licks the lenght of your shaft until reaching the head, and starts kissing it. A bit later, she opens her mouth, and starts to suck gently on it
>You only let her work, caresing her head slowly
>After a while, she just bobs up and down your croch, taking the whole thing down to the balls
>Looks like she didn't lost her touch
"AJ, you are really good at this"
"I-I'm cumming Applejack"
>She goes all the way back until your head was the only thing in her mouth
>You finally release your seed, seeing how her cheeks were filled
>She looks up, and smiles. She releases you and gives your dick a kiss
"Uff, that felt good"
>She doesn't listen. She is just enjoying herself, fingering and playing with your jizz in her mouth

"Hehe, looks like you really needed this. Having fun?"
>She peeks a bit, and nods smiling
"Really? Can I see?"
>She opens her mouth, showing your cum. Then she starts to play with it for while until open her mouth again, close it, and swallow the load. She opens her mouth again, showing it clean
"What a nice girl, you even swallow. You deserve a reward"
>You help her stand up, and remove her skirt and panties
"Don't worry, it's not like you will get pregnant again"
>She lays on her back on the bench. You point with your cock her entrances
"Well... here? (pussy) or here? (ass)"

I let you guys choose
Anybody here?
just waitin on more green
Well, the guy in >>35659545 said we could pick the hole.
a s s
Give me some time, and I'll finish this.
Up. I'll start soon.

>Applejack whispers
>"Do my rear"
"Excuse me, I couldn't hear very well. Could you be louder?"
>You tease both holes with your dick, proding her entrances
>"Darn it anon, do my butt"
>You push gently her asshole, not penetrating
"I could barely hear you, can you be more louder?"
>"Damn it anon! Just fuck my ass!"
>You without hesitation, just shove your dick inside her, she leaving a yelp of surprise
"I love when my girls beg for it. Don't worry, you will enjoy it too"
>You start to go in and out, findind a rythm for the ass-ault
>Applejack is enjoying the ride, a silly smile on her face
"You really needed this don't you?"
>"Heaven I need it. Finger can't compare with a good stretching "
"Maybe, still, I could enter with no problems. Were you having fun here AJ?"
>She does her scrunchy lying face
"Well, I sure went inside a stretched hole. But don't worry, I know how to make you clench it"
>Finished this sentence, you groped her boobs as you increased the speed
>Her moans become louder, as the empty halls were filled with the echoes of your sex session
>When you started to pinch her nipple, she started to clench harder. Not like it was a problem, you were really enjoying the tightness
>The anal sex lasted for quite a while, as Applejack reached her orgasm
>This finally hitted you, so in one quick move, you pull out, and cum all over her body
>She didn't mind, she was lost in the afterglow
>As the nut clarity settles, you manage to sneak, and take a photo of Applejack, laying naked and pleased on the bench, covered in your cum, oozing from her asshole
"This one is for the spank bank. Feeling good Applejack?"
>"My ass is on fire, and I came like two or three times. I feel amazing"
"Good. I wish we could keep going, but we better return to the farm
>You help AJ sit properly, both clean up and fix up, and return to her home

>Luckily enough, AJ needed some rounds inside, so not just reaching her room, both get naked and retake things from there.
>Now you are laying on your back, fucking her in the pussy, she bouncing on you. Her bed really can hold some action
>You are just enjoying the ride, seeing her boobs flopping around
>You suddenly notice a smirk from her face
>Before you could ask, a pair of apple boobs covers your face. Not slowing down the march, you quickly grope her bossom as you suck her nipples
>The stimulation finally caught up Applejack's body, so she started lactating
>"Huh, that feels really good"
"Hmmm, cowgirl milk"
>"H-hey! That's for my baby!"
>You ignore that last part. You are having fun now, you ain't backing down
>Sadly, your drinking session finishes, but it was a pleasant exchange. Applejack starts to kiss you, and you follow her
>This lovemaking finally pushed you to the edge
>Groping her ass, you cum inside her pussy as deep and much as you can. She also loses it and you feel the wettest orgasm hitting your groin
"Sweet apple acres, I can't plow this ass anymore"
>"Ditto, I'm done. I really let myself go"
>She collapses on your chest
"Holy fuck, that felt good"
>"Let's promise we won't do this again"
"Hehe, I was actually looking forward to ask you if I could blow inside you another time"
>>"Oh, you are blowing now" *Ka-chak!*
>You and Applejack look at the door: Granny Smith has the family shotgun pointing at you
>"Wait Granny, don't!"
"Yeah! Let's talk about this!"
>>"You have 5 seconds to explain me why I heard and find you fucking my sweet apple pie, right here, right now"
>You and Applejack look at each other. This was going to be a long night

>By the time you two explain what happened, it sure disgusted Granny Smith
>You couldn't hear the end of it. All night she called you insults from the South, and she sure didn't lost her touch in making feel people like crap when preaching
>Applejack didn't got it easier: she was scolded for being so irresponsible about having sex with a kid inside. And let's not get into the prt where she reprimanded her for sleeping with the man of one of her friends
>After all that, at least she calmed down, you three could discuss the events, and reaching a decision at the end
GS: A'ight, this is what we gonna do: Applejack, you are grounded. No friends hangouts until you pop your kid
AJ: alright Granny
GS: as for you weasel, you aren't welcomed here anymore. Not only you sleep with my innocent honeybee, you also insulted your woman. You are lucky I am not calling Rarity to tell her everything
"I understand. I won't come back here anymore"
GS: good. Better get going before Big Mac listens to what happened
"Yes. Thanks again for your hospitality"
>You stand up, take your things, and leave the house, but Applejack catches you at the front door
"Hey AJ. I guess I'm leaving"
>"Yeah. Sugarcube, I'm sorry this happened"
"Don't worry about it. We left the door open, it was obvious she was going to hear us"
>"Still, thanks for being there for me. I mean it"
"Are you kidding? Everything for someone likw you AJ. If you ever need me just call me..."
>You look at the house, checking if Granny isn't listening
>She isn't, so you get closer to Applejack and whisper
"... and if we need to meet, we will always have the pool"
>She flusters a bit
>"What are you saying anon?"
"You know what I'm saying"
>You wink at her, and she looks away with a smile and blush on her cheeks
>You kiss her on the cheek
"Now be a good girl, alright? And please call me or Rarity. Don't be a stranger"
"Will do anon"
>Both wave goodbye, and you leave the apple household

>It sure was close, but you managed to push through
>You sure will miss it. Sex with a prednant woman was new to you. And you have to admit it, it was awesome
>Those sweet bigger boobs, saggy but soft. That cushy bum, and the sweet taste of Applejack's milk. It tasted like apples
>You sure will miss all of that
>You take your phone, and call Rarity
".... Hey baby. Say, are you alone now?..... I am asking because... I have an idea for clothing design for the new season"

End. Epilogue soon

>Be rapeanon, still serving your 30 year sentence in Tartarus's Correctional Facility
>Most of your pals are dead, and the furfag who lets his dog fuck his woman is in a good prisoner program
>Right now, you are alone
>"package for Anonymous!"
>Funny, you don't have no one outside waiting for you
>You open the box, only to find a black thong covered in jizz and a picture of Applejack, also covered in jizz
"What the-?"
>You check the reverse of the photo
>"Now I know why did you picked her - A"
(not so) secret butt fun
Just trying to come up with a decent next part, have a few ideas but I need to kinda figure out how things are gonna work on a grander scale
I honestly just kinda went at it haphazardly last time, I have an idea for where things are gonna go, just need to come up with enough juicy lewds to make getting there worth it
>The crickets chirped, their late night chatter drifting through the open window
>The air in the room was cool and moist, a soft breeze drifting through the window
>Like a torch in a dark cave, Applejacks phone lit up, the screen illuminating the room as her ring tone cut through the peaceful quiet of the night
>Applejack rolled on to her side, groaning loudly
>She looked over at the phone as it rang, vibrating against the wood of her nightstand
>Sighing loudly, she reached for it, looking to see who would be calling her so late
>It was him
>Bracing herself, she answered
>"Y'all have any idea what time it is?" she asked in a passive aggressive tone
>"Yeah, time for you to get your ass out of bed and down here, throw something cute on, we're going for a ride." the man stated
>"The sun ain't even up yet..." Applejack protested
>"Maybe one of your friends would be a bit more cooperative then, how about that cute one with the pink hair?" the man threatened "I bet she'd look real cute tied down to a table with a-"
>"I'm on it." Applejack cut him off
>The man chuckled
>"Good girl..." he remarked "I'll be waiting at the end of the drive."
>("So that's it? You just gonna let him drag you round like that?") she thought to herself
>("Ain't no choice, if I don't it'll just end up someone else's problem.") she rationalized
>Climbing out of bed, she quickly grabbed a short skirt and a tight fitting top from the closet, throwing on a set of underwear that hadn't been ruined then covering it with her quick choice of clothing
>She reached for a pair of socks blindly
>The set she pulled out were a pair of thigh highs, she'd gotten them as a joke
>("It'll have to do.") she decided
>Throwing them on she slipped into her boots and slipped outside
>As the man had said, there was his car at the end of the road to her house
>Her heart started to pick up pace as she drew closer
>The window rolled down as she approached, the man looked her over from the driver seat
>"Not bad, you look ready for a night out on the town." he remarked "Get in."
>He opened the passenger side door
>Applejack felt adrenaline rush through her system, the idea of going somewhere with the man that had spent the last 2 days sexually abusing her felt like the start of a slasher flick
>"Where y'all plannin on going?" she asked, her tone uneasy
>"Wherever I feel like, now get in." he responded "Unless you think one of your friends would fill that seat better than your nice ass."
>Applejack swallowed her fear, walking to the passenger side and climbing in
>"Much better, gonna have to work on that attitude." the man remarked as he reached over and closed the door for her
>The car smelt of cigarettes and cheap booze, it's interior was somewhat new, the car itself couldn't be too out of date
>The man drew a pack of smokes from his pocket, pulling one free with his teeth as he flicked his lighter open
>"Smoke?" he asked, pointing the pack towards Applejack, the flame from his lighter bathing the interior of the car in an orange glow
>Applejack looked over the pack, seeing the cancer warnings all along the side
>"N-No thanks..." she declined
>"Alright, suit yourself." the man responded, putting them away
>He put the car in drive and hit the gas, gravel kicking up as the car took off
>They continued down the road for a little while before coming to the fork in the road that split off into town
>As they did, the man began to turn away from the road leading to the city
>Applejack had never been down the back roads despite living in town most of her life, she had no idea where they were going
>"Ya gonna tell me where we're headed?" She asked, trying to sound confident
>"Somewhere no one's gonna hear you scream for me." he replied, taking a drag from his smoke
>The response did little to calm her nerves
>They kept going down the gravel road, slowly leading them into a forested area, the moon only just shining through the trees
>As the road went further into the woods, the man slid the hand holding what was left of his cigarette from the wheel
>Rolling down the window, he flicked the butt out then closed it, placing his now empty hand on Applejack's leg
>He ran it up her thigh and against her panties, shifting them to the side as he started to gently fondle her
>"H-Hey!" Applejack interjected "K-Keep yer damn eyes on the road!"
>The man chuckled
>"Put your seat belt on." he responded
>Applejack did so without hesitation
>As it clicked into place, the engine revved up
>Gravel sprayed up behind the car, the speedometer climbing
>The man slipped his finger between Applejack's lips
>She gasped
>"C-Cut it out, this ain't funny!" she shouted
>The man ignored her
>He started to circle the inside of her pussy, getting more aggressive as the car moved faster
>Applejack's heart was pounding, she watched as the trees zipped by faster and faster
>"I'll slow down once you're finished." the man explained
>Applejack started to pant, hyperventilating from the stress of the situation
>The engine was screaming at this point, the gravel behind them kicking off fast enough to be near lethal
>She held on to her seat belt, the hair on her neck standing on end as her legs shook
>Her head was spinning, certain the car would lose traction and slide off the road
>She'd be nothing more than a battered corpse pulled out of the wreck in the morning, some stranger's hand between her legs
>Applejack's face ran red, she could feel a tingling sensation in her legs
>The man forced another finger inside of her, violently rubbing the inside of her pussy
>Applejack hand to grip her mouth to prevent herself from moaning
>She closed her eyes as she tried to hold back tears, she was getting close
>She felt that familiar sensation building, her legs clamping together as it got closer
>As she reached her peak, she saw something down the road
>It was a dead end, marked by nothing more than a concrete barrier and a few parking spots
>The man showed no signs of slowing either his assault on her or the car
>The barrier drew closer
>Applejack drew closer
>Shutting her eyes tight, she tried to focus on the sensation, trying to force herself to finish as fast as she could
>She started groping her tits, squeezing and pulling on them as she felt it finally roll in
>Screaming in a mix of pleasure and terror, she finally felt it hit
>She could feel herself cum all over the seat, soaking the back of her skirt and the man's hand
>The engine let off, the sound of the car skidding on the gravel echoed along the road
>Applejack could only hope she was fast enough, that there would be enough time to stop
>Her eyes still shut tight, she felt the speed slowly bleed away
>Panting like a dog, she felt the car finally stop, at last she opened her eyes
>They'd stopped no less than a foot from the barrier
>"Not even close." the man joked
>Applejack stared at him in disbelief
>The man shot a smug grin at her, holding his hand up and letting her cum drip down it before her eyes
>"Glad you enjoyed it." he sarcastically quipped
>Applejack shook her head, still gawking at him
>"Y-You ain't right in the head." she remarked
>The man shrugged
>"What was your first clue?" he joked "You certainly don't seem to mind though."
>The man pulled into one of the parking spots
>"Get in the back." he ordered
>Applejack hesitantly unbuckled herself, climbing into the back of the car
>The man followed suit, sitting down and unzipping his pants
>Not a moment after he'd drawn his cock, his arm reached out and grabbed applejack by the neck
>She felt herself being forced against the door, her face pressed against the window
>The man drew down her panties, pressing his member against her still soaked pussy
>Before Applejack could say anything, she felt his tip breach
>There was next to no resistance, she was far too lubed up by the mess he'd made between her legs to put up any fight
>Applejack felt herself pressed against the cold window, her breath fogging it as the man forced himself in further
>He drew up her shirt, exposing her tits before pressing her even harder against the window
>Her nipples stung as the cold of the window met them, causing her to moan out of her control
>At last, he was all the way in, still stretching her pussy around his member
>Saying nothing, he drew back and slammed his cock inside her again, her whole body shifting up the fog covered window, leaving imprints of her breasts on it
>The man started to slam into her far harder, her chest almost bouncing against the window as she took it
>At this point, the whole window was covered in a while fog, save only for her tits and two hand prints
>Applejack was slowly losing control, her voice developing a mind of it's own as she took his cock harder and harder
>She felt filthy, out in the back woods somewhere, in some stranger's car getting raped like a cheap whore
>She wondered if he even planned to take her back to town or if he'd put her down and leave her body somewhere out in the woods, violated and cold on the forest floor
>A sickening sense of pleasure started to build up in her once more, she was getting close again
>Applejack was split, her body craved this sensation but her mind screamed for it all to stop
>She was far too lost in the moment though, all she could do was incoherently scream as she felt his member skewer her
>The man reached down and spanked her violently as he used her, pulling her ass back into his torso as he slammed forward, bashing her up against the window
>She could feel his cock begin to twitch, it wouldn't be long now
>Again, she felt that sensation boil over, her hips shaking as her pussy clenched
>The man pulled her back from the door
>"Did I say you could get off?" he asked
>Applejack couldn't talk, she was too out of it
>The man threw her on her back, gripping her neck like a vice
>The whole car shook with the force he threw between her legs, she couldn't even scream anymore as she felt him violate her like a jack hammer
>Slowly Applejack's eyes started to roll back, the world grew dim, colors started to fade
>At long last, she felt his member slam in and begin to unload inside her
>The man continued to hold his grip, grunting loudly as he forced out his load inside her
>Just as she was about to slip into unconciousness, his hands came off, the hot air of the car rushing to her lungs
>Applejack gasped and coughed as she felt his load seep from her pussy, no doubt staining the inside of her skirt
>"You ever finish before I do like that again, I won't let go." he threatened "You understand?"
>Applejack nodded, her mind slipping
>The man smiled
>"Good girl." he commented
>The man stepped out of the car, lighting another cigarette as he stood against the frame
>Applejack stared at the ceiling of the car, slowly closing her eyes and passing out
>Applejack awoke to the feeling of lurching forward
>She landed between the seats, still half passed out
>"Huh?!" she gasped
>"Alright, ride's over." the man remarked "Get out."
>Looking out the window, she saw she was back at the farm
>Not saying a word, she climbed from between the seats and slipped out the door
>"I'll be seeing you soon." the man said as applejack closed the door
>The car took off down the road, it's headlights fading into the distance
>Applejack was still piecing together what had happened
>Slowly she walked her way inside the house, sneaking back to her room and stripping down from her cum coated attire
>("I don't remember being that much of a mess when I slipped out.") applejack thought, unsure of where the load on her face and chest came from ("Did he...")
>She instantly realized what had happened, she'd passed out and he'd had his way with her anyways
>She really was nothing more than a living breathing fuck doll for him
>Applejack was far too tired to clean off, instead opting to use her clothes to clear the mess from her for now
>A shower would have to wait until the morning
>She fell into bed, wrapping herself tightly in her covers
>("For someone who didn't want it, you sure sounded like you were enjoying it.") she thought
>Applejack closed her eyes
>("I couldn't help it, it's not like I liked it.") she tried to excuse
>("Sure, right.") she concluded
>Applejack tried to put the events of the night behind her, slipping off into an uneasy sleep
Hopefully that's a bit more on par with what everyone was hoping for, gonna take a nap, will be back later
Woah, for someone who really likes apple pie, you sure are rough with it.
Leave some for others too.
File: 2334942.png (3.37 MB, 8000x4500)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
Even the AYYss know that the EYYYs have the best booty
Oh don't worry, there's enough for everyone
File: thanks to op.jpg (179 KB, 830x467)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Apologies. OP seems to have godlike powers, and keeps forcing me into intentionally compromising situations I would never involve myself with. It's tiresome, I know, even if you have to deal with it only once.
>OP brings about the depraved forces of chaos once again
He can't keep getting away with it
Just thinking up the next part, have a rough idea but I wanna get something good
Kinda thinking something like Applejack slowly starting to crack and give way to her carnal desires
>Broken rape victim due to lewdness
Okay, think I got it figured out
>Applejack awoke to the mid day sun in peering through her curtains
>Still tired, she closed her eyes again and drew a deep breath
>Groaning loudly, she rolled herself over onto her back
>She looked up at the ceiling, taking stock of what happened last night
>Still clad in the stained clothes, she realized she needed to change and clean up
>Applejack sat up in her bed, looking over to her phone
>With a bit of apprehension, she opened it, checking her messages
>Only one, from him
>She opened the message to find he'd sent her a souvenir from that night
>It was a photo of her out cold with his rod in her mouth
>She looked over the image, then at herself
>It felt degrading, like she was nothing more than a toy to him, dressed up all cute for his pleasure
>"I bet that morning breath tastes a bit salty today." the text from the message read
>Applejack didn't even bother replying, she just put her phone away
>Standing up slowly, her knees felt rather weak
>With a good bit of effort, she made her way to the washroom, turning on the shower and stripping down
>The hot water on her skin felt soothing, comforting her as it ran through her hair and down her chest
>She jumped as it ran down her torso and between her legs, her pussy feeling shockingly sensitive
>Her mind flashed back to the night before, when she'd been groped in the passenger seat
>She remembered the feeling of her cum dripping down her thighs and onto the seat as she finished
>The sensation she'd felt then and there was beyond intense, like nothing she'd ever felt before
>Applejack almost felt lost in the memory, how her heart was pounding, how her pussy was dripping
>Almost involuntarily, her knees came together, her thighs grinding against each other
>Her breath grew hot, the steamy air of the shower almost cool in comparison
>She started to think of all the things the man might have done to her while she was out
File: 1570725103679.png (611 KB, 744x1229)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
Yes Applejack, it's time to admit the truth you've tried so hard to bury.
You...are a rape slut
>Her mind was lost in a sea of sensation and depraved thought, her will long since abandoned to the physical cravings of her body
>She reached down between her legs, her finger's gently rubbing against her pussy
>The feeling of her fingers against her lips shot sparks of pleasure through her thighs, inhaling sharply as the response of her body only drove her harder
>Applejack was at the whims of her urges, far too caught up in the feeling to even think of stopping
>She slipped a finger inside
>Her knees shook, her body trembling as she felt it penetrate
>Applejack yelped as the finger shot in, going as far as she could make it
>She lay herself against the shower wall, her balance waning as she started to work herself
>As she slid her finger in and out faster, she began to moan much like the night before, not even trying to contain her voice as it was dampened by the water in the shower
>Applejack panted on the hot steamy air as she thumbed her clit, her hips rubbing against the shower wall
>As she felt herself starting to get close, her legs gave way
>She slipped down the shower wall, landing on her knees in the fallen water
>The hot water poured over her as she refused to stop, driven by a primal desire to finish
>Applejack shut her eyes tight, her mind drifting back to the night in the car
>She could almost feel his hands, the way his fingers forced themselves inside her, the way he went at her
>She planted her free hand on the shower floor, leaning back on it, her torso rocking back and forth as she sat on her knees desperately playing with herself
>Applejack could feel herself reaching the end, her whole body shaking as she moaned into the rain of the shower
>She pictured the man holding her unconscious body, ravaging her while she couldn't even fight back
>It felt so filthy, the way he violated her as she lay there passed out
>It was driving her mad
>At long last, she finished
>Like a tsunami, her climax hit, her whole body shaking as her cum mixed with the shower water and rand down the drain
>She sat there on her knees, panting as the water washed her clean of desire and stains alike
>Taking a moment to catch her breath, she calmed down as the afterglow set it
>After a good several minutes sitting in the shower, she came to her feet
>Barely being able to stand, she rinsed herself off and shut the water off, stepping out carefully from the shower
>She dried herself, wrapping a towel around her body as she exited the washroom
>Back in her room, she fell back into bed, her sheets feeling more comfortable than ever
>("Y'all a right whore you know that?") she thought to herself
>("I- uh- n-no.") she tried to rationalize to herself
>("You get groped in the woods by some creep and the next mornin yer gettin all hot and bothered about it?") she grilled herself
>("Look, it felt good, just let's leave it at that.") she excused
>("Alright, whatever ya say.") she settled
>Applejack closed her eyes, feeling content to take a nap before she did anything on her Sunday
That's all for now, should be back with more
File: Spoiler Image (230 KB, 878x1345)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
Cowgirls like a hard rodeo after all

Don't worry AJ. A few orgasm, a bit of light S&M, and some good cum drinks, and yoù will be tucked in your bed with a kiss on your forehead.
Was it a success?
Good luck next time
Might not get anything done tonight, got a migraine so I'm probably just gonna pass out, should be back tomorrow with something
thinking of starting to get the other 6 girls involved, maybe tying AJ and her corruption to it
What if Applejack got violated by aliens?
I got the image from an image set called "Applejack gets anal probed".
You may imagine what happened.
What if Applejack was bred by aliens?
That would be bonkers. Not because they wouldn't, but because the kid would be quite "interesting and special".
>AJ goes from the raped to the rapist
Saddle up girls, this bull will be hard to ride
File: FACadBane.png (177 KB, 360x360)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>Don't cry Applebloom, you'll learn to like it too
Everytime I see this character, it always brings the Star Wars MAD sketch
I'm thinkin, I'm thinkin
I need the most optimal way to connect the dots for this one without it looking like an asspull
Hurry up slav
Let him enjoy his drink and his cigars man. Otherwise the headaches are going to block.
Trust me, that's ugly.
I've almost got it, lemme just finish my smoke
File: Spoiler Image (1.69 MB, 3264x1836)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
I think I got it, just cleaning up
I'll start pasting it once I get this part done

god that blur doesn't make my handwriting any more readable
Alright, let's have a bit of fun
>The phone buzzed to life, that all too familiar tone cutting through Applejack's nap
>She looked out the window, it was already starting to get late, the sun had just started setting
>Rolling over to her cellphone, she opened it and checked her messages
>It was him again
>Opening the message, she prepared herself for whatever depraved event he had planned for her tonight
>"Ive got something fun planned bring your phone and dress casually" the message said
>Applejack sighed, it was starting to feel like more of an inconvenience having to deal with him
>"k" she responded
>Throwing on a simple short jean skirt and a plaid button up, she made her way to the end of the driveway like the last night
>There was the same car waiting in the same spot, the light on inside with the same man smoking the same kind of smoke
>The window rolled down, the man flicking the last of his cigarette out the window as Applejack approached
>"Get in," he commanded "we're gonna try something a bit different tonight."
>Applejack walked around the car, entering the passenger seat quietly and without question
>"Think you forgot something." the man pointed out "Or was that intentional?"
>Applejack gave the man a confused look
>"What are ya on about?" she asked
>The man forced his hand between her legs and against her pussy
>She recoiled against the seat in shock, instantly realizing what he meant
>In her drowsy haste, she'd forgotten to wear panties
>"I-I didn't mean-" Applejack started
>"Sure you didn't," the man interrupted "just like you weren't hoping I'd text you and you didn't enjoy yourself last night?"
>"I-I didn't!" Applejack sharply retorted "Yer the only one here gettin their kicks!"
>The man chuckled
>"Your body says otherwise." he remarked, pulling his hand from her legs, showing off the glistening liquid on his fingers
>The man gave her a firm slap on the thigh, causing her to yelp, then put the car in drive
>Starting off down the road, the man turned the radio on
>The station was half way through https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln7Vn_WKkWU
>"So, as I was saying, I got something fun planned." he explained "You DID bring your phone like I asked, right?"
>Applejack checked her pocket, there it was
>"Yeah." she responded
>"Good girl." the man excitedly remarked, patting her on the head "Now, tell me more about that one friend of yours, the one with the glasses."
>Applejack froze up, there was only one reason he'd be asking something like that
>"You said you wouldn't get them involved if-" she started
>"Yeah, well, I say a lot of things, talking's a passtime of mine." he interrupted "Now you can start telling me about her or I'll leave you here and pay her a visit after the sun's gone down."
>Applejack looked out the window, taking a deep breath
>"Her name's Twilight." she informed him
>"Great, but what about Twilight makes her Twilight?" the man asked "Is she as big a nerd as she looks? Does she have a lot of guy friends? Does she shave regularly? You know, the IMPORTANT stuff."
>"Well, she's real good with science and math, I don't think I've ever seen her with any guys before other than a few real rare occasions and I've never asked if she shaves like that cuz it'd be weird askin your friends somethin like that." Applejack explained "Why ya wanna know?"
>The man pulled another smoke from his pocket, lighting it and dragging on it like a vacuum
>"Because," the man started, smoke bellowing from his mouth and nose "you're gonna call her, ask for help with some 'homework' and then we'll see where things go from there."
>Applejack looked at the man in shock
>"B-But ya said-" she started
>"Yeah, and now I'm saying if you don't I'll go to her home, grab her and make her live the rest of her days in my basement." the man threatened "Now are you gonna make that call or not?"
>Applejack's heart was racing, her choice was a night of abuse or a life of it for Twilight
>The phone shook in her hand, sitting on the call screen
>"I-I can't, please, just-" Applejack begged
>The man glared at her
>"You're call." the man remarked, slamming on the breaks as they entered the city "But you wont be seeing her again, ever."
>Applejack started panting, her heart pounding as her thumb hovered over the call button
>Closing her eyes and swallowing hard, she pressed call
>"Put it on speaker." the man ordered
>She did as she was told
>The phone was ringing
>"What if she doesn't pick up?" Applejack asked
>"You better hope she does." the man explained
>The pauses between each ring felt like an eternity, each one seeming longer than the last
>At last, the phone picked up
>"Hey AJ!" Twilight's voice cheerfully opened from the speaker "Sorry, my phones charging so I had to run for it, what's up?"
>Applejack sat silent for a moment
>The man gave her a firm nudge
>"Uh- I uh, need a hand with that homework we got for math on Friday, think you can help me out?" Applejack asked, trying her best not to sound as shaken as she was
>"Oh! Sure!" Twilight responded "Should I just drop by your place?"
>"Uh..." Applejack stalled, looking at the man
>He shook his head, whispering "Library."
>"N-Nah, I'm at the library right now, think y'all can drop by?" Applejack responded,
>("Who the hell goes to the library to do homework nowadays?") Applejack thought to herself
>"Uh, alright." Twilight responded a bit perplexed "Why the library though? Don't you guys have everything you need at your place?"
>Applejack looked like a train conductor watching another oncoming train roll up their track, staring straight at the man
>The man pressed mute on the phone
>"Jesus Christ woman," the man said in an annoyed tone "say they're doing work on your house and you can focus."
>"Applejack?" Twilight asked
>Applejack unmuted the phone
>"Sorry, uh, reception's bad." Applejack lied in a remarkably unconvincing fashion "Uh, they're doin yard work on the farm, pretty loud."
>"Wait, how's your reception bad IN TOWN?" Twilight asked "Aren't there towers literally in town for cellular devices?"
>The man dropped his head back onto the seat, staring straight up into the roof of the car
>He mouthed the words "holy fuck"
>"I- uh, my provider sucks." Applejack lied "Anyways, enough about my phone, you gonna be able to lend a hand or not?"
>Twilight paused a moment
>"Isn't the library closed now?" Twilight asked
>"NOPE!" Applejack responded, starting to panic
>Twilight thought long and hard
>"Uh, alright, I'll see you at the library I guess." Twilight replied
>"Thanks, see ya soon." Applejack closed, hanging up
>"Nice save." the man joked
>"Y'all shut yer mouth." Applejack jabbed
>The man laughed as he took off once more, making a bee line for the library
>They pulled up, stopping the car in the middle of the parking lot
>The man turned the light off in the car, killing the engine
>"Alright, listen good because here's what you're gonna do." the man started
>"Me?!" Applejack remarked
>"Yes, you, now shut up and pay attention." the man continued "I'm going to call you and you leave your phone on speaker, then you'll go wait for her by the door-"
>"Oh ho ho no!" Applejack interrupted "I know EXACTLY where this is goin and I AIN'T gettin one over on a friend, especially not Twilight."
>The man grabbed Applejack's hair and forced her head against the glove box
>"You WILL do whatever the hell I tell you to." the man declared "And that includes letting me finish."
>The man let go of Applejack's hair
>"You'll go up there, wait for her and then you ask her to help you carry your books in from the car." the man started again "Then you'll push her in the back seat and do whatever I tell you to."
>Applejack froze, realizing what she'd gotten herself in to
>She sat there shaking her head for a good minute
>"B-But-" she stalled
>"But nothing!" the man shouted "You either do this or I'll handle it my way."
>"She ain't gonna believe none of that!" Applejack shouted
>"You're gonna MAKE her believe it or I'll MAKE your friend a breathing fleshlight and you a CORPSE!" the man threatened
>Applejack said nothing
>"Now get out there and start waiting." the man ordered, opening the door
>Applejack stared at the library door the same way a D-Day veteran would stare at Omaha beach
>Her phone rang
>It was him
>Reluctantly, she pressed answer and put it on speaker
>"Now GO, she's gonna be here soon." the man said, echoing through Applejack's phone "And mute that damn phone!"
>Applejack muted the phone and walked towards the entrance of the library
>Every second she stood by the door felt like an hour, the time seeming to drag on as she waited for her friend
>The sun had fully set by this point, though the library lights were still on, the cleaning staff inside preparing for Monday
>She wondered what it felt like to be Twilight right now, unaware of what waited for her, ignorant of what her friend was about to do to her, still innocent and happy as she walked down the street to help her friend with her homework
>At last, she saw her approach
>Applejack's heart began to pound again, beating so hard she was sure Twilight would be able to hear it
>As Twilight got within earshot, Applejack could hear her call out
>"Hey AJ!" Twilight shouted "You all set?"
>Applejack took a deep breath, all to disgusted by what she was about to do
>"A-Almost, I just got some books left in the car." Applejack answered
>"Oh, you didn't start yet?" Twilight asked "I'm sure you could've gotten SOME of it done without me, it's not THAT hard."
>"Y-Yeah but I figured I'd better wait to make sure we're on the same page, right?" Applejack excused
>"Well alright, I'll be inside." Twilight said, reaching for the door
>"Wait!" Applejack shouted "I- uh- could use a hand bringing my stuff in."
>Twilight looked at Applejack with a suspicious look
>"You need MY help to carry YOUR books?" Twilight asked, confused
>"Uh, yeah, I uh, my arm's been sore since yesterday, fell down the stairs." Applejack hastily lied
>"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were hurt." Twilight responded "So, where's the truck?"
>"Oh, uh, we got a rental, it's just over there, truck's in the shop." Applejack said, trying not to panic as she pointed out the man's car
>"Uh, alright." Twilight accepted
>The both of them walked towards the car, each foot step seeming to echo for miles in Applejack's head
>She was starting to sweat, her head running a mile a minute with all the ways this could fail
>("Y'all really about to do this?! Ya even know what he's gonna do to her?") Applejack's mind screamed
>("Look, it's this or a shallow grave, I don't wanna put Twi through this but I also quite prefer being alive.") she rationalized
>("You's a right sick monster, trading yer friend to save yer own neck.") she chastised herself
>("I know but I don't got a choice in this! Thing's'll be a might bit worse if we don't do this.") she concluded
>Applejack almost didn't notice the car as she bumped into the door
>"Uh, here it is, just in the back here." Applejack explained, opening the rear door
>"Wait, that's not Big Mac..." Twilight realized, looking at the man with a lit smoke in the driver seat
>("Ah shit...") Applejack thought to herself
>"Applejack, what's going on?" Twilight asked
>"Look, just get in, trust me this is the better of two choices." Applejack insisted
>"I-I don't feel okay with this." Twilight stuttered, getting concerned "Who is that?"
>"Just don't worry about it sugar cube," Applejack tried to reassure her friend "just trust me that it's better you just get in."
>Twilight shook her head
>"No!" Twilight shouted "You've been lying to me this whole time and now you want me to get in some stranger's car?!"
>"Just get in," Applejack demanded "or the both of us are gonna regret it."
>"I'm not getting in that car until you tell me what's going on!" Twilight shouted
>"She's making a scene..." the man explained
>"And who the hell are you?!" Twilight demanded to know "I don't know what you've set my friend up too but I swear I'll have the cops so far up your ass you'll- hey!"
>Applejack grabbed Twilight by the wrist, twisting her arm up her back
>"Agh!" Twilight cried out "Let go!"
>Applejack couldn't look her friend in the eye
>"I-I can't do that sugar cube..." Applejack explained
>"A-Applejack, wait-" Twilight tried to convince her friend, cut off by Applejack forcing her head down and in to the back of the car
>Applejack held Twilight with her back to the seat, closing the car door as she followed
>"Applejack, stop!" Twilight begged "Let me out!"
>Applejack just held her against the seat, hovering over her
>The car shifted in to drive and took off from the lot
>"Wh-Where is he taking us?!" Twilight asked, her tone growing more frightened by the second
>"I-I don't know..." Applejack admitted
>"Christ, does she ever stop talking?" the man asked
>"Applejack, you have to let me go, maybe I can jump out, I'll roll into the ditch and-" Twilight started to bargain
>"Don't make me get the tape out." the man cut her off
>Applejack looked down at her friend, pressed against the seat
>"Please..." Twilight whispered looking into Applejack's eyes, her pitiful look begging for any kind of mercy she could get
>"Hey, tell me what color her panties are." the man asked
>"W-Wait, what?!" Twilight responded in horror "Oh my god, you're going to..."
>Applejack nodded her head
>"I'm sorry, this was the better choice outta the lot." Applejack explained
>Twilight looked at Applejack in horror
>"What the hell is worse than this!?" Twilight shouted "He's going to-"
>"It was this or me dead and you tied in some cellar never to see the light of day again!" Applejack shouted
>Tears started rolling down Applejack's face
>"Still waiting on that color." the man stated
>Applejack gulped, gripping both of Twilight's hands in one hand and moving the free one down to her skirt
>Twilight looked at applejack, her mouth wide, head shaking
>Applejack ignored her friend's silent pleas, lifting Twilight's skirt to see the color herself
>It was light purple, a dark purple border
>"Purple." Applejack responded, feeling sick
>"And what kind?" the man asked
>Applejack closed her eyes, trying to gather the courage to answer
>"Well?" the man asked again
>"They're briefs!" Twilight cried out
>"I don't remember asking you a damn thing!" the man responded
>"They're briefs..." Applejack replied
>The man smiled
>"Are they wet?" he asked
>Applejack looked down, the lighting was fairly poor in the back seat
>"I-I don't kn-" she started
>"Feel it." the man ordered
>"Applejack, please, not like-" Twilight started to beg
>"Wasn't an opinion piece, give her a good rub and find out." the man ordered
>Applejack reached her hand down Twilight's torso, slipping her finger's under the waistband of her panties
>Twilight shut her eyes, tears starting to leak through
>Applejack felt the top of her friend's pussy, sliding her fingers down it gently
>Twilight sobbed quietly as she felt Applejack violate her
>Twilight was dry
>"Th-They're dry." Applejack said, wanting to vomit
>"Well, you better fix that." the man explained "Or I will."
>Applejack looked down at Twilight, she looked terrified
>She was shaking, biting her lip, her head turned away from Applejack with her eyes shut tight, tears still running down her face
>Applejack did as she was told
>She spread her friends pussy as she lay on the back seat
>Twilight screamed, trying to wrestle free of Applejack's grip
>"S-Stop!" Twilight begged "Please!"
>Applejack ignored Twilight, circling her clit
>"J-Just relax, it'll all be over soon." Applejack tried to comfort her friend
>Twilight just continued to struggle
>"We're getting close, she better be a mess by the time I get back there." the man explained
>Applejack pressed her finger against Twilight's pussy, getting ready to slip it in
>"A-Applejack!" Twilight cried out "Please! I-I've never..."
>"Never what?" the man asked "You never been raped in the back of a moving car by your best friend? God, you should get out more."
>Twilight sobbed
>"I'm a virgin!" Twilight cried "I-I don't want to remember my first time like this!"
>"Aw, that's cute." the remarked "Your first time with your best friend, how heart warming."
>Applejack slipped her finger in
>Twilight screamed, her hips rolling forward as her knees shook
>She opened her eyes and looked up at Applejack, tears pouring down her face
>Twilight said nothing, sobbing as Applejack continued to work her
>Applejack started to violently run her finger in and out of Twilight's pussy, slowly getting coated in more and more juices as she went on
>Twilight moaned and sobbed as her friend violated her, no longer struggling or begging
>She continued to stare at Applejack, her mind lost in the moment, trying to put together how things got to this point
>Twilight was still in disbelief that her friend would willingly do something like this
>Applejack looked over her friend, seeing her cheeks grow red as she started to moan and sob louder
>"P-Please, no..." Twilight begged, panting as she drew close
>Applejack could only watch as her friend reached the end
>Twilight screamed louder than ever before, her whole body fighting Applejack's restraining
>Applejack could feel Twilight leak all over her hand, her pussy clenching her finger as she shook and writhed on the seat
>"Oh god..." Twilight sobbed
>Her head fell against the seat, staring Applejack in the eye
>"Why?" Twilight Whispered, tears running through her hair and on to the seat
>"I-I'm sorry..." Applejack apologized, not able to think of anything else she could say
>The car came to a stop in an alley
>"Alright, my turn." the man said
>He got out of the driver side, taking the key with him
>Applejack let go of Twilight, not that it mattered
>She lay on the seat, broken
>Read door closest to Applejack opened
>She felt a tug on her shirt as she was pull from the car and to her feet
>The man gave her a firm slap on the ass
>"Good girl." he remarked "Fine work."
>The man unzipped his pants
>"W-Wait, y-you said-" Applejack started
>"I'm not explaining how this works again." the man said, pulling his cock out "Wait out here."
>The man crawled on top of Twilight
>"N-No!" Twilight cried "P-Please, no more!"
>"Get the door." the man ordered
>Shaking, Applejack closed the door to the rear of the car
>She could hear Twilight beg to go free from outside
>Applejack slid down the side of the car and onto her ass, her face in her hands
>("You listen good to that, you did this.") her head screamed at her
>She couldn't even justify it anymore, all she could do was listen
>Meanwhile inside the vehicle, Twilight felt the man press his cock against her
>"P-Please!" Twilight begged "Applejack! Get help!"
>The man pressed his cock into her sensitive pussy, his tip popping it's way inside her sopping, tight hole with ease
>"Give it a rest, she knows better than that." the man said over Twilight's screams as she felt him start to skewer her "And you will too in a minute."
>"Please! Stop!" Twilight cried
>The man sighed, forcing his hand over her mouth
>Twilight continued to beg, her voice muffled by his hand
>"Much better." the man remarked
>He finally bottomed out, wasting no time in drawing back and slamming forward
>He thrust hard into the poor nerd, she screamed against his hand every jab
>The whole car shook as he raped her, forcing himself onto her as hard as he could
>Twilight was starting to blank out, her head spinning from the mix of adrenaline and sickening afterglow
>His cock felt like nothing she'd had before, the most she'd experienced was an old broom handle she kept around for lonely nights
>She watched as the man smashed into her, forcing her hips up the seat and the car to rock
>It hurt, every thrust was painful
>Her legs were going numb, her pussy burning with a sickening mix of pain and unwanted pleasure
>Her eyes started to roll back, her vision blurring
>Twilight's heart pounded, she was sure it was about to give out
>She wondered what it would look like, found in some alley way, official cause of death: heart attack, foul play suspected
>She felt herself start to build up as she had on Applejack's finger
>She was about to cum again
>Twilight wanted to stop everything, to be back home in bed on her laptop studying DB infrastructure, never having gotten the call from Applejack
>She felt it hit, it sent shockwaves through her body
>Almost instantly, she felt the man slam all the way inside her
>A hot, sticky liquid shot violently deep into her pussy, filling it to the brim
>The back door opened, the man stepped out
>"She's quite tight." the man remarked "Must have really been a virgin."
>Applejack refused to look at him
>"Can I go home?" Applejack asked, staring at the pavement
>"Not yet." the man added
>He grabbed Applejack by her shirt, throwing her into the back
>She landed with her face between Twilight's legs
>"Here, get a good taste." the man joked, forcing her face into her friends, creamed pussy
>Applejack winced but did as she was told, lapping the man's cum up from her friends hole
>Twilight was spent, all she could do was moan incoherently as her friend ate her out
>The man grabbed Applejack by the ass, lifting her skirt and pressing his cock against her pussy
>Applejack lifted her head in surprise, her mouth sill carrying a strand of cum
>The man forced her head back down
>He forced himself in rather easily, his cock still coated in Twilight's cum
>Twilight continued to sob-moan as Applejack kept her head between her legs
>The man continued to have his turn with Applejack
>Applejack continued to eat out her friend as she had lost the will to fight his demands far earlier in the night
>"Good girl, you make her nice and clean." the man ordered between grunts
>Applejack did her best to not moan into Twilight's pussy
>The man was doing a number on her, making it harder and harder to keep quiet
>Applejack felt disgusting, her body starting to build up as she was mouth deep in her just raped friend
>Twilight started to moan louder again, her body convulsing as Applejack ate her pussy
>Applejack swirled her tongue around Twilight's hole, scooping it in to try and get as much of the mans cum out as she'd been instructed
>It just kept leaking out into her mouth, he'd filled her to max
>Twilight shook violently on the seat, her mouth held open as she jittered like an electrified ragdoll
>She was hardly moaning anymore, more a soft groan to a squeak as she came once more
>The man pulled Applejack off of her friends legs
>Still ramming her like a freight train, the man forced Applejack on top of Twilight
>Applejack could see her friend's face again
>Twilight's eyes were rolled back, she was drooling, the only sound she made was a quiet moan as she exhaled
>She was completely shattered, whatever was left of her mind had been broken by that last climax
>Applejack couldn't help but stare at the state of her friend
>"Go on, don't be shy." the man said "I bet she's just as curious what my cum tastes like as you were."
>Applejack reluctantly went in for a kiss, forcing her lips upon Twilight's
>Twilight's eyes started to roll back down
>She saw Applejack making out with her as the man who'd just forcefully creampied her continued to fuck the poor cowgirl
>Twilight closed her eyes, running her hands over Applejack's back
>She held on as tight as she could, accepting Applejack's kiss
>Twilight felt terrified and Applejack was the closest thing to a friend she had in arms reach
>She continued to squeeze Applejack, still feeling the man's warm cum leak out of her, the sensation of the man railing her rocking the car
>"Aw. you two look so cute." the man laughed
>He started to rail Applejack as hard as he could, Applejack started to moan
>Her voice was muffled by Twilight's mouth
>Applejack fell onto Twilight, holding on to her as she finally gave way to the embrace
>Her breasts pressed against Twilight's, both sets rubbing against each other as the man went at it
>Applejack could feel herself finally peak, a vivid sensation of pleasure ripping through her body as she climaxed
>The two girls held each other in a vice like grip, neither one blaming the other for the nightmare they were in, just happy to have someone to hold on to as it all came to an end
>The man pressed one last time into Applejack, unloading a finally, massive load as he groaned loudly
>He pulled out, letting go of Applejack
>She fell on top of Twilight, laying across her
>The two girls lay on the back seat, unwilling to let go of each other
>Applejack's pussy leaked the man's cum down Twilight's hole and onto the seat
>At last the broke the kiss, Applejack's head falling next to Twilight's
>The man closed the door on them, getting back in the driver's side and taking off for the farm to get rid of Applejack
>"I-I'm so sorry sugarcube..." Applejack sobbed
>Twilight held her tighter, sobbing
>The girls refused to let go until they finally reached the farm
>"Alright, this is your stop." the man said, pointing to Applejack as he parked
>Applejack got up and off of Twilight, sitting up in the seat
>Twilight sat up and grabbed Applejack again
>"P-Please don't leave me here." Twilight whispered to Applejack
>Applejack held on to Twilight, stepping out of the car with her
>"You both staying here then?" the man asked
>"Y-Yeah." Applejack responded
>"Suit yourself." the man responded, closing the door and ripping off down the gravel road once more
>"Twilight, I'm-" Applejack starting
>"It's okay." Twilight responded, fighting back tears "I-I just need to lay down."
>The Two girls held each other until they made it to Applejack's room, the rest of her family having taken off to bed long ago
>They both climbed into Applejack's bed, holding on like there was nothing else in the world
>Slowly the fell asleep in each other's arms, just happy to not be alone
That's it for now, starting to crash, hope it didn't fall off to hard by the end
It has started...
File: medium (1).png (263 KB, 648x600)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
>First Apple ass
>Now nerd butt
I wonder which bum will follow
File: 1594046886855.gif (685 KB, 1280x720)
685 KB
685 KB GIF
waiting now, I guess
File: 30249623.jpg (29 KB, 286x326)
29 KB
May have been a bit dark on that end
I don't think it'll slow down though, things are only going down the depravity hill from here, there's no breaks on the rape train
There was ever breaks on that train? Not only in this train, but in any rape train
Woah, close one
I feel sad and dirty now
continue on
Fuck it, I'm cursed already. This ain't getting better anyway
btw, not ukrainian anon, just a random

>You are Applejack
>You hugged Twilight as both made it to your room
>In there, you only let her sit on your bed
"Is everything ok? I can give you a glass of water if you want?"
>Oh God, what is that bullshit?! She just got raped because of you! Why are you trying to make it casual?
>Twilight just tears up
>"Why did you do this to me Applejack?"
"No sugarcube, don't cry. I can explain"
>"You can't explain this, you raped me!"
>If it wasn't for the solid walls, your entire family would be screaming in terror right now
>You are a horrible person. You forced your friend into a trap and now she must live with this horrible experience
>But it was better than his plans. Yeah! It was his fucking fault!
>He raped Twilight! He forced you to violate her! He is the one who started this!
>No, it was all your fault. He may have raped you, but if you actually knew to lock your phone, he wouldn't have seen your friends
>He probably knows where they all live, and when they are alone
>He probably tailled you before all this. How did he knew you went to the beach to unwind otherwise?
>Now he knows everything. He will probably kidnap your friends, or even worse
>You start to agitate and cry
"I.... I'm sorry Twilight!"
>You drop on her knees
"You are right! This is all my fault! He knew I went to the beach alone! He raped me! And he stole my phone! He knows everything! I'm sorry!"
>You breakdown as she looks at you trying to understand
>"What? What are you saying Applejack?"

>You look up
"He probably followed me before. He raped me on the beach, and since I don't lock my phone, he stole everything. He knows you Twilight, he knows everyone, and it's all my fault! I'm a horrible friend!"
>You keep crying while Twilight stills hold your head
>"For how long he did this?"
"3 days ago. He forced me to do horrible things Twilight. He raped me, he put me a vibrator and forced me to cum in class, fucked me behind a dumpster, raped me inconsious in the woods. It's awful! And now I..... Forgive me Twilight!"
>You hug Twilight as hard as you can, beggin for forgiveness
>"But why didn't you told anyone?! What about the police?!"
"He knows everyone Twilight, and he is armed? What if he kills anyone of you? Or do something worse? He told me that if I didn't let him rape you, he will kill me and take you to a basement as a rape cumrag. I don't want it Twilight!"

>You are Twilight
>You are trying to process all the information Applejack just told you
>This man raped your friend, he humiliated her, and he probably has a horrible ransom on her
"But there must be something we could do! What if-"
>No, he is armed
"Maybe we-"
>He will probably see that
"Sunset can-!"
>She will traumatize if she read his mind!
>You are desperately trying to find a way to stop this, only to come out with a worst result
>This anguished you, and you start to cry
"Oh... what can we do? What can we do?!"
>You are about to rip your hair off until a hand touches your shoulder
>"Twilight, please hug me"
>In one swift motion, you hug Applejack, trying to get as close as you can
>Both cryed out, not caring anymore

>You are Applejack
>How long did you two cry? Your family listened to the scene?
>The world seems so distant now. So quiet too
>The room is so dark
>The nothingness is consuming you, yet you are happy
>Your friend is here, you are not alone anymore
>Like coming back from a fever dream, you open your eyes
>The light is dim, you barely make Twilight's shape
>You push her away a bit
"Is fine. I'm sorry"
>"No, there isn't any problems"
"Your face is a mess"
>You try to put your south charm on, no need to make her feel worst
"Gal, we just cried a river back there, and your face is way more dirtier than mine when is pig feeding day. Let me clean it up"
>You go to the bathroom, and fetch a wet cloth, your kerchief will do
>After that, you opened the blinds. The moon's light hits right at your room, shining everything in a pale bright
>You walk up to Twilight, and hold her head. You clean slowly, tryint to remove as much dirt and grim from her face
>"Applejack, no, is fine"
"Nah, you know what granny says, we ain't raising kids to be piggies in this house"
>"But I'm fine"
"Well, you'll be better"
>She holds your hand
"Please Twilight.... Just let me do this right for you..."
>"You don't have to"
>She has an understanding look on her eyes
>"You already did by staying here with me. I forgive you Applejack"
>You start to tear up
"Twilight.... I..."
>She giggles
>"Now look who is the dirty one. Let me help you"
>You sit down next to her, as she takes your kerchief and softly cleans your face
"Th-Thank you Twilight"
>"Not a problem. That's what friends are for"
>Friend. After all of this, she still considers you her friend
"You mean it"
>"I do Applejack"
>Both of you look at each other's eyes, real feelings showing on them
"You are my best friend Twilight"
>"And you are mine Applejack"
>A kiss under the moonlight silenced the room

>You are Twilight
>A woman of logic and reason
>Today in the evening, your friend Applejack set you up with a man
>Acording to her, he will kill her and kidnap you if you didn't sleep with him
>He got what he wanted in the end, damaging your body seriously
>Due to you being scared, you choosed to stay with Applejack
>Any logical view would make a good fact for you to harm her out of spite, and start an investigation against this man so you can get revenge
>But instead, here you are, against all logic and reason, having sex with the woman who set you up
>You don't remember when the clothes came off, or when she got on top of you, but here you two are, kissing and caressing each other's fragile bodies
>Her skin, while treated roughly these days, is still silky smooth
>Her nipples are rubbing constantly yours, as she rubs herself against your pussy
>Her mouth taste like apples
>After a long making out session, you two break the kiss panting
"I... I love you Twilight"
>"I do too"
>She goes down, facing your coochie, and proceeds to kiss the labia
>"Is everything ok?"
"I'm still sensitive"
>"Is fine, I'll be gentle"
>She kisses your lips softly, trying not to hurt you
>The sensation is a funny and pleasing one
>As the kissing keeps going, you enjoy yourself and pinch your right nipple. With the other hand, you spread yourself
>Applejack stops the kissing, and starts to like your flower, tasting everycorner
>The tongue swirls around until it hits your clitoris. Applejack then proceeds to kiss and suck it softly
"Hmm~~ Applejack"
>"Is fine sugarcube, I'll make you feel good"
"I want to make you feel good too"
>She stops for a bit, before rearranging herself on top of you, her pussy on your face
>"Serve yourself"
"You don't have to tell me twice"
>You grope her butt, and push down, giving you face full of apple pussy
>She didn't stayed behind, and resumed her work down on you

>Both stay in 69, tasting and touching each other. Both your hearts racing at insane beats
>The movement of her tongue made you push your hips upwards as she pushed your head down with hers
>The motion lasts for a while until you feel the build up hitting you
>You are about to finish, but you don't feel any response from Applejack
>No, you can't let her down like this
>You start to lick and suck harder. This made Applejack hard on you down there
>Trying to keep up, you shove your fingers inside her and wiggle them around
>She does the same. This finally hitted you
"I'm cumming!"
>"Me too!"
>A howl of relief came to you after hearing those words
>Both came intensely, squirting on most of the matresses
>With some air inside, you move next to Applejack
"Oh AJ, you really finished! I was so worried I'd-"
>She gives you a kiss
>"You didn't let me down sugarcube. I was actually scared I'd let you down"
>"No, you never let me down"
>Both kiss for a bit
>"When I said I loved you, I-"
>You close her mouth with a finger
"Is fine Applejack, I understand"
>She smiles
>Cuddling together, both fall asleep in each other's, just happy to not be alone.

Done. Ahhh, crap, sad sex is way harder than I though. Still, love your work ukraine anon.
A happy tune to cheer up
That was hella gay
Something to roll the time until ukraine comes back
Sorry, was a bit "preoccupied" tonight, I'll make sure to get something tomorrow
Ok man, go get some rest
Make sure Anon rapes the gay out of them next time
File: 1890483.jpg (521 KB, 1138x1608)
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521 KB JPG
File: 2348174.jpg (2.62 MB, 4000x3090)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
What a strange attire for a horse ride.
>You are Big Mac.
>Applejack has for the last few nights been sneaking out and coming back late. You know this is out of character for her.
>Two nights ago you got up to get some water when you heard a car rolling on the gravel outside.
>Peeking outside you see a car you've never seen before and your sister walking up to it and getting in.
>At first you thought she was meeting her friend, heck you snuck out a few times over the years yourself.
>But this was different. You waited until she got back.
>When that car pulled up again, that's when you saw it.
>Applejack stumbled her way back up the drive way.
>Her hair was a mess, ruffled and loosened from the ponytail she always had it in.
>Her top was barely cover her top now, it looked like it had been hastily pulled down. Same with her skirt.
>The auto-light turn on and that's when you saw it.
>Her shirt had wet stains on it, and so did her face.
>That's when you knew.
>You couldn't get the image out of your head.
>And tonight it just reaffirms your suspicions.
>AJ snuck out again but this time she came home with her purple haired friend.
>They were both sobbing and hobbling up the driveway.
>You saw a man in the car just before she sped off down the road.
>You are pissed. As any brother would be.
>Half because you failed to protect your sister, but also because someone is taking advantage of her.
"Eeeyup." You grit through your teeth as you as you hear your sister and her friend crying in the next room.
>You know what you must do.

>The next day starts as any other.
>You got up, got dressed and had your breakfast.
>After breakfast with granny and Bloom, you tell Granny to let AJ sleep as her friend came over last night.
>Granny mumbled something about AJ's actin' all strange and distant lately, but you shrug it off and make your way to the space under the stairs.
>Opening the door you enter pa's little storage area.
>In the corner sat the gun safe. Opening it, you grab Grandad's old Remington 700
Boooooo! We want Aj to keep getting violated
Why you hate her so?
These are acts of love, not hate
Premarital intercourse? No sane person would wish for something like to his loved ones.
Marriage is a scam anyway
Only in our rotten society. I believe that both Equestria and world of EqG removed that rot long ago.
File: 1596241477000.png (2.57 MB, 2000x3000)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
Is it?
Think about it, Anon.
Think about it.
Are you implying that Sunset did teach her friends ways of the Horse?
Maybe after being corrupted by Anon, Aj starts looking at her stallions in different ways
Imagine being so disappointed with sex with Anon, that you prefer to have sex with stallion from your farm.
I refuse to believe that the turbo slut didn't enjoy every second of it

>"Really? She left me for these stinking horses?"
>"Fuck her, I'll kill her tonight. No one will miss her anyway"
>"Hey, what th-"
>*thump!* *thump!*
>"You dumb animals, quit it!"
>*thump!* *thump!* *thump!* *thump!*
>Anonymous falls
>"Uff! Fucking donkeys!"
>"Horses for you, mister"
>An ominous aura surrounds the stable
>"Mister Anonymous, we have seen what you did to the maiden Applejack"
>"Can you talk?!"
>"Yes Mr. Anonymous"
>"And we judge too"
>"In the nights you were a meek man, she came to us crying"
>"We took her in, we cared for her"
>"And satisfied her more than you ever will"
>"But one thing we couldn't do, was protect her"
>The horses surrounds the man
>"So fucking what?"
>"You are only one, and we are many"
>"We judge you guilty!"
>"The sentence is dead!"
>Before the man reached his gun, a hoof kicked him in the face
>*Neigh!* *stomp!* *stomp!* *stomp!* *stomp!*
>The stomping lasted all day, leaving nothing but red tints on the hay
>Days passed, and Applejack was at first wary, but then calm
>The man dissapeared
>Did he went for other girl? His car was in the woods where he raped her, and it's still there
>His things are there too? Something happened to him?
>No need to worry, she is happy he is no longing hurting her or her friends
>Now she only has her farm, her family, and her horses
Gotta start somewhere
Alright lemme figure out this next part
>You work the bolt. Silky smooth and quiet. Like always.
>Taking the bolt out you hold it up to the light and look up the barrel.
>Spotless. Like pa always taught ya.
>You ponder again at your plan, and as much as you'd like to use it, you put it back.
>You require more firepower than a bolt rifle can provide.
>"Hmm" you hum as you consider gramps' Winchester 1887
>Almost reaching for it, you stop and grab the one next to it.
>Pop's DDM4 with reddot. Again, you work the action and inspect that it is functioning smoothly. It is.
>You had considered the Ruger Mini14, but remembering the last time you used it, it jammed twice in the same magazine.
>Lastly, as a 'just in case' you grab dad's Glock and function test it too.
>Happy with your choices, you close and lock the safe.
>In the cabinet next to it you grab a couple suppressors, one for each.
>Rummaging through a box of mags you grab a couple Pmags for the DDM4 and a couple 20 rounders for the Glock, you close the cabinet.
>Next, you grab a holster for the Glock and tuck it into your belt.
>You grabbed a few boxes of ammo and began loading rounds into the magazines.
>You note to yourself to buy more ammo next time you go into town.
>Throwing the mags into a backpack, along with some targets and hearing pro, you put it on and sling the remington over your back and carry the AR in your elbow with your hand on the foregrip.
>You pass by granny who barely bats an eye and just tell her.
"Heard some ruckus last night, gonna make sure it ain't those coyotes again."
>Granny nods and smiles, she hates the coyotes and what they do to your pigs and chickens.
>You get outback and jump on the ATV and ride to your shooting spot.
>After setting up the targets on the backdrop, you set your shooting table up at roughly the same distance as the house to the road: 50 yards.
>First is the AR, and after a few rounds you have it zero'd perfectly with the suppressor on.
>Out of frustration, you mag dump the rest into the target, aiming to control the recoil and your anger for when the time comes, and if you do get uncontrolably angry at least you know your aim won't be off.
>The tax stamps took a while, but it was worth it for all the coyotes and foxes you put down.
>And your ears aren't ringing either, so that's a plus.
>Pulling out the glock you get about 25 feet from the target and practice drawing quickly and putting a shot on target.
>Those youtube videos make it seem so much more easier than it actually is.
>After a little while you have quickdrawing and shooting down pat, able to hit the target from 25 feet.
>It's time, now just gotta wait till he comes back.
>It's almost lunch time now and you pack everything up and head back to the house.
>AJ is up now and so is her friend, they're both sitting at the kitchen table, not really saying anything.
>"Mornin' Mac. That was you doin' the shootin'?"
"Eeyup. Heard some coyote's last night." You say without breaking eye contact with AJ.
>She just blushes and breaks eye contact before her friend speaks up.
>"Oh, hi. I'm Twilight." She says flatly.
"Macintosh." You say with a nod. "Howdy."
>You go back to the safe and clean the guns before putting them back into the safe.
>Once they're away, you begin loading the mags before you NEVER clean guns with ammunition around, that's just gun safety 101 pa taught ya.
>Loading 4 Pmags and 3 glock 20 rounders, you place them into gramp's Vietnam era webbing pouches. A bit loose, but it'll have to do.
>You leave and wash your hands of all the cleaning solution and lead and head to the kitchen for lunch.
>The girls talked at the table for a bit but they weren't as happy sounding as they would normally be, reaffirming your suspicions.
>The rest of the day passed with you digging a large pick with the excavator.
>You weren't focussed on it, just the bigger and deeper, the better. Your attention was on tonight and hopefully that scumbag would dare to show himself again.
>What you were going to do. How you were going to do it.
>As night fell, Twilight went home and you prepared your things.
>You changed into your camo and put some old ragged clothes in the bag.
>You grabbed the webbing and guns.
"Ah'm goin' stake out them coyotes" you tell granny as you make for the back door.
>"Happy huntin' youngin'" She cheers excitedly.
"Eeyup." You chirp back almost sadistically.
>Grabbing the camo-hide you throw it on the back of the truck along with towing ropes, duct tape, two pairs of riggers gloves, cable ties, rope and a knife and hammer and a tennis ball.
>You drive off to one of the hills and get yourself set up while there was still light.
>You're set up on one of the hills and you can see for miles around.
>There's nothing but fields and hills, the nearest neighbours are a couple miles away.
>There's also very little traffic out here as the farm isn't really between anything so hardly any one passes by these roads.
>Now you wait.
>It's been a little while and you managed to shoot one coyote that ventured close enough. So you throw it into the bed of the truck.
>a little while later and it's about 10.45 and you can see headlights of a car approaching in the distance. Same time as the last few nights.
>Must be him. The cars' headlights turn off before he comes to a stop at the front door.
>The yard light's again and you can see it's the same green car.
>A moment later AJ walks out and gets in as the car drives away.
>You get in the truck and make your way down the hill and to the back paddock heading towards the direction the car came from.
>After a while you come to the edge of the farm and a gate that leads to a dirt road usually used for the trucks to enter.
>It's not a marked road so hardly anyone knows about it.
>You turn the engine off and wait. From where you're parked you can see the down the main road to the house.
>The anger inside starts to boil but you quell it as best as you can. You need a clear head for what you're about to do.
>You go over your plan over and over in your head as you wait for the car to return.
>You check your gear and make sure your guns are loaded and the safety is off.
>Pulling out the binoculars, you watch the house.
>After 40 minutes there's headlights coming from the direction of the house.
>You start the engine but leave the lights off and put it into drive but keep your foot on the brakes. You only get one shot at this.
>Your heart is beating faster now, but no different than all the other times you hunted coyotes.
>Final checks are done. Seatbelt, check. Gun with safety off, check. Hammer, check. Gloves, check.
>Through the binos you see AJ stumbling up the drive again.
>You see the car peel away and start to come up the road.
>He passes the mile marker and that's when you floor it.
>The adrenaline kicks in and everything slows down.
>You speed to the the road, keeping an eye on that green car.
>You timed it perfectly and when he's about in front of you turn your headlights on and he panics.
>For a tenth of a second he looked at you just before impact. You won't forget the terrified look on his face ever.
>There's a loud crash as you T-boned his car into the ditch on the side of the road.
>Because your truck is older with no airbags, you're relatively safe thanks to the solid bullbar on the front. You braced just before impact.
>Quickly you get out of the truck and draw your gun, making your way around his car.
>Swinging the hammer to smash the window on the driver's door you see him knocked out from the side airbags so you holster your gun.
>Without wasting time, you rip him out of the seat and he slumps onto the road.
>You roll him around and cable tie his hands behind his back. Quickly you search his pockets.
>Mobile phone, knife, and panties.
>Panties? You kick his head with your cowboy boots out of rage.
>Taking off his belt, watch and shoes, you zip tie his legs together so he can't escape.
>You get into your truck and reverse it behind his. Going to the tray you pull out the towing ropes and tie his car to the tow points on the truck.
>Going to his car you turn it off and put it in neutral. In the foot well you notice a pistol and pick it up.
>Loaded. Your blood boils now, and whatever guilt you felt dissolves completely. You are justified in what you are about to do.
>You unload the gun and throw it back on the floor. You do a quick clean up of the road.
>Throw bits of fender and car back into the car as well as kick as much of the glass off the road into the ditch as you could.
>Now you drag the rapist by the feet to your tailgate, making sure his face drags over the broken glass and rocks on the road.
>You throw him roughly into the bed and jump back in, pulling his car out of the ditch.
>After a few tries the car comes unstuck and you make your way back up the dirt road and back onto the farm.
>You drag the car into the hay shed at the corner of the property. It's also where the excavator is stored when not in use.
>The girls don't come out here, so no one will know he's here.
>Driving the truck and car in, you turn around, roll him out of the bed and drive out, leaving the truck just outside the doors. You grab a bucket by the side of the house and fill it with water, bringing it in.
File: chair.jpg (53 KB, 800x1200)
53 KB
>You turn on one row of lights in the middle of the shed and unfold a plastic blue tarp on the ground under it. Next you put your old drinking chair in the middle of it.
>After changing into the ragged clothes you brough, you grab the piece of shit and sit him in it and then strip him down to only his underwear to make sure he's not hiding anything.
>When that's done, you place an old burlap sack on his head.
>In his pants you find his wallet with $480 inside and credit cards and ID cards of a dozen different people.
>You hog tie him to the chair and search his car.
>There was a backpack in the back and emptying it out a bunch of sex toys fall out. Bolt cutters, duct tape, pills, a pill vibrator, an 8 inch dildo, balls on strings, lube, a 2 foot horse dildo?
>Yep, a 2 foot horse dildo. Sick fucker. You're going to teach him a good lesson.
>There was file in the back seat with a bunch of photos of various girls.
>AJ was among them and all of them sexual.
>Another piece of paper had addresses on them, and a couple of them you recognised as Bloom's friend Sweetie's house and your own.
>You put what damning evidence you find into a tub and pull out the phone.
>Locked. But putting his finger on the screen unlocks it.
>Going through all the texts and photos you find the extent of his abuse on your sister, and others.
>You change the password on the phone to 1111 in case you need to get back into it.
>Hearing a muffled groan from your hostage you hear him coming too.
>"Uhh... what th... THE FUCK IS THIS?!" He shouts as he struggles with the cable ties locking his hands to the arm rests and his feet on the legs.
>"I-is anyone there?! HELLO?" He cries out. But you say nothing, not making your presence known to him.
>"Help?! ANYONE? PLEASE!" He begs.
>He struggles more and makes as much noise as he can, which is starting to get loud, so you grab the duct tape and 8 inch dildo and grab him by the throat.
>You lift the burlap sack over his mouth and shove the whole 8 inches into his throat.
>As he gags and tries to spit and stutter you wrap the tape around his head a few times, keeping it in place. Pulling the sack down again you punch his diaphragm which causes him to cough, and he gags and almost swallows the dildo.
>You enjoy hearing him struggling with his gasps for a little while before you grab the bucket of water and tip it on him.
>He shrieks at the cold sensation and begins to shiver.
"Why her?" You ask calmly.
>He mumbles something.
"Got somethin' to say?"
>He nods quickly.
>You lift the sack up and rip the tape off, unaffected by what pain it causes him and remove the dildo.
>"Y-you're dead, asshole." He pathetically attempts to threaten you before spitting at you.
>You shove it back in and pull the tape back into place.
>You grab the hammer and start to smash his knee, causing him to scream in pain.
>After a few minutes of bashing, his knee cap is looking out of place and so you ask him again.
"How many girls?"
>You remove the dildo and he answers with a "Fuck you."
>Not the answer you wanted so you grab his head and punch him in the jaw a few times as hard as you can. Then you shove the dildo back into his mouth and punch his diaphragm again and again.
>When he gasps you force the dildo down his throat further until the base is in his mouth. You slam his head back keep punching until he swallows it. Your grip on his throat confirms he swallowed it.
>He's starting to cry but that's probably from the beating.
>He starts to dry and then he vomits on himself and the dildo falls out.
>You fill the bucket again and throw the cold water over him.
"Why Applejack?" You ask again, getting impatient.
>"Hahaha you really think I'll tell you? Go to hell."
>You pull the sack off his head and he squints in the dim light of the shed.
>Finally his eyes rest on your form standing in the shadows.
>"Applejack is my new favorite play thing. Hehe." He smugly laughs before continuing. "Her and her friend's cherries were quite tasty." He licks his lips to disgust you.

You step into the light infront of him and he starts to taunt you saying you look like a kid and you're totally dead when he gets out.
"Nope." is all you say as you pull the knife out of your pocket and open it next to his ear.
>The loud click makes him stop his taunting.
>"Whoa hold on, let's talk." Pathetically he tries to bargain.
"Nope." You grab his ear with one hand.
>"Y-you wouldn't dare you pussy!" Again with his false bravado as you place the edge on his skin.
>You hold the knife there for a second, but he calls out thinking you were bluffing the whole time.
>So you slowly begin slicing his ear. Slowly. Surgically. Painfully.
>The shed is filled with his pained screams and his flailing is making the cut jagged and messy.
"No one can hear you. No one knows you're here. No one's coming for you." You tell him as you make the final slice, separating his head from his ear.
>He wails in pain and the look of fear in your eyes would be terrifying if not for the fact that you are used to them. No different than the fear in the eyes of the coyote you shot earlier as he lay dying on the field.
>Standing back upright you dangle and wag his ear infront of his face. A sadistic smirk adorns your face.
>You shove the ear in his mouth and hold it shut, again punching him until he swallows it.
>Wiping the bloodied knife on his cheek you start rubbing his face with your gloved hand.
>The cuts from when you dragged his face on the road causes him to wince and squirm, so you rub harder and deeper, trying to open them up as much as possible.
>Remembering, you take his phone out and snap a couple photo's of him and save them. Making sure to get one close up of his face with his missing ear in the frame.
>Reviewing the photo you are quite satisfied with how much fear you can see in his eyes.
>His screams are starting to get a bit loud so you grab the tennis ball from earlier and gag his mouth with it. It's too big for his mouth but with enough force you get it into place. There, held firmly in place by his overstretched jaw.
>You step out of the light for a break and to decide what you'll do next.
>Meanwhile, he's just wimpering with his head in his shoulder, trying to rub the pain of where his ear used to be.
>Oh yeah, there's that coyote in the truck.
>Step outside and roll the dog off the bed of the truck. Lucky you its a boy.
>With that same knife, you castrate the dog and walk back into the shed, towards the rapist.
>Taking the ball out he looks up at you and tries to say something, no doubt to beg again, but you don't let him.
>You grab his throat again and force the penis and balls into his mouth.
>He keeps his mouth shut of course, so you start slapping his ear. Or where it would be and the pain makes him open his mouth.
>You shove them in and make him eat them with one hand and take the phone out and snap some photos with the other.
"Tasty?" You mock him as you slap away until he swallows them.
>Immediately after he tries to spit them out but you keep your hand firmly over his mouth as you reach down and pick up the dildo again.
>It's covered in his vomit but that doesn't stop you from forcing it into his mouth again.
>And once again, you jam the tennis ball into his maw.
>That must really hurt the jaw but you don't care.
"It's just you and me. Eeyup."
>The phone displays it's almost midnight now. Sure felt like longer. It just means you have more time to make him suffer.
>what next you ponder to yourself.
>You could tie his arms to a tree and his legs to your tow bar and rip him in half.
>You could skin him like the deer you've processed into venison. Unlike the deer, you wouldn't eat him. That'd be sick.
>Maybe you could put him in the hay bailer? That's an idea. But then you'd have all the blood to clean up.
>You could leave him in the boot of his car and crush it with the excavator. That'd be pretty clean. But then you'd have a body in the boot that could be found.
>No good. You shake your head.
>The woods are pretty thick a few miles down the road, you could leave him there to slowly starve. But then someone might find the body.
>Perhaps the chipper maybe? Again, you'd have a huge splatter of blood to clean up.
>As you think about it, you can hear his cries have died down now into sobs.
>You walk over and slap him face to get his attention.
"You feelin' sorry yet?"
>He nods as fresh tears roll down his face.
"If I let you go, you gonna go to the cops and admit what you did to all them girls?"
>He nods quickly.
"You gonna just disappear and never be heard from again, right?"
>Again he nods quickly in agreement.
"Alright then. I can live with that." You tell him with a smile.
>He looks relieved but you instead stab your knife into his thigh.
"Ain't no way I can let you leave here ta hurt other girls." Coldly you stare into his eyes as you twist the knife around, pulling it towards you, then back up his leg.
"You ain't leaving here, partner."
>After a little more carving you take the knife out and stab it into a fresh spot. Who knew a leg could bleed so much. Thank goodness you put the tarp down.
>You go to his car and pull the battery out of it, bringing it and some jumper leads back to him.
>Placing the battery down you connect the leads.
>Violently she shakes his head, as if he's afraid. But you dismiss it as nothing more than a ruse to make you stop.
>No mercy for monsters.
>You set up the battery. Clamp onto negative terminal. Negative to knife. Clamp onto positive terminal and just before you reach his nipple, you pause for suspenseful effect.
>His eyes tell you he's begging for you not to, but you can only imagine how many times AJ begged and pleaded and he still did what he did.
>So you clamp the metal jaws firmly onto his nipple and he starts to violently convulse and spasm as the current runs through him.
>His screams are almost satisifying, and you take his phone and record a short 10 second video.
>You leave him be for a couple minutes, occasionally taking the clamp off and then putting it on the other nipple.
>He digs him fingers into the armrest and you notice they're starting to bleed so you take the clamps off and put the battery aside.
>He gasps air as much as he can with a dildo in his mouth and again mumbles incoherently.
>So you ignore it and ready the next activity.
>You grab one finger of his and hold it firmly while you bring the pliers closer to his fingernail.
>He squirms and thrashes about but after a struggle you get the nail in the jaws and clamp down hard.
>Perfect. You slowly start pulling as you step away from him. There's resistance at first, but then it slowly starts to give.
>You know because his screams are louder and more pained, despite being muffled.
>Slowly and agonisingly, you pull the nail out painful milimeter by milimeter until one final yank rips it clean off.
>His head slumps forward and he doesn't move.
>Hard to believe he can take the pain of a knife in the thigh, but having a nail ripped out was too much?
>You line up another finger nail and he seems to come back to life, shaking his head pleading.
"No more?" You mock him and he nods.
>Very well. You head back to your table and put the pliers away. What next? You eye the horse dildo, beads, hammer, your gun and knife and then see it.
>Bolt cutters.
>Slowly you step towards him and then encicrle him, putting him in edge.
>Bouncing the bolt cutters in one hand you eye him up and down before settling on his fingers.
>When he realises your intentions, he squirms around, but to no avail.
>You open the bolt cutters and place it at the base of his pinkie finger on his left hand.
>He looks you right in the eyes, cold dark fear and desperation that would make even hardened criminals stop.
>But not you. You are a big brother with a duty to fulfil.
>You stare back at him with a big smile on your face as you slowly bring the arms of the cutters together.
>With a crunch you slam them close and a soft little pinkie finger lands on the blue tarp below.
>The muffled scream was louder than the last.
"I know what can stop the pain."
>You reconnect the clamps to his nipples and he starts to spasm again.
>You take another photo of his hand without a pinkie.
>At this point he spasm and thrashes around so much that he fell backwards with the chair.
>Which gives you an idea. You take the bolt cutters and put them on his curled big toe.
>In one quick motion you slice the toe clean off.
>He starts to go limp so you unhook the battery and check his neck for a pulse.
>Eeyup still alive, just knocked out.
>You roll him to the side and cut the ties, then duct tape his hands behind his back. Then you do the same with his feet.
>Pulling his underwear down you go back to the table to get the lube and the horse dildo.
>Laying the dildo next to his ass to emphasise how far it would fit, you snap another picture.
>Then you lube it with one drop of lube and force it in.
>He comes too shortly after and starts to scream again.
>You just kneel down and show him pictures of the horse dildo in his ass.
>His eyes go wide seeing pictures of the bloody mess that is, or was, his ass.
"Eeyup. Took a LOT of force and a hammer, but yessir got it up there."
"I probably should've used more than one drop of lube. But oh well." You laugh.
>He writhes on the bloody tarp as he is on his side with the carved up thigh.
>You decide to help him a bit by kicking the base of the dildo into his ass, while taking a video of it.
>After a bit of kicking, you notice that he starts to spasm.
>Looking over, you see some white droplets on the blood.
"Looks like you came you sicko." you taunt him more before taking a photo of him.
>By now its getting close to 1.30 am and you should probably wrap things up a bit.
>Rolling him over onto his back, you see he's still semi-erect.
>You grab the knife and his cock and balls and slowly taunt him with your intentions.
>Tears run down his face as he desperately pleads with his eyes for you to stop.
>You don't.
>At first he squirms around but a punch to his balls in your hand makes him more compliant.
>He really is a sicko considering he's gotten hard again.
>You grab the hammer and start pounding on one of his balls.
>He screams out but he sounds different. Almost pleasurable. So you oblige by hitting harder.
>Alternating between left and right you vary the force of your swings until he spasm again and cums all over himself.
>Again, you pull the phone out and take a few pictures.
>He gasps as best as he can with a dildo lodged in his mouth.
>Well at least he got one more orgasm in before he dies. You think to yourself.
>While he's still in the high of post-ejaculation, you hastily slice his balls off and then hack away at the base of his dick like a saw.
>He only realises what you've done when you throw his shrinking dick and balls at him, landing them on his chest.
>Another photo for the album.
>He looks at it before passing out.

>dragging his body out to the car, you put him in it and close the twisted door.
>You grab a few things before driving towards the excavator and the big hole you dug eariler.
>Unhooking the car, you use the excavator to drag it into the hole after you cleaned out anything that might incriminate you as well as rolling the rapist out.
>Damn, this hole must be at least 10 foot deep. It took you all afternoon to dig!
>You smash a hole in the windscreen and empty a jerry can of fuel into the cabin. Lighting a match and throwing it in, you jump out before the whole cabin goes up in flames.
>Inside the cabin was everything you used: the tarp, the bolt cutters, the dildos, everything of his and all the ID and credit cards.
>Now, to deal with him.
>You tied his hands together on one of the teeth of the bucket scoop and lift his in the air, stopping with his feet a few inches from the ground.
>You take a few more photos.
>as the car burns it gives off enough light that you can see when he comes to.
>Having taken the dildo and tennis ball out and thrown them in the fire, you hear him beg again.
>"Please... I- I'm sorry..." He mumbles in defeat, maybe finally accepting that his end is near.
>"For everything I've done... to everyone..." He sobs.
>You get close to his cut up face.
"I believe you." You tell him honestly before turning and walking away.
>"I promise I won't hurt anyone ever again."
"I know you won't.
>"And...and I'll just go home to my mama and look after her. So please, let me go."
"Nope. No can do." you coldly tell him as you turn to face him again, flicking the AR from safe to fire.
>"W-wait! PLEASE!" He screams as loudly as he can into the cold night air.
"Nope." You mutter as you start shooting from 20 yards away, intentionally missing him.
>After teasing him with a magazine's worth of rounds, you reload and aim carefully this time.
>First shot in the knee.
>Second shot over his head.
>Third into his shoulder.
>It continued like this until the last couple rounds which you used to make a smiley face on his chest.
>Drawing your Glock like earlier and begin doing your quickdraw exercises again.
>And like eariler, every shot hit target.
>Remarkably he was still alive. Just barely conscious.
>Putting an end to this once and for all, you put the gun to his forehead and just before you pull the trigger, you tell him.
"Burn in hell. Eeyup."

>It was now 3 or 4 am and you texted a couple photo's to Applejack as well as a few other people that he had tormented.
>Nothing too graphic, just the ones that showed he got punished for his crimes in the end.
>At the end of the text, you typed: [He won't bother you ever again].
>Before you shot the phone and threw it into the pit with the burning car.
>After crushing the car with the excavator, you buried it a bit and then dumped the coyote in there before burying it completely.
>As for the body, like deer, you broke it down and burned it in an old barrel behind the hay shed. Along with the gloves and ragged clothes.
>You also cleaned yourself up as best as you could.
>By the time you were done, it was nearly dawn so you went home and straight to bed.
>You rolled over and the midday light on your face wakes you up.
>You stretch a bit before sitting up.
>It's a little past 11am, and you are well rested.
>Slept like a log, like most nights.
>"Clear conscious, good sleep". As pa used to say.
>You get dressed, clean yourself up and head downstairs.
>Bloom and granny are preparing lunch or late breakfast, you're not sure.
"Mornin'" you greet them as you take a seat.
>Applejack walks into the kitchen too, looking a little unnerved.
"Mornin'" you turn to her. "Everythin' alright?"
>She just nods quickly and takes a seat. "Uh..Yer... Just fine."
>You nod to her when granny asks you how last night was.
"Eeyup. Shot a coyote, and a dog."
>"A dog?" Bloom questioned with a sad tone.
"Don't worry Bloom, he was a disgusting, worthless, no-good diseased mutt and it was best for everyone he was put down."
>Applejack notices you looking right at her but quickly looks away.
"Eeyup." You grin normally before sipping your coffee.

This thread went to more places than I expected, and I was since the first one where it was an accidental rape thread.
I do not know the meaning of "polite".
Ok boomer
fuck, I need to actually get shit done here, keep getting distracted, I'll see if I can figure out something tonight
Sorry, sorry! I thought this was the shitter!
Touching herself
Bump because I want to know what happens next.
That's hot
Next Aj and Twilight realize that rape feels pretty good
File: 876215.png (2.72 MB, 4465x6379)
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"Applejack... GET OUTTA MY ROOM!"
It's been quite a while, hasn't it?
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Yeah, I got nothing, don't know if I can really top that last bit, I think that might just be it, think I'm genuinely out of ideas
I guess I'll call it here, kinda unexpected I know but last time I dragged this out it ended up just falling apart so before I write this into a dumpster I think I'll end it there
Kinda feeling like shit too so I'm gonna break from writing for a while, glad everyone enjoyed what there was
Well, it was fun. Get a good rest my man.
And if I ever want rapeanon, I got 20 chapters too.
Have a good night!
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>Have a good night!
Thanks, you too

That's fair, though it's probably better than forcing out more that slowly turns into a mess, just look at everything post S2
Why would she do that on someone else's bed?
Hell of a cliffhanger to end the series on
Well, since ukraine anon has finished, can I follow >>35662327?
I mean, is like an itch. But the moment I finish it, that's it. I'll let the thread die
wtf what the hell is this thread?
In short? A failed reboot of something beautiful
Just let this bring you up to speed

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Cool beans
Would've been nice to see Apple succumb to her corruption
Le Bump
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"Then I, Ace Thruster, shall join you."

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