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An old thread topic, but lets go.
>we could have had a hp knockoff wizard school show
>instead we got eqg
So much wasted potential. At least the music was good.
Either way, Rarity Griffindor but has no idea why she was placed there until she kicks a manticore right in the fucking face
Gotta say I disagree with the placement up there; not ALL are wrong, but some of them are off.

Twilight is of course Ravenclaw. Sunburst is also Ravenclaw, as is moondancer.

Sunset, Starlight, Adagio and Rarity are definitely Slytherins: Rarity is very ambitious and from the start had her sites set on high society and making something of herself: I Get the impression the artist put her in Ravenclaw just so it wouldn't be empty.

Rainbow would be in Gryffendor. She's incredibly brave and adventurous, and while she's also ambitious, she's more than that always up for action and is the first to jump into a fight.
I'd also put scootaloo, applebloom and Sweetiebelle in there. The three of them are likewise always looking for something to get into as a group.
Possibly Aria as well. I know it falls into Fanon territory due to Aria having BY FAR the least focus of the three, but she comes across as the first of the group to get into a physical fight.
I DEFINITELY wouldn't put Aria into slytherin, considering she's very much Adagio's underling.

Fluttershy and AJ are almost 100% textbook examples of what i'd expect a hufflepuff would be: Not ambitious in life, but just happy to do what they do even if its not exciting or gets alot of praise.
I'd Also put pinkie there instead of Gryffendor: I think she got put in gryffendor for the same reason as Rarity in Ravenclaw, to balance the houses out. Pinkie's more about just having fun in life and making others happy, and that's basically that for her.
I'd also put sonata there: She seems the most carefree and least ambitious of the dazzlings. I think all three of them got put in Slytherin just because the artist wanted them all to hang together.

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