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Previous thread: >>35336616

Thread for all your pony and no hooved yuri needs. Ignore the bait, no shipping war faggotary

Stories and old Threads

Featured Stories:

By Sadnon :
Automatons and Dreams

Fleur and Marble Pie
Autumn Arc:

Oneshot Series

The Midnight Monster

The Fall, then the Crash

Double D's

By Pie Anon:
Midnight Visitation (Flurry Heart x Cozy Glow)

Secret Lewds: Cadance x Trixie

Fluttershy x Chrysalis

Exhibitionist RariJack, contains futa

ScootsQuest: Cool Girl Has Chill Day

Gilda/Suri green https://pastebin.com/gEJTr3HL

Flutterdom x Rara green https://pastebin.com/ee8cPYx5

Dorkalis x Celestia https://pastebin.com/3KZhjuya

12 Days of Dykeshit https://pastebin.com/En6yaPKY


Love Potion: Do We Need It? By I-Wanna-Die-Sama

It's Always Sunny in Canterlot by Manly Man

Blind Date by Magic S
Trixie is protective with her future wife
Starlight is a straight whore who doesn't deserve the love from Trixie
File: 1638892.png (586 KB, 2048x2048)
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586 KB PNG
She has to be to make up for all the times she was a worthless blue thing
File: 1590373592038.jpg (155 KB, 1200x682)
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155 KB JPG
StarTrix Sapphic vacation to Vaporwave Beach greentext when?

Five Nights at Fuckboy's was GOAT
File: 1591738231483.jpg (1.86 MB, 4176x2724)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
>it all turns out to be Blue Twilight's fever dream after nasally ingesting too many crayons
File: 288264.png (654 KB, 1280x914)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
Cheerilee is for stealing
>when you track your gf to a vampire hunter safehouse only to find out the hunter holding her prisoner has succumbed to Lima Syndrome
Assuming Pie is still going with Baconhair being a hunter, ofc.
File: 2012971.png (327 KB, 1000x700)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
>Tonnes of Rarijack implied in rollercoaster
>Nothing of these two in Spring Breakdown.
This is why EQG sucks dick.
File: 1451251.jpg (341 KB, 1350x942)
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341 KB JPG
They're criminally underpaired.
File: 2081159.png (840 KB, 2448x3264)
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840 KB PNG
Consistency of writing? What's that?
did you miss the part where rarity was crushing on an aj-lookalike?
File: 1525848017399.png (109 KB, 331x389)
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109 KB PNG
Don't know whats hotter, the little slip of pink of Rarity's panties, or Applejack's lack of pants entirely.
File: 1731212.jpg (1.12 MB, 2318x2816)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
File: 1631794.png (610 KB, 1436x838)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
File: 2227180.jpg (460 KB, 848x1200)
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460 KB JPG
The Pie sisters planning for their weekend of debauchery .
File: 2321130.png (1.46 MB, 2000x1763)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: 1682560.jpg (635 KB, 2200x1406)
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635 KB JPG
>Flutterslut reflexively assumes the position when flirting with Dash
File: 162677.png (446 KB, 804x771)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
File: 1296514.jpg (419 KB, 900x984)
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419 KB JPG
Such a nice, well behaved girl.
File: 647838.jpg (346 KB, 700x906)
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346 KB JPG
File: 107485.jpg (161 KB, 870x1170)
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161 KB JPG
Just imagine the show her pets get every day.
File: 2371582.jpg (484 KB, 683x860)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
>Angel Bunny knows the color of her panties long before Dash gets to see it
>implying she actually wears any
distasteful. sexy lingerie > nudity.
File: 2353983.png (1.44 MB, 1258x1904)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
File: 2216622.jpg (303 KB, 1920x1080)
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303 KB JPG
File: 765675.png (914 KB, 1251x1600)
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914 KB PNG
>that pose
it's always the shy ones with the slutty antics
Disregard that I suck cocks.
File: 2372312.jpg (236 KB, 1500x1467)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
imagine: SFM ponies kissing, and wearing lingerie
No lingerie to be found, try again later.
File: 1452016.png (711 KB, 1000x1000)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
>"Hey Twi, where've you been? And where's Pinkie?"
>Midnight was pulled from the sound just outside the window by Applejack's twanging country drawl.
>At some point the movie had finished, and now Rainbow and Sunset were playing some sort of loud, vibrant video game.
"Oh you know, probably looking for snacks or something."
>Midnight flopped into the love seat Rarity was curled up in, a sketchpad in her hand.
>"Right, suppose that makes sense. Ain't the kitchen the other way though?"
>Applejack scratched her cheek and pulled the dozing Fluttershy sitting against her side on the floor a little closer.
>Midnight's eyes narrowed a fraction.
"You know Pinkie Pie," They said flippantly.
>"Guess I do," Applejack muttered.


>They both turned to Rainbow as she and Sunset furiously mashed the buttons on their controllers.
>Rainbow's face was red and Sunset couldn't stop laughing.
>"Sunset you fucking- god *damn* it, that's *cheating*-!"
>"It's only cheating cause you suck!" Sunset shouted delightedly, grinning from ear to ear.
>"Oh bullshit, playing as Bayonetta is such a cheap trick!"
>Sunset cackled as another explosion blasted across the screen.
>She threw her hands up in the air and tilted her head back, letting loose a cry of victory.
>Midnight stole a glance at her trimmed stomach that peaked out from under her short shirt.
>Rainbow tossed her controller to the floor and pushed Sunset, face bright red and fuming as she crossed her arms.
>Sunset fell to the floor with a startled gasp, but she kept laughing all the same as she lunged at Rainbow.
>"Woah- hey! Get off me!"
>Sunset was pinning her to the floor, using her superior weight and height to keep her down.
>Midnight licked her lips and They felt warmth rising in Their chest as Sunset's tight shorts clung to her body and her shirt exposed her thin black bra.
>Their hand trailed up to Rarity’s soft, pale skin, brushing lightly, ticklishly against her skin.
File: 395023.jpg (191 KB, 642x900)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>The pencil in her hand stopped for a moment, then continued, as if nothing happened.
>Midnight’s eyes didn’t stray from Sunset as she straddled Rainbow, but Their hand worked further and further towards Rarity’s inner thigh.
>”Let me go!” Rainbow shouted, furiously kicking her legs and thrashing from side to side.
>”Only when you admit you’re just being a sore loser,” Sunset laughed.
>Rainbow grit her teeth and tore her arm from Sunset’s grip.
>Midnight’s eyes narrowed and Their lips twitched upwards.
>Their hand squeezed Rarity’s thigh and the tips of Their fingers trailed up like a spider under the thin, lacy lingerie.
>Midnight could see Rarity’s trembling hand hovering over her sketch pad, a blush lighting up her cheeks.
>”-Sunset! Stop-!”
>Midnight’s eyes snapped back over to Rainbow and Sunset, now an entwined tangle of limbs and hair.
>Sunset had at some point pinned Rainbow face-first to the floor and was now running her fingers up and down Rainbow’s exposed ribs.
>”Easy Sunset, I think y’all are about to kill her,” Applejack teased.
>Fluttershy laughed and buried her head against Applejack’s side.
>”S-shut up, Applejack!” Rainbow shouted.
>”That’s not very nice,” Sunset commented idly, her fingers digging a little harder into Rainbow’s side.
>”F-fuck!” Rainbow gasped, “You!”
>”That can always be arranged,” Rarity commented idly, trying to keep her voice steady as Midnight’s digits prodded at her.
>”That sounds about right comin’ from you, Rares,” Applejack said.
>Midnight wrenched Their hand back as Applejack’s amused, apple green eyes fixed on Rarity’s pinched face.
>”Excuse you? Are you implying that I am not a perfect lady?”
>”I ain’t implyin’ anythin’, I’m tellin’.”
File: 648070.jpg (264 KB, 1000x750)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>Sunset had stopped her torture of Rainbow Dash long enough to stifle her laugh into her hand.
>Both she and Rainbow were soon watching with rapt attention as Rarity’s face slowly turned red and Applejack’s smug smirk blossomed across her face.
>”I think we should all just calm down…” Fluttershy said softly.
>”Not now, Fluttershy!” Rarity snapped.
>Fluttershy made a noise akin to a small, frightened animal as she hid in her hair.
>”Watch it!” Applejack spat, all traces of smugness gone from her face.
>”Why? Afraid I’ll upset your girlfriend?”
>Rarity’s voice was oozing with superiority, and the look on her face was rife with smug satisfaction as Applejack spluttered.
>”G-girlfriend? I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about... I ain’t… Like that.”
>”What about those magazines I found under your bed?” Rainbow chimed in, a Cheshire grin on her face as she tried to wiggle free of Sunset’s body pinning her to the floor.
>”S-shut up Dash! I told y’all those were AB’s and she just forgot’em!”
>Sunset was the next to chime in with an amused lilt to her voice, “That’s not really convincing, AJ.”
>”I ain’t like that!”
>”Careful darling,” Rarity said smoothly, “A moment longer and your face will be far more red than your apples.”
>”Applejack and I aren’t really dating…” Fluttershy muttered softly, biting her lip and stealing glances at the farmer.
>”…But you want to be?” Sunset asked smugly.
>”Darn it! I ain’t gonna sit here and be accused of somethin’ I didn’t do! I’m gettin’ somethin’ to drink!”
>Applejack shot to her feet and made to storm from the room, but Fluttershy’s voice stopped her.
>”Er, I could go too, if you wanted…”
File: 2365607.png (603 KB, 1195x1574)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
>As all eyes turned to Fluttershy, and the shy girl hid further in her hair, Midnight took the moment of silence to reflect.
>They could feel something brewing as Their magic flooded the room, slowly but surely.
>They couldn’t help but smile and readjust Their glasses.
>Applejack looked torn between dragging Fluttershy along, and storming out of the room altogether.
>”It’s okay if you like girls, AJ,” Sunset assured her.
>”I ain’t-! Ah, whatever,” Applejack spat, “Come on Fluttershy. Least y’all ain’t on some crazy theory about what I like and don’t like.”
>Applejack disappeared into the hall leading to the kitchen, Fluttershy hot on her heels and scampering after her.


>”Will you get off me now!?”
>Sunset hemmed and hawed for a long moment, her chin resting on Rainbow’s head as she pinned the shorter girl to the floor.
>”You’re pretty comfy Dash, I don’t think I could even if I wanted to.”
>Rainbow Dash growled and began to twist and turn in Sunset’s grip, but that just led to her turning herself over.
>Much to Rainbow’s dismay that left her to be crushed into Sunset’s chest.
>”Looks like Applejack isn’t the only girl seeking a paramour tonight~” Rarity crowed from behind her red, winged glasses.
>”Rainbow’s just the cutest,” Sunset teased.
>”I’m not cute!” came the muffled denial from the girl.
“You seem pretty cute to me, Dash,” Midnight said.
>”I concur,” Rarity said, “You’ve been a cutie all night, dear. Utterly adorable.”
>Sunset blushed and hugged Rainbow tighter to her chest, so her words were muffled as a string of curses left her lips.
>”That kind of language is… Is…!” Rarity’s face was boiling red, whether from embarrassment or rage, Midnight wasn’t sure, “…Utterly foul! Reprehensible! Are you an ape!?”
File: 994505.jpg (495 KB, 842x1200)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
>”…Has anyone seen Pinkie Pie?” Sunset asked as she flopped onto her front.
“I thought she was still getting snacks of some kind,” Midnight offered, Their eyes trailing around the taut stomach peaking from under Sunset’s shirt.
>”That must’ve been over half an hour ago.. And didn’t AJ say she went the wrong way for that? I better go check, just to be sure.”
>Sunset stood up and took a step towards the door that led, no doubt, to Pinkie Pie.
>Well, that was an interesting turn, and one definitely suited to Midnight’s debauched agenda…


There's the newest update of the Midnight Sparkle Agenda Series. Who's gonna be the victim next time? Would your rather it be Sunset, or the wombo-combo of Flutter "secret slut" Shy and Applejack? Let me know.

Hope you enjoy.
File: 1583306.png (611 KB, 1000x900)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
Gotta leave Sunset for last, the stronger Midnight is, the more little Sunny will be bullied right proper.
File: goneforever.jpg (167 KB, 870x900)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I kind of like the idea of Sunset losing her mind after the battle with Princess Twilight. Using toys to replace any real semblance of human connection and being forced to spend her days being gawked at as a mentally ill loon while fantasizing about having friends and being accepted, only to wake up every day and realize for a brief moment that she would, and could, never truly be accepted.

But who would write that sort of thing?
File: 877947.png (157 KB, 600x500)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Only a terrible, awful person with plenty of time on their hands would write such a despicable thing!
File: 2372603.jpg (26 KB, 531x375)
26 KB
File: 27941.gif (45 KB, 550x350)
45 KB
File: 1498665066804.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
File: 1583624876393.jpg (1.81 MB, 1797x2613)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Where's Manly Man at?
File: 1577980995839.png (289 KB, 900x626)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
My guess would be that his city is one of those partially demolished due to rioting and he has more pressing concerns. We live in shitty times and producing smut for a Pony board can't always get the attention it deserves. The same thing happened to Sadnon last week or maybe the week before that.
looking at the pastebin link, a lot of the writers are missing too
File: 1339980935292.gif (6 KB, 650x450)
6 KB
What forbidden love would you say is most forbidden and delightfully depraved, fembotXfembot, baka zonbiXbaka zonbi, or living girlXbaka zonbi?
File: Spoiler Image (703 KB, 1104x1152)
703 KB
703 KB JPG
File: 2368813.png (1.5 MB, 2000x1600)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
File: 2373262.jpg (102 KB, 900x816)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>see that slut, darling?
>i want a threesome with you and her.
File: 1891340.png (203 KB, 1586x1141)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
File: 1352421.png (212 KB, 800x1300)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
no homo, but i wish i was Flutterslut in that pic
>implying Sunset isn't training Sci-Twi to be her meganekko subslut
This is yet another one of those dumb ideas I have right before bed

>Getting to the ocean from Canterlot is a bit of a nightmare, involving an eight-hour drive down freeways that are nearly always stalled with roadwork or crammed with traffic
>Fortunately, though, just thirty minutes outside of the city there’s the Everfree lake: easily big enough to serve as your ocean replacement
>During the summer, the place is a paradise of hot sand, pleasantly cool water, and plenty of swimsuit-clad young ladies to feast your eyes
>It’s the best, and once June rolls around, anyone who’s anyone is out there on the sand, soaking in the sun and enjoying themselves
>Well, *almost* anyone, at least
>Currently, two girls are crouched behind a sand-dune, talking in conspicuous whispers

>”Come on!”
>Given Pinkie’s normal exuberance, it was hard for her to keep her voice down
>”You wanna meet someone, right?”
“That was the plan,” Maud answered. “But it seemed a lot easier when it was just the two of us. In my bedroom. Without two hundred people around.”
>”Psssh, it’s still the same thing! Just walk up to a girl you like and say hi.”
“I feel like you’re ignoring a lot of steps.”
>”It’ll all make sense once you’re there. Just be the lovable, clever, and *sexy* Maud I know you can be,” Pinkie said, wriggling her hips. “You’re a catch! Just pick a girl and knock ‘er dead!”
“Hmmm. I don’t know who to pick.”
>”Well, what’s your type?”
>”Yeah, duh. More specific!”
“Girls with… boobs.”
>”Uh huh.”
“And a nice butt, I suppose.”
>”The essentials. What else?”
“And a, uh…”
>Maud tapped her fingers in front of her chest
“A smile that lights up a room. I’d appreciate that.”
>”Oooh, my sister the romantic! Alright, alright. How about…”
>Pinkie placed her hands on Maud’s shoulders and peaked out over the dune, scanning the crowd of bikini-clad, sunblock-slathered ladies
>She gasped
>”I know that girl! That’s Sunset Shimmer!”
>Maud peered out as well, following where Pinkie was pointing
>There, lying atop a towel and soaking in the sun in a black, studded bikini, was a girl about Maud’s age
>Her red-gold hair glowed in the summer sun, and her skin was a sizzling, tempting tan, glistening with oil
>”You like?”
“I think she’s my type.”
>”Aww, I didn’t know you had a type!”
“I do now.”
>”Then go talk to her!”
>Maud crouched down again, staring at the ground
“I don’t know how.”
>”I told you, just walk up and say hi! Then let your instincts do the work, knowwhatImean?”
>She wriggled her eyebrows, but Maud wasn’t convinced
“There’s a lot more room for error than I’m comfortable with.”
>”Can’t make mistakes in love!”
“I feel like you’re really underestimating— ah!”
>Maud let out an uncharacteristically high-pitched yelp as Pinkie shoved her out from behind the dune
>She turned to give her sister a cold, flat death-glare
>Then she slowly walked over to where her target lay
>Sunset had her hands crossed behind her head, watching the waves
>All at once, Maud realized a stupid idea this is
>***She’s enjoying herself, and you have no right to bother her, especially not with your weird romantic advances…***
>Maud’s feet carried her forward regardless, and soon she was standing right next to Sunset’s striped towel
>Sunset lifted her sunglasses, peering up at Maud with confused, though brilliant sea-blue eyes
>”Uh, hey.”
>”Is this, uh, your post or something? I can move.”
“It’s not my spot.”
>”Oh. Are you looking for someone?”
>The girl gave Maud an awkward smile
>Maud’s brain spun through the few subjects she liked to talk about
“Did you know that the term ‘igneous rock’ comes from the Latin *ignis*, meaning fire? It’s the same root we get words like ignition from, and it was used because igneous rocks are formed from cooled magma.”
>The girl kept her smile up, though she was clearly glancing around, as if expecting a candid camera to be hiding behind someone’s beachball
“I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone forever, now.”
>Maud turned and half-walked, half-ran back to the sand dune
>As soon as she was hidden behind it, she crouched down, hiding her face in her hands
>Pinkie frowned
>”Okay, so, she’s not exactly swooning over you just yet…”
“That was the single most humiliating experience of my life.”
>”Of your life *so far*. Trust me, it can get much worse. I should know!”
“You’re not exactly raising my spirits right now.”
>”Fine, fine. You just gotta give it another shot! Tell her a joke! Once you get her laughin’, it’s just another step or two before she’s slick between the thighs, ifyaknowwhatimean~”
“I absolutely do not know what you mean.”
>”You’re funny! Go be funny!”
“I think I’d better just abort the whole—“
>Pinkie shoved Maud back out from behind the dune, once again
>Maud groaned, and slunk back over to Sunset
>This time, Sunset saw her coming
>”Uh, hey?”
“I’m sorry about earlier.”
>”No, that’s fine. You seemed like you had something you wanted to tell me.”
“Yes. I have a joke.”
>”A joke?”
“Yes. What do you get when you cross, um…”
>Sunset’s smile was starting to look more like she was gritting her teeth
>Maud’s brain was suddenly empty of all her favorite jokes
“When you cross… the… president, with… a, um, turkey?”
>”I have no idea.”
“…yeah, me neither.”
>”Oh. H-hahah?”
“Anyway, I should go.”
>Maud didn’t even try to make her retreat subtle
>She sprinted back to safety fast enough to leave a cloud of dust and sand in her wake
>Pinkie gave her a shaky smile when she returned, though Maud could see that her sister was in as much cringe-related pain as she was
>”That, um, wasn’t exactly one of your winners.”
“I’m aware. Though, you could try giving me a bit more time to prepare.”
>”No, no. Maudie, that’s exactly the problem! You keep second-guessing yourself. A girl like Sunset, she’s cool. You gotta play it cool. Be kinda smooth, y’know? A little bit ~sexy~.”
“I have never been sexy once in my entire life.”
>”Don’t sell yourself short!”
>Pinkie smacked her hand against her sister’s rear ends
>”You’ve got the goods! Just get up there and show ‘em off!”
“Show them off?”
>”Can’t fail! If she’s into girls *at all*, and I happen to know she definitely is, she’ll be putty in your hands once she sees that booty.”
“I’m having difficulty trusting your advice.”
>”Just get out there and go for it! You can thank me later.”
>Maud didn’t even resist this time as Pinkie shoved her out in the open
>She strutted up to Sunset once again
>Sunset looked genuinely nervous
>”Um, okay, is this some kinda joke?”
>”Right. Is everything okay? You might have me confused with someone else, or—“
>Maud pulled her sundress up over her head and dropped it at her side
>Beneath it, she wore a plain gray one-piece swimsuit, strained by the curvature of her muscled body
>Sunset blinked twice
“I was thinking of going for a swim.”
>”Uh, yeah. I can see that.”
>Maud glanced down at her suit
“But this is a little too tight. And it’s too hot. And I want to swim naked. For reasons.”
>In a single, fluid motion, she slipped her suit off of her body, dropping it at her feet
“There. That’s better.”
>Sunset stared
>”Oh, um. Oh.”
>She rubbed her eyes
>Maud had a brief second to relish the warm summer air on her bare skin before she had time to realize that plenty of beach-goers were now staring at her
“Ah. I might have gotten a bit carried away.”
>”Yeah. Maybe a little.”
“I sincerely apologize. Goodbye.”
>Maud sprinted towards the lake and threw herself into the water

>Pinkie came by a few minutes later with Maud’s swimsuit and a towel, and helped her sister escape the lake with what little dignity she had left
>”You laid it on a *teensy* bit too thick there.”
“I’m aware.”
>”Maybe next time you could—“
“No. I’m sorry Pinkie, but no.”
>The two were hiding behind the dune again
>Maud had pulled her suit back on, and she straightened up and placed a hand on Pinkie’s shoulder
“I do appreciate your attempts at help. Even though every single one of them was a disaster.”
>”Heh. My attempts at help *do* tend to end up that way…”
“Regardless, I do appreciate you,” Maud said, pulling Pinkie into a brief, tight hug. “But this time, I’m going to try things my way. I don’t think I can make them any worse, at the very least.”
“Righto! I’ll still be cheerin’ you on!”
>Pinkie crouched down behind the dune, giving Maud a thumbs-up
>Maud sighed, and stepped out
>Sunset was already looking in her direction
>Maud strutted right over, trying not to show her nervous, lost, and vaguely humiliated she was
>”Hey yourself. You gonna tell me what that was, back there?”
>Sunset sat up
>She had an easy smile, the kind that really could brighten up even the sunniest of afternoons
“I’m sorry. I’ve developed a crush on you, and I’ve been trying to get your attention. Mostly following my sister’s advice.”
>”Oh! Pinkie’s your sister?”
>”Well, that explains a lot. I never would’ve guessed.”
“We’re on slightly different wavelengths.”
>”Yeah, you can say that again. What’s your name?”
“Maud. Pie, obviously.”
>”Right, right. Well, I’m kinda flattered, Maud. I’m just hanging out here alone, you could’ve just asked to join me.”
“In hindsight, that was the easier route.”
>Maud glanced at the empty space on the towel next to Sunset
“Is it okay if I ask to join you now, or have I ruined that chance?”
>”I wouldn’t mind a little company,” Sunset said with a wink
>She scooted over, and Maud plopped down next to her
>They were sitting just close enough for Sunset’s bare, warm shoulder to press against Maud’s
>Maud held out her left hand, opening it to reveal a small, smooth stone, polished by centuries of sitting in the surf and veined with milky stone
>”Whoa. That’s really pretty.”
“I found it on the beach earlier. It’s common quarts, but the varieties you find on the beach get eroded into smooth shapes that I find very pleasing.”
>She held the rock out to Sunset
“You can have it. As an apology gift, for me being so weird earlier.”
>”Aww. You’re so sweet!”
>Sunset took the rock, admired it for a moment, then turned to Maud with a gleam in her eye
>”Hey, I’m kinda feeling the need to cool off. You wanna go for a swim?”
“I wouldn’t be against it.”
>Maud took once glance back at Pinkie, who mouthed the words “hand” and “boob”
>Maud decided to ignore her, and she let Sunset take her by the hand and lead her towards the water
Well, that was a weird little thing. I think I'm the first person to ever ship these two. What should their trendy ship name be? Maudset? Shimmaud? Saud?

Regardless, more of the other stuff comin soon.
File: 1177926.png (701 KB, 800x1141)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
>Maud took once glance back at Pinkie, who mouthed the words “hand” and “boob”
Either Pinkie is a kissless virgin, or has first date fucking down to a science.
Still, that was adorkable and sweet, more of these oddballs are welcome in times like these.
File: 702678.jpg (210 KB, 771x1052)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
I think her default mode is "slutty antics," and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Nothing sexual about it. Not at all.
File: 2373269.jpg (80 KB, 865x738)
80 KB
>TURBO just finishing up her Rarijack Cosplay guest photo set debut
i hope she’s pointing at me
only Ponk would manage to get a girl like Maud to strip down on the beach like she’s some sort of a cheap TURBO.
File: 2338760.jpg (284 KB, 684x2048)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
i find this artist's rendition of TURBO x Midnight to be highly arousing
File: 1773566.jpg (1.18 MB, 1718x2080)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Following up, for the first time in forever :'^)


>Wallflower crept into the dusty, barren room.
>The door she had stepped through swung shut with a soft, whining hiss and a 'click' as it shut behind her.
>Her eyes darted from left to right around the room and her teeth bit her lip.
>She stopped dead after another soft step into the old yearbook club's classroom, her usual haunt.
>Something had felt off when she had approached the room, and the girl sitting at her usual table must've been it...
>The girl didn't look up from what she was doing.
>Her back was turned to Wallflower, and it was hard to see anything of what she was up to.
>Wallflower contemplated leaving now that the sanctity of her room had been infiltrated.
>She sighed softly and spun on her heel to walk out the way she had came.
>Wallflower shrieked as her backpack caught a tripod leaned against the wall next to her, sending it to the floor with a loud clatter that made her freeze.
>Wallflower felt her stomach drop as she nearly bit through her lip.
>Slowly, with shoulders hunched and face screwed up in a wince, she turned to regard the girl now standing just a few feet away from her.
>Dull blue eyes stared at her from under an unkempt curtain of red and gold hair.
>Her head was tilted and she regarded Wallflower curiously.
>Wallflower couldn't help but notice that the sparkle of intellect veiled by a hard, steely shell was gone from her eyes..
>Sunset leaned forward a little so they were almost nose to nose, her blue eyes seeking something before a dumb grin split her face.
>Wallflower backpedaled into the wall in surprise.
>Sunset's finger was still held up where she had poked Wallflower's nose, that same dull grin on her barely-lucid face.
>Sunset laughed.
"...You're Sunset Shimmer, right?"
File: 761222.jpg (379 KB, 1400x990)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
>Wallflower knew who she was, how could she not?
>The entire school was abuzz about it, when it happened.
>How that weird exchange student had scrambled Sunset's mind with some kind of weird magic thing.
>Since then she had been shunned by the rest of the school, for her past actions, and the...
>Odd mannerisms she now had.
>Wallflower couldn't help but feel pity for her, as she stood there, smiling vacantly and humming to herself.
>The five girls that had helped that weird exchange student had tried to stick around her, but it seems Sunset had driven them off, too.
>If being alone in the one place the rest of the school forgot about was any indication.
>Wallflower knew who she was, certainly.
>But did Sunset?
"Are you... Okay?"
>Bullying around CHS was rarely the physical kind, and Wallflower had to wonder if the mean names and sharp tones had the same effect on Sunset that they did anyone else.
>The way Sunset lit up even more than she was a mere moment ago didn't bode well.
>Sunset held out her hand, an ecstatic grin on her face.
"You want me to hold your hand?"
>Sunset's head rocked back and forth a moment, before she seemed to gather what Wallflower had asked and nodded vigorously.
>Wallflower was hesitant, but she took the leap.
>After all, who was around to judge her?
>If they even noticed her...
Sunset's hand was soft and warm, and the vacant girl pulled Wallflower over to the table she had been sitting at.
>Sunset took a seat and pulled Wallflower into one next to her.
>Wallflower made to tug her hand free, but Sunset held fast.
>Her hand didn't seem to want to let go, and her face seemed to reflect that as the dull happiness in her eyes flashed away for a moment to be replaced with cold detachment.
>Not the usual sharp intelligence she had been known for, rather what seemed to be the effect of being shunned by everyone around her.
>Wallflower's heart ached, she could sympathize.
File: 1659585.png (312 KB, 800x900)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
>So Wallflower's hand tightened in Sunset's, and it quickly brought the grin back to her face.
"So.. Did you want to show me something?" Wallflower guessed.
>Sunset's dull blue eyes were fixed on their conjoined hands for a moment longer before they trailed up Wallflower's arm.
>Sunset was staring at her, happiness and idly curiosity bubbling in her eyes.
>Wallflower felt awkward as Sunset gawked at her.
>She should really just leave, Sunset probably didn't even know who she was before she lost her mind, and now...?
>Well, she was a shell of her former self, if she was even that.
>In the moment Wallflower's mind had wandered, Sunset's index finger had found her nose again as she tapped it.
>She peered at Wallflower with a silly grin on her vacant face.
>Wallflower went cross-eyed trying to stare at the finger just a few centimetres from her nose.
>Sunset seemed to be waiting for something as she craned her head forward, her eyes squinted shut.
>Wallflower felt silly as she raised her own hand, and booped Sunset lightly on the nose.
"Uh.. Boop?"
>Her eyes fluttered open and another silly smile pulled at her face.
>Sunset looked at her for a moment longer before seemingly forgetting she existed, as she separated completely from her and turned back to a small, black box.
>Wallflower scratched her head.
>Sunset was weird, mind being destroyed or not.
>Wallflower focused back on the girl next to her, peering over her shoulder at the small box.
>Brightly colored figurines were sat on a silk cushion, and Sunset took them out one by one with tender care.
>They looked vaguely like horses, and were painted in a rainbow of colors.
>With barely a missed beat Sunset was moving them around the table, utterly entranced by the small figurines as she made odd, blubbering sounds.
>Like she was talking, or...
>Wallflower felt like an intruder, watching her play with whatever it was the figurines were of.
File: 2334083.png (469 KB, 800x909)
469 KB
469 KB PNG

>Sunset seemed to realize she was there once more, as her tilted head and dull blue eyes looked at her from under her curtain of messy, tangled hair.
>She smiled and held out one of the figurines for her to take.
>Wallflower accepted it hesitantly.
>It was cool to the touch, made out of something akin to marble.
>It was painted a pastel purple color, and the 'mane' was a mix of dark purple, pink, and red.
>A tiny horn sprouted from it's head and a pair of wings from it's back.
>"Favorite," Sunset muttered, as if ashamed to do so, "Friend."
"This is one of your friends?"
>Sunset nodded.
"Is it.. The exchange student?"
>Sunset's eyes were drilling into the table, but she nodded after a long pause.
>Wallflower felt even worse.
>Sunset considered the girl that had ruined her, had turned her into barely a shell, one of her best friends?
>The very thought sent shivers of disgust up her spine, and for a moment she thought about shattering the little figurine.
>Sunset wasn't a very nice person- at least, she had always heard- but she didn't deserve this.
>Wallflower stamped down on her rising disgust and anger as Sunset seemed to forget what she was thinking about, and went back to playing with her toys.
>Wallflower didn't want to watch this, a second longer and she felt like she would be sick.
"I should go."
>Wallflower set the small figurine back onto the table with a soft 'click'.
>She made to stand up but Sunset's hand shot out at her and wound around her wrist.
>The happiness that had been glimmering in her vacant eyes was replaced with abject horror and fear.
>"N-no," Sunset whimpered.
>The cloudy look in her eyes seemed to abate, replaced instead with a raging storm.
>Like she were caught on a boat in the middle of a hurricane.
>Wallflower hesitated but retook her seat.
>If she were the difference between being Sunset being completely and utterly alone, and having at least one person, then she didn't know if she minded.
File: 899081.jpg (43 KB, 448x595)
43 KB
>Sunset's face relaxed as she went back to playing with the figurines.
>She kept stealing glances at Wallflower, and as the time drew on would trail her fingers over Wallflower's hand to make sure she was still there.
>Wallflower was glad to be.
>Perhaps Sunset was once a mean, awful person, but she wasn't that anymore.
>She wasn't much of anything anymore.
>Still, she and Wallflower had one thing in common - they were both utterly alone.
>Wallflower reached over and rested her hand on Sunset's, and Sunset's fingers tightened around hers in turn.
>At least they could be alone together.


I could probably write more on this, but it feels bloated enough as is desu. Hope you enjoy the bittersweetness.
File: happy horsey life.jpg (47 KB, 944x1125)
47 KB
Aww, now I want more of Wallflower being the actual one in charge of making someone better, its an interesting take on her normal dynamic.
This back to back Sunset stuff has gotten me thinking. Who'd be better suited to being cast as an escort android falling in lesbians with Tempest the former military android, between Purplesmart and Baconhair.
File: 1454386756507.png (1.11 MB, 1175x775)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
rarijack is shit and lesbo threads are dead
Nice trips, satan. The story isnt really about making Sunset "better". Shes kind of stuck being mentally reduced to an infant with a vague awareness of whats going on around her.

Glad you liked it though.
rarijack is love
rarijack is life
wen Sapnon and Fapnon
>she used to guard the royal imperial family, namely Her Majesty of the Equestrian Realm, Princess Twilight Sparkle
>now she’s been cast out after a failed coup attempt
>how could she have fallen for the Storm King’s propaganda, she wonders
>now, exiled in the underbelly of Equestria, she only has infrequent and illegal rendezvous with her beloved princess
>laws are laws, and as much as it saddens Twilight to see her ex... “bodily needs” caretaker, she can’t end Tempest’s exile without a scandal
>that’s when Tempest meets Sunset Shimmer, a pretender to the throne and a local resistance fighter
>a deadly love twiangle?
With sexy results~!
Different story and setting than what I was talking about, but I am intrigued.
Like, how much of Horseyhorseland is occupied?
Not occupied. It's just a huge steampunk Horsey Roman Empire spanning the globe.
So who's Baconhair fighting? The Storm King?
she's after the royal purple throne because she believes herself to be the true heir to Celestia and believes she can herd the kinglets better
twist: she *still* harbors feelings for the purple princess and their mutual admiration for the purple princess is what drives Fizzy and Shimmy to slam clams together
File: 310148.jpg (158 KB, 582x900)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
yes it's a very specific taste
i guess we could also say that Twilight and Sunset are magical girls and Fizzy is a Tuxedo Mask figure
File: 2204553.jpg (108 KB, 1000x1415)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Sailor Scouts green when?
Don't make Fizzy that do-nothing...
I'm just guessing he's a do-nothing, I only watched a few dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon when I was a kid in the mid-late Nineties and since then I'm only familiar with a couple Sailor Moon maymays.
File: 2288986.png (2.74 MB, 4500x4500)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB PNG
File: 1849064.png (2.27 MB, 2944x2882)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
File: 2405.png (157 KB, 836x536)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Blue Twilight crushing on Purple Twilight was a product of simpler times. Now we know that Blue Twilight was made for Equal Twilight
File: 2099493.jpg (161 KB, 679x539)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Blue Twilight has two cheeks for a reason
>simpler times
Happier times.
now she needs Orange Twilight locking lips with her to finish the deal
And Cripple Twilight eating her out.
and Turboslut Twilight watching through the portal and shlicking furiously
Into to the Twilight verse green when?
That was just all of /nst/ bruh
File: 1424673.gif (1.69 MB, 720x404)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF
Well fuck me...
i'm surprised the wiki is still up
File: 775906.png (648 KB, 1200x1200)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
File: 2016870.jpg (265 KB, 1000x1580)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Starlight was getting confused about her being straight again, so Celestia took Truiscuit for herself!
>pale pink hair
Wrong -lestia.
File: 1549576946367.png (451 KB, 724x1024)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Right -lestia
Pale Celestia is best Celestia
how many unicorns has she accepted for her “personal tutelage” and given them hornjobs?
multiverse is dead, grandpa
let it go
or you can revive it here
>oh Blue Twilight, my unfaithful student...
File: 2375473.jpg (2.77 MB, 2200x2000)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
>poor little science girl getting corrupted by two alpha sluts
File: 2094913.png (196 KB, 719x695)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>Sci-Twi being bullied by horses from another dimension
Nah, I live in a Podunk, blink-and-you-miss-it, middle-of-Bumfuck-Nowhere kinda places. Life in general has just been sucky, I've been recovering from acute pancreatitis, and my mom's cancer has done more damage. They got all the fast-growing stuff out at least, but it's still terminal; it *will* kill her, if something from outside her body doesn't first.

Kinda glad that I'm not anywhere near the protests but fuck tha police.
Also, I ran out of paper to draw on awhile back, and by the time I got some, I didn't have anywhere to draw (my house was getting some renovations).
Hope you hold up. You're a good guy.
she can pretend all day that it’s not turning her on at all, but one glance at the wet spot on her panties betrays her.
Thanks, Anon. That means a lot.
File: YmNl.jpg (149 KB, 1280x720)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Bad news is better than no news I guess. Best of luck with your personal shit my dude.
File: 5496.png (649 KB, 850x635)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
many such dimensions!
File: 19837.png (851 KB, 1920x1080)
851 KB
851 KB PNG
why is EqG Starlight so fucking hot? ugh
File: DYWT_1.png (1.34 MB, 956x1280)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Here's me hoping I still got it. Doing a sketch'd comic of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts/Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings singing "Do You Wanna Touch" (Joan Jett's version, Gary Glitter may have written it, but he's a sick pedo who needs to stay and rot in prison). I'll probably do other shots of Sunset and the sirens in their punk'd out getups when I'm done here, then I can get colors and better details in them.
>Fishnets and enough hair product to drown a city
Good shit good shit
File: large.png (348 KB, 1024x1024)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
File: large.png (83 KB, 700x978)
83 KB
You cannot tell me Trixie has bad taste
File: large.png (665 KB, 1280x1024)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
File: 2155890.jpg (3.94 MB, 1608x5289)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB JPG
>for once, it's Blue Twilight who gets cucked
File: 2222657.png (463 KB, 1000x1000)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
it’s unfair
i wanna be the tomboy kissing Applejack
File: 2046578.jpg (178 KB, 618x800)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
What happened to the thread? Did everyone move to canterslut or something?
I'm working on more dumb lewd shit that I'll post soon. Things are slowing down all over the board, it seems, and we've always been a niche thread. But I'll probably keep writing here for a long-ass time, until I've exhausted all the weird ship ideas I have.
I'll probably write some kind of Applejack x Who knows oneshot on fimfic again at some point.
File: 2375667.jpg (1.48 MB, 2327x3000)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
File: 1676518.png (459 KB, 843x1024)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
File: 273323.png (541 KB, 1000x908)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
This is my ship
It's a pretty great ship.
File: I sail my ship alone.png (39 KB, 1390x806)
39 KB
No it's my ship, get your own!
Imagine: GILF Fizzy x long necc ruler Twi
i can't believe the thread is fucking dead
but is it cursed enough to work?
No, just regular cursed.
File: 2247245.png (2.22 MB, 1981x3049)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
I need it more cursed to even get out of bed in the morning.
I think that pic fits your bill.
Twilight time traveling to the same day/hour multiple times during her reign and having a massive selfcest orgy
Fizzy confessing her sub fetish and being turned into a royal backscratcher using her broken horn and forced to wear degrading slutwear
Equestrian embassy in Yakyakistan having to dispel rumors that Rarity has developed a hairy mare fetish and invites female yaks for “hairy time”
Cheese Sandwich accidentally knocks up the other Pinkie Pie but Pony Pie is into that cucking shit and raising the child as her own turns her on every day
Glimglam does annual apology tour at Our Town where mares get a 24 hour pass to take sexual revenge on her
Rainbow Dash eats apples while AJ does all the house work
File: 1890278.png (239 KB, 800x500)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
File: 819126.png (138 KB, 451x477)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Fluttershy, being the good girl she is, just stays at home and keep herself busy with knitting.
File: 2339261.jpg (202 KB, 1280x1833)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
among other side jobs.
So here's a bit of StarTrix ENF for ya

>”Heeeeeey, Starlight~”
>You hear your girlfriend’s voice from the other side of the plastic curtain, and you can see her outline in the dull fluorescent lighting
“Trixie, would you go away? I’m trying to shower.”
>”Aww. Sure you don’t wanna hang out?”
“No. I don’t. I wanna finish my shower.”
>”Are you still mad at Trixie?”
“I’m not mad at you.”
>”Are we fighting?”
“I told you, no. I just want some time to myself, while we’re here at camp.”
>”Hmph. But Trixie’s booooooored.”
“Then find a way to entertain yourself.”
>You crank the water a little warmer and start rinsing your hair
>”Fine. Trixie will see you soon~”
“What? Why did you say it like that?”
>”You’ll see~”
“Trixie, I swear to God, if you try anything funny…”
>But Trixie’s already left
>You groan, wash the last bits of suds from your body, then shut off the water
>Camp Everfree’s showers aren’t as private as you’d like: it’s essentially just a concrete bunker with a wooden door, and a few showers behind plastic curtains
>You’ve never been the most comfortable with showing off your body, too, so you specifically waited until late at night, when everyone else is asleep
>Everyone except Trixie, it seems
>You push back the curtain and peer out to make sure you really are alone
>The coast is clear, so you step out, your wet feet slapping against the concrete floor
>You grab for where you left your towel… only to find it’s not there
>You glance around, wondering if you left it on another rack, but all the towel racks are empty
>Then you glance for the tiny table where you left your clothes, and it’s empty too
>Dread drops into your stomach like a rock
“Trixie?” you ask, your own voice echoing around the small room. “Trixie, this isn’t funny. Where are you?”
>There’s no response
>You make a quick search of the room, covering yourself with your hands just in case somebody walks in
>God, if a boy comes in, you’re just going to *die*
>You don’t find anything, and you call out again
“Trixie! I’m serious!”
>Again, no response
>Desperate plans chase each other through your head
>You could pull down a shower curtain and wrap that around yourself
>But the curtains are held in place with metal rings, and the material isn’t something you think you could tear with your bare hands
>What else is there?
>You could scrounge for some leaves…
>Oh fuck, how are you supposed to get back to your cabin?
>Even at night, someone will probably see you… right?
>It is pretty dark, and there’s plenty of tree cover…
>Most of the others will be asleep, or else fooling around in their tents
>So, if you’re smart, maybe you could sneak back without being seen…
>It’s not like you have any other option
>You walk over to the door and place your hand on the handle
>Your heart is hammering inside your chest, and you’re starting to shiver from cold and adrenaline
>You open the door just a crack and peer out
>The coast is totally clear, but you scan a bit more, then listen really close, just in case somebody’s coming
>No one is
>You open the door fully and step out
>The night air hits your skin immediately, drying the moisture and making you shudder
>You feel so raw, so *exposed*, even with nobody around
>You place one hand over your breasts and use the other to cover your crotch, just in case
>The first few tentative steps out are nerve-wracking; even though you can’t hear anyone, you’re sure someone’s going to be just beyond the bushes, giggling
>But the night is quiet, peaceful, and actually pretty warm
>You take a step forward, then another
>Crickets chirp somewhere in the distance
>A fly buzzes past, and you swat it away, more disgusted than usual at the thought of it touching your bare skin
>This isn’t so bad, you tell yourself
>You can do it
>The dirt path beneath your feet curves left through the trees, and you know the girls’ cabins are just beyond that
>If you hurry, you can—
>You hear the giggling from somewhere to your right, and whirl around
“Gah! Don’t look!”
>You squat down, trying to hide as much of yourself as possible
>”Lookin’ good, Starlight~”
“You little—where are you?”
>”Oh, right over here.”
>You can hear her more clearly now—she’s coming from the trees to your right, but you can’t see her
“Just give me my clothes Trixie. Please. This isn’t funny.”
>”I dunno, I think it’s pretty funny.”
“I’m serious.”
>”Alright, alright. Just come here.”
“If you trick me again, I swear…”
>You glance around, then sprint over to the trees
>As soon as you’re in shadow, you feel a little safer
>Unless anyone is right next to you, they’ll never see you
>Still, the branches scratch against your skin as you step into cover, stinging your back, your bare legs, your butt…
>”Over heeeeeere~”
>She sounds further away now, and you realize what she’s trying to do
“Trixie, get back here!”
>”Come and get me!”
>You hear her crashing through the trees up ahead, and you sprint after her
“I’m gonna kill you!”
>”Gotta catch Trixie first!”
>She leads you on a mad sprint through the forest
>The nettles sting your naked flesh, and you give up on covering yourself as you pump your arms, chasing after her
>You burst into a clearing, flooded by bright moonlight
>The ground beneath your feet changes to sand, then to something wet and soft
>You slow down all to late; already, thick, viscous mud is squishing up between your toes
“Ah! What is this!?”
>You try to pull your foot free, but the vacuum effect of the mud holds it in place
>You start to sink lower, past your ankles and then up to your mid-calf
“Trixie! Trixie, help!
>You sink a little lower, until you’re up to your knees
“Trixie, I’m serious, please! I’m gonna die!”
>Trixie snickers from somewhere out of view
>”Nah, you won’t. It’s not that deep.”
>Trixie struts out from the tree line and onto the narrow sandbar that surrounds the mud pit you’re currently sinking into
>”But you’re kinda stuck, eh?”
>You resist the urge to cover yourself; she’s seen you naked plenty of times already
>But still, this is an extra level of vulnerability
>The mud is a few inches above your knees now, and you’re stuck fast
“This isn’t funny! How do you know it’s not that deep?”
>”Trixie was playing in it earlier.”
>You realize Trixie’s carrying a bundle in her arms
“My clothes! You little—“
>”Heheh. Trixie got you!”
“I knew it was you, you bitch.”
>”Oooh, you’re so mad. It’s kinda getting Trixie going.”
“Very funny. Just help me get out of here.”
>”Trixie will. Eventually.”
“Eventually? What are you talking about?”
>”Well, you told Trixie to entertain herself. So she thought…”
“That you’d strand me naked and then trap me in a sinkhole?”
>”Look, maybe you should know about some very specific Trixie Fetishes™.”
>Trixie kisses her fingers
>”And Starlight, you are looking pretty great out there. You don’t mind if Trixie…?”
“If you what?” you ask, your voice pure venom
>”Oh, you know,” Trixie says as she slides down the high-cut shorts she’s been wearing
>Her panties come with them, and you’re given a full view of the pussy you’ve learned to love, despite the fact that it’s currently attached to a person you desperately want to strangle
>Trixie sets down your clothes and stretches out on a rock
“If you start doing *that*, I’ll kill you. I swear, Trixie.”
>”Oh, yeah. Keeping talking dirty~” Trixie says
>She starts to finger herself, keeping her legs spread and making a full show out of it, just for you
“You… you… agh!”
>You can’t even get the words out, you’re so angry
>Trixie groans, rubbing herself in slow, teasing circles
>Her eyes stay locked on you, and that’s the worst part of it: you can feel her drinking in your humiliation
>Well, actually, that’s not the worst part
>As you watch her pleasure yourself, and you know she’s doing it to *you*, so obsessed with your discomfort and vulnerability…
>It’s starting to get kinda hot
>Still, hot or not, you’re gonna kill her
>You lurch forward, fighting against the mud holding your legs
>It splatters upwards, onto your stomach and your inner thighs
>”Oh, that! More of that! Oh, Trixie ~likes~”
“You’re dead. I’m gonna stuff my towel down your throat.”
>”Y-yes, yes…”
“Stop enjoying this!”
>”Heheh. Looks like Trixie’s not the only one.”
“I don’t like this! This is humiliating! You’re a monster, you hear me? An absolute—“
>”NNNNNNUuuuuuugh, oh yeah, that’s it~”
>Trixie shudders atop her rock as she comes, staining it with thin, clear streams of her juices
>She raises her hand to her mouth and makes a big show of licking the rest off her fingers
“I hate you.”
>”Trixie knows~”
“Help me out of here. Now.”
>”Why’s that? You seem like you’re having fun.”
>Trixie is staring at your crotch, and you follow her gaze
>To your shame, your thighs are wet too, and it has nothing to do with the mud
“I… it’s just from the exertion.”
>”Trixie knows. But maybe she can help you out~”
“That’s what I’ve been asking for this whole time, you—oh.”
>Trixie stands up and peels off the rest of her own clothing
>Somehow, despite the muck she manages to strut over to you, swaying her booty and letting that wonderful, sculpted body of hers jiggle
>Mud sloshes up over her thighs too, and Trixie even grabs two big handfuls and smears them over her breasts
>”Mmmm. You’re gonna wanna keep your voice down.”
“What are you talking about?”
>”Oh, nothing. But if you don’t want anybody to see you, you should stay quiet.”
>You’re about to ask what she means again, but then Trixie drops down to her hands and knees
>She sinks into the mud, her pale, soft body disappearing beneath waves of gray-brown much
>Only her head sticks up, and it’s perfectly level with your crotch
>It’s not hard to imagine what she’s thinking
“You’re crazy.”
>”Trixie knows.”
“Out here? In the middle of the woods? When we’re both filthy?”
>Trixie nods vigorously
“You’re out of your mind.”
>”Maybe. But Trixie needs to get herself out of the doghouse somehow.”
>She exhales, and her warm breath washes over your wet, lusty slit
“Mmm, ah…”
>”Heheh. Just remember, stay quiet. Unless you want an audience.”
“Shut up. And just… just get to work.”
>Trixie snickers
>And then she leans in
>A shiver races through you as her mouth trails from your belly to your crotch
>She starts with simple kisses, but soon her tongue is working in there too, teasing between your lower lips in the way she knows you love
>You bury your fingers in your girlfriend’s hair
“I fucking hate you.”
>”Trixie knows~” she says, slightly muffled by having your cunt in her mouth
“Agh. Slow down, or I’m gonna…”
>You sigh again
>She’s so fucking *good* at this
>For such a selfish, perverted, troublesome girl, she always remembers what you like
>Once you’re practically gushing between your thighs, she starts swirling her tongue around you, rapid-fire teasing you
“I’m… nnng… still gonna… *oh*… kill you.”
>She shuts her eyes, wriggling her muddy body like a puppy as she laps at you
>You can’t resist anymore
>You bury your fingers in Trixie’s hair and shove her face between your legs, grinding yourself against her as you splatter her face with your juice
“Ah, ah… AH!”
>It’s too good, and the scream tears its way past your lips
>Trixie brings you to a full-body clenching, spurting, messy, screaming orgasm, as she has dozens of times before
>In that brief, white-gold pleasureful instance, you remember exactly why you put up with your bullshit
>But then the glow fades, leaving you panting and slick with sweat
>”Am I forgiven?”
“No, you… idiot. What if… someone… heard?”
>”Heh. Trixie didn’t really think you’d get so loud—“
>Somewhere in the distance, you can hear concerned voices
>*Did you hear that?* *Sounded like a scream.* *Should we check it out?*
>Trixie’s eyes widen
>”Oh. Oops.”
“Don’t just sit there. Help me get out!”
>”Eh, heheh… Trixie’s kinda stuck…”
>She wriggles around; most of her body is beneath the mud now, save for her shoulders and part of her booty
“You’re the worst. Seriously, you are *the* actual worst.”
>”If eat you out again, will that make it all better?”
“No! How are we gonna get out of here?”
>”Look, Trixie only thought this through to the part where she made you cum.”
“That’s pretty obvious.”
>”Maybe we should just call for help? Trixie can come up with an excuse.”
“Somehow, I doubt that…”
>You cover your face in your hands
>There really isn’t another way, is there?
>You can hear somebody stomping around in the trees, not even that far off
“I’m gonna strangle you, Trixie. Or you’re gonna be on your knees every night for the next month.”
>”Trixie’s okay with either~”
“Oh, just shut up.”
>You squeeze your eyes shut, then cry out
>You don’t scream, you just want whoever is nearby to hear you
>Then you hear heavy footsteps stomping through the trees, and Sunset Shimmer emerges into the clearing
>She’s wearing her leather jacket over her pajamas, and her boots are unlaced on her feet
>You can’t bring yourself to look her in the eye, and you cover yourself with your hands
“So, um…”
>Sunset just laughs
>”Don’t worry, you don’t have to explain. I’ll go find a rope.”
“It’s not what it looks like…” you mumble, knowing you won’t convince her in the slightest
*"If Trixie eats you out again..."


>Sunset hauls the two of you out, and then you and Trixie stand together on the sandbar, her dripping with mud, you mostly clean, but absolutely humiliated
>Trixie seems like she’s having a blast, though
>Sunset throws you each a towel, so you can get back to the showers with a little dignity
“ I don’t have to ask you to keep quiet about this, right?”
>”Hah, I’m not gonna blab,” Sunset says. “Honestly, I should thank you two.”
“Um, why?”
>”Now I know what me and Twilight can get up to tomorrow night,” she says with a wink. “Just promise me you won’t spoil the surprise.”
“Oh. No, of course not.”
>”Trixie supposes she’ll allow you to use her brilliant idea.”
>Sunset rolls her eyes, grinning
>”Thanks, Trix. Now get to the showers, you two, before that stuff dries.”

>You sprint back to the showers, this time making sure you keep your clothes tightly bundled under your arm
>Trixie follows along, still chuckling to herself
>”Oh, man. So, not so bad, eh?”
>”Trixie showed you a pretty good time, didn’t she? Out in the open? Where *anyone* could see us?”
“I’m not into your weird exhibition kink now, if that’s what you mean.”
>”Hey, Trixie won’t press. But if you, maybe, wanted to return the favor to Trixie while we’re out at the lake tomorrow—“
>Just as you two get to the showers, you slam the door shut and drop the towel from your body
>Trixie licks her lips, probably thinking she’s about to get ‘repaid’ early?
>You grab her and drag her into the same shower as you
“I told you, your mine for the next month, after that little stunt. Now, on your knees.”
>”Heheh. Yes ma’am…”
“God, the bullshit I put up with.”
>”Because you love Trixie,” Trixie mumbles as she kisses up your thigh
“Hmph. I shouldn’t.”
>As her mouth reaches the sweet spot, you exhale between your teeth
“But, goddammit, I really do…”

And that's that. Not sure why I've been on this "lewd-ish oneshots" kick recently, but I don't see it ending anytime soon.
File: j1g8_540.gif (1.74 MB, 500x281)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
This degeneracy ticked several of my boxes, keep up the good smut work.
"Her teats"?
Sunset: "Daybreaker wants her enemies burned. Nightmare Moon wants them drowned. Why are all the gods such vicious cunts? Where is the god of tits and wine?"
>Twilight: "In Neighppon, they worship a fertility goddess with sixteen teats."
Sunset: "We should sail there immediately."
>page 8
Haram, all of you
Now that's a ship. Just a big happy pile of pussies.
Speaking of horses and ASoIaF, I've never been able to stop thinking that Cersei and the Friendship is Witchcraft version of Twilight line up incredibly well. Childish, conniving, brotherfucking vicious idiots who are nowhere near as smart or as kind (Cersei remembering her bullying Sansa as giving her helpful advice; "I'm too dumb and fat! And your blueprint is just a great sketch and a clever pun!") as they think they are.
Who do you think would be Brienne? Applejack doesn't work because she's too pretty.
File: 565327.jpg (822 KB, 1280x929)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
There isn't a pony ugly enough. They're all too pretty. You'd have to base it on her other traits. I'd say... I kinda wanna say Octavia, actually. I'd lean toward Limestone as well, but Brienne isn't as assertive or waspish as Lime.
Where does Blue Twilight’s kinks end?
Trixie is just a sexual being. She knows no limitations
File: 2377783.png (121 KB, 640x640)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
File: 30578.png (707 KB, 1203x2559)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
Being alone forever
File: 2377761.jpg (133 KB, 1122x819)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
File: 1592356153138.png (2.38 MB, 3000x2000)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Is this love?
>Sunset looking off glassy eyed, thinking of some prettier, better girl that's just out of reach
It's love, but not the one you want
tragic lesbian love is kino.

Or i'm just masochist
File: 1651089.jpg (250 KB, 695x812)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
The best kind of yuri is suffering
File: 2323448.jpg (93 KB, 934x1024)
93 KB
What makes a person say that?
Personal experience.
File: 1896201.png (1003 KB, 848x1200)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
Enough water oozing from the eyes, more water oozing from the mouth.
You fuckers actually let this thread drop to page 9? You all need to get thrown into Celestia's gay-ass prison, one million years dungeon.
File: melting.png (615 KB, 965x998)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
We're just edging the thread is all. Every time it dips below page 8 the bump is that much more rewarding.
File: 1551179.png (2.32 MB, 1276x2160)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
>tfw Pinkie has patrician taste in ships
>Musn't let sister know how turned on we are right now
>when your sister feels your stiff nipples and you feel her girlcock hardening in response
>stage slut is a voracious pervert
adding this to the Pieverse trope list for when this thread inevitably devolves to nst-style multiverse dykeshit
But which one is the more sub in the relationship?
Luna, obviously.
File: 2378074.jpg (807 KB, 1900x1900)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
File: 2123450.png (444 KB, 1161x1353)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
File: 1643841.png (264 KB, 478x512)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Those two weren't the centre of that special.
It was meant to be these two. And they didn't even more dykebaiting them in the slightest, which is borderline criminal, even crow-barring sunset in as a third wheel.
I want a Sassy Saddles x Spitfire domestic lesbians story.
File: 1574410174789.jpg (322 KB, 745x719)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
What's Rainbow Dash's favorite lesbian activity?
File: 850661.png (1000 KB, 1600x1200)
1000 KB
1000 KB PNG
Drinking to help distract her from the fact that she never gets any second dates.
Married after the first date, huh? It sure ain't easy being beautiful and perfect...
File: 2378473.jpg (2.13 MB, 3502x2524)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
File: 547794.jpg (399 KB, 600x600)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
You make me sad. Rainbow deserves better.
File: large (19).png (727 KB, 1280x962)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
Celestia powerbottoms for days.

>"Take me now, you beautiful jack-off!"
"Uh... sure..."
"You fucking bitch! Why do you have to be so sexy!? Every single day I feel like I'm flipping a coin between kissing you and punching your smug little mouth... Why is my life 'Brokeback Symposium'?"
"Aww, Octy, I love you too."
>tfw Chryssi invaded Canterlot because she heard about Princess Luna and wanted a dom but everything always falls apart before she can make the offer
File: 1683819.jpg (796 KB, 1400x990)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
File: 2240894.png (3.33 MB, 2100x1600)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB PNG
Well she keep invading during the day, and nothing stop little sister from getting her beauty sleep.
File: 2310507.jpg (323 KB, 1977x2048)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Deserves and gets are two very different words anon
>dejected Rainbow Trash sluttifying herself
that's the gud shit
I don't like these feels at all. This is actually upsetting me.
File: 51159.jpg (32 KB, 409x373)
32 KB
I think Dash's character is best when she's at her lowest and is struggling. Personally the best greens these threads have had with Dash are sad ones. Am I the asshole here? Ye. But that's only because being Rainbow Dash is suffering.
It's not because of Rainbow. It could have been any of them.
Because you don't like seeing Chad/Stacy happy and like it when they're miserable like you?
File: 1749545.jpg (1.69 MB, 2920x2920)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
>In this picture Rarity has misread Fluttershy's friendly actions as flirting and tries to capitalize on this. Fluttershy is not as excited about the situation.
File: 810799.png (261 KB, 651x511)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Could Twilight redeem yuri Satan?
Sorry for the delay in content, my muse struck so Im whipping something up to the tune of
Something like this
Will it still be Sadnon, or is it Sapnon or Fapnon?
Hopefully the answer is "yes"
no, they’re both sluts
File: 10975.jpg (557 KB, 647x1021)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
File: 1594602.png (1003 KB, 1400x1400)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
Sluttershy can hardly keep her legs shut
File: 110516.png (216 KB, 1020x1832)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
File: 1592632542465.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
File: 472513.png (465 KB, 1280x980)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
i want Glimslut to be my guidance counselor
me in the wedding dress
File: fluut.jpg (259 KB, 810x1080)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
bump fluters
you know, i can’t remember the last time we had a rarijack green where rarity was the masculine one. rarifuta x applejack when
Oh, this is giving me some great ideas. Guess there'll be more lewd crackshipping coming tonight

Rarity is a bratty sub and nothing can change my mind.
t. rariwhore :)
>this is giving me some great ideas
this better involve Rarity being a slut
That'll be a different story. I want to bring back Futa!RariJack
>futa rarity getting pegged by cis applejack
>trap rarity getting pegged by fem applejack
File: 1505412839730.gif (1.26 MB, 600x404)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
>more lewd crackshipping coming tonight
FutaDash > FutaJack
haha imagine catching them fondling each other like that and you see Dash’s girlcock tenting one her dress
Degenerates like you belong on a cross.
>Dash: "You're pretty good at playing the keyboard, Rarity... how about I teach you to play a new instrument?"
>*points at tentpole*
File: eqg_is_for_the_gays.png (32 KB, 638x363)
32 KB
File: 1998082.png (610 KB, 900x1300)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
File: DYWT_2.png (1.26 MB, 959x1280)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Page 2 is done!
File: 1519839135276.gif (1.17 MB, 280x154)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
Aria’s hand is dangerously close to lifting up Sonata’s skirt and fingering her
File: maxresdefault.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
This whole special was basically WallFlower Blush having a huge crush on Sunset (who can blame her?) and getting angry because she ignored her whole existence
File: cruelty.jpg (140 KB, 1080x1080)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>tfw Sunset finally reciprocates, but instead of chaining Wallflower up and giving her fifty lashes for being such a bad girl, Sunset encourages self-betterment while wearing a dominatrix outfit
File: 1525085673403.png (94 KB, 287x357)
94 KB
Can't post this in a Christian pony board
why in the hell applejack married dash when she had rarity
Blue-orange contrast always wins.
File: oh my how lewd.jpg (264 KB, 2048x2048)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>fuck rarity
>marry dash
>kill twilight
Okay, this isn't as crack of a ship as I thought. But damn, is it lewd. It might be too much for some, but if you like bleak, filthy smut, this is for you I guess.

Contains: Despair, Sub/Dom, Groping, Butt Stuff, General Sluttery

File: 1783976.png (49 KB, 300x300)
49 KB
Oh yes
filthy trash, belongs in porn mags
holy unf
File: choo choo.png (92 KB, 800x458)
92 KB
All of the above my dude. Im also jumping on the bully dash train
File: 1555628861183.gif (342 KB, 640x360)
342 KB
342 KB GIF
>it’s nice to feel wanted
Very excited for more bully
File: 260067.png (365 KB, 1105x720)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (284 KB, 2000x2000)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Here is something better.
you’re holding back on us again... i can tell that you wanted to give HARDwhinny something extra to work with for the Dashbutt stuff
File: DYWT_3.png (1.38 MB, 974x1280)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Page 3 now; hair pulling always came across as something fun on occasion.

>tfw Sunset gives Wallflower a little hair pull
>as a treat
File: 1587915687372.jpg (40 KB, 600x600)
40 KB
Thats preddy GAY
>getting cucked double time

Poor Triscuit!
File: sunsetglimmer.png (313 KB, 1280x705)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
imagine the smell
File: starlight sunset.png (811 KB, 1280x886)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
Trixie can't stop losing!
Anyone else ships Twilight and Rarity? I feel people don't ship the two enough
They are /the best of friends/, not lovers.
i need sequels
sequels of Dash going further down the sluttery hole in desperate search for acceptance
twishy is cuter and works better
File: 2379636.jpg (271 KB, 2048x1751)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>/the best of friends/
File: 904533.png (340 KB, 550x650)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
"Best friends,"
>Rarity quietly said to herself after another spoonful of icecream.
>All the swooning and flirting and preening but Twilight still didn't see her as anything more than one of her best friends.
>She tossed the spoon across the room is apathetic anger
"Then I will be the very best friend she has ever seen."
Rarity steeled herself, sitting up from her couch reserved for moping.
"Even water will erode the hardest of rocks, and I will drench her in so much friendship she will have to love me!"
That' what you get for pretending you are straight, Rarity
>"Hey, Rarity! How about you follow me home after school? I'll let you eat my pussy."
Reminder that it's breakfast time in, like, China or something.
File: 2356554.jpg (146 KB, 1100x1140)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
File: 74653254678.png (231 KB, 361x600)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>"Rarity, I just finished soccer practice! How about we go over to my place and take a shower? And by shower I mean your tongue licking me clean of every single bead of sweat on my body."
File: trixie lesbian.png (696 KB, 1265x714)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
What a fucking lesbian
>no Dashbot taking Rarara to meet her creator for whatever reason
File: large.jpg (523 KB, 1280x640)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
File: 1592891208455.png (1007 KB, 1268x1014)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
damn horsey, stop eating those flowers!
>Dashbot: "Twilight, I would like you to meet my girlfriend; Rarity!"
>Twilight: "Hi, nice to mee–"
Rarity: "You're gorgeous..."
I was talking about Pie's fic.
I know, but that green is done and over. Pie, however needs to write a sequel featuring raritwidash shipping! (It's in high demand these days)
He already said Dash's mom made her, not Purple.
Really? Darn... Looks like Pie's uncreative mind have bested me yet again.
I was thinking in terms of fluffy Meet the Parents stuff anyway.
File: King.jpg (44 KB, 800x516)
44 KB
While I'm busy hammering away at this already absurdly long random tangent I had, feel free to throw some short oneshot requests to keep the thread a little more green.
After dating for two years, Fluttershy finally reveals to Applejack that she was the one that stab Rarity to death on that cold and windy night two years ago out of jealousy and she regrets nothing.
For Sapnon:
Purplesmart is a daemon Doctor Celestia assembled from flesh Celestia does not want to remember where she sourced it from and given renewed life through means Celestia does not want to remember how. However, rather than run off in revulsion at the devil she brought into the world, Celestia took responsibility for her creation even though she can barely stand to look at Twilight.
Twily is currently trying to figure out whether the Storge she feels for her creator is alloyed with Eros.
Dante Must Die Mode: write as Fapnon
File: 1619528.png (570 KB, 1310x621)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
I'm confused on what half the words you just said mean, but I'll figure it out.
For now

>Stars glittered up above, like twinkling fairy lights that merrily glimmered against the black backdrop.
>You were Fluttershy, and you had an undeniably gorgeous view.
>For more reasons than just the night sky's majesty, as you hugged the warm body next to you a little tighter.
>You buried your nose in the crux of her shoulder and wrapped yourself tighter around her, laying your head on the arms folded underneath her own.
>The smell of fresh apples, hay, and sweat tickled at your nose, as did the straw-colored hair of your girlfriend.
>All that and more made up Applejack, just about the greatest girl in the world.
>Like many nights before the pair of you were laying in the back of her old pickup on an even older air mattress.
>The conversation had lulled as you dozed against her side.
>How long had it been, since you had confessed to Applejack?
>Years, perhaps.
>It felt like a blur.
>Every moment with her did, really.
>Being around her...
>Your heart pounded in your chest, and your face flushed, and you could feel the cute little butterflies in your stomach flapping about.
>"Hey, Shy?"
>The soft southern drawl, like sweet molasses spilling from her mouth, drew you from your nap.
>Applejack seemed to think for a long moment before she spoke.
>And when she did, you paid attention.
>"I gotta confess somethin'."
>The forlorn tone slammed into you like a baseball bat.
>You bit your lip.
"Hmm? What is it?"
>You hoped she didn't hear the tremble in your voice...
>"It's been eatin' me up inside," Applejack muttered, "I ain't a liar, I ain't no good at it, I don't like it."
>She was babbling, one of the things you usually enjoyed, but not now.
>Had she figured out...?
"What's that, J?"
tl;dr Twily isn't sure if she just loves Celestia or is also /in love/ with her.
Though really, you don't need to do this if you don't think you understand the prompt. In fact, if you don't feel like writing in Sapnon or Fapnon mode I'd rather you leave this be.
*loves Celestia in a familial way or is also
File: 2003670.png (156 KB, 1118x714)
156 KB
156 KB PNG

>You could feel it now.
>Applejack was gnawing on her lip as her fingers sought something in an inner pocket of her jacket, nervously twisting the fabric as she did.
>"It ain't easy to say," Applejack said softly, "I did one of the worst things y'all can ask of someone. Rainbow Dash-"
>You relaxed, all of the tension draining from your body as you sighed.
"That wasn't your fault J", you said firmly, "Rainbow took her car back from you before it was ready. You said so yourself. Just because we were... Well, it doesn't matter now."
>Applejack opened her mouth to respond, but after a moment's silence she began to chew on her lip again.
>You playfully pinched her lip between your fingers and giggled.
"Careful, you'll bite them off."
>"Heh. Reckon I will. Thanks, Shy."
>You settled back against her with a soft sigh.
"I love you."
>"Love you too, Shy."
>Applejack went quiet again, save for her heart beat.
>It was steady and firm, just like it's owner, and it relaxed you.
"I don't blame you. I promise."
>You hugged Applejack tight as she shuddered.
>Rainbow Dash, even so many years after, was always a sore subject.
>One you were happy to comfort her about.
>"I do", Applejack admitted, and not for the first time, "If I hadn't..."
>You let Applejack drone on.
>It seemed almost routine by now.
>Applejack always felt better when she spoke about it, and you enjoyed letting her vent.
"It was an accident Applejack", you mutter, just at the right time.
>"Suppose so. Have you ever done somethin' so vile, so evil, so... I don't really know another word for it. Somethin' like that, Shy?"
>The calm miasma you were lingering in suddenly shattered once more as Applejack's voice broke through.
>You looked up at her, and she looked at you.
>Those piercing green eyes always did you in.
>Two years and some change was enough time, right? Perhaps it was time to pull that particular skeleton out of the closet...
>You suck in a deep breath...
In fact, I'd rather the matter be dropped entirely. Finish up what the yellow one did last Summer then return to the tangent.
File: 2361061.jpg (594 KB, 1646x2046)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
maybe it was just the way you wrote it that confused me, cause I can totally do that. Whether it's going to be fully Sapnon or Sadnon is hard to tell.
"I have something to tell you, Applejack."
>No going back now, right?
>"What's that, Sweetpea?"
"It's hard to say", your voice was a bare whisper, hoarse and harsh in your throat as the words came tumbling out.
>"Y'all can tell me anything. Promise."
>You sucked in one last, shuddering breath, as you muttered something into her ear.
"I killed Rarity."
>A great weight lifted from your shoulders as the words slipped passed your lips.
>Not regret, no, as you cuddled in Applejack's side, no amount of regret tinged your mind.
>"W-what? But the Sheriff-"
"I did it. I saw you two together and I.. I lost it. I was so *jealous*."
>"You... It was you.."
>You could hear the tone of utter despair in her voice, and winced when her arms tightened around you.
>Certain that she would crush the life out of you, just as you had done to her old flame.
>At the very least you hoped she would look in the eye as you did, so your last thought would be of them.
>The crushing pressure you expected didn't come.
>Instead Applejack wound herself up against you and buried herself in your hair.
>She was shaking, but you couldn't feel her crying.
>No, but you could hear her laughing.
>Like a wounded animal caught in a trap, knowing their end was near.
>Utterly desperate.
"What's so funny?" You finally managed to ask.
>"...I wanted to tell you earlier that I..."
>Applejack's whole body shuddered as her hot breath tickled against your ear.
"...Sabotaged Rainbow's car."
>You felt your heart swoon as your hugged her back, and began to giggle against her chest with manic glee.
>The stars glittered overhead, twinkling merrily.
>Like all was right in the world.


The lesbos that kill together stay together, right?

No worries man, it's an interesting prompt. I'd be down to see what I can do with it.
crazy shy is best shy <3
File: 305081.png (913 KB, 1920x1200)
913 KB
913 KB PNG
How delightfully devilish, but I guess no one would have expected anything other than an accident with Rainbow Crash
Fluttershy stabs Rarity 21 times then leaves her for dead, but somehow she's still alive and crawls her way to the hospital until a car containing Rainbow's dead body runs her over. Her last words: "Damn you... Rainbow Crash!"
File: 678323.png (594 KB, 764x1327)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Is that an agreement to call off taking my prompt?
my music lesbo role reversal can’t be this cute
File: 2379873.png (707 KB, 1280x947)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
The only princess I haven't seen Sunset romance at this point is Flurry Heart and I'm glad for that.
File: msapplebloom.jpg (707 KB, 1920x3240)
707 KB
707 KB JPG
Despite what your teachers taught you in school, Apple Bloom is by all measures considered an adult.
File: 1915306.jpg (574 KB, 1092x911)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
>>Wait, Starlight, why our filly has green eyes? I don't have green eyes, neither you do...

>>what other mare can have green eyes?

>In the background, Sunset Shimmers leaves the room silently
File: 475356789657.jpg (66 KB, 723x484)
66 KB
File: 543575643.png (892 KB, 1916x1080)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
Trixie is on her way to pick up Starlight for date night, when she spots her walking about town. She greets her and the two go on their date.
Meanwhile, Suri Polomare wonders who this blue mare is and why she's buying her free dinner and Starlight sits at home staring at the clock wondering why her girlfriend hasn't picked her up yet.
the duality of cuckquean
File: 1705856.jpg (284 KB, 1600x1183)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
I really like the idea that Trixie just that oblivious that she can't tell one purple girl from another.
File: 6524356785432.png (770 KB, 1024x1024)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
>Trixie: "Hey Star, maybe I'm being crazy but... didn't you used to have a horn?"
>Suri:"Um honey, I was born an earth pony, mmkay? But I will admit that a lot ponies that see my think of me as a unicorn due to my unmatched glamor and beauty."
>Trixie smiles and blushes
>*happy sigh* "It's true, you really are gorgeous, Starlight!"
>Suri: "Okay seriously, why do you keep calling me Starlight? No, wait don't tell me... It's because of my radiant personality, isn't it?"
File: 1583116509315.png (549 KB, 1035x943)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
Applebloom was raped in the summer of 2015 by Rarity
File: 1211188.png (252 KB, 586x672)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Glimmy was made for cucking
Purple in general or just that approximate shade of purple?
File: 2165760.png (1 MB, 1583x1457)
1 MB
I think as long as there is some sort of purple somewhere, Trix is down
>Ponyville Annual Grape Festival
>Trixie hyperventilates herself into a coma
Rainbow Dash is starting to question her sanity when she notice two months have passed and she has close to no recollection of what she've been doing everyday after school. Little does she know that Rarity has fallen into the habit of spiking her waterbottles and bringing her home after school to 'play with' then dropping her off at her own place before nightfall.
File: 1997135.png (230 KB, 480x568)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
>200% bitch
Trixie can't help if all her heartthrobs look the same
uh hey
Blue Twilight
do you need glasses or something
Do you think Twilight ever got groped by one of this girls?
Not a single time, but I bet she imagined it constantly in her little cuckshed in the back of the school as she furiously masturbated her frustrations away.
File: 1427737.jpg (487 KB, 1280x720)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
I would do the same, Maud, i would do the same..
Post tail wagging lesbos
File: 526031.jpg (50 KB, 600x600)
50 KB
Jesus christ when did I slip from being the writefag that pulls feels trips to the guy that writes straight maniacs?
What are you talking about, Madnon? Your greens have always featuring bone chilling content that leaves one void of sleep and full of dread. The best tears are produced from fears.
File: girlfriends.jpg (986 KB, 1280x720)
986 KB
986 KB JPG
File: 2167022.jpg (252 KB, 1000x689)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
the many faces of Sadnon.

>The very spice of life.
>Or, at least, the spice of your life.
>You were Rainbow Dash, and you were losing your mind.
>The almost condescending look in your friend's eyes as you tried to explain that you were losing your mind shook what little sanity you had left.
>They didn't believe, didn't see, didn't pay any attention to you.
>And you hated them for it, a little bit.
>The ever-growing bitterness seemed all-encompassing and universal.
>Except for her.
>Her sky-blue eyes and plush, velvety lips that curled into a smirk so endearing your heart melted in your chest every time you saw it.
>That soft, unblemished skin, pale as freshly-fallen snow, and hair coiffed just-so.
>Someone so utterly perfect and mind bending in her splendor.
>And, unlike the others, she believed you.
>Or at least she listened.
>She listened when you said you were missing time, that you would leave school and wake up the next day with no recollection in between.
>She cared, and sighed in that pouty and oh-so-cute way when you rapped yourself on the head as you tried to drum up those memories.
>"Do you want to kill the last few brain cells you have left, darling?" She would say, pulling your hands away as they beat a rhythm on your skull and giving you a heart-melting smile.
>You didn't know what you would do without her.
>You would smile when she was around, warmth burning at your heart.
>And every time you were alone, which was often as the others seemed to stray away from your fraying sanity, she would be there.
>A steaming mug of coffee in one hand, and a hug in the other.
>Every time you would drain the mug, and your mind would go hazy as you thought of her, a blissful smile on your face.

File: 2166939.jpg (178 KB, 1055x674)
178 KB
178 KB JPG

>The very spice of your life.
>Or, at least, the spice of Her life.
>You were Rarity, and you were stealing your friend's mind.
>You couldn't help the smug satisfaction that poisoned your words whenever Her, with a trembling lip and glossy eyes, was denied again and again by the ones sworn to be there for her.
>They didn't believe, didn't see, didn't even process what you were doing.
>And you loved them for it, in a sadistic sense.
>The all-encompassing smugness and sense of satisfaction burned at your heart, but you couldn't back out now.
>She was utterly perfect, and you were hooked.
>Her ruby-red eyes that sparkled like a freshly cut gem and that boyish haircut that endeared Her ever more in your mind.
>With skin utterly bruised and scarred by Her active lifestyle and carelessness, yet containing a rugged appeal all its own.
>Someone so utterly perfect, and mind-bent in Her worship.
>And unlike others, She adored you, full stop.
>Or at least she did when she was lost in the miasma.
>She listened when you called her, like a lost ship seeking the nearest lighthouse.
>She whined, and moaned, and pleaded for her memories, and it sent chills of satisfaction up your spine.
"Why is this happening?" She would say, looking up at you often from her position on her knees where she had collapsed, Her eyes wide and fearful.
>You didn't know what you would do without Her.
>You would smile when she was around, the feeling of abject adoration when awake and utter submissive delight when lost warming your heart.
>And every time you were alone, which was often as you drove the others away with ever-increasing tales of Her fraying sanity, She would be waiting.
>A steaming mug of coffee in your hand, and a deviant smile on your face as the potent concoction did its job.
>With every drained mug Her mind would go hazy, and She would slump over, and once more be your puppet as your mind thought of Her.
>Rainbow Dash.

File: 2187716.jpg (69 KB, 689x494)
69 KB
>1 off from 666
what a waste.

That was more abstract than I thought it would be, sorry if it wasn't quite what the prompt-giver had in mind. Hope you like it.
You got on either side of 666, does this mean this green is double cursed?
File: tfw satan.png (831 KB, 1076x1937)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
>tfw satan's book ends
there are definitely worse feels.
You're slowly becoming my favorite author <3
File: 6435256787.gif (1.25 MB, 603x605)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
Rainbow's a good girl.
>tfw saving the thread at Page 10
File: 1302669.jpg (649 KB, 2200x2200)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
File: 1586904937634.jpg (750 KB, 2400x1592)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
FlutterSub x RariSub > RariDom x FlutterSub > FlutterDom x RariSub >>> FlutterDom x RariDom
all of them are eclipsed by Flutterdom x Raridom x Mesub
I think you mean RainbowDom x FlutterSub x RariSub > all

Rainbow loves showing off her girls in public and loves to discipline them in private
>look at my whorses
>my whorses are amazing
File: 2382982.jpg (358 KB, 800x620)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
>Twilight watches silently from the bushes
>wishing she could be Rainbow Dash's concubine too
>but not wanting to give Rainbow the smug satisfaction of letting her reach above her in class and stature
>but still wanting Rainbow Dash to leash her up in bed
>giving her a chance to compete for the 'favorite pet' title
Anyone else here read One Terrible Writer? Remember his Twilight?
there it is, proof that shipfags and fagfags are all cucks
Not everything is about your castration anxiety, Anon.
File: Spoiler Image (198 KB, 1341x1080)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
>tfw Sunset pulls up Rarity's skirt in return
>Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight fighting for Dashie's approval
I love it!
File: 2381333.jpg (608 KB, 698x922)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
File: 1046127.jpg (59 KB, 480x480)
59 KB
File: 183529.png (322 KB, 900x2300)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
The only girl more cuckked than Dashy
Stop fucking all the mares, Sunset.
File: 1454576.jpg (137 KB, 1350x1024)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
File: 2382774.png (273 KB, 3151x1772)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
File: 1550705536538.png (43 KB, 321x435)
43 KB
File: medium (1).png (378 KB, 721x600)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
>And thus did Sunset fuck all the girls who aren't mares as well as those who are mares
File: 1105795.jpg (817 KB, 2550x3300)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
Sunset, stop hogging all the sushi!
>purple twilight, eternally cucked
File: 687474~1.png (255 KB, 720x405)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
How many children do they got and who carried the babies inside her
File: 864090.png (5 KB, 764x570)
5 KB
so uh
where's the futa
File: 2383954.jpg (149 KB, 1249x450)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
File: 1293558.jpg (428 KB, 1463x640)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
File: 76543234567.png (451 KB, 1022x796)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
From the eyes of an expert shipper;
What does a long term relationship with Pinkie Pie look like?
File: flutterpie.png (3.98 MB, 2000x1700)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
>What does a long term relationship with Pinkie Pie look like?
Type 2 diabetes.

And hopefully salt poisoning on Discord.
File: 38123.png (2.42 MB, 1931x1717)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
Nothing but smiles, for it is the purist ship.
File: Pinkie-Hug.gif (3.4 MB, 640x360)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB GIF
It's a bit of a shame that through 9 seasons of mlp, there was never a single flutterpie episode.
They could've easily made something similar to 'Rarity investigates', where the two would
run into each other, spend time together and solve a mystery.
>At least 10
>They took turns with the first few.
>They decided on 'just one more.'
>Magic hijinks ensued.
>They both ended up pregnant with twins.
Okay anon, that's too hot
File: 1999954.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
It's definitely a testament that despite having no episodes it's not the least popular out of all mane6 combos, including ones that did have episodes, at least on DB and Fimfic.

I do wonder why they never went and made an episode about those two.
File: 1817028.png (1.34 MB, 1600x1424)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
File: pkm3z3imeh1umpcd0_.gif (511 KB, 480x270)
511 KB
511 KB GIF
ApplePie > All other Pie ships
File: 734056.jpg (77 KB, 650x550)
77 KB
Any ship with Pinkie is a good ship anon
File: boop.gif (2.1 MB, 854x480)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB GIF
Pony Facts:
When a pony molests another pony's snoot in public, that means they've been chosen them as a life long partner.
File: 1324334.gif (712 KB, 1000x1000)
712 KB
712 KB GIF
This is disgusting
File: maxresdefault.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG

What if when a pony kiss another in the mouth
That means they owe them money.
File: 522276.gif (2.4 MB, 520x292)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB GIF
Why does AJ owe Pinks so much money?
What about pony biting pony on the snoot?>>35451145
File: 1559330179551.png (556 KB, 717x558)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
Snoot bites are literal war crimes that Tempest only got away with cause Twilight took pity on her.
File: 1609656.png (554 KB, 800x4550)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
Fizzlepie is truly a patrician taste.
What about SunPop?
File: 2012342.jpg (453 KB, 1848x1460)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
File: 1776692.jpg (184 KB, 1279x720)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Except Flurry Heart. Only villains do that.
File: 1668869.png (252 KB, 1124x949)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
Villains with excellent taste
File: 1853911.png (1.97 MB, 3500x3800)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
I need to draw something with my two tieflings at some point.
>onto the pile it goes
Nice to see you swing by again. Still working on an angle for that LunaPop pic?
File: 1665581.png (643 KB, 828x1000)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
Currently, I'm doing some Year of Jem stuff, the prompt for June is 'Holograms' and I'm almost finished with the piece for that. I have a bunch of other places my muse has been dragging me, but I still toy around with LunaPop, yeah.
File: 1540487071596.jpg (183 KB, 868x992)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
File: 1455183.jpg (108 KB, 1280x992)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I'm glad Jem got to stay in it's time capsule and not get rebooted. I'm not sure if I could live in a world of them doing vapor wave synths and meme dances.
File: Pink_Herring.png (98 KB, 468x328)
98 KB
>favorite author
fuck dude, not to get too sappy or to start blogposting, but just hearing that makes all the time I spend in and working on projects for this thread worth it. The fact that even one of you guys like my writing is fucking nuts. Thanks, man.

Anyway, I should continue on with this. Sober, for the first time in a while :^)

>Midnight's lip trembled as Sunset disappeared around the door.
>They waited with baited breath for something to happen.
>No doubt, with the state she had been left in, Pinkie was still mostly out of it.
>After several long moments of silence, Midnight blew out a breath.
>It seemed Pinkie had left the scene, though where she was was a mystery for a later time.
>Taking on the dratted irritant that defeated Them in the past would take more power than They had now.
>Midnight's eyes flicked over to the other door that led to the kitchen and the front door beyond that.
>They knew just where to get it.
"You two."
>Rainbow raised her still-red face from the floor and Rarity turned to regard you curiously.
"We'll be back. Entertain yourselves."
>Midnight stood from the couch just as Rarity slithered off of it like a snake seeking its prey.
>Rainbow found herself entwined in Rarity's grip within moments and, as Midnight drifted smoke-like from the room, They could hear Rarity plant a kiss on Rainbow's mouth.
>One last, moaning gasp left Rainbow's lips before Midnight crossed the threshold and into the small hall.
>They could feel Their magic slowly seeping from them like a malevolent cloud of utter lust and desire, leaving a trail in Their wake that no doubt stirred up Rainbow and Rarity further, and hopefully Sunset soon enough.
>They crept down the hall and just out of the kitchen door's frame, Their ears twitching as They listened in.
>Applejack seemed to be talking, so low it was barely audible.
File: she's back babyyyy.jpg (427 KB, 1080x1491)
427 KB
427 KB JPG

>Midnight couldn't make out what she was saying, but it didn't matter.
>Already They could feel the bonds that Twilight kept on Them loosen further as more of the vile, lustful magic poured off of Them.
>A weight seemed to fall off Them, like a spring that had been wound too tight now allowed to relax.
>They took in a deep breath, as if for the first time.
>It felt so...
>Midnight leaned in farther, just far enough to hear Applejack's rough, country voice carried from inside the kitchen.
>"...Y'all know why I ain't too keen on lettin' everyone know about... Us."
>Fluttershy's voice, so soft and timid, carried her response from the kitchen, and Midnight had to strain to hear.
>"I know you're not comfortable with it", Fluttershy whispered, "So long as you love me, right?"
"'Course I do, Shy", Applejack admitted, more shy than either Midnight or Twilight had ever heard her speak.
>Midnight's lip curled into a smirk as more of Their magic flooded the tiny kitchen.
>They could feel how hot it was slowly becoming between Fluttershy and Applejack.
>Like a sixth sense that sent bolts of smug satisfaction up Their spine.
>"...So... You really l-love me, Applejack?"
>"Prove it?"
>Midnight could hear someone bump into something and the rustling of clothing.
>Fluttershy's voice seemed to deepen with lust and Midnight could practically hear the flustered blush on Applejack's face.
>"How's that?" Applejack muttered.
>Fluttershy didn't say anything, but she didn't need too.
>Midnight could hear it in Applejack's whimper of pleasure.
>"S-shy, maybe this ain't the best place in the world to-"
>"Shh... You love me, don't you, Ah-pul-jack?"
>"Don't say mah name like that, you know I can't... Oh..."
>Midnight prepared to enter the kitchen, no doubt to find Applejack and Fluttershy in a *compromising position* but before They could, They stopped.
>Their eyes locked onto a flash of orange as a head dipped down below the front door's window.

I love these evil horse girlfriends so fucking much.

Somebody pls, most moar.
File: 1537456.png (399 KB, 958x540)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
The comics are actually really fucking rad, and kinda lack memeshit for something that's supposed to be taking the '80s and modernizing it. As for the music, The Holograms are pop rock (although there's the Dark Jem arc, but that's weird, and also involves the band being possessed by a corrupt prototype of Synergy, Silica), The Misfits are punk and hardcore (although Stormer has written a ballad or two, I think), and I think The Stingers are basically The Holograms, but with more focus on rock than pop. All three groups have keys, but none of them really feature a lot of synth-heavy stuff, at least visually. Then there are all the other groups, including breakoff projects like Blaze's group she forms during The Misfits side story.

If they were to reboot Jem, I would be highly disappointed if it wasn't heavily modeled after the comics, if only for the music (and also for how gay it is).
File: 1870586.jpg (128 KB, 715x506)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
File: continuing on.jpg (481 KB, 1920x1080)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
>Midnight slid from Their position at the door's frame to the door in a split second.
>Quick as a whip's crack, yet as silent as a ghost, the door was wrenched open and the spy had been pulled in by her long, bushy orange hair.
>"Ouch, hey not the- Hmhmph!"
>Midnight silenced her hand, Their heart hammering in Their chest.
>If anyone had heard that, no doubt trouble would ensue.
>How would Twilight explain this?
>Midnight shook it off and tightened Their grip on the squirming woman, taking special care to hold her around the chest, with more than a few less-than-friendly squeezes, for good measure.
>This cretin had ruined Their fun!
>The girl snarled into Their hand and twisted in Their grip, but Midnight didn't release her.
"Stay still."
>The words were whispered into her ear softly, almost at a whisper.
>The hand holding on to her chest let Twilight's veneer drop as Midnight's long, clawed digits crawled like a spider up to her throat.
>She squeaked and stilled when she felt the knife-like fingers leaving marks that nearly drew blood with barely a squeeze.
>Midnight's lip curled into a sneer as magic seemed to bleed into the environment.
>Within a moment the interloper and Midnight were standing in a black void speckled with starry pinpricks of light.
>They let Their hand fall from her mouth but the one around her throat squeezed threateningly before she could speak.
"Who are you, and why were you spying on Us?"
>"S-so I can talk now?"
>The girl gulped when Midnight squeezed her throat once more.
"Speak, before I remove your ability to do so", Midnight hissed.
>"You really don't remember me?"
"You are testing Our patience."
>Twilight squirmed uncomfortably, but Midnight ignored her.
>"Y-you're from this world, aren't you?" She said rhetorically, "You're not from Equestria."
"You must be referring to Our... Other."
>The girl seemed to tense and Midnight could feel the hatred pouring off of her.
>"I'm familiar with her."
File: do you even lewd.jpg (296 KB, 707x1000)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
>Midnight tightened Their grip on her throat to pull her attention back from where it had wandered.
"Answer Our questions. Who are you, and what do you want?"
>She yelped as a bead of crimson blood trailed down her neck, over Midnight's clawed fingers, and down to her collar bone.
>"Adagio! Adagio Dazzle!"
"You are Adagio Dazzle?"
>"Sunset told you didn't she?"
"We have heard many things about you, Dazzle. What do you want?"
>Adagio winced as Their claws gave another small squeeze.
>"I-I've been trying to find the source of magic that been's growing over the last couple months. Guess I found it."
>Midnight chuckled and leaned down to whisper in her ear.
"You have no idea what you've found, little siren."
>Midnight let Adagio slump to the floor.
"We expected the infamous Adagio Dazzle to be less... Pathetic. And where are your sisters? Aria and Sonata, wasn't it?"
>Adagio's face grew red and she spat into the void, her voice laced with venom.
>"That's none of your business."
>In a moment Adagio was suspended in front of Midnight's cruel grin.
"Watch your tongue, Dazzle."
>They trailed the back of Their claws down Adagio's face, almost lovingly, before striking her with the back of Their hand.
>Adagio whimpered as her cheek reddened, staring into Midnight's eyes.
>Midnight shuddered when They recognized the look in her eyes.
>They could feel Their magic, still untamed and allowed to wander, slowly seeping into Adagio's clouding mind with every passing moment.
>Midnight's eyebrows lifted and They smirked.
"You're... Enjoying this?"
>"W-what? That's- I'm not-"
"Do not attempt to lie", Midnight said, utterly amused, "You enjoy being punished, don't you?"
>Adagio opened her mouth to retort, but Midnight's hand striking her face cut her off.
>Adagio whimpered, and Midnight crowed when They could smell the arousal pouring off of her.
"Considering you had been spying on Us, We think punishment is... warranted."
>"Don't you dare-!"
File: dazzling dazzle.jpg (154 KB, 1338x1601)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

>Adagio shrieked when Midnight's clawed hands tore through her jacket and tight, painted-on jeans with little trouble.
>Yet despite her protests Midnight could see the growing wetness between her legs, Their magic could feel the electric shivers running down her spine, and Adagio couldn't stop the lustful look in her eyes.
>Another strike to her face quieted her for a moment, but the way she bit her lip told Midnight she was far from done.
>"Don't", Adagio muttered halfheartedly, as Midnight trailed Their fingers from the swell of her breasts to the junction of her soft thighs.
"You can not stop Us", Midnight crowed.
>Midnight could practically hear Adagio's heart hammering in her chest, and could see the thin sheen of sweat growing on her utterly perfect body as the smell of arousal reached Their nose.
>They gripped her wide hips and took a step forward so that their hips were pushed together, the tendrils holding Adagio's legs pulling them apart.
>Midnight leaned forward so They and Adagio were inches apart, close enough that Midnight could smell the mint on her breath.
>Adagio whimpered as Midnight ground Themselves against her, and Midnight couldn't stop the grin from spreading across her face.
"And here We had heard that Adagio Dazzle was the biggest bitch of them all. Quite a surprise to see you simply rolling over, so to speak~"
>Midnight relished the moan that escaped her lips when They dug Their hands into the soft flesh of her breasts and her wide hips, scoring deep red marks in her otherwise unblemished skin.
>"L-losing my magic to th-the biggest bunch of losers d-idin't! Help!" Adagio panted, "Quit teasing me already, if you're going to do it, then just do it! Ah!"
>Midnight had taken a step away at her demanding voice and commanded the smokey tendrils holding her to flip her over.
>Midnight eyed the perfectly sculpted ass flexing in the grip of Their magic appreciatively.
"Do not presume to command Us", Midnight muttered, flexing Their grip.
File: dazzle dazzling.jpg (565 KB, 800x1042)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
>Adagio let out another whimper as a smokey black tendril struck her ass, leaving a stark red line against her pale skin.
>Another tentacle had wrapped around her hair and lifted it from her back, so her entire backside was exposed to Midnight's feasting eyes.
"Not loud enough."
>Midnight ignored her as They snapped Their fingers.
>In a second another red line appeared, crossing the first.
>Adagio let out something close to a moan crossed with a shriek of surprise.
>Midnight laughed as another strike sent her flesh jiggling and left behind another mark.
>Each subsequent lash sent Adagio further into a crescendo of noises, until she was practically screaming.
>Yet Midnight could see the arousal spilling down her leg.
>After a particularly vicious last lash that left Twilight reeling, Midnight finally let Adagio slump boneless to the floor.
>She collapsed with her ass raised in the air and her head resting on the floor, panting and staring pathetically up at Midnight.
>Her voice was hoarse from screaming as she muttered into the carpet.
>"Please... No more..."
"You interrupted my plans. You will experience no mercy here."
>Midnight laughed, and Twilight cringed, as They pushed Adagio onto her side with Their boot.
>Adagio whimpered pathetically as Midnight surrounded her in a deep, almost opaque magical grip.
>One much stronger than it had ever been, Midnight noted with a deep sense of satisfaction.
>They lifted her into the air, and further into Their arms.
>Midnight's lips crashed into Adagio's with bruising force as Their fingers rammed into the well-lubed pussy that had been begging for attention.
>Adagio relented almost immediately to Midnight's unnaturally long tongue as it, and Their hand, utterly dominated her.
>She shuddered and twisted and writhed in the ethereal grip in a fruitless attempt at screwing herself harder on Midnight's now-human hand, yet she couldn't budge an inch.
File: cheeki breeki.png (581 KB, 713x1024)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
>Even so Midnight had been doing an admirable job on driving her further and further towards her impending orgasm, pistoning in and out of her burning core with almost painful strokes of her fingers.
>Midnight curled Their fingers and thrashed them around inside her sopping pussy as Their tongue continued to explore Adagio's mouth, running over her teeth and penetrating deeper to wrestling her tongue into submission.
>Their other hand wasn't idle as They gripped Adagio's firm rear, making her hiss into Their mouth when the marks from earlier flared with pain.
>Adagio began to sweat as she grew closer, so close now, nearly there...
>With no warning she suddenly felt the magical grip loosen and Midnight stop Their furious finger-fucking.
>A cold chill ran up her spine, like someone had dropped an ice cube down her back as Midnight let her slump to the floor, unsatisfied.


>"W-wha? Huh?"
>Adagio looked around, blinking rapidly as she adjusted to the low, soft light.
>She looked up at someone that looked remarkably like Twilight, but her hair was done up in a bun and a pair of glasses were perched on a slightly smaller, cuter nose.
"Are you okay?"
>Adagio shuddered as she patted herself down.
>Clothes there, no lash marks, no cut on her neck...
>"What happened?"
"I'm sorry? You knocked on the door, and I let you in. You tripped when you tried to walk in, and I guess you must've bumped your head. Are you okay?"
>"Bumped my... Was that..?"
>This girl was looking at her quizzically, and suddenly the ghostly image of Twilight Sparkle seemed to settle over her.
>"Y-you're Twilight Sparkle!"
"Oh, do you know me? I don't think I've met you before. Oh! You must've seen me on the cover of "TURBO Quarterly", right?"
>"Science...? Oh."
>Adagio blushed.
>This wasn't... That Twilight.
>"I... Should go."
"...If your sure. Are you sure you're okay?"
>"Uh, yeah."
>Adagio rubbed at her head as Twilight helped her stand and opened the door for her.
File: got'eem.png (730 KB, 1000x1000)
730 KB
730 KB PNG

>Adagio took a wobbly step out the door, then another.
>She looked around at the dark neighborhood, and she felt another ice cube run down her spine.
>She had a powerful urge to masturbate, and the sooner she got home the better...


>Twilight watched her go, a small smirk on her face.
>She chuckled and ran a hand through her hair, as Their eyes flashed a deep, menacing purple.
>Time to focus on the important things, now, like a repressed farmer and a surprisingly slutty Fluttershy...


Hope you enjoyed Adagio getting cucked by illusion magic. I feel like that's pretty ironic, right? Thanks for reading.
File: 1532187849.jpg (123 KB, 1160x1280)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>"Shh... You love me, don't you, Ah-pul-jack?
Who knew Fluttershy was such an ara ara?
I didn't expect cheese puff bully, but it was good all the same.
When is more Marble by the by?
When will Rainbow accept her cuteness and submit her soul to fashion horse?
File: 1883023.png (1.42 MB, 1280x853)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
File: 1040483.jpg (251 KB, 1000x1000)
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File: 1579879.png (1.18 MB, 1930x2036)
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1.18 MB PNG
File: 1387.jpg (206 KB, 1200x799)
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File: 10069.jpg (229 KB, 1100x850)
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File: 2386475.jpg (468 KB, 1280x1034)
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File: 80851.png (340 KB, 915x822)
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File: 43567432567834.png (1.62 MB, 1746x1259)
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1.62 MB PNG
I love the idea of Rarity impressing Rainbow Dash with hidden/accidental athletic skills and her gushing hard over it
Fluttershy is squishy.
team applepieshy vs raridashlight
File: appleshy 06.webm (2.18 MB, 1920x1080)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB WEBM
Were the kirins a lesbian race? What actions do they take when two innocent mares stumble into their lesbian society?
Death by snu-snu!
>TURBO Quarterly
now what kind of content would such a magazine publish on a quarterly basis? double page spreads of TURBO spreading? Rarijack Cosplay teasers?
Mugshots of all the mares Turbo/Midnight has had sex with in the last quarter. Probably a good 10-15 pages right there. Maybe the pics can be the post-orgasm face of each conquest.
>it’s like MetArt except all the pics are full page headshots of girls doing the ahegao and faces splashed with bodily fluids
File: +1517354431460.jpg (157 KB, 1646x2057)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
New bread when?
And Fluttershy as the most attractive mare, will be snu-snu'ed by the most beautiful Kirin, then the large Kirin, then the petite Kirin, then the large Kirin again!
This is the last lesbo thread... I'm sorry.
Are there any good kirin greens?
Dubs of lies, you're not my real OP!
/lesbo/ doesn't write hooves stuff
Sometimes. But almost no one ever asks. Either ask for more or write some yourself.
Two were requested in this thread though
Surprise, surprise, none were written! So shut up
Never said I wasn't going to do the Trixie one. I don't write Trixie very often, so it's harder for me to spin a story with her. Therefore, in an effort to actually produce content, some requests will take a little longer than others.

Is this... the end?
Nah, Harkness alarm is just broke

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