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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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Bedmares are better than bedfillies!
Bedfillies are better than bedmare.
But the princesses are good enough but really expensive and less cuddly
More experienced
Damn, that Celestia is ugly.
sorry for the long lack of green


"We've got a lot going on right now. Sure, I'd like to get a little variation in what we're eating, but to be honest it's not going to be my top priority - not if it means taking money or workers off other things."
>"Understandable," Bill nods. "But if you're looking for a side project, just something to keep busy -"
"Top of my list, for sure. Do you know how much rosemary I used to go through in a week?"
>Bill grins.
>"About as much butter as I did, I'm going to guess."
>Eh... he's pretty trim for the grandfatherly archetype.
"So not much...?"
>You both chuckle at your stupid joke.
>"Don't let the Bill of today trick you," he shakes his head. "One thing to be said about this whole disaster is some of the shortages have been good for my health. Can't cover everything in half a stick of butter if I only got one to last you a whole month."
"That's true."
>"And once the rationing was over... you know how it is. Live a certain way long enough and it becomes a habit."
>You nod.
>"There's always a silver lining, no matter how bad the storm that comes with it."
"Doesn't necessarily make it worth it, but I know what you mean. I never would have come back out here if it weren't for this."
>Bill stacks up the seeds into a paper bag and pushes it across to you.
>"Starting to feel more like home?"
"A little more every day."
>He gives you a soft smile.
>"That's good to hear. Anything else you need?
"Nah, just -
>There's a small rack of candy set at the end of the counter.
"Yeah, one more thing."

"Before you go -"
>Gilded Lily pauses in adjusting her dress - a gift from a new patron, you presume, judging from how well the green fabric contrasts her orange coat - and looks away from her mirror and the table of cosmetics to peer up at you.
>Through her lashes.
>She's a quick learner - the first of the newcomers to adapt to her new life.
>The first to have given up washing sheets for being the reason they need cleaning.
>Not surprising. They say it's easier to acclimate to new things when you're younger.
"This is your first time leaving the Stables, isn't it?"
>The mare nods.
>"Yes, ma'am," she murmurs softly. "Miss Coco arranged all the details."
"Remember, the rules are the same, even if he is taking you out. If there's anything you don't want to do, you can refuse."
>She nods.
"You have your panic button?"
>Another nod.
"Somepony showed you how to use it?"
>"Yes, ma'am."
"Good. Dayne and Tucker will be keeping track if you need them to intervene for any reason. No matter where he takes you, it shouldn't take them more than fifteen or twenty minutes to reach you."
>One of Sterling's more considerate ideas.
"Try to hide or barricade yourself in a bathroom or closet if you have to."
>He wouldn't want his one of his assets disappearing, after all. Or hurt beyond what the customer can pay.
"If he tries to take you out of town... hit it."
>"Of course, ma'am," Gilded Lily nods.
>Good. She's looking nervous now.
>She understands.
>Fifteen minutes is long enough to wait for help. If she's too far away, then they'd never make it in time, no matter how well she hides.
>Gilded's mouth twitches.
"... give this to the first pony you can."
>You place a folded piece of paper on the table next to a bottle of perfume.
"Don't let any human see you do it."
>"What? Why?"
>It hurts that this is the first time she's shown surprise.
>Not just nervousness or a touch of fear but *surprise*.
>Not at your warnings, but at this.
"Because it's not your job to pass notes for me. You need to be professional at all times when a client takes you out."
>No reason to scare Gilded Lily more than she needs to be.
>And the answer satisfies her.
>She nods.
>"Yes, ma'am. But this says it's for Derpy...? Should I...?"
"Anyone - any*pony* - will do. It'll find it's way to her."

>"Beer? Cigarettes?" Bill chuckles and you shake your head.
"Nah, just that."
>"Thought I'd check, just in case. Cash, or... ah, gotcha."
>You'd gotten out of the habit of using a credit card.
>Too many glitches the first few years, too often the networks were down and Bill's assumption was right - by the time everything had been fixed, you were used to using cash everywhere.
>So was everyone else.
>It was just easier. More reliable. Never could tell when the system would collapse again.
>But with the kind of money you're spending now... some habits are good to get back to.
>Seems like a bad idea to carry around that much cash on you, even if this is a pretty safe area.
>All that assuming the local banks would even put this much together on short notice.
>You pull your card from the reader and Bill gives you a nod.
>"I'll just get those two out here for you," he says.
>"Be right back."
>He slides out from behind the counter with a quiet creak and muffled groan - and stops.
>"Better idea," he chuckles. "HEY! SCOOTALOO!"
>That's one way to do it.
>It's a minute or so before the ponies come out - a minute Bill spends grinning like... like - well, to think 'like an idiot' seems pretty disrespectful, but it's what comes to mind.
>"Time for her to go?" Scootaloo sighs when she's close. "But she was telling me about everything that's going on at her farm!"
>"Sorry, but they've got a long drive ahead of them."
>Berry winces.
>Ah. Yep.
>Well, maybe Roma will want to ride in the back with the rice.
"Yeah, I'm afraid so."
>"But tell you what," Bill says, kneeling down with a groan and the help of the counter until he's close to face-to-face with his pony. "I don't remember if we've talked about this before, but I'm okay with you taking a trip out there someday if he is."
>Three faces turn your way.
>One shocked, one eager, and one a little embarrassed.
>"Sorry," Bill chuckles, "Didn't mean to put you on the spot like that. I've been thinking about it for a bit, but I should have asked you first."
"No, no, it's fine."
>You wave your hand - the empty one. The one not holding the bag of stuff you just bought.
"Right now's a bit... well, I don't know if we'll ever slow down or when would be a good time, but..."
>"Maybe when we find Sweetie Belle?" Scootaloo chirps. "She's here *somewhere*.
>"Then the three of us could be together again!"
>That's an easy way to put it off. And if it happens, you couldn't refuse.
>No, *when*.
>Think positive.
"Yeah, that sounds greats."
>Scootaloo smiles at you and steps closer until she's got her head bent back to be able to look you in the eyes.
>"Y'know, you seem different."
>You shrug.
"Maybe I am."
>"What happened?"
"I guess... I guess I changed."
>She smiles.
>You reach out and - ruffle her mane.

>You pull the gate shut behind you and hop back into the driver's seat.
"Almost home."
>"Good," Berry mumbles.
>Roma doesn't even do that. She's been staring out the back window the entire drive, though you think she fell asleep an hour or so back.
>She's still sitting upright, still perched protectively to watch over the food in the bed of the truck, but her head bobbles a little too much every time you slow or speed up - or start from a dead stop, gentle as you try to be about it.
>You'll have to wake her soon enough, but not until then if you can help it.
>Roma deserves whatever rest she can get, and you bet that as soon as everything gets unloaded she's going to pitch in to help with dinner - or cleaning up.
>It's pretty late. Not horribly, but late enough.
>Wouldn't be too surprising if dinner has already come and gone.
>Hopefully they left something for Berry and Roma to eat.
>You continue up the road until you come to the construction site, full of skeletons of future homes.
>You gently turn the wheel to the right, taking the truck off the road that leads through the new buildings and instead along the new path that's slowly being worn into the grass and dirt that splits the dorms from the new buildings.
>Didn't really want to put a road this close to the dorms, but you've found yourself directing deliveries this way too often - and driving it yourself with disturbing regularity.
>Might need to get this paved sooner or later. Well, later or *much* later.
>This works for now, though the ride's a bit bumpy.
>Roma is jostled awake before too long, though she's still blinking the sleep away when you come to a stop.
>She lets out a little, questioning groan as her head pans around.
"We're home."
>"Oh," she mumbles. "Right. Good."
>You're not sure she actually heard what you said, but she understands well enough.
>Her shoulders and legs relax, the tension that held her upright the entire drive draining away in seconds.
"C'mon, let's get out and stretch our legs a bit. Then we'll see about getting this stuff unloaded and put away."
>Roma nods.
>Berry too, once she's done yawning.
>A bit of a crowd forms in the time that all takes - the stretching, not the unloading - though they make that bit go all the quicker.
>You end up in the bed of the truck, passing down bags and crates to the ponies who dash off one way or another under Roma's directions - at least until one of her assistants comes out and pushes her inside to eat while the leftovers from dinner are still warm.
>Doesn't take more than ten minutes you'd say - certainly under twenty - to get the truck unloaded and everything in the process of being stored away in its place.
>"Anythin' else?" Apple Bloom asks as you hop off the tailgate, leaving the truck bouncing up behind you.
>She's already carried off two massive bags of rice and at least another of beans, but is still looking for more.
>You shake your head.
"Just these."
>You hold up the small sack from Bill's hardware store; you'd left it until last.
>No sense holding everything up trying to explain your ideas when there were ponies ready and waiting to help with everything else.
>"What you got there?"
>"Ah can take those," Apple Bloom says and opens her mouth wide to grab the sack, but you shake your head.
"Hold up, I actually wanted to talk to you about these. Mind walking with me to the storeroom?"
>She... *smiles*.
>"Don't mind at all!"
>And she listens as you talk about your idea. Explain. Blather. Run your mouth like an idiot.
>All are true enough at various points in the conversation.
>It's not long before Apple Bloom is shaking her head.
"Won't work?"
>She frowns.
"Dang. I guess I was an idiot to think we could grow out of season just because -"
>"Ah ain't sayin' that, just that it don't work like *that*. Seasons still matter, but..."
"Guess I'll have to go back and let Bill talk me into a greenhouse after all."
>"Hold up there," Apple Bloom snorts as she pushes open the door to the storeroom. "How 'bout you let the farmpony deal with the farmpony things?"
>Fair enough.
>"There's a couple've things we can try, so if you'd just put 'em down over there -"
>Apple Bloom points to one of the shelves with a jerk of her head.
>"- Ah'll ponder it a bit. Might be a few things we could do an' Ah'll talk to Green Bean 'bout it once Ah'm done thinkin' it over."
"Thanks, Apple Bloom, but I'd still like to talk to him myself."
>"What'd Ah just say 'bout lettin' farmponies handle the farmpony business?" she chuckles, bumping her shoulder against your leg. "It wasn't a bad thought, but we don't wanna confuse the poor colt. Ah'll take care of this."
"It's not about the seeds."
>"Oh? Oh! You wanna congratulate him on his cutie mark!"
>You nod.
"And thank him for helping out."
>"Green Bean ain't doin' it for *you*, y'know," Apple Bloom snorts with a grin and bumps in you again. "C'mon, Ah'll take y'to him. Jus' right out here..."
>She takes you out of the storeroom and just down a ways, to the garden plot and Green Bean.
>The little colt is sitting just off the plot, staring at the soil like he's trying to *will* the plants to sprout.
>You're fairly certain it doesn't work like that. Well, you are now.
>Because it's not working.
>"Green Bean!" Apple Bloom calls out to him, causing the little pony's entire body to jerk upright. "Y'din't skip out on dinner, did you?"
>"No!" he whines back. "I ate everything!"
>Apple Bloom trots ahead of you to nuzzle his cheek with a smile.
"Yeah, I'm glad. It wouldn't be right of me to ruin your appetite"
>You reach into your coat pocket and kneel down beside the little colt.
>His eyes light up when he sees what you've brought him.
>That's a relief.
>He's spent most of his life here or in one of the refugee camps, so you weren't even sure he'd know what a candy bar is.
"Congrats on your cutie mark, Green Bean. We'll be counting on you."

>"Benzonatate?" Redheart asks.
"Didn't you already ask me about that one? When we began?"
>"Yes, doctor, but..."
"The list is in alphabetical order."
>You snort. Chuckle. Some combination of the two.
>You're getting old. It's easy.
"Did you think I wouldn't notice?"
>"You hadn't so far."
>You don't know whether to laugh, sigh, or applaud her thoroughness.
>All three have their place. You know her reaction to each.
>A second check mark and then she'll read out the next thing on the list, no matter your reaction.
>Instead, you settle for a nod and check the shelves again.
"We've got plenty. No need to order more. This should hold us through anything short of the end of the world."
>You hear her marking it off.
>"Good, what about -"
"Let's take a break."
>"But -"
"You're right. I hadn't noticed so far, Redheart. I think I need a break."
>You'll see exactly what you saw the first time if you go over things again right now.
>Redheart knows this, just as you know she wants it done now.
"You can double check it yourself, if you want."
>She's tempted. You *know* she's tempted.
>The sooner your order is in, the higher its priority will be.
>You trust her to do it on her own. She has before. She will again.
>But you also know to expect her sigh.
>"No, doctor. We can wait."
>She'd rather do this with you.
"We can swap places. I can call the drugs out and you can -"
>"You win, okay?" she snorts as she shuffles backwards out of the supply room. "Let's take a break and then look at it again with new eyes."
>She smiles in a way you haven't seen her smile in a long time. Not here, at least. At home sometimes, but not here.
>The serious, professional mask she wears as soon as she walks into the clinic is breaking little by little.
>You could have sworn you heard her laugh two days ago.
>Too soon to tell if that'll end up being a blessing or a curse, so you set aside your worry and take joy in that smile.
>But not for too long.
>There's still work to be done.
"There's something I needed to talk to you and Minuette about anyway, since you two missed the morning 'staff meeting' -"
>Redheart lets out a cynical giggle.
>"You mean when you were checking your email?"
"Exactly. You two were busy taking care of that walk-in. And I didn't finish reading everything."
>"Oh, is that the *real* reason you want a break?" she smirks, stepping back further to give you room to swing the door shut.
"No, I *really* want to sit down."
>You don't explain any further until both deadbolts are locked and you've jiggled the knob - just to check.
>Just in case.
>You're being cautious, okay?
>All things considered, it's quite reasonable.
>Even if you do sometimes second-guess yourself about it.
>Seems so unnecessary now, though you know you'd never stop worrying without it.
"Let's join her in reception. We can go over it all then."
>She nods and follows you.
>For a while.
>And then you're following her.
>Dang ponies and their four legs.
>Redheart slows her pace when she notices you lagging behind, just enough for you to almost catch up.
>But never quite enough for you to *actually* catch up.
>She's at work.
>She can't relax.
>Well, can't *let* herself relax.
>Not even for a minute, not even enough to walk at anything less than a brisk pace.
>Is this why you end up cooking dinner so often?
>Not that you mind.
>The waiting room is empty, except for Minuette. And the chairs, of course.
>Blessed chairs.
>You've been on your feet for... no, don't check your watch.
>Better not to know.
>It'll only make them hurt more.
>Minuette looks up as you lower yourself into one of the seats and mumbles something you can't quite make out, not until after she's put her stylus down and her mouth is empty.
>"Sorry," she giggles. "That was stupid. Are you two done with the order so I can fax it in?"
"Not yet. I needed to give my eyes a rest."
>She nods and looks back to her monitor.
>"Don't take too long. You've got another appointment in fourty-six minutes."
"Just a little break, I promise. Besides, there's some news I need to share with you two."
>"Oh?" she squeaks, her ears perking up at attention.
"Got an unexpected email this morning from the control board. We're getting three new ponies assigned to the clinic."
>"Nurses?" Redheart sighs happily. "I'm glad. We sure could use the help."
"I'm afraid not."
>"Oh?" she winces.
>There's the angry snort you were expecting from her.
>And the eye roll from Minuette.
"Of a sort."
>Redheart's left eyebrow arches up.
"Honestly I'm not too sure how useful they'll be here."
"Their names are Quality Control and Informed Consent. Have you heard of them?"
>Your little mare shakes her head. Same with Minuette.
"One used to be a... uh... mare's health specialist, the other specializes in medicine. Helped to run the trials for the early versions of the magic suppressant, though her work history is a blank the last few years."
>"Wait," Minuette murmurs. "Didn't you say *three*?"
"Yeah, but there wasn't any information on the third. At all."
>"Maybe it was just a typo?" she shrugs.
"Maybe. I emailed back asking for confirmation but haven't gotten a response yet."
>"Well, they *could* be helpful," Redheart says softly, with a grin just as gentle as her voice. "Sure, we don't have too many pregnancies, but they happen."
"True enough. And I'm hoping Informed Consent has more knowledge of how to adapt human medication for ponies than we do."
>"Our methods work, but are a little..."
>"Primitive?" Minuette suggests.
"I was going to say slapdash."
>"*I* was going to say *unrefined*," Redheart snorts. "Did these doctors come in this latest batch of refugees?"
>You shake your head.
"No, that's the weirdest thing about it all. They've been this side of the portals for a while now, working for..."
>It takes a minute to remember.
"... for a Dr. Stiers."
>"Doing what?"
"I don't rightly know."

>"Be a good girl and eat it all," Coco smirks at you. "You need to..."
>She waves a hoof and tilts her head back in a way that says everything.
>... *alive*.
>And that's everything there is to be said about you.
File: Spoiler Image (436 KB, 832x468)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
>Except that you don't deserve to be.
>And... apparently... *now* someone wants you to be more than just that.
>"I didn't know this job came with room service," Sweetie snarls at the other mare.
>Defending you - again.
>And... from what?
>A good meal?
>Something better than you've eaten in months?
>You look over at the table Coco had set up and the steaming tray resting on it.
>All of your favorites. Not just warm, but *hot*.
>Fresh from the kitchen.
>Something's... awry.
>You turn you head to see Sweetie rise from her bed.
>"What are you planning to do with her?"
>"I'm just doing what I'm told," Coco snaps back. "Like we all should."
>Sweetie jerks back.
>Surprised that you spoke?
"Who told you to -"
>"Octavia," she interrupts with a fleeting frown. "I hope you can keep it down."
>She turns to Sweetie and smirks.
>"Help her if you have to."
>"Why? I mean - yes, of course -" she smiles sadly at you, "but what's going on?"
>"Is it really important?" Coco giggles and turns away with a flick of her tail, nearly catching Sweetie in the snout.
>"I hear we're in for a family reunion."
Fucking hell. With all that was going on I was starting to worry about you. Almost figured you were that writefag that went out defending his favorite bar with a sword.
File: 1584398070421.png (259 KB, 1280x853)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
That was a surprising POV change. I wonder what you got planned for these new doctors and mystery pony hmmmm.
I thanks for the nice big update. I'm glad you're doing ok, or are at least well enough to write more glorious horse words.
Those little pics you post are always a nice addition, gonna make me sad to not have them when I save and reread this from the pastbin
>we have a discord server!
Don’t worry: the Cool Kids server is private.
Good shit as always, writefren. More nurse poners are always welcome.
Roma a cute.
File: 2012332.png (673 KB, 1850x1386)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
The pegasoos thinks she doesnt like it, but her resolve is breaking. Pamper her with cuddles and make her into the perfect little houseslave she was meant to be
That was https://www.fimfiction.net/story/182859/its-a-dangerous-business-going-out-your-door
Very good story.
Quints confirm - good story.
>couldn't go any significant distance
At least he is going.
>The one in the...
>prodded him in the chin with her muzzle
Nice way to get him to turn towards her.
>convinced you're back
Well, he is not yet. It will be a long few weeks to be back in his previous shape.
>Celestia's eyes
Does she has to suppress an outbreak again?
Or is she a changeling.
>go through the past few weeks
Well, that would definitely help her if she is a changeling...
>Just injured.
Oh good. She will definitely be an useful source of information. After all she told Anon she has a backup plan of some sort.
>didn't simply lift him up
But where is the pony ride?
>I'll get some of the potion
Ok, smaller doses but still... If its not a true addiction then once he powers through it then thats the end of it. If its an addiction then giving more in such a short amount of time will only make it worse imho.
>not knowing Star Bright has a crush
Hmmm... This happened before the kidnapping, I was sure that Celestia noticed it already with her thousand year of experience.

>giving Silent Spell authority
Just do not let her to abuse it.
>Blossom cute
>Twilight's spell hadn't worked
>already talked with Celestia
One Celestia is a fake. If the events happen on both sides simultaneously.
Could be that the one in the castle is a changeling or a projection?
Didn't Spring Morning mentioned when she told Anon that "your lover" has the boss in jail, that they will negotiate? Why would they stage a fake Celestia/escape? Why didnt they contacted the castle already?
>nuzzled for a second and then looked up
Aww. Blossom got over her fear of the horned ones completely it seems.

>he couldn't even sit up
Thats not good.
>one week or two
Hmm why didn't she answered.
>Shush. Rest. We'll talk about it.
Hmm, why doesn't she wants him back in Canterlot...
I'm sure they could come up with a transportation method which Anon can tolerate.

Thanks for the update!
Pastebin updated.

You'll know me by my Pinkie Pie mask.

It's been a rough few months at work, but shit's gotten bad enough (again) now that I can't let it drain me anymore.
I'll try to get up at least one update a week.
Have to finish this story before the world ends, after all.

Should have lots of nurse poner moments coming up.
>Be Cloudburst
>Be sleeping, or at least you were until you felt a hand on your mane
>It's earlier than you usually wake up, but you know what this means
>Daddy woke up with a hard on
>You let his hand guide your head down toward his crotch
>He's rock hard!
>You take him in your mouth and start doing that stuff with your tongue that you know he likes so much
>And you get a moan from him in response as a little pressure from the hand on your head encourages you to take him all the way into your throat
>"That's a good girl," he says
>This part of being a good girl may be pretty easy, but you know how much he loves it
>You can taste his precum and feel the ever so slight numbness it always gives your mouth
>More like a slight tingle
>He moans again as you bob your head on him, keeping your tingue moving just how he likes it
>This could be over very quickly, but if it is it's going to leave you horny all day
>The desire for some release for yourself causes you to inadvertantly moan a little
>He picks up on that and asks, "Would you like to hop up and take a ride?"
>Daddy is so generous with you!
>You ease your head off of him, planting a little kiss on the tip of his cockhead
"I'd loive to... but can I go pee first?"
>You do NOT want to have to wash the sheets this morning!
>"Be quick about it," he answers
>You're out of bed and into the bathroom in a matter of seconds, relieving the pressure in your bladder
>You know he's listening to you pee
>But that doesn't stop you - you've never been one of those mares with a shy bladder
>Quite the opposite in fact
>As you wipe yourself you realize your pussy is soaked and that's not pee!
>You're excited for daddy to give you some cummies!
>You're not going to keep him waiting!
>You flush and hurry back to bed, climbing on top to straddle him, keeping your tail up and out of the way and...
>He slides right into you and immediately starts thrusting as you stretch around him
>He's just big enough that no matter how many times you take him it always feels like you're being split apart
>In a good way, of course
>You feel your wings spread as if they have a mind of their own as his right hand moves toward your left teat, thumb and forefinger locking on your nipple
>Almost too hard, but not quite
>You respond by grinding yourself onto him and you can feel your first one starting to build
>You used to be self conscious about how quickly (and frequently) you came when you were on top
>Then you realized that all that does is make him feel like he's the greatest lover in the world
>Of course you have no experience with others to base that on, but you're lucky to have a daddy who gets off on you getting off
>You're pretty sure not all men are like that
>Thankfully youre is!
>He holds still and lets you controil the motion
>Which quickly starts you feeling a cummie about to happen as you grind against him
>He feels it too, and increases the pressure on your nipple
>But you don't even get to react to that because the pulsing waves of pleasure start shooting through you
>Which he trakes as reason to get back to controlling the motion, slamming into you as you contract around him
>It's almost too intense!
>"That's a good girl. You should have another one"
>You would thank him, but you're still catching your breath
>And he's still slamming into you, which doesn't make that any easier
>Then he slowa down, giving control of movement back to you
>He knows you can grind off another one just as quickly, and this is his command to do so
>As you start grinding on him he starts sucking on his left middle finger
>You know what's comning
>Sure enough seconds later that finger is gently but firmly sliding up your ass
>Not exactly your favorite thing, but nothing that's going to get in the way of your next cummie
>Which is already building by the time he takes back control
>Which means his is about to happen
>Most of the time he likes to finish in your mouth, but it looks like this morning you're going to get him in the best way
>Your favorite, at least
>He's so good to you!
>He's so railing you!
>He slides his finger further up your ass and up the intensity of his thrusts
>It feels like he's getting bigger inside you
>But you're about to be there yourself
>Shit, you are there
>And his grunt as he hilts in you shows he's there as well
>Usually you can feel him pumping into you, but this isn't one of those times
>Your own contractions around him are all you feel
>That and feeling like he's split you
>And fifteen seconds later it's over - his finger slides out of your ass
>And you feel him pull back a little
>That's him telling you that the ride is over
"We came at the same time! I love that, daddy!"
>"Yeah. I felt every spasm of that second one in both your pussy and your ass"
>Which is what got him over the top instead of just letting you have a couple and then blowing him
>Finger up the ass well worth it when you consider it that way
>And much easier to take than his cock up there!
>You're so happy he seems to have lost interest in that, for the moment at least
>He just came in you while you were cumming!
>That pretty much assures you're gonna be happy for the rest of the day
>You settle your wings and roll off him onto your spot on the bed
>Or your spot when he stays over - the whole bed is yours when he doesn't
>Which is nice, but lonely
>You feel him dripping out of you
>Probably best to go wash up right away so it doesn't get all over the sheets
>You get up and head back to the bathroom
>You hear him get up and follow behind you
>"Let me pee first"
"I'm heading straight into the shower. The toilet is all yours"
>"Shit, it's only five-thirty, but I guess we're both up now"
"Totally worth it!"
>You hear him peeing as you adjust the water in the shower and drip a little cum on the floor
>"You going in today?"
"Vidal says I can if I want, but I don't have to. There's really nothing for me to do the day after a shoot"
>"Got it. I hear things went well with the filly?"
"Glitter? I wouldn't call her a filly. She was a young mare. She's definitely younger than me, but not by a lot"
>"Ok then. I hear things went well with the young mare?"
"She was super nervous at first," you say, getting into the shower
>Don't mention anything about her setting Vidal off a little bit
>What happens in make up stays in make up
>The warm water feels good
>Are you gonna do your mane today?
>You don't HAVE to
>The only thing you have planned for the day is picking up some groceries
>And you did wash it like, two days ago
>A good brushing today is all you really need
"But Roseluck was really good with her. The two of them cried together during the taping, which I though was a bit much, but it'll make for good television"
>"Well, the poor girl's father got taken away. That is kind of a big deal"
"Free pony problems"
"Free pony problems. Do you think any of us born here who aren't free have even met our sires? Or would even want to? That'd just be too weird"
>"Families can be weird, I'll give you that"
"Nothing I have any experience with. And never will unless you decide to have me bred"
>Kinda funny to say that as you're washing his seed out of you
>"Would you want to be bred?"
"Do you really want me to answer that?"
>"I asked"
>Do you give him an honest answer?
>You just realized this is probably a very touchy topic after what that bitch Roseluck did to him
>But ast time you tried deception with him it didn't work out so well
"No way would I want that. I was not raised to be somepony's mother. I was raised to be your bedmare"
>"I get it. Cynthia and I chose not to have kids simply because we were enjoying the life we had so much we didn't want to mess it up"
"You can make the same choice for me, then. Assuming you're having fun with me"
>"What do you think?," he replies
>You look over and he's standing there naked, smiling at you
>Cocks sure look funny when they're not hard!
>"I was just going to say if it were something you really wanted..."
"To be BRED? Absolutely not! Also, I think you're forgetting how this works, daddy"
>You can almost see how Roseluck might have been confused if he was this indulgent as her master!
>"What am I missing?"
"I don't spend time thinking about what I want becuse it doesn't metter"
>"That might be true in a legal sense, but that doesn't change basic stuff like psychjology"
"What do you mean?"
>"When I left you cooped up alone for hours on end here you got depressed. That went away when I put you in a position to use your special talent"
"That's because you want me to be happy. It's very kind and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. But it's what you want"
>"And if I didn't want you to be happy?"
"I'd have no say in the matter. I'd still be your good girl. Just not nearly as lucky a good girl as I happen to be"
>"You're still not being entirely honest with yourself. I've watched you manipulate me"
"I can tell when you've had to be the boss all day and don't feel like being that anymore. It's seems like you welcome a nudge here and there"
>"Is that what you call it? A nudge?"
"Yes, it's a little nudge"
>"I'll give you a little nudge!"
"You just gave me a lot more than that!"

Sorry this update took so long. I actually do live in Brooklyn and work for what's considered an essential business. So while everybody else has been hiding out in their apartments I've been working 12-15 hour days. For months now. Finally got a few hours free today and figured readers deserved a little John + Cloudy clop while advancing the story ever so slightly.
Good update. I like to see how John is actually thinking if Cloudy want to be a mother and give her more liberties. It would be good if she actually take the chance if she can raise the foal with John, at least to give him a good end to both. John finally got what he wanted to god with Rose and Cloudy can stay with her master and even raise a foal.
Of course this should happen after Cloudy accept to be a free mare but making the whole thing and don't want to be free would add a really good twist to the fic.

At least the conclusion of Cloudy arc is something that can already happen, now we need to see the conclusion of Rose and Bronquito.
Man for as much of a ruthless tv exec John is he really likes buying mares just to ruin them with freedom
File: spg2boxart.png (386 KB, 810x544)
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386 KB PNG
It took long hours of hard procrastination, but I've finally kicked Slave Pony General: The Movie: The Game: MkII: Slavesector out the door after I teased it three months ago, now launching almost 4 years after Slave Pony General: The Movie: The Game came out.
Maybe next time I crack open GMS I can make a GOOD video game.
Wait whaaaat
File: snip.png (17 KB, 319x327)
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i think dropbox is suggesting new skins for the sequel
gotta customize that pone
Rarity is for spanking
Shouldn't this be in the pastebin?
No, this was before SPG.
We had a discussion about including other greens (I am personally okay with this), but most said that the central bin is only for greens posted here.
File: 1591815619042.png (427 KB, 992x992)
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Landscape when?
God, I missed you JS. What happened to that other one you were working on way back? The slave pony farm builder?
reminder to make your ponies highstep
If your pony has insufficiently high steps, bring them to a professional trainer to make sure they move proper like.
Dashie is such a little sub
Scootaloo bath fucking when?
File: 1566944653386.jpg (1.57 MB, 2904x3369)
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1.57 MB JPG
Experts recommend that you don't attempt a dragon taming by yourself as this can be quite dangerous. It should be left to professionals. However, once a dragon sees you as strong, they will then subconsciously begin to see themselves as weak. At that point you will successfully have a tamed slave dragon, though they may continue to exhibit what is known as "tsundere" behavior.

(this is a bump)
>TFW we never got to give Cadance dressage training in CYOS
Dashie is so headstrong and brash in her daily life, but deep down she's a total subslut. She just needs a stallion or master to take charge and really show her who's boss.
File: 309147.gif (447 KB, 600x600)
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447 KB GIF
She's a cuddleslut and a switch who either doms or subs depending on how she's feeling.
And she knows what you're looking at, and doesn't mind in the slightest.
What if Master keeps a lot of mares around (and a single stallion) just to have lot of horse milk to make Kumis?
File: no more talking.jpg (54 KB, 423x591)
54 KB
pony literally wears the saddle
Then he will be rich. But he need to show to the stallion who is the master and treat him like a mare in the bed everynight
Good "see you" again here, work and life first, the rest is secondary
Dashie... a switch? I dunno bro, Dashie is pretty much the epitome of a 100% subbie mare
You're all wrong, Dash is an absolute power bottom.
Pony wears the saddle, her master has no say in the matter.
>waking her up use her
His duality of using her yet tending to her needs are interesting. Might even call him a psychopath.
>He picks up on that
He is a good master.
Also Cloudy enjoys it, which makes it so much easier for her.
>she cums a lot
I get it why he likes her so much. He feels like a sex god with her.
>get him in the best way
Oh, does she starts to have a subtle/subconscious need to have foals?
Also what happened with the in heat stuff? Would like to see Cloudy in heat. Poor John milked dry for a week.
>not liking anal
She could just ask him to not do it I suppose. Putting that finger one hole down instead, stretching her to make her feel even more tighter.
>But Roseluck was really good with her
Would have liked to see what they talked about, not just a recap from Cloudburst.
>"Would you want to be bred?"
Her liking him finishing inside tells another story.
>be a mother
She does not have to be one. John could just dump the foal on Rose or Mare once its born.
Like paying for them to raise it or something. Well, neither is tight on money but once the show ends they might be.
>what I want becuse it doesn't metter
>I've watched you manipulate me
Well, VP should work on this a bit. But it might lead to her wanting to be independent years later. But saying what she wants directly instead of manipulation could be better.

>good girl
Cloudburst the good girl : the update.

Use a freaking spell checker.

Thanks for the update!
I can see this
Dashie likes it when you get aggressive
Nice update.
Take care of yourself, writefren.
Look at that rump. So spankable.
Damn, page 9
Just found this:
Page 8 ain't great.
No it ain't!
I miss this guy (the person behind that OC).
This thread with its writefags
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File: 2142443 small.png (488 KB, 919x1024)
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Apply brush to pony
>it's Rarity

That hairbrush is being applied to the wrong part of her body

Flip it around and apply the flat side to Rarity's ass
Are the mane six in this at all? I need some Dash whipping action.
Where does all this hate for Rarity come from in this thread, like hot damn
It's not hate, it's the righteous crusade of boners everywhere. There are a couple spankfags here and they've both written a green where Rarity gets the spanko. She's a big, plump, sensitive target.
And since both were pretty good even if you're not a spankfag, it kind of caught on as a thread meme. Something similar happened with the unicorn hate, there was a point where Clear Skies was being adorable and Twilight was misbehaving and one joke turned into another and spiraled out of control from there.

> The extreme fatigue was gone, but now Anon suffered from frequent attacks of nausea. They seemed to come after exerting himself, so Celestia urged rest.
> Except that Anonymous had had enough of rest to last him a lifetime and would much rather just power through the dizzy spells. The mare insisted as she kept feeding him minuscule amounts of the potion.
> Grudgingly Anonymous had to accept that she knew what she was doing, because it was slowly getting better. Unfortunately, his improving physical condition did nothing for his peace of mind. He still felt deeply uneasy about something, even while Celestia reassured him everything was alright and they would be home soon.
> Perhaps the most normal Anon had felt in the past couple of days was that time Vanilla Pop walked in on the two of them in a rather compromising position. Maybe it was a good thing that Anon couldn't see the guard's face.
> Celestia had had him lie on his belly with his face in the pillow so she could give him a hoof massage. It would improve circulation and speed up his recovery, the mare said, but Anon felt she just wanted to feel him over. Not that he could blame her.
> Pretty soon he was sporting a large tent and it was only sheer luck that he was facing down, into the bed. That was when Vanilla Pop had walked in. At first Anon didn't know who it was and feared it might have been Dusty, but the guard cleared his throat and started to apologize profusely.

> Celestia just giggled and Anon froze in shock at being seen practically naked and with the Princess all but lying on top of him. There had been something Vanilla Pop had wanted to say, or ask, but Anon couldn't blame the stallion for completely forgetting all about it in that situation. He just kept apologizing and, Anon presumed, bowing all the way out.
"You should have fixed that door!" Anon had said. "At least then they'd knock!"
> The mare had just chuckled again. "Don't worry, love. He didn't see anything. Would it be so bad if he did?"
> She had a valid point, but there was such a thing as propriety. They'd had this discussion when Anon had first arrived in Equestria and both had agreed that it wouldn't be very polite to rub their relationship in her subjects' muzzles. They all knew, of course, but it was a different can of worms to keep blatantly making out in public.
> Maybe that little embarrassment was the reason all the guards tended to avoid meeting Anonymous and Celestia. He would have liked to catch up, but between his dizzy spells, his weakness and the guards avoiding him, Anonymous had no choice but to wait for a better time.
> Soon, Celestia kept promising.
"Is the carriage here yet? Let's just go home and be done with it," Anonymous pleaded.
> The Princess looked uncomfortable for a moment, then gave the man a pleading smile. "One more day, please Anonymous? I'm still worried about you. Tomorrow you'll be completely off the potion and then we'll go, okay?"
> Maybe she was putting it off so she could keep him to herself for a while longer? Like a kind of impromptu vacation?

> Anonymous tried to convince himself of that, but it didn't quite work. Surely if she just wanted them to spend some time away from Canterlot and the hubbub of court life, she'd have said so and taken them somewhere else.
> They were still staying in Silvermane's mansion, which didn't do Anon's disposition much good. He'd rather be done with the whole sorry mess, even if he had to pay for a hotel or an inn out of his own pocket.
> Celestia saw how he felt about the whole thing and opted to take his mind off it by means of a very warm, very aggressive kiss. Anonymous had no choice but to respond in kind.
> For the next minute or two all he could think about was the long, flat tongue in his mouth. He'd keep it up longer, but he had to breathe. Despite that the mare kept licking his face while he gasped.
> He caught her gaze and saw deep lust, which matched his own.
> "I- I think you're-" Celestia began, pausing to give his cheek another lick. "You're well enough?"
> All Anon could do was nod. He'd already gripped his belt and was struggling with the buckle. Celestia was lying on it, but she hadn't noticed. As she kissed him again, Anon forgot about it as well and put his hands on her barrel.
> The fur was just as smooth as always and the man slid his fingers down to her flanks, where he dug them in. The touch made the mare moan right into his mouth before pulling away. She smiled. "I love you!"
> Anonymous opened his mouth to say the same, but then he suddenly saw it in her eyes.
> It couldn't be.
> Except everything fit together. It explained it all: the potion, the nausea, the delays.
> "W-What's wrong?" Celestia asked nervously when his expression changed.

> Anon's heart, already racing from excitement and lust, speeded up even more until he thought it would explode. He could feel the rush of blood and the tingle of adrenaline. He let go of Celestia's flanks and brought his hands up to his face.
> He would only get one shot at this.
> Before the mare could react, Anon bunched his fingers in a fist and struck right at her horn, as hard as he could.
> "W-EE-" the Princess began to shriek, but he hit her again and she just went limp. The horn was extremely sensitive, especially to blows from the side. It was the only way to negate her magic without his own.
> For a minute it was all Anon could do to just lie there, struggling to get his breathing under control. It wasn't until the unconscious Celestia stirred and groaned that he remembered himself.
> Once she woke up, would she have her magic back right away? If so, what could he do about that? He tried to remember.
> There had been a time when, during their passionate tossing on the bed Celestia had smacked her horn against a bedpost. She couldn't use magic without a headache for a good several hours after that. It was the best idea he could come up with on short notice. Hopefully his punch had done much the same and he had a few minutes to figure it out.
> The mare was still a lot stronger than him in his weakened state, so that was the next urgent thing.
> Anon's eyes landed on the sheets and he slid out of the bed. His breath came in short, almost panicked pants as he rolled it up into a tube.
> It was too thick. There was no way for him to tie a knot.

> Almost whimpering, the man looked at the pony who stirred again and tried to open her eyes. He didn't have a lot of time. He quickly unrolled the sheet and ripped it in half. Luckily it was thin linen and didn't offer much resistance. He tore it apart again.
> He was left with a long, thin strip, which he hurriedly wrapped around Celestia's fetlocks. That took care of forelegs and Anon tied a crude knot with shaky hands. He tore another strip from the sheet and did the same for her hind legs.
> There was just enough of cloth left to bind all her legs together. It wasn't perfect and she'd probably be able to get free, but it was good enough if he watched her closely.
> The mare was definitely waking up by now, whimpering and growling, so Anonymous looked around for a weapon. Any weapon.
> There! The smashed door had split and a plank was hanging loose. It wasn't exactly a club, but it would do in a pinch. Anon tore it from the frame, twisting it a few times to get it free, then hefted it above the prone mare.
> Her eyes opened, blinked a few times, then focused on him. "W-Wha-?"
"One sign of a spell and I'll whack you again!" Anon threatened.
> Ignoring him, Celestia lifted her head and he made good on his threat. He hit her horn, but not too hard. It made the pony gasp in shock and fall back down.
> For a moment Anon was worried he'd smacked her too hard, but the mare began whimpering and flapping her wings.
"STAY STILL!" he ordered, nearly knocked from his feet by flailing.
> In the moment of silence he listened intently, hoping there wasn't Dusty or someone else on their way to see what all the noise was about. Any one of them would be able to subdue him with no trouble.

> "H- H-" the Princess worked her mouth to get her tongue to work once more. "How?" she asked hoarsely. "How'd you know?"
> That confirmed his fear and a huge weight was lifted from Anon's shoulders. If this really was Celestia and he'd made a terrible mistake-
> It had been a chance he'd been willing to take and the right one, obviously, now.
"Look at me. Look me in the eye!"
> The pony did as he commanded and Anon inspected her eyes. Now that he knew what to look for it was patently obvious.
"You did a good job, but I guess you never saw Celestia from up close. She has tiny flecks of gray in her irises. It's not just solid magenta."
> Celestia - or rather her imitator, closed her eyes and heaved a sigh.
"And you used too many contractions!" Anon went on, triumphantly. "It's hard to spot, but she almost never does. I guess you didn't hear her talk enough."
> All the mare did was grunt in what sounded like annoyance. She refused to look at him.
"So I guess Vanilla Pop is a traitor as well?"
> The mare shook her head, but the motion was subtle. Obviously her head hurt a lot and Anon was pleased about that. He hefted the board and considered smacking her again, just to be done with it. Surely she'd be out cold for a few hours and he could try to make for a town or a village.
> "Ventriloquism spell," the mare said finally. "I can do voices. That's why he was always out of sight."
> It made sense and now that Anon thought about it he realized he'd never actually seen the guard.
"What about Dusty?"
> The Princess - the fake Princess - shrugged with her wings. "Silvermane's servant. She obeys me."
"What are you? I know a little about the changing spell and you shouldn't be able to keep it going when I hit you. How are you doing it?"

> She just barked a laugh. "Somepony will come and find you, and then I'll have you. And I won't be gentle, either, you stupid ape."
"I asked you a question!"
> Anon mock-swung the board and the mare tried to jerk out of the way. Despite her brave words, Anon could see how she was nervously licking her lips and how her wings rustled. Probably a pegasus originally, he assumed. The reaction looked unconscious, which meant she was used to having wings.
> "Fine. It's not like you'll live to tell anypony. Not after this!"
> She closed her eyes in concentration and Anon gave her horn a light tap, which nevertheless made the mare gasp in pain.
"No magic! I'm warning you, a single glint and I'm whacking you as hard as I can!"
> The mare just grunted. "Fine. I'm changeling. Happy now?!"
> All the man knew of her race was the tidbits he'd learned about Glowbug back on Earth, which wasn't a whole lot. From what Celestia had said, they were the ones who originally invented the disguise spell - or maybe it was something they could do naturally, which would explain why it didn't vanish when the changeling had been knocked out.
> They also fed on emotion, which would explain why he'd felt so weak and drained lately, even after going off the potion. Anon forced his anger down.
> The problem now was getting away. Sure, he could smack the creature unconscious and run for it, but there was no way of knowing how long she'd be out. Too soon and she'd raise an alarm and get him caught before he made it to safety.
> Hit her too hard, on the other hand, and she might never wake up again. It was probably no less than she deserved, but Anon wasn't about to simply kill another sentient creature. Not unless it was the only choice.

> An idea struck him and he looked at the bedside table. There was the brown, nearly opaque bottle with no label. He reached over and picked it up.
"You're gonna drink this, or I'll smack you until you're out cold and pour it down your throat, understand?"
> The mare glanced at the makeshift club in his hands, swallowed, and nodded. Her ears went flat in defeat.
> The mixture made him sleep, surely it would do something similar for a pony. It also left his muscles feeling like wet noodles. That would take care of the changeling, at least for a while.
> Maybe someone would find her, but probably not for a few hours. The last few days Celestia - or rather the impostor - had spent most of her time with him and there hadn't been any interruptions.
> With that settled, all Anon had to do was think up what to do about Dusty and possibly some others in the house. The best way would be to sneak out. That would give him until they found the unconscious changeling, or until she woke up.
> Or was it 'he'? He'd kissed the thing, which made Anon's stomach twist up.
> He suddenly realized that he was standing still with the potion in one hand and the plank of wood in the other. The creature was watching him warily, waiting to see what he would do.
> At least she wasn't trying to get free from the makeshift bounds.
"By the way, what really happened to Spring Morning?"
> The mare rolled her eyes. "I *am* Spring Morning, idiot. I've been in disguise all along."
> It was all getting too complicated and Anon just gave up. If Spring Morning had always been a changeling, Celestia and Luna would know what to make of it. Right then, he just wanted to get out of the house.
"Open up!" he commanded.

> The changeling glared for a few moments, but then her ears lowered and she exhaled in defeat. Her lips parted.
> Anonymous kept his hold on the plank and put the bottle against the mare's lips. He tilted it up, but his hand was shaking and he spilled a little around her muzzle.
> He watched her throat closely and it looked like the mare was swallowing obediently. That was good, a relief that he didn't have to force her.
> Very soon after that, the mare's eyelids began to droop. She seemed to be having trouble keeping her head upright and her wings were unfurling.
> It could still have been an act, though.
> Anon got a brilliant idea. He dropped the empty bottle and threw the remaining blanket off the bed. Then he hurried to the wardrobe and took out some fresh bedclothes. They went in an oblong pile in the bed.
> There was a dull thump and he looked just in time to see fake-Celestia's eyes close. The noise had been her muzzle hitting the carpet. He should have thought about this step earlier...
> It took some doing to get the heavy pony up in the bed, but there was no choice. Anonymous was winded by the time he had the changeling settled with her head on the pillow.
> Was she faking the effects of the potion? Anonymous keept a close watch on her face and suddenly slapped his hand on her rump as hard as he could. Not even a flutter of an eyelash. Surely if she'd been awake, there would have been some kind of a reaction.
> Reassured, he pulled a new blanket over her and the bundle of cloth he'd arranged. He inspected the effect from the door and almost smiled to himself. It looked exactly like two people in bed, sleeping.
> It should buy him some time if one of the others came to check. Surely they wouldn't bother the changeling sleeping with her captive human.

> For a moment he considered leaving the wood behind, but it was the only real weapon he had, so Anon opted to keep it in his hand. He was fully clothed, which was a relief, so nothing was really keeping him there.
> He cast a critical eye over the scene once more and nearly cursed out loud. The empty bottle was on the floor. He hurried over and put it back on the nightstand. He still wasn't absolutely sure what it did, but he hadn't had a single dream since his kidnapping and Anon was pretty sure it wasn't due to changeling magic.
> That was probably why the changeling had insisted he keep taking it. She must have worked out the smallest dose which would keep him from dreaming and alerting Princess Luna.
> The story about getting addicted to it and having to be weaned off was just a lie. His lips pressed together as Anonymous went over what the impostor Celestia had told him and mentally marked it all as lies.
> Everything seemed in order, so he walked to the door and listened. No hoofsteps.
> He poked his head outside and looked both ways, but the hallway was empty. His best bet, Anon decided, was the back exit into the garden. The guards - or rather, Silvermane's goons - kept to themselves in the front rooms.
> After that, it would be a different problem to find habitation.
> Actually, the man reconsidered, he didn't need to find habitation. He just needed to stay hidden from his captors for long enough so the effects of the potion completely wore off and he dreamed. Undoubtedly Luna would find him.
> Surely they hadn't stopped looking for him that soon, right?
> Once Luna and Celestia - the *real* Celestia - knew where he was, at least the general area, they would probably rush over. They could figure it out from there.

> That decided, Anon slipped out the back door, looked around the garden to make sure no one was in sight, then sprinted for the nearest wall.
> It was head high for him, but filled with adrenaline as he was, the man had no doubt he could easily scale it.
> Freedom, at last!

> ~~~~

> Anonymous sat down heavily on a fallen log to catch his breath. He'd tried running, but couldn't keep it up for more than a few minutes. Now he was walking as far as he could and then waiting for the spots of lights to vanish from before his eyes.
> Distance, that was the key. No doubt Spring Morning's pals would search the area in some kind of pattern once they discovered him gone, or when the changeling woke up.
> He also had to assume that they'd be able to fly, so staying in the trees and keeping an eye out on the sky was a must. As he waited for his panting to wind down, Anonymous kept looking up and behind.
> They might also use magic to track him, but since he didn't have a way to defend against that, the man had opted not to spend too much effort on worrying about it. Distance was the obvious thing, so he focused all his energy on that.
> His breathing gradually slowed and Anon got back on his feet. Time to move on. The sun was on his right as it descended, which meant he was going south. Closer to civilization, hopefully.
> At least the forest wasn't too thick, so it didn't take a lot of effort to walk. There was very little undergrowth and the ground was fairly even, which was just as well. His legs already felt like lead pipes and his muscles were burning with fatigue.
> Apparently he wasn't completely recovered yet, but Anon was still determined to do what he could.

> He paused to take a look behind him and then pushed forward. The trees seemed to be thinning out up ahead, which was both a blessing and a curse. The going would be easier, but he would also be much more exposed.
> Moments later Anonymous recognized a road of hard-packed dirt. It didn't look like a major thoroughfare, nor could he see any travellers in either direction, but it made the man a little hopeful.
> He contemplated walking on the road, but changed his mind and stayed in the trees. He still wanted cover in case any pegasi were looking for him.
> The makeshift club had been left behind in the garden behind Silvermane's manor. It would only have been extra weight. If a pony tried to catch him, Anon would just have to rely on his fists. Hopefully they wouldn't expect that.
> The going would be a bit slower off the road, but it was worth it. Anon looked both directions. To the West, the road seemed to curve back north, so he picked East and set off at a brisk walk.
> It was late afternoon, which meant only a few more hours and then he'd find a hiding place. Anon thought about possible dangerous fauna, but he knew the wildlife was a lot nicer than on Earth. The truly dangerous stuff was in the Everfree, which was a lot further to the Southwest and maybe in the Frozen North, which was in the opposite direction.
> Despite the burning in his limbs, Anon was happy and relieved to be out of that house. He'd escaped all by himself, which felt good and filled him with confidence, and soon he'd be back in Canterlot.
> Hopefully, by now, Celestia had dismantled Silvermane's operation and had put everyone responsible behind bars. Spring Morning and her lackeys might escape, but it was a trade Anonymous was willing to make.

> He slowed down and stumbled to a halt. His lungs were burning again and his vision was swimming. There was no convenient place to sit, so Anon just slid down under a tree and leaned against the trunk.
> Still no sign of pursuit. Maybe he'd done a good enough job on Spring Morning, or whatever her changeling name was, that she'd sleep until next morning. The disguise of them in bed together should also keep any others away.
> Despite his cautious optimism, Anon watched the sky to the north until he felt he could stand again. He took a deep breath and headed onward.
> A flash of color through the trees...
> At first he dove for cover, afraid one of Spring Morning's goons had overtaken him and was lying in wait, but the splotch of color was too large for a pony. Houses! Anonymous couldn't believe his luck! He caught another glimpse of white and red through the trees.
> A few cautious steps forward revealed that it was a house. The sun was on its last rays and some of the windows Anon could see already had lights in them.
> It was a small village, but in that moment it was more welcome than a palace. Relief masked the pain and he stumbled to the road. He wanted to get there as fast as possible.
> Footsteps turned to a halting run and sweat poured into Anon's eyes, but he wanted the ordeal over as soon as possible so he pushed forward.
> A plain, brown-colored pony - an earth stallion - was walking down the street and froze in place as he spotted him. Even at the distance Anon could see how his eyes widened in fear and the stallion hurriedly pushed locks of red mane out of his eyes before taking a step back.
"No... Don't-" he gasped out.

> Of course the stallion couldn't hear, but the man slowed and focused on gulping down as much air as he could. Everything hurt, but he really didn't want to collapse so close to his goal.
> As he came nearer, the stallion finally saw in what shape he was and his look of fear changed into one of concern. Humans probably weren't a common sight in this part of Equestria, but he must have heard of them and knew they were connected with Canterlot and the Princesses.
> He still approached cautiously, letting Anon walk most of the way before asking in a hesitant voice: "W-Who are you? What are you d-doing here?"
> Anon shook his head and stopped. He fought for breath.
"Police... Sheriff-"
> The pony looked afraid once again and looked at the road in the direction from where Anon had come. "What? Is there danger?"
> Rather than struggling for breath, Anon let himself sink to his knees. His legs wouldn't hold him anymore, but that was okay. Surely the village ponies would take care of him and they wouldn't let Spring Morning take him.
"They're after me," he managed. "Silvermane's man- manor. I was being held pri- prisoner."
> Each word made the stallion more agitated. "That place in the woods?!"
> Rather than repeating himself, Anon just nodded.
"Send- pegasus. Message. Canterlot- to Celestia. Name's Anonymous."
> Finally concern won out over fear and the stallion stepped closer. "Okay, okay, I'll get the sheriff. Come on, let's get you inside, you don't look so good."
> The commotion was attracting more attention and several other ponies were looking at them from the village. The stallion shouted for torches and help, before slipping under Anon's arm to support him upright.
"Thanks..." was all he could say.

> The stallion just grunted and started walking slowly forward. It took significant effort, but Anonymous got his legs under him and his hands on the pony's back. He could make it to a house and then he could rest.
> "We'll get you some water and a place to rest up. Then you can tell the sheriff what's happened, okay?"
"Sure... Thanks."
> Anonymous was hardly aware of another village pony joining them and nuzzling from his other side. He swapped one hand to the newcomer.
> It meant he was walking nearly bent double, but it was welcome support. He looked up and tried to see where they were taking him.
> One of the houses was larger than the others and there was a sign out in front. The Inn, Anonymous guessed. He focused on the door like a lifeline. He just had to make it that far...

Wow that was a fun one to write. A couple of Anons called 'changeling', but it seems no one picked up that Celly's speech was slightly different from how I usually write her. Neat!
Then there was this line I never imagined I'd write today:
> He watched her throat closely and it looked like the mare was swallowing obediently. That was good, a relief that he didn't have to force her.

Pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/FPi99ccM
Sheeit. I expected some of this, but other things I was taken off guard. Spring Morning being a changeling herself was a bit of a surprise. I wonder how many more there are? Scary. Good for Anonymous getting away, but the way the scene was written I'm half expecting this village to be in cahoots with the Silvermanes. I think Anon is still in trouble. Hopefully he can dream a little so Luna can find out where he is for real.
Holy fuuuuck this was intense. Can't wait for more AWF!

Rarity is for spanking. I don't make the rules but them's the facts
Rarity is for spanking. For SPANKING.
>pony was abused and tortured by her former master
>his favorite method was waterboarding, sticking her head under the water over and over again
>pony is traumatized

>but when you buy her, she is smelly and dirty
>you need to bathe her, but if you try to fill literally anything with water she runs away and hides in fear
>begs you hysterically, "please no, no master, please"

>What do SPG?
well.... gonna have to lick her
Sponge bath, or those waterless pet cleaner products.
Whip the poner with wet rags
Badass Awf, badass. Such trusting folk those ponies, aren't they? Takin a poor ape like Anon in with out much of a second thought. I hope they can get that pegasus off, the reward will be great for returning Celly's boytoy
File: 2357416.png (358 KB, 1070x1024)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
She found your stash

Dirty Horse gets the hose.
Always remember that when your slave mare is in estrus, it's very important to meet all of their sexual needs so they don't get unruly. Always keep a vibrating dildo, some rope, hoofcuffs, and be prepared to give your mare your REAL dick at least three times a day until her heat is finally over. Also be sure to keep her hydrated with plenty of fluids, especially since her winking marepussy is going to be leaking fluid all day long and her heat filled body will be sweating like crazy.
File: 1585417536173.png (814 KB, 1280x973)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
but anon
thats lewd
Or if they've been naughty, tie them up and let their heat run its course without them even being able to masturbate. The mental torture will drive them crazy
Don't torture the pone
File: 1590792506372.png (3.24 MB, 4064x3894)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
she knows what she did
"Spring Morning" miss his Anon
>she was just jealous of Celly's anon
Celly needs to start the import of human husbandos ASAP
File: 582490.jpg (126 KB, 1200x873)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Lot of demand for those hoomin stallions.
All that stamina
But pone is for torture
If I were Anon. I'd have at least taken some of that bedding to tear into wrappings in case it got into fisticufs to decrease the chances of a broken knuckle or sprained wrist, and to be able to hit a little harder. But I'm glad he got out and it didn't come to that. I just hope that village isn't loyal to the Silvermane family, and that stallion isn't helping Anon feel safe for brownie points. I wouldn't have mentioned Silvermane at all yet until I was really out of the woods, so to speak. But I guess they wouldn't immediately figure he needs a potion to really keep secure right away. Anon needs that one fuck up.

Great stuff Awf. Reading about spring getting hit in her magical bollocks and Anon getting out by his own grit was extremely satisfying. Almost more so than if Celly did vaporize that entire house and staff for taking her walking royal hood massager.
File: 1592096165818.png (310 KB, 800x568)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Hey SPG, I didn't visit for like 4 years, did SkittlesAnon ever come back..?
Nope, i don't think so. Maybe dropped buy once or twice to say still alive, but green wasn't continued.

I think some anon did an unofficial continuation to that green, but it only lasted for one short update. I dont have a link handy, sorry.
Here it is =
SkittlesAnon https://pastebin.com/admfdm5t
Tuner https://pastebin.com/crzh5Qze Fan continuation
I've been playing the shit out of this. It's actually really good. I like whipping the stallions.
Forgot to ask. do you still have the first game? I lost it and I miss the twiggy races.
>deeply uneasy about something
The fact that why the heck does she still keeps him there?
>wouldn't be very polite to rub their relationship in her subjects' muzzles
Yea about that...
>mare kept licking his face
>but then he suddenly saw it in her eyes
You had us deliberately mislead (kinda) by the real Cellyboo's anger eyes!
>beating the impostor
At least he did not take out his anger at it.
>too many contractions
Now I'm tempted to do some statistics.. Also including the previous green too.
>Vanilla Pop
What was the purpose of Vanilla Pop?
One more element that can break down the illusion if not done right.
>I'm changeling
That I was expecting. I was not a 100% sure, but it did not caught me off guard.
>drink this
There is a figure of speech in my language that I cant translate. Straight on translation is "the ice cream licks back".
>I *am* Spring Morning
That I did not expect. I guessed that SM is a changeling, but not that its the same one.
But why did it switched tactics? Was afraid of hurting Anon with the overdose? Or was it running low on food?
>Freedom, at last!
Well then, he managed it himself after all.
>not afraid of humans
Thats a relief. Or is it?

>speech was slightly different
Well I did, but I could not pinpoint what it is. Mainly it was not the how she spoke, but the lack of facts instead.

Thanks for the update!
File: spg1boxart.png (494 KB, 900x602)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
>do you still have the first game?

the statistics would certainly be interesting. I dunno why I decided to give Celly that particular pattern. I guess it felt a bit more formal and reserved, without going overboard. I know that I've kept to it very consistently, so impostor celly was the perfect chance to see if anyone noticed.
> SM's reasons
Will be more on that in a future update.

Thanks, JS. You're a fucking gem. I hope you do more in the future.
File: 1592380907319.gif (793 KB, 1022x1110)
793 KB
793 KB GIF
Little mare is gonna get pet
Pull the cart, Rarity. Bad girls who don't pull the cart get the paddle.
Why aren't these the first things in the bin?
Definitely would pet.
File: 1592225968656.png (289 KB, 480x640)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
Good bedmare shows new bedfilly the ropes
They should certainly be in the bin. They’re not the greentext this thread exists to support, but they’re on topic and entirely worthy.
Writefags aren't the only ones to make up a general. Related art, music, and games have always bbeen the backbone of any good thread. I'm also pretty confused as to why there isn't a drawfag archive too. We've had a bunch of art done in the past. Especially when Shiny and Corona was at it's peak.
File: 1587257542455.png (3.04 MB, 2672x2200)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
Dont forget the good girl herself, Rosa
File: 1455845763021.png (86 KB, 810x765)
86 KB
>both bedmare and bedfilly in the bed
Kinky, both will call master daddy for different reasons
Rosa the BAD girl, you mean
Reminder that scene happened moments after she accepted the idea of sucking trucker cock if necessary. So not only is she a runaway, not only did she bite a guy, she was also willing to whore herself out if the situation called for it. BAD GIRL.
She was only interested because her pal in that moment told her how good is the human dick even coming from a fucking hobo, at least she is now fine without knowing the forbidden pleasure of the human stamina.
Sooo if a slave mare is ready to suck her master's dick, she's a good girl, but if Rosa is ready to suck a trucker's dick to save her best friend, she's a... bad girl? That makes literally no sense dude.

Rosa is obviously a very good girl. Any of you Anons would be damn lucky to get a mare so good
Rosa never got her spanking
Rosa is a Good girl in a good sense, Corona is a Bad girl who wasted water
Just a little reminder that Rosa and her non born in equestria friend were a really pure girl until she arrive equestria and the magic slowly taint them.
So don't worry guys that rosa will probably try the human dick in a random moment of NTR degeneracy.
So always remember, magic turn your faithful good girl into a slut that only follow her winking pussy
Be sure to pick up your pony from Ponemart™
Accept no substitutes
The depression town is back!

>Panic button, barricade yourself, etc
Are these clients are this abusive?
>Tavi and secret letters
Wow. Don't she has free roam in the town?
>chicken on the farm
She will be disappointed. Or not, if she already knows how good she got with Bill and this is not the norm.
>Sweetie Belle, "She's here *somewhere*.
How do they know?
>she fell asleep an hour or so back
Give that mare a day off a week or something. Or just teach someone to handle the breakfast/preparation a day or two a week so she can sleep in a bit.
Cmon Bloom, dont shut him down, he tries to be nice!
>new docs
Hmm, did they asked for them?
>family reunion
Sly ponies. They are planning this behind Sweetie?

Thanks for the update!
But Ponemart sells B grade ones! Just look at that, she is skew eyed!
I stick with my usual A grade ponies from my local breeder. Cheaper, takes custom orders, does not train them in a way that mentally damages them, they use reinforced training instead of punishments!
clean your pone
Rainbow needs to be tacked up all the time
It wasn't as good an idea as he thought it would be.
Scrub that pussy good.
File: 1478743203777.jpg (191 KB, 686x899)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Decorate your slave.
Desecrate your slave.
Lovingly impregnate your slave
Look like drink Dr Roger heat potion a lot of times leave her some secondary effect in her body. Obligatory heat day one time per week.
Let hope her new master at least make her feel loved unlike Roger and actually enjoy her heat and the moment after her heat, not feeling regret anymore, just wanting to cuddle with her new master after being satisfied.
Octavia services her new master every day, and twice on Heat Day.
But she actually enjoy it or it's an obligation in her mind? She deserve to be happy for once
>enjoy it?
>or obligation?
One of the things that makes these slave stories work is the ambiguity of that question. Slaves don't have a choice in masters or lifestyles, they have to make the best of what they get. It probably IS an obligation, but that doesn't mean they can't also enjoy it too. That was Dr. Rogers point: he didn't want his patients to suffer after they left his care so he tried to adapt them to their new life as best he could. That sort of fucked up logic is an inevitable progression of slavery itself...
File: Spoiler Image (369 KB, 990x489)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
But the main problem with the potion is the regret after the effect wear off. All the pleasure turn into guilt when she get filled and satisfied.
So that means that Rogers stills need to polish that potion even more. Maybe some specific book with equestrian knowledge would actually help to solve this issue with a downgraded version of pic related potion. Enough to make her horny and slowly love her master with every dose until the mare is 100% in love with her master. The best part of science is that you can remove the undesirable factor of this potion like the part affecting the other pony(in this case human) and the unhealthy obsession too.
>heat potion

It would be very satisfying to tie up a naughty mare and position her with her ass in the air, and give her a heat potion and just sit back and watch her pussy become puffy and inflamed, dripping and winking over and over again. She would moan and shake her little rump back and forth at me, struggle and tug at her bonds, and beg me profusely over and over again to please, PLEAAASE fuck her pussy and fill her with cum. I'd simply sit back and watch with a glass of iced tea and a slice of lemon, giving myself a perfect view of her desperately wriggling ass and enjoy her pleas for relief.

Hours later, her moaning is even louder, her body is sweating like no tomorrow, and her breathless pleading sounds like gibberish. Her inner thighs all the way down to her hooves are sticky and wet with her dripping fluids, and she stamps her hooves with agony. Her eyes are filled with tears. She wants to orgasm SO BAD, but still you sit there, watching her. You know a mare in her position is so sensitive that she would cum if you merely just rubbed her clit for a second, but you aren't going to let her get that either.

This heat potion lasts all day, and today is your day off. Your naughty little mare still has many more hours left to go.
File: 2377873.png (3.4 MB, 1886x2596)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB PNG
>rhorse drew clear skies getting preened for rgre
>featuring monkey racism
That's just mean. Give your mare the dick.
I picked her to draw because Fang made her the only likable Pegasus for me. More Clear Skies when?
I was reading through Clear Skies right now! Truly the most heliotrope pegasus. Fang seems dead, but there's always hope...
I heard that the wings and feathers of the Pegasus are very sensitive to human touch, is this true or just another internet rumor that was told before the slave auctions?
Anon still needs March Gustysnows to help him "plant" his "flower garden", even after he swore off gardening. He's not above "truly appreciating his slave-pony", but he's a pretty good guy overall. Most of our greens are bittersweet at best but Clear Skies was just pure cute-lewd.
Keep your unicorn in captivity.
File: 1725044 small.png (1.66 MB, 1024x1024)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
>and let them get lazy and chubby
A squishy pone is a cute pone, but that's a wasted opportunity. Free range unicorns are much better.
GPS collars are cheap nowadays, and you get the fun of recapturing them every afternoon.
Arnold the unicorn hunter would certainly agree!
Vega when?
But really though WHEN
So what do you guys feel about
It's very hit or miss, the concept is solid but something important is missing from the green. There was a general on /trash/ a while back that did a good job with a similar concept https://pastebin.com/kyd8Dwd2
I haven’t made a green there yet, but I post regularly. I like it for the same reasons I like /SPG/. Cuddle Pie and Zipper Stitch are very compelling stories.
Remember to spank Rarity at least once per week
By spanking you mean with spank the back side of her throat with my dick?
I mean... both
>"Best get going, Ah think."
"Yeah, you're probably right. Considering it's just sitting on my ass, driving that far is exhausting."
>You chuckle softly to yourself.
"I'm about ready to fall asleep right here."
>"You look it," Apple Bloom snorts as you fall back into the grass of the hill.
>Stars shine brightly in the night sky, bare branches from the tree at the crest of the hill snake across your view like black lightning.
"If it wasn't so damn cold..."
>"Gonna get colder, too. Can't you feel it?"
"I think I do."
>You're picking up on more and more.
>When Apple Bloom brought you out here to talk about the farm - about Green Bean's little garden and your thoughts - most of what she said made sense.
>If not in a way where you really understood it, but in a way where you understood how she was right.
>And not just because you know you can trust her.
>It... it's like the knowledge you've never really had is just out of your reach. Like you're seeing it through frosted windows.
>Or foggy memories - but of things you never knew.
>Apple Bloom has talked about her past some, but you *know* you've never heard these stories before. Not the ones about her friends.
>You've certainly never heard about Zap Apples.
>And yet...
>You sigh.
>It's troubling. Or would be if this didn't feel so comfortable.
>Despite the near-freezing temperatures - that feels warm. Or the hard ground underneath - with the *so* soft grass cradling you.
>You close your eyes.
>Only to be shaken awake.
"How long was I...?"
>"Ah dunno. Just thought you were thinkin' 'till you started to snore," Apple Bloom snorts. "Get yerself to bed 'fore you've got to grab an empty cot in the dorms."
>That doesn't sound so bad.
>"Nah," Apple Bloom shakes her head.
>You're tired.
>Must have said that out loud.
>She's smiling, even as she continues to shake her head.
>"You gotta get on up to your house. Somepony's waitin' on you."
"Oh, right."
>You reach over to Apple Bloom and pat her shoulder.
>You push yourself upright - and from there it's a mostly simple process of standing.
>There are a few complications.
>Like Apple Bloom still laying on her back, staring up at the stars.
"You going in?"
>"Not yet," she sighs.
"Look, I don't feel great leaving you out here all alone."
>"Why?" she smirks. "Ain't no timberwolves 'round. Don't gotta worry 'bout bugbears neither."
"No, but you're alone."
>Apple Bloom snorts. She lifts one forehoof off the grass and gently pats her belly.
>"Ain't alone."
"Still... what if you fall asleep? It's going to hit freezing soon - and I don't know how you're managing without a jacket or something already."
>"Tell you what," she smiles, "you gotta go back to your truck anyhow an' it's parked outside the dorms. Why don't you ask somepony to come on up an' check on me in a bit?"
"I... I can do that."
>"Thanks. I'd just like to be out here a lil' longer. Somethin' 'bout the sky tonight's callin' to me."
"Don't be out too long, okay?"
>"I won't. See you tomorrow."
"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

>You pull up to the front of the house, instead of going around to the side like you really should.
>Just too dang tired to walk that extra distance right now, even if some unpleasant feelings drift up as you step out of the truck.
>Luckily you're alone this time. No injured pony to carry inside.
>No horrible memories to haunt you later.
>Or maybe that's a shame.
>It means they're all still back at Sterling Stables.
>You sigh and...
>The porch light is off.
>Lauren's waiting for you, a black silhouette in the open doorway.
>You stumble on your way up the steps.
>She doesn't laugh.
>You do.
>Lauren disappears for a moment and the lights come on just as you make it up the steps.
>When she comes back, she's no longer cast in shadow.
>She looks...
>... different?
>No, she's always been beautiful.
"You did something with your hair."
>In a daze, you reach out to the curl running over her shoulder.
>And miss.
>Your hand brushes her cheek.
"It looks nice."
>She steps back and - spins. Slowly.
>It's a nice view.
>But you don't really know what to make of it.
File: Lauren.jpg (297 KB, 736x1131)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
>Apparently something.
>"Y'still didn't notice what I'm wearin' did you?"
"Sorry, no."
>"You don't remember this outfit?"
"You were wearing it this morning."
>Not the right answer.
>She shoves you.
>But still hard enough she still grabs your hands to stop you from falling off the porch.
"Sorry, but what you're wearing doesn't usually interest me as much as... well... *you*."
>Another shove.
>A blush.
>Another catch as you teeter on dead feet, though this time she doesn't let go of your hands.
"Yeah, I know. Sorry. I don't think I meant that quite like how it came out."
>She smiles. A little sadly.
>"You're too tired for this, aren't you?"
"It's been a long day."
>She pulls you inside.
>abusive clients?
Better safe than sorry. Seems like they've had issues in the past.
>Tavi having free roam
>Sweetie Belle
I know it was long ago, but she was on TV saying she was coming for them.
>Asking for docs
Not stated, but has come up that they are understaffed so it's possible. Or maybe they're being sent in anticipation that future expansion will make them necessary.
>Planning something for Sweetie
You'll see.
Again? Stop shilling your general, faggot. We saw it in the catalog and the first 3 times you linked this thread to it.
I was the OG shill, and it wasn’t even me lol. There will be and should be a bit of crosstalk between such closely aligned themes. As long as it’s not obnoxiously persistent you should check out the awesome conclusion of our Cuddle Pie story, or at least just let it go.
File: 2379725.png (1.85 MB, 1955x1915)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Pony cannot pull the saddle without proper feeding to keep up her strength. Give the appul appuls. What is your pony's favorite snack?
File: 1585636688610.jpg (132 KB, 516x675)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
That was a nice little update. it was pretty comfy there at the start.
Very comfy update, I can feel that there's a lot of surprises ahead, thanks man
File: 2255275.jpg (138 KB, 1080x1080)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Is pony trying to invoke Saladin's name?
I think it might be time to DEUS VULT.
File: 111567867864.png (182 KB, 671x663)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Pony has strange cravings.
Must be the half-human foal
Thanks for the swift update, writefren.
File: 2379298.gif (758 KB, 1523x1641)
758 KB
758 KB GIF
>order pony from shady website because it's cheap
>open box
>these fall out
I knew something was going to be wrong, but I wasn't expecting this.
They gave me four extras and they're all defective.
File: 2085003.png (1.03 MB, 1229x1581)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
File: boop.jpg (33 KB, 368x368)
33 KB
>pony life was a fucking tragedy in motion
>board currently on fire
Have a canon booping
Looks like you got five working units there. That pony breed really likes oral and that is their mating display.

You should feel lucky that they fucked up your order and you got five of them.
File: 2379313.png (416 KB, 746x993)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
Hey anon, I finally found something cheaper and worse than unicorns!!!
What? want to abuse it? Good fucking luck with her cartoon logic body

anon I think cartoon logic bodies would make fucking these tiny horses easier because it means the size difference doesn't matter
File: 1588347171082.png (260 KB, 700x518)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Damn, nothing ready today due to yet another working weekend...
Sorry, all. I'll do my best to get it posted tommorrow.
If no medical masks are available, a feedbag works fine.
Muh fetish.
>you’re going to ride me?!
Yes, Pinkie. I’m going to “ride” you.
Take your time, writefren.
Pinkie needs her spanking, too

Pink Puffball when
Pink Puffball has had her spank, but she needs the muzzle.
You good nigga, you good
File: 2145231.png (2.91 MB, 2918x2937)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (45 KB, 1720x873)
45 KB
Why dont you shift it to next weekend?
>Pet me

I think you meant "spank me" Rarity.
Aw, come on Anon. Leave poor Rarity alone. Sure she needs some paddling every now and then, but Rarity is still a good girl.
File: 1592752797150.png (338 KB, 819x1024)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
We need more pony shaming
>Comfy skygazing
Nice. Would have loved to see a bit more of small talk.
No wonder why Bloom failed to seduce him. Could have laid on top of him to keep him warm.
>new look
At least he noticed it and made a comment about it!
>A blush.
The thing between them starts to re-flame.

Thanks for the update!
femine penis
Can a stallion be classified as a bedmare?
No. He's a stallion.

Women buy stallion slaves so they can get some of that throbbing stallion cock.
Not all the stallions are buttsluts
for 2 thrusts aka 2 second
but I'm sure a cockring helps a lot
Magical pony stallions may not have great "time to jizz" like many human males, but they can fuck numerous times a night without even trying
File: 1589661276321.png (730 KB, 900x1580)
730 KB
730 KB PNG
>page 10
What is this bad girl up to?
Masturbation. Nobody cares what a regular slave does on their off hours, but it’s forbidden to dedicated sex slaves without their masters presence and permission. It’s not the end of the world or anything but she’s up for a light punishment, and not the “fun” sort.
Im not sure about this. I assume they can go once every two/three hour or so.
He say magical so that means unicorn.
But would someone really trust to an unicorn to use his magic?
You mean femanon master rides his face? Kinda pointy.
File: 1592718473105.png (651 KB, 2250x2250)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
>buy a cuddlefilly
>she's actually evil
uh oh
Silly anon, that bedfilly only need cuddles to be good and a lot of advanced cuddles too

Who enslaves who?
File: Evil bedfilly.png (214 KB, 1096x1302)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>blush and always flirting her master
So this why she was so cheap...
File: 2271864.png (221 KB, 2196x2894)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Look good enough for me
See what I mean?
Manipulative and evil. Definitely evil.
Nobody with a conscience would blackmail someone with their browser history.
File: 2291306.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
>"master, you better rub my belly tonight or your mom will know all your browser history"
Of course master would never want to disappoint mom so the real master here is the bedfilly
How do you dispose of a used pony and broken? They are literally dirt cheap and are pre-made clones of the original with all of its memories and shape/age. But they only have a lifespan of 2 years at top, then they start to break down mentally then physically.
Most masters just buy a new every couple of years, but what to do with the old one? No value used, as you cannot know when it was manufactured. Just like cars they turn back the dial on 90% of them so they can trick a few fools.
Is this bootleg material?
Some ponies already found out their master's weaknesses.
File: 1881455.jpg (372 KB, 4096x798)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
The broken ones are just candidate for the stream of silence treatment that will erase any undesirable memory and all the emotions.
Stream of silence treatment is the final solution for really rebellious slave and broken ponies turning the ones that aren't useful anymore into really obedient ponies but with the disadvantage of the lack of emotions
> Just like cars they turn back the dial on 90% of them so they can trick a few fools.
Bad example, even cheapest ass cars can outlive the owner with pretty basic level of maintenance and not being too stupid with driving habits.
Slave dungeons that craft sneakers and overpriced phones seem pretty obvious, but I don't think most countries would allow this.
Dont you fucking dare
The Dining green had me in shambles
Someone needs to start selling MEGA FLUFF shirts for ponies
File: 1592608605576.png (730 KB, 1075x1352)
730 KB
730 KB PNG
File: 1591987476593.png (410 KB, 1024x1024)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Only if she comes with hardcopy vaccination records. I’m not taking that on faith.
I wrote a thing because some of us were talking about how damn hot it is. Enjoy.

>Build a sturdy table in the basement with waterproof deck materials.
>Pad it with some water/weatherproof patio furniture cushions.
>Make sure to add some simple shackles and eye bolts around the perimeter.
>Grab a hose, bucket and a few more items.
>It's going to be hot next week, so put a bag of ice in the deep freezer so you're ready.

>Next week comes.
>Really hot.
>Pony goes out to water the garden and the flowers.
>Not even that hard of work.
>Still sweaty and exhausted when she comes inside.
>Let her collapse on the couch.
>Once she is snoozing soundly, scoop her up and carry her downstairs.

>When pony awakens from her little nap, she is restrained on the table.
>"A-Anon?" she asks, looking around, testing her restraints a little.
"Shhh, just lie back." you instruct her, placing a hand on her forehead and gently pushing it back down.
>She looks up at you apprehensively.
"You seemed overheated." you explain, stepping back out of view. "I thought you should cool down."
>"I don't understand..." she says nervously.
"I know." you chuckle. "That's half the fun."
>Picking up a cup, you turn to a bucket of cool water.
>Filling it, you use it to carefully douse a foreleg.
>Running your hand against the grain of her coat, you repeat the motion, making sure the cool water reaches her flushed skin.
>She hums appreciatively, and you move around the table to mirror the treatment.
>Running a hand through her still dry floof, she squeaks in surprise before your other hand covers her chest in water.
>Continuing to rub, you pour much slower the second time.
"Oh, should I leave your floof alone? Maybe move somewhere else?"
>She strains her neck to look at you, nodding.
"Okay, since you asked so nicely..."
>Quickly you refill the cup and hold it over her exposed belly.

>Without warning, you dump it on her, toss the cup into the bucket and go for the kill with both hands.
"AAH! AHAHAHA! NONONO!" she gasps "Don't-don't tickle me! Please! Ahaha!"
>Her begging devolves into gasping and shrieking until you finally relent.
>As she lies heaving on the table, catching her breath, you continue.
>Gently pouring water along one of her hind legs, starting at the hoof and coming up just short of her inner thigh.
>You can hear her breath hitch as she expects you to move further...but you don't.
>Instead you ruffle her fur as before and cover her again.
>Wouldn't want to overstimulate and already overheated mare.
>She lifts her hips just slightly as you come close, but you ignore it.
>As you move to her other leg, she drops her rump and lets out a disappointed sigh.
>Finishing the second leg, you refill the cup.
>She's holding her breath.
>There's only one part of her left.
>You have to go there.
>Pausing, you draw out the moment.
>When she inhales, about to ask for it, you satisfy her question.
>She sighs as a gentle stream of water hits between her splayed legs, cooling and stimulating at the same time.
>Not so much fur to work with here, but you make sure to ruffle it wherever it may be.
>This also provides an excuse not to touch her where she clearly wants you to.
>You drift a hand across her hips, brushing along the very top of her exposed nethers before continuing onward.
>This earns a frustrated groan.
"Oh, I see." you say in mock revelation. "You rather like being touched there."
>Her head comes off the table, looking at you with needy eyes.
>"Please, don't tease me!"
"Be a good girl and relax." you chide "I have only begun to cool you down."
>In the sink (she can see the freezer) is the bag of ice.
>Opening it, you take a few handfuls and add it to the water bucket.
>Better let that do its thing for a bit.
>While you wait, you pick up a nice sized piece of ice.
>Returning to your restrained mare, you lean over to look her in the eyes, stroking her wet mane with one hand.
>She smiles nervously, and you return her smile.
>Then you bring the ice into contact with one of her teats.
>She lurches up with a small gasp, and you push her head back down.
"Shhh, relax." you coo, spiraling the bit of ice down her teat, away from her nipple.
>"Anon....Master!" she whines, as you begin to wind your way up her other mound.
"I know. But you're just too hot." you explain planting a kiss on her snoot. "Something had to be done!"
"Oh dear, it seems you're getting too worked up again." you say, feigning concern. "I guess I'll have to move faster."
>"Please! Just rut me!"
"Hahaha, not yet, pet."
>Testing the ice water with a finger, you find it just perfect.
>Cold -very cold- but not freezing cold.
>Filling the cup, you place a cupped hand over her folds.
>She mewls pitifully as she bucks lightly at the contact, but you just smile and tip the cup.
>Her mewl instantly rises to a scream as the icy water hits her marehood, with your fingers working to expose as much of her sensitive flesh as possible to the onslaught.
>A second cup covers her teats and inner thighs, to more protests from your poor overworked mare.
>When she calms down, she starts to whine again, but you silence that by sliding a finger into her.
>A relieved sigh escapes her lips, which makes you smile.
"Better, pet?"
>"Yes sir. Thank you, sir."
"Don't thank me yet." you say, as you begin to pour a trickle of ice water over her labia, continuing to work in and out of her as she hisses with the contact.
>"Massssss-Master, please don't-" you don't hear the rest as you remove your hands to turn back to the sink.
>A frustrated huff comes from behind you, and it takes all of your will to suppress a laugh.
>Picking a golf ball sized chunk of ice out of the bag, you make your way back to the table.
>Looking into your mare's eyes, she scrunches angrily at you.
"Open." you command.
>She looks away.
>Taking her muzzle in your hand, you turn her head to look at you.
"Open." you repeat. "Now."
>With an eyeroll of protest, she opens her mouth, and you fill it with the ice chunk.
"There. You've been a little to talkative."
>She won't chew the ice.
>She hates when people chew on ice.
>Before she can try to say anything, you go back to what you were doing.
>Beginning with a fresh piece of ice being applied to her hood.|
>Now that got her attention!
>As you slowly rub the ice in a little circle over her clit's protective cover, you return your other hand to slowly delving her depths.
>Without breaking your rhythm, you begin to move the ice down one fold and then back up, then down the other side and back up.
>When the ice is all but gone, you leave the remaining sliver on one of her teats to melt, now running your thoroughly chilled fingers over her marehood, taking care to catch her lips between them and gently squeezing and tugging on them.
>"Hnnnnnggg! Hmmmmnnn..."
"Yes, you're almost ready. I agree."
"No, not right now. I said almost."
>A quick rap on her hood with two fingers causes her to flinch and you feel her contract around your fingers.
>She's very close.
>You can always wait...
>With one hand continuing to plunge in and out of her, you fish through the bag of ice for a long cylindrical piece.
>Removing two sticky fingers from your heated pet, she groans in disappointment before you force them into her mouth, pulling the ice out.
"Tongue out."
>She complies with a grunt.
>Your fingers return to their ministrations, to her pleasure, and you begin using her tongue to smooth out and shine up the ice.
>When it it satisfactorily shaped, you put the original, now somewhat reduced, ice chunk in her mouth and take up a position behind her.
>As you pick up the pace with one hand, tapping gently on her hood with a thumb as she starts to wink, you place the slick bit of ice against her backdoor.
>Her hips are mid buck as she freezes in place, letting out a surprised yelp as you force the ice into her.
>Just barely holding onto the slippery implement, you twist it a little before leaning over and placing your mouth over her clit.
>You barely have enough room to work, but work you do.
>It's a contortionist nightmare for a human, but the now writhing, struggling and moaning mass that you once called your slave seems completely enthralled by what you're doing to her so you don't dare stop now.
>You've made her work for this, and she has (grumpily) risen to the challenge.
>So on all fronts you advance.
>You work your fingers in and out of her faster.
>You spin the ice, now dragging your ring finger along the tense knot of muscle holding that ice in place.
>When she winks, you chase her clit like a bird after a worm.
>And you are not above using a little teeth when it hides again.
>As he shouts reach a fevered pitch, you take a single finger and push the ice all the way inside of her.
>With a surprised yelp she bucks so hard she nearly pushes you off of her, her body locking into that position as she screams through her half-melted gag.
>Slowly it subsides.
>Her hips tremble, then collapse.
>Her shoulders follow.
>Her chest heaves up and down and you can hear the slurping sucking of air around ice.
>Your hand is drenched, and not just with ice water.
>Slowly you remove your fingers and step back.
>You admire your handiwork for a moment, then fill the cup again.
>Kissing her forehead, you remove the ice from her mouth.
>Brushing back some messy strands of mane, you pour some cold water across her forehead and kiss it again.
>Setting the cup aside, you release her and she begins to curl up on the table.
>Grabbing some towels, you carefully swaddle her and scoop her up into your arms.
>Sitting against a wall, you lean back, cradling your still quivering mare against you.
>"You didn't want me?"
"I did."
>"Then why didn't you take me?"
"You were too close. I would have interrupted."
>She looks up at you, not comprehending, one eye covered by a corner of towel.
>Pushing the towel out of her face, you lean in to plant a kiss on her muzzle.
"This wasn't about me, silly." you explain "This was for you."

Binned here: https://pastebin.com/3AgMFcLT
Man, this thread is so fucking dead. Everyone just moved to the pony slaver one or what?
To be honest this general need to take a break, at this point the only ones that will stay here are the spankfags
File: 2215118.png (147 KB, 1020x980)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
That's uhhhhhh...... unf.. thank you very good. Ice play huh? That's a good twist on the bath scene!
Hush you. Dont expect free writing all the time. It's just been a slow couple threads. Our usual writefags are either being kept busy IRL or outlining new material
>so fucking dead
Far far from it. Just slow.
That's one nice master. And that the mare wants him this badly unf.
>you once called your slave
Well, she called her Master. So she didn't accept him fully?

Herd green when? I like that.
File: 2148165.png (1.25 MB, 2000x1500)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
unprotected premarital cheek rubbing
How does the protected one looks like?
There's a picture of Fluttershy wearing a full body condom but I can't fucking find it and it's ruining the joke reeeeeeee

I now have a new fetish, thanks Hawkeye
Bath Time is Mandatory

The next chapter is written, but two scenes just fall flat. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I have a bad habit of writing comfy for its own sake, but that doesn't exactly move the plot, you know?


No, he is luckily not here.
Worst delivery slave. If she were not a property of the post office (and its hard to get rid of her due to bureaucracy) she would been fired a long time ago.
File: twilighto.jpg (42 KB, 681x672)
42 KB
Amazing piece, I must say

Oh, hai
File: 1576486489293.gif (2.79 MB, 640x360)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB GIF
File: download (1).jfif.jpg (353 KB, 1138x1348)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
I sense a mighty amount of faggotry
File: 1724137.png (340 KB, 817x1173)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
I want to pet her and call her a good girl
>TFW you abolish pone slavery, only for ponies look at you with disgust, promptly put their collars back on, and go back to their Masters and Mistresses.
File: 1551398905374.png (328 KB, 1284x902)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Just look at this floofer
File: apl.gif (229 KB, 246x389)
229 KB
229 KB GIF
Silly Cellyboo trying to escape!
Get the belt
Looks more like she's trying to lure people closer for cheekpets and boops. A sure sign of insufficient affection. It is any passerby's duty to resolve this!
>heart eyes
That usually means that she have a really good master
File: qt_socks.png (1.45 MB, 1565x1853)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
>pegamare getting ready for her one month slaversary
Master is gonna be exhausted in the morning
>when the master is actually the bedhuman
Praise the sun!
Is this just horny niggas or do you discuss the socio-economic impacts of alien-based slavery

It's mostly about having a pony pet/roommate but sometimes writefags go further into it
Depends on the story really
Both, honestly. Depends on the green. Some of it is pure fetish horny green while others are more in depth. Some are just traumatized roommates style greens/classic SPG formula, while others go more sociopolitical with things, too.
File: 20200521_124402.jpg (117 KB, 720x944)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Read the "Give my love to Rose/Filly Brothel/Hippodrome/Blinders Off/She ain't what she used to be" saga. The answer is basically "yes"
WOW lol that's a new record. You sir have some of the shittiest tastes I have EVER seen on this sight.
Give yourself a pat on the back for reaching a new low.
People here avoid those topics and it's just handwaved somehow in the background most of the time. It's too close to politics and causes pointless arguments.
Of course, some authors like causing shitstorms and take pride in that.
Hey man, I'm just saying it's a story that meanders pretty much through all the topics this thread goes through. Not my cuppa but I read it
Also raising my hand for shitty taste here. I love everything he writes. Different people like different things, eh?
What attributes are listed on the paperwork for a pony?

Expand this list:
- race
- colors
- cutie mark/specialty
- weight
- biological gender
- number of previous owners if any
- number of foals if its a mare
- birthplace
- age/birthday
- mother's ID number (if known)
- obedience?
- silliness factor ?
- virgin/not ?
- personality ?
- gelding / stallion
- sale history, current expected value
- magical power
attitude/friendliness towards humans
>Dam's name and ID number
>Sire's name and ID number
>Sibling name and ID number(s)
>Pony ethnic group
>Region of capture (if captured 'wild')
>Wingspan and wing power
>Training or obedience courses completed / other certifications
>Blood type
>Equine Infection Anemia test history
- FAA flight authorization number (they’re trying to get a handle on little drones, there’s no way they’re not going to regulate pegasi.
- microchip ID and implant location
Nope, not on the paperwork. The current owner gives them their name if any. Or they just call them pony. ID is ok.
Nah, name is useful. Ponies compulsively fall back on using their birth-names, as they feel it reflects some fundamental part of them. Runaway ponies are awful at disguises because of this, and keeping a record of their original name an be useful.

Plus, giving a good pony back their original name is topcute.
Are there any greens featuring marble?
Trainer Anon
Written by Ephemeral so it was never finished
But where is the fun in finding out her/his real name then? That is something what has to be earned from both parties.
>Plus, giving a good pony back their original name is topcute.
Do you have any idea how incredibly fucked up you actually sound? It's "cute" to stop dehumanizing an innocent victim, because they've broken in enough they'll comply with your dominance over all their life? How the fuck is that in any way appealing? That's fucking disgusting.
This is a thread for pony snuggling, if you want to moralfag head over to to the stupid drama thread >>35505875 to do some ebin trolling and then go back to whatever website you came from.
>incredibly fucked up
You’re not wrong, but that sort of very personal conflict is the heart of /SPG/. You won’t find any disagreement that slavery is an evil idea around here. You won’t find anyone non-ironically advocating it (GB2 /pol/ if you do). It supercharges even the mundane scene with drama though, it makes every little interaction tense and multi-layered. “Is he commanding her as an owner, or is it just a casual and refundable request?” It’s disgusting on a moral level, but it’s also so *intriguing*...
The name should be only available for the master for the ones without cutiemark. Sometimes the name can tell the talent of the pony of in what way polishing his abilities to server master
File: peter.jpg (77 KB, 960x762)
77 KB
Hey Louis, remember that time I bought a mare at auction?
This. But let's be honest, the spankfag greens are pure wish fulfillment in most cases, even if the person would never do it to a sentient being in real life
File: Bonbon bonbon.png (479 KB, 1000x1000)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
Lil pone has made you a candy
Let's be honest: This entire thread is wish fulfillment. Do you think that if pony slaves were a thing, they'd belong to anyone but DisneySungMartSoft Co., or the people on their boards making seven figures? Do you think a slave would ever look at you as anything other than the one who'd paid money to strip away their life and freedom - let alone as a friend or lover? Do you think anyone in here has it in them to beat a cowering, pained little thing as it begs them not to?

...the sad thing is, I find that last one the most likely.
>thread about being decent people in a world where the laws reinforce a shitty status quo? a thread about humans and ponies bonding in bad situations? the mare snuggling and comfy bath thread? every single one of you must be violent sadists!
I honestly can't tell if you're a derpi/twitter fag showing up to virtue signal or not. I'd say read the green and check the archives to see how we respond to them, but I don't expect you to bother doing either.
But she is a secret agent! Be aware!
Secret agent pone is undercover to rescue the slaves
and bring them to montreal to go to pony rehab
Harriet Sweetie Drops
Secret agent pone is gonna have a hard time undercover when she finds she kinda likes being pampered for her services.
File: 400851.png (160 KB, 752x825)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
She loves it but she'll never admit it
File: 887326.jpg (139 KB, 800x500)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>time to return
>she always make excuses that she need more time to make more investigation of the human for the sake of the pony kind
>"I know that is a big sacrifice but I do it for Equestria"
>return to cuddle with her master and lyra in the bed
The dilemma of all poner slaves
File: 2384548.png (2.89 MB, 2100x2000)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB PNG
Such a difficult life
File: Aryanne4.png (508 KB, 1571x1192)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
mass executing of slave ponies for failed slave revolt
In equestria she would only get a "good work, I will contact you for the next mission" for making a mission that would put her life in danger. With master she will get all the cuddles she would need and more only to keep the house clean and cook.
Can you really blame the pony agent for this?
>Cutie mark covered with corporate's logo
AWF, will you update today?
File: 1532896370533.png (73 KB, 700x536)
73 KB
>its mating season
File: 1581284585101.png (1.2 MB, 1280x1597)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
>mating season

> Anonymous woke up with a start, looking wildly around the room before remembering where he was and why. He fell back on the pillow with a soft sigh.
> Even scant seconds after waking, he'd already forgotten his vague, unsettling dream, but he knew he'd had one. Hopefully it had been enough for Luna, but even if not, his message to Celestia had to be on its way.
> The man didn't remember climbing the stairs, but a glance at the window showed he was on the first floor. It looked like a typical guest room in a small village inn. The ponies must have gotten him up there and put him to bed. For some strange reason Anon was glad they didn't undress him.
> He considered just lying there for a while longer, but too much had happened. He had to make sure the letter had been sent and that there'd been no pursuit.
> Anonymous rolled over and sat up on the side of the bed. It was low, so his knees came nearly up to his chin, but he was used to this by now. What he wasn't used to was the ache.
> All his muscles protested the movement. Everything was sore!
> He wasn't sure he could stand without falling over. As an experiment, Anon held a hand out in front of him. It wavered up and down no matter how hard he tried to keep it steady.
> Hopefully the fatigue would recede as he started moving about, otherwise Celestia would have to carry him out. That would be a bit embarrassing after having escaped on his own.
> Anon rested for a few more minutes, then braced himself and stood. Tried to, at least. At first he underestimated how hard he'd have to push and he barely lifted himself up from the bed a few inches before falling back with a quiet grunt.

> The second attempt was better, but this time he put too much effort in and nearly fell on his face. Only a hand thrown at the last second against the wall kept him from toppling.
> It was getting better, now that he was moving once more, but Anonymous still held on to the wall as he made his way to the door. He paused before he opened it, listening for any familiar voices. If Spring Morning or any of her thugs had followed him here, Anon didn't want to walk right into them.
> There was no sound, which was encouraging, so Anon switched his hands on the wooden frame and reached for the door handle.
> The hallway was empty, but now that he was out of his room the man could hear sounds coming from the lower floor. Pots clanking, soft talking and the sound of water being poured. That last reminded him that he was parched and Anon made his careful way to the stairs.
> He kept his hand on the wall but he needed its support less and less with each step. There was a handrail, but it was placed too low to be really useful to him. Anon gritted his teeth and stepped from step to step as slowly as he could.
> His legs still jerked uncontrollably every now and then, but he was able to keep his balance easily enough. The ache came back in force at the unaccustomed exercise but Anon just ignored it.
> He'd have to get into better shape, he resolved. One measly potion and a couple of weeks in bed shouldn't be able to wipe him out this completely. True, he'd pushed himself far beyond his limit during his escape, but that still wasn't very encouraging.
> The trip to that place near Baltimare had been worrying enough, but this was just ridiculous. Anon resolved to start walking more. It wasn't as if there were no places around the Castle. The gardens made for a very pleasant stroll.

> With that decision firmly established, the man finally reached the common room. There was a gray-haired old pony sitting at one of the tables and middle-aged, orange-colored mare behind the counter, washing glasses.
> The sound of cooking pots was coming from an open door which led to the kitchen, judging by the smell.
> Both ponies looked up and the old-timer gave a small start even as the mare flashed Anon a smile. "Relax, Gramps," she said soothingly. "It's just one of those humans from Canterlot, nothing to worry about."
> "Humph," the older pony grunted. "Thought it was a minotaur for a second there."
> Anonymous chose to ignore that. The old guy probably wasn't trying to insult him.
"The name's Anonymous. Has anyone sent that letter to Princess Celestia?"
> The stallion looked blank, but the mare at the counter seemed more informed. Her smile widened and she nodded. "Yep! The mail-mare took the job, special. It means no post today, but that's fine. Everypony understands!"
> A moment's thought reminded the mare of her manners and a blush graced her muzzle. "Oh, my name is Apple Leaves and that over there is Gramps. We just call him Gramps."
"Nice to meet you both."
> Anonymous inspected the mare for a moment. The color was familiar, not quite orange although it was close, but one he'd definitely seen before. The mane was green, which threw him off, but the name matched and the apple cutie mark all but confirmed it.
"You're related to the Apples in Ponyville, right?"
> Her smile widened. "Yup! So you know Applejack?"
"I've met her a few times, yes."
> "Well, as far as I'm concerned, that makes you practic'lly family, right? Sit down and have some breakfast!"

> Of course the mere mention of food, combined with the smell wafting from the kitchen was enough to make Anon's stomach growl and he gratefully sank into a chair. There was no back support and it was a little too low, but he was still glad to rest his legs for a while.
> The older pony, Gramps, watched him for a bit longer, but then shrugged a little to himself and picked up his newspaper again.
> While he waited, Anonymous looked out the window, but he couldn't spot anything worrisome. If there was any pursuit, there would probably be some commotion, at least. He began to hope that his escape had gone unnoticed the previous day.
> Spring Morning would be waking up soon, Anon guessed, but with so much time having passed, she might not have any idea in which direction to look.
> She might try the nearby villages, but Anon hoped one of the Princesses would arrive before that. Or, failing that, the townsponies wouldn't just give him up. He felt a lot better about his chances now that he knew one of the Apples lived here. The entire family was well-known for their unscrupulous honesty.
> His thoughts were interrupted as Apple Leaves slid a plate before him. There were fried eggs, some potatoes and a thick slice of bread, still steaming. It immediately made his mouth water and the man barely paused to thank the mare before picking it up and biting off a good chunk of the freshly-baked loaf.
> The mare seemed pleased at his enthusiasm and went back to the counter to fetch him a pitcher of water and some coffee.
> It was one of the best-tasting breakfasts Anon remembered having and he wolfed it down without a single pause.
> When he was done, feeling much refreshed, Apple Leaves waved a hoof to get his attention. "Would you like some more? We got plenty!"

> A thought which had been trying to make itself known finally rose up and Anonymous suddenly felt embarrassed.
"Actually... I don't have any money. Um..."
> He hadn't even considered it last night. The most important thing had been to get away and find safety, but this *was* an inn and they had a business to run.
"I'm sure the Princess will pay my bill when she gets here, though!"
> The mare just giggled, hoof covering her muzzle. "Don't worry about none of that, Mr. Anonymous. What kind of ponies would we be if we didn't offer hospitality to somepony in need?"
> Once again Anonymous was reminded that this was Equestria, not Earth. He relaxed a bit.
"Well, fair's fair. I'll make sure to send money to cover my bill."
> "There's really no need-"
"Please, I insist."
> Apple Leaves just shrugged a little to herself. "Well, as you wish, sir."
> The barmare was taking the empty dishes back to the kitchen when the front door opened, making her pause and look back. "Oh, hi sheriff. I'll be right out!"
> Anonymous inspected this new pony. He didn't remember him from the last night, but the stallion had obviously seen him, because he headed right over and joined Anon's table.
> He was an older stallion, with streaks of gray in his otherwise black mane and an impressive moustache. The hat and the vest with the star badge completed the picture and confirmed the pony's job.
> "Feelin' any better?"
"I do," Anon said cautiously. "Sorry, I don't remember your name."
> The sheriff just inclined his head in acknowledgment as he gave it: "Silver Spur." Seeing the alarm on the man's face, he waved a dismissive hoof. "I'm not related to Silvermane, if that's what you're thinking. That stuck up, condescending, 'holier-than-thou' good-for-nothing doesn't own *everything* around here."

> There was obviously some bad blood there, but Anon was glad to hear it. If the sheriff disliked Silvermane, he was a lot less likely to betray him.
"I see. Well, my name is-"
> "Anonymous. Yeah, you said. Our dear ol' Princess' plaything, right?"
> This was just as unexpected and Anon couldn't help blushing.
"Well, I-"
> The stallion started to chuckle and reached over the table to place a hoof on Anon's hand. "Don't fret it. The filly needs some diversion. B'sides, they say you're a damn fine lawyer, too."
> Shock turned to amusement at this pony talking about Celestia as if she were some young filly. Funny how she'd wanted to experience that side of her on Earth, and here it was, practically on her doorstop, if only she'd known where to look.
> Then again, whatever he said now, the sheriff probably wouldn't act this way to Celestia's face.
> Or maybe he would? Anon inspected the old pony's face. Sheriff Silver Spur's opinion wasn't shared by the majority of Equestria's populace, though, but Anon had a good idea where to take the Princess for their next vacation.
"Anyway, you should send some people over to Silvermane's manor. There's some criminals hiding there and you should grab them before they get away."
> The stallion's grin faded and his muzzle twisted into a grimace as he shook his head. "Sorry. No can do."
"If they have something on you-" Anon began.
> "Nah, 's not that," the sheriff explained, waving a hoof expansively. "It's that I don't have ponies. It's just me and the deputy in this nick o' the woods and he spends his afternoons working on 'is farm. I sent a pegasus to Vanhoover, but I don't reckon we'll get any backup for some hours yet."

"Well, provided they don't immediately run away and spend some time searching from me in the forest instead, you should be able to get them. Just be careful, there's a changeling."
> This was news to the sheriff, but he hardly showed it on his muzzle aside from a slight widening of eyes and his breath catching for a moment. "Changeling, huh? That complicates things."
"The one disguise I do know is a unicorn, blue coat, gray mane, but she's not old. Something like a book for a cutie mark. Goes by the name of Spring Morning. She might be in Canterlot guard armor."
> That last was still worrying Anonymous. Was there a real Spring Morning somewhere, or was that entire character a changeling's fabrication?
"Oh, and she was able to fake being Celestia, so..."
> "Sheesh, *really* complicates things!"
"I know. Sorry."
> The stallion shook his head. "Not yer fault. I'm still hoping the mail mare reaches Canterlot and we get some help from there. I don't mind telling you, this is way beyond my pay grade."
> Anonymous murmured a thank you to Apple Leaves who'd brought a couple of mugs to the table. He glanced in and caught the smell of strong cider.
> Silver Spur saw his hesitation and gave the man a bright smile. "Drink up. You look like you need it."
> For a moment Anon thought about asking for something non-alcoholic, but maybe the sheriff was right. He'd just been through an ordeal and maybe getting tipsy would take the edge off his aching muscles. He leaned back, remembering just in time that the backrest wasn't there, and held up his mug.
"To beating the bad guys."
> The pewter mugs clanged together and the sheriff gave a curt nod at the toast.

> It was surprisingly smooth and sweet, with only the slightest tinge of alcohol and a very strong aftertaste of apples. If Anon had to guess, it was Apple Leaves' or her family's work.
> The drink put him in mind of that Grand Galloping Gala when Twilight's friend had brought a barrel for her and her friends and Celestia insisted he try it.
> "Dunno what sort of magic those Apples have, but I sure can appreciate it!"
> The sheriff's remark broke him out of his memory and Anon smiled faintly.
"So, what do we do next?" he asked.
> The stallion pointed a hoof. "*You* do nothing but rest. I'll round up some folks and we'll take a look around the village, see if we can catch any of those criminals skulking around."
> It sounded like a plan quite well fitted to Anon's current abilities. He looked around the room. The old pony was still reading his newspaper and Apple Leaves was polishing the counter with a cloth.
"Well, I'll be here if you need to ask me more questions."
> The sheriff gave him a simple nod and left Anon to his thoughts.

> ~~~~

> "'Nonny!!"
> The squeal of delight nearly deafened Anonymous. He hadn't heard the young, pink mare enter and looked up just in time to see her practically flying towards him at chest-high.
> It was a good thing that he was braced against the wall, or the flying Blossom would have knocking him right out of his chair. As it was, the impact drove all air from his lungs.
"Blossom?!" he gasped when he could talk again.
> It was probably a dream, the man decided. He must have fallen asleep on the table in the common room and now he was dreaming about Blossom.
> Weird, though, why it would be her instead of Celestia.

> The young mare grasped him around the midriff, buried her muzzle in his chest and squeezed until Anonymous found it physically hard to breath.
"Sweetie? You're choking me..."
> It came out as barely a croak, but the mare understood and relented a little. She pulled away, ears folded down and a light blush on her cheeks. "Sorry," she murmured. "I missed you..."
> "Yeah, s-sorry," came a voice behind Blossom and Anon craned his neck to see Fluttershy standing in the entrance, too. "She, um, kinda got away from me."
> The pegasus walked in the room and then...
> It felt as if the world had brightened up a little, as if liquid sunlight was flowing into the room. There were three distinct gasps - one from old 'Gramps' from Anon's left and two from the kitchen door, where Apple Leaves and the cook pony whose name he didn't know smoothly fell into a bow.
> "Please, there is no... need..." Celestia began, but fell silent when her eyes met Anon's. Her mouth quirked up in a smile and she walked smoothly across the room to him.
> Blossom was forgotten in his arms because the man only had eyes for the Princess. He found himself wondering how he could ever have mistaken Spring Morning for Celestia. This alicorn was the one and only. No one else moved quite like her, or held that exact expression of quiet serenity.
> Except her dignified look was cracking now as she approached. Her ears were lowering, like a puppy who's happy to see her master. Her tail swished and she rustled her wings unconsciously. In a few steps she was standing beside Anonymous.
"Hey, you."

> She brought her muzzle closer, examining his face in minute detail while Anonymous did the same. There was no mistaking those eyes. Even if it weren't for Fluttershy and Blossom, Anonymous would have known Celestia from some cheap imitation.
"So this isn't a dream?" he ventured.
> "I hope not," the Princess said.
> As he continued to stare, Anonymous saw a few signs that all was not exactly well. A wrinkle, left by long days of worry. A furtive darting of an eye, expecting a trick or an attack. A slight strain on her smile.
> Her mane was its usual self, billowing in some ethereal wind, but was it slightly more frazzled than he remembered? Was Celestia's fur matted here and there, and her feathers in a disarray?
> Possibly no one who didn't know her really well would be able to tell, but Anon's heart constricted when he realized just how much she had worried about him.
> She brought her nose closer, careful not to poke Anon with her extremely sharp horn. Her breath was warm on his skin, like radiant sunlight, and it smelled slightly of-
> Celestia's smile widened. "Sister made me eat on the flight here. She said I would need the sugar."
> The time for talking and thought was over. Anonymous closed his eyes and pushed forward. Their lips met, to another chorus of gasps, which barely registered in his consciousness.
> He didn't try any fancy tongue-work and neither did Celestia. Both were simply happy to be in each other's presence, sharing this intimate thing and basking in the love it conveyed.
> At some point, Anon felt Blossom wrap her hooves around him again, but at least it wasn't such a death-grip this time. He lifted up his hand and brushed a stray strand of mane from Celestia's face. She pulled away, cheeks lightly flushed but still smiling.

"I missed you."
> "I missed you more."
> She shut him up with a lick. "You need to shave."
> Anon scratched his chin with his hand and was forced to agree. A few more days and the stubble would officially become a beard.
"I know. What took you so long?"
> Celestia blinked, eyes filling up with tears, and he was immediately sorry for the question.
"Sorry. I'm just glad I'm out."
> The alicorn sighed. "They were well prepared. They knew our weaknesses and how to use them. They kept you from dreaming. They hid from scrying. I couldn't- I-" Celestia fell silent with a sigh.
"They had a changeling. At least one, maybe more."
> The words reminded Anon and he tried to push himself up, but with Blossom in his lap he didn't have the strength.
"The changeling! Back at the house, with some thugs, you have to catch them!"
> Celestia gave a slight nod, but didn't move. "Princess Luna went ahead. She saw the place in your dream, moments before you woke up. We took Fire Fly and all the guards he could spare. Blossom insisted and I didn't have the heart to say no."
> The mare in Anon's lap gave an affirmative little squeak at her name.
> Celestia sat on her haunches and went on: "Luna took the guards to Silvermane's mansion. Do not worry, most of his... accomplices in Canterlot are in prison."
"You found the rest of the captives? The mine?"
> The alicorn shook her head slightly. "Sorry. Silvermane was not in charge of the operation. Silent Spell is nearing the true masterminds behind this whole mess. We should have them very soon."
"He... wasn't? Spring Morning was taking orders from him, until he was captured..."

> Celestia glanced around the common room and sighed. "Perhaps this is not the best place and you do not look well enough to do this now. Come, I will take you to Canterlot and we will talk when you've rested."
> The man shook his head in frustration.
"You can't just give me bits and pieces and expect me to rest! Tell me!"
> Anonymous also looked around and saw that the barmaid and the cook were still staring. Neither seemed ready to approach, not while Celestia and Anonymous talked between themselves. On the other side of the room, Gramps was sitting perfectly still, also looking at the scene in wonder. He doubted any of them had heard a word, despite their pony ears.
> Celestia seemed to reach the same conclusion and gave a nod. "If it will make you stop worrying, then fine. Silent Spell believes Silvermane was in charge here in Equestria, but he was taking orders from somepony else. Somepony on Earth."
"Some- pony?" Anonymous asked, confused.
> Surely there weren't that many criminals among pony kind, and none of them on Earth?
> "Some *one*, then. It might not be a pony. Whoever it was, they came up with the idea of using slave labor. However, it was Silvermane who came up with the notion of an unlicensed, unregistered mine to avoid inspection. He had been bribing my clerks for a while!"
> The admission wasn't easy and Anon could see how the knowledge rankled. Celestia gritted her teeth and scrunched up her muzzle in distaste. "I will make an example of him, you have my word on that Anonymous, and of whoever is in charge!"
> Her explanation didn't answer all of the questions, but when Celestia looked at him with finality, Anonymous knew he wouldn't be getting any more. Not until he was back in Canterlot, he suspected.

"Well, maybe Spring Morning and her guys can shed some light on this thing. A changeling would explain how they managed to infiltrate the guards so well."
> "Indeed. Now that I know, I will order Fire Fly to use a disruption spell on all the guards when they come on duty and when they are done. You have found one, this Spring Morning, but perhaps she was not the only one."
> At least that much was good news. The spying and infiltration would finally stop.
> "Now shush!" Celestia said with finality. "Let's go!"
> Anonymous glanced at the barmaid again and prodded Blossom in her barrel.
"Sweetie, let me up please."
> The mare slid from his lap with a small sigh of regret and Fluttershy came forward to put a hoof around her. That solved, Anon pushed himself upright and took a few steps to the bar.
"Thank you again for the room and board. Princess, would you mind paying my bill? I seem to have lost my wallet somewhere..."
> Celestia rolled her eyes, but she nodded. "I will have the Castle staff send you the bits. Apple, correct?"
> "Yes, P-Princess!" the mare stuttered. "There's no need, Princess. Anything for you and, um, Mr. Anonymous!"
> "Nevertheless," Celestia countered, "services rendered should be paid for. It is only fair."
> The barmaid pony didn't have a reply to this, so she just bowed again. "As you s-say, Princess."
> That seemed to settle it and Anon waved his goodbye.
"Thanks again. I'll be sure to visit!"
> He didn't wait for a reply, but rather made his way outside. Seeing Celestia - the real one - had given him new energy and he found himself able to walk with only an occasional twinge or ache in his legs.

> Fluttershy held the door open for him, which was a nice gesture, and the sight in the courtyard was a most beautiful one. Normally the man didn't like Celestia's airborne carriages, but now it was a welcome sight. He didn't even care about flying, as long as it would take him back to Canterlot.
"What about Luna and the guards?"
> Celestia looked off into the distance, then shrugged. "She will handle herself. She is not called the 'warrior princess' in vain, Anonymous. My one priority is getting you safe."
> Celestia was probably right. Luna was an alicorn and she had guards with her. The house only had Spring Morning and a few of her goons, and perhaps not even that. One changeling wouldn't stand a chance, not after the stories Anon had heard about their invasion of Canterlot some years prior to his meeting Celestia.
"Okay. Let's get this over with, then."
> Here was another proof that it was the real Celestia. She didn't try to keep him in this place but wanted him in Canterlot as soon as possible.
> Anon didn't need any more proof, but there it was. He strapped himself into the seat and helped Blossom with her buckle as well.
> Celestia and Fluttershy didn't need the belts, since they could both fly.
> He gripped the edges of his seat even before the carriage began to move, but when he felt a warm muzzle press against his ear he let go with one hand so he could pat Celestia's nose.
"It's good to see you again, Celly."
> "You too, 'nonny!"
> The nickname made Blossom giggle and even Fluttershy smiled, even though she tried to hide it.
> He gave Celestia a quick kiss on the muzzle, then let her go so he could hold on with both hands as the carriage lurched.
> For once, Anon thought, flying wouldn't be so bad. It was taking him home.
Seriously, though, worst couple of weeks I can remember, work-wise. They wouldn't even leave me alone on a national holiday and my vacation, not to even mention the weekend. Hopefully stuff will be less hectic in my new job, I'm starting in about a month. Until then, may be a bit slower updates.


Some cute reunion done, more to come!
Pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/FPi99ccM
After that first fake-out, it’s great to have our Celly back. All these townsponies were well drawn, almost too well when we’ll likely never see them again. It’s good you’re at least working when so many of us are idle, but ya that can be tough too.
>Tfw new green and you can't read it yet

I know...
Great update. We really needed one with cute pones going back to being cute. I want to give all of those inn ponies pets.
This update was great mah nigga, don't worry. Very cute and a well-needed break from the craziness!
>Give my love to Rose
Tried to find it, but all I found was smut of various legality
...but is it ART?

(Yes, yes it is.)
What I found wasn't of adults, and it wasn't about ponies
Page 9 of dubious legality.
Fucking page 8, what the fuck is going on with this board
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derpibooru is being fucking retarded so theres a lot of panicked archiving like when tumblr decided to suicide itself
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>finally back with the true alpha mare
Leave the Scottish alone
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a challenger approaches
Equestria fell quickly.
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>buy a double
>one of them is cared of everything
>the other seems really excited but is trying to hide it
I can wait to see Celestia rage when she discover that a changeling kissed her human
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DubsTripsDubs confirms: Sisters are the bet purchase. Especially when one is reluctant and the other eager.
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How much cute can you handle?
Need green of this
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page nine is not fine
Once played a PNP game with a friend of mine who's character was a meek soda-obsessed slave with a bomb collar around his neck (he was made to wear makeup and dresses non-sexually for the entertainment of his griffon slaver masters).

I loved that horsie on first sight, and to this day, I keep trying to convince myself to draw him more.
That's too much cute! My heart can't take it!

...give me MORE.
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lil pone wants uppies
So what happen here, she got free from the griffon master only to end with a human master?
>The morning sun streaming in through Sterling's office window certainly is.
>One of the most beautiful things you've ever seen.
>It caught your eyes as you finished your report and now you can't seem to look away.
>Even the music in your head pauses to appreciate the sight.
>There should be something to fill that pause... some instrument. A harp? Perhaps -
>But that's not what he's talking about.
>You tear your eyes away from the light and nod.
"I agree, sir. Their progress is astounding.
"Considering you told me to prepare them for this visitor just a few days ago -"
>You wince as you hear a flute out of nowhere.
>From nowhere.
>One only you can hear.
"- I am surprised at how well the Diamond Tiara and Sweetie Belle are coming along."
>Sterling grins.
>"And..." he smiles wider, "are they behaving themselves?"
>You pause a moment.
>The truth? Or...
"Diamond Tiara's spirit is broken, sir."
>The truth.
>Yet a snare rattles off a progressive beat in your head that seems to imply otherwise.
"She can't do anything *but* behave herself. Sweetie Belle..."
"... is too preoccupied to act out. Since Miss Pommel spoke to them, Sweetie Belle has been grooming Diamond every day.
"Helping her shower and eat, brushing her hair... she seems to believe that this may be the only way to save her friend."
>And Diamond might be starting to believe it too.
>There wasn't quite *hope* as such in her eyes when you spoke to her earlier, but there was *life*.
>Not the simple acceptance or deadness that hurt your soul to see.
>Sterling's grin falters.
>His brows furrow.
>Not in anger - not *true* anger, not at first - but in... in long-missing introspection.
>You've known the man long enough - longer than you've lived in this world - to know his thoughts.
>Who does he hope to sell?
>Diamond Tiara? His favoured whore - though no longer?
>So he doesn't have to punish her any further?
>Or Sweetie Belle?
>The newcomer? A mare he's never even spoken to - and has no interest in ever speaking to.
>Which one can he afford to not punish without appearing weak?
>You know him too well, and his thoughts leave you sick.
>So self-centred. So callous. So *simple* and reactionary and uncaring.
>Barely conscious enough of his own preferences to acknowledge his concern for Diamond Tiara, yet totally lacking the understanding that he's the one that put her in this situation - or can save her from it.
>He could have...
>He *was* your friend. He wasn't always like this. He couldn't have been.
>At one point he was full of laughter and kindness. Generosity and loyalty. All replaced with an unending desire for power.
>What dregs of those noble feelings make him uncomfortable whenever they rise to threaten his perception of reality, to make him realize he might actually have cared about one of his ponies.
>And he doesn't like it.
>What Sterling can't articulate, what he can't understand, makes him *furious*.
>It makes him stupid.
>It makes him easy to manipulate.
"Sir, if I may propose something... if you wish to be rid of *both* of the mares..."
>Sterling frowns.
>And then he understands.
>"Maybe with any luck we can sell them both," he smirks. "Maybe we'll even offer a two-for-one deal. That'll solve things."
>A simple solution.
>A *possible* solution.
>He'll want to milk every last dollar out of the buyer.
>You bow your head.
"That sounds like the best option."
>Assuming the buyer is willing to take them both.
>Assuming Sterling doesn't get greedy and demand too much for the 'deal', driving the buyer to look at another pony altogether.
>You will...
>*Sun*, you haven't been able to think of something yet, but you won't stop trying.
>Some way to keep them both alive. And *here*.
>Sweetie Belle *must* find her friends.
>And Diamond Tiara... she needs help.
>You can feel her guilt every time she opens her mouth.
>Every time she raises her head. With every single thing she does.
>You don't have any faith she would manage on her own.
>There must be something.
"That is all I have to report. Was there anything else I can help you with, sir?"
>You have to find a way to get the music out of your head.
>It's making it hard to think.
>Your own thoughts, your instincts even - at times - are overpowered by a swelling of sound.
>Even now, as you try to push back the music, a piano joins the orchestra. A new set of strings on a slightly different pitch than all the others.
>And there *are* others.
>So many more than what you had been hearing just a few days ago, and more every minute. From a mere handful to hundreds of instruments playing in sync with each other.
>The music had... had not faded away as such... no... but...
>It had come to be natural.
>You heard it when you needed it, but were able to let it slide into the background when you had to focus on other things. But these last few days...
>"I said you can go," Sterling barks.
"Oh, sorry. Thank you, sir."
>You turn to leave.
>"Are you..."
>You sigh internally.
>Of course.
>"... okay?"
>"You seem... you don't seem great."
"Thank you for your concern, sir."
>You look back and try to give him a reassuring smile, to not look week.
"I'll be fine."
>Why did he have to ask now?
>Why did he have to look like he truly cared about you?
>A booming rumble drives those questions out of your head.
>A new drum. A large one.
>Beating steadily like a slow heartbeat.
>Like your father's heart when you were a child and would rest your head on his chest.
>Full and powerful.
>Sterling isn't your problem now.
>You need...
>Many things. Different things.
>That aren't here.
>You need...
>First things first.
>You need to see if Derpy has come back.
>Maybe you'll take one of your suppressants.
>This is too much.
>You make your way to the common area you share with the other mares here.
>And that's as far as you can get.
>The rolling thunder of cymbals that don't exist makes your legs quiver.
>There's an empty seat.
>You take it.
>Try to listen to the others.
>To let their voices drown out the orchestra in your head.
>You'll get used to it. You will. And you would never wish for it to be gone, ever again.
>You *need* it.
>*Everypony* needs it.
>But right now, it's just too much. Too sudden.
>"-are you sure?" you hear one of the mares gasp.
>You close your eyes and focus on that voice, even if the actual words don't sink in.
>"She's missing? How did you hear?"
>"When I was out last night. Double Dip told me she has seen Oil Base in two days - and they *always* meet up every night."
>"Oh stars," one of the mare's gasps. "Do you think...?"
>"That the sheriff or his men..."
>"I hope not. Probably. Don't think about it."
>You try not to either.
>Your hooves are full already.
This update kicks off a new part of the story, so seems like a good time to start a new paste: https://pastebin.com/U1qbnnKN
There'll be another update this week, probably Friday.
Oooooh boy, this new pony Oil Base in for some fun shit.
That was a pretty moving update. No idea what it all means but it was a good one.
Remember everyone, when your mare is a good girl, be sure to sit her down on your lap and finger her little marepussy until she cums.
File: 2387828.png (267 KB, 1000x1414)
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267 KB PNG
>You come home from work to find your mare has foals.
What do?
My foals? Try to figure out if they will be free or slaves and try to raise it like a good father and master
Not my foals? Gelding for the stallion that do this to my mare and freedom for my mare but not allowed to come near to my house ever again
>My foals?
Muh chromosomes...
I see a horn and no ring there. Who know what kind of magic a pointy good girl in heat would do to get impregnated by her master.
They were abandoned and she took them in
And she's nervous that her master will say no so she decided that the best option was to pretend they were always here and he always had three ponies and maybe he won't notice.
File: 1590133585264.gif (2.52 MB, 385x600)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB GIF
The "music" as a sign of change is a nice touch.
>time to make some foals
Good to see more Octavia. Already nervous for Oil Base.
Nice update, writefren.

That's a Lyra plan.
File: hoers clothes.png (126 KB, 387x443)
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>tfw no SPoG update
I hope the pigs are doing okay
File: Boops externally.png (37 KB, 299x294)
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>closure never ever
it's a special kind of painful
White Pig has a lay down under her plywood ramp. She’s as tame a pig as I’ve ever had, but she still sleeps with one eye open. I don’t think any pig is capable of going to sleep all the way in human presence. They can become very calm and trusting with a lifetime of gentle handling, but they will still always be skittish little rodents at heart.

You demand your slaves respect you to your face. You want them to trust you too, to feel they can bring problems to your attention and be candid when necessary. You might even hope for a personal connection with your little non-persons, for them to like you as a person and be able to see beyond the roles their legal bondage places both of you in. You can’t demand that of course, but you can create a healthy master / slave relationship that allows it to happen. Where are the practical limits of friendship with a pony or a slave though? How close could you ever really get to their heart, as a master or as a human?

Black Pig and White Pig are fine, wasn’t sure /SPG/ was still into pig posting though. They’ve always been blatantly off topic.

File: 2131869 small.png (692 KB, 1024x1024)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
Are they going for a ride or is this tackplay?
That doesn’t look like riding tack to me Anon. Looks like they’re going for a “ride”.

(I would mount her)
I don't know what this is, but why does she have tufts of fur/fluff on her legs/rump?
Because she knows he likes fluff but also prefers her bughorse form to any disguise she came up with so she fluffs up the parts he spends a lot of time rubbing
File: 1363370814971.png (1022 KB, 2185x1905)
1022 KB
1022 KB PNG
Is real horse
>sad little pone
At least her uniform does not include a lacy black wingbinder
Both. You do NOT want to know the MPG for a changeling queen
>wasn’t sure /SPG/ was still into pig posting though. They’ve always been blatantly off topic.
They're fine. You don't spam it, don't even post unless we need a bump. And you always have neat prompts too. Hell, you're one of the unsung heroes of the thread to me.
Dashie needs to be submissive
Black Pig has never liked being caught or picked up. When she was younger she went totally limp in my hand, like she was afraid to so much as twitch. Now she feels confident to express herself with some wiggling and gentle biting, like she’s saying “I’m only cooperating under protest!” With such a soft and fluffy coat though, how could I not inflict a snuggle?! She’s young and strong with several years in her yet; maybe someday...

Your (wild caught) pony probably did not have “being a slavers pet” as a life goal either. How do you help her accept her new position, or even come to appreciate your touch?

Aww, you’re making me blush!

File: Aryanne5.png (361 KB, 681x1029)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Guys why do people keep taking pictures of my dog when I take her for walks
File: 2388825.jpg (36 KB, 525x475)
36 KB
Probably because she's such a qt
File: 1961322.png (3.9 MB, 1670x2266)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB PNG
Sounds like it's bath time
>ponies must have gotten him up there
Carry a human shaped sandbag race!
>in the inn
And no glass of water (or something) at the bedside table?
Aren't there any unicorns in the village?
>related to the Apples in Ponyville
Thats one way to make quick friends. And a good one too.
Small pleasures of life. Like eating when oneself wants to.
>Actually... I don't have any money.
Oh cmon. Anon just called to notify Celestia, I'm sure they would not mind.
>Princess' plaything
Well, someone does not like humans in general, but makes an exception here.
>no resources to catch the bad guys
Even if they would have any, there is still a changeling there. Or more. Dont think that the average cop/sheriff/deputy/whatever is prepared to handle those.
Hm, she did not call him Nonny yet.
>see her practically flying towards him
Guards? I would have expected the first pony to see that its a guard.
>Celestia began, but fell silent when her eyes met Anon's
>how he could ever have mistaken Spring Morning for Celestia
Drugs, changeling mind magic.
>She said I would need the sugar.
>You need to shave.
Anon could have measured the elapsed time with the length of his beard!
>What took you so long?
This again?
>Princess Luna went ahead.
Princess Luna? Why not just Luna?
Also, hopefully she wont do anything stupid. Well, she managed so far so...
>You can't just give me bits and pieces and expect me to rest!
A long chariot ride is up next, there is time..
>Silvermane was in charge here
I still don't understand why would be he the one attacking and getting captured..
>Somepony on Earth
They sure have some benefit from it.
>Apple, correct?
How did she know?
>She is not called the 'warrior princess' in vain,
Ohshit. She will not only handle herself...

>buried in work
Didn't you just recently switched jobs?

Thanks for the update!
File: 1588283873873.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x2000)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
>come home from work
>pone lazing around
>says the dreamcatchers snagged her
>says she's gonna crash on your couch for a while
File: [excited neighing].gif (655 KB, 743x476)
655 KB
655 KB GIF
>time for walkies
A lot of stories on here go with the whole "rescue a pone from sadistic asshole" route to justify a pony warming up to them. It's convenient in story terms, but it doesn't really hold water: It's quite possible that you might not be all that much better than what a pony had before - or even if you are, they still might chafe at being the right-less property of another being. Physical contact being pushed continuously can help them with that a bit - normalizing that contact works even on sentient beings, not just piggies! - but if they're really determined to resist you it can backfire spectacularly.
Pegasus are slut, get an unicorn instead.
Pegasi are good girls by nature
RD needs love
File: blue sugarcubes.jpg (140 KB, 1600x1157)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>get an unicorn instead.
I will only do it if she come with pic related
>SB caring for DT
I would say she will care for her until she becomes a bitch (again). Until she backstabs SB somehow.
>sell them both
I would give them more time. DT was earning top dollars, I'm sure a few weeks or even months of slack is acceptable.
But if they end up being sold then I can only imagine three persons who would be a potential target plot wise.
>He *was* your friend.
What changed? He still cares for her. He was concerned about her health a tiny bit later.
>music getting louder
She did not make any comparison of the loudness now and back in Equestria.
That mare plays a larger role in the life of the others than what she knows.
I fear that will fuck her up for a while.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1506032535946.png (893 KB, 1500x1083)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
Never ever
>shows new bedfilly the ropes
good thinking. new bedfilly will be less surprised when the two of you use said ropes on her later that evening.
File: 2035681.png (1.11 MB, 4000x2300)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Don't let the adorable act fool you, she's a bad role model
Maybe Scootacute should be the alpha
Scootaloo is a bedfilly only for snuggles
"Ow! Stop! What are you doing?!?"
>Scoot struggles and tries to wriggle out of your grasp but she's easy to pin down
>spin her around a few times so she's disoriented
"Stop! Wha-what are you doing? I can't see..."
>as she tries to get the blindfold off you grab her hind legs and lash them securely together
>she manages to get the blindfold partially up, but realizes she can't move her back legs
>when she tries to move her head down to gnaw at the ropes, you grab her forelegs
>you lash them together quickly then pull the blindfold back down
>you watch in amusement as she flails helplessly on the bed
"Alright, that's enough of that" you say
>you run another rope around the rope holding her forelegs and lash it securely to the headboard
>you secure her hind legs to the footboard in a similar way
>Scootaloo is now tied securely to the bed
>you enjoy a quick laugh as you watch her useless wings flap like a hummingbird's
>in an exercise of pure futility she tries to lift herself off the bed with the last remaining appendage she has free
>you deliberately leave her wings unsecured just to drive home how utterly useless they are
>Scoot yelps in surprise as you give her rump a series of firm, hard slaps
"None of that now," you say. "Stop struggling or you're really going to be punished."
>you see a tear trickling out from underneath the blindfold
>however, after a few more pathetic, useless flaps her wings cease their motion and the filly settles down
"Good girl," you say. "Now open up."
>Scootaloo clamps her mouth shut and tries to bury her muzzle into the mattress
"None of that. Open I said."
>she shakes her head from side to side, but after you deliver a few more slaps to her rump she relents and opens her mouth
"Good girl," you say as you slide the bit into her mouth and secure it behind her neck
>you run the final rope through the collar around her neck
>she reddens visibly as you lift up her tail
>you tie the end of the rope around her tail and tighten it
>her tail is now held up so that the most useful parts of her are exposed
>you can hear her sniffling through the bit, but she has ceased her struggling
>you give her flank a loving squeeze
"There now, was that so bad?"
>Scoot hesitates, but shakes her head
"Nuh-noh." she mumbles through the bit
"Good girl. Now, are you ready for 'snuggles'?"
>she doesn't answer
>you give her one last hard, firm slap on the rump and she cries out
>she cries out again
"Yes what?"
>she sniffles
"...Yesh Mashter."
>you give her a loving squeeze, and climb onto the bed
>you wrap your arms around her
"Good girl."
Go back to SiM or your stupid spank general
lol no
>GB2 /SiM/
This. Scoots submission is looking pretty mandatory here, being mean to ponies without more context is not the sort of green we want to see.

>spank general
/SPG/ pretty much IS the Spank Pony General though...
Vega spanked /SPG/, and made us like it. “We’ve been a very bad general...”
>only for snuggles
Remember that she is a pegasus
Go back to the spank general, the scootabse thread or sim.
You are not welcomed here with this.
> got back after a few months
> expected to miss lots of new threads
It's ok bros. Things's how are they supposed to be. Maybe I can resurrect my interest somehow and update my long forgotten green
This but actually tho
File: Future bedfilly.png (393 KB, 2400x1800)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
ok what the fuck
File: 403851.png (61 KB, 279x282)
61 KB
Owning a pony as a cuddlepillow like picrelated that also takes care of your bed, washes your sheets every day, fluffs the pillows, etc etc.
Maximum adorable and top comfy
File: 1271718.png (9 KB, 769x605)
9 KB
Not to be confused with a fillybed, which is just as comfy but a lot more expensive.
"Before y'all go, Ah got somethin' Ah gotta ask."
>"Do we want breakfast?" Karl asks. "I was wondering when you'd offer. I nice home-cooked meal from a nice lady -"
>Other Carl - with a 'c' - gives him a shove but that don't take the crooked smile off his face none.
>"Give it a rest, you *know* she's not interested."
>Well... maybe some other time you'd've found the attention flatterin', but...
>You give a little snort.
>The men from the construction crew ain't gonna be 'round forever, an' you ain't that kind of mare.
>Never really got a chance to find out the kind you are, but you know it ain't that.
>Y'don't take no offence though, either at the flirtin' or the rescue.
>"I'm not complaining about the pay, you understand. I *love* the fresh food, but I'm just tired of having to cook my own eggs," Karl sighs an' throws up his hands like he always does when he's playin' 'round. "And you - *you* keep burning them, Carl, so -"
"Tell y'what -"
>If it weren't such a sight, you'd feel bad 'bout gigglin' like a filly.
"Y'all're really helpin' us out, so Ah can talk to Roma an' see if she's got time -"
>"Yes," the Carls answer at the same time. "Please."
>Really *don't* feel bad for gigglin' like you do.
"Okay then, Ah'll talk to her."
>You do a quick look 'round an' count.
>There's twelve - no, there's Shawn standin' way over there where he don't gotta talk to nopony or even pretend you exist.
>Never thought you'd see him again after his first big argument with Sand Bag, but hunger can make anypony - or human - do things he'd never believe.
>In this case, put 'side his hatred an' help out.
>That makes thirteen today.
>Thirteen of Jack's crew waitin' for y'all to finish up watchin' the sunrise an' get to work.
>More'n usual.
>Always a lil' different every mornin', who's here to help out.
>Y'know it depends on their workload down at the road an' how many don't got work've their own they gotta do.
"Why don't you two do me a favor an' ask 'round to see if the rest of the folks want the same? Ah'm sure Roma'll be able to whip up breakfast for those've you that're interested."
>"And if she's too busy?" Carl asks.
"Then Ah guess..."
>Don't know how it looks to them, but you wink.
"- Ah'll just have to cook for you."
>They laugh.
>Well. Whatever. Y'were just playin' 'round like Karl was.
>Cookin' up a meal for a bunch've hungry folks don't mean nothin' except you're returnin' a favor.
"Can't promise it'll be all that good, but at least it'll be better'n Sweetie Belle'd do. Ah *can* promise that!"
>"Sweetie Belle?" Karl asks, with a wiggle of his eyebrows that DON'T MEAN NOTHIN' WHOLESOME. "I haven't met her. Could you..."
>Don't realize the expression you're makin' 'til he stops talkin' with a sad look on his face and Carl puts a hand on his shoulder.
>You shake away your frown an' his fumbled apology.
"Ain't like that."
>"I didn't know, I'm -"
"Nah, Ah just said it ain't like that."
>Y'do your best to smile.
"She's fine. In town somewhere, Ah hope. Just haven't seen her in a while is all."
>Won't be too much longer.
>Can't ever forget what she said on the TV, what you saw when you stayed the night with Scootaloo.
>She's comin'. She's here for you.
>Y'all are all gonna be together again soon.
>Thought of it almost makes you wanna cry, for how long it's been an' for how happy you're gonna be.
>"Oh," Carl gasps. "Good. Still -"
"Ah'm the one what brought her up. Don't got nopony for myself to blame if it makes me sad for a bit. Now y'all get on to work an' Ah'll ask Roma 'bout cookin' up those eggs for you. Guessin' you want your bread toasted up too, or -"
>Karl nods, but Carl holds up a hand.
>"Wait, didn't you mean to ask us something?"
"Oh, dang! Yeah, there's a rumor goin' 'round that y'all might have to head out soon? Is that true?"
>The two men exchange awkward looks.
>Yeah, that's a yes.
>An' just when everything's goin' so *well*!
>"That's the thing," Carl sighs, "We don't know how much longer we can help out here, which is why so many of us came today. Might be our last chance to earn some eggs and bread."
"What's goin' on?"
>"Jack is getting a lot of pressure to speed things up."
"So that gov'ment asshole can look better?"
>He shakes his head.
>"No. Well, probably, but that wouldn't phase him."
>"We're needed out East," Karl says. "There's some serious stuff going down and from what we're hearing Princess Cadence won't allow us to move our troops through the portals."
"Well... Ah don't mean to start nothin', but -"
>"No, no, that's fair," Karl cuts you off. "I can see why she wouldn't trust us, even with the cease-fire, but that means there are a lot of roads and bridges that we've got to shore up so we can get soldiers into California."
>That... don't really mean much to you.
>You've heard 'bout it - same as you'd heard 'bout the Peaks of Peril back in Equestria, but still don't mean nothin'.
"What's goin' on there?"
>"They're trying to secede," Carl growls.
"They don't wanna be part of this country no more?"
>"*Some* don't. Unfortunately, they're the ones in power."
>He shakes his head an' sighs deep.
>"Never thought I'd see this happening in my own country."
>"Jack is going to be pushing us hard from here on," Karl says, puttin' a comfortin' hand on his friend's shoulder, "so we'll only be able to come up to help in the evenings, if that. Mostly. Might still be a day here or there where some of us are free."
>The whole California thing still don't mean much to you, but you can see it's troublin' them.
"... Ah wish you'd said somethin' to us earlier. If y'all need help, Ah'm sure -"
>Karl shakes his head.
>"Thanks for the offer, but -"
>Y'swirl 'round 'fore you even hear the sound of little foals' hooves stampeding your way, 'fore they can start callin' your name.
>Their panicked voices are a rollin' wall of noise, shoutin' out for every mare or stallion they see.
>You run their way.
"What's goin' on!?"
>There's Mica - an' sure as the sun shines you know he's the one behind all this.
"Where were y'all!? What'd -"
>"I thought we might get our cutie marks!" he shouts out, seein' your eyes on him. "That's why we snuck out while everypony else -"
>One've the fillies grabs him by the mouth an' holds tight.
>You'd laugh if they weren't all so panicked - an' not just 'bout whatever mischief he was 'bout to confess to.
>"We saw something!" the filly yells over Mica's muffled voice. "Come quick!"
>"Down by the road!"
>Your hooves are already movin'.
>Wouldn't be nothin' to make the foals act like this.
>They've all seen there share of troubles.
>Foals come runnin' along, an' some've the adults too.
>Carl, too. An' Karl.

Oh noooooo, I wonder what the foals saw?
Oh, I thought it meant the other thing
Nah, this thread doesn't lewd fillies.
File: wind_sit_totally_safe.png (506 KB, 1920x1392)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
That only happen offscreen and usually with pegasus
Master is supposed to wake up refreshed and ready for his job. Not exhausted because he was drained by his bedfilly
File: 2139698.png (1.67 MB, 1500x1500)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Next time buy a unicorn bedfilly instead.
>crew and ponies
They get along fine. I was worried for a bit that they will see them as just slaves, but this is totally not the case.
>"Then Ah guess..."
Is she flirting a bit there?
>myself to blame if it makes me sad
And we are back in depression town.
>trying to secede
That will work out super well for them, I'm sure.
>our troops through the portals
I can't recall, but isn't Equestria is in total darkness or something?
>We saw something!
SB and DT? What else could it be?

Thanks for the update.
Good to see Shawn tolerating ponies a bit.
Nice seeing characters gradually improving in general. Let's just hope it lasts.
Nice update, writefren.
>In charge.
JFC, just when the world couldn't get any worse. It must be northern california since things are actually kinda getting better.
I want to stop at my morning jog and buy her a donut
I summon AWF!
At least to tell us to fuck off.

Actually, I switch jobs next month, but in true Slavic trafition, my current company is bleeding me dry before I finish and my professional integrity prevents me from telling them to go f*ck themselves. If I do, the guys suffering will be my coworkers (whom I rather like) and customers (ditto).

I got most of the way through a lewd scene before weekend went to shit. Soon.
You announced you are switching jobs quite a few months ago, like half a year or something.
Is this the same one?
Rosa. Needs. Her. SPANKING.
File: 1522108307453.jpg (291 KB, 1111x1325)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
File: Autumn Blep.gif (293 KB, 1416x1671)
293 KB
293 KB GIF
Teenage master is in danger. Never leave a young master with mompones slaves
Probably the interview in Feb. I got a very nice offer as a result of that and I am assuming my new position in Aug. Counting down the days.
Huh that's one long switch. And don't overwork yourself. Especially not at the end, just accept "handover" tasks at the last 2-3 weeks.
File: 8292.png (120 KB, 700x752)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Little bat better get used to the leash.
File: 1415663403525.png (114 KB, 400x600)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Bedfilly can't get cuddles in the page 9
File: trained attack Dash.png (202 KB, 976x1024)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
There wasn't a vase in the first place. I swear she's doing that on purpose.
File: you_by_liaaqila_de0reil.jpg (2.91 MB, 2322x4128)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
What should you do about it?
bump the thread.
That's not how you scold a cat
Remember when your Appul poner is in heat, to reward her hard work outside with a lot of good old fashioned, over the bed dicking every night. Make sure to make her orgasm multiple times to ensure she is satisfied before you do the same thing the next day, for the next two weeks until Appul's heat has subsided.

One way to tell that you are adequately fucking your heat-addled Appul poner is to check her pussy. If it's puffy and red, and still dripping clear fluid and winking, she definitely needs your dick more today. Don't torment your poor good girl by not dicking her enough and leaving her before she's satisfied.

And always remember to cum inside her pussy as much as you can! Only the feeling of hot semen filling her up will make her heat addled brain register that she has been fucked enough at the end of the day.

Always take care of your Appul.
File: 1589934101405.png (883 KB, 600x950)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
Pony cereal is weird
Where's the pineapple?
File: 1143425.png (405 KB, 1280x905)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
Skittles when?
At least she finally got her walkies though.
That my friend is an excellent question.
Only if she's done all her chores.
How would you dye the feathers and the fur of your pony to make her look better?
Does regular hair dye work on feathers?
Do you think company-onwed ponies would be required to be dyed the same way for the sake of brand recognition?
Would that be cost effective?
Maybe you'd have to strike a balance between a full coat and mane dye and something more minimal, like dying the company logo into their coat.
Actually, that's not a half bad idea. Just like how taxis are required to be a specific yellow.
Same coat, mane, tail color and mane/tail cut. You could immediately recognize a mailpony or a courier.
Poor guys identities are taken away with this even more. They cant look into the mirror for the first few weeks as its basically another pony who is looking back at them. Coat/mane colors are identifying features to them as much as facial features to us.
>no horde of whataburger mares
Let's get to the next thread so we can get some GREEEEEEEEN
How do you assume that you are in charge?

Ill make the next thread as usual.
Do you have green ready to go yourself?
Not that guy, but I’ll have Scootaloo bath to post after work today.
Pony in the tub!

Looking forward to that!

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