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Your music taste sucks Edition
>"I've always felt alone, anon."

She's a girl who feels depressed, who feels defeated by both herself and the society that surrounds her. Despite the sunshine that she bathes in every day, she can see nothing but a hollow, grey landscape. The figures she walks amongst every day seem to her to be both so close as to be claustrophobic, yet so distant that they might as well be on the other side of the planet. She is a beaten, broken, emotional wreck of a pony.

This is essentially a toned down version of her poetry.

/emo/ is the home for t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶r̶o̶k̶e̶n̶,̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶a̶t̶e̶n̶,̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶d̶a̶m̶n̶e̶d all things emo, goth, or gloomy. Miss Eri is our mascot, but her melancholic friends include Deep Rest, Connie Amore, and many others.

As long as there are those of us that keep her spirit alive, she can never die. Though she may want to.

Previous thread: >>35281127

Writers List (Revised)

/emo/ Archive

Meet the Emo Ponies
>"Your music taste sucks"
She may be right. I like a lot of 00s pop music. Too cheary
Goddamnit I thought my music taste was good...
My music taste sucks? Yeah that's nothing new.
File: 1426613138437.png (1.28 MB, 5000x6224)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Post the shitty music you've been listening to lately
This one has been stuck in my damn head.
File: 1555015.png (370 KB, 1300x1000)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
>You’ve gotten things done early to visit Twilight, and just arrived at Golden Oaks.
>Knocking, you wait around and hope she is up.
>Surely with magic she could help Addie fly, even if it’s only for a little bit, right?
>The door opens and Spike greets you.
>”Morning Anon, what are you doing here this early?”
“Morning Spike, is Twilight up? I got to ask her some questions and possibly a favor.”
>He nods and calls out.
>”Hey Twi, Anon is here to see you!”
>He heads back in with you following him.
>Books in a few stacks nearby, more or less the same as you last saw it.
>Twilight comes out of the kitchen with a smile on her face.
>”Good morning Anon, what can I help you with?”
“Hey there, do you know any flying spells?”
>She blinks and frowns.
>”Anon, I’m not sure what that kinda of spell would do to you, so I’m afraid I can’t help you.”
>You chuckle and shake your head.
“Poorly worded, my bad. What I meant was, do you know of any flying spells for a pony.”
>Her eyebrows raise and she nods.
>”Yes of course, one actually, but unfortunately it’s quite difficult to cast and the wings are very fragile.”
>Well shit.
>”Though I have to ask, who are you asking for about this spell?”
>You’d tell Twilight, but you don’t want to upset Addie.
“A friend of mine, she wants to fly.”
>”A friend of yours? That’s wonderful to hear Anon! Please tell me all about her. I want to write to the princess on how you made your first friend.”
>Her horn lights up and a parchment with quill float in front of her.
>You’d rather not spend all day answering Twilight’s questions, like you tried to do when you mentioned the internet.
“I’ll explain later, is there any other way for a pony to fly?”
>Twilight scrunches, but sighs.
>She floats the parchment and quill back to their previous places.
>”Fine, but other than some vehicles, like a balloon, there isn’t much to say. Of course there is a history of ponies trying to fly that aren’t pegasus ponies of course.”
>Now you’ve done it.
>Her horn ignites again, and several books float around her as she beams.
>”One of the earliest recorded cases was the Flight Brothers attempting to fly using a self propelled machine on the Firefly runway. Of course it didn’t work, but that didn’t stop them from attempting-”
>You cut her off.
“Please, no history lessons today.”
>She gives you a small glare and huffs.
>”It’s actually interesting when you give it a chance.”
>Probably is, but that’s not what you’re here for.
“Do you know of any ponies who deal with flight? They might be able to help.”
>Setting the books down, she brings her hoof to her chin and starts to think.
>”Hmm...Actually, there is several in the town. I can give you a list of names, but to be honest, they will likely tell you the same thing I did.”
“Doesn’t matter, I’ll give it a shot.”
>Her smile widens.
>”I haven’t known you for that long Anon, but it’s surprising to see somepony mean this much to you. Is she your marefriend by any chance?”
>Where the fuck did that come from?
“What? No, she’s my friend. I have only known for a little under a week.”
>Twilight giggles and waves her hoof.
>”Sorry, had to tease you a little. Give me just a moment to get the names for you.”
>You know Rarity can be like that, but seeing Twilight do it, is a little worrying.
>As she is writing down the names, you look at the nearby clock to see how much time you have left.
>It’s going to be cutting it close, but you did tell her around noon, so there’s that.
>As soon as Twilight floats you the letter, you dash outside quickly.
“Thanks Twilight, see you later!”
>You hear her call out as you leave.
>”You’re welcome, but remember to tell me later for the letter to the princess!”
>You’re borderline running, trying not to run into anypony.
>Along the way you think back to what was said.
>Are you two really friends?
>Probably, she did confide in you about her dreams.
>As for what you’re doing for her, yeah that is a bit much for someone you barely know.
>Why are you doing this?
>It’s not like you two are dating, but you feel some kind of compulsion to help her.
>A need to care for another?
>Yeah, lets go with that.
>You arrive at Addie’s and knock at the door a little winded.
>Got to start working out more.
>The locks get undone and Addie opens the door.
“Hi Addie.”
>Her gold eyes focus on you, and she doesn’t appear to be as frightened as previously.
>”...H-hello Anon...Come inside...”
>You follow her in and walk to the center of the room.
>”...Um Anon…?”
>Looking over to Addie, she is nervously shuffling.
>Probably wants to try something different.
>”...Could you sit by the window…?...I’d like to try a different angle...”
>Called it.
>You bring a chair by the front window and sit.
>”...Also, if it-it’s not too much to ask...But could you look out it…?”
“Yeah, sure.”
>You look out it and eventually you hear her start to sketch away.

>Your moving as fast as you can, making sure to make as little mistakes as possible.
>Something inside of you drives you to make this a better drawing.
>Maybe something more than acceptable.
>Doubtful, you never make anything that good.
>As you finish putting on the final touches, you notice a few mistakes.
>You pause, and let out a small sigh.
>How’d you miss those?
>Erasing the mistakes, you start up again.
>Yesterday you confided in Anon, you’re not sure why.
>A part of you screamed no, but the other half said yes.
>You stop sketching and look it over again.
“...It’s okay...Could be better...”
>Looking over to Anon, he is still looking out the window.
>You grab the picture and bring it over to him.
>As you try to show it to him, he jumps.
>”Huh? Oh, you’re finished.”
>Strange, this is the first time you actually scared him.
>His eyes study the picture and like the previous times, he smiles.
>”It looks great, almost like you took a picture of me with a camera.”
>Though he says that, you still feel like he is saying that to make you feel better.
“...Thank you...How about this time y-you lean against the chair...”
>He stands up, goes around and rests his hands on the back of the chair.
>”Like this?”
“...Yes...That’s per-perfect...”
>You trot back to the easel to set up again.
>Would be nice if you could stop stuttering around him.
>Makes you look like a stupid filly and you know it.
>Shaking your head, you start to focus.
>Another sheet is ready, and you pick up your pencil to begin.
>Though you pause this time.
>You take the time to truly take the whole scene in.
>Then you begin to sketch.
>Try to focus on how his clothes hug his body, the look of concentration on his face.
>It’s always the little details that matter the most.
>Slowly his form takes shape on the sheet, along with the chair.
>You finish up the sketch, adding a last minute shading to his arm.
>Your eyes dart back and forth from him to the picture again.
>It slowly dawns on you.
>This is probably the best sketch you’ve done thus far.
>The small bit of joy you feel makes your heart flutter.
>You shift from side to side in a little dance.
>Anon must’ve noticed and started to talk.
>”Are you alright? Is the drawing finished.”
>You stop suddenly and your face heats up.
“...Ye-yeah it’s all done...Co-come and see...”
>As he approaches, you turn your head away from him.
>You hear him stand next to you looking at the picture.
>What’s gotten into you?
>Before you go too deep into thought, he starts to talk.
>”Seriously Addie, you should consider seeing if a museum will accept your works.”
>You’ve seen plenty of art, this isn’t on the same level.
“...I-I’d rather not...”
>”I’m not trying to push you, it’s just that good.”
“...No, it really isn’t A-Anon...”
>You hear him shift and let out a sigh.
>”I know you don’t see it, but this is really good Addie. I’d like to help you see that.”
>Your feel that feeling from before in your heart again.
“...Why...Why help me..?”
>”Well, I’d like to think we’re friends, and friends help one another.”
>You’ve heard others say that before, but it’s hard to believe it.
>Should you really believe him?
>Are you two really friends?
>While you’re not completely sure, you desperately want it to be true.
>At least one more shot in your life to see if it’s possible.
>You turn your head and look up at him.
>He is looking down at you with that smile he likes to wear.
“...Yeah...G-guess we are friends...”
>Anon’s smile widens.
>”Happy to hear that.”
>His eyes go up to the nearby clock and his smile fades.
>”I’m gonna get going home, take care Addie.”
>As he starts to go, you pick up the drawing from earlier and trot over to him.
“...Wa-wait...I want you to have this one too...”
>He looks at it and gives you a concerned look.
>”Are you sure? You already gave me one before.”
>You nod.
“...Yeah, friends give each other gifts...Right..?”
>Anon beams and accepts the picture.
>”Yes they do.”
“...Goodbye Anon...”
>”Goodbye Addie.”
>You shut the door behind him and let yourself think aloud again.
“...Maybe I can enjoy this for once...Maybe...”

Chapter 5 finished, happy to see the thread is still around.
What is the pony equivalent of a goth called? A Nightmare?
File: nightmare.jpg (116 KB, 720x1280)
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116 KB JPG
without a doubt
A little mainstream but really emotionally charged lyrics
>Ywn manage to make her smile with your wrenching reading of Dark Rainboom
I certainly hope you boys and girls have tried on alexisonfire...
You could also try this on...
Just trying to refine your pallet a bit
now i have a fetish for NM's tongue
goth, for a long time the official name of Moonlight Raven name was just "goth pony"
motherbuckin' anon did it, huh?
He really brought back Eri. Congrats!
good job, sweet comfy story
File: ouchie.png (705 KB, 3800x2900)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Where are my screamo chads at?
File: New Canvas.png (14 KB, 471x577)
14 KB
Thanks. I love her and hope she sticks around for a long while
File: 982102.png (415 KB, 1000x760)
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415 KB PNG
>That’s another bust.
>You look down at the list, only one name left.
“That just leaves...Cherry Berry?”
>You shrug, these ponies and their names.
>Unfortunately you can’t shake this growing pit in your stomach.
>Twilight was right, everyone of the ponies you have talked to thus far have more or less said the same thing.
>There are far easier ways to fly that don’t involve magic, so why bother?
“There has to be a way, I mean they have magic for fucks sake. Transform an object into something else, easy. Conjure a door out of thin air, piece of cake. Move a fucking celestial body...Actually only two can do that, but that’s not the point.”
>Shaking your head, you grit your teeth as you reach the outskirts of Ponyville, hopefully you won’t have to reach out to other towns to find out.
>Not sure what time it is either, so you try to hurry along.
>You arrive at a smaller pony house and can see a hanger out back.
>Looking at the note and back up at the home, you pause.
“Let’s hope this isn’t for nothing.”
>You sigh and reach the front door to find a bell to ring.
“Well that’s different.”
>You pull it a few times and wait as the final ring goes out.
>Don’t let yourself get stressed over this, it’s not like you didn’t try.
>Just more of a pain in the ass than you thought it would be.
>The door opens up, and a pink coated mare with a blonde mane steps out with a neutral expression on her face.
>”Can I help you with something?”
>Upon further inspection, you can see she has bags under her eyes and a pair of cherries for a cutiemark.
“Yeah, I’m assuming you’re Cherry Berry? I’m Anon.”
>She yawns and nods.
>”I already heard about you, and just call me Cherry.”
>Alright, she doesn’t seem like she really wants to talk, but that’s fine.
“Do you happen to know a way to make a pony fly?”
>She raises an eyebrow.
>”Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I fly ponies and rent out my vehicles. If that’s what you’re after we can step inside and discuss buisness.”
>You shake your head.
“No, I mean making them fly with wings, like a pegasus does.”
>Cherry frowns and glares at you.
>”Is this some kind of prank? Oh haha, make fun of Cherry just because she likes flying and is a dumb earth pony.”
>Guess Addie isn’t alone in those thoughts.
>You raise your hands up and attempt to calm her.
“No, I’m serious.”
>She doesn’t let go of her glare.
>”Did the Royal Magical Society send you then? Still want to take my designs?”
>What the fuck is this conspiracy bullshit?
>As you lower your hands you feel your own anger start to come on.
“No for fucks sake, I came here to help out a friend, not steal shit.”
>You stand your ground and keep up this staring contest for a bit.
>Finally, she relaxes and her expression softens.
>”Sorry about that, can’t blame me for being suspicious. Follow me.”
>You nod and follow her inside the house and see there is a desk in the living room with filing cabinets. There is also paper work on the desk and a couple of chairs in front. Looks like she doesn’t actually relax in here.
>She leads you into a back room that has a drawing table and a various prototype flying devices lying around.
>Cherry turns to face you and waves her leg around the room.
>”Don’t mind the mess, but I’ve been working on this stuff for years.”
>You nod and feel some hope at last.
“Pretty impressive, I’ve tried talking to different ponies across town about this, but none were helpful.”
>She lets out a yawn, picks up a cup from the drawing table and takes a quick drink.
>”Yeah that’s no surprise. Probably thought you were crazy as well.”
>Setting the cup down, she continues.
>”As you can see, I’ve tried many designs, but I’ve mostly managed gliders of some kind. Trying to fly without magic is nearly impossible.”
>Your hope rises.
“Alright, well what holds you back from being possible?”
>Cherry looks at you like you grew a second head before shaking her head.
>”In short, the laws of aerodynamics and magic. It’d help if I could find a unicorn who could help.”
“Hold on, I thought there was no spell that could work, except for the wings spell that Twilight told me.”
>Her eyes widen.
>”Wait wait! You’re telling me there is a spell for that?!”
>You shrug and try to avoid explaining.
“Well, kinda? She told me they are fragile and the spell is hard to cast or something like that.”
>She slumps and her voice drops a little.
>”Well that figures...”
“Got any other ideas though?”
>She takes another drink and rubs her chin.
>”If a unicorn specializes in certain fields of enchantments, yeah. At least some kind of spell to help deal with the wings. That would probably make this so much easier.”
“Sounds easy enough.”
>Before you continue she shakes her head quickly.
>”No it isn’t. Unicorns magic is tied to their cutiemark, so that’s highly unlikely. Especially with so many unicorns in this world.”
>Smiling, you do know of one that might make this easier.
“Twilight told me her talent is tied to magic, so why don’t we ask her?”
>She opens her mouth and closes it several times before facehoofing
>”I-I never thought about that, but why would she help us?”
“I’ll handle that, but in the meantime.”
>You have a feeling it’s getting late.
“Do you have the time.”
>Cherry points to a nearby clock, and it says after one.
“We’ll talk later I got to get going.”
>Quickly, you start to run in hopes of not being late.
>You hear her call out to you as you’re running.
>”Yeah sure, hash out the details and all that!”
>You just finished cleaning up and see that Anon isn’t here yet.
“...Maybe he forgot...”
>Doubtful, he hasn’t been late yet.
>Letting out a long sigh, you head over to your easel and start to set up for another sketch.
“...Or he realized how terrible I am...”
>Of course you let him get your hopes up.
>Not like this is the first time you’ve let another in and got hurt.
>As you pick up your pencil you let your eyes wander around to sketch something.
>The bookshelf will do fine.
>Just before you start, you hear knocking causing you jump and drop your pencil.
>Shaking out of your stupor, you go unlock the door and open it.
>Anon is hunched over, breathing heavy.
>He raises a hand up and tries to catch his breath.
>”One sec.”
>As you wait, you feel some relief.
>He talks in-between breaths.
>”Alright, sorry about that. I let myself get caught up in some random business, but I’m here now.”
“...It-it’s okay...Come in...”
>He heads over to the middle of the room still breathing heavy.
>You head over to your easel and open up a folder for a particular picture.
>As you turn to face him, you feel your heart race and you start to shake.
>”Is everything alright? You’re shaking.”
>You say nothing and approach him.
>Slowly you reveal the picture and feel the courage to speak.
“...I-I drew us...”
>His eyes widen and he stares at the picture with a shocked expression.
>He doesn’t say any at first, worrying you.
>Does he like it, does he hate it?
>Maybe you’re overdoing this?
>Finally, he give you a large smile and starts to talk.
>”This is beautiful Addie.”
>Those words nearly floor you and cause your cheeks to burn.
>You turn your head away and try to hide the tears of joy.
>He really likes it, he really does!
>He continues on.
>”The colors are wonderful and I think you captured us really well.”
>Your shaking returns and you squeeze your eyes shut.
>”Are you crying?”
>You nod and say nothing, you don’t want him to see you like this.
>It’s getting harder to not sob.
>Suddenly, you feel him place his hand on your wither.
>Your body jolts from the unexpected touch.
>You’ve been starved of any form of affection, just this simple touch sends you over the edge.
>Can’t stop the torrent of tears freed, nor the burning in your face.
>Over your crying you hear him try to soothe you.
>”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean you to make you cry. How about we try to forget this and just go back to drawing?”
>No, you won’t have that.
>You struggle, but finally manage to let some words escape.
“...I-I’m not s-sad...They-they’re tears of j-joy...”
>As you continue to cry, he stays quiet for a moment.
>You finally turn your head and look to his face through blurry eyes.
>That smile, it makes you feel something, you’re not sure what.
>You don’t want it to stop though.
>”Didn’t expect to make you so happy Addie, but I’m glad to see you smile.”
>He sets down the picture, and keeps trying to soothe you.
>The minutes pass and before long, you stop crying and feel drained, but still happy.
“...I-I needed that...Than-thank you...Anon...”
>He nods and looks over at the clock, you quickly look as well.
>It’s getting later and you didn’t even draw him today.
“...I’m sorry...I shouldn’t lost control...Now you have to leave...R-right..?”
>Anon looks back to you.
>”I can stay a little while longer, if you want.”
>You nod slowly.
>Sure you want to sketch, but a yawn signals your exhaustion.
“...Can we just look at some pictures..?”
>”Sure, I’d like that.”
>You grab a nearby book from the shelf and sit with him on the couch.
>As you show him the various landscapes in the book, you feel more tired.
>Normally you wouldn’t so exhausted, but crying seemed to take a lot out of you.
>Before long, you can barely stay awake.
“...I-I’m sorry...I’m really tired...”
>”It’s alright Addie, we can pick this up tomorrow.”
>You nod and he gets up.
>As he is about to leave, he stops and turns back to you.
>”If you like, we can just talk tomorrow.”
>You give a weak smile and yawn before nodding.
>”Goodnight Addie.”
“...Goodnight Anon...”
>As the door shuts, the warmth inside of you stays strong.
>You go to prepare for bed, and along the way your thoughts stray.
“...What is this feeling..?...Is this what real friendship is like..?”
>You’re not certain yet, but you hope soon you will know.

File: 1701697.png (654 KB, 2400x1500)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
File: 888756.png (70 KB, 700x700)
70 KB
Addie's story might be on hold for a bit, fighting with my isp to get my net back. Posting from a phone at the moment. So don't think I'm abandoning it or the thread.
fight the good fight, dude
File: 1587693372425.jpg (121 KB, 1300x1334)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
cool, wonder what happe- >>35408618 FUCK
Morning bump
Take care of your emo pones
File: Silent Eri.png (3.52 MB, 1282x1646)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG
Hello, Based Department?
I'm personally (and probably always will be) stuck with my one and only ever-evolving post-hardcore group.
Bandcamp has great emo stuff
File: 1425786507900.png (368 KB, 800x1280)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Oh, I forgot about these sketches. Nice.
i have no fucking clue if AFI counts as emo
low-effort edit
's ok
File: illegal_addie_4.png (1.32 MB, 2000x2000)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
>You’re flying high above, this time you’re over Canterlot.
>It’s a little chilly, but you don’t mind.
>You control a slow descent down towards the ground.
>As you approach, you can see many ponies below.
>However, a lone figure catches your eye.
>It’s Anon.
>Most of the ponies are going about their day, some see you, but don’t pay attention.
>They’re all faceless blurs, but not Anon.
>He is watching you and waving.
>Landing nearby in a park, you can see Anon approaching you quickly.
>You wave to him and smile.
“Hey Anon!”
>Before he reaches you, a sea of faceless ponies start to come from no where.
>They quickly crowd you and him, pushing each other away.
>He tries to call out, but no words come out.
>The crowd tries to push you along, but you launch into the air.
>You can see him being pushed further and further away.
>Mustering all your strength, you shoot forth.
>Just as you reach him you run into a barrier and awaken.
>You’re face first on the floor and let out a small groan.
>Slowly, you pick yourself up.
“...T-that’s never happened before...”
>Pulling the blankets off of you, you remake your bed.
“...I’m always alone in my dreams...So that’s a first...”
>Your muzzle hurts a little, and you head off to do your morning routine.
>All the while, your thoughts are distracting you.
>It’s getting harder to keep steady on your warm up.
“...Why can’t I f-focus..?”
>You already know why, there is no point in asking that.
>Setting down your pencil, you look over at the drawing you showed Anon yesterday.
“...It’s because I opened up to him...Is-isn’t it..?”
>Of course that’s the case, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about it.
>This past week has been the closest you’ve been to another.
>Probably the closest you’ve been to another ever in your life.
“...D-doesn’t matter...I-I need to focus...”
>The mountain slowly forms, and the adjourning hills eventually as well.
>However, the hard part approaches fast.
>The city itself.
>Can’t make it too big, nor too small.
>In truth, you’ve never been there, but the pictures you’ve seen spoke to you enough.
>It forms easily, mostly because of basic shapes.
>You erase and add in the harder details as you go along.
>Like the landscape or the various buildings throughout the city.
>You don’t stop there though, you add in clouds and the sun itself.
>Even add in a few ponies that fly about.
>Finishing up the drawing, you pull back and look at your work.
>As you examine it, you can’t find imperfections for once.
“...It c-can’t be...Can it..?”
>An actually good picture, just like the one of Anon the other day.
>A small bit of glee fills you.
“...I-I did it...Something actually g-good...”
>Picking the picture, you set in with the other small stack of pictures.
>Looking around for something else to sketch, you see the clock.
“...I’ll draw that...The sh-shifting hands should give me a challenge...”
>Without missing a beat, you let your skills guide your pencil.
>It’s a simple shape sure, but that doesn’t matter.
>Adding the last touches, namely shading, takes a bit more time than you thought.
>You look it over at the clock again, but notice something.
“...Anon is late...Again...”
>You remember what he said yesterday though.
“...I have no reason to worry...Wo-wouldn’t surprise me if Pinkie is bothering him...”
>There were numerous times in the past she would beg you to come to a party.
>You’ve tried it before, and each time, you left.
>You don’t enjoy parties like she does, nor do you enjoy being around large groups.
>Quick flashes of memories hit you.
>Like when foals made fun of your appearance or your drawings.
>You shake your head to forget.
“...Where is Anon..?”
>Shit shit shit shit.
>You’re Anon and you’re late.
>Setting everything up with those two took way more time than necessary.
>Didn’t help that you had to agree to answer more of Twilight’s insane questions about earth to get her to come over to Cherry’s.
>Then you and Cherry had to convince her of the potential this project has.
>She wasn’t impressed, and kept pointing out the various flaws.
>You mostly ignored the technobabble, you know butt fuck nothing of how magic works.
>In the end they started to discuss spells, namely enchantments.
>However, as the two talked it out, you noticed the time and booked it.
>Running like a fucking Kenyan now.
>Your burning lungs are a reminder to never skip cardio, seriously.
>As you finally reach Addie’s home, you’re breathing hard.
>Note to self, go on more runs.
>Slowly you catch your breath and head to the front door to knock.
>Like many times before, you can hear Addie undoing the multiple locks.
>Still not sure why she does that, need to find out.
>The door slowly opens and you see Addie, though she looks a little rough.
“Sorry I’m late, had to answer some questions Twilight had.”
>Not entirely a lie, but can’t ruin that surprise still.
>She nods slowly and turns around.
>As you go inside and close the door, you see she is standing at her easel.
>Her eyes are darting around again and she is quiet.
>Odd, she must’ve forgotten what she said yesterday, you’ll ask anyways.
“Do you want to talk or draw?”
>Addie mumbles something out and shifts a little.
“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”
>She sighs and picks up a book before heading over to the couch.
>Talking it is.
>You join her and note how she is lightly shaking.
>Strange, she wasn’t like this the other day.
“So what’s this book about?”
>”...Um...It-it’s on Canterlot...”
>Never been there, though you’ve seen it from a distance.
>She opens the book up and shows you the various pictures.
>Most are illustrations, and a few are very low quality photographs.
>Not surprising, Equestria is really far behind in technology.
>Then again, they have magic, so that tech is kinda moot.
>”...I was...I flew overhead there in my dreams...”
“Oh, sounds nice. Never flown to be honest.”
>She nods and blinks slowly.
>Her eyes shift to yours and she continues.
>”...Y-you were there too...”
>Unexpected, but okay.
“Cool, what was I doing there?”
>”...You waved to me...So I went to greet you...But a swarm of faceless p-ponies pulled you away...”
>While you don’t know much about dreams, that’s probably a sign or something.
“Was it a nightmare then?”
>Addie shakes her head.
>”...N-no...I was flying normally...Only woke up because...I rolled off the bed and landed face flat...onto the floor...”
>You cringe a little, face plants are never good.
>She is quiet now, and it starts to become an awkward silence.
>You’re about to break it when she gets up and heads over to one of her stacks of pictures.
>Addie grabs one and brings it over to you.
>”...It’s Canterlot...”
>Yeah, you can see that.
>Usually can see it on a good day, but like this?
>This is something else.
“It’s really good Addie, did you draw this earlier?”
>She nods and rubs one leg over the other.
>”...Sometimes...I draw an image from the top of my head...”
>Something stands out though in the image, and you point to it.
“That’s you, isn’t it?”
>Her eyebrows furrow and her eyes follow your finger to the lone pegasus with the most detail.
>Slowly, her eyes widen.
>”...I-I don’t...When did I do that..?”
“Must’ve been subconscious. Heard of that happening before with artists.”
>Her voice quivers and she starts to shake again.
>”...Have I...Do I do that in all my sketches..?”
>Thankfully, you’ve seen enough of them to calm her fears.
“From what pictures you have shown me, no.”
>Your words seem to calm her down slowly.
“This isn’t really a bad thing Addie.”
>”...How...How do you figure..?”
>You shrug and hand back the picture.
“I was told once the best works of art have a bit of their artist in them.”
>Addie stares at the picture and says nothing.
>It’s starting to get later, and you intend to fix your lateness starting tomorrow.
>You stand up and stretch, a few joints popping in response.
>Addie sets the picture back and stands over by easel.
>Got to figure out what’s going on her with still.
“I’m going to head home, take care Addie.”
>”...Y-you too...Anon...”
>The walk home is drowned out by random thoughts.
>Still, why are you doing this for someone you barely know?
>Probably because you’re lonely.
>Not like you’re in love with her, right?
>It would be taking advantage of her, and besides, you’re the only support she has.
>It’s not like she would even like you back since you’re different species.
>Shaking your head, you continue forth with your mission in mind.
>Help Addie fly.

Back to normal posting.
Yay! Is back!
File: 2078868.png (1.74 MB, 1364x1500)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Please sit on my face Inky
File: giphy.gif (965 KB, 435x480)
965 KB
965 KB GIF
i love this, thank you so much
>Help Addie fly.
pic related
>sitting on your face...
>the first step to disappointment
>tfw Inky will never use your face as a chair and tell you all her problems while i drink her goth mare juice
why live?
File: TempestShadow5.jpg (122 KB, 922x802)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
File: 1445121199727.png (484 KB, 1000x1000)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
>The wind blows across your body as you fly among the clouds.
>Gently you slow down to a simple glide and turn over.
>The bright blue sky above and the sun basking you in it’s heavenly glow.
>You let out a sigh of contentment, feeling truly at ease.
>Flipping back over, you descend towards a large field near a forest.
>The smell of fresh cut grass and flowers fills the air.
“It’s so lovely.”
>Trotting around as you reach the ground, you observe your surroundings.
>Various flowers are around you and in the trees nearby, birds are watching you.
>You feel so much at peace, until you notice something odd nearby.
>Trotting to the strange object, you recognize it right away.
“What’s an easel doing out here?”
>Some art supplies are next to it, along with a blank canvas ready to be used.
>Shrugging, you feel the urge to create.
>Quickly an image forms together from your pencil.
>Before you can finish, the canvas starts to melt.
“Wha-what’s happening?!”
>A group of faceless ponies surrounded you, taunting you.
>”Looks like the freak made something new.”
>”Why do you even bother?”
>”It’s all garbage anyways.”
>”Everypony can draw, loser.”
“No! That’s not true, I work hard on my pictures!”
>”Sure you do, so does my little sister!”
>They start to laugh at you and get closer.
>Before they can reach you, you awaken and look around breathing heavy.
“...I-it was just a dream...A-all just a dream...”
>Wiping some some tears, you get up to begin your day.
>It’s not often you get a nightmare, but when you do, it’s a reminder of your past.
>Drinking your coffee, you feel your pulse race as it does its job.
“...Just focus Addie...I-I can do this...”
>Unlike yesterday, you go through your warm up with ease.
“...S-see..?...Piece of c-cake...”
>You focus, and draw your dream from last night.
>It’s a little rough to think about it, mostly because of the nightmare that followed.
>Need to keep your mind on the image though, never let it stray.
>You didn’t get this far by letting yourself get distracted.
>Sure your work isn’t good enough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put effort into it.
>You pause, and consider adding color.
>No, this isn’t worth it.
>Continuing on, you add in more details to the trees and the grass.
>Backing up as you finish it off, you look it over like usual.
>No reference to go by though, considering it was in your dream.
“...It needs something more...”
>Picking up your pencil, you start to add in the one thing you felt missing.
>You’ve drawn yourself so many times now, it doesn’t take much to get the sketch done.
>The memories of studying wings comes to mind.
>Couldn’t ask a real pegasus, they’d call you weird or something else, so books worked fine.
>Stepping back, you admire your work.
“...N-not bad...Could be better though...”
>You set this picture with the rest in the folder and hear knocking.
>Looking to the time, you feel some relief.
“...He isn’t late this time...”
>You hurry to the door to unlock it with a bit of joy.
>As you finish opening it, you greet him with some glee.
“...H-hey Anon..!”
>You freeze, before you is a mailmare.
>”Happy Accident?”
>You can barely manage a nod while shaking in horror.
>”Here’s your package, and sign here please.”
>Barely snapping out of it, you take the package and sign before closing the door.
>Your heart is threatening to burst from your chest and your face is on fire.
“...O-out of...All the stupidest...Th-things...”
>Sitting down, you bury your face in your forelegs and softly cry.
>The one time you let your guard down, and you embarrass yourself in front of another pony.
>Another knock breaks you out of your crying session.
“...A-Anon..?...P-please be him...Please...”
>You open the door slowly and see him standing there.
>Though the second he sees you, his face shifts to that of concern.
>”Addie, what happened? Why are you crying?”
>Idiot, you didn’t bother to clean up, and now he sees you like this.
>No point in trying to hide it.
“...It’s nothing...I-I’m fine...Really...”
>He clearly doesn’t believe you.
>”You can talk to me Addie, really. We are friends after all, remember?”
>You nod and sniffle.
>It’s here that you have finally decided, you’re going to open up to him.
>You walk over to the couch and sit, with him joining you.
>Your heart beats hard and your anxiety is flaring up, but you press on.
“...I...When I was growing up...O-other foals picked on me...Because I was different...I-I often had no friends, and those that were...Left me because of...My awk-awkwardness...Or something like that...”
>Anon is still keeping his eyes on you, so you continue.
“...I started to draw to not be so alone...It helped for awhile...B-but I did it too much...Mis-missed assignments...So I got in trouble with my teachers...My p-parents...They didn’t like what I was doing either...So they discouraged me from drawing...”
>This is starting to hurt more than you expected, you swallow a lump in your throat and go on.
“...When I finally moved out...I tried to be more outgoing...Pink-Pinkie Pie tried to help me...But that didn’t work out well...Other P-ponies f-find me too weird...So after a while...I stopped trying...And just focused on my sketches instead...They didn’t find me awkward...Didn’t make fun of me...”
>You sniffle again, trying your hardest to not cry.
“...I lock the d-doors to keep...The rest of the w-world away...”
>As you try to talk again, your stuttering worsens.
“...B-but you...Y-you seem to un-understand...W-when others t-talk about my d-drawings...I-I can’t...They aren’t sincere...But you...y-you do...”
>You lock eyes with him, you want to say more, but you can’t.
>Not without losing control.
>”That’s...That’s awful, you’re a wonderful pony Addie. It hurts to hear that others didn’t see it that way. Your work is magnificent and it’s even worse to hear that you had to grow up like that.”
>As he is about to continue, you wrap your legs around him and pull him into a tight hug.
>The waterworks behind your eyes let loose, and you lose control at long last.

>You almost jumped when she grabbed onto you like that.
>However when she started to sob, you gently stroked her back.
>Hard to believe with what you’ve seen in this world that she went through that.
>Reminds you of earth, and hurts to even think there are ponies out there like this.
>No point on thinking about it though, you got a very sad pony to help out.
“Everything is going to be okay.”
>She shudders and keeps crying.
>Sure, you weren’t late today, but it was close.
>You’ve been helping out Cherry and Twilight for the project.
>Though you could only help out a little in the morning and evening now.
>Better this way though.
>Addie has started to quiet down from crying.
>She is still shaking and occasionally lets out a hiccup.
“Feeling better?”
>While she doesn’t say anything, she nods.
>Slowly, she raises her head to look at you.
>Her gold eyes are now red and puffy, her ears are still splayed back, but she gives a weak smile.
>She shakes her head and tries again.
>”...Thank you...For everything...”
>You smile back.
>It’s strange how this one pony has become quite precious to you.
“You’re welcome.”
>As you’re both sitting there, her eyes wander over you.
>It’s kinda cute how she does that.
>However, her eyes widen.
>”...I...I made your shirt a mess...I’m sorry...”
>Not that you care, but you don’t have to look down to know it’s pretty soaked.
>You wave your hand around.
“Forget it about, it’s fine Addie. You needed this, I would never get mad at you.”
>Her eyes twinkle a second before she shakes her head and pulls back.
>”...Um...So...Want to see another book..?”
>You let a little chuckle.
“Yeah, sure.”
>She gets up, grabs a book and brings it back.
>As she opens it, you’re a little caught off guard.
>”...It’s on various creatures...”
>Addie points to a few figures that catch your attention.
>Namely the humanoid creatures.
>”....The min-minotaurs are similar to you...Thought you were one when I first saw you”
>That’s kinda funny, not too surprising though.
>She flips the page and you recognize the next couple beasts.
>”...The man-manticore...Usually dwells in the Everfree Forest...S-same goes for the hydra...”
>Note to self, never step foot in there.
>”...Anon..?...Are there creatures like this in your world..?”
>Your eyes linger on the hydra, yeah, to hell with that.
“Yeah, but they’re myths. Unlike here...”
>”...I see...”
>She gets up and heads over to her folders.
>You prepare to get up, when she comes over with a picture and gives it you.
>”...I dreamed of this last night...Just...There was a canvas as well...”
>Looking it over, it’s much more detailed sketch of her as a pegasus standing in a field with a forest in the background.
>”...I-it ended in a nightmare though...F-faceless ponies started to surround and t-taunt me...”
>She shifts around and lets her eyes wander.
>You give her back the picture and stand up to stretch.
“Never forget, they can’t hurt you anymore. You’re safe.”
>She puts the picture away with the rest and says nothing.
>At least she has finally opened up.
“I’m going to head out, Addie?”

>She turns and looks at you with her golden eyes.
>”...Y-yeah...Take care...Anon...”
>She looks like she has more to say, but she just stares instead.
“You too.”
>You leave her home and head to Cherry’s place.
>Along the way, your mind wanders.
>You’ve done more for Addie than any other pony has in a while.
>Quite a lot actually.
>Sure you’re friends, but that nagging thought in the back of your head hasn’t gone away.
>Are you in love with Addie?
>You shove that thought aside as you arrive at Cherry’s and see she is hard at work with the prototype.
“How’s it going?”
>She looks up at you and back to the project.
>”Could be better. It’s almost finished to be honest.”
>Wait, what?
“That was fast, how’d that happen?”
>She steps away from the winged harness and takes a quick drink from a glass.
>”Easy, magic.”
>You want to call bullshit, but you really can’t.
>Cherry looks over to you and blinks a few times.
>”You actually want to know? Fine. Some spells that are layered in a specific way to help reduce overall weight of the device and the wearer. Combine that with an animation spell that realistically mimics wing movement, along with a few other minor spells, and you got the basic groundwork done.”
“Are you sure you’re not a unicorn?”
>She chuckles and shakes her head.
>”No, I’m not. I just repeated what Twilight said.”
>You laugh and shake your head, of course Twilight did..
“Alright, so what’s the hold up then?”
>Cherry sighs and closes her eyes briefly.
>”The prototype doesn’t sustain long flights still and is a little unstable. I can make it work for about a few minutes. Takes almost thirty seconds to take off, so that doesn’t help.”
>Before you can talk, she continues.
>”However, doesn’t mean I can’t improve it. While Twilight can help with the spells, mind helping me with changing the parts and testing? It’s easier to work when there is two of us.”
“If that means we can get it complete faster, sure.”
>As you start to help her out, you know this will likely take all night.
>But it will all be worth it for Addie.

File: 755874.png (1.07 MB, 1000x1046)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
>As you start to help her out, you know this will likely take all night.
>But it will all be worth it for Addie.

Everything for emo art horse.
File: 1942446.png (325 KB, 3000x3569)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
>But it will all be worth it for Addie.
you can do it anon
File: 1591052202213.png (635 KB, 1294x1378)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
File: 1375388.png (230 KB, 537x843)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
>Thank fucking god for coffee, you’ve made it through night.
>No sleep though, no sir.
>This is the last test, then you need a fucking nap.
>”...Here we go. Test number forty two. Hope for the best.”
>Cherry is strapped into the prototype and looks dead tired, like you.
>The gemstone glows briefly and the wings come alive slowly.
>As she starts to hover, you start the stop watch.
>It doesn’t take her as long to lift off the ground as when you first started.
“So far, so good.”
>”Don’t jinx it! We are far from finished Anon.”
>She looks pretty scared and annoyed.
>Not that you blame her, considering she has to wear it.
>And she has fallen, multiple times, on her face as well.
>Thankfully you both set up some padding around the area to prevent any injuries.
>It also helps that ponies are pretty hardy.
>”Alright, going for a turn.”
>She angles her body, and flies to the side.
>Your heart is starting to beat harder, this may be fucking it at long last.
>”Gonna get some altitude”
>Cherry rises higher and higher, probably around twenty feet or so.
>Slowly, she hovers lower and lower until she is about a few feet off the ground.
>”I’d say that’s a success, but let’s see how long the spell holds for.”
>You’re pretty fucking hyped, to think you both made this much progress in one night.
>Then again, her and Twilight busted their rears the past few days to do most of the work.
>You’ve mostly done heavy lifting and fetching different things.
>Wait a second, it’s been easily over five minutes.
“Holy shit.”
>Cherry perks up at your words and giggles.
>”Yeah, those changes really helped didn’t they?”
>You nod and fold your arms.
“Yeah, they did.”
>Most of what was done is lost on you.
>Doesn’t help you know jack shit about aviation or magic.
>Looking down at the stop watch, you note it’s roughly been eight minutes.
>She slowly lands safely, and you stop the watch.
>Simultaneously you both cheer.
“It fucking works!”
>Before you can continue to celebrate, she cuts you off.
>”We can do better though, what’s the watch say?”
>Looking down at the stop watch.
“Nine forty seven.”
>”So close, I’m certain we can reach half an hour at this rate.”
>While that would be amazing, you already know you’ve gone pretty damn far.
“Probably, but this is the part where I need a favor.”
>Cherry raises an eyebrow.
>”Do I dare ask what?”
“Remember how I mentioned I wanted help making a friend fly? I’m more than happy to help you out more of course, but at the end of the day, I did this all for her.”
>She smirks.
>”A friend? You mean your marefriend?”
>Not this shit again.
“No! We have barely known each other for over a week.”
>Cherry giggles and waves her hoof.
>”Uh-huh, sure. Anon, I’ve heard of ponies dating sooner than that.”
>You let out a groan, these damn ponies.
“We’ve been friends for over a week. Last thing I want to spring on her is asking her out. She’s been through a lot.”
>You nearly said too much.
>Her ears splay back and she loses her smile.
>”Oh...Sorry. Didn’t know.”
>Letting out a sigh, you rub your forehead.
“It’s...It’s complicated...”
>Cherry straightens up and starts to remove the device.
>”Regardless Anon, this is the ONLY working prototype, and you’re asking for some pony I don’t know to use it. You do realize this is my life’s work, right? I’m thrilled that you’ve helped me this far, but you’re asking a lot out of me.”
>You were afraid she would say that.
>Fuck it, you kneel down and start to plead.
“Please Cherry, this would mean the world to her.”
>She finishes getting the prototype off and gives you a look of pity before sighing.
>”It’s not just that Anon, she could get seriously hurt. I’d rather not be responsible for hurting somepony. Besides, whose to say that the prototype remains stable?”
“You built it and Twilight enchanted it, so unless you doubt either of your own skills, I’d say it will be fine.”
>Cherry continues to look at you, and works her jaw in thought.
>”...Fine. But! I’m going to be right there with you both. I know how this device works and you don’t.”
“I wouldn’t ask you otherwise.”
>She nods and turns her attention back to the prototype.
>As the both of you clean up, you start to think out how to best approach this for Addie.
>Asking her to come out here? Not gonna happen, she rarely leaves home.
>You doubt you could even convince her without ruining the surprise.
>A yawn reminds you that you need some sleep.
>Cherry notices this and lets out her own yawn.
>”Think we both should get some sleep, more work to do later anyways.”
>You nod as you rub your eyes.
“Yeah, I’m gonna head home and get a nap in before I visit Addie.”
>”Alright, oh and Anon?”
>You stop as you’re about to leave.
>”Thank you for helping me out, Addie sounds really lucky to have you.”
>You’re not sure how to respond to that, so you just nod and go.
>As you’re walking home, your thoughts wander again.
>You’re falling for Addie, aren’t you?
>Of course not!
>Fuck, this isn’t right. She needs support to get through her troubles.
>Then again, maybe she already sees you that way?
>You shake your head,
>It feels wrong to even consider it.
>Are you really that desperate to risk everything?
>No, you won’t hurt her.
>Just remember Anon, be there for her, that’s what matters.
>You rub temples as you get inside your house.
“Fuck I’m tired...”
>Looking over to the nearby clock shows you got plenty of time before you need to head out.
“I’ll take a nap, it will be fine.”
>You lay down on your couch, and close your eyes letting sleep take you.
>A sudden knocking awakens you.
>Looking over, it’s only been maybe ten minutes.
>The knocking quickens and you get up to answer it.
>As you open the door, Addie is standing there looking at you with a blush on her face.
“Addie? What are you doing here?”
>She says nothing, making you more concerned.
“Is something wrong? Whatever it is-”
>Hearing her talk normal causes you to freeze up.
>”I can’t...I can’t lie to you anymore...”
“What are you saying?”
>Your fear grows further.
>She closes her golden eyes and reopens them shimmering with a smile on her face.
>”I’m in love with you.”
>Your heart beats hard and you’re not sure what to do at first.
>She’s awaiting your response, and you remember what your thoughts from before.
>You would never hurt Addie.
“I-I’m in love with you too.”
>She rears up, placing her hooves on your chest and knocks you onto the ground.
>Your eyes open and you’re on the floor, worse yet, its nearly six in the evening.
“Oh fuck!”

>Though your stomach complains, you don’t feel like eating.
>You feel awful.
>Anon didn’t show up today.
>As a result, you’ve been left to your own doubts and thoughts.
>A few tears fall, thought you cried enough recently, but apparently not.
“...I thought...I could rely on him...”
>Sure he told you he was busy before, but at least he came over.
>Dragging your hooves away from your canvas, you look it over again.
“...It’s ugly...L-like me...”
>You had tried to sketch, but ultimately, you couldn’t.
>Instead you doodled in an attempt to clear your mind.
>This picture has you and Anon all over it.
>It’s probably fifth one you’ve drawn today.
>Several more tears come forth.
“...W-why do I do this to...M-my self..?”
>You rip the picture and toss it with the small pile of crumpled up doodles.
>Laying on the floor, you start to cry again.
>Like the stupid filly you are.
“...W-why does it hurt so much..?”
>You already know why, no point in trying to fight it anymore.
>Try as you might, you can’t resist.
“...I...I’m in love with A-Anon...Are-aren’t I..?”
>With those words, it feels like a weight has been slightly lifted.
>You look over at the crumpled up doodles.
>Each has him and you covering them.
>It was so obvious, yet you tried to ignore it.
“...What if...What if he doesn’t feel the same way..?”
>You’d rather not know, but you can’t just keep hiding this from him.
>You almost told him before, though your fear of rejection held you back.
“...I don’t want...Can’t have him leave me...”
>How much longer can you do this?
>Can’t be sure, it’s not healthy, that’s clear.
>Still, you want to be with him, at his side, together.
“...I-it’s so stu-stupid...”
>You let out a small groan of pain.
>You’ve been alone for so long, and you’ve longed for another to share your burdens with.
>Now it’s finally happened, and you’re so conflicted of it.
>A loud knocking draws you from your thoughts.
>What if it isn’t him? What if is it?
>Another round of knocking makes you jolt.
“...I better..J-just answer it...”
>Picking yourself up from the ground to undo the locks, your fear mounts slowly.
>You partially open the door and see Anon.
>He is panting and the second he sees you, he tries to talk.
>”...Addie...Thank fuck, that you answered...I’m so sorry about not showing up...”
>You want to let him in, but you’re afraid.
>Wiping away tears, you need to know what happened.
“...W-where were you..?...I’ve been...Alone all t-today...I know we haven’t been friends long...But I...This...It hurts...”
>Slowly you slouch, you want to tell him, but you’re petrified.
>Anon breaths deeply and tries to compose himself.
>”I can’t tell you everything, not yet. I promise everything will be clear soon, just let me prove myself tomorrow. I would never want to hurt you intentionally. I...I care about you too much.”
>Your eyes slowly look to his own, you’re shaking now.
>Should you trust him? He hasn’t lied to you yet.
>It feels like you’re being torn in two, half of you says no, the other half yes.
>Is this what it is to be in love?
>He kneels down and clasps his hands together.
>”Addie please, trust me.”
>Your hope wins out in the end.
“...Okay...For you Anon..”
>He smiles like he has many times before.
>”Thank you for trusting me, I will be back. Going to get everything together for tomorrow.”
>Just as he stands to go, you quietly mumble it out.
“...I...I love...I love you...”
>Before he steps off the porch he freezes and turns slowly to you.
>”Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”
>You try to summon the strength to speak, but all you manage is a squeak.
>”Um, what?”
>Come on you idiot, say it! Don’t sit there like a stupid filly, say that you love him!
>Shaking your head you try again.
“...I...L...See you tomorrow...Anon...”
>He raises an eyebrow and nods slowly.
>”Yeah, you too.”
>As you watch him walk away, your heart plummets.
>Closing the door, you slam your head against the frame.
“...Stupid..!...Of all the..!..I-I couldn’t jus-just say it! NO!”
>Nearly ripping the door open, you try to call out to him.
“Anon wait!”
>Freezing, you see he is gone.
>You feel so pathetic, and fresh tears emerge
>Closing the door once more, you’ve decided, you’re going to tell him tomorrow.
>Slowly you trot to your bedroom, repeating the thought again.
“...Tomorrow...I will tell him tomorrow...No matter...What...”

Final chapter tomorrow.
I'll be waiting.
Fuck off of page 10
File: 2143474.png (359 KB, 666x796)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
File: 1441703684037.png (369 KB, 1403x1362)
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369 KB PNG
File: 1442406014676.png (253 KB, 1000x1300)
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253 KB PNG
>“...Tomorrow...I will tell him tomorrow...No matter...What...”
happy feels!
Morning bump
>The evening air refreshes you, making your mind at ease and you begin to descend towards the ground.
>You land gracefully, and retract your wings back to your sides.
>Looking over, you see Anon sitting nearby and waving to you.
>”Hey there Addie, wanna join me in stargazing?”
>It’s true that the sun has set and Luna’s beautiful night has come at last.
>You smile and nod, trotting over to join him.
>The stars are so pretty tonight.
>Anon points to a falling star in the sky
>”Look! There’s a shooting star, make a wish.”
>Your eyes follow it, and make a silent wish.
>Please make this moment last forever.
>As it twinkles away, you feel so happy.
“Anon, can I ask you something?”
>You turn your head to face him, feel the heat slowly building up.
>It’s now or never.
“Do you think you could ever love a pony?”
>He turns his head towards yours and smiles.
>”Yeah probably, I’d have to get to know them first of course.”
>Your heart flutters, so you take a breath and tell him.
“Anon, I’m in love with you.”
>He blinks a few times, and lets out a slow breath.
>”I know.”
>You go to lean in and awaken.
>Staring at the ceiling you’re reminded of yesterday’s events.
“...I-I’m in love with A-Anon...”
>Your words echo in your room.
>You want him to know it.
>Even if it’s the last thing you do, you will tell him that you love him.
>It’s early, but you don’t care.
>You go through most of your morning routine, and barely manage to do a decent warm up.
>As you sip your coffee, you start to unfold your doodles from the pile you made.
“...I want to...I will show him these...Even if words fail me...”
>He is a human and you are a pony.
“...It d-doesn’t matter...I love him...”
>You’ve longed to feel love for so long.
>Even when you were a filly, you never experienced it.
>But now, you’ve never been more certain that is what you’re feeling.
>You want to try, even if it hurts, you so badly want to try.
>The thought of rejection still lingers on your mind, can’t avoid that anymore.
“...I don’t...I don’t know what to do...If-if he doesn’t love me back...”
>Looking over to your easel, the answer dawns on you.
“...T-these do-doodles aren’t enough...”
>Setting aside the doodles, you gather all your art supplies together and get to work.
>The words Anon told you the other night are still fresh in your mind.
“...The b-best works...Have a bit of their art-artist in them...”
>You throw yourself into this completely.
>You’ve never felt such a drive before, and your heart thunders in your ears.
>It feels like everything finally makes sense at long last.
>It’s not the same as being inspired like before, it’s stronger.
>Something new, and you welcome it.
>You finish the sketch with your pencil and step back.
“...N-needs color...”
>Sure, you’re no painter, but that hasn’t stopped you before.
>Opening up your paints, you pick up a brush and get to work.
>Like many times before, you let the brush be an extension of yourself.
>It’s like your possessed, this must be what it’s like to love another so much.
>You never loved another pony before, they never got you like Anon does.
>As you finish it up, your eyes widen.
>Setting down the brush you stand back and take it all in.
“...It-it’s perfect...”
>The message is clear, and you’re certain he will understand it.
>Regardless, that doesn’t solve your fear.
>Shaking your head, you go clean off the paint you got on your coat.
“...I want to be...No...Need to be c-clean for him...”
>As you’re waiting, you’re feeling conflicted still.
“...How do I...Do I j-just...”
>Just let him inside, say the words and show him the picture, easy enough.
>A sudden knocking breaks you out of your thoughts.
>Sure he is early, but that doesn’t matter, it’s finally time.
>You try to calm down, probably will stutter, but that won’t matter.
>Opening the door, you greet him immediately.
“...H-hey Anon...Come in...Please...”
>He nods and follows you in.
>Walking over to your easel, you turn to face him.
>He stands in the center of the room, just like the first day you sketched him.
>It makes your heart flutter once more before he clears his throat.
>”I promised I’d explain everything, so to do that, we have to-”
>You don’t let him finish, no, can’t waste this chance.
“...Anon...I have something to tell you...”
>He looks surprised, but nods.
>”Alright sure.”
>Gulping down your fear, you continue on.
“...I-I think...No...I am in love with you...”
>Anon freezes, and says nothing.
>You can see his face go through different emotions before finally he sighs.
>”Yeah, figured you’d say that.”
>Your joy soars, but before you can respond, he continues.
>”I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you too, but..”
>He shakes his head, and looks frustrated to say the next words.
>”Are you sure about this? We haven’t known each other that long, I don’t want to hurt you.”
>You shake your head furiously, how dare he think that.
“...Of course I do..!...I don’t care anymore...You’re the only one that gets me...And I...I can’t ignore this anymore...I want to really feel love...I can’t help that I’m in love...With you...”
>Anon closes his eyes and lowers his head a moment.
>”I was stupid to ignore it. No point in lying to myself anymore.”
>You need him to understand and know just how to do it.
>Approaching him slowly, you stand in front of him.
>As he raises his head back up, you take the opportunity rear up to embrace him in a kiss.
>He stumbles and his eyes widen before relaxing into it.
>It feels like fireworks are going off inside of you, and a warmth overcomes your form.
>As the two of you pull back, you feel...Whole.
>A few tears escape, and a small giggle as well.
>To say you’re floored is an understatement.
>Words are failing you right now, but does that really matter?
>Wait, shit, forgot about Cherry.
>She can hold on dammit, you have your girl-, no, marefriend to deal with.
>Her eyes shimmer with tears, and she lets out another little laugh.
>”...I’m...I’m happiest I’ve been in a long...Long time...”
>She seems to glow with happiness, and honestly, you feel it a little too.
>However, you’re about to make her happier.
“Addie, don’t get me wrong, I’m overjoyed, no that’s that the right word.”
>You shake your head and let out a slight chuckle.
“There is no words for this right now, but I still have to explain what I’ve been up to.”
>You’ve never held a pony, but she is so light against your form.
>”...Okay...I just had to...Tell you before I lost the strength...”
>Yeah that figures, the past days you were pretty certain she was going to say it.
>Though you kept thinking you misheard it.
“That’s fair. I’ve been working with a couple of ponies to help achieve your dream. It wasn’t easy, but in the end, we managed to make a working set of prototype wings. Cherry and Twilight did most of the work, but I helped out where I could. That’s why I’ve been arriving late.”
>Her face goes through a series of emotions.
>Probably should say something dipshit.
“I never mentioned what you’ve told me, just your dream of flying.”
>She looks so confused right now.
>”...Y-you convinced them..?...H-how did you d-do it..?”
>Oh boy.
“Long story short, answered a ton of questions for Twilight and was Cherry’s assistant more or less.”
>Addie raises an eyebrow, but seemingly accepts it.
>”...O-oh...You did all that...for me..?
“Well, guess I was motivated by loneliness at first, but now, I can see I fell for you.”
>Her eyes widen, she lets go of you to head to her easel and she turns it towards you.
>Your jaw drops as you look upon the picture she drew.
>It’s of both you, in a large heart, holding one another.
>The level of detail really is insane.
>You slowly approach it and really take it in.
>It even is painted extremely well, you’ve never been one for art, but this is something else.
>It’s hard to stop staring at it.
>”...I-if I couldn’t tell you...I’d show you instead...B-but I managed...S-somehow...”
>You tear your eyes off the painting and look to her fidgeting around like she has before.
>Though this time, there is a large blush on her face.
>You close your eyes and shake your head, before reopening them.
“This is honestly your best work yet Addie. I’m not just saying that because of our confessions either.”
>She mumbles something still blushing.
>You chuckle, she must be nervous still.
>Time for the main event though.
“So, ready to fly?”
>Addie perks up and locks onto you.
“Of course, but Cherry is going to help out, she made the thing So, she will explain how it works to you. We will have to go outside though, more specifically, your back yard. Figured it was secluded enough for you.”
>She looks a little afraid, but slowly nods.
>Need to solve that.
“I will be right there with you, no worries.”
>It calms her down a bit, and you head for the back door, stopping to see she hasn’t followed you yet.
”Addie? You coming?”
>“...Y-yeah...Just one m-moment...”
>A second later, she comes trotting slowly to join you.
>She is shaking lightly, and you put your hand on her wither to calm her.
>Though she jolts for a second, she looks up at you and slowly smiles.
>”...I’m ready...”
>As you step into the backyard, you see Cherry standing off to the side with the cart nearby.
>She smiles when sees you two.
>You both head over to her, though you have to start setting up pads just in case.
File: Addie flying.png (1.04 MB, 1280x960)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>Sure, the many tests that have been done have shown it’s safe, you don’t want to take any chances for Addie.
>As you’re setting things up, you can hear the two talking.
>>”Hello Addie, I’m Cherry.”
>You hear Addie mumble out something, not surprising.
>Cherry sighs, but continues on.
>>”See? This is it. Anon, Twilight, and I have been working on them. In truth, I already was pretty far ahead in the design, but couldn’t actually fly, more like gliding...Or falling. That’s where Anon introduced me to Twilight, she managed to enchant it.”
>Some silence, then Addie finally speaks up.
>“...So...Um...H-how does this work..?”
>Looking over, you see Cherry smile and start to explain it to her.
>Addie still looks nervous, but you can tell she is trying at least.
>You set down another pad, can’t have too many of these.
>Though that made pulling the cart pretty damn hard, thankfully Cherry helped out.
>As you finish up, you see Cherry finish helping Addie into the prototype.
>>”That should do it, hey Anon, are you done yet?”
“Yeah, I just finished, ready when you two are.”
>Cherry nods and you head over to Addie to give her one final pep talk.
>She is shaking lightly, so you kneel down and touch her.
>Her eyes lock onto yours, her fear is quite apparent.
“Everything will be fine, I’m right here with you.”
>She closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath before letting it out slowly.
>Her golden eyes reopen, and she smiles.
“Time to fly Addie.”
>You get up and back away.
>She trots slowly to the padded area you set up.
>Like before, the gemstone glows briefly and the wings come to life.
>Slowly, Addie ascends off the ground, her face full of focus, like when she draws.
>She rises to about ten feet and hovers a moment, her face breaks out into a large smile.
>”...I-I’m flying..!..I’m really flying!”
>Slowly starts to fly about.
>You cheer for her.
“You’re really doing it Addie! You’re flying!”
>>”Pretty good flying, almost a natural at it.”
“Yeah, she is.”
>Addie flies about, the whole time your eyes never leave her.
>That smile never leaves her face.
>Though soon enough, she descends and lands gently on one of the pads.
>You quickly approach her and see that she is still grinning ear to ear.
”So, how was it?”
”I bet it was Addie, glad to have made your dream come true.”
>She nods, and mumbles something out.
“Sorry, I didn’t quite hear that one Addie.”
>”...J-just kneel down...”
>You’re not sure what this is, but sure.
>Kneeling in front of her, she quickly plants a kiss on your lips and pulls back with a grin.
>”...Thank you...”
“You’re welcome.”
>You both smile at one another until Cherry lets out a cough that grabs both of your attention.
>Well shit, forgot about her.
>>”Uh, sorry to interrupt, but um. Can I get back the prototype? I’d like to go home and work on it more.”
>You run your hand through your hair and see Addie is practically red in the face.
>Slowly you help Addie out of it and you give the prototype back.
>As Cherry puts it back on the cart, she turns to you both.
>>”After I make more improvements, you can use it again. Consider it fair trade for helping me make my own dream come true.”
>As she finishing loading up the cart, with your help of course, she turns to you both.
>>”I’m gonna go unload and do some work, take care you two. Oh, and Anon?”
>What does she want now?
>Cherry gets a big shit eating grin on her face.
>>”Totally called it.”
>That little shit, she giggles and trots off, leaving you two alone.
>You turn to Addie and notice she looks confused.
>”...Um..What was that a-about..?”
“She kinda noticed that I was falling for you, so she called me out on it.”
“Yes Addie?”
>She rubs one leg over the other and looks at you with a small smile.
>”...Can we go back inside..?...I’d like to draw-No...I want to spend t-time with you...”
>You smile and nod.
“I’d like that.”
>You both start to head back inside, and you’re looking forward to the future, more than ever.

https://pastebin.com/1RbubG2K (Epilogue)

This was a blast to write, even with the minor hiccup last week.
File: 12.png (52 KB, 434x492)
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This was good, and the epilogue is good too.
Thanks for your hard work.
you filled my heart with love and warm feelings, i hate you for that
but thanks, this was great!
thanks for this man, really great
>https://pastebin.com/1RbubG2K (Epilogue)
good stuff
File: 981959.png (504 KB, 1280x1402)
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504 KB PNG
i don't remember this pic, it's new?
File: Eri nervous.png (25 KB, 728x796)
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Thanks guys, looking forward to writing more stories, despite feeling like shit.
Yeah, I drew it for the story. I'm still practicing to get better in drawing in general, helps that this thread has motivated me to be creative again.
>Yeah, I drew it for the story.
Cute job anon
Thanks, I'm quite happy how the picture came out.
File: 1457086242551.png (412 KB, 3256x5001)
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buttslap bump
File: Nuevo Lienzo.jpg (340 KB, 1300x1000)
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340 KB JPG
i love that pic of Eri with the butterfly
Nice. Hope to see it colored soon.
File: 1487008.png (598 KB, 1237x1000)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
>”Eri do you need some help packing?”
>You see Rest poking her head into your room.
“Nah, I’m good. Just need to figure out what else to bring.”
>She smiles.
>”I don’t get how you didn’t figure this out sooner.”
>’Because you’re a lazy piece of shit.’
>Shoving the thought to the side for now, you focus back to deciding.
“Just distracted I guess.”
>”Well alright, I’ll be down stairs if you need me.”
>You listen as she leaves and her hoof steps descend down to the living room.
>Slowly, you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.
“Just pack what I need, that’s all...”
>Sure, you’ve got some clothes, hoodies mostly, Connie said it can get chilly at night in Manehattan.
>But you want to bring something else, something a little more personal.
>Your eyes wander over to your desk, your book sitting there.
“Who knows, might feel the need to write.”
>’Yeah fucking right, more pathetic words for you to wallow in Eri?”
>Ignoring the thought again, you pick up the book and another stray thought joins the previous.
>’Something personal? How about what’s in the second drawer, that should help.’
>Your heart beats a little harder as your eyes settle on it.
>Slowly, you open it up, a pack of open razors sit there, waiting for you.
“I...I shouldn’t...”
>’Take one, you know you want to.’
>You shudder as pick one up, its metallic glint reflects in the dim light of your room.
“Not like I’m going to need it.”
>Before you set it back, you get a sudden change of heart and place it in your book.
>You take a pencil and a few bandages as well.
“Why am I doing this?”
>’Because you know deep down, that you will need it for when you cut yourself.’
>Shaking your head, you finish packing and take one final look at your room.
>Your eyes look over the room once more, it’s so plain, but it’s yours.
“I’ll be back soon...”
>Not like you’re leaving forever, but you’re still afraid.
>As you reach your living room, you see Rest sitting on the couch, reading a book.
“I-I’m ready.”
>She quickly turns her head to you and smiles.
>”Good, sure you got everything?”
>’How about a life? You don’t have one of those.’
>You give a fake smile, if only to hide the thoughts.
“Yeah, pretty certain. Not like we are going to be there that long.”
>Rest nods and sets the book inside her saddle bags before putting them on.
>She gets up and brings her own suitcase to her side.
>”Well then, shall we get going?”
>Your anxiety is flaring up, but you’re trying to silence it.
>The two of you head out the front door and you close it behind you, taking your home in.
>It’s still pretty run down, though Rest has been helping you fix it up.
>’That’s a lie, it’s more of her doing the work and you’re sitting around you disgusting freak.’
>Shaking your head, you see Rest looking at you with concern.
“I’m fine, just feeling my anxiety going up.”
>”Are you sure you want to still do this? I know Connie asked you, but if this is too much, I’m sure she will understand.”
>’How about it Eri? Just give up like you always do.’
>Fuck off.
“Y-yeah, I need this. It’s a step to getting better, like you said.”
>Rest smiles and nods.
>”Of course. Don’t forget though, if you feel like you’re losing it, just tell me, alright?”
>She has said this so many damn times now, it annoys you a little, but at least she is trying to be helpful.
>You nod and the two of you start to make your way to the station.
>Funny how far you have made it thus far, thankfully both Connie and Rest have pulled you out of your shell.
>Now of course, Connie asked if you would like to come to Manehattan.
>At first you were terrified, but then after talking with Rest, you realized this was to help you.
>Thankfully Rest agreeing to come along helped out a lot.
>When you wrote Connie back, she understood and sent two tickets.
>She even said she would meet you both at the station, that hasn’t quelled your fears though.
>Manehattan is huge in comparison to Ponyville, and with vastly more ponies.
>As you approach the train station, you see a few ponies pass by and some are even waiting around.
>Your eyes dart to the ground, don’t want them to look at you.
>Sure Connie and Rest have helped, but you still are having trouble.
>The damn thoughts still torment you and occasionally, you cut to make things quiet or to feel.
>It upsets Rest, but it’s not like you can stop.
>Don’t want the thoughts to get ahead, never want them to be right.
>That doesn’t stop when they are though.
>You’re pulled from your thoughts as you feel somepony touch your wither.
>Shooting your head up, you see Rest is the one touching you.
>Fuck, didn’t realize you were that deep in thought.
“I’m fine Rest, don’t worry.”
>Like many times before, she can see right through you.
>”You can tell me the truth, it’s okay.”
>Small part of you wishes she couldn’t really read you so well.
“I’m thinking about the past, and how this is a big step for me. Plus being around all these ponies doesn’t help too much, but I’m trying to push past that.”
>She nods and pulls away her hoof, you kinda wish she didn’t, it’s not often another touches you.
>’Desperate much?’
>Go fuck yourself.
>”How about we find a seat and wait till the train gets here?”
>Rest leads you to a bench on the far side of the station, away from other ponies.
>Slowly, you feel yourself calm down, not completely, but it’s a start.
>Time passes and you play around with your suitcase, not much to do.
>Looking over, you see Rest reading a medical journal, not too surprising.
>She notices and lowers the book before smiling.
>”Guessing you’re bored?”
“Kinda obvious isn’t it?”
>She closes the book and faces you.
>”How about we talk then? Good way to pass the time.”
>What the fuck do you have to say? It’s not like you two don’t talk enough.
>Well, not like you tell her everything, just most.
“How has work been?”
>’Wow, how original, did you think of that yourself?’
>Not now dammit.
>Rest looks a little surprised.
>”Not too bad I suppose, though it’s surprising that you want to actually hear it.”
>You almost never let her talk though, so that’s not that shocking.
>She continues.
>”One of the highlights was tending to the foal’s wing, they can be so darn cute.”
>She has a twinkle in her eye as she talks.
>”Some of them were born there as well. I love hearing their stories, they never cease to cheer me up. Even when I have to deal with a terminal patient, I try to remember seeing their happy faces.”
>At the mention of ‘terminal’ she starts to get a somber look on her face.
>Great, now you brought up bad memories.
>”While it does pain me greatly to see them suffer, I try to carry on for them.”
>She shakes her head and looks back to you.
>”I’d rather not dwell on that now, how about you?”
“Um...I have been trying to write more.”
>”Oh? You’re working on something new?”
>If you call writing down your thoughts new, then sure…
“Just playing around with ideas. Seeing what sticks.”
>Rest nods.
>”I look forward to seeing what you write as always Eri.”
>As she smiles, you hear a distant train whistle.
>You feel your pulse rise, it’s been a long time since you’ve rode a train.
>”Sounds like it’s just about time.”
>Slowly you nod and grip your suitcase a little tighter.
>Just remember, you can do this, you can get through this Eri…
>The whistle grows louder and you two stand up.
>Rest puts away her book and pulls her suitcase closer to the platform with you joining her.
>Sure this is scary, but you’re looking forward to seeing Connie again.
>That thought alone makes you calm down more, especially knowing Rest will be here to help you.
>The train slowly lurches into the station and other ponies are approaching as well.
>Some to greet friends or loved ones, others to get aboard like you two.
>As expected, when the train stops and the doors open, many ponies exit with their belongings.
>You can see Rest keeps looking at you from the corner of her eye.
>’Are you really going to rely on her that much? How old are you Eri?’
>Old enough to tell you to fuck off.
>’You can’t rely on others forever, you have to handle things yourself eventually. NEVER forget that.’
>As you’re about to argue with yourself, you see Rest moving forward, so you follow closely.
>You enter the car with her and look around.
>Some ponies are already seated and even talking.
>Others like you two, are finding their seats and places to put their luggage.
>However, being this close to so many is making you really nervous.
>Why now? Why do I have to be so damn broken?
>You bite your lip and try to fight against the nerves.
>Thankfully Rest finds a seat for you two, and you plant yourself next to the window.
>You let out a slow breath of relief and look around again.
>Rest is getting your tickets checked with the conductor and sits down.
>Glad she didn’t see you losing it.
>”You okay?”
>And you almost didn’t notice her looking concerned either, answer her.
“Yeah, still a little nervous, but I’ll be alright.”
>She nods and pulls out the book again to read.
>Might as well find something to do as well other than bothering her.
>You open your bag and pull out your own book.
>Same black cover, same heart, same you.
>Just as you open it, a familiar object falls out.
>Shit! You forgot your damn razor was in there.
>You scramble to pick it up before Rest sees it.
>Fortunately she doesn’t see it, but does notice you moving about.
>”Did you drop something?”
>Hiding it under one of your hooves, you give her a smile.
“Thought I did, it’s alright though, just some lint.”
>She smiles back and goes back to reading.
>Too fucking close, as you grip the steel, it bites into your hoof a little.
>Not enough to cut, but it’s uncomfortable.
>Idiot, why’d you bring this?
>’You know why Eri.’
>Not again.
>’Sooner or later, you will fuck up, like you always do. When that happens, you’ll be thankful you have your habit to keep you sane.’
>As if.
>’You will see.’
>Shaking your head, you slip the razor back into the book and put it away.
>The train starts to move, and you decide to watch the scenery instead.
>Should’ve brought something to read, but that doesn’t matter now.
“It’s so pretty.”
>”What? Oh, the scenery? Yeah I guess it is.”
>You don’t bother to see if she is actually watching, instead you stay focused on the outside.
>However, you feel it start to lull you to sleep.
>Can’t sleep here though.
>Grabbing your suitcase, you get up and see Rest look at you with a raised eyebrow.
>”Something wrong?”
“Feeling tired, gonna fall asleep if I sit here any longer.”
>”Oh alright, this is going to be a long ride after all. We won’t reach Manehattan till tomorrow, want me to wake you for anything?”
>You shake your head and start to move past her.
>”Alright, get some sleep Eri, we have a long day ahead of us.”
“Yeah, I’ll try.”
>As you pass by the other seats, you ignore the other ponies, just focus on the destination.
>It’s not so easy, there are several cars to pass through until you reach the sleeper car.
>Thankfully there is no pony in there at the moment.
>You find a bed and bring your suitcase close, not like somepony would steal it, but don’t want to take that risk.
>It doesn’t take long for sleep to take you.
>You’re awoken after what feels like mere seconds.
>Groggily you open your eyes to see Rest.
>”Sorry to wake you, but we are about to reach Manehattan.”
“Wait, what? How long did I sleep?”
>She smiles.
>”Pretty much the whole day.”
>Not surprising, you’d rather sleep forever rather than ever get up again.
>Rubbing your eyes, you sit up and stretch, letting out a yawn.
>”I’m going to head back to my seat, see you there.”
>As she trots out, you grab your suitcase and bring it with you.
>You feel so groggy, don’t you get enough fucking sleep?
>’Why would you? You do nothing all day, except for cry or cut yourself.’
>Letting out a small groan, you try to ignore the thoughts on your way back to your seat.
>You join Rest and see the city out the window.
>”Yeah it’s something else, nothing like Ponyville.”
>It’s terrifying, the buildings are so much taller and more cramped.
>Some of the stars are out and the sun is no where to be seen.
>The train slows down as it reaches the station and you feel your anxiety rise.
>This is it, you’re in another city, even if it’s just visiting, you’re actually here.
>You and Rest wait while the other passengers leave, allowing you both to be the last to depart.
>Just as you step outside of the car, you hear an all too familiar voice.
>Connie quickly rushes to give you a big hug.
>It overwhelms you, and you can’t say a word.
>She pulls back with a large smile.
>>”I’m so happy to see you, glad to see you made it safely.”
“Y-yeah, you too.”
>You both look over to Rest.
>>”I didn’t forget about you Rest, it’s just that it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Eri. The fact that she actually made it out here makes me so happy.”
>”Fair enough, you said something about us staying with you?”
>Connie nods and starts to lead you two away from the station.
>>”Of course, I wouldn’t ask my friends to stay at hotel when they could stay with me for free.”
>She really is too generous, but then again, Connie has always been a source of happiness.
>Wish you could be that happy, even for a fraction of the time.
>Connie hails a taxi for the three of you, her and Rest start to talk.
>As for you, you’re pretty tired still.
>You zone out along the way.
>”We’re here.”
>Snapping out of it, your rub your eyes.
>The three of you head up to the apartment, but as you close the door behind you, you let out a yawn.
“Alright, I think I’m going to go to bed, I’m really tired still.”
>>”Oh okay, I understand Eri. Can’t imagine this has been easy on you.
>Yeah, she can say that again.
>>”I’ll show you the guest room and let you settle in.”
>You nod and follow her to the hallway.
>This place is pretty nice, shame you’re so damn tired.
>She opens one of the doors and heads back towards the living room.
>>”Goodnight Eri, talk to you in the morning.”
>Letting out another yawn, you barely mumble out a response.
“Yeah...You too Connie.”
>As you reach the bed, you set your suitcase beside it and climb under the covers.
>The comfortable bed quickly pulls you into a peaceful slumber.

Something with the magnificent trio again, not sure on the length yet.
Awesome. I'll be ready for it.
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She sees your monkey dick
File: 1584781209161.png (1.02 MB, 2000x2000)
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1.02 MB PNG
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thanks you for more green dude!
Interesting, is this new?
Kinda old
File: 1434329978520.png (505 KB, 1500x816)
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505 KB PNG
>The smell of something delicious awakens you from your slumber.
>Thankfully you didn’t sleep in, maybe you got enough sleep for once.
>You get up to go see what the other two are up to.
>As you approach the kitchen, you can hear them talking.
>”It’s really not that hard.”
>>”Really? I think taking that all in would be difficult.”
>What the actual fuck?
>Rounding the corner, you see Connie cooking and Rest is eating.
>”No I-Oh, good morning Eri. Sleep well?”
“Yeah I guess, but what the fuck were you two talking about?”
>Rest furrows her eyebrows and looks confused.
>”Just how to take a shot of liquor, that’s all, why?”
>Of course they were you pervert, not like they were talking about anything lewd.
>Letting your eyes wander, you try not to look her in the eyes.
“I-uh...Was curious is all.”
>”Oh, okay.”
>>”I already made you a plate Eri, just making my own at the moment.”
>You look over to the table and see a plate of eggs with some veggies.
>The moment you look at it, your stomach cries out.
>You hear Rest giggle and you shoot her a dirty look.
>She smirks and continues to eat.
>Taking a seat, you dig in and by Celestia, it is damn good.
>As you’re eating, Connie joins the two of you and starts to talk.
>>”So I have some plans on where we all can go while you two are here. I figure we can visit some of the landmarks, go to the museum, watch a movie at the cinema, maybe even go shopping. Of course I’d like for your input, because I’d rather not just decide for you.”
>”I’m up for anything, but personally I think we should let Eri pick.”
>Looking up from your plate, you see them both looking at you.
>Taking a quick drink, you feel a little cornered.
>As you try to think, you feel an all too familiar feeling of anxiety starting to rise.
>In truth, you don’t really want to go out, but that defeats the whole purpose.
>’You shouldn’t have come in the first place Eri.’
>Not right now, I’m trying to think.
>’I’m apart of you dumbass.’
>I don’t fucking need this right now.
>’How about you lie, like you always do. Bet they will eat it up.’
>No, I won’t have that.
>Fuck it, only one of those ideas sounds slightly appealing.
“Um...How about we go to the movies? I haven’t done that in a long time.”
>Not since you were a foal, not since you lived with your parents.
>And now you feel like shit, just like usual.
>”Sounds good to me.”
>>”Alright, then it’s settled.”
>As you look at your plate, you’ve lost your appetite.
>You feel yourself slump a little, why did you have to think about that?
>’Because you’re a horrible pony.’
>Yeah I am, aren’t I?
>Before you slump further, Rest gets your attention.
>”Something the matter?”
>You sit up and put on a fake face for her.
“I’m fine, just not as hungry. I’m going to go get a bath.”
>She raises an eyebrow, but smiles.
>”Oh alright.”
>As you excuse yourself from the table, you feel a little worse.
>It sucks that you’re letting Connie’s cooking go to waste, you really are a bad pony.
>You reach the bedroom and open up your suitcase to search for something in particular.
>’Told you that you would give in.’
“...I know.”
>You grab a razor, some bandages, and a hoodie.
>Just need to pull through for them.
>The bathroom is nice, better than your shitty excuse for a bathroom.
>Much cleaner and larger.
>You start to fill up the tub and let your eyes linger on the blade.
>Funny how something so simple can do so much.
>You sit down, your eyes trailing along your foreleg.
>So many scars, you’ve taken to wearing socks or a hoodie to hide them.
>Gripping the steel in your teeth, like many times before, you cut.
>You wince and feel your eyes moisten.
>It slowly bleeds, you’ve learned from countless times to not cut deep.
>Setting down the razor, you look back over to the tub, it’s almost filled.
“Good, can kill two birds with one stone.”
>Poor choice of words.
>You turn off the facet and climb in.
>The water makes your leg sting, causing you wince.
“It’s always like this.”
>Hopefully you won’t have to do it again while you’re here.
>’Unlikely Eri, you have more days ahead of you to deal with.’
>Closing your eyes, you let out slow breath.
“...I know.”
>Usually you let yourself soak, but this isn’t home, so you clean up instead.
>As you finish up, you see the wound has stopped bleeding, but is still visible.
>You get out and wrap it up, Rest would probably do a better job, but can’t have her know.
>Would probably be worse if Connie knew.
>Slipping into the hoodie, you look at yourself in the mirror.
>Still look ugly and pathetic.
>You let out a sigh, picking up your stuff.
>As you enter the hallway, you can hear them still talking out there.
>Should you join them?
>’Why bother? Not like you have anything good to contribute.’
>We could still talk.
>’About what? Your pain and suffering? That’s real rich, bet they would love to feel like shit.’
>Fuck it.
>You head back into the bedroom to put away evidence.
>This room is cleaner than yours.
>Everything here is better than yours.
>Of course it is, your home and everything in it is shit.
>Shaking your head, you look out the nearby window.
>The city is bustling with life, so many ponies out and many carts are on the streets.
“Nothing like Ponyville.”
>Funny how this makes you homesick.
>The ponies here probably care very little about others, unlike home.
>Then again, only two ponies care about you at all.
>You let out a slow sigh.
>This is going to be a nightmare to deal with.
“I can’t do this everyday.”
>You grab your head with your hooves and bump it against the window sill.
>A dull pain forms, but helps distract you.
>At least back home you could hide from it all.
>Maybe not from yourself, but the outside world at least.
>You stopping hitting your head and start to head back to the other room.
>’Where do you think you’re going?’
“Out there with them.”
>’Didn’t you just come in here to be away from them?’
“I’d rather be with them, than sitting here wallowing.”
>’How long will that last? How long until you break down again? How long until-’
“Fuck off.”
>You head into the hallway and can hear music coming from the living room.
>Trotting to the source, you see Rest sitting on the couch while Connie is playing her violin.
>Connie smiles when she sees you, but says nothing.
>”Welcome back, feeling better?”
>If anything, you feel worse.
“Yeah, the bath did me some good.”
>You join her on the couch to enjoy the music.
>It’s amazing how well Connie plays, guess that’s what real talent looks like.
>She gently moves with the music, her emerald eyes are locked onto you both.
“I’m guessing she is practicing?”
>”Mhm, she said she needs to keep her skills up. Figured I’d watch, it’s kinda a free show.”
>You’ve never heard Connie play badly, not even when you were fillies.
>Even back then she sounded amazing.
>She finishes off the song, and pulls the violin away.
>Both you and Rest clop your hooves in applause.
>>”Thank you, thank you. You’re such a lovely audience.”
>She starts to look over some sheets, so you ask her a question.
“How often do you practice?”
>Connie looks a bit surprised, but gives a warm smile.
>>”Everyday, usually two or three hours, sometimes more. Of course there are times when I get sick, but that’s different. Have to stay sharp for the orchestra after all.”
>Figures, can’t imagine the stress of having to play in front of so many ponies.
>Plus she probably has to deal with other shit as well.
“Wow, no wonder you’re so good.”
>’Suck up much?’
>Go away.
>>”There are other ponies out there who can play better. So I have to push myself to be better as well, it’s just another reason to practice.”
>That surprises you, you haven’t heard any other pony play as well.
>Then again, you never go out so there’s that.
>You nod regardless.
>Connie sets aside the sheets and puts away her violin.
>>”However, it’s probably best if we get going now to get good seats for the movie. We also have to decide what movie to even watch.”
>You almost forgot about that.
>Seriously, what is wrong with you?
>Poor question.
“Y-yeah, that’s true.”
>Rest stands up and stretches before putting her two cents in.
>”How about we just decide when we get there? No point on debating right now.”
>>”Sounds good to me, how about you Eri?”
>Once again, you feel all the attention on you.
>’Isn’t that what you wanted?’
>No, not like this.
“Sure, sounds like a plan.”
>’Going along with the herd, like the sheep that you are.’
>For fucks sake.
>>”I’ll be right back, going to grab a few things before we head out.”
>You nod and pull on the ends of your sleeves a moment before looking around.
>Rest catches your eyes and gives a look of sympathy.
>”How are you feeling? Think you can do this?”
>Honestly no, but she doesn’t need to know that.
“Yeah, I can.”
>It’s not like this will end in disaster, you have your two friends here to help you.
>Rather dwell on that, you stand up and give Rest a smile.
“I’m looking forward to this, haven’t been to the movies in a long time.”
>”Me too, I’m usually caught up in work.”
>’She forgot to mention how she has to foalsit you all the time.’
>Shoving aside that thought, you try to think of something else to say.
>Before you do, Connie rejoins you two.
>>”Alright, now with that out of the way, shall we?”
>”I’m ready when you are.”
>You nod along, you rather just get going.
>The three of you leave the apartment building and into the streets of Manehattan.
>Like earlier, there are many ponies out and about, some pegasus ponies even fly over head.
>Place seems to be overflowing with life.
>>”I’ll get us a taxi, just wait a moment.”
>As Connie tries to flag one of them down, you feel uncertain.
>On one hoof, you’re actually out of the house and in another town.
>On the other, the feelings from earlier remind you that you could breakdown.
>Not gonna happen, you can make it through this.
>Shaking your head, you see Rest nodding her head to the taxi.
>Gotta stop doing that, they will notice this shit sooner or later.
“S-sorry, got distracted.”
>You climb in with the others and try to stay focused, but it’s hard.
>”As I was saying earlier, you just have to relax your throat, that’s the key.”
>>”I guess, but I don’t drink much, just wine.”
>”You really need to try out the harder stuff, I’m telling you, hard cider is the best.”
>You tune them out and let your mind wander.
>How can everypony be so casual?
>They let themselves be so vulnerable, but you keep it bottled up.
>It’s better this way, at least that’s what you tell yourself.
>Before long, you see that you have arrived at the theater.
>You climb out and feel your anxiety rise once more.
>>”Alright, let’s head in and figure this out.”
>Saying nothing, you follow the other two.
>This place is pretty fancy, nice carpets and is quite colorful.
>As you’re looking around, you notice the other two trying to get your attention.
>”What do you think Eri?”
>Shaking your head, you look at the nearby posters they have up.
>Almost immediately your attention focuses on the scariest looking one and you point to it.
“How about that one?”
>They both look at the poster and look back with different expressions.
>Rest looks pretty neutral, Connie looks nervous though.
>”Looks pretty cool, what do you think Connie?”
>>”Oh...Well, if that’s what you picked, then sure.”
>Is she actually afraid?
“You don’t want to watch it?”
>>”It’s fine, it’s fine...Just wasn’t expecting that is all.”
>Though she says that, her eyes say no.
>That’s...That’s actually kinda funny.
>No wait, don’t laugh at her, she puts up with a lot of your bullshit.
>Before you can say anything, Connie goes and pays for some tickets.
>Well now you feel like shit again.
>”We should get some snacks too, no movie is complete without snacks after all.”
>You’re not hungry, but you’ll go along with it, for them.
>Connie rejoins you both and the three of you head over to the snack bar.
>Just remember, do this for them.
>They already do so much for you, so just remember that.
>”What about you Eri?”
>Wait, what?
>Looking up you see that Rest is referring to snacks.
>Shit, shit, shit, what do I pick?
>Rest nods and turns back to order.
>Not like you’ll eat it, but that doesn’t matter right now.
>You’re given a bucket of popcorn, and the three of you head into one of the rooms.
>”We should get front row seats, that’s the best spot.”
>>”The acoustics are best in the middle, trust me.”
>Before they can ask you, you opt to sit in the back.
>It’s closer to the exit and if need be, you’ll use it.
>”Looks like Eri choose for us.”
>>”Fair enough...”
>They both sit on either side of you and you wait around for the movie to start.
>As the lights dim, your anxiety finally starts to settle.
>Your excitement starts to rise. Not often that you feel that.
>The movie starts and with it, your eyes widen.
>Sure it’s in monochrome, but it looks fucking awesome.
>Even better, there is plenty of gore with the monster and the ponies.
>The whole time your eyes never leave the screen and eventually, you even start to eat the popcorn.
>What’s even stranger than all that, you actually are enjoying this.
>Sadly the movie ends, with a monster being killed and a small group of survivors watching on.
>The lights go back up and you jolt.
>Looking back to both Connie and Rest, you see different expressions again.
>Rest is smiling, and looks pretty happy. As for Connie, she actually looks scared.
>You however, can’t contain your enthusiasm.
“...That was...AWESOME!”
>Rest gets a big grin on her face and Connie is seemingly knocked from her fear.
>”Yeah it was alright, though it was pretty cheesy. I mean, when a limb is ripped off like that, it doesn’t squirt so much.”
>>”I-it was pretty good. Glad you two enjoyed it.”
>Kinda sucks that Connie was scared, but at least Rest enjoyed it.
>Standing up, you stretch out the stiffness that overcame you.
>>”Well then, let’s get going back to the apartment.”
>You nod and follow the two back outside.
>Connie hails a taxi for the three of you.
>On the ride back you can’t help but talk for once.
“That was still great. Even with the monster dying.”
>”That’s what normally happens, but they could’ve put more time into doing their research.”
“Who cares? Did you see how that one mare got covered in blood?”
>You hear Connie giggle, causing you to turn to face her.
“What is it?”
>She shakes her head and smiles.
>>”Just happy to see that you’re happy.”
>As you go back to talking with Rest, you feel a little more ease.
>If the rest of this trip goes this way, you can definitely make it through.

I have seen lesbians porns that starts like that
Hehe, this is fun.
I read really slowly bump
File: 1418426304151.jpg (213 KB, 900x1200)
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213 KB JPG
give me 10!
File: 1441648992344.jpg (56 KB, 1000x818)
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File: 1435702465384.jpg (116 KB, 1535x1054)
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116 KB JPG
>Yesterday was probably one of the best days you’ve had in a very long time.
>You lay in bed for a little bit to think.
>As long as you go out with your friends, things can be fun.
>’Do you honestly believe they can do this all the time?’
>Of course not, I’m not dumb.
>’Really? It took both Connie AND Rest to get you out of the house.’
>That’s different.
>’No it isn’t, had they not pushed, you would’ve stayed inside.’
>Yeah, you’re right about that.
>’When this is all over, things will go back to the same routine, you can never escape that.’
“That’s not true.”
>’Don’t fucking lie to yourself Eri, it’s sad.’
>You pull a pillow over your head and groan into it.
>’Can’t ignore this forever, you will see.’
“Fuck this.”
>Tossing the pillow aside, you get up and leave the bedroom.
>As you go out into the hallway, you nearly slip on the socks you’re wearing.
>Forgot about those, you put them on to hide the bandages last night.
>Carefully, you continue to the source of the heavenly aroma.
>Of course Connie is cooking again.
“That smells wonderful.”
>Connie turns to you with a small smirk.
>>”I’m certain it does, it’s french toast with a side of hay bacon.”
>Not like your stomach is going to argue with that.
>Joining Rest at the table, you see she is half finished.
>”Nice socks.”
>You stumble out an excuse.
“T-thanks, my hooves were a little cold last night.”
>>”Told you it can get cold at night here.”
>Rolling your eyes, you reply back.
“And that’s why I packed socks and hoodies.”
>You start to eat and let out a small moan of satisfaction.
>Hearing a giggle you see Rest looking at you with a smile.
>”Yeah, it is good isn’t it?”
>Nodding, you rather not speak right now, just enjoy the food.
>As you continue to eat, Connie joins you both.
>>”So, after I’m done practicing, where would you two like to go next?”
>”You mentioned the museum, how about there?”
>Before they can ask you like yesterday, you just agree.
“Sounds good.”
>>”Great, we can even get a tour as well. I haven’t been there in a while, but it’s a lovely place. I’m certain you two will like it.”
>You nod along and finish eating.
>Figuring you should go wash up, you head back to the bedroom.
“I’ll go prepare then.”
>Connie nods and the two of them start to chat as you reach the bedroom.
>You look through your clothes and just settle on wearing the same hoodie again.
>No point in changing into something else, though the socks gotta go.
>You set them aside for now.
>Though as you turn to go to the bathroom, you run into Rest.
>”Hey there.”
>You freeze, thankfully the bandages are covered by the clothes you’re holding, but that doesn’t stop the fear.
>She looks concerned.
>”Just checking on you, wanna make sure you’re alright.”
>Of course.
>’Why wouldn’t she? You cause her enough concern.’
“Yeah I’m fine, looking forward to seeing the museum.”
>She smiles and gets a little closer making you feel more nervous.
>”I’m happy to hear that, but don’t forget that you can open up to either of us.”
>Rest gives you a small hug, one you eagerly return.
>’You’re so desperate it’s pathetic.’
>Let me have this dammit.
>She pulls away, and gives a soft smile.
>You give a smile in return and head into the bathroom.
>As the tub slowly fills, you check on your cut from yesterday.
>Looks better, but that doesn’t mean much.
>’So how long do you think you will hold out Eri?’
“As long as I can.”
>’You know Rest really isn’t your friend, right?’
>Your anger starts to rise.
“Just fuck off.”
>’Touched a nerve? She sees you as a pet project you know.’
“T-that’s not true.”
>’Face it, when you’re fully ‘healed’ she will leave you.’
>Gritting your teeth and squeezing your eyes tightly you try to silence the thoughts.
“Leave me alone...Please...”
>The sound of the filling tub is the only noise you hear.
>Opening your eyes slowly, let out a slow sigh of relief.
“Have to stop doing that.”
>Turning off the facet, you climb into the tub and try to relax.
>However, your thoughts start to wander again.
>How long will you actually hold out?
>It’s not like you want to die, right?
>Maybe dying isn’t so bad...
>Shaking your head, you quickly clean up rather than deal with this shit.
>Though you hurry, it doesn’t hide the fact that you thought of that.
“W-why can’t I just be normal? Seriously, is it that fucking hard?”
>Letting out a groan, you should know better by now.
>Just as you’re about to leave the bathroom, you nearly forget to wrap up your leg again.
“Idiot, I can’t believe I nearly did that.”
>You quickly wrap it up and look it over.
>Feeling satisfied, you put on your hoodie and head out to the other room.
>Connie’s music echos from the living room, it soothes you a little.
“At least I have that...”
>Slowly you trot to the living room, and see them both were they where yesterday.
>For a while, you stand there in the entrance, just listening to the music.
>It’s beautiful.
>Makes you wish you could play an instrument, but you always sucked.
>All you have is a talent that no pony can enjoy, least of all yourself.
>A cold feeling enters your heart, and your eyes start to moisten.
>You close them in an attempt to hold back the tears, but a few tears fall to the floor.
>Taking a few steps back, you don’t want either of them to see you like this.
>You can’t hold back much longer, so you retreat to the bedroom to let it out.
>The moment you reach the bed, you bury your head in a pillow and softly cry.
>Rest even told you that you could open up to either of them, but here you are, alone and crying.
>But you know why you’re not, you don’t want them to see you suffer nor do you want them change today’s plans.
>Just suffer alone...For them…
>Eventually your tears dry up, and you pull away from the pillow.
>Your voice is barely a whisper now.
“S-so s-stupid...”
>You rub your eyes and head to the bathroom to see if you can hide the disgrace marking your face.
>Looking into the mirror reveals your eyes are bloodshot and puffy.
>’How do you intend to hide this one?’
“I’ll figure it out.”
>’You can’t expect them to not see it.’
“J-just leave me alone...”
>You turn on the facet and splash some cold water on your face.
>It helps freshen you up a little, but you’re going to have to wait it out for your eyes to clear up.
>So you sit in the bathroom and trace a hoof over the other leg’s scars.
“Don’t remember most of these...”
>Many you did while falling apart, even got close to cutting too deep far too many times.
>Some like yesterday, were in a bathroom.
>A sudden knocking causes you to jump.
>”How long are you going to be?”
>Of course it’s Rest…
“Just a few more minutes!”
>You give yourself a once over in the mirror and hope for the best.
>Thankfully your eyes are mostly cleared up.
>You flush the toilet and run the sink for a minute before turning it off.
>Opening the door you give Rest a fake smile and head to the living room.
>Connie is looking over some music sheets again.
“H-hey, how’s it going?”
>She beams and turns her attention to you.
>>”Pretty good actually, I’d say practice went well, how about yourself?”
>’Yeah, how about it Eri?’
>Still wearing the same fake smile, you answer her.
“I’m doing alright, little nervous about today.”
>Connie nods and motions for you to sit, which you do.
>>”It’s okay to be nervous, just remember we will be right there with you. I’m certain you will like what the museum has to the offer.”
>Hopefully she’s right.
“Yeah, I’m sure I will get through it.”
>She nods and starts to put away her things.
>>”Suppose I should get ready as well, be right back.”
>You nod and watch her leave.
>While your anxiety settles, your mind wanders.
>’Do you think you will actually enjoy going to a museum?’
>Haven’t been to one since I was little, so maybe I’ll appreciate it more.
>’At least with the theater you couldn’t see the other ponies, but now you will be surrounded in broad daylight.’
>I can handle this.
>’Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. With your track record though...’
“I said I will handle this.”
>”Who are you talking to Eri?”
>Freezing up, you see Rest looking confused.
>Your embarrassment skyrockets and you stumble out a response.
“I-um...I-I...M-myself! I was talking to myself.”
>Sure it’s the truth, but do you honestly think she will buy that?
>”Okay, do you want to talk? I know you tend to talk to yourself when you get worked up.”
>Forgot she knew that, don’t need to say everything though.
“J-just stress that’s all. Still working my way through all of this. Don’t worry though, I haven’t forgotten what either of you have said.”
>She smiles and nods.
>”I can imagine, you’re doing really well so far.”
>’Holy shit, she actually bought that?’
>Just fuck off.
“You think so? Maybe this is all working out then.”
>’Or maybe you’re on a path to collapse, again.’
>I can try dammit.
>”Yes I do, you’ve taken another step towards getting better.”
>Maybe you are getting better.
>’We’ll see about that.’
>Ignoring that thought, you stand up, feeling a little more renewed.
>Connie trots back into the living room looking quite pleased.
>>”Alright, lets get going, I’m really excited to visit the museum again. I usually feel inspired after I go there.”
>The three of you leave the apartment and like yesterday, Connie hails a taxi.
>Though this time, you try to stay focused.
>Just remember Eri, do it for them.
>A taxi pulls up and you climb in, you decide to try to chat with the other two this time.
“From the sounds of things, you’ve been to the museum a lot?”
>Connie nods.
>>”Yes, it’s nice to see what history is contained within. Really puts a whole perspective on everything.”
>”I can imagine a city like this has a lot of history, though I don’t know much about Manehattan.”
>>”It’s not just on Manehattan, there is stuff on the history of Equestria and much more.”
>Would be nice if you could share their enthusiasm, maybe you will when you see it all.
>While you wouldn’t mind adding more to the conversation, you start to zone out.
>’Giving up again?’
>They understand, not like they expect me to be as talkative.
>’Do you honestly believe that? They would probably like it more if you actually talked instead of being a fucking wall.’
>Die in a fire.
>The taxi pulls up to a huge concrete building adorned with statues and pillars.
>Guess this is the museum.
>Connie and Rest get out of the taxi with you joining them.
>As you all trot up to the building, you’re starting to feel overwhelmed
>This place feels really imposing.
>Damn anxiety is trying to dissuade you again.
>Gritting your teeth, you continue to follow them and watch as Connie talks to a mare who probably is in charge of tours.
>You look around in the meantime, this place has high ceilings and banners.
>Of course there is a fuck ton of ponies around, and slowly you feel yourself start to shake.
>Not because you’re cold, but because you’re so damn afraid.
>For fucks sake, just hold on Eri, you can do this.
>You pulse rises and with it, so does your breathing.
>Come on you piece of trash, don’t give in, please for the love of Celestia, don’t give in…
>>”We made it just in time for the next tour.”
>Snapping out of it, you see Connie smiling and looking at you two.
>Thank fuck…
>You slowly calm down and follow Connie as she leads you over to a group.
>A guide grabs the attention of the whole group.
>>>”Alright everypony, we are about to begin our journey through the museum. I ask that you wait to ask questions till after I explain each exhibit and to stay together. We don’t want anypony to get lost after all. Is everypony ready then?”
>A collective agreement goes out from the group.
>She smiles and starts to lead the group to one of the wings of the museum.
>>>”Starting off with Manehattan, it was founded shortly after the unification of the three tribes. This was necessary...”
>Slowly, you tune her out and look at the many exhibits around the room.
>There are many pictures and even some old things from when the city was founded.
>You feel yourself start to relax as you distract yourself.
>The guide starts to move with the group again and you follow along once more.
>This section has various fossils, skeletons, and all other kinds of stuff.
>Of course you zone in on the skeletons, they looks pretty cool.
>One of which is labeled Modern Equus.
“Huh, so that’s what is inside of me. Spooky.”
>”It’s pretty rad.”
>You jump and notice Rest is looking at the skeleton with you.
>She realizes this and smirks.
“Fuck, you scared me.”
>She giggles.
>”Didn’t mean to, but I’m happy to see you interested.”
>>”Come on you two, we can’t fall behind.”
>You both look to see Connie waving to the moving group.
>”Be right with you.”
>Nodding, you both quickly rejoin the group.
>Looks like the next area is dedicated to Equestion history in general.
>Sure you learned that in school and you forgot most of it, but it’s kinda nice to remember.
>As the tour guide talks, you look around again.
>’Can’t pay attention, can you?’
>I can, just rather look is all.
>’You were the same way when you were a filly, guess you didn’t change at all.’
>That’s not true, I’m not a damn filly anymore.
>’Doesn’t stop you from breaking down and crying like one.’
>It’s not like I want to!
>’That’s real rich. ALL of your problems are from being an attention whore.’
>Shut the fuck up!
>’Truth hurts, don’t it Eri? Then again, that’s not the only thing that hurts, you hurt yourself.’
>You shut your eyes tightly as tears threaten to emerge.
>I am getting better, regardless of what you think.
>’You mean what you think. I am a random thought in YOUR head, YOUR thoughts at that.’
>I-I need to find Rest and Connie.
>As you open your eyes, you don’t see the group.
>Your eyes widen as you realize you’re alone.
“No, no, no, no...I-I can find them...Just focus like they told you.”
>Quickly, you start to look for them.
>As you enter the next room, you see them quickly rush to you.
>”There you are!”
>>”Are you alright?”
“Yeah I’m fine, just got distracted is all.”
>”Are you sure about that? You don’t look alright.”
>You probably look awful.
“I just...I had a minor incident, that’s all.”
>They don’t look that convinced.
>>”How about we just...Finish this up and get going?”
>Connie looks to Rest who nods.
>’Fantastic Eri, you ruined the whole tour.’
>You say nothing and follow them while looking downwards.
>Though they talk and try to include you, you just nod or shake your head instead of talking.
>The tour finishes up and you leave them with, feeling worse.
>Even the ride back to the apartment, you remain silent.
>When you get back, you skip out on dinner and just head back to the bedroom.
“...Idiot...Couldn’t stay normal for one day...No...”
>Tears fall freely as you reach the bed and collapse on it.
>Slowly, you fall asleep crying.

This is so fun loving it so far
File: 110993.jpg (398 KB, 1920x1080)
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goth lives matther
i haven't been able to draw because my city it's in absolute chaos so here, some bella
File: 2373456.jpg (825 KB, 2048x1582)
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825 KB JPG
what is the quintessential "first read" to get this pone? I've seen her art a lot, never read anything about her
Personally, Musical Therapy. It's what gave me the final push to start writing for this thread.
File: emo_morning.png (767 KB, 1292x1000)
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767 KB PNG
>Laying in bed, you feel...Awful.
>The memories of your freak out still linger.
>’Told you it would happen.’
“...I know...”
>You don’t feel like eating, you even don’t feel like leaving the bed.
>’Just like home now, the only thing missing is you being alone. Not far behind though.’
>Slowly you blink, no point in trying to fight these thoughts again.
>The feeling of numbness has started to settle in.
>Letting out a slow sigh, you know what you must do.
>It’s the only way to get through the day after all.
>Might even be able to play off yesterday like it was a fluke.
>Rolling over, you open your suitcase and pull out another hoodie.
>Of course that’s not all, you grab your razor and some bandages as well.
“Just get this over with, that’s all I need to do...”
>Opening the door slowly, you peak your head out and listen.
>You can hear Connie and Rest talking, good.
>Quickly you enter the bathroom and start the tub.
>You pull off your old bandage and pick up the blade once more in your teeth.
>A small voice inside you begs not to do this.
>Through clenched teeth you whisper out your answer.
“There is no other way, I’d rather feel pain than feel nothing at all.”
>You lift your leg up and make a cut.
>Pain rewards your efforts, but you know this isn’t enough.
>As your pulse races, you cut again.
>More pain replaces the numbness.
>You watch as blood mats with your coat and starts to drip off onto the floor.
>Setting down the razor, you clean up the mess and climb into the tub.
>The water stings, but that doesn’t matter anymore, at least you feel again.
“Better than nothing.”
>For a time you sit there and just soak.
>Slowly, you breath out through your nose.
“Guess I should actually clean up...”
>Feels like time is dragging on for you, even though you finish up rather quickly.
>You bandage up your leg and put on the hoodie before stopping at the door.
“...I just need...I’ll go pretend...For them.”
>You put the stuff away and head into the living room.
>Upon arrival, you see Connie looking through music sheets again and Rest reading.
>As you stand there, you wonder if they would even be friends if it wasn’t for you.
>Probably not, considering they live in different places.
>While that is a comforting thought, it doesn’t completely dispel your dour mood.
>Time to suck it up and put on a fake face.
>You go join Rest on the couch and wear a small smile.
>She pulls away from her book and looks a little concerned.
>”There you are, I was going to go check on you, but I heard the tub turn on. How are you feeling?”
>Honestly, like complete shit.
>Can’t tell her that though.
“Much better, sleeping in helped and so did the bath.”
>However, it’s clear she doesn’t buy it.
>”Please tell us the truth, you stopped talking yesterday and went to bed early.”
>No, the truth will just hold put everything on hold.
>Well then, what do you even say then?
>Think of something to say, ANYTHING for fucks sake.
>Fuck it...
>Letting out a sigh, you drop the fake smile.
“...Alright, I did feel bad about yesterday. I only went to bed because I felt drained.”
>You notice Connie staring at you both, not saying a word.
>”It’s okay Eri, just try to be more open with us.”
>>”We do worry about you.”
>You should really open up to them more, instead of bottling it up.
>’And what? Waste their time? It’s not going to help you.’
>I could try.
>’You’ve tried that before, and where did it get you? Nowhere, that’s where.’
>It wasn’t my friends, it was a therapist.
>’The only different between the two is one will coddle you and the other will drug you.’
>That’s not true!
>’Deep down you know it is. Stop fighting it Eri.’
>As you argue with yourself, you see them both talking, but aren’t listening.
>Shit, pay attention.
>>”-could go out shopping, no wait. That’s probably a bad idea.”
>”Yeah, we should just stay in instead. Maybe take the day off.”
>Look at what you’ve done, they’re about to give up their day for you.
>You won’t have that.
“I-I’d like to go out shopping. Might find something interesting.”
>They both look surprised.
>”I’m not sure, after yesterday, I’d rather you not over stress yourself.”
>>”She’s right, we can just hang out here.”
>Are they pitying you?
>You feel your anger start to rise and you speak your mind.
“This trip is supposed to help me be more outgoing, so what’s the point if I stay indoors every time I have a moment of weakness? I can’t stay inside forever.”
>Now as you look at them, they look...Shocked.
>They don’t say anything at first, probably working out what just happened in their minds.
>”You’re right about that, but you’re pushing yourself quite hard.”
>You feel your eye twitch.
“So? If it means I’m finally out and about, what does it matter? I’m actually doing shit, with my friends.”
>Rest goes silent and Connie speaks up.
>>”Okay then, we can go shopping. There is many stores we can visit, but about how we narrow it down a little?”
“Anywhere is fine, just as long as it gets me outside.”
>Connie nods and heads off to her bedroom, leaving you alone with Rest.
>After awhile, Rest starts to talk again.
>”Eri...Please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m thrilled to see you wanting to go outside your comfort zone, but you don’t need to do this for us.”
>Is she really that worried about it?
>Poor question, of course she is, you give her plenty of reason to worry about your stupid antics.
>You shake your head and give her a smile.
“It’s fine, I won’t know my limits till I try, so this is the best be for me. Especially if this helps me live a normal life.”
>It feels good to get this out, even if it’s just the tip of the iceberg.
>Rest gives a small smile and gently rubs your back.
>”Yeah...Yeah you’re right. It’s fantastic to hear you say that.”
>You nod, and sit there for a bit looking down at your hooves.
>Is this all it really takes?
>’You should know better, especially if yesterday was any indication.’
>That may be, but I can get better.
>’Don’t hold your breath.’
>Looking back up, you see Connie come out with her saddlebags.
>>”I figure we can visit a clothing store or two and maybe check out some of the smaller stores as well. Gives us plenty to do.”
>You nod and the three of you leave once more.
>As you wait for a taxi, you focus on keeping yourself together.
>Can’t keep having repeats of the previous days.
>Have to make it through, no matter what.
>You join the other two as the taxi stops and continue to think how to keep it together.
>But how?
>A sudden jolt of pain pulls you out of your thoughts.
>You realize you were squeezing your bandaged leg.
>Funny how the answer is so obvious.
>’Inflicting more pain on yourself? Wow, not like you don’t do that enough.’
>It’s the best plan for now.
>’Not like that won’t come back to bite you in flank.’
>I’ll deal with it if it comes to it.
>The cart comes to a halt and you climb out with the others.
>A large number of stores are lined up along the sidewalk.
>Some are competing in selling something similar, and others are more unique.
>Connie steps forward and waves one leg around.
>>”See? So many places to choose, if either of you see something that catches your eye, just say so.”
>Doubtful, but that doesn’t mean you won’t try.
>The three of trot along and window shop mostly.
>None of these places really interest you.
>However, that quickly changes.
>A clearly new store stands out amongst the rest and it ignites some anger within.
>Its sign reads: Hot Clopic
“Are you fucking serious? Is this some kind of joke?”
>>”This place opened up about a month ago, I heard a lot of teenagers visit it.”
>”Not surprising, heard there are others opening up in the cities. One of my patients mentioned it.”
>Your anger turns to fury upon hearing this.
“This is horse shit! Places like this take the whole idea of broken ponies and try to sell it.”
>Connie looks surprised.
>>”I wouldn’t know, never shopped here.”
>”I think some of the stuff looks cute.”
>What the fuck?
>You narrow your eyes at Rest.
“You’re serious?”
>She shrugs.
>”What can I say? I like the clothes.”
>>”How about we take a look around? Might be something you will like.”
>As you’re about to argue, you remember you’re only here for them.
>You take a deep breath, and slowly release it.
>Inside the store, you can hear some music playing, doesn’t sound familiar.
>Like Connie mentioned before, you can see some teenage ponies looking over things.
>Mostly clothes here, can see some other stuff.
>Almost all the clothes have some kind of logos on them.
>Taking a closer look reveals them to be bands.
>You read one of them aloud.
“...Party Massacre? Seriously?”
>Stepping away, you try to stick close to your friends instead.
>This whole place feels insulting.
>”Really like these wristbands and piercings.”
>Rest’s words draw you from your inner thoughts.
>An array of different colored wristbands is in front of her, many of which also have band logos.
>Do they just slap a label on everyone they feel like? Because it seems like it.
>>”This cape is kinda cool, what do you think Rest? Goth enough?”
>Looking over, you see Connie holding a black cape.
>Rest frowns and shakes her head.
>”No that’s not goth. It looks like it belongs to a Nightmare Night costume.”
>>”You don’t know that for sure. Might be a new style”
>Rest rolls her eyes.
>”Oh I’m sure, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that.”
>Connie grins and tries it on.
>She then rears up and talks in a gruff voice.
>>”I’m Batmare!”
>You try in vain to stifle a laugh, but ultimately fail.
>Rest quickly joins you in laughing.
>Connie wraps it around her and poses.
>>”I am the night! None can hide from my vigilance!”
>You laugh even harder and your sides start to hurt.
>You try to talk in between breaths.
“C-Connie..Ha!...My sides hurt!...Bwahaha!”
>She pulls away the cape with a large smile.
>>”There’s something I don’t see often, you laughing.”
>Slowly, you try to bring yourself back under control.
>Rest finally stops laughing and grins.
>”Suppose that really fits you Connie, the black works well with your colors.”
>Connie does a twirl and looks back at both of you.
>>”Hmm...Yeah it does, doesn’t it? But! I don’t think I’ll get this, not much of a fan of capes.”
>Finally you regain control and you feel a large smile plastered on your face.
“I have to admit, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”
>Connie beams as she puts away the cape.
>>”Good, that was my intention.”
>You roll your eyes, of course it was.
>>”Are you going to get anything here Rest?”
>Looking over, you see Rest rub her chin for a moment.
>”Yeah, just another wristband, nothing fancy.”
>As she pays for her purchase, you honestly don’t feel as disgusted with this place.
>Sure it’s still kinda insulting, but at least you’re not here alone.
>The three of you head back outside and start looking around various shops.
>Most don’t interest you, at least none yet.
>You do feel happier than earlier, and you hold onto that as they look through another store.
>Thankfully, the next store really catches your full attention.
“Is that a thrift store?”
>Before either can answer, you go inside.
>You find your way over to some cases and see some vinyls on display.
“I know some of these.”
>”Didn’t expect you to be this interested in those Eri.”
>You answer and keep your attention on the various vinyls.
“Well yeah, I do like music. The older stuff holds up well in comparison to some of garbage they put out nowadays.”
>Rest’s silence makes you turn your head to her.
>She looks surprised and you blush.
“I-uh...When I was little, my parents played some of these bands frequently.”
>She smiles.
>”Do you own any of these?”
“Yeah, I still own the ones my parents left me.”
>”Oh, you should play them sometime.”
>On that thought, you feel your happiness start to slip.
>Mom and dad have been gone a while, haven’t they?
“Yeah...I should...”
>You step away from the cases and head over to some nearby bookshelves instead.
>Best to try to distract yourself from that memory.
>The happiness you had has faded rapidly, and you feel yourself falling back to the way you were earlier.
>Great...Just what you wanted.
>Letting out a small sigh, you grab and open up a random book.
>Though as your eyes look over the pages, you pause.
>It’s a poetry book.
“That...That was lucky...”
>Slowly, you feel your spirits start to rise again.
>Sure you hate your own stuff, but reading others work is so real.
>It just speaks to you in a special way.
>Especially how they bare their soul with words, it’s so visceral.
>>”Find something you like?”
>Turning your head, you see Connie standing there.
>You nod and smile.
“Yeah, this poetry book. Never read this one before. Have read the all the ones at the library back home, probably a few times by.”
>>”Do you want it?”
>Her words nearly knock you off balance.
>Sure you wouldn’t mind owning this, but you really just wanted to be more outgoing with them.
>Before you can answer, she continues.
>>”I wouldn’t mind buying it for you Eri, not like it costs a fortune.”
>She isn’t wrong, these books are dirt cheap, but still…
>’Look at that, you’re actually thinking about turning down her offer. Didn’t think you could sink lower Eri.’
>Rather than letting the thought get the best of you, you know what to do.
“Alright Connie, if you’re sure.”
>She beams and the two of you find Rest looking over the vinyls still.
>”Not bad, they even have Black Sabbath volume four.”
>She turns away from the cases and sees you both.
>”Hey there, find something?”
>You nod and show her your book.
>”Oh neat, didn’t expect to see that here.”
“Yeah neither did I, happy coincidence I guess.”
>>”Find anything you want Rest?”
>She takes a moment before picking up the vinyl she mentioned.
>”It’s a classic and I don’t own it, yet.”
>As the three of you pay and leave, you feel better again.
>Have to remember to hold onto that flame tightly and never let it go again.
>’You do know that a simple breeze will extinguish that?’
>It doesn’t matter, I’ll be happy for now and deal with it when it goes away.
>’Sure, then you’ll break down and cut yourself, again. Maybe even this time you go further.’
>Fuck off.
>’Only a matter of time.’
>Ignoring the thoughts again, you three approach a ice cream vendor.
>>”I think some ice cream will be a nice treat, how about it girls?”
>Both you and Rest nod, because who the fuck doesn’t want ice cream.
>The three of you trot on and enjoy your frozen treats.
“Thanks Connie, this has been pretty nice so far.”
>She takes a lick and smiles.
>>”You’re welcome, but it’s not over yet.”
>Connie gets a taxi and you finish your ice cream along the way, enjoying the peace, if only for now.
>On the ride back, you hope that tomorrow will be good if not better than today.

This is nice. We need more stories with the trio hanging more often.
Aaww be strong little Eri
This was heartwatming, good shit
Cute Bella, stay safe.

ok ill probably give it a read, but this is super new. What was the origin stuff?
File: 1441607932850.png (168 KB, 516x738)
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Aw thanks guys

I wrote that green after discovering Eri earlier this year; I had left /mlp/ long before she was ever a thing, and only recently returned. If you're looking for the glory days, the story archive in the OP has some good stuff (mostly unfinished), but here's the two classics that stuck with me most, and influenced my own work.
try drowning lessons, but sadly isn't finished... because Leaf was shitposting on /x/ and then he was perma-banned
sweet thanks, i'll read them along with yours
File: Emo.png (455 KB, 1280x960)
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455 KB PNG
>It’s a beautiful day, with clear skies and sunshine.
>You’re sitting in the shade under a tree, writing in your book like usual.
>Pausing, you look up from your book.
>Would be nice if you could actually enjoy days like these.
“Maybe someday...”
>Going back to writing, you smell something delicious and look back up.
>The moment you do, you freeze.
>”Hey there, made some lunch, it’s your favorite.
>Your mother is standing there wearing the same weary smile she does.
>A smile grows over your face and you quickly get up to join her.
>As you take a step forward, a sudden thud wakes you up, and you find yourself on the floor trapped in the blankets.
>You slowly let out a groan.
“Of course it was a dream...”
>As you slowly untangle yourself, the dream is still fresh in your mind.
>Feels like it was just yesterday when you were little and still living with your parents.
>A stray tear rolls down your cheek and you wipe it away with your socked hoof.
“Rather not remember again.”
>Finally free from your prison, you put back the blankets and go to join your friends.
>Yesterday was fun, despite the bullshit of the morning.
>Today might actually be good.
>’Yeah, who knows? Maybe you’ll trip and break your neck. Just what you wanted, a quick and painless death.’
>Shaking your head, you join Rest and Connie at the table.
>You didn’t even bother to inspect your food, you just started eating.
>>”I see your hungry, glad to see you eating more.”
>Nodding, you don’t answer, just want to eat at the moment.
>”Me and Connie were talking about where to go today, but we wanted to wait on you first.”
>Of course they did, you take a quick drink and swallow.
“I don’t really care where we go today, like I’ve said before. All that matters is that we hang out while we’re in the city.
>They both smile.
>At least you’re being more open with them.
>>”Alright then, I figure we can visit some of the landmarks. I’d like to show you the concert hall I play in especially, they’re closed today, but that doesn’t I can’t show you it. Oh! And of course the famous Statue of Friendship.”
>The what now?
>Connie raises an eyebrow, but continues.
>>”You know, that huge statue in the bay? That’s what is called. Was set up here a long time ago after the city got bigger.”
>Oh yeah, that fuck huge statue, you almost forgot about that.
>You focus back on eating and thinking as the two of them start to talk about the places.
>Yesterday you realized you could use your injury as a temporary crutch if need be.
>’That’s a terrible idea Eri and you know it.’
>Like I said, if need be.
>’Come the fuck on, you WILL use it, there is no ‘need be’ at all.’
>Connie and Rest proved otherwise, so I don’t think so.
>’Every heard of coincidences? Because that’s what that was.’
>Bullshit, they were right there and helped me.
>’Alright, lets say that’s true. Did you forget that visiting these places will be like museum.’
>’Exactly! It’s just a repeat of the other day.’
>Shoving the thought aside for now, you excuse yourself from the table and go get ready.
>As you go to grab a different hoodie, your razor falls out and onto the floor.
>Quickly you scoop it up to put it away, but pause.
>In it’s reflection you see yourself.
>You almost feel compelled to use it again.
>’What’s another cut? You said you might need the pain after all...’
“I’ve already done it three times while I’ve been here, I don’t think I should.”
>Shaking your head, you put it away finally and breath a sigh of relief.
>You head into the bathroom and start up the tub.
>While it fills, you undo the bandage and examine your wounds again.
>The first one is healing nicely, the other two however, not so much.
“Shit. Hope it’s not infected, that’s the last thing I need.”
>Then again, you might be overreacting to this, it’s probably just dried blood.
“Yeah...Just my imagination, that’s all.”
>The seed of doubt has been planted and as you bathe, it keeps reminding you.
>What if it is infected?
>You will have to tell Rest of course.
>She will be quite pissed off and Connie will probably feel like shit for letting you go through this.
>Stopping, you place your head in your hooves and try to think this through.
>However, no matter how much you try, you can’t think of a good solution.
>Your anxiety rises with it as you dwell more on the idea.
“Fuck, this so stupid. I just cut and didn’t bother to think for one damn second.”
>Letting out a groan, you finish up and try to distract yourself.
>Before you wrap up your leg, you reexamine it again to see if you’re wrong.
>’You’d think from the amount of times you’ve cut yourself, that you’d be able to tell.’
“Shut up, I’m trying to focus.”
>The water has cleaned it mostly, and you’re fairly certain it will be fine.
>That doesn’t stop the thoughts from bothering you as bandage your leg.
>’So how do you think you will ruin today Eri?’
>You try to ignore it and get your hoodie on before heading back into the bedroom.
>’Ignore it all you want, but at the end of the day, thoughts like these NEVER go away. No matter what you’re so called friends tell you.’
>Gritting your teeth, you open up your book you got yesterday and try to distract yourself.
>’Do you honestly think you can just hide yourself away in a book? That’s not how the real world works, you will have to face ponies again.’
>It’s getting harder to ignore the thoughts, though you keep trying anyways.
>’You can never hide though, just like all those times when you were growing up. Remember when ponies called you a loser? How about a freak? How about-’
>Before the thoughts can continue, you quickly bite down on your bandaged leg.
>The pain nearly overwhelms you, and you barely manage to contain your scream.
>Tears pour freely from your eyes and you are shaking hard.
>You’re nearly hyperventilating from all this pain.
>Letting go, you try to bring yourself back under control.
>Easier said than done, you grab one of the pillows and bury your face in it while you calm down.
>Minutes pass and finally, you’re able to calm down enough.
>Pulling away the pillow, you sniffle.
“...F-fuck...T-that was...So fucking close.”
>You raise your leg up and examine the bandage.
>Unfortunately, there is some blood seeping through it.
>You grab another roll of bandages from your suitcase and limp to the hallway.
>However, when you reach the bathroom, you see the door is closed.
>Great, Connie or Rest is in there, can’t risk them finding out.
>Can’t wait out here forever though.
>Heading back to the bedroom, you try to hide yourself the best you can while you change the bandage.
>It’s not the best option, but it’s the only one you have at the moment.
>Worst yet, the wounds are bleeding.
“Idiot, didn’t have to bite down that hard.”
>Hastily, you wrap it up.
>It’s one of the worst pains you’ve felt in a long time.
>Shakily, you raise and examine your work.
“It will have to do.”
>You try to put your weight on it and are awarded with pain.
>You sharply inhale through clenched teeth and try to bare with it.
>Body is shakily fairly bad and it’s making it hard to focus.
>Limping over to your bed, you put back on the hoodie and sit down.
>No doubt Connie or Rest will be getting ready soon.
“Guess I’ll just sit here until they come for me...”
>You lay back and let your mind wander again.
>Can’t pull out of this today, not after what you told them this morning.
>But it’s going to be incredible hard to hide your pain.
>Rest will likely notice with her training.
>Have to think of something, you can’t let them know, no matter what.
>That’s it, Connie likely has some pain killers in her medicine cabinet.
>It will help with the pain, but not the limping though…
>The door opens up and Rest trots in.
>”Feeling alright? You didn’t come out like you usually do.”
>Just fake it, not like she can read you from there.
“I’m okay, felt like reading, Is it time to get ready?”
>”Good to hear. Connie and I were a little worried, but yes, we are going to be leaving soon.”
>You sit up and face her with a fake smile.
“Alright then, I’m going to use the bathroom before we leave.”
>She nods and trots over to her suitcase.
>While she is busy with that, you try to quickly get to the bathroom without her noticing your limp.
>Thankfully you reach it with no trouble and close the door behind you.
>You open up the cabinet and search for pain killers.
“Hmm...Nope...Nope...Here we go.”
>Picking up a bottle of aspirin, you open it up and take a couple of pills.
>You turn on the facet and drink some water to go with it.
“Hopefully this works.”
>It hits you that there is one flaw in your plan.
>Those pills will take time to kick in.
“Oh shit.”
>You likely don’t have enough time for that.
>Your anxiety starts to rise and you feel yourself panic.
“Shit, shit, shit...What do I do?”
>As your wrack your mind, you hear a knocking on the door.
>>”Are you almost ready Eri?”
“Uh, yeah! Just give me a few minutes.”
>>”Okay, We’ll be waiting in the living room when you’re done.”
>A few minutes?
>That’s not enough…
>Okay think of something genius!
>There is no option, you will have to try to hide it.
>Letting out a sigh, you flush the toilet and head out to meet your friends.
“Lets get going.”
>They both nod and you follow them.
>Each step is painful, but you manage.
>Just have to hang back and not draw attention to yourself.
>Doesn’t make it easier.
>Thankfully, you’re able to hide it quite well, even when getting into the taxi.
>Along the way, Connie starts to beam.
>>”First stop, the Manehattan Symphony Orchestra Hall.”
>She looks so happy, place sounds nice.
>>”Looking forward to my next concert, it will be coming up soon. Wish I could’ve gotten the time to get you both in.”
>”Would’ve been nice to see you play live.”
>All those ponies would’ve made it a nightmare for you.
>>”The whole orchestra is amazing, we all put our best forth in each concert.”
>As the two talk, you feel the pain in your leg start to dull.
>Thank fuck, that means the pills are working.
>Unfortunately it will return when you have to get around on hoof once more.
>Yeah...Forgot about that.
>That quickly comes to pass as the taxi stops.
>Gulping down your fear, you carefully step out.
>Pain flares up your leg, though not as bad as earlier.
>Wincing, you slightly limp behind your friends.
>Connie stops, and turns to face you both with a smile.
>>”This is it! So, what do you think?”
>”It’s lovely.”
>It kinda reminds you of the museum, only less monolithic and more fancy.
>The building is a nice shade of brown with many windows and lights adorning it.
>Connie’s smile widens and leads your group around the building, listing off facts.
>>”It’s broken up into three halls, the main one houses over two thousand seats! We usually perform there, but that’s not the best part. The acoustics in each hall are perfectly balanced. The opera house in Canterlot can’t even compete, but that doesn’t stop ponies from trying to tell me otherwise.”
>Been a while since you’ve seen her this enthusiastic about something.
>Kinda infectious as well, so you smile as she continues.
>>”The whole building is five stories tall, and hosts over two hundred performances a season! Of course other musicians use the place, but even better, it hosts many programs for young artists!”
>Seeing your friends talking like this, it’s kinda nice.
>>”So that about sums that up, how about we visit the Statue of Friendship next?”
>”Alright, ready Eri?”
>You nod and the three of you depart once again.
>Your group arrives at some docks nearby, looks like you have to take a boat to get to the statue.
>>”I’ll get the tickets, be right back.”
>As she leaves, Rest turns to you.
>”How are you holding up?”
>Other than the pain, pretty good.
“I’m alright, looking forward to seeing the statue.”
>She smiles and Connie returns to lead you three to the boat.
>Unfortunately, it’s pretty cramped with ponies.
>>”Sorry about this, but a lot ponies visit the island daily.”
“I-it’s fine.”
>Not really, you feel your anxiety start to rise.
>Stop thinking about it, come on, for the love of Celestia, please…
>The rocking of the boat doesn’t help either, and you start to feel sick.
>For fucks sake, why now?
>Thankfully, the trip to the island is short.
>”You don’t look that well.”
>Honestly, you think you might throw up.
“Yeah...I don’t think the boat ride helped me any.”
>”Think you can make it?”
>Looking back to your two friends, you nod, you’ll do it for them.
>Limping along, you try to enjoy this place, but it’s pretty damn hard.
>The other two walk over to a very large plaque.
>>”This says it was granted as a gift from Princess Celestia as a symbol of friendship.”
>”Wow, I can see they put a lot of effort forth.”
>Connie nods.
>>”Yeah, it also says it took years to complete.”
>Looks like some stallion built it to compensate for something.
>Heh, not a bad joke.
>You try to keep up with your friends, but you still feel sick and your leg hurts.
>As you try to take another step forward, you accidentally trip and run into another pony.
>>>”Hey! Watch where you’re going!”
>Stumbling back, you try to recover, but fall flat on your rear.
>Looking back up, you see a angry looking stallion.
>>>”You better be sorry, you should be paying attention. What kind of moron are you?”
>You feel yourself sink lower.
>>”Hey, what is your problem?”
>Turning, you see Connie coming over and Rest quickly tends to you.
>”Are you okay?”
“Yeah, guess I got sea sick, or something.”
>You turn your attention to situation unfolding.
>>>”-She needs to watch where she is going, that’s what.”
>She glares at him and takes a step forward.
>>”You think that gives you right to call her a moron? Who do you think you are?”
>He takes a step back and tries to handle the situation, but Connie cuts him off with another step closer.
>>”She said she was sorry, all you had to do was accept her apology and be on your way. Do you just go around doing this to other ponies who make a mistake?”
>You can see other ponies looking on as the stallion starts to visibly sweat.
>Connie gets even closer, causing him to shrink down.
>She leans in close and whispers something to him
>Can’t make out what it is, but his eyes widen.
>>”Got it?”
>He nods and quickly takes off.
>She turns back to you both and smiles.
>>”Sorry about that. Lets get you back to the apartment.”
>You’d argue, but honestly, you feel a little afraid of her.
>What the hell was that?
>Rest helps you up and the three of you head back to the boat.
>Thankfully the fall helps mask why you’re actually limping.
>But the ride back is as bad as the ride to the island.
>When you reach the shore, you take one step and immediately empty your stomach.
>”Easy now, it’s okay Eri.”
>As Rest rubs your back, you don’t just feel sick, you feel disappointed.
>You only managed to visit the hall, and the island was a bust.
>How is it everyday you’ve fucked something up?
>What’s worse?
>Tomorrow is your last day, it hurts to know that you’ve wasted this trip...

Pastebin is being a pain in the ass at the moment, I'll post the link later.
File: 1443465032445.png (408 KB, 1980x1080)
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Paste as promised.
File: 1460146136976.png (328 KB, 1420x1819)
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Sleep well /emo/
File: kitkatpizza.png (280 KB, 500x499)
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File: emo rain game.png (58 KB, 1000x959)
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next summer: emo adventures under the rain

i had fun on a /v/ thread
>Rolling over, you haven’t slept much since you got back last night.
>Your thoughts keep going back to the previous days.
>The movie you watched with your friends was great, though you cut yourself earlier that day…
>As for the museum, it started nice...Then you had a small breakdown…
>But shopping was fun, you even bought a new book, then again, you had cut twice earlier…
>Then there was yesterday, seeing Connie being so happy to show the hall was great.
>Visiting the statue however, not so much…
>Only good thing that came out of that was seeing Connie scare that stallion.
>Still curious as to what she said.
>Rest’s snoring breaks your thoughts.
>It’s kinda funny to be honest.
>As you stare at the ceiling, you close your eyes and try to sleep.
>’Seems kinda fruitless at this point.’
>Not again…
>’Gonna bite yourself if you hear the truth again?’
>I just need to sleep.
>’So you’re going to lay in bed like you usually do? Good, about time you accept that things don’t change.’
>I already changed from everything I did on this trip.
>’It’s not just a habit you break, it’s who YOU are. That is something that doesn’t change in a week.’
>I’m making the effort to fix that.
>’Each day you’ve been here, you’ve fallen apart at one point or another.’
>’See? Even though you pushed on, you fell each time. Your ‘friends’ might’ve been there, but that didn’t stop it from happening.’
>’Still going on with that? I’m a thought in your head, one of many in fact.’
>Reopening your eyes, you realize this is futile.
>Looking over, you see Rest let out another snore.
“Least she isn’t that loud.”
>You open up your suitcase and pull out your personal book.
>Haven’t written anything since you got here.
“Might as well.”
>Getting up, you head out into the living room.
>As you settle into the couch, you start to write.
>Strange how creativity can come and go like this.
>You keep writing and erasing, not quite satisfied with your work.
>Setting down the pencil, you reread it again.
“This isn’t right, it should be more personal. Maybe something on what happened to me?”
>Of course, that’s the only way you can write.
>Such an obvious answer too, though you try to avoid doing that.
>You’d rather write poetry about anything else other than yourself.
>Shaking your head, you pick up your pencil and start writing again.
>>”You’re up early.”
>Pausing, you look up and see Connie trotting out.
“Couldn’t sleep.”
>She nods, heading over to the fridge to pull out stuff for breakfast.
>As she is prepping to cook, you figure you could ask her the question on your mind.
“What did you say to that stallion yesterday?”
>She stops for a moment before continuing.
>>”Well...I just made him reconsider his actions.”
>Yeah not likely.
>She shakes her head and stops cooking to come over to you.
>Connie stops in front of you and her face loses some of its happiness.
>>”You really want to know? Okay, I said I wasn’t afraid to tear his balls off in front of all those ponies if he didn’t fuck off.”
>You let out a little laugh, but feel some shock hearing her swear.
>She smiles and heads back to cooking.
>>”If he had accepted your apology, I would’ve let it go, but he didn’t. No pony, and I mean NO pony, messes with my friends.”
>Her words warm your heart.
>Of course she cares, she has done so much for you and Rest this trip.
>Going back to your writing, you try to focus.
>You rewrite it again and again though, still not satisfied.
>Setting down your pencil again, you smell Connie’s cooking.
>Your stomach answers you, just the first day you smelled her cooking.
“I can take a break.”
>You get up from the couch and sit at the table while watching Connie.
>She notices and smiles.
“Sorry, your cooking pulled me away from writing.”
>>”I figured as much. You both seem to be addicted to it.”
>Furrowing your brow, you turn your head and see Rest approaching with a tired look on her face.
>”Good morning, surprised to see you up Eri.”
>She sits at the table and lets out a yawn.
“Like I told Connie, couldn’t stay asleep, so I came out here to write.”
>”Oh? Surprised you didn’t stay in bed to do it.”
“That’s because you were snoring.”
>Her eyes widen and you hear Connie giggle.
>”I-I don’t snore! Do I?”
>She looks back and forth between the two of you.
“Yeah, yeah you do Rest.”
>She blushes and buries her face in her hooves.
>”No pony ever tells me these things...”
>Well now you kinda feel bad, but it’s the truth.
>Connie sets a plate of pancakes in front of her.
>>”This should take your mind off of it.”
>Rest raises her head and sighs.
>”At least I know now.”
“It’s not so bad. You could be fucked up like me.”
>As she eats and waves her hoof.
>”Eri, that’s not fair to say. Sure you’re having trouble, but snoring is VERY minor in comparison.”
>She’s not wrong, even though you want to argue with her.
>As you sit there, you gently rub your leg, it’s still sore.
>Thankfully, you’re not limping anymore.
>Still can’t let either of them know you’ve been cutting yourself this trip.
>’Afraid they will leave you? You know they will.’
>They wouldn’t, they have stuck with me through this trip and more.
>’Then why not put it to the test if you’re so sure?’
>No, that’s just asking for trouble. They deal with enough bullshit from me.
>’Knew you would be too weak to show your vulnerabilities.’
>I know I’m weak, that’s nothing new. If I was actually strong, I wouldn’t be doing half the shit I do.
>’But you can’t trust them enough to tell them everything.’
>Fuck off.
>’You know that it’s the truth Eri. It always will be.’
>A plate of pancakes is placed in front of you, and you see Connie smile.
>>”Bit for your thoughts?”
>Yeah, why not?
“Just thinking about how this trip has gone.”
>Not entirely a lie, just don’t need to know your internal thoughts at the moment.
>”Oh? I think it’s gone pretty well.”
>>”I agree, it’s been great to hang out with you two. We really need to do it more often.”
>It’s clear they ignoring the incidents and trying to focus on the positives.
>You feel yourself slouch and mumble out your thoughts.
“...Despite me fucking up so much.”
>Almost immediately Rest snaps to you.
>”Eri, you’re being too hard on yourself. You can’t expect everything to go one hundred percent all the time.”
>You’re about to respond, but she continues on.
>”Besides, you’re forgetting how much progress you’ve made this trip. You rode a train to get here and even went to various public places with ponies. Even with those minor hiccups, I’d say that’s some pretty fucking amazing progress.”
>Taking a bite of your pancakes, you let out a sigh.
>She’s right, but you keep forgetting about that.
>It’s obvious why as well, so obvious that you don’t want to see it.
>You’re afraid of change.
>Sitting up once more, you give a small smile.
“Yeah, sorry. Just hard for me to accept it. Maybe one day I will.”
>As you take a drink, Connie joins you both at the table.
>>”Speaking from my own experience, you almost never notice your own progress as you develop. The only reason I know I’m growing better at playing, is because of others noticing. The point is, when eventually do notice your progress, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.”
>Of course they are both right on the matter.
>Would be nice to have the answers like they do, could make dealing with your own madness easier.
>’Keep telling yourself that. Who knows? You might one day believe that kind of delusional idea.’
>Ignoring that thought, you finish eating and get up to head to the bedroom.
>Before you leave the table entirely, Connie grabs your attention.
>>”Since today is the last day you’re both here, how about we hang out here?”
>Honestly, that sounds like a good idea.
>Sure you’ve enjoyed going out during this trip, but spending time with your friends here is just as enjoyable.
>Plus you can avoid anymore troubles with them around.
>You nod and feel a little happier.
“Sure, I’d like that.”
>”Me too, we have been out almost day since we’ve been here after all.”
>As Connie beams, you continue to head to the bedroom, but stop at the couch to grab your book and pencil.
>You’re starting to feel like you know what to write, and continue to your destination.
>Setting your stuff on the bed, you grab another hoodie and pause briefly at the sight of your razor.
>’Thinking about cutting yourself again? Go ahead, you need it after all Eri.’
>Shaking your head, you ignore it again.
“No, not today.”
>Heading to the bathroom, you start to fill the tub and look at your reflection.
>Moments like these allow you to really take in yourself.
>Your eyes still have bags under them and your mane is a mess, but honestly, you don’t really care.
>It’s still you looking back in the mirror.
>As you unwrap your bandage, it sticks to your coat in some places.
>Not surprising, its from from yesterday’s hasty job.
>The area around the cuts are stained a dark, nearly brown, red.
“Doesn’t look too bad.”
>’Are you certain of that?’
“No, but it doesn’t look as bad as yesterday.”
>’Kinda sad that you don’t know, despite cutting yourself so much.’
“Go away dammit...”
>’You can’t escape for-’
>Squeezing your leg, the pain silences the thoughts again.
>As you wince, you know you can’t keep doing this.
“Just have to hold out till I get home, that’s all.”
>Letting go, your leg hurts, but thankfully it isn’t bleeding.
>You turn off the facet and climb in to bathe, relaxing quickly.
>Though your mind doesn’t stray into dark territory, you feel uneasy.
>The answer is obvious as to why.
“I’ll be going home soon...”
>A stray tear rolls down the side of your face, and you blink away anymore forming.
>Taking a breath, you slowly release it to calm yourself.
>You raise your leg into view, and look at it closely as the water cleaned it away.
>Like you thought, it’s not so bad despite the cuts still being there.
>Sitting up, you clean up quickly so as to not waste time like previously.
>When you finish drying off, you decide to not wear a hoodie this time.
“No point in trying to hide the cuts, they are never going away.”
>When you reach the bedroom, you put away the hoodie and pick up your book to start writing again.
>You sit on the bed and grab your pencil, picking up where you left off.
>Even though the words flow freely, you keep stopping to erase the words.
“Feels like I’m never satisfied with my work...”
>Letting out a sigh, you continue to write for some time.
>Pausing again, you look it over and let out a sigh.
“Guess this is okay.”
>You close your book, bringing it with you into the living room.
>>”-only thirty seconds too. I thought stallions lasted longer than that.”
>What the fuck?
>No wait, you clearly just walked into the tail end of the conversation.
>It’s not like Connie is actually talking-
>>”What’s worse, he tried to claim that most stallions have that little of stamina.”
>Okay, maybe she is.
>Before she can continue on, you need to know.
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
>She freezes, turning to you with a smile.
>Rest is sitting nearby and also smirking, probably because she saw you come into the room.
>>”I-uh-um...Going out for a run?”
>You raise an eyebrow.
“Really? Because it sounds like you’re talking about how long a stallion lasts in bed.”
>Connie’s face turns a bright red and Rest starts to laugh.
“So I’m right then? Didn’t think you’d be so lewd.”
>As her faces turns a deeper shade of red, she tries to explain herself.
>>”I-I can explain! It’s not what it sounds like!”
>Letting out a laugh of your own, you decide to push a little more.
“Uh-huh, sure...You’re totally not talking about some stallion blowing his load too early.”
>Rest laughs even harder now, and you feel pretty damn happy yourself.
>>”It was just a friend asking me for advice, it’s not like I slept with him! That’s all I swear!”
>Shaking your head, you join Rest on the couch and give a big shit eating grin.
“So you’re telling me, that a ‘friend’, asked you for advice about his dick?”
>She nods quickly.
>>”Yes! His marefriend had been a little upset, so I asked him what was wrong. We eventually discussed about his bedroom time, and he brought that up out of the blue. It was hard to keep a straight face the whole time, I felt so bad.”
>You can’t help it.
“I bet his marefriend wanted him to be hard longer too.”
>A loud thump pulls your attention, and you see Rest rolling around laughing.
>”Stop! Ahahahaha! It’s-haha-hurting to laugh!”
>Letting out a fake sigh, you roll your eyes and sit back.
“Alright, alright. Couldn’t help myself.”
>As she slowly calms down, Connie’s face returns to normal, mostly.
>Probably the best time for this.
“So...Um...I wrote something that I wanted to share.”
>They both perk up.
>>”I’d love to hear it as always Eri.”
>Smiling, you open up your book, close your eyes, and take a breath in slowly.
File: The emo trio.png (1.13 MB, 1280x960)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>Reopening your eyes, you exhale and start.

Though I have journeyed far
I have finally raised myself to a new bar
And though I still fear
I am with friends that I hold dear

Each day was a blast
But those are now in the past
The mornings were fun to behold
And the evenings had me sold

While my vacation was blissful
It could have turned out more peaceful
The memories I held close
Are the ones I enjoyed the most

Soon I will leave this place
And with it, my heart will be encased
But I have more days to come
Even when it seems like there is none

As this draws to its end
My mind will always mend
Though I am still a pest
I still have my friends, Connie and Rest

>Looking back up to them, they both clop in applause.
>You feel so overjoyed that you tear up.
“T-thanks, I know it’s not the b-best, but I tried anyways.”
>Connie shakes her head.
>>”I keep telling you that your work is good Eri, you will see it in time.
>Maybe someday, but not today.
>Rest touches your wither and smiles.
>”It’s true you know. We don’t just say that because we’re your friends.”
“Yeah, I know...It’s hard for me accept sometimes.”
>More like all the time, but who knows?
>Wiping away any tears, you see the nearby clock and frown.
>Connie looks over and lets out a sigh.
>>”Looks like we should get going to the station.”
>As Rest sees the clock, she nods.
>”Yeah, don’t want to be late for our train.”
>Does it really have to end?
>Yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with them again.
>As the two of you pack your things, you feel a pit forming in your stomach.
>You both head out into the other room and see Connie wearing a half smile.
>She looks like she wants to say something, but instead leads you three outside.
>The taxi ride is silent, and you can feel the tension building.
>At the station, it finally breaks when you and Rest approach the train.
>Connie quickly pulls you both into a group hug, one you hold onto for as long as you can.
>>”I’m gonna miss you two, write back to me.”
>”I promise that we will.”
“This sucks that it has to end.”
>Connie sniffles.
>>”It’s okay, we got to spend so much time together, I don’t regret a single day.”
>”That’s right, it was all worth it.”
>You say nothing, you’d rather not break down again.
>As Connie pulls out of the hug, she is teary eyed and wipes them away.
>The conductor calls out for ponies to board.
>”Guess we should go, take care Connie.”
>>”You too.”
>Quickly, you hug Connie one last time before boarding.
>Your tears fall freely as you quietly cry.
>You find your seat and Rest joins you.
>”It’s going to be okay, we will see her again.”
>Sniffling, you nod.
>The train starts to move, and you look out the window to see Connie waving.
>You wave back until you can’t see her anymore.
>Sitting back, you let out a sigh and slowly, you get yourself back under control.
“Maybe next time, she can visit us in Ponyville.”
>”That would be nice, we can probably plan it out soon.”
>Nodding, you watch the scenery.
>You’re on your way home, but honestly, you could get used to going out more.

Happy to have finished another Eri story.
I like to think that the friendship statue it's just a massive dildo, like pic related
Gave me a good laugh, didn't think that.
>another one done
dude, you're a machine
File: minimalist_thing.png (34 KB, 800x600)
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This was so lovely and heartwarming
Also kek at Connie and the 30 seconds satallion
Thanks guys.
Yeah, I've been putting out a lot of green, not sure when or if I'll burn out.
File: 2376113.png (595 KB, 1401x1426)
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Ohh, so edgy. I want to pet that hair of hers.
File: butter.png (620 KB, 1320x1020)
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that was a big ass butterfly
On a side note, was digging through the archives again and found another story to add to the list https://pastebin.com/b0eUQQQe
File: 890996.png (83 KB, 990x900)
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Added, but what the fuck is up with that format
File: 1451965219089.png (250 KB, 5815x2246)
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I miss writing Eri. Music Therapy was my most inspired, I'm trying to juggle greens in three other threads now and none of them are as fun as I had with Eri. But I don't want to start another story on top of those, and even if I did, I have zero ideas for a premise (besides a sequel, but that feels cheap and forced).
Do not push it
Yeah I have no clue, just how I found it.
I've been following your other work and I am enjoying reading it. However, I agree with the other anon about not pushing it. That being said, I am certain that you will come up with an idea when the time comes, I have faith in your ability as a writer.
File: 1469067639818.png (406 KB, 801x861)
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406 KB PNG
>A chilly, but beautiful night greets you as the door slowly closes behind you.
>The cold air smacks you in the face, giving you a bit of a refresher.
“Fuck, good thing I’m wearing a jacket.”
>You start to walk away from the bar, and to be honest, you’re far from drunk.
>At most, you’re a little buzzed, doesn’t help that the liquor here isn’t that strong.
>On the plus side, your wallet thanks you for not throwing away all your cash.
>But on the other, it’s difficult to really enjoy yourself at all here in Ponyville.
>There really isn’t much to do, especially with no real technology to rely on.
>You should be a bit more thankfully though, at least you have some friends here, so that’s something.
>You stop to light up a cigarette, and hear some kind of commotion coming from the nearby alleyway.
“The fuck?”
>Slowly, you peer down it and see what looks a stallion attacking another pony.
“You got to be kidding me...”
>Tossing aside the cigarette, you quickly start to run into the alley and try to help.
“Hey fuck face!”
>Just as you yell out, you see the stallion spot you and sprint off in the other direction.
>Can’t believe this shit, but then again, they have all kinds of fucked up things going on in this world.
>Unfortunately that fucker is clearly faster than you, so you stop.
>Doesn’t matter, you start to look around for the poor sap who was attacked.
>Doesn’t take long, you find the pony laying in the trash nearby.
>You kneel down and try to see if they are alright.
>Can hardly make out this pony out in this dim light.
>From what you can tell, they’re pretty beaten up, you gently reach out and touch them.
“Hey...Can you hear me? Are you alright?”
>A pained moan escapes their lips.
>You let out a sigh of relief, at least they’re alive, but you need to get help and fast.
“Wait right here, I’ll be right back with help.”
>Just as you stand, you feel the pony grabbed onto your leg.
>”N-no! Don’t please!”
>Freezing you try to reason with this unnamed pony.
“Don’t worry, whoever attacked you is gone, I just need to get some help.”
>”No, you don’t understand. I’m f-fine really.”
>Arching an eyebrow, you shake your head.
“Not to sound like a prick, but you don’t look fine.”
>The pony sits up a bit, and you get a better look at them.
>All you can really see is their blue eyes, looks like a mare, though could be a stallion, hard to tell at the moment.
>”I’m serious, you don’t have to get help.”
“You were attacked though, we should report this and possibly get you to a hospital.”
>”I’m telling you, it’s fine, I brought it on myself.”
>What the fuck kind of logic is that?
“Somehow, I doubt that.”
>He? She? Lets out a sigh.
>”I-it’s complicated, just please...Let this go.”
>Though they plead, you know you can’t actually give into their request.
“I can’t do that.”
>Shaking your head, you start to move again, only for them to latch onto your legs and nearly cause you to fall.
“What the fuck?!”
>You barely manage to hold your balance and feel your own anger rise.
“I’m just trying to help for fucks sake!”
>”I didn’t ask for help!”
“And what? You expected a random passerby to ignore someone attacking another?”
>It’s now that the pony starts to break down and cry.
>And now, you realize this is a stallion.
>Probably the most effeminate stallion you’ve seen here in Ponyville.
>Well fuck, not entirely sure what happened, but you gotta get him to calm down.
>You kneel down and gently stroke his back in an attempt to relax him.
“Shhh...It’s okay. Against my better judgment, I won’t go get others.”
>Slowly, he calms down, but is still sniffling.
>”J-just leave me...”
>You feel like shit, this kinda madness shouldn’t be happening in this world, but here it is.
>Can’t just leave him though, at the very least, you can try to help him.
“No can do, at least let me help you get to the hospital or something.”
>He shivers, and shakes his head.
>”I don’t need a doctor, I just want to go home...”
>He tries to stand up, but stumbles.
>You act quickly and hold onto him.
“Easy there, if you want to go home so bad, then fine. But I will help you home at the least.”
>He stares at you with some tears in his eyes.
>”You don’t even know me, so why are you intent on helping me?”
“You’re right I don’t. My name’s Anonymous, what’s yours?”
>He wipes away some of the tears and mumbles something out.
“Sorry, I didn’t hear that.”
>”It’s Damage Case.”
>Do ponies get super high when they name their kids or something?
>You offer up a handshake with a smile.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Damage.”
>He shakes his head, but accepts your gesture.
>”Just call me Case...”
>Nodding you readjust yourself to try to help him.
“Looks like you’re going to have trouble walking, how about I carry you?”
>Case does a double take and looks slightly terrified.
>”I-I’m fine, you don’t want to carry me. I’m too fat and heavy.”
>Is he serious? He is roughly the size of most mares you see around here.
>He tries to make a point by standing up.
>”See? I can make it home just-”
>Though he tries to walk again, he quickly ends back on his rear.
“Uh-huh. Just let me help you, okay?”
>He doesn’t look too happy, but finally relents by nodding.
>Gently, you wrap your arms around his barrel and pick him up.
>Just like you thought, he is quite light.
>And now you can get a better look at him.
>He has a gray coat, black mane with a pink streak, and is wearing some piercings along with some socks.
>Can’t quite make out his cutiemark though, but he has a black eye forming and is pretty roughed up.
>As he is in your arms, he is lightly shaking, probably is pain and scared.
“Alright, lets get you home. Where do you live?”
>Case is quiet for a moment or so before he tells you his address.
>It’s almost on the other side of town, you’re pretty certain you can carry him that far.
>Hopefully at least…
>As you walk along, you see some ponies out and about tonight.
>They all give you weird looks, probably because you’re carrying a pony.
>He’s been awfully quiet the entire time, not that you blame him.
>Sure he is light, but you have to readjust your hold on him as it’s starting to get difficult to carry him.
>Fortunately, you’re almost there and you start to consider what to do.
>Case really doesn’t want your help, but what the fuck do you do?

>Your mind is still racing.
>The only good thing is that you’re almost home.
>Of course you fucked up, you let yourself hope that it would be different this time.
>But no, out of all the ways he could’ve reacted, it just so happened to be a very pissed off stallion.
>In a way, you had hoped he killed you.
>Then Anon came along and ‘saved’ you.
>Fucking pathetic…
>”Alright, here we are.”
>Snapping out of your thoughts, you see your home and feel a slight bit better.
>He gently sets you on the ground and stretches a moment.
“T-thanks...For bringing me home.”
>Anonymous nods.
>”You’re welcome.”
>You’re about to head in, but notice him still standing there.
“Um...Do you want something?”
>He looks like something is on his mind, finally he speaks.
>”Are you going to be alright? I can drop by tomorrow to check on you.”
>Is he being serious?
>Why does he keep insisting on helping you?
“I’ll be fine, you can go home.”
>”I don’t mind really, it’s the least I can do.”
>If it gets him to go away, fine.
“Okay, sure...”
>He nods and starts to head off back where you two came from.
>After watching him turn the corner, you wait for a few minutes before heading inside.
>As the door closes behind you, you call out like you usually do.
“I’m home!”
>No answer of course, you’ve been alone a long time since mom left.
>You let out a sigh and go to take another step, but feel the pain from earlier settle in once more.
>Letting out a groan, you find yourself practically hugging the floor.
“So stupid...He should’ve just killed me.”
>A few tears escape, though you try to stop them.
“Come on, keep it together, can’t breakdown now.”
>You get up, and slowly make your way to the bathroom.
>The moment you turn the lights out, it stings your eyes, but now you can see how fucked up you are.
>Makeup is smeared, your socks are torn, and you have a black eye.
>Gonna be hard to explain that one to your boss in the morning.
>As you clean up, your thoughts go back to earlier.
“Why’d he have to help me?”
>You let out a small gasp of pain as you clean away the makeup.
“No pony bothers to help me, so why him?”
>Probably because fate is cruel, and likes having your suffer.
>You finally remove the last of the makeup and the damaged socks.
>Without the clothes or the makeup, you look like your usually self.
>Shaking your head, you head into the kitchen to grab a ice pack from the fridge and sit at the table.
>It’s always the same.
>You meet somepony, whether they’re a mare or stallion, it doesn’t matter.
>They find out sooner or later that you’re a pathetic excuse of a pony and leave you.
>Or like earlier, beat the shit out of you.
>Letting out another groan, the ice pack stings a bit.
“Why couldn’t I be like everypony else?”
>You already know the answer to that, you’re a joke.
>Mares don’t want you because you look too much like a mare.
>Stallions however, hate how you try to pretend to be a mare.
>Can’t ever seem to find somepony who accepts you for who you are.
“I’m probably going to die alone...”
>As your mind starts to slip into those thoughts, the memories of your mother flash into your mind.
>She always loved you, no matter what.
>She protected you from your father and the bullies.
>Always had the answers and even gave you a reason to live.
>But she’s been gone a while now, that reason is gone as well.
>However, you can’t go through with ending it yourself.
“Because I’m a coward, that’s it, isn’t it?”
>No that isn’t it.
>It’s because you’re holding onto hope, just mom used to say.
>Shaking your head, you feel tired and done with being awake.
“Screw this, I’m going to bed. At least I’m happier in my dreams...”
>You toss the pack in the sink and head to your bedroom.
>You’re still sore as fuck, but that doesn’t matter.
“Maybe I’ll die in my sleep, that’d be great.”
>Reaching your room, you lay down and try to fall asleep, but feel your mind wander.
>Anonymous said he would stop by tomorrow.
>What do you do if does?
>Nothing probably, like you always do.
>You were always weak willed, like dad said...
>A stray thought enters your mind.
>What if you two became friends?
>A laugh escapes you.
“Yeah right, as if he would ever be friends with a freak like me.”
>Rolling over, you try to quiet your mind.
“Just need to fall asleep, and stop thinking about stupid ideas like that.”
>Regardless, it would be nice to have a friend.
>Even for a little while.
>At least for pretend...
>Your eyes become heavy, and at last, sleep takes it’s hold on you.

Just a little short I came up with as I work out my newest story. Might even come back to this later, not sure yet.
File: 1437208608139.png (2.47 MB, 2252x1798)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
File: Drowning_Lessons_5.jpg (377 KB, 1259x867)
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God I hope owlnon keeps this going
>more broken pones
i love this

> Might even come back to this later, not sure yet.
do it whenyou felt it
File: 2341812.png (104 KB, 3352x3928)
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someone needs to poke him to see if he still alive
File: 1143338.png (115 KB, 1000x799)
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115 KB PNG
>tfw your first mcr concert is officially postponed a year
>tfw you knew this was coming and you're still disappointed
Why didn't I go in 2011 when I had the chance
File: Mellow.png (54 KB, 546x432)
54 KB
>Focus, you can do this, just remember your lines.
>Don’t forgot the lines and the moves practiced, please...
>”What say you Captain Spark? Will you join me or will you be my enemy?”
>Here we go.
“You ask me to betray the crown? Are you mad Sombra?”
>He gives lets out a grand laugh.
>”Mad? No, of course not. The old crown is no more, I AM the new crown, the new king.”
>Letting out a gasp, you point at him in accusation.
“The only crown around here is Princess Amore, have at thee fiend!”
>Pulling out your prop sword, you assume the stance, just like in practice.
>”Fiend? We’ll see about that you sniveling worm once you’re beneath my hoof!”
>He draw his sword and the two of you exchange blows.
>As the two of you clash, the sound of wood clanking together and grunting echos throughout the room.
>At last, you land the decisive blow and point your sword at his throat.
“You are defeated Sombra, accept your fate and die with honor.”
>He smirks and cackles.
>”You’re such a fool Spark, you could’ve served me, now you will suffer.”
>As you raise your eyebrow, a glow of magic covers you and you freeze up.
“What sort of trickery is this? Have you no honor?”
>Laughing once more, he stands and shakes his head.
>”What good is honor, when you’re dead?”
>A great deal of smoke surrounds you and you fall through the trap door while he laughs.
>Above, you hear the applause as you’re coughing.
*Cough cough* “They need to lay off the special effects...” *Cough*
>You exit the stage and reemerge to see director smiling.
>>”Well done you two, that was perfect.”
>You give a bow and smile.
“Thank you Mr. Town, working with Cliff has helped immensely.”
>He nods and turns to Sombra, well, Cliff.
>>”I knew you two would work well together, now then, lets prepare for the next scene.”
>Nodding, you and Cliff pick up the scripts to go over them.
>It’s amazing how well you’ve improved with his help.
>”Alright, so when I enter the dungeon, you’re supposed to be knocked out.”
“That’s right, you taunt me and the usual stereotypical bad guy stuff.”
>He shakes his head.
>”It’s not all stereotypes Mellow, do remember this is based on actual events.”
“It’s embellished, do you honestly think it went exactly like this?”
>Cliff arches a brow and frowns.
>”Of course not, but we have to treat it exactly as if it was. Remember what I told you.”
>You haven’t forgotten, but you do get sick of hearing it from him, even if he has been acting long before you have.
“I know, I know...Play the role as if you were the character in question.”
>He nods and looks back to script.
>”Good, now then, I taunt and torture you with ‘magic’, trying to get you turn.”
“I resist, you continue to torture me, using illusions against me and the like.”
>Cliff looks over the script some more, likely memorizing his lines.
>As you’re doing the same, you think to how this event actually went.
>In truth, Sombra wouldn’t have given the captain a second chance, he would’ve just killed him outright rather than waste his time.
>Of course, it’s a play, so they have to make it more exciting by having the hero resist the villain rather than dying.
>Giving the script another look, you set it down and head over to the dungeon they have set up.
>Looks great despite being made of wood and having a painted wall with fake chains attached to it.
>One of the makeup artists comes up and quickly gives you a roughed up appearance.
>As they finishing applying it, you rear up and have your hooves placed in the shackles.
>They’re pretty loose though, so you gotta pretend they’re actually holding you.
>So much work has gone into this play, but still…
>It’s not what you really want.
>You’d rather be a real actor, not some small time pony at the local theater.
>Not like you have a choice though.
>Sure, you’ve tried to go big, but that didn’t pan out.
>Doesn’t help that you get super nervous and mess up.
>It’s not a problem most of the time, but it always seems to happen when you’re in the middle of something important.
>”Alright, action!”
>Snapping out of it, you focus on the scene.
>”Mwuahahaha! How the mighty captain has fallen.”
>Lifting your head up, you let out a small groan and slowly raise your head.
“I-I’m still alive?”
>He paces around the room taunting you.
>”Of course, I am a merciful king after all...To let you, a great captain, go to waste...Would be a terrible mistake.”
>Shaking your head, you give your best glare.
“You won’t get away with this! The citizens won’t stand idly by as you try to seize power!”
>Laughing, he gives a large grin.
>”Oh but I already have! The entire empire is under my hoof. Your former comrades are working for me now, it’s only a matter of time before you join them. Just see the light and join me Spark.”
>”I’m afraid you have no choice, let’s see how well you hold up to this!”
>As you’re surrounded by a magic glow again, you struggle, but accidentally slip out of your shackles and fall face flat.
>”Are you alright Mellow? That looked like it hurt.”
>Only your pride…
>Slowly, you stand back up, rubbing your face.
“Yeah I’m fine.”
>You hear a sigh and turn to see the director frowning.
>>”I think we’ll call it here until tomorrow.”
>You feel awful for screwing up again, and slowly, you slouch.
>>”Alright everypony, lets clean up and remember to practice your lines!”
>As you’re about to go, Cliff stops you.
>He gives you a half smile and nods.
>”Good job today, just keep doing what I told you.”
>You nod and head off to help out on clean up.
File: Paper.png (64 KB, 584x556)
64 KB
>You inspect your latest creation carefully.
>Not that you really need to, you’ve done this so many times, but it never hurts to make sure it’s perfect.
>Letting out a breath, you set it aside with the other crafts.
“Another paper heart. Wonder what I should make next?”
>As you gaze around the park, you see a family of birds in the nearby tree, happily chirping.
>A smile slowly forms on your face, and you nod, knowing what to do.
>Grabbing another sheet of paper, you start to fold.
>Though as you go to flip over the sheet, you accidentally cut yourself.
>Lifting your hoof up, it’s a small cut that bleeds slowly.
>Ignoring the pain, you go back back to folding, cutting yourself again and staining it.
>Doesn’t matter though, it always adds a little more color to your creations.
>Finishing it up, you gently lift it and make the little wings move.
“Not bad, it’s really cute.”
>Setting it with the rest, you look up to see your best friend approaching.
>You give yourself a once over and make sure you’re not a mess.
“Good enough.”
>Nodding, you stand up and wave to him.
“Hi Mellow!”
>He smiles and picks up the pace, you can see he brought his guitar like usual.
>”Hey there Paper.”
>As you beam, you feel your heart beat faster.
>Other than the smiling faces of foals, he is the only other pony to make your day better.
>”Sorry I’m late, rehearsal lasted longer than usual and I had to help clean up of course.”
>Shaking your head, you give him a hug.
“It’s okay, I understand you can busy with the theater. You’re here now anyways, so that’s always good.”
>As you pull back, you see his smile widen.
>”Y-yeah, of course.”
>You sit back down and pick up another sheet to start folding.
“So tell me how it went.”
>Mellow sits down and opens up his case to pull out his guitar.
>”With the exception of a few mistakes, pretty well actually.”
>Though he says that, you know his mistakes often affect him greatly.
>He starts to tune his instrument, and you fold the paper in half again.
>Can’t let him hide it though, so you press on.
“I don’t mind you telling me all about it, you know I enjoy hearing how your plays go.”
>As he tunes, you see him frown from the corner of your eye.
>”Well...Cliff and I did our duel, with me winning of course, but him using magic to capture me. They used too much smoke for effect, didn’t really mess anything up there.”
>You finish up your creation and look over the flower you created.
>Mellow starts to strum his guitar, no song in particular though.
>Something he does when he thinks.
>”In the next scene, I was being tortured. Everything started out great, but I accidentally fell forward onto my face.”
>You wince as you cut yourself again with another sheet.
“Oh, but everything else went alright?”
>His frown is still on his face as he plays a few more cords.
>”I forgot my lines twice. The director wasn’t happy about that.”
>Folding the sheet over again, you stop and touch his wither, giving him a gently squeeze.
“It was a simple mistake, we all forget sometimes.”
>Mellow stops playing and sighs.
>”Yeah, I know you’re right. That doesn’t it from bothering me. I should be able to recite these lines with ease by now.”
>Of course he is still beating himself up, he always does that.
>Not like this is the first time you’ve tried to break him out of this line of thought.
>You look over to your small collection of origami figures, you pick up the paper heart and offer it to him.
“Here, you need this.”
>He turns his head to you and looks down at the heart in your hoof.
>”Oh, you don’t need to do that Paper. I’m sure somepony would love to buy it from your stall.”
>As he tries to push it away, you bring it closer and give him a larger smile.
“I’m sure of it Mellow, you need to not be so hard on yourself. You’re a great actor, and this heart should help you remember that.”
>You can see the conflict on his face.
>He sighs, closes his eyes briefly before reopening them with a smile.
>”Alright, if you insist. But only because it’s from you.”
>He takes it and places it beside his guitar case before going back to playing.
>Nodding, you return to folding.
>The random notes slowly shift into a familiar song he has played before.
>A small group of ponies starts form near you two, listening to his music.
>Mellow pays them no mind, focusing on his music instead.
>You finish up another crane and stop to watch Mellow.
>He is completely immersed into it now, shame he can’t keep that kind of focus up with his acting.
>Someday though, just got to keep reminding him everyday if you have to.
>As he finishes, the group applauds and tosses some bits into his open case.
>”Thanks everypony, I really appreciate the donations.”
>He smiles and plays another song.
>Turning your attention back, you put away your things and sit while he plays.
>Closing your eyes, you enjoy the music while you think.
>Tomorrow should be better, hopefully.
>You have plenty to sell like usual, but that doesn’t quite cover it, because you’re barely making it by.
>The last song finishes with an applause, and you open your eyes.
>”Thanks again everypony, I’m going to pack up.”
>The crowd starts to dissipate as Mellow deals with his donations and guitar.
>>”You’re lucky to have him Missy.”
>Turning your head, you see an elderly mare looking at you with a smile.
“He is great, isn’t he?”
>She nods, continuing on.
>>”I’d be jealous if I was younger, not often you find good stallions like that.”
>Immediately you blush and stammer out a response.
>She laughs and shakes her head.
>>”No need to be embarrassed deary, just an old mare hassling you. Take care.”
>As she leaves, you cool your head.
>You and Mellow are friends, not together.
>Though that doesn’t stop you from thinking about it from time to time.
>Not the first time that somepony has brought it up either, won’t be the last.
>Shaking your head, you turn back to Mellow, who has just finished putting his things away.
>He does a light stretch and readjusts his bandanna before turning his attention to you.
>”This was great Paper, same time tomorrow?”
“Yeah of course.”
>Mellow picks up his case and starts to trot off.
>As you see him disappear into the distance, you let out a sigh and hunch a little.
“It’s getting later, so I should get going as well.”
>Picking up your own things, you start to trot home.
>Along the way, you start to sing a old song you heard when you were little.
“The sun will come out...Tomorrow...”

Here's the start, looking forward to writing this.
>Mellow Drama and Papercut
You are the real MVP giving all the /emo/ characters a spotlight dude.
Oh wow.
Thanks for writing on MD and Papes.
I dig it my guy.
MCR its kinda rusty
File: 1183498.png (294 KB, 991x894)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
File: 2377848.gif (947 KB, 758x837)
947 KB
947 KB GIF
all emos matter
Hehe, silly.
File: 1509578276428.png (145 KB, 4500x3000)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
No point in trying to hide it, its been my plan to write for each emo pony since I started. I don't think I deserve to be called MVP though, I really do think I could do better and will keep trying to do better as long as I can.
Been looking forward to writing these two for a bit, they're an interesting pair and hope I can do them justice.
I need to do art of her
File: inky eri.png (425 KB, 1300x1000)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
you and me sis
I dont wanna bummmp.
I want to add content.
File: 7896545647.png (283 KB, 1057x1557)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Its been a minute since Ive drawn MD.

..Or drawn in general.
Might try to make something more interesting later.
Still, it looks good. I'll be looking forward for that next drawing.
>Looking over the contents of your box, you see you’ve made quite a few origami figures..
>Though you’re fairly certain that you’ve made enough to sell today, it never seems like it’s enough.
“I could make a few more, wouldn’t hurt to have extras.”
>Picking up a sheet, you get to work make at least one spare of each figure.
>As you go through the process of folding, you cut yourself again.
>The pain has become quite tolerable nowadays.
>Guess you’ve grown accustomed to it.
“It’s all that I deserve anyways...”
>But one thing never changes, the emotional pain.
>When you’re around other ponies, it feels like you’re screaming and no pony is listening.
>Even with the cuts, they turn a blind eye to it.
>At least ponies don’t question them as much anymore..
>That doesn’t help you though, it hurts more knowing that.
>You pause, and do a quick check on the amount you’ve made.
“Should be enough, but I can’t stay inside all day, as much as I want to. At least I can get an early start on selling these.”
>Picking up your things, you head out the front door, locking it behind you.
“Can never be too certain...”
>It’s a beautiful and sunny day in Ponyville, shame you can’t enjoy it.
>As you trot along to the market, you see some ponies also out and about.
>They wave or greet you, and you return the gesture.
>You don’t feel the happiness behind it though, you never do.
>It’s been this way for as long as you can remember.
>Too long...
>Shaking your head, you focus on getting to the market and setting up.
>Thankfully it’s not too busy, not yet at least.
>The various farmers are already set up and ready to go of course.
>Your stall however, is pretty small and basic, not that you need much more than that.
>Doesn’t take long to set up either, just put out some origami on display and put up your sign, then you’re ready to go.
>You lean on the counter and wait for potential customers.
>But you already know how this will go, you’ll sell some of your crafts and most will go unsold.
>Letting out a sigh, you let your mind wander.
>Would be nice if more ponies could appreciate the love you put into each piece.
>Sure, you teach ponies, namely foals, how to do origami, but that doesn’t make it so simple.
>Especially for your more complicated works, like the bull or the dragon you have made.
>They never really understand…
>Mellow does though, he gets you more than any other pony you know.
>You’ve been friends for a long time now, not sure what you would do without him.
>He always cheers you up, much like you to him.
>”Mommy! Mommy! Look!”
>Snapping out of it, you see a filly drag her mother over to your stall.
>You put on your best smile and straighten up.
>”They’re all so pretty! Can I have one mommy?” She says as she points to the ones on display.
>The little filly turns to her mother with puppy dog eyes.
>Her mother lets out a sigh, but smiles.
>>”Well alright, how much are they?”
“I have all my prices listed right here.”
>You point to the small sign that you have set up.
“I even sell them in pairs as a special.” You add with a wink
>The filly gasps and quickly devotes her attention to seeing which she wants.
>Your smile widens as you observe her, she is so precious.
>”Um...The one and...That one!” She points to the bird you made yesterday and a fox.
“Excellent choices, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.”
>The filly practically hops in place in glee as you put them both in a bag and hoof them over.
>Her mother pays and looks down to her daughter.
>>”Now what do you say to the nice mare?”
>”Oh right! Thank you miss!”
>Your heart practically melts as you hear her.
“You’re very welcome, have a lovely day.”
>”You too!”
>Her mother gives a friendly nod and the two depart, leaving you a little happier, if only for now.
>Moments like those don’t come often, but when they do, you feel so much better.
>When you do teach at the local school, you love when you’re able to show foals the magic of origami.
>Many get frustrated, but when they see the beauty in it, it’s truly a wonderful sight.
>Some more customers come and buy more of your crafts.
>Though some say nothing, pay and leave, you don’t mind it that much.
>Well that’s a lie…
>You’d actually like it more if they were able to see your loneliness.
>Not gonna happen though, never does…
>”Excuse me miss?”
>Focusing once more, you turn your attention to your next customer.
>A sharp looking stallion looking over your various figures and looks back to you with a smile.
>”Do you make all these yourself?”
“Why yes I do, I spend a lot of time and care into creating each one.”
>He nods rubs his chin.
>”Hmm..They are quite lovely, though to be honest...Not as lovely as you.”
>Oh great…
>Just what you wanted, some random stallion flirting with you.
>Alright Paper, you know how to handle this, you’ve done it many times before.
>Feigning a smile, you nod.
“Oh thank you, but they really have a lot of soul in them. Don’t you think so?”
>”Of course, though I have to ask. Do you mind me taking you out for lunch? I’d like to get to know you better.”
>For the love of Celestia…
“I appreciate the offer, but no thanks. I have a coltfriend.”
>”Oh, well then...I...I should get going then.” He says as he frowns and starts to trot off.
>While it’s nice to get some attention from stallions, past experiences have taught you to be on your guard.
>Pushing that thought aside, you should get going soon, so you pack your things up.
>You do a quick check on today’s profits and let out a sigh.
“Not bad, not great either…At least I can go to the park and hang out with Mellow.”
>On your way to the park, you try to keep your spirits up.
>Readjusting your bandanna, you look over yourself in the mirror one last time and nod.
>You head into the other room, picking up your case and exit the front door, locking it behind you.
>Giving it a few tugs to make sure it’s actually locked, you turn to the road, with Celestia’s sun shining brightly upon you.
>Letting out a sigh of contentment, you start to make your way to the park like usual.
>Today went rather well, in comparison to yesterday that is.
>You only forgot your lines once!
>Shouldn’t be happy about that.
>You really need to improve more, though it’s not like you don’t practice your lines enough.
>It’s the stress of course, it always gets to you and causes trouble.
>No, that’s not all…
>It never is, is it?
>There are times where you some how become accident prone, like yesterday with the shackles.
>If Cliff actually used his magic, that wouldn’t have happened.
>No, that’s not fair to him either, it’s your fault.
>You have to stop making excuses and blaming them on others, it’s not right.
>Shaking your head, you see a couple greet you and you return the gesture with a nod.
>That must be nice, to actually have somepony to love and to love you back.
>At least you have Paper.
>Though she is just a friend, and probably doesn’t see you that way…
>Doesn’t stop you from thinking about it, even when you know you shouldn’t.
>Last thing you want is to ruin what friendship you have with her.
>But what if she actually does like you like that?
“Then what? I’m hardly a good stallion...I’m not handsome and I can barely make it by financially…”
>You see a random pony give you a weird look, causing you to blush and shut your mouth tightly.
>Idiot! Supposed to keep thoughts like that inside your head, not outside…
>Can imagine it now, “Hey everypony, Mellow talks to himself like a creep!”
>You’d lose your job at the theater, ponies would actively avoid you like a disease and-
>Can’t let yourself fall into that line of thinking, not again.
>You will not fall like before, you’re stronger now…
>At least a little stronger than before, but stronger none the less.
>”Hey there Mellow, over here!”
>Snapping out of your thoughts, you didn’t realize you had entered the park.
>Of course, there is Paper sitting in some grass nearby a tree.
>As she waves at you, you wave back and feel your heart flutter.
>Keep it together, remember to play it cool.
>Letting out a breath through your nose, you quicken your pace and she stands to greet you like always with a hug.
>”I’m happy to see you, how was your day?”
>As she pulls out of it, you feel yourself longing to hold on for a little while longer.
>Pushing that thought aside, you smile.
“Pretty good, only forgot my lines once. How about your day?”
>Paper sits back down and starts to work on another piece of origami.
>”It went well, sold some pieces and even met a cute filly who bought two of my creations.”
“That’s great to hear Paper.”
>You sit down as well and take your guitar out like usual.
>”Did anything else happen today?” She says as her bow bounces.
>She is really cute.
>Paper Cute at that, heh.
“Not really, we had to adjust some of the effects for the play like I figured. Namely the smoke.”
>You nearly got into an argument with Mr. Town over it.
>It doesn’t matter if it looks cool, if it makes ponies get into a coughing fit, it’s a problem.
>Thankfully some of the other actors backed you up on that.
>”Well at least that was taken care of. I can imagine it was annoying.”
>You start to tune your guitar as you two talk.
“Oh yeah it was. There was enough of it to make myself and the other actors cough a lot. I was lucky to have them convince the director to make the changes.”
>”I’m guessing he wasn’t happy about that.”
>Strumming out some cords, you feel satisfied with the sound.
“He wasn’t, he complained that less smoke would make it less visible. Which of course he is right, it’s much harder to see with the amount we settled on.”
>To say he was furious was an understatement, not that you blame him.
>”Did you find a middle ground?”
>You nod and play a few more cords.
“Ultimately, we had to find somepony who specializes in stage magic to help. We were lucky to find one in town, don’t remember her name, just that she was really loud and full of herself.”
>She also flirted with a few actors, thankfully not you.
>Not really something to be happy about.
>”Glad to hear it all worked out, how long till you think you will be ready to open up?”
>You start to play one of the songs you know as you continue to talk.
“We’re supposed to open up this weekend, but really that depends on if everypony is ready.”
>Especially if you screw up more.
>You see from the corner of your eye that paper has finished another piece.
>Would be nice to actually create something yourself, she even tried to teach you.
>Didn’t work out too well, your creation looks more like a crumpled up wad.
>As you finish the song, you hear a small applaud from several ponies who stopped to listen.
>You never seem to notice when others show up, they just do when you are playing outside.
“Thank you, thank you.”
>Some of them toss some bits into your open case not that you’re complaining though, the bits certainly help, considering you don’t make much through acting and staging.
>It does make you feel a little guilty though, since you’re just playing a song somepony else made and not yourself.
>Perhaps someday you will actually write something original, maybe…
>Focusing back on playing, you drown out the world again and play some more songs.
>At least Paper doesn’t mind when other ponies stop to listen to you play, and you’re grateful for it.
>She is always so supportive and kind...And beautiful...And the mare of your dreams…
>Dammit, stop doing that.
>Can’t keep hiding those thoughts forever though.
>When the day comes, you’ll deal with it.
>You finish up the last song song and start to put your things away.
“That was the last song, thanks again everypony.”
>They start to disperse, leaving you alone with Paper once more.
>You make sure your bandanna is still in its place and turn your attention to Paper.
“Thanks for listening to me Paper, I really mean it.”
>”Of course, I love spending time with you.” She says with a smile.
>That word “Love” hangs in the air for you.
>You return the smile and pick up your case to head home..
>Along the way, you let yourself think about how nice a date with her would go.
“It’s a stupid fantasy, but it’s still nice to think about...”

File: 2378504.png (67 KB, 1900x1570)
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File: eri comic.png (516 KB, 883x1608)
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516 KB PNG
"When you do things right, no one is aware you did something at all"
God in Futurama
File: x.jpg (49 KB, 1300x1000)
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some sketches
Spin it baby!
File: pantsu.jpg (47 KB, 1300x1000)
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>new panic
Do you have AFYCSO instead? Hell, I'll even settle for Too Weird to Live.
Also, what's with the jpg artifacts?
>Also, what's with the jpg artifacts?
i post my sketches on low quality because they are not the final product
File: chick.jpg (53 KB, 1300x1000)
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last one
Futurama was so good
File: 1374972.png (86 KB, 749x885)
86 KB
>You finish drying off and wipe away the steam on the mirror.
>As you stare at your reflection, your eyes are drawn to the large scar on your neck.
>You slowly trace over it with your hoof.
“It’s never going away...”
>A permanent reminder of your attempt to take your life.
>When ever you see it, the memory hits you hard.
>Sure it was a while ago, before you met Paper, but it still feels like yesterday.
>You were at the lowest point in your life; no job, no friends, and were on the way to being homeless as well.
>A nightmare come true that you couldn’t awaken from.
>Every day was a struggle, especially with the thoughts taunting you.
>Didn’t matter what it was, you found a reason to hate yourself more.
>It all culminated in one final night, you couldn’t fight against it anymore, so you decided to end it.
>Found a nice spot near the forest, figuring you could at least give back to the wildlife instead of being a waste otherwise.
>Brought a knife with you and left a note at home.
>All the courage in the world was granted to you, guiding the blade along your neck.
>To say it was painful is an understatement, you haven’t felt anything like it since.
>You passed out from the blood loss and a random pony out for a walk saved you, just barely though.
>In hindsight, committing such an act out the open was a dumb idea.
“I never stopped regretting any of it either...”
>Slipping on one of your favorite bandannas, you cover the ugly scar once more.
>It was pure luck that you could even speak after cutting so deep, at least that’s what the doctor said.
“Hated being in that hospital, it felt so lifeless and that didn’t help me recover any faster...”
>Shaking your head, you finish up getting ready.
>Locking the door, you make your way to the theater.
>Your mind wanders back to earlier, as much as you don’t want it to.
>Sure you like bandannas, but you only started wearing them everyday to hide your mistake.
>It’s not always so easy to conceal though...
>Paper eventually saw it, you couldn’t lie to her, so you told her everything.
>The fear you felt in that instance was one of the greatest you ever felt.
>She listened to you and actually understood, it was there that you’re certain your feelings for her were cemented.
“If only I could confess to her, it hurts to hold all this in...”
>Crud, you said that out loud again, need to stop doing that.
>You reach the theater, heading inside to help setup and rehearse.
>Fortunately it never takes long to do that, helps that everypony works together so well.
>As you finish moving another set piece into place, you hear a familiar voice behind you.
>”Ready today’s scene Mellow?”
>Turning around, you see Cliff adjusting another piece.
“Yeah, to be honest, this is one of my favorite parts.”
>He nods and faces you.
>”Just remember to take it easy, don’t try to rush it.”
>Though he is trying to help, it annoys you how he treats you like you’re a colt.
“I won’t forget, I’m certain of today going well.”
>”Good to hear, I’m going to go prepare, you should as well.”
>As he trots off, you let out a sigh.
>It’s not like you’re not grateful for all his help, he is one of the few actors around here willing to work with you.
>Which says a lot, considering his experience and his role in this play.
>It’s just that...No, not this again.
>You take a breath and slowly release it, going off to prepare for the scene.
>As you reread the script, and feel confident, taking your place as you wait.
>Almost on cue, Mr. Town takes his seat and opens up a copy of the script.
>>”Alright everypony, take your places and...Action!”
>>>”I was so worried when I heard the palace had been attacked, I’m glad you’re safe Bright.”
>You approach your wife with a serene smile.
“Everything is alright my love, the king is making the necessary changes to ensure our empire remains safe.”
>Her eyes slowly widen in horror.
>>>”No! It can’t be true, you’re actually working for that monster?” She starts to back up.
“He is the king, his word is law. You know this...No, don’t tell me...”
>You narrow your eyes and give a look of shock.
“You’re one of them aren’t you? You’re a loyalist...My own wife...”
>Turning away, she pleads to you.
>>>”Don’t do this! It doesn’t have to be this way, we can leave this place. Equestria is just to south, there are many fleeing there now.”
>Stomping your hoof, you turn back to her.
“And betray the crown?! You’re unwell, the dungeons will treat this ailment!” You snarl.
>>>”No Bright! D-don’t do this! I love you! Don’t you understand?!” She says as she cowers.
“LIAR! If you love me, you love the king as well. You will learn that soon enough...”
>As you descend on her, she screams.
>An applause erupts as the scene finishes.
>>”Great job! You’re so close I can feel it.” Says Mr. Town with a smile.
>Nodding, you prepare for the next scene.
>Looking over the script again, you feel you’re ready.
“All you have to do is accept the king my love, please don’t resist.”
>>>”No! Why are you doing this?! I thought you loved me, this isn’t love!” She sobs loudly.
>Sure this isn’t real, but it breaks your heart.
“All for the good of the empire, that is love, is it not?”
>>>”He has poisoned your mind, don’t you see that? I know deep down your still in there, somewhere.”
“The only poison, is the words that ooze from your lips.” You sigh and exit the scene with her crying.
>This is going to be a long day, you can feel it.
File: 1151915.png (452 KB, 1000x1535)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
>You put on your saddlebags, exiting your home and lock the door like normal.
>All things considered, you did well today.
>Sold a lot more pieces than usual, it’s never enough though.
>Would be nice if you could save up enough for a garden of your own.
>You wouldn’t have to go out so much to enjoy the flora and fauna then.
>Letting out a sigh, you slowly shake your head.
“That’s probably never going to happen...”
>It’s still a nice dream.
>Not that you mind being in the park, it’s the other ponies that make you nervous.
>While they don’t say anything to your face, you’re certain they talk behind your back.
>It’s easy enough to explain your cuts as apart of your work as a origami artist.
>That works most of the time, but there are some who can see that some cuts are deep and old.
>They’re right of course, those are from the days you used a razor.
>That was a long time ago, when you were younger.
>You don’t care that the scars never go away, at least not as much anymore.
>Regret starts to settle in, causing you to sigh and slow your approach to the park.
>No, can’t let yourself show your pain on the outside, you straighten up and pick up your pace.
>At least you’re good at hiding it from others, though you do hate hiding it from Mellow.
>He can’t read you like you can him, but you do share some things with him.
>Like your cutting, he doesn’t like that, not that you blame him.
>Finding a spot, you sit down near the pond this time.
“Such a lovely day too.” You say as you look around.
>Pulling out a sheet from your bags, you start to fold.
>Tomorrow you get to teach at the school, so that raises your spirits a bit.
>Not often you get to do that, but you’re overjoyed when you’re able.
>You stop and realize you had quickly made a crane.
“Odd...I normally never make it that fast.”
>Carefully inspecting it, you find no flaws.
“That’s...That’s a first, maybe I’m good enough to mass produce them now…Yeah right...”
>Setting it aside, you know better.
>Despite today’s turn out, you still have loads of figures you didn’t sell.
>That is normal though, you have NEVER sold out, not once since you were little.
>Back then it was easy to explain as inexperience and being a little filly.
>Actually no...
>There was one other time, that was shortly after you and Mellow became friends.
>He actually bought you out, but you did feel bad since it like you were taking advantage of him.
>Though he insisted that wasn’t true.
>Mellow has always been so nice to you.
>You were lucky to him meet him that day at the theater.
>After you were insulted, you felt so low that you couldn’t think straight.
>It was there that you almost broke apart, but Mellow came along and saved you.
>Kinda funny how your thoughts go back to him often.
“Probably because I have a crush on him...”
>You really need to make more friends, would be nice to get some advice on stuff like this.
>It’s not like you can ask him out, right?
>Even ignoring the tradition of a stallion asking out a mare, you’re afraid that this will push you two apart.
>You can’t lose him, he’s the only pony you actually talk to and like.
>Can’t confide in any other pony, you don’t trust them enough.
>Mellow actually trusted you enough to tell you about his scar for crying out loud.
>And you trusted him enough to tell him of your ‘habit’.
“Need to stop thinking about this, nothing good will come of it.”
>Though you say that, you know you will come back to it, you always do.
>Finishing up another creation, you note that you made a few while you thought.
“This always happen too...At least they’re all good.”
>Funny how it’s become automatic for you to create while you think.
>It’s one of the few habits you don’t mind having.
>But there is one downside to it doing that.
>As you look at your forelegs and hooves, you see that you’ve cut yourself more.
>It’s probably a carry over from when you used to cut with a razor.
>Not the best time to be thinking about that again.
“Where is Mellow?” You say as you look around.
>Probably is running behind with work no doubt.
>You know it’s not his fault when that happens, but it still hurts.
>He does care about you, even when he doesn’t say it.
>Why else would he hang out with you?
>Because he is in love with you?
>Can’t say for certain on that one, he might just do it out of pity.
“He would never do that, Mellow actually likes being around me!” You snap at the thought.
>Your eyes widen as you realize you said that out loud.
>Squeezing your eyes tightly, you try to hide the shame from yourself.
>As you reopen them, you see Mellow enter the park, though it looks like he has been...Galloping?
>Your day grows brighter and you stand to greet him like normal.
“Over here Mellow!” You call out.
>The moment he sees you, his face brightens and he quickly trots to you.
>”I’m so sorry I’m late Paper, got caught up with the play and-”
>You cut him off before he can continue with a hug.
“It’s okay, I’m happy you’re here now.”
>As you hold him, you can hear his heavy breaths, probably from all that galloping.
>You pull back and look at him with a smile, but notice he has a large blush on his face.
>”I-um-uh...Yeah...Me too.”
>It’s cute when he stutters out like that.
>Sitting down, you pat a spot next to you for him to join you.
>He sits down, and you see that he doesn’t have his guitar with him today.
>”Oh no! I left my guitar at home!” He freaks out upon realizing it as well.
>Before he can stand, you reach out and hold onto him.
“It’s fine, we can just sit and relax for now, okay?”
>Looks like he wants to say something, but concedes and slowly relaxes.
>That’s better, you start to make some more figures and ask him the usual.
“So how’d it go today?”
>”Perfect, if you can believe it.”
“That’s wonderful.” You nod along.
>”What probably helped was the scene today was dark, I usually perform best with those.”
>”Yeah, not to spoil too much, but it involved the captain and his wife.”
>Likely morbid in some way no doubt, you nod for him to continue.
>”I didn’t forgot my lines nor was I a klutz this time either.”
>You can see from the corner of your eye that he is smiling and watching you.
>His eyes are so pretty with the way they sparkle when he talks about his passion.
>”Would be nice if I could do that every time though...”
>Can’t let him go down that line of thought.
“We all make mistakes Mellow, no pony is perfect.”
>A stray thought comes across and you figure this might be the best time to ask it.
“Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, how about we hang out at my house?”
>His eyes widen and he looks extremely nervous.
>Oh no...Did you ask too soon? You’re such an-
>”Yeah! I mean...Of course Paper.” He smiles and your heart swells.
“Good, lets relax a little longer then.”
>He nods and continues to watch you.
>That was close, but tomorrow you can test the waters.
>You trust him after all, and it’s about time you see how much he likes you.

File: 1448844954590.png (3.96 MB, 1750x1500)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB PNG
File: eri .png (278 KB, 1300x1300)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
i creeh for you budy!
File: DR voff.png (569 KB, 2000x1324)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
btw great album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDFukz7tcn4
Morning bump
Aww, cute
>You give your bow one final tug to make sure it’s tied tight, and see that it’s holding.
“Good, last thing I want is it coming loose while I teach.”
>Looking at your reflection, you give your best smile.
>Your mood is pretty high for once, probably helps that you’re both teaching and having Mellow come over.
>It’s not like you’re going to ask him out though, just want to see where you two stand with each other.
>Who knows, maybe you can finally settle both your heart and mind?
“Would be nice, wouldn’t it?” You ask your reflection.
>Of course it would, but you can only wait and see.
>As you go finish getting ready to head out, you let yourself imagine a date him with.
>Not sure how much of a romantic he is, but you’d like to think he’d be the classic gentlecolt.
>He pretty much is anyways.
>Always being so kind to you, and when you open up to him, he gives you his full attention.
>Mellow is the only pony who gets you.
>You have tried dating before in past, though each ended...Poorly.
>It was always something; you’re too closed off, too needy, not outgoing enough, or your personal favorite...Your cuts.
>Sighing, you put on your saddlebags and lock up as you leave.
“Focus on getting through teaching and then see what happens. That’s all I have to do.”
>Giving one final nod, you head off to the schoolhouse.
>You’ve had Mellow over before, each time was great.
>It’s not much different than when you two hang out at the park, just at your house though.
>Of course you made dinner for him before as well.
>Isn’t that what couples do?
>Don’t overthink this Paper, you can’t make assumptions.
“I really need advice...”
>Wait, you’re already heading to the school, why not ask Cheerilee while the foals are at recess?
>You don’t have to tell her everything either, just ask for advice is all.
“That...That may work, it’s better than nothing.”
>You realize you were talking out loud again, but thankfully no pony is around to see your blunder.
>Stress makes you do that from time to time.
>Makes you do a lot of things too…Oh look, the schoolhouse is just up head.
>You stop just outside and take a moment to gather yourself.
>While the foals make you happier, you really want to make sure you remain focused throughout the lesson.
“Just relax Paper, you’ve done this hundreds of times before.”
>You breath in and slowly release it, feeling more confident than you did earlier.
>Thankfully, no pony didn’t see you doing this, probably think you’re weird.
>You open the door and head inside.
>Cheerilee is at her desk and the students are working on something.
>When she sees you, she smiles and nods.
>You return the gesture and approach her.
“Hey there, how are things today?”
>A few students peek up from the their work with excited looks on their faces.
>”Quite well, they’re behaved as usual and working on book report at the moment. We’ll have you teach after they finish, they’re pretty excited.”
>Figures, you remember having to do those in school, always stressed you out.
>She couldn’t be more right about origami helping either.
“I’m looking forward to it.” You say as you take off your bags and prepare.
>Brought stacks of paper and some example pieces you made recently.
>Not that you expect them to have the level of skill you have, it just helps inspire them to see what they could be capable of.
>Who knows? Maybe one of them gets a cutiemark in origami like you.
>You finish setting up the table and can see a few eager eyes watching you.
>It’s hard not to giggle at how cute they are.
>Thankfully you don’t have to wait long, as the last of them finish their work and look at you both with large smiles.
>Maybe someday you’ll have foals of your own…
>Focus Paper, Cheerilee is talking.
>”-I’ll let Ms. Cut take over from here.” She says as she turns to you.
>Might’ve missed a few things, but that’s alright.
“Hello everypony, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I’m looking forward to showing the beauty of origami. I’m sure most of you have heard of it before.”
>You see several of them nod, some look bored, but that’s okay.
“If you don’t know already, it is the art of folding paper into a sculpture. There is more to it than that, but lets start off with something simple.” Saying as you start to give each row a stack of paper.
>You show them how to make a paper flower to start, it’s one of your favorites.
>Like always, some students get confused or mess up, not that you blame them.
>You weren’t an expert when your first started either.
“Just like this, see?” You show another student where to fold and their eyes sparkle.
>>”Thank you Ms. Cut.” They say with a bright smile.
“You’re very welcome.” You beam and continue to go around to see how the rest are doing.
>Before long, recess has come and you watch as they scamper off outside.
>Now’s your chance to ask her, hopefully she can help you.
“Do you have a moment Cheerilee?” You ask her as she is about to head outside with the students.
>”Sure, but I have to watch over the foals outside.” She nods.
>You follow her out and hope for the best.
“I need some advice about a friend of mine.”
>She arches an eyebrow as she watches the students. “Oh?”
“Yes, I’ve known him for a long time and I’ve wondered for a while now if he has feelings for me.”
>Cheerilee blinks a few times before looking at you.
>”Not the kind of question I was expecting, but alright. Has he said or done anything specific to hint it?”
>You think back, and of course, you find many different occasions involving him.
“He’s been there for me whenever I’ve needed him. He’s always open with me as well.”
>That’s not all though.
“And he has always complimented my work, no matter how bad it is.”
>”Anything else? Like, complimenting your appearance? Or, giving you gifts?”
“He does say I look pretty when I feel down, and he sometimes plays a song for me on his guitar. I’d consider that a gift, considering how well he plays.”
>She smirks and focuses her attention on the foals, your own eyes look out towards them as well.
>”Not to sound rude Paper, but it sounds like you already know the answer.”
>Guess you were right to assume it, but still…
“I just need to be sure, the last thing I want to do is lose him to an assumption.”
>She nods. ”That’s understandable, perhaps you should indirectly ask him? That’s likely the safest option.”
>That’s what you thought as well, at least somepony else has helped you confirmed it at last.
“That was my plan, it’s good to know that I’m going about this right way. Thank you Cheerilee.” You smile.
>”You’re welcome Paper, I hope everything goes well for you.”
>You hope so too, we’ll see though.

>”Take care Mellow, remember tomorrow is opening day.” Cliff says as you depart.
“You too, I won’t forget Cliff.” Waving as you leave the theater.
>Clouds cover the skies, hiding the sun and turning the world a bit gray.
>Fortunately you brought an umbrella today, and prepare to open it as you trot along.
>Your heart beats hard and your mind is filled with thoughts of what will happen today.
>You really don’t want to overthink this, Paper has invited you over before and each time it was to hang out.
>And each time she has asked, you lost your composure like yesterday.
>Doesn’t stop you from thinking this is the moment where she confesses her feelings to you.
>Watching her yesterday make origami was interesting and helped you relax.
>Especially since-
>A rain drop lands on your muzzle, causing you to scrunch.
“Figures...Least I came prepared.”
>You open up your umbrella as more rain starts to come down.
>Never was one for rainy days though, they made you feel low.
>Fit perfectly for the books you’ve read and the plays you’ve played in.
“Perfect for a tragedy, funny how that works.”
>You’re doing it again Mellow, have to stop doing that.
>Some ponies run for cover, others pull out their rain gear as well.
>Ignoring them and the world again, you continue forth towards home to get your guitar.
>Despite the thoughts in your head and heart, you will treat this like any other day.
>That’s the right thing to do...Isn’t it?
>You’re not actually sure.
>It is the safe thing to do at least, so that way you don’t make a fool of yourself like you have before.
>Before you overthink things again, you reach your house.
“Thank Celestia...” Saying as you unlock the door and go inside.
>At least here you can speak freely, though you try not to as to develop that bad habit further.
>Rather than standing around, you quickly put away your bags and grab your guitar before stopping at the front door.
“Just remember Mellow, treat this like any other time. Don’t overthink it and play it cool.”
>Taking a breath, you release it and head back outside.
>How ominous, it’s gotten darker out.
>Kinda worrisome as well, you might have to stay over at Paper’s till the storm dissipates.
>You’re already overthinking again idiot.
>Shaking your head, you attempt to relax and focus on getting to Paper’s.
>As you trot along the road again, you don’t see anymore ponies out, no surprise there.
>Who’d actually want to be out in this? Other than you of course.
>The only downside about this though, is that Paper lives pretty far from you.
>But honestly, that doesn’t bother you, because at the end of the day, you’d do anything for her.
>You finally arrive at Paper’s home, and are a little wet now.
>As you knock, you feel yourself shiver.
“Sheesh, its cold out here.”
>The door unlocks and opens with Paper standing there with a large smile on her face.
>You can never get enough of her smile…
>”Come inside, don’t want you to get sick Mellow.”
>As you step inside and set your umbrella down, she shuts the door behind you.
>Before you can say anything, she quickly trots off to the bathroom.
>Odd, why is she-
>She comes back out with a towel and gives it to you.
>Of course that’s what she was doing, you idiot.
“Thanks, it’s starting to get bad out there.” You say as you dry off.
>Her face gets a look of concern. “Sorry about that, didn’t realize it would. Hope you don’t get sick.”
“I’m not too worried, I’m pretty healthy and I don’t get sick that easily.” You puff out your chest for emphasis.
>As you finish drying off, she gives you a hug like usual, but this one lasts longer than normal.
>Don’t overthink it, don’t overthink it, don’t overthink it...
>She pulls back and takes the towel back into the bathroom.
>Shaking out of whatever that was, you open up your case and pull out your guitar.
>”I’m going to be making some coco, do you want some?” She calls out from the other room.
“Yeah sure.” Replying back.
>Taking a seat on the couch, you start to tune like always.
>While you really don’t need to always do that, it’s better to be certain.
>You keep reminding yourself to treat this like any other day.
>As you start to strum out some chords, Paper returns with two cups and gives one to you.
“Thanks, how was your day?” You accept the cup and ask.
>She sits down and takes a sip before answering.
>”It went really well, the foals were great as usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them gets a origami related cutiemark like myself.”
>As you go to take a sip of your own, she continues on.
>”Mellow, do you ever think about the future?”
>You nearly spit out your coco, but barely manage to swallow it.
“Y-yeah, all the time. How about you?” Your heart starts to race.
>She nods. “I do too, I try to imagine who I will be with and what life would be like.”
>Uh...Where is she going with this? Is she asking you what you think she is asking?
>Dammit Mellow, don’t overthink it, play it cool you fool!
>Refocusing, you strum out some more chords and nod.
>”How about your day?”
“Rehearsal went great, no mistakes today. I won’t hold my breath though, as tomorrow is opening night.”
>From the corner of your eye, you can see that she watching you closely.
>”I believe in you Mellow, I know the play will go off without a hitch.” She says as she touches you.
>Okay, is she trying to send you a signal?
>No, no she isn’t. You’re overthinking this again, she is being a supportive friend is all.
>Is she really though? You’ve wanted to tell her for so long about your feelings for her.
>Can’t risk it, not yet.
>However, an idea comes to mind that might help ease things.
“Thanks Paper, how about you come to see it? I’m sure I can get you a ticket.”
>As you start to play a song, you watch her from the corner of your eye.
>It’s really hard to read her though, she is really good at hiding things.
>She could be a actress with that kind of poker face, kinda ironic to be honest.
>Paper gives a little smile and nods. “That’d be wonderful, though are you certain you can?”
>In truth, you will likely have to bend over backwards to get one, but it will be worth it for her.
“Yeah of course, I’ve worked there for years and I’m sure I can.”
>She looks excited and her bow bounces a little. “I’m looking forward to it.”
>As the rain falls, you nod because you too are looking forward to this.

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Oh my
File: 1583088282596.png (168 KB, 825x579)
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168 KB PNG
>To say you’re nervous is an understatement, you can hardly focus right now.
>”You’re asking for my help in getting a ticket, for a friend?” Cliff gives you a neutral look.
>He is the only pony you can turn to for this, but that doesn’t stop him from staring into your soul.
>Gulping down your fear, you put on your best poker face.
“Yes, please help me Cliff. It’s very important to her, I promise to repay you.”
>He blinks slowly and leans back in his chair before letting out a small sigh.
>An uncomfortable amount of time pass, you begin to sweat and he finally answers.
>”This friend, you’re doing it for ‘her’?” He says as he stares at you.
>You nod as words are unable to form.
>Cliff sits up straight again. “When you say ‘her’, is she your marefriend?”
“No, she is my best friend. I want to her to see this play, and it-”
>He cuts you off with a wave of his hoof. “Mellow, I’ve been acting for almost my entire life. I can tell she is more than a friend to you.”
>You’re stunned, how does he do that? Can he read your mind?
>Before you can ask, he continues. “While I’m not a mind reader, I’ve learned to read ponies, and you’re no exception.”
>Well crud, guess there is no hiding this.
>You run your hoof through your mane and sigh.
“She means the world to me, she is the only pony that understands me. I think tonight I want to ask her out tonight.” You feel yourself slouch.
>He nods slowly, and seems to take on a regal appearance.
>Fitting, considering his role.
>”Are you certain of her feelings for you though?” He postulates.
>Though you feel uncertain, you answer anyways.
“No, not completely, but I can’t keep hiding this from her. I’ve been hiding it for years, and I can’t hide this anymore...”
>He mulls over it a moment before answering.
>”Very well, I will try to get you a ticket. However, do not count it. This is at last minute.”
>You feel so relieved, but freeze as Cliff touches your wither.
>His face softens and his age shows. “I wish you the best of luck in your confession.”
>You feel your eyes moisten and you close them to hide it.
“Thank you Cliff, I appreciate the wishes.”
>He gives you a gentle pat before letting go and trotting off.
>You’re still stunned from earlier, he really does surprise you sometimes.
>Then again, that probably comes with age and wisdom.
>Shaking it off, you stand to go prepare for tonight with a flame of hope burning within.
>Shouldn’t take too long either, the rehearsals have been pretty consistent.
>Plus you spent a good chunk of this morning and last night going over your lines again.
>Probably would’ve studied it more if you weren’t spending time with Paper, but she matters more.
>Can’t let yourself get too distracted though, need to focus on making sure everything is ready.
>Several ponies, yourself included, work on the finishing touches for the play.
>Everything seems to be in place, which means you have time to look over the script again.
>Can never be too safe either, you don’t want to blunder this play.
>You were so lucky that Mr. Town was kind enough to look over your past mistakes for this role.
>To be relegated to a background role is miserable, to have no real purpose in the play.
>At least here your character has a good purpose to this, plus you enjoy how it ends.
>As you’re reading, you feel somepony tapping you to get your attention.
>You turn to face and see Cliff standing there with a ticket.
“You did it? That’s awesome Cliff! Thank you so very much. I don’t know how I can repay you.” Your heart soars.
>He nods. “You’re welcome. It wasn’t easy, and that’s putting it mildly. We can worry about you repaying me later, just remember to stay focused for the play though.”
“Yeah of course, I promise I won’t forget.” You beam and get ready to visit Paper.
>After a quick once over in the mirror, you leave the theater with a hastened pace.
>Your heart is beating so fast now, this is it at last.
>You’re going to ask her out tonight after the play, it’s now or never.
“I’ve got to grow up someday, like dad used to say.”
>Talked out loud again, but you don’t care enough at the moment.
>Dad never really understood acting like you did, mom did at least.
>That’s not really fair to say though, he did support you as much as she did.
>Before you can get too deep into thought, you’ve arrived at Paper’s home.
>You stop at the door and make sure your bandanna is on straight.
>With everything in order, you knock and wait.
>The door opens to reveal her smiling face. “I was wondering if that was you, I’m glad to see you.”
>She quickly pulls you into her signature hug, one that you readily return.
“I got the ticket for you, wanted to come by to drop it off and check in with you.”
>As she pulls out of the hug, she beams with an excited look. “Oh Mellow that’s wonderful, I can’t wait to watch it.”
>Paper backs up for you to come inside with her.
“So how was your day?” Figure you can ask her this time around.
>She looks a little surprised. “Pretty well, sold some more crafts and talked to a few ponies. Nothing too special.”
>”But it’s even better now that you’re here.” Her green eyes seemingly sparkle as she says that.
>Yesterday she said things like that, and you’re pretty sure she was trying to tell you her feelings without actually saying it.
>She probably wanted you to confess, but you didn’t have the guts to ask her right then and there.
>You intend to change that tonight, though.
“You make my day better as well, but I’m going to head back to finish getting ready. See you there?”
>She nods with a great smile as her bow bounces. “Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
>With a smile of your own plastered to your face, you nod and start to make your way back.
>As you watch Mellow leave from your window, you feel confused.
>He acted aloof yesterday, and seemingly ignored the signals you sent out.
>Where you not obvious enough or was he just not interested?
>But then why did he get you a ticket to the play, especially on short notice?
>It’s all so confusing...
>Unless you’re misreading this whole thing, but you thought everything was so crystal clear.
“Maybe he doesn’t see me that way...But still...”
>You feel so conflicted, and it hurts deep down.
>The same pain you feel everyday, just stronger now.
>It’s not like Mellow would intentionally hurt you though, that doesn’t stop the pain.
>Can’t let it take too much of a hold though, so you start to prepare.
“I-I need to get ready...I said I would watch the play and that’s what I’ll do.” You shakily say.
>Though as you start to get ready, you find some difficulty in basic tasks.
>Like figuring out which bow to wear or whether you should wear a dress.
>Just focus Paper, all you need to do is wash up and go see the play.
>Easier said than done, you go start a bath.
>An old thought enters your mind...You could cut like you used to.
>But you already do, just with paper instead...Although the razor would be more effective at relieving the stress.
>Shaking your head, you know better.
>You won’t fall back into that routine again.
>You take a quick bath to save on time, and put on one of your usual green bows.
>They’ve always helped keep your long mane in check, and accented well with your eyes.
>Giving yourself a look in the mirror, you see yourself looking like your usual self.
>You give yourself a pep talk before you finish getting ready.
“Alright, just be there for him. He’s counting on you.”
>With that out of the way, you head back into the other room and pause.
>You still have time, why not make some sculptures?
>After all...This pain won’t go away on its own, no.
>Normally you don’t try to cut yourself, but you’re going to make this intentional.
>The only downside is that this tends to ruin the sculpture.
“That just makes it more unique is all...”
>With each cut you make, you let out a small gasp and wince.
>The cuts sting, but at least the deep feeling brooding within is settling.
>Albeit slowly, but it’s still going down.
>You finish up a slightly dented and blood stained paper heart.
“How fitting.” You muse.
>Grabbing another sheet, you start again, though this time you make something more complicated.
>You rapidly fold and press the sculpture into the shape of a star.
>It slowly takes form, though you have added some complexity by adding more points than usual.
>Giving it another press, you lift it and carefully examine your work.
“It’s...Not all that bad actually.”
>Somehow, you’ve made a happy accident here.
>Strange how sometimes pain can lead to such creativity.
>You’d work on another, but you’re certain that time is short.
>A quick glance to the nearby clock confirms it.
“Need to get going, can’t be late.” Setting the paper aside, you stand and stretch.
>With one final check, you head out the door and into the streets of Ponyville.
>The evening air helps ease the pain a bit more.
>As you’re out, you see other ponies out as well, and some even greet you kindly.
>You return the greeting each time with a fake smile or nod.
>Maybe you’ll enjoy the play, you will try at least.
>No matter what happens, you will be there for Mellow.
>Even if it hurts, you will be his rock in this storm, much like he is to you.
>Why does this all have to be so complicated?
>Your mind slowly blanks out, and soon you find yourself at the theater.
“Thank Celestia...” You barely mutter.
>You get into line and try to stay level headed.
>While being ponies didn’t bother you too much, there is quite a few here at the moment.
>Some are clearly couples, and it makes you feel self conscious.
>Focus Paper, you can’t let this get to you.
>Fortunately the line moves a decent pace, and you find yourself next.
>Hoofing over your ticket, you make your way in.
>It’s here that you realize that you have a front row seat.
>Guess Mellow really pulled out all the stops then.
>You take your seat and wait as the theater slowly fills.
>Not a full house from what you can see, but there is quite a few ponies here.
>Minutes pass and finally, a pony emerges from the curtains dressed in robes.
>”Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome to tonight’s show. We have a wonderful, yet tragic tale to share with you...”
>The pony narrates on that this took place during the fall of the Crystal Empire.
>However, you already got some spoilers from the talks Mellow had with you, but you’re excited none the less.
>King Sombra overthrows the princess and quickly begins his stranglehold on the empire.
>But he encounters some resistance from the loyalists, and the old guard.
>It doesn’t take long for Mellow himself to show up as captain Spark, he looks quite handsome in his costume.
>He captures your attention, and you’re thrilled to see he is doing so well.
>The story however, is quite sad, as he is twisted into serving the king.
>It’s pretty screwed up how the scene works as well, but it’s a play after all.
>The saddest part quickly approaches, with Spark having to torture his own wife.
>Now you get what Mellow meant from earlier, it’s really messed up.
>”My king, if I may have a moment of your time?”
>>”What is it captain? Do you not understand your orders?”
>”I do understand them, but I am concerned about my wife.”
>>”What’s there to understand? Do you forget that loyalists brainwash their followers? Of course she will be resistant to reeducation.”
>At the word of reeducation, you feel yourself cringe, it’s so horrible.
>”I haven’t forgotten, but I worry for her. She isn’t eating and looking worse by the day.”
>Sombra gives him a look of pity before smiling.
>>”All will be well, she will saved soon enough. You needn’t worry.”
>You can already see how this will end.
>>”If you don’t have anymore questions, then leave me. There is much I have to do.”
>Spark says nothing and leaves, changing the scene.
>Things continue to go on until Spark visits his wife in the dungeon.
>”How are you feeling my love?”
>As he gentle prods her, she doesn’t move.
>Oh no…
>”Amber? Amber can you hear me? What’s wrong?!”
>He rolls her over to reveal her lifeless body, your heart breaks.
>”This isn’t funny, please open your eyes! Speak to me! Say anything!”
>His face goes through a series of emotions, it all ending in him losing his mind.
>He snaps, finally breaking free of the hold over him. About time too, this was almost unbearable.
>Spark seeks out the loyalists and manages to reach out to Equestria for aid.
>However, the king shows up and leads an assault on them.
>In his final climatic battle, Spark faces Sombra one last time.
>”You will pay for what you did you monster! You took everything from me!” Spark points his sword at the king.
>Sombra grins. “Everything belongs to me, even your life, and now...You will die...”
>Spark snarls and charges him, but unlike last time, it’s clearly one sided in Sombra’s favor.
>As expected, Sparks is disarmed and struck a fatal blow with Sombra standing over him.
>”Such a shame that it had to come to this, now you can join your ‘wife’ in Elysium.” He gloats.
>Sparks gives out a choked laugh. “That is true, but your end is near, of this I am certain...”
>Sombra arches an eyebrow before his face twists into rage. “I AM KING SOMBRA! I! AM! ETERNAL!” Each word he stabs the captain again and again.
>The play winds down with how it ended in history, the princesses coming to the rescue.
>But it reminds everypony of the sacrifices of those who fought against tyranny.
>As it ends, the crowd gives a loud applause.
>The actors all take a bow before going backstage.
>You get up and wait near the stage for Mellow, feeling quite excited.
>Though you don’t have to wait long, as he emerges with several other actors.
>”So how did you enjoy it?” He says with a smile.
“It was a bit sad, but wonderful, you did so well Mellow!” You give a smile in return.
>His own widens, and he closes his eyes for a moment before taking on a serious look.
>”Can we go talk outside? There is something I need to ask you.”
>You feel some fear and anxiety, what does he want to talk about?
“Yeah of course.” You nod.
>He leads you outside and over to some benches.
>Mellow takes a moment, and looks extremely nervous, your anxiety grows.
>”Paper, would you do me the honor of letting me take you out on a date?”
>Oh. My. Celestia.
>He asked? He asked!
“YES!” You accidentally shout. “Ahem. I mean yes, I would love that.” Your cheeks are burning.
>He blinks a few times before your answer settles in and his face turns to joy.
>”T-that’s-I mean-uh-um...” He stumbles for a second before gathering himself. “Wonderful, how about tomorrow around seven? I’ll swing by and pick you up.”
“I don’t have anything going on then, so sure!” You nod and nearly bounce in place.
>”O-okay, it’s a date then. See you tomorrow!” He says as he trots off with a slight hop in his step.
>You stand there for a few moments after he is out of sigh before finally letting a cheer.

Sorry if there is any mistakes, worked on this chapter until the last minute.
I cant see many mistakes, you did great
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She will be Inky for me forever
File: 1508745098164.png (362 KB, 1200x1200)
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fuck yeah!
Can't agree more
File: xtacy Eri.png (458 KB, 1340x1040)
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I love your work as always Lazer
File: xtacydisco.png (477 KB, 1340x1040)
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done
I love that I got you to change it.
Somehow, I imagine Paper acting like Homer doing that
>After the events of last night, you could hardly sleep.
>But you managed anyways and got up well rested.
>At the market you had sold some of your work as well.
>While the conversations you had with customers were friendly, you could hardly focus on them.
>You didn’t even care about how much you made today either.
>This happiness you’ve been feeling is overwhelming, it’s the most you have felt since...Well, since ever!
>It finally feels like everything is starting to go right for you, but you know that you have to be careful regardless.
>You and Mellow have known each other for such a long time, so you don’t want to screw this up.
>Though you don’t have the usual doubts like you had with your previous dates.
>It helps that you know so much about one another, it’s almost like you were already dating.
>The thought of that makes you giggle like a schoolfilly, it’s so refreshing to feel it.
“I really have to contain myself though, I’d rather not go around like this when we are out later.”
>You compose yourself and open the closet to look for something to wear.
“While he didn’t say where we are going, I should still find something nice.”
>A dress might be a bit too much, you’re almost certain he won’t take you somewhere fancy.
>Then again, he might surprise you like he has before.
>You grab a few outfits and try each on, posing in front of the mirror.
“This one? No that’s too much. How about this? Nah, don’t want to look like a waitress.”
>However you start to feel frustrated as you’re unable to decide.
“Why is this so hard? I should be able to figure out something...”
>As you rub your chin, you let out a sigh.
>It’s probably safer to go with something simple.
“You know what, screw it. I’ll just wear a bow and some makeup, no point in complicating things.”
>Though as you put away the outfits, you worry you will mess this up somehow.
>It never stopped you from doing it before on other dates.
>You wrestle with those thoughts, because you know they’re wrong.
>The previous dates were with stallions who flirted with you like the other day at the market.
>They had sweet talked you into dinner or lunch, didn’t matter what as the end result was always the same.
>This is Mellow though, he would never say or do anything like the others.
“I’m stressing over nothing, just have to finish getting ready and wait it out.”
>You head into the bathroom and gently apply some eye shadow.
>Nothing too fancy of course, though you also decide to put on some earrings as well.
“Not half bad Paper, I think this will impress Mellow enough.” Fluttering your eyelashes at your reflection.
>With that taken care of, you head to the living room and check the time.
>Still have plenty left before he shows, good thing too. You’ll be able to relax a little.
>Though what to do?
>Could make origami...No, you make plenty everyday, you can take a break from it.
>Can’t stand around and do nothing though.
>Letting out a sigh, your eyes wander and settle on your unused bookshelf
“Haven’t read a book in a while. Guess I’ve been busy”
>Or more like you don’t have a life.
>No, have to stop thinking about that.
>You go to grab a book and blow away a small bit of dust, it has been awhile.
>That was a mistake, you rub your muzzle and take a seat on the couch.
>You look over the book and see it’s a romance novel, what a coincidence.
>Looks like you were already reading it before as you see there is a bookmark.
>Opening to checking where you left off, you see why you stopped reading.
>It was the part where the couple were fighting over something stupid.
>Never really enjoyed seeing such drama in stories, but it’s necessary to drive the story forward.
>Time seemingly flies as you read and finally, you hear a knock on the door.
“Good, he’s here. Just remember to keep it together.” Saying as you set the book aside.
>You take a breath and release it before opening the door.
>Mellow is standing there looking handsome as usual, though wearing a different bandanna.
“Hey there.” You say with a smile.
>His eyes widen and quickly looks over you.
>A few seconds pass, guess you really out did yourself.
>He shakes his head. ”Uh, hey. You look...Amazing, not that you don’t looking amazing usually.”
>You barely stifle a giggle, he seems pretty flustered.
>Mellow smiles and reveals a beautiful bouquet of flowers, causing you to gasp in surprise.
>”These are for you of course.”
“They’re so pretty, thank you Mellow.” As you take the flowers he continues.
>”Not as pretty as you.”
>That was cheesy, but very sweet.
>You feel your cheeks heat up and your smile widens.
“Such flattery tonight.” You giggle and go put the flowers in a vase.
>”Well this is a date, so that helps.” He smirks
>You return back to him and feel very excited.
“So, where are you taking me?” You flutter your eyelashes at him.
>He looks a little flustered again, but responds. “I got some reservations at The Stage.”
>You’ve heard of it before, but never been.
“That’s wonderful, I look forward to it.”
>”Shall we then?” He points out towards the road and you nod in glee.
>The two of you start to make your way to the restaurant.
>However, you’d rather not trot the whole way in silence.
“So how did the play go tonight?”
>”About the same as yesterday, so pretty well.”
“Good to hear, by the way, how did you get the ticket for yesterday?”
>His face tenses for a second. “I had help from another actor, Cliff, the one that plays Sombra.”
>You figured that he had help, since it was last minute.
>”How about you? How’d the market go today?”
“Not too bad, though to be honest...I wasn’t paying too much attention, was too focused on tonight.”
>Your words must’ve had an impact, as you see that he blushes a little.
>”So, here we are.” He points ahead to The Stage, you’ve passed by it many times.
>You feel a little nervous, but you’re able to keep it check for him.
>He opens the door for you. “After you.”
>You raise your hoof to your chest and feel touched.
“Such a gentlecolt.” You smile to him.
>You enter with him quickly joining your side.
>The host notices you both. “Do you have reservations?”
>”Yes we do, Mellow Drama, party of two.”
>The host looks over the book and back to you two with a smile. “Right this way.”
>You both follow him into a larger room with many tables and booths along with an actual stage.
>Guess the rumors are true then, they do have dinner and a show.
>You’re lead over to a booth and take your respective seats.
>As he leaves you two, a waiter comes over and gives a pair of menus. “What can I get you two to drink tonight?”
>A quick glance over the drink section reveals a selection of expensive alcohol.
>You’re not much of a drinker, Mellow knows this as he responds. “Some tea and water please.”
>The waiter nods and trots off, leaving you two alone.
>You look over the menu a few times, settling on a garden salad.
>As you set it aside, you see Mellow is still looking over his.
>You take this time to look over the rest of the place.
>It is quite fancy, you’ve heard that bands, comedians, or even magicians perform here.
>As if on cue the curtain pulls back revealing a band.
“That was unexpected.”
>Your words pull Mellow away from the menu to see what you’re talking about.
>”Oh neat, wonder what they will play. You found something you want?” He motions to your menu.
“Yeah, I’m going with a garden salad.”
>He eyes scan the menu again. “Sounds good, I’ll probably get the same.”
>You arch an eyebrow, but say nothing. It’s likely that he didn’t know what to get.
>Then again, everything on the menu is expensive. It worries you how much he spending.
>You set your menu aside, and look into Paper’s eyes.
>They’re so pretty tonight, she used a shade of eye shadow that matched up with her mane and highlighted her eyes.
>Sure that’s what it’s supposed to do, but you haven’t been able to stare into them before. At least not before tonight that is.
>When you told Cliff of your success, he congratulated you.
>But without her there tonight, you had some difficulty acting. She really gave you strength yesterday.
>Thankfully you made it through and practically galloped home to get ready.
>Then you got stuck trying to decide on whether or not to wear a suit.
>You made the right choice on sticking with your classic look, and Paper must’ve thought the same.
>Except the earrings and makeup that is, but that doesn’t count!
>Your knocked out of your thoughts as the band starts to play.
>As it plays, you feel yourself blush. Is this some kind of cliche?
>You can see Paper also blush, likely feeling the same.
>Before you can say anything, the waiter returns with drinks. “Here you are. Are you both ready to order?”
>Thank Celestia…
“Yes, we’ll have two garden salads.” You point to it on the menu.
>He nods and writes it down. “Anything else?”
>You’re about to say no, but you remember something, desert.
“Yeah actually, for desert can we have a chocolate Sunday?”
>He arches an eyebrow, but writes it down. “Alright the, I’ll take these and be back soon.”
>Looking back to Paper, you can see she is slightly surprised.
“I figured that would be a nice way to end the meal.” You shrug.
>She flutters her eyelashes again, you’re really liking that. “It sounds good, I like Sundays.”
>Just another reason to love this mare.
>Love? Shouldn’t say that out loud too soon. Don’t want to rush things.
>”So what’s the next play that you will be in?”
>She always seems to be able to stop you from thinking too much.
“What a coincidence, I asked that today. Was told that it’s going to be something more heartwarming. Considering this one was a bit...tragic.”
>Paper nods with her bow bouncing like always. “That’s good, I know you enjoy tragedy, but it’s nice to enjoy something a bit more comforting.”
>That’s always been the case, even when you were little.
>Really didn’t help you make friends, the other foals called you creepy for reading such dark stuff.
>It’s so much more interesting though, especially since most stories have a happy ending.
“Do you know when you’ll be teaching at the school again?”
>She smiles. “Mhm, next week. Going to be showing them some more complicated forms of origami like wet-folding. Though if that’s too much, I can show them strip folding instead.”
>Though you nod, you’re not certain of what she is talking about exactly, but you’ve always listened to her.
>”I really want to show them action or modular origami, but those are pretty complicated even for an adult.” She beams.
>You’re happy to see her so enthusiastic about her art.
>The waiter returns with your food, setting the plates down in front of you two.
>”Here are you, if need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.” He turns and leaves as you nod.
>You take your first bite and find yourself surprised with the taste.
>In truth, you only picked the garden salad because not only was it cheaper, but you couldn’t really decide.
>Getting reservations was a pain as well, as this place forced you to dig into your savings.
>Doesn’t matter now, you’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now.
>So far, everything has gone near perfect and it looks like Paper is enjoying herself as well.
>This whole thing is more or less the same as usual, just now it’s a date.
>Regardless, you’re looking forward to showing her the other surprise you have planned.
“This is probably the best garden salad I’ve ever had.”
>Paper takes a sip of her tea and nods. “Yeah I agree, didn’t expect...This to be honest.”
“What can I say? I’ve been wanting to ask you out for a long time.” You shrug.
>”I’ve got to know, how long have you felt this way about me?”
>You knew she would ask that eventually.
“I liked you the moment I met you at the theater, but I wasn’t certain till I told you about my scar.” You smile.
>She tilts her head in a cute way. “That long? I suspected it was a while, but never guessed that long.”
>Nodding, you ask as well as you finish eating.
“How about you?”
>Paper takes a moment. “I started to have feelings sometime after the theater as well.” Your eyes widen and she continues. “It grew as we spent more time together, I eventually realized it one day while I making origami to sell.”
>Alright, didn’t expect that.
>”I remembered how you listened to me, actually listened. I kept thinking how you understood me, it was there-” She’s cut off by the waiter bringing the Sunday.
>”Here you are, I’ll take those.” He says as he takes your plates and leaving again.
>Paper smiles. “I think you get the picture.”
>You nod and the two of you start to eat the Sunday.
>As you two take your first bites, you both let out a moan of satisfaction, catching each other off guard.
>You both blush and nearly snort at each other’s reaction.
>This is almost perfect, and you can’t get enough of it.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to laugh.” You offer up.
>She shakes her head. “It’s fine, was just surprising is all. This is really good.”
>You nod as you take another bite, savoring this moment.
>Everything is going so well, but that nagging fear inside keeps taunting that you will fail.
>Though as you long as you are with Paper, you can never fail, you’re invincible.
>You both finish and the waiter rejoins you conveniently. “Are you two finished?”
“Yeah, it was great. We’ll be leaving now.” You nod.
>You two get up and head back to the front to pay.
>You physically cringe when you see the bill, but you expected this.
>Leaving your bits behind, you both depart back outside once more.
>”That was wonderful Mellow.” Paper says as you two trot along.
“It’s not over just yet.”
>From the corner of your eye, you can see she is surprised.
>”You mean there is more?”
“Just one final stop, it’s a surprise.” You nod.
>She looks so excited now, and has a little bounce in her step.
>Fortunately the moon is full tonight and high above, perfect for what you have planned.
>You lead her into the park, it’s dimly lit by moonlight and lanterns, giving off a cozy feeling.
>”So it’s here in the park?”
“Yes indeed, just be patient.”
>Though she nods, you can tell she can barely contain herself.
>The two of you travel over to the nearby forest, to the area you were told about.
>You stop and pull back the brush to go into the hidden alcove.
“Here we are.” You wave Paper in.
>As she steps in, her eyes slowly widen.
“So what do you think? Pretty aren’t they?”
>She says nothing taking the various flowers in.
“Those ones are called moonflowers or moon vine.” Point to the ones nearby.
>Her eyes follow and she snaps out of her daze.
>”How do you know all this?”
>Not gonna lie to her, you never can.
“I asked the flower sisters and they told me about this place. They say the magic here allows the various flowers to live in harmony. Even so, they told me about the ones that bloom at night.”
>She slowly blinks and her eyes moisten. “This is so touching Mellow, I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything, just enjoy this. It is a date after all.” You smile at her.
>You sit there for a bit, watching her look at each flower with glee.
>Eventually, you have to leave, and you bring her home.
>As you stand with her at the door you get ready to say your goodbyes.
>”I had fun tonight Mellow, probably the most I’ve had in a long time.” She shyly says.
“I did too, I’m glad I finally asked you out.”
>She nods and says nothing.
“Good night Paper.”
>As you’re about to leave she quickly pulls you into a kiss.
>You’re eyes widen and you feel so many emotions at once.
>Slowly, you melt into it, finally getting what you’ve been wanting for so very long.
>The two of you pull away from one another, with a hazy look in each other’s eye.
>As you two look at one another, Paper finally breaks the silence.
>”Um, sorry about that. Couldn’t let you leave without a kiss.” Her face is a bit red.
“Y-yeah, of course! I mean, yeah.”
>Stumbling again…
>”Good night Mellow.” She says as she enters her home.
>You stand there for a second, letting everything register.
>As you start to trot home, you feel yourself laugh with a large smile.

File: 1463801793965.png (342 KB, 1000x1112)
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That's our boi Mellow
File: 1444098453693.gif (247 KB, 500x250)
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up sad emo horse
File: 71379884_p0.jpg (555 KB, 900x900)
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>“I DID IT!”
File: Muh secret.png (110 KB, 587x674)
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File: 1463735865146.png (196 KB, 714x400)
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Panic! fucking sucks
File: grimdarkponi.png (225 KB, 1818x2113)
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Old pony I made. Grimdark

Her interests include taxidermy and grave robbing.
Grimdark it's the name?
>Her interests include taxidermy and grave robbing.
would be better if she worked at the local morgue IMO
File: askgrimdarkicon.png (87 KB, 500x500)
87 KB
Yeah thats her name. She got fired and barred from there....wonder why
The music group?
yes, i hate theme since this
oh cool, wish she could have anonether mane color, she looks like the lost sister of Eri
What's Emo nowadays?
File: hoorssee.png (200 KB, 1100x1000)
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200 KB PNG
Eri has more of a magenta while her mane is red.

but I could make it darker.
depression with a fashion sense
>Angel's body
i love her
>Wonder why
I bet she did more than just steal coffins and stuff them.
>Last night couldn’t have gone any better, and it kept you up for a while.
>Because you’re happy, happier than you ever have been in your whole life.
>The smile you wore was even plastered on your face when you went to sleep, so you’re a bit sore.
“At least it’s a good pain.” You say to your reflection.
>Though you see your scar, you don’t pay any mind to it for once.
>Of course you’ll still wear a bandanna, they are both fashionable and functional, regardless of what other ponies have said.
>You finish combing your mane and go grab a fresh bandanna to put on.
>As you’re tying it, you start to plan out your day.
>You don’t have to head to the theater today, so you will visit Paper like usual.
>Though it will be a little odd, considering last night.
>Technically you two are dating now, that’s how it works, right?
“I’m not so sure...” You sigh.
>When you were a colt you dated, though that really doesn’t count.
>As an adult however, you never dated and never noticed if a mare was interested in you. Paper proved that last night when she told you she was interested.
>So you’re not really sure how to go about all this...
>Regardless, you don’t want to change your usual routine, and you’re certain Paper doesn’t want to either.
>You start to feel low again as your thoughts start to go to dark places.
>What if last night was a fluke? What if she regrets it now? Did she kiss you out of pity? Wha-
“NO! NOT AGAIN!” Slamming your hoof down in rage.
>Of course your thoughts went there, why wouldn’t they?
“Get it together Mellow, can’t lose your head now. Especially now!”
>Slowly, you work on getting your breathing under control like you remembered. They always helped calm you down.
>You won’t let yourself slip back again, things are different now.
>As you release another slow breath, you feel a little better.
“I can do this, I am stronger, I am better than before.” You repeat this a few times.
>Things aren’t perfect, but you will hold on.
>You’re certain on what to do now, you will visit Paper in the market.
>Grabbing your keys and your guitar, you lock up as you head out the door.
>As you trot along, you return the greetings of passerby’s and try to focus.
>Everything went perfect last night, there is no need to worry, it’s just your stupid fears.
>Paper clearly enjoyed herself and so did you.
>The play went well as well, so there is-
>You freeze and see Paper standing there.
“Uh, what you are you doing here? I thought you would be in the market.”
>She smiles. “Oh, I decided to pack up early today as everything was a bit slow. What about you?”
>Talk about a coincidence, at least now you two can talk.
“I came to see you actually.”
>A small blush appears on her face. “That’s very sweet of you, shall we head to the park like usual?”
>That does sound nice…
“Yeah, of course.” You nod.
>Her smile widens as she trots alongside you to the park.
>Things feel like they haven’t changed...Then again, you’re not used to this still.
>You are after all, new to this whole dating thing.
>”What are you thinking about?” Paper knocks you out of your thoughts thankfully.
>A part of you doesn’t want to rush things, but the other part still wants to be honest with her.
“Just the usual doubts and fears, that’s all.” Not an entire lie either.
>She presses on. “You don’t have to hide those from me, we are dating after all.”
>Upon hearing the word ‘dating’ you stop.
>”Something wrong?” Paper looks at you with concern.
>It feels like all your doubts were crushed at once. All you needed were the words from her to do it.
“The opposite actually, everything is great.” You smile at her and start to trot again.
>She still looks concerned. “Alright then, but you can still share it with me.”
>Yeah, screw holding back. You’ve told her almost every detail of your life, so it’s not like this will hurt.
“I kept having this nagging fear that last night was a fluke.” You say with a sigh.
>Though you keep trotting, you can feel her staring at you.
>”Mellow, I had a great time last night, I really mean that.”
“It’s just my stupid fears is all, I promise everything will be alright.”
>You do mean it, you will never let the fear consume you like it once did.
>”Alright, I’m going to hold you to that promise.”
>You say nothing and nod with a smile, you don’t intend to ever break that promise either.
>The two of you arrive at the park and the events of last night flash through your mind for a second.
>It was so beautiful then, especially with how the moonlight gave Paper a beautiful glow.
>You pick a spot near the trees, not too far from the area you showed her last night.
>Still in the park, but far enough from other ponies, so not as to disturb you two.
>As you pull out your guitar, you hear a sigh of contentment from Paper.
>”Such a lovely day, it’s nice to see all the flowers blooming and the birds chirping.”
>You never really took the time to appreciate it like Paper does, she always spoke fondly of it.
>Nodding in agreement, you start to tune like usual.
>Things really aren’t that different now or maybe you haven’t noticed yet.
>Strumming your guitar, your mind wanders.
>How do you go about this? Do you ask her out for another date?
>That sounds dumb, you two already know enough about one another.
>Besides, your savings already took a hit.
>Sure it was for her, but that doesn’t make it sting any less.
>Well what do you even do then? You can’t just pretend that things aren’t different, you two are dating now.
>It’s all so complicated...If you had actually tried dating before, maybe you’d understand this more.
>But no, you were awkward and creepy, you always saw yourself as a ugly colt.
>Now here you are in an actual relationship, and you haven’t changed at all.
>A sudden touch causes you to flinch and be pulled from your thoughts.
>Turning your head, you see Paper looking at you with concern.
>”Calm down Mellow, I’m here with you.” She gently rubs your wither.
>How does she knows these things? You really want to know
“I have to ask, how do you know when I get like that?”
>She gives you a gentle smile. ”You usually have a certain look on your face when you get upset, but just now, you were practically grinding your guitar like you were trying to crush it.”
>You eyes widen and you look down to see she’s right. Your hoof is pressed tightly against the strings, but it doesn’t hurt.
>As you pull back your hoof, you see it’s bleeding slowly.
“Huh, that was unexpected...” Staring at your hoof as it bleeds.
>Paper notices and opens her bag, pulling out a cloth to wrap your hoof up.
>”Let me take care of that for you, hold still.” She motions to you.
>You bring your hoof closer and watch her, she’s so caring…
>She finishes and looks back to you with a smile. “There, all better now.”
>Don’t feel any pain as you move it, though now playing is out of the question.
“I really need to stop doing that, now I can’t play...” You sigh.
>”It’s okay, these things happen. How about we just sit and talk?” She offers up.
>While you did want to play a song, you’ll have to deal with your mistake.
“Yeah okay, what do you want to talk about?” You say as you put away your guitar.
>”We usually talk about work, let’s try to change things up.”
>You nod and pause as you see the heart she gave you earlier this week in your case.
>”I think the band last night was nice, do you think they’ll ever play elsewhere?”
>Picking up the heart, you turn to face her.
“It’s possible, but I wouldn’t count on it. Though I find it funny how they played love songs.”
>She giggles and nods as she looks over the park. “Yeah that was a coincidence.”
>You play around with the heart as you look at her.
>How’d you get so lucky? Was probably dumb luck.
>Probably shouldn’t stare, but you can’t help it.
>As you enjoying the sights and sounds of the park, you notice Mellow staring at you with a dreamy look from the corner of your eye.
“Something on your mind?” You say with a slight tilt of your head.
>His expression doesn’t change. “You”
>You immediately blush, he’s become so brazen with his compliments now.
>As you giggle, he must’ve realized his mistake as his face becomes flush with embarrassment. He quickly turns his head away muttering something.
“Well now, I can see that I’m distracting you.”
>You reach out and touch the side of his face, pulling his attention back to you.
>He stumbles his words out. ”S-sorry, I didn’t think that through. It’s like I-I don’t have a filter anymore.”
“It’s okay Mellow, like I said, we are dating now.” Giving him a gentle smile.
>It will take time for him to accept all of this, that much is certain.
>You remember how he said he hadn’t dated since he was a colt, so that didn’t help any.
>”Yeah...Yeah that’s true.” He sighs and leans back against the tree.
>Giving him a gentle pat, you notice he has the heart you made the other day in his hooves.
“I see you’re still carrying that, kinda funny how you have my heart.” You nod towards it.
>He arches his brow for a moment before realizing what you mean.
>Mellow smiles a little. “Yeah, it is kinda funny. I kept it close like you said.”
>As it looks like he is starting to relax he gets a look of concentration on his face.
>”Do you have any paper with you?”
“Yes I do, I always carry some in my bags.”
>His smile broadens. “Can I have a sheet? I’d like to try to make something.”
>You feel your eyes widen and your own smile grow.
“Of course!” Feeling overjoyed, you grab a sheet.
>As you hoof it over, you see him lay it on his case and start to fold.
>You watch him with fascination, you tried to teach him before, but he got frustrated.
>His previous attempts were less than successful, but he gave it his all, just like the others you’ve taught.
>The fact he is trying again really warms your heart.
>Is he doing this for you? Not that it would surprise you, he usually does anything for you.
>Though he should be a little more steadfast, not that you would ever use him!
>Pushing that thought aside, you continue to watch his efforts.
>Your smile never leaves your face, you love it when others make origami after all.
>He doesn’t seem to be letting his frustrations get to the best of him when he makes a mistake this time either. That alone makes you even happier.
>What isn’t helping him is his bandaged hoof, it’s messing with his ability to fold.
>You’re still worried how that happened, as it has never happened before.
>Before you can dwell on it, you see him finish and he picks up his work.
>It’s a paper heart, just like yours. It’s a little rough, but he really put his best forth.
>He presents it to you with small smile. “Now you have my heart too.”
>Your eyes rapidly moisten, a few tears creep down your face.
>Mellow’s immediately looks concerned. “Did I do something wrong? It’s ugly isn’t it? I-”
>You cut him off with a hug and sniffle.
“It’s perfect just like you Mellow.” You gentle nuzzle him.
>He nuzzles you back and his voice becomes shaky. “I-I-um...No, y-you’re the p-perfect one here.”
>Giggling you pull back and give him a kiss before he can say anything stupid.
>You stare into his eyes, and he into yours.
>It feels just as magical as last night, though not as sudden.
>To be fair, you couldn’t let him leave without expressing yourself.
>Pulling out of the kiss, you give him a gentle smile.
“No...We’re perfect...Together.”
>Mellow says nothing and slowly nods with his own smile.
>Ordinarily that would be considered false, but you know deep down it is true.
>You will still cut yourself with paper and feel like garbage, but you will have him.
>Mellow will still have his self doubts and beat himself up, but he will have you.
>That is real perfection, accepting each others flaws and building one another up no matter what.
>Letting out a sigh of contentment, you lay your head against his chest and close your eyes.
>He rests his head on top of yours and you can hear his slow, but steady breaths.
>You want to say it, but you’re afraid it might be too soon.
>Why though? You two basically have been dating for a long time now, last night was just the truth brought into the open.
>You’re certain he wants to say it as well, but is also afraid like you.
>After the other day, you’re certain of it. He would’ve asked you out sooner if it wasn’t for the confidence boost from the play.
>He needs more confidence, but this time, you’ll be the first to say it.
“Mellow?” You say in a low voice, but enough for him to hear.
>”Yeah?” His voice vibrates from his chest.
>You breath in deeply, inhaling his scent and slowly let it out.
>This is it, no turning back Paper, full steam ahead.
“I love you.”
>You can hear his breath hitch and his heart beat harder.
>For a few seconds you worry that you made a mistake.
>He slowly says it at last, like the truth it is. “I love you too.”
>The joy of hearing it allows a few tears to escape.
>This happiness is almost too much for you, it feels so foreign, and your certain he feels the same way.
>Coincidentally, you feel a few tears fall upon your head, causing open your eyes and pull back.
>Mellow is quietly crying. “S-sorry, I-I just...It’s a lot to take in.” He wipes away the tears. “I was worried about saying it first.”
>You giggle, of course you were right.
>Shaking your head slowly, you give him a quick kiss to catch him off guard.
>As you pull back, his face has a goofy grin on it.
>You wipe away your own tears and see it is getting later.
“Guess we’ve been here a while, haven’t we?”
>Mellow looks around and nods. “Not too surprising, we let ourselves get a little lost.”
>Without missing a beat, you add on like you’re reading his mind.
“We got lost in each other, that’s a good thing.” You boop him on his muzzle.
>He scrunches and chuckles. “Yeah...Yeah that’s true.”
>Shame you can’t sit here forever though, you pull out of his embrace and lightly stretch with Mellow doing the same.
“As much as I’m enjoying this, we should get going.” You say as you look at him.
>He nods as he picks up his guitar and looks to you with a smile.
>A devilish idea comes to mind, not a lewd one though...You’re an innocent mare after all.
>Might be a little much to ask, but you want to experience it regardless.
“I know you usually don’t refuse anything I ask for, but feel free to say no.” You take a breath and continue. “Would you like to spend the night? I’d like to have my special somepony to cuddle.”
>His eyes widen for a second, likely thinking the implication before returning to normal.
>”As if I’d ever say no to that, I’d be more than happy to!” He stands taller.
>With that out of the way, you put on your saddlebags and start to head home with him.
>Though unlike before, you’re slightly leaning on one another along the way.
>So this is what real love feels like? It’s addicting, and you’ll likely never have your fill of it. You’re already drunk on it, that’s for sure.
>You see some other ponies out who give a knowing smile as you two pass by them.
>The trot home is quiet, there is no words to be said for how you two feel.
>Arriving at home, you unlock the door and set your bags down.
>You trot into the kitchen and pull out some leftovers to enjoy with Mellow.
“Care to join me?” You flutter your eyes at him.
>He laughs and nods. “Of course.”
>As the two of you sit down and eat, it’s getting harder to not look at one another.
“Sorry it’s not fresh, but I don’t feel like cooking tonight.”
>Mellow waves his hoof. “I’m not complaining, we get to enjoy it together.”
>You smile and the two of you finish your meal with him helping you clean up.
>It’s still early, but going to bed now sounds nice.
“I’m tired, shall we lay down?” You fake a yawn.
>For once, he sees through it with a smirk. “I know that’s a lie, but yes.”
>You giggle and the two of you head upstairs and climb into bed.
>The two of you look into each other’s eyes.
>Though the lure of sleep starts to seep in, you want to stay awake, but know it’s fruitless.
“Goodnight Mellow, I love you.” You softly say.
>”Goodnight Paper, I love you too.” He says softly as well.
>You blink slowly and start to drift to sleep, but you’re not alone.
>You’re with your special somepony, your coltfriend, your Mellow, and you are his.

Worked on this one till the last minute as well, but I'm happy with how I ended it.
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415 KB PNG
Aww, this was sweet

who you think you are to bring joy and happiness to this thread?!
File: deeprest.png (92 KB, 914x1234)
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This is very neat

Classic ship
i like the small piggytails
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File: Drowning Lessons 16.png (891 KB, 1200x1600)
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File: Drowning Lessons 17.png (185 KB, 1064x640)
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185 KB PNG
Trixie you beeeeeeeeeetch
Thanks, I'm just some depressed asshole who writes greens about emo pones.
Queen cunt has arrived, happy to see more of the comic.
Cute stuff.
Where's the depression and sadness?
File: 888816.png (205 KB, 880x604)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>With a scream, you awaken from the crack of lightning.
>Your breathing is heavy and your eyes dart around the room to find the source to no avail.
“It-it’s just the storm...”
>The sound of rain falling against the roof and the occasional rumble of thunder continues on.
>Slowly, you get your breathing under control and lay back down.
>Though you know it’s fruitless, the storm will keep you awake.
>Staring at the ceiling, your mind starts to wander to its usual places.
>What to do today? Actually try to make yourself feel better?
>’Nah, why do that? You’re a fucking a loser anyways. You have no friends and no family.’
>You squeeze your eyes shut and try to ignore the thoughts.
>’Probably going to lie in bed all day, aren’t you?’
“Shut up.”
>’Never can go outside and try to make friends. You always fuck it up somehow. That seems to be your real talent.’
‘Shut. Up.”
>You bury your face into your pillow and grit your teeth.
>’Though even if you did go out, they’d call you a freak behind your back. They’d lie to your face and mock you silently, just like always.’
>Tears slowly make their way out of your eyes as you feel the pain roll in.
>’Fucking loser, still crying like the filly you are. No pony would ever help you, NO PONY.’
“SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” You scream as you pull your face away.
>As the tears cascade down your face, you remember you’re alone.
>With a groan and a sigh, you grind your hooves into your eyes.
“This only happens because I’m fucked up.”
>Of course you’re talking out loud, because who the fuck cares? There is no pony to judge you here in your prison that you call home.
>Another sniffle escapes as you crawl out of bed and your hooves touch the worn carpet.
>Though as you trot, you feel the pain of last nights session in your legs.
>It’s a fucking curse that you haven’t died from an infection from all those damn cuts.
>Wouldn’t it be nice to just finally die and be free from this nightmare?
>As if, you’re not lucky and you never will be…
>You step into the bathroom and stare at the tub for a moment.
“Why bother?...It’s not like anypony cares...”
>You slouch and take a quick piss before heading down stairs.
>The sound of rain pattering against the glass and roof still echos throughout the house.
>Stopping by one of the windows, you move the curtain aside to take a peak out.
>’It’s dark and gray outside, what a perfect reflection of you.’
>There is no pony in the streets, not that they would be in this rain.
>Closing the curtain, you head to the fridge to grab something to eat.
>Your stomach rumbles and hurts from skipping dinner last night…No that’s a lie, you skipped out on eating at all yesterday.
>Because you’re a disgusting fucking pig after all, just like they all say behind your back.
>With that thought, you close the fridge and turn away.
“I’m not hungry...” Though your stomach complains again.
>You grab a glass of water instead, downing it in one go.
>Refilling the glass, you take another drink to satisfy your thirst and fill your empty gut.
>It will only stall the inevitable of when you stuff your face with garbage again…
>’Always ignoring things, and you wonder why no pony wants to even be around you, let alone talk to you.’
>You set the glass in the sink of growing dishes and head back into the living room.
>It’s just as sparse as when you got it; a shitty couch, a couple of worn chairs, and a coffee table with one leg shorter than the other three. No pictures of anypony on the fire place nor hung on the walls.
>This place is just as shitty and barren as you are, looks like some drugged up psycho lives here…
“Bet ponies think I’m on some kind of drugs when they see me...”
>’Talking to yourself doesn’t help that either, they think you’re mental when you do that.’
“Fuck off, it’s not like I don’t already know.”
>’Then why do you keep doing it freak? Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you need to an abomination.’
>These thoughts are driving you insane, so you head back upstairs to try to silence them.
>’You think that will help? It always comes back, the same thoughts, the same feelings. It’s never ending, always tormenting, always there!’
“NO!” Shaking with fury as you rage against them again.
>Fresh tears escape for the second time today as you continue to the bathroom.
>You practically rip the draw open with anger, your heart beating fast.
>Eyes lay upon the prize, the key to your salvation, an open pack of razors.
>The vendor always gives you weird looks when you buy them, not that surprising, even more so since you’re a frequent customer.
>Grabbing one razor, you lean over the sink to prepare for your habit. It’s easier to clean up and getting blood all over the place would just fill you with more shame than it usually does.
>Past experiences have burned that fact into your pathetic excuse for a skull.
>’Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have those same facts for everything else? Nah, of course not. You never learn from anything else other than inflicting pain upon yourself.’
>With that thought, you slice into your leg without thinking.
“Fff-fuck!” You say with clenched teeth.
>The physical pain starts to grow in addition to the ones you did last night.
>One cut is never enough though, you always cut more eventually. You sometimes cut up to six times now.
>Cutting into flesh again, this time a little deeper to award you with more pain. Not like you ever get used to this treatment.
>As you go for a third, you drop the razor in the sink and freeze as it goes down the drain.
“For fucks sake, can’t I do anything right?!” Your blood boils.
>Rather than getting another, in your anger, you start to slam your head against the sink.
“Fucking! Useless! Idiot! Can’t! Ever! Do! Anything! Right!” With each word you hit again.
>Quickly, your head starts to ache. You know this will give you a large bump on your head.
>Just as quickly as you start, you stop and let out a groan of pain. A headache starts to come on from your efforts.
>You rest your head against the sink and start to cry again.
“Why do I even bother..? Is there any point to all of this..?” You whisper out.
>There is no escape, you know that. There is no pony to rely on. There will likely never be any to see this.
“I’ll do it eventually...They’ll find my rotting corpse one day...The world will go on without me...”
>Standing back up, you look at the face of a broken pony.
>You go over her features; the bloodshot eyes, the rats nest of a mane, the soulless gray coat, and can’t forget the ugly dyed streak.
>Even funnier is her name, it’s Miss Eri. Absolutely hilarious and downright ironic. Considering how miserable she is.
>But it gets better, her cutiemark is a broken heart! Must mean she breaks the hearts of everypony around her with her mere existence.
>You grab another razor from the package and cut again, though you’re starting to feel nothing. Adrenaline taking away your freedom.
“So much for stopping the numbness...” You say with a sigh.
>Another cut.
“I’ll always be alone...”
>The forth cut comes in with slight pain, causing you to wince.
“I’ll never be happy...”
>As you cut again, you feel your will deteriorating.
“...I should just fucking kill myself...I can finally be done with it…And be free at last...”
>Of course you go back to that thought again, it happens nearly every day.
>You pause at the sixth cut, and contemplate finally ending it. Your heart starts to race as you think about it more and more.
>Not like you haven’t tried before, though you always stopped. Can you finally find the courage to end the nightmare?
>Of course not, you’re still too weak to end your own suffering. You’ve always been weak, and always will be.
>You cut for the last time with more blood matting your coat and fresh pain to award you.
>Setting the razor aside, you watch your life essence leak out. Strange how you don’t feel it leaving you, just the pain of the cuts you inflict.
>You’ve heard that you actually feel it if you’re bleeding out.
“Someday...I’ll do it.”
>Taking your eyes off of it, you turn on the sink and rinse off the blood.
>It’s still slowly bleeding, but you dry it off and start to wrap it up.
>As much as you want to die, you don’t want to bleed all over the place like some freak.
“Not like I’m not...” You say with another sigh.
>Wiping away your tears, you plant your hooves back on tiles and feel the pain shoot up your leg.
>Slowly, you limp back to the bedroom.
>Just like the down stairs, it’s also lifeless. A small unmade bed with your dirty bedding, an old desk with various books, and your closet that has a door hanging off it.
>The walls are just as sterile as the rest of the house with a faded gray color, just like your coat.
>Shaking you head, you head over to your desk.
>As you sit your fat flank on the chair, you stare at your open book.
>Been writing in this thing for a long time, it’s not the first either.
>So much poetry written...No wait, shitty poetry...That’s better.
>You tried to sell your books before, but no publisher would even touch them.
>The looks on their faces, they knew you were a monster.
>Blinking slowly, your head is slowly throbbing, making it harder to think on what to write.
“Fuck it.”
>You pick up your pencil and do what you’ve always done, write whatever comes to mind.
>The only benefit of this, is that it’s more organic.
>Really should read other books on poetry to get a real feel for it, then maybe, just maybe, you could actually write something good. Doubtful though.
>Stopping, you set down your pencil and read off what you have written so far.

There is no light, there is only darkness.

There is no love, there is only hate.

There is no happiness, there is only sadness.

There is no hope, there is only despair.

There is no life, there is only death.

There is no existence, and only nothingness remains.

>As you finish, you feel disgust.
“This looks like a rip off of something better. It sounds so shallow...” You curl back your lip.
>With anger, you try to erase the words and only manage to tear the paper.
“For fucks sake!” Letting out a groan.
>You shouldn’t write, this is a waste of time, like always…
>Burying your face in your hooves, you whimper out like a puppy.
>Everything you do is wrong somehow, even if somepony were to guide your hooves, you’d still fuck it up!
>Your eyes moisten and a few tears fall upon your lap.
>With almost no control left, you let out a sob.
“Why do I do this..?”
>There is no point in asking the question, you’ve asked it numerous times with the same answer.
>As you cry, you gently rock back and forth with your chair creaking.
“Every day is the same...It never changes...I never feel better...I always hurt myself...”
>No doubt if somepony were to see you now, they’d think you were even uglier than usual.
>Another whimper escapes with that thought.
“So pathetic...”
>Your stomach cries out, causing you to punch it in anger
“Fuck off! I don’t need to eat.”
>It doesn’t hurt as much as everything else at least.
>With so much crying and pain today, you feel tired again.
>You know it’s true though, nothing has changed. It always repeats.
>And just like usual, you sit up a little and catch a glimpse of the time.
>Sure it’s not late, but you feel tired...The kind of tired that sleep doesn’t solve.
“I was better off never leaving bed...”
>You dry your tears with your bandaged leg, a bit of pain reminds you to not do that.
“I deserve it, I deserve all the pain I go through.”
>Pulling your ugly body from the chair, you limp over to the bed and collapse on it.
>Rolling over, you stare at the ceiling, just like earlier.
>You slowly blink; your eyes sting, your leg hurts, and you have a headache.
“...If I’m lucky...I’ll die in my sleep...” You say in a hushed voice.
>The pain starts to dull as your eyes become heavier and you yawn.
>At least the rain has died down from earlier.
>Each day is a day of misery for you, will likely be that way for the foreseeable future.
>But deep down, you still have hope that you cling to, even if it never comes.
>And that hope is all you have left in this world.
>With that last thought, you drift off to the peace of sleep.

Is this depressing enough for you anon?
File: EZHFaviUYAEsHsC.jpg (38 KB, 474x479)
38 KB
This is why we should be careful with what we wish for.
File: hiki at her.png (189 KB, 474x479)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
i was bored
Morning bump
Fitting. Good job.
File: 863508.png (400 KB, 762x665)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
No page 9 for you
Then wipe it off
File: 1460174548473.png (87 KB, 688x572)
87 KB
Guessing I went too far? I did put more of myself into this one than I intended to.
you did great and i felt terrible
More X-Tacy
Night bump
and more

Page 10 bump
File: 1452248648482.png (564 KB, 1023x2490)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Fair enough.
Awesome to see more art of her.
She's pretty good, too bad she spend more of her time dead
I'd kill to push aside those bangs and look straight into her eyes
File: 1436914253102.png (52 KB, 628x318)
52 KB
File: aganst.png (286 KB, 420x450)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Ignore the doggo
File: 1453942000398.png (781 KB, 3531x5190)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
I want Eri to suck my blood
File: 1427249498674.jpg (240 KB, 1031x627)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
I want to suck Eri's blood
My music taste sucks? Well, what does she listen to?
read the name of the thread and guess it
File: 1268669.png (384 KB, 1844x1189)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
>inb4 you see the abyss in her eyes
i should draw that
File: 1593361425416.png (1.63 MB, 1280x1392)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
more sad faggots
File: Goth trio g4fied.jpg (640 KB, 3120x4160)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
Adding onto this from the draw thread.
Oh God, the emos are attacking
They look like fucking assholes
I love them
File: 2386043.png (628 KB, 1280x720)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
And of course, porn https://derpibooru.org/images/2386932?q=how+applejack+got+her+hat+back
>Two fuckbois and one filly
Somewhere, Damage Case is reeeing in the distance.
because he wants to be part of the click?
File: My Magical Friendship.png (1.09 MB, 1200x1200)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
a young colt
my father
Touch me in the no no places
File: miss_eri1.png (643 KB, 768x1024)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
File: 1435564781857.gif (1008 KB, 416x550)
1008 KB
1008 KB GIF
miss you Inky
fair to say that the thread needs some rest after this one
File: 1581184678258.png (1004 KB, 1333x1000)
1004 KB
1004 KB PNG
File: 2330800.png (275 KB, 1264x1000)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
Probably for the best. Been dealing with personal shit and I haven't been able to focus on writing.
2 weeks would be great tbqh
page 9 bamp.
File: 1438320593689.png (345 KB, 1280x800)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Still, I am happy (funny taking the thread into consideration).
We are about to have 3 full threads after a long time. It's awesome.
File: 1427543043950.png (897 KB, 3060x3060)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
so happy to see my bby-girl getting the love that she needs
also porn
I forgot about that.
She deserves all the love she gets. That lewd though
that's a way to show love
I'm not saying it isn't
File: 2387871.png (284 KB, 1110x1117)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
more porn please
File: 2389348.png (1.12 MB, 1883x2100)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Just found this on derpi
oh fucking finally!
Hot ass
bad end DT it's my waifu
File: 1094437.png (996 KB, 1024x1086)
996 KB
996 KB PNG
File: 1593441971310.jpg (2.8 MB, 3047x3000)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Aj is into some freaky shit
File: 1593583846770.png (1.75 MB, 1366x1861)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Skulls x pones are my new jam
File: 1856498.png (875 KB, 2020x1429)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
Eh, not bad
The entire family is here.
yes, no human needed
File: 2045812.png (200 KB, 850x1600)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Thats great, it is new?
Nah, it's from a year ago.
File: yMKbku2.png (3.82 MB, 3951x4509)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB PNG
i got this the other day
That's really sweet.
Human Eri?
Yeah, redsketch made it awhile ago.
File: 354345345.png (104 KB, 780x900)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
File: 889520.png (1.46 MB, 3550x3000)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
i will just go ahead and spam this thread to give it a proper rest
File: 1542182304102.png (184 KB, 1500x312)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
File: 1466199618206.png (1.01 MB, 900x625)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: 1436639212846.png (104 KB, 475x625)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
File: eri_tlh.png (36 KB, 1207x816)
36 KB
and goodnight, till' next time
Sleep well Eri.
Eri its the best oc that /mlp/ has ever created, i love her so much

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