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Previous thread: >>35290175

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Story List:

--Recent Writefags--
https://pastebin.com/rnmM7QJk (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/BFZq3W6t (Sunset Shimmer)

Pheno: https://pastebin.com/Vryifbp1 (Limestone)

https://pastebin.com/c6D2XDbL (Various)
https://pastebin.com/Sx1M6gnB (Various)
https://pastebin.com/4c5BLWLd (Various)

FiftyShadesofYellow: https://pastebin.com/x9BuyJQZ (Fluttershy)

Magicopia: https://pastebin.com/p46zndV8 (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/5cts6Fuy (Mane Seven)
https://pastebin.com/tBTJiiug (Mane Seven)

Jade: https://pastebin.com/S9JWisFy (Fluttershy/Rarity/Dash)
https://pastebin.com/Aw0tfU9E (Fluttershy/Scitwi)

TerminusAnon: https://pastebin.com/ddNn3tjZ (Midnight/Twilight)

Lilith: https://pastebin.com/sPUtvkM7 (Mane Six: Space)

Teachernon: https://pastebin.com/bHH9kNwH (Moondancer/Trixie)

Liquid Plasma/NaOH : https://pastebin.com/dc6dxvwW (RD, Sunset)

https://pastebin.com/6izpGbaV (Various)
https://pastebin.com/VJawJwMe (Various)
https://pastebin.com/jBBpfKdL (Various)

--Collection of Anonymous Shorts-- (WIP)

Archival Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/FingerbangingMLP
Thread Resources: http://derpy.me/b783H
FimFiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/204505/human-eqg-fingerbang
Applications: http://derpy.me/tQSuG
Discord: https://discord.gg/jXfKyJP
>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history. Quite literally as of now.
Even JJ’s old art makes it hard to tell if that’s spitfire or lightning dust
Went live for the preshow. Show at 3CST again.

Link: https://derpy.me/daVFb

Pinkie Pie vs Limestone Pie
Minuette(Who I will be making pre-show) vs Coco Pommel
Princess Luna vs Princess Cadence vs Sunset Shimmer
Silverstream vs Treehugger
Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon vs Autumn Blaze and Ember
Starlight Glimmer vs Applejack
Trixie Lulamoon vs Rarity
#1 Contendership Match for Best Ship Titles: Vinyl and Octavia vs Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk
>The longer that time in this situation goes on, the more reality seems to hit you in the face. And the further you feel from these islands despite not having left yet.
>Life doesn’t feel like a dream anymore, but it doesn’t feel like life either. It’s just… hell. Awaiting you on the other end of the flight path.
>Cops and parents probably waiting for you, with Twilight in the background hiding behind something doing an imaginary victory dance. You just know she had to be behind something once more.
>Paranoia keeps catching up to you and chasing you down.
>You weren’t under any watchful eyes as much as Mary and Zest have been, but you feel as though you might as well have anyway.
>Starting to seem like you did everything in the world wrong, starting with that one fateful day with Sunset after school.
>Don’t dwell on it anymore, it’s pointless.
>What, do you think it’s going to swipe those plane tickets out of your hands, and change Mr. Davison’s mind about wanting to send you back home because of the thing you’ve done?
>Or at least, things you got caught up in.
>The angry part of you wants to blame Sonata for all this, or even Mary, or anyone that could have possible made your efforts to start over your life all for nothing.
>You’re not the type to be able to do that anyway, and it’s been proven at this point.
>You’re Anon, just another school boy who thought being a bland-in-with-the-background outcast with weird tastes made him moral and unique.
>Special through not being special, special through hanging out with strangers you see as your fellow army of groupthink; idiotic logic in its truest form.
>Should have stayed online more.
>Now it’s been too long to turn back to Brothens, now you sit in the chair at the airport having repressed all of the moments you spent dreading this moment.
>Only made it come sooner, closer than it appeared before.
>Sunset’s been thinking of a way to get out of this, but that’s nothing but fruitless efforts if Mr. Davison’s not going to change his mind for anything in the world.
>Every time you think back to what Alex told you, he really just seemed like kind of a jerk. Why would you want to hear him out? He sounds like he thinks the wrong way.
>You think about the other people you’ve talked to, but it all starts to run together at this point.
>Too distracted by the fact that you’re being forced to get onto this plane now.
>Mr. Davison sits right in the middle of the group you’re in.
>The environment around you seems to have erased itself from your senses, and you’re basically not here anymore on the inside.
>Now you just wait for the rest of your body to follow suit. By plane.
>”I just want to make it clear that this is nothing personal.” Announces Mr. Davison. “I’m just obligated to do this. I’m sorry.”
>Mary sits in her seat with that same distant look in her eyes, looking like she had more to smoke at some point before being dragged here.
>Lemon Zest just nonchalantly jams to her music, either regretting nothing or acting like she’ll make it back to here whenever she wants somehow.
>Sunset is nervously glancing over at you.
>You want to say something, but you don’t want Mr. Davison to hear you, but you remember what Sunset’s able to do and eventually sit next to her.
>Before all of this, you would have never expected yourself to be so willing to hold Sunset’s hand.
>She sees all of the things running through your mind as usual, and has to sift through it all until she finally reaches a point where she can start sending you a few notions of messages.
>The first thing you “hear” above Mr. Davison’s reminder of things not being personal is Sunset telling you that the band director himself can’t follow you past the security point all the way to the flight.
>The second thing is how there’s more than enough money for a hotel, since Sunset barely has about a third of the money required to get a plane ticket back to brothens, but those are a lot of money in the normal world anyway… and that amount over here would be enough to sustain someone for a couple of months.
>The third is that she didn’t tell you about this right away so you wouldn’t crack under any pressure Mr. Davison would exert on you to tell the truth, but still wanted to tell you now so you know what to do in a few minutes.
>You’re already getting nervous, which Sunset predicted, and she tells you in your head to stay cool and calmly stare forward so it looks like you’re just sitting there ashamed of yourself or whatever.
>Finally, the time for boarding the plane to Canterlot City has come, and you immediately stand up with the rest of the group and Mr. Davison herds you over to the security checkpoint.
>The man finishes his lecture and sends you off to the booths and stuff, and you’re checked for metallic items.
>A beep sounds from the metal detector as Sunset walks through it; it was the pendant.
>Only a quick check of Sunset’s pockets and bag is needed and everything is fine. No one even took the pendant away, which is probably to be expected unless these people know and care about magic.
>With a relieved gaze, Mr. Davison waves the group goodbye after you’re all on the other side of the security checkpoint and walking towards your flight.
>You hold Sunset’s hand in yours, and she continues to communicate with you as you notice Mr. Davison still standing there waiting for you to disappear from sight for certainty.
>But he only does this for half a minute, and then walks away right before you’re about to turn a corner. It’s pretty clear that he has the rest of the band students to be responsible for during the next couple of days or so at the hotel.
>The plane is going to be boarding for at least 20 to 30 more minutes.
>Before you know it, you are in one of the seats, sitting next to Sunset with your hand in hers.
>No longer are you both trying to figure out how to get off of the plane, but you’re rather thinking about IF you should try to leave the plane.
>There’s that whole feeling of nothing mattering as long as you are together, which a billion and one corny scenes in movies would agree with.
>But there’s also the fact that you’d be better off here with the amount of money you have… and there’s trouble waiting for you at home, and you’d be together here anyway (and probably not back at home anyway depending on what happens).
>Obvious answer is obvious: find a way off of the plane.
>”So what do we do?” Sunset asks you wit her hand gripping slightly tighter. “Do you know how to leave a plane after boarding?”
“I dunno for sure if people can even do that without being thrown off.”
>”Well we can’t get thrown off, then Mr. Davison will know about it. It’ll make too much of a scene.”
“How do you know he didn’t drive off by now?” You imagine that it might take a while for him to get to the bus anyway, and maybe talk to Debbie about everything before she pulls away.
>”He was intending to watch the plane take off, I saw it.”
>”Yeah, that sucks. I don’t know if he changed his mind, but do you wanna take that chance?”
“I don’t even know if we even can take that chance.”
>”I think we can. Let me see.”
>You have about thirty minutes and about one chance to do this right.
>Taking a quick few looks around, you notice more and more people boarding the plane as time goes on.
>Both you and Sunset start to wonder if you could just get up and walk off of the plane without anyone noticing.
>Whether or not Mr. Davison is still here is just going to have to be left to chance.
>Look back and notice that the dazzlings have all decided to sit in the back, and Norman is already asleep.
>Peer over various seats on the plane every now and then.
>The backs of people’s heads are scattered along the rows, not turning around and just staring straight forward.
>You’re really starting to run out of time, probably about ten minutes left.
>Keep looking for an air marshal, or a flight attendant, or something that indicates that it’s a person who could plausibly block you from getting off of the plane.
>There seems to be a flight attendant in one of the side rooms or whatever they’re called, maybe two flight attendants.
>No easy way to pick out an air marshal, so you’ll just have to wing this. Sunset already got the memo that you’re about to stand up, and she readies herself.
>“So what do we tell the security people?” Asks Sunset.
“Same thing we say out loud here.”
>You go back to talking normally.
“Aw, did we leave it in the car?” You blurt, not realizing how corny you sound until after you think about what you just heard.
>You said it too stiffly, and an old couple awkwardly looks over at you. But luckily, Sunset flies in with a save.
>”You want me to get it? I don’t know if they’ll let us off or…”
“Agh, uh, well this is awkward. We really need it.”
>”Is something the matter?” The elderly lady who looked over asks.
>”We forgot a uh, really important bag with my sister’s baby’s medication.” Sunset lies. “We left it in the car.”
“Do we have time to get it?” You pretend to check your phone, then act shocked at how there’s only twelve minutes left until boarding ceases.
>”We’ll still have to run the bag through security check.” Adds Sunset.
>”Oh my… one of you should go get it. You still have time.” The lady intervenes.
>”Who has the keys?”
“Ugh, we’ll find out on the way down.”
>The act is carried over to the flight attendant at the door who is letting more people board the plane.
>The old couple actually follows you and helps you out with the fake story you told them.
>”Excuse me.” The elderly man gets the flight attendant’s attention. “These two left something their baby needs in their car and need to get it.”
>”It’s… kinda urgent.” Says Sunset. “Heh, sorry.”
>The flight attendant’s lidded eyes look directly at you. “Is it something you can go get at your destination instead? Because the plane is going to take off in a few minutes.”
“N-no, I don’t think it is. No. We need to get it.”
>You can see a bit of concern in the attendant’s eyes, but they seem rather aloof about it overall.
>”Alright, well you really need to hurry.” The attendant quickly turns away to go do something else.
>The elderly man says something else you don’t catch as you look back to where the Dazzlings are sitting.
>But you can barely even see them because they’re too far away from where you just walked to. The last thing you want is them jeopardizing everything for them.
>”Oh, hey Anon.” Mary’s voice startles you.
>Ah fuck.
>Why did she have to sit all the way up here?! Is she still high?
“Hey uh, how’s it going?” You start.
>”There’s no time, we need the baby meds!” Sunset puts you back into focus.
>”Sorry about what happened to you.” Says Mary. “I really miss you in real life. But I might come back soon, okay? Also, canoe dude said hi.”
>Yeah, she’s just high right now, probably not even aware of what you and Sunset are trying to do.
>Before you know it, you’re approaching one of the security guards standing near the entrance ramp thing to the plane.
>He looks over at you, and you just smile back looking as dork-ish as possible and wave weakly.
>”Heh, we forgot something in the car.” Sunset says it for you.
>Both of you have to go through the metal detector after proving you had tickets and all that on the way out and are told you’ll need to do so once more on the way back in. Metal detector and all.
>After about a minute, you sheepishly make it back to the front of the airport, careful about how you approach the parking lot lest you get discovered and everything gets blown out of the water.
>It really shouldn’t be hard to find the- there is is. The bus that’s still there in the parking lot.
>Look back at the security guards waiting for you to go get your thing from the “car” that’s apparently there; they’re looking straight at you.
>Is it over? Is it all over?
>You have no other choice but to head out into the parking lot, wading through the thick tension in the air.
>Something something knees weak palms sweaty arms heavy WHY IS THE BUS SITTING THERE?!
>Mr. Davison really is waiting for the plane to take off, isn’t he?
>Start wandering around with Sunset through the rows of cars pretending to not remember where you parked. You can feel the eyes of the security guards on you cutting through the other cars themselves like industrial saws.
>You can see them but you can feel them. You just know it.
>Make your way further from the bus to the other end of the parking lot.
>Nope, still can’t find your car here, hahahahahah.
>Hahahahah nope. Not here either.
>Are the security guards still watching?
>Keep pretending to be searching anyway.
“Aw, this isn’t where I parked my car.” You grab the side of your head like the idiot you are.
>Wait… what’s that sound?
>It’s another plane going overhead. Which wouldn’t be much news had you not looked at the time and saw that it was one minute past departure time.
>Sunset looks over at you, and you look back at her, both of you knowing exactly what this means.
>That has to be the plane.

More later. Pastebin link soon.
Got Quick Results:
Pinkie Pie and Limestone Pie went to a 30 minute Time Limit Draw.
Coco Pommel defeats Minuette in 17:41 after a headbutt.
Princess Luna defeats Sunset Shimmer and Princess Cadence. Luna eliminates Sunset after a Last Ride in 21:10. Luna eliminates Cadence with a Chokeslam in 21:34
Treehugger defeats Silverstream in 16:00 with a Triple Moonsault. Fluttershy came out to celebrate Treehugger's Victory.
Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon defeat Autumn Blaze and Ember in 13:19. Lyra pinned Autumn Blaze after a rollup. Lightning Dust runs in and attacks Lyra and Bon Bon. Shy ran in and attacked Dust, Autumn, and Ember.
Starlight Glimmer defeats Applejack in 17:37 after a Spear. Aria Blaze ran in an attacked Applejack as well!
Trixie Lulamoon defeats Rarity in 9:26 after the Karma.
#1 Contendership Match for Best Ship Titles: Vinyl and Octavia defeat Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk in 17:40, Vinyl pinning Aria after a Canadian Destroyer. Sunset Shimmer ran in and attacked the Sirens.
File: 1580699167110.jpg (6 KB, 187x250)
6 KB
Nice results.
I still feel like Trixie is too strong
File: Spoiler Image (475 KB, 1000x907)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
Hell yeah. Also kek at sunny beating up the fishes.
>reading through update to see which story this is
No fucking way
Ooooooh, yes way.
File: 1503807448548.png (810 KB, 1280x720)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
Dash's room bump
File: 0.jpg (94 KB, 640x445)
94 KB
Five years ago, on the afternoon of May 24th, 2015 was when I first thought of an island adventure story while messing around on google earth out of boredom. It was not called Time After Time, nor did it have anything to do with anything MLP related one bit. It wasn’t until about a month and a half later when I decided to connect it to Time After Time. And today’s the day I’m going to start writing towards that story I wanted to write but never got to yet, and I’m gonna get there now that nothing else is in the way. There is going to be more.
File: Spoiler Image (173 KB, 900x1100)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>all those accolades
What a qt winner.
Show video is up.
It's a crying shame that JJ stopped Anathema. I loved that comic.
File: 2246662.png (1.46 MB, 1652x1163)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Different sex position Dash bump
File: faec.png (55 KB, 196x194)
55 KB
Got a link to it?
chapters 1-22 here but I think there's a 23rd
I ask about it on /h/ every now and then but never get any replies.
Yoga is so girly and faggy I'm shocked Dash would even do it.
>ywn stand over Dash in this position ready to blast her face with the mother of all facials.

why even live.
Don't forget to add "it's just a prank, sis" when she starts to scream.
File: 1585355337253.png (256 KB, 746x969)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
Is Venus Mercy still going?
>Have not written a single word since last update.

I think I may have burnt myself out.
So what are your favorite greens/fics?
Hard to choose
Well how about best green of your favorite girl?
Domazon Dash from forever ago
File: 1588761588846.jpg (964 KB, 1080x1530)
964 KB
964 KB JPG
Imagine if it was monster energy zero ultra. ...sips... now that is a energy drink
File: 1586972164369.png (714 KB, 856x1080)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
Do you think it would be like her to drink something like that?
File: Spoiler Image (522 KB, 3188x3188)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
>Those huge ass boobs
>Rainbow flat still being a meme in spite of this
Maybe they are fake or something?
Nah Dash wouldn't do that, the cost of such a procedure takes away from the cider and exercise budget.

Girl still cleans herself up well.
File: Spoiler Image (149 KB, 595x1024)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Are you legally blind Anon? Those boobs are B at best nibba
For Dash those are still some big ass milkers.
This has been a shitty week, Still haven't written a single word for Initial C and an infected cuticle on my index finger since last Thursday did no favors. I hope to start writing today but there is too much ground to cover to get it ready for Friday so it'll be out when it's ready.


What about this Dash? >>35375950
>girly and faggy
stop letting instagram stretchers color your view on a physically demanding activity
Why does life conspire against our fellow writers? Take it easy and I hope your week gets better.
damn with all the talk about rainbow dashs breast size, i wanne make a dash board joke
File: rimshot.gif (1.71 MB, 640x354)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB GIF
don't feel bad for not getting the writing done, i liked the last update to the Initial C story.
Damn really?
You should have went and wrote that one without mlp involved. Would have avoided the whole anti waifufaggotry mess that pissed everyone off.
File: 1586211741927.png (377 KB, 750x750)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
File: 2261423.png (433 KB, 750x901)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
apparetly the 24th one ends with a cliffhanger.
Is that the final one? I wanna know before I get into it.
File: 1582756053629.jpg (67 KB, 894x894)
67 KB
>Come home from long hard day at work
>See this
Wat do?
Why is she wearing two panties? Whatever, I'm still tucking her in.
File: zerbert.png (120 KB, 913x628)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Do you know if he abandoned it?
File: 1585786975243.png (135 KB, 352x600)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Yes, really.
And May 28th is when I really started to formulate the actual setting for the place. Way before anything MLP related was involved with any of this.
>Your brief moment of celebration is interrupted.
>Out of the corner of your eye, you see a familiar shape driving down the side of the parking lot.
>It’s the bus, and Sunset was running to duck out of sight before you were.
>There’s a couple of nearby bushes to pretend to not exist behind.
“Nope… heh, not here either.” You speak as though the security guards can still hear you. “No car here.”
>”They didn’t see us, don’t worry.” Sunset can be heard saying. “Mr. Davison is most likely looking opposite of where we are and Debbie is paying attention to the road.”
>The bus gets closer and closer as you and Sunset rest on the curb behind the bushes to stay out of sight.
>This moment is stiffening and gut wrenching, and the warm weather does anything but help keep you from sweating as you listen to the bus go by without stopping.
>At least the security guards can’t exactly see where you are from this angle either, though, they will once you stand up.
>Which would indicate to them that you didn’t actually go searching for something inside of a car and you were just ducking out of sight.
>Nothing suspicious about that.
>Stare at the open street until you see the back of the bus appear in your field of view, receding away from your position.
>The first thing you want to do is get out of here before the guards have a chance to confront you.
“You see any taxis nearby?” You ask Sunset, remembering the plan.
>”I’m looking, I’m looking.”
>Nothing useful seems to be in sight, and you’re more than certain that the security guards are already walking in your direction.
>”Is the bus gone?” Sunset asks you.
“Yeah, it’s all the way over there now.” You point to the far end of the street where the bus is ready to pull out into the larger road.
>The security guards are still nowhere in your line of sight, but you have a feeling they’re keeping track of where they last saw you.
>You almost feel like that if they saw you, then they’d be standing right in front of you right about now.
>Sunset suddenly stands up, as if she’s sick of running and hiding in the parking lot.
>”Anon, they’re not even looking this way.” She tells you.
>”C’mon. I think I see a taxi too.”
“Oh my gosh, really?!” You’re overwhelmed with excitement. “Did we really just make it?!”
>”Not yet, we need a taxi.”
“Right, right.”
>The mood hasn’t finished changing just yet.
>You follow Sunset through the rows of cars, looking back over to where the security guards are.
>It turns out that they’re not as on their toes as you were worried they were; and they’re sort of just standing around the entrance the the airport’s lobby area.
>It takes another 20 seconds or so before you can actually confirm that there’s a taxi nearby.
“Oh damn, oh damn.” You shiver.
>”Isn’t this exciting?” Sunset gets a little cocky herself.
“Hell yes!”
>The closer you get to the yellow vehicle at the far end of the parking lot, the more clear it becomes that you actually made it out of the situation unscathed.
>Mr. Davison himself is going to leave tomorrow or in three days or whenever he’s supposed to embark on the flight to the next touring destination.
>You have enough money to hold off here for at least a couple of weeks in the worst case scenario.
>Best case scenario, a couple of months.
>You are now only several feet away from the car.
>”Taxi!” Sunset reaches her arm out and waves her hand. “Taxi! Taxi!”
>The glistening shine of the water under the highway bridge passes underneath.
>Both you and Sunset seem to now have forgotten all of the tangles you were in before, because all of it is irrelevant now.
>Taking deep breaths, the two of you lean your heads back into the cushioned backseat of the taxi.
>And you wonder where you’re going to head off to next that’s far enough away from the others to not be noticed by them.
>”So were are we going to stay for the next week?”
“I think I saw some motels when we first got here but I can’t remember.”
>”Well we should pick now, because we gotta let this guy know where we want to get out after we reach Wing Island.”
“We can just walk.”
>”We… could. But our friends we’re avoiding might see us and want to take up shopping.” Sunset hints.
“Oh, right. Well we know which side of the island they’re not going to be on anyway. I say we take our chances.”
>Sunset sighs. “Mmkay. Hope you know what we’re doing.”
“Don’t worry, all we gotta do is find a hotel to stay at for the next week or so and then we can meet up with them.” You build the lie as you go along.
>And that settles it.
>Time to go find a hotel or motel to stay at until everyone else leaves to officially solidify your freedom.
This paste is a temporary placeholder until I can see if I can get the actual one updated, and if not, then the link I just posted will become the new part 4.
Yes, there will be more of that too.
yes,he's busy with his other projects.
that worthless SEAnigger
>hotel room together alone for a week
It’s finally happening
What even is that >>35369976
A comic JJ started before FiM.
Why is Rainbow Dash being molested by the Grinch

Assuming I replied to it correctly... :)


>You are Rainbow Dash again.
>And you aren't happy.
>If you thought you hated Principal Celestia before, this brought to a whole new level.
>You and... Anon both made it to the cafeteria a few minutes late thanks to Celestia's ordeal, but most of the good portions for lunch were already taken.
>Really, Celestia? You had to do this on PIZZA DAY?
>Fucking... gah.
>You wanted to hate her guts, but she managed to convince the freakin' school board to give you a second chance.
>Or was this your fortieth, counting every time you got in trouble?
>Ugh... this was all Anon's fault!
>Why did you always get in trouble because that jerkoff couldn't stop messing with you?
>You're only defending yourself!
>And now you have to try to be his FRIEND?
>Yeah, when hell freezes over!
>... Actually, knowing what you know, that could probably happen.
>But still, you knew better for yourself!
>Anon was a loser, plain and simple!
>Pfft... be the best of friends.
>Good luck with that.
>Immediately after you got to the table, you and... Anon were asked what happened.
>You really wanted to call him names like usual, but that gets old fast, to be honest.
>You beat him to the punch by answering first and explaining the situation.
>As soon as he realized what you were doing, he rolled his eyes and went back to picking at his food.
>Hah, Rainbow 100, Anon 0.
>Sunset definitely seemed less than pleased.
>"FAIL? She threatened to FAIL you if you two don't get along right?" she exclaimed.
>"Uh... Ah'm fairly certain that's actually illegal," Applejack brought up.
>And she was probably right. Forcing two students to be friends or they fail?
"I guess it was. But Principal Celestia apparently pulled some pretty big strings just so w... I wasn't kicked out of school."
>Fluttershy looks at you with a hopeful glimmer.
>"So... you're staying?"
>You nod, taking a drink of your milk, but in the process, plop it down and sigh.
"Yeah... but in return, I gotta try to befriend literally the one person in the world I can't stand."
>You could hear him sigh with annoyance.
>"Oh, the humanity," he said sarcastically.
"You see? THAT'S what I can't stand!"
>He merely rolls his eyes while Sunset rubs his back.
>He laughs quietly to himself.
>"Well, I think this is a good thing for both of you," Rarity pipes up.
"... What?"
>"Ah agree with Rarity. Both of you have been goin' at it for years now, and it's only been getting worse lately. How long is it before y'all get seriously hurt?"
"Oh, please, Applejack. I can handle myself."
>"And what if one day, ya can't? One of these days, one of y'all or both of y'all are gonna end up in the hospital for doin' something stupid."
"I'm betting one of us. And it sure ain't gonna be me."
>"Me neither."
>Sunset softly slammed her hands down on the table.
>"Nopo-... Nobody is going to the hospital. Nobody is going to hurt each other. And nopony is going to fail this semester! I mean, nobody!"
>She looked between you and Anon with a stern glare.
>"You're both going to apologize, you're going to work together, and you're going to pass this class with flying colors. Got it?"
"... And HOW exactly are we gonna do that?"
>Sunset looked at Anon.
>"Anon, apologize to Rainbow Dash."
>"W-ts... WHAT? But I didn't-"
>"Anon..." she repeated, her tone becoming sterner.
>Anon could only look at Sunset with astonished eyes, and a smidgen of betrayal.
>If only you could take a photo of this moment.
>... Well, you can, but by the time you could get your phone out of your pocket, Anon's expression had already changed.
>At least you thought to record the audio.
>"Fine... I'm sorry," he said in a less-than-willing tone.
>This was great.
>"Now you, Rainbow," Sunset said gesturing to you.
>Sunset said nothing, raising an eyebrow and continuing to look at you.
>In fact, EVERYONE at the table was looking at you.
>"He said sorry, so now it's your turn," Rarity stated.
>"Yeah! It's the rules, Dashie!" Pinkie exclaimed joyfully.
>You scrunched your lips feeling enclosed by your own friends.
>With no other choice, you sighed.
"... Sorry."
>The girls all looked at each other, sharing passing glances at one another.
>"... Yeah, I'm not buying it," Sunset eventually stated.
"Oh, come on! You wanted me to say sorry and I did! What more do you want from me?"
>"We want you to be genuine, dear," Rarity said with a slight groan. "It's easy to say you're sorry, but you have to MEAN it."
"And how exactly am I supposed to do that to someone who always gets on my nerves?"
>"Hmm..." Sunset pondered in a clearly sarcastic tone.
>Keep it up, Bacon Hair.
>"Well, I guess you two gotta... *gasp* ... get to know each other!"
>The others looked at her funny.
>She noticed and immediately coughed to fill in the awkward tension.
>"... But seriously, talk to each other. That's literally the only way you're gonna solve this problem. Plus, it's what Principal Celestia wants from you."
>You could only give a deep sigh.
"Do I HAVE to?"
>You looked at your friends, all of whom seemed to agree alongside Sunset, who glanced once again at Anon.
>You realized you were biting your lip almost frustratingly, and stopped before they could bleed.
>Despite your friends having a bit of a concerned look, they still didn't take your side.
>You! Rainbow freaking Dash! You couldn't believe it!
>... And according to his face... neither could Anon.
'Don't do it, Dash. Don't give him the satisfaction.'
"... Fine."
>"Good," Sunset beamed with a smirk. "Now shake on it."
"Nah, I'm good with a nod," you say, nodding your head to Anon absentmindedly.
>Sunset doesn't accept it, instead holding out Anon's arm.
>"Hold out your hand."
>Anon rolled his eyes and opened up his hand.
>Ugh... you were gonna have to do it.
>In that case...
>Before you hold out your own hand, you open it up and let out a glob of spit straight into your palm.
>Anon's face said it all.
>"... I'm never gonna understand that whole thing. But a handshake's a handshake. Anon, you do the same."
>"Seriously, Sunset?"
>"You gotta do it, Anon! It's the rules!" Pinkie exclaimed.
>"Since when?!"
>"Since the last 700 years... at least, what it says on my phone."
>This time, Anon was the one cornered by the others.
>Spitting his own saliva onto his palm, he once again reaches his hand out.
>This time, you reap the rewards and sloppily slam your hand together with his in a firm handshake, the spit in your hand squishing together very... audibly.
>"God... fucking gross..."
>"Language, dear," Rarity lightly criticizes.
>At first, the handshake was calm and lighthearted.
>Then as the moments passed, Anon's expression turned to discomfort, clearly eager to pull away.
>You loved it. And goddamn it, you were gonna exploit that.
"Aww, what happened to big, strong Anonymous? A bad boy like you isn't afraid by a little bit of spit, is he...?" you teased as Anon's hand pulled away from yours.
>"I don't wanna talk about it," Anon replied quickly.
>Already, you noticed a change in his tone as you cleaned off your spit with a napkin.
>You didn't think anything of it, and proceeded to chuckle to yourself.
>With that out of the way, you started to properly dig into your meal.
>And oh, how you savored each and every bite.
>Anon, on the other hand, did nothing but pick at his food for the rest of lunch.
>Who knew spit could make him such a pussy?


I'll try to make a bit more this weekend, something longer.
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Because my procrastination is off the charts, I will have a small update sometime tonight. It will consist of the Rainbow Dash race.

Afterwards and going forward I will make small updates leading into the finale. Meaning when I have the next scene done I will post it regardless of when it is during the week.

See you soon.
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TL;DR Recap:
>Be anon
>Be street racer
>Get BTFO by a white Porsche
>Get butthurt about it and look for them.
>Go to local races with friend.
>Meet other street racers.
>Most of them are cunts.
>They almost kill your friend.
>You start to race.
>You BTFO first group of cunts.
>You face second group of rich cunts.
>BTFO them as well.
>You meet Mane 7.
>Want you to join them.
>At least Rainbow Cunt does.
>You tell her to go fuck herself.
>You race HyperPink and YellowQuiet.
>You BTFO them
>Next time will be mountain Drift Race.
>You race PurpleSmart and BTFO her.
>Turns out it wasn't her but her Cop brother.
>You ask Old man to tune the Z for drifting.
>He says no then yes.
>Old man is DIscord.
>Z is tuned to drift.
>Flirt with Rarity.
>Win race.
>Blue fast is pissed
>Challenges you.
>You say yes
>Your car is in no condition to race.
>Tire says no mas and Engine takes a shit on you too.
>Get BTFO by Porsche again anyways.
>Porsche driver is Principal Celestia.
>Z is fucked
>Dad is not mad, only disappointed
>For now you play supporting leader.
>Your team wins their first few races.
>Don't stop you now, cause you are having a good time.
>Meet with Dad and Discord about fate of the Z
>The Z will be reborn.
>2JZ Engine no shit!
>Start building engine
>Learn Principal Celestia used to be a Speed Star.
>Get asked to Prom
>You say no no.
>But dad says yes yes.
>You and dad go and test run the new Z.
>Dad is an absolute madman.
>You gain a new respect and fear of him.
>You test the Z yourself.
>You BTFO Twitch thot Sunset Shimmer
>Go shopping for prom
>You dance with Prom Queen Rarity
>Then dance with AppleJack.
>AJ's mom used to be a Speed Star
>Dad says she was a founder with him.
>Had the hots for him but moved on.
>Lost her friendship
>As well as other friend and founder.
>Who just so happens to be Blue Fast's dad

>Weekend goes by like nothing.
>Come Monday at school though.
>There is a buzz amongst the students.
>A bigger buzz than the other times.
>An ever growing gossip over the coming race between yourself and Rainbow Dash.
>Even with all your achievements over the past few months.
>Rainbow Dash is still considered the top dog of the scene.
>And your reactionary race with her after your victory against Rarity that led to your engine blow did you no favors.
>Some already consider this a done deal.
>But since you have pretty much ran the gauntlet and handed the other girls their first losses, it at least made for great storytelling.
>So now there are even more students who are surrounding you.
>'Bro, you got this!'
>'You ain't got a chance with her!'
>'I can't wait for this weekend!'
>It's been going nonstop.
>Principal Celestia finally stepped in and gave you space.
>The hallways cleared and it was just you and Celestia.
>”Care to explain what all that was all about”
>She finally acknowledges the extra attention you've been getting.
>You look to your left.
>Then your right.
>And finally back to Celestia.
“Dash and I are going at it this Friday.”
>You tell the Principal.
>Yeah yeah, no racing talk at school grounds.
>But you didn't necessarily tell her it was racing.
>For all she knew, you two were going to film a porno or something.
>But since you know better and you know what she is capable of, she understood clearly what you meant.
>Even if all she did was just turn to leave you alone in the hallway.
>You call out to her as she turns a corner to get out of your sight.
>Of course she doesn't acknowledge you.
>Lunch time is little more of the same thing.
>You're trying to have a discussion with your group but are surrounded by fellow students and well wishers.
>When you look over to Rainbow Dash and the rest of the girls, she seems to be having the same problems as you.
>Surrounded by various students.

>Probably asking her the same three questions you've been asked all day.
>You get up from your seat and head over to them.
>You call out to Dash, who was surrounded by a swarm of students.
>She looks up to you.
>”What do you want?”
>She rudely asks you.
>You just point your thumb to outside the school cafeteria.
“Can we talk, in private?”
>She seems suspicious of you at first, then she takes a look at the other girls who all give her an encouraging look.
>”This better be good.”
>She says as she gets up from her seat.
>Ready to follow you to wherever it is you want to go.
>She tries to shoo away the large crowd that orbited her.
>Some back off, but some continue to follow you two.
>You both head out into the hallways to try and ditch the group of students.
>Finally you both head into an empty classroom and lock the door.
>Alone together, at last .
>Dash then moves to hoist herself onto the teachers desk.
>”The hell do you want?”
>She says.
>You just roll your eyes.
“Yes, because I am sure you are so eager to get back out there with the vultures.”
>You bitterly rebut to her.
>You then take a seat on the small school desk that was directly across from the teachers desk.
>Neither of you say anything to each other.
>Just staring at each other.
>Dash doesn't look mad, nor does she look annoyed.
>Which are the two moods you are used to seeing her in the most.
>Instead, she looks a bit bored.
>She had her leg crossed over her knee with both hands clasped together resting up top of her knees.
>You lean forward in your seat on the school desk.
>You start to say, but then pause.
>Not really sure where to start.
“To say you've been a cunt since the get go wouldn't even be an understatement.”
>Dash almost looks offended.
>”Hold it right there needle dick!”
>She loudly retorts back to you.
>”I showed you courtesy in the beginning! But you and your fucking ego wanted to make it into this big deal!”

>She exclaims to you as she moves from her relaxed position to a more ready one.
>You scoff at her.
“You nearly killed my friend over a race!”
>You now raise your own voice.
>”Who almost killed your friend again?”
>She asks.
>You almost quickly respond to her that it was her, but then you stopped and thought about it.
“Well, still!”
>You embarrassingly say.
>She laughs,
>”Yeah, not only was it not me, but you proved it yourself the very next week that a good racer would have avoided that same situation altogether.”
>You sit back in your seat.
>You feel bad for 4-Speed, but she was right about that.
>”And I saw that talent in you and I wanted you with us. So we can start our own legacy and not be held down by the past.”
>You begin to chuckle.
“Sounds to me like it's you who wanted to run away from their legacy.”
>She tilts her head.
>”The hell do you mean?”
>You shake your head at Dash.
“Don't play dumb, I know everything now.”
>Again, you lean forward on the school desk.
“About how back in the day our dad's and AJ's mom started the Speed Stars.”
>This seemed to have caught her attention.
“About how he couldn't beat my dad, no matter how much he tried.”
>Her looks is changing by the second.
>Oh, she's definitely getting mad now.
>Which means you are on the right track.
“Sounds like our dad's had a falling out.”
>You then look directly into her eyes.
“And just judging by your attitude towards the group, and myself in particular, it was a messy break up and even transcended generations”
>You say in an almost amusing tone at the end.
>Dash then gets up from the desk and immediately gets in your face.
>Something she loves to do, by the way.
>”A messy break up?”
>She says to you.
>”My dad hated that group and hasn't been able to let that go!”
>She's now raising her voice.

>”It fucking consumed him. Once I showed even the slightest hint that I wanted to race then he changed into a completely different person! Then every single time I did something less satisfactory in his eyes he would lose his shit!”
>Her eyes are getting glossy.
>”It got to a point where he started to lash out at my mom and she said no more and walked out on us, on me!”
>Her voice is beginning to crack.
>”So don't come to me with that shit about being a messy break up because you CLEARLY don't know what it's like!”
>A single tear streamed down her face.
>”No matter how many races you win. The good grades, the sporting accomplishments. NOTHING is good enough for him now.”
>She finally steps back to give you some space.
>”Even my forfeit victory from you still didn't please him!”
>Perhaps that explains why she never said she won because your car took a shit on you mid race.
>It was to get her father's approval.
>All of this is way more revealing than what you were prepared for.
>”I have to beat you this Friday. I NEED to beat you!”
>She finally wipes her eyes clear of the forming tears.
>She then takes a deep breath. Now with a renewed fire in her eyes.
>”I have to win and set everything right.”
>You then get up from your seat on the small school desk and scoff at her.
“Well, sorry to hear your sob story but this all sounds more like a 'you' problem.”
>You then turn to leave the classroom.
>Before you could reach the door to leave you feel her hands grab at one side of you and turn you back around with force.
>”I'm serious you fuck!”
>She yells at you.
“And so am I! Don't think for a second I'm going to feel sorry for you or your sore loser father who couldn't take a loss from someone who thought of him as a friend!”
>Dash's eyes now have a fierce determination and fire to them.
>Gone are the waterworks she used earlier in the conversation.

>”This Friday!”
>She announces.
>”If I beat you fair and square, you have to disband the Canterlot Speed Stars.”
>She proposes to you.
>You tilt your head to the side.
“Why the fuck would I ever agree to that?”
>You ask her.
>”Because without you and your Z, the Speed Stars are nothing more than a batch of jokes. I get my satisfaction of doing what my dad couldn't do and I earn his respect!”
>You then shake your head.
>”Unless you're too much of a coward to actually take me on after your last attempt at me.”
>She has a small grin on her face.
>The ol' 'what are you, a chicken?' insult.
>You hate it when people use that defense.
>But truth be told you have all the confidence that you can take her out but now you don't want to agree because of that stupid line.
>Plus, it's all too good for her.
“And what happens when I win?”
>You throw back at her.
>She then stands up straight and holds her hand out.
>”Then I quit racing and disband the Sonic RainBooms as my whole goal in all this was to try and right a mistake from the past.”
>You think about it for a minute.
>It almost doesn't seem like a fair deal.
>She wins and you have to destroy something your father built.
>But if you win then she's even more miserable.
>Fuck it.
>You take her hand and squeeze hard.
>She matches your strength with her own and squeezes your hand.
>You both just stand there.
>Not letting go of the handshake as if to try to prove a point.
>Finally after a few more minutes of awkward silence and hand holding, you both let go at the same time.
>You are the first to leave the classroom only for the bell to ring to signify the end of lunch.
>For the rest of the day Rainbow Dash's story keeps playing in your head.
>Wondering if any of it is all true.
>It's still not going to make you have pity on her.
>But it still seems a bit much for someone to be that obsessed with the past.
>After school you head on home.

>When you get home and park your car you notice there was a shipping container in the garage.
>Probably another new car to your fathers collection.
>You pay no attention to it.
>After dinner you have a small chat with your father about what you learned from Rainbow Dash.
>”Well, he always was a sore loser.”
>Your father chuckles.
>Then he sighs.
>”Though I do have to feel bad for his family.”
>You don't respond at first.
>Then you just ask.
“What should I do?”
>Your dad just shakes his head.
>”Keep doing what you are doing. It's her problem and not yours.”
>You're glad to hear that.
>You begin to walk out of his office when you notice he pulls his cell out from his pocket and begins to press some buttons.
>He then brings the phone up to his face before you exit his office and retreat back to your room for the night.

>Friday night.
>The big night.
>You haven't felt this much anxiety since your first race.
>It is time to head out.
>You hop in the Z and turn the ignition.
>Everything up to this point has felt a little more heavy.
>Your dad wasn't home when you left the house and you are not sure where he went off to.
>Once you reach Donut Joe's you immediately notice there is way more people here than ever before.
>You join up with the rest of your crew and there are more people in your group than before.
>Many of the unfamiliar faces then come up to introduce themselves as former members of the Speed Stars.
>This race seems to have taken the street racing scene by storm.
>As if you weren't nervous before.
>You even notice there were more people over on Crystal Clutch Club's side as well.
>Which you assume are former members as well.
>You even see some coworkers from the auto shop as well scattered amongst the crowd.
>You take a look over at Dash and the rest of the RainBooms and they are surrounded by a large group of people as well.
>Rainbow Dash then notices you looking over to her and then she breaks off from the pack to come up to you.
>She was wearing a crop top denim jacket with a white T shirt underneath.
>A rainbow striped lightning bolt was displayed between the opening of the jacket.
>Down below she still had the usual skin tight black leggings that highlighted her petite frame.
>Once some people saw that she was heading towards you they all began to scatter away to leave space between you two.
>And here you are.
>Face to face with the girl who was considered the top of the racing scene.
>At least to everyone else.
>To you, she is just the last stepping stone to your real target.
>Everybody else formed a circle around the two of you.
>Waiting with bated breath.
>Wanting to know how this is going to go down.
File: flf-dalspr17465.png (537 KB, 1500x1071)
537 KB
537 KB PNG

>The tension and hype in the surrounding air is so intense you could cut it with a knife.
>Finally Rainbow Dash speaks up.
>”I think a fitting track for us tonight will be the All City Loop.”
>The crowd then hoots and hollers at her selection.
>Form what you can remember from the map, the All City Loop is pretty much a giant loop around the city and not just a section like last week.
>Fitting for something like this.
>Before you two could break off from each other you can now hear the roar of a loud engine coming from the distance.
>You all look over and you see a very nice looking red car quickly approaching you.
>As it gets closer to you guys you can now make out that it's a Ferrari.
>But not one you have ever seen before.
>Like if McLaren made a Ferrari is the best description you can give.
>This one looks way more advanced than any other Ferrari's you've seen and encountered in the past.
>The car abruptly stops just outside of the group circle causing a small panic to the people close to the car.
>The driver side door then swings upwards open, like many supercars of the same ilk.
>Out comes a somewhat large man.
>Not as large as Rarity's father but still rather imposing.
>Light purple skin and rainbow colored hair in a flattop cut.
>It looked like he had a five o'clock shadow around his large square chin.
>He wore a long sleeve Burgundy dress shirt with a black vest over it and tucked into his black slacks.
>His Rolex shined even in the night with lack of bright lights.
>There is a large buzz about his appearance and he slowly walks towards you and Dash.
>You then look over to Rainbow Dash and she has a petrified look on her face to see her dad here.
>As he gets closer he then moves towards Dash.
>He then stands right next to her and Dash looks up to him with nervous eyes.
>She then looks away from him.
>He then turns his head towards you.
>The silence in the crowd also gives you some butterflies as well.
File: ford-gt_100676787_h.jpg (899 KB, 1920x1280)
899 KB
899 KB JPG

>He starts to slowly walk towards you.
>Once he is face to face with you, or rather, face to chest as he still towers over you, there is another silence.
>”So, you're Dadanon's kid, huh?”
>You don't say a word but just nod.
>Trying to keep your eyes on him and try not to look intimidated.
>He then looks past you and at the Z.
>There is this look of nostalgia and contempt on his face upon seeing the old car.
>He then turns to head back to Dash's side and turns back too you.
>”Where's your old man at?”
>You were taken back at the question.
>You answer.
>And like some convenient storytelling, you then hear another loud engine roar in the distance.
>It was getting louder as you assumed it was getting closer.
>You then see a pair of bright headlights beaming in the distance and getting bigger fast.
>Much like Bow's entrance, the car was coming in at an alarming speed.
>Then the car does a 180 doughnut and stops perfectly right next to the Ferrari.
>There is a mild cheer and sigh of relief over the car not going out of control and running into the crowd.
>Not that it's closer you can see that it's a Ford GT.
>Gray carbon fiber surrounds the entire car except for a black and red single stripe running down the middle of the car
>You then hear a scoff from Bow.
>”Fucker always loves showing off.”
>He says bitterly.
>The door then pops outward and upward.
>Out comes your dad.
>Sporting a long sleeve black shirt that was untucked and open revealing his plaint white T shirt inside.
>A pair of jeans
>There is a large ovation when he shows his face.
>He seems a bit confused at the reaction he was receiving.
>He meekly smiles and waves as he makes his way towards you.
>Once he reaches you he lightly slaps your shoulder.
>His warm smile does wonders in calming your nerves.
>He then looks over to Bow Hotfoot and Rainbow Dash.
>A sort of standoff between you all.
>Rainbow Dash and Bow Hotfoot.
>You and your dad.

>Street racing royalty, if you will.
>Your father breaks the silence.
>Bow answers back.
>There is another long moment of silence where once again your dad breaks the ice.
>He points out Bow's car with his chin.
>”Nice Laferrari.”
>He chimes in.
>”I tried to snag one myself, but Ferrari didn't think I was important enough to have one.”
>He says in a lighthearted manor.
>Bow then responds to his comment.
>“I wouldn't have gotten one either if it hadn't been for me racing for Ferrari in the past.”
>Your dad chuckles at his comment.
>Bow stays stone faced as before.
>So that little exchange didn't do much to lighten the mood.
>Rainbow Dash then moves and speaks up.
>”We really should get tonight started.”
>She doesn't seem like her usual self right about now.
>Everyone then scatters away to make space for some of the races to begin.
>Both your and Dash's dads then get back in their cars and moves them out of the way themselves.
>As the night progresses, your dad mingles with many of the other people in attendance of tonight’s races.
>Bow just spends his time with Rainbow Dash.
>Brushing off anyone who wanted to talk to him
>Seemingly giving her advice from the looks of it as he keeps looking to you and your dad.
>At long last it is time for the main event.
>You and Rainbow Dash.
>For the fate of the Canterlot Speed Stars and the Sonic RainBooms are at stake.
>The tension in the air is at an all time high for this.
>Your dad gives you a final good luck before you hop in the Z and head for the starting line.
>You are then met with Dash in her R8 right next to you.
>Both your and Dash's dads are now with the rest of the audience near the monitors.
>They seem to be impressed at how much the scene has evolved since they were running the streets.
>Both you and Dash are revving our engines.
>Her R8's roar resembles that of a high end supercar.

>Again, it is a V10 so it's no slouch however your 2JZ was tuned to destroy cars with V16 engines.
>There has to be more under the hood than just the stock parts.
>Otherwise this really won't be much of a race.
>The sounds of both your engines echo loud throughout the city block.
>Only challenged by the loud cheering from the larger than usual crowd in attendance for tonight's main event.
>Back with dad and Bow, they are making comments about your respected cars.
>”You let your daughter put a supercharger on her R8?”
>Dad asks Bow.
>”You can tell by just hearing the engine?”
>Bow asks.
>”Yeah, that's not the sound of a normal V10 engine and the spooling sounds different than just a simple turbocharger.”
>Bow then scoffs at him.
>”You're one to talk, with your Z now having a 2JZ in it.”
>Your father hums.
>”You can tell, huh?”
>Bow then looks at your dad.
>”I can hear a 2JZ engine in my sleep.”
>Your dad begins to laugh.
>”This is going to be good.”
>He says.
>Bow just grumbles in response.
>The cutie of the week is now in between you and Dash.
>She begins the starting routine.
>Both your cars spring to life jumping out of the start.
>Your Z does it now familiar wheelie where the front two tires rise up in the air.
>Bow then narrows his eyes.
>”What the hell did you do to that Z?”
>He asks your dad.
>Dad just shakes his head.
>”It's not what I did, it's what the old man did.”
>Bow just looks back at you and Dash quickly running out of sight.
>Both you and Dash make the first turn without effort.
>You take an early lead.
>But Dash is right on your tail.
>You both make the second turn onto the main road and head for the on ramp to the highway.
>You still keep ahead upon entering the highway.
>Once you both are on the highway you are already weaving through the other cars still on the road.
>There are a lot more cars on the road tonight than usual.

>Rainbow Dash is still behind you but is making no attempts to overtake you.
>You suspect she is laying low and watching your every move to get a good feel of your driving first hand.
>When you think about it, you should be extra careful.
>Because while she has seen you race week in and week out, the only examples you have of her were the races with 4-Speed and your previous race with her.
>You know that she can handle her R8 well and can drift in it.
>The first off ramp tight turn is coming up quickly.
>You take the turn at full speed and just let go of the gas and turn quickly.
>Dash comes barreling in on all fours and her front bumper is right next to your side door.
>Damn that's good.
>Back with the dads, Bow comments on your drift.
>”You taught him your high speed drift technique?”
>Your dad just shakes his head, with wide eyes.
>”I didn't teach him a damn thing.”
>He says, looking impressed.
>”He must have picked it up when he rode with me a few weeks ago.”
>Bow then looks at your dad.
>”What do you mean you didn't teach him anything?”
>Dad then nods.
>”I just gave him the keys to the Z and told him to have at it.”
>This seems to have gotten on Bow's nerves a little bit.
>Dad then turns to look at him.
>”What about your kid?”
>Bow then looks away from your dad and pays attention to the race.
>”When she started driving, I was showing her some tricks and coaching her...”
>Back in the race and you both come out of the first tight turn with momentum and speed.
>Dash still seems to want to play it carefully and stays behind you.
>She stays at a certain distance away from you and keeps up.
>It feels similar to what you did to AJ last week in that you are just hanging out in her blind spot.
>You have to admit it's starting to get a little unsettling that she seems to stay back there.
>It just means you have to pay extra attention to all your surroundings
>A long straightaway and Dash still doesn't seem interested in passing you

>Maybe she can't?
>Shes playing possum, you're sure of it.
>You continue to breeze through the lanes and swing past other unsuspecting cars on the road.
>Up ahead are a series of 'S' curves.
>Quickly approaching, you pull your E brake and slide into the first curve.
>You press the gas on the second and ease your way through.
>Form what little you see of Dash she simply powers through each turn.
>Keeping up with you at each corner.
>Even in long stretches where you get close to max speed, she is still right behind you.
>Is this some sort of long game she is playing?
>Maybe you really should stop over thinking this and just focus on what's ahead of you
>Up ahead is another connecting ramp to another highway.
>Which means another tight turn.
>You once again attack the corner at a high speed and turn into the ramp.
>Upon drifting around the hairpin like turn, Dash and her front end are mere inches from your passenger side door on the inside.
>You try not to react and call her bluff and she doesn't budge and keeps her spot throughout the turn.
>You both then come out of the turn in the same position as each other.
>That was smooth.
>Those damn all wheel drive cars certainly aid in powerslides and extra grip.
Now you are neck and neck on another long stretch of straight road.
>Dash begins to fall behind.
>You can tell she is letting go of the gas.
>You decide to match her and also let go of the gas.
>You're then slowing down to matcher her speed.
>Once you are again at the same level as her you look over to Dash.
>She then looks over to you and flips you the bird.
>Then without warning, she zooms ahead of you.
>Taking the lead.
>You were a little surprised at her trick but then you mentally curse to yourself.
>That bitch was playing possum.
>You're not exactly sure what had happened though.
>Back at the dad squad they are reacting to the turn of events.

>Your dad chuckles and looks to Bow.
>”Cheeky girl you got there.”
>Bow keeps his eyes on the monitor so dad continues.
>”By her staying behind him at all times and purposefully falling behind him and keeping a lower speed she baited him to slow down, but by then her gear was already regulated so as he started to slow down, she hits the gas and spools all that power from her supercharger to take a jumping lead.”
>Bow still keeping his eyes on the race.
>”I can't believe your son fell for that entry level trick.”
>Your dad then tilts his head to the side and looks back at the monitor.
>”Entry level by what standards? In order to pull that off you need to have complete knowledge and understanding of your own car and it's power.”
>Bow is now starting to look a little annoyed.
>”It's by my standards.”
>He finally says.
>Your dad then puts on a concerning look.
>Back at the race you are now trying to get your Z back up to speed and catch back up to Dash.
>She is building a distance between you two but it's not time to start panicking just yet.
>You were able to limit the distance she went ahead by and keep at that speed.
>There are still a few ways to catch up and pass her but you also feel they won't come easy.
>They never do.
>There are fewer pedestrian cars on the road now so there is little reason to try and glide between the lanes.
>You now mostly focus on your Z's power to hopefully catch her.
>You're going on max speed and achieved blur status but she still isn't getting any closer.
>Damn there is something else under that R8's hood.
>Or trunk since it's engine is in the back of the car.
>Another set of 'S' curves are up ahead and both of you need to decelerate to a more manageable speed.
>Both you and Dash attack the curves perfectly.
>No real gain from that.
>Now you are running out of options.
>The highway begins to wind and curve but nothing too concerning.

>You attack the curves at a higher speed and almost hit the guardrails on several occasions.
>But at this point you'll try just about anything.
>You gain some ground but not much.
>Up ahead is another off ramp that will lead to another section of the highway.
>You try something a little stupid.
>You take this turn at a much higher speed than before.
>The resulting drift causes the tires to screech higher than they have done before.
>But it got results.
>You have made up some lost ground and are now on her tail.
>And you didn't lose much momentum or speed either.
>There is the last hairpin like off ramp before the straightaway that leads to the finish-line exit ramp.
>You're going to have to tempt fate and try it one last time.
>The turn quickly comes up.
>Only except this time you mimic Dash's power slide and take the turn along side her.
>You both exit the last turn next to each other.
>Both dads now sport surprised and shocked expressions on their faces.
>”Wait, how the fuck did he...”
>Your dad begins to wonder.
>The final stretch of road and now it's a matter of whose car will produce more power.
>You are all the way up to sixth gear and everything is redlining.
>This can't be healthy for the engine.
>But Discord assured you that it could take a beating.
>Well you're putting it to the test now.
>The exit ramp is fast approaching and Dash is still by your side.
>She has an advantage by being in the lane closer to the ramp.
>Both of you keep taking quick looks to each other to see who will blink first.
>Then Dash tries something stupid.
>She tries to psyche you out by jerking her wheel towards to you cause you to panic turn to miss the ramp.
>What you do in response, however is the opposite.
>When she jerks her wheel towards you, you respond in kind by jerking your wheel towards her.
>Then she is the one who panics by jerking her car away from you and possibly letting go of the gas.
>Giving you a half car lead as you both cross the exit ramp.

>And giving you the slight victory.
>You let out a large gasp of breath and moan like you just had the best orgasm of your life.
>Bow then closes his eyes and tilts his head upwards and takes a deep breath.
>You make your way back to the large crowd.
>You park and give the Z a much needed rest and exit the car to a large fanfare of cheers and celebrations.
>Many people then hoist you up on their shoulders and carry you around the empty street.
>You catch a glimpse of your dad who is just beaming with pride and give you a thumbs up.
>You then look over to Dash's dad and he just seems to have an expressionless look on his face.
>Your dad then goes up to him and they begin to have a conversation.
>Finally you look back out to the street and see Dash finally catch up to the rest of the group.
>She parks but she does not leave her car.
>from what you can see through the windshield she has the horrified look on her face with her hands still on the steering wheel.
>You are finally let down and you make your way to your dad and Bow.
>Dash's dad then walks up to you and pats you on the shoulder.
>”You did good kid.”
>He then walks off towards Dash and her R8.
>Once he is there he stands next to the drivers side door.
>His lips are moving but from the distance you are at you can't tell what he is saying.
>Dash finally gets out of the car and is standing face to face with her dad.
>Well, she was looking down in shame and not really face to face but you get the idea.
>He begins to talk to her some more and then he wraps his arms around her and pulls her in for a big hug.
>This gesture takes Dash completely off guard.
>Her eyes go wide.
>Then they start to squint a bit.
>She then wraps her arms around her dad, accepting his embrace and she begins to cry into him.
>Bow just rests his head on top of hers.
>You are then nudged by someone.

>You turn to see AppleJack and the rest of the RainBooms.
>They all have great big smiles on their faces of the touching moment.
>You wonder if they are aware that the Sonic RainBooms are now disbanded.
>Perhaps not a good time to spring on such news and hold off for another day.
>You are then joined by your dad and the rest of the Canterlot Speed Stars.
>They all congratulate you and your dad even gives you a hug of his own.
>Your dad then takes notice of AppleJack and introduces himself to her.
>She then thanks him and you for the hair claw that you presented to her last week.
>You dad then finally looks back to you and smiles.
>”I'll leave you to it son, see you when you get home.”
>He nods and walks off to his GT.
>He gets in his car and drives off.
>You then take a deep breath and try to take it all in.
>You are now the man.

That's the update
Updated pastebin here:

Going forward I will post single scenes once I have them done as opposed to before where I just did big text dumps. There isn't much left in the story now so it's a fitting time to do so.
Another fantastic update. Must say this story is great.
I know it's out of place, but I hope they fug
Very excellent.
The real question is dadanon explaining now what the bus in the garage is for.
File: Reading_until_morning.png (2.85 MB, 3200x2015)
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2.85 MB PNG
File: 2327664.png (148 KB, 341x494)
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148 KB PNG
Ok anons, first time writer here. I'm going to post my first greentext story. I want you tell me how it is. Don't be afraid to tell me if it's shit, I'm trying to get better at writing and appreciate any criticism.

>Be Anon.
>Be very confused as to what exactly you just heard.
“…You what?”
>“I want you to give me a facial. God, what is so hard to understand about that.”
>Rainbow Dash stands in front of you looking off to the side with indignation written on her face. >The bright red of her cheeks could probably be seen from twenty feet away.
>“Come on Nonny, do Rainbow this favor.”
>Pinkie pleads as she slowly leans into your ear and traces small circles on your chest as she softly coos.
>“Please… do if for me Nonny. I promise that I’ll make it worth your while later.”
>And this right here is the main source of your mental disorientation.
>Oh sure, it would be enough to confuse the fuck out of you if some girl just came up to you and asked you to cum on her face out of nowhere, but the fact that your girlfriend is not only ok with it, but that she’s actively encouraging it is enough to currently break your brain.
>You and Pinkie have been dating for a little over a year now and quite frankly its been an awesome experience.
>See you were kind of a friendless loser in middle school.
>Mostly because you had no friends and were a loser.
>Your first year at Canterlot High you keep to yourself and didn’t really talk to anybody.
>Until that is you meet Pinkie.
>She was friendly and outgoing and seemed to like everyone in school.
>And that just so happened to include you.
>She didn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body.
>Though given her curvy figure if she did have one it would be hard to find indeed.
>She quickly became your first true friend which gave you the confidence to open up around other people.
>The next year you asked her to the spring dance.
>You didn’t mean anything romantic at the time. >You just wanted to go hang out with people and you needed to bring a girl with you.
>Pinkie was a girl, and she was your friend, and you knew she would want to go to a fun party.
>Really it seemed like a no brainer.
>Very quickly though that night changed things for you two.
>By the time your oblivious ass figured out she was your girlfriend you had been dating her for two months.
>But damn did it feel awesome to have a girlfriend, and one who really liked you.
>It made actually made you look forward to schooldays.
>Then six months later it made you look forward to going home.
>One day you were both playing video games together when she started rubbing your crotch.
>At first it was just to make you lose the game but very quickly it turned to her whipping out your dick and jacking you off.
>Ever since then she’d come over to your house after school and give you a hand job.
>After a while she started taking off her shirt and letting you suck her fat tits.
>You lost count of how many times she had pumped your dick while you sucked desperately for nonexistent milk.
>The two of you haven’t had actually sex yet, but you figured it was only a matter of time.
>And really as long as you got to put your lips to the wonderfully plump nipples you didn’t mind waiting.
>Of course all this didn’t explain why she was currently standing next to you in your room asking you to shot splooge on her friend.
>you being finely finding you voice.
>“Hmmm?” she answers cuddling your neck with her face.
>“Because Rainbow lost a bet.”
>The aforementioned girl groans as she buries her face in her hands.
>You look at her wanting to ask her to explain, but forming multiple word sentences is still a little outside your ability at the moment.
>Luckily your face seems to convey the concept.
>“I was playing one on one basketball with A.J.” Rainbow Dash begins explaining.
>“And to make it interesting we bet that the loser has to do something embarrassing. At first it was something stupid like ‘loser has to sniff the winners sweaty socks’ but then we were tied and the game stared to drag on so we kept making the losing punishment more embarrassing. It was supposed to motivate us to be more competitive, but it kind of got out of hand after I told A.J. that if she lost she’d have to tongue kiss her brother.”
>You grimace as you suck in air through closed teeth,
>Pinkie just giggles.
>“Yeah,” Rainbow keeps her eyes off to the side, “It just ended up pissing her off. Really pissing her off.”
>She crosses her arms as she gives an angry huff.
>“Anyway, I lost so now I have to get a facial from some dude and take a picture to prove it actually happened.”
>Man athletic girls are hardcore, and perverted.
>You’re actually curious as to all the dares that went in between smelling sweaty socks and french your brohter/get a semen face-mask from a stranger.
>“So will you do it or not?”
>Rainbow Dash snaps you out of your thoughts.
>Pinkie looks up at you with questioning eyes.
>Your brain freezes, your heart races, your mouth refuses to move.
>It should not be this hard to answer a question, not for a guy who wrote an undergrad level thesis on the distinction between Earth One and Earth Prime, and a dissertation on why the New 52 was objectively terrible.
>(Rebirth was alright).
>“Well?” Rainbow was clearly running out of patience.


>You blink, the sound of your own voice taking you by surprise.

>Pinkie gives you a warm gentle smile.

>“I told you Nonny would do it. He’s so wonderful, he’s such a good friend.”
>Well Pinkie just officially made this ten times more awkward.
>You knew Rainbow Dash and the other girls in the group Pinkie hangs out with, they’re nice and all but you don’t really think of them as friends.
>Really at most they’re acquaintances.
>Also you should probably talk to your girlfriend about volunteering you to perform sexual acts on other girls.
>“Well then… let’s get this over with.”
>The annoyance seems to have left Rainbow’s voice.
>She’s finally taken her eyes off the wall and moved them to the carpet.
>She fidgets her foot looking unsure what to do next, not that you blame her your still trying to figure this shit out yourself.
>Finally she takes a deep breath and walks over until she stands a foot away from you.
>She then gets down on her knees, her face scrunches up as she closes her eyes bracing herself for impact.
>And you… just stand there.
>You really don’t know where to go from here.
>If it were just you and pinkie you’d be half way to ejaculation by now, but with Rainbow its just…
>“Well? Are you going to start or what?”
>The annoyance has come back in Rainbow’s voice.
>It’s pretty bad that she can tell you haven’t done anything with her eyes still closed.
>“Psst Rainbow.”
>Pinkie whispers loud enough for the whole room to hear.
>“Do something sexy to get Nonny in the mood.”
>“Like what.”
>“Show some skin, Nonny likes that.”
>For a few seconds everything is still, then in one swift motion Rainbow Dash throws her shirt over her head and off to the side.
>You look down at a muscular abdomen and a plain grey sports bra.
>Even with the bra on you can tell that her chest is barley big enough to fit an A cup.
>Pinkie continues to encourages her friend.
>“Come on, show some more. Get those tiddies out.”
>“I’m not taking anything else off.”
>Rainbow’s reply almost dares Pinkie to ask again just so she can have something to be mad at.
>“Aww, that’s too bad.”
>Pinkie begins running one hand down your chest to your abdomen, while the other lifts up her shirt and bra as she squirms out of both.
>Now also topless Pinkies wiggles her shoulders causing the large round objects in question to softly sway in front of your vision.
>“Nonny likes tiddies, don’t you Nonny?”
> You fucking love tits!
>And the best pair in all of Canterlot High (excluding of course Fluttershy’s massive F cups) are currently bouncing right in front of you.
>That familiar warm sensation of becoming erect mixes with the claustrophobic sensation of your hardness being trapped by the fabric of your pants.
>Of course all that becomes secondary as you grab Pinkies tits, digging your fingers in to the plumb softness letting their warmness seep into your hands.
>“Mmmmm” Pinkies lightly moans through closed lips.
>The sound of a zipper going down reaches your ears before an even more pleasing warmth covers your now free member.
>All of this seems far away though as two puffy areola sticking out almost as far as the nipples that sit in their center are currently fill your vision.
>Instinctively you put one in your mouth.
>You begin sucking with all the strength your mouth can muster.
>Simultaneously you flick your tongue back and forth across the nipple as fast as you can all the while kneading Pinkie’s tit with firm hard squeezes.
>“Ohhhh Noooonny…”
>Pinkie moans as you double your assault giving her other tit the same rough treatment as you begin to pinch and twist her free nipple with you index finger and thumb.
>All of a sudden a heavy presence falls on you.
>You become acutely aware of someone looking at you.
>Without though your eyes go to the only other person in the room.
>You look at Rainbow Dash, but she’s not looking at you.
>You are now fully aware of the fact that your dick is hanging out for the tomboy to see.
>And boy is it an uncomfortable feeling.
>Like you just now realize that a complete stranger is watching you suck your girlfriends tits while she holds your dick.
>This is of course not helped by the fact that her face is frozen somewhere between horror and shock.
>But it only gets worse when she realizes that you staring at her and looks up right at you.
>Which means your now making eye contact with the girl who was just staring at your dick.
>Immediately you freeze, Pinkies nipple drops from your hanging mouth.
>Your eyes go wide and your face burns from the amount of blood that is currently filling it.
> It’s at that moment that a particularly tight squeeze at the base of your cock causes you to give a high pitched squeak.
>Which judging by the fact that it made Rainbow jump means it must have surprised her too.
>“Nonny, don’t get nervous now.”
>Pinkies voice is light and playful as you turn your head to look at her.
>“We still need to help Rainbow fill her end of the bet.”
>All of a sudden a tight warmth surrounds your cock as a Pinkie strokes in a slow steady rhythm.
>You feel the urge to moan as Pinkie begins to kiss up and down your jaw line.
>But knowing that it would only make things more embarrassing you clench your teeth pushing it to the back of your throat.
>Pinkie being so close hears it and and her smile becomes even more playful. >Her hand beings to pick up the pace.
>The pleasure of softness running across the ridged sides of your cock makes you start to buck your hips forward.
>Pinkie only giggles.
>She lifts your shirt up while she leans down and in mimic of your earlier actions flicks her tongue rapidly against your nipple.
>You can’t hold back your moan as pure electricity runs through your chest right into the base of your balls.
>The pressure that has been building and creeping up your dick this whole time finally gains the moment it needs to escape.
>Soft liquid shoots through your cock contrasting wonderfully with the sensitive hardness.
>Two long ropes of cum fly high arching just enough to close the distance to the top of Rainbow Dash’s sports bra.
>They’re followed by to spurts that hit the floor.
>Blissful emptiness surrounds you.
>You breath heavy basking in the moment.
>The feeling of the pleasant dull ache of your dick in your girlfriend’s hand pure paradise.
>The silent stillness goes on for several more seconds.
>Rainbow screams jumping up.
>“What The Fuck!”
>“God damn it! You were supposed to cum on my face not my bra.”
>She tries to wipe it away with her hand only spread around the gunky substance even more.
>“Ewww, it’s all sticky. God it’s so gross.”
>Pinkie laughs as she takes Rainbow by the hand.
>“Come on I’ll help you clean up.”
>“How am I going to get theses stains off my bra?”
>Rainbow asks as they walk out to find the bath room.
>You hear their conversation as they make their way down the hall.
>“Don’t worry, if we can’t figure it out we’ll tell Rarity what happened and ask her.”
>“You won't tell anybody about this ever!”
>You let out a long sigh as you fall back on to your bed.
>That was weird but at least it’s over.
>Suddenly a thought occurs to you, no one took a picture of Rainbow getting cummed on.

No.35394482 is supposed to follow No.35394479, my bad.
Nice job, I like how apprehensive Rainbow and Anon are about this. It was good for a oneshot! Hopefully it leads to something more.
File: Spoiler Image (129 KB, 762x941)
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129 KB JPG
There are tiny mistakes like two ">" sentences on one line and typos that I still make all the time in my stuff.

Proofreading is the advice I would give you and you should be golden. And always remember There is no wrong way to fantasize[/spoiler[
It's okay. Most writefags make mistakes like that
5/31 Preshow is starting at https://derpy.me/daVFb

Real show in an hour.

Proving Ground Match: Princess Luna vs Coco Pommel vs Derpy Hooves vs Chrysalis vs Maud Pie vs Rainbow Dash
Gilda vs Princess Celestia
STEEL CAGE MATCH: Pinkie Pie vs Limestone Pie
Starlight Glimmer vs Rarity
Lyra Heartstrings vs Lightning Dust
Sunset and Twilight vs Aria and Sonata
Best Ship Titles: Treehugger/Shy(C) vs Vinyl/Tavi
Best Waifu Title: Trixie(C) vs Applejack
Here's the Results:
Proving Ground Match: Coco Pommel defeats Derpy Hooves(2nd 28:15), Princess Luna(3rd 27:34), Rainbow Dash(4th 24:45), Maud Pie(5th 23:38), and Chrysalis(6th 18:02). Coco last eliminated Derpy with an Armbar.
Princess Celestia defeats Gilda in 15:36 with a Bear Hug.
STEEL CAGE MATCH: Pinkie Pie defeats Limestone Pie in 12:07 by Escaping The Cage.
Rarity defeats Starlight Glimmer in 22:54 after a quick pin.
Lightning Dust defeats Lyra Heartstrings in 18:58 with the Shining Wizard.
Aria and Sonata defeat Sunset and Twilight in 12:33. Sonata defeats Sunset with a Critical Brainbuster KO.
Best Ship Titles: Vinyl/Tavi defeat Treehugger/Shy in 19:10 to WIN THE BEST SHIP TITLES. Vinyl defeats Treehugger with a Small Package!
Best Waifu Title: Trixie(C) defeats Applejack in 7:05 with a Spinebuster to defend the belt.
Finally got to it.
Not bad for your first time
Got a bin?
File: 2349146.jpg (1.94 MB, 2156x3477)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
Hoodie Dash bump
We got our show up.
File: cute.png (818 KB, 1341x1788)
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818 KB PNG

the tl;dr is now too long to put in one post so now it's a "Previously on"

Previously on Initial C: Midnight:

>Hype for Blue Fast is at an all time high.
>You confront Blue Fast about past.
>Seems like it's sadder than you realized.
>Stakes are raised
>She wins, Speed Stars are no more
>You win RainBooms are no more
>Not your problem.
>Night of the race.
>Both your dads are there for it
>BTFO Blue Fast.
>You're the man now.

>You have beaten Rainbow Dash and all her friends.
>And also effectively dismantled her crew and brought the Canterlot Speed Stars back to prominence.
>What will you do now?
>Well, on a Saturday night.
>You sit in a parking lot at the Jazz Alley looking for either Celestia or Luna's cars.
>Which you do not see neither of them.
>You end the night with a cruise around the City to see if you can run into her.
>But nothing appears.
>Sunday at work you are approached by many coworkers that you didn't know or realize were a part of or fans of the street racing scene.
>You guess it should be expected.
>You have climbed the ranks, so to speak.
>You've beaten the very best the active scene had to offer.
>And the keyword in that sentence being “active”.
>Because now the real work begins.
>And by that, you mean Principal Celestia and her 'White Mirage'.
>You vowed that once you were at the top that you would be gunning for her.
>And it's been hard to try and track her down at school.
>Finals and graduation are coming up.
>So a lot of students are on edge.
>Speaking of being at the top.
>Rainbow Dash makes good on her word.
>In a meeting with you during lunch with the rest of the girls and even your teammates she disbands the Sonic RainBooms.
>You do extend an olive branch and offer spots on the Canterlot Speed Stars to them.
>Hell, they were all great racers, after all.
>They all agree to join.
>Except for Rainbow Dash.
>She says she will keep her word in that she will quit racing.
>You try to disregard that and still pressure her to join up.
>She still refuses, for now, she says.
>She wants some time to readjust and think, then she may consider it.
>Fine by you.
>Now that that's been taken care of, you have been trying to find Principal Celestia.
>But she's been nowhere to be seen.
>You feel like she's now avoiding you because she always had this uncanny ability to just appear out of nowhere.
>Now, nothing.

>An entire week of her not showing her face.
>You're going to need to come up with another plan to confront her.
>The first racing meet since your victory over Rainbow Dash.
>She is there to officially disband her group and for you to absorb them into the Canterlot Speed Stars.
>Afterwords she leaves for the night. Opting not to stay for the races.
>You don't force her to stay, but it would have helped to have her since she had experience in leading things for a racing meet.
>It's been a learning process on who should race who and whatnot.
>But ultimately a smooth first night.
>Saturday is just a lazy day and you didn't feel like doing anything until your night cruise.
>You were heading to the kitchen to grab something to drink and head back to your room to funpost on online message boards when the doorbell rang.
>You stare at the door for a moment.
>Then you go about your business.
>You're rummaging through the refrigerator looking for a drink of anything really, when the doorbell rings again.
>Again, you pay no attention to it.
>You finally grab a drink and begin to head back to your room when the doorbell rings a third time.
>Finally you hear your father yell from his office.
>”Someone get the damn door!”
>You just stand there.
>And sigh.
“What's the point of having a huge mansion with no hired help!?”
>You yell back to him as you make your way to the entrance hall and to the door.
>You're still grumbling as you open the giant wooden double door to reveal Bow Hotfoot now standing before you.
>You make sounds at your apparent guest.
>He was wearing a dirty brown aviators coat and some faded jeans..
>Bow nods and acknowledges you.
>You then move to the side and hold the large door open and motion him to enter.
>”Come on in.”
>You tell him.
>He then makes his way in.
>”Thank you kindly.”
>He tells you.

>While you didn't expect to see him ever coming by to your house.
>You really didn't except to see that he dragged Rainbow Dash with him.
>She followed right behind him and welcomed herself inside.
>She catches a glance at you before she walks right on by.
>She was wearing a dark blue hoodie with the hood up so only the sides of her hair were sticking out.
(Think >>35398272)
>A pair of dark pink sweatpants for the lower half.
>You then close the door behind them and then quickly move back to where they are.
“So, what brings you guys here.”
>You quickly ask.
>They are both looking around at the spacious entrance hall that leads to the equally large living room.
>”I came to see your old man.”
>Bow responds.
>He then motions to Rainbow Dash.
>”I brought her along because I felt she needed to set some things right with you.”
>You then look at Dash.
>She looks away from you.
>Set some things right?
>For all you care everything between you two are settled.
>You respond in a suspicions manor.
“Dad! You have company!”
>You yell out into the abyss of your house.
>It takes a few minutes of awkward silence before your dad shows himself from the inner bowels of the mansion.
>He seems pleased to see his former and now friend again.
>”Hey, glad you could make it!”
>He says happily.
>He then notices Rainbow Dash in tow behind him.
>”And hello to you too, dear.”
>He smiles and waves to Dash.
>She smiles lightly and meekly waves back to him.
>He then brings his attention back to Bow.
>”Come to my office, we have a lot to discuss.”
>Bow then begins to head over to where your dad is and then both of them begin to descend into the mansion.
>Dad then looks back at you.
>”Oh, Anon, be a good host for Dash, perhaps you can give her a tour of the house, or the garage and the car collection.”
>He then winks and disappears into the hallway.

>You just throw your arms up in defiance and a little bit of frustration.
>You were in the middle of an intense flame war online!
>Now you have to put it on hold for a cute rainbow colored hair girl.
>Which case she was still standing in the same spot as before.
>You both just stand there for a while.
>Only this time there was an awkward silence instead of intense.
>You look down to your can of soda and then hold it up to Dash.
>You lazily offer your can of soda to your guest.
>She looks at the can then back at you.
>”No thanks, you wouldn't happen to have anything a little more healthy though?”
>You drop your hand back to your side and try to remember what was all in the fridge.
“Uh, I think my mom has a bunch of Kombucha or whatever that stuff is.”
>She thinks for a minute then she nods at your suggestion.
>”Yeah, that's fine.”
>You then head back to the kitchen and fridge to snag a bottle of Kombucha for the health conscious girl.
>At least you think Kombucha is healthy.
>All you know is you hate it and it tastes like fermented dirt, therefore it must be healthy.
>Oh, and Rainbow Dash will drink it.
>You snag a bottle, not like your mom will notice a single bottle missing anyways.
>Then you head on back to see Rainbow Dash has made herself comfortable by having a seat on the big couch in the living room.
>She is busy looking at something on her phone as you walk up to her.
>She notices you when you are right next to her and you hand her the bottle.
>She takes it.
>She gives you a simple thanks and nothing else.
>You shrug it off,
>You say back.
>You then take a seat on another big couch that was across from the one Dash was sitting on.
>Both of you just kinda sit there.
>Not really acknowledging each others company.
>You take this time to pop open your own can of soda and take a drink out of it.
>And more silence.
>Some host you are.

>You decide to start something.
“Did your dad really drag you here to apologize for something?”
>You take another drink of your soda, anticipating an answer from Dash.
>She looks up from her phone and at you.
>”Huh? Oh, yeah.”
>She says.
>She then puts her phone back into her jacket pocket and then opens the bottle of Kombucha you got for her.
>She finally says as she takes her first drink.
>There is more silence before you answer back.
“Sorry for what?”
>You ask.
>It may seem like you are rubbing this in, and she seemed to think so as she now has an annoyed look on her face.
>”I'm sorry for acting like a jerk to you, okay?”
>She raised her voice a little at that.
>You then sit back in your seat and take a few large chugs of soda.
>Letting the small carbonated bubbles burn your throat as it travels down.
>You then grunt once you are finished.
“Well, I accept your apology.”
>You tell her unceremoniously.
>You stay silent once again.
>Dash seems to still have an annoyed look on her face.
>So you continue.
“I can't say for sure if I wouldn't have done the same thing if I were in your shoes.”
>She doesn't say much at first .
>But after another drink of her fermented dirt, she opens up a bit more.
>”I think my dad just finally realized he was being a total ass these past few years, and now he's on this apology tour.”
>She then looks down at her bottle.
>”He wanted to reconcile with my mom first, but we haven't been able to find her.”
>She is starting to get a little sad.
>”I really miss her.”
>Well shit she's getting depressing.
>Think of a distraction.
“Hey, would looking at a bunch of cool cars cheer you up?”
>You ask.
>Alluding to going to look at your dad's collection.
>She takes her attention away from her drink and on to you.
>A smile then creeps onto her face.
>Not a malicious or sadistic smile.
>But a genuine smile she had back when she tried to recruit you to her group.

>”Yeah, I would like that.”
>Her smile then rubbed off on you as you then matched hers with your own.
>You then get up from your seat and motion for her to follow you.
“Come on then.”
>You both head out through the rear exit of the house and walk across the large backyard towards the giant warehouse like building.
>You take out your keys and unlock the sliding doors and slide them open.
>Revealing rows of expensive, rare, exotic and cheap cars.
>By that you mean your modest silver Dodge Neon is one of the first cars that is presented in the garage.
>You start to walk into the garage and don't say anything at first.
>You just let Dash look and if she wants to comment on anything you can give her a little insight on her chosen cars.
>As you go deeper into the garage you then look back at Dash.
>She is actually looking at the Z.
>You then move back to join her.
“I think this one really needs no introduction.”
>You comment.
>She then sighs.
>She replies as she finally moves on.
>She quickly looks over to the Yukon XL and continues.
>Now hovering over the Bentley Mulsanne.
>You then tell her the story about how you drove this to pick up Rarity for Prom
>Only to have to park it in a dirt road.
>She giggles over that story.
>”That sucks, this thing would have totally caught a lot of attention.”
>You agree with her.
>Then you escort her over to your dad's white Bugatti Chiron.
>You then said how you originally wanted to roll to Prom in this.
>She then looks to you with a smug look on her face.
>”Geez man, were you trying to fuck Rarity or something?”
>You now act all bashful
“N-No! I just, wanted to show off is all.”
>She then laughs.
>”Seriously dude, if you showed up in this she would have instantly dropped her panties.”
>Her smug look then gets a little more lewd.
>”If she wore any panties, that is...”
>You now feel an intense blush wash over your face
>How the fuck does she know that?
>Do you really want to know?
File: cobra.jpg (60 KB, 512x341)
60 KB

>No, no you do not.
>You chuckle nervously and move on.
>You are now in front of your dad's new toy.
>The Ford GT he drove to the races last week.
>Which explains what that shipping crate was before as well.
>While you were both looking at the car, the one next to it was what caught her attention.
>”Whoa! Hold on here!”
>She now brings her attention to the crown jewel of your dad's collection.
>The 1965 Shelby Cobra.
>An original one at that.
>The small, slick, unmistakeable convertible shined brightly in the lights of the garage.
>Blue colored with the dual racing stripes across the middle of the frame.
>Rainbow Dash excitedly starts to circle around the classic beast taking in every inch.
>”No way this is a legit Cobra!”
>She claims.
>You then chuckle.
“I mean, I know my dad shelled out a sacrilegious amount of money for this and he and his mentor went through this thing rigorously.”
>You pause for a moment and then continued.
“It also helped that he did used to race for Ford Racing, so it's not entirely out of the question an original came up for sale amongst them.”
>You then place your hand on the car.
“I think it's safe to say this is one of only 19 competition models ever produced.”
>Dash is still just gushing over this car.
>”So awesome.”
>You then start to laugh.
“Man, if a Bugatti would make Rarity instantly drop her panties, then it's safe to say that this bad boy is your panty dropper.”
>You joke to her.
>She then looks up to you with a straight face.
>”Yes, yes it would.”
>Her response caught you off guard and now you feel a tingle of heat creep back into your cheeks.
>You look away and forcibly cough.
“O-oh, well uh...”
>She giggles at your response.
>”But seriously dude, we HAVE to go for a ride in it!”
>Another comment by her that took you off guard.
>You start to say.
>She is looking at you with pleading eyes.
>You're not sure.

>While this car wasn't as expensive as the Bugatti, it did cost somewhere in the million dollar range.
>And unlike the Bugatti, it's much more rare so if something were to happen to it there is no way to restore it back to it's original form.
>You are still unsure.
>”Come on. Please?”
>She pleads once again.
>You sigh.
“Let me go ask.”
>Dash is genuinely excited about it now.
>You run back into the house.
>Before you head on into your dad's office you check the box of car keys to maybe see if he left the Cobra's key with the rest of them.
>Again, considering it is your dad's crown jewel and it's rarity and cost you can't imagine it's with the-
>The key was in fact here with the rest of the car keys.
>You can tell because it's a single key with the 'Cobra' insignia as it's key chain.
>Before you just up and leave with the key though, you yell out to your dad.
“Hey dad!”
>After a moment his yell echos from the depths of the house back to you
>You shout back into the abyss
“I'm taking Rainbow Dash for a ride in the 65' Cobra!”
>There is a long pause.
>After what felt like minutes you finally hear the echo of his yell.
>”Don't crash it!”
>That was all you needed to hear.
>You grin and grasp the key in your hand and quickly head back out to the garage.
>Dash was still waiting by the Cobra for you.
>Once she spots you you then flash the key to her.
>A huge toothy grin spreads along her face at the gesture.
>She's so excited she lets out a squeak and tries to take the key from you but you quickly pull your hand back.
“I'll drive it.”
>You tell her.
“This car is way too rare and valuable that in the off chance something does happen, I want to make sure I'm the one to blame.”
>You continue.
“Don't get me wrong, I think you have shown that you are a very capable driver, and if you're a good girl, maybe I'll let you drive it back.”
>You tell her with a cheeky smile on your face.
>She pouts at you.

>”Fuck you, Anon.”
>She actually says that in a more lighthearted tone than the other times she has insulted you so maybe that's a good indication she isn't mad at you.
>You climb in the drivers seat and she does the same in the passenger's.
>It's very cramped in the car as you are both very close to each other.
>The car has no frills to it whatsoever.
>All black interior.
>No radio.
>4 Speed manual transmission.
>Speaking which the shift knob was angled in a really odd way.
>Several switches that activated the fans and intercoolers manually as this was an older performance car.
>The seatbelts are lap belts only and no shoulder straps whatsoever.
>Gotta love them olden days lack of safety standards.
>At least the seats were super comfy.
>The steering wheel has a nice polished wood finish with the Cobra insignia in the middle.
>You finally place the key in the ignition and flip all the switches and turn the key.
>It takes a second or two more but the car finally purrs to life.
>Rainbow Dash starts to make some giddy sounds at the cars engine.
>She then pulls down her hood and lets her long rainbow colored hair flow out
>You tap the gas pedal to give it a quick rev and the car roars loudly.
>Oh yeah, the exhaust pipe is right next to you as it's a side exhaust.
>You shake off the initial shock of the exhaust and set the car in first to slowly roll out of the garage.
>Just before you exit out into the street, you notice a small pack on the front dashboard of the car.
>You grab it so it wont fall out into the street and you notice there is a pair of silver aviator mirror sunglasses inside.
>You grin and put them on and set the small case in the side netting on the drivers side door.
>And you finally head out into the streets.
>You are just simply going down the street and this car has tremendous pull.

>Even a small tap to the gas and the car is jumping like it wants to pounce onto it's prey.
>You stop at the first stop sign in your neighborhood.
>Dash still has a permanent grin on her face as she looks to you.
>”Come on, punch it!”
>She yells over the loud byproduct of the Equestrian Muscle engine.
>Since there weren't many other cars on the road at the moment, once you reach the main street you put a little more pressure on the gas.
>The Cobra roars and zooms up ahead with ease.
>The force pushes you back much like your new 2JZ powered Z but you can't help but smile yourself and let out an impressed chuckle.
>You say out loud.
>You haven't even hit third gear yet and the car feels like a modern day supercar.
>Hell, you're almost scared to give it more gas for fear that it may well take off like some rocket jet.
>You stop at a stop light just before entering the highway and you have gotten more looks in this car than even the Bentley.
>Many people are stopping and taking pictures of the car while they can.
>Then you get the green light.
>You take a deep breath and lay in on the gas.
>The car screams as you shift up and enter the highway.
>Now, you are not a fan of convertibles.
>Never were.
>Something about exposing yourself out to the elements, regardless of how nice it is outside just doesn’t jive with you.
>But driving this Shelby Cobra is probably one of the most enjoyable experiences you've had in your short existence in life.
>The sounds of the engine.
>The feel of the wind rushing along your head.
>The feeling of freedom from not being too strapped down with an over the shoulder strap.
>The sensitive steering making maneuvering a breeze
>And the overall feeling of floating off the ground at high speeds like you have taken off into the air with how smooth the suspension and wheels are.
>You can't help but have a huge smile on your face while driving this.

>And you can only hope your first sexual experience will be as great as this.
>But damn this is now a high bar to climb.
>You weave through traffic while remaining at high speed.
>Finally you reach a stretch of road with no other pedestrian drivers and just lay into the gas.
>Just to cruise and get your fix of all muscle and all horsepower and no bullshit.
>You then look over to she how Rainbow Dash is taking this in.
>She's sitting as high as her lap belt will let her go.
>Which lets part of her head up over the car's relatively small windshield.
>Her rainbow colored hair blows magnificently with the winds.
>Her arms raised high in the air like she was riding a roller coaster.
>She seems to be screaming in the air but the sounds of the engine and winds drown her out.
>You heard that and you're pretty sure she screamed that at the top of her lungs.
>But it just barely sounded no louder than a whisper because again, powerful engine and roaring winds.
>Your smile only widens as you go back to paying attention to the road ahead of you.
>Not really going anywhere in particular.
>After what feels like no time at all, and after attacking a few 'S' curves to get a better understanding of the cars handling you decide to exit into another suburb of Canterlot City.
>You then stop at an olde town center like part of the city and you then park the car right in front of a high end Ice Cream shop.
>Both of you just sit there for a moment.
>You feel your body ease up and you begin to breath heavy like you just finished an intense physical activity.
>Like you need a cigarette.
>You look over to Dash and she looks the same way and a look of pleasure on her face.
>You then look ahead at the ice cream parlor.
“Care to get some ice cream?”
>You ask her without even looking at her.
>She sighs.
>”Yeah, that sounds good.”
>You then nod and you hop out the car.

>It takes Dash a little longer for her to get to get out of the car so you just go ahead and get in line.
>It was a long line so this damn well better be worth it.
>Dash finally meets you in line and you both just stand there.
Once you both have your flavors of ice cream you both sit out in the open and keep an eye on the Cobra.
>While eating, there were many passerby's who would stop and ogle at the car themselves.
>Lots of people take pictures of it in passing.
>During your ice cream break Rainbow Dash then springs a question to you.
>”So what are you going to do about the White Mirage?”
>You stare at her for a moment before you give her an answer.
“I'm not sure.”
>You lie.
>But you still don't want to spill the beans that it's Celestia who is the White Mirage just yet.
“I'll just continue to ride on Saturday nights and just pray they'll show up.”
>You shrug it off.
“It worked twice before.”
>You try to keep the facade up.
>”What about using the database at your dad's store?”
>A good suggestion.
>One you already did way back when.
“Already tried before I even joined the scene.”
>You then shake your head.
“There are just too many white Porsches to sift through,”
>That seems to be the end of the conversation as you both finish your treats in silence.
>Once you are ready to head back home, you stare at the Cobra for a moment.
>Then you look over to Rainbow Dash.
>You pull the key out of your pocket and you hand it over to her.
“You can drive us back.”
>Her eyes open wide and light up.
>And her big smile returns to her face.
>She takes the key from your hand while she squeals and giggles uncontrollably.
>You both head to the car and you hop into the passengers side.
>She gets in the drivers seat and puts the key in the ignition.
>Before she turns the key, she grabs the aviator sunglasses and puts them on herself.
>She then flips the switches and tuns the key and the Shelby Cobra hums to life.

>The sound of the car coming to life brings a lot of attention from all of the various onlookers.
>The loud engine even sets off a few other sensitive car alarms.
>Some of them pull out their camera phones and take pictures and videos of the car.
>Dash then exits the parking spot and cruises down the street.
>Once she is back on the highway though, she lets loose and lays in on the gas pedal.
>The Cobra once again begins to glide along the smooth pavement of the highway like it's floating in mid air.
>Another feeling you don't ever want to get tired of.
>The engine doesn't seem as loud as before.
>But that's because the exhaust is over on the drivers side.
>But that doesn't make it any less impactful.
>You also feel both exhilarated and frightened.
>Exhilarated because you're still having the time of your life with the wind blowing and the sounds of the engine roaring like the king of the jungle.
>But you're frightened because it's not you who is in control of this beast.
>You're confident Dash knows what she is doing but the fear is still there.
>She does her own weaving through the slower, speed limit following traffic just as gracefully as you did.
>You both then come up on a yellow Ferrari F8 Spider and Dash rides up to it's side.
>The driver then rolls down his window and blows Dash a kiss.
>He then zooms forward presumably leaving you in the dust.
>For now.
>Dash looks over to you.
>You nervously laugh and Dash takes that as you agreeing with her.
>She smiles back at you and she floors it to catch up to the Ferrari.
>She is now neck and neck with the guy now.
>Both of you are going about the same speed which is impressive for a car this old to still be able to match power with more modern supercars.
>A series of 'S' curves are approaching fast and both Dash and the guy are still going at it.
>You say loudly but not loud enough to go over the sounds of the winds and the engine.

>Your heart rate begins to raise as quickly as she is driving.
>You try to brace for the tight turns as there are no handles to hold onto.
>The guy in the Ferrari then starts to slow down.
>Dash however, attacks the curves and drifts through all of them.
>She even exits the last one with momentum and speed and the Ferrari can no longer catch up.
>Guess that guy was just a poser in a fast car.
>You begin to calm down a little bit.
>That went rather well.
>You then look over to Dash and see her smile is as bright as the Sun itself.
>She then looks over to you with that same smile.
>You can't help but smile back at her.
>There seems to be a moment here that you can't explain.
>Both of you finally take your attention off of each other and back onto the road.
>The rest of the drive goes smooth.
>You point out exits and turns for Dash to make your way back to your home.
>As she is pulling into your large driveway and up to your garage, you see both your and Dash's dad are in the garage looking at his collection.
>They both turn you see you approaching them and they slightly move aside.
>Dash just stops before the entrance to the garage and sets the E-brake and turns the motor off.
>She then leans back into the seat and lets out a long satisfied moan.
>You then hear your dad laugh as he is making his way towards you two.
>”Had fun?”
>He asks.
“Very much so.”
>You say as you get out of the car.
“You know, I never liked convertibles until I gave this thing a ride.”
>You tell him as you shut the door and pat the hood.
“I mean, I still don't like them, but this baby is an exception.”
>Your dad then pats you on the shoulder and then looks to Dash.
>”What about you?”
>She just lets out another deep breath as the takes off the sunglasses and puts them back into their case.
>”That was the most awesome time I've ever had.”
>She says while she now exits the car herself.

>Bow then walks up to join Dash while also ogling the Cobra.
>”Is this an original?”
>He asks.
>Your father then nods his head proudly.
>”Sure is!”
>He tells him triumphantly.
>Bow just continues to inspect the classic car.
>”How in the hell did you manage to find one?”
>He asks your dad.
>”I have good enough connections through Shelby Performance from when I worked with Ford Racing that I was given a heads up when one was put on the market.”
>He then circles the car and meets with Bow and places an arm around his shoulders.
>”The auction for it was way more tense than any race I have ever been in.”
>He chuckles and then looks at Bow.
>”Want to give it a spin yourself?”
>Bow then rolls his eyes,
>”Not today, we really need to get going.”
>He then takes your dad's hand and pushes it off of him lightly.
>”Good talking to you again, though.”
>He then puts on a smile.
>The first time you've seen one from him.
>He then looks to Dash and motions his head to head on out.
>Their car was parked over on the side of the garage.
>It was a black Range Rover Velar.
>A nice ride, to be sure.
>As Bow makes his way to the vehicle Dash stands back for a minute.
>She then looks to you and gives you one more smile and wave to you goodbye.
>Then she quickly makes her way to the SUV and gets in the passenger seat and they drive off.
>You still stand there, watching as the Range Rover moves out of sight.
>Once it is no longer in your view you feel an elbow nudge you on the side.
>”Damn kid, with the way you were both acting, I would have thought you two were fucking.”
>You feel your cheeks heat up quickly at your dad's embarrassing comment.
“Shut up dad! It's not like that!”
>You quickly refute his claims.
>He just looks at you with suspecting eyes and a sly smile.
>”Sure thing, kiddo. I probably now have to wash the drivers seat from how wet she got from driving it.”
>You get a little more flustered at your dad.

“Cut it out!”
>You yell at him.
>Now you can't tell him that Rainbow Dash admitted that this car was a panty dropper for her.
>He'll never let you hear the end of it.
>He then starts to laugh.
>”What will the other girls think of you being a playboy to them all?”
>You then turn to leave.
“Fuck off dad, I'm going inside!”
>You take a few steps when you hear your father whistle out to you.
>”Hey! Quit being a bitch, man up and fuck one of your fine lady friends and help me get the Cobra back in it's spot in the garage!”
>He commands.
>And you follow.
>Your dad releases the E-Brake and you both then push the car into the garage.
>Dad steers the car from the drivers side while you take care of pushing from the passengers side.
>Once you both have it in it's spot you both then lock up the garage and head back into the house.
>You then immediately head straight into you room for the rest of the afternoon and night.
>That was enough excitement for one day.

and that's the update updated paste here:
Looks like I needed to make a new paste:

This was a scene I loved writing. Hopefully you all enjoy it. As always, questions, comments, concerns, complaints, critiques and all around (You)'s are welcome
Thanks man.

But the link doesn't work. It just re-directs to writing a new paste
Replying to myself:

Just drop the 'edit' from the link
Very nice. I wonder how the race with celestia will turn out.
now i think it's more likely the girls are going to lure anon out with a "free performance parts" van
File: 2070733.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.99 MB PNG

Ah, sorry about that and thank you for the correction. I may as well post a good link again as well.

The hype is building, but he has one more obstacle left

I'm sure Anon can just get the same parts for free from his family business and not- Ah who am I kidding? He'd still fall for it.
will Luna get a race too?
>will Luna get a race too?

>...but he has one more obstacle left

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I'm glad you're enjoying writing a lot of these. I can tell, and I hope this pushes you through whatever writer's block you get next because this is a fun story.
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big fat Shimmer booty bump
You guys ever wonder what would happen if you tried to defend a store from looters while in full plate armor with a broadsword? You'd be protected from everything from handguns to machetes.
It's also very intimidating to see a guy in full armor cut someone in half (it's not very hard if the target doesn't know what they're doing).
Wonder why there aren't any videos of this already.
Maybe I should write another Fencer story about this.
>Medieval style plate armor stopping a bullet, let alone a modern one
You don't understand how that type of armor works, its like 1-4mm at best, it'll stop a thrust/strike from a sword and take a few blows from a mace, but that shit ain't stopping bullets. Kinda why they got phased out once gunpowder became widespread.
You might get lucky and deflect one at range, but if some nog mag dumps their glock into you, you're toast.
EWE Advancements.

- Find out more about how Trixie is so strong.
- Also we got our /mlp/con panel. 3-6PM on the Saturday. So June 13th. I believe it's EST, but I am unsure.
File: Spoiler Image (2.61 MB, 1942x1546)
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>- Find out more about how Trixie is so strong.
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Very susceptible to enchantment, here.
File: 1524629791640.gif (2.44 MB, 800x450)
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Trixie such a stupid girl but she's so cute about it that it's fine.
She’s the cute kind of autistic
Now that’s a good outfit for her
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Not the only one, though.
Too thick to be AJ.
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No that pic is wrong.
File: 1579935412097.jpg (212 KB, 980x1260)
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Keep telling yourself that.
>Motherly, child-bearing hips
>Large, bountiful breasts
10/10 would impregnate and help expand the Apple family with
Implying that she's fertile.
I remember a pretty good green about this but I can’t remember who wrote it or if it was finished.
File: qt.png (319 KB, 576x1024)
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How long ago was it written, approximately?
2 maybe 3 years?
More AJ pics like these please
I have a mighty need
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Oh yes, oh yes indeed
>ywn play board games with trixie and watch her sperg out over it
File: 1578331948060.jpg (447 KB, 1280x2844)
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>She will never give you a 10 minute lecture on why her powers totally just annihilated you 5 turns ago
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Hot swimming instructor
>”Dear Glim, I wrote you but you still ain’t callin.”
File: 2306759.png (100 KB, 297x312)
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100 KB PNG
>"I left my show schedule, line-up and hotel room at the bottom."
Hot damn
If there was ever a screencap that needed a nude edit it’s this one
I think there is one on derpibooru
>When artists can’t draw feet to save their life
File: 1461533984364.jpg (208 KB, 654x926)
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I should have something up later tonight or for sure tomorrow
Hell yeah.
Previously on Initial C: Midnight:

>RainBooms become Speed Stars.
>Dash and her dad visit you and your dad for a sort of "friendship mending"
>You show Dash around.
>Dash gets moist at the sight of a 65' Cobra.
>You take it out for a spin.
>Have a good time.

>Staying true to your word, you stay in this Saturday night.
>The first time you do so in a long time.
>Watch, tonight will be the night when Celestia and Luna are at the damn Jazz Alley and you screw yourself over for another few weeks.
>Ah well, whatever.
>Come Monday and it's time for Finals.
>Everyone is on edge.
>Perhaps a good time to start something.
>You tried going about things in a more civil manor and it got you nowhere.
>So now time for a little disorder.
>Lunch time.
>Your group now sits at a lunch table much closer to the girls.
>Since you are all now one big group.
>And not that it matters anymore since in about a weeks time everyone here save for poor Wallflower are graduating and moving on.
>But you suppose it's still good for synergy or something like that.
>Everyone had been having a good time chatting with each other.
>Except for Twilight who looks like she's going to have a nervous breakdown over finals.
>You are just sitting there, thinking.
>Principal Celestia had been busy once again today.
>And it's been driving you bonkers.
>You feel the only way to get her attention is to start some shit and get sent to her office for it.
>You wait for when it looks like the cafeteria is at it's most full.
>When you feel the crowd is at it's apex, you stand up at your lunch table and yell out loud.
>There is a long and uncomfortable silence that followed your scream into the hall.
>Most of the student body, including your friends are just stating at you.
>Some with worried looks.
>Some with a hint of annoyance.
>You fumble to yourself.
>Without thinking, you then grab your bowl of pasta from lunch and just randomly toss it behind your back.
>Not even seeing where it went.
>You then hear a splat and the sound of shattering glass, signifying it made contact with something or someone.
>You do not turn to see what it hit, you just stand nervously and hope to god this doesn't backfire too hard.
>”I'm mad.”

>Someone somewhere said.
>After that there are a barrage of several different foods that are now flying in the air.
>Other pasta bowls.
>Slices of Pizza.
>Someone's backpack
>Yelling and panic setting in amongst the masses.
>Some other students even devolved into fist fights.
>You take a quick look at your table and everyone is looking at you with a sort of confused anger.
>”Anon! What the hay!?”
>AppleJack yells at you while she ducks a carton of milk that flew past her.
“It's the only way!”
>You yell back as you make your way into the chaos.
>But before you could join in on the fun, you feel a heavy hand grab the back of your shirt.
>You feel a great force pull you from the madness and start to drag you out from the cafeteria.
>You look behind you and you see that the school's security guard is now escorting you down the hall.
>”Very funny Charlie Cloplin.”
>The security guard is unimpressed with your antics.
>You don't offer much resistance since you are sure he is escorting you to the Principals office.
>”We'll see how funny you are when you're face to face with the Principal.”
>All according to keikaku.
>A few minutes later you are finally taken into Principal Celestia's office.
>She was sitting at her desk on the phone with one hand and her other hand on her forehead.
>She was messaging her forehead with her free hand to probably calm the headache she probably has.
>Once she looks over to you entering her office she now looks visibly annoyed.
>She lets out a huge sigh and looks to the school security guard.
>”Here's your instigator.”
>He says as he lets you go in front of the Principal.
>”Thank you. Can you please head back to the cafeteria to help calm things down?”
>The guard nods and leaves you alone with Celestia.

>Before you say anything to her, she is the first to speak up.
>”Care to explain why you decided to incite a riot during finals week?”
>She asks sternly.
>No benevolence in her tone of voice like she usually has.
“Actually, it wasn't a riot but a food fight.”
>You try to correct her.
>She wasn't having any of it as now she is looking a little more angry.
>You begin.
“This was the only way I could get your attention.”
>She sits back in her chair, looking a little confused.
“I told you weeks ago that once I finished with Dash and her crew that I wanted to challenge you, but you've been purposefully avoiding me.”
>You tell her.
>Her reaction to this was less than pleasant,
>She immediately stomps up from her seat and slams her hands on her desk.
>”You did this to talk to me about some race!?”
>She raised her voice.
>A fury of such you have never seem from her before.
>She seems to be emitting a more ferocious aura than the old Principal from Crystal Prep.
>”Are you-!?”
>She stopped herself from continuing her question.
>She then stands straight up.
>Takes a deep breath.
>And sits back into her chair while shaking her head.
>”I'm giving you detention for the rest of the school year.”
>Well there's only two weeks left so that's nothing really.
>”And I am THIS close to barring you from walking the stage at graduation!”
>She holds up her thumb and index finger to indicate how close she was to doing so.
>You can't even see the gap in between her fingers.
>”You are going to turn around and walk out of this office without another word.”
>She commands.
>You're getting mad yourself and you try to speak up.
>Before you could say another word she shoots you a glare that pierced right through your soul.
>”This is my last warning, Mr. Anonymous. Another word out of you and you're barred.”
>The stern voice of a leader.
>It's not like you cared about walking some stage for graduation.
>But your parents do.

>You complied.
>But after a quick second of glaring at her yourself.
>Finally you walk out of her office.
>The next day the others start to interrogate you as to why you caused the commotion yesterday.
>And asked what principal Celestia did to you.
>You told them you promise you would tell them later.
>And that you have detention for the remainder of the school year.
>The rest of the week goes by at a snails pace.
>Mostly because finals are a slog.
>One good thing, or bad depending on how you look at it, is now that you're officially with the girls, you are with them as part of a study group.
>You've spent some time at Twilight's house with the rest of the girls and the Speed Stars for intense study sessions.
>It mostly does help in calming your nerves for the tests.
>Once Friday at school is done and you're out of detention you feel mostly like a free man.
>Now that finals are done all classes next week are just going to be glorified hang out days.
>That night at the races there wasn't anything too interesting going on.
>Rainbow Dash did, in fact, return and officially joined up with you and the rest.
>So now everything is right with the world.
>Saturday night.
>Since your last attempts to confront Celestia at school went nowhere, you are back to stalking her at the only place you know she frequents.
>At this point you'll stake this place out every Saturday until you find her.
>Even if it takes weeks.
>Or months.
>Or even years.
>You'll get to her.
>You make your way to the venue and scan the parking lot for the sure signs they were there.
>Just your luck, you notice Luna's black Maserati in the lot.
>You park your car and try to enter the establishment.
>The same bouncer from last time is there and immediately recognizes you and pulls out his phone.
>”Hold it right there!”
>He raises his voice.
>”You take one more step and I will call the police for trespassing!”
>He threatens.

>You throw up your arms to the side.
“Oh come on, I just need to see one person in there for a single minute!”
>You argue back.
>The bouncer starts to swipe at his phone.
>”Last warning!”
>God damn it!
>You slowly step back.
>You flip the bouncer the bird in frustration and walk away.
>This isn't over.
>You simply sit in your car but you do not leave.
>You just make sure the Z is in a spot the bouncer can't notice you.
>And you just wait.
>You sit patiently in your car.
>Keeping a close eye on the entrance.
>Waiting for your targets to exit the building for the night.
>After a little over two hours of waiting.
>They finally show themselves.
>The two sisters make their way through the parking lot and to Luna's car.
>Luna hops in the drivers seat whilst Celestia gets in the passenger's.
>The car comes to life with a loud roar from the car's exhaust.
>There are some mods on it for sure.
>You then start up your own car but still wait for them to make a move.
>The Maserati then backs out of it's parking spot and slowly makes it's way to the exit of the lot.
>Once it enters the street you then make your way out of the parking lot.
>You quickly gain on the car but still try to remain at least one car behind them as you're sure they know what your car is.
>Luna then turns into the on ramp to enter the highway.
>You immediately follow suit.

>Be Luna.
>Vice Principal of Canterlot High School.
>You are on your way home from another satisfactory night out at the Jazz club.
>Being an administrator of a high school is among the most under appreciated professions.
>The stress level can escalate quite high.
>Especially during end of year finals.
>These nights out with your sister are one of the few luxury’s you both share a common bond with that you can enjoy and unwind together.
>Tonight's performances were satisfactory.
>Nothing special and certainly nothing bad.
>And while your sister and you have vastly different tastes in Jazz styles, there is usually something you both can agree on that was an enjoyable experience.
>This time, however, your sister and you got into an argument about the performance of-
>Someone is quickly approaching your rear.
>You can't immediately tell who or what it is but they are moving with purpose.
>You move into another lane to let the car pass, but they just get into the same lane as you.
>The mysterious car is now on your tail and you can now make out some of it's features
>Red sides and a black hood.
>Round headlights that start to flash their high beams at you.
>Signaling for a race.
>You haven't been challenged in quite some time, who could possibly be foolish enough to do so?
>You try to focus your sight on who was driving and you can barely make out someone with green skin.
>Green skin.
>Red car, round headlights.
>You call out to your passenger in a bitter tone.
>She doesn't say anything but you can tell she was listening to you so you continue.
“It seems like there is still a problem we must address.”
>Again, she doesn't respond.
>This time though, you look to her and see that she is now looking in your rear view mirror.
>She sees the young man in the car behind you.
>Her face now puts on this mixture of annoyed and disgusted like look.
>Like the kind of annoyed you get when there is a fly that is too close to you.

>Not that Anonymous is a fly but he has been a bit too persistent these past few weeks.
>She looks like she wants to figuratively swat the fly and she then takes her attention away from the child and closes her eyes.
>”Smoke him.”
>She tells you.
>You then bring your attention back in front of you.
>You feel a bit of anger.
>Then your foot slams on the gas and you click the right paddle shifter on your steering wheel.
>You then bolt ahead.
>Leaving the child and his Z in the dust.
>Yes you were a street racer in the past.
>Much like your older sister, Celestia
>Not as well known as her.
>But you had your moments of glory in the past.
>Only for them to be overshadowed by her.
>Every time.
>You were one year younger than Celestia.
>Even when you were admitted into Canterlot High School, you still had to wait a few years before the Speed Stars to accept you.
>Even with your sisters reputation and recommendation.
>You didn't show promise like Celly did.
>She was always the golden child.
>Always praised by the leading members.
>Usually got the better match-ups.
>Many in the group at the time pegged her as the highly touted successor for when Dadanon retired from the group.
>You wanted to be mad at Celestia.
>You wanted to be bitter.
>But you just couldn't.
>And you were, for the longest time while in the group.
>But at the end of the day, Celestia truly was better than you.
>And you just had to accept it.
>But you won't accept this.
>This child behind you is nothing more than a spoiled brat who cries and whines when he doesn't get what he wants.
>Dadanon was a great street racer.
>The greatest to have ever done it in your eyes.
>But Anonymous is not even one tenth of the racer he was.
>You know so because you were in the car all those months ago when Celly effortlessly defeated this kid.

>You then look behind you and you can now see him slowly creeping up back to you.
>You then remember him spouting some nonsense in the past about rebuilding the Z and you begin to wonder what was done.
“Looks like that old clunker still has some fight left in it.”
>You tell your sister in reference to the Z that was mastered by that boy's father.
>”It's has a 2JZ Billet block engine with a sequential twin turbo system.”
>Celly responds to your comment.
>You take a quick loot to your older sister in a bit of a surprise.
“How do you know this?”
>She doesn't move from her seat nor look up still.
>”Discord has been keeping tabs for me. He rebuilt that machine.”
>She then looks up and to you.
>”Do not take him lightly.”
>You get a little more angry at that last comment.
>And you go back to your task.
>He is NOT passing you.
>You feel like Celly is not giving you enough credit.
>So you will have to show her.
>A series of sharp 'S' curves quickly approaches and you ready your Maserati in the outer lane.
>You make a series of successful drifts through the curves and swing out from the last turn.
>You keep an eye on the rear view mirror for the kid to show himself.
>And he does.
>From the looks of it he easily made those turns and is once again gaining on you.
>You start to weave through traffic and try to stay out of his line of view.
>He seems to hang out on the opposite end of the road.
>You briefly lose sight of him but don't let up on the gas.
>A connecting exit ramp to the next highway is coming up and you prepare to make the sharp almost u-turn like turn.
>Another look back into your rear view mirror and you cannot locate Anonymous.
>No matter.
>Just keep your focus and make this hair pin like turn and you'll be done with it.
>While you wouldn't consider this a proper race, so long as you can make it to your exit without him passing you, you will consider that a victory.

>You're just about ready to make the drift onto the ramp when you hear an unfamiliar turbo spooling.
>The sound took you by surprise and you then look to your left and see that the kid has somehow sneaked his way to your side.
>You try not to panic and still quickly steer into the ramp.
>As does Anonymous,
>His drift is right in front of you and both of you are merely centimeters apart.
>You take a quick glance at the child through the windshield.
>You both then lock eyes for a split second.
>There is something different about him.
>His aura.
>The look on his face.
>His overall demeanor.
>A quick flash of Dadanon projects itself over the kid and quickly fades.
>He exits the turn and you once again hear that powerful turbo spool and he jumps ahead.
>You also make the turn successfully and try to gain momentum.
>But he's slowly creating a distance between you two.
>You're basically putting all your weight on the gas pedal.
>You have shifted all the way to the highest gear.
>He is still leaving you in his dust.
>You are not sure what to think.
>You then look over to your passenger.
>You begin to say.
>Not sure what would come out after that.
“Did, did you just see that?”
>She was looking out in front of her but she doesn't react too much
>She just narrows her eyes and then closes them and then looks down.
>You take the hint and ease off the gas pedal.
>Your grip on the steering wheel then lightens and you feel yourself slouch in your seat.
>You no longer see Anonymous in front of you.
>A feeling of humiliation washes over you as your exit now comes into view.
>You underestimated him.
>You took this seriously.
>Perhaps he has improved by leaps and bounds since the last time.
>You could take the easy way out and say it was his new engine.
>But a powerful new engine can only take someone so far.
>He showed more cunning and prowess than before.
>This may get interesting.

>Be Anon.
>Heading home.
>You just finished throwing your hail Mary by challenging and presumably defeating Luna with Celestia present.
>It's pretty much your last hurrah.
>And you hope it pays off.
>You'll have to find out at school.
>Now that finals are done there is nothing else to do at school except count the days down until it's all over.
>It's funny.
>Up until a few months ago you could not have cared less about the end of the school year.
>But since then you have made so many new friends.
>Now you are lamenting it and having feelings of lost time by not joining the racing scene earlier.
>Sure, you'll still see them at the meets on Friday nights.
>And you're sure you'll be doing more stuff with everyone now that everyone is all good with each other.
>But it sucks that you missed all the shenanigans with them throughout your time in High School because you wanted to be the 'cool loner'.
>Hell, given how many of the girls have taken a real liking to you, you're almost sure you could have banged most of them in the backseat of some cars in a timeless teenage staple.
>But anyways, it is now graduation day.
>There was a half day at school.
>And then it was over.
>Just like that.
>As you prepare yourself for the graduation ceremony you are confronted by your father.
>He beams at you with total pride in his face.
>He quickly moves up to you and gives you a big hug.
>”You did it, kid.”
>He holds you tight in his arms for a moment.
>Then slightly lightens his grip and pulls back but keeps you at arms length.
>”Look at you, a man already.”
>He tells you with a permanent smile on his face.
>It's hard not match his happiness.
>Then you see a single tear start to fall from his face.
>He finally lets you go and then reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a few pink slips.
>He hesitates for a moment and then hands the papers to you.
>”Congratulations son.”
>You the the slips from his hand.

>”The Z is officially and legally yours.”
>Your eyes widen and look at the slip.
>It's the car's registration and bill of ownership transfer.
>'Dadanonymous relinquishes ownership of Year:1973 Make:Datsun Model: 240z to Anonymous.'
>Then there is a blank line for you to sign your signature to confirm change of ownership.
>You then look back to your dad.
“You sure?”
>You say in a shaky tone.
>He just nods.
>”Not only that.”
>He adds.
>”As a bonus graduation present. You don't owe anything for the repairs or the upgraded parts.”
>You then feel a tingle of emotion.
>You almost want to cry now so you just hug your father again.
>Most fathers get their sons a nice pen or something.
>Rich fathers give their sons a super nice car.
>But this is the greatest gift your father could ever give you.
>Later on that afternoon you are all at the ceremony.
>Everybody is there in their gown and sitting in their assigned seat.
>Waiting for their name to be called up to the stage.
>Principal Celestia is giving a speech about the future and regrets and all that jazz.
>After her, Twilight Sparkle goes up and gives a speech of her own.
>What with her being the Valedictorian and all.
>At long last Principal Celestia starts to call out names for students to go up the stage and receive their diplomas from her
>One by one they head up there, she hands them the rolled up piece of paper that actually isn't your diploma but something to symbolize it
>Some students she shakes their hands
>Others she gives a quick hug
>Once your name is called you start to make your way up to the stage
>You both lock eyes as you head closer to her
>She has her benevolent aura around her again
>You take the paper from her and then she reaches to give you an embrace
>You follow her lead and go for the embrace yourself
>Now in mid hug, she holds you just a bit longer
>”This Saturday night, 11PM we meet at the Expressway entrance.”
>She says in such a low tone that it's almost a whisper

>You are caught off guard by her comment but you try your best to not react too much at her apparent challenge.
>She then breaks the embrace and you both pull back from each other.
>She still has her soothing aura around her and her smile that of a beautiful majestic queen.
>”Come alone.”
>She tells you as she then grabs another rolled up sheet of paper for the next student.
>You then move on as to not hold up the rest of the ceremony.
>After it's all said and done, you regroup with your friends and embrace with each other.
>Many of the girls are crying at the moment.
>The more girls you hug and see them cry, the more emotional you start to get.
>After it all you head out to AppleJack's barn where they are throwing a large graduation party.
>You even invite 4-Speed and Wallflower to this party.
>You dance with all of them and they all share the same lament as yourself in that they wished you were all friends and teammates sooner to have had more good times.
>After a while when the party dies down and it's only you and your team, you finally make the big revelation to them.
>Needless to say they were all as shocked as you were.
>You then start to tell them the history with her and the Speed Stars.
>Finally, you end it by telling them that she has officially challenged you to a race this coming Saturday.
>And that you must go alone.
>This got a lot of protests from everyone.
>But you were adamant that this must be done.
>”Like hell we're gonna just sit back and let possibly the greatest street race ever to happen and not witness it!”
>Rainbow Dash says defiantly.
>”Yeah man, it's not like she can punish us anymore!”
>Flash agrees with Dash and offers an understandable point.
>But you still sigh.
”Looks like I'm already regretting telling you guys this.”
>Then you look to them all again.
“Look, I'm sure she's just doing this to keep it all a secret. She is a school principal after all.”

>Twilight then speaks up.
>”Yes, but since she was a member of the Canterlot Speed Stars, this could be looked at as an in team issue, which means we can all be involved.”
>Everyone agrees and lightly cheers for Twilight's thought on the matter.
>You sigh and don't try to argue with them anymore.
>You can already tell this may be an interesting Saturday night.

and that's the update.
Updated paste here:

Well, the time has come. Next update will be the final race and the ending. I can't tell if I written myself into a corner because when I started this I had an ending in mind but now I'm not too sure if I should go about the original ending. Guess I'll just figure it out as I write it.

As always, questions, comments, concerns, complaints, critiques and overall (You)'s welcome
Can't wait for it!
I’ll have time to read it in a bit
File: 1439137447893.png (233 KB, 500x326)
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>Next update will be the final race and the ending.
Ohfuck here we go
File: 33kl5sdrrlx41.png (551 KB, 497x495)
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551 KB PNG
VTEC kickin' in now! Can't wait!
i hope everyone is so smart to join in on the race for a bit on parts of the highway instead of waiting at the starting point
File: 1572455903681.gif (1.03 MB, 341x540)
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1.03 MB GIF
I hope you guys enjoy this. https://derpibooru.org/images/2306729?sd=desc&sf=created_at&q=cameltoe%2C+equestria+girls
File: Party darling.gif (347 KB, 255x406)
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I never understood why they have her twerk.
File: 1448695180696.gif (451 KB, 405x480)
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451 KB GIF
Mmm yes, pivot those hips for me baby
God damn Rainbow Dash thicc af
File: Spoiler Image (2.42 MB, 840x806)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
I have plenty of "Thicc" Dash but most of it are coomer tier proportions that I use for semi shameful fap material because what the fuck are standards?
What a hard angle to draw.
And the 6/7 Preshow has started at https://derpy.me/daVFb

Zecora vs Berry Punch
Pinkie Pie vs Autumn Blaze
Starlight Glimmer vs Twilight Sparkle
Play-In for Tournament: Luna vs Vinyl vs Octavia vs Bon Bon vs Fleur
Sunset Shimmer vs Sonata Dusk
AJ vs Aria Blaze
Coco Pommel vs Rarity
Non-Title: Trixie Lulamoon vs Derpy Hooves
Got the results
Berry Punch defeats Zecora in 9:59 with a Stunner.
Autumn Blaze defeats Pinkie Pie in 14:18 with a Stunner.
Starlight Glimmer defeats Twilight Sparkle in 12:28 with a Spear. Derpy ran in and attacked Twilight.
Play-In for Tournament: Fleur defeats Vinyl(2nd, 22:02) Octavia(3rd, 19:57), Luna(4th, 17:55), Bon Bon(5th, 17:09). Fleur last pinned Vinyl with a Powerslam.
Sonata Dusk defeats Sunset Shimmer in 14:39 with a Diving Crossbody.
AJ defeats Aria Blaze in 17:03 with the Ankle Lock
Rarity defeats Coco Pommel in 11:00 with a Jumping DDT.
Non-Title: Trixie Lulamoon defeats Derpy Hooves in 11:34 with a Phoenix Splash.
Not the guy from before but when are we gonna look into why Trixie's so overpowered?
We've actually been doing tweaks in and out on Trixie.

The scythe has been removed, as a few other problem moves also have been.

There's a few other things I'd love to take a look at in her AI, but I'm balancing a lot right now.
Here's a new video for this week:
Okay, was just curious about that is all.
It's time for the showdown
File: 1563239803328.jpg (417 KB, 783x755)
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Too cute!
They could be edited to have really short hairstyles here.
File: upgraded RD.jpg (403 KB, 783x755)
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403 KB JPG
Sunset's hairstyle doesn't really seem to work with it very well, but Dash's on the other hand:
>Dat RD
Her hair could have been this the whole series and it would be a genuine improvement
Yeah you’re right, Sunset would look weird if you erase the ponytail.
Trixie had a good run I guess
Trixie beat Derpy without the scythe so I don't know if the run is truly over.
>so I don't know if the run is truly over.
Oh boy
Art from 2010.
Nice and checked
File: 1480179679945.jpg (170 KB, 600x800)
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170 KB JPG
I now have a dire craving for lewd tomboy RD green
I never don't have a dire craving for lewd tomboy RD green.
It's one of the few constants in my life.

>Previously on Initial C: Midnight

>Cause food fight.
>It's fucking nothing.
>Stalk Sun and Moon butt.
>BTFO Moon Butt.
>Congratulations, Z is officially yours.
>Learn date and time of final race.

>The stage is set.
>Date and time agreed upon.
>No more running.
>No more hiding.
>No more chasing
>Everything you have worked for.
>It now comes down to one race.
>It's been a few months since your first encounter with Celestia and her Porsche.
>Since then you've met some new people.
>Won some races.
>And made some friends.
>You can't say the previous loss didn't do more good than harm.
>And it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows getting to this point.
>But it no longer matters now.
>You got her attention and it's going down.
>Before that though, you take your Z into the shop and you go through one final check up to make sure everything is running perfectly.
>Your dad and you take the car and engine apart to inspect and see if it's still holding up.
>There are no warps in the engine block and all the pistons and camshafts look to still be in pristine condition.
>Turbos are still good.
>Brakes are fine.
>Tires still have plenty of tread on them.
>The Z is as good to go as it's ever going to be.
>Saturday night.
>You make your way to your Z.
>Your phone is blowing up with texts from everyone trying to figure out where the race was going to be.
>You intentionally ignore them all.
>As you have said before, this was supposed to be a private matter.
>No matter how logical Twilight's reasoning was.
>You just hope they aren't stalking you.
>Rainbow Dash now knows where you live.
>You mentally check all of that out of your head.
>Tonight is not the night for any side thoughts and distractions.
>You head over to the other side of the city to where you agreed to meet Celestia.
>During the drive you don't punch it or speed or anything.
>You keep a steady pace the whole way there.
>Trying to focus.
>From the few instances you have seen of her style, you can almost say she is a mini version of your father.
>Which is quite scary to think about.
>You've been in the car with your dad and his driving is otherworldly.
>But you have picked up a few things from that experience

>And it's what you think are going to be your only keys to winning tonight.
>At long last, you made it to the furthest outer parts of the City limits.
>It's not quite the industrial area but just a bit past it.
>True to her word, You see Celestia's white Porsche sitting on the corner of an intersection.
>Any time of day this intersection would be bustling with trucks and cars getting in and off the highway ramps.
>This time of night it feels like an abandoned ghost town.
>You finally roll your way right next to her car and you now see that her drivers side window is rolled down.
>You reach over and manually roll your passenger's side window all the way down.
>She doesn't take notice of you but she starts speaking.
>”The C1 loop combined with the Mistmane corridor was a popular course back in the day.”
>She finally looks to you.
>”Your father and Bow Hotfoot used to run it all the time to settle their little squabbles back in the day.”
>You take the hint.
>That is a big route that covers nearly every major expressway in the city.
>Looks like you're gonna be in it for the long haul.
>She takes her attention away from you and back in front of her.
>”The finish-line will be the end of the Friendship Bridge right at the exit of the City.”
>You don't nod or acknowledge her.
>You do the same and look ahead of you and both of you move towards the traffic light that will signal the start.
>You both stop at the line of the crosswalk.
>Both of you begin to rev your engines.
>Waiting for the red light to turn green.
>Her engine has a unique sound different than many of the others that you have heard before.
>You are sure Discord had a hand in building and tuning her car.
>The traffic light horizontal to you starts to turn yellow.
>With that visual cue you press down on your clutch and shift to first.
>Your light turns green.
>You let go of the clutch and slam on the gas.

>The Z does it's now trademark wheelie and launches up the ramp.
>Alongside Celestia and the Porsche.
>You are both seemingly going at the same speed as neither of you take the lead.
>Once on the highway you both go to opposite sides of the four lane road and keep a distance.
>Swooping past semi's and taxi's that were still littered on the road at this time at night.
>It's a long straightaway to start the race and you quickly shift all the way to sixth gear.
>You are in maximum overdrive blur mode and you can still see Celestia and her Porsche right by your side.
>This is only the beginning but you can already tell this is going to be a long race.
>The first set of 'S' curves are very quickly approaching and you simply let off the gas.
>These turns aren't as tight as other 'S' curves later in the route and all you really need to do here is angle your car right and you can glide through without having to turn too much.
>You get the angle right and zip right past the curves.
>Your move proved efficient as now you have taken a small lead.
>But with the experience you've gained from the races you know this is nothing and there is still plenty of race left to go.
>You are back at your max speed and are starting to build a little bit of a lead.
>The next set of 'S' curves are now ahead and these are the same set of curves that Celestia used to embarrass you the first time you faced each other.
>This time is different as you now used the powerslide to effectively float through the curves and lose little momentum.
>Celestia seems to have pulled it off a little better as she whips into your rear view mirror with force and she is coming up behind you.
>In a rare occasion in which you are in the lead and can see your opponent approaching behind you, you go for the cheap tactic of moving into the lane she is trying to pass you in.
>She tries to go into other lanes and you follow suit.

>You also try to keep your eye on your surroundings as she can easily send you into an unsuspecting car.
>Like you've done before.
>And sure enough she tries just that but you don't bite.
>Instead, just to be safe, you go into the opposite lane just to make the sure the pedestrian car doesn't panic run into you.
>The car seems to have nerves of steel as they don't react and now Celestia and you are once again neck and neck going into the first tight turn connecting ramp to the next section.
>During the ramp you try the power drift like your father and you did it well enough.
>Celestia, however, has mastered it and blows past you during the turn.
>You both come out of the ramp and on the new highway and while she is now ahead of you she is not running away like before.
>You then see a familiar Pink car now right next to Celestia.
>Is that Pinkie Pie's 3000GT?
>It fucking is.
>They found you.
>Celestia easily blows right past her and you are quick to follow.
>As you go past the car you look to see both Fluttershy and Pinkie were in the car.
>Flutts then quickly pulls up her phone and points to it to you before you lose sight of them by pulling ahead.
>You quickly glance at your phone and see a text from her.
>'Sorry, but we had to see this.'
>A text from Fluttershy says.
>Goddamnit they could ruin everything!
>Celestia doesn't seem to steer too off course so perhaps she doesn't mind some small distractions.
>Granted it's more of a distraction for you than it would be to her.
>The only good thing right now is that you are on another straightaway so this is a long stretch of road before any 'S' curves or sharp turns rear their ugly heads to you.
>You're able to reach Celestia's tail end and try to assert pressure to make her make a mistake.
>You then notice on your side a neon green Foxbody Mustang.
>Wallflower Blush has now entered the fray.

>Her window is also rolled down and you can see Trixie in the passenger seat as well.
>You can't pay too much attention to them as a new series of four consecutive 'S' curves quickly show up.
>The first two curves are easy ones you can simply angle your Z in and zoom through like before.
>The next two curves you have to swing your Z and drift through them.
>You exit the curves still on Celestia's tail and then you see another onlooker.
>Vinyl Scratch's Nissan 350z.
>Both you and Celestia have to break apart and go different paths and you are paired with Vinyl.
>Again you look over and see her as well as Rarity in the passenger's seat and Rarity sits up in Vinyl's convertible to cheer you on.
>You shoot them a glare and quickly go back to focusing on Celestia who is creating a distance between you two now.
>You zoom past Vinyl's Z and try to stay in as straight of a line as you can and not to change lanes much to gain back as much momentum as you can.
>Vinyl and Rarity are completely out of sight and another tight off ramp turn is up ahead.
>Celestia moves to the outer lanes while you decide to attack the inner lanes.
>As Celestia lets go of the gas to turn in, you quickly take advantage and jolt past her and then pull your e-brake and drift in.
>Sure, you will lose some speed and momentum over this.
>However, since you have pulled ahead of Celestia at the last minute she will have no choice but to adjust her own speed and momentum to yours as well if she doesn't want to crash into you.
>Which she does.
>She tried to powerslide into you but she quickly readjusts after seeing your drift and you being in the way,
>You both exit the ramp and are now on the northbound Expressway.
>Once out on the main road, you hear a familiar muscle car engine roar.
>In your rear view mirror you see the dark red headlights of Sunset Shimmer's custom BOSS 429.
>You and Celestia are head to head once again and now add Sunset's Mustang in the mix.

>It's a pretty powerful car as well and from what you can see inside the car, it would appear Twilight Sparkle is the passenger with Shimmer.
>Twilight is using her phone to what looks like recording what she can of the race.
>You shake your head and you look over to Celestia.
>She has an intense look on her face but you cannot tell of she is angry or just that focused.
>This long stretch of highway you find yourself having to deal with not only Celestia but now Sunset.
>All three of your cars are going at equal speed and neither are pulling too ahead.
>From another on ramp you now notice 4-Speed's yellow Civic Type-R joining in on the action.
>He quickly moves behind you and at least keeps his distance.
>You can make out 4-Speed and Flash Sentry in his passenger seat.
>They seem to give you a thumbs up in approval and you just shoot them the middle finger back.
>Finally at long last, a series of sharp 'S' curves approach and both you and Celestia attack the curves with speed.
>Sunset immediately slows down and takes them as fast as she can, but as she admitted before she was not that great of a driver so you pull away from her.
>4-Speed, on the other hand, easily makes the turns and is still behind you.
>But not for long as you begin to power through and he quickly falls behind.
>Once again it's just you and Celestia.
>But you're sure there are a few more surprises along the way.
>You are still side by side with Celestia and neither of you have been able to take a solid advantage.
>It's almost unnerving so you try not to dwell too much on it.
>After another long straightaway and nobody pulls ahead.
>There is another tight connecting ramp to another highway.
>There is another game of chicken to see which one of you will let go of the gas first to let the other take the lead.
>Unfortunately you are the one to blink first and ease off the gas.
>Celestia then pulls ahead and like some sort of magic trick she powerslides around the ramp.

>You do so too but she did it at a higher speed than you and you begin to wonder what exactly is the difference.
>It could be just the difference in your vehicles but it can't all be that.
>You're once again going to need to figure it out quick.
>Now that you are on the next section of the road Celestia is once again ahead.
>She doesn't seem to be gaining any ground though so you try to spook some of the pedestrian cars to try and get Celestia off her groove.
>It doesn't seem to work and some 'S' curves are quickly approaching.
>You both float through them and then yet another connecting ramp that will lead to the outskirts of the City is already in view.
>You attempt to copy Celestia and run through the tight turn at top speed.
>It seems to work out this time as you find yourself right on Celestia's tail.
>You both exit the turn onto one of the last sections of the course.
>Once on the road you notice behind you that another car is gaining on the both of you.
>It's features get a little more clear the closer it gets and you see it's wide body and orange color.
>AppleJack and her GTO are now right on your tail.
>Curious though is that she is the only one in her car which leaves one person out.
>You then look ahead and in front of both Celestia and yourself is Rainbow Dash and her R8.
>Both AJ and Dash then weave into their own lanes and are now neck and neck with you and Celestia.
>Both you and Celestia look to your sides and she the girls who all give you a nod.
>Celestia then looks to you with an angry look on her face and you can't help but look away.
>You can't let this get to you yet,
>Another set of tight 'S' curves approaches and you all make adjustments to make the turns.
>You float on the outside of the curves while Celestia hangs on your side a little on the inside and right next to her is Dash followed by AJ.
>Exiting the curves and you and Celestia are once again head to head with Dash and AJ close behind.

>This is a long stretch of road and you all make your top speeds and you start to pull ahead of everyone.
>Celestia hangs just behind you on your tail.
>Followed by both AJ and Dash who are together still in the back.
>You're finally getting a lead and now one of the last few connecting ramps is coming up.
>You decide to hang on the inside of the ramp and power through the turn.
>Celestia closely follows behind along with Dash and then AJ.
>You all exit the turn into the last few straightaways.
>Everyone not wavering and you can't seem to shake off AJ and Dash.
>You and Celestia are still close to each other.
>Both Dash and AJ are starting to fall behind.
>You then notice some flashing lights.
>Red and blue flashes.
>Well shit.
>After all this time you've never drawn the ire of the police.
>Until tonight.
>You can now see two police cruisers starting to catch up to you all.
>Shit this is about to get messy.
>Then you see AJ and Dash start to block their paths.
>Seemingly being the sacrificial lambs for you and Celestia to finish the race.
>The cops seem to take the bait and follow the girls as they now head off the exit of the highway.
>Now it's just you two.
>But you feel like that won't last for long as you are sure they have called for backup.
>Thankfully there is just one more ramp and the final straightaway left.
>Which is now coming into view.
>The final ramp is up ahead and you both do your drifts and slides.
>At the very end of the turn though, there are two pedestrian cars in each lane of the off ramp and both of you notice them at the last minute thanks to your speed.
>This then causes both of you to slam on your brakes and cause you both to almost spin out.
>You let go of the gas and wheel and let it spin and you do a 180 but you quickly grab a hold of the wheel once you notice the car is pointing back in the right direction.
>You have stopped right at the entrance of the final straightaway.

>In a panic you look around and see that Celestia has as well straightened her car.
>You both exchanged a panicked look and both of you once again begin to floor it.
>Once again in the final stretch it's all a matter of whose car can produce the most power.
>Ever after shifting all the way up to sixth gear.
>Even in maximum blur overdrive.
>You still can't seem to shake off Celestia.
>There are no more distractions.
>No more excuses.
>The Friendship Bridge signifying the end of the City and end of the race is approaching.
>You both are still neck and neck.
>It can't end like this.
>Not after everything you've been through.
>But Celestia doesn't budge from her spot next to you as you both cross the line at the end of the Friendship Bridge.
>The race is over.
>All signs point to a fucking tie.
>You ease off the gas.
>As does Celestia.
>You both just cruise for a few extra minutes as the scenery around you gets less urban and more rural.
>You look over to Celestia and she nods her head to follow you to the next exit.
>Nodding yourself, you slow down some more and get behind her and you both exit at the next off ramp.
>Right off the highway you spot a truckers stop with a convenience store.
>Which is where Celestia is leading you.
>At this time of night the large parking lot is filled with rows of large eighteen wheelers parked for the night.
>Both you and Celestia roll up to the building of the store and backwards park next to each other.
>You simply just sit there for a minute in your car.
>Thinking of everything that could have gone differently.
>And the only thing you can really think of is just that last fuck up at the end.
>If you could count that as a fuck up.
>It's a race on public roads so stuff like that should be expected.
>But of all times for it to have happened.
>You then think back to when your father detuned the Z to have less horsepower.
>If it were still a thousand HP would it have truly made the difference?

>Even in your relaxed state your mind is still going a million miles a minute when-
>You snap back to reality and look out your drivers window.
>Celestia is leaning on the Z, looking in to you.
>Is all you could muster.
>”Would you like something to drink?”
>She asks.
>You think for a second.
>You are starting to get thirsty.
“Just a bottle of water is fine.”
>You meekly tell her.
>She nods and walks off into the store.
>You finally unbuckle your seat belt and climb out of your car.
>You take a deep breath, inhaling the smells of gasoline, asphalt and nature all in one.
>Then you plop yourself on the corner of your Z while you wait for Celestia to come back.

>Not long after you rest on your car she does return to you.
>She hands you a one liter bottle of spring water and then she takes her seat on the corner of her Porsche directly across from you.
>She has a twenty four ounce can of beer in her hand.
>She pops the tab and starts to chug it like a pro.
>You sit there watching in awe.
>She finished chugging what looks like half the can and she lets out a long sigh of relief.
>”Ah, I haven't had a race like that in a very long time.”
>She says while leaning back on her free hand that was resting on the hood of her Porsche.
>You take a quick glance at her body that was suspiciously accented through her tight clothing.
>She was simply wearing a tight buttoned up white shirt with the upper half undone.
>Showing off her cleavage and you can barely make out her yellow laced bra.
>Her purple slacks hug her thighs but hang loose down at her ankles.
>You feel you should say something before she notices you checking her out.
“Yeah, well Iugher.”
>Smooth move ex lax.
>You look away from her and quickly unscrew the cap to your water bottle and chug yourself.
>Celestia lightly laughs at your awkwardness.
>”Something the matter?”
>She asks in this motherly tone.
>You shake your head and then you look down at your water bottle.
>You can then hear Celestia chuckle some more.
>”Are you still hung up on our race?”
>Now you look up to Celestia.
>She has a smug smile on her face as she is now leaning forward and resting her forearms on her knees.
>Her cleavage and bra in full glorious view from your view point.
>You feel a small bit of heat flush your cheeks and you sit up an try to collect yourself.
“All the hard work these past few months and it all ends in a draw.”
>You say out loud as you look away and take another drink out of your bottle.
>Celestia sighs.
>”Would you feel better if we just said you won?”
>She suggests.

>”After all, it was too close to call.”
>You quickly shoot your gaze back at her with a glare.
“Fuck no.”
>You say all too fast.
>Celestia then sits up.
>”Well then quit your bitching.”
>She tells you plainly as she takes another chug of her beer.
>That caught you off guard.
>Principal Celestia.
>The kind, benevolent and motherly head of Canterlot High School.
>Rude manners and swearing and her overall appearance right now.
>Like she's some sort of human and not some royal demigod.
>”Seriously, you're going to lose in life and it's much more better to lose and to learn from those loses.”
>She starts to lecture you on life and racing
“My dad never lost.”
>You pout to her like some child
>She then scoffs at you
>”He may have never lost a race, but I'd wager he lost something a lot more precious by not.”
>Your eyes go wide
>You then immediately remember your conversation with him about Pear Butter and Bow Hotfoot
>'In the long run you'll make more enemies than you will friends.'
>Those words ring in your head once again from you conversations with your father.
>”Even back then, the writing was on the wall about how both Bow and Pear felt about him. Even more tragic that Pear was smitten with him. But he couldn't see it.”
>She pauses for a moment and then continues
>”Well, most of the girls at the time were smitten by him. Me included.”
>She shakes her head and takes another chug from her can
>”You aren't your father, and perhaps that is for the best."
>You're not sure about that, seems like most of the girls are smitten by you
>Although you are aware of it, so maybe there was some truth to it
>And the way she said that to you made it not feel as bad as you wanted to make it out to be.
>”Learn from your failures, and you will become better than him.”
>Nice words of encouragement
“I don't know.”
>You sigh
“I felt like I raced a perfect race against you and I couldn't come out on top.”
>Celestia then laughs again

>”Please, from what I saw out there tonight there are still flaws in your technique.”
>You shoot your head back in shock.
>You say out loud.
“You're shitting me.”
>She looks at you with another smug grin.
>”No, Your steering needs a little more work, as well as your gear shifting.”
>You sit the dumbfounded at her observations.
>Especially since she was seeing this from her car during a race.
>Damn what a woman.
>Celestia takes another large chug from her can of beer and finishes it off.
>She then stands up from her seat on her Porsche to go and dispose of the beer can.
>Then she makes her way back to in front of you.
>”I suppose that is all she wrote for tonight. Think about what I said and I'm sure we'll cross paths again.”
>She is about to turn to head back into her car when you speak up.
“How will I find you without having to stalk you again?”
>She ponders for a moment.
>Then she shrugs and pulls out her mobile phone.
>”Give me your number then.”
>You give her your number and she texts you.
>Your phone vibrates again and you take it out to see an unfamiliar number with a message.
>You now have her number.
>Fuck it, you decide to try and have a little fun.
“So, what if I wanted to reach out to just..., hang out?”
>She eyes you suspiciously.
>”Define 'hang out'.”
>She retorts back.
>You are holding back a chuckle.
“You know...”
>You were only playing around but again you feel your cheeks flush red.
>Celestia notices this and gasps and then laughs.
>”Oh my god, are you seriously hitting on your Principal?”
>She asks with an unimpressed look on her face.
“Hey, FORMER Principal.”
>You point out to her.

>She then rolls her eyes and rubs her forehead.
>Then she moves up to you and plants a single kiss on your forehead.
>”Beat me in a race and we'll go from there.”
>She tells you as she finally makes her way back to her Porsche.
>She gets in and turns the car on.
>Just before she drives off she stares at you one more time through her open passenger side window.
“I'll hold you to that!”
>You tell her as she shakes her head again.
>”Good night Mr. Anonymous.”
>She then slowly makes her way out of the parking lot and then drives off into the street.
>You keep your eye on her until the car can no longer be seen.
>After a few minutes of just sitting there and contemplating everything that happened, you finally finish your bottle of water and dispose of it.
>You then make your way out of the truck stop parking lot and hop back on the highway back into Canterlot City.

>One night in the City.
>You are cruising along the highway without a destination in mind as you normally do.
>You have your windows rolled down to take in the blasts of cold air rushing by your ear from the high speeds.
>The sounds of your 2JZ engine and the spooling of your turbo system are like music to your ears.
>As you cruise along you pass by a fellow Speed Star.
>Vinyl Scratch and her white 350z.
>She sees you and smiles and nods to you.
>You nod back at her and zoom past her.
>Further along the highway you run into one of your newer members.
>Fluttershy and her faded pale yellow 2003 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo S.
>You drive by her and she gives you a cute smile.
>You smile back and move on.
>Heading further along the highway you pass by another fellow team member.
>Now it was Trixie and her light blue MR2.
>She gestures to you by waving her hands like a magic trick.
>You give her a thumbs up and move past her.
>Further along you catch up with another Speed Star.
>Pinkie Pie and her hot pink 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4.
>She sees you and violently waves to you.
>You give her the peace sign and move on from her.
>Like clock work you are approaching another member.
>Now it was Rarity with her pearl white 2003 Lexus IS300.
>She blows you a kiss as you drive up to her.
>Then from behind her in the passenger's seat is Sweetie Belle who energetically waves to you.
>You act like you catch Rarity's kiss and slap your cheek with your hand and then you wave to Sweetie Belle wit ha big smile on your face.
>Rarity laughs at your gesture and you move on up ahead.
>Next in the line of Speed Stars on the road is Wallflower Blush and her Neon green Mustang Foxbody.
>She meekly smiles and waves to you.
>You give her a warm smile and nod in her direction and move on past her.
>Next up is Twilight Sparkle in her chrome midnight purple 2008 BMW M5 E60.

>She sees you and smiles and gives you a thumbs up.
>You return the gesture and head on forward.
>further along the highway there is Sunset Shimmer driving in her black 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429.
>You meet with her and she smiles and winks at you.
>You smile back and nod then you ride along past her.
>After Sunset you now catch up with Flash Sentry with his 2003 midnight blue Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS.
>He nods at you as you go past him but not before you return the gesture as well.
>Right after Flash comes AppleJack and her brilliant orange 1970 Pontiac GTO 455 HO.
>She tips her hat to you and winks to you.
>You wave to her and nod back as you now go on ahead of her.
>Further along you now finally run into 4-Speed with his 1997 spoon yellow Civic Type R.
>You both give each other a simple nod and you roll along with him for a bit.
>All the while, the rest of the Canterlot Speed Stars form a line in all four lanes.
>The rulers of the streets.
>Despite the results of the race with Celestia you finally celebrate the accomplishments you have made.
>After a bit of riding with the rest of the crew you then move forward on.
>You then finally catch up with Rainbow Dash and her baby blue 2010 Audi R8 V10.
>You both just exchange smiles to each other and ride together for a while.
>Then, you both come up on two exotic Supercars.
>Dash gets into the left most lane in between you and one of the cars.
>Once you both reach the care you see that it's Bow Hotfoot and his Laferrari.
>And your dad with his Ford GT.
>All four of you are now riding along side each other.
>Then up ahead is an overpass.
>All four of you look to each other and then smirk as if you all agreed to something.
>A the overpass gets closer everyone puts on a serious face.
>Once you all cross the overpass you all hit the gas pedals and the collective roars of generational racing and power fill the night sky.


Updated paste here:
And that's it. That was a ride(lol) fucking 104,454 words. My longest work to date. I keep telling myself I don't want to do these long type stories and I keep making them longer. It's a damn curse. Well I'm done so now I can rest. I have other stories in mind that I really want to write but I don't want to think about them(Even though I will) and just relax. Some thoughts, originally I was going to have Anon lose to Celestia but changed my mind later. I always had the idea and scene where Anon hits on Celestia and she does the “Beat me and we'll fucktalk” bit. I also tried to make it to where (You) the reader has an in to getting whichever waifu is yours(some more successful than others) but yeah there was that.

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always and for the last time, questions comments, concerns complaints, critiques and overall (You)'s welcome.
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Holy fuck, that was a hell of an ending. I don't know what else to say but I'm glad I stuck around for the whole ride. This was absolutely fascinating.
I've always been a fan of these types of car themes for stories and that's probably why I found your green particularly interesting. Great job and thanks for the awesome read.
Would Dash fit the 'the girl next door' image?
The one that secretly loves you but would never tell you and be the shoulder you cry on and not stop you from dating a girl even if it killed her inside?
You could definitely write her into this role. It wouldn't even be a stretch.
Time to binge read this now that it's done.
I’d say she does a little already
File: 2057901.jpg (1.22 MB, 3508x2480)
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>"I-I don't know what happened, AJ. I just woke up this morning and they were this big. And none of my bras and t-shirts fit me now, I had to took this tee from my mom's closet."
>"Come on, Rainbow, they look fine."
>"But they're uncomfortable. And everybody is looking... I just want to go home."
She's sad because she can't run fast anymore with those huge knockers.
File: 1910477.jpg (76 KB, 493x587)
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>"Would you guys please stop mocking at me? I already had enough this week with all those creeps staring at... these... all the time."
>"I just can't get used to them."
>"I can't even run as fast as before because they're too heavy and everybody at practice can't stop laughing."
>"I don't like this kind of attention."
>"My mom insist I should go buy new bras but I can't deal with all that people looking at me."
>"Why did they have to grow so much?"
>"What am I gonna do now?"
>"Pinkie for the last time, STOP BOOPING THEM!"
Weird thing, I enjoyed reading through the story and I'm not even a fan of My Little Pony or whatever the human spinoff was. I was just browsing boards/threads on 4chan a while ago and I ended up getting hooked to the vroom greentext around the time it seemed like the beginning plot was just about to pick up speed. That's how you know you've made a good greentext.
File: 1442009185624.jpg (705 KB, 1320x1800)
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705 KB JPG
It's not lewd but I have an awkward moment between Anon and his bro tomboy Dash. It was the very first green I ever wrote:
It's pretty gud.
Pretty good. It's always bittersweet to see a good green reach the end of the race.
>>"Pinkie for the last time, STOP BOOPING THEM!"
This artstyle vaguely reminds me of Tim Burton style and it's oddly arousing for reasons I can't put my finger on.
Back up.
File: 2371313.png (3.08 MB, 2510x2620)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
I like
File: 1585095674113.jpg (51 KB, 514x720)
51 KB
File: 1591901446392.png (1.8 MB, 1400x3300)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
File: 2371583.jpg (259 KB, 496x489)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Full version anyone?
File: 2371582.jpg (484 KB, 683x860)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
That's either a perspective shot or the full version is behind a paywall I can't be fucked to deal with.
Here's another image of the same set though.
The content’s not really worth it to be honest
I mean, it’s just charlie exe
same actually
File: 1592016033281.jpg (668 KB, 848x1200)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
there’s not that many artists that do show-approximate lewds like him and my dick’s screaming at me to pay
coomer life is hard
Well, my condolences.
More times than not I wish I were an artist rather than a writer, if I can even call myself that even.

Yeah yeah, practice practice practice and all that jazz. Clearly my practicing went into my writing because I felt it was easier. despite me taking 3 years worth of art classes in High School
>taking 3 years worth of art classes in High School
From my experience, classes in high school are not a great standard to compare stuff with.
Based EQG Dash
Damn, I really need to get back to writing my green. It's been a while.
>It's been a while.
Oh man, you have no idea. You're fine.
Didn't the artist make the proper "Filthy Frank" version of that?
File: 1446090639418.jpg (137 KB, 1024x1126)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
My art teacher was a semi famous artist, and I learned a lot about perspective, shading and buildings and even comic book art(pen and ink designs, paneling, hatching, cross hatching, and stippling) but I wanted to learn figure drawing for muh animus and we barely touched on the topic.

Also, I have an epilogue/bonus scene written up for Initial C: Midnight. I was able to get through the entire story without having to use *That* song. Well, now that the main story is done I wanted to have more fun and wrote a bonus scene for laughs and stupidity so enjoy

>Half way through Summer and things mostly have slowed down.
>You still attend and conduct the races on Friday nights.
>A lot more people come out during the Summer break as you have noticed.
>Lots of people want to join the Canterlot Speed Stars as you are now the top of the scene.
>You actively are not looking for new members.
>You feel there are enough members as is.
>But other than that, now you work more at the shop during Summer break just before heading off to College.
>You're not going too far.
>Canterlot University which is just one town over.
>You'll be heading there for Business Management and Engineering.
>Seems like a solid plan.
>To your shock, it turns out all 7 of the girls will also be attending the same College as well.
>With all their varying interests it's a minor miracle one college offers everything they need.
>But back at work, you are given a new role as you take the position as parts driver.
>You basically fill a truck up and you drive all over and deliver parts to other Auto shops or garages.
>It's pretty cool because you can explore the surrounding areas past Canterlot.
>The girls, on the other hand, are also a rock band that tours during Summer.
>Guess they're popular enough for it.
>They even have a touring bus.
>A converted e350 shuttle bus from 1997.
>You only know it's specifics because the girls have used their collective charms on you to get a discount at your dad's garage for a tune up.
>You tried to resist.
>But seven hot girls giving you bedroom eyes gave you this delusional fantasy of an orgy with all of them that will never happen.
>At least you weren't the only one who wasn't immune.
>Discord was more than happy to take care of the bus, free of charge.
>Fucking old coomer.
>Regardless, the work was done and the girls are happy.
>The girls would invite you to all their shows.
>You went to a few of them.
>They were nothing life changing.
>But you guess some of their stuff was catchy.

>As the Summer was drawing near an end and your first fall semester would begin in a few weeks, you start to prepare for the upcoming classes.
>Your phone then rings.
>You look at the caller ID and see it's Rainbow Dash.
>You then answer the call.
“What's up?”
>Not really needing to say 'hello' to her.
>She says in what seems like a rushed tone.
>”We need a huge favor!”
>You sigh and sit up from your desk.
“What do you want now?”
>Trying your hardest not to sound annoyed.
>”We really need you to drive us to our gig tonight in Appleloosa.”
>You quickly sit up in your seat.
>You raise your voice to almost a yell.
“You know how far away that is!? Why would I agree to be your chauffeur?”
>Rainbow Dash then lets out a childish whine.
>”Come on! We need you right now.”
>She pleads.
“Why me? Why not any of you?”
>You argue back.
>”AJ's brother usually is the one driving us in our little tour bus, but he's really sick right and and Granny Smith is too busy with something else.”
>She explains the situation.
“Okay, but what about you? You're a pretty capable driver, as is AJ, and Rarity, and Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy.”
>You counter back again.
>She sighs in frustration.
>”Look, none of us have really drove the bus before, and since you've had experience with larger trucks and stuff from your work, we thought you would be the quickest to adapt to driving it and get us there on time. Besides you're-”
>She pauses for a second.
>You have an idea on where she was going.
“I'm what?”
>You ask in a teasing manner.
>She grumbles some more and then sighs.
>”You're the best driver we know.”
>You can't help but dawn a big smile from ear to ear.
“Say that again?”
>You ask her.
>She starts to growl but then stops.
>”You're the best driver we know.”
>She tells you again in a more annoyed and low tone.

“Mmm, yeah, I like that.”
>You say as if you are being pleasured.
>”Cut it out perv!”
>You start to chuckle.
“Fine, I'll be your driver just this time.”
>You sigh and finally agree to her dire need.
“So, when do you need to be in Appleloosa by?”
>You ask.
>There is a long pause.
>”Uh, 5:30”
>You look at the clock and it is currently 3:22
>You yell out loud while jumping out of your seat.
“It takes two and a half hours to get the Appleloosa!”
>You yell back at Dash.
>”I KNOW!!”
>She yells right back in your ear.
>You then hang up on her and run out of your room and to the garage.
>For this time you grab the keys to the Z as you need to make a mad dash to...
>Fuck, you don't even know where to meet them at.
>There's not much time so you'll have to text them while driving.
>By the time you get into the Z and head out of the garage there is already a text from Dash telling you they were all at AJ's barn.
>Good, not there will be no distractions in getting there.
>You make a mad dash to AppleJack's place in record time but you are already running way behind.
>As you pull in to the long dirt road to the back of the house you see the bus in all it's gay pride glory.
>Baby blue.
>Rainbow Stripes.
>Various symbols that you're not sure mean anything but are plastered all over the bus
>You park your car and speed walk to the girls
>They are all very happy and relieved to see you
>”Thank you so much, Anon!”
>Pinkie chimes out
>”We owe you big time!”
>Sunset Shimmer also adds
>You don't stand around at all
“Less talk, more walk.”
>You instruct them to all get on the bus so you can go now
>Everyone files in quickly and then you get in and hop in the drivers seat
>You close the folding door and turn the key to start the engine
>The engine's sound is a lot more aggressive than you think a Bus' engine should sound
>What the fuck did you do to this thing, Discord?

>Whatever, that's not important now.
“Hold on to your sweet fine asses if you have 'em!”
>You call out to the girls and shift into first gear.
>And you're off.
>You slowly exit out of the drive way and make your way down the streets until you reached the highway.
>That is when you let loose.
>You punch the gas the the bus begins to hauls ass.
>You and the girls are pushed back into your seats.
>Holy shit this thing has an insane kick.
>Fuck this could help.
>You begin to recklessly weave in between the traffic.
>It's not quite rush hour but if you don't exit the City soon you're fucked.
>While you've never driven a bus before, you have had experience with flatbed trucks with similar power and handling on a few occasions for work so that helps.
>There are too many other cars on the road so any sort of powerslide or drift is not feasible on the off ramps.
>Especially in a bus...
>It takes you a little time but you are now out of the city
>The highways are a little more windy and less occupied so you begin to take the small curves at high speeds and some of the girls are complaining.
>”It's not a race Anon!”
>Twilight has to yell over the sound of the definitely-Discord-modified engine roaring.
“Oh yes it is!'
>You yell back to them.
“A race against TIME!”
>You then exit off the highway in the middle of nowhere to the confusion of the girls.
>”Where are you taking us!?”
>Dash yells.
>”This isn't the way to Appleloosa!”
>She adds to her question.
“It's a shortcut I found while working as a driver!”
>It's an old route that cuts through the mountain and forest.
>It was used back in the day for trade routes but has kinda been obsolete since the highway was built.
>But, to a good driver you can cut through all the bullshit and make it to Appleloosa in no time.
>The road has uphill climbs and downhill drops and some hairpin turns along the way.

>It's not the Mt Everfree mountain road, thank god.
>But it's a good road to run.
>But in a bus?
>Well, we'll just have to find out.
>The windy road tosses the girls in the back from one side of the bus to the other.
>Are there no seatbelts back there on this thing?
>Pinkie of course is enjoying this.
>The rest not so much.
>For you this has been a blast.
>Up ahead is the first hairpin turn.
>You take a deep breath and brace yourself.
>”Anon, that's a hairpin turn!”
>AppleJack yells at you.
>You answer back enthusiastically.
>”Don't do this ya empty apple tree!”
>You're not even sure what that means.
>Doesn't matter since you do it anyway.
>You press hard on the brakes.
>Pull the steering wheel all the way to the right.
>Pull the E-brake.
>The end of the bus then swings ahead and you need to quickly turn the wheel back left to straighten the bus so it doesn't spin out or flip over.
>A quick glance in the rear view mirror and you see some of the girls get tossed from one side of the bus to the other.
>There are many high pitched screams behind you.
>You did it.
>You successfully drifted a bus.
>It took the entire two lane road.
>But you did it.
>Now you just hope there are no other oncoming cars so you can do it again.
>You're gettiing a rush from this.
>”Damnit Anon slow down!!”
>Twilight Sparkle screams at the top of her lungs.
>Another hairpin turn up ahead.
>You only smile as you make another successful drift.
>This time the girls are tossed the other direction and no some of their equipment are now flying all over the back.

>More screams from the girls as this time you notice poor Fluttershy and Rarity get tossed from the right side of the bus to the left.
>”Anon seriously you didn't need to go to this extreme!”
>Sunset Shimmer yells at you while holding on to her seat for dear life.
“You wanna be late or do you wanna be on time!?”
>You yell back at the girls.
>Only taking another glimpse in the back.
>Some of the girls are laying on the floor and some of their luggage is all over as well.
>Rarity screams at the top of her lungs and whines in her last word.
>You just start cackling like a madman as you blaze through this quaint mountain and forest road.
>It was almost two hours of this.
>Two glorious and ear shattering hours of drifts and screams.
>You make it to Appleloosa.
>The current time is 5:12
>Goddamn you are good.
>You reach the outdoor amphitheater with some time to spare.
>You then park the bus and open the sliding door.
>The girls file out in a groggy zombie like state and Applejack even begins to puke in a bush as soon as she steps off the bus.
>Fluttershy falls to all four and begins to hug the ground.
>”Oh how I missed you!”
>You however, have this afterglow like you just had the best sex of your life.
>Perhaps they'll think twice before having you drive them somewhere.

That's it. I now consider this green officially done. Updated Paste:
File: meme.jpg (55 KB, 449x607)
55 KB
This image sums up my feelings about this update.
I think your writing style has improved a considerable amount since you first started. You’ve been getting more in-depth with the action scenes in a way that doesn’t slow the pace too much and holy shit you have good taste in cars.
Glad I stuck around long enough to read this.
We had a stream at /mlp/con.

We have big news.
Twilight beat Trixie in the first round of the tourney.
The sheer madness of this lad.
God those asses are amazing

(Forgot my name)
Would regular Dash lewd still work? I've been working on a short lewd Dash green.

Disclaimer, it's Facesitting/Footjob that turns into a 69
All green is good green although I have to say foot stuff is not my stuff.
Hey yo, EWE is currently live again at https://derpy.me/daVFb

There's no actual card, because of the con yesterday.

So Derpy's down, search for EquestrianWrestlingEnt on Twitch and you'll find it.
Why has like every other site been going down recently? I find this strange.
Isn't regular Dash lewd already tomboy Dash lewd on the account of it being Dash?
6/14 Quick Results:
Rarity defeats Derpy Hooves in 13:46 with a Rear Naked Choke. Autumn Blaze showed up post-match because... NO CLUE.
Applejack defeats Limestone Pie in 14:08 with an Ankle Lock. Derpy ran in and attacked Applejack.
Autumn Blaze defeats Ember in 11:52 by KO with a CRITICAL STUNNER.
Lyra and Bon Bon defeat Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch in 18:53, after Lyra pinned Tavi with a Backslide. Also Gilda ran in and attacked Tavi and Vinyl.
Trixie Lulamoon defeats Tempest Shadow in 12:19 with a rollup.
Cadence defeats Chrysalis in 18:41 with the Attitude Adjustment.
Zecora defeats Gilda(2nd 27:54) and Fleur De Lis(3rd 27:13) in a 3-way dance, after Critically knocking out Gilda with the Jumping Complete Shot.
Twilight Sparkle defeats Princess Celestia in 15:09 with a Batista Bomb.
Looks like Twilight is back to being the overpowered Mary Sue.
Got the stream vid up, woop.
I wonder if Derpy is going to be not on fire soon.
Also who knows, I certainly don't.
Twi still has to actually take the title away, so we'll see if she can soon.
File: 2353644.png (310 KB, 512x895)
310 KB
310 KB PNG

To be fair it's not my thing either but it just fits well with the scenario I'm writing about so may as well.


I like your way of thinking. But maybe for them they wanted a scene along the lines of Anon and Dash are "bros" and one night it just... happens? Like

>Dash: "Fuck off bro I am totally a girl!"
>Anon:"Nah you're just a cool dude with tits."
>Dash:"Shut up! I prove it to you by letting you fuck me!"
or something along those lines or whatever
File: large-33.jpg (91 KB, 784x1024)
91 KB
Not the other Anon but I might write one myself once I'm not lethargic or busy at some point in the next day or two.
>that delicious angry as fuck EQG Dash
What short is dis?
File: 2350692.png (370 KB, 635x898)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Fairly certain it's from Holiday Unwrapped part 5: Dashing Through The Mall
Thanks, she looks hot as always.
That outfit is one of my favorites.
File: 1944031.png (1.22 MB, 852x1073)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
I get you. I've written like one scene involving foot stuff, did not sit particularly well with me, can't get off on it myself.
>The only conversation you and Sunset have out loud is about the whereabouts of the pendants, since that’s something you’re still worried about.
>And it only happened because you were staring at Sunset’s chest bouncing a little every time the taxi went over a bump in the road or something, and then your eyes ventured up to the red gem and started to question things.
“Hey, did you leave the other two pendants in the hotel room drawer?”
>”Yeah. I don’t think the staff people clean out the place until the day after someone checks out. So, tomorrow maybe. Or maybe it was an hour or so after Mr. Davison checked our names out of our rooms.”
>Sunset, holding your hand now, sees what you’re concerned about and doesn’t blame you.
>”Don’t worry, the only way they made it onto the plane is if Mr. Davison himself said that they belonged to one of us.”
“Or if the staff saw that you and I were in the room last, and gave it to someone in the group.” You remember seeing the staff members of the hotel going back and forth between upstairs and the party about to be flown back as you were sent out the door. “It was one of those fancy hotels that probably make sure their guests don’t leave anything valuable behind.”
>”Most hotels don’t do that, I think.” Sunset responds, keeping her voice quiet enough to not let the taxi driver hear too well. “They just warn the guests about forgetting things and then say it’s not the hotel’s fault if they leave something behind.”
“Yeah, but this city obviously isn’t like the rest of the world.”
>”I wouldn’t worry about it. You really need to stop stressing yourself out. There’s no way the other two pendants made it onto the plane.”
>You run the scenario through your head over and over again.
>Hotel staff cleans out room as guests are done checking out and getting ready to leave, they find the other two pendants in the drawer, associates them with the guests who were just in that said room, and possibly gives them to the leaving party just in time to put in their luggage that would go onto the plane.
>And Sunset watches you think about this over and over again in the 20-ish minutes it takes for you to make it to a new spot on Wing Island where the hotel you’re thinking about it not on (for the sake of not running into anyone associated with Mr. Davison while they’re still here).
>If they did find the gems in the drawer before you left, what’s to stop them from causing them to end up in the leaving party’s luggage that you and Sunset left on the plane as you snuck off?
>You were too ashamed and stressed out about what would happen back at home to pay attention to the staff members talking with Mr. Davison and the others. Among other things clouding your attention span.
>Siren gems on a plane?
>It’s /possible/.
>But not /probable/.
>But you’re /paranoid/ about it.
>”Hey…” Sunset pats your shoulder. “If it helps, I don’t remember seeing anything about the pendants or gems in Mr. Davison’s mind when I saw what he was thinking, at that moment at least.”
>That helps… a little.
>”Like I said, you should relax more.”
>Sunset saw what else you were thinking as you and her step out of the taxi together after paying the driver.
>All of that excess clutter is still in your head, you wanting to make your life your own and not be blown around like a leaf in the wind.
>It’s like you told her all of this without having to even open your mouth, and you want to hold her hand once again just so she can confirm that you feel guilty about feeling this way but can’t help it.
>A little hard to grasp, but it only gets worse the more you think about it.
>Something’s still on your mind and it won’t leave you alone; something that probably hates you.
>Sunset looks over at you as you let her see what you’re feeling, her eyes appear crestfallen and let down as she gets ready to ask you something.
>There was a whole vibe to this moment that was building up as you sat with her in the back of that taxi.
>Everything outside of your head that was making you tense is now finally out of the way, and you and Sunset can finally find unity together (in a way that involved being in a hotel room together).
>It’s not like the scenario wasn’t being tossed back and forth between the two of you in an unspoken way, but the excitement of that was taken away by something you can’t put your finger on.
>Even when all of the odds are in your favor and everything has been made alright, and Sunset had blocked Twilight’s number, and the band situation is no more, and you are in paradise with her, something is still piercing its was into your heart and soul.
>This undying urge to control everything in your life that you can’t even place where it came from.
>The only hints your brain is giving you is what that one guy told you - you already forgot what his name was.
>What was his name again? The guy who was writing in his book and was rather abrasive with you when you just asked him for advice.
>Whatever that jerk’s name was, his words in your head are like radiation in a town after a major nuclear accident; it’s not going away and neither are their nagging undertones. It sucks.
>The other thing you can trace it to is something you remember Mary said.
>Something about “telling the canoe guy she said hi”, or however she said it right before you and Sunset snuck off of the plane Mr. Davison ordered you to return home on.
>You don’t know who the canoe guy is either.
>This wouldn’t have bothered you if she didn’t also say something about missing you in real life and that something happened to you.
>Seems oddly specific for her usual high-talk. It’s not random or out there enough; it had some sort of direction to it.
>And you don’t like whatever that direction was.
>”Is everything going to be okay soon?” Sunset asks you.
>Now you’re brought back to your own whereabouts.
>The warm early summer breeze, the sounds of palm trees brushing up against one another, the ocean waves, the distant chatting of possible tourists and vacation-goers.
>Oh right, you’re breathing in fresh air now, outside of the taxi that now drove off.
“I’m fine.” You sigh. “I just need a few minutes.”
>”You sure?” Sunset grabs your hand and starts to look worried again.
>The unwanted ordeal is over but it doesn’t feel over. It should be over. It’s supposed to be over.
>”Do you want to talk about it?”
>A few seconds pass.
“We should get a room first.”
>”Makes sense.”
>The cheapest place you could find is a motel-sized hotel on the opposite side of the island from the side that faces Discovery Island where the first hotel is.
>It took until the very end of the day to get to booking a room, but there’s still light in the sky.
>Sunset can see you thinking about what the passerby people will think about a guy and a girl your age booking a hotel room alone together with no luggage, but she grips your hands tighter so she can directly say to you that it doesn’t matter what they think.
>You don’t even know any of these new people here, there’s no reputation to care about.
>Even the person at the front desk gives you two a look, a bit of a smirk like it’s clear what you and Sunset are totally going to do later tonight, but you’d surprisingly rather them think that than figure out you’re laying low to hide from someone for a few days.
>It’s easier to explain, at least.
>Walk with Sunset along the outside balcony porch thing to your door number, no luggage to haul over except the clothes on your backs.
>One drunk guy in the parking lot gives you two a whoop with obvious implications; red in the face, you ignore him and his friends in the back bed of their pickup truck.
>The door could not be locked quickly enough, and you suddenly realize why the front desk worker gave you that look /that/ fast.
>This is a /single/ bed room.
>You knew you shouldn’t have let Sunset do all the talking.
>This very thing is the problem with you.
>You’re a fucking doormat.
>”Relax, we’re just laying low and spending as little as possible until we can go out and do stuff again.” Sunset tells you. “Come on, come sit with me.”
>At this point, you’re too tired to really even question it.
>The thing that keeps you worried over nothing has even eclipsed the whole thing about the siren pendants that probably doesn’t matter so long as the hotel staff earlier today didn’t bother returning the items to the people leaving.
>Sunset sits right next to you on the side of the bed, the two of you facing the window and looking at the slightly darkening sky over the distant palm trees.
>You can’t believe you made it, and you’re staying here indefinitely with Sunset.
>”You should stop worrying about everything that already happened.” Sunset says to you. “That’s the past now. We’re out of that, and what matters now is the present.”
“I mean, yeah. You’re right.” You almost put your arm around her before she does it for you.
>”We got a couple of days to ourselves to lay low. I’m not really hungry right now, but we can go get food somewhere if you want. Let’s focus on things like that for now, then figure out what we’re going to do after the dust settles.”
>You take a deep breath as she pats you on the back.
>”So I guess you wanna stay here?” She probably saw you imagine what else you could do together on the bed.
“I’m really just tired right now. I dunno if this place serves breakfast but we can go get food in the morning or something.”
>She knows what you’re going to ask next, and prompts you to ask it so you’re both on the same page.
“You got a single bed room on purpose, didn’t you?”
>Sunset begins to blush a little, almost giggling as she looks down at the floor and back out the window.
>After all this time, it was going to end up something like this all along.
>You and Sunset in bed together; it was inevitable wasn’t it? You couldn’t stop this from eventually becoming true.
“Do you wanna close the blinds or should I do it?”
>Sunset’s mouth is inches from your ear. “I’m only going to do what you tell me.” She quietly starts playing on your need to feel like you’re not under control. “I want you to boss me around tonight.”
>She doesn’t move form her spot, and you stand up and close the blinds at your own will.
>Before you turn the lamp on, you briefly pick up the red glow from the pendant Sunset is still wearing.
>Turn around to find her sitting in an even more suggestive position on the bed than she was a minute ago.
“So… what now?”
>”You decide what happens next.” Sunset already saw what your brain was thinking the whole time. “Command me to do what you want. I’ll obey.”
>Start to feel your heart race as your brain almost goes into airplane mode in favor of another part of you assuming influence.
“Lie down on the bed.”
>Sunset does as you tell her to, despite being the one wearing the siren pendant. She already knows a few more adult-natured commands are coming next.
>She sees it as your hand brushes against her arm as you climb up to her on the bed.
>Her head rests on the pillows, she takes a slow deep breath.
>Realize there are curtains on the window that can further block anyone’s view into here.
>Your arm is just long enough to reach the mechanism that closes the curtains long before this particular show ends.
The sex will be interrupted again I’m calling it now. You won’t fool me this time gray!
>I've written like one scene involving foot stuff,
Jesus. Did your readers at least like it?
Eh, who knows if these fags actually like anything.
It was a small part of a larger scene that was seemingly well received.
>Eh, who knows if these fags actually like anything.
Dazzle magic back into Canterlot City confirmed?
So does this mean Twilight isn’t in the picture anymore? Sunset blocked her and Anon isn’t worried anymore, so she doesn’t matter now right?
I wouldn’t mind some more great pics of RD
Okay, don't bust a nut too quick.
working girl
a little buff
a little buffer
Dash what are you doing pls stop
File: OIP (2).jpg (34 KB, 472x334)
34 KB
Sometimes I feel like i'm one of the few people who likes eqg colored girls more then the white/peach/tan/pale/ect colored human mlp girls.
I'm not sure i like the human mlp girls almost at all.
I would even choose anthro over them.
Sorry but spoiling it doesn't make you any less of a degenerate
I'm just saying why not just do eqg-colored,
why have mlp-human when you have egq-colored?
Why is anthro worse then human?
Oh yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Anon.
>Why is anthro worse then human?
Because I don't like it and what I say goes.
At least you're not the guy who calls eqg-colored humans "anthro".
Here's to hoping that.
>Trigger discipline
Dash knows how to handle her guns.
File: 1654687.jpg (57 KB, 469x572)
57 KB

>Be Anon.
>Sitting on your combination futon couch in your loft in downtown Canterlot.
>You're playing an online game on your gaming console.
>You just wanted to relax after a long day at work.
>You have a normal nine to five job with a nice salary as a Project Manager for a major company.
>But being a Project Manager means you have to deal with a lot of stupid people and a lot of egos.
>You start to grumble from remembering work earlier in the day and sit back in the couch.
>You look over at the clock and it's 7:37PM.
>Your girlfriend should be home any minute now.
>Just as you had that thought, you hear the lock click and door knob of your loft begin to turn.
>”I'm home.”
>Rainbow Dash announces as she walks in the loft.
>You both have been dating since you both were in High School and have just recently moved in together.
>You haven't really thought too much about marriage, but if things pan out with you two living together maybe...
>But for now she's been a decent roommate.
>She cleans after herself.
>She cooks on some nights when she is free.
>You do some nights as well.
>She was still in college getting her degree under a sports scholarship and worked part time at the local sneaker store in the mall.
>Which is where she came from.
>Her work outfit consisted of a red and white polo shirt along with a matching cap.
>She also wore a pair a essentially booty shorts with some black nylons underneath them.
>She then lets out a big sigh and tosses her keys onto the counter top that partially separated the living room area and the kitchen area.
>”Hey babe.”
>Dash acknowledges you and she makes her way to the kitchen and to the fridge.
>Your game has sent you into a lobby queuing you for the next online match.
>During the wait you look over to see Dash bent over, looking into the fridge for something.
>Despite being bent over, her legs are still standing straight, causing her waist and ass to stick up in the air.

>The image itself seems to make your mouth water and your crotch start to heat up.
>Now of all times, some Rainbow Dash flavored pie seems good for dinner tonight.
>You swallow the building saliva in your mouth and lick your lips in anticipation.
>Dash then finally stands up from her spot and closes the fridge.
>”So, what's for dinner?”
>She asks as she turns to you.
>She then notices your look.
>The wanting in your eyes.
>And she seems to know what your are thinking.
>She just stands in her place.
>Her face slowly creeps into a lewd smile.
>You try to ask innocently.
>She lightly shakes her head.
>”You know what.”
>She says in a low tone.
>”I know that look.”
>She says as she slowly walks towards you.
>Once she is out of the kitchen area, she kicks off her shoes and begins to undo her shorts.
>She undoes the top button and pulls the zipper down and then she slides her shorts down to her knees.
>Once at her knees, she lets gravity do the rest of the work and the shorts fall to the floor.
>Exposing her in her black nylons.
>You can make out her favorite hot pink thong that she is wearing underneath the nylons as she continues her slow march towards you.
>She then stops just right next to you and the couch and she places her hands on her hips.
>There is a brief moment of silence.
>You don't really know what to say to Dash.
>Or do, really.
>But she seems to know something.
>She then walks over in front of you on the couch and blocks your view of your game.
>You start to sit up but then Dash uses her foot to push you back onto the couch.
>”You stay put.”
>She tells you.
>And you obey.
>Dash then takes a deep breath and sighs and then turns about face so that her rear end is facing you.
>Her firm ass barely visible through the thin black fabric.

>She then carefully back steps onto the couch with you in between her legs.
>Her crotch is now hovering somewhat over you.
>You think you know what she has planned.
>This is something new you haven't tried before.
>But in the heat of this moment, you are up for almost anything.
>Your breathing starts to quicken.
>Anticipating her next move.
>Quickly and unceremoniously, she plops her crotch down on your face.
>Causing you to push your head back onto the frame of the couch
>Thank god she has a small petite frame, otherwise think you could have been paralyzed.
>Your face is now buried into her crotch.
>There is pressure on your face, but not so much pressure that you are suffocating or being crushed.
>No pain, just slight discomfort.
>It's warm and damp.
>Her pungent aroma overwhelms your senses as she slowly grinds into your face.
>She sighs in response to your face acting as a chair for her.
>She moves from left and right.
>Then up and down.
>She she drags her crotch upwards it drags your nose up and your nostrils are just about in contact with her mound.
>You take a big whiff of her scent after a long days of work.
>You try to moan out loud but it comes out muffled as she continues to put pressure on your face.
>Dash then giggles at your response.
>You then feel the pressure of her slightly lift as she leans forward and begins to unbutton your pants.
>And letting your now erect member free.
>”Wow, you're really turned on by this.”
>She muses as she pumps your dick a few times with her hand.
>You let out more moans at her actions so you decide to kick it up a notch yourself.
>You use your tongue to begin licking her slit through her nylons.
>Dash quickly gasps and sits up.
>”Mmm, yeah.”
>She takes a liking to your actions.
>She once again grinds on your face.
>Her slit drags along your tongue .

>You start to taste her juices that are now seeping through her various fabrics.
>She's getting off to this as well.
>Once again it feels like the pressure lets up a little bit.
>You then now feel something clamp themselves around your cock.
>Something smooth is running up and down your shaft.
>You then figure out it was both of Rainbow Dash's foot soles that were wrapped around your dick and pumping your dick.
>For being an elite athlete her feet are amazingly soft.
>Though that could be thanks to her nylons.
>Dash was holding herself up with her hands now holding on to the top of the couch frame.
>But by doing that she can no longer grind on your face, but that makes it better for you.
>Your mouth then clasps around her slit and you begin to suck on her opening through her nylons.
>She starts to quiver over that and she begins to jerk you off with her feet much faster.
>Once again, in a moment of lust, you bring your hands to her crotch area.
>You then dig your fingers and rip her nylons open exposing her bare skin and thong.
>”Hey asshole, I need these for worahhhh!”
>She started to complain but then was thrown off guard by you moving her thong to the side and shoving your tongue into her pussy.
>You start to wiggle your tongue inside her and then pull out and lap her folds.
>Her juices are now flowing a lot more.
>Dash starts to moan.
>You now feel her feet let go of your member.
>”Unf, ffuck. Yeah!”
>Dash breathes heavily and moans.
>She now stops giving you a footjob to get a better stance over you.
>She then begins to aggressively grind herself all over your face.
>Soaking you in her juices and you try to lick as much as you can off of her.
>Once again you feel the pressure ease up off of you.

>She then readjusts herself so that her mound is now in front of your face as opposed to sitting on top.
>She then scoots her legs over on the frame so that her soaking wet pussy is once again right on your nose.
>One by one she moves her legs to rest on the couch frame right in between your head.
>”Two can play this game.”
>She aggressively huffs at you.
>You weren't sure what she meant by that until you felt something warm and moist cover your erect cock.
>You gasp in reaction.
>She positioned herself so that she can now suck you off in a 69 position.
>You take this as a challenge and you then take both your hands and bring them up to Dash's back side.
>You spread her lips open and you cover her pussy with your mouth and plunge your tongue deep in her.
>She tries to moan but it's muted in account that your dick is in her mouth.
>This does not stop her from speeding up her pace.
>You then pull your tongue out and begin to lap around her inner folds.
>Occasionally your tongue flicks across her clit during your laps around her sex.
>Her moans are getting quicker and more rough.
>And while you can't tell if she is close or not, you can definitely feel yourself close to climax.
>You tell Dash as such with your dick now twitching in her mouth.
>She ups the speed even more and now she takes more of you in her.
>You feel a slight barrier of where her throat is but she pushes through and your tip slides past and deeper into her.
>Your moans are more like a growl and your breathing quickens.
>You then start to feel that tingling sensation in your balls to signify that you are mere seconds away from ejaculation.
>You have one last move and you close your lips around her clit and suckle on it vigorously.
>This seems to prove affective as now she clenches her thighs on your head and squeezes tight.
>You are desperately trying to keep your composure but you are starting to get a headache

>With her being an elite athlete her thighs are a lot stronger than you realized and she probably could split your head open.
>You foolishly try to power through the pain and suck even harder.
>Then you use your free hands and grab her ass cheeks and squeeze as hard as you can.
>You are starting to black out with all the pressure on your head.
>You begin to ease up on her clit and let it go from your mouth.
>You cry out.
>In a last ditch effort go off into the night, you let go of one of her cheeks and place your hand over Dash's head.
>You let out one of the biggest feeling ejaculations you've ever experienced unto Dash's mouth and she tries to move her head up.
>You use whatever strength you have left to keep her head in place so she has no choice to take all of your seed in her mouth.
>It doesn't last long as all of your strength leaves your body with each and every shot of cum into Dash's mouth.
>You let go of Dash's head and ass and both arms flop off to the side.
>Everything starts to fade to black.
>You no longer have any control of your body and everything goes limp.
>Your head falls back onto the couch frame behind you.
>And in an instant, the pressure is gone.
>Everything is getting clearer and you feel strength return.
>Dash however, flops to your right side.
>Lifting her left lag over your head so she can lay beside you.
>you both just lay there.
>Breathing heavy.
>Your headache starts to fade away.
>Your face is from the nose down is completely soaked thanks to Dash.
>After a few minutes you start to feel a little better.
>Dash's breathing has also calmed down.
>You gingerly lift your head and look to Dash who has this glowing look on her.
>She makes eye contact with you and she smiles.
>You smile back at her.
>She blows a kiss to you and to return the favor.
>”So, still what's for dinner?”
>She asks.
>You just let your head fall back on the couch frame.

That's it. Take it for what it's worth.
It's pretty good. I like it.
I actually just now wrote one too. It’s more fast-paced, though. But I did base it off of the image dump whoever it was did last evening. I'll post it in a sec.
File: 1591903555990.jpg (122 KB, 1024x793)
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122 KB JPG
File: 1.png (1.67 MB, 1012x1414)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
>It was a weird time in your life by the time you and Rainbow Dash met eachother.
>As a kid growing up, you were the tough one in your group of friends.
>You were all around 5 to 9 years old and played outside nearly every day, and you enjoyed the luxury of being the dominant kid in the whole group.
>At least until the other boys started getting growth spurts earlier than you, and you eventually became the comparably small and weak one by the time you were 12.
>Now all your friends were taller and stronger than you, and the informal leadership transferred to the Biggest Guy in the group; the position was no longer For You.
>You hated this, but there was nothing you could really do.
>It was still your fault, though.
>Every night, you refused to eat your vegetables, or do other things that would help you start to grow again.
>But no, now you're almost like the Tommy DeVito of the group by the time you're 15.
>You're the chatty wise-cracker with the possible Napoleon complex, being extroverted to stay on top of your game.
>Except you were really bad at being social by this point.
>You definitely ain't one of the jocks either.
>Been getting lazy recently and eating lots of junk food while the other guys were more healthy and active.
>Now you have a lot to be jealous of, and holy shit you're getting into a fight in one of the school hallways when you're 16.
>The fact that you're not as tough as the other guys finally caught up to you, because you're getting your ass beat in this fight.
>It's one-sided, until one of the girls steps in out of nowhere and starts landing heavy blows on the other kid's face and stomach.
>He didn't realize a girl was punching him and started hitting back, but she took it like an actual boxer and beat the shit out of him regardless.
>All three of you were sent to the Principal, and it was around then you learned her name: Rainbow Dash.
>You're getting some odd angelic vibes from this girl. Do you have a crush on her?
File: 2.jpg (1.07 MB, 1359x3246)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>You finally come back to school after your suspension, and Rainbow Dash seems to want to talk to you on her own.
>She stands in front of you with her finger on her chin. "You sure you don't remember me?"
"What do you mean?"
>"We played together when we were kids, remember? Back when I lived in your neighborhood."
>Take one more look at her hair and realize that she's right. You recognize it from when your group of boys (back when you were the leader) would tease the group of girls she was in.
>Her naturally rainbow hair always stood out to you but you never learned her name before she moved away anyway. You never saw her hair in a ponytail before.
>And now here she is right in front of you in high school, saying she remembers you 8 years later.
>She used to wear dresses or something, but now it's a blue hoodie with a t-shirt with honestly rad looking pants with a cool rainbow design on them.
>"So why'd you get in a fight with that guy anyway?" She asks.
"He thought I was flirting with his girlfriend. And when he asked me I was like 'bitch I might, you got her number?'. Then he kicked my ass."
>You didn't realize how that sounded until after it came out of your mouth but Rainbow surprisingly found it hilarious and is laughing even harder than you are.
"He only took me by surprise, though." You walk it back a little. "I would have totally won if he didn't do that."
>She scoffs quietly. "Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, dude."
"I'm serious!"
>"Whatever. You wanna hang out sometime?"
>You freeze.
>"No, not like a date, dumbass. Holy shit." She starts casually laughing a little after this, relieving the tension on her own. "Look, most of my friends are kinda boring sometimes and lots of the guys are jerks. And I got nothing to do after soccer practice today and I kinda already know you and we should catch up."
>This is what your first encounter with her was like.
File: 3.png (1.41 MB, 1000x1528)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
>She starts off extremely strong and you have no idea why she cares about hanging out with you.
>You fucking wish you were as talkative as her, because that's the kind of demeanor that would make you cooler these days.
>Rainbow Dash (Or RD as she told you she prefers to go by) apparently wanted to play video games with you, since you told her about how you've been doing that more often since you've been getting lazier and going outside less.
>Your own parents initially thought she was your girlfriend at first, until she literally walked right up to them and asked them why it's weird for their son to just have a regular friend who happens to be a girl.
>She didn't try to sound snarky about it, but the fact that she did that without hesitation further proved that she has more fortitude than you.
>She did leave out the fact that she suspects you might like like her but doesn't mind, but you are quite glad about that part.
>Meeting RD's parents was a more awkward encounter.
>Your black eye the other guy gave you was still healing, and RD took you to her house without telling her parents.
>RD turns out to have almost as many video games as you do, and a few of them are some you didn't get around to trying out yet.
>So you save some Steam money and try them while over at RD's house.
>Her parents come home as you're drinking juice in the kitchen.
>The first thing they think is that RD gave you the black eye, until you tell them yourself that the guy RD got in trouble for beating up is the one who did it.
>Thanks to that, RD's not allegedly grounded for as long now since you proved that the guy she beat up did the same thing to one of her (kinda) friends first.
>You half expected RD's parents to be iffy about her having a boy over, but they have zero qualms about it.
>For some reason, they didn't assume you were her boyfriend, not even for a second.
>Her parents actually start to like you a lot really quickly, as if you hadn't only recently re-met RD.
File: 4.jpg (762 KB, 1878x2790)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
>The first thing you notice you don't like is how RD wants to go outside and play soccer with you more often than you're like to.
>You both already knew she'd win every time and you would rather stay inside and play video games.
>But you figured out a reason why this whole thing was a good thing in senior year.
>The other guys in your sort-of social group have far surpassed you physically.
>Some are about 6 feet tall now, many are on the football team or some other sport, they can bench embarrassingly more than you, and their mile run times are like half of yours.
>Maybe playing sports with RD isn't such a bad thing; since extracurricular activities involves you having to put up with daft high schoolers every day.
>They pretty much only let you sit at their table to not look like jerks, and barely at that.
>RD is more deserving to sit at the lunch table with them than you, and it shows when she blends in with them perfectly when she actually does sit there with her popular friends joining her.
>Even looks like one of them with her new short haircut she chooses to maintain as such.
>She's the only girl at the table not annoyed by their behavior, and actually chimes in with them at times which sort of pisses you off because you kinda hate these guys.
>You suck it up and try to chime in too, but the other guys sort of cringe internally when you do because you're not as cool as them despite trying hard to be.
>But RD's the attractive tomboy of the group for the rest of the year.
>They'd have kicked you out anyway had it not been for RD being close friends with you.
>And actually close friends.
>You and RD now have eachother's numbers and go hang out at the mall together often aside eachother's houses every week or so.
>You once accidentally admitted you think she's hot but included "as a friend" to walk it back somehow.
>She told you that she was hoping you wouldn't let your hormones ruin the friendship and doesn't even mind this.
File: 5.jpg (1.09 MB, 2893x4092)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
>RD actually has a summer job at the mall at this point.
>Yeah, you both graduate from high school but you're honestly glad that shit's over with because aside classmates like RD, everyone there was either annoying or just couldn't mix well with you in general.
>The ones who liked the same music and movies as you were generally in this group too, but RD wasn't the only exception to this, despite being the only exception you actually had a legit friendship with.
>She was the only reason you went to the school weight room once, because no one but her was around and you could see how strong you were without anyone silently judging you.
>But now school's over, and college is next (which is really just school but longer distances to walk and you'll be paying for everything).
>But right now, it's summer.
>And as for RD's summer job, she works in one of the food shops there where they serve mostly healthy food for athletic people, and she sometimes sneaks a few thing out to you so you can eat it for free.
>You'd sit and eat with her after the end of her shift a couple of days out of the week before playing soccer with her again, chatting about life and stuff while playfully insulting eachother in exchanges of banter.
>Sometimes lowkey talk about sex since you're 18 now and still haven't gotten laid, which is somehow supposed to mean that you won't go far in life or some shit.
>But it’s actually fine to go there because your relationship with RD has always been casual and platonic, more about her being the reason you were somewhat cool in high school and the dumb little rivalries in video games and sports you had with RD that defined your memories with her so far.
>The possibility of having sex with RD now that she's 18 too doesn't even cross your mind at first, because you've seen her strictly as your best friend what with the way you've spent your time together.
>You almost stopped caring about the fact that she's a girl ages ago.
File: 6.png (223 KB, 550x740)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
>But she's about to make you care a little more.
>The two of you are sitting outside on a summer afternoon after she beats you at soccer for the thousandth time.
>RD complains about Rarity trying to lend her makeup all the time all because she doesn't own any.
>Also complains how some makeup/perfume advertisements are "the dumbest fuckin' thing in the world" because it's "literally just glorified deodorant and face paint but more dry" while the stupid looking containers and dispensers make up half the price anyway.
>She jokes about how it'd be accurate for her to buy it because she'd be wasting money to make herself look like even more like a clown.
>"Like I'm gonna blow cash on that stuff." She says this quite often.
>You start to talk about how you've been trying to get more fit and extroverted again.
>RD being the one to help you get there has already sort of been a thing, but RD wants to step that up now and sort of be your informal fitness trainer because she doesn't have much else to do outside her usual stuff and you’re her best friend, but something else must be addressed first.
>RD already knows you find her attractive, and it's deliberately never been expanded upon aside joking about it.
>Because you have too much of a strong platonic friendship to start complicating it with romance and stuff; the two of you have always been chill about it.
>But RD eases her way into telling you she always knew when you were checking her out, especially when she would wear lighter clothing like right now where she's pulling her shirt up a little to air herself out and cool off.
>She doesn't even stop doing this, and just tells you that she doesn't care about you leering her as long as you don't lie about it, which is fine with you because you two already playfully acted like perverts towards eachother in the past when horsing around with the other peers anyway.
>Doesn't even really feel like it's anything new. It's whatever.
File: 7.png (1.2 MB, 926x1682)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
>With this, RD becomes your informal fitness trainer who also happens to be your hot best friend.
>She knows you've been checking her body out, but you two are just going to work with it because you're close and used to it enough not take it too seriously.
>RD does admit that she mostly just likes the attention because she's probably a little too proud of her body in an arrogant way she's self-aware about.
>Even lets you in on a secret that she would sometimes stuff her bra so it looked like her tits were bigger when she was around the other girls, (and forces you to promise to never tell anyone).
>After this somewhat awkward day, the two of you have agreed that RD's going to help you work out and exercise more so you can get better chances at getting laid in college.
>It's what bros do, except RD's a girl and you being attracted to her is no bother to her.
>But let's face it, you both know where this is going at this point. Even if you do stay just friends, there's gonna be more sexual undertones now.
>It's still true that you're tired of being a skinnyfat manlet, and she'd be more than happy to help put a stop to that.
>RD starts to train with you nearly every day.
>By the end of the July, you've pretty much made your little gut go away, and you're better at running a mile now, but RD is still stronger than you (and still an adequate video game rival to you as well).
>Mostly because you'd often have to go to the public gym to work on getting big and stronk; but push-ups and sit-ups help a little.
>But oh are they tedious.
>Now with her hair grown out more again, RD keeps pushing you to do more of those than you think you're able to do, and it's okay if she's the one who tortures you in this way because she's your closest friend and it's for a good cause.
>It helps that she often lifts her shirt up to show off her abs to you; she just kinda started doing this on her own because she know you'd like it but also be jealous.
File: 8.png (1.72 MB, 800x1237)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
>RD eventually admits that she also thinks this is kinda hot as long as it's with you whom she's super used to.
>Fuck it, might as well break the ice about it and turn it into something more; the two of you already saw this coming.
>One thing leads to another.
>Now RD is wearing smaller tops and shorts just for you, eventually belly shirts to keep her slender abdomen with abs and bellybutton in the open.
>Now, if you do well enough (and not pass out), then RD lets you feel around on her body as she tenses her muscles under your hands to brag and show off.
>This usually happens long after you leave the local gym and you and RD find somewhere secluded to hang out. You get a semi-discreet boner each time.
>It's no surprise the scenario in which RD herself becomes the one to take your virginity starts to be something you fantasize about more often.
>She doesn't really seem to keep any secrets from you; she admits that it crosses her mind too and half-jokes there may be a day in the far future where it can happen if your situation ends up being /that/ fruitless.
>But you'd honestly not rock the boat with RD, because she's fucking amazing as a non-romantic friend and she feels the same way about you.
>But this is spiraling into something more.
>Neither of you are admitting it, but RD is now your tomboy girlfriend all but in name.
>You both secretly wanted it.
>Still maintain that you're "bros", RD just being a girl-bro you like to get kinda personal with after you lift weights together.
>But this doesn't stop her from really making you push yourself; it helps her do it more effectively.
>Determination is through the roof.
>RD loves to tell you what a great job you did doing 20 extra push-ups, but still loves to show she can still do more weight reps than you.
>Your diet and exercise does wonders by August's end.
>One day when you're feeling her shoulders, you two can't help but quickly kiss one time. Twice.
"Does this mea-"
>"Sh-shut up."
File: 9.jpg (1.69 MB, 2155x4089)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
>You almost want to say the kissing was just some sort of abstractly ironic joke.
>The two of you actually act like it was; neither of you really believe this.
>"I did it better." RD's voice gets a little shaky.
>"The fuck? Don't just say yeah."
>You say it again the same way to be annoying.
>"V-very funny, dude."
>The two of you consider what you've been doing, and know that you can't deny what this is anymore but still don't want to act like it.
>"So are we getting to this kind of stuff now?"
>There's no way this is just part of working out or even RD showing off to you.
"We're both still doing it." You have your arms around her now, running your hands along the sides of her.
>"I don't see you stopping."
"I don't see you stopping either."
>"I'll stop when you do, dumbass."
>Either of you could have stopped if you wanted to.
>RD doesn't ask why your hands are massaging her ass through the spandex, she knows why.
>Give in and kiss again, fully. You lean into eachother, cradling hands behind heads.
>You didn't admit anything out loud.
>It's really stupid what you two started up together, but only because you don't want to admit that this relationship just turned romantic.
>The time to head off to college is coming up, and you go jogging with RD in the woods.
>You're arguing over who started this whole thing, not in a serious way, finding something to banter about as she purposefully lets you gain on her after getting too far ahead.
>Don't even want to pass her because her leggings start to slip down a little bit, and that smaller blue jacket she has on showing her lower back in addition to this is your weakness right now.
>"C'mon, dude. Pass me." RD already knows what's happening, accepting the admiration.
>At this point, you've gotten fit enough to see very noticeable differences in yourself; you're just thankful for it now.
>You both slow down, you hug her from behind and thank her while wishing her good luck in college.
File: 10.png (1.01 MB, 1024x1342)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>Thanks to RD, you spend your first day of college looking fuckin' great.
>Neither of you went to the same university, but there's no doubt that you two would stay in touch with one another.
>Lots of time is spend texting eachother and sending selfies, all that kind of stuff.
>There's nothing you want more than to meet RD again.
>You don't even want to get another girl here, there's no way any of them can compare to RD.
>The tomboy who's simultaneously your best friend and your girlfriend.
>You honestly trying to mix those two thing together wouldn't end well. But holy fuck it turned out better than you expected.
>What sucks is that you're long distance now, and you gotta keep your healthy habits you picked up that RD gave to you.
>It's funny, really.
>You finally have the something close enough to physique you wanted, you're even a little taller too, and you see a couple of girls giving you a certain kind of look.
>But now it doesn't even matter; you want RD.
>And you miss her so much. Neither of you will stop reminding eachother of this over text messages.
>The gyms at these universities have a lot of really good equipment too.
>You have a feeling that when you finally see RD again over break, she's going to be twice as muscular as you, completely shredded.
>And her hair is going to be cut short again and she's going to have ear piercings for once and... and...
>Nah, stop letting your imagination get ahead of itself.
>Just because college does some things like that to other people doesn't mean that it's going to happen to RD.
>You just can't stop thinking about how lewd that first moment got between you and her.
>There was nothing that could stop either of you. You started doing more touchy feely things, started making out one day while doing all that, and it all just sort of happened.
>It was unintentional in a way, but you both lowkey wanted it all along.
>Then sort of came to terms with it together afterward.
File: 11.png (1.01 MB, 1113x1500)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>The months get busier.
>College turns out to suck a bit more than you had hoped.
>What's worse is that you and RD discover that your universities have holiday break on different weeks except the holidays themselves, so now you can't even go see eachother as often.
>At least you still have your numbers and social media.
>You've also found out that it's a little harder to work out without RD there to guide you.
>Even not considering all the lewd stuff you and her did together, you was overall supportive of you and made you want to get further and further into shape until you looked like an athlete.
>The blooming relationship made it suck a lot less, though. It's the only part you really remember now that you're looking back at it.
>You'd still be happy with the two or three days you can meet up..
>But then even this is taken away when RD's family goes to the southern hemisphere for the holidays and spends it together there.
>Okay, fine, whatever. You'll see her during spring break.
>No college girlfriends though. You give that your word.
>It's been a hell of a ride, but you're finally approaching Spring Break.
>You and RD have decided to go to the same beach.
>Pack up and get to it, eventually making it to the shore where you'll meet RD at a beach house.
>Nothing else matters right now, and you finally arrive there and eventually recognize her rainbow hair you've missed.
>She runs up to you, hair still long as it was when college started.
>The very second you tightly hug her for the first time in like 7 months, you notice a /lot/ more cushioning from her chest through the jacket.
"RD... are those your..."
>"Ohh, right. I should probably tell you now." She soon makes you follow her to the place you're staying.
>Before you know it, you're both alone together.
>Without another word, RD unzips her jacket to reveal a white bra underneath holding her breasts that have grown at least two cup sizes.
File: 12.jpg (2.2 MB, 2348x3937)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
>She's never had this much cleavage before.
>At least she obviously liked how you kept staring all the way until she pulled you in for a pity-kiss, even though you're not pitying her one bit.
>As you're holding her, she tells you about how she's been drinking a lot more whole milk in her diet which made her boobs start to grow.
>Even after she stopped, they kept growing as if some gland or something was set off and now kept transferring any milk she took in straight to her chest.
>She swears that it wasn't intentional but she can already tell that you don't have a problem with this.
>It takes you several minutes to "express to her how much you missed her"; RD eventually starts laughing a little and rolling her eyes at you.
>"You seriously like them that much?"
"Are you kidding? Of course. What kind of question was that?"
>"Well yeah, I guess. But still, they kind of get in the way sometimes."
"So? Didn't you used to stuff your bra anyway?"
>"Yeah, but now I can't make them go away." RD grabs her chest and starts bouncing it up and down with her hands. "I'm fuckin stuck with these, dude. I can barely run as fast now."
"That's pretty hot."
>"Psssh, shut up!" She cutely pouts and socks you in the arm. "I'm serious." She stands there with her jacket wide open.
>She lets you pull her closer and start to grope them, and fails to hold back a smirk.
>"At least you like them."
"Well, duh."
>Start to feel the rest of her body along with the chest. Her muscles are still there, just under a thin layer of bodyfat now.
>You can't believe how hot this is to you; you could massage RD's body all day.
>"Well go on." RD gives you a sultry grin and moves your hands back to the bra cups. "We're alone, aren't we?"
>You know what this means, and gently pull the bra away from her nipples.
>"You know I- ah!" RD starts to giggle as the feeling of you playing around with them tickles her. "No fair!"
>Now she insistently pulls you closer and takes you to the bed.
File: 13.png (1.87 MB, 1492x1740)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
>"Why the fuck not, bro? Might as well at this point." She starts feeling your muscles you've maintained over time all because of her.
"I wanna work for it first."
>RD stares blankly at you in amazement.
"I mean, if you want. Or whatever."
>"No no, yes! Holy fuck, I can't believe how much I love you right now." She blurts. "Well uh... you know, as a bro. Like that."
>With benefits.
"You wanna go for a run?" You smile at her.
>She looks down at her chest with another giggle. "Heh, fuckin perv. Hang on, lemme change into running clothes first." She's pretty in favor of this.
>Here you are at the spring break vacation celebration location.
>Looking beside you at your tomboy not-girlfriend running next to you.
>In a pink tank top that's tied on the side so it doesn't cover her abdomen; no bra underneath so you can stay motivated to keep up with her and keep seeing the view of her breasts bouncing with each step she takes.
>Can't believe she actually did this for you, especially within the first hour of you being here.
>You two really missed eachother, didn't you?
>Somehow, you still get tired before she does (you didn't) and stay behind her as she runs in front of you in a pair of tight blue leggings with nothing underneath them.
>The two of you are partially out of breath when you return after several minutes of your quick little stunt you thought of, but RD liked it nevertheless.
>She turns to speak to you.
>"I don't think we're done yet." She takes one look at the bed but then changes her mind.
>RD takes you over to where she unpacked her luggage.
>You're not surprised she brought her own weights with her.
>"I say our rest day is tomorrow." RD tells you. "Right now, I wanna give you a little test. See if you've been slacking."
>You raise an eyebrow at her.
>"What? You're not chicken, are ya?"
"Of course not!"
>"C'mon, then. Let's go."
>If she wants you to impress her, fine, time to impress her. Spring Break Workout.
File: 14.png (2.21 MB, 2960x2300)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
>The whole jogging thing was just a little bit of non-serious foreplay.
>Now RD is getting into her proper workout attire; holy fuck, she's serious.
>She fiercely squeezes into her sports bra then slips on her spandex shorts.
>As she stands before you, you're too proud of everything about her you're seeing to tell yourself she's not your girlfriend.
>"Lemme know when you're done staring, 'kay?" She gives you a heavy slap on your back.
>Just like old times, she holds your ankles for you to do sit-ups, and then switches so you do the same for her.
>It's literally just a random workout session you two decided to do together, but it's something that's personal to both of you.
>There's something wholesome about working out with your tomboy girlfriend during spring break.
>You wouldn't have wanted things to play out any other way.
>RD is soon shouting at you to do 5 more pushups, pushing down on your back but telling you that you can take it.
>This is the very thing that bonded the two of you in the first place.
>Damn it, you don't want to release this glorious tension just yet, this is too exciting.
>Soon find yourself heaving on the floor after successfully impressing RD, who's now sitting next to you curling a dumbbell.
>"Nah but seriously, dude." RD huffs with each rep. "It's fuckin great to see you again." She strains again. "You did great by the way."
"Do you... still wanna officially have sex tomorrow?" You talk between labored breath.
>RD laughs warmly. "I was expecting you to change it to today."
"What, you think I can't wait longer?"
>"Please, you've been a thirsty perv since we first got here."
"Pfft, like you never were?"
>"Not as much as you, dude."
"Is that a challenge?"
>"I dunno. You see it as one?"
>The two of you stare at eachother for the longest time.
>RD is stretching her legs on the floor, letting you stare at the contours of her body the spandex material she's wearing snugly confines to.
>She's trying to make you cave in.
File: 15.jpg (1.75 MB, 2893x4013)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
>The banter goes back and forth until you and RD officially establish that you're going to try to see who gives in first.
>Which is stupid because you both need to rest tomorrow, so it's not like you're going to be working out again until like three days from now.
>But of course, you two are having too much fun playfully locking horns with one another and go through with the "challenge" because you have this whole place to yourselves for the rest of spring break anyway so why the hell not?
>By the time it's the end of day two, you already know you're gonna lose.
>It's just a matter of when, but you don't care anyway because you're just happy to be here with RD and having fun with her.
>Even if you lose this game, you win anyway. Who cares?
>Just look at her.
>Relaxing with you on your rest day together in her small white top and yoga pants. You just want to run your fingers along her abs again every time she walks towards you asking you if you want some cereal or anything since your body's too exhausted to get up.
>She plops down next to you on the couch. "Why are you watching these dumb talk shows? They's so girly."
"I'm too lazy to change the channel right now."
>"Wow, you probably already caved and you're too tired to do anything about it, aren't you?"
"What? No!" You give her a face as she give one back.
>"Yeah, okay dude." She chuckles.
"I didn't give in yet."
>This exchange may be stupid, but she's probably right, you're too weak to reach around and feel the way her top keeps her tits from bursting out.
>You're starting to think she's feeling more comfortable with her new chest now that she know how much you approve of it.
>RD sits next to you with one of those stress reliever balls in her fingers, keeping her grip strong as she takes a bite of a celery stick.
>"Dude, you're gonna crack. It's getting a bit late too. You sure you don't want to do it now?"
"Are you saying you want to do it now?"
>"Wha- no. That's not what I meant."
File: 16.jpg (1.12 MB, 2893x4092)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
"It sounded like a cave-in to me."
>The two of you engage in a back-and-forth over it, with her asserting that she did not in fact, cave in first.
>It's completely non-serious the way you're going about it, and you're both basically just joking around with eachother waiting for someone to make the first actual move towards the bed.
>But RD then stands up and leaves the room, promising she'll be back in in a minute or two.
>If she's not going to make you cave in today, she'll definitely do it tomorrow when you two have a sort of a yoga stretching session in the mid afternoon then.
>But you have a feeling you're not going to make it that far when you hear the sounds of scissors snipping in the bathroom.
>Eventually manage to stretch yourself out on the bed as you hear her start to say things to you from in there.
>Stretch a little more until you can go ahead and stand up.
>Now RD emerges from behind the door.
>Approaches you in the same heavenly outfit, but it's instantly apparent that she cut her hair short once again.
>You didn't even know that she was doing that herself.
>"Whaddaya think?"
"Okay, you win."
>And just like that, RD pounces on you with all sorts of intent.
>She climbs on top of you and pulls you into herself, letting your body push against hers.
>"C'mon dude. I don't want it to be like having sex with a pillow. At least squirm around or something."
>She starts saying these kinds of things to you in between kisses. God, that short hair with that body is doing things to you.
>Gets you riled up enough to try to position yourself on top of RD, and she accepts this as a challenge and wins easily.
>RD's strength has not changed since half a year ago; she can effortlessly wrestle you back onto the bed and pin you.
>Her skin smells like blueberries and athletic body spray. Your face gets smothered in her cleavage before you grab her top and yank it upwards.
>Now your face is smothered in her abs, her bodyweight pins you.
File: 17.png (1.8 MB, 1319x1712)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
>"You're cheating!" RD says with your hands pulling her top up past her shoulders. "I beat you fair and square and you're cheating."
>RD's letting you pull her clothes off on purpose, only making it a little challenging.
>You could die perfectly happy with RD's toned belly pressing against your face, with her freed tits brushing onto the top of your head and her crotch bucking down onto your upper chest.
>Nothing but a faceful of Rainbow Dash's fit body pinning you to the bed.
>Your now topless captor makes her next move and traps your hands inside of her leggings, prompting you to pull them down while groping her ass.
>She maneuvers you into a lying position with your head on the pillow and rests on top of you.
>Starts undressing herself on her own while undressing you too until your member is free to poke her in the stomach.
>"Looks like I win again, bro." RD says to you as she lies on top of you with her breasts mashing against you.
>RD slides herself up to meet you face-to-face and then begins planting more kisses onto your lips.
"We totally need to legit live together." You put your arms back around her.
>"Let's shut up and do sex already, holy shit." RD positions herself to trap you between her thighs. "Seriously, we'll plan that tomorrow or something."
>She insistently clamps her legs tighter and pushes you up against her nethers until it finds its way inside of her.
>"C'mon, man. I said move around or something." She demands.
>All you can think to do is ferociously hump her form underneath, but it'll do for her.
>She bites her lip ready to ride you like a bull like it's another form of exercise you're doing together.
>Wants you to keep moving as much as you can, like you're having a seizure before even climaxing.
>Staying still is some tame shit she doesn't care bout, she wants you to give her action and explode with life and movement.
>This girl's gonna tire you out for a long while, you can already tell.
>You actually feel like climaxing as soon as you can because this is already exhausting you way too much.
>Get past the point of no return as quickly as you can and promptly feel yourself cumming inside of your tomboy girlfriend Rainbow Dash.
>”Ha! Gotcha to bust early, huh?” She grunts in triumph.
>You go along with it, enjoying this no matter how long it lasts or lasted.
>Stay in the same coitus position like statues for several seconds, breathing heavily against eachother just like you would when working out.
>Collapse on your own while RD has the stamina to stay in the same position for minutes on end afterward.
>She gazes down at you for a moment, looking as the gasping mess she turned you into.
>But you’re healthier and more fit now. A fit gasping mess.
>You look back up at her, cup your hands onto the sides of her face that shines with sweat.
>”Ohh, man. I knew you wouldn’t last long. Don’t worry, it’s okay dude.” RD eventually falls over right beside you. “I’ll let you rest now.”
>You swear this girl is on some other shit.
>When the fuck are you two going to move in together?
>2 new dashie greens
This made my day better
I want to fuck the rainbow dash in this story more than Celestia would allow me to
I wonder much sex has occurred in that room
File: 2373169.png (383 KB, 808x1054)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
More Magicopia soon?!
Burstfire is pretty damn good
File: BmTeOQHCQAE04KH.png (1.78 MB, 848x1100)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
File: large.png (390 KB, 755x930)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
This should be good.
lots and lots of sex has happened in that room...between me and her.
Workout sex?
This pic should be in a green too
Don’t know why but (seemingly) drunk RD turns me the fuck on
File: 1574362849167-1.png (542 KB, 532x1000)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
Anyone have their beach bods ready for summer, yet?
Reading greens about tomboy dash was the perfect way to spend today.
You guys got pastes for these?
Kay. I'll do it tomorrow but post it in the next thread.
File: 2237108.png (262 KB, 980x960)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Most days yes. Other days she want's to be more intimate, though you'd never get her to admit it.

I wasn't planning on Pasting it but if there is a need.
>TaT is back
I’m interested
RD probably thinks wanting to be intimate is too girly
File: 1525101224201.gif (4 MB, 300x200)
4 MB
>you will never a cute tomboy gf to help you workout
lmao at the fishtail between the legs
The pain is real
File: 1522926.png (249 KB, 663x341)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
She also thinks intimacy is reading her Daring Do books in candlelight. It really gets her in the mood and it just weirds me out.
Aren't books hard to read in candlelight?
Imagine settling down with her with a book then having tame sex and she tells you to lie and say you two were going at it hardcore if you tell anyone how it went because gentle sex is embarrassing to her.
That’s a fuckin nice pic
Depends on the size of the print and the color of the paper. Sometimes one candle is fine, other times I need to light two or even three.
File: 1553984973278.png (364 KB, 1365x767)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Dash thiccer than a fuckin snicker
SO just out of curiosity. Who here has actually read my Cheating Elements green? I ask because it's filled with Anon/Dash lewd smut the catch being Anon is cheating on his gf SciTwi with Dash but so long as you read ending 2, it makes it all better?

Just something I'd throw out there.
>Even makes own short hair RD edits solely for the green
I like your dedication
I haven't read it but I'd like to.
Is that an anime blush or whip marks?
I hope her butt would be blushing, but it's likely an Anon as been smacking her into submission.
Back up.
Is have mine if I could go to the gym
Fuck, why do I keep pressing s instead of d then not notice till it’s too late to delete my post
The universe hates you and is trying to fuck with you I guess.
File: 1590345129980.gif (25 KB, 504x576)
25 KB

Also as a forewarning when you get to the end you may as well read ending 2.that was much more well received than ending 1
I might give it a bit of a read too.
Also, I didn't start doing what I said here >>35470775 yet because I got too busy irl. But if we can have an early image dump now to get this closer to 500, I could use a couple of those pictures as well to type it up because I know I'm going to type more posts in the next thread than intended.
File: 1544306418734.jpg (29 KB, 688x792)
29 KB
While the board is in another meltdown, may as well ask some questions to spark discussion til the end of the thread.

For fellow writefags: Any character you find hard to write? I haven't attempted to write her much, but I would say Fluttershy. But maybe it's because I've rarely given her attention in any story.

sizes of the various girls? More like height's and body types as well.

>Fucking SciTwi and she turns into Midnight Sparkle
I was going to say Fluttershy too.

We live with EWE Preshow right now, actual show in an hour.

Pinkie Pie vs Coco Pommel
Maud and Limestone Pie vs Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze
Minuette vs Fleur De Lis
Adagio Dazzle vs Fluttershy
Zecora vs Princess Luna
Autumn Blaze vs Rarity
Twilight vs Derpy
Best Ship Titles #1 Contendership: Lyra and Bon Bon vs Rainbow Dash and Gilda.
File: 1585927862049.png (180 KB, 528x409)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
File: image0-5.jpg (70 KB, 491x596)
70 KB
>board is in another meltdown
What is it this time?
Virgins are mad because pony life is better than FiM in every way.
So it must be dogshit as expected.
I am trying to get videos up, but here.

Pinkie Pie defeats Coco Pommel in 23:31 with Cross Rhodes.
Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze defeat Maud and Limestone Pie in 18:57. Aria pinned Maud after a powerbomb.
Fleur De Lis defeats Minuette in 15:55 with a Running Oklahoma Slam.
Adagio Dazzle defeat Fluttershy in 12:12 with a Piledriver.
Princess Luna defeats Zecora in 16:50 with a Chokeslam.
Rarity defeats Autumn Blaze in 11:09 with a Zig Zag.
Derpy defeats Twilight 8:22 with a Quick Pin.
Best Ship Titles #1 Contendership: Rainbow Dash and Gilda defeat Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon in 22:04, Dash pins Bon Bon.
File: 1592790511462.gif (1.16 MB, 190x200)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
>using virgin as an insult in 4chan

It's better to not even bother to respond to posts like this.
And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ1uqGtTj1U

Show is done.
RIP Autumn Blaze in that one match
I've got two possible story ideas that I've been playing with in my head.

First is set in a Medieval/fantasy setting. Anon being the peasant son of a blacksmith and swordsman prodigy has his village raided and burned down. He is taken in by none other than Celestia(who is the ruling Queen of Equestria) and flash forward he is a Knight and a captain in the Equestrian Army and a prince but has to deal with the politics of the other Nobles(Especially since some of them hate that he was able to become prince by sheer luck) as well as a possible war with the Crystal Empire.

Details are still in the planning stage but it's also going to deal with a great evil power and He and others must discover the Elements of Harmony to protect the Kingdom and what not with other plot points along the way.

the other story is Sunsrt Shimmer is a pop star idol with her fame now fading(At the ancient old age of 20, so this is mostly by Jpop idol standards) Not wanting to stop performing and most likely not being able to get a real job due to her grooming of being a pop star (and trying to avoid going down the porn path) her agent signs her up for pro wrestling training. which at first she denies as she finds it low brow but then also considers it since it's all "fake". so it's all about her struggles in training and gaining a respect for the biz'

there will be other characters as wrestlers but not all of the Mane 6 will be wrestlers, many of them are going to play as Sunset's former idol friends.

In the beginning Sunset tried to sign up for one of the bigger promotions but due to her former pop star status, the promoter tries to force her to sleep with him in order to be admitted and she's still too proud for that. Eventually her agent finds this tiny, run down promotion and gym run by a Billy Robinson/Verne Gagne type grizzled and bitter shooter type and she learns to shoot and the old school way of things. Hence the really harsh training and such.

Figured I'd put it out to vote
Sunset one seems more interesting to me. 51%

The anon is a Knight sounds alright, but feels like it’s been done too many times.

Thats just my opinion.

Whatever you decide, it’ll turn out well and I’ll be happy to read it.
The first one except it's set in Classical age/fantasy setting instead complete with many ship battles and also there are gods, goddesses, and other greek myth stuff.
I could go for either
Next OP pic?
Something with ass and titties.
How fast do boobs grow?
File: 1591679303411.png (986 KB, 1108x1478)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
File: large-72.jpg (476 KB, 635x1024)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
I see that and raise you this.
File: 1592879619801.jpg (363 KB, 735x713)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
bitch is glowing
Since when is Dash a fed?
File: 1499366940094.png (1.16 MB, 1280x960)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Ooh nice
It must suck, knowing your unfunny posting style will never impact anything.
This could work.
File: 111810.jpg (133 KB, 800x948)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
It’s already dead, leave it be
How long is your next update gonna be, approximately?
File: 1582856770010.png (287 KB, 800x953)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
~30000 words. And I'll go ahead and get started.
File: 1582859584084.png (1.27 MB, 848x1200)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
File: 1582859805731.png (150 KB, 1280x779)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
File: 1582883716105.png (143 KB, 475x450)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
File: 1582981222927.jpg (157 KB, 1200x900)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
File: 1582998831260.jpg (614 KB, 800x1042)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
File: sci kitty lingerie.jpg (351 KB, 555x870)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
For next OP
File: 1582944929723.jpg (154 KB, 1338x1601)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
File: fleur upper lingerie.jpg (852 KB, 1700x1400)
852 KB
852 KB JPG
File: 1583093255716.jpg (423 KB, 719x664)
423 KB
423 KB JPG

File: celestia gap.jpg (556 KB, 848x1200)
556 KB
556 KB JPG

Based terryposter

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