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Shaking their whorish bodies for you to ogle at.




Previous sluttery
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>44 posts then ded
File: 1551644266487.jpg (3.74 MB, 2894x4093)
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3.74 MB JPG
Sluttershy likes being forcibly stripped and left to be checked out with her clothes torn. It turns on her immensely to be used and abused.
File: 689241.jpg (64 KB, 400x600)
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Someone call a gentlemare to get this humare a jacket. I know of one BOI. Legends speak of him being the ultimate slut pleaser.
What a guy!
44 posts? Looks like you’ll be sharing the ATM thread with nay and nn soon,eh?
I love the dead, emotionless eyes.
Is there a nude edit of this?
you expect me to read this shit?
No Mr. Thruster, we expect you to cum inside
all dazzlings are for baby making.
i mean just look at them.
File: 1950828.jpg (937 KB, 3276x4096)
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937 KB JPG
They're just asking to be bred
File: 1541520.png (149 KB, 500x500)
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149 KB PNG
fuuuck I need source to that really bad
Aria is made for gushing creampies. Don’t get her preggers though
No worries. The slut magic makes everyone sterile while it’s active... You can fill her up and force her to put her panties on over her cum-leaking cunt without any unfun side effects.
Well there’s sanitation...
I’ll just have to fuck her in the shower later in the day to make sure I get the leftover cum out of every nook and cranny.
Lemon Slut is embarrassed and turned on at the same time while showing off her whorish body clad in a slutty little string bikini.
This face is repulsive.
File: 1977263.png (79 KB, 701x502)
79 KB
Shimslut likes to leave her cam on "accidentally" from time to time.
UGH! I don’t want Marvel lemon zest
well what fun is a slut you can't breed?
File: SunnysydeShimm.jpg (153 KB, 600x507)
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153 KB JPG
Infinite cream pies.
you can get those from making babies too.
File: 849716.jpg (905 KB, 1414x2121)
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905 KB JPG
I'm not sure why you'd want to ruin a perfectly good slut body with a baby, but whatever gets your dick hard...
I personally prefer creampies that don't result in the slut being useless for the gestation period.
he can really tuck his dick in
File: 833762.jpg (1.46 MB, 1414x2121)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
It's a female (female) slav slut. Slavs don't have curves.
>that pantyline
jesus fuck i’m hard now
File: Spoiler Image (1.43 MB, 2806x1547)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Sugarcoat sure looks happy after getting filled
She'll leave it open as long as one viewer is watching on the chance it could be A.T.
File: 847038.jpg (838 KB, 2074x1445)
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838 KB JPG
Looks like she had to pull them up high and tight so the waistband doesn't show. Probably has one of those pasties applied so her cameltoe doesn't show through too much when she's aroused strutting around in such a slutty getup.
File: 834674.jpg (722 KB, 1414x2121)
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722 KB JPG
i fucking need a lewd green of Turboslut going to a con in a slutty cosplay like this and getting hopelessly slick in the cunt for all to see.
pregnant sex is a thing and even if that's not an option there's always oral.

plus after all that you'll get a milfyer slut, bigger thighs, breasts and butt, all that is a plus in my book.
god i wish that were me
good luck finding a taxidermist to turn you into a rug
File: 183152.jpg (214 KB, 600x755)
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214 KB JPG
That's hot. Visible vulva through tight panties is so sexy.
or anyone at all. she just loves being checked out like a common whore putting on a strip show.
>man face
>no breasts
>shit stomach shape
>black eyes
>thick bushy eyebrows
>that patch of dark skin around her pussy
>puffy vagina
>sickly skin around thighs
>thighs have no shape
God gypsies really deserve to be gassed.
it’s just bad lighting.
lol calm down you dumb slut
looks like it could be an ugly dude crossdresser or something or just an ugly cosplayer
>god 3dpd fags should be gassed
>the weather's getting warmer
>girls at uni are starting to wear skirts
>today's a windy day
I hope the campus police doesn't notice my boner.
I hope the campus police arrest the girls for wearing too much clothing.
>Anon is new to Canterlot High, and is having a tough time on his first day.
>Seriously, where the hell is Mr. Angle's math class?
>He's racing against the clock, checking rooms and opening doors, until he ends up halting at one.
>Not the right one, mind you, since this is quite clearly a gymnasium, but it's still eye catching.
>Or, at least the streamers covering half the large room and balloons are.
>Those, and the girl currently on a ladder putting up decorations.
>That is a really short skirt, and very frilly panties.
>"Oh! Hiya!" the girl chirps looking over her shoulder. "What are you doing here? The party won't be until after class, silly!"
Anon shakes his head, blushing as he stutters out, "Um, sorry, I'm actually looking for Mr. Angle's class if you-?"
>"Hold on!" she interrupts, suddenly hopping off of the tall ladder and nearly giving the boy a heart attack.
>She lands, and for a moment, Anon thinks she crumples into the hard floor, but instead, she tucks into a roll and springs to her feet right in front of him, pink hair bouncing around her head as she grins at him, bright blue eyes shining with bubbly joy.
>"You're just in time!" she says, grabbing his hand and dragging him over to the bleachers. "I need to get everything set up before school's out, but this is the last period, and I'm only halfway finished!"
>Anon is trying to follow her words even as she shoves a handful of deflated balloons into his palm.
"What? But don't you have class?"
>"Study period!" she says. "Now start blowing those up and I'll finish hanging the streamers."
"But I still have class," he tries, but she's already skipping back towards the ladder.
>He could just leaver, but watching her climb back to the top, and incidentally giving him a peek of her underwear again, Anon finds himself sighing and sitting down just as the bell rings.
>He can't say no to this cutie, or his teen mind as he stares up at her and starts blowing up balloons.
>He'll make up for whatever he misses later
>Blowing up balloons turned into helping hang them up, and soon, Anon found himself on a ladder of his own, doing his best not to look down as he worked.
>At least, with the rafters full, he's done.
>"Woohoo! Almost finished with decorations!" Pinkie cheers. "Now we just have to hang the banner!"
"Banner?" Anon asks, but he's once again ignored as Pinkie Pie, which she eventually introduced herself as, ran into the storage room to come out with a big piece of folded fabric.
>"Yep! And with two of us, it'll be super-duper easy!" she explains as she starts to unfold it. "You can get one side while I do the other, so I won't have to crawl across the rafters to do it this time."
"That sounds dangerous."
>"It is!" she says with a smile betraying the subject matter. "Last time, I fell off and landed right on my head," she continues, rapping her knuckles off her temple and crossing her eyes. "If it wasn't for my poofy hair, I would have spilled my thinkin' jelly all over the floor."
"Right..." Anon says after a second, holding out a hand. "Let's not do that, then. Give me a corner."
>Working in tandem, the two take their ladders to opposite sides of the room and hang the banner, Anon concentrating hard to maintain his balance while tying his end securely.
>Once, he's done, he doesn't even glance at it before climbing down, wanting to plant his feet safely before he ends up falling.
>He doesn't have a natural, poofy helmet to save his grey matter, after all.
>Going over to the bleachers, he plops down with a sigh, only to startle as Pinkie bounces into the seat right next to him.
>"Phew, done," she says, leaning back on her palms to look over the room. "He'll love it!"
"Who?" Anon finds himself asking, getting a giggle from the girl as she points at the banner.
>Anon follows her fingers and reads.
>He blinks and her giggle gets louder.
"It's a party for me?" he finds himself asking unbelievably.
"Yeppers!" she confirms. "You're a new student, after all, so of course I had to throw you a welcome party."
"But we haven't even met before," Anon argues, only to get a confused look from the girl.
>"So? Why would that matter if it's a welcome party?" she questions. "That's one of the reasons you throw them to begin with. So that the new person can meet others and make friends...! Well, that, and eating baked goods and drinking punch and playing games. We'll have to bring all that stuff in still, by the way."
>As she ticks these things off with her fingers, Anon is still shocked.
"I can't believe this..." he says after a moment, chuckling. "First day in a new school, and I'm having a party thrown for me."
>He laughs a little more.
"And here I thought the only party I was going to have on my birthday was with my parents."
>While he laughs, he expects Pinkie to join in, but when he looks over, she's wide-eyed and serious.
>"Excuse me..." she says, voice flat. "Today is your birthday?"
"Ah, yeah," he answers, not sure what's wrong with that.
>Pinkie completely stills for a few seconds, then starts to vibrate.
>Before Anon can think to scooch away, she explodes to her feet.
>"What?!" she yells. "I didn't know that! I, the ultimate party planner of Canterlot High didn't know about a birthday!"
>She starts pacing wildly, pulling at her hair.
>"How did this happen?! I have systems in place! Failsafes!"
>She whirls, grabbing Anon by the cheeks and bringing her nose an inch from his.
>"How did you slip through the cracks?!"
"What's the big deal," he asks, trying to lean back. "Of course you didn't know! It's my first day!"
>"That's no excuse!" she yells before returning to her pacing. "The welcome party could be converted, make it a double whammy, but there's not enough time! I need birthday cake! Candles! Gifts! Gasp! You aren't going to get gifts on your birthday!"
"I'm sure my parents got me something nice..." he tries.
>"No, no, no, I need to get you something," she mumbles, poking her chin in thought before looking at him again. "What do you want?"
"From you? Nothing," he answers. "Seriously, you don't need to do that."
>"I definitely, positively do!" she argues. "Come on, tell me! What do you want?"
"I don't know," he says. "Really, this isn't necessary."
>"Playing hard ball, eh?" she asks with narrowed eyes. "Think Ol' Pinkie won't be able to pick out a good gift on short notice after having just met you? That it?"
>She points at his face.
>"Well you're wrong, mister! I just need to go through everything I know and deduce the right gift!"
>She starts pacing again, though more slowly with her arms crossed and a look of concentration on her face.
>"Let's see, you're a boy. Partially afraid of heights, but were still willing to help me with decorations, so you're nice. Pretty cute, too. Have strong arms. You're a bit pervy and couldn't take your eyes off my bum all this time."
"Wait... You noticed that?!" Anon yelps.
>"I sure did, mister," she says, then her eyes widen and she snaps her fingers. "That's it! The perfect gift!"
"What-?" he starts, then stares in disbelief as Pinkie lifts up her skirt and slips her thumbs into the waistband of her underwear. "What?!"
>He can't manage more as his jaw drops in response to the frilly, pink panties doing the same.
>He can only watch, gobsmacked as Pinkie lifts one leg from the underwear, than the other before standing up straight and holding out the bit of fabric.
>"Here!" she chirps. "You've been staring so much, you must really like them, so you can take them with you!"
>As if on autopilot, Anon reaches out and accepts the proffered panties, eyes transfixed on Pinkie's waist, where her skirt is still tucked up to reveal her lap to him.
>She looks down and giggles.
>"Whoops! Sorry about that!" she says, not sounding sorry at all as she fixes her clothes, covering her now bare crotch. "Guess that'll be part of your gift, too."
Holy unf. More please.
File: 1978542.png (388 KB, 1280x720)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
UNF. That shameless pink slut! Please write MORE
>Just then, the bell rings, and the sound of students eagerly shuffling out of their classes and into the halls begin to reach their ears.
>"Oh! Goody!" Pinkie says with a little hop that causes her skirt to flap up and flash Anon again. "The parties gonna be starting!"
>As if on cue, the doors open and some students step in.
>Without thinking, Anon shoves the panties in his hand into his pocket as Pinkie waves at the first guests.
>"Rarity! Applejack! Look who it is! Anon!" she says grabbing the boy's shoulders and giving him a little shake.
>"We can see that, darling," Rarity says with a smile as she approaches and holds out her hand. "And it's a pleasure to welcome him to our school. I'm Rarity."
"Uh, nice to meet you," Anon manages, forcing his brain to function.
>"Pinkie? What's he doin' here already?" AJ asks. "Ah thought Dash was supposed to be bringin' him here from Mr. Angle's class."
>"More to the point," a new voice adds as another girl enters. "I thought this was going to be a surprise party."
>"It was," Pinkie explains. "But then he got lost on the way to class and came in, and I was running behind because Fluttershy was out sick and couldn't help me decorate, so I asked him to help me set things up instead."
>The girl raises a brow.
>"You asked the new kid to help you set up his own welcome party?" she asks, shaking her head. "That's so Pinkie. Hi, by the way, I'm Sunset Shimmer."
"Anon," he returns, shaking her hand. "And if anything, I was definitely surprised by the party."
>"Yeah he was," Pinkie chimes in with a grin. "He didn't even find out until after we hung the banner up. You should have seen his face!"
>It's almost normal, how this whole conversation is going, and Anon is actually able to smirk.
"Okay, sure, I was thrown for a loop, but you should have seen your face when you found out it's my birthday today."
>He makes as if he's thinking over what he just said, then shakes his head.
>"Or maybe not. You were kind of scary."
>"It's your birthday?" Rarity asks with a frown. "Oh, now I feel just terrible for having not brought anything."
"It's fine," Anon tells her. "Like I told Pinkie, I don't need any gifts."
>"Still," Rarity continues. "I'll have to get you something. A late present is better than none at all."
>"Well, good luck getting him something that can beat my gift," Pinkie cuts in, wearing a proud smile as she puffs out her chest. "I got him a super present, and I did it in record time."
>"Oh? and what was that?" Sunset asks curiously.
>"It's a secret," Pinkie answers with a giggle. "But if he wants to tell you, it's up to him."
>As all eyes turn to him, Anon feels his face heat up and the soft lump in his pocket become very noticeable.
>He stutters and stammers, eyes flicking to the slyly grinning Pinkie before the doors to the gym swing open to reveal an agitated rainbow-haired girl along with a bunch of other teens.
>"There he is!" the girl growls, marching over to jab a finger into Anon's chest. "What kind of guy cuts class on his first day, huh? I've been trying to find you everywhere!"
"I was here," Anon tells her, glad for the distraction. "Helping set up the party."
>"Helping set up the-" she starts incredulously. "It's your party!"
>"Yep! And he was the bestest helper, too," Pinkie says. "But enough about that, because it's time. To. Party!"
>After the declaration, and the help of AJ to set up the snack table, the party quickly goes into full swing, and Anon finds himself being dragged around by Pinkie as she introduces him to the party goers in rapid succession.
>He has trouble focusing on any of them, though, eyes continuously flitting down to the bubbly girl's skirt, on the lookout for any glimpse of bare skin underneath.
>It's partially because he worries others will notice and he doesn't want her to get in trouble due to her gift to him, and mostly because he wants to see more of that perky, bare bottom.
>She has a phenomenal ass, after all.
>The party doesn't last all too long- roughly an hour and a half before vice principal Luna tells them that they'd have to clear out soon and for things to be cleaned up by then.
>For Anon, it seemed far quicker as he was so distracted, probably having come off as an introvert or air head to most of the students who attended.
>it was hard, though, with Pinkie there on top of trying to function at half-mast for the whole thing.
>He's pretty sure Pinkie had even purposefully teased him a few times, like when she had him play pin the tail on the donkey, spinning him around multiple times while he was blindfolded before stopping him.
>That wouldn't have been a big deal, except she then leaned against his back, her breasts pressing into him, and whispered, "Go get 'em, Nonny. Nail that ass."
>Yeah, walking blindly forward while fully erect and hunched over to hide it from the group of peers surrounding him was not fun.
>He did, however, end up perfectly nailing that ass to a round applause, so that was nice.
>After all of that, Anon finds himself finally leaving school to walk home, thoroughly exhausted after his first day and tense from the waist down.
>Seriously, his balls are sore and the front of his underwear is smeared with what feels like a gallon of pre.
>He at least counts himself lucky that his parents won't be home from work until eight, giving him some time alone to work out his frustrations.
>There's only one type of stress-relief to deal with this sort of thing, after all, and it's always awkward to do when there are others in the house.
>His pants are unzipped before his butt even touches the mattress, and his dick stands up straight, throbbing in anticipation of what's to come.
>It, specifically.
>Anon sighs and opens the drawer of his nightstand, grabbing a bottle of lotion and a couple tissues.
>He doesn't even bother to get his laptop out for porn, just wanting to rub one out as quickly as possible.
>And yet, he hesitates, his hand drifting down to his pocket instead.
>Pulling out Pinkie's birthday gift, Anon can hardly believe that it's real.
>That it all really happened.
>His memory flashes back to when she had so casually slid these very panties off, and he got an eyeful of her pussy with the little tuft of neatly trimmed, curly pink hair just above that perfect, tight looking slit.
>His cock is throbbing more intensely now, a fat bead of precum forming at the tip as he licks his dry lips.
>Is he really going to do this?
>It's so cartoonishly perverted.
>Even so, Anon finds himself bringing the panties under his nose, and taking a sniff.
>The scent fills his nostrils instantly, both sweet and musky, and before he knows it, he's huffing the underwear deeply.
>Lotion forgotten, Anon begins to jack off vigorously, using his own pre as lube as he quickly pushes himself towards release
>A bit too quickly, in fact, as, before he realizes it, he's beginning to cum, and he doesn't have his tissues in hand.
>Eye's darting around for the papers, he quickly has to give up and, on reflex, shoves the pink panties over the head of his dick just as the first of many thick ropes of seed erupt.
>His mind goes foggy in an instant, all the muscles in his body tensing as electricity shoots up his spine, then relax as a wave of euphoria washes over him.
>He collapses backwards then, panting heavily as he stares blankly at his ceiling.
"Holy shit..." he breathes stupidly, because really, what else can he say?
>That was easily the most intense orgasm of his short life, and he his brain is still rebooting in the aftermath.
>If it weren't for the warm goo slipping between his fingers and dripping down onto his thighs, he might have stayed there for an hour, but instead, he looks down at the mess in his hand and groans.
"Dammit," he grumbles, sitting up.
>Pinkie's panties are drenched, along with his hand and cock, and it's threatening to spill over onto his sheets.
File: 167144.gif (293 KB, 700x372)
293 KB
293 KB GIF
>"Go get 'em, Nonny. Nail that ass."
Oh god oh fuck unf
File: 1234457.jpg (200 KB, 1000x1442)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
>cumming on ponk's panties
jesus that's hot.
File: pinkie 1532140403661.png (390 KB, 672x758)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Great, now I have to go to work with a raging erection
I'm gonna be thinking about Ponk's donk all day
Yes. Moar
File: 1978514.png (2.02 MB, 2090x1600)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
>a pair of sluts violating the dress code and strutting around the hallway
>the same sluts after being reprimanded and forced to comply with the special "punitive" dress code
not pictured
>Slutlestia ordering the school's slut seamstress, Rariwhore, to cut and fix the confiscated garments to the dress code
File: 1883774.png (177 KB, 2100x1601)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
Pls link to the pastebin so we can parade your slutty green in front of all the horny anons
And now so am I.
File: Spoiler Image (324 KB, 591x900)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
File: aria 1532906336797.png (213 KB, 1299x2049)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>There's no meal more satisfying than the delicious derriere of a seasoned slut
>Looking around once more, he manages to find the lost tissues on the floor, and tries to clean what he can before getting up and awkwardly shuffling through his room.
>Dropping the panties into his laundry basket as he makes his way to the bathroom, he resolves to put them through the wash before his parents get home so that he can hide them.
>They may lose the scent he had become so frenzied over, but that doesn't mean he won't be keeping them for future stress-relief activities.
>In retrospect, Pinkie's gift might just be better than he expected.
>That's a thought for later, however, as, for right now, the boy needs to get into the shower before he dribbles cum on the carpet.
>With thoughts of a certain poofy haired girl invading his mind while the water runs over him, Anon ends up lowering the temperature to just above freezing.
>Hopefully this isn't going to be a regular occurrence, or else he'll have hypothermia by the end of the week.

>Meanwhile, across town at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie had been happily topping some tasty cupcakes with yummy cream cheese frosting when a shiver ran up her spine and the place between her thighs began to tingle.
>With a gasp, she leaned forward, bracing herself against the counter with one hand while the other squeezed the piping bag of frosting, squirting the thick, white cream all over the place.
>"You alright, dear?" Mrs. Cake asks, pausing with a trey of finished cupcakes in her hand to look at her employee.
>Pinkie manages a smile and says, "Yep! Don't worry, Mrs. Cake, it was nothing."
>"Well, if you're sure," the older woman answers with an uncertain expression. "If you end up feeling sick, don't be afraid to tell me and I'll let you go home early."
>Pinkie hums her acknowledgement and the woman leaves to put the cupcakes into the display case out front.
>Once she's out of sight, Pinkie heaves a little sigh, then giggles, thighs rubbing together as she thumbs some stray frosting from the tip of her nose.
>That's always been her favorite Pinkie Sense.
>"Mmm, you're so naughty, Nonny," she breathes, slipping her frosting-covered thumb between her lips and licking it clean. "Thinking of me while bopping the bologna."
>She giggles some more and returns to her work.
>She can think of the new boy at school after her shift while she takes her bath.
>Imagining new ways to tease the cutie while she puts the shower head to use sounds like a perfect way to unwind after a long day.
>"I wonder if I can get him to tickle my Pinkie Sense even more," she says out loud with a smirk. "That'd be super duper fun."
>Yes, she expects this week is going to be a especially fun one, and she's eager to go to school the next day.

>grabbing a bottle of lotion
immersion ruined.
It's called selfcare. Maybe you should look it up and start treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated.
You deserve the best wanks money can buy, Anon. You're worth it.
On a sidenote, he never ended up using it.

If I told you that you could have a fresh new ice-cold can of soda or one that's already open and also has had twelve penises inside it, which would you pick?
Unf. I can’t wait to see what sluttery pinkie gets up to
Honestly, I don't know either, and I'm the writer, so suggestions or inspiration might help
I do have a tentative idea for a sex scene, though. Do you think Pinkie ever does puppet shows for an audience? Either kids or old people? I wonder what she'd get up to behind that box and curtain if she dragged Anon back there and out of sight to help her put on a show?
I want pinkie to take anon into the janitor’s closet and rut like wild p0nies
That's too generically slutty, though. This is Pinkie we're talking about. Her sluttery needs that Pinkie flair.
Maybe they're in a party store, or a party warehouse becuase Pinkie needs to buy her supplies in bulk, and they do it there.
Maybe they get on the teacher’s desk and fuck in front of the class
File: 1921779.png (2.05 MB, 2200x1500)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
File: 1521911603590.png (416 KB, 770x882)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
Fuck off with this obnoxious OC autist. Unironically triggers me.
>When Anon arrives at school the next day, he doesn't know what to expect, but as it turns out, things are pretty normal.
>He gets some greetings and waves from kids he vaguely remembers meeting at the party, and goes through his classes just as he did the day before.
>He doesn't even end up seeing Pinkie Pie until lunch when, while trying to decide where to sit, he sees her waving wildly at him from a table.
>Now, normally he wouldn't want to eat while surrounded by a bunch of pretty girls, especially because it would make him self-conscious about his manners and unable to enjoy the meal, but, as he's starting to realize, he has trouble denying the pinkette what she wants.
>Hence how he ends up sandwiched between Pinkie Pie and another pink-haired girl he doesn't know.
>"This is Fluttershy," Pinkie quickly rectifies as soon as his he puts his tray down. "She was out sick yesterday so she missed the party, but she definitely would have loved to come and meet you, right Fluttershy?"
>Said girl blushes, twiddling her fingers as her eyes flit from her food to the new boy not two inches away from her.
"O-of course," she agrees. "It's great to meet you, um, Anon?"
"That's my name," he confirms, tilting his head. "Are you okay with me sitting here? I can move if you want."
>Her eyes widen and she quickly shakes her head.
>"No!" she blurts. "I mean you can sit where ever you want! I don't mind!"
>"She's just a little shy around new people, is all," Sunset offers on behalf of her friend. "Right, Fluttershy?"
>"Um, yeah," she says, looking away with a blush. "It really is nice to meet you, though. Pinkie told me that you were the one to help her decorate your party yesterday because I was out sick. That was very kind of you."
"It was no big deal," Anon says with a shrug, pushing around the mashed potatoes on his tray.
>"Yeah, try saying that after Mr. Angle tears into you," Rainbow cuts in, speaking around a mouthful of peas. "He hates when students play hookie."
>Rarity leans away from the athletic girl as she sprays half chewed greenery onto the table.
>"Rainbow Dash, would you please not speak with your mouth full?" she asks. "It's terribly unladylike."
>"That's right," Pinkie chimes in. "A proper lady always swallows what's in her mouth before speaking. Not spit it out all over the place like you're doing."
>While Anon chokes on is own food, Rainbow rolls her eyes and gulps.
>"Yeesh, sorry," she says. "I mean, I can get that from Rarity, but since when have you cared about that sort of thing, Pinkie?"
>Said girl smiles innocently and answers, "Don't know what you're talking about, Dash. I've always been an advocate for swallowing."
>Anon coughs and quickly takes a swig of milk to clear his airways.
>"You alright there, Anon?" Applejack asks with a raised brow. "Ya ain't chokin', are ya?"
>"N-no, I'm fine," he manages, with a strained smile. "Food just went down the wrong tube."
>Pinkie pats his shoulder and gives a serious look.
>"Well, don't you worry, Nonny, if you did start to choke for real, I know the hiney lick maneuver."
>While Anon sputters, the rest of the girls giggle.
>"I think you meant the Heimlich maneuver," Twilight says from behind her hand.
>Pinkie simply grins and answers, "I know what I said."
>She then proceeds to lean in close to Anon, pressing up against his side as she continues in a very conspicuous side whisper, "Lick a choking person's hiney, and they'll cough up whatever is stuck in their windpipe. Believe me, I know."
>"Well, anyway," Sunset interrupts. "Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself, Anon? Like where you're from."
>After that, the conversation returns to semi-normal topics as Anon tells them about his hometown and why his family moved.
>Pinkie, for the most part, is silent as he talks, shoveling food into her mouth like an animal.
>At one point, though, she cuts into the conversation, gesturing wildly with her hands, and dropping her fork in the process.
They all have glasses or dress like they came from icarly
I have no idea what's going on. Just that OC in particular, or any OC? Or is it the artist?
File: 1979013.jpg (44 KB, 885x937)
44 KB
Just an average day for Dashslut.
Like 99% of oc either have glasses, stupid hair or Nickelodeon tier clothes or all three combined
>"Whoops," she says, eyes falling to the fallen utensil that has skid a couple feet away, "Hold that thought."
>She twists in her seat and bends way over, an arm stretching far to try and reach the fork, her fingertips mere inches away.
>"Seriously, Pinkie, just stand up and grab it," Rainbow comments, but the other girl grunts.
>"No, I got it!" she assures, stretching a little further.
>While her friends are busy watching her inch forward, Anon's eyes are pulled to her waist where her shirt has pulled up to reveal the small of her back, and something else far more important.
>The thong she's wearing.
>Not surprisingly, it's a dark pink, and far skimpier than what she had given Anon the day before.
>His eyes follow the thin fabric down into the shadows of her skirt, lost in the crevice of her perfectly plump bottom.
>"And... Got it!" she whoops, springing back into her seat to hold her fork up triumphantly. "Told you I could."
>"You did," Rarity says with a frown. "Though, I hope you intend to go get a new one now. That's been on the floor."
>Pinkie meets the purple-haired girl's gaze, holds it, then stabs the fork into her food a takes a bite.
>While the rest of the table groans and Rarity goes green in the face, Rainbow laughs.
>"That's nasty, Pinkie, but good one!" she cheers. "I think Rarity's going to hurl!"
>The fashionista is indeed holding a hand over her mouth, but even through the queasiness, she sends a glare at her two stupidly grinning friends.
>"That was very unsanitary," she eventually manages, then points at the one boy at their table. "And look at what it did to poor Anon! He's so revolted by your behavior that he can't even look away from you!"
>Anon is indeed staring at Pinkie with a dumbstruck expression, jaw slightly hanging.
>"Ahh, I'm sorry, Nonny," Pinkie says with a pout. "I didn't mean to revolt you. Can you ever forgive me?"
>She leans into him, hugging his arm between her breasts as she looks up at him with puppy-dog eyes.
I aslo wonder about this picture. Who is the artist?
unf yes. of course she’s the one to be playfully flashing her whale tail. delicious party skank.
It took far too much effort to find, but here you go.


No nude, though, as far as I can tell.
Too bad it's just a trace of the Me Me Me dance animation, but it's still pretty well done.
It would have been cool if the artist would have either done some of the other girls, or more of the other dance animations with Pinkie.
I wonder how their first time will go down. Will Pinkie take charge, or will Anon snap and take what she's been teasing him mercilessly with.
Someone make a nude edit

Pinkie in her slutty fuck-me heels wants everyone to have a taste of her Pie:
Did Slutset anon vanish?

That greentext was getting good and then it stopped.
Pretty much all of them so far. At least they were started, though.
We still have three of the HuMane7 to sluttify. Fluttershy will be hard though. I'm thinking either she's an anonymous slut who does sex role play online and maybe visits a glory hole on occasion, or she's into bestiality.
File: sunset_beach1.png (663 KB, 688x1024)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
Shimmerslut on the beach:

Lift her skirt, pull her bikini bottom down, give her a good dicking & make her scream with the orgasm you filling her womb with your boiling load gives her
File: 999 (8).jpg (168 KB, 800x1047)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Whore of CHS? I didn't vanish, but my work schedule picked up, and I started reading a new fimfiction story, and haven't really had the time to write more than a few more paragraphs. I'm working on it, it's just going slow.
File: IMG_5890.jpg (107 KB, 383x297)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Good, just wanted to make sure you didn't suddenly get vanned by the Chastity Police. Be well <3
>"Ace! We're in public"
Ace Thruster then proceeds to thrust himself into a furnace
That's what Sunset calls her vagoo.
>Sunsets body temp is actually higher than the normal human because she's a Horseperson
>When you pull out, steam literally wafts from your dick

I think I've thought of the perfect ending to this story way before I've even gotten that far, but it's a bit of a subversion of the "genre".
Should I run it by ya'll to see if I should head in that direction?
File: daybreaker_by_racoonkun.jpg (149 KB, 755x1057)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>Ace Thruster then proceeds to thrust himself into a furnace

...and then Arse Thruster was snu-snu'd by Daybreaker.
Ace's unstoppable thrust verses Daybreaker's immovable hips.
See the lighting.
Hear the thunder.
>Daybreaker is more canon than a meme

If you commission John Joseco to visualize such, then I'll consider what you aspie tards say to have a spark of credibility. JJ has done Derpibooru-exclusive stuff: and a post-Ask Princess Molestia strip for someone who paid him to do such. Your move.
wew you sound like a salty sally.
>pay money for scribbles
Even I'm not that autistic. Reevaluate your life choices.
File: 1550629257597 (1).png (66 KB, 1411x437)
66 KB
who is the artist i dont read moon
Here: https://derpibooru.org/search?q=artist%3Auotapo
Thanks, Anon. You too.
File: 1980919.jpg (546 KB, 1000x1000)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
The sluts-in-training are very thirsty.
File: 1514434093492.png (130 KB, 500x500)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
>damage control
Rarity is a hot whore
File: 1428544987913.png (244 KB, 552x625)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
Does anybody happen to have the link to that gif or webm that I swear was on Derpibooru of Sunset Shimmer sitting across from the viewer and stealthily flashing her vagina while people are walking passed in the background? Either it's been deleted or it's tagged so badly that none of the obvious searches are finding it.
Check the Sunset general I remember seeing it in there.
Will do, thanks.
Yup, I found it.

She's a secret racist that gets off on doing CBT on the zegroes
Fluttershy is a passive slut. She's too shy to seek it out for herself but everyone in Canterlot High knows she'll never say no.
She gives hints though. Like wearing virtually nothing
File: rarity_you_mad.jpg (80 KB, 853x480)
80 KB
File: 1880545.png (469 KB, 884x750)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
To the top
How I was thinking the end of the story goes.
After the rest of the school week, Anon starts to develop more than just lustful feelings for Pinkie, even though she keeps teasing him constantly with flashes of skin, sexual innuendoes, and rubbing up on him.
Wanting to try and pursue these feelings, Anon asks Pinkie on a date to the mall in the hopes of connecting with her as more than just someone she flirts with.
While there, though, Pinkie ends up disrupting the bulk of their conversations with sluttery, derailing his attempts at forming a deeper bond between them, until finally, Anon snaps.
Probably at some point where they're eating donuts, and he has a cream-filled one, she'll do something to get him to tense, squirting custard on his face.
When she goes to lick it off, he stops her, and asks why she's doing this. Why she isn't taking the date seriously.
She'll be confused, and he'll sigh, saying this was a mistake.
He wants them to be be something special, but all she seems to see him as is a boy to tease and mess with. He begins to doubt she even likes him, and is just leading him on for fun.
The date over, Anon leaves a wide-eyed Pinkie as he goes home to sulk.
The next day, Anon intends to spend it alone with his parents out, but there's a knock at the door, and it's a sullen Pinkie Pie asking if she can come in to talk.
He lets her, and the two sit down on the couch. She starts with an apology, explaining that, while she was having fun teasing him, it was only because she thought it was cute when he was flustered, and in fact, she really does think of him as a friend.
Anon at first thinks this is it, and is ready to accepts her apology and continue to be friends, but she continues to explain that she also wants to be more than friends, because she really likes him.
He's weary at first, but she wants to prove it by giving him what she teased all week.
What follows is a very not-slutty sex scene as the two have slow, loving, vanilla sex.
>not slutty
>slut thread
Your story bro finish it any way you want
File: 1981553.jpg (1.34 MB, 3507x4960)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Slutlestia just dyed her hair like she used to back in her college slut days. And her favorite spring break bikini just barely fits.
File: celestia 1539544919625.jpg (133 KB, 800x948)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>She started dyeing it during her sophomore year in high school, after she was named captain of the slutleader squad for the first time
>panties off in her cheerleader outfit
>twirling it in her finger so everyone knows
such slutitude
>short pleated skirt
>Celestia used to be quite the slut back in her day.
>She had men lining up to have a piece of her, and she loved nothing more than to make them drool and beg before rocking their world.
>Then she graduated college, became a teacher, and had responsibilities.
>She couldn't be that woman anymore, and over time, she became principal of a school.
>Life was boring, but she was content.
>At least, until she caught her sister flirting with a senior, one Big Macintosh.
>To say she was mad would be an understatement, and she chewed her younger sister out.
>"So what if I was having a little fun with the boy! You didn't see him complaining!
>"That's not the point, Luna, and you know it. You can't be doing things like that."
>Luna rolls her eyes.
>"That's rich coming from you. Especially when I remember you seducing both the vice principal and principal back when we were in high school. You had a threeway over the intercoms!"
>"And they were nearly fired!" Celestia shouts, blushing, "And that was then, when things were far different."
>"Yeah, like you being fun," Luna snaps. "Now you're just an old fuddy duddy!"
>"Am not!"
>"Are too, and if you want to live life boring and safe, than fine by me, but don't try and stop me from having some fun."
>Luna storms out of the room, leaving a stunned Celestia.
>She was not old and boring,
>She was just looking out for her sister and the school.
>... When was the last time she'd actually let loose and enjoyed herself?
>Hell, when was the last time she got laid?
>"Nearly a decade," she realizes with awe.
>She really was becoming an old fuddy duddy.
>Narrowing her eyes, she stood.
>"No! I am Slutlestia! Hottest piece of ass in the state of Equestria! And I still am! I'll show Luna! I'll find a boy half my age, and blow his mind!"
>Implying the best part isn’t taming a slut and turning them into a happy, faithful cocksleeve who bottles up her sluttiness to unleash upon you in concentrated bursts, her needy pussy cumming just from putting it in and continuing to orgasm with every other thrust
Your cock is too weak to make claim to her, and keep her
Sluts are like roads. You can claim ownership to a stretch, but at the end of the day, you're gonna have strangers driving up and down all over it.
File: Spoiler Image (200 KB, 1653x1125)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
This guy is fuckin right.
I think in the case of the Pinkie green, if she's made a virgin who's only ever teased people, it could work.
She's a slut, but she's still pure.
Ah. The virgin slut who is still loyal. The ideal girl
She was raised in a very conservative househould with very strong inclinations of what is and isn't acceptable. Sexual promiscuity=Bad being one of them, of course.
Pinkie, breaking free from this to discover herself, probably had a period where she did a whole bunch of things that would make her parents furious, like trying cigarettes and beer, and of course, exploring her sexuality.
Still, she never strays that far, unable to shake her upbringing completely, so she has only ever flirted, maybe kissed a few guys (and a gal or two) but she's never had sex, saving herself for the right boy.
She’s a thirsty slut through and through. It’s very likely that she got carried away by her own lust while teasing boys when the mood was just right. Not only did she lose her virginity, she lost it during a triple penetration whoring session.
But what if Pinkie/Pinkamena split personality trope, but Pinkie's the innocent pure cinnamon roll and Pinkamena's the cockhungry slut.
For a sec I thought Dash was wearing one of the Jewish hats
File: 1541965796350.png (391 KB, 1224x768)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Is Nyx a slut?
If you count scatwhores as sluts then yes
File: Spoiler Image (161 KB, 699x1121)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (1.37 MB, 2690x2916)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
I'm quite surprised that the last thread didn't even reach fifty posts, while this one's already beyond 150.
Sometimes you need a break to recharge the cum batteries
File: test.jpg (4 KB, 200x100)
4 KB
Don't really frequent these threads or what you guys are talking about but judging by impact-font madposting, you're either a based oldfag or mega new
File: twilight 1531313984701.png (822 KB, 869x1130)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
>A newly reinvigorated Principal Slutlestia takes on an unlikely apprentice
>She wants to take a quiet little bookworm and turn her into the town's most ravenous semen demon
How about a based newfag?

In her whorish cleavage-revealing top, scandalously short skirt & fuck-me heels, Celestia was CHS's first slut:
>Don't really frequent these threads or what you guys are talking about
>mega new
You are either a newfag or autistic to not know that "new" on 4chan is a term used to describe someone's time lurking on a board rather than how much time is spent visiting a shitty general that hit apparently only 40 replies. Not lurking an EQG general and stopping by to see what it's like is not the equivalent of being "new"
File: you're pathetic.jpg (93 KB, 590x598)
93 KB
>lurking on a board
>Don't really frequent these threads or what you guys are talking about
I fail to see what point at all you're trying to make, so I'm just going to assume you're repeating yourself in a form of autistic damage control. I was told to stay away from this thread, guess this is one reason why
>you're repeating yourself in a form of autistic damage control
>damage control
Based and redpilled
Makes me think of a bit of a story for Wallflower, even if it's been done in a way before.
>Wallflower is the biggest slut in Canterlot High.
>She's tempted teachers into bending her over their desk right in the middle of class.
>She's gotten a line formed from the cafeteria to the supply closet of boys waiting their turn to fuck her.
>She's blown so many guys in the hallways that the dribbles would make the place look like a night sky under black lights.
>And no one remembers a thing.
>She gets all to satisfy all of her exhibitionism fantasies, while simultaneously not getting anyone in trouble and herself placed in juvie.
>She loves this little memory erasing rock.
Imagine how pent up she’d be after the mane cast destroys that rock of hers and she can’t have incognito sex anymore. She’ll have to bite the bullet and become a fully recognized slut or remain chaste. How thatneould drive her wild with uncontrollable lust and thirst for cock.
Nothing of value was lost. Get out NPC
File: raridab.jpg (403 KB, 1920x1080)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Ooops! Looks like that whore "forgot" to put her panties on again...

>my old uniform still fits!
Hnnnngh.... m-muh
File: 1984514.png (838 KB, 848x1200)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
Fish Sluts modifying their already-slutty outfits for that extra kick of sexual adoration from their peers.
File: download (15).jpg (6 KB, 201x251)
6 KB
>Things are rough for Ms. Harshwhinny
>She's pushing forty, unmarried, and she's too busy to even consider dating anyone, let alone find someone willing to settle down with an older woman
>Each evening she rushes through grading papers, then collapses into bed, panting and beginning to sweat as she strips off her clothes and plunges one of her many "toys" into her desperate, soaking pussy
>For a while, it was enough to satisfy her
>But now, even after a thigh-quivering orgasm, she finds she still isn't satisfied
>She wants something real and warm, twitching and squirting inside her, filling her body with the love she craves
>But how can she get it?
>She'd be humiliated if she ever paid for an escort
>And besides, that would pretty much just be like using a toy
>She wants to be wanted
>She wants someone to desperately crave her body, to rut her and use her body with no regard for her status as an upstanding professional
>She wants to be degraded, to be a fucktoy for a desperate young man
>There has to be a way to get it...

>In class, though, her students are all completely terrified of her
>Harshwhinny stands before them dressed in her signature tight-fitting purple suit
>Her breasts strain against the buttons and her thighs threaten to tear her charcoal pantyhose
>With each step she takes, her four-inch heels clack against the tile floor
>But when she talks to one of her students, they keep their eyes fixed firmly on her feet, shaking in fear
>This isn't how she wants it at all
>She needs to awaken some of their *interest* in her...
File: full (9).png (38 KB, 470x389)
38 KB

>Today, she decides to change her outfit, just a little
>Instead of the usual pantyhose, she covers her legs-- still quite shapely for a lady her age, thanks to her rigorous exercise regime --in lacy, black thigh-high stockings
>The garter ends just below her skirt, leaving a tantalizing strip of her tanned skin peaking out
>That day, she finally notices one of her students daring a peak
>Anonymous, a normally unexceptional student in her pre-calculus class, takes a not-so-subtle visual stroll from her feet up to her thighs
>Then he chances a quick glance at her face
>Harshwhinny catches him looking, but doesn't smile
>She never smiles in class
>But she gives him a small, coy nod
>Anonymous drops his eyes back to his test, blushing furiously
>And now Ms. Harshwhinny has found her prey

>The next day, she picks the same set of stockings
>But her top needs to change, she realizes
>So she picks out something she hasn't worn since she was in college: a white button-down
>It's barely big enough to cover her chest, but that's exactly how she wants it
>She keeps the top two buttons unbuttoned, leaving her toffee-brown cleavage visible for anyone to admire
>In class, she can feel Anonymous taking peeks at her
>The boy is totally infatuated, and she wants to encourage him
>While she's facing the board, she undoes the third button of her shirt, letting her breasts strain against the fabric
>They're almost ready to pop out now
>She turns and heads towards his desk, putting just a tiny bit of sway into her hips
File: download (16).jpg (8 KB, 185x273)
8 KB
>He glances up and notices her coming, and his face goes red
>It's adorable
>Harshwhinny bends over
"Mr. Anonymous? You had a question?"
>"No, I..."
>He looks up to meet her eyes, but his gaze gets caught on her chest
>Harshwhinny leans in further, until her breasts are practically resting on the desk
>A few other students are looking up now too
>She's sure a few of the boys can see up her skirt
>She pops out her hips just a little, letting her skirt ride up, revealing more of the bare thigh above her stockings
>Just a little of her butt becomes visible
>"I didn't, ma'am," Anonymous manages to choke out
"I see," Harshwhinny says, as serious as ever. "I was afraid you're struggling. If you need assistance with anything..."
>She squishes her breasts together with her upper arms
"Please, don't hesitate to let me know."
>"I-I won't."
>With that, she struts back to the board

>That night, she masturbates like a fiend
>All that male gaze filled her with a warmth she'd never felt before
>She felt so wrong, so raunchy, so... wanted
>Harshwhinny doesn't even need her toys tonight, her fingers and the thought of today's class are enough
keep going
don't stop
File: full (4).jpg (32 KB, 592x421)
32 KB
>Showing off her downstairs makes her want to invest in some new panties
>She loves the black lace of her stockings, it's seems to catch the perfect amount of attention
>So she heads into town, to one of the seedier shops in Canterlot
>They know her by name there, as much as she tries to prevent that, from all her previous shopping experiences
>This time, though she's not buying toes
>She selects a pair of risque panties, black lace with large see-through patches, barely enough to maintain her modesty
>And she purchases a bra to match, completing a set of racy black lingerie she can't wear to strut around the classroom
>Even though she's only purchasing them, she's already growing wet, and has to rush home to relieve herself

>Now, she has plenty to show off for her class
>She loves finding reasons to bend over, or to strut across the room
>The boys take nervous glances at her, and even one or two of the girls sometimes can't resist the temptation to look
>Harshwhinny loves it
>But more than anything, she loves how infatuated her favorite student is with her
>Anonymous has started sitting conspicuously close to the front row, and he stares at her for longer and longer
>She loves it
>She puts a little wiggle in her hips when she feels his eyes on her
>And every time she goes to "help" him, she undoes a shirt-button, making sure he can see as much of her chest as she can get away with
>Sometimes she forgets to re-button, and the whole class gets to ogle her tits nestled in her favorite bra
>She absolutely adores how they jiggle and sway as she moves
>She wishes she could free them even more...
>>She's sure a few of the boys can see up her skirt
>>She pops out her hips just a little, letting her skirt ride up, revealing more of the bare thigh above her stockings
>>Just a little of her butt becomes visible
u-unbelievable... what a desperate whore and a slut

>Of course, she feels guilty
>Every night, after bringing herself to a wet, white-hot orgasm at the thought of her class drinking in her teasing body, she falls back into the sheets ashamed
>She's supposed to be a professional!
>A teacher like her shouldn't be parading around for her students like some kind of whore
>It's disgusting, and she hates herself for it
>But she's so desperate
>It's awful, but she'd do anything to finally have someone fuck her like the filthy slut she shows she is

>The next day, she tries to resist the temptation
>She dresses in her normal work clothes, shirt fully buttoned
>But the moment Anonymous's eyes fall on her, her mouth feels dry and she starts to sweat
>She *needs* this
"Excuse me for a moment, class. Work on tonight's assignment until I return."
>She heads to the bathroom and splashes some cold water on her face
>Her filthy desires coil in her chest, feeling stronger than they ever did before
>She doesn't care how awful a person she is, she needs this so bad!
>Harshwhinny gives into temptation and pulls her shirt open
>One of the buttons pops off, but she doesn't care
>She doesn't need it
>Her head is spinning with lust, and so Harshwhinny reaches under her skirt and slides her panties down
>This is crazy, she knows it is
>But she doesn't care...
File: large (3).png (123 KB, 669x1024)
123 KB
123 KB PNG

>She returns to class shaking
>There's sweat dripping down the back of her neck
>Her students are watching her closely now
>They can't help but notice her shirt is open again
>Harshwhinny stands before the class, her face impassive and stony as ever, but inside she's roiling with nervous energy
>She wonders if they know
>All they need is a quick glance at the right time and they'd see *everything*
>She struts about the room, hardly even paying attention to the lesson she's giving
>Her students aren't either
>Anonymous is watching her, wide-eyed
>She catches his eye and winks

>At the end of class, she calls out to him
"Mr. Anonymous?"
>"Y-yes ma'am?"
"Please, come here a minute. I forgot to return your last quiz."
>"No, I think I have--"
"I insist."
>He doesn't argue, and waits as the rest of the students file out
>Harshwhinny sits on the edge of her desk
>Her skirt rides up so far that her pussy is just centimeters away from being visible
>She's so wet she's sure she's staining the wood beneath her bottom...
File: large (4).png (154 KB, 959x1024)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>As she reaches to grab the graded paper, she crosses her legs
>It's a quick moment, only enough to give him the quickest glimpse of what's under her skirt
>He's barely able to register the glimpse before she's passing something into his hands
"Excellent work. I look forward to working closely with you in the future."
>He can't tear his eyes away from her crotch
>Such a horny little teen boy, it's adorable
>Harshwhinny wishes she could just show him everything right now, but the tease is infinitely more fun
>Oh, the desk is growing slippery beneath her...
>When he finally gets the nerve to look at what he's holding, Anonymous realizes he has his teacher's panties in his hands
"My my," Harshwhinny says. "It seems you're doing *very* well. I'll see you in class tomorrow. And perhaps I'll have further *quizzes* to hand back."
>"Y-yes, ma'am!"
>He isn't going to question the gift and sprints out, a nervous mess
>Harshwhinny reclines on her desk once the room is empty, basking in the lust that envelops her like a blanket

Should I continue? This is so wrong, she's acting like such a whore in front of her own students... how can a professional lady act so filthy?
Keep going. Tell us all about how that closeted slut keeps showing up to lectures in slutty clothes. Would she strut around the hallway with her right skirt riding up with each step, with scant excuse for panties covering her butt? I want to KNOW.
Whoreshwhinny! What kind of panties did she hand to Anon? A skimpy thong? A slutty lacy thing with transparent everything? How soaked was it?
She needs to show up to class in slutty panties and teasingly flash them all period, and then hand it to Anon at the end as a sort of “this is what I was wearing and how wet I was” thing.
I need to know how this "professional" intends to keep teaching. She literally begs to be fucked - let the class have her, I say!

>She's making more and more trips to her favorite shop now
>They have a whole wall of different panties; some of them are pink and frilly, others delicate and covered with lace and little bows
>Some are plain and striped, and some are complicated, with multiple straps, see-through segments, or even metal rings
>Harshwhinny splurges, buying every pair that catches her fancy
>She loves how each pair feels a little different on her pussy and between her buttocks
>Shimapan are simple and cute, but a thong is risque and makes every step she takes feel wonderfully exposed and dirty
>She buys a new skirt for work, this one a deep red and so short it barely makes it to her upper thigh
>In class, it can hardly stay covering her
>Every time she extends herself to write on the top of the blackboard or turn on the projector, or when she's bending over nice and low to help her favorite student, the skirt slips high up over her ass, revealing her panties stretched taught over her booty
>She finds she loves the complicated pairs the most, the ones with extra straps and metal rings to decorate her, but leave her dirty bits nearly uncovered
>When she passes Anonymous in the hallways now, she always adds a little swagger in her step, letting the sway of her hips pull her skirt up just enough to tease the edge of today's pair at him, and to offer a free glimpse to any other lucky students watching her

>Each pair ends up soaked in her arousal at the end of the day
>And when Anonymous does well in her class, she rewards him with more of her panties, each pair soaked and freshly peeled from her body
>At night, she loves imagining what he must be doing with those
>Sniffing them, tasting them, jerking off while huffing the scent of her body...
>It's enough to make her cum while barely even touching herself

>Her bras get more and more fancy to match, and soon she's wearing only pasties beneath her skirt, letting her tits jiggle as she struts herself before the class
>None of the boys even pay attention to her lessons now, they can only watch her
>Even the girls are sometimes hypnotized by her body
>Harshwhinny loves it
>But soon, her students' grades start falling
>Even Anonymous turns in quizzes that fail to even reach a C
>She calls out to him one day as he's leaving
>He runs up to her, eager to receive a new pair of her panties
>But she only frowns at him
"Your recent performance has been... disappointing. It seems my presents aren't motivating you anymore."
>"I'm sorry ma'am," he says, and gulps. "I'm just very... distracted, during class."
>Internally, she's grinning, though her face is as hard as ever
"By what, exactly?"
>"By, um, n-nothing. Ma'am."
"Of course."
>Never breaking eye contact, she fiddles with her shirt, undoing the fourth button, then the fifth...
"I can't imagine what would be so distracting to you that you'd turn in such terrible work."
>Harshwhinny's breasts were fully visible now
>Only pink pasties hid her nipples, and she gave her chest a small shake for Anonymous's benefit
"I think I need to find a new way to keep you engaged, don't I?"
Make Anon enraged! He needs to show her how a whore like her will be punished!
File: full (10).png (43 KB, 2400x1800)
43 KB
>"I can do better, I promise."
"Can you? Hmm. I know you can. And I want to see good work from you again. So I suppose I must offer something better, now."
>Harshwhinny uncrosses her legs, slowly, teasing Anonymous with the panties he won't get
>She wore a thong today and everything, a hot-pink one so thin it hardly even covers her pussy
>Plus it's practically transparent from how wet her cunt currently is
>Anonymous stares, his eyes glazed over with longing
"So, I'll make a deal. If you earn an A on your next exam, I'll let you trade it in."
>"F-for what?"
"For anything you like. Simply present me any paper that I've given an A, anytime and anywhere, and I'll let you use me. However you see fit."
>Anonymous's jaw falls
>Internally, Harshwhinny is already creeping towards the edge of orgasm
>She wasn't even touching herself
>Just watching the lustful fantasy build on Anonymous's face is almost enough to get her off
"Come to think of it, present me an A+ and I'll allow you to tell all your friends."
"Do I look like the kind of woman who makes jokes?"
>"O-okay. I'll ace the next exam, I promise."
>Harshwhinny allows herself the tiniest hint of a smile
"Oh, I'm sure you will..."

Harshwhinny's a professional, she'll do anything for her students, even fulfill whatever sick, filthy desires they want to use her for. And she'll be so happy to satisfy them...
I think she needs to be groped in the hallway by Anon. She needs to have her scantily covered butt squeezed and her skirt tugged up by the horny teen so he can get a better view of the panties underneath.
And she needs to be more “engaged” in the classroom. Maybe sitting in front of the entire class straddling a chair with her legs spread. Let everyone take a good look at the soaked panties and the quivering pussy underneath.
Even shorter skirts! Dresses with dangerously high slits on the sides that expose all of those complicated straps and metal bits! Slutty dresses with plunging back line going low enough to show off the whale tail of whatever panties she’s wearing that day!
Ditch the pasties!
I ducked out of work to fap to this green. You’re a godsend.
Surely the principal Slutlestia would take notice and move in to “punish” Whoreshwhinny somehow... Make her do lectures in her lingerie only or being forced to become a pool supervisor with ill-fitting one piece swimsuit barely containing her tits.
Oh hell yes. More!
File: 1539812440722.jpg (440 KB, 2625x3500)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
O great one, tell us your pastebin so we may continue to fap to this wonderful Slutwhinny fic in the future threads.
>slutty teacher wearing that pic and bending over
I really can't get any harder than this. what does the backside look like?
File: Spoiler Image (1.6 MB, 3507x3192)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
Appleslut's master knows how to pick out the right undies for his freckled cocksleeve.
Uh. Sauce
gagged with her own panties
That is hot
File: 1963759.png (215 KB, 429x900)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Eagerly awaiting for update on that teacher-turned-slut
File: eqg_cadence.jpg (477 KB, 2000x3000)
477 KB
477 KB JPG

The best sluts have the most fuckable tits. Your argument is valid.
The best sluts have a nice fuckable asshole and tight pussy with excellent cum storage facilities
>that tiny bikini
UNF. I bet that slut teased boys all day with her asscheeks half-covered in that tiny slutty thing.
She’s not wearing a bikini
She's holding it up and I was referring to it
hump and bump the sluts
File: beach_sluts.jpg (493 KB, 2201x1475)
493 KB
493 KB JPG

So much sluttery to choose from:

Having your face in Dagi's poof while you have her from behind, being between Aria's tsundere thighs, your dick between Trixslut's Great and Powerful tits, Slutty Sonata Swallowing Semen, Gag Reflexless Glimmer draining you drier than a martini, or pumping your boiling load into the Whore of CHS's womb...?!

The amount of blush displayed by this Aria is very acceptable
File: Spoiler Image (1.29 MB, 3493x3439)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
that’s a very slutty and tiny bikini
File: 1468691598315.jpg (1.92 MB, 1600x1200)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
This is why sluts need to slut. The sluts work a little sluttery, you cum, and you're done, but they're just getting started. Poor sluts need more than any 1 guy can provide, so an innocent beach trip turns into an orgy. A pile of lithe, adolescent bodies, gaping orifices, and needy flesh heaving in time to desperate gasps and cries of wanton lust.

Passerby stop to watch, and take pictures and videos. Some of them start to masturbate. The sluts don't mind; sluts like to be watched. someone sees a towel, or gym bag and recognizes it as being from CHS. Suddenly the school website is inundated with footage of the whores being themselves. It isn't long before other students, and parents see it and head to the beach.

Bu the time they arrive, the girls are having trains run on them by beach randos. The whole area smells of surf, suntan lotion, and sex. Nobody knows where the slut's clothes are. Nobody cares, least of all the sluts; sluts like to be seen. Not all of the new arrivals went there to partake in the feast of ripe flesh laid across the beach, but the sluts are just too much, and nobody resists for long.

Raunchy hours pass. The fucking continues into the night. A huge bonfire illuminates the scene, its orange light casting wild shadows over the shuddering, slutty high schoolers. If anybody ever was trying to keep track of how many dicks they sucked, pussies they ate, or loads blown in, and on them, the number has long since vanished in a haze of whore-induced ecstasy. The Equestrian estrus magic leaking in from the portal has done its work well, and the CHS Sluts have secured their title and infamy for another day.
I'd watch and fuck those sluts. Maybe even ask them if I can take their slutty, arousal-soaked undies or bikini with me as souvenir to fap to later.
Turboslut is not the only one with a demon inside her driving her to sluttery. Rarity's own demon strips her host's body naked at the most inappropriate times for impromptu dickings.
File: legs.png (332 KB, 333x599)
332 KB
332 KB PNG

Yes, Turboslut would be the Bettie Page of CHS: that hairstyle being almost like that 50s photo model, wearing seamed stockings & ultra-high fuck-me heels, and like Bettie during her modeling career, has an extremely active sex life; Ms. Page being the one who blazed the trail for the Sexual Revolution.
File: Spoiler Image (373 KB, 1280x1802)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Rariwhore strips down Sluttershy and gives her an even lewder outfit to strut her goods in.
File: 143281512.png (364 KB, 747x892)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
I've always had a fetish for girls wearing clothes and other stuff with "slut" and "whore" written on them. But I can't find specific tags on derpibooru or anywhere else where I can find it.
Just looking up "slut" seems to do the trick. There's very few images of those to begin with so might as well cast your net wide.
The arms freak me out
File: AH! HARDER.png (390 KB, 543x488)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
That’s a really hot fetish too. But I still got the appeal of clothing that says “slut”. Even if body writing is a way better fetish
those legs were made for being wrapped around waists
Slutflower Blush is taking her sluttery to the next level: Peeling off her soaked panties in the hallway.
File: 1552677110201.jpg (195 KB, 1064x1188)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
I wish there were more EqG fanart of sluts wearing dresses like this.
File: image.jpg (23 KB, 320x400)
23 KB
Why does this feel familiar?
File: 1910386.png (916 KB, 1280x718)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
Why? does it remind you of something?
Holy shit. My exhibitionism fetish approves. That whole comic is pure unf.

>electrical tape pasties
So much better than any other kind, and so unfortunately rare.
File: Nihao Darling.jpg (65 KB, 300x900)
65 KB
Got something similar
Very nice. I wish the cut was a little higher and showing off her panty straps.
What panty?
mah nigg
File: 1539783617139.png (765 KB, 1054x864)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
How many girls does Pinkie Slut invite for her weekly slutovers? How many boys are involved? Do they livestream the slutover to the world audience?
File: 1552539108990.gif (1.21 MB, 512x1022)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
Whose hole is this slut fingering? Is she getting her magical digits all up inside some poor boy’s prostate, or is she brazenly fingering her own pussy and drenching her panties?
She’s just beckoning every anon here to gangbang her
File: 345547.jpg (250 KB, 1000x1000)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Plausible. She *is* very thirsty and wet all the time.
File: rarity_smug.png (253 KB, 405x966)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Rarislut has that 'I just pegged Arse Thruster's arse into a bloody mess with my spiked strapon' look:
No. That’s the “I’m not wearing any panties and only you and I know” look.?either that or “I gave Ace AIDS”
File: 1552921037316.png (591 KB, 760x1270)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
That's the "Ace is the father but you'll be paying for child support" look.
File: 64321123.png (464 KB, 512x1022)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
File: 1989734.jpg (92 KB, 800x1131)
92 KB
Behold, Appleslut.

Appleslut has very fuckable tits
File: aj 1536281670647.png (556 KB, 680x739)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
>Most sluts offer themselves up to get the dick
>Applesluts hunt for their man-meat
>You could be on your porch, enjoying a cold one after a long day's work
>One well placed tranq-dart later, you're waking up in one of her secluded barns, tied to a bed with an IV drip attached to your arm
>Poorly scribbled on the IV bag are the words "Liquid Viagra"
>You look down to notice your pants are already getting unpleasantly tight
Holy shit. Dubdubs confirm awesome. Is that oc?
My body is ready
so is that Ponk story ded?
Those aren’t dubdubs and no I didn’t make it. I found it in another thread
File: 1990304.jpg (770 KB, 1078x856)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
High slits for the sluts.
Did they pull up their panties to hide the waistband, or are they wearing nothing at all underneath?
File: sonata_dusk_chinagirl.png (865 KB, 1280x1024)
865 KB
865 KB PNG
>Did they pull up their panties to hide the waistband, or are they wearing nothing at all underneath?

That pic has the 'Schrodingers Pantsu' tag on Derpibooru. But then, as Rarislut will tell you, the Universal Law states that underwear isn't to be worn under a Cheongsam, to increase hotness and thus ease of entry for anyone who wants to fuck a Chinagirl whore: as Slutnata here demonstrates
>as Rarislut will tell you, the Universal Law states that underwear isn't to be worn under a Cheongsam, to increase hotness

Rariwhore is most elegant fuckslut in a Cheongsam:

7-inch fuck-me heels is what any Chinawhore wears
File: chinagirl_aria.jpg (84 KB, 873x915)
84 KB

Aria showing off her tsundere thighs
i bet you want to be fucked in a china dress and 7 inch heels. slut.
that’s perfect lengthy for bending over and fucking roughly.

that’s perfect length for pulling it aside and fucking from the front.
>closet/desktop fucking
>nothing related to cooking/baking class, going straight into the fuck, not building it up with teasing
I thought I knew you /mlp/
File: creamy_pinkie.jpg (163 KB, 831x962)
163 KB
163 KB JPG

I thought you knew that Pinkiewhore loves having her Pie filled with cream

...and having her tits fucked
That’s an obvious yes, but the lack of food porn to go with my porn is disappointing
File: pinkie_tan.jpg (42 KB, 500x647)
42 KB

Pinkiewhore has very fuckable tits
Well we can’t get fuckable titty-pie in the form of green if the thread dies
Guilty as charged.
File: 1543542442933.png (498 KB, 1280x1399)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
not bad as far as self-insert fantasies go.
What birth control method do the sluts use? How would they react to getting knocked up?
The sluts don't get knocked up because Equestrian magic made them sterile. They don't know that though, so the ones who are baby crazy tend to be the thirstiest ones and you can fuck them safely without the risk of babies.
Reverse image search, my nigga
tell us more
Good job, you madman.
I salute your bravery and sacrifice.
what was it???
As it was Cosplay Day, Turboslut came dressed as a nurse, testing the boys' sperm count.

...and 'o', all the boys came, all right: in her cunt
File: 1617289.png (380 KB, 7600x4850)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
How does this make you feel?
Ass and mouth too
Which slut would have more fun with a double penetration gangbang?
Hot, and jealous. Like I want to be passed around an upper-crust party as the night's free-use entertainment. Exposing myself whenever the whim takes me, and being exposed by anyone, anytime they feel like doing it. Getting groped, and fondled, and fucked, by complete strangers, in front of the entire party. They don't even ask first, they just do it whenever they feel like it, because they know I'm the whore that agreed to do the gig, and I'm enough of a slut that I actually like it. There better not be any panties under there.

I would. But if you meant which canterslut, then I think Scislut would, once she got going.
File: 1978353.jpg (228 KB, 430x706)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
I'd watch from the side and video it all so I can post it on twitter
File: medium (7).png (174 KB, 600x600)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Oh, dearie me.
This little thread has grown into a whole general in the short span of a couple months!
Why, I almost forgot how much I like putting prissy little girls, and sissy little boys in their places.
Would you twerps like to hear a story about what I've been doing, or more appropriately, who I've been doing?
File: 959312.jpg (139 KB, 600x685)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Not even an option. Tell us all of it, whore. Spill out your sluttery for the anons to fap to.
File: medium (6).png (241 KB, 452x600)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Oh, little man, it looks like somebody needs a lesson in manners first.
If you don't want me to go get my Strap-On, you best address me with no such vulgarity.
Now, the story goes as such:
I had recently set my eyes on this delicious little tart called Wallflower Blush.
She was ever so shy, ever so adorable.
She had no friends, and generally spent her time drawing in this little notebook of hers.
She was a perfect target for my next experiment.
I waited for her after class by the lockers, and when she noticed me watching her pack her backpack she seemed rather anxious.
"Wh-what do you want from Me, Rarity. I already gave somebody else my lunchmoney, and I can't do your homework."
I don't blame her being intimidated by me, after all, I AM the queen of this school.
However, she should know that I was no silly thug. I had my trusty lackey, Ace Thruster to do my dirty work for me. All he needed was a footjob every now and then, the disgusting pervert. Eugh.
I told her that I wasn't interested in her money, but I wanted to spend some time with her.
I took her out to smoothies. She seemed nervous the whole time, and even blushed when I placed my hand on hers, and told her to calm down and relax.
She seemed so bizarre, and clammed up that I knew I would have to know more if I were to corrupt her. I needed that notebook of hers. That night, after taking her home, I hatched my plan.
what kind of slutty clothes do you wear that makes closeted sluts like Wallflower moist in her panties?
File: 1658459.gif (954 KB, 600x337)
954 KB
954 KB GIF
Pls don't kink shame.
oh, she’s not wearing any panties. you can tell by the smooth lack of any visible pantyline where you’d expect them.
File: 1781746.png (2.4 MB, 1641x3500)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
I love wearing a skin-tight, low-cut, white, silk blouse, as well as a black, pinstripe pencil skirt, black stockings and heels.
For some reason that always gets the nerdy boys and girls all hot and bothered. I guess they all want to be manhandled and spanked by Miss Rarity.
I don't Kinkshame, I demand respect. If you have any issues with that, I can put that little dicklet of yours in a cage and go to town on your tight, little boypussy.
Now, that doesn't sound to pleasant does, it?
I managed to get one of my many lackeys to steal her journal from her the very next day, while she was at lunch. I read through it while using the little girl's room. To my surprise, it was lesbian erotica of a very high quality, almost on par with the old masters, and backgrounds that would have made Caspar David Friedrich cry. There even were multiple pictures of me and Wallflower in the throes of passion. However, her biggest fantasy seemed to be being gang-raped by our female soccer team, and being molested on the field. I had the journal then planted back in her backpack, and went to meet her again. This time, we went to see a movie, namely that "Battle Angel Anon" movie or whatever it was called. During a romantic scene, I made sure to grab her thigh, and trail my fingers over it. She instantly froze up, and dropped the bag of popcorn. She was putty in my hands.
After the movie was over, I brought her home, and teasingly kissed her on the cheek.
She ran right upstairs, how adorable.
We then proceeded to go on other dates.
On the third fate to the state fair I kissed her properly.
On the fourth date we had coffee, and I took her to my apartment. We made out.
On the fifth date...
Well, why don't you take a guess?
you had the soccer team ready to take her virginity?
File: 1108605.png (460 KB, 1920x1080)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
>I can put that little dicklet of yours in a cage and go to town on your tight, little boypussy.
But I'm a girl. Don't you recognise your own friend?
I’d help you with that DP
How very perceptive you are, cutey.
Oh, it's you, Pinkie! Pardon me, I mistook you for that sleazeball from before, you know how this site can get.
I bound her eyes with a blindfold, and took her to a nice hotel, and got us a suite. I wouldn't have wanted her parents to bother us, and I wanted a central location. We shared two glasses of wine, and I initiated the love-making session.
I kissed her deeply as I slowly took her clothes off, planting kisses down her skinny, pale frame. I got to her kitten, which I eagerly dug into, licking it with all I had. She adored it, moaning and squealing with every twist and turn of my tongue. She suddenly came, seemingly embarrassed, apologising profusely for being so quick. I held her closely, patting her head, explaining it was fine, she was sure to get better.
I then covered her eyes again. I gave the signal, and about five minutes later, Spitfire, Rainbow Dash, and the rest of the soccer team came in, wearing nothing but sports bras and panties.
I had agreed to get them new uniforms as well as tickets to the next world cup finals if they ran a train on Wallflower. Most of them were lesbian anyway, so convincing them wasn't that hard. They had been instructed to work out beforehand, as to develop a light musk. All eleven of them stood before Wallflower, and I retreated to an armchair on the other side of the room. I told her to remove her blindfold, which she did. She was dumbstruck.
She was clearly wet, but couldn't say anything.
Spitfire took the initiative, kissing her deeply, as Dashie sucked on her left nipple, biting it ever so often. Another sucked her other nipple, one at her out, and the rest began licking the rest of her body in various places. You wondered how she could breathe, with all of that B.O. and those bodies piling on her. She, however, seemed content, as she came quickly, and many times.
File: 1987774.png (680 KB, 1920x1080)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
>Oh, it's you, Pinkie! Pardon me, I mistook you for that sleazeball from before, you know how this site can get.
How? I was clearly me that responded to you.
File: 1592249.png (136 KB, 329x392)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>Pinkie has a foot fetish.
>She's into foodplay, balloons and erotic humiliation too.
File: 1419118036321.jpg (37 KB, 455x653)
37 KB
I think I've been found out.

Good. A skirts and panties are the worst combination. If you're gonna wear skirt, then you shouldn't wear panties. If you're gonna wear panties, then you shouldn't wear a skirt. Slut rep wouldn't build itself, would it?

As if double would be enough. But sure, if you're at the party, why not. It would be my whole reason for being there.
Delete your shit thread
File: 1553315333534.jpg (97 KB, 473x604)
97 KB
Use your filters, buddy.
A kinky bitch are ya? I’ll give you all the rough kinky fun times you need
File: 965492.jpg (46 KB, 470x562)
46 KB
Idk how to respond to this
slut needs to be fucked no matter what
Aye. That she does. Sluts are made to be toys for men
File: 1899633.jpg (411 KB, 835x796)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
I can smell this panty-hating slut from a mile away.
What I wouldn’t give to shove myself inside her in public
File: 1553403435657m.jpg (81 KB, 406x1024)
81 KB
>Pinkie has a foot fetish

I like my Pinkiewhore in fuck-me heels

Dom Rarislut has already made Arse Thruster her sissy bitch.
File: 1923700.jpg (607 KB, 2048x1706)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
Based Ace Thruster making others SEETHE become he fucks sluts like Rarity and her friends. What (and I can't stress this enough) a guy!
now that’s a proper dress length. completely cut out in the front for easy viewing.

Basted (in his own assblood) SEETHING Arse Thruster because Dom Rarity assfucks her sissy bitch in front of his friends. What a cuck!
Fuck, Ace really is a Chad. He's got incels angry at him for fucking sluts and then imagine they are humping him. Even when they're angry, they want to have sex with him. Sounds like a scorn whore who thought he loved her or something.
I’d watch Ace Thruster screw Turboslut so hard that she doesn’t crave dicks for a whole day.
See, other dudes like Anon, Flash and the others probably noticed one of the sluts was falling in love and told him they should ditch her. Sluts are meant to be used and abused.
I can see them playing fucked up pranks on each other. Like taking Zephyr to the gloryhole but not telling him his sister Fluttershy in on the other side.
File: smug-twi.png (304 KB, 489x804)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
>Based Ace Thruster making others SEETHE

...and therefore making the likes of you cucks.
You can't get cucked by whores and sluts.
Everyone knows they're just for fucks.
File: 1993609.png (1.15 MB, 1579x2000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
the sluts have been defeated and ready to be taken advantage of
Pass them around. Use them and abuse them.
>on /mlp/
>is a slut
Guise. Stahp. You don't want me to get so turned on that I have to start mastur-writing again to release my sexual tension because RP isn't allowed, do you?
File: 938485.png (509 KB, 603x818)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
Being flustered and aroused is a slut's natural state of being.
RP is allowed on /trash/ though. And I’d really wanna RP with you. Or at the very least have a tits or gtfo over there. I mean titty pics is a small thing to ask from a slut such as yourself.
Filthy Rich using Sunset like a public toilet when?
you should make a quick cantersluts lewd thread for the rp purposes
In /trash/? sure thing

I fucked it up
File: 1420370.png (948 KB, 1536x3508)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
slutty dresses with high sluts, no panties
just the way Whore of CHS prefers it
File: 1475576.jpg (457 KB, 1761x2600)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
damn. Diamond Tiara grew up.
Chubby, mature sluts have a home here, right?
File: 496752.png (1.12 MB, 2412x1202)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Sluts of all ages are welcome. Even the thousands-of-years-old sluts can be fucked like a fresh nubile flesh.
A slut is a slut
File: large-tits.jpg (466 KB, 743x1024)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
Post your favorite slut's theme song.

File: 812291.jpg (963 KB, 850x1000)
963 KB
963 KB JPG
File: 1994768.jpg (112 KB, 500x564)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Whore of CHS in her latest slutty garb
No Dashslut, but I wrote a thing with Sunny. Hope you like it.

>Your name in Sunset Shimmer, and you’re a slut.
>That’s what you are, no sense in denying it.
>You’ve done your best to make sure everyone knows it, too.
>You dress the part—which doesn’t normally require much clothing, honestly—and more importantly, you act the part.
>Which means it is your venerable duty to drain the balls of about half a dozen boys almost every day.
>It’s great fun and also starting to cut into your actual break time something fierce.
>Seriously, you’re having trouble finding the time to eat lunch some days.
>And you can’t subsist on a healthy diet of cocks alone.
>You’ve tried.

>Anyway, your status as a slut has pretty much made it around school by now, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it.
>You love watching the freshmen hide around the corners, mustering up the courage to come talk to you.
>When they finally break, stumbling into your way with neon-bright faces and halting explanations about how they want to show you something under the bleachers, you always feel like you’ve won something.
>Too bad they don’t keep the sluttery trophies with the football ones in the hallway displays, otherwise you’d be famous for decades to come.
>No, there is no cup to be won for sucking off the entirety of the soccer team—including the coach—in a single sitting, nor is there a commemorative plaque for taking more than fifty virginities over the course of your career.
>The prizes you’re allowed to claim are not the sort to go parading around with.
>They’re much more subtle.
>Much more personal.

>You have never, in your entire high-school life, spent a single hour in detention.
>Which isn’t to say that you’re overly subtle about what you do—on the contrary, your behavior is obvious to anyone willing to look even slightly—it’s just that you’re in VERY good standing with enough teachers not to be bothered.
>You still remember the first time Mr. Will fucked you in the faculty restroom.
>Crammed into the small stall, with your arms barely finding purchase against the door and your panties around your ankles, you all but bounced your ass against his lap.
>Between his moans, yours, and the wet slaps of a cock covered in girlcum pounding your pussy, it’s a wonder you didn’t cause enough of a scene to be expelled right then and there.
>You were a different girl back then.
>Your skin was lighter, your hair shorter, your clothes more in check with regulations.
>The old Sunset wasn’t used to getting her rocks off in some school bathroom, and she came in about half a minute from the excitement alone.
>Maybe the fattest dick she had seen thus far pumping into her played a role, too.

>The female part of the faculty poses more of problem, seeing as they tend to be more resilient to your preferred method of getting out of trouble.
>Which involves a lack of underwear, a scandalous toy in your orifice of choice with the remote control conveniently slipped into the teacher’s bag before class, and all of your mental fortitude to not start panting like a bitch ten minutes into the lecture.
>Luckily, you usually don’t have to hold out for very long before your victim makes up some half-hearted excuse to get you and him out of the room.
>You lost count of how many ‘emergency counseling sessions’ you received while your classmates watched the same VHS recording of some 90s science show.
>You have to work differently with the female teachers though.
>Fortunately, the training sessions you did with Twilight gave you a pretty good idea how.
>Who’d have thought you could give Mrs. Cheerilee a toe-curling orgasm just by licking her for five minutes during self-study?
>Or that she could squirt?
>Must have been pretty pent up.

>”See you tomorrow, Sunny Bunny!”
>You wave Pinkie goodbye as she closes the door behind her, leaving you alone in the locker room.
>You’re usually the last to leave after gym class.
>You just like to take your time and wash off the day in the shower.
>Also you get fucked by the coach sometimes, which means you need to do some serious cleanup work.
>Honestly, you swear that man saves up an entire week’s worth of cum just to fill your womb to bursting.
>You usually have the showers to yourself, is what you’re saying, seeing as most girls don’t seem to like getting naked in front of their classmates for some strange reason.
>You yourself have no problem strutting around the locker room stark naked, with your hands on your hips and your boobs jiggling with your steps, enjoying the stolen glances from the more repressed lesbians.
>Seriously, if Vinyl doesn’t make a move soon you’ll just drag her into the shower yourself to see how much of her voice you can tickle out.

>Finding your pile of clothes on one of the benches, you cautiously pick up the sock spread out on top of it.
"Aww, come on! Again? "
>You got used to finding your panties cummed in after class, the soft fabric misappropriated as masturbation aid by some faceless perpetrator.
>It’s partially your fault anyway for wearing the skimpiest thongs and G-strings and flashing them whenever you even think of bending over.
>But socks?
>You could understand your thigh-highs becoming unwilling cum rags every once in a while, sure, but your anklets?
>Lotta perverts in this school.
>Last week one of your regulars actually wanted to fuck your armpit.
>You let him do it, of course—you have a reputation to lose—but you could barely stifle your laughter the entire time.
>You could do without the cum-filled condoms showing up in your locker, but you always manage to find good use for them.
>Seriously, Twilight’s face when she keeps finding them in her purse is almost too much to bear.

>Anyway, putting on your clothes—sans one sock—you leave the gym.
>Pinkie was just in here a minute ago, too.
>Whoever did this must have cut a deal with her.
>You will interrogate her tomorrow.
>Who does she think she is, selling other people’s clothes off as fap material?
>The boy is leaning against the wall next to the door, fiddling with his phone.
>He was probably waiting for you, seeing as you share most of your way home.
>You often leave together, providing your schedules match up and neither of you is stuck in other… extracurricular activities.
"Did you fucking jerk off with my sock?"
>His surprise at the question is evident in his expression, as is his confusion.
>His sight travels down to your feet, where the rim of a pink cotton sock is sticking out of one limited-edition sneaker but not the other.
"Don’t lie to me! I could tell it was your cum with my eyes closed. Yours is always watery as fuck because you go around screwing girls all day."
>"It wasn’t me, Sunset."
>You don’t buy it.
>"And speaking of…”
>Holding up his phone, Anon shows you the pictures he was flicking through.
>"Did you know Cloudchaser has a new piercing?"
>You snatch the device from the sock-rapist with a grunt, zooming to find—true enough—a little piece of metal flashing up at you from the screen.

"A clit piercing? Jesus…"
>"Pretty cool, huh?"
>You continue to scroll through the pictures, most of them showing Cloudchaser’s snatch from different angles—some have her spreading her lips with her fingers—and then her breasts with the same piercings in her nipples.
>You already knew about those.
>Backing out of the gallery, you go the others, each one hiding varying levels of scandal of a different girl from around the school.
>There’s even one of you.
>Yep, that’s you from when you let Anon do you on the way home last Friday.
>It’s just your butt actually, with your thong pulled to the side to allow proper access, but you’d recognize your own asshole anywhere.

>"Can I have that back now?"
"Pretty popular with the ladies, huh?" You grumble, handing over the phone and starting to walk towards the gate.
>Anon is staying close, and he actually has the balls to act embarrassed at your remark, rubbing the back of his head and grinning that dumb, stupid smile.
>"Eh, what can I say?" he chuckles complacently.
>You really don’t mind the guy most of the time—hell, he’s one of your best male friends and probably the only one not solely out to get into your pants—but you’re still grumpy from having to abandon your sock earlier.
>And Anon is still the prime suspect, even if he probably got his rocks off a few times today already.
>Not that it takes much to get laid in this school, but getting around like him actually requires a little bit of skill.
>And at least halfway decent looks.
>Which he’s got, annoyingly.

>"So," the boy looks at the snapshots of Cloudchaser’s pussy again, "any chance you might want to do that, too?"
"The piercing?"
>He nods.
"Dunno. Not sure I have the balls for that."
>"I’d say you’ve had about all the balls in this school, Sunny."
>Your sarcastic, deadpan laugh makes him giggle, but the fist to his upper arm quickly brings him back.
"I was always a friend of the natural look, you know? No metal shit, no implants, no stupid tattoos…"
>He’s flicking through his photos again, searching.
"Yes, I know! Fluttershy got a heart above her crotch last month. She showed me. Repeatedly… I got really… close to it."
>"But it IS sexy, right?"
"Sure, but it feels like cheating. I don’t need some trashy accessory to get a guy off."
>"I don’t know. It’s certainly working. I’m getting hard just thinking about it."
>You glance over to your friend.
>Now this you can work with.
"Want me to… take care of that?" you point towards a nearby hedge that looks just tall enough to hide behind if you crouched down.
>Your other hand is already working its way into Anon’s pants.
>He wasn’t lying.
>Insatiable pervert that he is, he’s already at half-mast.

>Giving Anon’s cock a few long licks from his balls to his glans, you savor the subtle tang of salt on his skin.
>It tastes like sex, like he used the thing to fuck some bimbo not half an hour ago.
>He probably has.
>Your tongue traces his shaft, leaving glistening spit in its wake.
>Kneeling in the grass before your friend, you’re just out of view behind the hedge, save from the curious stare of any potential stragglers leaving school.
>He however, is not.
>He must look like a dunce, loitering behind some random shrubbery, gazing at the sky.
>The thought makes you giggle.
"Alright," you mumble around his head, sucking the first bit of precum from his urethra, "go ahead. I’m gonna finger myself for a bit, yeah? Need to–"
>You’re cut off by inch after inch of dick shoving its way into your mouth.
>The cock is flooding your senses with its heady taste, the throbbing heat turning your brain into mush.
>With your pants and panties pulled to your thighs, your hand starts working on your pussy, tracing your clit.
>Still, you’re getting pushed deeper, getting forced to stick out your tongue below Anon’s shaft to try and make more room for him.
>Only when you feel his manicured pubic hair tickle your nose and his cockhead slide down your throat does he let up.
>You gag, massaging his dick with the convulsion as tears of pleasure sting in the corners of your eyes.
>You give your best to suck on the slippery flesh as he pulls back.
>Sputtering, you gasp for air once the dick leaves your mouth, your fingers pumping in and out of you.
>A look up through your blurred vision gives Anon all the information he needs, and you’re guided back down after another second of breathing time.
>The wet slaps and gags coming from your throat are quickly swelling into a single background, interrupted only by Anon’s occasional grunts and moans and your violent pants whenever you manage to suck in air.
>Spit and precum are hanging from your chin, and your pussy is glistening with your first climax.
>Whenever you’re pressed into his crotch, you do your best to stick out your tongue, lapping at his scrotum, but you’re quickly running out of steam.
>You’re only allowed a tiny moment of oxygen every couple of bounces, just enough to keep you from fainting.
>Just enough to hold you on the edge.
>The firm hands on the back of your head keep precise control over how much breath you are allowed, and your protesting lungs are already throwing spasms from the mistreatment.
>You love it.
>You love the floaty feeling rising in your stomach, the numbness in your head, the burning in your chest, the pressure on your jaw.
>You can only do this kind of tightrope act with Anon, and you’re pretty sure he can only do it with you, too.

>Then he stops.
>Pulling you off his dick, your friend is cupping your filthy chin, making you look up.
"H… hey," you protest weakly, your thighs jerking from the next orgasm staining your panties with cum.
>"By the way…"
>You try to look at him, your mascara running down your cheeks with your tears.
>"I was the one who came in your sock."
"I fucking–"
>Anon shoves you back onto his dick before you can finish, grinning, picking up speed to fuck your face like it was his personal masturbation aid.
>But you’re fighting now.
>You struggle against his hands, slapping his thighs only to be forced back into rhythm with more strength.
>More slaps ring out against his flesh, but to no avail.
>You have to suck in time with his movements again despite your anger just to keep yourself from choking.
>Your panties are all but ruined with girlcum, but your fingers find their way back to your cunt, trying to bring yourself to another orgasm.

>The moment where you’re allowed to suck air doesn’t happen this time.
>Your supply is running out fast, with the corners of your vision already darkening.
>All you can do is struggle weakly against Anon’s assault, feeling yourself go more and more limp with each second.
"Ghrk… Ghrk… Ghrk…"
>You’re nothing but a pocket pussy now.
>The fucker knows you too well.
>Your lungs feel like they’re about to collapse, but your oxygen-deprived brain is sending out chemicals like wildfires, flooding your entire system with enough ecstasy to actually make you squirt enough that it feels like you’re peeing.
>You would moan if only you could spare the breath, if only you didn’t get fucked out of your literal mind right now.

>Only when you feel yourself sack into the grass, your vision blacking out, does Anon let you breathe again.
>Allowing your burning lungs to inhale, he pulls out of your mouth and lets you sink back onto your butt.
>Your gasping breath is also the moment when he starts to fire rope after rope of hot him into your face.

>You gulp, struggling for air.
>Your abused lungs still have trouble holding oxygen.
>Cum is bubbling out of your nostrils and your entire face is covered in a sticky mixture of spunk and drool.
>Your pussy is still quivering, squirting more and more juice onto your thighs.
>If you had another meat-dildo right now, you’d ride it just to work your way down from the high but—seeing as Anon only has the one, quickly-softening dick—you’re stuck taking care of it manually, circling your clit with your fingers.
>A whimper is escaping you as more pleasure rolls through, making your toes curl and your legs cramp.
>Anon himself has sunk down next to you, panting heavily, and he’s mercifully letting you lean back into him.
>You don’t have the strength to do anything other than collapse against his chest.
>His arms close around your stomach, softly massaging your muscles.
>The warmth radiating from his skin melts into yours, and he gently kisses your neck, caressing your skin and waiting out the shivers.
>"You’re the best," he whispers.
>All you can do is grunt in approval, feeling yourself slacken.
>"No piercing or tattoo is ever going to stand up to you."
>That’s right.
>You are Sunset Shimmer, the greatest goddamn slut in Canterlot.
>And you’re very, very tired.

Also why is the Dashslut bin collecting so many hits? It's quite popular for my standards, judging by the view count.
Very, very nice. Do you have a bin for this?
>Shimslut with panties
unfy story and finally a variety in the bacon slut. i can’t wait for more of this or the dashslut stories
File: 00000 (4).png (396 KB, 749x1191)
396 KB
396 KB PNG


>"Sure, but it feels like cheating. I don’t need some trashy accessory to get a guy off."
Damn right.
This is hot. Keep going, slut.
>ponk story still dead
why do I even have this thread watched?
Good for you, Rapestab McGenocide! Glad to hear you're doing well.
File: 1553441605100.jpg (565 KB, 727x1024)
565 KB
565 KB JPG
Right. Everyone in this thread is just a 20-25 year old male virgin who got horny for some anonymous ERPing. I know I am.
>not being a wizard+
C'mon, anon. You gotta give the succubi tempting you good material to work with.
Well, considering my apparently perpetual university studying and minuscule social skills, I'd say I have a pretty fair chance of achieving wizardry. Only six years away.
You can do it, anon
have the crowd turn into an orgy. make sure the get breed real good like brood mothers they are meant to be.
File: trixie_stage_outfit.jpg (276 KB, 552x776)
276 KB
276 KB JPG

Only Trixslut Lulapoon has magic
>being this new
File: 1145837.png (515 KB, 800x825)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
where da Twislut at?
god that outfit is so slutty
thigh highs and skirt... unf
File: 9410.png (1.62 MB, 945x1170)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
File: eqg_trixie1.png (280 KB, 496x995)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Stage Slut is best Slut in stockings & heels:

>Re-lie-ing on a nip 'meme'
>Needing 'Magic'
>Being this retarded
Do you know what wizardry is anon?
>Harry Potter ultimately married & fathered a child he sent to Hogwarts via Platform 9¾
A 'Succubus' made his 'Wand' go all 'Engorgio': he still is extremely powerful. Muggles - Infinity +1. Fundies - 0. Checkmate, Christains & Incel manbabies.
File: future_trixie.gif (223 KB, 512x532)
223 KB
223 KB GIF
Well, you never will, but Harry Potter did: >>33661660
File: 1619038.jpg (2.01 MB, 2481x3507)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
why do footfags get all the upskirt fanart?

Feet of sluts are fine, as long as they're wearing on such shoes with fuck-me heels:
Fuck-me heels are hot
To the top
File: sexy_rarity.jpg (146 KB, 788x1354)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

At the beach orgy: >>33625126, although she quickly lost her whorish (and all but non-existent) bikini, Rarislut still w(h)ore her ultra-high fuck-me heels:

Her lethally sexy stilettos raised her studs' lusts (amongst other things) to ensure they gave her screaming multiple orgasms uncountable, and many wombfillings.
File: rarity 1543341549314.jpg (1.09 MB, 2296x3550)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
>wearing heels
>on sand
She'll be a bed-ridden whore while her ankles heal
>wearing heels
>on sand

If it's good enough for a WhoReHa android, therefore...!

...and as it's Cosplay Day, Rarislut chooses that outfit so as other boys in shorts can 'hack' her core, if you know what I mean.

I want to be near her tomato
>Cadance leaves CPA to start her own school
>Miss Mi Amore's School for the Romantically Challenged
>Helping troubled girls, from the meek and submissive to the angry and aggressive, reach their whorish potential
Cadance is such a slut
File: 1553880858065.jpg (260 KB, 900x1355)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Even those who cosplay Turboslut are thots.
Page 9
Page 10
Where are you fags?
File: mpv-shot0007.jpg (341 KB, 1920x1080)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
They're probably too busy chatting about the new equestria sluts episode
Nobody Understands me...

(Is this the Right thread to post this in? Imma N00bfag, Tell me how this Works.)
PS no I’m not making this thing up. It’s relevant: http://yum-yum-ponyworld.weebly.com/my-pretty-pony.html
File: 1998841.jpg (453 KB, 1152x779)
453 KB
453 KB JPG
Page 10
daaamn, thong bikinis are canon?
File: 414696.png (1.42 MB, 1934x3000)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Fucking nice. I wish the animators would do more shit like that.
File: 345315.jpg (121 KB, 810x960)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
So I’m like a n00bfag, and I have a Question:

Is this Thread strictly for the Human Characters to lewd and if so where do I go for the leading of the actual ponies?

Or is that Bestiality and am I getting banned globally for that???

Just my question Dudes don’t shoot me. :P
lurk more faggot and fuck off
>not your personal spoonfeeder
It’s like 2:00am. How about you go to bed, anon? I’m about to go to bed myself
Birb slut titties.
very nice.
>I'll never be part of her Slut Wars spoils
Page 9
File: 2000114.jpg (234 KB, 800x1131)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Princess of Sluts loves getting fucked in skimpy wedding dresses. It's her fetish.
>that body
File: cadence_lolly.jpg (77 KB, 1000x1600)
77 KB

Cadence is so fuckable in those heels
The board is faster than usual today
File: 769402.png (105 KB, 1200x1200)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
All the attention whores are thirsty for those likes.
I kinda wanna know if the fuckin perks and shit is some april fools stuff. It’s nice to have and shit. But I feel like it’s gonna be taken away soon
that’s a slutty little thong she’s wearing.
god i wanna attend this school
i wonder if their uniforms are lewd
They make them lewd even if they aren’t
File: 1554233389089 yona.jpg (3.27 MB, 3091x4000)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
>Yakyakistani girls come from one of the sluttiest cultures of the "old world"
>The lewdest and most illicit of whorish techniques have been passed down from mother to daughter for hundreds of generations
i’d love to see some examples of these whorish acts
Holy shit the board is a lot faster now that the mods have been based
I volunteer as tribute.
To the top
slut. what kind of lessons do you want to be subjected to?
To the top
File: 2000575.png (307 KB, 953x1111)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
I wish they'd make Shimslut wear her RR outfit minus the dress thing. Just strut around in those teal leggings showing off plenty of panty lines.
Can we get some slutty Cadance green?

A transparent skirt would only emphasise leggings, never mind tight shorts:

And fuck-me heels would only emphasise the fact she's the Whore of CHS
She’s definitely the queen of the locker room
To the top
File: 00000 (3).png (537 KB, 2268x3472)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
headcanon accepted

Y-yeah. Hahaha. W-what sluts, hunh?

Are the "virgins" still virgins if they don't remember the sexing?


I'll triple-major in groping, exhibitionism, and casual sex. I'll minor in everything else. Everything.

>she's the Whore of CHS
Unf. Say it again.

I sure a...she sure is. Of both locker rooms.

>It's not so bad, really.
>Being Luna's fuck toy.
>Sure, she's rough,
>but I'm a whore.
>Taking dicks is what I do.
>Rubber, or flesh, it's all the same to me. All stuff I've seen before.
>But then,
>well, then she tries to do something new:
>stick it in my ass.
>She's fucking the hell out of me, and I'm loving it like the slut I am,
>with my head jerking and banging on the hard table, and my ass shaking with every slap of her hand, and thrust of her cock,
>but then she just pulls out,
>and I feel her pushing up against my other entrance.
>She's not even lubing up.
>This is gonna hurt.
>I can't stop myself from whimpering when I realize what she's about to do to me.
>No lube.
>This is gonna hurt so bad.
>Principal Celestia scolds.
“Luna, dear sister, what did I tell you about being greedy?”
>Luna stops, and looks back at her sibling with a face of wry amusement.
“I was wondering how far you'd let me go.”
>Celestia laughs.
>Silver bells on a spring breeze.
“Well, now you know, my sister. I want you to have fun, too, but it's my party,
“and *that's*...”
>she pauses and points at my back side
“...what I want, Luly.”
>Luna's hands slide from my hips, and she backs away,
>her penis huge, and glistening with my fluids in the dim light of the dining room.
“The whore's all yours.”
>Celestia looks down at me, wearing her angelic smile.
“Sunset, little whore.”
>My heart skips.
”You've been such a good slut, tonight.
“Eager, but patient. Debased, yet reserved. I'm so glad it was you who came. That you really are as much of a whore as the rumors say.”
>The things she says...they should hurt me, shouldn't they?
>but they just make my heart pound, and my cheeks flush in the most satisfying ways.
“You like it when I say that, little whore?”
>”I really do, Prince...Principal Celestia.”
“You want me to have a turn, don't you, little whore?”
>Hell yes!
>”Yes Principal Celestia.”
>Her smile grows.
“Then crawl on over, little whore. There's something I want you to do for me,”
>she says, leaning back in the chair, and spreading her legs.
>Oh Sweet Celestia, finally!
>This little whore'll do that all night long!
>”Yes ma'am!”
>My body flows from the table, like the words flow from my lips:
>like honey.
>Sweet, and enticing.
>The pain and fear of a moment before vanquished by the tenderness of my favorite principal.
>My lust rekindling at her touch as I draw near,
>warm fingertips tracing lines of fire across my face,
>sweeping over my cheeks, then my ears, catching my hair between her strong, graceful fingers.
>The gentle tugging of her hands seizing it in balled fists,
>and a firm, but gentle pressure guiding my face between her legs,
>her musky, feminine bouquet growing from faint, to strong, to cloying.
>I lick my lips in anticipation.
>I couldn't help it even if I wanted to; my mouth is watering!
>A kiss on her thigh, in greeting,
>and another on her wrist in thanks.
>Sucking a fingertip into my mouth
>Looking up at her with wide, doe eyes as I suck.
>I almost feel innocent again, under her gaze.
>Her eyes so wise and beautiful,
>her hair shining and holy,
>her skin glowing and flawless;
>there's something almost sacrilegious about fellating even just her finger.
>Something unclean.
>It's incredibly arousing.
>The Whore of Babylon could take notes from me.
>My sweet angel, Principal Celestia watches me a while,
>naked, sucking, and painted,
>just like a whore should be.
>Then she leans in, and places a gentle kiss on my forehead,
“Pleasure me, little whore,”
>and I do.
>I plant kiss after kiss on her thighs, smooth and warm as sun-drenched silk.
>My lips here, my tongue there,
>following the soft alabaster path of her legs,
>all the way to her flower of velvet, and silk,
>already streaming sublime nectar.
>A taste, but only just;
>for me, a draught of golden ichor,
>the elesctric sensation of a long-held dream at last coming true.
>For her, a sample of the heaven only sin can bring,
>herald of so much more to come, if only she'll embrace the forbidden.
>A taste,
>then back down her other leg.
File: 1537823045217.png (424 KB, 1551x3145)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>She whimpered!
>I know she did!
>*I* made her whimper.
>And now I'm going to do it again!
>Once more up the flesh of her leg,
>cloudstuff and manna.
>Pouring all of my hunger and passion into this moment.
>Our moment.
>Maybe our only one.
>The world fades away:
>no more Luna in the corner of my sight,
>no more thick hotel carpet under my knees,
>no more meringue of makeup plastered to my face,
>no more light, ambient chill calling my nipples to attention.
>Just Celestia,
>her sighs and moans,
>her squirms, and wiggles,
>trembles in her muscles building and cresting into waves.
>And I'm responsible for it all.
>I'm the one making her feel this way.
>My Princess.
>My Principal.
>Her thighs close around my head,
>and her sex grinds, painting me in her brimming fluids.
>Her fingers grasp, and claw, tugging my hair into tangled monuments of her pleasure,
>until sadly, agonizingly, she pushes me away.
File: 1509448663813.jpg (35 KB, 668x960)
35 KB
>Have I done something wrong?
>she answers, saying,
“The look on your face says it all.
“You did perfectly, little whore.
“Now I want you to do something else.”
>”Anything, Princess.”
>A smile
>A pause.
>She seems infinitely amused at my choice of words.
“I want you to feel good. I want my little whore to want to come back to me.”
>”I'll always...”
“Luna's going to fuck you again.”
>My face pales.
>I don't mean it to, but I can feel it.
>Maybe the makeup will hide it?
“I'm not asking, Sunset. I'm telling you.”
>I guess not.
“Luna is going to fuck you again, and you are going to let her.”
>”Y-yes ma'am,”
“Good whore.
“But oh, don't worry, she'll be gentle this time.
“You've earned it.”
>”Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am.”
“Now stay like you are, on all 4s on my carpet,
“spread your legs, and arch your back.
“Good whore.
“Let her enter you, just like that.
“See? It's not so bad, this time, is it?
>”No Principal Celestia.”
“Now, come back to me, little whore,”
>she whispers, returning me to her nethers with hands twined in my hair.
“We're not done.”

File: sunset--shimmer1.jpg (1.03 MB, 2294x2554)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
>she's the Whore of CHS
>Unf. Say it again

In her ultra-high fuck-me heels, Slutset Shimmer is THE Whore of CHS:
File: 786819.png (209 KB, 943x1164)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
I can't wait for this slut's next tale of sluttery. Whore of CHS really is desperate and degenerate.
File: 1554431860738.png (439 KB, 700x880)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
even the canon outfits are getting sluttier.
That she is
>Although she hung her heels up years ago in the name of love, Cadance finds herself growing more and more restless after Flurry’s birth
>While Shining had been more than happy to help her with the baby so she could work off the baby weight, it came with a sharp resurgence in libido
>Now inspired, her reborn sluttery is channeled into crafting more and more lurid setups and fantasies to surprise and entice her husband, ranging from naughty pics flooding his phone in the middle of work to him coming home to her soaked cunt greeting him in the doorway
>Being a whore is so much easier when you have a booty call for life
>being a whore for one man
Unrealistic. Whores can’t settle down for long
She abuses the portal to fuck many Shining Armors. There are ways to tune the mirror to point to other alternate universes.
>Although she hung her heels up years ago in the name of love

Oh, you just know that Cadence - when she & Shiny get it on - wears sheer black seamed stockings & shiny black fuck-me heels (with ankle straps for that subtle but elegant touch of kink: especially if they have tiny padlocks on such): and nothing else
File: 1915877.jpg (822 KB, 2000x1670)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
I wonder if she'd take some pointers from Turboslut and tease Shining with slutty cosplays.
File: derpy 1543513730067.jpg (539 KB, 1280x1810)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
>Unstoppable Sluts Postal Service
File: 111027 derpy.jpg (224 KB, 896x1168)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these sluts from the swift completion of their appointed cocks"
>just panties and a jacket
I fucking love USPS’s new uniform. I’d love to invite her over in the middle of her route and fuck her brains out.
To the top
File: 2003834.jpg (70 KB, 1400x862)
70 KB
hip length jacket showing off just the tip of her panties. very nice.
File: 1554056134136.png (2.5 MB, 2269x2952)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
To the top
this needs a sequel
File: harley_shimm_by_uotapo.jpg (324 KB, 1000x1366)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
The Whore of CHS cosplaying as DC's equivalent of Deadpool? In those fishnets & heels, she's more like Harley Quim_, amirite?!:

...and Uotapo is trying to _lewd_ us.
>that image
I wish I could cuddle up with my own Quiet Slut tonight...
File: 1964421.jpg (335 KB, 900x900)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
I bet there's more than a few anons willing to RP that for you.
>tfw like slutty aesthetic but hate girls who sleep around
Why was I cursed with this taste? To enjoy girls who look like cheap whores, but to be disgusted by the thought of them being with anyone else? Why couldn't I just have a normal fetish?
you can fantasize about turning a normal equestria girl into a whore by making her dress up in slutty clothes. keep her on a tight leash so she’s only paraded around for the other boys to jealously stare at while only you get to bend her over in the broom closet or at the drinking fountain.

Sluttershy has very fuckable tits
That she does

Celestia bless Racoonkun. He knows how to make the EqG look ultra-slutty:

...and he certainly blessed Slutlestia:
I cannot express how much that pinkie pie made my whole body shiver. Holy shit I want my dick inside her so much.
Do us a favor and link the post in question in the future.
Holy shit, orgasmic pinkie sense is something we need more of
File: gloriosa 1534805431662.png (624 KB, 636x999)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
>Slutty camp councilors telling lewd scary stories around the campfire
File: 0000 (5).jpg (723 KB, 1400x990)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
>...and then,
>no matter how much she sucked and sucked,
>the curse would remain, strangling the life out of any penis she touched,
>never to get hard again!
>She was doomed!
>To spend the rest of her days in cellebacy!
File: 2006950.jpg (279 KB, 673x775)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
After crossing over, Glimslut is still getting used to wearing her skirt without exposing herself by mistake. She's still learning.
File: 2007109.png (2.06 MB, 3960x2507)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Did the Whore of CHS plan for this to happen? It'd be right up this slut's alley to stealthily cut off the seams the night before and then bend over when there's plenty of boys around in the hallway to watch her shame.
File: The walking Whores.png (2.46 MB, 1600x900)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG
>You silently peek around the corner of a dilapidated brick house.
"Coast is clear. Let's go."
>Norman gulps, with a nod.
>"O-okay Anon."
"Stay calm kid. This is your first supply run, and being anxious is only gonna get you screwed."
>Clutching your Rifle in hand, the two of you move quickly over the ruins of Canterlot, weaving through abandoned cars, and watching every dark corner for signs of danger.
>No one knew when it happened or why it happened, but this is life now.
>"Anon! Look!"
>Norman points to a department store with all it's glass intact.
"Good find, kid. Unbroken glass means it may not have been looted yet."
>You both jog over to the building, and try the door.
"Fuck. Locked."
>"We're gonna have to break the window."
>You sweat, knowing that there's a good chance there's an alarm still functioning, and as soon as you break it, you're both gonna be swarmed.
>"What should we do?"
"Well, I was thinking-"
>The two of you look to the sound of screaming to see a man in tattered clothing run from out an alley, covered in kiss marks.
>You, and Norman duck behind a car, and watch, as Sluts begin to emerge from all over, drawn to the sound of a tasty, sweet cherry boy.
>"J-Jesus christ..."
"That asshole is gonna draw Sluts from all over!"
>Myriads of busty, half dressed sexy women crowd the man, kissing various parts of his body.
>"We gotta help him!"
>Norman stands up, but you pull him back down.
"No. We can use this distraction..."
>He continues to try to run, getting cut off by gigantic breasts, and dripping pussies, as the Sluts tear off another article of his clothing.
"Good lord. His virginity is as good as gone."
Save him
more pls
And then what happens?
I just need to keep this alive until I get to my work so I can read it.
There’s only one way to save him, and that’s with a bullet. The thots can’t drain the dead after all. But doing so will draw attention on you.
Yes, because everyone has a silencer handy in a post apocalypse
Milatary camp raids
So if a department store Alarm is still working...what's to say something like an electric fence at a military camp isn;t? Or that it isn't already occupied anon? Be smarter here man
Did he died?
File: 2007855.png (2.12 MB, 2835x4251)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
That nerd is an anal slut

Yeah, but, I mean, who isn't?
god i wish that were me
I love it when you can get a 2-for-1 deal at your local slut market
If I ever have a girlfriend, I'm hoping she'll be a quiet filthy virgin anal slut.
i love the warmer weather. the sluts are wearing shorter skirts and you can really tell which ones are “accidentally” exposing themselves and getting off on it.
>Imagine being a slut.
>Imagine lounging around on silk sheets and thick cushions all day long.
>Imagine having the best makeups, perfumes, and slutty clothes to wear (or not wear)
>Imagine being protected by Equestrian magic so you never get sick, hurt, or old.
>All you have to do is fuck anyone, and anypony who comes in the door, and pays.
>No darkies.
Sounds like heaven.
File: 2008464.jpg (1.65 MB, 3507x4960)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Whore of CHS clinging to her slutty mentor.
File: 2008652.jpg (120 KB, 1045x1754)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
File: 1490221070495.jpg (415 KB, 703x1024)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
That's when the WHORESH come out! Schakin' their ashes!
those panty lines are absolutely glorious. i wish she had been wearing something more slutty like a thong or a tanga

Cadence & the other Unprincipals are the pussies who always get the cream...

...in their pussies
File: 2000468.jpg (1023 KB, 1900x1950)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG
>"Oh! Hello Anon! Fancy meeting you here!"
"This is my house."
>"Oh is it now? Trixie never noticed!"
"How did you even get in?"
But Anon, tits need cream too.
Any anal greentexts?
File: cadance 1542738286485.jpg (83 KB, 510x781)
83 KB
Oh, what I'd give for a chance to bury my face in her delicious ass...
File: 1537389167229.png (624 KB, 1280x2294)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
What would Rarity be saying to Sunset if she was prepping her for her gangbang with the entire canterlot high football team?
god i wish that were me
>ywn be prepped and dressed in slutty clothes by Rarity for your first gangbang
File: 2009930.png (1.15 MB, 960x1200)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
The demon inside her made her slutty. She actually likes it.
Now she shows up to school every day in trashy, cheap cosplay tier clothes that get drenched in cum by the end of the day.
File: rarityv2.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
>She makes you a skimpy dress personally
>Rarity brushing your hair
>"Oh darling! it will be marvelous! You're going to feel like a lady."
>She powders your face and sends you on your way
Does Ayy!Candy have a kid, too?
Holy fuck, she’s hot
Maybe in the next thread. We're right up to bump limit so nobody's going to post one now.

Mission complete guy. We just infection other thread.
File: ___ - Shimslut.gif (551 KB, 282x427)
551 KB
551 KB GIF
Baking new bread.
File: 00000.jpg (3.36 MB, 2550x3128)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB JPG
Fresh out of the oven.

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