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Do you want Granny Smith to be your substitute teacher, /mlp/?


Old thread:
Let's do this!
None of this are RGRE?
>Anon is a bad house husband and ends up spanked by his wife/wives
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1.33 MB GIF
Pic unrelated.

I would love that. There are some F/M stories but nothing exactly that.




On fimfiction there are some stories, usually leaning more erotic than anything.

>Spanking involving the three reindeer from The Best Gift Ever
>Alice already knows she will be spanked
>Bori's job is to keep her in line, after all
Let's do this! 2.0
Imagine this occurring with spanking. I guess pet play taken to a new level? Having Fluttershy being dommed by angel would be funny as hell.
Let's do this! 3.0a
Are writefags kill?
Joh should have a new story. It might not be revised yet.

Feedback helps writefags feel like their work is appreciated. Hardly anything has much feedback so anyone should feel free to bump with that.
There is a good number of new images in the discord if someone can be bothered to put them on derpibooru.
I did this a few years ago and was always a little disappointed that nobody ever caught the reference with the dress,
You writefags have become one of the only things worth coming to /mlp/ for.
Too bad you guys seem to be so few and far now a days.

I'm an avid green reader but not a worthy critic.
But if feedback is what might motivate you faggots(friends) to write more greens, I will contribute what I can!

Let's do this! v4.0( AnyMinuteNow edition )
It does, some people depend on it so they know their writing is seen, same for art etc. even if it’s negative, constructive criticism is always welcomed so they can improve. Just bit destructive criticism, that could just make them never want to post again.
Any story requests that I may or may not do lol. Just want some ideas and maybe creativity will spark. Preferably canon characters though.
Was thinking about Joh's Starswirl /royal sisters story.


Starswirl could be their new tutor. He could spank to punish but also to test magical ability (like the end of On Fire).

>Make them fetch schoolfilly uniforms from the other end of the castle while their rumps are marked up
>Test their ability to break the corner time hexes he puts on them
>Some lessons are entirely over a desk when they aren't studying hard enough
>Not just spanking, he teaches them while they are bent over

The alicorns are stronger but Starswirl knows more magic theory. He did the sisters get beaten so much that he worries for the safety of Equestria.
That would be hilarious and totally something he would do, and they would not have a clue for the first few times it occurs. They wouldn’t think of him teaching them in such an unorthodox manner. But, Wouldn’t that just teach them to break the punishments? Meaning they could act up if they wanted to?
Based on his "don't give a fuck" attitude in the story, I think he would see the humiliation as part of the punishment and a necessary way to make them stronger. His ways worked in the past and he doesn't notice or care that the ponies are 1000 years older now.

Why would they follow a punishment they could break? Why don't they smite him on the spot? Deep down they know they deserve it, and at some link in the chain there will be an authority they can't overrule.

He could also keep some hexes to himself while teaching how to get out of others.
A classic
Joh: if you have a story, now is the time to post it. Thread could use discussion fodder.

There was a oneswat with harry the bear spanking Fluttershy to get anger out. I think it's just in the story called "one-swats".

Concept is good, Angel is a plausible dom. Much like the oneswat I mentioned, it could appeal to some biological need for the animal. Thus explaining why she participates.

The dress reference is my white whale. Want to spill the beans in some director commentary all these years later?
>Want to spill the beans?
Might as well.
Scarlett O'Hara does the same thing in the novel/movie 'Gone with the Wind'. She takes down the green curtains to make a dress. I crudely used the same colors and general design.
Sound of music as well, slightly different scenario though.
Let's do this! v5.0
Dubs confirm clever. I saw that movie once, long ago, but did not make the connection.

Her rump turned Scarlett O'Rara.
“I can see it now! Princess of Jealousy Twilight sparkle! Bent on ruining her competition.” Said the voice of the concolt Flim, with his partner in crime Flam right next to him.

That caught Twilight’s attention; it even made her eyes widen by initial shock of the threat. ‘They wouldn’t… would they? If they did something like that…’

“So sad” Flam’s voice entered, breaking her thoughts, “A news story like that would destroy your reputation. Nopony would want to go to YOUR school after that!” He said getting closer to her.

Before she could control herself, she found herself extremely scared, tears forming on her eyes in fear as she stared back into the eyes of her competition. As much as she hated to admit it, they had the upper hoof. If those photos were released to the public. Nopony would come… all of her work would have been for nothing.

They continued to tease all of the possibilities and outcomes of what would happen if her photo got sent out to Equestria.

She was thinking frantically on what to do — anything that could give her a chance at rebuttal. But then she heard some words of hope in the midst of their threatening.

“Unless… you do your share to fix the problem you have made here today.” Flim said happily, with his twin standing next to him, smiling just as brightly. It made Twilight uncomfortable. What could he be talking about, whatever it was, it was something sinister. She knew them, they were the bad guys, they have to be stopped or reformed, and these two have been given more than enough chances.

“What exactly do you two have in mind?” she asked raising an eyebrow at the two business ponies.
Detention at the university Part 2

They looked at each other and Flam smiled, “Well, you seem to be acting immature, and in need of a good lesson, so you are going to have to enroll at Friendship University for a whole day!” … “ It will be slightly unorthodox since you will require a new lesson plan” Flim followed up immediately after his brother finishing for him.

Twilight couldn’t help but gulp once more. She would have to suffer through the humiliation of going to a friendship school! She ran her school! She would definitely give them a piece of her… “Unless you don’t care about your school being closed down…” Flam said, interrupting her thoughts. He must have seen through Twilight’s expression.

She rolled her eyes, "Fine. What do you want me to do, go to a classroom? " she asked feeling rather annoyed. The sooner she got this over with, the sooner she could get out of this place. But she did not like what she saw, it was the two of them, simultaneously shaking their heads.

"tut tut, we simply do not allow rudeness such as eye rolls here Ms. Sparkle." Flim sighed, and while Flam added on, "And that attitude towards this is not a good mindset to have. You need to be willing to learn. I think before the lessons it will be best to help break you into the methods of the school. Everypony went through orientation, but yours will be slightly more... physical."

He said seeming to have found the word he was looking for.

She was confused by what he was talking about, but her questions were quickly answered by Flam, who had walked over and took and walked past her.

She was about to ask what was happening, but a firm green aura surrounded her ear, and it was tugged up rather firmly.
Detention at the university Part 3

"Aie!" she exclaimed and the slightly burning sensation she felt in her ear. The aura tugged her ear in the direction of Flam who continued walking, and without much of choice, Twilight followed suit.

"Flim! Flam! Stop this!" she said still struggling to keep up as he had not made it easy for her. Her first thought that came in her mind was to just fight back. But she couldn’t. They still had too much on her, and if she fought them, they could still report her. So for now, going along with them was the best option.

He kept her ear in a high grip making her have to walk on her tip hooves so that she wouldn't feel addition pain. Furthermore, he held the aura going at different speeds, so she had to match it. Consequently, she kept hurting her ear by going too fast, or too slow.

They took her along the corridor, and she was desperately hoping the students haven't arrived. She planned this little plan of hers in the early morning. She had designed it so that they would both be asleep.

Boy did that work as planned...

"I can walk you know!"

She said while she still was struggling, hoping they would listen to her. To her surprise, they looked at each other. Almost as if they were internally communicating with each other.

Which is completely impossible, she had researched studies to the brains of twins, and how they were definitely, most certainly NOT able to mentally communicate.

However, they looked back at her, and Flim spoke first. "I tried to talk him out of it Ms. Sparkle, but professor Flam here makes a good point, this is a punishment."

To which Flam responded, “This IS a punishment, isn't it Ms. Sparkle?"
Detention at the university Part 3

Oh no, she was not going to be their plaything, to say whatever they want her to say. So she remained silent, great plan right? Apparently, it was not, as her ear was pulled further up so that she could barely stand tall enough to handle it, and the grip felt much tighter as well.

"Isn't it Ms. Sparkle?" Flam repeated firmly, almost threateningly.

"Owie! Yes, fine, it's a punishment." She said blushing. There, thank Celestia she was able to say that. But it wasn’t enough for him.

"It's a punishment, sir." Flam corrected with a smile.

She looked at him with a, 'are you serious?' look on her face.

Which of course, he seemed to understand as he nodded. "As your teacher, I think a degree of respect is in order. Don't you think?" He was smiling as he said so, and even Flim rolled his eyes in an amused manner. "Yes, it is a punishment...sir," she said, still somewhat reluctantly. They both nodded, and they went back to walking.

Twilight, who was too focused on having to address them as "sir" and having to accept it's a punishment, she did not even realize they had stopped moving. But once the pulling began, she instantly winced and continued to walk along with them.

Luckily, they had kept a steadier pace, so she was able to walk in a manner that was least painful, Within 3 minutes, they had reached one of the classrooms. It was standard, the two windows, four rows of desks going back six chairs each. There was a front desk, with papers that were crammed everywhere, finishing it off with a classic blackboard. An excellent room, even Twilight could admit that. It was actually quite professional.
Detention at the university Part 5

Flim went to the front desk to help set up, while Flam talked to Twilight, "So here's the deal, Ms. Sparkle, you're going to be a student for a day. You will learn some friendship lessons planned out for you, and your behavior, or, it will be made for you. We, of course, haven't had time to make one yet, but we will.”

She sighed, "Y-Yes sir," she said, hoping to get this day of learning over with, luckily, it may give her what she needs to prove that they aren't legitimate because there is no way their lessons will be sufficient in teaching friendship.

He smiled, "But! We are going to treat this as early morning detention, for all your troublemaking ways.” That caught her attention. What did he mean? S-She had never gotten a D- a D-...detention... ever before. Never!

"W-w-what do you mean, d-detention?" She asked She forgot the fact that she wasn't a student anymore. She was in a mindset of her younger self. A student, back in school, what if this detention showed up on her permanent record!

"I mean, well, we'll show you," Flam said once again bringing a mischievous smirk to his muzzle. And he put his aura around her ear bring her closer to the front desk.

"OW! " Was the pained vocal word of choice for poor twilight, who was forced to come where her ear was pulled to. She rubbed her poor ear as she waited for what he was going to say next.

"Now, I'm sure you're familiar, but, for fun, I'll tell you. Hooves on the desk, and keep that tail raised. Any attempt to lower the tail, or to block the upcoming swats of the upcoming SPANKING, we will be forced to add further correction."

Twilight's jaw dropped. He was planning on... No... He couldn't possibly be considering. "A-a spanking?"She asked it came out more of a whimper. She was a grown mare!
Detention at the university Part 6
"Why yes, a spanking Ms. Sparkle. Unless you would prefer us to send a picture to every headline in ponyville.” Flam threatened, while Flim, who had returned from a quiet manner to speak up. "It is quite deserved ms. Sparkle, now get into position."

Even he had a firm tone in his voice. Twilight gulped,
‘okay Twilight, you've been spanked before, it will be okay.'

'Yes, but not in years!!'

'I know it will hurt, but it is for the school, all we have worked for,'

'I don't like it, but I guess I'm technically with you to the end.'

After a second of thought, and a bit of an internal conversation, Twilight obeyed the order and stood on her hind legs. Her balance was never great, (the best she had ever done was balancing on a lily pad) and she hobbled her front hooves down on the desk.

She had been in this position once or twice as a filly, but she was always the least spanked in the class, except for that one year where Moondancer got spanked one time less than her, they argued about that a lot, and consequently, both got spanked that day.

She swallowed some her pride, and slowly rose her tail, and she kept it high enough so that her rump was a perfect position to be... to be spanked. She laid it gently across her back.

"That's a good girl, Ms. Sparkle." Flim praised as he got a ruler from his drawer and handed it to Flam, which he took, "well brother mine, I think that is your cue, ready? I'll take care of scolding this naughty filly; she definitely won't be doing that again!"

Twilight blushed at the statement, especially getting called a naughty filly. But she really didn't have a place to say what she thought.

"Oh yes my lovely brother, I am extremely ready to give her some reminders to not steal and try again."

Unknowingly to twilight his took aim and raised the ruler, and swiftly brought it down with a firm hit to her bottom.


Detention at the university Part 7
The impact came, but it took almost a second for the pain to resonate with Twilight. "A-Ah!" she gasped slowly. Having not been on the receiving end of a spanking for a good ten years, it was something she definitely wasn't looking forward to. But after the first came, the second followed closely behind.

She gave the usual winces, and grunts, with an occasional yelp. It was painful... as expected. Flam kept raining down smacks to her behind with the ruler. Each one making a small ruler shape mark on her fur, making it bottom full with pink lines.

Soon, she was feeling pain spread throughout her bottom. However, her face flushed with embarrassment as she was a grown mare actually receiving a spanking, and by two crooks while at it. She covered her face with her hooves so that she could wipe her eyes that were watering slightly.

This plan of hers was unsuccessful for Flim took her hooves with his own, bringing them back down to the desk, keeping her teary-eyed face in the open.

"Now now Ms. Sparkle, we can't have that during your punishment. If you are feeling humiliated, if you are feeling shame, if you’re ashamed… then that means we are doing our job." His voice was calm and fluid, but it still came with a bit of power that matched his tone well. It was firm, but more at ease than Flam's.

"OWW!" Her thoughts were interrupted like they were constantly as she became a victim of yet another smack to her bottom.

Flim continued to talk to her a she got her rump consistently smacked."Now, let's start simple. Why are you here getting a spanking Ms. Sparkle? "

Twilight sighed, she might as well cooperate, maybe she would get a lighter sentence. "I oww, am being spanked for sticking my nose in oww! in your business." She said this, not believing it was deserved, but knew it would be what he wanted.
Detention at the university Part 8
"Well, not quite, yes you were doing that, and that is wrong. But, it goes deeper than that, you automatically think we are trying to be up to something. We are here teaching these wonderful lessons to ponies, but you're worried about the competition. That's quite selfish isn't it?"

That caught Twilight off guard. With the raging spanks contacting her rump, it was hard to focus, but his message had made her think. Was it true? No! It is not!."Well, why should I believe you! You have been up to no good for the past three interactions with you two!" She slight outburst was rewarded with five firm spanks to her sit spots.

"AH! OWW, Okay Okay! Fine! OWW Stop!"

While she was whining about the harsher spanks, Flim continued. "Alright Ms. Sparkle, while I will say our Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic may have been a hoax, but we have learned from that past mistake. However, our Super Cider Squeazy 6000 was most definitely not a hoax! We were a competitive business that worked wonderfully, and we were able to help the production rates with that machine than the six elements of harmony and three other relatives of the apple family. Our only setback was that we tried to speed up the process which made the machine not work as functioned. And whose fault was it that made us turn that machine on so fast? You all wouldn't let our business work like yours did, we wanted to make a deal, but you said no. Our work, our business failed because of the pride of the Apple family!"
Detention at the university Part 9

Twilight was looking down. She didn't want to feel remorse, or sadness for what he was going through. Flam's spanks were still coming down one after the other, and her little squeaks turned to louder yelps and weak little kicks as her purple flank shone bright pink and a few underlying light red marks appeared.

"Yeowch, ow,... look ow, I'm sorry we owww hurt your business, but the apples AH! Worked hard and we are friends OWW, and we tried to Help OWW! Our AAHH! Friends!" She defended, maybe bringing friendship into this would go in her favor, since it was part of the problem between them.

Flam had increased the intensity of the spanks as Twilight had shifted her apology into an excuse. With the spanks getting harder, Twilight ceased her talking, and Flim took this as a cue to keep going. " Well, to continue, the other time I encountered Ms. Jack was when we needed help. Flam and I had some... personal business partnering problems. That aside, here's a major problem, You weren't there for any of those later two situations. You cannot simply judge us by the tale of another. Sure to her it was true, but that was her opinion, have you ever thought to hear us out? To see how we think of any of this situation where we are blamed as the perpetrators?"

He asked with a raised eyebrow, lifting twilight yelping face as her rump was getting redder and redder with each next swat to her derriere.

Twilight was in a predicament. She started to see a point that Flim was making, but each BUCKING time she tried to think about his point, Flam hit her flanks with his stupid 12in again. Tears were starting to fall freely out of her eyes 'I-I guess I wasn't there, do I have the right to ju…’ “oowwww!!!...” ‘ Hm, I never did ask Applejack to share the situation from the…’ “AAIEEE! OW Please!"
Detention at the university Part 10
Her thoughts often lead to very vocal reactions from her muzzle. Her front hooves shook, and she moved them to wipe some tears from her eyes, but Flim placed them back on the table.

"No No, As I said before, I think it's best to have your shame be shown, those tears shouldn't be dried quite yet my dear," he said rubbing her arm as if to soothe her momentarily. It didn't help much since the next swat made her sob and tears fell quicker and harder, and not being able to hold some dignity by wiping her tears made it worse.

The funny part was, while the pain in her rear was awful... and it was awful, like Princess Celestia had sent her rump to the sun and back... She felt something worse. With each spank, a feeling went inwards, deeper past her rump, and into her gut, with each scolding sentence from Flam's mouth, echoing into her heart. She felt... guilt. These two ponies that she always believed, without a doubt in her head were the bad guys. If they were in a situation, it was automatically their doing because they had to be at fault.

And then it hit her.
She inwardly would have laughed at the irony if it wasn't that she had a moment of clarity. This isn't the first time this has happened. Memories flood through the channels of her brain, of a blue magician becoming friends with her student, a scheming draconequus friends with one of her best friends. The times where she has judged a pony, or be it creature by their past actions without giving them a chance of changing for the better.

Unfortunately, her thinking wasn't as deep as she only saw a few vivid imaginings in her head before the next swift flick of the ruler made its mark on her bottom still sticking up in the air.

Twilight was soon unable to think about her regrets as the pain increased substantially. Her eyes were pouring; she was constantly sniffling, kicking her hooves against the floor.
Detention at the university Part 11
"Oww Please!! I'm Sorry!! You're right!! I Should've OWWW Thought about your perspectives. I-I disappointed you, and m-myself; I should have acted better, hearing both sides AH! B-B-before immediately agreeing with my friends... I'm so sorry SIRSOOWWW!"

As she cried out her little apology, she found herself realizing, the plethora of spanks, had ceased. She was still sobbing heavily, but she knew the relief of understanding, the spanking she had just endured... was over.

"Ah! There's a good filly!"
Flam said with a heart hoof swat to her bottom, causing a mini howl to escape from Twilight as he was sore enough that the lightest of spanks hit like a dozen paddles.
She whimpered for a few moments, still trying to calm down her heaving. But even though the punishment was finally over... well, she had desperately hoped it was, she felt another small tug from her ear. This time, it wasn't a magical aura, it was Flam's teeth, who gave a firm bite on her ear, enough to have her keep up the pace with him.

"O-Oww, I Thought we were done..." she said weakly. She was dragged to the corner of the room.

"Not entirely, this is detention, and after a nice bum warming, comes some reflection time in the corner. So I want you to stand here, nose against the wall, and your tail raised. Use this time to think about your behavior.” he corrected.
Detention at the university Part 12
"Ow, W-What??" She was confused as she was lead to the corner, she thought about the instructions given, they made sense. Timeouts were a foal's punishment, and she was being treated like a foal, fiery red freshly spanked bottom and all. The worst part was that she deserved it, she realized that she deserved a proper punishment for not treating ponies fairly, and prioritized her friends without hearing other points of view. So she swallowed her pride and pressed her nose firmly against the crack between the two walls.

She blushed, stayed still as she smelt the paint off the walls, trying to use it to keep her mind off her bottom which was flaming as if Spike tried to send her bottom as a letter. She felt very much like a little filly, she had seen ponies like Applejack do this to her student when they misbehave, but she never gave it much thought. It was boring; she couldn't move because she was trying to follow her orders of standing obediently.

Flim and Flam got together, they seemed to be looking in her direction and talking to themselves, she could hear one of them, probably flam, snickering, no doubt it was her appearance, having her red rump facing outwards towards the room.

She did not know how long she was standing here for, but it had definitely been at least half an hour. She was trying to hold still, but after the long time spent in the corner, she was desperate to move around. Luckily her savior came.

Flim had patted her head."Alright, Ms. Sparkle, you're done now, I hope a spanked bottom and some time in the corner had its needed effect, and I hope you will think before judging too quickly."
Detention at the university Part 13
He smiled at her, and Flam was there nodding, his brother was better and being more compassionate, his skill was the business and action side of things.

Twilight turned from the corner instantly and started rubbing her sore flanks, and she lowered her head slightly at the final warning/scolding she was receiving. "Yes, sirs... I'm sorry once again," she said.

What happened next surprised her, both Flim and Flam came to her and gave her a comforting hug, and she, maybe even surprising herself, hugged them back. She felt better like her past mistakes had been forgiven. She had been given a second chance to be a better Princess of Friendship, a better pony.

"Now please excuse us for a few moments, we need to get our lesson book so we can plan for the days worth of lessons for the ponies coming to class. Would you... You wouldn't want to maybe join the curriculum... would you?"

She thought about it, what kind of searcher of knowledge would she be if she didn't try to learn more. She needed to learn everything she could about friendship, "I- I think I would actually. I want to know more about friendship, and maybe, if Starswirl likes it, maybe I will as well."

They both nodded smiling, “We will be right back Ms. Sparkle."

And they ran off to get their items. Twilight went to look around the room, and She saw two upside down paintings. "Well, that's an interesting way of seeing art.” She continued looking at it, but soon realized the clock was set at the wrong time, "Oops, I better help them out."

She used her magic to turn the clock and soon heard a loud noise, the walls around her moved up, she didn't know what was happening, it seemed to be a passageway of some sort. She slowly walked through, and she saw gold, piles of gold. There was a 3d model of some kind and a blackboard of plans.
Detention at the university Part 13
"No Way! They were making ponies pay for their lessons! This is... a scandal!"

She heard a gasp, and she turned around to see a shocked Flim and Flam. "Ms. S-Sparkle, F-funny you found our room, this is just junk.." Flam said

She looked at them, quite angrily. "You two... I was right all along! You two are jerks!"

They looked at each other, nervously, they could get into serious trouble with a princess being involved, she had more jurisdiction that the apple farmer did not.

"P-princess, we implore you to be merciful... We were doing this for the people!" Flam said.

She sighed, and looked at them, yes what they did was long, but it did help teach some friendship lessons... in the wrong way but, they did have a point in what they were showing her.

"I may be able to cut you two some slack, on one condition."

They gulped when they saw her smirk slightly. "A-and what would that be princess..."

She looked at them and smiled brightly." I think two naughty colts are in need of a good detention!"


Author's note:
Hello! This was my original first story before I had the idea of the shorter Celestia, Luna and Starswirl story. This is another school setting story so there are some similarities. However, I believe they are different enough that it isn't a copy and paste scenario. Please tell me what you think and how I should improve on my next story which will not be a school setting hah. It's time to try a new scenario.
And I realize I made some mistakes on the parts, oops, my bad. Happy holidays and hope this was an okay late gift.
Good shit. Good use of Flim and Flam. They have never been spankers before. More feedback later.
Imagine a slight change to this episode. The student 6 are all responsible and don't want to stay at school over the holiday.


Quick punishment instead of long detentions? Only one thing I can think of fits that bill...
The hard thing is that it would be a ensemble spanking. Meaning you have to spank all six of them while not being repetitive. It would be hard lol.
Thanks a lot! I look forward to it.
They finally fixed mobile posting, thank fuck
9 unique posters. People in the Discord should post here, it's a good way to get new people interested in the community.

Anyway, feedback for Joh's story.

>Well, you seem to be acting immature, and in need of a good lesson
A cliche that gets me going every time.

Then they immediately get into their role as friendship teachers for little Twilight. unf.

>Everypony went through orientation, but yours will be slightly more... physical."
"Physical" completely works for making this hot. Realistically, I think Flam might have been less direct. They are scammers. It makes more sense that Twilight would get in over her head when they make vague statements she agrees to. Instead of "physical", he could say "traditional", "grounded", or "back to basics".

Good job justifying why she is going along with it. You did well with that in "Unfinished Lessons" also.

Ear pull, instant joy. And you go into detail about the ear pull which I rarely see. Extra pain that Twilight can't get out of because she can't match the speed of her captor. Walking on her tip hooves must be so humiliating.

>what if this detention showed up on her permanent record!
Hilarious. Great little detail.

>the upcoming SPANKING
I absolutely can imagine Flam relishing every moment of his power over Twilight and emphacizing the word "spanking"

The internal monologue was a good way to break up the story.

>a perfect position to be... to be spanked.

Another good way to get us inside her head.

You give a reason to be sympathetic towards Flim & Flam, which makes the story work wonders. Twilight feels actual guilt and that makes her break down.

Then, when it's all revealed to be a trick, Twilight is fully justified giving them their own medicine.

>"Ah! There's a good filly!"
>Flam said with a heart hoof swat to her bottom
I fucking love the casual swat with a hoof that is received just as poorly as the ruler smacks.
Good detail with the paint in corner time.

>she had seen ponies like Applejack do this to her student when they misbehave
It's not clear if AJ just uses corner time, or also spanks. This would be a good spot for a little more detail. A chance for Twilight to reflect on how it didn't seem like a big deal, but now that she is experiencing it, she hates it.

Overall this is a delightful story. I really value your perspective on humiliation. I support you picking a different theme for your next story, but also don't think you've written everything there is to write in a school setting.

Thanks for the posts, Joh!

Misc hot
>“This IS a punishment, isn't it Ms. Sparkle?"
> If you are feeling humiliated, if you are feeling shame, if you’re ashamed… then that means we are doing our job.
>slight outburst was rewarded with five firm spanks to her sit spots.
>Flam had increased the intensity of the spanks as Twilight had shifted her apology into an excuse.
>each BUCKING time she tried to think about his point, Flam hit her flanks with his stupid 12in again.
>Timeouts were a foal's punishment, and she was being treated like a foal, fiery red freshly spanked bottom and all.
>Flim had patted her head."Alright, Ms. Sparkle, you're done now, I hope a spanked bottom and some time in the corner had its needed effect, and I hope you will think before judging too quickly."

Misc funny
>they argued about that a lot, and consequently, both got spanked that day.
>her bottom which was flaming as if Spike tried to send her bottom as a letter.
Thank you so much on the feedback. I would have done a different situation for my second story, but this really was my first that was almost complete, but I was sidetracked with the royal sisters story. But I still wanted to get this out.
The humiliations I used were just things I personally enjoy, I loved them in other stories so I knew I wanted to do some.
The tricky thing was the twins of flim and flam. I wanted them to be different and by watching their episodes I say flim is almost like the Luigi in their case. So I made him the scolder while his more outgoing brother performed the spankings act. But scolding (to me) is the key to what makes this a spanking story for spanking, and a spanking story with a purpose. So I made his role key in twilights development, not just making her give in due to pain alone. Once again thank you for your comment and I look forward to my next story. And the reviews that follow.
Also! When you commented about her going along with it. I didn’t have that until last minute. I was going to have a friend edit it but he got busy. I was reading it over and had the realization that twilight is a magic prodigy and princess, why would she go along with this! Lol. So I had to think of something. I’m happy it made sense.
File: 1543306294329.png (135 KB, 500x456)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>tfw a new spanking thread
heh Rarity is always the main target
For ponies at least I love spanking rarity since she can be bratty sometimes, need to give her a real reason to use that couch of hers. To cradle a red rump.
I forgot to say:
I would have liked more threats of student interaction, or actual student interaction. Twilight's fears aren't capitalized on. She could be even more humiliated if she only found out about the lie after her first friendship class.
That would be funny! But I didn’t want to be too harsh. I want to try some different things in the future so maybe I’ll be super harsh and extra for the next one. Heh.
File: homefromwork.jpg (475 KB, 1426x1076)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
In progress bump
NICE. It's totally up to you, but it would be easier to see all your work if you picked a name.
The first part of her detention is over. But sitting is a real pain in the rear...
Wish I could give her a pillow or cushion to sit on instead
File: homefromwork2.jpg (385 KB, 1070x807)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Finished pic, just did some minor shading adjustments.
Alright, I'm not super into the name thing, but if it makes the stuff easier to file and manage just call me Goblin. I'm still probably gonna keep most of my non art replies anonymous though.
File: homefromworkred.jpg (444 KB, 1189x897)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Dat ass. Such realistic spank marks too.
I want to tan Scootaloo's tush with a hairbrush while she cries and kicks her hooves. I want to redden from the very tops of her buttocks all the way down to her upper thighs in a thorough 20 minute long spanking session. I will give her tail a good tug after she tries to cover her filly flanks with it, stick her heated tushy in the air, and and thwack the hairbrush vigorously on her sit spots like I'm playing the drums with one arm.

Scootaloo will cry and when the redness turns darker and darker, she will beg. Oh please, please no more, I won't ride my scooter in the Everfree swamp again! But this is the third time, and strike 3 means you're out, Scoot!

After her punishment I will put her into the corner for 20 minutes, and warn her to stay still. But when I get back, tiptoeing into the room, I see her hoof massaging her bottom cheeks. Scoot is sniffling, and her butt is high in the air like she is trying to get the air to cool her glowing botty cheeks down. You clear your throat. Scootaloo jumps with a fearful whimper, knowing what this means for her poor flanks. You caught her disobeying again!

No no, no please Anon, I didn't mean it! She will say. You respond by pulling her by the ear, bend her over the armchair, and pick up the hairbrush. Then you tug on the sobbing orange filly's purple tail, lift her spanked red hind end up til her hips leave the chair arm, and you deliver the justice of a continuous, two minute long nonstop assault of hairbrush whacks on the middle of both her naughty, but still adorable butt cheeks. Scootaloo bawls kicks and shakes her little plot with the rippling spanks, and when it's over, you pick her up and stick her drippy nose back in the corner.

But it's not over yet. Poor Scootaloo, but her bedtime spanking for disobeying in corner time is still yet to come.
Love 20 minutes don’t you lol. Cool story, I would do that to twi, or maybe rarity, or aj lol. Mane six are great spankees. Poor scoots, she shouldn’t have rubbed
Your daughteru messed up. Like, not badly to go berserk with her, you didn't have to pick her up from the police station or pay for a broken window, but still she made you exhale through your nose and perform a hard facepalm.
She really wanted that PonyStation 4 with tons of games set, you're ok with it, she's quite nerdy with her small pony consoles collection, but the price was way too high to grab it straight from the store. You told her that there will be a huge discount in your favourite electronic store in 3 weeks and then you'll buy her the console. Of course she fired at you a huge scrunchypout and whinned about 3 weeks being long as 3 years, but you were adamant - you love your daughter and support her hobbies, but there were more important things to buy first.
So, long story short, one day you found the PonyStation 4 in her room, hidden under the bed. And it was not after the 3-week wait. Oh, and you didn't buy it... shit. You know, it was quite impressive for her to bring that huge box by herself, unpack and plug everything in without you noticing it, but how the hell did she buy it? She doesn't have enough cash to buy a single controller for this console.
So, after school you asked her to go to her room, where you left the console on her bed, see what is wrong, come back and tell you.
It was not a surprise she came back with a super-nervous and super-guilty expression on her face that almost made you laugh. Almost, because if she stole the console, you were going to murder her, murder her with magnets. To your relief, she "only" stole the cash from you. Yes, your credit card, the magical piece of plastic that held the infinite amount of money... at least it looked like that for her. You took a deep breath and looked at her worried face. Welp, you won't return the console, that would be pointles at this point, but the firing squad must be called.
>no pocket cash for her for one month
>no tv and games for 2 weeks
>no parties, sleepovers and slumber parties for 3 weeks
>all veggies must be eaten, no exceptions, for one month
>and the cherry on top, a game you prepared for her
The game was a secret weapon you never used since you didn't have to, but she knew how to play this game and she always clamped her tail to cover the butt every time you mentioned it. Yes, a spanking, and to be more precise, a spanking lottery. A few pieces of paper with tools and time durations written of them, she would draw one and we walk straight to her bedroom. You know, she never received a real spanking before, no wild tantrums, no swearing or acting like a brat, but a few times she received a smack or two on the butt for being too cocky or annoying... Most of the times it was more like a playful reminder than a full blown punishment, so when she heard about the Operation "Red Butt Game" being implemented, she looked at you with dread.
You said she would have to wait with the spanking to the evening and that made her pale and start apologizing. Of course it didn't change your mind what she accepted with defetat, but the rest of the day quite entertaining. Like that one moment when you prepared a dinner, picked up a wooden spoon and looked at it with interest, wondering if you should put it to the pool. She panicked and begged you to leave the spoon, and after 5 minutes you agreed it's not suitable for the FIRST time... Well, you never planned to use it fist, but still the way she tried to convince you was funny.
Something about this makes me uncomfortable and I'm not sure what
This is cute, a cool dad who Is taking discipline as necessary but has more of a humorous look than meanness to him. A game though, that’s rough. And just for laughs... you made me exhale through my nose?! That’s a paddlin.
Not just for laughs, it's a psychical punishment to choose your poison. Options will be moderate considering her first time, so it's more the waiting game. Will write more tomorrow
Do you have a name? Or are you anonymous and making a first story?
Nice, neat concept so far. Its a nice concept of a girls first time being when she's a bit older, and done in the context of a family where it isn't common. I feel like this could be made into a much longer story, but you keep doing what you're doing.
File: roll.png (37 KB, 1271x739)
37 KB
No name, my first thing.

> I feel like this could be made into a much longer story
I don't consider it to be a story, more like an extended idea for it, anyone can pick it up and write a long version, with buildup, more interaction between the pony and Anon. There were three ideas:

>a parent who doesn't turn a spanking into a frenzy torture, but a reaction to the kid's action
>choose the way she's going to get spanked
>parent not being a dick

And there, after a few hours there she is, in her pink pajamas looking at you, pouting with sad eyes . Nope, you told her if she messes up, it's a spankin'. You ruffle her mane and place the jem of your autism, a stripped fedora in front of her, inside there are dozens of tiny pieces of paper. The full list consists of:

>1. [hand, 25 times] x2
>2. [hand, 15 times] x3
>3. [hand, 20 seconds x2
>4. [hand, 10 seconds x3
>5. [paddle, 10 times] x2
>6. [paddle, 12 times] x3
>7. [paddle, 6 seconds] x2
>8. [paddle, 10 seconds] x3
>9. [belt, 5 times] x1
>10. [belt, 10 times] x2
>11. [belt, 5 seconds] x1
>12. [belt, 10 seconds] x2
>13. [brush, 10 times] x2
>14. [brush, 15 times] x3
>15. [brush, 13 seconds] x2
>16. [brush, 10 seconds] x3
>17. [re-roll] x10
>18. [your choice] x2
>19. [get out of jail free] x1

You smile and ask her to draw one, no peeking. She puts her shaky hoof inside, moves around like trying to fish the best one, and then pulls one, pic related.

Lucky girl, she can roll again! She looks at you with annoyed, yet scared look and tells you it's not funny and she doesn't want to draw another one. You agree to her it's not funny and asks if you should draw two instead. A nice, huge scrunch appeared on her face.
File: unf.jpg (16 KB, 420x218)
16 KB
>You agree to her it's not funny and asks if you should draw two instead. A nice, huge scrunch appeared on her face.
File: paddle time.png (3 KB, 262x102)
3 KB

Clearly she is not happy about her fate. Slowly she walks to her room then, you grab a thick , leather paddle you bought a few years earlier, just for the day like this one. You walk into her bedroom to see your girl lying on belly on the bed, her hindlegs dangling over the edge. Good, but some things need adjustment... One gasp and embarrassed whine later you have her nicely bent over your knee, with pajama pants and panties pulled down to her ankles. To prevent any squirming you hold her tightly with your left arm, and with a quick grab and pull of a fluffy, wiggling tail, you uncover two small buttcheeks and some naughty parts... even if it's only you and her alone in the house, you see her face scrunch and blush massively. To not to make it even more embarrassing, you take a test swing of your paddle and smack your hip, making your girl instantly tense up and clench her butt. You tell her she doesn't have to count and it will be over soon. Before she can say anything, the first CRACK lands in the very center of her butt, making her jump and squeak loudly. Another one, and another one makes her wiggle her hips to make the stinging sensation go away... but it's clearly not working, more and more spanks land on her tush, turning it pink and preventing to cool down. After the last, hard CRACK you place the paddle on the bed and pick up a small pony, to give her a tight hug. With only a pained expression and occassional winces you are quite proud she didn't cry or scream. She cuddles with you on the bed when you calmly explain to her how the credit card works and it's not good to steal someone's money, iddly rubbing her sore rump. After that you pull her panties and pants up and tuck her to sleep... this night she clearly wants to sleep on her belly. Nothing really changed after that evening, she is the same girl who loves video games, but now she knows how your game works and avoids any situations to play it with you.
>now she knows how your game works and avoids any situations to play it with you.

Cute mini story, anon.
This one feels so different to every other spank story. I wish I could learn its secrets. The writer clearly has a spanking kink yet somehow makes a plausible story that happens to have spanking in it.
Now this is a qt! Good filly getting into position without being asked. Hopefully she won't do this again
small spanking neer the end of the first chaptor, not written very well but its the only spanking featuring that filly
I swear if cozy glow spanked neighsay when he was tied up would have been hilarious, but they didn’t do that ofc. Lol
Cozy Glow needs one more than anyone else
She needs it, preferably in a better story.
Let's do this! v6.0( bump edition )
It's full of details. There's a line early on about how some race of creatures appreciated the main character's brushes because they were well crafted, but also because of their supportive attitude towards corporal punishment.
>While the Chineighse might not have approved of me personally for my... differences, they do have a great love for art, and our neighbors were willing to overlook my being different, or at least tolerate it, once the word spread about my turning simple hairbrushes into works of art. The Chineighse culture also favors corporal punishment as a means of correction, so my brushes were in demand for that as well, to be sure,” she added wryly.
File: Firelock_ID_S2E23.png (53 KB, 181x186)
53 KB
>be Firelock
>life is good for a cute filly like you
>only foal
>the joy of your parents' lives
>you try not to be a hooffull
>get good grades
>don't get in with the wrong crowd
>make a mistake every now and then
>since you are a "good filly" you usually get off the hook

>mostly you get in trouble for your big mouth
>talking in school when you aren't supposed to
>inventing new swears while peppering in old classics
>this is not quite a conscious decision
>ponies make fun of you, you make fun of them back
>it's self-defense!
>usually bullies and nobodies are the ones doing it
>Miss Cheerilee has bigger stuff to deal with
>She'll say "cut it out, you two", but that's all

>You have only ever had one detention
>it was technically a "food fight" by school rules
>strict and silly school rules, your parents agreed
>all you did was throw your food into the trash from a little far away
>it all made it in
>no biggie
>as punishment you had to write "I will not throw food" 150 times...
>you are a unicorn!
>but all discipline is the same at Cheerilee's school
>no matter what kind of pony you are
>once you grabbed your stack of paper and showed Cheerilee, you spent the rest of the hour cleaning up around the lunch tables outside the school
>it sucked and was boring

>this is what counts as punishment in your mind
>the same smart mouth that gets you into trouble gets you out of it
>your mom and dad are too soft to really give you any consequences
>they threaten to ground you rarely
>other foals are not as lucky
>sometimes they come to school with a spanked rear-end
>ponies in Ponyville don't normally wear clothes
>so the painful red marks are painted onto your friends' haunches, plain as Celestia's day
>Cheerilee does not paddle often, but she leaves the option open
>her paddle hangs on a hook in the back of the classroom
>Screwups and burnouts get it the most
>you would die if that ever happened to you
Sweet filly. But may need a little soap from what she is saying.
>you have to do an end-of-semester project
>a report on the topic of your choice
>some time in school is dedicated to working on it
>"You need to know how to do work like this"
>you didn't touch it outside of school
>you chat with your filly friends about it
"It's SO HARD!"
"My brother says it never gets easier. You just get older and older and then you die!"
"How about you, Firelock?"
"Oh, I was going to do that closer to the deadline."
>Shocked looks
>That's what you get for making friends with overachievers
"You can't do it in one night. Miss Cheerilee says and everything."
"Okay, I'll start it earlier. Doesn't mean I have to waste all my time after school on it."

>it's now the night before it's due
>you haven't worked on it at all
>in some way you didn't see this coming
>deeper down, you absolutely did
>Next time you will not procrastinate
>you have your books on flowers from the library
>how hard could it be?

"Pumpkin, time for dinner!"
>It's SO HARD!
>You have been working since after school and you barely made a dent in it!
"I need three whole pages TOMORROW and I don't even know where to start!"
"How long have you had to work on it?"
"Umm... about a month."
"A month?! Young filly, you said you didn't have homework!"
"This is a project."
>your mother rolls her eyes
"Well it's your responsibility. Maybe this will teach you not to put off work just so you can play outside."
"Do you need help?"
"No dad..."
>What would they know about flowers?

>after dinner you are back at it
>your real problem is coming up with topics
>you skim over one of your books for the 30th time
>you need a three page paper
>there are three headings in this part about flowers
>gears are turning...

I'm writing this as it's posted, so no more today.

Plagiarism is a spankable offense young filly!
Quick spanking before the speech?
That would boost the kingdom's morale! Lol

>Wanna pretend to be normal? Okay.

>First step: Corporal punishment.
In a cross between Bluejay's changeling story, Bluejay's Trixie story, Nomine's Undercover Blues, and probably tons of fairy tales: Flurry gets bored of the royal life and disguises herself as a regular young teen filly.

She gets taken in by a loving family. But she does not realize how traditional most families were 1000 years ago.
Would read the shit out of this!
The Princess and the Pauper - I love it.
What stops Flurry from going back? First off, I think there are interesting possibilities for both a "runaway Flurry" and a "trading places Flurry" setup.

In The Prince and the Pauper, it's social norms and the unbelievability of the situation. I'm illiterate except for horse porn, so that's from the Wikipedia plot summary.

In magical horse world, "this pony is disguised" is not a stretch. Especially with changelings ahoof and -especially- with Cadance.

This presents an opportunity for a more psychological take on the predicament.

If Flurry Heart is bratty, then fake Flurry Heart (let's call her Tammy), actually raised right in a traditional home, could be well behaved. The royal family could say how much they like her new personality. Cue Flurry's unbelievable guilt, seeing that the pony who has princess-like behavior should become a princess.

Tammy could have the lowliest job in the castle, giving a reason for the two to meet. And when they switch places, Flurry learns how much work it takes to keep the castle up to royal standards. And perhaps the consequences of failure? (A la Bluejay). The conversation with Tammy would be similar to the ending of DCFTEF's Spring Crystal Cotillion.


Some magic could be involved, causing a body swap or a convincing-enough disguise?

One reason Cadance isn't sympathetic to Flurry saying she's really the princess is that Cadance could want to teach her a lesson. You say your adoptive parents punish you for being the brat that you are? And the only spell that the real Flurry could have cast still has a week until it reverses? Maybe that will teach her to be more careful with casting advanced spells without supervision.

If someone does write this, please spend more time on the other pony's name than the 5 seconds I did coming up with "Tammy".
Two options for Flurry leaving. It could be some kind of assignment, or she could run away.

What if every young ruler, at 16 or so, runs off and lives among the peasants for a few weeks to stay in tune with the common ponies? The disguise could be quite convincing if the royal spellcasters / mcguffin items are involved.

Now, to focus on a "runaway" plot.

Why doesn't she return? Her parents will kill her. Spanking might be new to her but she's been "scared straight" in the royal dungeon for a few hours on multiple occasions.

She could be trying to avoid responsibility. She wants to reclaim her life as a foal, or failing that, the life of a commoner. Royal duties leave her with no time for fun.
File: 1546554113161.png (338 KB, 604x796)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
This Cozy Glow pose would be good to show off her spanked backside. She does look too happy about it, however.
This is a good premise for a lengthy story
Wow I love how much you've already sketched out here. This is already a great premise/groundwork for a full story as >>33365880 said. I think it would be really fun but also very challenging to write.

I really need to spend more time in the archive; I haven't actually read any of those stories you referenced. And I stopped watching the show way back in season 5 and have only just started catching up, so I don't know anything about Flurry (although I'm pretty sure she's not actually an angsty teenager). "There's just so much to do!"
>I think it would be really fun but also very challenging to write.
Agreed. There are a lot of angles and getting something worthwhile out of one of them could take time.

I watch every episode partially to check for spank fuel. You can save some effort trying to track down Flurry Heart. She is a young foal in the show. Fan artists have fun aging her up, and apparently the angsty teen angle is one they use often.

The archive is a lot to take in. The "a la Bluejay" was a reference to author Bluejay, although not a specific story. In the last year or so he had a concept of a palace maid being spanked for not doing a job properly, but he never posted a story for it.
I've been lurking and occasionally writefagging in these threads only since like number 53 or something like that. I recognize a lot of author names like Pan, Bluejay, Nomine, and DCFTEF, but I've only read a small handful of stories.

>he had a concept of a palace maid being spanked for not doing a job properly
This sounds right up my alley, I'm sad to hear nothing came of it.
Celestia's Servant Interview with Fluttershy 7:

>Have you and Discord ever thought about you and Discord trading powers for a day?

>Uhm... I think there was enough switching in my life already.

Given Celestia's Servant's other mentions of spanking in his interviews, is this a spanking reference? What else could she be talking about?

Poor Fluttershy got switched. Are there parks in Cloudsdale that have trees with branches suitable as switches?
will you guys please take Vega back so he'll stop shitting up the slave thread?
no you can keep him
The only reason why the slave thread is still alive is his story.
Yes, but also who is AspiringWritefag tho
What’s wrong? He is a great writer and spanking thread would be great with him. But he likes it there better. So his choice.
Trips confirm vega is cancer
Shame, not pain
Length, not strength
Justified, not pointless
Aftermath, not antecedent
Love, not anger
Care, not negligence

Six points to write a good spankfic, I must say most of the stories in your archive suck. You focus too much on beating, than the background, characters. You create a story around a spanking, wasting too much time on unrealistic setup and cries of pain. This is amusing for a reader maybe for 5 minutes, but doesn't get stuck in your head.
There is one story in the slave pony thread about Silver Spoon being taken by a family (mom, dad, daughter). They love each other, mom cares a lot about Spoon, girls play together, a happy family with great days and problems, fun and mistakes, prize and punishment. The punishment usually is a grounding, but one day Spoon tries to steal a cookie from a jar and gets caught by unamused mom. There are just four lines that made the whole story a great spankfic:

>Spankings aren't that bad.
>Heck, they don't even hurt that much.
>The hugs from Jan afterwards did help.
>You didn't cry into Jan's arms for what felt like days.

And your mind races, because you imagine the whole scene based just on the relationships between characters and their stories, reasons, you question if it was necessary or even really happened. There is no need for explicit details or themes you see in every spankfic, and it makes it more realistic.
>most of the stories in your archive suck
I understand where you're coming from with the desire for more character development and background, but I think that saying most of the archive sucks is very harsh. Your "six points" are good guidelines to be sure, but to be inflexible about them and say that they must never be contradicted is not only missing the point of the spanking thread, but also serves to squash any efforts at creating different scenarios that might bend the rules in a pleasantly surprising manner. I can't speak for others, but it certainly seems that sometimes people want a story where the spanking is cruel or unjustified or something else that would go against your six points. And that kind of brings me to your other point.

>You create a story around a spanking
You are right that this can be very constraining, but this is the spanking thread. It is for a very specific demographic, and in general I think that people here are looking for a story about a spanking. Not a story that happens to include a spanking. I haven't read the story you reference, but it sounds like a lot of things other than spanking (which of course is great in most types of stories). I don't think most people here want to read tons of exposition that lead up to a spanking that sounds like it happens virtually "off screen."

You are right that building a story around a spanking is hard to do well, but I view it as a challenge rather than something doomed to fail. I have only written a few stories for this thread, but I try to convey characters and their relationships through the spanking and the circumstances immediately surrounding it, rather than go through lots of character development and then have a brief spanking that doesn't really contribute much additional material.
Funny you should say all that right after people we're talking about vega. His stories include a lot of spankings but for a reason and with a world build around them.
I just started working on a new story, although I think it may be a little different from the usual fare around here. Hoping to have at least the first part done by Monday night or maybe Tuesday.
I did not fully appreciate how many of Zad's stories were connected. Not just referencing, but using other stories to inform events in the new one.
like what? don't have to copy and paste but could you give an example? maybe i'll re-read some of them
Ooh, are you a new writer? or old coming back into the game?

all the stories involving Applejack are connected.

Pony of His Word
Brotherly Love
Apple Family Tradition
Taste of the Farm

Taste of the Farm references Apple Family Tradition. Brotherly Love references Pony of His Word and AJ's conception of honesty.
Maybe a little of both... I've written a few stories for some of the most recent threads.
Oh no no, I'm no Joh. I haven't contributed nearly as much as he has. I've posted all my stories anonymously so far. But maybe I should use a name for my stories, since it seems to help people keep track. My stories in the archive are "How to Get Ponies to DO WHAT YOU SAY!," "Somepony Who Cares," and "True Meaning of Discipline" (all of those titles were written by our awesome archival team, by the way).
I have never posted with a name before, but I have heard that doing so helps people track/filter/archive/etc. the stories. So for now, you may call me Ice.

The following story is part one of a longer concept that was inspired by a dream I had a couple nights ago (yes really, I am basically H. P. Lovecraft but for horse porn). It is... kind of different. It is set in an alternate timeline where Chrysalis successfully takes over Canterlot and starts a war for Equestria. It is also a darker and more gratuitous approach than I am used to. For these reasons, I am very eager to hear any feedback you may have. Was it too cruel/pointless? Conversely, would you be interested in a part two? Or do you think it doesn't even belong in this thread at all? I would love to hear your thoughts.

And with that, I humbly present to you: Welcome to the Hive (Part I)
>Creeping through the dense vegetation, Twilight Sparkle could feel her heart pounding in her throat
>No problem, she thought to herself
>You’ve been in worse situations than this
>Look, this isn’t the first time that the fate of all Equestria lay in your hooves
>Nor the first time that you had to do this without Princess Celestia
>But still…
>This felt pretty darn bad
>With Celestia, Cadance, and her own brother all locked up in the caves below Canterlot
>And Chrysalis calling herself queen of Equestria
>Everything rest with Princess Luna and the final legion of the Equestrian army in the north
>And this ragtag bunch of rebels in this jungle
>This awful, miserable jungle
>Slicing through vines with her deft magic, Twilight tried to move as silently as possible
>The constant cacophony of the local wildlife did wonders to throw off changeling scouts
>Even if that same wildlife was downright hideous
>Ugh, where was Fluttershy when you needed her?
>No problem, remember
>Get it together, Twilight
>Get. It. Together!
>Just as she got her breathing to approach a normal rhythm
>Something let out a long hiss to her right
>She bolted, crashing through ferns and branches in her haste to get away
>There was no way in Equestria that she was letting a snake get anywhere near her
>No matter what the alternative was
>But after a scant few seconds of all-out panic, she started to think a little more rationally about that alternative
>Calm down
>Slowing to a trot, she ducked under a fallen log lying in her path
>And peering out from under it, she saw it with a quick gasp
>Her target
>The reason she was out here in the first place, so far from base camp
>The old station the Equestrian military had built during the early phase of the war
>At that time, they had gone up all across the nation, to monitor each region and provide enhanced communications for the vast majority of ponies without extremely powerful magic or dragon sidekicks
>Surveying it quickly, she smiled to see that the magical-crystal communications array appeared intact
>Darting across the overgrown courtyard, she breathed a quick prayer to Celestia that no changelings were around to have heard her panicked dash of a moment ago
>Inside, the halls and rooms were filled with banks of strange machines, magical energy conduits, and control panels studded with switches and dials
>Everything had already begun to succumb to the force of entropy, with rust taking hold in the weak spots of the equipment and vines creeping into broken windows
>Entering an inner room, she shuddered at the darkness even as the tip of her horn ignited in a soft white light
>She had to get downstairs, to the boilers and steam engines that would power the station
>When suddenly she heard a crashing sound as the main doors were slammed open
>Heavy, careless hoofsteps filled the entryway
>It sounded like dozens of ponies
>Buzzing, panting, snarling ponies
>Her eyes went wide with terror
>This was bad
>She pressed herself into a corner of the dark room and extinguished her light, trying to make herself as small as possible
>The crashing moved closer as the changelings smashed machinery in one room after another
>Twilight grabbed a small, globe-shaped bottle off her belt
>Time to try out this potion, a little ahead of schedule
>Oh how she hoped Zecora knew what she was doing
>She gulped down the blue liquid in an instant
>Okay, this would work
>Although she really didn’t feel any different
>But this had to work
>Because if it didn’t…
>No time to think about that!
>The door burst open and several large changelings charged into the room, scanning with vicious glares of their glowing, darkness-adapted eyes
>Twilight held her breath until her head felt like it would explode, when the nearest beast looked directly at her
>And continued its sweep of the room
>She exhaled with the greatest caution imaginable as a whole herd of the creatures poured into the room, changelings spreading out in all directions through the building
>Zecora really did manage to brew up something that threw off the beasts’ strange senses, or maybe made a pony look just like a changeling to them
>Twilight wasn’t really sure how it worked
>Only that it did
>Of course, she hadn’t doubted Zecora for an instant
>Not an instant
>This was perfect
>Well, except for the fact that this station was now changeling property
>They would have to devise some other way to coordinate with Luna and her forces
>But at least Twilight was home free
>She would just trot right through this horde and creep her way back to base
>She began to sidle towards the door, changelings all around her
>When she sensed a shift in the atmosphere
>She could barely see in the darkness
>Just wicked eyes flashing green here and there
>But the chittering, clicking tide of chitin and fangs seemed to grow denser
>Yes, she was sure of it – and she could make out the silhouette of a particularly large creature coming through the door, surrounded closely by changelings
>They seemed to hang off the larger one, fighting amongst themselves to be closest to it
>This was strange… something new
>Something to note in her studies of these creatures
>Unless… a chill shot through her body
>“Oh no!” she hissed under her breath before she could stop herself
>“Oh, yes!” came the reply in Chrysalis’ alien strains, light with a cruel laughing tone
>And in a split second the changelings all around her pounced
>Whether Zecora’s spell was undone, or Chrysalis somehow forced her minions’ bodies to move like puppets, Twilight wasn’t sure
>No time to wonder
>The dark room lit up with coruscating magenta lightning, changelings flung in every direction as Twilight cleared a circle of free space around her
>Her horn flashed a second time, ready to teleport
>When she was blinded by a sickly green light
>She was flung against the wall before crumpling into a heap on the cold steel floor
>Every muscle in her body aching as she shakily tried to stand
>The second wave of changelings came with vicious fervor as her horn crackled, her magic seemingly suppressed by Chrysalis’ own
>She cried out in equal parts pain and frustration as they fell on her, one sinking its long fangs into the scruff of her neck as it dragged her back to the floor
>Pinned down, pierced, her magic failing her… her body shook with impotent rage
>Her vision blurred with tears as she saw Chrysalis stepping toward her, a low and evil laugh reverberating through her skull
>The first time the herd of changelings tried to drag Twilight along with them, she defied them fiercely
>Mustering what strength she had left, she planted her hooves in the ground and refused to move
>With a magic suppressing ring around her horn and shackles on her legs, she still had her will
>“I don’t care how you threaten me Chrysalis! I’m not playing along!”
>Her defiance swelled up in her breast
>“No matter what kind of… things… you do, you’ll never win! You’ll never beat Princess Celestia, because she’s the most powerful, the best… um, princess, ever! And you’re just a big… evil… bad guy!”
>That had definitely sounded better in her head
>And Chrysalis really wasn’t supposed to laugh such a smug, spiteful laugh in response
>Yanking Twilight’s gaze up to meet her own with a hard, razor-edged hoof under her chin, she smiled
>The purple pony couldn’t remember ever seeing a smile that held so little of warmth or kindness
>Nor so much of cruelty or malice
>“Oh, I think you’ll play along, my little pony”
>“And to think – Celestia’s most prized student! How she would love to see what I will do with you!”
>Twilight’s ears flattened in fierce anger
>“You evil – ”
>What began as a bellow was cut short as Chrysalis leveled a sudden, stinging slap across the unicorn’s face
>The tears that sprang to her eyes were more of embarrassed surprise than of pain
>Dropping her gaze to the ground, she could feel a subtle warmth spread across one side of her muzzle
>Had she been looking, she would have seen Chrysalis’ dagger-like canines exposed even further as her smile grew
>But now she couldn’t focus, now she could only feel all her doubts and fears suddenly tighten into a hard knot in the middle of her stomach
>“Oh yes, you will play along”
>“And if it takes a little more motivation to keep you moving – all the more fun for me!”
>That caught Twilight’s attention
>”W-what do you mean?” she managed to stammer out
>Her head snapped towards Chrysalis, to follow her as she moved away
>Toward one of the countless tropical plants surrounding them
>A flash of green, and with her magic Chrysalis broke off a long, slender, springy branch from the tree
>The glowing aura flickered down the length of the branch, stripping the remaining leaves from it in an instant
>The changeling queen turned back towards Twilight, taking the switch in one hoof
>Her face alight with an eager grin
>Seeing the switch – recognizing it, despite her refusal to admit it – stirred something inside the purple pony
>Something buried in her memory
>A feeling of rainbow-colored lights
>A little library where she could read for hours on end
>And she shuddered as Chrysalis’ voice forced its way in, echoed through her moment’s reverie
>“I had thought that Celestia had taught you better how to submit to your superiors”
>Shuddered at the irreverence, at the lack of understanding in those words
>“But it is no matter – we will see to that”
>Her reflections broken by the two changelings that suddenly took her roughly by the shoulders, forced her head down to the ground
>Finally she managed a weak protest
>“How delightfully cliché” cooed the slithery voice in her ear – did it come from Chrysalis or the beast pinning her down?
>The last of her defiance, her struggle, was now in her hind legs
>Refusing to yield
>And thus presenting an ample view of her haunches, raised high in the air
>Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew what was going on
>What was coming
>But she refused to acknowledge – to believe – it
>That was something that never happened anymore
>And moreover – that was something that only Princess Celestia could do to her
>That was another universe, another lifetime away
>And yet…
>“Oh yes, you know too well the price for this kind of insolent behavior little filly”
>Voices blurring together in her head
>As something stirred within, as she began to see through her own fantasies, and the strength to resist flared up anew
>When the switch suddenly cut across her haunches like a red-hot brand
>She gasped with shock, her nascent focus shattering once more into a kaleidoscope of scenes, feelings, and reminiscences
>And the sudden sting burning a line across both flanks
>When a second and third stroke landed in rapid succession, she cried out before clamping her jaw shut tight
>Torn between crying for forgiveness, and holding her silence in rebellion – which was the right course of action?
>What was she supposed to do again?
>She lost that train of thought quickly as stripe after stripe licked across her backside
>She felt her face burning bright with shame even as her flanks felt like they were burning themselves
>Instinctively, she tried to bring her tail down to cover her rear
>Only to feel it immediately yanked up sharply, lifting her behind even higher as the switch continued its work
>She was gasping and grunting through clenched teeth now, barely in control
>Each snorting exhalation sending up a small cloud of dust and dirt as her face was held firmly against the earth
>Her face, smeared now with her own muddy tears
>Filthy enough to match the shame of her own disobedience, she thought frantically
>When she suddenly realized that the onslaught had ended
>The changelings holding her down abruptly jerked her up to stand on shaky legs
>Chrysalis sneered at her with a pleased look
>“Do you think you can obey now? At least for the time being, surely?”
>Before she could respond, one of the creatures grabbed her by the head and roughly forced a bit into her mouth, fastening the straps tight
>The other beast took the attached reins and tugged her forward
>She hesitated for less than a second – really, it had to be!
>When the switch whipped once more against her flank
>With a muffled cry, she began to trot as the herd resumed its steady crawl in the direction of the hive
>And she really wasn’t sure whether that wicked laughter was echoing through the jungle, or just reverberating in her mind

Once again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope that you can find something enjoyable in this, but please let me know if you think it doesn't belong here.
I can't read it right now but I'm looking forward to it.
Chrysalis channeling her anti Celestia is top boner. Twily's confusion and dread are adorable and the switching is hot. I like the involvement of the other changelings in keeping Twilight down. Very hot
>Of course, she hadn’t doubted Zecora for an instant
>Not an instant

I lost track of where this is taking place. I thought there was a hidden / overgrown entrance to an old station, and Twilight and the changelings were inside the station. So where does the tree come from? Has the interior succumbed to the wildlife around it?

>“How delightfully cliché”
>The last of her defiance, her struggle, was now in her hind legs
>Refusing to yield
>And thus presenting an ample view of her haunches, raised high in the air
The way you describe her ending up on the ground is really well-done.

>Each snorting exhalation sending up a small cloud of dust and dirt as her face was held firmly against the earth
Not exactly my thing but Twilight down in the dirt and mud works great for the scene. Her shame matching her physical position.

>the last 8 lines
oh fuuuuuuuuuck yes

Is there any way to retcon Twilight as pulling something for Chrysalis? Perhaps the same hardware Twilight was looking for? The imagery of a little pony hauling something while Chrysalis whips their rear is too good.
I understand not wanting to write a lot if the thread didn't end up liking it. In my case, I loved it. It definitely belongs here. Granted, if you go really hardcore you could equally find a home in spg or something. However, this thread has its roots in brutal spankings, so anything is welcome really.

Excellent setup. I think you could do more to sell Chrysalis as wanting to *spank* Twilight, as opposed to kill her or torture her to near-death. I think you got 80-90% of the way there. Chrysalis is just getting started, so it would be good to go into it more in a future part.

Is she just doing this as a warm-up, with harsher treatment or possible death in the future? Does she need Twilight in tolerable physical condition for her plans? (Using Twilight to get love somehow, Twilight's magic, her role with the elements of harmony, Twilight as a symbol of the resistance...). I'm stealing some concepts from Vega's Staying Out of Trouble, still ongoing in the slave pony general.

Twilight's memories melting between Celestia and Chrysalis was incredible. Confusion permeates your story and it works well to set the mood.

A request/idea for (hopefully!) an upcoming part: have Chrysalis take advantage of Twilight's memories. Chrysalis relies on emotions, so maybe she is just very good at reading Twilight's emotions and understanding her relationship with Celestia. Or, as in Nomine's Undercover Blues series, have changeling spies in Celestia's castle, who know how Twilight was disciplined. Or Chrysalis / some drone could have a way of actually reading her memories, either clearly or vaguely. It would be a great way to fuck with Twilight, to have Chrysalis act like Celestia as she is spanking her. We know how much Twilight depends on Celestia for praise.
One last idea.

>"Look at your so-called rebel leader... she acted tough when I captured her, but give her a red bottom and she turns to a blubbering mess."
>"I'd say send somepony better next time, but you don't really have anypony left, do you? You ponies would have been conquered ages ago if it was not for this little brat."
>broadcast to all Equestria
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. "Anti Celestia" is a great way to put it, just what I was going for.

>I lost track of where this is taking place
You're right, I completely forgot to adequately explain that. I was imagining a "jump cut" of sorts from the previous scene, with Twilight having been dragged back outside the station. But I forgot to say that at all.

>Is there any way to retcon Twilight as pulling something for Chrysalis?
I like this idea, I'll have to think about how to rewrite that or maybe include it in a potential sequel.

>I loved it. It definitely belongs here
Thank you, I'm really glad it worked and you think it fits here. I was a little nervous after all the talk earlier in the thread about stories with gratuitous spanking and not enough development.

>Twilight's memories melting between Celestia and Chrysalis was incredible
Again, thank you for the compliment. I wanted this to be a key part of the story, and to your next point...

>have Chrysalis take advantage of Twilight's memories
This is somewhat along the lines of what I was thinking for a potential sequel. I wanted to set up the concept of Chrysalis manipulating Twilight's memories (and thus emotions), using her relationship with Celestia against her. I'm glad it worked (so far).

>Look at your so-called rebel leader...
This is idea is highly unf, if/when I get around to working on a sequel I am stealing this.

Thanks again for all the feedback.
File: 1854153 edit.png (339 KB, 1652x1168)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Pretty hot. I wonder just how harsh a lesson poor little twilight will need.
I also loved the idea of the face against He ground in an embarrassing fashion and this was on another level! I never thought it would be done. Very lively indeed, and it’s harshness makes sense cause she is supposed to be the villain. Good job and would love it to continue.
I could see Chrysalis disguising as Celestia to chastize Twilight.
Thanks! As for Twilight's lesson... she can certainly be a headstrong little pony at times...

Thank you, you make me want to write more. I know others have said it before, but getting feedback really does mean a lot, so thanks again (to everyone who has commented).

I have in fact considered doing this in a sequel, it was kind of the idea that first inspired me to set it up in Part I.
Being Alice would be dreadful. You would know certainly that you will be spanked, and even how long the spanking is and how much it will hurt.
Sounds awful. And hot
Reading out the list of unlucky students who are summoned to the office for paddling is Principal Celestia's favorite part of the day.
>that face

She enjoys it way too damn much
File: CMC_worried.png (1.27 MB, 5603x3375)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
>tfw Principal just finished the sports scores and today's lunch menu...now it's time for discipline announcements.

Not everyone enjoys it as much as her.
Now that's just brutal. So embarassing. I feel like it would be in a letter placed in the unlucky student's locker or something
>drunk tank in Canterlot
>rich, blue-blooded ponies love to get their party on
>too many public drunks to send all the way through the court system
>much faster to have them sober up overnight
>in time for their court date the next morning
>some paperwork, a quick whipping, then they are free to go
This is actually a glorious prompt. I'm going to write something based on this...
At my school, students would read some announcements. It was always the suck-ups.

Diamond Tiara would read the paddling announcements with a hint of glee, undetectable by faculty.

Then one day, halfway through reading it, she reads out her own name.

>"The following students are to report to Principal Celestia's office..."
>"Juniper Montage..."
>"Diamond Tiara... WHAT? THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT--"
>Everyone listening laughs
>"Um, Sweetie Drops..."
That's a funny ass premise
If you read accounts of how corporal punishment was carried out in the schools of yore, embarrassment was a valued component.
Pinkie will never finish getting her spankies. :(
That one is a classic!
I want more details in this story. Oh well.
The lead up is great, but the details are short
File: 1935113.webm (2.44 MB, 1280x1080)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB WEBM
holy shit this is really good and very well animated
Triple A work
Top notch.
Wish there were some tears though.
Appul get boner?
Wow this is quality. Is there more like this / by the same artist? I've never seen it before.
I expected to see this here. glad many people did like my commission from Alermg . he's a good animator.
I explicitly stated no tears in this commission. as I wanted this to be more funny as opposite of it being violent.
check his deviant art. he's under the user Alermg
and he does post stuff there and AnimeOtk
Thanks for commissioning. How much did it cost?
hundred usd.

this is how she was really spanked.
Awesome commission, thanks for doing so!
Oh damn that's one of the hottest thing i've ever seen. Love the way the panties snap back onto her poor toasty bottom and she kicks a little. Perfect loop too.
The comments on Derpibooru are mostly about how the commenters aren't into spanking but still love the animation. That's how good it is.

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