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File: 1444877406479.jpg (85 KB, 960x720)
85 KB
Whatcha watching, anons?
finished rewatching Zeta while a friend was watching it for the first time, gonna move on to ZZ soon, then CCA and so on. Gonna try to fit on 0080 around Christmas.
On my own due to a lost bet i'm rewatching seed destiny. It's somehow even worse than the first time.
To the point I had to take a break from it and finally got around to watching the FSS movie. Pretty good, wish Nagano stuck to these older design styles.
At this rate I'm gonna have to take another break before finishing destiny, might finally watch Dunbine.
0079 and Mazinger Z. Might rewatch some Seed and WfM episodes later
G fighter
I'm at the point where the english guy came back to life and nobody seems to notice
Saw Scorpion King 4 a couple days ago, terrible movie and I found out there's a fifth. Also saw The Marvels in theaters on Sunday, easy 10/10 from me, no idea why everyone else hates the villain.
Victory, around half way now.
File: bh.png (422 KB, 720x528)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
finished Battle Hackers
Entertaining and occasionally pretty cool looking but as a whole pure, dumb shit and the "ending" felt like something they halfassed together five minutes after they got the cancellation note.
Mirai Ninja for the second time. Fantastic movie.

Slowly working my way through Turn A Gundam. Please tell me Sochie gets her shit slapped at some point; she's been insufferable so far.
You'll enjoy the ending
Dragonar hasn't been anything super special so far but it has been pretty fun. I didn't expect the Cavalier-1 to be used so much considering only 1 SRW game even remembered it existed
Eureka seveN.

Been a hell of a ride, I see why it's spoken of so highly.
File: 1623793940593.jpg (53 KB, 600x812)
53 KB
ZZ and i support mommy haman
Haman sama banzai!!
If only Glasgow had been hit instead of Dublin.
Oh you'll have a great time, just in general. The latter half of Turn A is fucking wild, I couldn't put it down past a point.
So far Shadow is a shockingly capable hidden government organization for Circus to deal with.
Im watching Zeta the second time. Also watching seed recap movies to catch up with the movie
I finished zeta about 2 weeks ago for the first time, will be starting ZZ soon. Excited to get to CCA
Going to rewatch all of G-Witch all in one sitting so I can finally figure out what this show is supposed to be. I think this is the Seinfeld of mecha anime... that is to say, it is a show about nothing. Suletta is the titular Seinfeld, only instead of being the voice of reason, she's the autistic voice of innocence. Which might as well be the voice of reason. Guel is Kramer. Like Kramer, he's regarded as a loser by his peers, has weird hair, and is a fan favorite character. Like Kramer, the episodes featuring him are usually the best. Mio can be Elaine. Annoying, flighty, the episodes featuring her suck. Saddiq is definitely Newman, too bad he isn't as funny as Newman. ChuChu is George Costanza, I guess. The Elans could be the bubble boy, annoying to deal with and incredibly maladjusted to the world.
I apologize in advance if this derails the whole thread, I know how shitty threads featuring G-witch can be.
It is confusingly fun
>WfM is Gundam Situation Comedy
A refreshing take.
Calm down Mashymre
File: BeInvoked.jpg (163 KB, 853x1200)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Finished Ideon and Be Invoked. It dragged at times, but man what a finale. Thoroughly enjoyed it overall, and I can really see how it inspired other anime in retrospect. Watching Dunbine now and it's really cool so far, but I'm still trying to memorize all the lingo.
I started watching L-Gaim. Daba's like a slightly less shitty Jewdough. I don't love him.
Battle hackers very obviously has a huge budget decrease from Revenge of cronos, which already had a low budget. Like, they didn't even animate transformations.
Same. Just started it and already feeling the love.
Watching Votoms, it's cool. Ypsilon looks like a fag.
File: noriko smile.png (758 KB, 1436x808)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
watched gunbuster again tonight and am feeling emotionally drained and lonely in the universe. i hope noriko is doing okay.
are there any english-translated artbooks, manga, anything supplemental for this show?

Gurren Lagann for the first time

how the fuck did I never watch it before? this shit is awesome

after that I think I'll retry to watch Unicorn without dropping it again
You have watched all the science lessons and the Sizzler short right?
I refuse watch it in the Shit-O-Vision quality that's available now
almost done with macross 7. fucking love this show lads
File: G_Gundam.jpg (485 KB, 1600x1143)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
I'm finishing Mobile Fighter G Gundam. It's complete bullshit but I love it. I'll probably watch 86 next since I've wanted to check that out for a while.
File: noriko big uniform.jpg (328 KB, 1802x1269)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
i'd seen the science lessons but hadn't watched the sizzler short. thanks, anon, i'll take whatever i can get.
That's about all that's translated
I know there's some other stuff like this spinoff manga and the weird PS2 game where you can make Coach pilot Gunbuster and marry him to Noriko. A shame none of it will ever be translated
File: image.jpg (85 KB, 474x662)
85 KB
Gotchard vs Legend. Enjoying the special way more than the main series
Didn't someone on here translate at least some of that?
Finished ZZ not too long ago then CCA yesterday. Felt like that movie should've been 2 instead of 1, so much unexplored stuff. Starting Pocket later today and then Stardust Memory is next I guess.
Skipping F91?
Zeta, 00, and G Fighter
Halfway through both Knights of Sidonia and SPT Layzner. Not loving the former, but enjoying the latter.
File: Grendizer.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1545)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Halfway through Grendizer and it’s been pretty good.
>Beautiful rural atmosphere
>Crafty and memorable monster of the week designs
>Ruthless villains (though none of them are as delightfully chaotic as Viscount Pygman)
>Fairly brutal fights, lots of dismemberment and decapitations
I can see some viewers put off by Duke Fleed’s stoic demeanor, hypercompetence and random alien superpowers, but the writers are pretty decent at handling that sort of character (even if it took 30 episodes to introduce his weaknesses).
It also helps that Koji Kabuto is a good sidekick, even if he’s not as fun without a brother and girlfriend to tease.
My favorite episodes would be the one with the kid who spies for the Vegans in exchange for space trips, along with the two-parter where the base is taken hostage.
Just incidentally found this while skimming Twitter. Someone's been working on translating the novels.
At the beginning of Victory to continue my UC marathon. I'm not sure why I've had people tell me to skip it. I'm just going to go through it and find my own opinion.
I'm going to watch Project Zeorymer
Because people are stupid and get triggered by the stupd rearrangement of the first 4 episodes Bandai force Tomino to do and I gues some people just would be confusing mess like Garzey's Wing an G-Reco bu it's actually pretty straightforward an mor linear than something like Z or ZZ.
I actually liked how it flashed back to those earlier events to flesh out Uso's character. Guess I'll see how it's going to play out from here.
Episode 4 was misplaced with episode 1. Uso would be fleshed out regardless and in the right order. It’s only because Bandai mandated the Gundam to show up in episode 1 that they had to show the previous episodes in the form of flashbacks. It’s really strange since you don’t have context for Marbet’s broken leg or why Chronicle is attacking them, it’s literally the conclusion of a cliffhanger made into the first episode. Some people took that as an indication of what the show would be like.
Nope, I'll get to it eventually since I'm planning on watching everything UC
Trying to watch Gridman Universe and in typical Trigger fashion it sucks ass like a felcher. Literally got disinterested and watched a few episodes of Loki season 2 before going back to it. I don't think I'll finish it tonight. Like, you look at this barely TV quality animation and someone unironically wanted that on movie theaters, it might beat Project A-ko for worst anime movie ever made.
>literally admitting to watching marvelshit while bitching
what the fuck is wrong with you
What is wrong with Marvel Studios? Unlike Trigger those guys are competent in everything they make (that isn't Secret Invasion).
It's genuinely one of the best gundams. Keep going.
Stopping at the one hour eighteen mark, man this movie sucks. Bad pacing, low quality animation, poor writing, unfitting music, so much stock footage for a theatrical movie, that weird noir detective mystery cinematography from the first series is back, and barely any action. Tsubaraya must have been swindled to give these clowns any influence over one of the best tokusatsu of the 90s. Bleh. I doubt the other thrity four minutes will be any better.
Yeah but it was cool though.
Finished it, yeah that was terrible. You could easily cut out 40 minutes of this movie and lose nothing important. Trigger strikes out again.
Watching G Gundam, just finished the Domon vs Schwartz tournament episode
What the fuck man, I screamed, out loud
How are you enjoying this masterpiece
I hope you feel better anon
File: Ep40a.jpg (107 KB, 1200x899)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
wish there was more fanart of Neo German Rain
Rain is always good, in all forms, reverse satan
Seeing her in that uniform though, unf
Eh the reason she joined Schwarz was kind of a dumb woman reason, but then again, he is a German ninja cyborg clone who pilots a Gundam, so kinda hard to fault anyone for wanting to hang out with someone like that
>kind of a dumb woman reason
She was bullied too hard, I'm on Rain's side
>he is a German ninja cyborg clone who pilots a Gundam, so kinda hard to fault anyone for wanting to hang out with someone like that
That too, and thankfully I finished the next episode so this isn't a spoiler. What the fuck though! We saw Kyoji's body in the Dark Gundam already, let alone him standing on it 40 times
He's the coolest...
Zeta, IBO, Unicorn, wing, and 8th MS team
pretty sure they explained that in the episode itself
finally began watching 'shinji get in the robot' hope it doesnt ruin other ani/m/es for me. i've heard mazinger Z is great too
Just said that he was an android made of DG cells, but that doesn't explain what the fuck is going on
I just wanted the opening to change and reveal his face, he's my favourite, he's way too cool
His consciousness was transferred to the android body during the malfunction and what you see with the Devil Gundam is the remains of his physical body
Nononono no spoilers
But that sounds about right
I don't know if this was OPs intention but any thread that opens with this image is not worth engaging with.
At the 100th episode mark of LOGH and I'm already missing Reuenthal
If you ever get lost with Eva just know the /m/ wiki and 1d4chan have spoilers for the Rebuild movies because the lore really is scattered across not just the shows but games and manga.
File: G Gundam ep 22.webm (3.89 MB, 640x480)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB WEBM
Thank you!!
Finished Dunbine and now i'm in the mood for more chevallier shit so i'm rewatching versailles no bara
File: True Super Mode.webm (1.2 MB, 640x480)
1.2 MB
You're welcome
He's way too cool, I just think his Japanese voice is a bit better
Hard to find clips of him at all, especially while trying to avoid spoilers
>his Japanese voice
You are an absolute blessing, thank you
>urge to find so much fanart of him
>want to avoid spoilers like "he dies in magma to kill the president of Hong Kong" or "he comes back with a Japanese Gundam and fights Darkest Gundam"
I want to hurry and finish the series with my buddy
File: Schwartz settei.jpg (2.32 MB, 3507x4960)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
Got his model sheets instead
File: file.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
Do you have Kyoji (KYOOOJI!!!) also? Could you also make a webm of this from ep40 with audio? I torrented the episode just to hear him again in Japanese. He's just too cool!
>first Jeremiah and now Schwartz
Jerry was mostly cool in R2 whereas Schwartz was pretty consistently cool, so he might take the place as the #1 coolest character. Oh fuck, he's gonna die, isn't he... ;_; he's too cool to not do a heroic sacrifice, maybe I can hope for a Jeremiah-tier explosion instead
File: Kyoji sheets.jpg (2.87 MB, 3507x4960)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
I need some time on making a webm of that episode. I need to download the episode myself later and I never posted on /wsg/ before so I'm already on the unfamiliarity side on that one
No worries or rush, thank you, and you could maybe catbox it, there's a "webms with sound for other boards" thread though
>he has a tacky alternate outfit
Maybe he's going to be okay, he'll be right as rain (haha) and show up as a surprise in the battle royale, since there's no reason for him to be disqualified
>this champion is basically unplayable in SRW
Criminal, I bet Master Asia is playable
File: jung bunny.png (193 KB, 390x444)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
thanks anon, i'm feeling better now. i've watched gunbuster three times now but the ending always kills me emotionally.
started watching gurren lagann and the jung cameo in the bathhouse episode made me giggle.
>Shaddiq is Newman
I hate how much this actually works. Thanks anon.
Lots of people finishing Zeta and starting ZZ right now, including me.
Did we all start watching gundam at the same time?
Glad you enjoyed Gunbuster, hoping to rewatch it with a friend who hasn't seen it, you can't not cry at that ending. I think Diskotek did a dub of it, so I'm curious/worried how they did the ending text
TTGL is good as well, watch the Giant Robo OVA and The Big O if you haven't, always glad to see someone enjoying super robots!
The ending text? You mean the ‘welcome home’? They didn’t change it at all. I mean why would they?
i've watched two different fansubs and this most recent watch was actually on the discotek blu-ray with some friends. they just did it as Welcome Bacꓘ, same as the fansubs i'd watched before.
want to rewatch it with their new dub sometime, the little bit i'd heard was pretty good, but i feel like i have to hold off on another watch for at least a couple years.
big o and giant robo were both on my list! wanting to get to those soon but i hopped on gurren lagann first to keep going through gainax stuff.
File: Spoiler Image (280 KB, 1854x872)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Don't read my pic until you've finished TTGL and the Getter series
Hm, oh. But they'd have to subtitle it for it to make sense, don't dubs usually try to avoid that
Am I just insane
Thought the E was supposed to be backwards, but I guess there's no right or wrong way to do it
I'm generally a subs guy, G Gundam seems to be a rare exception though. Hope you enjoy TTGL, might be worth watching Getter Robo Armageddon after, TTGL took a lot of inspiration from the Getter manga and is arguably a response to it, and Armageddon captures the spirit of Getter pretty well. I'd also recommend the Tetsujin-28 show that director Imagawa (G Gundam, Giant Robo, first bit of Armageddon) made, it's p good imo
File: Spoiler Image (3.42 MB, 640x480)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB WEBM
I was never into rewatching shit until The Big O, my one regret is watching it before Giant Robo
Isn't it getting late... you seem to be everywhere tonight!
It's not at all uncommon for dubs to still throw up some subtitles for signage. I'm pretty sure even some Ghibli dubs have done that.
The Gunbuster dub still has all the text subtitled. Honestly the Discotek subtitles make the show worth rewatching just for all the extra scenery stuff that fansubs don't bother with - getting to read the graffiti on Noriko's machine in the first episode or stuff like a background sign in episode 4 that says "space radiation syndrome awareness week" made me appreciate the show more.
File: image.png (1.42 MB, 1474x1076)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
On the last few episodes of ZZ. So far it's my favourite Gundam.
It's far from my favourite but there's more good in it than I think people give credit for. And not just the colony drop arc.
File: 79y8gka88pra1.gif (1.85 MB, 640x480)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
It's pretty boring around episode 8-15 but overall I like it more than Zeta and a bit more than 0079
I really like the worldbuilding it does. It does a lot of heavy lifting to building out the variety of settings in UC. In particular it punches a hole through all the 'Earth is the home of the upper crust' thing. It's the same shit for the lower classes everywhere. Zeon benefits from misrepresenting what's essentially a class conflict as being more of a geographical one.
Alright, that's fair enough. Didn't know they were that detailed with the subs, sounds like they put in extra effort and care, I'll try to get their subs when we rewatch!
Was going through these parts >>22264388
I don't know the first one is, but for LOGH yeah... Why did he do it?
File: Houtarou prison.png (318 KB, 448x635)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
Well for one thing, Gotchard himself got into a cage in that special like Keiwa
Why is he in gay baby jail
File: Kamen Rider Legend gun.jpg (154 KB, 1920x1080)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Alternate universe traveling outside of his control and pic related wants Gotchard powers and make it more "gorgerous" (Legend's favorite word)
That's bizarre... But why is he in a Garry's Mod asset
Lots of people must have started UC after seeing Witch From Mercury lmao
>>this champion is basically unplayable in SRW
this is what pisses me off about G Gundam's appearances more than anything, more than even the fact that they've never even really tried to implement the tournament aspect. G Gundam has 10 potential units among the main cast that SRW could give to the player. Let's break it down in order from most deserving of a cut to least deserving

>Rising Gundam
Barely used in the show itself and not really needed to make Rain a part of the story
>Nobel Gundam
Allenby is the absolute most irrelevant member of the cast. You could remove her entirely and nothing would change
Domon's friends are important for his character development, but not really the show's plot. I don't like the idea of cutting them but I do understand that there's four of them and no one would be happy if they included less than all four
>Shining Gundam
Not strictly a requirement for adapting the show's first half but it damn well should be. Theoretically Rain should also be able to use it once Domon upgrades.
>Gundam Spiegel
Extremely important for both the plot and Domon's character development
>God and Master Gundam
Main protagonist and antagonist units

Alright now compare this to most frequently playable in SRW to least frequently
>God Gundam
>Shining Gundam
>Nobel Gundam
>Master and Bolt (poor Bolt didn't make it into X-Omega like the other Shuffle Alliance)
>Rising Gundam
>Gundam Spiegel

apparently the SRW dev team is full of Allenbyfags or something. I wish I could find all their crusty figurines and throw them away. Maybe they'd get around to actually making the actual important characters playable if they weren't so busy hotglueing statues
The Rising Gundam got mentioned/shown literally once but that's about it so far. And from seeing Nobel Gundam being popular before watching, I firmly assumed it was Rain's Gundam built from the Shining Gundam. Allenby's like, ok. I remember seeing Rain a lot but not really Allenby.
>Bolt Gundam is somehow relegated to second-class despite being a shuffle alliance guy
What the hell
>tfw your favourites isn't the devs' favourites
Maybe they'll get around to it when G Gundam shows up again. They'd have to animate Spiegel from scratch though, so I'm not that hopeful
I didn't watch WfM, but all the chatter about it on /a/ reminded me I'd been meaning to look into this gundam thing I've heard about...
Well, literally everything else was in T except Shining and Rising. Albeit T was so rushed that the attack lists weren't what they could have been. Even Allenby got shafted into not having Nobel Hulahoop and having her God Finger combo with Domon turned into a solo move for some strange reason. Only the Shuffle Alliance guys had all their usual moves

Not that this is much consolation. I don't think G will return for a long time. The only constants with the Gundam cast are CCA and Zeta. Every new game changes the focus. With V it was Unicorn, with X it was G-Reco, T was the G Gundam game, 30 was Victory. Next game will probably be TV Gundam Wing but even if it isn't there's a near zero chance it's G Gundam again
>switched from 30 to V, then W, X, and now AP
I should finish at least one game... it's bizarre though that literally everyone else got shafted, the fuck
>CCA forever
Get me out
>Next game will probably be TV Gundam Wing
Shouldn't it be WfM
Deciding on the cast list is the first they do when they start working on a new SRW. WfM started airing probably at least a year after they decided the cast for whatever the next game is
Next game is gonna be either TV Wing or OYW stuff. Those are their only options that wouldn't involve asset reuse, stepping on DD's toes, or resorting to off-brand/unpopular stuff like SD Gundam or AGE
IBO,00, ZZ, CCA, and Origin
Alright, I'll have to finish Wing before then. I forget what else I wanted from the next SRW, maybe it was Getter-related
>still haven't finished Zeta
Zeta's better than 0079 but I just want to get to ZZ..
Duelrager seeing delusions again, better call the happy hotel.
He didn't say anything about Duel though?
Don't feel obligated to watch things because of SRW
In fact, I haven't watched hardly any Gundam series myself partially because I know SRW will give me all the Gundam I'm willing to deal with. The only one SRW got me vaguely interested in experiencing outside of SRW is Gundam X and I still haven't gotten around to it several years after I played SRW Z. There's a lot of stuff I'm more interested in.
Same for you right? If you're not feeling Zeta, I wouldn't expect Wing to be any better if I were you. Wait to see if it's in the game, and if it is, only start watching if you really like how it is in the game.
And for what it's worth I think the OYW stuff is more likely anyway. TV Wing last appeared a decade ago, but its been even longer for stuff like 08th MS and 0080. Plus they still have to debut Origin and Thunderbolt
Mars 1994
Well it was a pretty nice ova. It seems they planned for more but they never made past episode 2.

So i am now also watching Mars 2002 tv series. And damn it looks cheap compared to ova. Like chip chip.
https://gunbusternovels.wordpress.com/ This guy has been translating a bunch of Gunbuster stuff. He's been focusing on the novels, but he's also translated some of the Next Generation stuff. There are also the following crumbs on Mangadex:
Finally, if you don't mind reading it raw, there's this manga as well:
File: Spoiler Image (1.24 MB, 1920x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>next Dai Guard episode preview
Sweet serotonin, my favourite character. Although I'm warming up to Noriko intensely
I want to watch Zeta for its own sake, but I'm the most excited for ZZ since I know about it the least. The OVAs were fine enough, I'm just sour grapes about CCA because
>ask for it as a kid bc I see the DVD, I read some handmedown Origin and I want more exciting robots
>utter confusion
>a few years prior, I found a VHS of the last Evangelion episode at home and I was excited
I got filtered as a young lad
>The only one SRW got me vaguely interested in experiencing outside of SRW is Gundam X
For me, it was V Gundam because I almost enjoy being miserable, and 00 because Captain Mom and Boywife Tieria. For whatever reason I've started SEED instead, it's ok so far, finished 6 episodes and it seems standard and inoffensive.
>Same for you right?
I'm enjoying Zeta far more than 0079, it's faster paced and (because I'm less familiar with it) more exciting, and it feels less of a mandated watch. I just like bravery, courage, hope, and the sorts of tropes usually in super robot shows. Wing is fine, X gives you the cast mid-plot or post-plot, Heero's cool and powerful, and Duo's a cute boywife. I'm warming up to the original Wing Gundam and Tallgeeses though.
>only start watching if you really like how it is in the game.
I got into a bunch of stuff thanks to 30 but I think it's been exclusively supers. No idea what got me to give Code Geass a chance, but it wasn't 30. Getting 08th would be a treat. I now remember that "I gotta finish all the original Gundam shows" is partly so I can enjoy Turn A with maximum knowledge for whatever references it'd make, heard good things about Turn A.
>the SRW dev team is full of Allenbyfags or something.
So this is the power of tomboyism...
File: 1691213140654605.jpg (206 KB, 1920x1080)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
I wish SRW devs were into maternal and nurturing women like normal people, just like me and Char, the respective villains in our stories
Everyone says good things about Turn A, but honestly, when I played SRW Z, I didn't see what the big deal was. I assume the visuals are what carry the show, as is the case for most of Tomino's later works, so I guess that's why it didn't click

>I just like bravery, courage, hope, and the sorts of tropes usually in super robot shows.
Take it from me who has the same taste: you should be reading the SEED Astray manga instead of watching the show. The difference is night and day. I have no intention of watching most Gundam shows but the SEED Astray manga thought that the SEED universe needed less racial tension and more battleship sized katanas and robot fedoras. If there's anything that will get you to try to actually finish SRW W, that'll do it
>when I played SRW Z, I didn't see what the big deal was. I assume the visuals are what carry the show
Keep in mind that SRW doesn't always hit home runs for every show it gets its wonderful paws on (although it usually does), J-Decker's and Gun X Sword's character moments were rushed, it could be that due to time/stage constraints or laziness, we (You) didn't see the most charitable depiction for Turn A. But if it's an artsy show like you say, I'll be disappointed since that's going to go over my head.
>Take it from me who has the same taste
A dear precious anon!!
>the manga instead
It's going to be a lot faster, but is SEED that bad in comparison? I'm not sure what to make of the Astray's design, seems like it's trying to be a samurai or a regular Gundam at the same time, but maybe it's because I like Sengoku-era aesthetics. The song is pretty fun though, I don't know why I couldn't get much progress into what's apparently GaoGaiGar: The Game.
Stuck in the airport overnight so I decided to finally start reading Linebarrels on my tablet. I really am impressed with the artwork, they don't compromise on detail during fight scenes despite the intricate designs

>is SEED that bad in comparison?
After enduring its tedious story and characters multiple times in SRW, if I never see it again it'll be too soon. Hard to believe that something like Astray could exist in the same universe. The Gundam itself is actually a custom variant of a mass produced Gundam. The Gundam Astray is mass produced, unlike most Gundam. The protagonist Lowe isn't really trying to be a samurai but he is a mechanic and he knows that beam sabers take energy to power while sharpened steel doesn't. And that matters quite a lot for him since he runs a salvage crew instead of being in the military. He doesn't have the infinite resources that the setting's genocidal maniacs do
Are you not going in production order? Seemed like you were is why I asked.
>The Gundam itself is actually a custom variant of a mass produced Gundam.
Are you talking about the Red/Blue/Gold Frame Astrays units? They are the first mobile suits designed and built for the country of Orb. They are prototypes that lead to the later mass production M1 Astray model, not custom variants of an existing MP MS.
The prototypes aren't meaningfully different from the M1 Astray
It's great. I kind of wish Allenby and Argo were more prominent, but it's the exact kind of chuuni bullshit that I love. It's basically just a super robot/martial arts anime that just looks like Gundam.
File: 20231121_165342.jpg (3.07 MB, 4000x3000)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB JPG
Somebody came into my work at Starbucks wearing a Londo Bell jacket from Unicorn and didn't recognize the pins on my hat. This didn't deserve it's own thread but I'm sad.
Hope you can still be somewhat comfortable at the airport, anon.
But I'm going through it at (You) guys' recommendation! Was it just tedious since you had to go through it multiple times?
Ah, I didn't even notice the physical sword, the existence and reasoning for that is so exciting. I mean, the Gyan's my favourite but an authentic sword over a beam saber would feel kingly.

Yeah, aside from maybe the Dark Gundam that you could replace with magic bullshit anyway, it really does feel like a martial arts show.

Was he maybe someone who watched only Unicorn? I feel there must have been a Haro there though, and certainly during the Sunrise opening jingle. Maybe he was just tired, or shy?
>Was it just tedious since you had to go through it multiple times?
Nope, I hated it on my very first exposure to it (SRW J). That game is probably the most faithful. comprehensive treatment SEED got to the point where you infamously cannot save anyone who dies (even a certain character who was later revealed to be alive in Destiny) which is really fucking stupid considering your team has Zeorymer, a robot capable of instant teleportation. Playing J was one of the first things I did when I started browsing this board, this was before V came out. I had only watched 3 of the shows in it before I started playing and I was hype to see Domon turn all the mopey characters into men. Instead I got stage after stage of Kira crying in his room, naggy female drill sergeant yelling at everyone, both Master Asia and Schwarz being unplayable and the Archangel having six pilots but somehow being complete garbage to use
SEED is a shitshow, of course /m/ never shuts up about it. That doesn't mean you should take suggestions to watch it seriously
motherfucker got that jacket at goodwill or something
>you infamously cannot save anyone who dies
>stage after stage of Kira crying in his room
The world's a scary place ok
>naggy female drill sergeant yelling at everyone
>both Master Asia and Schwarz being unplayable
>the Archangel having six pilots but somehow being complete garbage to use
>That doesn't mean you should take suggestions to watch it seriously
I witnessed an astronomical event on /m/ in one of these threads, where we got a transmission from some otherworldly being says that he never ever drops shows ever, even if he knows for a fact that he'll hate the rest of the show, because that invalidates his right to have an opinion on it. Within reason, I strive to follow this cosmic example. (Also partly because I'll feed bad for the characters and the people who worked on the show)
I've watched many, many bad shows to completion and I can tell you that it's not worth it
I care a lot more about whether or not I enjoy something than having a "valid" opinion on it. Time is the most precious thing any of us have, you know. Don't spend it on things you don't like just to win internet arguments about cartoons you'll forget about a day or two later
I don't even visit threads for shows I disliked unless I thought they had potential and maybe I missed something that could make them worth another look

Also another thing I've learned is that I should never keep watching anything in hopes that it will get better. If it doesn't happen by the halfway point it never will in 99% of cases
I know, but it was such a jarring display of principles, that it was somehow inspiring. Mostly I try to just pick promising things after repeated recommendations, and give things a chance/eventually finish them. Thanks to /m/, so far I've watched zero shows that I felt were a waste of time. (Tried watching FLCL of my own volition but I dropped it after finishing ep1, every single character was so irritating)
>I should never keep watching anything in hopes that it will get better.
I'm trying to figure out when Code Geass "picks up" so I can rewatch it with my friend who dropped it, but I think I got into it right away while my friend thought it likely that it wasn't for them.
>If it doesn't happen by the halfway point it never will in 99% of cases
The halfway mark seems an extremely generous amount of time to give a show though, but I don't know if an arbitrary "3 episodes" or "5 episodes" mark is better. For better or worse, I think I spent a lot of time pestering poor anons here about shows I was indecisive about spending my time on, until I received enough information and urging to actually give it a chance. Now I'm even curious about stuff I'm unsure I'll like, expanding out of my comfort zone and watching less-super robots. Votoms seems like a promising bet for something completely different from what I've seen, have to finish the eight shows I'm watching though
>The halfway mark seems an extremely generous amount of time to give a show
Shows differ in length so it's hard to give a catchall. Halfway for a lot of shows is only six episodes in. But anyway I say this less about shows that are outright bad and more about shows that sound really interesting and have a unique premise or a cool art style but never really start to capitalize on any of that potential, stuff like Yamato Takeru or Gad Guard.

>Votoms seems like a promising bet for something completely different from what I've seen
Votoms is actually a pretty big franchise. There are some short spinoff OVAs you could try to see if it's really something you want to commit to. Case;Irvine for example is a 40 minute oneshot completely unrelated to the main series that I think is really good, albeit the protagonist is fairly emotional by Votoms standards. Mellowlink is longer at 13 episodes, but it's about a crazy guy fighting Scopedogs on foot using nothing more than his wits, his trusty AT rifle and a lot of luck. Definitely a must watch
>Case;Irvine for example is a 40 minute oneshot completely unrelated to the main series that I think is really good
i remember reading somewhere they wanted to do a tv series but it did not work
Well it didn't feel like the pilot episode of anything. No hints in it towards a greater conflict. I wouldn't be surprised if that was true of Votoms Finder though
Just finished OG Gundam. Been meaning to watch it for years after I read The Origin but finally took the plunge since I'm watching through Ultraman shows and hit The Ultraman. It made sense in my head to watch both since they aired at the same time. It worked out as a decent little self-imposed programming block since Gundam being really good makes up for The Ultraman not being quite as spectacular. Watched the first episode of Zeta Gundam today and I'm looking forward to continuing Ultramans and Gundams for many series to come.
>Kira crying
Just finished The Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special. I don't get it, Volume 3 was a slog and unfunny, this was almost as good as the first two movies, the fuck happened between productions? Werewolf By Night was better but still.
File: Nurse what.png (75 KB, 537x255)
75 KB
>feeling cocky making progress through Dai-Guard
>want to pre-emptively start Nadesico to get more Courageous Brotherly Adventures
Careful, Icarus...

>a lot of shows are 12-13 eps now
Oh... I mean, Gridman and Dynazenon were like this, so maybe for a lot of newer shows yeah..
>Yamato Takeru or Gad Guard
I don't know if I've heard of these
>big franchise
52 eps, and then maybe 30-40 eps' length worth of OVAs (TEN ovas!), ok maybe I'm about to get into something deep. I'll give Case;Irvine a peek at some point, and then Mellowlink, I want to meet the stoic Chirico soon..
>is something wrong
At least keep it /m/ related duel.
File: Hundred army.jpg (259 KB, 1920x1080)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
The other in-story reason is to have Gotchard fight against Legend's nemesis, the alternate world invading group, Hundred
Just started 2nd season of 00. Shame this one will surely die before the end of the show

G Fighter and Zeta are kinda on hold for now.
Couple days ago I finished all the MCU Disney Plus shows and I enjoyed most of them. Here's where I rank them:

Loki (both seasons) > WandaVision > She-Hulk > Moon Knight > Falcon and Winter Soldier > Hawkeye > gap > Ms. Marvel > big gap > Secret Invasion > What If

Last episode of Loki is probably the only time a TV episode ever brought tears to my eyes, it really was a worthy follow up to Endgame.
>/m/ has an unironic She Hulk fan

My jaw dropped reading this.
Watched G1 Transformers' More Than Meets the Eye three parter. Pretty good premiere
Just slogg3d through the original Fantasia. Fuck me this movie was bad. I mean yeah the music and art were nice and all but the slow ass pacing, inconsistent editing, and occasional low quality makes me never want to get into music. Still leagues better than cancer like Felcher Gundam or G-Woke but still.
File: 1692765899789037.jpg (91 KB, 960x720)
91 KB
Stardust Memory. For some reason I've never actually finished it, I always get to episode 7/8 and then something happens that makes me stop watching and by the time I get back around to it I figure I might as well start over. I've done this like four times. Just got to episode 10, and this motherfucker is BEYOND retarded.

>January 3rd, 0079. Zeon gasses a colony and kills everyone onboard
>January 8th, 0079. Zeon drops the colony on Australia, turning Sydney into a giant crater
>One Year War happens
>3 years pass
>Early November, 0083. Zeon hijacks an empty colony being moved from Side 1 to Side 3
>This is the first response of a Federation officer being told that Zeon has hijacked a colony.
People in power can be enormously dumb, anon.
There is actually often a negative selection as nobody wants to promote smart ones because those can sabotage your position with their overcompetency next. So loyal idiots get the high ranks.

The OYW colony drop was an incredibly bloody mess for Zeon; even at the peak of their strength and technological advantage, they took heavy losses.
Fast forward a few years. A tiny Zeon terrorist group wouldn't have anywhere near the firepower to fight through the Federation fleet, so this guy is asking aloud "What the hell are they up to?", likely expecting some kind of threat or ransom demand (remember, this is written pre-9/11 where most terrorism involved the terrorists not being suicidal).
Of course, we know that a) the Delaz Fleet are loony enough to try it anyway and b) they've got more firepower available to them than this guy could know about.
Watching Gundam AGE now. Heard it's one of the worst Gundam ever but I'm 20 eps in and it seems pretty fine so far. The plot is definitely more simplistic compared to other Gundam though. The animation is nice.
I have a massive need for another show with the feeling and proportions of GaoGaiGar and Dai Guard
>name a group Hundred
>there's a hundred of them
File: image.jpg (157 KB, 799x490)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
A hope fueled 90s show with a great soundtrack that progressively increases in scale and where everyone reconciles to be on the same side by the end of the show? Apart from certain other Brave series, the most obvious thing that comes to mind is Macross 7. Of course it kinda requires watching at least the DYRL movie first, but DYRL is one of the most highly regarded /m/ movies out there so it should have been on your radar regardless
Finished G Gundam. Imagawa you've done it again.
>farewell to Kyoji and Schwarz, and then Master Asia
>40 Hurricane Gundams
>DYRL is one of the most highly regarded /m/ movies out there
Isn't it a recap/condensed movie though
I was told I'd almost certainly like 7 but I shouldn't look into the reasons why and just go in blind, so alright. Will watch the original series and then the movie before 7
DYRL has all new animation. Nothing reused from the show. But, yes, it's a retelling and a very fast paced one that skips some big things, even the actual start of the series.

It's a good movie if you already know Macross, or just can watch anything with great animation, but I don't think it makes for a great intro to the series if you don't know the tv show's story.
We watched the first episode, it's an ok premise and cast. Fluffy 1st lieutenant is my favourite so far, and the captain.
There's honestly even more debate over the show vs DYRL than there is for the Gundam 0079 movies. I think it condenses things appropriately. Honestly the show is a bit of a meandering, unfocused mess (because of sponsors pulling out, getting more episodes than expected, etc), and DYRL feels like what the show would have been if there was less chaos in the production environment. There's one or two elements that I wish the movie had time to cover, but if you just want to watch 7, they aren't important and DYRL really is all you need
I watched Gunbuster and Diebuster back to back, and even though I think Gunbuster was way better overall, I enjoyed Diebuster more. I'm just a sucker for early 2000s anime bullshit.
File: Exceedmighty form.jpg (243 KB, 1920x1080)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
And Gotchard gets a golden form in that special
AGE's third act is what usually sours people's feelings on the series.
I'm going to watch Macross and then DYRL because I think the general principle of "going for the full thing and experience the cut stuff and then decide" is solid, although I'm currently unbiased about the show vs movie. 2 eps in, seems harmless enough. I'd certainly like to just watch DYRL and skip to 7, but I don't think that would be fair to Macross.
Think I have a red gerwalk figure I was gifted as a kid, was disappointed that it didn't turn completely into a robot. Maybe it'll be fun!
>hearing this after seeing the last ep of G Gundam
Anything with a golden form is a good show
>Finished G Gundam
>I'd certainly like to just watch DYRL and skip to 7, but I don't think that would be fair to Macross.
Maybe for other franchises this would be a valid concern but Macross is inconsistent to say the least. Every entry is wildly different to the point it's extremely unlikely that anyone is going to like every single entry. Honestly the only reason I even said to watch DYRL first is because a few characters from it return in 7. If this was not the case, I absolutely would not have told you to do that at all. The difference between the original Macross and 7 is basically the same as the difference between 0079 and G Gundam. They're supposed to be canon with each other but they're so completely different that it's near impossible to believe they're in the same universe
>tfw any variation of the Shining Finger theme
>especially the sad one
>ESPECIALLY the sad one
Well, I still want to appreciate the references, I feel even tertiary callbacks in later Brave shows were things I would have preferred to be able to notice the first time
Made the catbox clip now
Hm, well, I can't remember any callbacks to things that were in the show but not the movie. And one of the returning characters has his design changed between the show and the movie, and 7 goes with the movie design
I do insist upon the movie not just because it's shorter; it does make a few changes to the story that I feel are for the better. One character dies in an infamously retarded way in the show that was changed to be a little less dumb in the movie for example. Even Hikaru's personality feels a lot more decisive, probably just because of the fast pace but still. It makes a difference
File: Photo.jpg (419 KB, 1075x1518)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
You are ichiban in my kokoro anon, thank you
>was going to attach a pic of Rain and others in a changeroom but tried harder to find where I saved picrel
I thought he was just fucking doodling when I saved this
I like faster pacing, but if it's an entire crew of folk, I feel you should have at least the context of "I spent time with this crew even though some of it sucked ass" rather than one movie. Also from hearing that Gundam Origin cut out my beloved Gyan, I'm always a bit fearful that summary movies might cut out something that I would have happened to like as a weirdo. I will try to watch and enjoy both though
File: Goldmechanicer.jpg (192 KB, 721x1080)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
All the gold forms he has so far are only "side form" tier.
>not the final
Unrelatedly, I was poked about giving Ultraman X a chance with a friend, is it a good entry? No spoilers!
Based on a toy list leaking he's getting a power up called "Platinum Gotchard." (He took the Betterman pill instead of the King of Braves one)
>Ultraman X
Can't help with you on that, the only modern Ultramen shows I've watched are Trigger, Decker, and Blazar. Blazar is the one I have the most consistent enjoyment out of the three.
Yeah, there's truth to that, but again Macross is a little weird. Most fans don't tend to like Minmay very much, and I don't either, (though I do think despite her being unlikeable, she's still the most interesting character in the show). DYRL cuts almost all of the scenes that are behind her poor reputation, and a result it's easier to like her and the story feels more compelling. Sadly more time is not always a good thing. Max as well gets very little focus in the movie, but honestly he's not much of a character in the show either. He's one of the characters that returns in 7 and I feel like 7 did way more with him than the original story ever did

One thing I will say about the show though, I really do like how the characters have no idea what the SDF-1 is capable of and spend most of the show winging it, making mistakes and bumbling their way around in the dark. That is one thing that the movie unfortunately did not have time to depict but it's definitely an interesting angle for a "real robot" show
Why is it always silver, silver is a colour that is just there, unlike the superior king gold
Alright, thank you, I'll recommend Blazar if Ultraman Z (was asked about Z, I thought it was X) falls through. Any Brave-esque recs? Or did you already suggest Macross 7 and/or Dai Guard
File: Optimus Prime sheet.jpg (986 KB, 1688x2312)
986 KB
986 KB JPG
>Or did you already suggest Macross 7 and/or Dai Guard
That was a different anon making those recommendations. I was preoccupied on watching LOGH and G1 Transformers.
>Or did you already suggest Macross 7 and/or Dai Guard
Nah both of those were me and I'm not a toku guy. Haven't seen any Ultraman
If you want more like that... I suppose there's some short 90s OVAs you could try. Gakusaver is really good, crams a lot of crazy twists into just 6 episodes. There's also Z-Mind, which certainly looks Brave-ish. It probably would have been boring if it went on longer but it's only 3 episodes so I thought it was alright
File: image(1).jpg (74 KB, 474x671)
74 KB
Ah fuck Z-Mind was six episodes. Okay so yeah, it was kind of forgettable. But you know, so were Exkaiser and Fighbird. Look, at some point, you're gonna start scraping the bottom of the barrel. Z-Mind isn't the bottom, Webdiver is, but Z-Mind is definitely closer to the bottom. You haven't seen the Eldrans yet right? Go watch Ganbaruger if you don't wanna go that low yet.
I myself have seen the Eldrans this year. They were fun
Hope you're enjoying both of those, I like them a lot.
>trusty squarehead Prime
Later (sometimes in season 2?) his head's rounder and apparently people honestly differ on what's the true childhood Optimus. You see it in the first page, I assume it's because rounder heads are easier to animate, or that's what I remember reading.
>Mr Imagawa
>please destroy other models: these are up to date with rereserve added
Maybe the short Gakusaver and then the Eldrans are next, although I was hoping for something with more grown-up vibes. Like, GaoGaiGar and Dai Guard tier. Like, I want characters to think the pilots are risking their lives
>inb4 the cheery Zambot show
I just want to PRETEND there's danger!
>Like, I want characters to think the pilots are risking their lives
Maybe try Gosaurer first then, it's a bit more serious in tone than the others and it also has more of a plot. It even has one (1) tragic character death
File: Abenobashi Episode 3.webm (3.82 MB, 1920x1080)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB WEBM
The combinations are very enticing though. I'll sometimes be in the mood for simpler kid robo stuff again, or Eldran might just make me want to watch five shows like that. The theme's pretty nice though.
Death... it's just J-Decker all over again
I just want Trigger to churn out a robot anime every year inspired by stuff they like. Think they made a recent show that a thread had mixed opinions about, not sure where I saved the cool looking webms but some people said something like "wish the whole show was like this instead of trying to deconstruct/subvert" or something
Ok I think it's this thing
File: 1239590156149.png (218 KB, 512x384)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Gundam info just dropped all of Turn A on their youtube channel so I'm rewatching that.
Sailor Moon makes a big about silver with its plot device, the Silver Crystal.
I'm supposed to get back on that and meet Jupiter and Venus and the others soon, but we're watching Macross...
File: Reiwa Silver Upgrades.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x3240)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Sorry goldpal, Silver is being more loved than gold for the MCs in the current Reiwa era
Kyoukai Senki, the second season. Finished the first one about a month ago before getting sidetracked by other stuff. Watched a few episodes of Blue Gender for the first time, too, but wasn't really feeling it so I put it on the back-burner.

My friend was also watching Zeta but he was taking a break around halfway through because he was really hating it and just coming off the original Mobile Suit Gundam. I asked him if he had found the strength to keep watching yet, and he just said
>No. It's so bad.
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 398x640)
34 KB
Even after seeing the original Valkyries and the Itano circus acrobatics, I still like Jetfire more
Maybe it's just because he's really huge compared to normal jets or maybe it's because Transformers is more my kind of show but he always stood out to me even before I knew about Macross
Just finished Promare. This was undeniably the absolute worst anime movie I have ever seen in my life. I expected it to be Trigger shit including snails pacing, laziness in the music and animation, obnoxious cast, incoherent writing, and the like. But this? It surpassed those expectations and did far worse than that. Worst of Trigger, worst of the mecha genre, worst anime movie, worst anime of the 2010s, and if Kemonozume didn't exist it'd easily be worst anime of all time. Entropy is about to orgasm in defilement of the mecha genre. Gundam Seed Freedom needs to be in the upper echelon of 10/10 anime or this genre will go the way of kaiju movies: Suffer a very long painful deteriorating existence that ruins its past.
File: Jetfire pat.png (16 KB, 300x450)
16 KB
>consistently silver is more loved now
What, seriously? Why? It's just metal, while nothing can beat the colour of the sun
I mean, Skyfire in G1, Jetfire I think in just about everything else
He gets some good moments in his appearances now and then, think he's a bigname in the Unicron Trilogy/Micron/Powerlinx/standalone Galaxy Force. Was never closely attached to him but his big figure looked impressive. No large robot that protects his friends can be reviled.
In Zero-One in particular, there's the antagonistic golden soldier, Kamen Rider Thouser and he spends the majority of the series being a punching bag.
File: jetfires.jpg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
I think it helps that he has the big old cannons from the Valkyrie super packs at all times, but in Macross the super packs are used sparingly
It's strange; we have Jetfire being straight lifted from Valkyries, and I think Fort Max was probably heavily inspired by the SDF-1, but I don't remember any Transformer that was based on Macross's Destroids. I mean I guess it's kinda easy to forget that the Destroids exist when only one named character in the entire franchise pilots one, but I still think they're cool
*big deal
File: 1674661507068170.gif (26 KB, 255x217)
26 KB
understandable, you're in the hone stretch tho
>Thouser, Souther, Souzer, Thouzer
>spends the majority of the series being a punching bag
I hope he got like, something positive that wasn't this. The fights look pretty nice though, and the characters don't look intensely silly yet. And if he's holding off ok against two heroes then he's probably gotten Kamen Rider Stronger, even if he still loses
I should maybe watch Kamen Rider Aruto ja Naito at some point, but we haven't even put a dent in Kabuto yet
>don't even get to see the super packs that often
Don't they also unfold to be mega guns, or is that just Jetfire
And I don't know about Fort, but Jetfire being designed by non-Takara, they probably didn't want to deal with stuff like that on the regular.
>Omega and Sky Lynx were licensed from some other company
>weren't initially released in Japan, only two decades later in Encore
Company things are hard...
>I still think they're cool
I think you are cool too!
File: Kamen Rider Trouser.jpg (120 KB, 1440x810)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
The man gets so humiliated so much, it's hard to take him seriously at all as a threatening antagonist
Ahahahahahaha I shouldn't laugh, but I'm literally laughing
Poor guy
"Hai, Aruto Ja Naito"
Mobile Helicopter Victory Gundam

why is the animation so shit?
The animation is great. Shading js not animation. You must think shit like Machine Robo and Dancouga hav great "animation".
Tanaka's musical compositions are truly the Undefeated of the East
>periodically rewatching >>22275313
>tfw same age as Kyoji but not helpful or reliable

Someone literally just posted
at me, Tanaka-san's soundtracks will always be next level
Yeah, me posting that sound webm. The /m/an composed Raijin-Oh's OST for more of that 90's Sunrise goodness
>they probably didn't want to deal with stuff like that on the regular.
Didn't stop them from taking potshots at (and later on buying GoBots)
Speaking of, Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos is another option for shows that are in your ballpark, though it's less Brave and more season 3 G1 Transformers + G Gundam. Just finished it myself last month, it's really cool even if it is also jank in all the same ways that G1 is. A shame it wasn't subbed earlier. It'd probably be less underrated.
Wait so the sad Master Asia song wasn't (You)?
>that cheery brave-esque adventury goodness
If he's composed Eldran, then..
>the franchise subsequently takes potshots at Go-Bots for the rest of its fucking existence
Machine Robo's on the list too. The types of combiners and combinations seemed impressive. If it's at least- haha it's the boner guy - if it's at least as good as Transformers Victory, then I'm on board. I think someone here really really liked the hero and his theme. The opening song is a bopper as well.
>micromasters and armourshit already in the 80s
Are they heroic? I don't care about animation errors, plot will always be king
File: Spoiler Image (1.85 MB, 640x480)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB WEBM
I was trying to say it was me that also posted it.
File: G Gundam girls.jpg (316 KB, 562x569)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
>just beelines to me with more content regardless of thread
Sasuga, fren
File: Gosaurer Finish.webm (3.96 MB, 640x480)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB WEBM
File: 1699709470362016.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
Recently watched Thunderbolt with my friends. I hurts me that Gundam Jazz will not be getting more episodes.
I'll pick an Eldran series at some point in the new year when I say something like "it was supposed to be a better year but it's even more miserable, what's a cheery Brave-esque show where you know the good guys will win in the end"
File: season3brawnhuffer.jpg (68 KB, 628x480)
68 KB
> if it's at least as good as Transformers Victory, then I'm on board
To my memory it's better, albeit its been like a decade since I watched Victory, but the jank isn't limited to animation errors. Much like G1 there's a bunch of weird things happening in the plot as well. For example the team will spend several episodes defending a specific city and then one episode they're abruptly in an entirely different city trying to accomplish something else with only one or two sentences of narration as a transition. And this is probably the most mild bit of jank; this is the kind of show that has multiple different characters sharing the exact same design, name and voice actor (similar to pic related)

>Are they heroic?
Everyone gets a chance to do something heroic, sure, even the hero's kidnap magnet sister. But on the other hand it's only the protagonist making the dramatic entrances and giving lectures on justice that would make the El Dora V crew proud every episode. One time the drill guy attempts to steal this bit from the protagonist and everyone gives him a death glare
Finally finished the Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA. Holy shit that was the least satisfying season ever. Ended on a massive cliffhanger, and they're never ever going to make another season. Fucking malding over here
Got 5 episodes left now.
Were ovas more adult? I remember watching them as a kid and not liking them much after tv series.
Interesting. I never felt inspired to watch the OVA because I felt like the show was a bit of a letdown. They weren't able to think of as many absurd situations as the premise called for. Was the OVA at least better about that?
The OVA was essentially 2 movies with a bunch of vignette episodes stuffed in between. Movie 1 was Tylor requesting peace on behalf of the Federation. Movie 2 (i.e. the ending) was about mysterious attacks on both Federation and Ralgon assets that made them think they were attacking each other and the war was back on. Only to reveal as the very last scene this massive enemy ship that dwarfs the fucking Melva (the Ralgon flagship which was previously the biggest ship in the series by far) as the true enemy... And then it just stops. No more episodes. Like, imagine if Naruto ended with Madara being absorbed by the alien bitch. Just right there. It's fucking baffling why they would do this.

The Vignette episodes were very good tho. I would say its definitely more adult than the main show, but it retains its heart and charm.
Watching through Dunbine as well. Seems that Tomonori Kogawa worked on both of them because I really like their character designs the way characters usually stands in these kinda elegant poses. Feels really 70s sci fi to me
I forgot I wanted to pick up Tylor at some point soon, a tiny bit worried now
I really liked Victory (about a decade for me too!) so I'm excited. I've noticed I say that a lot despite looking practically dead irl. I mean, travel time doesn't seem that jank, especially if they have some Jetfire/Omega tier transporter guy.
>multiple different characters sharing the exact same design, name and voice actor
Ok that IS jank
>Everyone gets a chance to do something heroic, sure, even the hero's kidnap magnet sister.
>would make the El Dora V crew proud every episode
You've had me at this. The drill guy trying to do it sounds really cute.
>when the side characters or the slapstick villains have to do the heroic speech
I still like Tylor, and objectively it is a good show, but it's a matter of priorities. I think it just spent too much time on the character relationships between the crew. And I mean there are worse things the show could have focused on, but you can get heartwarming character moments from any show if you look hard enough. The whole selling point of Tylor is that it's supposed to be about this guy who's either a genius or an extremely lucky idiot. Very rare you see that as a protagonist, and I came to watch all the crazy things I assumed would happen because of it. And I did get a few crazy things, but less than I was hoping for.
I sort of get what you mean, you get decent character moments which are appreciable, but human relationships are ultimately down-to-earth whereas you were hoping for some unusual hijinks and heists also, sort of like how Code Geass had both
>watch Kongming anime expecting Kongming, get mostly a lot of songs instead
Yeah. I've always valued imaginative scenario writing higher than character stuff, especially in robot fiction. I think it's part of why Imagawa is arguably the best /m/ director. If you have a giant robot in your show, that necessarily implies a more fantastical, grandiose scale than the reality we're all used to. And Imagawa is the only /m/ director I know of that consistently tried to get that across in everything he worked on. With his shows, it's not just the robots that are larger than life, it's everything. I think that's how a giant robot show should be
Albeit Captain Tylor isn't a giant robot show (even if it does briefly feature mecha in a few episodes), but it is a space opera and similar rules apply. Doubly so if the show's premise and hell, even the show's title tell me that I should expect a lot of highly improbable, logic-defying situations. I can deal with less exciting shows if they don't get my hopes up, but Tylor did.
Plot is definitely king in all things for me, but I can't decide whether I like scenarios or story more. There's a pair of ani/m/e where I felt one had stronger story and the other had stronger characters and it feels like a missed opportunity (I've seen that discussion get heated so I am not naming it here), so I get what you mean.
>I think it's part of why Imagawa is arguably the best /m/ director.
>And Imagawa is the only /m/ director I know of that consistently tried to get that across in everything he worked on.
I love you, anon.
>he'll almost always insist on non-linear storytelling with a twist in the past you were told about
>there are good people doing their best, even if you don't necessarily agree with them
>pretty consistent themes of fatherhood
I wish he kept making anime, fuck budget concerns, this living treasure should be funded by the government.
>it is a space opera and similar rules apply
I was going to namedrop LOGH and figure out some relevant comment, but I'm not sure to what extent it's "characters vs scenario". I feel it's just the characters themselves driving the story there.
>even the show's title tell me that I should expect a lot of highly improbable, logic-defying situations
You didn't like Mildly Cheeky Captain Tylor?
I'm sorry it wasn't quite up to your hopes anon, I understand the feeling of liking something but also feeling let down by what it could have been, it's definitely a weird feeling in the middle
File: its me.jpg (154 KB, 1536x1149)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>I feel it's just the characters themselves driving the story there.
I never got around to watching LoGH, but this is a common sentiment for other shows and I feel like it's misguided when people mention it as praise. Characters are predictable. If a character is onscreen for 5 minutes or more, chances are you know how that character is gonna work and what decisions that character will probably make, unless it's a super complex character like Lelouch
Contrast this with the scenario writing in a show like Goldran. Remember how Goldran had an episode where it had the characters randomly turn into cats? If a show does something like that, you know that fucking anything is on the table and you never know what's gonna come next.
Anyway that's part of why I told you to check out Gakusaver. That whole OVA is just one curveball after another
File: Sirius boat.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
>Characters are predictable
I feel you're still in for a bit of surprises for LOGH but maybe it's just my fondness for it that makes me instinctively jump against a negative-sounding adjective. Like, I can't remember off the top of my head the number of characters whose nature changed.. but don't people's natures usually stay the same? Regardless you're still in for a treat imo.
>unless it's a super complex character like Lelouch
I feel Reinhard and Wenli are about as complicated as Lelouch, you just see more bombastic actions/words that contrast against one another bc of how Lelouch and the show is.
>Remember how Goldran had an episode where it had the characters randomly turn into cats?
Yes and the fart episode and the Dran's kids episode, also it's still startling when anons retain my continuity somehow
>If a show does something like that, you know that fucking anything is on the table and you never know what's gonna come next.
Goldran's my favourite but interestingly enough that wasn't one of the reasons why. I guess I'll add that to the list, it's the most... varied of the Brave shows, let's say.
>that fucking dumbass copycat planet that says bye to the heroes and gets ready to scam Sirius, but he's not even going to bother humouring it for even a second
Just a small six episodes, I'll try to squeeze it in maybe this year, if I'm in the mood for something new but don't want to like, you know, add even more to my crippled watching list
> it's the most... varied of the Brave shows, let's say
that's a lot of episodes that you remembered, and I think it's for this specific reason
Da Garn is my second favorite but I definitely don't remember near as many individual episodes from it. It was solid but it played things way safer

>I'll try to squeeze it in maybe this year
six episodes is, what, two and a half hours tops? You could knock that out tonight if you weren't so busy talking to me. But I get it, not a lot of people talk about the show and I'm probably the only one that ever mentioned it to you. A few years ago it seemed like it was showing up in every single "post underrated shows" thread, but of course, if that happens enough times it's no longer underrated. And current /m/ is too angry to have threads like that anyway
Yeah, I'm having a harder time remembering precise episode premises for other shows/eps that weren't character-focused. Think the only other Brave show that has the potential to be similar is Exkaiser out of all things, seeing what those dumbasses try to steal as a treasure.
Da Garn benefited from having the eps all progress the plot, so probably less "Dumpson and Drill Brat turn tiny" and various episodes. Come to think of it, Dagwon was probably the most down-to-earth Brave show in comparison, if we're going by balls-to-the-wall insane episode premises.
>six episodes is, what, two and a half hours tops? You could knock that out tonight if you weren't so busy talking to me.
I like talking to my precious anons, they are my friends... but maybe I'll give it a chance later today if I'm feeling lonely. I'll torrent it now, I just usually watch stuff only with a friend or while I'm eating, since I just want to lie down or zone out normally.
>it was showing up in every single "post underrated shows" thread, but of course, if that happens enough times it's no longer underrated
Yeah, eventually people start getting upset
>current /m/ is too angry
I just stick to the comfy threads or the super ones, since not many angry people care about super robots unless your name is literally Ryoma Nagare

But why is he vibrating
and why is Over There playing
I had a dream where we were chatting and I was trying to send you gloves and hand lotion because your hands smelled really nice and I didn't want your hands to get hurt. Think I was going insane from lack of sleep, but you take care of them this week now, okay...
>I just usually watch stuff only with a friend
Ah well, Gakusaver would be really good to watch with friends since in addition to all the crazy twists, it's very silly and also at times very hype. The scale gets way bigger than you'd ever expect
Also it has my favorite /m/ ED
Thank you, suggested it as something to watch today, I'm excited.
>immediately started swaying 2 seconds into the start of the ED
Why yes, I will take my /m/EDs, this is too fun. I've come a long way from auto-skipping EDs.
I still do auto skip most EDs (especially for those dumb shows that put the previews before the ED)
But with this one it's like they looked at the words "Shooting Star" in the show's title and everyone in the room just nodded at each other knowing exactly what to do
Started Grendizer after seeing gameplay footage of Feast of the Wolves. Normally I'd watch the episodes in order, but I'm just sifting through each episode looking for nice things (The Girl Who Crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Zuril Jr., Boss Spazer, Vega Beast Buebue) or familiar faces I've seen in other media featuring Grendizer (Rubina, pic related, Vega Beasts King Gori and Zumezume)
>Started Grendizer
"Yuke, Yuke"
I was watching old mecha, it started like baseball anime then agent tried to assasinate the guy but hit his right hand instead. So he had to settle to pilot giant mecha instead of becoming baseball star. Such a career downgrade.
The one ED that shall never be skipped no matter what is this one.
File: minna.jpg (72 KB, 1000x748)
72 KB
What if it was true?
I myself now have only two episodes left on it. RIP Merkatz, Mashengo and Schönkopf. To think they lasted longer than both Yang and Reuenthal.
File: Tsundere.jpg (691 KB, 1024x3850)
691 KB
691 KB JPG
Well, I finished Gakusaver, what a treat. Any character who's genre-savvy is a good person. The impending ending felt like an irl protest against the studio for cancelling them or something, but thankfully it didn't end with the fucking universe ending. The ending was great, the cast and ending reminded me a lot of Goldran, my favourite Brave series.
>another ED's anime to watch
Well, I'm glad things will never end
How are you finding it so far?
Yeah... you really wouldn't have expected them to die, or the other guys protecting Yang. Also, I'm going to assume you never noted Trunicht among the losses due to the fact that he lives on in our hearts.
File: Armada Jetfire.webm (1.45 MB, 640x480)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB WEBM
File: its nice to dream.png (30 KB, 250x150)
30 KB
Thank you for taking my suggestion once again. I know I'm very pushy but it's very rare I have the chance to talk about this top tier OVA whose second half I can barely remember. Glad you liked it. Hope your friends enjoyed it too. Now to patiently wait for it to never get into SRW and hope that I one day have the courage to be as based as the teacher
File: Guy victory.jpg (462 KB, 1080x1608)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
>glance at Sky Lynx or Astrotrain and keep forgetting that space shuttles go at like a trillion miles per hour instead of being slow-moving lugs
I keep forgetting how fearsome they are, just that they usually lack weapons. I guess that's what passengers are for.
You're not pushy, you're just a fellow autist who worries they bore or overwhelm people with interests, and I'm thankful for your suggestions.
>doesn't remember
Time for you to rewatch it this year! And yeah, my friend enjoyed it a lot, and it's a good way to try pushing for Goldran.
>SRW never
>seems it's already a pretty obscure series
Maybe one day...
>hope that I one day have the courage
I'll take a page from my other dear anon and post picrel as an encouragement. Courage isn't (just) the ability to be brazen and outlandish, it's the will to do the right thing despite any danger and fear. Me too though, anon. I'm trying to focus on at least doing the right thing, confidence seems to come up naturally if it's anything important or facing something immoral. Ganbatte, anons.
The best part of post-Bloody Yang LOGH for me was Reuenthal shooting Trunicht https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30F4ipENaoI&t=1s
File: Trunicht democracy.jpg (257 KB, 640x960)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Honestly can't believe this fucking rat survived longer than he did. Literally outlasted his shitty government that he worsened. I was surprised too though, like, Reuenthal wh-what the fuck man. But he looked so smug and certain that he uh, wouldn't be fucking shot. Thank you, Reuenthal.
Why did he rebel?
Maybe you're right about it being time for a rewatch. The /m/ stuff I've been viewing lately hasn't really inspired me and I've just been replaying Rune Factory 4 while listening to Scatman these past few days

>Maybe one day...
It's on my 90s neverever wishlist along with
K.O Beast (https://youtu.be/2jow0MCQ5-0)
Maze (https://youtu.be/NVaIBHpDjSk)
and Kakugo no Susume (https://youtu.be/BxwUK0OcSTA)
Man, in retrospect the 90s sure had a lot of completely wack mecha shows
The new season of Rick and Morty, the black goo seems like a Prometheus reference. And I'd still eat that spaghetti after seeing that montage.
I only heard of one of those two things!
>going by decade
I should be keeping track of years better, to have a better understanding of how things evolved/changed or was inspired from what. e.g. Gakusaver was '93 (the OP tells you) and Goldran was in '95, so the similar feelings weren't because Gakusaver was inspired by Goldran (and I'm not sure if Goldran took from Gaku or if it's just vague similarities)
KO Beast looks fun albeit slightly chaotic, I'm not sure why Kaguya Houraisan is in Maze but that's going to be impossible to find, and Kakugo... Determination's Movement Forward? I never really got Asiatic grammar. It looks fun but something closer to Hokuto and Kamen Rider than standard mecha. Posting an AMV is cheating though, they are designed to be lengthily exciting.
As a time-ignorer, I can't recall off the top of my head what was specifically from the 90s aside from Brave and Evangelion though, I should actively keep track of these things
File: 1699035592188011.png (156 KB, 1029x5511)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
>Posting an AMV is cheating though, they are designed to be lengthily exciting.
It doesn't have an OP. There's only two episodes; it's basically an advertisement for the manga, which got fully translated very recently. Read the whole thing a month or two ago and posted about it in these threads. It's a surprisingly touching and wholesome story with a happy ending despite all the gore and grotesque, overly sexual monster designs. Having seen the OVA beforehand I expected it to be much more edgy than it was

>As a time-ignorer, I can't recall off the top of my head what was specifically from the 90s
Use pic related; I know there's more recent versions but I don't have them saved. This should be good enough for most purposes, though it includes a lot of western animated works as well. I don't know how familiar you are with non-Japanese stuff, but you shouldn't overlook it. The one I always go to bat for (because no else will) is The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
You always think of westerners as being into real robot shit outside of Transformers and Power Rangers, but if you look hard enough, there's more to the story
>no OP
>ad for the manga
This and the inverse of "manga is just an ad for the anime" should be illegal. I'll look into it if it's just 2eps+manga though.
And this is an extremely handy chart, thank you. I shouldn't overlook western stuff, but aside from Beast Wars I missed a lot of stuff either because I was too young to see it, or because we stopped getting Teletoon on tv.
Heard good things about Big Guy, Megas XLR, and a few other western stuff that get mentioned to this day, but I wasn't able to catch a lot of it. For western robots, Transformers and Bionicle are king for me.
File: image.jpg (298 KB, 886x1219)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
>This and the inverse of "manga is just an ad for the anime" should be illegal
I can't really blame it for only having two episodes; every chapter is filled with gore and it occasionally borders on hentai. What publisher would want to distribute that? Somehow it got an English release as "Apocalypse Zero" (which it's generally better known by, but I always use the Japanese name when referring to the subbed version), and it certainly got some notoriety on the English speaking internet for how over the top it was about its explicit content
Also the manga is about 100 chapters long so it's not exactly a short read

Big Guy is something I should've suggested to you a long time ago back when you cared a lot about the robots being sentient. It has a bit of an interesting twist on the idea. The boy robot, Rusty, is sentient, but incompetent. He idolizes the Big Guy, who is more competent, but unbeknownst to him (and the general public), Big Guy is a piloted robot. They assume Rusty's AI will develop better and become more suited for battle if they keep Big Guy's true nature hidden, leading to a lot of interesting moments where you can see the pilot's grumpy, cynical nature slip through the heroic Big Guy persona he tries to maintain while piloting. And of course they have to do a lot of other stuff with Big Guy(he's "powered down" while not being piloted, concealing the cockpit, making it scanproof, etc.). The only problem with the show is that, of course, Rusty isn't ever allowed to become competent, because if he does, then the Big Guy is obsolete. The whole start of the show is them decommissioning Big Guy because they thought Rusty was a serious replacement
>What publisher would want to distribute that?
The good ones
I'll be a bit wary about it but I've also read supposedly/seemingly edgy stuff that was still fine
>Big Guy is something I should've suggested to you a long time ago back when you cared a lot about the robots being sentient.
Y-you guys really keep track of this stuff huh, good heavens.
And I thought the boy was a regular human boy, I think I've only seen the opening as a kid.
>it's actually the big robot that's piloted, by a grump to boot
That actually sounds very endearing!
>Rusty isn't ever allowed to become competent, because if he does, then the Big Guy is obsolete.
Well, hopefully he shapes up or seems promising by the end...
>The whole start of the show is them decommissioning Big Guy because they thought Rusty was a serious replacement
>That actually sounds very endearing!
It's also a little unbelievable given the kind of over the top heroic stuff he says while in his Big Guy persona. There's not any clips so I have to timestamp the episodes directly but stuff like this would make Guy Shishioh blush
And the weirdest part is he still says this stuff when no one's looking even though he acts completely different when he's not piloting. Maybe he just likes playing the character, the show never really goes into it
That's so silly, ahahahaha.
>he's piloting a robot that's piloting a blimp
>he still says this stuff when no one's looking
He knows God and his beloved child audience is always watching (on Thursdays at 4pm)
>even though he acts completely different when he's not piloting
Maybe he just gets into the mood when he's piloting, like how Lelouch gets more bombastic when he's Zero
>farewell to arms
So silly hahaha. He also sounds like Optimus too, and Rusty sounds very familiar also. Like, I've heard this voice recently-
>She is known for voicing Bobby Hill
I need to lie down
Was trying to collage a bunch of manga pages for a storytime thread in this board and recovering from a cold today.
What story? I hope you recover soon, and that you got to stay home today. You should probably rest instead of collaging though. And sorry for being a fucking freak
All I can say is that it's not a Brave, Dynamic Pro IP or Gundam manga. The cold happened during work, so I stayed for the whole shift.
Code Geass? Babel II? Is it something I would know/like? (I don't want to say "I'm excited", I feel I've been saying that more than "endearing" these days) And oh man, you got sick DURING work? You should/could have been able to go home partway... ;_; How on earth did you get sick, have you been taking care of yourself? I hope you weren't just at your computer!
Zambot 3 looking chest crest
File: 1647634098819.webm (346 KB, 480x360)
346 KB
>did not know that the Koji/Sayaka brutal fighting episode was the same one as Boss risking his life for disabled children or Sayaka herself piloting the Mazinger, what a cinematic experience

I haven't cried like a normal person in years
The episode is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's Aphrodite that's the problem not Sayaka
Finished Legend of the Galactic Heroes. What a viewing experience. I'll miss Reinhard and the rest of the cast. Oberstein, you were a cool guy in the end.
File: Spoiler Image (767 KB, 600x1350)
767 KB
767 KB JPG
Diana A one day. I think she has weird colours but it's probably because I haven't seen her in action and didn't get to warm up to her yet
They're all gone... and yeah, Oberstein is fucking goat, he was always cool, man!
>ambiguous whether him dying was part of his calculations for the end of an era or whether it was a genuine mistake
>she has weird colours
It's like seeing pic related as a mecha
File deleted.
That's literally exactly fucking it, the strange-ass pastel colours that you only see from a forbidden era or in experimental art/shows/games
I was checking to see if I had any Diana A pictures but I found this instead
I don't think that's SFW material enough... better delete that image while you can before the global rules do it themselves
Finished the TV version of Demon Slayer Infinite Train, like the movie it kinda sucked.
Literally harmless...
Diana really isn't much of an upgrade of course. The show's still titled Mazinger Z. It has pretty much the same abilities as Sayaka's version of Venus A, and therefore is just as effective as Venus A usually is
Wasted trips
>the same abilities and effectiveness
That's not fair, the Diana A is literally built for combat unlike Aphrodite, so she should be stronger, probably made of chogokin
Unless it's noted explicitly that Dr Hell ramped up the strength of his kikaiju, she should be performing better on average, even in her supporter role...
Aquarion trilogy (meaning the first 2 series plus 1's OVA/movie is a rewatch for me)
Planet With
Samurai Flamenco (it's merely okay so far)

Made a thread about fight scenes and it got deleted for some reason. Jannies must be autists.
holy pleb
Mods/jannies and wanna-be jannies have made /m/ worse over the years.
>play game with grid-based movement
>disable gridlines
for what purpose
They're helpful
Well, I still deleted it for safety
https://files.catbox.moe/fa20yw.jpeg I'm not even sure who the fourth one is supposed to be
File: Spoiler Image (343 KB, 1554x1054)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Did someone say grid?
>removing gridlines removes grid based movement
What pleb is aware Scorpion King got sequels?
>reminded the movie exists
It felt like a pointless addition that was also very very fun. Would I watch another one: yes, absolutely. More Mujina when
I just wrapped up watching the third episode of that.

Incidentally, I noticed that GundamInfo channel has Seed episodes for free, but how are the English subtitles? At least decent or am I better off waiting to torrent elsewhere? The former is at least convenient for now (I'm assuming it's a way to promote that movie finale next month). For that matter, how's the English dub for curiosity's sake? I never watched a single episode due to American broadcasts agreeing with my turbulent schedule back in the day and the cliffnotes from G Generation has me intrigued at what appears to be an off the cuff "remake" of 0079.
Started watching Dai-Guard after LOGH. Good Pre/m/iere with the titular mecha being portrayed as an underdog.
I have one episode left that I'm hoping to watch tomorrow instead of putting off forever
The previews are pretty fun and innocuous, I think watching them is permissible?
You are in for quite a treat indeed, it's like if GaoGaiGar was a real robot show
Gotchard's other side special gold forms
>putting off the series finale
well, you can't have liked it that much if that's crossing your mind
I'm there with you. It's probably a 7/10, 8/10 at most. A lot of neat details, really good soundtrack, gets a lot of the character stuff right, has some really clever direction and action scenes... but the overall story never really blows you away, like it's missing that special something that would make it a true masterpiece
File: Dai Guard immortal.png (899 KB, 1920x1080)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
Ok I really like shields and having a dual-wielded pair of shields looks pretty amazing
>well, you can't have liked it that much if that's crossing your mind
I do that with a lot of shows and games, I think it's because I don't want it to be over?
I think it's a solid 8/10 under the caveat that you like super robots and GaoGaiGar (I don't want to say "deconstructions" bc that makes me want to slit my throat) and I don't even really mind the lack of overall plot. Looking at J-Decker, the main plot/endgame was my least favourite part of the show, even though that leaves you with episodic adventures that occasionally questions the nature of AI and humanity. That's fine and so was Dai Guard, nothing that ramps up or makes you want to scream like GaoGaiGar does, but picrel for the preview seems promising... which is saved next to a pic from the last episode that I saved in February since the show looked also promising. I think it's a screenshot of them returning safely to their frens.
File: Legend gorgerous stand.jpg (223 KB, 1920x1080)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
But these add-on shoulder weapons are getting a bit ridiculous
File: Silver Gotch.jpg (385 KB, 2048x1366)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Witness these shoulder pads
I mean I think it does have an "overall plot" (the military coming to trust and rely upon the Dai Guard team), it's just not one that allows for any really crazy developments
Albeit the concept of the Heterodynes as another form of natural disaster is a pretty unique angle but it feels like the show only went that route just so that there's no room to believe the characters could ever lose their jobs
But anyway, I don't think it's an issue of "episodic vs plot-based," hell, my favorite /m/ show of the 2010s (Space Dandy) is episodic. I think it's another case of "predictable character focused story will never reach the heights of risky imaginative scenario stories"
Have to finish Dai Guard today before I die from robot starvation as well as food starvation
Now that's slightly better
Those turbines or bolts better shoot some cool attacks or else
I mean, "despite our differences, everyone can do their part to protect the peace" was nice, I'd be satisfied with that one cunt major getting court-martialed and executed, Shirota and even the Kokupilots coming round to the side of justice is pleasant. Maybe I'm just backpedaling because I like the show.
Techie made it seem like that was her complete guess and speculation for something she didn't deeply meditate on, so I'd say it's up in the air what these things are. I think "that floating thing was fucking harmless until you decided to bombard it with missiles" leaves room for speculation.
>Space Dandy
I dropped that show fucking twice, is it because I was made to watch dubs the second time, do I just lack taste?
File: image.gif (995 KB, 500x479)
995 KB
995 KB GIF
>I'd be satisfied with that one cunt major getting court-martialed and executed
now now, everyone can be saved. Would God be happy with this level of bloodthirst?

>is it because I was made to watch dubs the second time, do I just lack taste?
I watched the dub myself. I always do that for shows clearly intended for a western audience. I'll say that the show does have a bit of a rough start. I wasn't feeling it at first either. There was one or two kino scenes (like the Stardust Pipeline moment) that gave me faith that the show would improve, so I kept at it, and around episode 6 or 7 the show started to get really, really weird, like every new episode started to feel like it belonged in a completely different genre than the previous one, and I was just absolutely captivated.
>now now, everyone can be saved. Would God be happy with this level of bloodthirst?
You know what, you're right, I should hope that even the worst person repents and tries to do better.
>I always do that for shows clearly intended for a western audience.
I watched Cowboy Bebop, G Gundam, and Cromartie High with dubs but I'm generally going to avoid it unless I've specifically heard it be praised. There's something off-putting about dubs though, but seeing how I don't even watch much western media anymore, maybe it's just misanthropy. I think the furthest episode I got was when they were stranded on that giant planet with deathworms. The premise and songs seemed interesting but eh..
>every new episode started to feel like it belonged in a completely different genre than the previous one
That sounds delightful if done right, "trying to do too many things at once" if it failed. I'll try to keep Space Dandy in mind for next year.
File: he makes a good point.gif (1.23 MB, 500x281)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
>That sounds delightful if done right, "trying to do too many things at once" if it failed
Well either way I can say that my problem with the first part of the show was just it having a bunch of retarded immature scatological jokes. That, well, that definitely stopped happening one way or the other and there were a lot of episodes that were surprisingly touching, like the one with Meow's family or the one about Dandy and Scarlet's romance
I appreciate the show even more since I watched Cowboy Bebop. Bebop felt like watching Dandy if Dandy never started getting weird
File: Arigato, Dai Guard.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Daiguard, a solid 8/10.
>tfw the major was one of the people who defended our good friend Shirota
He had to be stopped by Shirota's kouhai out of all people, but I guess his heart is ultimately in the right place, he seemed almost relieved to wait for Dai Guard
But yeah, I remember not being greatly impressed with the main cast or humour, space adventures but nothing heartwarming yet.
>remembering the scene in Cowboy Bebop where they eat a bunch of eggs
I think you were supposed to watch Bebop first though... apparently a lot of the villains are references to infamous fellows which makes you appreciate the show even more, don't recall any references other than our good friend Teddy though
File: coping ernie.png (167 KB, 225x394)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Godzilla Minus One, it sucked balls and I hope the Legendary movie will redeem the franchise like when Anno took a bag of broken glass to it or whatever the flhell Shin Godzilla was trying to be.
Again, Dai-Guard did feel a lot like Goldran. The charming optimism of the main team brought around one person, then another, and the future holds more in store.
But yeah I didn't watch Bebop for the longest time out of eternal contrarianism (I still haven't watched any UC Gundam) and I probably never would have watched it at all if it hadn't gotten into SRW T
Why didn't you like Shin, anon?
But that was me who said it!
>The charming optimism of the main team brought around one person, then another, and the future holds more in store.
Yeah, I didn't expect that unwavering optimism and bravery to be so infectious
>eternal contrarianism
It's time to graduate out of our childish mindsets! Mine was "being reluctant based on my bad first impressions rather than trusting a/m/ons". Idk if 0079 will blow you away but Zeta's a bit better so far. You want to get to know Char and the others a bit better, don't you? (or get the maximum amount of references when watching Turn A like I hope to)
File: Big Forearms.png (505 KB, 878x332)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
Yeah, both of them having gigantic cylinder forearms, the best type of mecha forearms.
File: Dog food.png (3.5 MB, 1920x2522)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PNG
Name five more examples
Nah, not only has SRW given me more UC Gundam content than I ever wanted to deal with anyway (seriously, SRW GC got translated recently and the first 20 stages of that game are just endless OYW events ad nauseum, T dropped everything for like 7 stages just to bombard us with the Two Neo Zeons meme, V interrupted Yamato just to give us a bunch of boring Unicorn stuff and so on.), it has also made me pretty certain that it's not something I'd be into. Hell I dropped L-Gaim around episode 45 just because it was starting to become too much like Gundam
There's an ocean full of non-Gundam related /m/ content out there and even though I've been in full degenerate NEET mode and powered through more shows than any person ever really should, there's still no end in sight. A lot of remains is dumpster diving, mind you, but eh. I'd rather spend my time on a flawed show with an interesting premise (or rewatch a favorite) than on an Earth vs Space conflict where people shout ideological word salad at each in other in the middle of battle

The irony being that I'm currently trying to get through Dragonar. I thought the superior designs and characters would help, but its been weeks since I wanted to watch an episode
What about these?
I mean, those are rectangular shaped, but it fits the bill of the big forearms aspect I suppose.
File: image.jpg (22 KB, 474x355)
22 KB
It's certainly strange how many robots are just complete Popeye mode
I'd enjoy anything UC that wasn't post-CCA at this point. V Gundam in 30 was nice though.
>it has also made me pretty certain that it's not something I'd be into
I can't really question this considering SRW usually condenses and/or enhances shows, fair enough
I wanted to give it a chance too, if only for that floofy dork rival, that endearing fucking dumbass
>been in full degenerate NEET mode and powered through more shows than any person ever really should
Same minus the pacing, I'm glad there's still a lot(?) more good(?) shows out there
You or someone said it was good! I have to meet and field them in AP. I guess just turn it on when you're eating, so you have no choice but to watch it

I like punchbots more, but I wouldn't mind seeing a bot that primarily uses its legs, if only to see how they make use of this novelty
File: Getter and Gaiking.jpg (331 KB, 1736x792)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
Godannar, Gaiking, Dendoh, Kikaioh, some of the Getters
File: Demonbane.jpg (364 KB, 797x591)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
>but I wouldn't mind seeing a bot that primarily uses its legs
You still gotta read Demonbane, right? Those absurdly oversized shin guards aren't just for show
Hell I probably ought to get back to Demonbane myself. The patch for the PS2 version came out recently and I only got through one of the routes. I did already read the original PC version and it was pretty much the same (apart from thankfully removing all the porn), but there's a lot more CGs and every line being voiced certainly made some scenes funnier
Thank you, wasn't expecting this picture pairing or remembered these ones as barrel-armed.
Kikaioh looks really really cool, there's a mixture of super and real robots with a fun looking cast
>fighting arcade game
Oh... I guess there's still Dendoh... I still get a fun-looking cast and a mix of super an real vibes
>You still gotta read Demonbane, right?
Y-yessir. Wait, who recommended it, I thought it was settei fren, was it Dai Guard anon
Wait, which version should I be playing, PS2 emulated?
File: Spoiler Image (591 KB, 1920x1080)
591 KB
How did you know my autistically retarded and specific weakness
Probably several people suggested Demonbane. Now that you're done with Dai Guard, it's the other /m/ thing Kentaro Itoh played the leading role of and he sounds a lot deeper than he did as Akagi, it's surprising.
Anyway the version you should play is Kishin Hokou, originally released on the PS2 and later ported to PC. The patch is for the PC version
>Kentaro Itoh played the leading role of and he sounds a lot deeper than he did as Akagi,
Did Itoh get "Nozomu Sasaki'd"?
I think it was just that his balls dropped or something. He started his VA career when he was only 11 years old. He was 16 when he voiced Akagi. A little wild that he was voicing adult males as a teen
>He was 16 when he voiced Akagi.
Currently at the 2nd episode and he's sounding similar to Suzumura to me
doctor slump
>there's just an easy PC port
Thank you Jesus!
>a child prodigy, like Akagi the adult prodigy
File: Minako strip.png (133 KB, 330x408)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
I actually didn't know that
>Akagi the manchild prodigy
I was spiritually there with him when he started telling Ibuki about the artistry of Japanese toys
Also what is this
So was I
We all were... (but it's frustrating when their quality is not-so-great)
Codename Sailor V's 13th released chapter
Ah ha, thank you for that and her shoulders
File: Minako's smile.jpg (47 KB, 500x332)
47 KB
You're welcome
File: image.jpg (95 KB, 427x600)
95 KB
Alright, fuck Dragonar, I think I'm gonna take my own advice and reread another Demonbane route in Kishin Houkou instead
I already did Al's route, first reply decides if I go with Ruri or Leica this time
File: op.png (4 KB, 161x191)
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