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File: SD Gundam Force.png (775 KB, 960x540)
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did anyone but myself watch this? I had a dvd of it as a kid with the first 6 episodes and always wondered if it got good. Especially considering I had the game on GBA that was so good
I'm still waiting for RighStuf to give this a western bluray release with the second half of the show. Fuck it, when are they going to release the SD MK OVAs?!?!?!
I watched all of it that was available in English. It was dragged early on when they had to re-learn the same fucking lesson about WORKING TOGETHER every episode, but it started going pretty hard once all of the pieces were in place.

There's a whole second season that's only in Japanese.
File: bakushinmaru_real_type.jpg (1.19 MB, 1200x960)
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>and always wondered if it got good
The first dozen odd episodes suck, but once they start hopping to the different themed worlds it actually gets pretty fun
>There's a whole second season that's only in Japanese.
The whole thing was dubbed, it's just that CN decided to drop the series half way through. The dubbed last half did eventually (like 5 years later) get a DVD release though, so it's there and there's a few active torrents for the full Eng dubbed show
god i hated watching this shit on CN in the 2000s. had to wake up at like 5 am to watch seedkino
This show gave me a somewhat toku vibe. Power ups, interesting monster of the week designs. Gattai shenanigans. Rival/anti hero Gundams with similar designs to the knight one, though I could be remembering this wrong. It’s a shame I could never catch this in it’s entirety as a kid. Had a booklet for the toys too, they looked sick as fuck

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