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>Previous thread:

(This is a modded campaign using Gihrens Greed: Menace of Axis V as a base. The content included in this campaign is not within the base game)

Previous campaigns:

Password is gas4llspacen0ids to access page.

(Current campaign is the an extension of Season 3. All threads found are connected to this ongoing game)
Fad and Darrel feel like counterparts to Shia so I'd say their development was planned if a bit rushed. Fad is a Shia who listened to Nita and embraced the edge while Darrel is a Shia who went the Akasha route and become normal.
That's a really interesting lens to use when looking at the main three of this arc. I know we've had a lot of people complaining about the OCs overall throughout these threads but honestly, given everything, I'm pretty satisfied with how they've been treated. Even if they got there a little sooner than I might have personally liked, they're all kind of in the place I'd hope for.

Fad has become this little edgelord sitting-in-the-corner-of-the-room-smoking kinda edgy guy who don't play by the rules, Darrel's still got that "I'm better than you" thing kind of going on but also is kind of grappling with what his place in the world actually is as a newtype beyond the propaganda he's been fed, and Shia's gone from a generic moeblob to this kind of "Autist latches onto the one thing they try that works" type of thing with the collars, and her relationship with Amaya.
Also the fact that Shia and the collar thing is tied to the fact that she couldn't help her actual best friend I still hope she is not dead.
We didn't get a scene of Akasha dying so I think she's still alive. She tested positive during the newtype test, she's probably just kidnapped into some newtype lab.
Well that can easily be a fate worse than death, hopefully Shia doesn't have to see that
Copy has finally reached the level of actual gundam shows, he's got endless bickering in his threads about the writing.
>sex slave
>Newtype experiment
>dying Newtype sex slave experiment
Be careful of what you wish for.


Guess the end of this massive episode is finally coming. OP image is ominous as hell considering how Aranos is going to hell after everything happened with the Marker shards and people either dying, leaving or being branded as traitors.
There are still a bunch of loose ends and other things that are going on and will either be resolved in the main campaign or in this final part of the episode. Just to review everything I am recalling...

>Liquid had one of those Marker shards rammed into his eye and we never were told if he lived or died when he tumbled into that hole.
>Fad seems to be receiving some influence from Mosey's spirit and is going off to have some death match with Nita away from Aranos. He might be planning to kill himself even if he wins since he wanted his prized Haro's memories deleted and he did not take it with him. Unless there is something absolutely game changing information wise that Fad left behind his betrayal is going to send Amaya over the edge.
>Reiko knows about "something" we have not been told about yet. Seeing as the OP imagine alludes to there being "something" outside of Aranos and Reiko was going nuts trying to get everyone to stay away from where that marker thing was the abominations or whatever the hell they were defending that place might be coming to invade.
>The Marker or whatever it is was really seems to have screwed up those who made direct physical contact with it. It does not seem that everyone was reacting the same though since other aces and characters were not losing it and people like Amaya and Fad never touched it but were experiencing random bursts of pain while near the base that was holding it. The guy who pocketed that shard also was mutating into some kind of monster so its possible that marker might have also made the abominations that were seen at that base. Were they all Newtypes though?
>Dandjo is still on the way and could complicate things even further.
Reiko appears to be working for a federation bigwig or secret organization judging from one of her conversations with Cyan. That "something" is probably the distant lights in the background of the OP poster which appear to be an army of mobile suits approaching the base. Maybe its the Ninth Crusade? They haven't gotten a lot of screen time beyond the barzams in the beginning and they do have their own marker.
I'm still banking on the fact that this base will be marked for a 'clean-up' by the Dakar forces or whoever in the federation, the evidence that Amaya sought for is the kind of stuff they would want hidden regardless of how wrong or right Nita's theories are
Well if Aranos base is going to be destroyed or liquidated by other Feddie forces, would it be possible for Dandjo to lead an escape? I mean he probably wouldn't be able to save many people, and the ALF would be upset if he brought back more than one person. But if Dandjo brought back supplies and one of the prototype mobile suits too (or wreckage of one), that could all easily be smoothed over.

Fad's desertion alongside the Genspenst agent Nita Rincoln has thrown Aranos into a further state of distrust and strife. Utilizing the approaching shroud of night, along with the heat cloaks salvaged from the destroyed Xeku's, the two machines escape into the vast wastes of Africa, while David is bound and confined to a cell at Aranos base. Even with the news of Shia and Darrel's recovery from their coma-state, Amaya's paranoia further twists her perception of the situation as Fad's final message to Aranos is delivered by his mechanical companion, Buddy...

>Fad recording: "-was not done with any political or ideological gain. If you want someone to blame for this, then know I am doing this for myself. You have what you wanted from her...so I am not going to let her surviving through the courts and inquiries. I am going to end her...for the sake of everyone she hurt. For Mosey. If I hurt anyone on my way out...well, they can scold the heck out of me when we meet again real soon.

Ending its message, Buddy retracts the small screen built into its body. Amaya remains motionless, her breathing slowed, shallow and inaudible.

>Amaya confidant: That is the only message it has been relaying. Ma'am, Ensign Zurich is begging for you to speak with him about-
>Amaya:Traitors. This entire base has been compromised for so long now...Nita's confession w-was a decoy...a farce...!!

Lowering her head, Amaya's breathing increases as invasive and hostile thoughts breach her sanity. Rolling closer to her body, Buddy looks up to her face.


Chucking Buddy against a wall, the small machine releases a saddened chirp as is lays on the floor, it's shell partially cracked from the impact.

>Amaya confidant: M-ma'am, are you-
>Amaya: Any soldier who was recovered alongside Maria is to be redesignated as spies. Their ranks, their positions,all are to be ignored in getting a confession from them...!

>Valkyrie doctor: You are completely safe here! There is no need to be-

Holding onto Darrel tighter, Shia gently whines as she buries her face into the Ensigns shoulder.

>Darrel: W-water...can you...get me some water?
>Valkyrie doctor: Of course. How are you feeling currently, Ensign Torrian? Without running a proper scan, it will be difficult to determine the severity of what was-
>Darrel: Just get me the-...ngh, please...I just need some.

Handing Darrel a small cup of water, he proceeds to tilt Shia's head up from his shoulder, pouring it down her mouth.

>Shia: Da...rrel...?
>Darrel: Yeah, I'm here...
>Valkyrie doctor:D-do you need any more or-
>Darrel: Just bring a whole pitcher.

Forcing her way through security, Brett limps into the medical room, while the security staff guarding their chamber blocks her from moving any further.

>Brett: Will you assholes back off already?!
>Valkyrie security: Last warning! We will use force if you attempt to make contact with either of them!

Looking over the guards shoulder to find Darrel cradling Shia's shivering body, Brett whistles mockingly over to him.

>Brett: That nap of yours put some pep to your step?
>Darrel: Lieutenant...!

Standing himself up from his medical bed, Doctor Alcazo attempts to restrain him, only to be pushed aside by Darrel's free arm, while Shia locks her arms and legs around his body, keeping herself fully latch to him.

>Valkyrie security: W-wait, you can't-
>Brett: Got something to clear up with you, Darrel-

Wrapping his free arm onto Brett, Darrel locks her into a hug as he lowers his head to hers.

>Brett:...O~k then.
>Valkyrie doctor: T-their making contact! Why did you people let her through?!
>Brett: Shaddup, will ya?! C-come on man, there are better times for-

Brett jolts upon feeling Shia's arm being placed onto her shoulder, both of them gently holding her as they quietly weep.

>Brett:...Fine, just...guess you both need this.
Bro what happened to them while they were under, holy shit.
The shards might've forcefully connected their newtype minds or something, and that would've been extremely traumatic.
File: 1453077065919.jpg (68 KB, 640x480)
68 KB
I'm at tech level 28 and still havent gotten to develop the hazels, MK-V, or gundam MK-2 on the Revils federation path, what's going on?
I also never got to develop the GP04

While paranoia sweeps the Valkyrie, Maria instructs a group of young medical practitioners from the Valkyrie on how to medicate her, while gently giving them positive reinforcement.

>Maria: You both have done enough for me...would you please check on the condition of Lieutenant Rotar Dakka?
>Medical staff 1:...We have been told you are to receive our full attention until told otherwise by-
>Maria: Then...how about you take me to him, and the others who were rescued?
>Medical staff 2:...Is that an order, Captain Salvador?
>Maria: We all share the same oath.

Looking to one another, the two young men nod to Maria as they attempt to contact Amaya to gain authorization to assist the survivors of Maria's forces.

>Medical staff 2: We have stabilized Captain Salvador's condition, and are confident she will make a full recovery within two to three months. In her current state, she is fully lucid and is capable of...yes, she's fully conscious. Given her experience, we would like authorization to move ahead with having her supervise us while we observe the other staff who were...what? I-i'm sorry, but Commander Miyasato is the one who would...wait a minute!

Perking up from her bed, Maria tries to listen into the conversation, noticing panic from the young man.

>Medical staff 2: That is crazy! She is in no condition to be...suspending all further medical attention?!
>Maria: Excuse me?! What do you mean "suspended"?!
>Medical staff 1: Malle, whats going on?

Appearing disturbed by his new orders, the young medical practitioner looks back to Maria, his hands trembling as he confirms an understanding of his orders before concluding the call.

>Medical staff 2: C-commonder Miyasato has ordered that all forces who were recovered alongside Captain Salvadore are to receive no further medical treatment until a confession of their involvement in the anti-government terror movements in Africa is-
>Maria:...Oh, that poor girl. She finally snapped...
I guess, that's probably something to do with it, I just wish we know what they saw that's got them acting like this.
Event locked
Did you side with AEUG/the Titans, or have you even reached the civil war?
Locked to titans tech
need to steal them/have them stolen based on who you side with
I think you need to have a certain alignment type after the weird SM event chain fires

If you are in the OYW still, lol
If in SM, develop the GP02 and start the event chain
If you are fighting Neo Zeon, lol
If you are in the civil war, lol at siding with AEUG (this is objectively better if you can make the ZZ)
I've gotten to the part where Haman and Axis show up.
Havent gotten the prompt to side with the AEUG or the Titans, if it means that I can get the hazels and the MK-V I will side with the titans.
I believe that is the case but i've never actually sided with the titans (you need to keep low alignment when you defeat Axis), but the AEUG tech path is perfectly fine and at tech 28 you honestly should be fine for the rest of the game without either the Titan or AEUG tech tree; you should be able to produce enough raw Jegans and Re-GZs to steamroll the initial forces of all other factions when they spawn.
Is there any detriment to having low alignment? I just really like titans mobile suits and dont want to miss out.
Some pilots will defect if your alignment is too far from theirs, with noticeable cases being stuff like "AEUG pilot joins at 600/700/800/etc alignment and leaves when you go beneath 600/500/400/etc alignment'. Additionally, there are higher alignment tiers that result in you gaining free money/resources/research from AE after set numbers of turns. Additionally, there are some MS designs you can only get by having high enough alignment, and in the five main campaigns there are many events with different outcomes dependent on your alignment.
The most harsh campaigns are AEUG and Axis, with multiple 'your pilot is dead' or 'you just lose' events.
With the EFF, if your alignment is too low you won't get Amuro back and AE will not give you the Nu Gundam specs.

Low alignment by comparison can give you pilots (typically chaos pilots from defeated factions) and you can utilize special operations to lower alignment in exchange for money/resources/enemy tech level. Get low enough and you can drop colonies, fire colony lasers, research WMDs/nuke units, etc.
Using a WMD or a nuke lower alignment per shot.
Additionally, if alignment goes below ten you get riots and can't use any special plans until your alignment goes back up again or you use the plan to put down the riots (which costs a lot of money but instantly puts you back up).

Playing a main campaign I never play chaos from all of the bad events (or just the fact that you snowball super hard after the OYW) but it can be really fun in the other campaigns.
Just keep in mind that all of the WMD/Nuke use costs a ton of money over time.

>Brett:...Heh, here I was thinking you decided to trade me in for a newer, cuter model. You'd have to be a real idiot to try that though after our last-

Noticing Shia tightening her grip onto Darrel upon her playful rant, Brett lays off to help calm her.

>Brett:...That asshole with the eyepatch. Did he do this to her? When he spoke to me, I felt everything in my body turning against me...I hated every second of it, and yet it felt like I was being made to listen. Was she-
>Darrel: How long...were we asleep for?
>Brett: Been half a day. Place has gone to hell since you both were napping-
>Darrel: Years. It felt as if we were together, among the others for years.
>Brett:...Years? The hell are you-
>Darrel: To them, it was a prison. To them...they saw us saviors.

Looking down to his hand, Darrel begins to cry again as it tightens.

>Darrel: What is the point of being a Newtype if I could not help even one of them?! "Oldtype", "Newtype"...it's all meaningless! I close my eyes...and all I can see is darkness. I open them...and I am alone again, unable to-

Slapping Darrel's face, Brett's eyes tremble at her protege's breakdown.

>Brett: Get a grip! Where did all of this "new age" crap come from?! Your Darrel Torrian!
>Darrel:...If we could be a part of one another, would you be able to accept that?
>Brett: Ugh, come on~! Will you just talk to me straight for one goddamn minute?!
>Shia: I...i don't want to be a symbol anymore...!!

Keeping his hold on Shia, Darrel pats the back of her head as she breaks down into weakened breaths.

>Darrel:...A collective. To have felt, to have seen, to have...been part of so many others. To carry the weight of what they felt before they were shackled...I truly understood every single one of them, as they and Shia fully understood me.

Trying to recall the unity he had felt, Darrel's thoughts turn to the endless tempest of memories he had been trapped within alongside Shia.
Is this universe's psycoplate/psycoframe just a way to jack yourself into the Warp/[ZEON]/[HUNGER] ?
It sounds like they got bathed in all of those anguished souls that have been swirling around since the OYW.
Issue here is that we need Shia and Darrel to mediate this situation, but they're way out of it I guess but perhaps if convinced they could truly cause some UNDERSTANDING
Did he just get fucking newtype blasted into being less of a dick?

>Newtype lab staff 1: Think how many others are suffering, while you have been granted food, shelter and security by Johann Abraham Revil! How long will you continue to sit idly by while he fights on your behalf?!

Saluting towards a Federal flag, a small blond child and dozens of other children join in a symphony of rehearsed proclamations as they swear themselves onto the Federation, along with pledging themselves to the complete and utter annihilation of Zeon. "Death to Zeon", "Glory to the Federation", over, and over, and over...

>Newtype lab staff 2:-Move ahead with recycling these assets. Funding is only going to keep getting thinner if we can't produce a proper mass produced weapon out of them! The data from NT-1 should be more than enough to convince the higher branches to push ahead with-

Looking around him, Darrel finds the other children surrounding him to be dwindled to nearly nothing, with those still remaining appearing hollow and empty. Seeing a figure in a lab coat moving towards him, Darrel remains completely still as his body is fondled without reservation by the man.

>Newtype lab staff 3:-Bastards from Murasame are going to completely eclipse us at this rate. This ones barely even aware any more. Just another failure-
>Blond child: No! R-revil needs me! I-i can-

Pushing Darrel away, the figure wipes himself off as a look of disgust creeps across his face. Reaching out again for any kind of affirmation, the boy feels an intense shock in his spine, before awakening in a tiny container, his body cocooned among machinery prodding his body.

>Blond child: (Mama...papa...Revil...i'm sorry. I'm sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry-sorry-

Opening his eyes, the child finds himself surrounded by countless faceless, featureless humanoids, all of them reaching to take hold of him as he whimpers helplessly. Feeling them taking hold of his body, a warmth fills him as a choir of voices lull him from the horrors he is subjected to.
I feel quite vindicated in saying that good things come to those who wait. I'm hoping we also learn a bit more about Fad soon but it's neat to get a peek into this newtype's noggin.

>Newtype lab staff: Why this batch? None of their data even remotely matches the readings we received from model NT-1 or the NT-2. If an audit is done, the blame would fall onto-
>Emaciated scientist: His body is so frail...
>Newtype lab staff: Your one to talk. Letting the body fend for itself has produced more useful data in the past. Look, I understand you are confident from getting approval from the board, but there are more viable subjects that would yield.
>Emaciated scientist: Reports say there is not even a single percent of a chance these factors will manifest?
>Newtype lab staff: Updated data concluded there is nothing to salvage from-

Taking the frail and pale child out from the inhumane cube, the skeletal man kneels to the ground and holds the child to his knee as he observes his features.

>Emaciated scientist: Don't try to open your eyes so quickly. Try to grip my hand, as tight as you can.

The frail child weakly tightens his hand around the scientists fingers.

>Emaciated scientist: Can you tell me your name, son?

His voice ravaged from a lack of hydration and confinement, the child weakly murmurs out his designation.

>Blond child: *Wheeze*...B-14, g-group-

Holding the child closely, the emaciated scientist keeps the boys eyes covered to help soothe him.

>Emaciated scientist: Villtall Ghlihelt. That's my real name. What's your real name?
>Blond child:....D-darrel-
>Newtype lab staff: Professor, that is only going to lower his already abysmal-
>Ghlihelt: A boy! Another beautiful child, sacrificed on the altar of your inadequacies!! They did not fail you, all of you ingrates failed them!!
>Newtype lab staff:...Whatever you say, professor. Friggin Pederast...
>Darrel:...Failure...i'm just a-
>Ghlihelt: Never say that!
>Darrel: B-but...Revil was-
>Ghlihelt: So many of you...lost because of their carelessness! You are no failure, my boy! You will be taken to a safe place. A place where you will be viewed as perfect!
Iiiiiinteresting. So this is why he's so uptight about being better than others. Things are falling into place now.

His eyes closing again, Darrel feels the weakness from his body vanishing, instead being replaced by a gentle warmth yet again as his eyes open to the sight of the phantom figures from before, now more defined and humanoid as they surround him, drifting into his body and clinging to him. Finding an endless tempest surrounding him, Darrel's body feels calm as a collective of voices beckon him.

>???: <Help-us> <Free-us> <Protect-us> <Complete-us>
Darrel: What...what is all of-

Cradling Darrel's small body, the phantom's show Darrel an opening through the unending tempest surrounding him. Within this opening, Darrel finds an older version of himself stepping out from a training pod, with a group of scientist observing his performance.

>Darrel:...T-they said it was not good enough. That I needed to improve further if I was ever going to be-
>Darrel?: <Is that what happened?> <They praised you. You are a hero. You are our hero.>

Panicking for a moment upon seeing himself flanked by hundreds of his own reflections, Darrel is gently lulled as the calming voice of the collective continues to nurture him.

>Darrel:...No, what happened after that was-
>Darrel?: <You are a hero.> <You are our salvation> <Save us...and we shall save you.>
>Darrel: S-save you? I...of course. What is wrong? What is-
>Darrel?: <Let us join you> <Let us be safe with you> <Let us share your joy> <Absolve us of our pain> <Let us become yooooUUU--aaaayaaa?~~>?!#!#>

Feeling himself connecting with the tempest of souls, visions of heinous and unspeakable horrors flood Darrel's vision.

>Darrel: S-stop it...stop, stop, stop!!
>Collective: <STOP> <STOP IT> <SAAA%%!!!%@!VE US> <BEcoME US> <امنحنا الدفء>

>What will Darrel do?
Oh boy, it's amuro buddha vote 2 electric boogaloo
Those are the souls of the people of Africa aren't they? Those that endlessly suffered under the Federation as their continent turned into sand, the EFGF soldiers and civilians killed by the ALF. Hell even the spirits of the ALF and Garma's Zeon movement.

Anyways Darrel should open up partially to it and bear the burden. Understanding is the only thing that can bring peace to the world.
Yeah I can't wait for Gadeb's ghost to give Darrel dementia and force him to rape Brett.

Have you seen what [ZEON] is like? [AFRICA] is going to be just as bad if not worse. These souls don't want reform and peace, they want nothing but murder and destruction. They can't be understood, only destroyed.
I suppose it all kind of depends on what path /m/ believes is possible for newtypes.
Well Amuro refusing to understand [ZEON] is what led to it getting more and more ravenous. His lack of action led to it consuming Gato and becoming a predatory soul eating monster. And Amuro's lack of understanding led to the spirit of [ZEON] flying off so it can inhabit a new body and eat more souls. So we need to try something new here now that we have a chance, because having the characters shut themselves off obviously doesn't work.
I can get behind maybe a partial opening up, do we think that Shia can help to like, soothe and lessen the pain he'd be taking on for them?
Well despite all that's happened this run, newtypes still have the potential to be more that weapons. And understanding another's pain and feelings is the first step to making that reality.

Besides [AFRICA] (I guess that's what we'll call this mass of souls for now) would be safer to communicate with than [ZEON]. Because it's not just the souls of soldiers and politicians desiring bloodshed, there's the souls of civilians, idealists, and people who genuinely wanted to make things better in there. Also [AFRICA] is straight up just asking for help.
I don't think a positive path for newtypes is possible even if /m/ turns out to be hardcore contolists. Copy is kind of an anti-Fukui in that instead of wanking newtypes he shits on them hard and it shows in how crappy newtypes are in this run. The Deeproots were unironically correct in that newtypes are nothing more than mutants that need to be exterminated.

Are we talking about the same [ZEON] that mindraped Amuro into raping his own daughter? That thing didn't even try talking to Amuro, it just went straight to the rape. I'd sooner believe in redeeming Gopp or Gihren over demonic ghosts.
Absolutely, but Shia needs a little time to herself before that happens. Her closed off nature definitely made meeting and experiencing that collective consciousness quite a harrowing experience.
>Are we talking about the same [ZEON] that mindraped Amuro into raping his own daughter?
That was completely /m/'s fault and you know it. But Copy X is a sort of anti-Fukui his take on the concept is incredibly realistic and a bit cynical, however he's still shown the great things that newtypes can do. So there's still hope for newtypes being more than weapons.
>That was completely /m/'s fault and you know it.
Okay how was that our fault?
>But Copy X is a sort of anti-Fukui his take on the concept is incredibly realistic and a bit cynical, however he's still shown the great things that newtypes can do.
What, was that one time he had [ZEON] eat the soul of Lila's fetus in a parody of Beltorchika's Children too subtle?
>Okay how was that our fault?
People were actively voting for the worst possible choice to see how far Copy X would go. Frankly either through choice or incompetence we've consistently voted for the worst possible outcomes when it comes to events involving newtypes. Amuro not killing Kycilia, Kamille holding onto Anri, etc. Things like [ZEON] eating the soul of Lila and Jerid's unborn child is merely the consequences of our actions coming back to bite us in the ass.
Copy has let us succeed through genuine action before, like with /m/ashy. We didn't trust him at first, but we just played the character and it went okay.
A half-assed choice will probably bite us in the ass, to be honest.
/m/ wasn't voting for the worst possible choices on purpose, we even made some great ones sometimes! but for the amuro rape we were very much in the mindset of "I CAN FIX HIM" which funnily enough, he was fixed later on, even if we haven't seen him in awhile.

with that said i still voted for "no newtype pls" because i'm creeped out.
Rejection is probably the safest option, but the spirit will try to find another person to possess, much more forcefully.

A compromise might be the next safest, but with the spirit serving as kind of a devil's bargain, where it grants a boon of some sort in exchange for its suffering being relieved by someone else suffering for it. Kind of a weird christ-y kind of vibe but I digress.

Finally, newtype buddha, become one with the collective. We lose Darrel and gain whatever this becomes.

I'm not sure what the character would do if given the chance, what do you think, /m/en?
Well shit, I didn't think the Dead Space jokes were going to be this literal
Seems like people are voting for helping them, the way I read the "Open up partially" option is that we stay ourselves, but help relieve their pain by taking it onto ourselves and carry the collective as kind of a passenger?
Given that this is an instance of a presumably more bipartisan collection of souls that seems less explicitly retaliatory, I'm more open to letting Darrel open up slightly. I'm not really sure what they want, what they offer, or what cost it'll come at, but it seems vastly more interesting to have Darrel go this direction than pissing them off and having them go possess God knows who fully and giving them a huge boost. Like Liquid could be a candidate, for instance.
I'm really hoping this works out okay, because using newtype powers to help rather than to just do battle would be really good for him personally, I think.
By which I mean, it would be good character development, and plays with some of the themes floating around in this arc.
Did you forget about those mufti abominations or that one soldier who mutated just because he was carrying a piece? Whatever these souls want its nothing pretty and accepting them would only fuck Darrel over.

I've gotten so numb to every vote seeming potentially situation-ruining make-or-break-TPK tier that I'm honestly trying to just think more about what's in-character for the PC in question. What would he actually do, and that shit.
Meant to respond to >>21572917
Where's the fun in that? Half the fun in this is the debates, the voting and the decision making desu, might as well just read a normal book if you want to be railroaded.
> Half the fun in this is the debates, the voting and the decision making desu
I suppose. I guess if he dies, there are much more boring ways to go. Maybe copy X'll throw us a bone or something.
Well UNDERSTANDINGanon, let's see how things pan out. Maybe we'll get some newtype enlightenment going nowhere he learns that Zeon are just people too.
Well we are two separate people, I don't know if its possible for him to UNDERSTAND all of those spirits, but it would have been easier for Shia and Darrel to get at least some of the base members to understand each other
>I'm not really sure what they want,
The collection of shackled spirits is literally asking for help and to be absolved of all the suffering they felt. The little Arabic at the end translates too "Give us warmth" too.
With the whole spirtualism and helping the ghosts thing, plus the Crusade around, we're starting our weird-christian-stuff% speedrun.

Even faced with the heinous visions being shown to him, Darrel opens himself partially to the phantoms, allowing them to willingly enter into him. Feeling his vision warping, Darrel's is shown hundreds, if not thousands of different openings within the tempest, some similar to one another, some completely different...and yet a majority all ending the same.

>Darrel: <What...are those?>
>Collective: <The ones that took us> <The ones that stole us> <The ones that devoured us> <The ones that prayed for our suffering>

Alien, snake-like mobile suits drill their way into underground complexes hidden across Africa, releasing hordes of merciless figures from their back containers. Joined with the collective, Darrel is forced to watch from hundreds of perspectives as people are torn from their homes, with their loved ones being mutilated, burned or even devoured alive before them. The survivors are dragged away towards the alien mobile suits, finding themselves being harvested and sedated into the stasis pods that had surrounded the glowing objects spire.

>Darrel: <Why? What was even done to-Gyaaaah!!>

As if every molecule in his body cries out in an insurmountable agony, Darrel feels the full process that those in the pods had felt as their lives are snuffed out by toxic gasses, and their spirits are forcefully dragged into the glowing object. Unable to handle the connection any further, Darrel severs his connection to the collective.

>Darrel: N-no...! W-what...<did> they do to <you>?
Collective: <We are ciphered> <We are torn> <We are broken>
>Darrel: That...<object>. All of those <people>...all of <you> were-

Having felt the unspeakable fate of those who were abducted, and yet being unable to fully meld himself alongside the collective, Darrel looks to his body to find it's features becoming less defined. His resolve now cracking, Darrel is left defenseless as he is held by the collective again, this time with them showing him his true desires.
I’m hoping Shia and Brett can help anchor Darrel and keep him from being subsumed.
I had nearly forgotten about those sand worm mobile suits. Hopefully this leads to an explanation of that
Well Fad was completely justified when it came to destroying the red shards, they were created literally through massacre!

Hopefully the spirits showing Darrel his desires doesn't go badly. Afterall he needs to understand himself as well as those around him.

"It felt as if years had passed in that place. Little by little, my sense of self was chipped away at, instead being replaced by the same feelings as those who were trapped within that nexus. They showed me things...things I had been unable to ever bring myself to envision, but had desired. An age of peace and order. A place where I was appreciated for protecting the Oldtypes that I swore to guide...and to give my own child the future I was denied by Zeon. Within that Nexus, I saw humanity at its barest. Not Oldtypes, not Newtypes, not born from Earth or born in the colonies, not holding the banner of the Federation or Zeon...just humans. Even from that connection though, there is one thing about humanity that never has changed. When a unity is broken, all that remains is conflict..."

Darrel's phantom wades through the endless nexus, observing as the spirits that had brought him comfort remain in conflict with other spirits within the nexus. When the glowing object that had once housed them had been broken, separate unities had formed in the process. All of them desperate to reunite under their own desires. Even in this period of chaos between these spirits, they had all yearned for Darrel. To have a body to continue living on in. Something pulled at him to submit to that unity...and yet he remained conflicted. Continuing to wander and to share the anguish of the departed, Darrel's sense of self is partially restored upon finding the a source of contention for the spirits. Discovering Shia among a horde of spirits, she is bombarded by the phantoms, their desires to unify with her leaving her crying and and wailing.

>Darrel: <Shia!> Get away from <her>!

Forcing his way through the phantoms, Darrel feels his resolve vanishing as they force their way into him, revealing their own ends. Women, children, soldiers of the Federation and Zeon...all of their unrequited emotions flowing into Darrel as he fends off their desire to merge with him.
You know, somehow I missed the fact that this was a flashback. I wonder what would have happened if we had accepted fully, would it be "Darrel?" instead of Darrel?
File: Hazel_II_Weapons.jpg (62 KB, 500x489)
62 KB
So I've used the character mods, and as the guide says i've unchecked them after adding them to the game, yet the stats keep reverting every time i reload the save file. Is there no way to have an edited character level up?
Also, is there no way to manually edit the stats to simulate them leveling up?

Trying to pull Shia away from the spirits despite their attempts to merge with him, Darrel finds his soul melding with hers, delving into the girls unending dream. His own psyche struggling to differentiate himself from the other phantoms, Darrel finds himself in a dimly lit room, where dozens of other phantoms flank around a figure kneeling in front of a television screen, their body cocooned in a thick blanket. Approaching the figure, Darrel tries to to lower the blanket, only to be restrained by another phantom, it's only feature being a crimson light burning out from where its left eye would be. As the television program ends, the figure in the blanket lays back, revealing a phantom holding onto Shia, while Shia's arms are wrapped around another phantom sitting in her lap.

>Darrel: <Shia!>
>Shia: Huh...ah! Akasha, Amaya!

Keeping the smaller phantom locked in her embrace, Shia gives a toothy grin to Darrel as he looks at her in absolute confusion.

>Phantom? 1: Ooh, look at him~. Why did you never tell you knew a stud like him~?
>Phantom? 2: Ensign?! Y-you can't be-

Holding the phantom tighter, Shia moves the back of its head to her chest, planting her head atop its.

>Shia: Hi! Oh, you just missed it!
>Darrel: <Shia, what is all of this? How long have you been->

Feeling a pressure on his shoulder, Darrel turns to find the crimson eyed phantom squeezing it.


Moving its undefined hand to its face, the phantom motions a shush to Darrel as it points back to Shia. Standing up, Shia gently strokes the phantoms hair as she lets go of it, her body slowly moving towards Darrel as she nervously shuffles for a moment, before hugging him.

>Shia:...Thank you for coming!
>Darrel: <Shia, you need to listen to me. All of this is->

Being gently moved away from Darrel, the one-eyed phantom moves Shia to its shoulder, allowing her to rest upon it as she lays her head to its.

"When I found her, she had given herself to them,in full."
Ooh it's uhhh, Gregoire?
Lost track of this about 9 months ago now. Wild that this campaign is still going almost a year later.
It just occurred to me that Char also died in Africa and that there's a non-zero chance he's in this collective of souls, oh well
Wait, why is Amaya here? Did she die while Shia and Darrel were unconscious?
If you're telling me tge dead can get a second chance by possession, we fucking need to vote for whichever option gives us Kai back. He wouldn't stand for Bright in his current form.
I'm assuming Shia just thinks they're Amaya and Akasha. Either that or she's subconsciously connected to the collective
I'd rather get Emary desu, she's probably the only woman who can fix [Bright] with some understanding
Lets just hold on and see what happens for now.

>Brett:...So, let me try to understand this. Your telling me for the past day, you've been stuck with a pack of, what, ghosts of people being killed in that place? That they were tormenting you two since-
>Darrel: It feels as if a part of me is missing. Even now, I feel...incomplete. Shia had completely surrendered herself to that place. The horrors she endured in there, all for the sake of those trapped within-
>Brett:...Truth be told, man? Really wish I still high on some of the morphine they gave me earlier. Would be following all of this a lot easier with it.
>Darrel:...Yeah, I had a feeling you might not completely understand what is happening. Lieuteant...ngh, Brett, I need to ask you for something. They showed me something in that place...s-something I am not completely sure if it was something I wanted or if it was some kind of vision into the future-
>Brett: She going to be alright? You seem to be taking all of this well, considering everything you just told me.
>Darrel: She's probably going to cling to me for a while, at least until she can find others that she will recognize. She mentioned names in there that were still alive. That small woman leading operations here for example...
>Brett: Yeah, about her. Girls been wielding power around here like a sledgehammer. What, she was thinking about her in-

Thinking more on the comment, Brett scratches her neck nervously as she realizes its potential meaning.

>Brett:...Oh boy. Thats...something.
>Darrel:...Some of them never left me. Even now, it feels difficult to look at myself without seeing something foreign and unknown. I gave them their peace...and I want to fulfill what they showed me. Brett, will you stand with-
>Brett: I need to know something. That guy we fought before...the one in that giant mobile suit. Is he dead?

Feeling his heart rate slowing, Darrel recalls the single-eyed entity from Shia's dream.

>What will Darrel tell Brett?
I think we should be honest with Brett here even if she might fear or hate Darrel over it. Brett has been nothing but good to Darrel and deserves to know the truth. Besides, we can't really go the understanding route if we lie and deceive others.
Absolutely gotta tell the complete truth. That way the characters can understand the extent of the situation, and even prepare for things to come.
>I think we should be honest with Brett here even if she might fear or hate Darrel over it. Brett has been nothing but good to Darrel and deserves to know the truth.
Honestly this. They're still two separate people, for the most part. The Darrel she knows is still there, just with a few passengers. I would hope that he's learned in there that deception won't serve him well.
Not only would lying about this pose a risk, if he has to lie to Brett to get her to still care for him, it won't be real and can fall apart at any time.

Telling the truth is definitely the move, how much of it is the question.
Surely we're not meant to think that monoeyed spirit was Liquid, right? It didn't seem like him, but the answers for this treat it as though it were fact rather than speculating who it could possibly be. So if that was Liquid, then it's likely those two surrounding Shia actually are Amaya and Akasha, meaning that Akasha is possibly alive still.
>Surely we're not meant to think that monoeyed spirit was Liquid, right? It didn't seem like him, but the answers for this treat it as though it were fact rather than speculating who it could possibly be.
I mean, we did stab him in one eye with a psycho-shard and one eye of this guy is glowing red. It might be nice to have a bit more clarification from Copy,X but the answers for "Tell the truth" say it was him.
Yeah I think Akasha is alive too. Everyone in that scene except Akasha and Gregoire are unanimously alive so the odds Akasha is alive is decent. She might even be living a normal life instead of ending up as some newtype researcher's lab rat/sex slave considering her spirit appears to be normal.
Gregoire didn't appear to be in that scene, and while I share your optimism in Akasha's survival, as we see with Amaya's supposed appearance, it doesn't indicate stability in the real world

>Darrel:...Lee Quid.
>Brett: Huh?
>Darrel: The one you are talking about. Even after being in that place alongside Shia for so long, I still do not fully understand everything that had occurred. I never saw what Shia had...but there was always a sensation I had around <us>.

Pinching his neck, Darrel refocuses his attention back to Brett.

>Darrel: They...tried to merge themselves with our memories. To become a part of them and to live on through us. The only difference had been Lee Quid.
>Brett: Come on man, just tell me what you are trying to-
>Darrel: His body was not there...but I felt the same sensation being around that phantom as I did in his person. We...were part of one another for a short time.
>Brett: The hell does that even mean? What, you see eye to eye with that prick?
>Darrel: Unlike the others, I could only see things from his perspective. He rejected the embrace of <us>, and he escaped into Shia as refuge. He lives...but it is hard to say what he even is at this point. <We> were cast away from one another for a time, as they pursued someone else who had joined <us>-

Smacking Darrel's face, Brett grows increasingly frustrated by his speech patterns.

>Brett:...Darrel, come on!
>Darrel: I understand why he was doing what he was-
>Brett: And why was he making me feel like that before?! To the hell with that-
>Darrel: Yeah...to the hell with him. Even so, all of <our> suffering was orchestrated. I wanted to believe it was Zeon...but what he showed me-

Before Darrel can finish, multiple armed soldiers enter into the medical section, completely sealed off in hazard suits as they aim their rifles for Brett.

>Hazard soldier: Back away from him and kneel to the ground.
>Brett: Is this your little Napoleons orders?
>Hazard soldier: You have come into contact with hazardous entities. Commander Miyasato has ordered any and all vectors of contamination to be-

Releasing herself from Darrel and Brett, Shia tumbles to the floor.
Lee Quid (Formerly Liquid)
The war criminal formerly known as Liquid Poison.

>Hazard soldier: Keep your distance!

Crawling towards a wall at the north eastern section of the medical room, Shia scratches at it while crying out for her "friends" to come back to her. Brett attempts to comfort her, only for one of the soldiers to slam the butt of his rifle into the back of her head.

>Darrel: B-bastard!! What are you-

Pointing their rifles at Darrel's legs, the soldiers breathe heavily as they wait for him to make any further moves, their fingers twitching on their triggers.

>Hazard soldier: Ensign, just get back into your bed! I-if you resist, we have authorization to detain you under any means necessary!

Still wanting to resist, Darrel tries to move again, only for a force within his body holding him in place.

>Hazard soldier: Get her body sealed into a bag and move her into quarantine. Entire room is to be sealed off until reinforcements from Gryps are called in-
>Shia: <Ayaaaah!!> Big brother~help <us!!> Save <us>!!
>Hazard soldier:...Warrant Officer, if you know of anything your brother has done that would go against the Supreme Commanders initiative-

Having his rifle lowered by another soldier, he is told to leave Shia unquestioned and unbothered, as per Amayas direct orders. Keeping their rifles aimed at Darrel, the soldiers wait until Brett is confined into a sealed bag and is dragged into a quarantined section of the Valkyrie. Still trying to fight the force holding him in place, visions of a silhouette towering above the other spirits flood Darrels mind, with a twisted energy enthralling them into fear as they pray towards it.

>Darrel: (The one who has caused all of this suffering...the one who bound <us>...was it you, Bright Noa?!)

Meanwhile, Maria is interrogated remotely by Amaya, who is finally given a proper explanation of her unannounced departure.

>Maria: My two sons lived in that underground complex. I tried to convince them to move somewhere safer...but they had always refused.

Silently listening to Maria's explanation, only Amaya's shallow breaths can be heard in the moments of silence between Maria's words.

>Maria: I know that you are scared of some kind of conspiracy happening here...but that operation was completely organized by myself. The soldiers I chose were selected because of their trust in me...and for their duty to what the Federation truly stands for. Amaya, please just talk to me so we can-
>Amaya: You wasted military resources and manpower on illegals, who you not only were aware of their location, but were actively sheltering within the unregulated zone?
>Maria:...Phrase it that way if you like, but when I received that encrypted distress signal, I could not just stand by and wait. We...were to late to save anyone from what has been attacking similar groups across Africa for years-
>Amaya: You. Lie.
>Maria: Amaya-
>Amaya: You just happened to be captured by a group that "just" happened to have highly advance, decommissioned technology at their disposal? Surrendering multiple pieces of valuable test machinery over to those Alliance supporting-
>Maria: Alliance? Amaya, none of this has anything to do with-
>Amaya: One of the only people to return from this "capture" of yours turned against us, and destroyed only piece of tangible evidence we had from that underground installation. What did they offer you, Captain? A higher position? Wealth? How has this base been coordinating with those traitors trying to tear down the reconstruction effort of Earth?!
>Maria:...You are suffering from paranoid delusions. That is not mockery, I can tell your body and mind have become overtaxed from the stress you are placing on-
>Amaya: Is that why you chose enact this plan when you did? When you gave this bases data to that Rincoln girl to attack us with?! Let me shoulder the blame for this bases collapse, while you traitors join hand in hand with the rest of those ungrateful-

Amaya's breaths grow unstable from her rant.
Oh shit, [Bright] might have been making the marker?
For all his faults [Bright] didn't weaponize Cassie or the psycho goo so I doubt he actually bothered putting in any money for psychoframe research when he's currently busy terraforming Mars. As usual the culprit is likely Jamitov but all the ghosts blame [Bright] because to most people in this timeline Jamitov is just some run of the mill corrupt politician who ceased to be relevant once [Bright] took control of the Titans and disbanded it.

>Medical staff 1: Commander, are you-
>Amaya: Silence!! Your people have been laughing at me from the very start...seeing me as an easy obstacle to springboard yourselves off into some insane coup without any resistance! Those women we found may be far to indoctrinated to answer us any longer...but I will have a confession. Even if the rest of those turncoats in your ranks have to be completely broken to do so-
>Maria: What do you want me to say?! Do you want me to lie and tell you about this "conspiracy" you have convinced yourself of?! That I masterminded all of this to hurt-
>Amaya: No more lies. No more trying to play me. Every last one of you traitors will answer for what happened here.

Ending the communication, Amaya authorizes her staff to begin accelerating their torture methods on the forces recovered alongside Maria. Planting her hands to her face, Amaya forces herself to stay awake until she can confirm her belief in an attempted coup and gathering proper evidence to provide to deliver to Gryps. Finding herself unable to reach Amaya any longer, Maria leans over to the two young medical staff still tending to her wounds, asking them if they can bring themselves to allow the current madness to persist.

>Medical staff 2:...This is an abomination to our oath.
>Medical staff 1: What are we even supposed to do?! The Commander will have us-
>Maria: Can I ask you both to do something? For the sake of everyone here at Aranos, for your comrades...and just for the sake of being decent people?

Silently nodding, Maria motions the two young men close to her as she whispers a plan to them. Meanwhile, Cyan is struck with a shock prod as an interrogator gradually increases its voltage.

>Valkyrie staff: Why are you making us do this? If you work with us, the Commander is willing to offer you a chance to answer for your betrayal-
>Cyan: Attack...Reiko knows we are going to be-

Cyan is struck again, knocking him unconscious from the shocks.

Having evaded detection from Amaya's forces, Fad and Nita wander through the silent wastes of Africa. Walking side by side, both machines wait for the other to attack as they make their way for the "execution" grounds Fad had chosen upon.


Clearing the Gungunguncannon's visor of dust, Nita finds an oasis in the distance.

>Nita:Hmhm, wanted to be buried somewhere nice?
>Nita:...Always wanted to see one of these in person.
>Fad:...I found it while scouting months ago. Its...calming.
>Nita: If there is anything left of you when I am finished, do you want to be buried or left on the surface?
>Fad:...I marked a tree near the lake. If you could leave me by it...well, none of that matters.

Turning back to Mosey's journal, Fad comes to terms with whatever will happen, finding solace in the words of someone he had found kinship with. Settling the burned hat back onto his own head, Fad reads over another page, only to stop in place upon finishing another page.

>Nita: What?
>Fad: I'll be turning off my comms shortly. Anything you want to say before I do?
>Nita: If you want to drag this out, we could just do this right here and-
>Fad: Living with regrets is no way to live. If you have anything you want to get off your chest...do it.
>Nita:...I always wanted to go into space. Just to to feel that sensation of weightlessness. When this is over, I might experience that-
>Fad: I was kidnapped by a kangaroo as a boy and got my papa rendered into an invalid when he tried to get me back.
>Nita:...Why would you tell me that? What the hell was even the point of-
>Fad: Always stuck with me...so to share it with someone else before the end-

Stopping her mobile suit, Nita aim's her beam rifle towards Fad's Pixie III. Turning his rifle towards Nita, the two watch one another, ready to fire.

>Fad:...You can't bring yourself to wait?
>Nita: Boost up on my mark. 3...2...1-
Damn why does this hit different so suddenly…
Its the sexual tension between the two. You can tell Fad is going to make out with NIta while Mosey's ghost watches.

Feeling a momentary connection with Nita, Fad complies as he controls the Pixie III to leap upwards. As the machine leaves the sand layer surface, a burning stinger-shaped weapon strikes out from the ground, its target being Fad's machine. Firing where Fad had been before, the beam rips into the stringer, blasting apart a swath of sand and revealing a snake-like coil escaping back into the sand. Leaving her rear open, a massive drill strike out from behind Nita's machine, nearly puncturing her machine's legs before the drill is blasted apart by Fad's rifle. Boosting towards one another, the Pixie III and Gungunguncannon move their backs to one another, surveying the area around them.

>Nita: Not a bad shot.
>Fad:...You know what is attacking us?
>Nita:...Mufti. These animals belong to the one calling himself the "True Mufti" of Africa.
>Fad:...You got the one in front of you?
>Nita: If you have the one behind me-

Before they can finish coordinating, fifteen visors peek out from the sand, all glaring towards the duo.

>Fad:...You still got the ones in front of you?
>Nita:...First them, then you.

As their attackers converge on them, the two machines prepare for one last engagement, before they end one another.

>[Fad and Nita are now MIA.]

Meanwhile, the two medical staff who had been monitoring Maria's condition make their way to Aranos's kitchen, where Veronica is flanked by two officers flirting with her.

>Valkyrie staff 1: How about it? We could put a good word in for you when this place gets audited.
>Veronica: My~you sure are generous. However can I repay you for thinking about me like that-
>Valkyrie staff 1: Make me a sandwich-
>Valkyrie staff 2: *Ahem*

Motioning to the two men entering, the heavyset officer moves his finger across Veronica's face.

>Valkyrie staff 1: Real turkey, not that synthetic crap.

Stepping away to another table, the two officers leave Veronica to begin cooking their meal.
Welp, things are about to go to hell at Aranos base aren't they? Amaya's gone mad with paranoia, the sandworm MS have mobilized, Federation forces loyal to Bright might arrive soon.
Dandjobros I don't feel so good...

Making their way towards Veronica, the two young medical staff wait for her to take notice of them, while keeping a container hidden within their uniforms.

>Veronica: Now, aren't you both a treat for the eyes? Have you been taking good care of the rest of the beloved around-
>Medical staff 1: How long are you stay open tonight?
>Veronica: Hm? I am not even supposed to be operating right now, but your friends just can't seem to go without a proper meal~.
>Medical staff 2: Could you...uh, make this order? For the crew?

Standing side by side, the young medical professionals pull a small container out from their uniforms, sliding it towards Veronica. Raising an eyebrow to the two, she notices a small note on the outside with a symbol on it. Sliding the container over to herself, she moves it to a kitchen table in the rear of the room and begins to prepare two cups of soup for the two men.

>Veronica:Please, do try it.

Tasting the soup, one of the men begins to cough from the spices within it, while the other's face slightly reddens.

>Medical staff 2: Hell, that's spicy...!
>Veronica: Think they will enjoy it?
>Medical staff 1: Yeah, this should do just-
>Valkyrie staff: Oi, you serving those two now?! Ain't you both supposed to be patching up that bitch in the hold?

Clenching her fist, Veronica quietly opens the container and reads over the directions inside of it, mixing a cocktail of the substances inside into the leftover soup. Preparing two additional bowls of it, Veronica moves over to the two off-duty soldiers from the Valkyrie, placing the bowl in front of them.

>Veronica: I could not just serve my two knights in shining armor a subpar appetizer.
>Valkyrie staff: Letting them taste test it for us, eh? Lemme get a sip outta that...

Tasting the soup, the soldier initially bites his tongue from its spice, before quickly wolfing down the rest of it alongside his companion.

>Veronica: How are you enjoying it, big guy?

>Valkyrie staff 1: Tone down the spice next time, will ya? Outside of that screw up, ain't bad at all.
>Veronica: That is wonderful to hear!
>Valkyrie staff 2:...Tohaskin, something ain't right-
>Valkyrie staff 1: Relax Barsk, most we'd even be doing right now is cleaning up whats left of those tra...trai...

Feeling his throat, the soldier begins to panic as his windpipe rapidly contracts. Reaching towards Veronica, the soldier falls from his bench, while his companion releases terrified squawks trying to breathe. Taking hold of the empty bowls, Veronica slams them against their heads, forcing out a pain gasp from the two men as they loose consciousness from oxygen deprivation.

>Medical staff 1: Oh jeez, did you synthesize it right?!
>Veronica: Might have forgotten to add something in that mix.

Checking on the two soldiers, one of the medical staff releases a relived sigh as he checks their pulses.

>Medical staff 2:...They are going to be fine, if not scared out of their minds when they wake up. Please, make sure to-
>Veronica: Not the first time Maria's asked me to make a little something like this before. The proper batch should have them sleeping real soundly.

Looking over the soldiers bodies, Veronica finds a handgun still on the more belligerent officers person.

>Veronica: Can either of you both use this?
>Medical staff 2: I-if were found with that on our persons-
>Veronica: Always hated having to use these, even practicing with Maria...

Unloading the pistol and checking its cartridge, Veronica reloads it and places the handgun into her apron.

>Veronica:...Would you two mind sharing when this is all over? You both seem more fun than those two~.

Blushing and turning away, one of the medical staff tries to remain focused, while the other one appears unbothered by the comment. Meanwhile, Reiko remains sealed within her office, modifying a sealed container with a handle on it, along with modifying her nerve enhancer system.
this stuff was going to hapen anyways but at least Shia is the one person Amaya will always trust, so we have a possible peaceful solution to this if Shia can get back to being herself in time
File: RotarDakka.png (1.36 MB, 4000x4000)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG

>Valkyrie doctor: Open your left eye and follow. Good, keep following...

Being restrained to her medical bed, Shia's senses still remain in a state of chaos from her connection to collective, though she slowly grows more lucid as she is mentally and physically evaluated.

>Valkyrie doctor: Seems to be a delay in the sensory-
>Shia: I-is something wrong with me? Why did everyone leave? I...i protected them all from-
>Valkyrie doctor: Warrant Officer, there was an incident when you were recovered. Commander Miyasato has told us to provide you with the best care we can, and she is confident you will make a full recovery in a matter of weeks. Now, if you read back the letter on this board...
>Shia:...Miya...sato? Amaya! Where is my Amaya?!
>Valkyrie doctor: Warrant Officer, please-
>Shia: Amaaaaya!! What did I do wrong?! I protected all of you!! I just wanted you all to stay with me!! Was it to much?! Was it-
>Darrel: Doc, she's still in a state where she can't tell the difference between what is real or what was part of that nexus we were-
>Valkyrie doctor: Torrian, let me do my-

Before Darrel can finish, the doctor is called away from his analysis on Shia.

>Valkyrie doctor:...A riot?! Now?!
>Darrel: Riot?

The drugged food prepared by Veronica is successfully given to many of the security forces watching over Maria's comrades, granting the tired and injured soldiers a chance to escape from their constant abuse at the hands of Amaya's loyalist. Clumsily wrapping his brothers hand up from being beaten with a hammer, Lazrus holds onto Silas as they limp their way out from their cells. Rotar, still enraged at their treatment, slams his organic hand against a still conscious officer from the Valkyrie.

>Rotar: Give me the damn codes!
>Valkyrie officer: Z-zeon loving-

Slamming his fist against the officer's face, a pulpy squelch is heard as blood flows from the officers snapped nose.

>Rotar: Call me a zeek lover again. Where's my damn hand?!
I can't believe it took me this long to realize that Rotar is Barret.

Accumulating whatever weapons they are able to from the unconscious and in the makeshift evidence collection room, twenty three men, with only nine being capable of fighting in their current condition, blockade the detention block and move Maria out from her cell. Testing his mechanical hand, Rotar's checks on his commanding officers condition.

>Rotar: Ma'am, how are you holding up? Can you move?
>Maria: I can't run...but I can still walk just fine.
>Rotar: I know you want to do this peacefully, but look at what is happening. That girl is trying to scapegoat us! They claim were part of the same army, and yet look at what they have done to the others! Pack of lunatics treating us like were less than human! I know those women following that eye-patched bitch were off their rockers, but the things she's had done to them...it ain't right. She's completely-
>Maria: Which is why this needs to be reported to the proper channels, and all of you need to get to safety. Many of the others are in no condition to be transported, but if we can get a medical team here to have them properly transported back to Dakar or even North America for treatment-
>Rotar: She's going to kill everyone at this base Maria! I get it, you hate conspiracy theories...but you've got to see by now that girl has done everything in her power to keep us from calling for help from Dakar, or anywhere for that matter! Those machine's that eye-patched clown had...those did not just come from nowhere. Those were pieces of Federa-
>Maria:...Lieutenant Dakka, were you the one spreading anti-Bright sentiment around Aranos?
>Rotar: I was only making sure people around here understood the shit that's been going on outside. Now we have one of his rank and file doing the exact kind of muffle and red tape bullshit i've been warning others about!
>Maria:...How long are we going to find ourselves at one another's throats?
>Medical staff: Maria, this is where the others are being held.
it keeps happening
Is it bad that I want them to meet Dandjo so he can lead them to safety? Though they would have to steal a transport vehicle for that to work.

Scanning her eyes over the report of the reorganized holding area's across the Valkyrie, Maria bothered by how spread out many of those being held are from one another.

>Maria: We will not have much time, and only moving Lieutenant Ramiel and Zurich is-
>Rotar: Zurich? C'mon ma'am, you ain't serious about letting that girls sycophant-
>Maria: I do not know all of the details of what lead to them being "quarantined", but they are in the gravest danger at the immediate moment of being harmed if we leave them here. Even if David Zurich will not stand with us, I imagine he can not be in agreement over how Amaya has been acting. There is also Darrel and Shia-

Cocking his hand cannon, Rotar reads over the report as well.

>Rotar:...Ma'am, you give me the word and i'll grab those two.
>Rotar: Maria-
>Maria: We are going to keep this as bloodless as possible. While I am preparing a distress signal, I need you to ensure those two are brought to the Base Jabber. If David will not come, at least get Brett out of here.
>Rotar: They point a rifle at me or my boys, I ain't going to hold back.

Meanwhile, the GM III's currently searching for Fad and Nita's trail are recalled to Aranos, leaving Maria's forces little time to organize for their escape to Dakar. Learning of the defection of part of her crew, Amaya's sanity continues to slip as she finds herself increasingly alone and isolated. Limiting her communications to audio only, her staff request authorization to use deadly force against the rioters.

>Amaya loyalist: Commander, it will be nearly half an hour before the mobile suits return! We need to put these traitors down before they can organize any further-
>Amaya: All primary security is to protect Warrant officer Tist...a-and to determine their intentions.
>Amaya loyalist: We have them out numbered and outgunned! His excellency will understand if we were forced to-
>Amaya: Shut up!! Are you going to disobey me as well?!

>Amaya loyalist 1: Miss Miyasato we-
>Amaya loyalist 2: Movement! They are pushing out from their barricade!
>Amaya loyalist 1: Shoot on sight! I repeat, shoot on sight!

Having her orders ignored yet again, Amaya cuts off the communication, fumbling through her desk for her sidearm in preparation for being attacked. As she prepares to take hold of the weapon, she finds her hand gravitating to the collar Shia had placed onto her.

>Amaya: (A-all of them...every single one of them is trying to ruin me! If I have them all executed, the others will blame me for the failure to bolster themselves...i'll be stripped of my rank...h-humiliated and treated like a helpless child again...!!)

Trying to take hold of her sidearm, Amaya continues to overthink her actions, causing her to toss it away out of fear of it being used against her by either Maria or one her own "comrades".

>Amaya: (Do they all think I am that easy to step over?! David, my own medical staff...now the soldiers I hand picked no longer listen!! Is Reiko also planning something?! How has all of this been-)

Collapsing onto the floor again, Amaya curls her body into a fetal position as the sheer terror of being surrounded by "enemies" posing as her subordinates chips away at her resolve. Crawling towards the drawer, Amaya locks the collar back around her neck, finding comfort in being able to absolve herself of her fears if her savior could protect her. To remind her that she is doing what is necessary. Her rationality eroding, Amaya unlocks her quarters as she weakly stumbles towards the medical section containing Shia, desperate for her last bastion of trust to affirm her. Meanwhile, Rotar and a small group of the still functioning soldiers push against Amaya's loyalist, finding themselves locked in a fire fight outside of the makeshift quarantine block.

>Rotar: Cover me!

Pushing out into the corridor,Rotar unloads the last of his hand cannons ammo towards Amaya's force's to scatter them.

Disengaging the security lock on one of the sealed doors, Rotar is faced with David, who has been attempting to find a way out from his room upon hearing the gunfire outside.

>Rotar: You want to end up being executed by that little psychopath? If not, get your ass outta there and behind the-

Taking hold of his meal tray, David tosses it towards a soldier attempting to move out from cover. Nodding to one another, Rotar uses the opening to unseal Brett's door, finding her nursing her head wound from being struck.

>Brett:...It's all gone to hell, huh?
>Rotar: We're getting outta here. Captains staying behind to send off a transmission for help.
>Brett: Captain Maria? She already figure out a way for us to get outta here?
>Rotar: Rigging up one of the base jabbers and heading straight for Dakar...well, that's what she wants.
>Brett: What are you talking about?
>Rotar: You fought against those people. The moment Maria was gone, the girl took full control over Aranos, and even when Maria was returned, completely cut us off from any support from command. We stumbled onto something they did not want us to see, and they intend to silence us-
>Brett: The bruise on the back of my skull is agreeing with you, but how about we somewhere else to talk about this?! The others know where Darrel and that Shia kid are being-
>Rotar: Don't got time to pick them up.
>Brett: Then give me a gun. I'll make that time up myself.
>Rotar: Damn it girl, if mobile suits get here before we can get that jabber in the air-
>Brett: Just tell me where you need us, and i'll be there on time!

>What will Rotar do?
Man if people just talked to each other they would know their conspiracy theories are all bullshit to each other, Nita, Amaya, Rotar etc. Maria should've shut this shit down when he started
Stuff like this happens when people refuse to understand eachother. Let this be a lesson for the future.
it is for that reason why rotar should not go near Shia and Darrel, because if he hurts Amaya over his dumbass theory he made in 10 seconds of thought that's a huge splinter
Yea it's probably for the best that Brett goes to get Shia and Darrel. We don't want Rotar to blow Amaya's head off, causing Shia to become completely catatonic.

Also Maria's plan to use base jabbers most likely won't work. They'll either be stopped by an outside force, such as arriving Federation reinforcements misunderstanding the situation. Or the jabbers might get sabotaged by one of Amaya's loyalists.
Bigger question - what's the [BRIGHT] loyalist force going to show up with?

Are we talking rear echelon GM IIs and Nemos?
Or, are we talking GM III Oni models and Zeta Pluses?

Anyone taking bets?
Frankly it doesn't matter what MS the Bright loyalists arrive in. Given how everything is broken at Aranos base except for a few GM IIIs, they'll be able to completely take control of the situation. Then proceed to do whatever they want.

What we should really be worrying about is if they send a newtype or something. Because if reinforcements do come from Gryps it's certainly an possibility that a cyber newtype of some sort comes along with them. And that could make the nexus situation with Shia and Darrel infinitely worse.
I was more thinking that Dandjo might show up with Mafty forces if the GX and Midjet can hold out.
He's only going with a small escort and one named character(who might not even really be a pilot of note), dunno if he can help much plus they might blow him up if he or the others say the wrong thing
They know what's happening in Aranos thanks to Reiko so if I have to guess they're going to be sending in the elite stuff to be safe. GM IIIs and Zetas like the Manhunters use. Dakar is nearby so there would be a lot of elite MS to send over.
I also have a feeling Kenneth is going to be the commander behind the [Bright] loyalists. He's the most qualified man in the entire Federation when it comes to newtype lab bullshit and is loyal enough to [Bright].

>Rotar:...If it was anyone else, i'd have smacked em across the face for acting like a dumbass.

Releasing a small chortle at Rotar's words, Brett moves behind the towering soldier, slapping his behind as she peeks out into the hallway.

>Brett: Good to see that hard head of yours can still pick up on the obvious. Tell the others to keep some seats warm for Darrel and Shia.
>Rotar: First things first, gotta find us a way outta-

Charging through the corridor, David uses his quarantine room's metal bed as a shield as he rams himself through Amaya's forces.

>Amaya loyalist: H-he's made contact with us! Oh hell, not like-
>David: Stay down! Is this what we've been reduced to?! Firing on our own friends?!
>Amaya loyalist: Stupid farmboy! Their playing you like a fiddle-

Grabbing the soldier by the back of his neck, David uses the man as a shield as he makes his way towards Amaya's office.

>Amaya loyalist: N-no! S-someone, help me!!
>David: Even if I have to be shot for this, I will not let the Commander ruin herself like this!

Keeping the rest of Amaya's loyalist attention on him, David backs his way through the Valkyrie's corridors towards Amaya's office. Nudging Brett to move, Rotar makes his way back behind the barricade with the others in preparation for escaping. Brett tackles into a soldier tending to one of his injured comrades, ripping his rifle away from him and aiming it towards his chest.

>Injured soldier: Why? The Commander was only trying to protect-
>Brett: Keep pressure on your pal's leg until someone can get it patched up.

Rushing away from the soldiers, Brett makes her way through the Valkyrie towards the medical section housing Shia and Darrel. Meanwhile, Maria and two other members of her staff use the chaotic situation to slip through an emergency door on the Valkyrie, now making their way into Aranos's communications hub. While her abdomen burns from the injury caused by Nita, Maria pushes on.

>Comm station security:...Captain Salvador? H-hold it right there!
>Maria loyalist: Just give me a reason-
>Maria: We need to send a communication to Dakar. Aranos in its current state just does not have the resources to tend to the injured...not to mention the conditions they are being forced to endure.
>Comm station security:...Captain, not all of us wanted this. Most of us know you are not responsible for any of this happening here...but until we know who compromised this base-
>Maria: Let the proper channels handle that. If you are worried for your Commander, I swear on my life that I will do everything in my power to protect her from any unjust actions, as will I do for every soldier under her command. Please...I just want to end this meaningless bloodshed. We are better than this.
>Comm station security:...Then what the hell is jamming our-

Before he is able to finish, one of Maria's subordinates fire on him, tearing a hole through his chest.

>Maria: No! Why would you-

Forcing Maria to the ground, one of her subordinates is shot in his stomach by a soldier hiding within the central comms room. Firing off one last shot, the bullet tears through the hiding soldier's nose, killing him instantly.

>Maria: Hold on, you need to-
>Maria subordinate: Captain...please...save the others...!

Keeling over from his injury, Maria is left with only one remaining subordinate to guard her. Pushing on, the two enter into the heart of the comms station, where a tired, balding man cowers under a table.

>Comms chief: D-don't hurt me! I've tried, but nothing is getting through, I swear!
>Maria: We need...to send a distress signal to Dakar. Can you-
>Comms chief: Wait...Captain Maria? Please, i've tried everything, but all long distance transmissions are being completely blocked!
>Maria: What?
>Comms chief: I-i tried explaining this to Commander Miyasato, but she just sent security down to keep me working on trying to communicate Gryps! Please ma'am...!

>Valkyrie doctor: C-commander?! What are you doing out here?!
>Amaya:...Where? Where are the security I ordered to be stationed here?
>Valkyrie doctor: T-they left to aid in putting down the rioters. Y-you can't come in here ma'am! The quarantine is still-

Pushing her way past the doctor, Amaya quietly whines upon seeing Shia bound to a medical bed, struggling to be freed.

>Amaya: Shia...c-can you hear me, master?
>Valkyrie doctor: What in the goddamn...?
>Darrel:...You! What did you do Brett?! <We>...ngh, whatever you have done, <we> won't-

Ignoring Darrel's words, Amaya crawls onto Shia's bed, gently laying her head onto her chest as she breaks down. Looking down at Amaya with an affectionate expression, Shia lays her hands onto Amaya's hair, stroking it and calming herself.

>Amaya: I can't do this any more! I...please just tell me I am right! That I needed to do all of this for the Federation! F-for us...!! Please just hold me! Please tell me I am a good girl! P-please just keep me safe from-
>Shia: I, um...are you trying to be my friend? I...really would like one right now.

Feeling her heart skipping a beat, Amaya looks up to Shia's face, finding a look of uncertainty on her beloved face.

>Amaya: F-friends? Why...are you looking at me like that?
>Shia: Can you...help me find my other friends? The ones who left? Akasha...my best friend Amaya-
>Darrel:...Oh no.
>Amaya: Here! C-can you not see me!? Don't you remember how I feel?! It's me, Amaya!!

Shia's gentle look becomes more scared as she removes her hands from the terrified Commander.

>Shia: B-but your not...are you trying to bully me?
>Amaya:...Shia?! W-what the hell are you-
>Shia: Your not Amaya.
>Darrel: Girl, she's not in her right mind right now! Her memories were tampered with while she was in-
>Amaya: No! No, no, no!! Don't you leave me too!! X! My master X!!
>Shia:...X? What is...ngh...!

Thrashing in her bed, Shia whimpers as a piercing headache begins to manifest.

Ingame saves will revert them to their original stats. You will need to rely on save states to keep the adjusted stats intact.

If you want to edit their stats manually, consult this sheet here and use CTRL + F to find the name of the character you want to edit.
Not that anon, but as long as you're andwering, I'm having a problem when I use the character reassignment cheats that causes only one of the cheated in characters to be able to be assigned to anything at once.

>David: Where is she?!
>Amaya loyalist 1: How am I supposed to know?! She has been locked in here ever since that hazard that got Cocain! I-i can't end up like that! You gotta-
>Amaya loyalist 2: Put him down Zurich! No idea what those Alliance traitors offered you, but-
>David: This has nothing, and never has had anything to do with those people! The Commander...if you have any loyalty to her, then help me stop her!

Looking to one another, the majority of her loyalist reluctantly hear out Davids plea.

>Amaya loyalist 3:...We can't allow the Commander to come to any harm. If those traitors are planning to escape, it will just be more evidence of our righteousness here.
>David: If you need to see it that way, fine. We just need to ensure she is...Professor?

David and the others turn to find Reiko sprinting towards the sealed off medical section, her speed abnormally quick for a woman of her size and build.

>David: Professor, wait! Where are you-
>Amaya loyalist 4: The quarantine section! Where those two pilots were being held!
>David:...Shia! The Commander is with her!

Meanwhile, Amaya continues to plead with Shia to recognize her, the Commander's voice becoming increasingly more simplistic and high pitched in a vain attempt to reach her.

>Valkyrie doctor: Y-you! How did you-
>Brett: Take five, will you doc? Isn't this scandalous?

Laying her back onto Shia's chest, Amaya hyperventilates upon seeing Brett mockingly addressing her.

>Brett: Darrel, you mind carrying Shia for me? Going to have a real run ahead of us to get out of-
>Amaya: You people...all of you traitors...!
>Brett:...Amaya, right? You know, I had almost everything about you pegged from the minute I saw you here at Aranos.
>Amaya: Were you working with them as well?! To play me for your own-
>Brett: You set yourself up for disaster. Seeing everything around you like it was trying to hurt you...hmph, all of this was justified to you, right?

Sinking deeper into Shia's chest, Amaya clumsily takes hold of her sidearm, shaking it wildly at Brett.

>Amaya:...W-won't take her. Won't take my Shia...never! Never!! Never!!!
>Brett:...Yeesh, I figured you two were going to be weird, but this is...well, its something. What is your plan here? You going to shoot me dead for being a "traitor"?
>Amaya: Every time I trust one of Maria's forces, a knife was thrust into my back! All of you...ever since I arrived here, you all were-

Falling to the floor, Brett fires her rifle at Amaya's pistol, forcing it out of the girls hand and sending a piece of the broken sidearm into her cheek.

>Brett: A lot of people would want me to shoot you dead for what you did to them...but i'll let the fatheads in Dakar do their jobs for once.

Slowly picking herself up from the ground, Brett moves for Darrel's bed, ready to release him.

>Brett: Lean up for me, don't want to take a chance hitting your arm with-
>Darrel: Brett!!

Sensing the source of Darrel's concern, Brett swings her rifle to swipe the incoming figure sprinting for their back. Narrowly missing, Brett is grabbed by her neck and is rammed to the floor by a titanic force.

>Brett: Y-you...!
>Amaya: R-reiko?!
>Darrel: Let her go!

Coldly staring at Brett, Reiko plants her second hand onto her throat and begins to apply more pressure. Gasping and wheezing, Brett begins to loose consciousness, before twisting her legs to kick Reiko's stomach. Stunning her a moment, Brett tries to force her off, only to rip away her lab coat.

>Brett: W-wha-?!

Seeing a spine-shaped mechanical structure on Reiko's back, Brett struggles to grab for it, only for all function in her body to cease upon Reiko snapping her neck. Releasing a howl of unbridled rage, Darrel nearly rips himself from his metallic restraints. Stepping off from Brett's body, Reiko's arm twitches as the device on her back reduced the adrenaline being pumped into it.
Holy hell, Reiko was up to some real shit. I think we're gonna have to leave Shia and Darrel unless we get some timely intervention.
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God, what the fuck is going on anymore. Everyone's gone fucking insane. Let [Bright]'s forces arrive and mow everyone present down, let the base blow up with no survivors, let a sandstorm arrive and just fucking bury the entire place beneath the dunes. I just want this insanity to end, I can't take it anymore.
Oh god Reiko's there to get Darrel and Shia isn't she? Going to try and secure the two newtypes who communed with the soul nexus, so whoever's coming has an easier time containing them.
I understand how you feel anon, this is incredibly intense and so much is going on it's hard to keep track of it all. But this'll end soon and we'll get back to Glemy and the Ashes.
It's not even that I dislike the story or anything, it's just that the SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Ignoring Darrel's psychotic bloodlust, Reiko slowly approaches Amaya and Shia. Seeing the absolute fear and confusion in her Commander's eyes, Reiko leans down to take hold of Amaya.

>Shia: W-why would you all...stop! She's scared and-

Yanking Amaya out from Shia's arms, Reiko cradles her senior officer like a child, while Darrel continues to pull at his restraints with killing intent in his eyes.

>David: Command!! Where is the-
>Reiko: The traitor was~dealt~with. Miss Amaya is per~fectly safe now.

Looking down to Brett's body, David leans down to check her heart rate.

>David:...It's collapsing! Doctor, you need to-
>Reiko: I believe your orders were to put down that riot...correct?
>Darrel: Yoooou~!!!
>David: Professor? You did this? What is that on your-

Moving to touch Amaya, Reiko reflects Davids hand, gently pushing his back as she continues to cradle Amaya.

>Reiko: I verified her concerns regarding the quarantine...there is no need to be afraid. Nothing of the sort will harm any of you...especially you, Ensign Zurich.
>David: How did you know about her-
>Reiko: I listened...as I always have. On Commander Miyasato's orders, detain or eliminate the remainder of these traitors.

As Reiko moves to leave with Amaya, the mortified Commander attempts to reach back for Shia, her throat to ravaged from the stress to properly speak. Lowering Amaya's arm, Reiko kisses the wound on her cheek, smearing a trickle of her blood onto Reiko's lips.

>Reiko: This is all just a night terror before your dream comes true, Amaya~.

Meanwhile, Rotar and the other's prepare the Base jabber for launch, still waiting on Brett and the others to arrive before leaving.

>Rotar: Dammit girl, we are nearly outta time here!
>Maria staff: Lieutenant, they are trying to breach from behind us! We've gotta move, now!
>Rotar: Did Maria not make it? No outgoing signals have been sent...
>Maria staff: We are getting a local communication from the Comms tower!
Reiko sounds like shes behind everything wrong here, this to me portrays her being upset at Shia as her taking Reiko's control away

>Rotar: Maria, what is going on up there?!
>Maria:*Bzzzz*-jammed! Need to-*bzzzzz* -acuate now!
>Rotar:...Signals being jammed! Maria, get outta there! We can still-

The connection completely breaks, leaving only static on Rotar's line.

>Maria staff: Lieutenant, what are we supposed to-
>Rotar:...I am taking command! We will fall back for Dakar to report, just as she wanted! Come on you lot, move!

Prepping the Base jabber to launch, Veronica holds on to the two medical staff that had aided Maria. Realizing her dear friend will likely not return, Veronica holds onto her two companions tighter.

>Base Jabber pilot: Course is clear! Launching in mark 5...4...3...2...1, mark!

Lifting off from the hangar, Amaya's forces abandon their pursuit as it takes to the sky. Meanwhile, Reiko approaches her office with Amaya still in her free arm, opening its door to reveal the two guards assigned to her unconscious in the back of the room.

>Amaya: R-reiko?
>Reiko: Shhhh, it's all just a bad dream. Good...we will have more than enough time to rally with them. I did not mean for you to see me like that, Ama~ya. Had you just stayed in your office, we could have avoided you seeing all of that unpleasant-
>Amaya: Y-you too...?! Treating me like I am-
>Reiko: Do you remember the night you told me all about your dream? How you told me we would both reach it together?
>Amaya:...I am so sorry for walking away from you, but we both agreed-
>Reiko: I swore to do whatever *you* asked from me!! When you walked away to join the military, I could never let go of what I worked towards! For both of us!
>Amaya: S-shia...!
>Reiko: Just part of that same bad dream. I want you to listen to something.

Sitting herself onto the ground, Reiko moves Amaya's head to her stomach, keeping her head there for her to listen.

>Reiko: Can you hear it? Can you feel it?
>Amaya: Reiko...?!
>Reiko: I wanted it to be a surprise for when our tour here had finished.
At least a few people escaped this madness

>Amaya: I...i don't-
>Reiko: Tee~hee...!! I was a fool to think he would abandon me here...! A truly brilliant, kind, wonderful man has given us a chance to make our dreams come true! He may not have had you in those plans initially...but he will understand when we are together and safe! You will have the position you deserve, I will construct the ark for mankinds greatest journey into the stars...and our child will know only bliss from what we will do. Aranos? Your attack on that failed nest of research? It all does not matter any more...only the future does.

Trying to free herself from Reiko, Amaya is restrained as she is carried towards a metallic box. Unlocking it, a fetal position notch inside is surrounded by air filter containers and other devices.

>Reiko: Everything will be just fine Ama~ya.
>Amaya:...No. No, no,no~stop,stop-
>Reiko: It will be as safe as a mothers womb. When you are released from it, a wonderful life will be waiting for us both. We just need to take one little trip, and all of this will be over. Oh, that nasty scratch is bleeding again. Let me-

Slapping away Reiko's hand, Amaya tries to call for help, only for her mouth to be covered by a gas injecting mask from within the container.

>Reiko: Just a bad dream...just a bad dream.

Restraining Amaya again, Reiko covers the wound on her face, before contorting her body into a fetal position to fit into the container. As she begins to seal her inside of it, a final muffled cry for Shia is released, before being completely silenced. Preparing a set of data disks with Aranos's mobile suit and staff performance, Reiko tosses her terminal the ground, finding a picture of Cyan beside a failed part from the G-X he had given her.

>Reiko:...If I could have brought another, you would have...tch!

Activing the nerve enhancer on her back, Reiko lifts the container holding Amaya, making her way for a jeep prepared behind the Valkyrie.
Cyber Newtype style implants on a psychopath. Where the hell is Mashy when you need him?


Hoo boy cybernetic psychopath that's pregnant. She's the anti-Kerala.
She was the traitor all along, as predicted by some here
Who do you figure she's working for? Liquid? Also, with everyone else gone, do you figure that Shia and Darrel are going to have to use the G-X together to try and excape?
Well that part I can't really say for sure, but unless someone can stop her she's kidnapping Amaya for sure
>A truly brilliant, kind, wonderful man has given us a chance to make our dreams come true! He may not have had you in those plans initially...but he will understand when we are together and safe! You will have the position you deserve, I will construct the ark for mankinds greatest journey into the stars
Okay Reiko is either talking about Tem Ray here, or Jamitov because he also wanted to take humanity to the stars.

>Amaya loyalist: It's over, Captain Salvador! Just surrender and-

Amaya's forces slowly lower their weapons upon finding Maria slouched over in a chair in the comms centers hub, while the soldier with guards her body with his own.

>David: It's finished. A base jabber just left...there is no more need to fight here.
>Maria loyalist: Like hell your laying a hand on her! Bastards beating the rest of us like we were-

Tossing away his rifle, David raises his hands to the soldier as he slowly approaches.

>David: She needs help.
>Maria loyalist: You expect me to believe one of that madwomans-
>Maria: Ensign Zurich...was anyone else...hurt?
>David:...No ma'am. The bloodshed is over.

Motioning for her subordinate to set his rifle down, Maria weakly points towards the central control panel for the communication hub.

>Maria: We need...to evacuate...all of need to...*cough*.
>Comms chief: I-i had no choice but to help them! Please, you can't blame me for-
>David: Boskov, it's ok my friend.
>Comms chief:...She's right. We gotta get outta here, and soon.

Replaying the last receives messages, corrupted audio floods the room, though the distinct sound of terrified screams can be heard over drilling noises.

>GM III pilot: Anyone?! *Bzzzz* -from underground! Dozens of the...they got Manny?! No, get back! Get back from-eyaaa!! Gyaaaahhh-*Bzzzz*-

Frozen in place from the message, David attempts to trace the location it had been received from.

>David:...That was from-
>Comms chief: The mobile suits that were sent out. Somethings jamming our bases signal, and there must be dozens of the things!
>David: Help the Captain to the Valkyrie! Anyone still here in Aranos is to be evacuated onto the Valkyrie as well!
>Amaya loyalist: Commander has not authorized us to-
>David: Situation has changed. I'll get approval...no matter what, nobody else is dying pointlessly to this awful place.
woah where is this sheet located? I dont see it in the pastebin
Seems your wish is coming true anon >>21578839

>Valkyrie doctor: Vitals are still dropping...
>Darrel: She'll live...I saw what is waiting for <us>...s-so she has to-

Feeling his senses shifting, Darrel finds himself surrounded by the endless void he had once been trapped within.

>Darrel: How?! Why am I back-

Seeing numerous reflections of himself praying towards a light within the void, Darrel faces the sources of their reverence, where an indescribable entity approaches him.

>Darrel:...The one <we> were always calling upon. What are you?!

The entity releases a song-like echo, resonating with Darrel as he kneels before it. Forcing himself to stand again, Darrel refuses to heed the voice.

>Darrel:...No, your trying to trick me! <We>...<our> future can still happen!

Meanwhile, Shia awakens within a similar void, where numerous phantoms resembling herself also pray towards a similar light. Searching through the reflections of herself, she feels herself being drawn to one she believes to "Amaya".

>Shia: Amaya! I...don't understand! Someone was saying they were-

The phantom returns to praying towards the light, its visage shifting into a featureless phantom again. Shirking away from it, Shia feels her memories of Amaya's face returning.


Turning towards the light, Shia finds an idealized version of herself staring down at her.

>Shia: Your...X?
>???: [A GIFT, DEAR GIRL.]

Seeing a vision of the Mid-Jet and David, a set of numbers and letters in a specific order are burned into Shia's mind. Within the image, Shia is shown a metallic box, with the sensation of Amaya within it.

>Shia:...Where?! Is Amaya-

Awakening from the vision, Shia awakens to find Darrel torn from his bed.
I don't know whats happening but if we can I am down for making sure that bitch Reiko goes down
Sirocco, is that you?
Man I loved having things spread out across all the OCs even if other people found it chaotic, I hope we don't go back to shia hyperfocus again.
Calm your tits anon

>Darrel: What do you mean there is nothing you can do?!
>Valkyrie doctor: E-even on life support, her vitals are collapsing to quickly for me to properly stabilize-
>Darrel: Y-you will figure something out! You have to! Brett, just keep holding on! I was shown what will come after all of this! Both of <us> will leave here, and together <we> will-

[Brett has died]

>Valkyrie doctor:...Her vitals have ceased. Ensign Torrian, I understand you both were close, but you need to be reasonable about-
>Darrel: Ayaaaaaa!!! Breeeettt!!!

Stumbling away from Darrel, the terrified doctor watches helplessly the frenzied Newtype attempts to resuscitated Brett.

>Darrel: I'll...kill them both!!
>Valkyrie doctor: E-ensign, you need to-
>Darrel: Where?! Where the hell are-
>Brett?: <Stop>.

Stopping his short-lived rampage, Darrel begins to shake Brett's lifeless body again, only to find her phantom holding onto him.

>Brett: <Protect the others. Just like a taught you.>
>Darrel: B-brett! I...i can't just-
>Brett: <I will not leave you...not until you are ready to move on. Protect our comrades...>

Reaching for the phantom, Darrel collapses to floor, his energy completely drained from his body.

>Valkyrie doctor:...Never signed up for any of this.

Staring at her hand, Shia continues to recite the series of numbers and letters burned into her psyche. Meanwhile, David finds the security detail assigned to Reiko, both of them completely out cold.

>David: Hey! What happened in here?! Where is the professor?!
>Reiko security: She...asked us to come in and then...damn it, she jabbed us with something...

Looking through the sea of tattered documents and broken electronics, David finds a diagram of the Mid-jet, followed by a series of similar drawings in a more humanoid shape.

>David: "Phase III miniaturization?"

Looking through the diagram, David is baffled by the concept within it. A powered armor frame, grafted onto a human body and fused into a cockpit.
>Looking through the diagram, David is baffled by the concept within it. A powered armor frame, grafted onto a human body and fused into a cockpit.
Oh god oh fuck, its a continuation of the suits that the Titans housed their cyber newtype pilots in. Either [Bright] or Scirocco has continued their development. This is not good at all.

Also Brett's spirit is literally with Darrel now. That should be good right?

Escaping from Aranos's effective detection range, the Base jabber containing Rotar and the others who had escaped from Aranos release a collective sigh of relief.

>Rotar subordinate: Boss, you really sure you want us heading for Dakar? For all we know, those people could just have us indicted for mutiny-
>Rotar: I'm choosing to trust Maria and the system on this. Besides, I ain't going to start gambling on the lives of others any more. Tell you one thing...if there is any justice in this world any more, someones going to discipline that little tyrant. Brett...damn it man, we just left here and the others there...!
>Rotar subordinate: She's a tough one. Bet she's probably already dug a couple fox holes out in the wastes until we get back.

Bumping his metallic hand against his subordinates knuckle, Rotar checks on the rest of the survivors, finding Veronica laying the two young medical staff who had aided Maria on her lap.

>Rotar: Can't help yourself, even now?
>Veronica:...I might settle down.
>Rotar: Your kidding? It took all of this shit to finally get you thinking about that?
>Veronica: I said "might". When Maria comes back, i'll have to let her try to convince me again...maybe i'll listen this time.
>Rotar:...Yeah, you do that-
>Silas:...Ah! Ooooh~!!
>Lazrus: It ain't that bad. We'll be there before we...what's up with my skin? Its all covered in goosebumps-
>Silas: Below us!! It's coming from below!!
>Rotar: Anyone got any morphine? Anything to ease his-

Molten sand erupts from the sand below burning its way through the cockpit of the Base jabber.

>Rotar: Damn it, no!!
>Veronica: E-eh?!

Now trapped in a free fall, Rotar hastily moves those in makeshift cots to the ground, desperate to give them a chance to survive upon crash landing.

>Rotar subordinate: Boss, you gotta get down!
>Rotar: Just...a few...more-

Another stream of molten sand burns through the rear of the Base jabber, just as it collides into the desert below.

I'm not surprised but I'm still incredibly disappointed.

>Bridge staff: Something uploaded into the Valkyrie's navigation systems. We try taking off, whole birds going to take a real quick nose dive.
>David: And the camera's?
>Bridge staff: All showing dummy footage. Gotta hand it to her...she thought of damn near everything to keep us from following her. Only footage we have is from a secondary camera from Aranos proper. Looks like she took off into the wastes, with some kind of box-
>David: The Commander is inside of that...I found a diagram of the design back in Reiko's study! We need to organize a search team to-
>Amaya loyalist: If that audio was anything to go off from the GM teams, whole place is a complete death trap out there!
>David:...The Mid-Jet's speed should be more than enough to catch up with a jeep, no matter how far they are by now! Do we have any leads on its-
>Bridge staff: Nothing. Damn tracks are completely undetectable from the dust storm brewing out there.

Realizing that he has lost his chance to protect Amaya, David turns his attention to checking on Shia and Darrel's condition, finding Professor Cyan Tist being released from an interrogation room, severely beaten and exhausted.

>David: Professor, we never intended for this to-
>Cyan: Shut your damn mouth...and take me to my...sis.

Offering support to Cyan, David leads him to where Shia and Darrel are currently being held, finding Darrel being given further restraints to hold him in place, along with Brett's final fate.

>Valkyrie doctor: I did all I could for her.
>David: I know you did-
>Cyan: Shia!

Limping towards his little sister, Cyan pulls his sister into a hug, while her eyes drift towards David. Recalling the visions in her mind, she begins to reach out towards him.

>David: How are you holding up?
>Shia: A-amaya...! Did you get her back?!
>David: I know, and we are trying to...wait, how do you know about...?

Gently taking hold of Shia's shoulder, David gently shakes her for answers.
File: Giant heart.png (191 KB, 1077x461)
191 KB
191 KB PNG

>David: Do you know something about the Commanders abduction?! Was it...even an abduction at all?!
>Shia: I...i don't-
>David: If you know anything, tell me! All of this madness she caused...I need to bring them both back!
>Shia:...You can do that, can't you? The...Mid Jet and you can do it...!

Preparing to speak, Shia feels a slight pain in her head, followed by Darrel's voice.

>Darrel: (Did you see it as well? That mass of light that was whispering promises?)
>Shia: Darrel, what is...ngh...stop...!
>David: Hey, stay with me! Please Shia, she needs help! If you know anything-
>Darrel: (It promised me revenge...what did it offer you? The same thing?)

Whimpering as she scratches her head, Shia continues to find her thoughts being bombarded by Darrel's voice.

>Darrel: (Whatever it was...I can't trust it. We need to protect those who are still here. Brett showed me the-)
>Cyan: Lay off her...will you Zurich?
>David: Reiko is not in her right mind. She never acted like this before...jealously. All of this was because of jealousy, I know it! If the desert is being stalked by something that could take out an entire mobile suit battalion...please, you need to tell me what you know! I will bring them both back...I am sworn to it.

Unbuttoning the upper section of his uniform, an imprint from where a collar had been tightly attached is seen.

>David: I won't let any harm come to either of them. Please...I beg of you to let me help them.

>What will Shia do?
i ain't getting involved with this lesbian love triangle
I dunno if I trust his stats enough to bring back both of 'em. David's good, but there's a lot of nasty shit out there in the desert and I don't want him running off to his death.
Yea we need to trust Darrel here. If David runs off into the desert it'll leave Aranos base in a even weaker state, and most likely he'll end up dying or going MIA.
Well, Darrel was promised revenge but all this thing did was tell us where to find her, I don't really know if its the same being
I trust David not because of Amaya and Reiko bit because he might be able to save Rotar
Promised it, but he doesn't want it ATM, but rather to follow Brett's advice and protect the people here..
As the base goes to hell, I like to imagine Dandjo is just merrily listening to the radio in the jeep on the way over
I think we should listen to Darrel here. The idealized version of Shia giving her visions isn't infallible. She didn't predict Brett dying, she's just a powerful newtype (quite possibly Scirocco in disguise). Following this vision quest bullshit is just going to get David killed and give Shia some form of [HUNGER] for no real gain.
I don't much care for Amaya and while the Mid-jet and David are good, I don't think he can really do much to help out there by himself. I just don't think sending him out to go and steal back Amaya from Reiko while also avoiding the things in the sand will work out logistically, nevermind the guys on the downed base jabber.
To be absolutely fair, Brett isn’t close to Shia but she was already on her way out. It is true the spirit is appealing to her desire to protect her best friends though
Well, it looks like the people have spoken, but I'm very scared to lose David too bros. I don't know what Darrel would have us doing back at base, but I've got this awful gut feeling that David's not going to come back from this one.
At least, if David does go out he goes out doing what he wanted. More than you can say about anyone else
Dandjo listening to Afternoon Delight on the way over.

"Gonna see my baby gonna hold her tight..."
I can't believe we thought Dandjo was going to have an impact on the base lmao
I wouldn't be so sure of that. He could always survive his MS getting shot down and end up getting sent to a newtype lab
As far as I know, David is explicitly not a newtype, I don't think these sand MS are set for stun so if they do take anyone out they're just going to die
Endurance roll mechanics man, anyone can survive if they roll high enough. Besides, they could still use him as a cyber newtype even if he is an old type. He's the perfect candidate to be Reiko's test subject for the Mid-jet Phase III miniaturization since his size means they wouldn't have to miniaturize much.
But that's assuming Reiko is involved with them
At this rate he's going to arrive at a completely deserted and destroyed base, wondering what happened while he was gone.

Unable to bring herself to let Amaya be lost to her, Shia emotionlessly recites the numbers and letters in her mind, initially leaving David confused by their meaning.

>David: What? Shia, I need you to-
>Cyan: It's map coordinates, you knucklehead...*groan*, really on point though...
>David: Professor Tist, if you know where that is, can you program it into the Mid-Jet's navigation system?!
>Darrel: They are dividing us right now! Shia, you saw the Mid-Jet as well, right?! It promised you that it would rend the life out from that woman! Crush her skull in its hand-
>Shia: D-darrel, stop-
>Darrel: What did it tell you?! You have to listen to me, all of this is a-

Injecting Darrel with a sedative, the doctor tending to his care is smacked away, before Darrel's body grows numb.

>Valkyrie doctor: He...needs more time to rest.
>Shia: I,i can't leave her! Why did it take me so long to recognize her though? Why...does everyone here besides you look so strange?
>David:...Get some rest. Miss Amaya will be back here by the time you wake up again-
>Cyan: Shia, rest your eyes for a little bit. I need to have a char with...gah, the big fella.
>Valkrie doctor: Professor, you need to lay down and-
>Cyan: Yeah, I really should...

Weakly moving his body away from Shia's, Cyan motions for David to follow him, only for his battered body to nearly give out as he is supported by the massive pilot.

>David: Professor, you are in no condition to-
>Cyan: You planning...in running off in that turtle Reiko has you in? Reactor on that thing is...a complete disaster. Probably wont...even make it back in its current state.
>David: If there were any other way to reach them in time-
>Cyan: I can...jury rig the things reactor to hold longer. Reiko's clever...but she had her weaknesses as a developer. Bring her back alive...will you?
>David: What do you plan to do to her? I know you two had your differences in-
>Cyan: Laying it on the table...shes got my kid inside of her.
Seems like Darrel's spirit is nowhere near the same as Shia's who didn't really promise her anything
infact, despite both seeing the Mid-Jet, Shia didn't see any violence at all while Darrel saw a damn Ryona fetishist's dream
Losing Brett was really bad for him, damn...
File: Cyans brainchild.png (192 KB, 1058x467)
192 KB
192 KB PNG

>Mid-Jet engineer 1: Are you mad?! The strain this would place onto the Mid-Jet's systems would be-
>Cyan: Need it done in...half an hour. Already run all the numbers...it will work. I know it.
>Mid-Jet engineer 2: You expect us to believe you corrected the flaw that has been hounding us ever since we started work on the miniaturization project? Without proper testing-
>Cyan: Whats the worst that can happen...heh, we all go "kaboom"? Sounds a lot nicer than...*cough* whatever the hell Reiko was babbling on about...
>Mid-Jet engineer 3: What do you mean?
>Cyan: Whatever we found in that place...it has her more scared than you could imagine...*cough*, something is coming for this place. For everyone here...
>Mid-Jet engineer 4: Then why would she run away now of all times?! Why did she sabotage us?!
>Cyan:...The fact she jammed that brat into a box and ran off with her...she might have a contingency in case things ever hit this point.

Coordinating the enhancement process to the Mid-Jet's reactor, Cyan falls the floor from his injuries. Feeling his broken ribs radiating in pain, Cyan's hallucinates Reiko holding his newborn son. Reaching out towards the hallucination, he finds himself being lifted by David.

>David: Professor, let me take you back to medical for-
>Cyan: Even one calculation off...and it won't be pretty.

Continuing to organize the Mid-Jet's upgrade, the engineers anxiously wait for Cyan to approve them activating its modified reactor.

>Mid-Jet engineer 3: Gentlemen...it has been an honor.

Motioning for them to activate the reactor, the Mid-Jet's reactor container releases a deafening hiss, before spewing out Minovsky particles from the stress being applied to it.

>Cyan: Hold...just hold!

As the hissing peaks, the engineers are met with a deafening silence as it hushes. Running a scan on the mobile suit, one of the engineers turns back to Cyan.

>Mid-Jet engineer 5:It's teetering, but its holding!

[Mid-Jet consumption reduced]
File: 12a.jpg (175 KB, 1089x607)
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175 KB JPG
>Feeling his broken ribs radiating in pain, Cyan's hallucinates Reiko holding his newborn son.
If nothing else, helping a man rescue his child from a crazy bitch is a just cause
All their joy and happiness, gone. Cyan's almost certainly not going to get a happy ending with Reiko, and Brett's dead now.
The baby is still in the belly. Is it even possible to keep a cyber newtype with super strength restrained until she gives birth?
Isn't she only using some power armor shit?
She's using something called a nerve enhancer on her back which pumps adrenaline into her body to give her super strength. It depends if that device is removable. If I have to guess it's probably embedded into her back via surgery like IBO's alaya vagina system since the technology is unlikely to be advanced enough to make it portable and detachable.
Seems like she has to activate it, so one would need to figure out a way to disable that functionality, but its not like shes getting arrested everyone should jump ship somewhere after this is done because this seems more and more like a clean up job
File: Stalkers in the sand.png (101 KB, 610x515)
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101 KB PNG

>Maria: A deployment? Now?
>Maria loyalist: We have tried multiple times to hail its pilot, but have received nothing back! Repeat, cease your actions!
>Maria: Which...one is it?
>Maria loyalist: T-the small one ma'am. The one that the Valkyrie's crew had been testing since they first arrived here.
>Maria:...All we can do now is pray David can bring those two back. If the others...can bring help from Dakar...we may have a chance.

Meanwhile, Rotar crawls through the wreckage of the base jabber, its ruined interior now littered with the dead from the crash.

>Rotar: Anyone?! Damn it, someone answer me!
>Veronica: Rotar...I-

Finding Veronica trapped under a piece of debris, Rotar forces it off from her body, finding the body of one of the medical staff who had been resting on her lap crushed on her lap. Her eyes watering, a look of despair fills Veronica.

>Veronica: Its...not right. I did not even get to learn their names before-
>Rotar: Hey, stay with me now! Whatever just shot as us-
>Lazrus: Brother, come back!
>Silas: C-crawling below us!! Everywhere!! Everywhere around us!!

Stumbling out from the wreckage, Silas tries to escape into the desert while his twin brother attempts to restrain him from his paranoid delusion.

>Lazrus: Your panicking! We have to stay calm and-

Lazrus's blood runs cold as a mechanical hiss chitters out from a dune of sand ahead of them. Holding his brother, he watches in horror as a monoeye locks onto both of them, before revealing two massive drills and a snake-like coil emerging from the sand. Before they are to escape back into the ruined base jabber, the coil cuts off their escape. Keeping its Monoeye on the two, the abnormal mobile suit further traps them, before a hatch on a bulging section of its coil opens, revealing a tentacle-like appendage.

>Silas:...Bullshit man! Never asked for any of this-

The tentacle strikes at the two, wrapping itself around them as they are dragged into its opening.
these things are weaker than I thought

The sand swimming mobile suit slithers towards the wreckage of the base jabber, its monoeye twitching and scanning its wreckage for any signs of life. Holding onto to Veronica to keep her from panicking and making any unnecessary movements, Rotar slowly begins to cover himself and Veronica with a slab of metal as the machines head peers deeper into its wreckage. Deploying its tentacle-like appendage into its interior, the device slithers through the deceased, before laying itself upon one of the deceased medical staff. Dragging his body out from the wreckage, the tentacle drags it towards the head of the machine. A metal tube erects from its mouth, revealing a dark-skinned figure clad in ritualistic markings.

>Zealot: شكرا على هذه الهدية عزيزي الله! قد يدعمني لحمهم الحقير ، وأعاني إلى الأبد العذاب من أجل وجودهم!

Lowering the covering over his mouth, the figure bites into the body, drinking from it greedily while Rotar checks for any weapons that may have survived the crash. As he prepares to take hold of a rifle within his arms reach, the mobile suits coil crashes down onto the Base jabber's wreckage. The zealot releases a ghastly chant into the blackened night, beckoning dozens of other monoeyes to light up alongside his machine, all of them staring towards where the Base jabber had come from. Meanwhile, the Mid-Jet vanishes from Aranos's detection, its small frame blending into the pitch black night. His body completely encapsulated within the tiny cockpit, David looks to a picture of his older brother.

>David: (Try to be nice to her when you meet the Commander.)

Rubbing the photo, David moves his hand away to reveal himself in the image towering over his 3'7 older brother. As he approaches the coordinates stated by Shia, a horde of Monoeyes activate around him, circling him as they try to keep pace.

>David: Professor, Amaya...wait for me!
David actually might've saved Rotar and Veronica too, plus he actually is faster than these things
>Thank you for this gift, dear God! Their despicable flesh might support me.
Translation of the Arabic text
So these guys are a separate faction from Ral's ALF right?
Absolutely. Ramba and Mashy would never let their people become cannibals.

Hearing the sounds of battle erupting in the distance, Reiko grows increasingly concerned as her driving grows more erratic. Gently petting the metallic container holding Amaya, Reiko forces herself to ignore the conflicting feelings of her betrayal against the Valkyrie and its crew, along with the guilt of informing Cyan of the impending end arriving to Aranos.

>Reiko: (I had no choice...this is the only way she could remain safe. If all of you had just stayed away from that place...n-no, he knows best. He chose to protect me because of my part in humanities future...!)

Arriving at the rendezvous point, Reiko steps out from her jeep with the container in her hand.

>Reiko: I have brought everything ask of me! Now-

A mobile suit frame's wreckage is thrown across the area, as the Mid-Jet lands in front of Reiko and Amaya.

[x30 Bix Nuud's mobile suits destroyed by David. Level increased to A]

>Reiko: The Mid-Jet?! How did it-
>David: Whatever you are afraid of, I will never let anything harm the Commander, or you! The Mid-Jet's full potential has been unleashed! Come back to us! Even if the others will not listen, I know you did all of this for the Commanders-
>Reiko:Run! Just...go anywhere else!
>David: Professor! If you stay out here, I can't protect you both from these-

As the Mid-Jet moves to take hold Reiko and the container holding Amaya, a sea of tentacles strike out from the sand below, restraining the Mid-Jet.

>Zealot 1: المفتي الأكبر!
>Zealot 2: اربطه!

A gargantuan, monoeyed structure rises from the sand below, with scores of the abnormal mobile suit latched to colossal body.

>David: S-something this massive and ugly was hiding out here?! Reiko, just get the Commander to safety from these-
>Husky voice: Did you have to drag along a pursuit force, you worthless lapdog?

Rising from the Mobile armor, a dark-skinned figure clad in ceremonial robes stares down at Reiko, his eyes radiating cold hatred.

>Husky voice:
>>Darrel: They are dividing us right now! Shia, you saw the Mid-Jet as well, right?! It promised you that it would rend the life out from that woman! Crush her skull in its hand-
What the fuck makes this kid so damn violent???

>Reiko: I-i did everything I could to stop them from organizing a pursuit against-
>Husky voice: Ah...this is the creation he had you working on, isn't it? Any reason its been a pain in my ass twice now, ruining months of work?
>Reiko: That was out of my control! His excellency has made it clear I am to be protected from-
>Husky voice: Don't press your luck.
>David:...You are working with these people? Reiko, why would you-

Even through the thick layer of ceremonial robes, David is able to make out the outline of the figure, recognizing him from his brothers political ramblings.

>David:...You were executed! The Supreme Commander announced your-

The tentacles of the Mobile Armor squeeze the Mid-jet, breaking apart its frame slowly as the figure relishes the moment.

>Reiko: Why are you drawing it out?! Just finish this and-
>Husky voice: First him, then the rest of the scum from that backwater.

As the Mid-Jet is nearly crushed, a damaged Bix-Nuud sand swimmer leaps out onto the Mid-Jet, ramming its drills into its chest.

>Mutating Zealot: دعني أطالب بقوته! امنحني بركاتك أيها المفتي العظيم!
>Husky voice: Subhuman animal, get off of-
>Reiko: Authorization code: N-449!

Feeling the Mid-Jet's chest contorting, the rear pod of the mobile suit detatches, ejecting the cockpit with David inside of it towards the desert. Absorbing part of the sand below, the abnormal mobile suit fires off a stream of liquid glass at the pod, impacting it as it collides with the surface.

>mutating Zealot: المفتي ، يجب أن تسمح لي أن أتغذى على هؤلاء الكفار-

A tentacle rams into the Bix Nuud's cockpit, causing the pilot inside to detonate as his vitals collapse.

>Husky voice: Worthless nigger...get inside, now.

Watching as the Mid-Jet's frame is mangled and dragged into the Mobile Armor, Reiko approaches the opening being made for her, while quietly hoping for David's survival.
Well now we need david to make it back and we have genuine proof of the truth
File: 1646126289351.png (148 KB, 480x480)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
>Bix Nuud
Can't say I'm surprised we lost the Mid Jet. Shoulda trusted Darrel. We were on a string of decent choices up until we let Brett go alone.
Yeah fuck all the contolists who voted to trust David. This understanding bullshit is making us vote recklessly and stupidly.
I wouldn’t really say this was a bad choice, only if David is dead otherwise he cleared 30 of the worm ms and saved the jabber remnants and is the closest guy to understanding what’s happening here
How is Brett going alone a bad choice? Who’s supposed to know that Reiko had superhuman strength and could fight everyone off? I don’t think rotar would’ve been any help and possibly could’ve been killed instead and Brett absolutely would not have survived that crash
I think there's an important line to draw between "We're learning from the last time we dealt with a newtype ghost collective thing, giving in fully didn't work and resisting fully just lead to more problems so let's try halfway" and "Send a lone MS out on its own"

People mighta been going all "understanding" but IMO the newtype stuff was decently well reasoned in the context of our previous run-ins with this type of stuff.

Besides, in terms of common sense our position was bad enough without going out on a limb like this with our one remaining powerful MS.
So any ideas as to who this husky voiced dude is? Is he Ryu?
Brett is something we couldn't have seen coming, but Anon is right that the midget loss is on us.
I don’t agree, people thinking the mid Jett could handle itself against the snake ms was right, not only did he do that he ranked up after beating 30 of them. Both scenarios are things that nobody could predict, especially since both scenarios did go the way people thought they would with Brett being more rational and David handling himself(and not being killed in combat) against the only threat we knew of.

There’s no need to be smug and haughty over things absolutely nobody could expect

If anything, I'd say sending the Midjet was a massive success.

David is now rank A, still has good stats and is, you know, STILL ALIVE.
Rotar and Veronica are STILL ALIVE.
Whatever these mechs are, the vast majority of them are dead and it's a real black eye for the group using them (can someone explain who they are btw, I kinda got lost in all the moving parts)

And, with Dandjo on his way....eventually, this is a good in for the survivors to join Ramba and Mashymre for the main game (which I hope starts soon)

>Stressed woman: Baby, you can't keep doing this! The academy is already talking about moving forward with an expulsion over this-
>Red-headed teen: Why won't they believe me?! Those four were bullying others into doing their projects for them, and nobody would speak out against it! They tried to make me do same, but I never let them-
>Stressed woman: Two of those same boys were hospitalized by that dirty trick you-
>Red-headed teen: T-they deserved it! They deserved so much more than that for how they were-

Taking hold of the tiny girl, the exhausted woman hugs her tightly in an attempt to muse her.

>Stressed woman: I know you were trying to do the right thing...but that is not your place to-
>Red-headed teen: B-but mom, I was only trying to-
>Stressed woman: Promise me you will just do as your father says from now on. No more intervening for others, no more putting yourself at risk...just be a good girl.
>Red-headed teen:...Y-you both will help me prove what they were doing...right?

As the reality around the girl shifts, she finds herself being forced to sign a document from her academy. In return for her silence regarding the actions of her classmen, she would be spared from being expelled for her actions.

>Red-headed teen: P-papa, this is wrong! They are only being let go due to their-

Taking hold of her hand, her father plants it to the doted line, waiting for her to sign it herself. As she begrudgingly sign it, her reality shifts to her being severely harassed by many of the same students she had attempted to help, while she is made to helplessly act as her parents and the academy would demand. Closing her eyes, she finds herself standing over a memorial to her parents.

>Maid: Lady Miyasato, would you like to make any comments regarding-
>Young Amaya: No. I have nothing at all to say...about them.
>Maid:...Ma'am, if you need someone to talk to-
>Young Amaya: I don't need to be coddled. Never again...!
I can see why Amaya's so loyal to [Bright]. His purge probably killed most of her classmates.

Feeling her memories shifting again, Amaya finds herself studying the Federations vast and complicated legal system, determined to take her place in the world as someone capable of ensuring the values of the Federation will not be abused for the interest of the few.

>Well groomed college student: Come on Enomoto, i'm offering you a good deal here.
>Young Reiko: I-if anyone finds out, i'll be expelled from-
>Well groomed college student: I know you've been having trouble paying to stay in here. All I am asking you to do is just ensure my work around here gets taken care of, and maybe do a few other favors for me-
>Amaya: Indulge me. What are you even majoring in?

Looking down to Amaya, the well-built man condescendingly lowers himself to Amaya's level while giving her a mocking grin.

>Well groomed college student: I've seen you looking over to me over the past few weeks. Not the best ice breaker, but I can tell you are real interested-
>Amaya: Just wondering what civil service i'll have to start being more cautious around with someone like you being a part of it.
>Well groomed college student:...Well, that's not very nice.
>Amaya: Last person you were latched to dropped out a month ago because of your demands. Just moving onto the next one you can pass along your responsibility onto?
>Well groomed college student: Never took you for being a stalker. Look, if you want my attention that badly-
>Amaya: Just a friendly warning, your "work" is already being monitored more closely. Try fumbling on your own...you may just pass because of your uncles influence.

Huffing at Amaya, the well-groomed student picks himself up, scoffing as he looks over to Reiko.

>Well-groomed college student: Guess my offers off the table with you. You can thank her for that.
>Young Reiko: W-wait, I-
>Amaya: Let him walk.

Taking a seat across from Reiko, the purple haired, glasses wearing girl shuffles nervously as the well-groomed student walks away.
He had a fucked up traumatic time in the newtype labs.

>Young Reiko: I, um-
>Amaya: How many others are you doing their assignments for?
>Young Reiko: H-how do you-
>Amaya: Just find it real strange how half of these clowns are clogging up space around here when they barely attend lectures. How most of their scores just happen to hover around yours.

Laying her head down onto her book, Reiko tries to avoid looking at the tiny girl in front of her as fear of her actions being reported dwell on her.

>Amaya: Is it the money? Are they threatening you?
>Young Reiko: Please, don't tell anyone-
>Amaya: So its both then.
>Young Reiko:...W-what do you want from me?
>Amaya: Come grab some lunch with me.
>Young Reiko:...Eh?

Recalling their time together, Amaya offers the nervous young adult a position tutoring her in return for aiding with her finances. Helping Reiko distance herself from those abusing her natural talent, Amaya becomes increasingly possessive of the girl, even offering to share a dorm with her to further keep assert control over her lifestyle. From studying together, to pushing ahead through their academy days, Reiko grows increasingly dependent on Amaya's support. On one night however...

>Young Reiko:...I, i don't-
>Amaya: I saw you were offered an internship at Anaheim Electronics.
>Young Reiko: I-isn't that great? Its all because of your help-
>Amaya: Do you still think of yourself as being that lowly? After everything, you think that is fitting for you?
>Young Reiko:...Amaya?
>Amaya: They are nothing but a conglomerate that has been allowed to grow because of their influence with the Federations elite. A place that stifles growth for their own gain. If you can not see that, then you need me more than you know.

Looking to the collar in her hand, Reiko blushes as she feels Amaya rubbing her neck.

>Amaya: I plan to change the world. To push for a system where talent is encouraged above bloodlines and physicality. For a true reformation of the Federation into its original intention.

"She was someone who could have stood above me...who would have been snatch away to work against me if took my eyes off her, even for a moment. That was the endless cycle of the world...even if you are born with ability, those whole are physically superior or flaunt a position of power will always be able to sway the masses to their side. I made her completely dependent on me, so she could never bring herself to leave our dream. With her at my side...we were going to change everything.

>Amaya: Declined?! My scores were more than high enough to-
>Dean: There are only a certain amount of openings. The committee felt that despite your stellar academic performance, there were others more-
>Amaya: Tassenvoss, Arstein, Bekanstau, Leinkar-
>Dean: Miss Miyasato-
>Amaya: All of those people were approved?! When they have never done anything of worth here?! What did their families offer you?! What positions were they set to fill, only to do nothing in them?!
>Dean: The decision has already been made. Miss Miyasato, there are still many positions available for you to-
>Amaya: Subordinate to them? In a position where advancement is something earned through favor, rather than ability? This is all a farce.
>Dean:...Your lack of maturity is also part of why it was felt you have no place in-

"Regardless of his words, I already knew what had happened. Most of my work had actively been undermined, while any of my private findings were passed along to other students to bolster their positions. Those positions on the Federal security board? They were never obtainable. They were always prepared for those people, regardless of their struggle. My families business was ultimately absorbed by Anaheim Electronics in an arrangement outside of my control. There was no more hope of reformation through its own legal system...so I chose another path. Another way to push ahead for the reform I was seeking."

>Young Reiko: Master, please-
>Amaya: Just...stop calling me that.

>Young Reiko: Is this about paying for another two years? L-lightbridge offered me a paid internship, and I am sure they would grant you a-
>Amaya: Its a subsidiary of Anaheim...I have no plans to end up as a glorified mascot to those people.
>Young Reiko: They would never-
>Amaya: The Federation lost countless lifelong navalmen and generals to that war spawned by Side 3. Even through their redtape, I can rise to the top. What we had together...I will never forget it. I just can't bring myself to drag you into something you were not meant for.

"In truth, I was scared of her no longer seeing me as someone she needed to depend on. We ended things as professionally as we could...but I always could sense the things I promised her could never be forgotten. I knew she would reach her dream...but ours would not intersect again until years later. Gaining a position in the Federations naval college was more simple than I had expected...but the cycle continued as always. Unqualified officers rising rapidly, while those with talent and those who questioned the current authority being silenced. Many of those same disgruntled officers found themselves waving the banner of that Alliance. At one time, I might have waved it alongside them...until he happened. Bright Noa, a man who rose from nothing to an admiral through his talent alone. Even with that position though, it was little more than a formality, while those who continued to stagnate the Federation held power. Like me, his true calling was held behind a rotten and ineffective system...a system that required reform. That reform...would be heralded by Bright. Every group that was built upon the foundation of bloodlines and positions...all of them were purged. Where I was once trapped as little more an object of amusement, I gained power. True, tangible, power. A chance to take a position where I could influence change.
Man, the Deeproots purge really was the highlight of this run. If only [Bright] kept his sanity and continued to reform the Federation instead of his zero requiem bullshit...

Amaya remains trapped in her mind, recalling her rapid rise, and the lengths she was willing to achieve them. The arrest of Deeproot remnants, and those who housed them. The enforcement of detaining those being deported from the Earth. Her rapid accession from an Ensign to Lieutenant Commander...and finally being reunited with Reiko as the supervising Commander of the Mid-Jet project. Reiko had achieved her dream, having served as one of the first to join into the recently formed SNRI. To freely develop what she desired, free from the constraints of the Federation. Recalling her fear to rekindle their previous relationship, along with the concerns of Reiko's own dream being put at risk to recapture those previous days, Amaya avoided allowing herself to pursue that desire. Even so, she would keep Reiko professionally close, while for a time turning her intentions onto the colossal test pilot David Zurich. At one time developing feelings for him, she would cast these aside out of fear of him one day determining her to be dependent on him.

Awakening within the claustrophobic container, Amaya's body remains completely trapped within a fetal position as the air mask that had been strapped to her mouth dangles near her chin. Feeling hot air and dim light striking her eyes, Amaya feels a finger running across her face, moving the mask back onto her mouth. As her pride is stripped away, Amaya is left to consider if she had just been honest earlier in what she wanted beside reform. Seeing David helping her dress into an Admiral uniform, with Shia and Reiko encouraging her , a final regretful exhalation leaves Amaya's lungs before she is cast back into a state of thoughtlessness.
[Bright] allied himself with Jamitov (and Tosh Crazy), there's was no possibility his plan for humanity wouldn't involve evolving mankind in some way.
I have a feeling [Bright] is finally going to reveal his plan during that senate announcement. I wonder how many people are going to vote Glemy into defecting to [Bright]'s side once we know his plan? We did vote to have [Bright] work with Jamitov back then, I think a lot of us are contolists deep down despite our posturing.
Even though Amaya's clearly part of the reason why Reiko's so fucked up, I still kinda feel bad for her.
Me too. Her whole life was nothing but abuse from shitty classmates and teachers, its no wonder all her personal relationships end up a disaster even when she finally meets decent people who care for her.
We can still have Glemy be a contolist, but he needs to be understanding and just let people live where they want too. There's no reason why humanity can't live on Earth, in space colonies, or on other planets all at once.
Man, I think David is one of the least damaged OCs from Aranos in terms of emotional state. Everyone else of note is just fucked up.
How are oldtypes supposed to become newtypes if you just let them languish on Earth though? What, just open up some newtype labs like Jamitov so earthnoids can become cyber newtypes without leaving earth?

Maria, Dandjo, Rotar, Brett and Mosey are pretty sane. I get what you mean though, the most important aranos characters are fucked up so the whole base looks mad.
Sure. Given how far cyber newtype technology has advanced (thanks to mountains and mountains of corpses), that could become a possibility. If the earthnoids want them, newtype conversion labs could be opened. And thanks to the advanced technology their personality or emotions wouldn't be negatively affected.

Though that would require an acknowledgement of what newtypes actually are, and a major restructuring of society.
And look how it's gone for the mentally stable individuals. Two are dead, one's nursing a stomach wound that's one movement away from reopening, another's crashed in the desert trying not to be done in by sandworms, and the last one just went and defected and probably has no idea of the shitshow he's about to walk into.
At this point I'm convinced that to survive in this version of the Universal Century you gotta allow yourself to fly off the handle, or not quite have it all together in the first place.

>Maria loyalist: There was a disruption in the jamming cluster, ma'am. Before it was able to properly reestablish itself, we were able to detect momentary mobile suit reactor signals.
>Maria:...How many?
>Maria loyalist: It could be influence by the jammer, and I want to believe the estimate we have is off, but...at most, there could be more than eighty machines out there right now-
>Maria:...I take it nothing has been heard from Ensign Zurich?
>Maria loyalist:...No ma'am. The heaviest cluster of the jamming signal is approaching from the Northeast.

Realizing escape on the Valkyrie is no longer possible, along with the severe damage caused to the bases garrison, Maria's prepares one final plan to save the remaining survivors at Aranos from the looming threat approaching.

>Maria: The village we went to that night...it's our only chance.
>Maria loyalist: To that graveyard? Why would we-
>Maria: Whoever was responsible for the attack on it already cleansed it of all life. The only other group that was aware of it existing belonged to Liquid Poison and his forces. If they intend to attack Aranos...I will stay behind to keep them from pursuing while everyone else here is evacuated to that place. Even in its current state, there should be places to rest until help can be called.
>Maria loyalist: We have no other mobile suits ma'am! Everything else is gone!
>Maria:...Even if it can only walk, we may have one machine left to catch their attention.

Meanwhile, Cyan attempts to recover any remaining data from Reiko's terminal, finding the majority of its remaining information to corrupted from the attempted memory wipe and near destruction of the computer. As this process occurs, Cyan reads over the sea of failed concept designs and projects Reiko had conceptualized, along with piecing together Reiko's secondary mission on the Valkyrie of relaying her information back to a higher authority.

>Cyan: *Cough*...you laughing at me right now, pop?
>Meanwhile, Cyan attempts to recover any remaining data from Reiko's terminal, finding the majority of its remaining information to corrupted from the attempted memory wipe and near destruction of the computer.
Well that's one bright side in this whole mess. Manhunters with their Zetas are already a pain in the ass, giving them Aranos MS would've made them far more dangerous.
At least he made a dent?
>Realizing escape on the Valkyrie is no longer possible, along with the severe damage caused to the bases garrison, Maria's prepares one final plan to save the remaining survivors at Aranos from the looming threat approaching.
I'm guessing from the OP image that Shia and Darrel might make use of the G-X, along with whatever surviving pilots we have getting in GM IIIs

>Valkyrie staff 1: Lady, i'm trying to help you here! This place will be under fire any moment now-
>Liquid follow: Noooo~!! J-just going to hurt me again...!

Looking over the bruises on the woman's body, Amaya's staff flash guilt, before trying to coordinate a way to reach those who suffered at their hands.

>Valkyrie staff 1: Oh, man...what are we even supposed to do here? Amaya made it clear to go as far as needed to-
>Valkyrie staff 2: Not even sure Captain Salvador can do much for them now. Even if we dragged them out there, who knows what they'll do unless we keep them restrained.

>Liquid follow: Master Liquid, please come back~!! Make it stop~!!

Meanwhile, Darrel feels his body beginning to respond again as the sedative quickly dissipates in his enhanced body. Keeping himself calm to avoid being sedated again, he turns his head to check on Shia, finding her in a state of unusual serenity and peace.

>Darrel: Shia...? Where's David...and the-
>Shia: I know where they are now. Waiting for us to rejoin them...

Pointing towards a metal wall to the northeast of the room, Darrel initially feels nothing, before feeling himself being drawn to that direction.

>Darrel: It feels like that place. Distant...yet familiar-
>Cyan: You back up and running...Darrel?

Limping into the medical room, the doctor tending to Darrel and Shia attempts to render aid to Cyan, only to be weakly pushed away.

>Cyan: Captain's orders...need to borrow him.
>Valkyrie doctor: In his state of mind-
>Cyan: Yeah...especially in that state of mind.

Reluctantly releasing Darrel from his restraints, the doctor awaits retaliation from the pilot, only to feel his back being patted as Darrel stumbles up from his bed.

>Cyan: Need you to...get the G-X up and running for a minute.
>Shia: G-X...mister, I was the pilot of that-
>Cyan: You just keep resting Sis.

Supporting Cyan on his shoulder, Darrel is lead towards the Valkyrie's hangar.

File: G-X's revival.png (116 KB, 602x513)
116 KB
116 KB PNG

Arriving at the hangar, Cyan explains Maria's request to have the G-X reactivated in the defense of Aranos. Given the damaged it had received against the Xeku Rex however, conventional repairs are no longer feasible. Finding no other option to bring the G-X into full combat functionality again, Cyan chooses to place his trust into Darrel being able to control the machine's Reactive armor long enough for it to self repair.

>Cyan:...I know the Captain was talking about going out in the G-X, but we both know it would not move for her, even if she was a pilot. Psychommu's going go nuts once it activates-
>Darrel:...She say's I can handle it.
>Cyan: Whoever is telling you that, you just believing it.

Forcefully reactivating the G-X's reactor, Darrel feels an intense strain in his mind as mechanical screeches howl out from the G-X's damaged limbs. Watching the progress, the ruined components from within the G-X are forcefully reconnected and reinforced by the Reactive armor.

>Cyan: Come on...come on, just a little more-

Verifying the G-X's components to be fully functional, its reactor is disabled to cut off the Vector Field from lashing out.

>Cyan: Darrel...you still kicking in there?

Breathing heavily, Darrel opens his eyes to find the glowing light from before shining more intensely. Trying to focus his eyes, he watches as phantoms leave his body, drifting towards the familiar sensation.

>Darrel: Brett...come on, talk to me-
>Brett: (Your stronger than that. Don't let yourself be drawn to that light like the rest of them. When this is all over...free them all from it.)

Feeling his perception returning to him, Darrel steps out from the fully repaired G-X, its body glowing a radiant blue as its Reactive armor cools down.

>Cyan:...Heh, look at you. Guess your not half bad...for a test pilot. Gotcha little...graduation present.

Motioning to one of the maintenance staff, a Xeku's Smart Gun is brought to the G-X.

>Cyan: Welcome back...G-X.
God, please let Shia and Darrel pilot it together, that would be the coolest shit ever.

>Cyan: Found some things...Reiko confirmed before she...skipped town on us. These smartguns were modified to...track and hunt whatever is jamming this bases signal. You up for-
>Darrel: I'll return it in one piece.
>Cyan:...Yeah, bet you will pal. Evacuation is nearly set...apparently you and Shia...were stuck in each others head for a while? Hehe-*cough*...!
>Darrel: She will recover from this. Both of <us> will.
>Cyan:...You mind doing me a favor?

Leaving Cyan to conduct final adjustments to the G-X's reactor, Darrel makes his way to retrieve Shia by Cyan's request.

>Valkyrie staff 1: Hold on! Stop!
>Valkyrie staff 2: I told you to be more gentle when trying to move her! Oi, blondie! Don't let her-

The battered woman takes hold of Darrel, shuffling herself behind him while whimpering weakly.

>Valkyrie staff 2: Huh...that's new.
>Liquid follower: I knew you would come save us...!
>Valkyrie staff 3: The hell is she talking about?
>Darrel:...I am not-
>Liquid follower: Master Liquid, please...!

Feeling a twinge of pain in his head, Darrel feels his senses being drawn towards the intense light from before, finally piecing together its source as he is forced to listen to its call.

>Darrel: (It feels like that place...but all this time, it was coming from-)

Seeing the outline of the glowing eyed phantom, its face is finally illuminated to Darrel.

>Liquid?: (Our enemies are coming for you. For all of your people. Do you have any idea how many of those monsters I have killed? The knowledge I could offer you?)
>Darrel: (...They have been flocking to you, ever since that nexus was-.)
>Liquid?:(<I> was showed the truth when you granted <me> this gift. <I> have seen all that you are...just as you have seen all that <I> am.)

Brett's phantom materializes, blocking Darrel's body from Liquid's influence.

>Brett: (Darrel, snap out of it! He is trying to-)
>Liquid?: (He has seen the truth...as have you.)
So Brett and Liquid have become the figurative angel and devil on Darrel's shoulders. Who should he listen to when it comes to fighting off the Bix Nuud army and protecting his comrades?

Watching as hundreds of phantoms flock to Liquid's visage, the red glow from Liquid's false eye intensifies. Feeling her resolve weakening, Brett's phantom moves closer to Darrel, holding onto him.

>Darrel: (Brett, whats wrong? What is he-)
>Brett: (He is trying to draw me to him, just like before...I refuse. Even if I cease to be...at least I can be with you. Whatever you decide...dammit, make it count.)

Melding her spirit with Darrel's, he feels the conflict she had felt from trying to understand Liquid. Where she had saw his truth of the Federations involvement in the horrors they have faced, she also found the collective hatred of those flocking to him. Becoming one with Darrel, he feels her acceptance of whatever he chooses going forward.

>Liquid?: (<My> dear sister has already accepted <my> gift.)
>Darrel: (Sister? The light Shia saw...what have you done to her?! )
>Liquid?: (I have shown her <our> true enemy. Unlike you though, it will take time for her to truly understand that truth. I can feel the loyalty of my faithful, ever so close to you. Stand with <me>, and I will grant you the power you yearn for.)

>What will Darrel choose?
If we're going the understanding route there's no point in accepting Liquid's power. He's a powerful psychic but practically an oldtype in how mired in hatred he is. Darrel needs to find his own path and power.
I think we should accept. Afterall Liquid has experience fighting those sandworms, and the spirits of the nexus were killed by them. So Darrel could get a massive edge in battle. Don't forget that there's 80 Bix Nuud sandworm MS heading straight for Aranos base, we need every advantage possible.
Not if it means selling Darrel's soul out to Liquid of all people. That man is literally just Scirocco by another name.
David didn't need no psychotic newtype ghost to kill thirty of them by himself. All these things have is the element of surprise
Darrel wouldn't necessarily be selling his soul, just become more understanding of Liquids ideals and thoughts. Besides he'd be doing it to protect his comrades and friends.
That giant mobile armor is also probably going along with the sandworms. You know the one that kicked David's ass and annihilated the Mid-Jet? Darrel needs every advantage he can get, we can worry whether it's moral later.
He needs to reject hatred in order to move beyond his worst tendencies. Brett can power him up a bit, even if not as much as Liquid.

We're not alone here, we've got an MS way stronger than the upgraded Midget, and the chance to help Darrel move towards a better path. Win or lose, the right move is to reject Liquid and accept Brett.
>Liquids ideals and thoughts
Like brainwashing Brett into his sex slave or grooming Shia into becoming a puppet he can rule behind like Scirocco? Liquid has good intentions in toppling the Federation government but a monster like him is incapable of creating anything better after toppling the Federation.

> Darrel needs every advantage he can get, we can worry whether it's moral later.
I have faith Darrel can channel the power of other spirits from the nexus. Liquid isn't the only source of power he can get. Besides, the GX is a better MS than the Mid-jet and is full of newtype bullshit. It's practically a Unicorn Gundam.
>I have faith Darrel can channel the power of other spirits from the nexus. Liquid isn't the only source of power he can get. Besides, the GX is a better MS than the Mid-jet and is full of newtype bullshit. It's practically a Unicorn Gundam.

It's got an incredibly powerful weapon set, huge endurance and HP, self repair, and great mobility. The fight will be harder, but it's winnable.
The liquid ghost is lying, we already established this earlier the ghost that talked to Shia never said anything about enemies nor killing Reiko
>I have faith Darrel can channel the power of other spirits from the nexus. Liquid isn't the only source of power he can get. Besides, the GX is a better MS than the Mid-jet and is full of newtype bullshit. It's practically a Unicorn Gundam.
He can channel Brett's combat experience, and maybe get a powerup from Shia as well.
>Darrel wouldn't necessarily be selling his soul, just become more understanding of Liquids ideals and thoughts. Besides he'd be doing it to protect his comrades and friends.
Just because he took on the pain from the collective doesn't mean he needs to take on their hate too. Violence and killing, like Liquid is offering, isn't the future he dreamed of.

>Liquid follower: D-don't let them hurt me again, master-

Gently moving the woman's arms off of him, Darrel signals for the Valkyrie's staff to stop moving towards them.

>Darrel: Your friends, comrades,however you want to think of them...I need you to help keep them safe during the evacuation.
>Liquid follower: Master Liquid...!
>Darrel: Relying on his desires will not help you now. You need to stay strong, for all of your sakes. That place he promised to take all of you...it's only a fantasy.
>Liquid follower: N-no! You can still take us there! We just want to be-

Darrel gently keeps the woman from latching to him again.

>Darrel: I am not that man. If you want to survive, help the others and wait for rescue. You can't have that false paradise he promised you...but you can still have a good life if you just live to find it. Don't let yourself be chained down by the horrors of this place.
>Liquid follower: B-but...!

Stepping away from the woman, she is left to cry out for guidance.

>Darrel: (Lieutenant...yeah, I understand now. Even if they act irrationally, letting others stand on their own is the only way they are going to be able to grow. We have our role to play...)

[Liquid influence rejected. +1 to leadership, +2 to charisma from Brett's influence.]

Taking hold of Shia from her medical quarters, she appears confused by Darrel as he carries her back to the Valkyrie's hangar.

>Shia:...Darrel, you feel different.
>Darrel: Do I?
>Shia:...Something terrible is coming.
>Darrel: You felt it too, right?
>Shia: B-but we will all make it! B-big brother is coming to-
>Darrel: Your older brother is Cyan Tist. No matter what he whispered to you, Lee is just someone who's soul has been trapped in this place.

Carrying Shia to the hangar, Cyan waits next to a modified hovercraft. Looking towards the G-X, Shia feels her hands reaching for the machine.

>Shia: The X...!
>Darrel: I need you to promise me something.
File: Aranos's end part 1.png (252 KB, 1920x1080)
252 KB
252 KB PNG

>Shia: David, a-and the others...! Where are they? If they are in danger, we can-
>Darrel: No matter what you hear. No matter what you feel when Lee or that other force calls to you...stay with the others.

Setting Shia onto her feet, she looks back towards Darrel, feeling his intentions to pilot the G-X himself.

>Cyan: Come on sis...we need to get ready to head out with the-
>Shia: Darrel, I saw it! You, me, all of the others...we are going to be ok! Everyone is waiting for both of us...we just need to use the G-X's power together to-
>Darrel: Shia-
>Shia: You saw it too! I know you did! Please...!

Extending her hand towards Darrel, she weakly, but confidently waits for him to take her to the G-X to pilot it alongside him. Seeing Cyan limping towards her, Darrel motions for him to remain still.

>Darrel:...I can't deny what I saw.
>Shia: No matter what happens, we are going to-

As Shia stumbles towards the G-X, she is knocked out by a jab to the back of her neck. Keeping her from falling to the ground, Darrel carries her into the hovercraft, while Cyan shoots him an annoyed look.

>Cyan: Come on man, you did not need to go that-
>Darrel: She'll act strange for a time...but she will heal.
>Cyan: Heh, some more that...Newtype intuition?
>Darrel: Newtype, Oldtype...we can all make stupid decisions from time to time.

Entering into the G-X's cockpit, Darrel recalls the final words spoken to him by Lee Quid.

>Liquid?: (You can both try to run, but your place is at <my> side. You will see what these creatures are...and then you will both stand with <me>!)

Tightening his grip, Darrel activates the G-X's reactor.

>Darrel: Come at me then, Lee. I'll set you and the others free...free from the curse of this place.

Meanwhile, the data recovered from Liquid's smartguns are used to detect incoming reactor pings hidden in the sand and shroud of night. Looking to Reiko's recovered terminal, a timer continues to tick.

Hoo boy here we go. I really hope Darrel makes it out alive, it's going to be painful to lose him after all his growth.
I was hoping we'd keep Shia with him for some extra newtype power boosting, but I think we made the right choice. I don't think we're going to lose him fully, he's a tough motherfucker with 14 endurance, nearly as good as Dandjo.
I wish we could see the actual numerical stats of the G-X
File: Aranos's end part 2.png (36 KB, 319x404)
36 KB

Stepping out from the Valkyrie's hangar, Darrel feels the G-X's psychommu resonating with him, the Reactive armor and Vector field systems still sensitive from Shia's previous usage. Detecting a friendly mobile suit signal, the G-X turns to find Brett's GM II Command being deployed from a hangar.

>Maria loyalist: Captain, god speed.
>Maria:...Thank you for staying with us, to the very end. Gundam, can you read me? It may not be much, but let me do what I can to aid in the evacuation-
>Darrel: Do the Lieutenant proud.
>Maria loyalist: Ensign Torrian? Understood, not sure if Lieutenant Ramiel would forgive me if I did not live up to her expectations in her own machine.

Looking out into the vast darkness ahead of Aranos, dozens of crimson monoeyes peer out from the distance, all of them aiming themselves for Aranos. Disabling the limiter systems onto the G-X, its body begins to release a white aura, it's sword expanding in size from the excess of power from its reactor.

>Darrel: (I understand now, Brett...we will remain together after this. I know it-)

Before Darrel can finish his thought, a blinding light flashes in the distance, disabling his communications and radar systems.

>Maria loyalist: Radar is dead? Even short distance communications have been...!

Finding herself trapped in the now powerless command tower of Aranos, Maria realizes what has just struck Aranos.

>Maria: An EMP? Did they already account for us trying to evacuate?

Moving the G-X closer to the GM II Command, Darrel initiates skin communication with his mentors mobile suit.

>Darrel: Stay and guard Aranos. I will thin their numbers myself. If anything break through-
>Maria loyalist: I'll get em.

Precharging the G-X's modified smartgun, the mobile suit rushes blindly towards the incoming horde.

[Morale maxed for Darrel and GM II Command]

>Cyan: Damn, they used an EMP?! Something is off here though...did they move ahead with their attack sooner?
File: G-X Gundam stats.png (109 KB, 609x518)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
>Precharging the G-X's modified smartgun, the mobile suit rushes blindly towards the incoming horde.
Alright big guy, let's go, make them proud, just don't wear yourself out before fighting the boss.
File: Aranos's end part 3.png (562 KB, 1920x1080)
562 KB
562 KB PNG

Watching as his horde advances towards Aranos, the robed figure leading the sand swimming mobile suits narrows his eyes at the approaching mobile suit moving to meet his forces.

>Husky voice: Earthnoid trash...(Rip that Gundam apart! Consider any survivors taken from that place to be a spoil of war!!)

Taking a seat upon his barbaric throne, Reiko nervously watches the video feed of the Bix Nuud's advance. Feeling a moment of guilt, she gently rubs the exterior of the container holding Amaya.

>Reiko:...Kill the pilot of that mobile suit.
>Husky voice: Talk out of line again and I will have your tongue taken from you.
>Reiko:...Do you want to risk feeling the effects of that device his excellency granted you? Its pilot had made contact with it initially.
>Husky voice:...Pah. Crush the cockpit of that mobile suit, and smash its pilot into jelly! Drag back whatever parts you can from it!
>Reiko: (Shia...this is all I can offer you now. It would be easier for you to die here than to be taken by these people...Cyan, fight back to the very end. Do not let them take you...)

Reiko's thoughts are broken as she is slapped across the face. Tumbling to the ground, the Husky voiced man moves to kick her stomach, only for her to curl her body to protect the life growing within it, bruising her arms in the process.

>Husky voice: That was your last warning. Speak only when spoken to, you Earthnoid cockroach.

Crawling her way to the container holding Amaya, Reiko latches onto it for comfort, zealously believing herself to still be doing the right thing. Meanwhile, the G-X makes contact with the incoming mobile suit horde, Its body being swarmed by oceans of burning glass shards and drills striking at it.

>Bix Nuud pilot 1: (Arrogant infidel! You should have cowered, you vermin-)

Ramming the smartgun through the mobile suits head, Darrel wildly fires through the Bix Nuud into the incoming horde.

>Bix Nuud pilot 2: (Devour the infidel! For the Mufti!!)
Wait, is the husky voiced man Rakan? He's a former alliance leader thought to be dead who hates niggers and earthnoids, Rakan is the only person I could think of that fits the bill.
>I was hoping we'd keep Shia with him for some extra newtype power boosting
If she wakes up in time she might still be able to newtype astral project or something.
File: Aranos's end part 4.png (564 KB, 1920x1080)
564 KB
564 KB PNG

>Liquid follower: Carry anyone to injured to move! Is there anything we can do to help with the repairs?
>Mid-Jet technician: Transports engines are completely shot! Going to have to strip out its components and use uncharged spares...can you light some heat torches?! We need light in here!
>Liquid follower: Got it!

Desperately attempting to repair their powerless transports, the Mid-Jet's technical staff work tirelessly to find a solution. Cyan, barely able to remain standing from his lack of medical treatment, attempts to jury rig a temporary solution to reactive the transport he had prepared for himself and his sister.

>Cyan: (Going to get out of here...e-even if I have to sell my soul to those people...like pop did...I am not letting anything hurt you...Shia-)

Feeling a rumbling, parts of the technical staff begin to panic as parts of Aranos's runway are uprooted. Tearing out from the ground, a Bix Nuud sprays molten glass towards the Valkyrie, before being struck in its cockpit by the GM II Command guarding Aranos.

>Maria loyalist: You people...won't lay a hand on anyone else!!

Boosting outside of Aranos, the GM II command confronts a squadron of Bix Nuud's that had broken through Darrel's assault. Even in its outclassed state, it puts up a admirable fight, destroying two of them before sustaining severe damage.

>Maria loyalist: Not yet...not ye-

Avoiding a drill aimed at his cockpit, the pilot rams his saber into a Bix Nuud's coil, unloading its head vulcan into its head as it tries to fire molten glass at Aranos. Slamming its head against its firing nozzle, the GM II Command narrowly protects the inactive Valkyrie from damage. Wrapping its damaged snaked-like body around the GM II, the Bix Nuud attempts to self detonate near the base, only to be pushed out of its range in one final desperate bid. Looking at picture of her husband and children, Maria prays for a miracle to spare her forces...regardless of the cost.
File: Aranos's end part 5.png (19 KB, 316x202)
19 KB

>Bix Nuud pilot 1: (W-why?! What force is protecting that monster?!)
>Bix Nuud pilot 2: (The others lacked faith!! The Mufti has given us the gift of these infidels lives, and you cower in fear of one of their creations?! Paradise awaits the loyal, and god shall reward my-)

Crashing into the mobile suit, the G-X slices away one of the Bix Nuud's drills, ramming it into its cockpit as he sprays his smart gun across the battle ground, while wildly slicing and swiping with the G-X's saber to fend off any machine attempting to strike him from his front.

[Darrel has reached level A, NT Level 2 unlocked]

>Bix Nuud pilot 3: (The glow protecting it is weakening! Our time is now!!)
>Bix Nuud pilot 4: (Has he stolen the power of god for himself?! The Mufti must be granted his body, to connect us further with god!)

Darrel's body suffers greatly from the constant pressure of the Psychommu system, along with utilizing all of the G-X's weapons so rapidly. Stepping over his sixtieth kill, the G-X Vector Field begins to malfunction from being overtaxed.

>Bix Nuud pilot 5: (God is glorious!!)

A Bix Nuud wraps itself onto the G-X, piercing it's own reactor in an effort to take the G-X with itself in a suicide attack.

>Darrel: (I can see it now...)

Seeing his life flash before his eyes, Darrel is also shown the future he had yearned for. Coming to terms with what is about to happen, Darrel nearly surrenders himself to the inevitable. The Bix-Nuud explodes, consuming itself, the G-X and a group of its own allies in the suicide attack.

>Mutating Bix Nuud pilot: (Glooory~. Claaaim~the~Freeech~vermin-)

A beam fires out from the smoke of the suicide attack, burning its way through three machines attempting to attack Aranos. Turning their attention back to the site of the detonation, they find the G-X's armor being held together by its reactive armor, its blue glow now completely white as it aims its smartgun for their forces.

>Bix Nuud pilot 5: (D-demon!)
>A beam fires out from the smoke of the suicide attack, burning its way through three machines attempting to attack Aranos. Turning their attention back to the site of the detonation, they find the G-X's armor being held together by its reactive armor, its blue glow now completely white as it aims its smartgun for their forces.
File: Aranos's end part 6.png (256 KB, 1920x1080)
256 KB
256 KB PNG

>True Mufti cultist: (Grand Mufti, call upon gods wrath! Use his creation to sink that false idol back into the abyss!!)

Pulling a Luger from his throne, the robed figure fires onto his loyalist, shooting him through the chest six times.

>Husky voice: (Your "god" finds you unworthy of wasting any more of my air, you troglodyte. Had enough of this shit...move the Gijabuu towards that Gundam-type! If you people can't do it, then-)

Hearing a timer beeping next to his throne, the figure flashes rage at its meaning. Turning his attention to Reiko, the robed figure scoffs at her in disgust.

>Husky voice: (Abandon whatever is left out there.) I expect you can replicate that things abilities?

Bound to her "excellencies" orders and fearful of her unborn child coming to harm from the savage "True Mufti" of Africa, Reiko submissively nods.

>True Mufti: Fweh...it's just like what Gato became. Damned Newtypes...!

Surrounded by the ashes and melted armor plates of the Bix Nuud's, the G-X limps out from the battleground, it's self-repair system taxing Darrel's body and mind even further as he tries to push the machine back to Aranos.

>Darrel: Only...two left. I...made it. Everyone is...going to...

Even with its tracking systems ruined, Darrel feels a sensation pulling at time from the north. Weakly turning towards it, he is able to make out guide beacons being deployed in the distance.

>Darrel: Reinforcements...no, its...different.

Raising the G-X's saber, Darrel feels a gentle humming in his mind.

[Darrel has reached level S, NT Level 3 unlocked]

[2/110 (RED) hostiles remain]
>[2/110 (RED) hostiles remain]
Oh lord, another faction. Maybe they'll take some heat off of Aranos and Darrel?
That's probably [Bright]'s task force, not to mention a newtype at that judging from Darrel's sensation. Rakan's already called for a retreat, so I doubt we'd be lucky enough to have them distract those reinforcements.
File: Aranos's end part 7.png (349 KB, 1920x1080)
349 KB
349 KB PNG

>Mid-Jet engineer: Tatari, hand me welding head C-9! Tatari-

Across the hangar of the Valkyrie, sections of Aranos's and Liquids followers fall to the floor, their bodies limp and their expressions peaceful. Breaking off from his fruitless attempt to have his transports engine repaired, the engineer begins to shake the woman to snap her out from the state she has been brought into, only to be taken into her arms as she weakly holds onto him.

>Mid-Jet engineer: What are you all doing?! We can't just-
>Liquid follower: Everything will be just fine.
>Mid-Jet engineer: What? Snap out of it! If we don't get out of here, all of us are going to be-
>Liquid follower: Just...rest next to me. Everything will be fine...everything will be safe-

Feeling an immense pain in his head, Cyan hastily finishes his repairs to engine on the hovercraft transport holding his sister. His bodies senses now wildly flaring in pain, a technician rushes over to check on his condition.

>Aranos technician: Professor Tist! Someone, he needs-
>Cyan: N-noooo~...!

Rolling his body away from the technician, Cyan crawls himself into the transport, kicking away the technician attempting to help him as he seals the door into its interior off.

>Aranos technician: Cyan, what's wrong?! Professor!

His mind now flowing with intrusive thoughts and the pain searing through his every sense growing, Cyan looks up to find his sister in a state of bliss, her face reflecting an abnormal joy while she sleeps.

>Aranos technician: Wait, he was able seal off the...everyone, we have a functioning transport! Cyan, open up! We can at least move the injured to-

The hovercrafts systems boot up as it begins to slowly move out from the hangar, before moving to its full speed away from the base.

>Aranos technician: Where are you going?! Professor, why?!

Meanwhile, the G-X stumbles towards the last remaining Bix Nuud's moving for Aranos, only to find the machines thrashing wildly on the surface.
Could also be Mashy and Djandjo. An inter-Mufti faction fight would be badass
>The hovercrafts systems boot up as it begins to slowly move out from the hangar, before moving to its full speed away from the base.
That rat fuck left Darrel and Maria for dead.
File: Aranos's end part 8.png (93 KB, 608x514)
93 KB

Aiming his smartgun for the flailing machines, Darrel finds himself unable to shoot. The humming from before continues to intensify, calming his thoughts as the G-X's Reactive Armor slowly winds down. The Bix Nuud's ejects towards Aranos, unleashing a small group of masked and armed men, though their movements and posture are completely chaotic and unorganized as they crawl and flail out of the container, unable to bring themselves to hold their weapons.

>Darrel: Why does my body feel so...calm?

[Fatigue reduced from 100 to 50. Morale is now collapsing.]

Unable to aim his smartgun any further, Darrel tries to approach the flailing machine, only for it to be annihilated by a gargantuan beam from above. The G-X is thrown back from the immense power of the blast, it's systems slowly shutting down from the Psychommu's weakening influence. Weakly moving the G-X camera up, Six golden mobile suits hover above his machine, while a Zeta-type aim's its reinforced beam cannon towards the G-X.

>Darrel: An...enemy? What...no, its...Federation?

Meanwhile, the crew of the Valkyrie mount a barricade onto the hangar of the aircraft, reading themselves for close quarters combat with the deployment of a troop pod.

>Mid-Jet engineer: Goddamned Cyan! He left us for dead!
>Aranos solider: H-he must have been scared out of his wits!
>Liquid follower:...Do not take any of these subhumans prisoner. Even if we have to give our lives, we won't let any of these bastards leave here!

Readied for battle, Aranos's remaining crew steel themselves. As they aim through the barricade, flashes of burning light is seen where their attackers would be coming from, followed by inhuman screeches, quickly being snuffed out.

>Aranos staff: A-are they attacking each other?
>Valkyrie staff: Reinforcements!! It's the Manhunting corps!!

Looking out from beyond the barricade, nine golden mobile suits hover above the Valkyrie, their visors scanning the vessel constantly.
Is that a fucking 900 attack MAP
Cheese it, it's the fuzz!
>Capcha OHP PK
File: Aranos's end part 9.png (94 KB, 609x514)
94 KB

Darrel's G-X continues to power down, it's Reactive Armor almost completely clear and textureless. Firing a wire onto the G-X, the Zeta-type initiates a communication.

>???: Mobile suit pilot, shut down your reactor and surrender peacefully. Your engagement...it is finished.

The golden armored mobile suits look to one another, their motions appearing almost confused as they keep their modified beam rifles trained on the G-X.

>Darrel: Why...why did it take you so long to arrive...?
>???:...That machine is modified with a form of psychommu technology, isn't it? Stand down...for your own good.

Meanwhile, a technician from Aranos steps out from behind the Valkyrie's barricade, keeping his hands above his head as soldiers clad in metallic armor approach from the darkness. Pointing a heat torch at the men, the technician cautiously addresses them.

>Aranos technician: Private Dale Canto, sir! Please, we have multiple injured and-

The armor-clad soldiers silently continue to move forward, not saying a word as they move past the terrified technician and towards the barricade.

>Valkyrie staff: Took your sweet time getting here, didn't you? Whole situation here has been a complete horror show-

One of Liquid's followers raises a rifle on the men, keeping it locked onto them as she moves her finger to the rifles trigger.

>Valkyrie staff: Crazy bitch, are you nuts?!
>Liquid follower: They are not here to save any of-

A metallic slug rips through the woman's torso, throwing her back from the barricade as the metal-clad soldiers push their way past the defensive structure. Scanning the area without so much as a single noise, their heads click rapidly to the soldiers and Liquids loyalist curled on the ground around the hangar.

>Gryps Elite: Secure.
>Valkyrie staff: Sir, we have no idea what happened to them. First we lost total power to this base, and then-

The soldier's chest is blown open by the metal-clad soldiers modified rifle.

Without any signs of emotion or hesitation, the metal-clad soldiers march through the Valkyrie's hangar, butchering anyone still capable of moving, while sedating those in a state of bliss.
Watching the horrors from the peak of Aranos's command tower, Maria is left to weak to move any longer. Hearing the sound of metal clanging against the ground, she turns her head to find two figures aiming their rifles for her.


Meanwhile, Darrel's peaceful thoughts are overridden by the wellspring of suffering occurring from Aranos base. The G-X's Reactive Armor begins to reactive, it's Vector Field charging itself yet again as a white aura forms around the Mobile suit.

>???:...You would be wise to surrender.
>Darrel: Tell me why...why are you doing any of this?!
>???:...Any and all enemies of the Federation must be eradicated. What had happened here is an unfortunate tragedy...but the Supreme Commander has made this decision.
>Darrel: Supreme Commander? This...the Federation is not-
>???: This is your last chance. Cut your reactor and step out.

The G-X's white aura intensifies further, is body now attempting to repair itself as it detects hostility. His mind now fighting off the calming hymn penetrating his thoughts, the G-X's functions begin to reactive in full. The Zeta-type detaches its cables from Darrel's machine, now moving its hand upward.

>Fight to the end or Surrender?
>>Fight to the end or Surrender?
Is there any reason it'd be a good idea to fight to the end here and lose the character, rather than living to fight another day?
Would Darrel win if he fights the manhunters? Can anyone with gameplay experience give us a more indepth analysis?
Afaik the manhunters have a Zeta and 6 Hyaku Shikis. Its likely only the Zeta is piloted by an ace, Manhunters give good ms even to non-aces. If I have to guess the Zeta ace is probably Kenneth so Darrel might win since his stats should be better. Its probably not Amuro since his voice should be recognizable to Darrel from the propaganda movies nor should it be Katz since he's not sane or merciful enough to ask for a surrender.

Yeah surrendering means Darrel should probably be spared but brainwashed since [Bright] values newtypes but I'm wondering if its actually possible to fight and win or at least survive the GX getting shot down and escape.
>Would Darrel win if he fights the manhunters? Can anyone with gameplay experience give us a more indepth analysis?
I'd ask Copy X what he thinks our chances would be, but I don't think he'll tell.
File: Shikis.png (113 KB, 1046x864)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>Afaik the manhunters have a Zeta and 6 Hyaku Shikis.

What kind of shikis it is might change what want to do.
Should be the same types the Ashes stole from the Manhunters at California Base, the Hyaku Shiki Kai MP.
File: 1661303754583.png (240 KB, 1920x1080)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
pic related

The main issue with trying to look at this from a gameplay perspective is the fact Copy is editing stats and editing them big time. That Z2 is hauling around F91 tech right now and to make matters worse it has a Psycho Frame (I think that is what P.Frame stands for) We also have the problem of whatever is affecting Aranos people. Seems to be affecting Newtype potentials as seen by Darrel and Shia. I am not sure this Kenneth as well. The last time he was mentioned piloting he was in a Queen Mansa.

I am voting to fight only because I have the damndest feeling Copy is going to mind torture Darrel into a slave for Bright if he surrenders. Not even sure what Brights wants anymore. Is he just going full Dogatie over a woman or he pulling a Darth Revan and doing all this heinous shit for a greater goal?
Better to die free than live a slave is the line of thought?
That's my thinking, we know what the Federation does with newtypes.
>The main issue with trying to look at this from a gameplay perspective is the fact Copy is editing stats and editing them big time.
We can be confident about the Hyakus being as they are though, the Manhunters are legitimately using Hyaku Shiki Kai MPs.

>I am not sure this Kenneth as well. The last time he was mentioned piloting he was in a Queen Mansa.
Any idea who this is then if its not Kenneth? He could just be using the Z2 for this mission since its faster than the Queen Mansa and time is of the essence if they want to reach Aranos and prevent anyone from escaping alive.

>Is he just going full Dogatie over a woman or he pulling a Darth Revan and doing all this heinous shit for a greater goal?
It's both. [Bright] is Dogatie in the sense a huge part of his motivation was the trauma from being raped by Chara in the summer of 87 finally pushing him to snap and forsake his morals, but the reason he even slept with her in the first place was insecurity over his masculinity ever since he lost Mirai to Sleggar. He's also Revan in the sense he's planning on some zero requiem that will kill billions, presumably for a contolist utopia since he drank Jamitov's kool-aid.
Fuck, we definitely should've had Darrel accept Liquids power. At least then he could've fought off these manhunter pricks.

Anyways fight to the end. Bright's forces will drag Darrel off to Gryps for experimentation. Truly a fate worse than death.
Could he have? We don't know what effect Liquid would have had on him, and it wasn't worth compromising the characterization and growth he'd had.
Same. We have no idea how the G-X will fare and Darrel would have no reason to just sit and let his friends get slaughtered.

I say fight.
Yeah if anything the decisive factor is losing David and the Mid-jet. If we had 2 aces we would've beaten those Manhunters easy peasy.
Shoulda trusted Darrel from the get go.
I don't think it makes much of a difference here, keep in mind that David beat a ton of them and thinned the horde for Darrel later on, we know that David lives for sure, there's a chance he would have been captured here if he didn't go ahead
At least in regards to David we know he's alive. He's out there in the desert somewhere, along with Rotar and Victoria. They'll probably get picked up by Dandjo and Mashys group. Which will happen long after the battle at Aranos base is over.
his knowledge of the truth is far more important than him being used to potentially get Darrel a win imo
Not just Darrel but the whole base could have been saved.
The whole base is fucked anon, always has been
This could go a couple ways: Darrel surrenders and gets taken away to some lab while Aranos get slaughtered. He fights and dies alongside Aranos. He fights and wins, allowing him to help Aranos with the ground troops. There's also a slim chance some help from somewhere intervenes. Fighting is just unequivocally the best option here. Even the best case scenario includes Darrel standing by as the Aranos crew get put down like dogs and he just gets transferred somewhere else if they don't touch him.
Nah that's just not Copy's style. Copy doesn't hesitate to give us bad ends and kill characters sure but only if we fuck up and vote for it. There was a chain of events where most of the base could've been saved but we fucked up.

I'm personally hoping Darrel gets bailed by another newtype miracle from the nexus ghosts. He went through all that beyond the time understanding and has a psychoframe MS, there's no way he's getting less mileage than Kamille or Judau with a biosensor.
The absolute only way the base could be saved is if they never went at all, which is a long shot and would cause more inner conflict
>The absolute only way the base could be saved is if they never went at all, which is a long shot and would cause more inner conflict
I'm fairly sure having the MidJet here would have let us beat the African extremists with less damage, and take on the Manhunters with a better chance.

As it is, people are all but voting to destroy the G-X. Sure, we'll probably get a few licks in between the G-X itself and Darrel's being a full on ace and rank 3 newtype, but I'm worried about the possibility of bypassing the death roll if we straight up get evaporated by that big beam attack.
The base is already under attack on the inside, I don't think you understand. Two Mobile suits do not make up for a lack of manpower
If people are worried about the implications of darrel surrendering and then being captured a death roll might unironically be the narrative path by which Darrel survives and doesn't get mindbroken by Bright
But I can't see the rest of the base surviving if he fights to the end
>If people are worried about the implications of darrel surrendering and then being captured a death roll might unironically be the narrative path by which Darrel survives and doesn't get mindbroken by Bright

The people have spoken, they're willing to roll those dice.
>If people are worried about the implications of darrel surrendering and then being captured a death roll might unironically be the narrative path by which Darrel survives and doesn't get mindbroken by Bright
>But I can't see the rest of the base surviving if he fights to the end
Maybe the Sandy Dan can come find him? Please bro I just want to see them again.
File: [X's end] part 1.png (18 KB, 318x197)
18 KB

>Darrel:...I finally understand what I was meant to do now.

Aiming the G-X's modified X-Saber towards the squadron of Federation mobile suits, the energy blades shade shifts to pure white as it expands.

>Darrel: I swore that I would never allow Zeon to ever spread its horrors again...my parents, the Newtype candidates that did not make it...Brett, and everyone else at Aranos...I can feel them all calling for me to stop you people!! If the Supreme Commander...no, Bright Noa is willing to do such a thing...!!

It's Vector Field fully primed and concentrated, the G-X's saber expands further as its armor generates a blinding field of electrical light around itself. The golden mobile suits keep their modified beam rifles trained on Darrel, while the Zeta-type leading them keeps its free hand raised.

>Darrel: Then I will protect the values of everyone who yearns to end this cycle of destruction!!

The G-X's Vector Field lashes out as the X-Blade fires off a powerful cluster of energy. Before it can strike the Zeta-type and its allies however, the massive burst of energy is evaporated as it impacts a barrier field. Four darting containers dance in front of the mobile suit squadron, while the Zeta-type motions its hand downwards.

>???: Then I will do the same. Engagement authorized.

Feeling a liquid warmth running down from his nose, Darrel feels warm blood dripping onto his lap. Hearing the humming from before intensifying, the G-X's Vector Field lashes out to its side, only to be deflected as a massive mobile suits materializes to the G-X's flank.

>Darrel: A-another one?! Where did this one...ngh...?!

Aiming the G-X's weapons for the mobile suit, the massive machine tilts its head at Darrel's movements, almost as if it were eliciting curiosity at its intentions. Firing its smartgun towards its chest, the blast is completely absorbed by a funnel-like device floating around it. It's armor plates unsealing, a crimson light emerges from its body.
Okay now that's probably Kenneth along with his Queen Mansa, time to go beyond the time.
Darrel's not winning this by himself, he needs to be bailed out by some asspull if he's going to survive this.
Psychoframe Queen Mansa vs whatever the G-X is, it's making his nose bleed like it's from IBO.
File: [X's end] part 2.png (40 KB, 446x424)
40 KB

Unleashing everything the G-X is capable of, Darrel's resolve rapidly fades as the towering mobile suit before absorbs the full force of Cyan's masterpiece. Feeling his nose bleeding further, Darrel feels his body growing weaker from being in contact with the monstrous behemoth. The machine taps onto the front plate of its armor, rubbing its finger across a small burn near its chest. Unleashing a bombardment onto the G-X, its Reactive Armor is unable to account for the unfathomable amount of power striking it, shattering the white bulbs of energy across the G-X's body.

>Darrel: (Everyone...I won't...will never give u-)

Seemingly teleporting atop the G-X, a massive saber coated in the same Red, gleaming lights as before crashes down onto the G-X. Taking hold of burned wreckage of Cyan's mobile suit, the massive machine simply tilts its head curiosity at its current state, before tossing it away.

>???:...Hold position until recovery operations are-

Turning it attention to the southern section of Aranos, the massive machine's body begins to phase out sight. Meanwhile, Shia slowly begins to awaken, finding Cyan driving frantically away from Aranos.

>Shia: Y-you...where are the-

Inspecting him further, Shia finds Cyan's features to be completely overtaxed, and his body twitching wildly. Turning to check on Shia, he tries to smile, only for the pain striking his head to worsen.

>Cyan: He was right. All this t-time, the old man knew what the Federation actually was...! I don't know where we are going to go...but I will never let anyone, ever-

Feeling her body and thoughts growing more relaxed by the moment, Shia tries to reach out for Cyan, only for an intense impact to stop their transport. An earpiercing screech radiates above the two as the transports top is shaved off, revealing the gargantuan Mobile suit that had struck down the G-X. Falling from his seat, Cyan grips his head in agony, while Shia weakly reaches towards the mobile suit.
jesus fucking christ these stats
File: 1636063457844.jpg (31 KB, 567x567)
31 KB
It's over...

Slowly moving its hand for Shia's body, the gigantic mobile suit stops itself just before it makes contact with her, hesitating as it keeps moving its limb towards and away from her. Its armor plates shift between red and a gentle shade of green. Turning her head towards Cyan, Shia feels an immeasurable pain striking him, its source being from the machine before her.

>Shia: S-stop it! Stop hurting my-

Feeling her memories properly returning of Cyan, Shia looks back to her brother, now fully recalling him despite the shifting of her senses.

>Shia: Brother...big brother Cyan!!
>Cyan: S-shia...get away...away from the Federation...away from Reiko...!!

The machine looks towards Cyan, it's internal armor plates shifting to complete red again.

>Cyan: All of them...were just trying to hurt you-

A small beam strikes Cyan's body, melting his body and slightly burning Shia's uniform as she is tossed into vast wasteland from the ruined transport. The gentle feeling that had once consumed her body is replaced only by mortification, her body now only able to scream for her brother.

>Shia: Big brother!!!

Falling to the ground from exhaust, Shia continues to cry out in horror, while the gigantic machine looks towards the cluster of funnels hovering above it, a saddened chirp beeping out from it. Taking hold of the transports wreckage, the machine awkwardly shapes its remains into a small shelter, placing it atop Shia before phasing out of sight.

>???:...Lay this place to rest, Cassie.

Transporting the remaining survivors away from Aranos, the task force floats above Aranos, while the gargantuan mobile suit aims its Omni funnels across the region, bathing the entire region in destruction, leaving nothing but a field of glass in its wake. Saluting towards the site of destruction, the Zeta-type salutes, while its comrades do the same, holding onto the wreckage of the VZ-Gundam's parts and the remains of the G-X.
They put fucking Cassie into a suped up uber Quin Mantha? Yeah this timeline is finished. The arms race needed to make something that can keep up is going to end up creating Ideon or Moonlight Butterfly tier bs and destroy everything.
This might be the best ending we could've got, sure the people who used to work at Aranos base are all scattered. Many got captured by the Federation, but others are free out there in the desert, like Shia, David, and Rotar.
Wait so they just left Shia there? Why?
Darrel’s still out there as well I think, no death notification, and he’s rank S now plus having a small stat boost. If we can find him again he’ll be useful.
The Quin Mantha's armor plates shifted between red and green for Shia while staying red for Darrel and Cyan and it gave off a saddened chirp while looking at Shia cry. It's safe to assume the lights indicate Cassie judging someone and she liked Shia enough to spare her. It's pretty unsettling though, it's behaving like the Ide here in how its judging humans.
Wonder what made it decide to spare Shia, perhaps its because of the choices we made? Wonder if we went full SAVE she would have been killed too
I imagine that a lot of why it was straight red for Darrel was because he was still fighting back, since it’s hardly like hes a bad person anymore. I think Shia was able to be “saved” because the combat routines or whatever weren’t kicked in.
I think it's Shia's innocence that made Cassie spare her. Shia is as innocent as a child right now due to how jumbled up her memories are so she probably reminded Cassie of Peace.
Well I guess those muh join ashes people will get some characters out of this, if they can find them anyways
Well Darrel might be dragged back to Gryps given that the manhunters recovered the remains of the G-X. But there's also a chance he's in the desert, like his cockpit ejected or something.

Also Dandjo's gonna have a hell of a time isn't he? He'll return to Aranos and find ruins along with fields of glass. Then if he's lucky survivors will be found.
How did Aranos end up in the /m/sv timeline anyway? Was it anywhere near as fucked up as this timeline's ending?
I think there’s something to this. When Psychoframe goes green it’s called “awakening mode” usually so maybe Cassie took back control there for a bit.
So the Federation is forcing Cassie to fight for them against her will?

>Rotar: Veronica, stay with me! I ain't losin nobody else!
>Veronica:...Do you think they will forgive me?
>Rotar: Who?
>Veronica: My late husband, and my baby boy. When I lost them both, I tried to move on through others. You, so many others at Aranos, and so many others...I just wanted to feel I could be free from them both.
>Rotar: Your delirious. Just keep holding onto me, we are going to be at Dakar before you-

Releasing her grip on Rotar's back, Veronica begins to bawl towards the darkened skies, while Rotar slumps down from his wounds.

>Veronica: I just want to go back! Back to waking up beside my husband in the morning! Back to cooking that same breakfast for him! Back to Viho's happy smile from his crib...!

Slumping into cold sand, Veronica begs helplessly to return to bygone days, while Rotar moves to cover her as a light peers over the horizon.

>Rotar: You can't change the past...but dammit, you can still have that! Just live...that's all you have to-

A jeep stops near the two, with Dandjo stepping out of it alongside a dark-skinned man while holding onto his head.

>Ral staff: Do you know these two?
>Dandjo: Lieutenant Dakka! V-veronica!
>Rotar:...Dandjo? Where the hell have you...how did you find us out here?!
>Dandjo: I was on my way back to Aranos, but some kinda...gonna sound crazy here, but my thoughts just told me to come out here.
>Ral staff: I find your story harder to believe every time you recount it, Dan.
>Dandjo: Think i'm one of those psychic fella's they are always...Veronica, babe! What happened to you both out here?!
>Rotar:...Aranos went to hell in a hand basket. That little nutjob threw the whole place into-

Partially ignoring Rotar, Dandjo checks on Veronica, patting her back.

>Dandjo: Babe, its safe now! I found a group of people who told me about what has really been going on! This is my chance to become a real-

Veronica takes hold of Dandjo's body, silently holding him in the desert.
Maybe, it would be in line with Brights methods these days.
I'll be honest, this entire arc has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Sure, gameplay-wise we might get more people to throw at [Bright] instead of them being on his side, but narrative-wise this conclusion doesn't feel satisfying to me.
Well what did you want from it?
In the world of [BRIGHT] I'm not sure we could've done much better.
And regardless, this now gives these characters a place to start in the campaign proper, hopefully leading them to something nicer.
I get what you mean, or kind of feels like no matter what we did the conclusion would be the same, getting curb stomped. But at least we got character development in along the way.
I mean this is still a pretty decent ending compared to what happened to [Bright] or Kenneth. Most of the cast even survived. I'm just grateful we didn't bungle this interlude as badly as we usually do.
The thing that bother me the most is that the /m/sv characters from Aranos were supposed to have be more light hearted, as most of then were created as a joke. Instead, they were played for drama. Sure, the setting is darker and edgier, but the charecter don't feel like the profiles the anons created.
I dunno, most of them felt about right for what I’ve been treating as “Copy X’s Shin /m/SV”
File: Spoiler Image (297 KB, 640x360)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
a bit hard to remain as jokes when shit hits the fan, even joke characters in normal gundam become real serious when they have to be
Maybe it's not necessarily what I wanted from it, but rather that some developments felt too fast-paced to be natural to the point things escalated too quickly to properly digest. Seriously, if there was any buildup to the whole Dead Space shit with the psycho-marker I didn't notice.
Also a few odd decisions made regarding characters
>was Fad always so impressionable that Mousey's death would traumatize him to the point he'd desert just for the chance to duel Nita to death? Hell, did WE do that by not choosing to spend time with him?
>Akasha stopped being relevant
>the Sandy Dan crew stopped being relevant
>/m/ashy and Ramba's ALF appeared too briefly, it felt more like a convenient excuse for Dandjo to defect
>there was some shady shit going on with the tranny doctor but he was only mentioned once after he left
Though to be fair I'm not sure how many of those were our fault through voting.
Yeah, this too. Even though we're far from a lighthearted universe and this is still not the worst conclusion we could've reached, it feels like we still got a relatively "bad" ending even though we were trying to be more careful with our votes. Hell, the only difference between fighting to the end and surrendering is that they're taking away the G-X's wreckage to Gryps rather than the G-X whole. Aranos still wound up glassed.
This part I'm not complaining about because Lucy proved that every single character's going to be played completely seriously, even the joke ones.
>Hell, did WE do that by not choosing to spend time with him?
Well yes, pretty sure the idea was that the choice on where Shia ends up is where we will most have influence, we chose SNRI so those characters are the one more directly affected by our choices

>>Akasha stopped being relevant
I like her too, but its not really like she could do anything, I at least like the implication that she is not dead and can turn up again

I think the rest is mostly because those characters have bigger roles in the actual campaign so their involvement here would be more limited
File: Shia_Tist.png (1.11 MB, 4000x4000)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

Completely trapped within the makeshift shelter, the sense of unity that has once filled Shia is completely severed, now being replaced by an absolute hollowness. Crying out for any of the unity that once filled her to give her any answers, Shia finds a reflection of her ideal self staring back at her from the other side of the shelter.

>Shia: Future I-no!! My friends, my brother, everyone is...!! I never wanted any of this!! Its all gone!! I...uwaaah!!

Point below Shia, her eyes tremble as the intense red glow that had consumed her attention draws closer.


The apparition vanishes from her sight, leaving Shia to cry out in hopelessness. feeling the sand below her giving way, a monoeye stares out from below her. A tube erects from atop the hull where the monoeye peers out, with the source of the light that had beckoned Shia staring down on her. Silently staring at one another, the source of the light extends his hand down to Shia, with her reaching back towards it.

>[1 year and two months later...]

[December 0093]

Staring down onto a portable screen, Shia's tired eyes flash with momentary anger upon seeing the face of her enemy. Her brothers enemy. Humanities enemy. Bright Noa. Feeling a hand rubbing the top of her head, she weakly closes her eyes to allow them a moment of rest.

>Shia:...All of them...they are crying out with so much anger.
>Liquid: Rest yourself. The tides of history are shifting back in our favor...dear sister.
>Shia:...Big brother.

Turning away from the screen, the two look towards the crystalized field of glass that had once been Aranos, while three Oasis-type mobile suits stand at its center.

shia bros...
Well, we got a bad ending for Shia, but not the WORST ending.
I think there is still potential to salvage this in the main campaign at least.
File: 1510563617680.jpg (15 KB, 260x239)
15 KB
>we're going to have to kill Shia later in the campaign
At least we saved Darrel from Liquid’s corruption. I imagine we’ll have to rescue him from Bright and Shia from Liquid in order to get them.
File: LiquidPoison.png (1.89 MB, 4000x4000)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG


[ROTAR: Aligned with Ral faction]
[DANDJO: Aligned with Ral faction]
[Shia: Wandering]
[Liquid: Wandering]

>[Campaign gameplay will resume properly in roughly a weeks time. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread in the meantime you would like answered to the best of my abilities]
>[IRL: Laptop upgraded from a 2009 laptop to a modernized one, so technical flaws and gameplay issues should be completely removed going forward. Been rebuilding the corrupted saves in the meantime using this interlude and am confident the main game will proceed far smoother.]
I’m curious how much of the interlude was pre-planned in terms of the broad strokes story wise.
Not necessarily, since they’re not enemies
I had a feeling Liquid might've been Shia's actual brother, or at least apart of the same program.

Considering they have the same ability though I don't think one can control the other, but both are now united in their absolute hate over Bright
Wait, did Maria die when Aranos was glassed?

I had originally planned for Aranos to be two threads at most, but underestimated how much material needed to be covered to finish the arc. Admittedly, some content was cut down and much of the middle went on much longer than planned. Character progression was going to be done in partial timeskips, but I did not fully account for what area's I was going to go more into.

>Fads development was partially planned, but the result was a side effect of him surviving the in-game battle with Liquids forces and not being picked by Shia.
>Amaya would have been exceedingly more aggressive with asserting power over Aranos and would have developed more a rivalry/hostility with Shia had SNRI not been chosen, while Reiko would have been much more playful and relaxed until post-Liquid.
>Picking Darrel would have caused Brett to not be trying to train him, rather she would have been all around closer with Rotar ideologically.

There were a lot of routes that could have been taken, but Aranos as a base was ultimately doomed, regardless of what would have been done. One massive chain of events everyone was dragged into from that area by Liquids people.

Maria was among the Oldtypes purged at Aranos. Having said that, her story is not quite finished just yet.

>or at least apart of the same program.

It was meant to get some more elaboration from Cyan, but his father made a name for himself delving into genetic editing, a practice that was heavily regulated and taboo following the beginning of the Universal Century. "Lee Quid" was a product of the Tist patriarch being hired to enhance a fetus early in its development, one of many he worked with prior to going mad with paranoia. A less refined version of the process was done on his own daughter while she was growing inside of his wife, leading to Shia's birth. Up until Cyan had her enlisted in the Federation, Shia was effectively isolated, both by her father and later on Cyan.
So it safe to assume that they’re together due to common enemies not any specific influencing ability then? Considering liquid failed to affect her in battle earlier and she doesn’t seem to act like anyone who was under his command?

If so the. Shia is in a reasonable spot considering her circumstances
>Feel free to ask any questions
On the topic of unit replacements, do you overwrite pre-existing suits within the game for these custom ones, or is there spare slots for you to add in more suits?
Also, are other mechanics available for you to mess with? Like making a custom suit transformable/giving it a base jabber, or is that also just taking a pre-existing transformable suit with those features and modifying it?

I ask since, when there is more /m/sv threads in the future, I'm considering a few transformable suits for them.

While Darrel and Shia were being influenced by the shattered Psychoframe shards, Liquid had a shard assimilated into his prosthetic eye and was imbued with partial Newtype abilities, at the cost of his psyche nearly being destroyed by trying to guide himself back to the rest of the fractured Psychoframe. His body was functioning on its own for a time, while his spirit ended up housing itself in Shia to remain stable, where he ended up connecting with Darrel for a time. Shia and Liquid view one another a partial siblings, if only due to their partial "understanding" of one another.

Currently overwriting existing units is the only way to import new models, though just about every factor of them can be altered. If animations are not played, just about any machine in the game can be made to anything. Playing most animation will snap the game in half though and may cause it to freeze, which is something of a trial and error to see which will do what.
This image has made me deeply sad.
Heroes fall to their lowest at times because of the villain, but she can return she just needs to reunite with her friends
>Feel free to ask any questions in this thread in the meantime you would like answered to the best of my abilities
How much resources and influence does the Ashes have now and did they get any free /m/SV OC in the next round?
What is Glemy stat now?
Could we have a preview of which /m/SV OC arc will be the next focus?
Call me impatient, I really want to know how will the Titans and AEUG OCs come into existence when their faction got the short end of the stick?

>How much resources and influence does the Ashes have now and did they get any free /m/SV OC in the next round?

This interlude determined who will be recruit capable in the proper game in the Africa territories.

>What is Glemy stat now?

Rank: Commander

>Could we have a preview of which /m/SV OC arc will be the next focus?

See next answer.

>Call me impatient, I really want to know how will the Titans and AEUG OCs come into existence when their faction got the short end of the stick?

Not all of them will appear, but I can assure you some of their stories will be told.
>ask any questions
After the [BRIGHT] saga is all said and done, will you keep making Gihren's Greed threads?

This will be my final game run for /m/, though I do intend to at least least most of the assets I use to edit stats ingame so others can pick up the pieces and play around with them as they see fit. Originally this chapter was going to be heavily compressed as well due to my financial situation and plans to move, but I have stabilized my finances by taking on another job to cover my condo, along with finally upgrading my laptop to something should last me the next ten to fifteen years hopefully.

TL;DR: This will [likely] be the last game run by me. I have considered an Ideon cast meets MSG 0079 run, but that is definitely still up in the air.
>I do intend to at least release(?) most of the assets I use to edit stats ingame
Oh fuck yeah. See if you can get the translator fag to pair those up with the other files for easy access to that in the future.
Also, try to make those tools able to be tweaked just incase someone wants to do more with them in the future.
How do you mod a unit to come in groups of 3/5 ?
File: unit data.png (49 KB, 1219x524)
49 KB

Use the memory viewer, CTRL + F and search the exact name of the unit you want to adjust and then refer to the green block on the posted image.

[Note: Everything above the units name is where their stats are, not below it. Try to make a savestate before fiddling with the memory viewer, a few mistakes can bugger up more than just that unit in a save file]
What will the Federations aggression level be when we return to Glemy's pov, and what territories are the Ashes in control of?
>while three Oasis-type mobile suits stand at its center.
Surprised that Sandy Dan anon isn't raving rn

> feeling the sand below her giving way, a monoeye stares out from below her. A tube erects from atop the hull where the monoeye peers out, with the source of the light that had beckoned Shia staring down on her. Silently staring at one another, the source of the light extends his hand down to Shia, with her reaching back towards it.

Wait, Solid's company managed to salvage some Bix Nuuds?
Could we have saved Akasha if Shia blamed Darrel or Rotar for the 9th Crusade sortie and didn't get imprisoned?
Thread ending soon, what's your hope and fear for the next thread?
Glemy's character is a complete 180 from Darrel and Shia so I'm curious and a bit worried in seeing how the /m/sv folk are going to handle his votes.
I'm also dying to see what [Bright]'s speech to the senate is going to be like after getting blueballed by 2 months of Aranos.
I see.
I hope the /m/ajority will be more attentive to the situation before voting.
I can't wait to see who are Aeno loyalists and of course more /m/SV OC and MS that have yet to appear here.
I am quite worried about Glemy might not have a love interest.
>I can't wait to see who are Aeno loyalists
The Ashes don't have any aces who are Aeno loyalists surprisingly. The Ashes are mainly dominated by Luio & co (their sponsor) and AEUG veterans (Henken, Beltorchika). I assume the Aeno loyalists are earthnoid supremacists aligned with Ainshow and Mazelock's Gespenst.
>I am quite worried about Glemy might not have a love interest.
Well the only available love interest right now is Beltorchika. I personally think she'd be a great love interest but there's are anons who hate her guts for constantly giving Glemy chaos aligned advice.
>I assume the Aeno loyalists are earthnoid supremacists aligned with Ainshow and Mazelock's Gespenst.
If so, I won't be surprised if they form a New Desides or Shin Titans at this rate.
>Well the only available love interest right now is Beltorchika.
Nothing against her, I think Glemy should marry that fake Haman to gain /m/ashy loyalty.
Next thread, when?
Copy's usually the one making new threads so next week when he starts writing again I guess.
We could at least make an intermission thread to keep momentum going while CX is gone.
Then go for it and link to it here.

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