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File: 797G02.png (26 KB, 700x480)
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>Apology and Correction
>When the 797th edition of the "Gundam Census" was first published, there was an error in the rankings due to an error in the tabulation process. This has now been corrected. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our readers. We will take the utmost care to prevent such a situation from occurring in the future, and we ask for your continued patronage.

>In second place was the theatrical version of "G no Reconguista IV" & "V" with just under 18 points of support. I think that the subtleties of the emotions of characters such as Berri Zenam and Aida Surugan were more readily accessible in this theatrical version. First love is not fulfilled; mature women have mature relationships. I felt such a message from Yoshiyuki Tomino, the general director. Although there are some things that I cannot agree with in my innocent childish mind, I am sure that there will be some things that I will realize 10 or 20 years later when I become an adult. I hope that the younger generation will watch this film and agonize over it, and with the Blu-ray and DVD releases coming on February 24 (Friday) and March 24 (Friday), it seems that expectations have been raised.
Look, I understand that Bamco had to rig the polls, but they should've just stuck with the original "tally." Jumping 500% in voting in the final 6 hours with G-Reco leading the poll the entire duration then shrinking the overall share of everything else even further in the correction doesn't make it look better.
I already know how your poll rigging works Bandai. I've seen the Cinderella Girls rigging you did every year because you needed the image girl to win even though Kaede was winning since the opening of the poll.
G-Self is never ever getting that Ver Ka BTW
File: 1673870451250.png (321 KB, 640x863)
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321 KB PNG

Everything didn't change when they corrected things; only G-Witch and the life size Nu Gundam statue. The vote proportions went from:

The Witch from Mercury: 56.9%
Life-size Nu Gundam statue: 13.4%
G-Reco Movies IV & V: 17.6%
Cucuruz Doan's Island: 12.2%


The Witch from Mercury: 48.8%
Life-size Nu Gundam statue: 21.5%
G-Reco Movies IV & V: 17.6%
Cucuruz Doan's Island: 12.2%

The life size Nu Gundam statue's vote proportion went up by exactly the amount that Witch's proportion went down i.e. 8.1%, while both the G-Reco movies and Doan's Island movie's proportions remained identical. And the votes for everything went up by a good amount in the final 24 hours of voting; including G-Reco. Which received 600 odd more votes in that time frame, while the Nu statue received 2,200 odd votes (which the correction presumably add another few hundred onto). I know this might be hard to accept, but maybe, just maybe, more people actually voted for a thing you don't like in those 24 hours than for the thing you do like.

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