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Previous thread: >>21335234

The once-rejected King of Braves, reborn in dire need...

Previous and current news:
>Might Gaine HD Blu-ray/DVD out now
>GaoGaiGar and FINAL licensed for overseas distribution by Discotek, coming Winter 2023 (includes Blockade Numbers and Pachislot clips)
>Hakaiou manga ongoing (Conqueror's Thralls arc), King J-Der side story by Tsunashima Shirou also ongoing
>Previous SRW DD update adds Projectile X as full attack
>RG GaoGaiGar, GoldyMarg out now (GoldyMarg is P-Bandai, for the most part)
>SMP Might Gaine out now, Hiryu and Black Might Gaine slated for March 2023, Might Kaiser still in development
>Upcoming Koto kits: Dino Geist, Great Fighbird, Da-Garn & GX Parts, Pegasus Saber, Land Bison, Seven Changer, Baan Gaan (still no word on further development even after Hobby Show)
>THE GATTAI Might Gaine slated for September 2023, Might Kaiser and Might Gunner in development but close to complete production (supposed to use a different OP pic before the current one was brought up)
>THE GATTAI Brave Fighter of Legend Display Base slated for May 2023 (includes alternate Great Da-Garn GX torso with unmasked head), Seven Changer currently in development
>Pose+ Star GaoGaiGar Set slated for May (Stealth Gao II and GoldyMarg are one set, compatible with separate LED Tool Set including Gatling Driver and Key to Victory, also purchaseable as one set), ChoRyuJin in prototype stage
>Soul of Chogokin GaoFighGar announcement coming February 8, ChoRyuJin, Dimension Pliers, Repli-GaoGaiGar, King Exkaiser, Chogokin Evoluder Guy prototypes unveiled, currently in development
>P-Bandai Gao Brace Complete Edition slated for March 2023, all possible functions replicatable (including Will Knife)
>Evolution Toy Fighbird and Granbird currently in development, can form Great Fighbird
>20th OP/ED DX Bravest Box Collection out now, includes Baan Gaan opening
>Obarism: Masami Obari artbook out now
Belated Happy Chinese New Year, and let your Brave spirit burn!
Additional pictures
File: 20230124_img_X4R5tgfa.jpg (479 KB, 1416x1260)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Full body promo pic
I'm picturing an alt timeline where Toonami did pick up GGG back in... Let's say 1999, a year after its original Japanese run, probably as early as you could possibly get back then. And kid me and other people my age I knew back then, who all don't know a damn thing about how dubbing or show making works, getting pissed at the show. Like a few other shows on Toonami.

>Freeza kills Krillin, Goku tells Gohan to leave before transforming
>Get Hype
>Next day Raditz lands on the planet and kills Farmer with a Shotgun again
>Get back up to Namek again
>Get one more episode than last time, MAYBE two if you're lucky
>Next day Raditz lands on the planet and kills Farmer with a Shotgun again
>Rinse and repeat

Giving me a chuckle picturing it.
Now to wait for SoC Genesic
File: Braves vote.png (16 KB, 650x188)
16 KB
What Braves did you vote for this survey, /m/en?
J-Decker and Goldran are my picks.
(You). I like (You).
Captain Shark
Land Bison

Also I had no idea they announced Eldora V
As someone who actually was watching back then, the cut back to Raditz was always in the middle of the Ginyu Force fight and only because that was as far as the original US dub ever got and was all they got. Once Funimation took over, they did finish the arc without further delay and the subsequent arcs were much better broken up, although it took a few seasons to get through them all. And they at least usually found dramatic cliffhangers to end them on like Vegeta's sacrifice against Buu rather just stopping randomly in the middle of a fight.

And that's because DBZ was hundreds of episodes long. If for whatever reason they did dub and release GGG on toonami they'd probably get all of it in one go.
thought you typed full body porno pic
That Eldora V is a Moderoid, the survey is exclusively about the The Gattai line.
The thing is, back during the ADV and Geneon Entertainment, there were plenty of direct to dvd mecha shows that never seen the light of day on TV iirc such as Gun x Sword and Martian Successor Nadesico. I feel between the licensing and idea of conflicting with Transformers fandom in America is why GGG never got on Toonami or was dubbed earlier.

With Discotek bringing the BD of GGG and Final, it would've been special if they did a full dub for both later on like they are doing for Gunbuster but I'm just ok with buying both in non-import prices.
Great Goldran
Super Build Tiger
Fire J-Decker
File: Gaigar fw.jpg (231 KB, 800x1153)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Moderoid survey link too
File: FnU_SCxaEAAg4gm.jpg (400 KB, 2048x1152)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
File: FnUD5fmakAQShWD.jpg (698 KB, 2048x1536)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
Was Transformers on Toonami? I thought it was on a regular programming block. I can see why marketing execs would worry about transformers and GGG, but to the average American consumer I doubt they'd even realize these were competing properties, I think they'd look at GGG and see combining lion robot and go
>woah new Voltron
Oh cool thank you. Made sure to ask for Big Duo, Big Fau and the Rayearth FTO as a pipe dream.
File: All that GaoGaiGar 107.jpg (2.13 MB, 2362x3506)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
The Might Gaine redeco (bottom left corner) finally made it into GGG promo art.
I'm glad, drills are strongest.
But what about that other part of the image
The Mikoto part of the promo art? It's based on a PVC statue
File: Mikoto steamy.jpg (527 KB, 599x891)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
Ah, thank you. The censorship made it seem more exciting than it was. I'm glad she's doing alright for herself enough to get statues though.
File: FnX8F03aMAEbQ11.jpg (483 KB, 1890x1949)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
Post: Happy 22nd Anniversary Brave Saga Astaria

I think Dalong and Gundam Holic both did this to theirs. Not sure what they were thinking since the kit looks absolutely fine without any panel lining. I've seen a couple of prominent reviewers say they don't think it will look any better with paint either and I tend to agree. If it were me the only thing I'd do is paint the gold bits to match the box art and that's it.
>An earlier draft for the series had the rival be Guy's long lost older brother piloting the MG Robo instead of Soldato J and his King J-der
Interesting, didn't know about this. I definitely prefer what we got though.
Now I'm imagining Guy's earlier draft brother rival looking like a Kimura styled Maito and voiced by Hiyama too.
Link to Dalong's GGG?
What exactly happened here? I only saved it because it looked funny. Just too many panel lines?
This seems to be the original picture.

He panel lined the outline of the chin armor which made it look like Gai's doing a dumb Glasgow smile. His actual mouth is right above it. Dalong is not the only Korean reviewer who did this exact thing, so I thought they were memeing or something.
Happy 22nd anniversary.
Dalong is way too aggressive with his lining. The actual Gaigar only has a small line, and he drew it like he's smiling like the Grinch.
File: FnZ-dYuaMAMh6VR.jpg (640 KB, 1890x1949)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
This is why I'm so wary about panel lines, and why it's vexing when reviewers show kits that they added/changed stuff with. Show me how it'd look out of the box, not after someone completed it their specific way..
File: GGG and GFG hands.jpg (314 KB, 1840x1380)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
File: kantoku_u6vh2izt.jpg (818 KB, 1000x750)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
Yonetani-kantoku with GaoFighGar
Cool recolor
Kit build blog time again.

Just finished building the RG Goldymarg. Interestingly, whether it was intentional or not, he is about 17.6cm tall which means the RG is just about 1:144 scale if we go by his stated height in the data books etc. I believe this is coincidental because RG GGG isn't nowhere near his proper height in 1:144 which is 21.9cm.

As expected, the PG fist for the Marg Hand mode is just as janky as the MG ones on the Gaogaigar, with the only redeeming factor being the better designed palm cover that somewhat helps keep the ball joint roots in place. If you don't lube the actual knuckle joints they will also be way too tight and send too much torque towards the ball joints at the roots, constantly popping the fingers off when you try to manipulate them just like how they are on RG Gaogaigar. But overall the finished Goldymarg is easier to fiddle around with than Gaogaigar, which again is to be expected due to the simpler nature of his design and engineering. His head is attached to the hammerhead instead of his actual body, which limits the "neck" articulation but I understand why they decided to design it that way. They also made the back of his legs not hollow which I appreciate, since not even the SOC Goldymarg did this. I can understand doing that with the SMP because they wanted to simplify the transformation as much as possible, but I don't think it was acceptable at SOC level.

Did not apply any of the marking decals because I honestly find them excessive. I found working with the gold plastic part on the hammerhead a nightmare because they're semi-clear so nothing you do will help make the nub marks totally invisible. Oh well, the gold bits should be painted over anyway. And even though some reviews seem to imply it is impossible, I can actually pose Goldymarg without having to rely on the hammer shaft to act as a stand.

All in all I'd give the kit a 9/10 just because it's more of an actual playable toy than the Gaogaigar was.
File: 16_main.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x1700)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Today is January 30, 2023 in Japan's time zone, 30 years since Might Gaine's first episode aired. Wish the Brave Express a happy 30th anniversary this year.
"Favorite Anime Character voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama" voting session with Shishioh Guy currently at second place.
Interesting the scale is off but I guess the whole point of the RG is to make it realistic so they'll go for standing stability over scale accuracy.

As far as playability goes how does the RG GGG stack up against the SMP or SRC of GGG?
For those who can't read moonrunes.
Let me put it this way. The SRC GGG can get loose joints over time but it doesn't transform so you wouldn't have to deal with parts falling off (unless you broke something, that is). The SMP sacrifices some articulation to allow for the full combination and transformation gimmick while keeping the GGG relatively stable. Meanwhile the RG has the most ambitious engineering of them all even compared to some of the big bad gokin versions: it has the most articulation out of all Gaogaigar toys I've ever handled, it fully transforms and combines, it has a ton of mold detail (which is the Real aspect of RG I guess), and it's bigger than the SRC or SMP. The end result is beautiful, amazingly so, but it's also delicate.

It's much easier to pose the SRC and the SMP because the RG can be hand grenade-y to borrow a gunpla term, especially the aforementioned MG fists, the connection point of the lion's mane, and the GGG helmet which in my opinion they tried too hard to reinvent the wheel on. There's a reason pretty much every other GGG toy end up just having the mask be an irremovable part of the helmet, which is usually a solid piece. Here, the mask is removable to the point that they recommend you stick it on Gaigar's face first and then have the helmet hinge-drop its way over the head. Yes the helmet is composed of two halves that has a transformation hinge on it. The problem is the mask doesn't stay on Gaigar's face even with the protruding chin to hold it, and the red bits of the helmet which are supposed to hold the mask in place will come off the helmet with the slightest force. Let's say you managed to do everything I described above. They wanted Gaigar's horn to help hold the helmet in place, but fiddling with it will, you guessed it, put just enough force towards the face to push the mask and the red pieces off.
Add to this the Stealth Gao articulated spine which is even more of a hindrance, because trying to move the head tends to often cause the spine to pull too much on the aforementioned helmet hinge, once again causing the ENTIRE head to break apart. If you do plan to play around with it I suggest severing the helmet from the spine altogether which gives you more freedom to move the head around, and glue the red bits so it can help retain the mask better. After all of this I'd still suggest to always hold the entire head tightly like a vise grip when manipulating it.

The Liner Gao arms are the least janky aspect and they work perfectly as intended with the exception of the hands. The Drill Gao long boots are a bit of a pain to connect to Gaigar's lower legs and there are specific locking points on the rear of the legs that are a bit hard to explain because you can barely see them, but they are there and I've seen reviewers complain about the boots suddenly coming off - it's because they haven't actually engaged the rear lock properly. The lion mane is done with armatures as usual, but I don't see any way to make them stay locked on Galeon's head by actually following the installation instructions. You have to jury rig it by changing the angle and position of the armatures a bit.

I'd say Gaigar is the real highlight of the kit because he is pretty much action figure tier.
I have the Yujin GGG and also the SRC. I loved the Yujin initially but was disappointed with how fragile the connectors were. May turn it into a broken GGG diorama later. The SRC is nice, especially the Goldion Hammer attachment although for posing it can be quite heavy due to the Gokin.
I've been considering getting either the RG or the SMP, based on your review and my dislike of fiddly bits I'll probably go with the SMP. I don't care about the transformation gimmick but I definitely don't want to deal with the hand grenade aspect with my kids.
And the character above Guy is Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho (飛影 幽遊白書)
I'm really torn between just gluing everything in place and not having a transformation GGG, or buying spare parts to glue the GGG head and have a 2nd Gaigar head to do swaps.
File: FnxMgRBakAIyh_e.jpg (157 KB, 1280x720)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Other link
File: FnxQKxGagAIoZOU.jpg (163 KB, 1280x720)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Ah fuck it, I'm just gonna glue everything in, because I'm really only going to pose it in the Hell and Heaven pose.
File: Draias2.jpg (490 KB, 1089x705)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
Draias is fucking cool
File: Fntrf5_aQAARBod.jpg (541 KB, 4096x2731)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
SMP Might Kaiser next to Might Gaine.
The Hell and Heaven pose is actually very easy to pull off with the RG. The lion mane gets out of your way on its own (because it comes off Galeon's head as you move the arms closer to each other lmao) and you're given the folded fists accessory which is a single part. The head only needs to look down somewhat, and the legs can be posed however you want. It's way more annoying to recreate a convincing-looking Protect Shade activation pose, for instance.
He really reminds me of both Deszaras/Deathsaurus from TF Victory and Tri Bomber from Da-Garn. He also managed to make symmetrical docking look awesome instead of quirky, and he was voiced by Daisuke Gori. Specifically talking about the SMP, it's easily one of the most stable, solid feeling and least janky SMPs I've ever handled. Fun build too.
>Tri Bomber from Da-Garn
meant from Might Gaine
File: Daisuke Gori.jpg (359 KB, 1400x1400)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Daisuke Gori was Horn Geist too

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