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Previous Thread:

Previous threads for this campaign iteration:

[The First spacenoid independence War]

[Post war reconstruction]

[The second spacenoid independence War]

[Aftermath of the Second spacenoid independence War]
You got the link to the site with all the threads archived?
How many donutsteel OCs are still alive?
The majority of them, they’ve mostly been introduced as a way to fill in the gaps as the canon characters die off. The only ones I can remember being dead are Ravid and Ple 9.
Up-to-date as of this thread. Pass is gas4llspacen0ids .
Thank you for separating it into arcs. I've formatted the archive accordingly (although the meta threads look a little quirky being thrown in there now.
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Thanks my guy.
File: ravidrampage.png (2.28 MB, 4000x4000)
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2.28 MB PNG
Rest in peace Ravid

If I'm not wrong he went on a rampage in Axis' newtype labs, and Shin Matsunaga put him down. But Ravid's rampage was an excellent distraction for Judau to escape the labs with Elle and Leina.
File: Blexar-Manhunter.png (1.44 MB, 4000x4000)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Blexar is alive and part of the Manhunters as of the last thread.
File: Vilcox.png (1.74 MB, 4000x4000)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
Vilcox is still at large running Graverobber operations after capturing Leina and offing Ellie.
File: RickTom.png (2.12 MB, 4000x4000)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
Rick Tom's proven useful at the controls during the heat of battle while coming on top in a pinch.
File: Yuu-LondoBell.png (1.51 MB, 4000x4000)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Veteran Yuu Kajima the Blue Death post CCA. He's seen a lot and looks tired of the dragging wars.
He’s not an OC!
Man, I can't believe we've come this far and the campaign is still not over yet.
What a hell of a run this has been.
Also last thread it was confirmed that Glemy's group which is stationed in Greenland isn't called Londo Bell, but said group is apparently active somewhere.
>tfw I'm watching ZZ and I'm rooting for Glemy to win his rebellion
Yeah that's correct I don't have the story into the request, I drew my interpretation of Yuu from CCA.
It's going to be very interesting when Glemy begins interacting with newtypes this run. Especially since he's been rather sheltered from all the crazy stuff that's happened with them, like the mass produced cybers or Amuro and Kamille's souls splitting in half. Also if Glemy learns he's a Zabi he's going to have a existential crisis, because for most of his life he's been allied with federation offshoots, and because he's close with Matt Healy who committed atrocities in a attempt to completely annihilate the Zabis.
Someone who's more knowledgeable about the OC lore fill me in on last thread.
What's the joke with the horny woman and why is her name a pun on SEED Destiny?
File: 1661440611580932.jpg (59 KB, 433x523)
59 KB
>milking man's SEED is her Destiny
File: Sid.png (1.47 MB, 4000x4000)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
The first artwork I drew of Sid got me a 3 day ban.

Hope jannies approve of this updated art.
>3 day ban
Good grief, did you draw her completely naked?
Not him but iirc the previous art hid visible nipples. Might've triggered someone to report and thus he got banned.

As the promised day of Shin Zeon's leadership revealing itself nears, the last remaining cells of the original Principality and scattered remnants of the Alliance forces hailing from Axis prepare themselves, all of them unaware of their fellow rival remnant forces having also been called upon. Of these remnant forces, the Endra-class, Dirge, makes its way for the agreed upon rallying point where its leadership expects to be retrieved by Shin Zeon's forces.

>Dirge staff 1: Your sister doing any better?
>Dirge staff 2: Cost of keeping her shop was burning anything our parents left to her, and the fact they are refusing to address her anemia is only making things worse...shit Barrow, I know my duties, but I can't just sit by while-
>Dirge staff 1: She still living in Zum? Its quieted down, but there are groups still trying to aid the general citizenry. I don't know any of them myself, but I have heard of a few ways to get in contact with them. I don't even know if it would work, but-
>Blond girl: Do you *really* need to be standing right in the middle of the corridor?

Breaking away from their conversation, the two soldiers turns to find a blond teenager staring at them both with an annoyed look.

>Dirge staff 2: Our apologies ma'am, I was just trying to tell-
>Blond girl: I want your full names and ranks.
>Dirge staff 2:...Miss Deire, you know both of our-
>Blond girl: Did I stutter? Would I ever stutter to a pair of imbeciles that can't follow a simple set of protocols?
>Dirge staff 2: N-no, ma'am-
>Blond girl: Then why are you further wasting my precious time and not answering that simple question?
>Dirge staff 2:...Bailey Rowan, Sergent, second class. This is-
>Soun: Is he brain damaged? Can he not speak for himself?
>Dirge staff 1: You know something, Soun? I don't give a damn if your some kind of nobles kid, or the fact Makavoi keeps covering for you. The only reason I have not corrected you is because you were lucky enough to be a woman.

>Soun: And it is so very unlucky of you to be so easily replaceable, you mongrel. Sergent, have him detained and placed into the brig.
>Dirge staff 2: Ma'am, this is not the time to be sowing-
>Soun: Say another word and i'll have you join him. Do it, and then get out of my way.

Feeling his anger boiling, Bailey begrudgingly nods to his comrade, forcing him against the wall as his sidearm is stripped from him. Noticing the soldiers glare at her, Soun slaps the soldiers face, scoffing at him as she makes her way down the hallway.

>Dirge staff 1: Utter, complete horsesh-
>Dirge staff 2: You won't be in there for more than a day. She's not usually this acidic...
>Dirge staff 1: Once the Captain gets something arranged with these Shin Zeon people and we actually have something to work with,I might just smack some sense into that arrogant little bitch.
>Dirge staff 2: You really want to set that hornets nest off?
>Dirge staff 1: I'm getting there.

On the Dirges bridge, the vessels Captain continue to monitor his systems for any additional movements outside of his own force, slowly beginning to detect unregistered I.F.F's not to far from their position.

>Dirge Captain: As expected, Shin Zeon is not just limiting their invitation to our force.
>Makavoi: Can you blame them? This petty squabble has just wasted resources. Not sure how many of them they intend to call forward, but even getting the outer Shoal Zone raiders to comply would-
>Soun: This is unacceptable! How dare you both!
>Dirge Captain: Oh Deikun...

As Soun enters the bridge, the key staff turns back to their duties while its Captain motions for her to approach.

>Soun: Not only are our forces failing to follow even the most simple of orders, but you never intended to include me in these negotiations?!
>Makavoi: Lady Deire, this is not the place to be-
>Soun: *I* am the highest authority on this vessel! By all rights, *I* should be attending! So why did you not inform me?!
Aren't these Shin Zeon people just the newtype labs staff of Axis? Because if I remember correctly they were missing during the final battle at Axis asteroid base itself. And in the Shin Zeon epilogue Chara was there, and she was a key subject for the Axis newtype labs.

>Dirge Captain: This vessel is under my command, Lady Deire. Regardless of what your father's position was, only two are to attend this meeting.
>Soun: You can not be trusted to handle this matter, Captain Arker! As the sole inheritor of the Deire name, my word holds more value than the common-
>Makavoi: In the hallway. Come on-
>Soun: Makavoi attending is perfectly acceptable, as he was one of my father's aides. While not from our family, he is perfectly capable of bolstering my-
>Dirge Captain: The decision has already been made. Makavoi, I want her escorted back to her quarters.
>Soun: Excuse me?! Do you have any idea who you are talking-

Gently holding her shoulders, Makavoi attempts to lead Soun off of the bridge, only for her to grow jumpy as his hands touch her.

>Soun: Y-you! How dare-
>Makavoi: Let me explain the situation to you, Lady Deire. I imagine you would rather sit in your room compared to hearing it here?

Scoffing at the vessels Captain, Soun motions for Makavoi to follow her.

>Soun:...Magenta Serenity tea, two sugars and I want it properly stirred to my liking. You...may also prepare one for yourself.
>Makavoi: That is quite thoughtful of you ma'am. I'll have that prepared for you.
>Soun: Oh yes, there were two mongrels I want to be removed from this ship for actively-
>Makavoi: You can tell me all about in your quarters.
>Soun: Hmph...!

Leaving temporarily to prepare Soun's drink, she enters into her private quarters, where dozens of extravagant art pieces surround her. Taking a seat at her tea table, Soun looks to a teddy bear at the opposite end of it.

>Soun:...Don't you give me that look. You need to go back on the bed until-
>Soun?: Did you invite someone else to join us? Is it Macky-Voy?
>Soun: Its Makavoi, you silly dummy.
>Soun?: Did he make everything better? When are we going to go see the Queen?
>Soun:...He said he was going to explain why I am not being included in the-
>Soun?: Huh?! Not being included?!

>Soun: Keep your voice down! I can't have Makavoi thinking I'm some kind of-
>Soun?: But you are the Princess! Which one of them said you could not go? Was is it that mean ol Captain? I'll rock-em and sock-em until he learns to not disrespect the Queen's favorite-
>Soun: Come on you. You are just far too active today-
>Soun?: I won't stand for any disrespect to you! You can try to stop me, but-
>Soun: We...don't even know if she will even be there.
>Soun?: Princess, it has to be her! That mean witch that pretended to be her with that evil monster Bright could never hope to be as magnificent and beautiful as the real Queen! They tried to scare us into hiding, but only the Queen could have prepared the return of Zeon! Ooooh~I know what this is! They all want her praise! How selfish, keeping the Princess locked away from her Queens love-
>Soun: Shush! You are being to loud now-
>Soun?: Think of all the praise she has been waiting to give you! All the hugs and kisses she has been forced to hold onto without you to be given them! Come on, let me have a hug! You know how much I like them!

Reaching across the table, Soun takes hold of the teddy bear, pressing its to her face as she begins to sniff it.

>Soun?: Don't you like that feeling?
>Soun: Mhm...it feelsh nice...
>Soun?: The Queen will feel so much nicer, and she'll love you so much, because you are just the sweetest, fittest, smartest---
>Soun?:..."That's right, your just such a good girl when you keep that mouth of yours closed. Good girls get nice rewards, just like your mommy does. Let me see your tummy. You'll really like the present I have for-"
>Makavoi: Lady Deire, is everything alright in there?

Gasping, Soun finds the teddy bear at her naval. Tossing it away, she taps around the edges of her eyes, wiping away a small trickle of tears forming.

>Soun: I-i expect at least three knocks before you think of trying to call for me!

Hearing three knocks to her door, Soun calls Makavoi in, who leaves a tray with her tea in front of her. Looking over the tray, Soun grows pouty as she notices only a single cup prepared.

>Soun:I did offer you one...
>Makavoi: It has become harder to come by ma'am, so I would not want to deprive you of it. Understand, if the option to bring another was available, you would have been chosen without a second thought.
>Soun: So tell the Captain to stay.
>Makavoi: Because of his position, his attendance is mandatory. I need to be there to ensure everything is handled perfectly. If everything goes well, we may be able to call for a peace with the other fleets.
>Soun:...Do we know who is leading them yet?
>Makavoi: Given the signal ma'am, they may be a surviving force that has been in hiding since the fall of Side 3, possible secret service from the Lunar division.
>Soun:...I have an order for you, and I will not accept "no" as an answer!
>Makavoi: Of course ma'am. What may I do for you?
>Soun: When you meet their leader...I want you to tell them Soun Deire is still...still...!
>Makavoi: "Still"?
>Soun:...Forget it! Stupid Captain, I should be leading this ship...!
>Makavoi: Is that a new painting? It is beautiful.

Looking at her canvas in one of the rooms corners, Soun haughtily sneers at it.

>Soun: It is awful. The shading is completely off and the saturation has completely ruined its ascetic. It just worthless trash.
>Makavoi: Then could I have it? It reminds me of the central plaza at Zum.
>Soun:...No! I would not even give one of the dogs on this ship such a worthless piece! When I...have some free time, i'll make a more acceptable one.
>Makavoi: My lady, it looks perfectly-
>Soun: Trash is trash! Anybody with any worth could see that! It's just worthless, unacceptable garbage!

Losing her grip on the cup of tea, Soun drops it to the floor.

>Makavoi:...When I return, i'll tend to that.
>Soun: That...yes, you do that...

As final preparations for being retrieved for the meeting are undertaken, Lero sees Maggs, Shimi and the small child Emmi off as they are prepared to join a transport making its way for Side 2's territory.

>Maggs: Mistress, we will make you proud! You have given us both so much...and we will never be able to properly repay that debt!
>Emmi: Why do we have to go? When are we coming back?
>Lero:...Your going to a nice place to spend some time. These two are going to be looking after you from now, so I want you to be on your best behavior with them.
>Lero: Captain, please be brief with your goodbyes.
>Sid:...I will come to see you really soon, my little Emmi. Come here, let me hold you-
>Lero: Limit your contact-
>Sid subordinate 1: Do you have no shame?! How dare you tell the mistress what to do!
>Sid subordinate 2: You could never understand her love! Your not even a full person!
>Daggit: Say it again. You show proper respect to the Captain.
>Sid subordinate 3: Captain? Are you trying to call for a mutiny of the mistress?!

As conflict begins to brew, Sid raises her hand, motioning for her loyal and loving crew to calm themselves as she plants a kiss onto the little girl's cheek.

>Sid: I will always love you, and will come back for you~reeeaally~soon! Until then, I want you to play house with the nice and man and lady you'll be living with. Just the nicest, best pretend family out there!
>Lero: Captain Destinee-
>Emmi: Mhm, I can do that!
>Sid: Such a smart girl!

As the three enter onto the disguised transport, Emmi waves her hands to the rest of the crew, her happy yells inaudible to them.

>Lero:...You did well, Captain-
>Sid:Kyaaah!! I can't stand having this on! Lero, I don't need this! They need to see my-
>Lero: Captain Destinee, we will be departing shortly!
>Sid: Ooooh~it just feels so hot...hot~like my skin is just trapped~!

Ignoring Sid's rant, Lero concentrates on the hangars timer.
Out of game question:

I've been playing the partially translated version of GG, and obviously this game's screenshots are seemingly much better 'quality' - is the game you're using the Shin Gihren version?
File: The Garden of Thorns.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG

As the wait for Shin Zeon's envoy's ends, Sid and Lero meet with the staff belonging to this new movement.

>Shin Zeon staff:...We were not told of your companies condition. What is his role on your vessel?
>Lero: I am the Executive Officer of this-
>Sid: He's my "right hand".
>Shin Zeon staff:...Very well. We are on a deadline, so make your way onboard.

Being motioned onto the shuttle, Sid wheels Lero's wheelchair onboard. Noticing none of the seats appear to accommodating to Lero's current condition, Sid leans down to Lero's ear.

>Sid:...Want to ride on my lap? Safest place to be~.
>Lero: I will take my chances. Try to remain professional during all of this.
>Sid: I'll be on my best behavior, "Right hand".

Winking to Lero, he lays his head back in his wheelchair, magnetically locking it to the shuttles floor. Taking a moment to rest his mind, Lero reflects on his final preparations before leaving.

>Daggit: Captain, I can not allow you to go without a proper escort.
>Lero: My friend, I have a task I only trust you do. If anything should go wrong and these people try anything...I want you to relay an order for us to retreat from this sector.
>Daggit: If an attempt is made on your life or the mistress, I will retrieve you myself-
>Lero: We will find our own way out my friend, but the others will need to be moved out from this area for their own safety. Can I trust you to do this for me?
>Daggit:...Captain, I will do as you ask, but I have an obli...obliga-
>Lero: An obligation, of course. I treasure your friendship and loyalty. I always have.

Feeling a warmth around his neck, Lero looks to his side to find Sid holding onto him, lazily floating as she rests her head onto his shoulder.

>Lero: I thought I said to act-
>Sid: Trust me my love, this is going to make you look as professional as can be. Look. Right in front of you.

Noticing the Shin Zeon staff attempting to look away, she maneuver's herself closer to Lero's ear.

I have access to the entire series cutscenes and extract the text from Shin Gihren's to use them for this games purposes. A grand majority of the anime-quality images come from my cutscene source, and others are extracted from Menace of Axis and Shin Gihren without text. This practice is only applied to kind of custom game to give more effective context. All "gameplay" images are taken from Menace of Axis V.
Ahh, I see - thank you. These threads are a treasure.

>Sid: Cute as they all might be, imagine how they feel knowing they are being outdone by you. Feels good, doesn't it?
>Lero:...Keep it on the level. Should at least keep them from trying anything immediately-

Moving her face closer to Lero's, she attempts to his the limbless officer on his lips, only to be nudged away by his head.

>Sid: Please? For me?
>Lero: Its to much. They will know-
>Sid: I'm so damn hot right now with this on...just a little relief, that's all I want-
>Lero: Hey, is that...a colony?

Looking to the observation window on the shuttle, Lero and Sid watch as multiple similar shuttles arrive at the patch worked remains of a colony hidden deep within Side 5's shoal zone.

>Lero: This is where they have been hiding all of this time? How could we have never-
>Shin Zeon staff: We will be docking shortly. We ask that you remain seated until-
>Sid: N~o.

Laying herself across Lero's lap, Sid lets out a relaxed moan as the Shin Zeon officer looks away from the sight, mildly flustered.

>Lero:...Well played.
>Sid: I have not even started-
>Lero:...After this, i'll consider it. Unlike the others, you know I can't-
>Sid: The body can only take a person so deeply, my love.

As their shuttle arrives, the two are lead by a security force through a seemingly inactive dock on the massive station. Arriving at an oddly shaped room, the two enter to find dozens of other figures belonging to Zeon all engaged in different acts, with two in particular being trapped in a vicious shouting match.

>Zeon warlord 1: Nothing but a cocksucker! Should beat your ass right here!
>Zeon warlord 2: Four years! You knuckledraggers have been attacking us for the past four years now!! I'll make them see the kind of animal you are, and i'll peel you like a goddamn potato in front of them, you halfbreed missing link!

Nearly leaping over the table, the warlord is dragged back by his subordinate.

>Lero: What are they thinking? All of this bad blood...
>why is her name a pun on SEED Destiny?
I didn't put that together until you pointed it out.
The fuck
Also, is the i in her last name silent so it sounds just like tsundere, or is it pronounced differently?
I've got a bad feeling about this.
File: Haman().png (2.13 MB, 4000x4000)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG

Being lead to their assigned seat, other remnant groups observe the two, passing along information to their aides and advisors as their eyes scan over them. Using the chaos to observe the groups in the meeting chamber, Lero is able to recognize certain remnant groups leaders, while also noticing many unusual faces accompanying them.

>Makavoi: Even invalids are out there fighting...Captain, this arrangement may not be fully-
>Dirge Captain: Once their leadership has arrived, they should be able to bring this rabble to a more sensible-
>Axis remnant Commander 1: I-impossible! What is she doing here?!

Entering into the chamber, a moderately obese Officer enters into the room, with at his rear drawing the attention of the entire room.

>Zeon warlord 1:-Realize how many resources you have wasted from my...what in the hopping fuck?
>Axis remnant Commander 2:L-lady...?
>Lero:...This has to be some kind of-
>Sid: Ayaaaaa~!! Lady~Haman~!!

Looking to the center of the table, the woman takes a deep breath as she straitens out her back.

>Haman?: I have missed all of you so~much! I am so proud that we have all come together in unison after so long!
The fuck this is not Mai waifu.
>I've got a bad feeling about this
Me too, Lucy's probably gonna make a grand entrance and display to earn their fear and loyalty. Which will probably make a very dangerous situation for Lero and Sid.

All these warlords aren't a good indicator for the setting either. Seems outside of the heavily fortified and defended Federation strongholds, like the Moon, Side 6, Luna 2, etc. The remnants were allowed to operate, fighting over whatever scraps they could find. Seems [Bright] doesn't care much for the territories in space.
That's not what I was thinking.
I was thinking of something that happened in an old Star Wars book.
I won't spoil it.
I mean, it is close though.

Appearing before the final vestiges of Zeon's military, Haman Karn is met with a conflicting air of confusion, bewilderment and bitter hatred.

>Zeon warlord 1: You! How dare you even think of showing your face here, you craven whore! Turning your back on us to-
>Baim: Comrades, you have all been lead astray. My name is Baim Jsok-
>Principality remnant Commander: We don't give a damn who you are! What is *she* doing here?!
>Haman?:...I owe my life to Admiral Jsok. When our homeland fell, it was because of his sacrifice and perseverance that allowed me to survive...I am...just so happy to see so many of you still alive!
>Zeon warlord 4: What's this cottoncandy haired bitch talking about?
>Axis remnant Commander 3: I don't care that we have been disarmed, i'll kill you with my bare hands if you speak about her like that again! Its her! The real Haman Karn! Our Haman!!
>Haman?: Ah~thank you so much! I know...I know so many of you hate me because of all of the terrible things that imposter has done...but I want all of you to know that I have been spreading my word to the people of Side 4, letting them know that I will never stop striving towards a world of peace! A world where people like Bright will have no choice but to hear our calls for independence! A world where-
>Lero: Something on your mind?
>Sid: I mean...she always did sound really cute when she would tour Axis, but she just sounds so adorable now. Even cuter than when she was younger~.
>Lero:...Could it be an imposter? To have her look this close to Haman though-

Before Lero can finish his thought, one of the attendees can be seen slamming a book against the table, while his flamboyantly dressed partner attempts to calm him.

>Flamboyant man: Major~your making a scene-
>Erratic Zeon Commander: Shut your mouth Wolfgang! Oh no,no,no...goddammit, it was all for nothing! Why did she have to come back now, after everything we did to establish you...ah shit!!
>While Haman was impersonating Sayla, someone started impersonating her
File: minky momo.jpg (50 KB, 564x822)
50 KB
>Mahou Shoujo- Haman of the Axis Senshi
>Previous Titansman stuff & Kizuna power win
Copy's toku game https://youtu.be/3v30HToswDs
File: Lucy.png (2.53 MB, 4000x4000)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG

>Karamere: While all of this fine and good, what exactly are you even bringing to the table?
>Aged Zeon Commander: The same could be said for you Karamere, you worthless tick! Did not even bring anyone else without because nobody else would think of standing with-
>Karamere: You think I have need of anyone else to speak for me? Pah, this is why your forces have been dwindling for years now. The only company I need is my Athena, isn't that right?

Petting his persian cat's head, Kasmere comes under a barrage of complaints as many remnants from the Principality lay into him. As the room erupts into a chaotic hurricane of noise and near fights, a hissing can be heard from the rooms upper section, prompting panic and paranoia among sections of the remnants.

>Zeon warlord 4: Its a trap! They are trying to...huh?

Smelling a rich lavender in their nostrils, the numerous commanders calm themselves as a section of wall begins to unveil itself as the arranged time for the meeting finally arrives. From behind the wall, a small, pale woman can be seen sitting on a throne-like structure, with two women in servant's uniforms flanking her.

>Zeon warlord 1: Enough of these chickenshit games! Bring us the ones in charge of this installation, or i'll have it overtaken myself! I won't waste any more time among these troglodytes!
>Karamere: You really are a simpleton? Can't you see these are obviously today's entertainment? I'll start with you three, but if you have more, I am ready for them as well.

Feeling his body beginning to erupt with pain, Lero wiggles uncomfortably, desperate to try and maintain an air of confidence.

>Lero: Ngh...gah...damn, of all the times for it to act up...!
>Sid: Ah~...!
>Lero: It...i'll pass Captain, just keep their eyes off of-
>Sid: I can't take it any longer! First Haman returns, sweeter than sugar, and now they brought that little girl here?! That pale skin, and that outfit...ayaaaaaah!! I can't hold back any more!!

>Lero: Sidney! Goddamn it Sidney, no!

As Sidney begins to pull away her coat, the room is silenced as magnetic locks can be hear sealing on the entrances to the room, along with security plates covering the observation sections to the room.

>Lucy:...Ha! Look at what we have here. Just a little droppings of disappointment everywhere you look.
>Zeon warlord 2: Who you calling disappointing?! What, your leaders are to terrified to meet us themselves?!
>Lucy: Leaders? Shin Zeon only has need of a single figure to guide it properly. I am Lucy Genocider. *I* am Shin Zeon.
>Baim:...She's leading this cell, do it.
>Haman?: Lucy Genocider, as you may know, my name is Haman Karn, Daughter of Maharaja Karn. To gather so many of us here after such a long period of turmoil and strife between us...I must extend my thanks to you. What you have done is one of the greatest acts of patriotism and loyalty to Zeon that anyone could have ever asked for.

Letting out an amused laugh, Lucy points her middle and index finger at Haman, motioning for her to come forward.

>Haman?: Miss Lucy...I asked that you stand with Admiral Jsok in ending this terrible cycle of conflict. If you truly are Shin Zeon...then for the sake of all of those suffering needlessly, I ask that you stand with us.

Lucy extends her hand to Haman, prompting the disgraced princess of Axis to reach to her without hesitation. As their hands prepare to meet, Lucy extends her arm forward, dragging Haman towards her lap as she wraps her legs around the girl's stomach.

>Haman?: Eh?! W-wait, what are you-
>Baim: Are you a madwoman?! What do you think you are-
>Lucy: Tell me, does your doll have a string to make it talk? It looks so similar to the real deal, but a fake will always be a fake.
>Haman?: F-fake...?

Taking hold of the false haman's arms, Lucy places her fingers onto a section of her nerves, allowing her to manipulate her captive's hand movements.

>Lucy: Looks like I can't control what she says...well, a toy is always better when someone else has full control over what it says and does. "Warriors of Zeon, Axis and what other failure's who were felled before...I, Haman Karn, call for us to join together, and to nominate a wise, and brilliant leader to lead us against the Federation! I would propose myself, but i'm just a toy. We should learn from our enemies, and should adopt their policies and beliefs to be able to fight them! So~we will have a democracy!"

Mortified at having her arms being used like playthings, the false Haman whimpers as she is held in place. Baim, and other supporters of Haman, screech out hysterically for Lucy's head.

>Lucy: "When one hour passes, a new leader will be selected to lead our Shin Zeon to victory! Play nice, because I would not want to see any of my supporters getting hurt! I'm Haman Karn, i'd never do anything to ruin my subject's lives!"
>Haman supporter: Lady Haman, break away from her! I'll-

Haman's supporter charges forward, only to be taken by his throat by one of Lucy's guards. A ginger-haired, stone faced woman. Tossing the man back onto the table, the woman moves to guard Lucy's body yet again.

>Lucy: "Let's look around the room at all of my brave soldiers and warriors...oh, do we have any special guests today? Did anyone else decide to return to us? Perhaps a long lost heir of the Zabi family? Or maybe even one of Deikun's lost spawns?

As Wolfgang moves to stand, he is forced to sit again.

>Lucy: Well, it looks like nobody wants to play that hand now. I think an hour sounds fair enough. Go on, pick your leader.
>Zeon warlord 1: You have no idea what you have just done, you stupid bitch! You are going to pay dearly for this! Lay even a finger on me, and we'll rip this place to pieces in a matter of moments!

One of Lucy's subordinates prepares a small digital pad for her to use. As Lucy fiddles with it, she moves Haman over her knee.
>I'm Haman Karn, i'd never do anything to ruin my subject's lives
>One of Lucy's subordinates prepares a small digital pad for her to use

>Lucy: Your company's opinion matter's little to me. Have fun now~.
>Lero: She's completely nuts...all of this was to lure us into a single location?
>Sid: Ooooh~...that whole side of the room is making me...woozy~.
>Lero: This is not the time for that! This entire room is going to devolve into chaos if something is not-

Before Lero can finish outlining his prediction, the room erupts into a storm of chaotic bickering, with the most vicious of the warlords reducing themselves to threatening violence, while the smaller groups passively speak among one another about consolidating their own resource under a single leader, while remaining autonomous with their actions.

>Lero: Captain, what are you going to-
>Sid:...I am putting that in your capable hands, my Lero. For men to be acting like this...all of them are unworthy.
>Lero: Sidney, the only vote that will matter is from-
>Sid: Whatever you decide, I will speak it for you. Whatever your dream is...I want to see it come to fruition.
>Lero: Captain...

[Lero Marq current stats]
Leadership: 11
Charisma: 10
Ranged: 16
Endurance: 6
Reflex: 15

>How will Lero handle the situation?
Let's weigh these options.
Can anybody here do that?
We should either have Lero push for himself or Sid to be the new leader of Shin Zeon. Either way he'd have considerable influence over Shin Zeon as a organization, and could make sure it's more moral and not monstrous.

We could also directly support Lucy, but that's a very bad idea. Uniting all the remnants and factions behind her is a horrible idea, as she'll start genociding people.

Also any of these three options could possibly result in Lero getting new limbs from Shin Zeons labs.
Where's the "run the fuck away" option?
So the logical choice seems to be between trying to convince people to follow a guy with no limbs, and trying to convince people to follow a nymphomaniac.
Which has a higher chance of success? The convincing part, to be clear.
I assume hoping we botch an "attempt" at supporting Lucy isn't a thing we can try, right?

Even if it is, I would not recommend trying it.
it isn't.
>So the logical choice seems to be between trying to convince people to follow a guy with no limbs, and trying to convince people to follow a nymphomaniac.
Well a big part of it will probably be that either Lero or Sid will be a sort of puppet ruler, with them simply being a face for Shin Zeon. And since both are dependant on leadership/charisma roles, they probably have similar chance of success.
The last time we had a reasonable non-crazy seeming guy take leadership over Zeon he ended up going insane. I don't want Lero to end up like Gerald, so I'm going to have him not vote and maybe try to get the fuck out of there.
Gerald never went insane, unlike Gato or Rakan (who's alive btw) he had all his screws on tight. It's just power got to his head, and ended up completely corrupting him, so much so he was willing to use Elpeo Ple for his plans.
>will be a sort of puppet ruler
If you're right, then unless we pull a Relena, it sounds like this is an illusion of choice situation.
I must have missed/forgotten Lero’s introduction. Is Lero a Torso Boy or does he have arms?
Lero's nothing but a torso and a head. He's going to need Kenneth tier luck to pass these rolls.

This whole thing smells like a trap waiting to get sprung. She has never come across as the kind of person who would care what others have to say let alone ever giving her power to someone else.

>a hissing can be heard from the rooms upper section,

I think we can all tell what is going to happen to everyone in the room at this rate. Maybe she will show some mercy if Lero shows he's not going to debase himself like the others for a grab at power.

>Voting to not play her game.
I mean yeah, she's puppeting the fake Haman, she's obviously not being genuine and putting Lero forward would only make him a target. Abstaining seems like the only correct option here and hopefully that also means getting the fuck out of there
File: Untitled.png (2.02 MB, 1500x983)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
Yeah the chances Lucy is going for pic related is really high with all the fodder looking remnant leaders introduced, the hissing noises, and the datapad. Even assuming this is somehow not a trap the roll requirements to succeed would be too high anyway since Lero is just some nobody without any fame or limbs.
>pic related
So somebody did get what I was talking about.
File: [bright].jpg (41 KB, 873x288)
41 KB
I'm sad nobody voted for challenging Lucy, I think it was the best option.

pic unrelated, I think Copy X will find it useful for some later story segment when [Bright] appears again.
>I think it was the best option.
Explain why.
>retards voted for not to play
it's all so tiresome, watch as the bitch will do as she likes now
>Explain why.
his character development and antagonizing Lucy, it's the highest risk and highest reward move, if dice rolls passed, the only thing that would stop the guy would be stairs.
You don’t think she'd kill him for doing that?
>You don’t think she'd kill him for doing that?
considering how much seething against her there is in the room, she won't have it easy to do so.
You did see >>21103430 right?

>Lero:...I won't play that woman's game.
>Sid: Her game?
>Lero: Even if she is the one commanding the forces here, all of this is just going to pit us against one another. The others may have fallen for it, but I won't ourselves be debased to that level.
>Sid:...Then I guess I will just have to trust your judgement on this. It's to bad though, if you wanted to lead these people so badly, I would have made them see some reason~.

Rubbing her nose to the side of Lero's face, he edges his head away, keeping an eye on Lucy as she observes the far more savage rants now being conducted by the assembled leaders.

>Zeon warlord 1: My fleet could easily wipe out anything you people could throw against me! This bitch wants unity? Fine, we'll have some unity! Those who follow me, you'll be leaving this airspace alive. Those who don't-
>Zeon warlord 2: Mahnshuller, you want to know something? I used to feel rather damn bad about deporting our people from Mahal. I was just following my orders...ha, you know what though? Fuck them. Fuck every last one of them. When I realized your family hailed from there, I have been having nothing but sweet dreams imaging the Feddies having their way with your old man and lady-

Ripping the stolen Zeon cross off of his coat, the warlord forces himself away from his aide, stabbing his rival's chest with the sharp edge of the metal of honor. Savagely attacking one another, the two warlords devolve into an animalistic state as stab, bite and claw at one another, their hated for one another bleeding onto the floor around them.

>Karamere: I think you people should be able to see the reality before you. These men can not be trusted to properly guide us. Their fleets, while impressive in their own rights...have been dwindled to a less than ideal state. This Shin Zeon...well, it can only be made truly effective with the leadership of a genius. As we speak, my masterpiece is being completed as the flag of my authority.

>Baim: Her excellency is the only one worthy of deciding any of this! I have ensured her safety since Axis's fall! I have brought her here today after years of slander against her! We will not stand for this, you betrayer! Lucy!

Smirking at Baim, Lucy gently massages the edge of Haman's lower back, before revving her hand back.

>Lucy: Do you know how much I despise Haman, and her useless family? Even if you are a fake, just hearing you claim to be her...well, it makes me want to take out my grievances with that woman on you.
>Haman?:...P-please, I just want us to be friends-
>Lucy: Oh? You want to be my friend?
>Haman?: W-we should be working together! Master Jsok just wants us all to stop this pointless-

Slapping the false Haman's bottom, Lucy smugly smirks back towards Baim as the girl over her knee whimpers in terror.

>Baim: I don't care if how well defended you think this facility is! All of space will turn against you when they learn of the mistreatment you have inflicted upon-

Revving her hand back again, her smug smile shifts into an annoyed expression as he hand is held by one of her subordinates.

>Nanai: Lady Lucy, might I provide an alternative to this display?
>Lucy: Please, feel free to say it. Regardless of what you have in mind though, you will have to be punished for speaking without my permission, Professor.
>Nanai: If that is how it must be. She may yet have her uses for your cause...outside of what you I believe you are considering for her.
>Lucy: Hmhmhm~...I think my apprentice could do with another pet.
>Nanai: Haman Karn, yes?

Looking up to Nanai, the false Haman's eyes water from the stringing on her backside.

>Nanai: I want you to be truthful with me. If you show any deceit, what she just did to you will just be the beginning of what she has in mind.
>Nanai: What is your real name?
>Haman?:...I am...H-haman...

As Nanai's eyes pierce the girl's eyes, her eyes attempt to look toward Baim.
So do the OCs have hypothetical voice actors or something like that where there’s an idea of how they sound?
Because I'd like to know that.
I haven't been following these threads, which OCa are in?
Are we talking seiyuu or English VAs? Because i'm all for Blexar being voiced by Scott McNeill/Duo and Ali al Saachez' dub VA.
English, because I don’t know enough Japanese.
Who’s who in the current scene?

>Haman?: W-when I am not singing...I sometimes call myself a weird name. B-but I-
>Nanai: Tell me it.
>Haman:...Reekan. Reekan Porsen. I...it might have been a fan of mine that I like the name of...b-but I am the-

Rubbing the girl's tears away, Nanai gently rubs the girls cheek.

>Nanai: I know of the rumors about you. I am aware of the support you have garnered as Haman Karn. You can continue to do so-
>Lucy: Ha? When did you start speaking for me?
>Nanai: Swear your loyalty to Shin Zeon. Do so, and spread your message with my blessings, and all of this can stop.
>Lucy:...Hee~hee~. So, that is what you had in mind? I'll tell you what, "Reekan"-

Hearing that name, Reekan grows increasingly anxious as her body is shifted to face Baim and the others again.

>Lucy: Apparently you sing? I don't recall that woman ever doing that. When a selection is made...why don't you sing a song for them?

Being forced to look at her patron, Reekan nervously nods as she is held in place by Lucy. Breathing in, Lucy's eyes shift towards Lero, raising an eyebrow to him.


As the timer for the warlords negotiations draws to a close, the two warlords continue to assault one another, both of them lost in their primal anger.

>Lucy: So, have we made a selection? An hour should be more than enough time for a selection to be made.
>Makavoi: Captain, I can't agree with that. It would be wiser to for us to align with them, at least to give our forces a position to-
>Dirge Captain: I have no intentions of dancing for this child's amusement. This alliance...its nothing but a farce.
>Makavoi: Even so, we have no idea what they will if we don't-
>Lucy: Go on, submit your decision.

As the room verbally names off their picks, the majority of them proclaim themselves as the only viable leadership, further creating an air of distrust. As the vote turns to Sid, she follows through with Lero's choice, actively abstaining from the decision.

>Karamere: Can we move this along already? Really, all of this fuss when its obvious I will-

Leaping away from Karamere's lap, his Persian cat jumps towards Makavoi, shivering on his lap as the representative is frozen in confusion.

>Karamere: Athena! What has gotten in you?!

Feeling goosebumps, Lero begins to pick up on a faint sound of active machinery. Focusing his hearing, the source of the activity rattles above each seat in the conference chamber.

>Lero: Captain, get out from your seat!!

Sensing Lero's distress, Sid takes hold of him, tossing him away from his seat as mechanical tubes enshroud each chair, with Baim's seat being the only one unaffected. Trying to move his body, Lero wiggles his way towards a wall to aid his balance. Lucy's ginger haired servant moves towards him, only to be stopped by her mistress.

>Lucy: Let him roam. Be it his senses or his tainted body...he can enjoy his time outside. Congratulations, it appears we all have an answer.

Looking back to her pad, multiple of the meetings attendees attempt to break free from the containment, while others attempt to remain calm.

>Lucy: Nanai. Your method seems to have worked out rather nicely. I guess you can have a small reward before you have to be punished.
>Nanai:...I do ask that you be reasonable.

Tapping away on her pad, a mechanical screech can be heard above multiple of the attendees chairs. Erupting from the opening, a miasma of yellow fog coats multiple of the sealed off seats.
Even within the sound-proofed tubes, the unaffected atendees panic as their rivals and comrades are reduced to mummified husks, desperately clawing away for an attempt at survival. Ripping himself away from one another, the heavily injured warlords watch as their advisors are subjected to chemical horrors within their tubes. Mortified by the sight, Reekan attempts to shield her eyes, only to have them forcefully opened by Lucy's other servant.
Wait, so is Sid dead, or did she get out of her seat too?
Or was she even in a seat?
I'm conflicted here. On one hand Lucy is getting away with everything again. On the other hand I can't say these zeeks don't deserve a taste of their own medicine.

Lero looks to Sid's tube, releasing a sigh of relief as she is one of the few in the room to not be attacked with the insidious chemical attack.

>Lucy: After all of that effort, this is the end result of "democracy". Wasted time and worthless squabbling towards an answer that never mattered. No matter what your kind would have chosen, the oldtype monkey's have no place in the world I intend to create.
>Zeon warlord 1: You...your all going to burn for this...! My fleet will crush this facility...to the last man...!
>Zeon warlord 2: Just another crazy bitch...preaching about those living weapons! Those other fleets will fall into chaos...but you won't live to-

The warlord is silenced as his rival slits his throat with his now broken Zeon Cross. Giggling at the chaotic display, Lucy places Reekan onto her throne.

>Reekan: W-wha...huh?!
>Nanai: Just stay there.
>Lucy: No matter who is selected to lead, the world is governed by a single, universal force. Baim, as the one chosen by the remnants of the failed embers of Zeon, do you know what that force is?

The Warlord rushes at Lucy to stab her with his broken medal, only to be completely immobilized by a disinterested Lucy. Moving her fingers away from the Warlords chest, she tabs the side of his jaw, while continuing to keep her eyes locked on Baim.

>Lucy: Power. No matter your position in life, no matter the resources at your disposal...power is everything!

Gripping the warlords lower jaw, Lucy effortlessly rips it away from him, keeping it in her hand as she approaches Baim.

>Baim: E-excellency!! This girl is...I pledge myself! I swear my loyalty! My fleet, my wealth, everything!!
>Lucy: As one chosen through the weak system the Federal apes rely on...power can only be passed through a demonstration of an even greater one.

Baim rushes towards one of the tubes sides, frantically attempting to climb it to safety as Lucy approaches him with the severed jawbone in her hand being prepped.

>Reekan: T-this is wrong! We want to help you! Please, Lady Lucy-
>Lucy: Feel free to join in at any time.
>Reekan: E-eh...?
>Lucy: Even if you are a fake of that woman, and an even faker Newtype...I wonder if you will truly care enough to save this monkey?

Trembling at the situation, Reekan contemplates moving, only to be held in place by Nanai.

Approaching Baim, Lucy takes hold of his leg, dragging him back to the floor with her free hand as she places her foot to his chest.

>Lucy: Have some pride, you will serve as a wonderful sacrifice on the altar to Shin Zeon.

Raising the jawbone to Baim, the obese commander screams as Lucy bludgeons him. Still scanning the room for any kind of escape, Lero rolls his way towards the throne that Lucy had been sitting on, hoping to find a release to Sid's tube. As he edges closer, Lucy's ginger haired guard takes notice of his advance, pushing him away with her boot. Finishing her slaughter of Baim, Lucy looks back to Reekan, cracking an hollow smirk at her.

>Lucy: Go on. Sing to me. I am the leader of the forces here by right, am I not?

Seeing her patron being reduced to a source of nightmares, Reekan blubbers out a collection of broken words, before her voice begins to soften into a gentle hymn dedicated to Lucy.

>Lucy: How unfortunate. I was hoping you would have taken that a bit worse...but I suppose our kind have no reason to shed tears for these dead ends.

Approaching Lero, Lucy tosses aside the shattered remains of the jawbone.

>Lucy: Unlike some of the others in this room, you are not completely a fake, and you are not one of the superior...either way, how has such a sad looking sock puppet survived for so long? Haa...~haa~haa~! I suppose as a warrior that has survived this long, even you realize the futility in trying to deny the natural course of how the world operates. Unlike that ape though, you were lucky enough to be one of our kind...
>Lero:...You people, and your Newtypes are-

>Lucy: Nanai, have the images of the trash that were disposed of sent to their respective fleets. As the two fools that wore one another down...have their fate delivered to them first. I want them at their finest when they retaliate.
>Nanai:...Very well, lady Lucy.

Having the tubes removed from the unaffected attendees, Lucy returns to her throne, passing Reekan off to Nanai as she has a screen prepared for the survivors to observe. Sid, finally being freed from her confinement, sprints to Lero's aid, taking him into her arms as she coddles him.

>Makavoi: C-captain...! This will send the fleets into a state of war against one another! What have you-
>Lucy: The apes that comprise your fleets will be given a chance to kneel. If they refuse, they may test their strength against my Shin Zeon. I would love to be the one to teach them the futility of their ways...but it seems my machine is still not prepared yet. Even so, my message will be received with this demonstration.

Pulling her uniform away, Sid places Lero's head to her bare breast, holding him tightly as she shoots an angered glare at Lucy and his allies.

>Sid: Lero! My Lero!! You awful child!
>Lero: Captain, don't-
>Lucy: Sidney Destinee. I can see now why the apes flock to you as the stories have suggested. A genuine article. A worthy Newtype to stand with us.
>Sid:...You can always come back with us. I'll be a little rough since you have been such a terrible child, but me and Lero can correct that nasty attitude of yours-
>Lero: Captain, don't-
>Lucy: Oooh, listen to you. Observe the screen. Before we move along to why all of you are truly here, you need to understand your roles in what is to come.

Outside of the Garden of Thorns, the two warlords fleets are forwarded the fate's of their leaders. While both of them remain at odds with one another from their years of conflict, acting Captain's choose to open a dialogue with one another.
That was one hell of an scenario.
I guess choosing to stay out of it worked out in the end?
Yeah participating in the election would've been a death sentence. Still, I think we could've prevented this by challenging Lucy's authority.
Seems so.
Boy am I glad I waited to vote this time. Didn’t want another White Base disaster.
Explain how that would've made things go better when she had death traps prepared.

>Warlord acting Captain 1: Even if the Federation detect our forces, we can't allow Shin Zeon's betrayal to go unpunished! If you must break away after this matter is concluded, fine! All I ask is that you lend us your strength to crush these people!
>Warlord acting Captain 2:...You must be mad, showing your hand so openly. Yeah, if we combined our arms we would have five ships and over twenty Mobile Suits, but you really expect us to believe you'll bury the hatchet after-
>Warlord acting Captain 1: That feud has drained us for years now. If your forces still want to continue it, so be it, but at least allow us to avenge the Admirals!
>Warlord acting Captain 2:...Not all of us agree with this, but if the chance to repay these traitors in full is available, we'll take the offer...for now.

Hailing their vessels, the two warlord fleets prepare to rally with one another to begin tracing the signal of their fallen leaders. As their forces begin to arm themselves however, an I.F.F signal activates at the front of their joint effort.

>Gelgoog Marine pilot: A single machine? Is it spying on us?
>Gelgoog Cannon pilot: Let them know we are coming! With our battle strength, we'll annihilate wherever these people are hiding, starting with that machine!
>Gaza E pilot:Its...using some kind of weapon against us...!
>Gelgoog Command-type pilot: Basco! The hell is wrong with you?!
>Gaza-E pilot: W-we...we need to run! Something is very wrong!
>Gelgoog Command-type pilot: Dammit Basco! It's just a single machine! Calm down and-
>Zaku I pilot: T-that's a...!

Before the first squadron of Mobile Suit pilots can react, their attacker seemingly teleports to the center of their formation, bringing it into their full view.

>Gelgoog Commander-type pilot:Gundam...!
A successful challenge by Lero could unnerve Lucy and get her to spill something that would tip people off to the trap and they either leave or call in some mobile suits to fuck the place up. Even if Lucy keeps her cool it's possible the confrontation calms the chaotic atmosphere between the remnants and allow them to realize something was off.
Shit is Lara piloting that gundam?

In a matter of minutes, the Warlords joint effort is annihilated by a single machine. Watching and awe and terror, the remnant leaders who had been spared by Lucy observe the terrifying and brutal display of the Gundam-type being utilized by Shin Zeon. Even as the warlord fleet's ships are annihilated, the Gundam-type effortlessly eliminates its retreating Mobile Suits, while dragging one of the surviving surviving Gaza-E's back with it's bladed INCOM's. Nailing the damaged machine to the burning hull of a chivve, the Gundam-type mounts itself atop the restrained Mobile Suit.

>Gaza-E pilot: No! Go away! Make the noises stop! Stop it!! Stop it!!!

The Gaza-E's pilot cries out in anguish as he feels his body growing dull, with his spirit being torn from his body by a purple light forcing its way into his cockpit. Screeching as his body ceases function, the pilots spirit is dragged towards the Gundam-type, with the structure of his soul being ripped apart as it is dragged into its cockpit. Moving away from the now motionless Gaza-E, the Gundam-type's INCOM's fire onto any remaining debris in the area, eradicating any remaining signs of life that may have avoided its onslaught. Surrounded now by nothing but ash and cinder, the Gundam-type faces the observation pod recording its onslaught, aiming its INCOM for it as its collides into the recording device.

>Axis Remnant Commander: H-how...?
>Lero: What kind of machine was that? Those forces have been terrorizing the outer reaches of the Earth's sphere for years...
>Lucy: Hmhmhm...it seems he is in a bad mood today. Nanai, have the footage relayed to the other fleets. Give them a deadline of an hour to accept our terms. If they do not comply within half an hour...inform him they are to be made examples of as well. Now then...shall we discuss why we are all here today?
>Makavoi: We will never recover from this. The amount of resources and manpower that was just wasted on that was completely-
Okay, so they've got somebody with bullshit evil powers.
Of course they do.

>Lucy: Would you like to know something rather funny? The only reason you continue to draw breath is because of that creature on your lap.

Looking down to the terrified cat on his lap, the feline releases a mewl toward the tube where Karamere had been sitting.

>Lucy: I suppose one more of your kind will be acceptable. Listen or avert your ears, your kind will matter little in the coming days. Shin Zeon's objective is rather simple. We are not here to revive the pathetic and felled bloodline of the Zabi's. We are not here to lead a prolonged war for our "Independence". We are here to claim victory.

Motioning for the screen to shift images, the room looks towards multiple photo's of the White Base Neo, Amuro Ray and the mastermind of their previous defeat, Bright Noa.

>Lucy: With the remnants falling under my banner, we will crush the Federation, bring the colonies under our control and I will face Bright Noa myself. When he has been killed by my hand...Shin Zeon will have nothing to stand in its way.

>Lero:...You are delusional. Even with the remnants, how do you people expect to properly fund this war and-
>Lucy: As the superior species, I expect for you all to serve Shin Zeon. To Destroy Bright and to show humanity the truth of what truly rules over them...pledge yourselves to me.
>Sid:...Ha. You sound like a small child trying to sound strong. This "Shin Zeon" you are talking about...the only one worthy of leading a new Zeon is Lero.

Looking at the pitiful sight of the limbless man in her arms, Lucy chortles to herself.

>Lucy: Is that a challenge? Shin Zeon is built upon power. Those who are inferior and weak will be swept away by our strength. If you think you can claim my power...do it. If you force me to submit, I will grant that puppet control over Shin Zeon. If he were to swear his loyalty to me, I could be convinced to repair that worthless body of his into something more worthy.
>Lero: Repair my...?
File: 1586380522937.png (178 KB, 656x532)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>SHINNN is juiced up on [ZEON] and active from the start of the war instead of being an end game boss like Gato
This is gonna be a three-way cluster fuck between Shin Zeon, [Bright], and Glemy's group isn't. This is going to be a apocalyptic war huh, that's a scary yet cool thought.

Gently laying Lero to the floor, Sid puffs her chest out towards Lucy.

>Sid: I have corrected awful things like you before. That display earlier...I am not fearful of you. Lero's dream is to important to be ended here.
>Lucy: If you lose, I won't punish you. Your reputation and abilities makes you quite useful for my ambitions. I'll give your precious Lero to my pet as a toy. I must admit, it would be a waste given the potential I can feel from him...but I am anxious to see what you have in mind against me. Even as a fake, I can see a warrior like you understands what I am trying to achieve.
>Lero: Sidney, don't do-
>Sid:...I know you want this. Even as you are...I know you have waited to be the one to set Zeon on the right path. Once you have achieved that...both of us can join the children, together.
>Lero: What?

Arrogantly posturing herself, Sid motions Lucy to face her alone.

[Lero Marq current stats]
Leadership: 11
Charisma: 10
Ranged: 16
Endurance: 6
Reflex: 15

>What will Lero do?
There could be some more parties.
Okay, so what now?
Completely submit and call Sid off are basically just giving up so its either trust Sid or falsely submit.
I think Trust Sid is the best option here since Sid's newtype mindfuck powers are exceptional and for all of Lucy's posturing she's just a bog standard Augusta cyber newtype from the OYW era.
Yea we gotta trust Sid. She's done Lero good, so he has to return the favor.
Tem Seeker of Darkness is probably cooking up an Ideon tier abomination somewhere now that he's in charge of the Anaheim remnants. Dogatie also shows up often in the CCA era to fuck shit up, but he might actually be a reliable ally for Glemy here considering the alternative is Lucy. We might also get a rebellion from Tosh if we're lucky since I doubt Bright is funding his terraforming projects properly when he can barely keep the earth sphere running.

>trust sid winning by a landslide
What's wrong with trusting Sid?
So there probably will be more than just three factions.
This is gonna be good.
It's the right choice.
Either it works and we shake things up, or it doesn't and we get essentially the same result as the other options would give us.
I bet a lot of money is going to Mars and the colonies there. [Bright] is in complete control of the Earth sphere, and his neglect of much of it could be explained by his attention being elsewhere.

Also when Bright allied with Tosh and later Jamitov, he definitely took up their ideologies as well. So the federation probably has this belief that the Earth is sacred, and that humanity has to migrate and colonize celestial bodies for a brighter future or something similar.
So contolism with federal characteristics? That's actually a pretty respectable goal for [Bright]. I'm guessing [Bright]'s Federation considers newtypes as simply spacenoids or people living in space like Gundam X's SRA and wants humanity to truly progress into a space faring race instead of endlessly obsessing over psychic mutants just because Deikun told them to.
>So contolism with federal characteristics?
That's probably the case, but the ideology is likely contained to Tosh, Mars, [Bright]'s fanatics, and those trained at his new facilities like the manhunters. There hasn't been time to spread the philosophy to the masses of the Earth sphere, though I imagine Tosh is probably writing a book on it. Also Bright being so close to him is definitely a reason most of the colonies have been left in squalor, after all Tosh thought the space colonies should be nothing more than mining bases or checkpoints for space travel.

Also [Bright] and the federation elite's view on newtypes is hard to determine, but theirs definitely some fear there. Amuro revealed that Bright drastically changed the course of humanity, so that newtypes would stop manifesting at such a high rate. And Mercury was horrified that Gigi was a newtype, he referred to them as "humanity's natural predator". But despite that newtypes are still used in the federation military, like Katz, the ple clones, and the people or Moon Moon. So newtypes are probably seen as a means to an end thanks to their power.

OC English Voice Actor casting in the /m/sv thread

Let's hear what you think
>Duelfaggery under another name.
>Duelfaggery under another
That's the kind of thinking that got White Base blown up.
I agree with several of the ones I looked into.
I still think Luse would sound like Arkham.
There are several where I would appreciate a reference character, because of the vocal range they have.
And there are characters that I think Copy just made up who aren't listed, so I'd also like some voices for them.
So does Lilith sound the same as the other clones and the original Ple? Or are there other Tara Platt roles that sound different they can sound like?
Yeah trying to connect the dots is fun, I'll think of some characters to fit the range, post suggestions too if you got them
There are also canon characters who I'm pretty sure never got english voices, and characters who are different enough ages from what they were in canon, so they'd probably sound different.
Yeah only some of the older Gundam games may have english casting for them, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 comes to mind
Think [Bright] remade the cyber newtype armies that Jamitov originally introduced? The people of Moon Moon were taken by the personnel of Gryps 2, and the colony itself had a research lab built on it. Newtype clones are also still in use, like the original generation of purus, and Amuro may have convinced [Bright] to spare the second generation that was in production. And that's not even considering new clone models grown from the DNA of the plethora of natural newtypes in the federation.
I wouldn't be surprised if Bright is creating a clone, cyber-newtype army. I also wouldn't be surprised if Bright somehow got a hold of DNA of various members of the White Base crew to create said clone army. If the original Kai was unhinged during the OYW, just imagine what a cyber-newtype clone of him would be like.
What if that's the reason why Amuro and Sayla disappeared? Perhaps they were pulled away to help with the creation of a clone army, based off of themselves? Amuro and Sayla were an incredibly effective fighting pair during the First Spacenoid Independence war, and [Bright] would certainly want to replicate that power.
>There could be some more parties.
Monsha hasn't died so I think we will see the Brew Desides come into play.

>Tem Seeker of Darkness is probably cooking up an Ideon tier abomination somewhere now that he's in charge of the Anaheim remnants.

The scary part about this is that the original profile for /m/SV Tem that anon made implies that it's actually the same Tem Ray that has appeared in all previous Gihren's Greed runs with Copy X, if Copy X interprets it this way we'll literally be up against a meta breaker that has knowledge of all previous runs.
Monsha's probably working for Tosh on Mars. Because the last we saw of him was during South Burning's epilogue were Monsha he was sentenced for his crimes, and at the end of that same epilogue when Tosh arrived at Mars there was a unit called "Exposure".
Unfortunately for Tem he showed up in the very first /m/sv run we ever had, where the timeline has been hungered beyond all recognition. His metaknowledge won't do him any good here.
I hope you're right.
IDK I think Tem Ray is still proud enough to be beaten just like the time where he removed the core fighter from the Gundam cause he thought it was genius
File: Ple-8.png (101 KB, 650x650)
101 KB
101 KB PNG

>Lero:...If that is all you are asking, so be it. Even when those urges of yours can't be controlled...I'll do what is right for the crew and those children.

Sid's breath grows still for a moment, her features becoming wobbly as she processes Lero's word.

>Sid: Do you understand? You really-
>Lero: I am just trying to set things right, for everyone. I have my reservations about you doing this...but I trust you. Just be careful Sidney.

Tilting her head back to Lero, Sid winks to him before sticking her tongue out playfully. Retracting it and returning her attention to Lucy, Sid begins to strip away the remain layers of her outfit. Embarrased by the sight, Reekan attempts to shield her eyes while continuing to sing to Lucy, only to have them forced open again by Lucy's ginger haired subordinate. An air of embarrasment fills the air as the surviving atendees attempt to avert their eyes, only to have them focused back onto her figure. As Lucy begins to step forward, the ginger haired servant breaks her hands away from Reekan, fully intent on standing at her mistress's side.

>Lucy: Are you that anxious to be punished, just as Nanai will be?
>Ple-8: Master, I can not allow you to place yourself in unnecesarry harm. If you wish for them to submit to you, I ask that you grant me with the task of-

Pushing Ple-8 to the floor, Lucy point towards the ground, turning her gaze away from her.

>Lucy: Remain still and silent. Destinee, the first to have their back touch the ground will accept submission. If I am made to submit, all of Shin Zeon will be your companions to do with as he pleases. This base, its resources, and even myself and my servants...all his.
>Sid: Poor thing, you almost sound excited for that. Even with that nasty attitude of yours, I have some ideas how to make you just as adorable and innocent as-
>Lucy: And if you are forced to submit, your companion's life will be mine to do with as I please.

>Sid: Haha~! Why not ask for myself and my crew as well? Maybe it is because you can see my Lero is worth so much to-
>Lucy: Come, whenever you are ready.

Moving Lero to the edge of the room, Sid moves to face Lucy as the rooms side, breathing in as her chest bulges outward. Keeping her eyes on Lucy, Sid notices the woman simply remaining still, her body not tensed to defend herself. Edging herself closer to her, Sid extends her arms outwards, leaving herself open.

>Ple-8: Master, why are you waiting? She is completely-
>Sid: She will not do a thing. Even with all of the power this group claims to have, to have such a terrified little girl commanding it shows how lost Zeon has become. It needs someone worthy to set it right. She already knows that...which is why she wants to submit to me.

Focusing her senses, Ple-8 is able to detect an entity emerging from Sid, it's seemingly weightless form wrapping itself around Lucy's body.

>Ple-8: Master, its a trick! She is-...gah...!

Holding her head, Sid stops as a flicker of resistance can be felt from Lucy as Ple-8 moves into a kneeling position, bowing her head towards the two.

>Sid:...What a loyal friend you have. When Lero is given this "Shin Zeon", I take it she will be a part of that arrangement? I was only planning on discipling you, but I would love you see you both becoming closer in the process~.

Moving to Lucy's front, Sid wraps her arms onto the girls back, gently leaning her towards the ground.

>Sid: Good girl. Just keep listening to my voice, and I will keep you-
>Lucy: You won't live for much longer, will you?

Tensing her enhanced muscles, Lucy begins to push back against Sid as she straightens her back out.

>Sid:...Two? What are you-
>Lero: Sidney, get away from her! She's toying with you right now! Sidney!!

Taken off guard, Sidney's grip is broken as Lucy uses the confusion to jab into sections of her arm.

Stepping backwards, Sid attempts to regain her balance, only to feel her arms no longer responding her.

>Lucy: It's an interesting trick. One that will serve me quite well once it is applied correctly.
>Sid: You submitted! You fully gave in to what I wanted! Why are you still-
>Lucy: Neither of us have touched the ground yet.

As Lucy jolts her way towards Sid, she easily avoid her numbed arms and swining body, sliding her fingers and pressing into sections of Sid's legs. Losing her balance, Sid begins to topple backwards, only to be held by her neck by Lucy.

>Lucy: You pour your own desires into those you wish to control. If you had a future, you may have been able to do something of worth with that power. How long do you believe you have left? A year? Perhaps a few more?
>Sid: Its not resistance...y-you completely allowed me inside of you, so why won't you-
>Lucy: All life is born weak. That weakness cries out to be abused at every moment. You clung to my weakness...but you failed to understand something. You struck at something I have long dominated. Something I have full control over.

Lifting Sid by her neck, Lucy looks over to Lero, smirking at him.

>Lucy: Even in your current state, you are far stronger than she could ever hope to be. She has already reached the peak of her potential. Even when her weakness died...the power that emerged from her was still pitiful. As a genuine article though...she will still have her uses until her expiration.
Well there goes all our hopes of salvaging Shin Zeon.

Her limbs disabled and her attempts to penetrate into Lucy's spirit failing, Sid desperately attempts to bite into the girls hand. Wincing for a moment, Lucy forces Sid to the ground, ending the bout for supremacy. Looking to the back of her hand, Lucy licks away the small trickle of blood from it. Her limbs still unresponsive, Sid attempts to roll herself toward Lero, only for her companion to be gripped by his hair by Lucy.

>Lucy: As agreed, he is mine. My pupil's pet may find some amusement in using him as a chewtoy-
>Sid: No! Y-you won't...I don't...!

Looking towards Makavoi, Sid attempts to spread her influence to him, desperate to find a way to correct the situation.

>Lucy: Come alone. Come with your crew. Come with an army. Bring whatever you please the next time you attempt to stand up to me. If you succeed, you can have him back. If you fail that time though...

Swinging Lero's back towards the wall, a snap can be heard as he releases a howl of pain from the impact.

>Lucy:...I'll kill him.
>Sid: Ah...! L-lero...!!
>Nanai:...Ma'am, we are already receiving numerous reports of submissions. The majority of the remaining remnants are agreeing to dedicate their remaining resources to you.
>Sid: A majority is not all of them. Once the half hour deadline has passed, inform the forces stationed near to crush them without mercy. Which ones still refuse to submit?
>Nanai: The Bankoy, The Baybridge, and the Dirge-
>Makavoi: Wait! Who is answering for the Dirge?! As the senior authorit of that vessel with the Captain's loss, I-
>Nanai: The girl claiming to be in command of the vessel has refused the order.
>Makavoi:...Soun! Regardless of her position, I was brought here as an envoy of the previous Captain! With his death, I hold the-
>Nanai: You have until the half hour mark to convince the girl to surrender. Otherwise...
Well not taking the chance probably wouldn't have done much better anyway. Besides, they're not dead yet.
I know this run's been full of insane characters, but Lucy's too edgy donut steel for my tastes.
Well hopefully she'll die a pathetic and painful death sooner or later.

Requesting a communications platform, Makavoi prepares a rational to force Soun to stand down. As he and the remaining antendees attempt to correct their situations, Lero's torso is paraylized from Lucy's brutality.

>Sid: I...Lero, I never meant to-
>Lucy: Hate me. Revile me. Use that anger to muster whatever you can to your side. In the end, they will submit to real power. Something you will never be able to provide them. Nanai, finish with this matter. Eight, come. You can accept your punishment now.
>Nanai: Now? Ma'am, you are still needed to finalize-
>Lucy: I have always despised politics. If they will follow, then we are done here. If they refuse, have them dealt with. Until you have finished my Mobile Suit, I have no interest in wasting time with these oldtype matters.

Carrying Lero out of the room by his hair, the crippled survivor grows silent as activity below his neck is completely lost.

>Soun: No! Even if the Captain was a fool, we will never surrender to these people! Even if I have to lead the rest of these ingrates into battle myself, as the rightful inheritor of this veseel, I-
>Makavoi: Lady Deire, listen to me! You saw what they were able to do that force! One that was eight times the size our own!
>Soun: Pah! All of them were just Oldtypes who were to weak and disloyal to the homeland to ever be worthy of being called true soldiers! Ready my R-Jarja! Even if the rest of the worthless pilots here have to act as a shield for me, I expect you to at least be somewhat useful-
>Bridge staff 1: Our loyalty was to the Captain, you spoiled brat.
>Soun: Your Captain was killed because he was to idiotic to send me to properly negotiate! He is not worth even shedding a single tear over for being so-
>Bridge staff 2: Someone get her off the bridge! Makavoi, we don't give a damn if she holds authority by rank! If you expect us to listen to her, we'll take this ship by force!
>Soun: You may as well just jump into if you feel that way, idiot!
I fucking hope so, but the way she's been set up to be a major antagonist and how she's made other OCs and even named characters eat shit doesn't give me hope.
There are always game mechanics.

Facing a mutiny that would place Soun and the rest of the crew in imminent danger, Makavoi's attempts to force Soun's surrender grows more hopeless.

>Makavoi: I beg of you, I need more time! If you just allow me to calm the others down, she will-
>Nanai:...That is out of my hands.
>Makavoi: Damn it, this is an absolute-

Slowly limping her way towards Makavoi, Sid weakly extends her arms towards him.

>Makavoi: Stay back. I don't have time to-
>Sid:...A solution.
>Makavoi: Hm?
>Sid: I can offer you...a solution to your predicament.

Trying to keep her eyes away from Sid's body, Makavoi contemplates her offer.

>Makavoi:...The one in command of our vessel will not negotiate with anyone, except myself-
>Sid: That will not have to change...all you need to do is give them a reason to not see it as...a surrender.
>Makavoi: What are you talking about?
>Sid: May I take a seat?

Meanwhile on the Dirge, a security team arrives to forcefully pull Soun from the bridge while she continues to mock them for their failure to act as proper soldiers.

>Dirge security officer: You are out of line!
>Soun: Me?! What do you want us to do?! Get on our knees and give up?! That's all you baseborns can do...never can think beyond your simple minded-
>Makavoi: Lady Deire, I have received an offer from...yes, from Shin Zeon's forces.
>Soun: You think I care what they have to say? Unless they have something worth offering me, then I have no interest in-
>Makavoi: They are willing to offer us a joint arrangement with another force. Veterans of the previous war!
>Soun:...Hmph, what do I care? Unless they have something to offer-
>Sid: Hello~? Can anyone hear me?

Keeping off the screen, Sid's voice is heard across the bridge of the Dirge.

>Soun: Who are you?
>Sid: My name is Sidney Destinee...though, everyone calls me Sid. Tell me my love, are you of the Deire family dynasty?
>Soun: I am the sole inheritor to its name. What, have you come to kneel to-
>Sid: Of course.
That’s literally the whole joke about her
A joke's supposed to be funny

>Soun:...G-good! Finally, someone who has proper respect for my families legacy! Don't call me "love" though, I expect to be properly called by the title my bloodline-
>Sid: Then what should I call you then? Lady Deire? Lady Soun?
>Soun:...I-i will accept lady Deire. Even if you do have proper respect for my position, what do you even have to-
>Sid: Mobile Suits, supplies and a crew of soldiers elite in every way. To know that one of the respected families of Zeon are still alive...it just fills my heart with bliss. All we do ask is that you agree to the terms laid out by Shin Zeon's forces.
>Soun: And accept the humiliation of-
>Sid: Did you know the other remnants have begun to centralize themselves under them? The remaining strength of Zeon and our homeland of Axis...finally under a single banner.
>Soun:...Well, all that means is that they were to cowardly to-
>Sid: As a part of the Deire dynasty, I know you are truly wise. You must have gathered the potential to rebuild your families great name under them. I and my crew are prepared to give ourselves to you, but imagine the others joining under you...
>Soun:...W-well, you are absolutely right to believe I would know that! I won't call it a surrender, rather it will be a-
>Sid: An alliance? Just like the one before?
>Soun: Yes! When I agree to this alliance, I expect your people to support my authority as its leader!
>Sid: Anything you wish for, my lady Deire.

Ending the communication, Makavoi lays back in his seat, anxiously watching Nanai's eye movement as she looks over the screen detailing those who have submitted.

>Makavoi:...You have my dearest thanks. I need you to understand something though. I would do anything for her, and even with this arrangement-
>Sid: With us standing at her side, your crew will have the resources and confidence it will need to survive this...difficult period. You seem shaken. Come~it's all going to be ok.

Holding the aged soldier, Sid's eyes grow cold.
Honestly Lucy is probably going to be the big bad that Glemy will have to overcome. Hopefully though he'll be able to bitch slap her across time and space with his newtype might.

>??? 1: Gravity now at 1.4 times limit. Gauging resistance now. Attempt to move.

A small figure encased in a metallic suit coated with wires slowly moves forward as multiple screens around them scan every step.

>??? 1: No detection of muscular tearing from activity. Beginning simulation-
>??? 2: Increase to 1.5 times.
>??? 1: 1.5? Why are you increasing it above-
>??? 2: Lucy has found developments to be going to slow for her liking. You have been going to easy on the subject.
>??? 1: You want to go in there? The fact we are up to this point is-
>??? 2: Do it.

Feeling the gravity boosting, the small figure begins to kneel to the ground from the increased pressure.

>??? 2: Activating simulation now.
>??? 1: What good are these readings going to be is the subject can't-
>??? 2: Every bit of data will be something to present Nanai's division.

Multiple green disk-shapes begin to whirl across the blackened room, while a timer activates above the small figure.

>??? 3: Subject is no longer attempting to move.
>??? 1: Shut it down and scan for any signs of muscular damage. The hell is wrong with you?
>??? 2: Maintain it until the timer has finished.
>??? 1: What good is the data if-

Breathing deeply, the figure begins to move their gravity bound body, swinging their hands carefully to catch the holographic shapes as they whirl around them.

>??? 2: You see? Just a bit of stress testing.

With only ten seconds left, the figure looks to the remaining shapes which have bounced their way to an edge of the room. Taking another deep breath, they push forward, releasing strained grunts as they twist their body to try and take hold of the remaining shapes in a single pass. Leaping forward, they take hold of two of the shapes, while the third one slips by their fingers.

>??? 2: Times up. Disable the gravity boosters and-
>??? 1: Shut it all down! We are going beyond the listed limits for today!

Unlocking the simulation pod, the Shin Zeon researchers move to check on the subjects condition, with one of them pushing past the others to check.

>Researcher 1: Hey! Are you still conscious? Blast, are you people going to take all day?!
>Researcher 2: A bit paranoid today, ain't we? These results should be satisfactory to-
>Researcher 1: What good are results if we kill the-got it!

Releasing the upper layer of the mechanical suit, it begins to fold away from the individual inside, revealing a sweat drenched small child inside.

>Researcher 1: Come on! Give me a breath kid!

Free of the restraints her body, the small child begins to release a squeaky laugh.

>Lara: Again! Let me do it again!
>Researcher 1: Kid, your skins completely crimson! Your in no condition to-
>Lara: Docs! Did I win?
>Researcher 2: You were one off, but with the increase parameters, I would still say you did a good job lass.
>Lara: Yay!

Pulling herself from the suit, one of the researchers attempts to hold her, only for the girl to stumble forward, tripping out of the pod.

>Researcher 1: Your muscles must be completely strained! Come on, we have some water for you to-
>Lara: I did good, so I want something sweet!
>Researcher 1: Maybe at a later time, but you need to be hydrated for-

Feeling himself being nudged out of the way, the researcher stumbles aside as a short haired woman coated in bindings across her arm, legs and neck, lays next time Lara, planting her head to hers. As Lara releases a tired yawn from the activity, the girl at her side notices the small scratch from her fall, prompting her to begin licking the affected area.

>Lara: Zero, stop it! That's really gross!

While Lara is pampered by the bound girl, the other researchers begin to kneel as Lucy makes her way into the chamber alongside Ple-8 and Lero's broken body.

>Researcher 2: Lady Lucy? What do we owe the pleasure of-
>Lucy: There she is.

As Lucy and Ple-8 begins to approach Lara, the bound girl continues to nurse the small childs wound while Lara gently attempts to push her away. Noticing Lucy and her subordinate approaching, the small girl begins to wave towards them.

>Lara: Master Lucy!

Facing the two approaching figures, the bound girl rolls behind Lara, cowering behind her in terror.

>Lara: Everyone, tell her much of a good job I did! They made me work really~really~REALLY~hard today!
>Lucy: Is that so? Tell me, how well did she perform today?
>Researcher 2: Ma'am, her body was able to withstand over a time and half of Earth's normal gravity. At the rate she is developing, her body will be far above a normal humans within the next five years!
>Lucy:...Have you been forgetting to discipline your pet again? Haven't I told you what a dog will do if it senses weakness?
>Lara: B-but she was-
>Lucy: It will not be personal. It will just be instinct. That instinct must be properly tamed...understand?

Lucy weakly nods as she moves to face the bound girl, placing her hand to her cheek.

>Lara: When I say stop...you need to stop!

Slapping the bound girl against her cheek, Lara stops herself from reaching towards her as the bound girl lowers her head to the child in submission.

>Lara: Master, she learned her lesson. When I give an order, she will listen from now on-
>Lucy: An animal can also sense when you hold back. It will remember than when it turns on you. Go on Eight...accept your punishment.

Ple-8 extends her hand to the bound girl, causing the binds across her body to begin emitting an electrical shock. Crying out in pain, Eight grows wobbly as she falls to her kneels while keeping her hand extended to the bound victim.

>Eight: Master...I...!
>Lucy: That should suffice. Even with this display of hers...I did come here to give that creature a reward.

Extending Lero's body to the two, Lara looks at it curiously while the bound girl curls her body up defensively.

>Lara: Huh? What is that? Is that a boy? Why is he so small?
>Lucy: Its just a broken toy. Something for your pet to play with when it is being good.
>Lara: A toy? Hey, Zero! Zerooo! Look~look! She got you something!
>Lucy: Now, we need to have a few repairs made to it, but after that...she can do whatever she likes with it.

Slightly uncurling her body, the bound girl attempts to look towards Lero, only to look away with Ple-8 being in her field of vision.

>Lucy: You are finished here Eight.
>Ple-8: Thank you...master.

As Ple-8 leaves the room, the bound girl gathers the courage to look forward, looking over Lero's body curiously.

>Lara: Can I play with it?
>Lucy: You would lower yourself to enjoying something fit for an animals enjoyment?
>Lara: Well...I have a good imagination!

Lara playfully taps herself on the side of the head, while Lucy scoffs at the girls motion.

>Lucy: Do as you would like. This creature is yours, after all.

As Lucy leaves with Lero in her arms, Lara waits for her master to leave their sight before gently patting the bound girl's head.

>Lara: You have to stop when I tell you. I don't like to hit you...

Fighting away a flow of tears in her eyes, the bound girl nods as she lays beside Lara's small frame. His mind barely functioning, Lero begins to drift off, before being forced to focus again by his captor.

>Lucy: You should still be capable of speech. From this day forward, you will be little more than a plaything for them. My previous offer still stands...though the rules have changed.
>Lucy: That creature I have given you to? If you can kill it, then I will have every resource at my disposal used to repair you. Otherwise...I wonder how long until it takes out its frustrations on you? Hee~hee~hee...

With the remnants of Zeon and Axis's forces being brought under a single banner once again, Sid's vessel moves to join with the Dirge as part of their Alliance. As they make their way to rally with their new allies, Sid is forced to have her subordinate and Lero's trusted guardian forced into detainment.

>Daggit: Captain Lero!! Let me loose!! They will all pay for the Captain!!

Sealing him into the brig of the Papua, Sid and Makavoi make their way for the docking section of the Papua.

>Makavoi:...Sidney, was it?
>Sid: Just Sid, love.
>Makavoi: Do you know anything about cats? T-this one just ran to me and I could not just leave it back there-
>Sid: Sorry to say, but there is nothing I can do that poor thing.
>Makavoi: I-i see.

Arriving at the docking section, Sid prepares to meet with Soun and her escorts, only to overhear part of her staff speaking about Lero.

>Sid subordinate 1: He had it coming. After everything the mistress did for him, that crippled freak never did anything but nay say her.
>Sid subordinate 2: He pulled us out of a lot of situations though! I know he could be harsh, but the mother trusted in his-
>Sid subordinate 1: We did just fine before he wormed his way into that position! I bet once they got rid of him, the mistress was able to set all of this up! Good riddance to-

Her usually calm and loving expression falling, Sid breaks away from Makavoi and begins making her way towards her two subordinates.

>Sid subordinate 1: Mistress Destinee, your work was nothing short of brilliant in gaining us these new-

Sid slaps her subordinate, shocking him as he taps the edge of the impacted area.

>Sid subordinate 1:...Momma, why?! Did I do something wrong?!
>Sid: You should be ashamed of yourself. To look at Lero like...to treat any of your comrades like that...you are disgusting!
>Sid subordinate 1: M-momma! I didn't mean it! Please, tell me you'll forgive me! I really am-
File: Soun.png (2.07 MB, 4000x4000)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG

Slapping away her subordinates hands as he tries to reach for her, the man rushes away, his spirit crushed from his mistress's complete rejection of him. Shivering, her other subordinate attempts to comfort her, only to be gently pushed away.

>Sid:...You are far kinder, but now is not the time, my love. Continue your duties...

Moving back towards Makavoi, the Dirge's officer appears concerned by her behavior.

>Makavoi: Could I offer you my coat? The choice in attire feels...questionable.
>Sid: That is generous, but I feel it only constricts my love.

Finally making contact with the Dirge, Sid and her core staff take positions as Soun is escorted by a security unit of disinterested soldiers. Catching sight of Sid, Soun covers her eyes in embarrassment.

>Soun: Have you no shame?! Put something on!
>Sid: My apologies, lady Deire. This is simply part of the culture of this vessel.
>Soun: W-well as the leader of this new alliance, I want you to cover yourself...huh? What is that in your arms, Makavoi?

Looking down towards the sleeping Persian cat in his arms, Makavoi breathes in as he prepares to explain the situation.

>Makavoi: My lady, I will have it taken care of as soon possible. You see-
>Sid: Do you like it?
>Makavoi: Huh?

Sliding past her security detail, Soun childishly prances towards her subordinate. Looking at the cat in his arms, she takes hold of it, her eyes growing starry.

>Sid: Consider it a gift from our forces.
>Soun: Hm? Oh-well this is-...hmph, I see you understand a proper tribute is in order then! From this day forward, I expect all of you to serve the Deire family name with honor!
>Dirge staff 1: Deire family...my ass...
>Sid: Lady Deire, might I offer a suggestion as part of our absorption into your glorious force?
>Soun: Glorious-of course its glorious! Seeing as you understand your place, I will hear your-
>Sid: As the new Captain of your vessel, have you considered christening it with a name of your choosing?
Yeah, this is definitely a dysfunctional Legion of Doom if I ever saw one.
Even if nobody's asking for pants.
File: notoysallowed.png (1.07 MB, 1134x745)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG

Will pic related be possible? Is it too late for Maryanna? What of Toomoe?

>Dirge staff 2: That would be nothing short of wiping away the legacy of the previous Captain!
>Soun:...Just for that, I think it sounds like a wonderful idea.
>Dirge staff 2: Tch...!
>Soun: A name worthy of representing our unification...something like-ow!

Stepping away, Soun begins to wince in pain while keeping the Persian cat safely cradled in her arms.

>Sid: My lady, is something the matter? Are you well?
>Soun: Of course I am! What kind of weakling to do you take me-ow!

Makavoi takes hold of Soun as she becomes increasingly wobbly, only for her to break away from him with an amused look across her face.

>Sid: What a beautiful name. One only someone as wonderful as you could imagine.
>Soun:Huh? T-thank you...I mean, its a great name, so naturally you should think it sounds good.
>Sid: You are very welcome, my little love.
>Soun:...I don't want you to call me that.
>Sid: Of course, Lady Deire.
>Soun:...Makavoi, I believe you can deal with the remaining details here? I have other duties to attend to as Captain.
>Makavoi: I shall do as you ask my Lady, but might I ask what you need to-
>Soun: I just expect you to follow your order. Now do it.

Soun begins to make her return to the Deisre, only to turn back towards Sid as she prepares to move behind her security. Locking eyes with her new ally, Sid smiles towards her as she give the young Captain an affectionate look. Blushing, Soun pushes past her security and makes her way back to her quarters. Locking herself inside, she begins to cuddle with the cat in her arms, rubbing her face against its fur. Finishing negotiations with Makavoi, the staff of the Desire begin to make their return as supplies are exchanged between one another.

>Sid: (Such an open little girl. One that is screaming for me to save her. Lero...I will be back soon. I will make your dream a reality...so that you can join mine. Just you, me...and all of the children.)
I'm glad someone remembers my shitpost
It's still funny to me how Bask died this run, with Jamitov nuking him (along with Jaburo) so he couldn't interfere with Bright's ascension.
This entire Neo Zeon Remnant scenario feels less like one and more like a convention of mad men (and women). A lot of these characters are not right in the head, to put it mildly.
But they're all undoubtedly very dangerous individuals, who knows what horrid acts they'll be able to commit. At the very least though they'll take the Federations focus away from Earth, allowing Glemy and his group to act with more impunity.
Most of them are shitposts and parodies played straight so that's really putting it mildly. It doesn't help that [Bright] for all his faults was pretty thorough in wiping out the sane ones so only the freaks areleft.
Copy likes
>edgy stuff
>characters dying
>bad things happening to stupid people
>MSV, which is shitposts
and this has all of the above.
With the way the game fucks with Copy X on the random, unpredictable stuff, I half expect the former Hizack now Zeta Plus grunts to be the ones that eventually kill Lucy.

That, or Yazan shows her precisely why Oldtypes shouldn't be underestimated.

>Nanai: In total, our forces now have seventy-eight Mobile Suits and thirteen combat capable vessels in total from the collected fleets. This also includes the Sadalahn-class that had just finished production from Admiral Karamere's forces contribution.
>Lucy: They will make for satisfactory pawns. Have you finished work on my Mobile Suit yet? I tire of these pitiful political affairs. The Oldtypes can play those games until we have been victorious.
>Nanai:...The new replacement for the Psychommu system is being implemented now. It still requires additional testing, but it should be-
>Lucy: I expect it to be an extension of my body.
>Nanai: If I must be punished for my earlier display, that could delay its completion.
>Lucy:...Hm~hm~hm, you clever little snipe. Go on, pour your heart and soul into it. Perhaps I may even forgive you if I am impressed enough by it.
>Nanai: I take it the pheromones that were deployed were to your liking?
>Lucy: Prepare additional canisters of them for me. The apes bodies and even that dying Newtype were like straw.
>Nanai: It shall be done...would you accept placing the girl under my supervision?
>Lucy: The fake Haman? I'll make that one dance as I need her to.
>Nanai: Molding someone like that through fear will only create a liability rather than an asset. Her reputation alone will serve you well, if she is utilized correctly-
>Lucy: She would be rather useful in creating an army to turn against me, wouldn't she? Hee~hee~hee...fine, you can use her as you see fit. Have her serve me or try your hand at stealing my power away. If you fail, i'll make my apprentice despise you.
>Nanai:...She means little to me.
>Lucy: Of course she does, Na~nai. Make sure the limbless one is modified into a proper plaything for them, would you?

Leaving Nanai to her work, Lucy returns to her private chamber within the Garden of Thorns as the recently rallied remnants begin to mass at the hidden facility.
File: Wolfgang.jpg (131 KB, 850x527)
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131 KB JPG
F for my man Wolfgang.

We lost two real ones...
It's going to get even worse, most of these Shin Zeon OCs are undoubtedly going to die horribly. With either the Federation forces exterminating then, or Glemy's group killing them.
Titans were right.
What's this about pheromones?
Remember the Titans went out with a whimper not a bang. The Federation grew so ruthless and ravenous that the Titans were simply devoured and absorbed back into the parent organization.
>Remember the Titans
I never saw that movie.
I dunno, Bask got a nuclear bang. Some get the firecracker, some get the party popper. Jamaican got the not dead but shitty life end of things, while Yazan was in prison.

Pleased at the results of her plan, Lucy prepares to begin training in private, only to stop herself as a light on the outskirts of the Garden of Thorns can be seen rapidly shifting positions. Taking a seat on her quarters throne, Lucy prepares a communications request to an encrypted line. As the request continues to pend, Lucy looks back towards the light as it begins to draw further away from the secluded facility.

>???: Your confidence is astounding. It's almost as if you are taunting the Federation by making yourself so openly known.
>Lucy: Based on the sound of that annoying voice, it sounds like you are laughing at me. I will remember that.
>???: Just an observation, Lucy Genocider. I take it the resources and staff that were donated have been serving your interest?
>Lucy: The False-Gundam. His games have begun to bore me, and I intend to end them once my Zaku is completed.
>???: Yeh~yeh~yeh...there is little I can do to aid you with that pilot. He simply is just a mercenary, after all.
>Lucy: And yet the others you claim to be simple apes for hire bend so easily? If that how you feel, you should have no issues with me testing my strength against that man-
>???: Are you aware of the incident at Shangri-la? It appears to have been completely wiped out by an apparent chemical weapons attack. The Federations Forces have capitalized on the situation, but the hollow colony is still completely-

Ending the communication, Lucy returns to exersizing while looking out towards the Gundam-type, only to find it's light ceasing.

>Lucy: To be servile to such a pathetic creature...what will I find under that mask you hide your power behind, "Shin"?

Watching the now empty screen, a small, sickly man grins to himself. Kneeling at the man's feet, a pink-haired figure keeps their head lowered to him.

>Pink haired figure: D-do you think he is in any danger? That girl seems really scary-
>???: Does she scare you?
Now that I think about it, almost all of the Titans in leadership positions got screwed over hard. Bask, Jamitov, Kamille, Jerid all were killed horribly. Jamaican became a literal clown, Ben Wooder turned to piracy along with Cima, while Gates Capa was transmuted into weird sludge. Brave Cod was forcefully converted into a cyber newtype, Josh Offshore is stuck with a gaggle of newtypes wandering the earth because his family were deeproots members.

The only exceptions to this are Tosh and Yazan. Tosh is living out his wildest dreams terraforming Mars, while Yazan returned to his PMC roots.
Still a better fate than the federation leadership who mostly got purged by Bright.

>Pink haired figure:...I am truly sorry for speaking my mind.
>???: Fweh...what a spoiled creature. "Shin" will do as it desires, so stop wasting your thoughts on them.

Extending his hand to the figure, they begin to affectionatly kiss the man's scaly knuckle as he scoffs at the gesture.

>???: I have to wonder how the Federation will react to this...if they even will at all. Tell me Airam, do you find the Earth to be beautiful?

Activating an image of the Earth, the figure looks towards it, their crimson eyes glowing towards the blue planet. Lowering their head again, Airam returns her head to the small man's hand.

>Airam: Only you are beautiful in this world...master Zoggman...!
>Rook: Reduced to begging, are we?
>Airam: That awful planet...it has only spoiled mankind. It has...m-made them-
>Rook: Leave me, will you? I can tell you are not even capable of groveling properly. Be gone!

Departing from the small man's chamber, Airam curls themself by Rooks chamber door.

>Ghirico: Now, what good is a face like that? We are about to enter the show, so you should be movin to the beat, rather than hiding behind the stage! C'mon missy, let's see a smile!

Refusing to look at Ghirico, Airam quietly cries, desperately waiting to be given guidance by Rook.

>Airam: Earth...please don't be mean to me...!
>Extending his hand to the figure, they begin to affectionatly kiss the man's scaly knuckle as he scoffs at the gesture.
Is /ms/v jupiter literally run by reptilians?
So did we make the right choice not having Bernie side with him? Or is being held captive and by Tem the worse outcome?
Honestly I have no idea, Bernie could be spending his days living in a cell, or right now he's suffering a fate worse then death as an experiment.
I meant morally. Which is worse, Amuro's crazy dad who may or may not have multiversal knowledge, or the dysfunctional organization funded by a creep from Jupiter and run by an insane bitch?
Because it seems to me like we were choosing who to aid between those two when we did the thing, and it's a possibility that either group might force him into being a pilot for them, or something like that.

>Sadalahn staff: Colonel, I understand your reasoning for this, but to hand these resources over without any sort of negotiation seems-
>Lyle: Every resource is priceless at this point. I have my doubts, but a unification, no matter how fragile it may be...it is our last chance to push for our independence. The late Admiral and many of the other remnants allowed themselves to lose sight of our cause in favor of their own petty feuds.
>Sadalahn staff: Forcing them to work under the threat of annihilation though-
>Lyle: It is far from ideal, but we have little choice in this. True to their word, they are capable of resupplying us. Times of great uncertainty and change are known to force those thought to be unremarkable to fully utilize their talents. I can only hope whoever is leading Shin Zeon's forces is able to understand our situation...

While Soun's forces continue to trade resources with their new partner vessel, Sid cough's into her sink, her lungs burning with every breath as she attempts to remain standing. Finally catching a moment to properly breath, Sid washes away a puddle of red mucus at the mouth of the sink. Taking a deep breath, Sid opens the door only to find her leg being grappled by a young girl, not a day older than six.

>Child: Are you sick? I don't like when my nose gets all runny either!
>Sid: Oh, Mommy just had a long day today. So many new friends are going to be coming to join us on-

Her heart slowing, Sid looks at the tiny childs body as the little girl lovingly motions to be held.

>Sid: Y-you finally called me mommy...!
>Child: I want to help more! Mommy...mommy can't work to hard! She has been to nice to us!
>Sid: I...n-no little one, I can't let you-
>Child: Please! Your...my real mommy! I want to help out, just like all of the others did! I want to go to where they did!

Breathing deeply, Sid kneels to the tiny child, moving her into her arms as the girl pecks rapid kisses against her cheek.

>Sid:...Asu? Did you ever get to meet Lero Marq?
>Child: Wee~ro? Um...oh, mister Stumps!
>Sid: Ara...that is not a nice name to call him.
>Child: Its not? I'm sorry Mommy, but-
>Sid: If you could be with me forever...would you let him be your papa?
>Child:...Mommy, do you like Wee~ro?
>Sid: I love everyone here, but there are a few I...well, it's a special kind of love. The kind where you are attached to someone forever.
>Child: Do you like him that way? Do you like me that way, Mommy?
>Sid:...Absolutely. If we could go away to a place where we could all be together forever, would you be alright with Lero coming with us?
>Child: Um...hm...If you like him that much, then he must be a really nice person! He can come! Yep, yep!

Looking at the recent child brought onto her crew sleeping peacefully in the child-friendly chamber of the ship, Sid holds the girl close to her chest as she begins to leave the room.

>Child: Mommy? Where are we going?
>Sid: To a special place. A place only the ones I love the most get to see.
>Child:...Mommy, you have something on your lip.

Reaching to Sid's lip, the child wipes away a small red stain still on her lip.

>Child:...Mommy, are you-
>Sid: What a clever child you are, seeing that lipstick I forgot to remove.

Kissing the childs forehead, they lay back lazily in Sids arms.

>Sid: (Take them away from here...take them to that place. Just me...and them...and Lero-)
>Sid staff: Mistress?

Finding herself back on the bridge of her vessel, she and her staff watch as Lucy calls for the remnants to prepare for battle, as Shin Zeon will prove itself in a decisive blow to finally show the Federation their return. Calling for a hail, Sid's crew remains silent while the screen shows many of the remnants at the ceremony releasing a lukewarm cheer.
File: 1659483467585.png (1.12 MB, 4000x4000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
You know, we dodged a fucking missile by having Zeon refuse to meet with Lucy and her group

>Nero pilot: Can you confirm their numbers?
>EWAC Nero pilot: Colonel Mazelock will never believe this. The bastards are actually rallying together...
>Nero pilot: You think the other garrisons know? All of these reactor signals being active-
>EWAC Nero: They may as well be completely blind at this point. All the better though, right? The image data is barely worth a crap, but he should be able to use it for-

A muffled screech shakes the EWAC Nero's pilot, forcing his attention back to his monitor as his comrades Nero's limbs are ripped away. Slamming into the disabled machine, Shin Zeon's Gundam-type impales its cockpit with its bladed INCOMs.

>EWAC Nero: The Hell is that?! How did I not see it before?!

As the Gundam-type turns its head to face the EWAC Nero, it's pilot hastily records what area data he can as he prepares to fire off a pod with its contents into space. As it ejects from the Nero's frame, the Mobile Suit's head is ripped away, along with the pod being held in place by the bladed INCOM's.

>EWAC Nero pilot: Damn it, no! How could these remnants have...was it the Lunar Forces?! Have they turned on us?!

Activating his machine's backup monitor, the EWAC Nero's pilot finds his attacker floating before him. Before he can properly react, his cockpit flap is ripped away, with him being yanked out from his seat by the Gundam-type's hand. Mortified by the devilish machine before him, the pilot begins to plead.

>EWAC Nero pilot: I will comply! T-that pod contains data on this combat zone, but I can tell your forces whatever they want to know about the surrounding colonies! You people are massing for an offensive, right?! Even with your numbers, the Federation have you completely outgunned! I-i can give you their formations! Weaknesses in their defensive grids! Just don't-

The bladed INCOM releases the data pod, allowing it drift towards Federal controlled space.
Yeah its one of the few things going well for us in this clusterfuck of epilogues and interludes. If all goes well we can hopefully use Zeon to create a split in Shin Zeon.

I guess Shin and Rook are playing both sides so Jupiter can come out on top. It's better than them exclusively supporting Lucy though.
I'm simultaneously disappointed and relieved that he wasn't there. Also, isn't Zeon like an anti new type weapon?

>EWAC Nero: Your...letting it go? Wait, are you...Genspenst! Can't you see we are allies?! Who's unit are you with?! Poison?! That animal Vanderslant?! If you off me, the Colonel will never let you-

The bladed INCOM lays itself gently onto the pilots helmet, transmitting a signal to his helmets comms.

>Transmission: "Hail, Shin Zeon!! Sieg! Sieg,sieg,sieg,sieg-"
>EWAC Nero Pilot: W-what is-

Retracting from the pilot, the Gundam-type looks to the bladed INCOM for a moment, before it's bladed tip begins to glow white from heat. Slowly approaching the restrained pilot, a ghastly screech of desperation floods through the Gundam-type's cockpit as his body is slowly flayed from within his suit.

>Gundam-type pilot:...Let them all come. Until the very end.

[End of interlude 4]
>isn't Zeon like an anti new type weapon?
Can somebody explain this?
Sounds interesting if true.
He can give strokes to newtypes within close range. Dunno how useful that would be in MS combat or against Lucy though, he only used it like once against some grunt that just happened to be newtype and couldn't do anything against a complete oldtype like Melanie.
So potentially useful, but not something to rely on, got it.
Now that the interludes are over we need to start thinking somemore about how we'll have Glemy conduct himself, especially since he's going to be a negotiator of sorts. And plans and outlines too, like what allies to try and go after and recruit, such as Mashy or Yazan.
>Glemy's conduct
Bright was extremely successful despite going insane, I think it's a good idea to follow his blend of moralfagging and Machiavellianism as long as Glemy doesn't lose himself to the hunger like Bright did.
Just get a girlfriend for Glemy asap. So long as the si/m/ps are satisfied the run should be smooth sailing. As for allies, we should try to work with all the lawful or neutral characters like Mashy, Zeon or Josh before going for the full chaos characrters and factions. If we can get enough allies we dont have to work with the likes of Lucy or Tem. If we don't then I guess we're forced to go the Neo Alliance route and pray that we can backstab them first before they do.
Well Glemy's age by U.C. 0094 will be about 23-24, so finding him a lover might be a little hard. Elpeo Ple and her clones would all be about 16. Quess Paraya is only 14 so she's off limits. However Leina Ashta (Judau's sister) would be 17 so that's more acceptable, but she'd need to be saved. All this means that Glemy might have to start looking into woman who are in there 30s or maybe some of the OCs.

Also it's important to remember that whoever Glemy gets close with, he will adopt their ideology or at least some bits of it. Bright adopted the ideologies of Tosh Cray and Jamitov Hymen once he allied with them, so it may happen again with our new player character.
Loving the story so far.
>Just get a girlfriend for Glemy asap. So long as the si/m/ps are satisfied the run should be smooth sailing.
Priority #1 set I guess.
the question is with whom.
what other female characters are left?
The closest females that are already in the Ashes are Beltorchika and Rin. The former is only 4 years older than Glemy, she'd make for a decent gf. The latter is around the same age and a fellow newtype, but she comes with a love triangle with Yu so the risk of Glemy turning into Bright after getting cucked by Yu is pretty high.
>tfw this entire timeline happened due to being a willing cuck

i blame one person with an NTR fetish that then decided to convince people to go with it solely because of bandwagoning hathaway hate.
If you put it that way the only way to salvage this timeline is to turn Glemy into a bull. Emary's still alive right? We should get Glemy to seduce her.

With all of the interludes now completed, I have begun work on building the scenario and having all of the planned characters added/restatted. Estimated time until it's completion is expected to be about two to three weeks, but I will answer any questions that I can regarding anything any anons may be curious about going forward [This does not include details for part 3, since those will be explored during proper gameplay] along with certain other details.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and I thank you all once again for participating.
How much will the point of view change in part 3? Will it be like in part 1 where we mainly stuck with Bright and his choices, but every once in a while we made a decision with another character? Or will it be like part 2 were we jumped around a lot, making a big choice as Bright, then moving to a character like Kamille, before returning to the former?

Essentially what I'm trying to ask is will we mainly be playing as Glemy, or will we get to make a lot of choices as other characters?

Focus will be primarily on Glemy, with certain groups within Shin Zeon having some decisions. Ashes/Shin Zeon will be under the same faction umbrella at the games start.
Unrelated, but what characters do you obtain over the course of the AEUG Quattro campaign?

Everything you would ever want to know and more can be found here. Enjoy.


Also if you are not satisfied with that pilot list and are using PPSSPP to emulate it, here is a link to where the codes you can use to add anyone to any faction.

Are you

You get the ZZ cast after turn 50 if your law is high enough (you get a yes/no decision; picking yes gets them and earns a couple chaos points).
If you get too chaotic Kamille and Amuro leave and you'll eventually get CCA Neo Zeon characters.
Thanx Copy

Surprisingly no. I was just curious about the unlockable factions and Quattro’s AEUG specifically. Weirdly coincidental.
Will Mars be a big part of the story? I'm asking because a lot of people were speculating about it. Because two epilogues involved venturing to it, and Elle mentioned "Mars Colonies" in the interlude she was in.

Can not confirm how much it will be included. The least I can say is, "It has a part to play."
I have some doubts about Glemmy being a negotiator instead of an ace pilot-as Matt said, it might break him after multiple attempts of trying and failing to reason with everyone under the sun.
That response is making me guess that Mars will be a big plot point in Part 3, especially if it has a part to play in the intricate story that's being crafted. I'll try not to go crazy speculating about it.
Well that's why we should be conservative with who Glemy negotiates with. When it comes to former Federation or Titans groups, we can play nice and get close due to similar beliefs and views. But when it comes to Zeonic remnants or pirates, we negotiate from a position of strength and keep them at arms length.
Aside from the existing integrated /m/sv characters, will we be seeing any other familiar faces? A lot of fun was had last year and I'm sure myself and others would love to see some of the faces of the Desert Crusade/Aranos Base crew come in to face off against De Guille.

There are definitely more /m/sv characters that will be appearing, some as playable characters and others as background story elements.
File: Shinnn.png (2.78 MB, 4000x4000)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG
The Shin Zeon mercenary and pilot of the unknown "Gundam-type", going by the name "Shinnn"
On a similar note, are modified units going to play a big role? Said modified units could be machines from /m/SV, or stuff from spinoffs made after the game originally released like the Varguil or Dag Doll.

Unfortunately that is outside of my abilities. Some stat alteration can be done, but the real heavy lifting when it came to editing models portraits for units was Translators talent. Perhaps one day it will become common knowledge among the community how to do it, just not today.

Luckily characters themselves can be edited with moderate ease at this point. From their model to just about every aspect of their stats, I can alter those. Hell, I can mostly alter territory values and the ability for bases to produce or not [Still am working to try and figure out how to have regular territories capable of production, along with changing territory textures.]
That's what I was thinking when it came to modded units, mainly stat alterations to something existing and renaming it. I'm pretty sure no one would mind that either, especially since your so good at creatiing visuals through words alone, all the epilogues and interludes are testament to that. Looking forward to those other modifications too, like the characters, and espcially the territories I'm sure they'll go a long way in making Part 3 very interesting.
Guy or girl?
Or is that a secret too?
Copy X, just wanted to say that the Ide runs and occasional references thereafter made me want to watch Ideon myself. Got the blu ray pack, and... yeah, you were not exaggerating it one bit, especially with how the movie turned out. Holy fuck that changed my perspective.

It's a horrifying thing of beauty. And we keep tempting it with the goddamn psycho Gundam line.
The Psycho Gundam hasn't been tempted to much, it wasn't mass produced and it was never at any important event. It got nuked when Kamille has his little mission, and Kenneth never used the Mk-II in any battles

Happy to see I was able to convince some folks to go out and try Ideon. That Blu Ray pack must have set you back a good chunk of change these days though, given how they are out of print.

I was considering doing a similar run after the Ideon run was finished, but I never got around to completing the replacement model for it. [Radiant Silvergundam] was the planned run. Similar entity to the Ideon was in that storyline.
Yeah the handling of the psycho this run was impeccable. If anything is going to become the Ide, it's whatever the fuck [ZEON] is. It's only getting stronger and stronger ever since we refused to seal it within Amuro and it's latched onto the worst possible host in SHINNN.
Actually the spirit of [ZEON] latching onto SHINNN is probably the best case scenario. For said host is simply being used as a weapon by Shin Zeon and Lucy, and doesn't have any influence over it's organization. Imagine if [ZEON]'s host was Garma or goddamn Nettri of all people, they have the actual capacity to lead and inspire people, just like Gato. We'd have a ticking time bomb on our hands, who knows when they'd start their crusade to purge the Earth and the Federation. So it's actually pretty good that [ZEON] is inside SHINNN, we know exactly where it is.

Also Garma and others being free from the influence of [ZEON] means that Glemy can potentially befriend and/or recruit them. We also need to figure out Glemy's goal since he's going to be a leader of sorts. Does he want to return the Federation back to what it used to be? Completely reform it? Destroy it and build something new in it's place?
I was in favor of a Zabist monarchy under Glemy or Garma but that turned out to be a horrible idea after seeing Shin Zeon. The Ashes are still a crappy alternative with all the Deeproots survivors in it but it's better than giving absolute power to an aristocracy of psychotic /m/sv ocs.
>I was in favor of a Zabist monarchy under Glemy or Garma but that turned out to be a horrible idea after seeing Shin Zeon.
I'm completely seeing Glemy as succesor to [Bright] as a result of this weird characters
So I guess we'll be aiming for some form of Federation restoration or reformation then? The Federation ashes that are around should have the ability to at least do that. Since there's lots of vets like Henken and Yuu, who remember what the Federation used to be like and know what to strive for. Lots of children who grew up with this rough totalitarian federation, and want something different. And the Deeproots remnants like Josh are incredibly few in number (Bright's fanatics were incredibly thorough), and won't have the ability to screw things up.
More than likely, though, is that another deeproots group will form. Maybe not right away, but certainly in a generation or two. We’re in so deep right now that I’m no sure what the best course of action is. At this point, the universe might be better off getting reset by the Ideon or the Turn A Gundam.
A simple restoration won't solve anything, we should at the very least go for a thorough reformation that gives more representation to the Sides so they stop chimping out and genociding earthnoids.
That said, UC politicians and senators are pretty awful. I still remember that one politician that was glad Haman was dropping a colony on Dublin since that means less mouths to feed. It won't belong before the federation rots again and continues the eternal cycle of federal oppression and spacenoid chimp outs.
I think it's better if we restore the federation and either go the Scirocco route and rule the new federation behind a puppet, go the Jamitov route and control it with a private army, or go the [Bright] route and become dictator. A sane [Bright] is the only way to solve this timeline's problems due to how awful everyone in that timeline is.
Why not just have Glemy create the next deeproots group himself? That way we can ensure the group itself is a positive and seeks to better mankind as a whole, not just hold onto power and slowly rot away. We could even have rules to ensure it stays this way in the future, like having every core member needing to serve in the military or something.
You know what why not have Glemy have his deeproots group be public? How about we have Glemy essentially create Gjallerhorn from IBO? Though it certainly wouldn't be called that.

Also we might be able to name Glemy's group when the run truly starts, since I'm pretty sure "Ashes of the Federation" is just a moniker to describe a wide group of people. And if we do indeed get to name Glemy's group I say we either go for "Karaba" or "Marty", for obvious reasons.
Mafty not Marty*
No, we call it Marty!
Glemy going Zabist seems like a real bad idea to me, as it would underscore the narrative that the only people who oppose [Bright] are Zeon stooges. The Zabi triumvirate of Garma, Glemy, and Zeon is tempting, but I can't help but feel it'd be a betrayal to our ex-feddie allies.
Yeah I agree going open ala Gjallarhorn is better than keeping it secret. However, the problem with going public is whether or not the Ashes will accept it. If we were running Shin Zeon or a spacenoid centric group there wouldn't be any problems declaring an aristocracy openly but we're stuck with a federation remnant group. There's a good chance most of the lawful Ashes who would've been good nobles will rebel while we're stuck with the chaotic Gopp or Elran types who just want power.
We could always focus more on the military force and peacekeeping aspects of it, and just not have a Seven Stars equivalent. Alternatively we could just have the equivalent simply being generals of seperate fleets or something, that wouldn't unnerve any Ashes.
Since the Federations mainline mobile suits seem to be GM IIIs and Neros, think Glemy will get to choose between Jegans and Geara Dogas later? Of course his group would be manufacturing these once they get the resources and facilities, but I imagine Glemy will get final say in which designs are chosen.
Honestly I doubt we'll get the choice. Ashes seems like the least supplied so we're gonna rely on old or stolen suits or potentially Shin Zeon to supply us if we play nice, which we probably shouldn't. So I imagine old/stolen suits and Geara Dogas before we get the ability to manufacture for ourselves, after which we'll probably pivot to Jegans. I'd ideally like a mix of everything for aesthetic reasons, though
Progress has been moving along smoothly. Some notes to drop based on the work done so far.

>Nameplates for characters have been removed so that overlayed characters will not have the replaced characters Kanji on them.

>Enemy faction aggression can be increased or decreased based on decisions made.

>Sides 1, 2, 4 and 5 have been completely disarmed and are unable to produce units. Side 3 has also had its capability to produce removed, but it can be re enabled by decisions made in the campaign.

>Jaburo is no longer capable of production and its value has been drastically reduced. Other bases on Earth have had increased value added to them.

>Base game law/chaos value has been disabled. Factor can only be increased or decreased by decisions made by /m/. Benefits/cons exist for (Law/Neutrality/Chaos)

>Factions will start with a limit pool of producable units, but technology will be randomly offered by third-party groups. Most tech trees available to Ashes/Shin Zeon. Theft rate on technology can be increased or decreased based on decisions made.

Thank you all again and hope to have the campaign ready by months end.
Managing that enemy aggression is going to be a big part of the campaign isn't. For example we wouldn't want the manhunters to send the hammer down on us while we're building our forces, or get annihilated by the colony laser as soon as we reach space.
I would assume this would also apply to showing up on Shin Zeon's radar as well, as Lucy wants to unify as much of the anti-[Bright] factions as possible, and not answering her call could piss her off and just send someone after us
This run is going to be a mess then. We had similar mechanics for the Hathaway run and we bungled that one pretty badly.
Lucy wants to unite all the zeon remnants under her banner, so she'll probably leave the Ashes of the federation alone. Though due to difference in ideology we may end up in open conflict with them eventually.
Better bring up a link to that run then, so we can all read it and figure out what not to do.

Also in general when the run starts, we should focus on conducting secretive operations, that are either under the manhunters radar or can't be traced back to Glemy and his group. Those submarines are definitely going to be important for those kind of missions, so expanding our fleet and getting new models is going to be important in the early stages of the run (hopefully the submarines could be modded to have higher health or something though).
The problem with the Hathaway thread wasn’t us managing enemy aggression, it was the fact that nobody had actually read the fucking book
File: 1649325949720.png (186 KB, 623x443)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
i just want a good ending for my boy Brave.
He didn't deserve what you morons did to him.
If he's your bog standard psycho cyber newtype I don't think there's much we could do for him, unfortunately.
File: 1607223566058.png (1.78 MB, 1183x1668)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Here you go:
This run is also likely the reason why /m/ voted to cuck Mirai from Bright and prevent Hathaway from being born so in a way it's the root of everything gone wrong in this run.

We did have one or two anons claiming to have read the book, they're the reason Hathaway got stranded in Australia and briefly become Musou Hathaway. They turned out to be speed readers in the end though considering we somehow voted Hathaway into following canon perfectly at Adelaide.

Hey I voted to just kill the poor bastard, I'm just confused as you are as to how anyone thought it was a good idea to hunger Brave.
If Glemy’s interim chapter is anything to go by, we’ll most definitely be stealing mobile suits. If we’re going to side with ANY Zeon cell, it should be the one with Johnny and Zeon Jr.. Their group seems like the most unhinged but that could all easily change.
That really comes down to whether or not Zeon still has aspirations of grandeur like he did when he was younger
The Zeon remnants in Africa would also be a good group to try and contact, since they're being led by Ramba Ral and Yonem Kirks. Kilimanjaro could also possibly be a good area to set up a manufacturing base, because last time we ever heard anything about the place was when Tosh and his forces raided it, so hopefully the Federation has no interest in it. And of course Mashy is with Ramba Ral's group and we'd certainly want him to meet Glemy, oh and there's the possibility that Beecha could be ran I to.
Be ran into*
He's living the life of a prince in exile with Johnny's group, his aspirations of grandeur are realistically bigger than ever.

Mashy would be a great asset but god help us all if he becomes a mentor for Glemy.
Glemy and Mashy would be about the same age by U.C.0094, with the former being 23 and the later being 25 (good God these characters are only in there early twenties). So they'd be equals more than anything, but Marshy could serve as a sort of warning to Glemy. A warning about what happens when you're too fanatical about your ideals, and how the world will drive you mad if you aren't careful.
this is still the Merciful Matt run right? when i last read he was trying to murder an entire apartment building to kill glemy i think.
Yes this is still the Merciful Matt run, in fact Matt is Glemy's mentor figure, having taught him everything he knows about fighting and piloting a MS.

I'd recommend catching up via the desuarchive links at the top of the thread.
File: Preview for [m].png (126 KB, 549x625)
126 KB
126 KB PNG

Progress has been smooth so far. Enjoy a preview of the new character content being delivered.
First time on /m/ in quite a long time, and... God DAMN, these threads are still going? You can't be the same Copy X... the last campaign I remember was a punished Titans Bright Noa... or something like that. I think it ended in total disaster.
Can you tell us what units Glemy's group will be able to produce, or what MS can we expect the Manhunters to use? It's okay if you can't, or want to keep it a surprise.
This is the final campaign, the claims of everything up until this point

It’s gonna be an even bigger disaster
I don't think things can get much worse than they are now, most of the Earth is a wasteland, the colonies are overcrowded and are completely demilitarized. For things to get worse than all that there'd have to be an absolutely apocalyptic situation, something so bad everyone's better off moving to Mars.
You're both pretty certain things won't work out.
It's not that I don't think things won't work out, it's just that we'll need to be extremely careful to avoid things getting worse. For example we'll need to focus on not fighting in farmlands or in cities, since they'll be essential for supporting the remaining civilian population. And in the early game we'll need to be extremely secretive with operations, so we don't incur the manhunters wrath, and so they don't step on the necks of bystanders.


In accordance with the new Senates regulations on manufacturing, most older designs have been completely phased out of construction. The GM III has been subsidized cost and manufcaturing wise to the point where it has become the main Mobile Suit used across Earth and space, though the Nemo-series is used in some area's and the remaining GM II's are assigned to backwater sectors. All mono-eye designs have been completely discontinued, including the Barzam-series and Hizacks, though some of them are used by special forces teams. The Zeta-Plus series were produced for the Man Hunter's exclusively, though their exorbitant cost has lead to the decision to have their production greatly limited. Depending on the state of the Federation economy and Senate decisions, their options will start to open back up again.

[Ashes/Shin Zeon]

Their production abilities will be limited to whatever is randomly stolen from enemy forces. The faction starts with a hodgepodge of scavenged tech, but are unable to produce it until it is stolen or research arrangements are made with groups like Anaheim's remnants. Technology capture pool can range from OYW tech to late Gryps.
>All mono-eye designs have been completely discontinued, including the Barzam-series and Hizacks
That says a lot about the Federations current politics and where there values now lie. Though I Imagine the alliance's massive use on mono-eye MS heavily effected that decision as well.
I just wanna say this, but when we gave Brave the HUNGER treatment, we didn't just cripple/tramautize him. We completely rejected his ideals, and forced him to be part of the one Bright adopted. Brave was forcibly turned into a cyber newtype, forced to become the thing he feared most of all. This is probably why we haven't heard anything about him, after he escaped, what's to become of a man who's identity was completely destroyed?
He got absorbed by the Psycho Gundam. I would say that destroyed him more than Bright.
That too, but Psycho Brave either got recaptured by the Feds, or somehow made it's way to Earth. Either scenario has horrid implications.
Yeah it's interesting how for all the power [Bright] wields he's still maintaining a facade of democracy like Palpatine or Augustus. I guess given how unpopular his manhunter policies are and the presence of federation remnants he can't just declare himself Emperor now even though he could've done so back at the peak of his popularity in the second war.
One thing to look forward to in the coming run, is the different settings that Glemy and his group will find themselves in. Like wandering the wastelands of Asia and Australia. Surveying the complete and utter desolation at Jaburo, riding the sand dunes of Africa. And of course sneaking around the few remaining cities on Earth like New Yark.
File: Preview for [m] 2.png (107 KB, 572x626)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
A small question regarding the Ashes of the Federation, does that name only refer to Glemy's group, or does it refer to all the Federation remnant groups on Earth?
Looks great.
Oh fuck I left for a while and didn't know the /m/sv games had even happened at all

Did IZak ever show up?
I remember reading about a potential route in one of the Gihrens greed games, in which you play as Char and succeed in the Axis Drop, and then you can convince a mentally fucked up Amuro to join you in reuniting the remnants afterward or something.
I can't even remember if that's legit but I figured you guys would know


[CCA Perfect end]

Goes into everything you would want to know on the subject.
File: Preview for [m] 3.png (115 KB, 566x633)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Not yet but we still have 2 parts to go
Are Loni and other Unicorn characters in this version of Gihren’s Greed or were they edited in?
Pretty sure Unicorn wouldn't have existed until a good 5 or so years after this particular one came out. It's really insane to think about how the UC has practically doubled in expanded material since these games died off
I think we're due for a new Gihren's Greed. If Bandai can port SRW 30 onto steam, surely they can do the same with a new GG.
I know Unicorn stuff has appeared in at least one of the Gihren's Greed games

I feel like GG is an even more niche game than SRW is, and it'd probably be hard to convince them to translate it all and release it in the west for what is likely not a huge profit
The Garvey family was definitely wiped out, leaving Loni the only survivor. Question is though, were they destroyed during the retaliatory attacks against the ALF, or during the deeproots purges?
Yes but not this one

I’m also slightly surprised since I thought Copy hated Unicorn
I think these characters are being brought in as a way to pad out the cast, especially since parts 1 and 2 of this run have had sky high death tolls. He also probably has some interesting narrative ideas for them as well.
If Copy really hated Unicorn he would've included Banagher just to see how /m/ would ruin his life like we did to Kamille or Judau.
While Banagher probably isn't dead like Mineva (killed as a baby) or Riddhe (definitely killed in the Deeproots purges), his life still probably sucks. The Vist Foundation's likely been forced into more plebian trades as their influence was eroded by forces outside their control. While Banaghers father has likely become quite restrictive in an effort to keep him safe.
File: Preview for [m] 4.png (27 KB, 395x216)
27 KB
Think we'll be able to "upgrade" older units this part of the run? Like take a lower tech unit and jack it stats up, and in story it could be explained away as giving it new armor pieces and new weapons.
Maybe? I can't really imagine it'd be fluffed in the more extreme cases, but from one suit to one that actually is a direct upgrade to the previous seems plausible. But in terms of gameplay, nothing is really off the table here, we (or copy) will do whatever the game allows for
File: Preview for [m] 5.png (118 KB, 476x532)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
"A Ple for the next generation of war"
You know all those Ple's running around are probably gonna be a problem all things considered, since at least half of the original 12 clones are still alive. And that's not even considering if more have been made in the following years, or the possibility of new lines of clones based off other newtypes. Imagine if Kamille clones were a thing, that'd be horrible.
Which Ple is that?
What about the Gundam MK V?
And the EFF seriously just dumped all of their elite Xeku units?
>What about the Gundam MK V?

It was phased out due to its production costs, though it's schematics were not destroyed like many other designs included in the Uniform Ordinance plan.

>And the EFF seriously just dumped all of their elite Xeku units?

The Xeku series was completely phased out, though parts of the Federal Senate have pushed for them to be placed back into limited production for security on Earth. The matter is still under debate.

I was pushing for the inclusion of the /m/SV Z’g which would be based on the Capule
The closest implementation IIRC that Copy can do is to just take the capule as is and give it space compatibility but that’s contingent on support from Gihren’s Translator
How many designs did the Federation gain from the conquest of Alliance territories like Granada and Axis? And how many of those designs are being used? We know that Land Combat Hyaku Shiki Kais were sent to California base, and that the Zeta-Plus series is being produced for the Manhunters. But were any other designs adopted?
Haven't been keeping for about an year, can we mod some Hazels into the game yet?
The normal Hazel has been in, but no, we can't mod in any new units. We are just now starting to crack unit mods like with the Ideon campaign that featured a super powered GM and this with Lucy's Ultimate Zaku, neither of which had unique appearances.
Think the technology from the Hyaku Shiki Kais will have a big part in upgrading and making new units? Of course the untraceable I.F.F's will likely be installed in all the MS the ashes have, but what other innovations could be replicated?
File: New mechanic inquiry..png (292 KB, 1625x444)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
A partial update on progress. While tinkering in the games memory viewer, I have discovered that battleships and ace-type Mobile Suits can have their base stacks increased from the usual [1] to [5] at the visible max. I mention this because I would like to propose two options to /m/ regarding this mechanic...

>Option A: Certain mass-production type warships would have their fleet sizes increased from 1 to 3, effectively allowing for much larger scale fleet engagements at the cost of the producing these ships in stacks being far more expensive. This mechanic would also apply to certain ace-type Mobile Suits, but for now only warships would be included in this addition.

>Option B: Keep the game mechanics as they were originally made and limit all warships to just [1] per stack.

>Which option would /m/ prefer?
Before we vote, let's discuss. What do we think the game balance implications of this might be?
Well for one ships being in stacks means that many more units could be carried into battle. For example let's take a ship that can carry up to four units, it can now be put into a stack of three, therefore that one stack of ships can carry up to 36 MS into combat (MS units come in squads of three units, so 4x3x3=36).
Gundam MK Vs should be made in groups of 3 when the EFF panics and starts losing.
Also I want Salamis Wolfpacks.
Don't forget the possibility of Glemy's group making use of Sub Swarms, and turning old Ace MS into mass produced units.
Would it be possible for you to make a cheat to turn all units into groups of 5?
I wanna blow shit up.
I can see old MS like GM II's being modified into groups of five, they could hold the line while stronger units take out priority targets. Alternatively new Ace units could be made, take something and massively boost it's stats, and set it's stack limit to one.
File: 1571796964782.jpg (623 KB, 2046x1988)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Option A is going to severely depopulate the earth sphere by the time part 3 ends.
File: Bawooglemy.png (60 KB, 480x272)
60 KB
I feel like this will almost certainly fuck us more than anyone else since our opposing factions pretty much have unlimited money but fuck it, this is our last Copy X run, let's get experimental. Plus I'd like to see former ace suits getting the grunt treatment.
Oh and this has probably been answered before, but what is the possibility of getting the Axis suits in Glemy colors? I assume the work would be too tedious for too little screentime if even possible. I feel the whites and greys would work for a faction that called themselves Ashes of the Federation
Isn't the reason the Glemy Faction's MS are all grey is because they couldn't afford to paint them? Like all that grey is just unpainted metal.
Out of our dead cast, who do you guys miss the most? I think it's Kai for me, but then again, I could be forgetting someone since the count is so high.
I was fully expecting Kai to die when he was fighting the Psycho Gundam. It was mostly going to be a matter of when. I miss Frau. It was nice to see she had Kou for a while. That said, there are a lot of people that I can't remember if they died or how they die. Are characters like Keith, Jack Bayard, or Lydo Wolf still alive?
I miss Ple-9. Her dysfunctional sibling dynamic with Kenneth was pretty fun.
Question for Shin's gihrens greed. I'm playing the Amuro campaign is there a way to get more pilots under my campaign?

Yes. Select a pilot with a lower rank than Amuro and move down to the last option. You should have the ability to purchase their permanent services for a large sum of credits. As your rank rises from shooting down enemy aces you can purchase aces of a higher military rank.
>Out of our dead cast, who do you guys miss the most?
The deceased members of the Endra crew, they all died in such cruel and sad ways. Iino and Mondo got killed being used as fodder for Axis, Gottn and Hilda Bidan held eachother in their arms as the Z'od-iacok they were piloting exploded. Then Chara died in childbirth while delivering Bright's daughter, while Elle got murdered by a cartoon villian.

And the four surviving members are barely in better shape. Judau has teamed up with Haman to save Leina, whose been kidnapped by Elle's murderer. Mashymre is undoubtedly suffering from extreme psychosis, but luckily he's been picked up by Ramba Ral's group. Meanwhile Beecha is just in the deserts of Africa somewhere, after being released by Luse.
File: Preview for [m] 6.png (106 KB, 659x557)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
"For every new war, adaptation is key."
Thank you Copy X. Trying to learn it but this game's tough as a pilot when Revil keeps mass producing the fisheye when the only point left is Odessa!
How did Blexposter’s game go? Noticed the thread got archived.
He mass produced the ZZ and finished off the titans, so likely smooth sailing going forwards.
>Type 61 battle tank has gotten a new weapon with higher stats
Does that make anyone else excited for potential changes to other OYW units?
It would be interesting to see mixed units with insane tech gaps. Like Ground GMs and T-61s next to a FAZZ or Zeta Pluses flying with Saberfish
As cool as it would be to see a Zeta Plus in waverider mode flying in formation with Saberfish, all the low tech units are likely going to be used by those fighting against [Bright]'s Federation. Since in the previous interlude thread we saw rebels using Type 61's and Saberfish against the Manhunters. Also these old tanks and jets are only being used because Federation forces have the ability to detect any and all MS I.F.F.'s.

Though all that's likely going to change soon, due to Glemy's group successfully stealing two Land Combat Hyaku Shiki Kais. The Hyaku Shiki's untraceable I.F.F. will likely be reverse engineered and installed in all Ashes MS, thus nullifying the Federations ability to track Mobile Suits. It wouldn't be surprising either if the beam-resistant coating was reversed engineered as well, and slapped on older MS to improve survivability.
File: SDUOasis.png (276 KB, 1512x658)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
>Like Ground GMs and T-61s next to a FAZZ or Zeta Pluses flying with Saberfish>>21159476
>As cool as it would be to see a Zeta Plus in waverider mode flying in formation with Saberfish, all the low tech units are likely going to be used by those fighting against [Bright]'s Federation. Since in the previous interlude thread we saw rebels using Type 61's and Saberfish against the Manhunters.

Since Solid Fuel and the Sandy Dan is involved in this campaign, and the Z'g looks like it's in, I think it'd be appropriate to have Ground GMs statmodded into Oases MS as an acquirable unit.
Thread has reached its limit. While adjustments are being made to complete preperations for the campaign, feel free to continue discussions and questions in the /m/sv thread until the opening thread for the campaign is released.

>New thread
By the way, would a setting to have all of the units come in groups of 3/5 be a cheat or a patch?

You could do it either as a cheat or your could manually change the value in the memory viewer in PPSSPP. The games balance gets all kinds of screwy when those values gets tinkered with though. The price and resource cost of whatever 1x unit you want to get will increase by the number of new units. for example...

x1= 2500/3000
x3= 7500/9000
Where do these values start in memory?
File: coping ernie.png (167 KB, 225x394)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
When I stop huffing the copium.
File: ugh.png (199 KB, 491x368)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Sure bro

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