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I’ve always been at war with space.
Its from the time-skip episodes of SDF Macross after earth gets virtually wiped out from the war with the Zentraedi. Pic is a long dead Zentraedi soldier and a doll of an idol, which was instrumental in ending the conflict
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First contact
Watch macross you fucking heathen.
>kills your friend and allies
>she tries to stab you to death
>decide to marry her the next moment after she admits defeat
only after checking her breast size with your hands mid-combat
What do they call it space war ONE. I don't believe they called World War 1 that at the time.
iirc Space War One nomenclature goes back to at least Macross 7?
File: Macross battle.webm (2.41 MB, 960x720)
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2.41 MB WEBM
Billions dead all because a small ship crashed on Earth.
they already know theres gonna be more. no sense starting with the Space War to end all Space Wars

World War I was first called that by some British scholar in a book in 1918 or something close to that. Maybe 1919 instead. I'd have to go looking to get the exact details, but he basically knew that there was no point calling it "the war", since that was too ambiguous, or "the great war", since (a) that was how people referred to the Napoleonic wars at the time and (b) the titled tended to shift to the last big war in the public consciousness. He also knew it was likely there'd be another big war in the future, so he called it World War I.
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It's implied more would be dead as there are several zentradi roaming war bands. And since Zentradi only know war or follow the last directive of the protoculture which was to destroy their enemies. Humans might have the gift of the protoculture but they could also be interrupted as a threat so yeah.
That would be confirming it. He already had checked it in the arcade when he first saw her.

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