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File: Majin_Garon.jpg (26 KB, 272x376)
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Mecha related media that no longer exists, is missing, or is not available to the general public. For example, there was a Toku adaptation of Majin Garon from 1971, pic related.
last time I checked (maybe five or ten years ago) there was still very sketchy information about what Banno's work at the whatever Expo for the Mitsubishi pavilion that supposedly got him the G v Hedorah gig
Yo what
Was this a movie or a TV show
Must have been a TV Pilot, if not a show.
The pilot isn’t lost but rather part of the tezuka museum from what I know
>Before you know it: Come on just release the damn thing
Yeah but it’s a main attraction for a reason, besides releasing it alone would be pointless. The only way I COULD potentially see a video release is if they decide to release all of thundermask which it’s a topic of another discussion
there was an early 00's appleseed tv anime that never got produced.

to what extent we don't know
There was another ani/m/e that unproduced, Polka Gundam. Only one episode ever had a screenplay before the project was shelved in favor of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.
Supposedly some of the designs like the gm’s, zaku’s and that big zam like mobile armor from g gundam may or may have not been originally intended for polka gundam, I’m just speculating but it’s possible
Probably explains some of the designs seen in G Gundam, maybe they were recycled from concept art for
Polka. Why else do the mechanical designs for Nobusshi, Busshi, and Fantoma scream post-victory late-UC timeline?
File: Jungle Prince.jpg (450 KB, 680x850)
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450 KB JPG
Jungle Prince 1971, nasty case of barely any info but it has a small part of it’s soundtrack or stuff released
The only 90's AU with a unified art style seems to be Wing. G and X both have units that look like grab bags of leftover content from earlier projects. I wouldn't be shocked if something as secondary as the designs of G's grunts are just cutting room floor UC designs. Whats even the source of the Polka speculation, I've only heard the name pop up in the last couple months from random people online. I'm not denying it, just curious as to its sudden rise through the fan zeitgeist.
>we want the robot b9 audience
Here are some sources for Polka Gundam.

As for G Gundam's grunt suits, and how grab bag the mechanical design process of G and X seems to be, maybe it was repurposed from Polka concept art. The Correl, Gable, Britova give off the same vibe as G Gundam's grunts, maybe those were unused Polka concepts as well. So far it's just a coincidence, the existence of concept art for Polka has yet to be confirmed. Though, considering how a screenplay for a single episode has been confirmed, there is a non-zero chance of concept art existing. There is likely a plot treatment that would have given a rough outline of how the events of Polka would have turned out, had Polka entered production.
At least there are is the audio of select episodes on Vinyl, leaving some episodes only partially lost.
File: Busshi.jpg (33 KB, 400x321)
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Just realized something. The Bushi (pic related), Nobusshi, Murphy, Fantoma, and Casshing from G Gundam were deigned by Kimitoshi Yamane. The goofier designs were done by Kunio Okawara, and all the Death/Dark Army designs were by Hajime Katoki.

Katoki did deigns for Victory, G and Wing. Junya Ishigaki worked on Victory, Wing, and X. Kunio Okawara worked on Victory, G, Wing, and X. I wonder if Junya Ishigaki was working on Polka, and didn't want to work on G Gundam due to it being too Super Robot for his liking? I wonder if Kimitoshi Yamane's deigns were developed from Junya Ishigaki's concept art for Polka?
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Doraemon 73 needs no introduction.

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