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Previous thread:
>That filename
Seems we'll finally be able to see what happened to Judau or even Jamaican
We know Judah’s fine, he escaped Axis
Wasn't he thrown on some lifeboat and set adrift to avoid detection by invading Federation forces? I doubt he, Leina, and Elle suffocated but his situation isn't exactly good.
Judau and friends (well what's left of them) situation is even worse when you consider that they're heading to the ghetto that's Shangri-la, where they'll likely be treated as refugees

[Epilogue VI: Cursed to wander the Earth]

>Garma: Hey! You have to drink! Damn you, why won't you-
>Scarred woman: M-my...beloved...master...

Hiding within the bowels of an abandoned shelter, Garma attempts to give water to his companion, only for the woman to reject all of his attempts, her body now completely ravaged by lingering radiation poisoning.

>Garma: Why? Why would you not tell me your condition was worsening?! H-had I known your suit was compromised...I would have-
>Scarred woman: Master...I had...wanted to bare your...your children...
>Garma: Don't speak any more, just drink this water and-
>Scarred woman: As long...as you live...I can...can...

Her life fading, Garma attempts to resuscitate his companion, only to find a lifeless, cold husk before him. His mission to make contact with his allies already in shambles, and now his only form of companionship gone, Garma wails out in rage, his screams of anguish and loss echoing around him within the desolate shelter.

>Terraforming staff 1: Come on, snap out of it!

Awakening from his panicked sleep, Garma finds the staff aboard the survey landship surrounding him as he regains his senses.

>Terraforming staff 2: Y-you want a drink or something? Whatever has been eating you friend, you don't have to-
>Garma: The repairs...how is it holding up?
>Terraforming staff 3: We still can't use the primary bridge any longer, but at least the secondary one is still more than functional. You want to tell us how you were surviving out in this hellscape? We ain't affiliated with the Feds, so you don't gots to worry about us-
>Terraforming staff 4: Leave him be. Once we have concluded our work here, we expect you to depart. Understood?

Glaring at the landships primary officer, Garma departs from the corridors bench, making his way for a washroom.

>Terraforming staff 3: You seriously plan on letting him go? What if he-
>Terraforming staff 4: Whoever he is, its better we not get involved.

Looking into the washrooms mirror, Garma is barely able to recognize his reflection. His hair shaven down and his own face littered with stray, unshaven hairs, his mind is consumed by an unending tide of guilt as the landships network of information informs him of the fate of his comrades, and his late wife and child. With Jaburo reduced to yet another nuclear wasteland, nothing remains for the Zabi to mourn. For the first time in his life, Garma is truly and completely alone.

>Terraforming staff 1: Whadda mean the old bastard is refusing to pay us?!
>Grizzled salvager: The old man's completely delusional. Still thinks something can be done with this wasteland.
>Terraforming staff 2: So, what? He expects us to just keep working? We are not even receiving any further funding to cover our work out here!
>Grizzled Salvager: My crew are on route to shake some answers out of him, but who knows how long-
>Terraforming staff 3: We don't plan to wait around that long! We know where he is, and we intend to make him pay us what we are owed!
>Terraforming staff 4: If the rumors are true, the man will have nothing to offer us. Fuel-
>Solid: The guy will most likely have security, and I know you all are not equipped to try and force him to accept your demands. Let me handle this-
>Terraforming staff 4: Can't take that chance. We have spent far to much doing this worthless job, and we expect to be paid for the work we have done.
>Solid: You morons are going to get yourselves-

Cutting the communication, the Terraformers make their way for Melanie's location, the ruins of the city of Jerusalem.

>Terraforming staff 2: Boss, what about that wanderer? What are we going to-
>Terraforming staff 4: Once we collect our pay, we can drop him off somewhere. If he fought in the African front, that is a can of worms we all should avoid opening.

As their landship enters into the thunder laced territory, Melanie's shuttle and staff send a warning out to their staff.
Garma seems to suffer as much as his nephew does. He's going to be even more torn up when he discovers what happened to his wife and daughter.
Never mind.
The Zabi clans been reduced to a child cripple, a naive unknowing young man and a broken war crime enabler.
Oh, and a pile of mentally ill clones.

>Melanie staff: You signed a work arrangement that has is not even close to being properly fulfilled, and yet you expect-
>Terraforming staff 4: We were paid to survey the land and the gauge what kind of recovery would be possible. Listen to me well. The damage done to this land will linger for hundreds, if not thousands of years! Its completely screwed!
>Melanie staff: We were assured this territory would be made habitable within-
>Terraforming staff 4: You were "assured" that we would give you an idea of what would be needed for this job! Its not even a matter of payment at this point, it just can't be done! Where is the Chairman, I want him to-
>Melanie staff: You are to resume your work, or your company will be formally blacklisted by our-
>Terraforming staff 3: Kiss my arse, you uppity spacenoids!

As arguments continue between the Terraforming companies staff and Melanie's staff, Garma continues to wallow in his anger, the stress of losing everything now fully weighing down on him.

>Garma: (Aina...Icelina...and all of those who followed me...gone! All gone!! All at the hands of these..."people" from Earth!! I...i'm all that is left. Damn it all...I...I...!!)
>"???" 1: (They took everything from you.)
>"???" 2: (Exterminated without mercy. You will never be free from their oppression. Those who left us to face annihilation...!)

Looking back into the mirror, Garma finds multiple lingering phantoms at his side. Flailing for a moment, Garma turns to face them, only to find nothing in the room.

>"???" 3: (You still have the power...to avenge us all.)
>"???" 4: (The one who claims to carry our beliefs...is nothing but a swine, desperate to carry on our vengeance. You...are destined to avenge us. To purge the filth who took this world from us...!!)

His will eroding, Garma looks back to the mirror, finding himself fully resulted in his radiation-shielded armor plating.

>Garma: (What...why am I-)
>"???" 5: (Avenge us.)
Is this ANOTHER conglomerate of ghosts, or is he just nuts?
I assume the lack of ALL CAPS and buzzwords means this isn't directly related to Amuro and Gato.
Anybody have speculations?
I can’t believe that particular entity would go for a loser like Garma over Haman or Brave, it’s probably something else
Yeah, I know it's not the SAME thing, but I'm asking if we think it's the same THING.
You know, a snake is a snake, but different snakes are different, and all that.
Or is there a possibility that this is just a (comparatively) mundane mental breakdown?

>Terraforming staff 4: Show us our payment! You can't, can you?! Carbine's done, finished!
>Melanie staff: Ignorant man! How dare you-
>Terraforming staff 1: Sir, we are detecting an opening from maintenance bay two!
>Terraforming staff 4: Seal it off and filter the radiation!
>Terraforming staff 1: S-sir! Odd, who would have manually...?

As the argument rages on, Melanie prays at the heart of Jerusalem, with his remaining loyal guards protecting him as he calls out for validation from within his radiation proofed suit.

>Melanie: (I returned these lands to our people! I was the one who finally cleansed these lands of the wretched goy who have taken our holy land! So why have I been reduced to this?! Why is my land still this way?!)
>Melanie security: You there! Who are you?!
>Melanie: Huh? Who is that? Oh, have you come to disturb me, now of all times? Your people were paid more than enough to cleanse these lands, and yet this is the work you have provided?!

Staring at Melanie, Garma grips onto a survey axe, his rational thoughts overcome by a need for new purpose.

>"???" 1: (He has confessed his sins before us. He orchestrated the slaughter of your people.)
>"???" 2: (Just as our people suffered, he relished in your suffering. He is weak, unworthy of joining us.)
>"???" 3: (You, are worthy. Become our rightful vengeance. Become our champion, and punish the filth that infests our world! Strike down this creature that dares to proclaim itself one of us!)
>"???" 4: (Yes...your followers speak to us, rightful inheritor of space. They want you to do this. To make him pay for his sins. He is unworthy. You...are worthy.)
>Melanie: I am Melanie Hue Carbine! Even if you scum can't do a single thing right, I will! You two, detain this wretch!

As Melanie's security approach Garma, he feels the phantoms cold embrace around him again, their lingering hatred pouring into him.

>What will Garma do?
Melanie is done for at this point, there's no point in turning Garma into Gato 2.0. just to get back at Melanie.
I'd vote for leaving Melanie be but that "abandoning his last shred of purpose" is eerily ominous. Garma might become another Gato if he strikes him down, but what will become of him if he doesn't?

I'm genuinely tired of the vengeance ghosts so if this means we don't see them anymore, I'm dumping the axe. Maybe something will even happen to Garma for once if he just let's go.
Either Garma kills himself or becomes a depressed hobo wandering around the world without a purpose. Still a better fate for his soul than letting all those angry ghosts into it.
Well vengeance sounds a lot more reasonable than "Zeon" so I'd say there's a decent chance he wouldn't be as straight up evil. They're most likely different ghosts, after all.
Different ghost or not it'd still fuck Garma up. He was one of the better moderate zeeks around, we should keep him as he is to moderate the Shin Zeon movement instead of radicalizing it by making him embrace vengeance.
Rakan showed us that just giving into [hunger] isn’t enough to actually be successful, if Garma kills Melanie he’ll probably just get gunned down in the street
Maybe there's a magic jewish robot in Jerusalem
You mean a golem?
I meant like a Gundam cause you can't pilot a golem from the inside, but it would be funny for Garma to give orders to a golem while sitting on it's shoulder
I was making a joke. Because a golem is essentially just a magic jewish robot.
File: A Man Denied his Zeon.png (494 KB, 461x640)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
Reminder that when Garma got his revenge on Gopp, he didn’t feel anything; so I voted not to give into the murder hobo ghosts. In the off chance Garma survives, MAYBE he can run into someone like Mashymre. Worse case is that Garma is finally reunited with his family.
Didn't bright order the Puru clones to be destroyed? The only Purus left are the original, the christian one, and possibly Puru 2
i thought rakan explicitly didnt give into hunger, he just enjoyed killing a lot. He didnt seem to be suffering from the effects either when we captured him. Did you mean Shin?
I'm thinking it is the ghosts of the jihadists that actually believe in the cause. Gadeb was as awful as he claimed the French was and no doubt anyone replacing him would be the same.
Yeah, shin

Looking at the survey axe in his hand, Garma's will to continue living his life any further completely collapses. Dropping the axe to the ground, he is quickly forced down by Melanie's security, while the sickly ex-chairman is driven into an irritable state from his prayers being interrupted.

>Melanie security 1: H-he's not resisting in the slightest.
>Melanie security 2: What were you trying to accomplish here? Why would you-
>Melanie: Those ungrateful parasites intended to have me murdered, here in my ancestral homeland!
>Melanie security 2: O-of course sir. What should we-
>Melanie: Drag him back to the shuttle and ensure his allies are made aware that their attempt on my life failed.

As Garma is dragged back to Melanie's shuttle, the Zabi heir is abandoned by the phantoms, their hatred and malice still ever present around him as they drift back into the wastes of Palestine. Left completely to his own thoughts, Garma realizes that his goal of eventually overtaking the Federation and leading to the reform of the Earth, has completely failed. His army, his family and even his own ideals...all gone.

>Melanie security 3: This guy isn't wearing a normal radiation-proofed suit. This thing must date back before the current calendar...
>Melanie: Bah, their kind are not above stripping the dead of their possessions. I take it his people are refusing to respond to our-
>Melanie Aide: Chairman, we have received a communication from a "Solid Fuel".
>Melanie: Make him aware that there will be negotiations on our arrangement. I will not be-
>Melanie Aide: He is stating he will reveal the work done here to other salvagers if a compromise is not reached.
>Melanie: The work done? What could he possibly be...ah, so that is how he intends to play this. Grant him an audience, i'll humor his worthless blackmail attempt.
Who's that?

Trapped within him own thoughts, Garma wonders if there will be anything waiting for him upon his death. To him, he had failed everyone he had lead. His father, his siblings, Aina and his dear child, and all of those who stood with him with in his dream of reform. Even a woman, scarred and nameless from her treatment at the hands of the Gadeb Jasin, had placed all of her hopes into Garma. All of their hopes for him...gone-

>Sandy Dandy staff 1: How'd you get that old buzzard to see things your way?
>Solid: Dumpy bastard is so jumpy right now, the idea of having this plot of sand being poached on at least forced to talk.
>Sandy Dandy crew 2: Not like this is going to cover the cost of us being out here for so long.
>Solid: Plenty to still find on our way out of here. We might be able to convince some collector to pay premium for this set of-

Awakening from his night terror, Garma falls from one of the landships bridge seats. As Solids staff move to keep the man from further reacting, Solid cracks his neck, moving from his command chair to check on the Zabi's condition.

>Solid: Not sure what you were trying to prove out there, but I had to haggle with the old man to keep him from throwing you back out into the wastes. Sounds like your crew did not want you back either. You got a story to tell?

His eyes now bleached with exhaust, Garma remains silent as he checks his hands and feet for any restraints.

>Solid: Yeah, you've got one hell of a tale to tell if that reaction is anything to go by. Frankly, I don't hardly give a damn where you come from. The cities, the desert, up in space or whatever the hell. Even with that little treasure you were wearing, i'm still in the red from pulling you out of there. Even if the others threw you out, I cant tell you know how to handle yourself. I don't mind a good salvage hunt, but this place has never meshed well with me.
>Sandy Dandy crew 3: C'mon boss, you don't plan to just let him go out with our-

>Solid: The man's got the face of a survivor. Could use an extra one of those out here. You do some work for us to cover some costs, and whatever food and quarters you end up taking until we are out of here, and we will be square. Gotta hand it to you though, you must have pissed someone off on your crew. I know those guys can be real minges, but they refuse to even give us a name on you. Name's Solid, I deal and live in scrap. Ain't an ideal life, but it can pay damned handsomely if you can find the right stuff. So, you got a name?

Even if it had not been his intention, Garma finds himself with a new purpose. Even as the weight of his failures continue to crush his resolve, he is able to fend away these emotions for a time with a new, temporary reason to live. Still remaining silent, Garma looks over at his removed suit, noticing its manufacture name on its shoulder.

>Solid:...Pah, so its one of those stories, eh? Alright "Songdanse", i'll accept that for now. After some work around here, you'll loosen up. Trust me, everyone here had a story to tell.

Was it avoiding his fate? Was it denial to escape from the loss of all that he had left? Perhaps. Even so, Garma would shield himself from his previous life, choosing to escape into a new, more simple way of living. Even as the night terrors continue to haunt him over his failure to return to his wife and child, Garma serves as a crew member of the salvager crew, "Sandy Dandy", under the alias, "Songdanse". The Federations expansion of power and the mass deporation of those living on Earth, all matters that were forced out of Garma's mind. All that mattered was that he had something to continue living for, no matter how pointless it may have seemed. Even as the face of his hated enemy, Bright Noa, continued to appear before him, he would refuse to allow himself to be consumed by his past any longer...

[End of Epilogue VI]
Garma has it worse than his nephew. I can't wait to see where the story takes him next.
I still feel like axing Mel a question.
Well Garma is in good hands. Solid Fuel is a good man, he'll set Garma straight.
Is Luce in the area? I don't know if he'll be able to solve our Melanie problem or not.
Legendary Cool Guy from /m/sv
isnt this what caused garma to become an actual badass in the doorstopper zeon run? he lost everything and became a random guy on a ship which was when he 180'd
He didn't lose everything cause the Zabis won the OYW and he was just on vacation, everything just went to shit around him
The dream of Zwole Zeon may finally become a reality, after so much time and tribulations. I thought it was done for with all the infantilization stuff (I suspect that Artesia is basically just a vessel for Copy to carry out his kinks through at this point), but Captain Zeon has changed that. Hopefully we become his sidekick in the future.
He's gonna need lots of space HGH for that
>Johnny "All Might" Ridden passes on his One For All suit to Zeon Deku after realizing it's killing him.
He'll be put inside a tube and remote controlling a robot like the guy from Invincible

[Epilogue VII: Servant to the lord]

The devils born in the void of space have finally been cleansed by the pure hand of the Supreme Commander. After our unending war, the kingdom granted to us by the savior will finally be purified...even so, those who are consumed by sin still exist. Of those twisted by its wretched influence...I have forced myself to also sin.

>Chize:...I have obeyed all that you have asked of me, but I must implore you to let me see Maryanna. I...i don't know how she is managing without-
>Luse: I promise you, Mary is not being cleansed as the others are. How could I bring myself to lay a finger upon one of gods angels, brought to such a sinful place consumed by a naive and childlike understanding.
>Chize:...Do you intend to kill me?
>Luse: You have worked valiantly to cleanse yourself of sin by working alongside me, rather than carrying on the values the rest of your comrades had refused to abandon. Perhaps I speak with arrogance and pride, but I truly believe you will be completely forgiven for your sins.
>Chize: This is madness! I am just a developer, not a politician or pilot! I am begging of you, don't kill me! I don't want to-
>Luse: I swear upon the spirit granted to me by the almighty god, I will not harm you. In truth, I brought you here to give you proper thanks.
>Chize: T-thanks?
>Luse: I can tell Mary genuinely cares for you. To gain such an emotion from one of gods children...it is a genuinely touching thing. They really should not be alone, and you gave her someone to lay their head upon. Such a...beautiful thing.
>Chize:H-hey, what are you planning for her? She is not capable of functioning like a normal-
>Luse: I am perfectly aware of that. Please, have some water.

Passing a glass of water over to Chize, the terrified developer shakes as he raises the glass to his lips, taking two sips.

>Luse:...Would you join me in a prayer?
>Chize: A prayer? I-i'm not-
>Luse: Even the faithless may find solace in worship.

Still to terrified to resist Luse's request, Chize recites Luse's prayers, every minute of his attempts to copy the man's words becoming more difficult as his tongue and throat become increasingly numb.

>Luse:...Amen. God, may you grant your forgiveness upon this man, for he has given himself to protect one of your stray children.
>Chize: Wrat...djit ju...chew thas mahs...?!
>Luse: Silence will protect you, my friend. Security, please escort him to the end of his repentance, would you?

Taking hold of Chize, the developer moans as his throat continues to string from the substances hidden within his water. With his pleas reduced to little more than a garbled, incomprehensible babble, his words are ignored as he is lead into the isolation section of the brig. Tossing him into the darkened room, Chize bangs against its reinforced door, crying out for help. Hearing the sounds of footsteps within the cell, Chize's eyes maneuver to the other side of the cell, where a man waits, his eyes completely obscured by sunglasses.

>Blexar: Nobody will come for you in here, you son of a bitch.
>Chize: Ungh...!?

Confused, Chize attempts to reason with Blexar, only to be reminded of his inability to speak. Even in his attempts to motion for peace, Chize's left arm is broken as Blexar swings a metal pipe at it, splintering the bone on impact. Screaming out for mercy, Chize is defenseless as Blexar takes his time clubbing the man to death. Meanwhile, Luse oversees Maryanna's attempts to translate pages from the bible, her handwritting still as messy and scattered as usual with her primary hand being sealed. Gently rubbing her back as she works, Luse's work is interrupted by one of his staff's communications to the room.

>Luse subordinate: Sir, we have a problem!
>Luse: What is troubling-
>Luse subordinate: It's Blexar! He...my god, its a nightmare in here!
>Luse: Blexar? What happened?
>Luse subordinate: H-he got into the isolation bloc! That Chize guy is...!
Poor bastard, Luse must've pinned the murder of Blexar's gf on Chize.

Hearing of Chize's condition, Maryanna's conditioned state of being docile completely shatters. Screeching out in anguish, Luse grins for a moment, before moving to comfort his unwilling ward.

>Luse: I know you both were truly close, but take solace in knowing that god will-

Jabbing into Luse's chest with her non-dominant hand, Luse is taken completely off guard by the strength she still possesses, despite the efforts to weaken her body physically. Losing his grip for a moment, Maryanna moves to punish Blexar with her own hands, only to be restrained yet again as Luse pounces onto her body.

>Luse: Calm! He will be punished for this sinful action, so there is no need for you to taint your own hands with-
>Maryanna: Chize!! Eyaaaaaah!!!

Tensing her muscles, Maryanna begins to break Luse's grip over her body, inspiring genuine concern from the devout man. Seeing no other options, Luse locks his body onto Maryanna's back, trapping the girl into a neck hold as she continues to release crazed screeches.

>Luse: I understand your grief! I understand the emotions that may be coursing through you right now, but you must control yourself! I know how close that man was to you. As if he was practically a father to you-
>Maryanna: Chize...Chize...!!!
>Luse: I assure you, my dear, pure Mary. The lords justice will be served. Yes...everything will soon be as it should be.

Keeping Maryanna restrained, Luse gently begins to carress the girls head, before sniffing the back of her hair as he leans his head into closer. Still attempting to force herself free, Maryanna loses consciousness from Luse's hold over her. Taking hold of the girl, Luse lays the girl onto her bed, restraining her body from attempting to escape. Checking his chest, Maryanna's fresh blow agitates his already existing bruises from Blexar. Kneeling besides Maryanna, Luse reaches to feel the girls stomach, only stopping himself as thoughts of Blexar's situation returns to him.
File: homelander-milk.gif (137 KB, 128x90)
137 KB
137 KB GIF
I hope he grows up to be Homelander and this happens.
Damn I didnt know that was a gif for ants

As Blexar submits to his detainment, Luses staff are ordered to temporarily dismantle the vessels torture chamber, along with postponing the "purification" of the last individual to receive this insidious punishment, Beecha Oleg. Sealing the boy into one of the torture instruments, he is temporarily buried into the wastes with life sustaining equipment until the Federations investigation of the vessel can be concluded. Claiming that Irst had grown concerned over Luse's attempts to rehabilitate the defector Chize, Luse is able to create a new narrative of the womans personal hatred for Zeon and the tragedy of her death at the hands of the inventor out of concern for his own life. Claiming he had been unable to stop Blexar's retaliation, Luse accepts partial blame for the situation. Blexar is taken to face trial in Dakar for the murder of a prisoner of war, while Luse is also called forward to answer for his inability to control his fellow officer.

>Yazan: That is horseshit! She may have been a woman, but that pencil necked weakling could not have taken her out like that! Where is the damned footage?! I want to see how this-
>Luse staff: That murderer was well versed in the camera systems of this ship, and made sure to cut our ability to collect footage from that-
>Yazan: You know what I smell? I smell a rat.
>Luse staff: This matter is not within your jurisdiction. If you want to issue a complaint-

Pushing the officer aside, Yazan makes his way for the investigation units Medea.

>Investigation unit security: What is your purpose for-
>Yazan: I'm talking to Blexar. Open up.
>Investigation unit security: You have not been authorized to-

Headbutting the officer, Yazan rips away his credentials, using it to make his way for Blexar's detention cell. Intimidating much of the transports staff, they avoid Yazan as he enters the outside of Blexar's cell.

>Yazan: You done sitting around? Come on, lets get out of here.
>Blexar:I'm not leaving.

>Yazan: The hell you mean "not leaving"? This is prime bullshit, and we both know it! Those spineless are going to throw the book at you over that weakling!
>Blexar: I knew what I was getting into when I clubbed him to death.
>Yazan: Hey, what is with you? Think about it man, both of can slip out of here, grab some machines and set ourselves up like kings! Plenty of people would pay us damn well to-
>Blexar: Who would we be firing on? There are plenty of losers who are in the Federation, but I am only here to kill Zeeks. That piece of shit that killed Irst, I don't regret anything that I did in there. Let them charge me. Whatever they hit me with to make themselves feel better, I will never regret what I did.
>Yazan: Damn it man, we both know that wrench jockey could not have taken-
>Blexar: Its a curse. I get it now.
>Yazan: What are you mumbling about?
>Blexar: Four times now. Irst is the fourth one to be killed for something that just does not make sense.
>Yazan: So, what? You plan to just rot in a-
>Blexar: If I hear a peep about any more of this Zeon or pro-space bullshit, i'll be in the perfect place to kick their asses back in line. They can call me a convict all they like. I'll just be the only guard getting anything done.
>Yazan: What kind of dumbassed logic is that?
>Blexar: Hey, buddy. No matter what kind of victory is achieved, those Zeon scum will never stop. Until the day I am freed, hunt them down. Make sure those animals know that they will never be safe. Go.

>What will Yazan do?
As much as I would love to have Yazan go back to the Federation and have him participate in the third Spacenoid Independence War, I’m going to vote for him to claim he was an accomplice. So unless the two of them get the death penalty, I may very well get my wish.
I'm voting for Yazan to stay with Blexar even if it means going to prison. Blexar needs a friend to keep him from going off the deep end and Yazan needs a purpose in life beyond mindless killing.
Pretty sure he only destroyed the undeployed purus
At least Beecha is alive, he's probably completely insane by now but still alive
In b4 the vengeful ghost of Zeon tries to coax Beecha I’m submitting to its power.
That's definitely going to happen, or it'll be Mashy who'll accept the ghost's power
I don’t see Mashymre giving into a collection of murderhobo ghosts. He’ll probably try to fight them off with his sword. At least, that’s what I’m going to vote for if given the chance.

Throwing away the stolen credentials on his person, Yazan takes a seat next to the door leading into Blexar's detainment cell.

>Blexar: So, I guess you truly are retarded. What do you expect is going to happen once they-
>Yazan: They'll see some lightweights laying outside of here and i'll let them do their normal process.
>Blexar: The most they can hit you with is trespassing and assault.
>Yazan: I guess on top of assisting in offing that pencil neck, it should be enough to get me under some bureaucrats skin.
>Blexar:...What? You goddamn moron, what are you-
>Yazan: Whatever the plan to hit you with, i'll get some heat off of ya. Wherever we end up after that, I could do with a fresh hunting ground. Given the reputation of some of these prisons, it'll be one hell of a good time.

Scoffing, Blexar takes a seat onto the floor as well.

>Blexar: Don't expect me to guard your ass if you end up screwing up in there.
>Yazan: Same goes to you. If they try to jump you though, I know how to play dirty.

Chuckling among one another, the Media's security force arrives to detain Yazan. Even putting up the least amount of resistance, four men are left injured by Yazans actions.

>Investigation Officer: You claim that only prisoner of war was taken from the engagement, but what exactly would that make this woman? Why is she bound like this?
>Luse: A colonist that had been abducted by their forces. If you observe her behavior, she is definitely not one of their staff. Someone like her...well, she could not hurt a fly.
>Investigation Officer: Then why is her body bound?
>Luse: Tragically, their actions against her have left the poor girl..."disturbed", I believe would be a good word for it.
>Investigation Officer: Given your units purpose-
>Luse: We answer directly to the will of the Supreme Commander. I assure you, the girls well being falls within our orders.

Satisfying the Investigation unit, they depart for Dakar with Blexar, along with Yazan.

>Luse staff: Sir, should we recover the remaining prisoner? Sir?
>Luse:...Hm? Yes, do have him recovered. I would like to take my time collecting what remaining information that boy may have. Until the purification equipment is set up though, I ask that you leave me to my work in private.
>Luse staff:O-of course, sir...

Making his way back for his chamber, Ple-3 peeks out from her room, her emotions spiking from the measures taken to protect her from Blexar's wrath. Still believing herself to be consumed by sin, and my extension being an embarrassment to Luse's honor, she finds herself unable to face her master. As Luse returns to his chamber, he takes hold of his cat-o-nine-tails while stripping away his uniform. Taking a deep breath, Luse falls to his knees, raising his hands to the ceiling above.

>Luse: All mighty god, I ask that you hear my confession, for I have sinned. I have spread falsehoods. The blood of one of your wayward sons was spilled unjustly...and I am no longer able to control the sin of lust any further. I lay before you now, ready to repent. Only through pain can my sins be expunged! All mighty father, even watchful...I beg of you to forgive me.

Flailing himself mercilessly, Luse's back is transformed into a monument of his guilt, with hundreds of deep lashes digging into his flesh. As he grows numb to the pain, Luse continues to flail himself harder, desperate to believe he will be forgiven for his actions.

>Luse: Why?! All mighty father, why won't you grant me your forgiveness on this?! All of those I punished in your name...all of those I purified so that they could feel your love...I beg of you my lord...forgive me!

Kneeling even further, Luse places his face to the ground.

>Luse:...What must I do to earn your forgiveness? I can not abandon this vile sin that lingers over me, so what must I do to be forgiven for what I desire?

Finally finding the courage to face her master, Ple-3 creeps towards his chamber, only to hear him calling out for god. Concerned, she places her ears to the door, intent on understanding his situation.

>Luse:...My lord, I feel nothing with my strikes. I feel no pain, yet I know my sin still exists. Is this mockery? I am committing a truly grave sin, and yet you will not let me expunge this impurity?! Why must you...wait, is that why I am unable to feel it any longer? Is my desire not sinful? Are you granting me your consent to do this? To take a vessel of purity, and to allow sin to be grown within it?
>Ple-3: (M-masters pain is...ugh...hurts...everything hurts...!!)
>Luse: God, know that my lust will be purified with this. Know that your child, twisted by the sins of space, will be shown your light. Know that she will bare life that will praise your name!! I beg of you though, give me a sign! I beg of you, give me a chance to repent for my-
>Ple-3: (W-who is he...no. No,no,no...!! Stop...stop...stop...!!)

Overcome by a feeling of sickness, Ple-3 escapes back to her room, while Luse feels an unusual sensation.

>Luse:Did...have you truly spoken to me?! Will that grant me your forgiveness?! I...I can do that! I can spread the values of your love and mercy! Was it the boy? Do you believe he can be...god, I am beg of you, give me another sign! Tell me I am purified!

Striking himself again, Luse feels a sensation of pain completely unknown to him. Experiencing genuine nirvana, Luse praises god, before falling completely numb from his pain, his back smeared dried and flesh blood. Sealing herself back in her chamber, Ple-3 clutches her body, the sensation felt from Luse lingering on her mind as she finds herself experiencing abandonment.

>Ple-3: He...loves that other girl? Not me? But he...I am the only one who...!!

Unable to process her emotions, Ple-3 begins to dig her finger nails into his arms, causing the girl to wince in pain.

As the Munich departs for Dakar to aid in the investigation against Yazan's case, Luse's staff unbury Beecha. Being freed from his underground confinement, Beecha shakes wildly as he is lead back to Luse's Pegasus to begin his "purification". Crying out for the crew of the Endra, Mashymre and even his friends from Shangri-la, the boy's once natural ginger hair begins to show hints of grayness around the edge of his hairline. As Beecha watches as the instruments planned to be used against him are prepared, his once unshakable arrogance and pride are completely washed away, replaced only by terror and despair.

>Luse subordinate: Everything is ready. Inform De Guille that everything is...sir, you are already here? A-are you-

Noticing their leaders tired expression and traces of blood on the back of his uniform, Luces staff move to assist the devout zealot, only to be pushed away as he moves towards Beecha's cell. Remembering his face as the same one many of the Endra's crew looked upon in terror in their final moments, Beecha crawls towards his cells wall, raising his hands to avoid the man's gaze.

>Luse: For one so young, I can tell that sin has enveloped you. Unlike your other comrades however, god has given me a sign.
>Luse subordinate: S-sir, what are you talking-
>Luse: You have my forgiveness. I may not be able to absolve you of your sins with my words alone, but to be forgiven...one must be willing to forgive.
>Beecha: W-what are you gonna do to-
>Luse: Nothing. In my goal to purify your comrades, I allowed sin into my own heart. There is nothing more to be gained from trying to purify you. Set the boy loose into the waste. Give him a pack of water and rations for his journey.
>Luse staff: Sir, we just can't allow someone like him to wander-
>Luse: I was told to show mercy. Even if sin consumes him still...I am simply a servant of the lord.
>Beecha:Y-your lying! Y-you are just going to-
>Luse: There will no longer be lies.
He did, we also have the OC one that Amuro recovered and took back with Nettri.

Opening Beecha's cell, Luse's staff are ordered to lead the boy out of his cell. As they reach for him, Beecha flails to keep himself from being touched.

>Luse: Do you perhaps see yourself as to tainted to return to the world of the other sinful?
>Beecha: I felt it all...oh...all of the things you did to them...!!
>Luse: Then you must know that I saved them. You may find my actions cruel, but god will show them mercy. In this case, *I* am granting you my mercy. You will be free to live the rest of your days in this sinful world as you see fit.

Still shaking from sheer terror, Beecha begins to lower his hands, the offer of freedom still opened to him.

>Luse: There is, however...another option for one such as yourself. Even one drenched in the most heinous of sin may find a way to serve god. Call to him, and submit yourself before the creator, and you shall have a true chance at repentance. I had failed to save the last man who was like yourself, but you can learn from his inability to see the light of god. Join us, and I will baptize you of your sins. You will be reborn, and I will strive to mold you into a champion of the lord. A life of freedom, tainted by sin. Or a life of servitude, in the name of our holy lord.

>What will Beecha do?
picking paranoia because that one is the most interesting option
Also it might let us save Maryanne
Escaping might let Beecha meet up with Mashymre and they could both potentially help Maryanna where doing a murder attempt might just end with an execution
I picked submit because I want Beecha to be redeem himself for serving Zeon.
I have no idea if Beecha can take him out, best case is that we stop this lunatic for good, worse case Beecha bites it, ether way I still see it as a win.
Freedom should be picked, Beecha's had a hard life he deserves some enjoyment at least
More than likely he'll die of radiation poisoning if he gets his freedom. Either that, or he'll run into Mashymre.
>he'll run into Mashymre
Not gonna lie, that'd be pretty entertaining to see
Looks like it's time for Lou Galter 2.0
>Lou Galter
Rooting for Maryanna going batshit with Newtype magic
File: THE TOUCH.jpg (189 KB, 1280x800)
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189 KB JPG
The last time Garma went thru an identity change in a saga
File: bald eagle.jpg (45 KB, 960x540)
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It's a long one
File: IMG_6316.jpg (646 KB, 3024x4032)
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646 KB JPG
I literely had finnaly found this jesterday after looking for it (after asking) and read it... then someone actualy links it now...
Well have a fedsytien
land based scrapper

Choosing to take the offer of freedom, Luse releases the now permanently paranoid and jittery survivor of the Endra's crew into the wastes of Africa. Watching as the young man constantly looks around him for any incoming ambushes, Luse appears satisfied by the situation.

>Luse subordinate: Why release him?
>Luse:...Forgiveness. Perhaps he will find peace out in this land. Or he will become consumed by his sin, and shall attract the last of the sinful hiding in these lands to him. No matter what happens...the lord will guide our way.

Believing himself to be absolved of his sins, Luse makes preparations for his staff to maintain their current operation in North Africa while he moves to give his statement and views on what had occurred with Blexar Burning. Maryanna, now having been deprived of her normal sequences of living, along with being unable to process the fate of Chize, continues to be groomed by Ple-3. Even with her body restrained from fully functioning, along with her will being progressively eroded, the girl still maintains the strength to resist the young girl...only to feel herself naturally obedient to her requests. Ple-3, having come to see Maryanna as a threat to her intentions of becoming Luse's beloved, takes her time breaking the girls spirit, reminding the once proud knight of her failures.

Arriving in Dakar, Luse assists Blexar in defending his position to a military tribunal, successfully managing to reduce Blexar's sentencing to ten years of hard labor, with the potential for an early parole. Yazan Gable, having twisted the narrative of the situation to indicate himself as the primary instigator of the incident, along with additional claims being levied against hm by the crew of the Munich regarding his position within the Federation, is sentenced to a life sentence of hard labor, with the potential for parole being uncertain.
>is sentenced to a life sentence of hard labor, with the potential for parole being uncertain.
Yazan did not think things through huh
They haven't built a prison that can hold The Violator, he'll be breaking out eventually.

Accepting partial blame for Blexar's actions, Luse negotiates a backroom plea deal with the tribunal to expedite the case in return for certain concessions being made regarding certain "unclassified" elements of his crew being removed from further records. Being demoted, along with being placed under temporary house arrest in his estate in British Columbia, Ple-3 and Maryanna are placed into his guardianship while the successful extermination of the African Liberation Front's forces are attributed to the Dakar security forces. With Ple-3, or "Lilith" as she is called by Luse faithfully remaining at the zealots side as a devout student of his teachings, and Maryanna Von Kohl, still being denied much of her personal freedom and finding herself increasingly defensive of Ple-3's protection, Luse believes he is finally ready to rebuild the family stolen from him by the Operation British colony disaster. This calculated desire however, is met with unseen complications...

>Luse: You would deny me? Dear Mary, there is no reason to be afraid of-
>Luse:...Ah, I take it this resistance from Lilith? You two have grown so close to one another in such a short period of time. She is young, and will come to understand that her emotions are simply born from sinful-
>Maryanna: Marriage, a legal ritual I am to undertake only with a member of the Zabi family.

Listening to Maryanna robotically reciting her beliefs imprinted onto her by a lifetime of conditioning to the Zabi family, Luse's fights the urge to force the girl, believing she will, in time, fall completely under his dominion.

>Luse:Mary, do you believe the lord would want to hear you stating such an awful-
>Maryanna:-purpose to ensure the continued procreation of the Zabi bloodline by means of-
>Luse: Be quiet!!

Forcing her to stop, Luse becomes frustrated by the girls refusal to consent to him, believing that even with her pure and sinless mind, she would refuse him.
Frollo, is that you?
Being Luse is suffering.

Deadlocked in being unable to make Maryanna completely his, Luse continues to indoctrinate the girl to his beliefs, while being unable to break through her own fanatical loyalty to the Zabi clan. Learning of Luse's intentions for Maryanna, Ple-3 swears to prove herself to her master, already contemplating the formation of the next crusade to remove the last of the heretical who refuse to leave the Earth.

[Maryanna's stats have been damaged. Leadership/melee/endurance/reflex decreased]

[End of Epilogue VII]
>I'm now imagining Zeon as Quasimodo
I know it won't happen, and even if it did, it'd be more like the book than the Disney version.
>lalah as esmeralda
But Luse is lusting over Maryanna.
If anything Lilith is the Quasimodo. They're both freaks of nature stuck in a love triangle with their father figures and an outcast woman.
The closest Zabi to Luse is Garma. Oh dear.
Oh wait, no I'm wrong, the closest Zabi family member is Lilith since she is a Zabi clone. Oh boy, won't Luse feel absolutely stupid when he realizes he needs to become a Mormon to get what he wants.
Remind me, do Luse and/or Lilith know that she's a Zabi yet?
>They're both freaks of nature
She's a clone, I wouldn't call her a freak of nature.
Well Zeon is deformed. Is Garma deformed? Even if he is, he wasn't born that way, so Zeon's still closer to being Quasimodo.
Then again, Esmerelda didn't actually fall in love with Quasimodo, she wanted... Phoebus. Yeah, that's the one.
She also pity married Pierre, but I'm not sure how many people know that since he wasn't actually in the Disney version.
Puru's face was broadcasted everywhere as Gerald's wife and the Titans rebels rebelled over the clones so it's certain both Lilith and Luse knew about the whole Zabi cloning thing.
Yazan seems like a dude who can feed off hard labor though, plus there's prison social dynamics afterward and you definitely know he'd be into that

[Epilogue VIII: The last fāris]

The Second spacenoid independence war has drawn to a close, with the complete extermination of its remaining leadership and the total annexation of their remaining resources. Of the territories damaged the most extensively in this conflict however, the continent of Africa is reduced to endless expanses of deserts and wastelands from the fighting, with the last of the tribes and nomadic denizens of the land being displaced and constantly hounded by the Federations Forces. Even with the African Liberation Fronts crushing losses, concerns over a possible resurgence is pushed by the Dakar security garrisons. Even while the focus of the war shifts into space, the effort to completely eradicate the last of those involved in the invasion of Dakar remains ever stronger. Having been deprived of its last remaining Mobile Suits, the survivors of the Blue Unit and other tribes rescued from the Federations hunts are forced to resort to guerilla tactics using whatever resources they have left. Driving away from the burning wreckage of a Federation supply convoy, a group of anti-Federation survivors account for their plunder.

>Guerilla 1: (May the Infidels forever rot in our sands! May the ones who discover our work remember the fate of-)
>Guerilla 2: (My brother, Ahril's breath grows shallow. His wounds are grave. Ahril, we will be back at the compound soon. You must-)
>Guerilla 3: (Tell the...M-mufti...to grant his...his blessings onto my wives...so that my sons will be granted gods...protection. Don't let them...see me like this. Tell them...I died gloriously in the name of...god.)
>Guerilla 2: (Sukalov, pull over! Let him have his glory!)
>Guerilla 1: (...One bullet. That is all we can spare for it.)

Stopping their departure from the ruined convoy, the injured Guerilla is lowered from the modified jeep onto the burning sands. Giving his brother in arms a short prayer, the dying guerilla's comrade fires his rifle into his heart.

Returning to their final holdout, the last of the Blue Unit's forces return their plunder, while also breaking the news of their comrades death. As one his wives breaks down from the news, she is comforted by his second wife.

>Guerilla: (Grand Mufti, his final request was for you to grant your blessings onto his wives.)
>Dido: (He was a devout man. His children will grow up strong is they carry his same resolve.)

Praying alongside the fallen guerilla's grieving wives, Dido retreats to his prayer chamber to rest his mind following the counting and reallocation of resources.

>Dido: (Your tactics are as effective as ever. These resources will last us another month as long as they are-)
>Ramba: (How many were lost this time? I know that expression of yours by now.)
>Dido: (Ahril Roshan died gloriously during the ambush.)
>Ramba: (He was a good man. Hopefully his family will be able to..ghr...!)

Clutching his waist, Dido breaks away from his prayer to check on his comrades condition.

>Dido: (There was medication among their supplies. Come, you must-)
>Ramba: (It dulls the mind. The pain will pass, it always does.)

Leaning onto his cane, Ramba straightens his posture as he slowly walks for the chambers exit. As he prepares to depart, one of Dido's followers moves to speak with the Mufti, instinctively kneeling as Ramba is seen before him.

>Ramba: (There is no need for that.)
>Blue Unit staff: (There is a situation. The Infidels forces have begun to deploy their forces to the north of our base.)
>Dido: (What is going on out there?)
>Blue Unit staff: (We have been tracking an Infidel who has been approaching our location for days now. Had he come any closer, our position would have been completely compromised. It appears the Federations are moving to have him slain, given the equipment they are carrying. They are even sending on of their metal giants to attack his position.)
>Ramba: (All of this for one man? There is no way it could be...?)
File: latest-3547051301.jpg (59 KB, 960x720)
59 KB
It's time.
Imagine being Ramba and alive in this mess.
Ramba is going to be disappointed when he finds out it’s not Garma that’s walking around. I would love for Ramba to pick up both Mashymre AND Beecha. Imagine the Blue Unit having to put up with Mashymre’s antics.

>Dido: (They are sending one of those machines against a single man? Is there any other information on who he could be?)
>Blue Unit staff: (My apologies, but all we know is that he is an Infidel and is unaffiliated with our allies.)
>Dido: (...Remain on standby for further orders.)
>Blue unit staff: (By your command, grand Mufti.)
>Dido: (A survivor from your people?)
>Ramba: (It is hard to say. Even if he is with the remnants, there should be no way they could have discovered our location by themselves...)
>Dido: (Could those mercenaries from Simbu have-)
>Ramba: (Despite our differences, they would have no reason to reveal our position. They only know the general area we functioning out of as well. Having said that, they won't pass up an opportunity to capture a Mobile Suit for their own uses...)
>Dido: (If they do choose to get involved, it could bring additional attention to this area.)

Considering his options, Ramba thinks on what he should advise the newly chosen Mufti of the Blue Unit.

>What will Ramba decide?
Ral better go and supervise the operation personally, he's the only zeek on the Blue Unit who would understand /m/ashymre.

Choosing to organize an operation to rescue the individual gaining the Federations attention, Ramba also decides to assist personally in advising Dido's actions during the rescue. Even in his crippled condition, Ramba refuses to medicate himself to reduce his bodies constant pain, choosing to remain fully alert for the operation.

>Dido: (Seventeen anti-Mobile Suit launchers, thirteen modified jeeps and the sand-crackers. Even if the Federation are dealt with, how will we contend with Simbu forces if they-)
>Ramba: (They will not travel in large groups, it would attract far to much attention. If they choose to attack, which I am certain they will look to avoid as much as possible for their own sakes, then the sand-crackers can at least keep them from properly tracing our movements. As for how much time that will buy us though-)
>Blue Unit staff: (Sir, we have a sighting!)
>Ramba: (What are their numbers? Is their Mobile Suit at their front or-)
>Blue Unit staff: (Their Mobile Suit is not moving! Multiple abandoned vehicles as well!)
>Dido: (Abandoned? Is this some kind of trap?)
>Ramba: (Enhance visual. Let me observe.)

Taking hold of the officers binocular, Ramba observes the site of the Federations equipment. Noticing signs of small penetrations into the Nemo II's left leg, Ramba determiens their shape not to be from shells, but rather thrusting motions from a weapon similar to a heat saber.

>Ramba: (Have the cracker dispenser teams moved to their positions. We will continue to move forward.)

Following Ramba's tactics, Dido's jeep arrives near the site of the engagement, where multiple Federation officers are found being restrained by other figures.

>Dido: (They must have arrived before us. Could they have been tracking them ever since-)
>Ramba: (They did not do this. The only thing I can see here are two Lugguns. Not a single Mobile Suit in sight.)

One of the Luggun's sensor nodes begins to flash yellow, before rapidly switching to blue.

>Dido: (They must have detected our vehicles heat signatures. Ral, we can overtake them before they can-)
>Ramba: (He is just warning us that he knows we are here. Take us closer, I want to talk with him.)
>Dido: (...Do you believe he knows about the other units?)
>Ramba: (Not all of them, but I am hoping we can avoid a conflict if possible.)

Entering into the site of the battle, the armed men keep their attention on the Blue Unit's approaching jeeps, while their leader moves out from his Luggun to meet them.

>Ramba: I take it this was not your doing, was it Captain Kirks?
>Yonem: It pleases all of us to see you are still alive Commander Ral. I take it this entire position has already been surrounded?
>Ramba: You can never be to careful. What exactly happened here?
>Yonem: We can barely believe it ourselves. One of our forward scouts recorded the incident from what that man-
>???: At last, I have found you!

Turning towards the source of the commotion, a bearded figure approaches Ramba, his arm raised into the air with his sword pointed towards the sun.

>???: After such a trial, I have finally found the hero she sent me to find! You must be...ah...?

Looking over Ramba's body, the figure appears confused as he looks back to his sword.

>???: Oh hero, fellow warrior born of space and brother in arms...who are you?
>Dido: (This one has the face of one driven to madness. I knew men like him who had become delusional.)
>Ramba: Were you with Lord Garma's forces? An escort of his?
>???: I am...Mashymre Cello! First of the royal knights of Endra, eternal guardian of her excellency, Lady Haman Karn, and the man who will defeat the devilish emperor who has cast all of these lands into a perpetual state of darkness!
>Simbu mercenary: Mash-hee-ear, your Camel is going to recover. Just a bruise on its rear.
>Mashymre: Haha! I knew my trusted steed would never be felled until he has joined me in striking down the false emperor!
I'm glad the sun hasn't sapped Masgymre of his boisterous personality.

>Ramba: (Is this the same man you had detected before?)
>Blue Unit staff: (Yes sir, he has the same attire and mount.)
>Ramba: Yonem, you found him here?
>Yonem: Keep the man comfortable until we are finished here.

Leading Ramba and Dido onto his Luggun, Yonem prepares the footage received from his other scout team. Quietly observing the footage, the three watch Mashymre's display against the Federations Forces. As his camel is fired upon with a stun round, Mashymre charges at the unit, disarming their weapons and potentially their limbs with each lightening fast swipes and rapidly deflecting away incoming shots with his sword. As the Nemo among the Federations forces attempts to restrain Mashymre with its hand, the knight avoids its grip, activating and deactivating his heat-sword as he rapidly stabs and climbs his way up the machine's leg, until finally forcing the pilot within it to surrender as he reaches its cockpit.

>Dido: (To fight like this...Ramba, this is the strength your comrades in space possessed? He is a living representation of the fāris of our ancient past.)
>Ramba:...What is your intent here? Do you intend to try and recruit him?
>Yonem: I had considered it when I saw his display of power. The man also handled that machine rather well, before abandoning it shortly after. I have no idea what happened to him, but he is not in his right mind. Based on what he said earlier though, it seems he was looking for you. We won't be able to take that whole Mobile Suit with us, but its components may be useful for repairs.
>Ramba:...I take it you still have no intentions of standing with us?
>Yonem:...I believe you understand why that would be an issue. There are some within my forces who would not find letting go of old grudges with your comrades to be so easy. We will continue to act against the Federation as needed, but it would be best for us to maintain distance.
>Ramba:...How is his daughter doing?

>Yonem: I don't know if she will ever be able to forgive the Federations people for what happened, but I am doing what I can for her. It seems she will ultimately inherit the curse of that Mahdi's bloodline. The man is yours. My forces will be scavenging what we can from here.
>Ramba:...I take it you intend to execute the Federation prisoners?
>Yonem: We can't allow any of them to report what happened here. That Mashymre spared them under the assumption they would spread his name to Dakar, and we assured him they would be...well, we gave him an answer that would keep him calm.
>Dido: As the war for our homeland turned against us, you chose to leave us to fend for ourselves.
>Yonem: We chose to remain uninvolved because your forces were practicing unwarranted mass murder.
>Dido:...Gadeb Jasin brought deep shame onto our noble war.
>Yonem: Regardless of the reasons, that was not our war. Even so, some of our comrades were slaughtered without mercy by that man.
>Ramba: Enough. There is no point wasting our energy over this matter. As for that man...

>What will Ramba Ral decide?
>disarming their weapons and potentially their limbs with each lightening fast swipes and rapidly deflecting away incoming shots with his sword
Could he be a student of the Undefeated of the East?
I thought unicorn wasn't canon in /m/sv? I guess we're getting other unicorn characters like Banana or Riddhe later on.

It's tempting to go with Yonem for Loni but Yonem is going to clash hard with /m/ashy so it's better to go with Ral for now.
>I thought unicorn wasn't canon in /m/sv? I guess we're getting other unicorn characters like Banana or Riddhe later on.

Certain bits and pieces of Unicorn characters and content will be added. As for who those are, that will be shown over time. [Unicorn is not canon in this timeline either, only certain characters from the series will have some part in it]

Agreeing to take Mashymre with him, the Blue Unit and Simbu Base Corps depart from one another, with animosity still remaining between the two forces over their encounters during Gadeb's genocidal campaign. Having recovered Mashymre as originally intended, the Blue Unit depart for their base, while Mashymre follows after on his camel, now determined to follow his destiny of defeating Bright with the aid of the Blue Unit's forces. Even with Mashymre's inability or outright refusal to learn the tongue of his comrades, he quickly inspires hope among the surviving forces of the Blue Unit, earning the title "fāris" in his displays in battle. While his actions conflict with Ramba's slower and more practical approaches to facing the Federation, the man becomes known and feared across the African territory as an unstoppable and unkillable warrior. Raising his blade towards the sky, Mashymre continues to chant his promise of vengence against Bright, swearing to free Haman Karn from his insidious grasp by his own hands...

[End of epilogue VIII]
Is this a reflection of how GG campaigns make you reconquer africa over and over because new zeon factions keep on taking it with events
So, who's going to be our protagonist for Epilogue IX? Gato?
Gato is dead. It’ll either be Amuro and Nettri, Haman, Bright, or someone I’ve completely forgotten.
But Glemy already had his, he was with Henken and Emma's group.
Do you really think we'd get a vote if that was the case?

[Epilogue IX: Family, reunited?]

[U.C 0088]

Keeping his fist raised, Sleggar looks down on Amuro as the right hand of Bright appears unable to properly apply himself in attacking his old comrades. His right cheek bruised, Amuro looks away from Sleggar.

>Sleggar: Am I missing something? Can't fight properly without that goofy outfit Bright had you wearing? Want me to call you "Titan-man" or whatever the hell you were going by?
>Amuro:...I understand where you are coming from.
>Sleggar:...Oh yeah?
>Amuro: What Bright has done may appear to be unforgivable...but there is far more at work here than you could-
>Sleggar: I don't give a damn what his reasoning is at this point. He would not do this if he was in right mind.
>Amuro:...I am begging you, just go back to Mirai and the others.
>Sleggar: Is this about Sayla? Come on man, just explain some of this to me! Why are you helping him?!
>Amuro:...Sleggar, I can understand why you would hate him for what he has-
>Sleggar: For someone who used to spout all of that crap about "understanding" others, you sure suck at it now. Man is my best friend. Which is why I am going to hit him, and I won't stop until he realizes what a dumbass he is being right now! This is all just one, massive guilt trip! Over a bad experience with a woman! Hundreds of thousands, gone because he can't just act like a man and talk about thi-
>Amuro: Even if you are right...the world must change! I told you I would not let him cross the line, but I can't let you abandon your own family to pursue-

Sucker punching Amuro on his right cheek, he is nearly knocked out cold by the blow.

>Sleggar: Whatever he did to you, I am going to make this right kid.

Kicking away the stun stick in Amuro's hand, Sleggar reaches for his old comrades credentials to leave the room. As he takes hold of a keycard, Amuro takes hold of Sleggar's arm, hold him in place as he looks him in the eye.

>Amuro:This is your last warning. Just go home.

>Sleggar: I intend to do just that buddy, just as soon as Bright has had his head straightened! Whatever he did to convince you to act like a jackass, i'll straighten all of this out myself.
>Amuro: If you leave this room, they will kill you before you ever get close to him!
>Sleggar: You'd be surprised what a little charm and a good handshake can accomplish. Now-

Slipping off his right-hand glove, Amuro takes hold of Sleggar's face, ramming his comrades head into the ground as he pins him to the floor. As Sleggar prepares to break Amuro's grip, he feels his body becoming numbed, along with his thoughts becoming erratic. Finally releasing Sleggar, Amuro steps away from his body, his eyes flooded with a deep sadness at his action. Attempting to pick himself up from the floor, Sleggar's muscles refuse to properly function for him.

>Sleggar: Wha...k-kid, whats...da-damn it...I...my whole body feels...shit, I can't feel-

Slipping his glove back on, Amuro departs from the room, with the security outside of the room moving to assist him to the medical section.

>Sleggar: Come back...here! Move...damn you...why wont you...?!

Feeling an intense pressure swelling near his forehead, Sleggar is left completely immobilized, his body now rejecting his inputs, along with his senses becoming increasingly sensitive to everything around him.


>???: Pop-pop?

Awakening from a short nap, Sleggar looks down to one of his sons from his recliner.

>Sleggar: Hey...sport. Something wrong?

Reaching his arms towards Sleggar, the child waits to be lifted. Repositioning his body, Sleggat leans to down to try and lift his young child, only to find himself unable to even slightly lift his child.

>Mirai: Artti! What did I tell you about letting your papa sleep?
>Sleggar child: Momma, why won't daddy pick me up?
>Mirai: He is just tired. Go on, your lunch is ready.

Leaving the room, the child flashes a look of disappointment at his father.
And here we thought we could've gone easy on him
File: th-1288349328.jpg (51 KB, 474x370)
51 KB
>This is all just one, massive guilt trip! Over a bad experience with a woman! Hundreds of thousands, gone because he can't just act like a man and talk about thi-
So Bright is literally Eren?

Jesus christ Amuro, what the hell are you doing? Fuck, we're definitely getting Max's Flash now.

>Mirai:...I brought you some soup. One of the servants offered to prepare it, but I know they would not prepare it how you like it. Its fresh.
>Sleggar: Thanks hon. I can-
>Mirai: I insist. Please, let me help you.

Blowing on the soup, Mirai cools it for her husband as she moves a spoon towards his mouth.

>Mirai: What is wrong? Was it one of those-
>Sleggar: Every is fine babe. Look, you don't have to work yourself like this, I can take care of-

Accidentally knocking the soup out of Mirai's hands, he uses what little strength his body allows to try and pick it up from the floor, only to find himself trapped as his body becomes completely immobilized.

>Mirai: Sleggar, please! You can't-
>Sleggar: Let me do this on my own! I wont...I wont let him-

Desperately attempting to lift himself from the floor, Sleggar is unable to make any progress. As Mirai attempts to assist him, Sleggar continues to call for her to stop assisting him. Watching from outside the room, Max holds one of his younger brothers as they watch the incident.

>Who will Max find to be at fault?
I mean we kind of did, in a way. Amuro can probably fix this later, whereas if we let brights boys do it then he could have fuckin gotten shit cut off.
Blaming his own father for being weak sounds like the backstory for a villain. We're getting Max's Flash one way or another, might as well get an antihero by blaming Bright or Amuro.
Technically both Bright and Amuro should be at fault
What did Amuro do to immobilize Sleggar like that again?
>Slipping off his right-hand glove, Amuro takes hold of Sleggar's face, ramming his comrades head into the ground as he pins him to the floor.
Amuro basically gave Sleggar brain damage accidentally since he didn't control his cyber newtype strength properly.
Nah, it wasnt accidental. He did some Zeon level Newtype Fuckery to the dudes brain.
I'm pretty sure all Amuro's did was do some spinal damage. Remember that he's enhanced these days
I dont think so, cause Sleggers thoughts went real fuckin erractic when Amuro did that. Plus there was no pain from what i can tell.
Has anyone been able to vote for who to blame? I’ve reloaded the poll several times now and it hasn’t let me choose.
I wanna say this Bright is atleast better written then Eren.
Well, I guess that Max is going to become the anti-Bright then.
That's probably for the best. Bright's regime has been nothing but corruption and disaster.

>Max: (Mister Amuro promised that our dad would be saved from that place...but how can he believe that Unc...Bright could be anything but a bad person after doing this to him?! A friend would never think of doing this to someone, not even enemies are willing to go this far! This is not right...to make papa like-)

Feeling a warmth on his fist, Max looks down to find his younger brother trying to force his hand open. Looking to his clenched hand, a trickle of blood drips down from the pressure being applied to it.

>Max: G-guess I forgot my own strength. Something I picked up from pop-
>Sleggar child: You look really scary.
>Max: Scary? What are you talking about, you dummy?

Trying to play off his emotions with a laugh, Max shakes his brother away to assist his father in standing.

>Max: Dad, let me give you a hand. I was helping the gardeners earlier, so I have been staying nice and strong for-
>Sleggar: Let me do this on my own Max! I am not going to-
>Max: Dummy! Stop acting like a complete dummy!
>Sleggar: The mouth on you-
>Max: You have mom all worried! You told me once that even if a bully puts you down, even if he hurts you, you never fall to his level! If you can't stand on your own, let let me help you. Let me help you until you are better than you were before. Because that is what a family is for. To better one another.

Lowering himself to Sleggar's right arm, Max struggles to help his father to his feet, his face visibly showing pain from the excess weight being applied to his body. As Mirai also moves to Sleggar's other side, the once proud soldier appears disgusted with himself.

>Max: No matter how long it takes dad, we will all help you get better.
>Mirai: Max, please don't try to-
>Sleggar:...Heh, thanks...my boy.
>Max: (I will take us all home. Back to our farm. Back to our friends. Mister Amuro...please stop listening to that bully!)

[End of epilogue IX]
So were getting Max's Flash huh, I wonder how the boy will interact with Gigi and all that.
He’ll fuck her and cuck Kenneth.
Anyone ever want to write their own fanfic based on this shit sometimes? It's so silly to want to write fanfiction about fanfiction.

[Epilogue X: Surrounded by debris]

The end of the Second Spacenoid Independence war has left much of the Earth ecologically scarred, with much of Australia and the Amazon in South America suffering from vast radiation storms and acid rains, while India and much of Africa are reduced to endless expanses of glass fields and raging sands. Even with the Federation forcefully seizing numerous conglomerates and production capabilities from the now eradicated supporters and heads of the [Deep roots], the Federations recently restructured Senate authorizes the mass funding and arming of a more severe and powerful anti-illegal hunting organization, along with approving plans for the mass deportation of the planets civilian population in the name of ecological recovery. While this motion is seen a betrayal by Bright Noa, a man once viewed as the Earth's savior, those who would speak out against his actions are quickly silenced, with their families and extended connections being slated for deportation into the grossly over capacity Sides. While the colonies of Sides 1, 2, 4 and 5 are reduced to laborer hubs with lawless ghetto's infested with crimes from the vast influx of populations being forced into them, Side 3 is held under the brutal enforcement of the Federation and White Crests, while Side 6 becomes known as a grand paradise, limited to only the elites of the Federation and those deemed "worthy" by Bright Noa and his loyalist. The once loud protests of those ejected from Earth, be it refugees from the first Spacenoid independence war or even those natively born to Earth, progressively are reduced to compliant silence as they live in constant fear of being subjected to the Federations new policies of enforcement.

[U.C 0091]

Three years have passed from the occupation of the Space Fortress Axis. As countless displaced civillians and refugee's are haphazardly shuffled into the damaged and improperly maintained colonies, the Federations protection and enforcement of those forced from their dwellings on Earth begins to wane as the Federations credit begins to show sign of collapsing, along with the Senates complete apathy to the concerns of the colonies affairs, barring the continued mining and extraction of rare minerals and resources by the influx of new laborers. Of the colonies left to fend for themselves, the colony of Shangri-La becomes the personification of suffering of those living in space. Outside of basic security to secure resources being mined, those living within the colony are forced to fend for themselves as surges of unspeakable crimes against one another become commonplace, with the Federations Forces only intervening to make examples of those going against the process of "reconstruction". Even as the world continues to spiral into a nightmare for those trapped within the colonies...some refuse to be broken down by the state of the world.

>Scrapper: W-wait! Come on man, don't just leave me here! You know what they will do to-
>Judau: You adults are all the same. You try to rob me, and now you are pleading for my help.
>Scrapper: I owe money to some bad people! I-i had no choice! W-what do you want from me kid? I-i know other places you could-
>Judau: Tell it to the others when they find you here.

Taking hold of the scrappers duffel bag of scrap, the older man cries out for forgiveness, while Judau leaves the site of the broken recording pod that had crashed into the colonies rear. As he moves towards his apartment, the sounds of commotion grow as numerous gangs converge on the crash site, with many of them resorting to violence over the remains of the recording pod.

>Leina: Judau! Elle, he is back!

Giddy to see Judau's return, Elle's joyous expression turns to concern as she takes notice of the inflammation around Judau's left shoulder.

>Elle: Judau, it's getting way to dangerous out-
>Judau: The noodle cup. Split it three ways, give part of my share to Leina.
>Elle: Don't avoid the subject! I can tell you got hurt out there!
>Judau: It will heal, like all of the others. Don't be so concerned about me, I am not going anywhere.
>Elle: You are always so darn-
>Leina: I am not hungry. Big brother, you are pushing yourself to much! If you would just let us help you with your-
>Judau: Never. You are not going out there Leina. End of story.
>Leina: You won't even let Elle help you any more! I know we are having trouble with money, so you should stop being so stubborn and let us-

Chuckling a piece of scrap against the wall, Judau appears deeply frustrated as he moves to look over its its fragmented parts.

>Judau:...Elle, can you take a look at this bruise? I can actually feel it this time.

Quietly eating the cup of noodles together, Elle applies a wash cloth to Judau's bruised arm, while Leina continues to remain frustrated by her brothers refusal to trust her in particular to take care of herself. As Leina drifts to sleep in her sleeping bag, Elle looks out from their cramped apartment window.

>Elle:...I have to start doing more around here.
>Judau: Is Leina getting this from you?
>Elle: You really are overworking yourself if you think that. You know your sister as well as I do.
>Judau: I don't want her to end up like us. Its not fair for her.
>Elle: Then why won't you let me help you then? if we both were out there-
>Judau: All of those people out there will just take advantage of you both. We always took care of ourselves before, but those...damned adults with just abuse you both if they are given to-
>Elle: Ha, you think I will be intimidated by those people? There were always lecherous weirdo's like Gemon around, so I know how to handle-
Man [Bright]'s federation really is a shithole. Whatever grand plan he has is probably equally as bad.

>Judau: That should be enough. I should be back by morning, but if I don't make it back before then, feel free to give my portion of food to Leina.

Standing up, Judau moves to take hold of his bag of scrap, only to feel Elle's hand wrapping itself around his.

>Elle: Can't it wait until tomorrow?
>Judau: We are to far behind on rent as is. If I get all of this sold off tonight, we should have just enough to-
>Elle: It is still not due for another week. Look, I am not scared of much, but going out this time of night...
>Judau: The Federation's security also stays out of the streets around this time. Trying to sell this stuff off through the normal markets will just take far to long.
>Elle:...Y-you know, I can be more lady-like if that would-
>Judau: This needs to get done.
>Elle: Just wait until tomorrow! If you don't think you can cover enough ground, then let me help you with selling some of this off! Just for tonight...can't we just relax?

Letting go of Judau's hand, Elle extends her arms to him, hopeful it will deter him from continuing to overwork himself.

>What will Judau do?
99% sure this is the rape option
Fanfiction about fanfiction is still fanfiction in the end, there's nothing wrong with it. We could always use more Gihren's Greed content anyway.

>[ADULTHOOD] isn't winning
Man you guys are pussies now. Oh well, guess we'll have to do the romance the old fashioned way.
If Judau knocks up Elle, because Judau only raw dogs we all know this, that's just another mouth to feed.
File: 1637478917210.jpg (843 KB, 2902x1562)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
Does anyone remember where Jamaicon is? I know he’s still kicking in one of the colonies but I forget which one.
Please remember what Judau thinks an adult is at the moment, do you really want him to become that? He already told the ghosts to fuck off once.

Choosing to accept Elle's proposition, Judau tries to clear his mind of the constant stress of attempting to keep his friends in good health and off of the ever worsening streets of Shangri-La. As the colony is shrouded by artificial night, Judau is unable to bring himself to sleep. Turning to his side to find Elle wrapped around his chest, Judau keeps his body still, using his moment of sleeplessness to contemplate how he will try to increase his profits with his usual contacts over the following days. Growing frustrated by the lost potential to maxmimize profits for the night, Judau's fist begins to vibrate, only to be slowed as Elle plants her head next to his neck, kissing it gently as she tightens herself around him.

>Judau: (Is this really all I can provide for them? If I could just make more money, we could at least start living like we used to instead of being stuck in a place like-)

Feeling another warmth at his other side, Judau finds his little sister curling herself next to him.

>Judau: What's wrong?
>Leina: I thought you looked cold. I can't let Elle do everything for me, right?
>Judau: Leina...!
>Leina: You don't have to treat us like we are completely helpless.
>Judau: Its not like that. I just don't want either of you both getting dragged into the kind of things I have to-
>Leina: It's not fair to you. We were always able to do well for ourselves before, so why are you-
>Judau: I can't lose either of you. No matter what happens out there, I will always come back. If something happened to either of you...dammit, I don't know what I would-

Laying her head onto Judau's stomach, Leina also proceeds to latch herself to Judau's body.

>Leina: If you really want to keep us safe, then let us help you more. As long as we have you, nothing can hurt us.
>Judau:...We can try something in the morning. If something goes wrong though-

Looking down, Judau finds his sister completely asleep.
I want to help them but I’m afraid we’ll fuck things up.
Look at the bright side, at least we'll get [HUNGER] vs [ADULTHOOD] kino as a consolation prize if we do fail.

Traveling into the sprawl of crop-up shops and gang enforced merchant districts, Judau gives a third of his scrap to Elle and Leina to assist in selling off, along with handing them a small collection of metallic markings.

>Judau: If you are going into a shop with one of the local gangs in the area's protection, just keep this in open sight. Let Elle handle most of the talking, she has dealt with some of them before.
>Leina: Got it.
>Judau: Stay within those districts. Those people are jerks, but they won't rock the boat to much as long as they are being paid.
>Elle: You are not going into the unregulated zone, are you?
>Judau: Not the like the Federation would do anything to help us anyways. Its fine, I know a few contacts around there. If I am not back by the first sign of night, get back to the apartment.

Nodding, Elle and Leina moves into the overcrowded market, while Judau makes his way for the unregulated zone. As he leaves the central market area, he watches as some of the lower-level denizens of the colony torment a market promoter.

>Low-life 1: Look like you ain't workin to hard! Go on, get a move on!
>Low-life 2: Plenty of "ungry" folk around here could do your job. Maybe we ouht to give em a fresh opening, yeah?
>Jamaican: What do you people want from me? I'm just trying to make a-
>Low-life 3: Do a flip for us.
>Jamaican: How dare y-
>Low-life 1: Caught begging on the job? Wonder how quickly old man Shohfahl will kick your ass to the pavement over that. Wonder if anyone would care what would happen to just another worthless bum? Do the goddamn flip.

Finding himself without any other viable options, Jamaican drops his sign to the ground and attempt to do a backflip for the ruffians, only to completely bungle it as he falls to his back, moaning from the impact.

>Low-life 3: The dumbass actually did it! Gyahaha, look at him!
>Low-life 1: We'll be back in a little bit. Stop laying around on the job will you, ya lazy bastard?
Nice to know karma does exist in UC, at least for Jamaican.
Well that answers my question about Jamaican from before.

Spending much of the day selling off the bulk of his scrap to the merchants functioning in the unregulated sections of Shangri-la, Judau prepares to cap off the day by selling the remaining parts from the recorder pod.

>Merchant:...You get this from that scrap from yesterday?
>Judau: Does it matter? The components alone are worth-
>Merchant: Slippery as usual. Heard the Red-Ray's and Iron-Lynx's made a real mess out of that area. You still riding solo?
>Judau: Does that matter?
>Older man: No need for the probing. Now that I know it was him, there is no need to be concerned.

Moving out from the back of the expansive back section of the shop, an older, heavyset man moves towards his associate.

>Merchant: Mister Parrhage-
>Older man: Good of you to return my property. So rare to find loyalty these days.
>Judau: I expect to be paid my asking price.
>Older man: Ho~ho~ho, always so profit focused. No need to haggle with the boy, give him what he wants for it. Seems those hyena's can't seem to keep pace with you, hm?
>Judau: I think we are done here-
>Older man: "A man who wears many faces will eventually lose his own."

As Judau begins to reach into his back pocket, the older man raises his hand to Judau.

>Older man: Shalom, shalom. You have just been
earning a bit of questionable reputation among the other districts. Just thought I'd let you know, as a piece of friendly advice.
>Judau: I'll deal with that when I need to.
>Older man: You know, going freelance is these days is not the safest activity. Have you reconsidered my offer?
>Judau: I have done fine on my own.
>Older man: Having our protection would go quite a ways, especially with more of the refuse from Earth being shuttled here. Lets not forget you don't have many friends around these days after our last...arrangement.
>Judau: That loan is completely settled-
>Older man: Of course it is my boy, but we both know some people might not appreciate what was asked of you.

>Judau:...How much more could you possibly want from this colony?
>Older man: Any enterprise worth a damn understands that stagnation is death. My associates and I expect to control the bulk of this colonies land within the next two years, but a fellow like yourself might help speed that process along.
>Judau: By being a debt collector and the kind of person throwing people to the streets?
>Older man: You act like most of those people did not agree to those terms, just like you did. All I would ask is that you collect what is ours, and also trade exclusively with my associates.
>Judau: Sounds like I would be getting screwed if I can't negotiate my own-
>Older man: We take care of our own, I assure you.
>Judau: Don't you already have enough people working for you?
>Older man: I can respect proper talent. You might even come to be convinced to become closer to our community in due time, once we have finished expanding.

>What will Judau decide?
This has Melanie written all over it so I'm wary of just recklessly accepting his offer. I think its better to remain a freelance scrapper and continue dealing with the oligarchs for now to keep Judau's options open.
I gotta agree, this sounds like an anahiem scam. Lets stay freelance for now, but dont stop dealing with em. We cant risk Leina and Elle just yet.
Is there anyone in gundam or /m/SV named Parrhage? Might need some info on that before i pick.

>Judau: I will keep doing as I always have. Working by myself, for myself. As long as you keep paying for what I bring, we will keep working together.
>Older man: A pity, but the door is still open if you decide to reconsider. Just understand that once certain doors are closed...well, people will just have to learn to contend with the place they locked in. Always a pleasure boy. Have a safe trip back to where ever you are living out of now.

Choosing to maintain his independence as a freelance salvager, Judau makes departs from the unregulated zone, with much of the area's gangs eying him as he makes his way back for the Federal enforced sectors. While still unsure of what the future will bring, Judau swears to find a way to escape the world forged by the adults who stripped their future from he and his friends. Feeling anger swelling within him again, it is subdued by the sight of Elle and his sister, both with signs of a healthy profit from the sold salvage.

>Judau: (No matter what...we are all going to make it. Federation, Zeon and all of the adults who control everything in between...none of them will ever hurt us ever again!)

[End of epilogue X]
All of his time with /m/ashy must seem like a fever dream to Judau; his life has gone in a circle, ending up worse than he started.
With us not picking [ADULT], I'm going to guess next time we see Judau he won't be a father, but staying close to Elle means they'll probably still be together.
>there are people in this thread that unuronically wanted Judau to rape Elle
But why
Didn't you fucks have enough with Rapemuro
I thought they were going to fuck with the decision we got, then I got nervous when copy had his sister come in, I was afraid his fetish bating was about to happen.
Bright has managed to do what Char wanted, so Earth will manage to recover 200 years after this run?
I don't understand Gihren threatening the rubber duckies at gunpoint
I couldn't find a good 'shooting fish in a barrel' image in short notice so I settled for ducks.

[Epilogue XI: Birth of the future]

The Second Spacenoid Independence War has drawn to its end. Bright Noa, and the now rapidly evolving Federation, have taken complete dominion over the Earth and its holdings. While the colonies prepare to suffer the wrath of the Federations retaliation, the survivors of Axis's Newtype Labs settle into the vast shoal zones near Side 5, where a secret holdout that had once been utilized by Zero Murasame and his allies lays hidden from the worlds view. Even with so much being lost with the collapse of the Alliance, the ambitions of Axis's Newtype specialist continue to grow, with their most anticipated project finally coming to fruition...

>Newtype lab staff 1: Someone stabilize her! She's killing herself like this!
>Newtype lab Director: Is there a delay? We are already behind on the estimated delivery.
>Newtype lab staff 2: Subject Soon is refusing to cooperate, though we are not sure if she is doing it consciously or not. The mental restraints should be keeping her docile, but given the readings we are getting from her brain waves-
>Newtype lab Director: Her enhancements may be counteracting the restraints. Prepare a C-section, I want the child alive and ready for examination!
>Newtype lab staff 3: B-but she would feel all of it! If her heart rate spikes any further, she could be-
>Newtype lab Director: I would rather lose a partial success rather than take the chance of losing our breakthrough. Proceed.

With their orders made clear, the staff managing the delivery of Chara's child prepare a C-section, with Nanai nervously keeping Chara's chemical readings in check.

>Nanai: Detecting resistance to steroid injections. Maintain dosage, but change insertion position to-
>Chara?: (Please...don't let him humiliate me...!)

Hearing Chara's voice, she looks away from her terminal to find the woman still struggling and crying out as she is prepared for the C-section operation.

>Nanai: Is my own conscious trying to trick me now? I-
>Chara:(Don't let him beat me...don't make me suffer the humiliation of bringing his child into this world...please...*whimper*, I...Mashymre...Judau...anyone?! Help me...hold me...save me...!!)

Feeling her forehead beginning to burn, Nanai looks away from the terminal, the voice of Chara now more aggressive in her mind than before.

>Nanai:...(Oh no. If I am hearing this, then that means I am...no!)
>Newtype lab staff: Professor, are you alright?! Your trembling!
>Nanai: I-its fine. I just...feel for that poor girl.
>Chara: (Save me...kill me...! Don't let him humiliate me...I don't want him to win...I can't let him win...!!)

>What will Nanai do?
Well, this is horrible.
Still less horrible than Sayla breast feeding her child nephew.
I need Hathaway Soon, sorry Chara
sorry chara, i'm pro life.
Chara's been a complete asshole the entire run so I can't say I feel any sympathy right now. Giving birth to the baby is the perfect end for her.
i let kycilias little shit be born i want chara to suffer even if the timeline gets destroyed as a result
>>Nanai:...(Oh no. If I am hearing this, then that means I am...no!)
Is she scared of being a Newtype or something?
Considering they're still running newtype labs, she aught to be scared.
Well then it's a good thing she didn't report it.
I find it amusing that one person thought "Hey, let's report the possibility of my being a newtype to the people who perform terrible experiments on newtypes" was the best call in this situation.
Personally, I think sabotage is the best choice (both morally and pragmatically, that kid is almost doomed to live a life of suffering and being used as a weapon/tool), but then again Hathaway is meant to suffer.
I wanna see what Bright does when he finds out they turned his baby into a guinea pig
Are you implying he didn't authorize it?
This is an axis holdout, anon

Refusing to listen to Chara's influence in her mind, Nanai proceeds with the original chemical stabalizing process, fully preparing the woman for the C-section process. Even as her psychic screeches for mercy continue to bombard Nanai's mind, she continues to steel herself as Chara's child is removed from her body.

>Newtype lab staff 1: Child has been successfully extracted...Director, can we at least allow her to see it? It just feels wrong to-
>Newtype lab staff 2: The woman's completely feral. She probably won't even recognize given how she is.
>Newtype lab staff 1:...I don't know, it just feels-
>Newtype lab Director: Remove her eye binders and allow contact between the two. Have the Psychommu receivers recording, these readings will be vital to future subjects created from this method!

Complying, the lab staff begin to unseal the binds sealing Chara's eyes, allowing her to see again after being blinded for weeks without natural light. Even with her eyes still refocusing from the intense light in the medical chamber, she instantly locks onto the screaming newborn before her.

>Newtype lab staff 1: This is your daughter, Chara Soon. Can you understand us?

Chara's eyes flash primal and feral rage for a moment, before completely collapsing as her child is laid onto her chest.

>Newtype lab staff 4:...D-director? We are receiving intense readings from subject Soon, but the child is...well-
>Newtype lab Director: Increase the sensitivity. Even a minor reading will suffice for now.
>Newtype lab staff 5: Understood, increasing the-

Chara's eyes go blank as her body ceases function, her newborn crying even louder as she grows still. Checking her chemical readings, Nanai watches as her body instantaneously ceases functioning internally.

>Nanai: (What just happened? She should have been fine with these-)
>Chara?: (Such a cute child.)

Turning to her side, Nanai's eyes quiver as Chara's phantom looks over to her.
So the baby is some kind of super newtype brainwashing Chara to become a mother?

Honestly, there's been enough weird newtype fuckery that I wouldn't be surprised if the baby sensed Chara's primal rage and somehow killed her as a self-defence mechanism in a similar manner to how Gato had been killing people.

>Nanai: I-is this an effect of our research? There was nothing that indicated-
>Newtype lab aide: Ma'am?
>Chara: (Children can such terrible little things, aren't they? No matter how they ended up inside of you, no matter who was responsible for it...and no matter how much you despise that person, something changes in a woman. Haha~, what's wrong, little miss scientist? You look like you just saw a ghost.)
>Newtype lab staff: Ma'am, please! Are you hurt?!
>Chara: (...It's strange. Even free from my body...I can't hate that child. Even if she has that man in her...I want her to not end up like me. The others want me to stay in this place and to remain until we have had our vengeance...but who really gives a damn anymore? Maybe Mashymre and the others are waiting for me. Eh~you still look really scared. You did something I did not desire, but I found it to be the right thing. Consider this returning that favor~.)

As Chara's phantom phases through Nanai's body, Nanai falls to the ground, her senses rapidly becoming increasingly expanded as she shakes her head wildly to fight off the new feeling.

>Nanai: No! Don't make me into one of them! I don't want to-
>Chara: (...Lara. That is a nice name.)

As her phantom vanishes, Nanai is left in a delirious state as her perception is rapidly expanded. Her assistant takes her by the shoulder, removing her from the area as she is moved to receive medical assistance.

>Newtype lab Director: There! We just saw a proper reading! It worked! Zeon Deikun, we finally did it! With these findings, we can finally push for the creation of true Newtypes, by our own hands!
>Newtype lab staff 1: B-but these readings did not come the-
>Newtype lab staff 2: Shut it, this is our chance to get ahead. Plenty of praise will come our way from the Directors for this.
Damn. thats a HUNGRY baby.
Huh, I guess there's hope Lara grows up to be normal instead of the HUNGRY anti christ we all thought she'd be.

>Medical staff:...Possible ministroke. Joshski, can you prepare a-
>Newtype lab aide: Professor Miguel! What happened back there? You just collapsed on us!
>Nanai:...Soon. What happened to her and-
>Newtype lab aide: They are still trying to revive subject Soon, but it looks like a major organ failure. There were no signs of it before, but it could have been set off by the-
>Nanai: What about Lara? Is she ok?
>Newtype lab aide: Lara? Who is that?
>Nanai: Her baby! Is she...wait, Lara? Why am I calling her-
>Newtype lab aide: She is everything they expected. The first child born from our research efforts! We did it Professor, we were the ones to finally achieve Zeons greatest dream!
>Nanai:...Sorry, everything just feels so...why is everything so bright and loud?
>Medical staff: Your body may be attempting to reacclimate from what happened to it. It will pass, we assure you. Now, there are more tests we will need to...Professor, is something wrong?

Mortified, Nanai quivers as she notices dark aura's lingering over the majority of the rooms staff. Looking to herself, she finds herself to be untouched by it.

>Medical staff: Professor Miguel?
>Nanai:...Everything is fine. Run whatever tests are needed.
Nanai needs to get Lara, and then GTFO. Ideally with a very large explosion then consuming the whole place.
That's assuming we get the chance. That vote to kill Chara might have solidified Nanai's character as someone who ruthlessly ignores her newtype empathy to obey the newtype labs' orders.

True, but if she's now seeing malignant auras surrounding her colleagues, but not herself, that could be a sign that she hasn't been tainted (for want of a better word) by her involvement in this place...yet.
one decision isn't completely going to define her; it took a lot of bullshit for Bright to become [BRIGHT].
So Bright has an heir now, eh? I wonder how this will shape things in the future. Hopefully Lara won’t just become a Zeon II-II: electric boogaloo but that might not be the case.
Awwww. Happy Father's Day Bright-kun!

>Nanai: (At one time, I have believed that learning the truth behind Newtypes and assisting in their advancement was my lifes calling. The things that had to be done in order to replicate what they were though...I came to realize that it was something we were never meant to truly understand. Without any other options, I poured myself completely into my work, in hopes of one day completing our research and ensuring the sacrifices that were made had not been a waste. To have become one myself though...it terrified me. Our research had always been focused on using regular individuals with extraordinary abilities as subjects as the test bed of our research, but those who were suspected of being genuine articles were...well, those who control the labs could not accept that nature had bore something more effective than their creations. The monstrous things that were done to those who could advance their...our research...I was terrified. They would do the same to me if they learned the truth. We had crossed so many different lines in the name of progress and evolution, but now that I was among those same people who were to be sacrificed in its name...I had only one salvation left to me. A way to protect myself and to protect someone dragged into this world...

>Newtype lab staff: Incredible, the infant's readings are already well above our original estimates! Professor, what have you been doing to achieve these-
>Nanai: I am only at liberty to discuss this with one of the Directors. I hope you understand.
>Newtype lab staff: Of course ma'am. We would like to schedule an observation of how well she is able to perceive-
>Nanai: As I said, that is up to the Directorial staff. If you will excuse me...

Having used her position to oversee the personal development and nurturing of the now designated ABN-001 [Advanced born Newtype], Nanai watches over the newborn child, forging many of the girl's results with her own abilities.

>Nanai: (I had never intended to have a family, or children for that matter. Perhaps it was my standards in a man, but I found my work to be far more important than something others around me would achieve on their own. As a woman, it seems we are just designed from our births to naturally acclimate ourselves to such a lifestyle. The child of Chara Soon, was raised to the best of my abilities. Even if I had initially used her to protect myself...she was someone I came to truly care for. Even if there was something I could not provide her, I still did what I could to ensure her happiness. As long as her results remained as the Directors had desired, she would be spared from whatever their pride may cause them to do...)

[U.C 0090]

>Remnant officer 1: How could you have let them get this close?! Our position should be completely invisible to the Federations Forces!
>Remnant officer 2: They must have followed one of the test groups back from an observation. If they learn one of the their patrols was lost though...

Landing into the heart of the hidden shoal zone base, a damaged Dreissen drags the remains of a Gundam Mark V into the facilities main hangar.

>Remnant officer 3: A Gundam-type? What kind of patrol unit carries those around?
>Newtype lab Director: What are you doing, you defective?! Look at the unnecessary damage you allowed on yourself!

The Dreissen's pilot exit's from their cockpit, floating themselves towards the maimed torso of the Gundam Mark V. Forcing it's cockpit open, the Dreissen's pilot is tackled by the Mark V's pilot, who immediately makes multiple attempts on striking at its pilots throat.

>Newtype lab Director: Stop! Kill that Federal and detain that defective!

As the hangar's security forces move to break up the fight, the Dreiseen's pilot is able to reverse its attacker on their back, ripping away their helmet in the process. The security forces members stop in their tracks as the pilot of the Mark V is shown to them.

>Remnant officer 1:...Its her! She's the same girl that the Supreme Commander had taken as his wife!
>Remnant officer 2: She's alive?! How did...why is she piloting a Federation-
>Ple clone: Master!! You murdered my-
>Dreissen pilot: My,my,my,my,my...calling someone "master"? Just makes my spine tingle. Someone like you...I wonder just what I would need to do get you calling me that.
>Newtype lab Director 1: What are you people waiting for?!
>Remnant officer 1: Sir, its Lord Sinclairs woman!
>Newtype lab Director 1: Bah, just a Federal trick! Just detain-

Hearing a child-like scream, the hangar's staff turn to find the Dreissen's pilot twisting the Ple clones arms behind her back.

>Dreissen pilot: You really should have submitted. You put on such a strong face for someone so-

Letting out a wail of frustration and anguish, the Ple clone tenses their muscles and begins to break their attacker's grip, only to completely submit as the Dreissen's pilot applies more pressure onto her arms, deeply bruising them as she begins to scream out for her attacker to stop.

>Dreissen pilot: Go on, call me it. Call me "master". If it sounds cute enough, I can be very accommodating to those who know they are weak-
>Remnant officer 3: Enough! Release your grip and step away from her! She can't resist any further!
>Dreissen pilot: You oldtype monkey's should remember your place. Even this weak little thing could eat you alive if it wanted.
>Remnant officer 3: I told you to step away, you crazy bitch.

Letting out a mocking chuckle, the pilot steps away from the Ple clones body, while making an exagerated pointing gesture towards the curled up Ple clone.

>Dreissen pilot: Your prince is here to save you. Go on, give him a kiss, will you?
>Remnant officer 3: Be silent! Your excellency, what happened to you? Why are you piloting that-

Headbutting the officer, the Ple clone attempts to strike him, only to dragged away by the Dreissen's pilot again.
Is that Ple 2 or a different one?

>Remnant officer 3: S-shit, my nose...!
>Dreissen pilot: Ha~hoo~ha. Guess she did not want that kiss from her darling prince. I suppose even a weakling is worth more than one of you monkey's, hm?
>Ple clone: You...!! You...!!!
>Dreissen pilot: The weak who refuse to submit to the strong need to be properly punished until they know their place. Looking at that face of yours...three. I give you three until you submit.

Keeping the Ple clone to the ground, the Dreissen's pilot reaches for her ring finger, tensing her hand as she prepares to dislocate it. Before she can begin, a bullet fires past her helmet.

>Newtype Director 2: Its concluded, Lucy. Stand down. Have this imposter detained until we can learn who she is.
>Lucy:I could always just ignore you and keep going, you know? Why waste time when I can have her purring my name like a docile-
>Newtype Director 2: "Tomorrow is not yet here".

Humming childishly as she hears the phrase, Lucy stands from the Ple Clones body, while security move to bind her limbs to stop her from potentially rampaging any further. Removing her helmet, the gothic looking pilot approaches the Newtype director.

>Lucy: I'm not done with her yet. Try to remember-
>Newtype Director 1: Making a scene like this, you obsolete junk!

Slapping Lucy's face, she feels the area of impact, unamused by the strike.

>Newtype Director 1: Wasting valuable resources! Stupid-
>Newtype Director 2: I will handle this. Feel free to use her data for future-
>Newtype Director 1: Reconfine her! I want that shitty smirk off your face by the next time I see you, understand?!

Binding Lucy's hands, the Newtype Director leads the woman back to her confinement.

>Newtype Director 2: Why did you refuse to use that machine's inbuilt weapons? It would have decreased the-
>Lucy: Tools of the weak. You should have let me keep going.
>Newtype Director 2:...Consider he a gift upon my rightful ascension. We have no needs of Zabi's or bloodlines.
>had taken as his wife!
Did I just miss that, or is this the first time this came up?
It was only mentioned a few times. Guy who was in charge said fuck it why not to try and legitimize his rule. And then proceeded to do nothing but take Ls

>Psychommu reader staff 1:...Professor Miguel, we must ask that you cease participating in the exercises directly with ABN-001.
>Nanai: Is there an issue with my methods? Lara is well within the expected parameters of-
>Psychommu reader staff 2: We would simply like to ensure she can function as such without your influence. I understand you have grown close to her, but you should try to-
>Lara: Ma~maaaa! Wook!

The tiny, blond child slides a small memory puzzle over to Nanai, with it fully completed and organized without flaw.

>Nanai: Did you do this?
>Lara: Mhm! Gwood?
>Nanai: Very good. Always such a smart girl.

Pointing to the two staff members maintaining the Psychommu reader, she sticks her tongue out at the two, only to be taken into Nanai's arms.

>Nanai: Don't be rude.

Giggling, Lara rubs her head against Nanai's chest, prompting the Nanai to gently pat the girl's head.

>Psychommu reader staff 2: Yes, the readings will potentially be different without you there to spoil that child with attention...
>Nanai: Ensure her results are forwarded to the Directors.

Leaving the area, Lara sticks her tongue out at the two lab staff as she is carried out of the room.

>Nanai: Now Lara, its not nice to be rude to them like that.
>Lara: Dumb!
>Nanai: Well, they may not like to hear that.
>Lara: Ma~ma smart! Smartest!
>Nanai: Oh Lara...we have to go into a scary place for a moment, so just hold onto me and don't be scared.

Entering into the subject confinement section to reach the connecting elevator grid back to her quarters, Nanai places Lara's head to her chest, keeping eyes away from the sealed pods and security doors containing prospective subjects being prepared for use in the future.

>Newtype Director 2: Stay rested, my ashen rose. Our rightful positions will be claimed soon.

Departing from Lucy's cell, the Director leaves for the elevator grid, while Nanai stay's out of his sight.

Overhearing the Directors statement, Nanai moves to check on Lucy outside of her cell, finding the ash skinned girl partially sealed within a device keeping her limbs restrained. Confirming her confinement, Nanai moves to depart the chamber, only to hear the girl's mocking voice singing out from her cell.

>Lucy: Someones~got~a~secret. I know you can hear me.
>Lara: Ma~ma...?
>Nanai: It's ok. We are almost out of here.

Placing her fingers onto the outside of Lara's ears, Nanai deafens her from Lucy's taunts as she starts to leave the area.

>Lucy: You know, I had you on my "goodbye" list i've been making. Once those stupid monkey's find out your just like me...hee~hee~hee, whatever~will~they~dooo~?
>Nanai: What are you saying? How dare you try to threaten me with-
>Lucy: Oh~and now she is talking with me! What an adorable con you are running. Those stupid Oldtype monkey's are so easy to play, aren't they?
>Nanai: Whatever you are intending with the Director, I will ensure it is brought up to-
>Lucy: "Please". Please, please, please, do it. Right now. Go and tell someone about it. A powder keg is about to blow, and I really want it to blow sky high so I can get on with my plans.

Looking closer to Lucy, Nanai's grip on Lara begins to weaken as she watches a malevolent aura rise up from the girl's body.

>Lucy:...Well, go on then. Tell anyone you want about it.
>Nanai: What an awful feeling. These terrible emotions just-
>Lucy: Hm? You are still here? That look you are giving me right now...ha~ha~hee. Don't be ashamed, it natural for one of your kind to see what I am. When the time comes, the oldtype apes will become my slaves, and the "Newtypes" not created like myself, will become my loyal servants. That is the destiny of I...the Genocider who will correct mankind.
>Nanai:...You are nothing but a delusional child.
>Lucy: Pledge yourself to me, and I will reward you. I may even be gentle to the little monkey you are carrying.

>Nanai: I have heard enough of this filth.
>Lucy: The weak who do not know their place will just have be properly shown what they are meant to live like. As one of those genuine Newtypes...hmhm, I would love to peel apart that pathetic front you are putting up. By the time I am done, whatever is left of your worthless pride will be mine to enjoy at my leisure. Servant, or slave. No matter what you decide, my destiny is to become the true master of all of this world.

>What will Nanai decide?
>pledge loyalty

>refuse and leave
she'll insult us and maybe tell

>tell another director
above with a chance of being shot

>try to kill her
roll to see if CNT + [ZEON] mindfuck nanai and lara in retaliation
alright so who is Lucy again?

i need to know before i make a vote here.
I think tell another director is the best choice. Attempt to dispose of her is unlikely to succeed since from a meta perspective Lucy is too important to die here. Refuse and leave will just leave Lucy to tell on Nanai and ruin everything. Pledge loyalty is absolutely retarded.

She was the first /m/sv oc that inspired others to create their own ocs and eventually the create /m/sv. She's an ancient OYW era cyber newtype created by the feds who coped with her abuse by adopting the persona of a genocidal anti-oldtype zeek. In the /m/sv timeline she became the leader of Shin Zeon iirc so it's safe to assume she'd be a major villain in part 3.
All these choices suck, so I'm going with 4 cause that has the biggest payout if Nanai is lucky
I think refusing and leaving is the best option here. All the other ones will have a higher chance of either being exposed or risk affecting Lara. This way Nanai can just wait and take advantage of whatever chaos Lucy has planned.
Pledging loyalty for shits and giggles.
What Zaku like machines could she foreseeably get later on?
Prolly a Doga. Maybe if she's lucky she can have a sazabi.
Gihren greed reboot soon......
I doubt that.

Turning away from Lucy, Nanai makes her way for the elevator grid with Lara still being held in her arms.

>Lucy: Hee~hee~hee~! What fun! I look forward to the next time we will see each other. I promise, I will have~plenty~of~fun!

Entering into the elevator, Nanai chooses to keep the information of Lucy's delusional words to herself, keeping focus on ensuring her and Lara's protection and eventually completing her research. Even if it took another ten years, it would reach its completion as long as she continued to work with it. As the months would pass however, the full extent of the conspiring Newtype lab director and Lucy would finally manifest. With infighting between the Directors over their own individual projects and allocation of resources, the decision to remain isolated from other remnant movements had been unanimously agreed upon...barring one director. Having long ignored his demands, his desire to take complete dominion over the Newtype labs for his own uses would take place, with scattered pirate and mercenary forces funded and scouted by a new sponsor, the Neo Zeon movement would begin its formation...however...

>Newtype Director: Had they only listened to me sooner, we could have avoided this needless bloodshed. It will take some time to reorganize this force, but the other remnants will flock to us once we have established our-
>Lucy: So~. How does it feel? You must be excited to finally take your rightful place, right?
>Newtype Director: This is for the sake of realizing Zeon Deikun's dream. Unless I push forward now and ensure the first steps of ascending mankind into ideal Newtypes, everything we have had to sacrifice will have been for nothing. I have not forgotten your reward, and the future that we have-eck!?

Jabbing into his chest, Lucy's pierces the Newtype Director's heat with her fingers. As he falls to the ground, she holds his body up with her enhanced strength, letting out a mocking cackle to his face.

>Lucy: To the hell with "Zeon Deikun". That stupid monkey may have foreseen our rise, but he was just another worthless ape in the end, just like you were.
>Newtype Director:B...ut...wh...y?!
>Lucy: "Ahhh~! I can't believe you they can't understand your vision! Only you could possibly realize such a perfect world! If only I could stand by someone like"~Phahahaha! You murdered all of those other monkey's, because you thought I was going to lay at your feet like a loyal and dumb animal? You were going to make your "Neo Zeon", and become the one to ensure the rise of the Newtypes? That is cute. Your kinds future is only to be eradicated to the last creature. Nobody will ever know you ever existed...for I will completely unmake this world, until only my Newtypes will remain.

Pulling her hand out from the Director's chest, she snaps the man's neck with a quick strike to his jugular.

>Lucy: Such an obedient creature. He even decided to keep his identity a secret, just like I told him to. "Neo"...such a boring word.

As the key directors of the Newtype lab are eradicated in an assassination plan, along with much of the hidden facility being overtaken by Lucy's new sponsor, Nanai is detained within the bowels of the facilities detention block, while Lara is stolen away from her by Lucy's allies. As the remaining security staff and Mobile Suit pilots that had not stood with Lucy in the coup are also detained, Lucy proclaims herself as the mastermind of the facilities liberation, fully placing her sponsor's resources under her command. Unsealing the door to Nanai's detainment cell, Lucy smirks at her captive.

>Lucy: Well~well~well. Looks like they already had some fun with you. Not so pretty with a black-eye, are we?
>Nanai:...Just get it over with, but don't include that child into-
>Lucy: Oh, you mean Bright Noa's one-eyed-worm spawn?
>Nanai:How could you-
>Lucy: Would you believe the kind of things a man will tell you when you tickle his heart a hint?
So is she supposed to be an Elfen Lied reference, or is the fact that she's insane, named Lucy, and obsessed with wiping out regular humans all just a coincidence?

>Nanai:...Even if that child was conceived by that man, she has nothing to do with-
>Lucy: I don't really care. Just the fact that she has a little part of him inside of her just makes me want to kick the hell outta her. It might also be fun to use some of the substance's they were cramming into the others to make her into a fun pet as she grows up. Maybe even teach her a few trick to amuse me.
>Nanai: You...vile little-
>Lucy: Still trying to act so strong. You are not restrained, so c'mon. Hit me. Hard as you can. Anywhere you'd like. Try, fail, whatever happens...your my slave now, as is the rest are the rest of the monkey's here. Since you are one of the superior though...I suppose you do deserve more than the rest of those animals. How does it sound to-

Reaching for Lucy's throat, Nanai's grip is instantly broken as she is forced onto the ground, with Lucy laying onto her back.

>Lucy: Wow~you really did try! It completely sucked, but you really tried! Ha~hee~ha!
>Nanai: I am...not a-
>Lucy: Oh~ I just can't stay mad at you! I am still going to have to punish you for even trying to resist me, but that is the price people who don't know their place have to pay! By the time I am done having my fun, you will nice and ready to begin your new purpose.
>Nanai: Why? What do you even want?
>Lucy: The rest of those obsolete humans believe I am here to save them. Since you will be my personal designer, you get to know the real fun. I am going to destroy everything. The colonies, the Earth the moon. Every~last~place. Burned~to~cinder~and~ash! The Newtypes will flock to me, and as the Genocider of this vile world, I will kill every last one of those oldtypes! In the end, Bright Noa will be forced to face me, and I will make him pay. With his brat as a toy of mine, I might even let her observe as I kill the man who gave me my purpose, as the bringer of genocide!
>Nanai: I-insane...you are completely-
>Lucy: When I am done, we will "understand" one another.
Nice job as always /m/. We really should've been more proactive in dealing with Lucy.

hey i said to report her actions.

not my fault /m/ plays like a fusion of Renman and Raqio.
I voted to kill her, don't blame me.

[U.C 0093]

>Nanai: (I am...I became the very thing I have worked to find the answer to. The dream of creating Newtypes had finally been realized...but is this what they are destined for? To become weapons of war, to be turned against the rest of humanity? At one time, I lived in fear of being discovered as a Newtype. To become subject of the horrors I had once inflicted on others. Now...I have become an extension of that woman's desires. Spearheading the development of her irrational and impractical designs, along with forcefully "enhancing" those she deems worthy of fighting for her. Lara...that little girl who had saved me from my fate and had once held onto me as if I were her mother, would be groomed by Lucy. That woman...will destroy everything, unless Bright Noa is stopped. To save myself...to save my Lara...to save everyone...I must ensure that man is defeated! Bright Noa...!)

As transports arrive at the installation, Lucy prepares to meet with the remnant commanders that had chosen to meet with her. With Nanai, a Ple clone retrieved shortly after Lucy's rebellion and Lucy's personal bodyguard, a masked mercenary refusing to reveal themselves all accompanying the self-proclaimed "Master of Shin Zeon", the true rise of her movement enters its final phase...

[End of Epilogue XI]
> a masked mercenary refusing to reveal themselves
Oh god is that SHINNN?
File: EWPMKLFUYAE13vE.jpg (358 KB, 1492x1550)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
>a masked mercenary
Fucking Chars...
Looks like Zeon and Johnny dodged a bullet by not joining forces with this Zeon faction.
Again, when all the choices suck, I just pick whichever has the biggest potential payout(killing Lucy). I am 99% sure Nanai would've fucked up but there's a 1% chance it all works out
I'm kind of on the edge of my seat seeing who else will be adapted from /m/sv.
I think we’re going to have to side with Bright again because just like last time the alternative is even worse
Depends on who we're playing as in part 3. If we're playing as Amuro we should work with Bright but if we're playing as someone with Alliance or Zeon connections we should go with Shin Zeon. Both sides are bad enough that we should coup the leadership of whatever faction we choose to support.
>we should coup the leadership of whatever faction we choose to support.
This has never EVER worked for /m/
Don’t forget what little
aeug remnants are still left out there
Hey it worked wonders for Bright until he went [Bright]. The only reason it went to shit was because /m/ didn't understand the Hunger mechanic so we should be fine now. That said, I wouldn't mind going third faction like the Three Ships Alliance with Henken's AEUG or Johnny's Zeon, this timeline is a CE tier nightmare.
No, we should follow through with Bright's plan because /m/'s choices(and a shitpost contest) led us to him
I voted to ignore her, she was thrown into a cell for being a psycho bitch, I didn't think she would have enough support to do a coup, it seemed like everyone was already having enough of her shit.
It usually does work, it just doesn’t actually make things any better.

[Epilogue XII: Immortal's made mortal]

The Titan's, once the sword and muscle of the Federation's forces, have been completely dismantled and reabsorbed into its parent organization. Having lost the majority of its remaining members, the last surviving pocket's of the Titans forces that had participated in the attempted chemical weapon's attack on Side 6 are convicted for their actions. As the majority of those involved are quietly convicted, the recently promoted Colonel, South Burning, is made aware of his former comrades predicament at Luna II...

>Chap: Never thought i'd see you commanding a ship. Could not stomach retiring after all?
>South: So many senior staff officer's were lost in the war. Even if I had moved into retirement, I am not sure I could not stomach not doing my part with the recovery.
>Monsha: The added pay ain't half bad either, right? Looks like being a security commander was not working out.
>Chap: You really want to act shitty right now?
>South: Have you fallen so low that you would look down on the fallen?
>Monsha:...So, how is that little ankle bitter doing? Heard Uraki ended up making it out of that shitshow in Dakar.
>South: He will never properly function in the military again. For all of its failings, at least his treatments are being covered by the Federation.
>Monsha:...Ah, dammit sir! They killed Alpha, and they killed Chuck and that little lady in your unit! You gotta understand why we did what we-
>Chap: I don't want to die, but we both knew what we were getting ourselves into. South, you know if my asset's would still be transferred to my wife?
>South:...I will do what I can to make sure she is taken care of.
>Monsha: Hold on! We all know they are going to put us to the wall over this, but what good is that going to do any of us?! Dammit, Bright shot the goddamn place with that weapon of his! C'mon sir, you gotta help us here!
I'm surprised Bright still cares about persecuting Monsha and Chap even after he personally destroyed Side 6 himself.

>Chap: Monsha, come on now. What could the Commander do to-
>Monsha: W-we were under assignment to track their movements! We fumbled before we could arrive at the colony and saved countless, and the Commander knew about it!
>Chap: Do you think they would believe something so stupid like-
>Monsha: South, you can't let them screw us like this! I still got so much to live for!

>What will South Burning do?
I say South should lie as much as he can. Sure Monsha deserves to hang but Chap actually tried to fight the order to gas Side 6. He deserves better.
The only problem is if we lie and try to cover for them, someone might ask for evidence. Saying it was a clandestine operation most likely won’t hold water.
South's a colonel now, shouldn't he have enough connections to forge some evidence or bribe the right people?
Maybe? If we do end up choosing to lie, I’m fully prepared for Bright to make an appearance in this trial. If that happens, no one will be believe South’s word over Bright’s. That is, if they don’t want their families to disappear.
>tfw i'm still the only person mad about them trying to gas a colony so i picked leave them to fates.

i swear i get caught up on different things then the rest of the thread.
You're not the only one.
File: lucy_correct_century.png (91 KB, 445x629)
91 KB
>With Nanai, a Ple clone retrieved shortly after Lucy's rebellion and Lucy's personal bodyguard, a masked mercenary refusing to reveal themselves all accompanying the self-proclaimed "Master of Shin Zeon", the true rise of her movement enters its final phase...
That must be Ple 8. The masked mercenary guarding Lucy Genocider.... I looked through my memory and the archives and there's not really anybody that's independent and also wears a mask... except for SHINNN. >>20944168
Another possibility is that it's Veelain Genocider wearing a mask since his faction is "inconsistent" which implies mercenary work, but I don't think it really fits the story up to this point to introduce him this run and he'd be way too young at this point given how old Lucy is at this point in the timeline.

>We really should've been more proactive in dealing with Lucy.
The outcome might have been different but ultimately Lucy would still have probably found a way to survive and then take control of the situation given her importance to the story

>Sure Monsha deserves to hang
if he survives he'll form the Brew Desides and become a Char under the moniker Indecent Exposure and that anon who keeps posting it will finally get his wish

While he is unable to bring himself to lie on behalf of his former comrades, South Burning chooses to speak highly of both Monsha and Chap as veterans of the first and second spacenoid independence wars. Hearing South's claims, the actions of the two men are oddly ignored as questions regarding their exploits as pilots are explored. As his statement is collected privately, and the trial is held under the jurisdiction of Admiral Tosh Cray and the recently reorganized Luna II council, South waits to be informed of the verdict against the last of the immortal 4th's members, while not being allowed to directly observe the trial. With a verdict being reached however, South is left in a state of confusion over their decision...

>South: They were executed? When? Who made the final decision on this? Was it Admiral Cray-
>Luna II staff: This matter is no longer your concern Colonel. You have no place in questioning the affairs of-
>Tosh: That will be enough.
>Luna II staff: S-sir!
>South: That quickly? The Federation has never been known for being swift with it's decisions, and something like that happens in the span of a day?
>Tosh: These times have required us to be more efficient. The people of Side 6 have called out for justice...and so it was delivered to them. Your statements regarding those two was enlightening, at the very least.
>South: I would like to pay my respects at the very least. I never got that chance with many of the others under my-
>Tosh: Their is nothing left of them to be seen. Perhaps they will find more meaning in their next life...wouldn't you agree?

Noticing an odd shift in Tosh's voice, South remains silent as the Admiral leaves for his quarters.

[Monsha and Chap are now MIA]
That's what they all say.
Any bets?
I'm going with "unethical test subjects" but I've been wrong about many things.

Having lost his former comrades to the political machinations of the rapidly reorganizing Federation and with Kou Uraki also vanishing without a trace, South finds himself commanding numerous raids against anti-government insurgents and political dissidents on the Earth. Utilizing overwhelming force against those fighting with conventional weapons and civilians, the veteran finds himself growing more concerned over the Supreme Commander's intentions with accelerating the mass deportation of illegals and those deemed as enemies of the state. Even when news of legitimate armed threats are received, all that he finds at these sites are fields of glass, left by the forces deployed from Gryps 2. For two years, he would continue to serve loyally...however...

[U.C 0091]

>South: The Elite Officer's Academy? What is Brian Aeno thinking?
>Tosh subordinate: They are refusing any attempts to negotiate. Admiral Cray will be personally leading their suppression, but has asked that your unit aid in subduing and securing any forces any of their forces that attempt to retreat. Even a single Mobile Suit could become a threat if allowed to roam freely.
>South:...Understood, my unit will-
>Tosh subordinate: The Admiral has specifically made it clear that you are not to engage their forces in any way until he has arrived. If they attempt to make contact with you, ignore it. We have heard reports of underhanded maneuver's against other forces that fell for their trickery.

Ending the communication, South prepares to move for the Academy's outer border, joining alongside the other forces being prepared to surround the insurrectionist forces. Having built a loyal force of veterans of the previous war, South's concerns of the Federation begin to slowly seep onto his allies. Arriving at his designated position, his Albion-IV is hailed by a GM III with a signature from the academy's forces.

>Albion IV staff: Colonel, they appear to be requesting an audience with you.
Salt mines with Yazan

>South: For a group that has apparently be refusing to any form of negotiation, they seem perfectly open to it. Do we have any other readings?
>Albion IV staff: Only one machine is openly broadcasting it's I.F.F, but we are also detecting additional machines signals nearby, but they are being suppressed.
>South: An ambush? Has Brian actually reached the point of...what is he playing at?

>What will South do?
Maybe Tosh made them join a secret rebel group he is funding?

This situation reminds me of the time Jamitov tried to sabotage Bright and Blex's negotiations at the beginning of the Second Spacenoid War. There's something fishy going on here, we should speak with Brian to investigate instead of blindly following orders.
So now what?

Vote has ended in a tie.


>What was the title and name of the first UNE ace pilot to be defeated by Garrod Ran during Operation Sacrifice?

First to answer correctly will be allowed to choose between the two winning answers.
Lieutenant Demar Griffe "The White Death"
Trust them and agree to speak
Based X Enjoyers
>tell a director
>it's probably that stupid fuck that got killed


>South: Are we able to detect any other unit's in our immediate area?
>Albion IV staff: Multiple within communications range, but none that can be visually-
>South: Send out dummy transmissions to the other units with standard telemetry and area data. As those are being sent off, send a low wavelength communication to that unit ahead of us.
>Albion IV staff: You actually plan to speak with them?
>South: Even if it is a trick, they would ultimately be putting themselves into a far more dire situation by making an attempt on my life. If they actually have something to say that the Admiral would rather we not hear though, I want to hear it myself.

Complying with South's orders, the staff of the Albion IV remain on standby as their Colonel and a small escort are lowered from their vessel in an armored transport, with the forces under Brian Aeno's insurrectionist moving out from their cover to begin escorting him into the surrounded training facility. With many of the training instructor's actively commanding the bases security measures, many of the younger officer's are surprised to see South being escorted into the base. As South is lead to Brian Aeno's quarters, his escort is left to wait by their armored transport, awaiting the results of this clandestine meeting.

>Brian: I always had a feeling you would settle into a command of your own one day.
>South: Admiral, what is the meaning of all of this? Do you understand the kind of attention you are bringing by making an active statement of resistance against the Federation? Something is off about this entire situation, but you must have your reasons for pushing this.
>Brian:...I have considered retiring for some time now. I have come to see my reasoning as an officer of the Federation is considered obsolete by many of the newly assigned admiralty.
>South: There is more to it than just that. I know you are not the kind of person to let vanity define their actions.

>Brian: I have had my objections to how the Federation had operated under Supreme Commander Coliny's doctrine, but the Federations as an institution was always paramount, even if it had become misguided. Many had come to believe that Bright Noa would represent a positive shift in the reorganization and return to more conservative values for the Federations military...that has not been the case. Many officer's who would have been trained in naval theory and ground operations are now being conditioned for subduing urban and guerilla threats, along with many younger officer's being specifically trained for operating in space exclusively.
>South: Why all of this? The claims you had made are tantamount to calling a coup against-
>Brian: Many of those same officer's that I had trained in the past two years following the war have rapidly been graduated and quietly transferred into space, with no records to follow any of them. The majority of those who are reassigned to fill positions lost during the war, are little more than organizer's of mass deportation efforts. Many in the instructor corps have already seen what is happening. We are not training future military officers. We are conditioning loyalist to the Supreme Commander. Loyalist who have been trained to forgo their own oath's as officer's of the Federation. I can't betray my oath as an officer of the Federation.
>South:...What is your concern here? Why go this far?
>Brian: I lost many who I would consider dear friends and life long comrades to Zeon. I watched as many I would train as future officer's would never return with that governments rise to power yet again, with others I considered allies standing alongside them. Bright Noa has completely reestablished his base of power in space, and has completely abandoned the principles of the Federation for...well, for many of the ideal's and beliefs held by the Principality of Zeon.
On one hand I can sympathize with what Brian is saying here. On the other hand his mindless loyalty to a corrupt and failed institution means he won't change anything even if he did defeat Bright. Poor guy doesn't even know that Bright is more of a Deeproots than a Zeek.

>South:...How many others have you attempted to speak to regarding this?
>Brian: All of the other's we have reached out to have declined our attempts to explain our actions. Some of them veterans, with others being those who had been trained here, not long ago. They intend to make an example out of us...don't they?
>South:...Admiral Cray's central force has been mobilized for this base. I understand your forces abilities, but if this persist, they will more than likely resort to violence. I can understand your frustrations, but you would be pulling many of the young officer's following you into-
>Brian: I have no intention of throwing away the lives of the young. We have watched far to many of them be fed to this endless war machine for far to long now. Perhaps my age has started to weaken my resolve...but as a survivor of the battle of Side 4, I believe you of all people can be trusted. This entire action is a decoy to pull attention away from this bases outer borders. I intend to carry out my duty until the end, ensuring those who still intend to carry on their oath's can live on to carry on the value's of the Federation.
>South: You expected for this kind of retaliation?
>Brian: With exception to Tosh Cray, yes. The man is a brilliant strategist, but the fact that he is personally intending to lead our suppression tells me there is something more to this...
>South: How do you expect to get anyone out from this area? Even without reinforcements, this base is outgunned nearly eight to-
>Brian: Casualties were expected, but we intend to lure the bulk of their forces towards this installation, while many of the fresh officer's are able to escape from here, lost to records and casualties of this...insurrection.
>South: What about you?
>Brian: If I must die, I hope to do so knowing I did what I could to preserve the values of the Federation. Those who feel the same are prepared to lay down their lives for that hope.
#trusttheplan #darkbright

Hearing a knock on his office's door, Brian authorizes the source of the knocking to enter. A man enters into the room, his right leg clearly a prosthetic.

>Stole: Multiple HLV's have made landing at California Base. It will not be long now until they arrive.
>Brian: Then our time is running short.
>South: Stole? Stole Mannings?
>Stole: It has been far to long, Lieutenant Burning. My apologies, I had forgotten your position as a Colonel-
>South: Sometimes I have trouble accepting it myself. What are you doing here? I thought you had been reassigned away from-
>Stole: I could not accept being reassigned to a logistical role. Even if I could not fight again, I had to continue serving as at least an instructor.
>South:...You can't seriously expect to participate in-
>Stole: Tosh Cray is leading that incoming force, isn't he? There is no reason for any additional force to be applied against us, and yet forces from space are mobilized here. He is coming for me.
>South: For you?
>Stole: He knew I was stationed here. If he intends to deploy against us personally, he will be coming to try and bring me, and those who were staunchly loyal to the Supreme Commander back with him.
>Brian: Colonel Burning, I have a favor to ask of you. I can not ask for your men to fight for us, but will you give the men here a chance to protect their oaths?
>South: You want me to just let them pass us?
>Brian: Our forces in that sector will fire in your vessel's direction, but they will remain unharmed. Once they have reached safety...I will issue a surrender from this installation.

>What will Burning do?
I would vote for Brian to give himself up and let Burning try to help but we saw what happened when we tried that with Chap and Monsha. And I highly doubt Brian would even do that. I think Burning telling Brian that he isn't an enemy but can't help him is the best option.
Also, who is Brian? I'm assuming he's another /m/sv character.
>I'm assuming he's another /m/sv character.

Oh, he's from Sentinel.
Won't that just lead Brian to imprison Burning as an enemy? If you don't want Brian to end up dead by Tosh's hands it's better to help him directly by siding with him instead of half assing it.
The only choices that make sense here are 2 and 3. 2 if you don't like Bright, and 3 for the possibility of Burning salvaging the situation
The only choices that make sense here are 1 and 2. 1 if you don't like Bright, and 2 if you want Burning to salvage the situation cause he's probably fucked if Feds win

Agreeing to Brian's plan to allow many of the officer's actively questioning the current administration to escape without a trace, South and his escorts return to the Albion IV, fully prepared for Tosh's forces to begin their assault on the elite officer's academy. Ordering his unit's Mobile Suits to focus on the ships defense while holding back their own attacks, the majority of his crew are quick to understand his intentions, while a small pocket of the Mobile Suit corps appear unsure of their orders. As the sun slowly begins to rise from the horizon, the central instructors of the academy finalize the bases plan, while Stole Manning takes control over a modified GM III for training purposes.

>Stole: Staff evacuation has just finished. Admiral, what kind of movements are we-

Stole's communications are cut off as numerous canister's crash into the base, emitting an intense jamming signal.

>Stole: Cutting off our communications right from the start...Tosh.

A Garuda air-carrier begins to emerge from across the horizon, with scores of Nero-type Mobile Suit's approaching on base jabbers.

>Tosh subordinate: Admiral, there is no need for you to deploy personally.
>Tosh: Its irrational, but I have my reasons. Target their Mobile Suits, but do everything in your power to avoid firing on the bases infrastructure. I want Brian Aeno detained without harm, along with the officer's currently being detained.
>Tosh subordinate: Are we authorized for lethal force on their armed forces?
>Tosh:...This insurrection was started by radicals who could not be reasoned with. Even if they attempt to surrender, finish them off. Once we are within the bases direct range, all communications will be limited to skin-based contact. Stay in your designated teams at all times.

Sticking by the arranged plan, South's forces maintain a defensive against the false assault on their vessel, while leaving an opening for the officer's and other staff to evacuate from the base safely.

>South:...How is the damage?
>Albion IV staff 1: Minor scorching to the lower hull, but the general frame of the ship is still-
>South subordinate: What are we doing?! We have signals passing by our position! Colonel, why are we just sitting here and-
>South: We have our orders Ensign Hyshan. We are to ensure their Mobile Suits are unable to pass by our position-
>South subordinate: Those are still armed staff onboard those transports! We just can't sit and do-
>South: If you have an objection to my actions, state them after the operation has concluded! Don't put your comrades in jeopardy over your recklessness!

As the Albion IV holds its position, Tosh's forces launch a deadly blitz against the officer's academy, though their original estimation of a swift and easy victory are dashed by the academy's pilots maintain a defensive even without active communications. Tosh's Nero squadron establishes a perimeter around the facilities center, where many of the detained officer's are suspected to be held.

>Tosh: (Even if you disagree with my actions, you need to understand why this needs to be done. The Federation will never survive if it is perpetually reliant on the colonies for its own survival. Even if the previous administration was to cowardly to explore new worlds for mankind to inhabit, our chance to finally achieve that dream is now-)

Raising his Nero's shield, a dummy round impacts Tosh's unit. Stunned for a moment, Tosh kneels his machine downward to protect the central facility of the base, while a GM III trainer attacks one of his allies. Disabling the arm of one of the Nero's, the GM III trainer steals away the machines saber, using it to cut away the legs of the Nero. Boosting into the GM III trainer, the two machines clash blades.

Burning plasma and Minovsky Particles rain down from the two machines clash, with one of Tosh's allies moving to attack the rear of the attacking GM III. Firing a beam into the back leg of the GM III, the explosion forces Tosh away as his attacker crashes to the ground. Nodding to Tosh's machine, his comrade prepares his saber, ready to pierce the GM III's cockpit. Boosting into Tosh's machine again, the GM III fires off multiple dummy rocket's from its shoulder launchers at his Nero, blasting off a layer of paint across his machines visor. Even while blinded, Tosh utilizes his machines secondary camera to take hold of the attacking machines head as it charges for him.

>Tosh: Even with cheap tricks like those, your maneuver's are absolutely-
>Stole: Tosh?

His blood becoming cold from hearing his dear friends voice, Tosh locks his frequency being achieved from skin contact.

>Tosh:...Why are you in a Mobile Suit? How can you pilot in your current condition-

Noticing movement on his secondary camera, Tosh watches as his comrade charges for the back of Stole's machine. His pupil's dilating from the realization of what is about to occur, all Tosh can do scream out for his comrade to stop, his attempt futile from the jammed communication.

>Tosh: Stop!!!

Striking into Stole's cockpit, Tosh's life-long friend is vaporized in an instant. His very reason for even becoming involved in the suppression of Brian's movement, now lost to him forever. Releasing the destroyed GM III from his Nero's grip, Tosh is left motionless as his ally moves to check on his condition.

>Tosh subordinate: Admiral, are you alright? He nearly got you there for a-

Taking hold of his Nero's rifle, Tosh aim's for the academy's central control tower, prompting his comrade to try and stop him.

>Tosh subordinate: Sir, stop! We have already managed to secure that posit-

Forcing his ally aside, Tosh prepares to fire onto Brian's position.

>Academy staff: T-they are locking onto our position! Sir, please! You must-
>Brian: If my life must end here, then at least I will maintain my honor as an officer of the Federation until the very end.

Standing from his seat, Brian salutes towards the rising sun as a beam rips into his position, killing him and the staff choosing to remain by him.

>Tosh subordinate: A-admiral Cray...!
>Tosh:...Secure this position. (Even in your condition, you still chose to fight...damn fool...you god damned fool...!!)

Brian Aeno's short-lived protest against the Federation draws to a close, with only the officer's still loyal to the central military being found detained. Numerous other officers are claimed to have been killed during infighting at the base, with their bodies being vaporized by from explosions caused from the engagement. Framing the incident as an act of treason directly from Brian Aeno and his allies, the Elite officer's academy is relocated to Luna II under new leadership. South Burning, having ensured the officer's of the insurrection are able to escape without a trace, has claims of negligence levied against him by a section of his own unit, subjecting the man a military tribunal over fears of his potential affiliation with the Aeno faction. While being found innocent, South's unit is quietly split, with the main bulk of the Albion IV unit being reassigned to security duties in the Australian wastelands.

[U.C 0093]

>World-seeder staff 1: Active signals are ceasing along the moons surface. Exposure unit's five and seven have confirmed a successful capture of hostile resources.
>Tosh: Secure as many of their staff as possible. Every asset will be needed for the coming days ahead.
>World-seeder staff 2: Damnable Exposure eleven...those animal's can't be trusted to follow even a simple order!

Looking towards space, Tosh's eyes look towards the silent visual of explosions around and near the surface of Phobos. Turning his attention to the massive red world before him, Tosh steels himself once again, resolved to ensure the survival of the Federation as the effort to transforming all of the celestial bodies in space takes its first steps.

[End of epilogue XII]
Are they going to turn Phobos into Mars Luna II? I'd say its a bit small but idk how big Luna II is in canon.
This was a pretty good epilogue, especially the way Stole and Brian died. I also can't believe Bright is actually terraforming planets as per Tosh's ideals. If this works out Tosh might become the Deikun of the next century.
Is Axis still in the Earth sphere or is it back in the asteroid belt? It could be a useful as a shelter for the Martian terraforming crews.
Axis was briefly mentioned in Zeon's epilogue as a base for Tosh's Martian colonization scheme. The terraformers are dealing with a Mars Zeon infestation so they're using a fortress like Axis as a base.
I wonder what MS are being used on Mars. For example Tosh's forces could be using anything from GM III's and Neros to even Jegans, though they'd probably have to be heavily modified for Mars vast deserts. And for Ace and experimental units who knows, they could've been given prototypes before they left for Mars or are developing something using Axis facilities.

As for the Mars Zeon forces I imagine they're mainly using heavily modified Axis MS. Like Dreissens covered in filters for fighting in Mars deserts so they look a little bit like Dwadges. Zaku IIIs treated the same way resulting in models resembling Desert Zakus of old. The Gaza and Galluss lines are likely still being used out of necessity, resulting in a side variety of models. Something such as Galluss' designed for Mars artic poles, or Gazas with plane-like transformations for efficient atmospheric flight come to mind.
Man the Martian frontier sounds really interesting when you put it that way. I hope we get to see some Mars kino one day.
Honestly my imagination is going a little crazy thinking about Mars this run, it has so much potential.

With the disastrous defeat of the Principality and the execution of Gihren, I imagine way more Zeon soldiers and citizens escaped to Mars to start a new life then in the original UC timeline. And when Axis was attacked by Bask, those who escaped like Serrana Karn probably headed to Mars as well. These Zeonists would definitely have started building farming domes, cities of some sort, factories, and ways to get water as their lives depended on it. Then years later there's a huge influx of refugees as the Alliance collapses at the end of the second war, but they would be bringing the military technology that would form the core of Mars Zeon's armed forces.

But there could also be just regular immigrants seeking a better life going to Mars in the UC 90s. Like people trying to escape the grasp of the federation, as Bright extends his control over every asset of life. Space colonists scraping together everything they have so they can have their children grow with solid ground beneath their feet. Hell, there could be Jovians seeking to immigrate to Mars now that there's a foothold. Helium Barons selling their product, Dogatie agents seeking to make connections with the Zeonists, etc.

And Tosh's forces would be interesting in their own right. With a majority of them likely being volunteers believing there on Mars to change it for the better with their advanced technology, and the rest being criminals or test subjects thinking they were sent to hell as punishment. But their biggest struggle would be from that there in a land where the population hates the government and the ideals they stand for.
It's also 93, so they might start rolling out the Dogas
Can someone link me to an archive of the campaign that had the insane serial killer version of Matt Healy? it was a few months ago now. it was on Gihren's Greed.

[Epilogue XIII: Eclipsing of the light]

>???: Humanity was born into this world without technology, pure and connected to the cosmic will of the universe. As our numbers increased and the desire to expand grew, so did the desire to cast aside our purity to become servants to our own creations. The oceans, the skies, the very stars that showered us in their embrace...we chose to defy our place in the cosmos and used technology to pervert what was never ours to claim. Even this holy land in which we have found a new connection to the cosmos, was built upon the unforgivable sin of man's over reliance on its own creations. For years, my people have achieved purity once again, by giving themselves back to the holy light. At one time, I desired to spread the word of our people, and to save those who are cursed to never know the genuine meaning of life. Our souls were tainted by the machines of ancestors...but I know that our words will reach those who are willing to open themselves to it. One day, an Ark will arrive to our lands, carrying a worthy messiah to spread our words to those shackled by the influence of technology, their spirits unable to be truly returned to the light. One day...one day it must come.

[U.C 0090]

>Holy Light guardian 1: Why do our holy spears have no effect?! They have been blessed by the Holy Light!
>Holy Light guardian 2: Protect the temple! The Great Giants must not be allowed to lay their hands upon-

The guards are blown away as a squadron of Nero's activate their thrusters. As their bodies are thrown against the walls of their holy temple, they look out towards their holy land, now completely shrouded in fire from the engagement between the Alliance Remnants and Federation forces engagement. Even as they call upon the Holy Light to protect them, the guards are left to pray desperately as their homeland is overtaken.
This current campaign is a continuation of the campaign you read a few months ago. Merciful Matt is still alive and kicking too somehow despite the astronomical death toll in this run. Try searching the archives for a OYW Bright run to find the beginning of this campaign, it should be after a short Garma campaign.

>Task force Commander: How have they been surviving like this? These people are practically barbarians...
>Task force soldier: The Alliance's remnants have been cornered. Even if they try to escape the colony, there is nowhere for them to run with our forces surrounding the area.
>Task force Commander: Given how backwards these people are, the remnants may have been trying to indoctrinate them. It may explain why they are so adamant on detaining the one leading this groups religion...
>Task force soldier: Sir, the unit attempting to infiltrate the temple are running into serious resistance! Permission to have the Neros-
>Task force Commander: Denied! Our orders made it clear to ensure their leader was taken unharmed, along with limiting the damage to the colony...though, the Alliance has not made that easy for us...

As the fires surrounding the holy Shinto shrine continues to spread across the land, a group of moon-moons citizens attempt to make their way for the temple, only for their carriage to be thrown from their horses as the creatures panic from the rising flames.

>Moon-Moon tribal 1: Lady Rasara, we must escape! There is nothing more we can do for your-
>Rasara: I won't let her just wait to be killed! She is far to stubborn!
>Moon-Moon tribal 2: T-the flying metal giant is coming back!

A Gaza-E crashes into the center of the Shinto Shrine, knocking the monument at its center away from its resting place. Landing atop the ruined machine, a mass produced Qubeley jabs its saber into the Gaza-E's cockpit, before turning its visor towards Rasara's group. Taking hold of their slingshots, they begin to fire off rocks at the machine, their effect being completely useless.

>Moon-Moon tribal 3: I-it does not react to the blows! Even such a large beast must be able to feel that!
>Rasara: Invader of our homes, answer me! Why have you brought such despair to our peaceful land?!
>Rosamia: Oh~...are you the one who is keeping the bad men safe?
Oh, cool. I think i control f'd and clicked a different archive link to a whole different thread, and not the one in the OP. My bad lol.

Stepping off of the wreckage of the monument, the flames begin to burn away the layer of moss around it, revealing a mechanical structure to Rasara and the other tribals.

>Moon-Moon tribal 1: I-it was a great giant! It was hiding among us all of this time!
>Rasara: The holy Catl...
>Rosamia: Because of the bad men, me and my baby brother had to come here to stop them again! All of those people are looking at you...so that means you are the one in charge! I won't let you make the sky fall! Not again!

Extending its hand, the Qubeley attempt to take hold of Rasara, only for a blinding flare to crash into its visor. As Rasara and the others are forced to look away from the intense flash, she feels her hand being taken hold of. Keeping her head down, Rasara allows herself to be guided away as the Qubeley-type fumbles around the area, gripping wildly to try and take hold of her. While Rasara's supporters are scattered, she begins to regain her vision as she is held behind a tree. Turning her head to face the one who had lead her to safety, she finds a pink haired woman scanning the area for a route to escape from the growing flames.

>Rasara: Are you with the invaders? I have never seen you-
>Serrana: Lady Moon, I need you to listen to me. I am a friend of your people, and I have come to ensure you are taken to a safe place.
>Rasara: Not until my sister is-
>Serrana:...Your sister would not want you to be brought any further into this insanity.
>Rasara:...Are you the reason we are being attacked? Why the Great Giants are spreading destruction? How could you know what my sister-
>Serrana: We have been in contact for some time now. I can explain everything, but I need you to work with me in escaping from this place.
>Rasara: B-but Sarasa-
>Serrana: There is nothing we can do for her! I know it is hard to accept, but you will only end up getting yourself hurt if you try to save her!

>What will Rasara do?
Didn't see that coming.
>Using a mass produced Qubely
This is really making me wonder how strong Bright's Newtype army has become, especially with Scirocco as the research director.

While not knowing the woman before her, Rasara is able to sense a deep sadness within the woman, her words of warning feeling as if they were born from a personal experience. Complying with Serrana, the pink haired woman leads Rasara away from the spreading fires, while the Mass production Qubeley continues to search for Rasara.

>Rosamia: Where are you?! Damn~damn~damn-huh?

Feeling goosebumps beginning to form on her back, Rosamia looks towards the holy temple of Light, where a White Gundam Mark V makes landing alongside the Nero's securing the perimeter.

>Holy Light warrior 1: Lady Sarasa, you must grant us your blessings! As long as the Light protects us, we will never allow you to come to harm!
>Sarasa:...My loyal foll-
>Role: The weapons I have dispensed to you have been blessed with the holy light! The skin of the great giants and those carried by them will be as sand before their power!
>Holy Light warrior 2: We shall uphold the values of the Light!

Hearing a pained wail, Sarasa's royal guards look towards the entrance to the temple, only to find their first wave of defenses falling back, while one of the guardians is carried into the temple by his head by a figured armored in a white-clad suit around his body.

>Holy Light warrior 3: M...monster...made of...metal...!
>Role: Why are you running?! The Light shall protect those who believe-

Tossing the guard aside, the metallic figure slowly makes his way for Sarasa's throne. Nodding to one another, the two royal guards prepare to attack the figure, with one of them remaining to the rear while the other one charges forward with his spear. As the approaching guardsman prepares to strike, his partner chucks his spear at the armored figure, only for it to be swiped away by the figure. Jabbing straight for the figures neck, the spear snaps upon impact.

>Holy Light warrior 2: I-it can't be it! This weapon was-

Taking hold of the guards arms, the white-clad figure effortlessly crushes the loyal warrior's bones. Releasing a ghastly screech from the sudden influx of pain, the warriors cries are silenced as he is smacked aside. As his partner charges forward to avenge his brother in arms defeat, Role moves to escape with Sarasa, only for her to slap away her consults hand.

>Role: Lady Sarasa, what are you-
>Sarasa: To run away would only show our fear. That being, clad in the very evils of technology...I will not flee from it. We made our decision to trust in those that promised us our ark. Now we must stand by that decision.
>Role:Foolish girl, if you are lost to us, then this tribe will cease to-

Dragging the second guards body up the stairs with him, the figure tosses the guards body in front of Role and Sarasa, his spine completely shattered. Mortified by the sight of the metallic figure, scores of additional troops from the Federations task force begin to flood into the temple, raising their rifles towards Sarasa and Role.

>Federation task force soldier: Get down on the ground!

Mortified by the situation and the failure of the remnants to protect him, Role kneels to the ground, placing his hands onto the back of his head, while Sarasa continues to maintain her stance, staring down the approaching figure.

>Sarasa:...I can feel you were born into this world, and yet you hide away the body given to you by nature in that monument to the failures of man. Do what you must with me, but I will never abandon the values of-
>???: Where is she? Where have you hidden Haman Karn?
>Sarasa:...So much anger coursing through you, and yet your voice is so young. Face me without hiding behind your technology. Look upon me and I will speak to you as a child of creation, rather than a monument to the evils of man-
>Role: The woman had been cast from our land for speaking against our desires! The ones who aided us afterwards came with a promise of-
>Sarasa: Role!

>???:...Who speaks for the people of this colony? Is it you...or is it you?

Turning his attention to Role, the elderly priest bows his head in submission to the figure, while Sarasa attempts to remove the figure's helmet, only to find it pressurized to his suit. Taking Sarasa's hand, she is raised into the air by the towering figure and is shown before the Federations task force. Seeing their representative of the Light being placed in danger, the remaining guardsmen that had not fully retreated return, aiming their spears towards the figure, with the Federations forces training their rifles on the primitive warriors.

>???: Call for your people to surrender.
>Sarasa: Ngh...I wont...ever be-
>Role: Lower your weapons!
>Holy Light warrior 1: Betrayer! You do not speak for lady Sarasa!
>Holy Light warrior 2: Lady Sarasa, grant us your blessings! We will cast down these intruders in the name of the Light!
>???: If they strike, they will be made examples of. Order for them to surrender, or their lives will be forfeit.
>Federation Task force soldier: Take aim! Ready...fi-
>Sarasa: Enough!! I...I will...!
>???: Have them lay down their arms and submit.
>Sarasa:...At least allow me to see the true face of the one who did this. I can only trust the words of one willing to cast aside the technology on his-

Applying more force to hands, the figure turns the leader of the Light Tribe to face his covered face.

>???: *This* is my face. My body was stolen from me by that woman...the same one you allowed to lead your people astray. Renounce your beliefs.
>Sarasa: How dare you-
>???: If you will not release them from your lies, then they will all be-
>Sarasa: Lower your weapons! We...our values are...are...!
>???: Aim for their limbs-
>Sarasa: Stop!!
>Holy Light warrior 3: L-lady Sarasa...you can't abandon our-
>Sarasa: The Light...it will not protect us here! For the sakes of your families and your own lives...surrender!
So does anybody know who this guy is then?
Did Haman nonfatally disfigure somebody?
Funnily enough, the only person that comes to mind is Katz who was stated to have been crippled when Haman went rogue but without us actually seeing what happened. Besides, Rosamia's here too.
My guess is that it's Sarah Zabiarov. Her mangled burnt body was found and brought back to life using advanced medical technology at Gryps 2, and it was a know fact that Sarah wanted to take the place Haman had in Artesia's heart.
Newtype Senshi Titanswoman?!?!
I think Copy X makes it clear when someone's 100% dead, and he's also using "his" to describe the figure which I can't imagine is not on purpose
That mystery man is Katz then, and he should be in the 17-18 age range at this point
>holy spears
What exactly is he talking about?
They're literal spears
We promised not to speak of that.
>No we didn't
Shut up!

>Rasara: Why? Why would they do such terrible things to our people?

Looking towards Moon-Moon from the disguised shuttle's observation deck, Rasara's eyes tremble at the sight of multiple Federation vessel's and Mobile Suits surrounding their peaceful land, fully understanding the fighting within the colony will not simply end with the defeat of the Alliance's remnants.

>Rasara:...I want to go back-
>Serrana: I felt the same way when I was pushed from my homeland. The awful feeling that I could have changed something had I remained...it's nothing but a trick your mind is playing on you.
>Rasara: Even so, I can't just-
>Serrana: Know that your sister is able to take solace in knowing you are not with her. She would not have wanted you to be dragged into-
>Rasara: Why?! Is this what those who have been tainted by technology resort to in order to-
>Serrana: You shift blame onto the means of which someone commits atrocities. The one who wields the weapon carries the blame. Within those Mobile Suits are people, just like you and I.
>Rasara: Mobile...Suits?
>Serrana: The "Great Giants" your people refer to. As I had mentioned before, your sister and I had been in contact for some time now. I had come here in search of someone precious to me...but that person was nowhere to be found. Your sister had desired to spread her gospel to the other colonies, but I understood the dangers that would be presented with a place like this being discovered by either the Federation or Alliance.
>Rasara: Feder...ation? Alliance?
>Serrana: Think of them as tribes that do not agree with your way of life here. Your sister and I could not come to an agreement regarding becoming a messiah for their beliefs...and so she turned to those who could fulfill that promise. Against my wishes, an Alliance force had made landing in secret in your colony. They promised to aid your sisters dream in return for protection...but their arrival lead to this.

>Task force member: Zeon Papua-class has been found and locked down. All remaining Mobile Suit signatures are reading negative.
>Task force Commander: Continue to search for any remaining remnants in hiding, along with bringing and of the tribals still refusing to stand down to heel.

As Nero's fly above Moon-Moons lands, they broadcast Sarasa's words of surrender to her loyal followers. While the majority of those living within Moon-Moon throw down their arms and kneel to their conquerors, small pockets of warriors continue to fight back, refusing to believe the "lies" being spread by the mechanical giants.

>Gryps II staff: Ensure the ones refusing to surrender are taken as intact as possible. The damage you did to some of these others will-
>???: I was ordered to limit casualties only to Zeon's forces. The ones I crippled will survive.
>Security officer: Ma'am, you are not authorized to-gah!

Pushing the security officer aside, Rosamia wraps her arms around the metallic figure, prompting him to gently rub the unstable woman's head.

>Rosamia: Why did you not stay close to me? You can be so inconsiderate!
>???: You have done enough for today. Return to the ship and wait for-
>Rosamia: Huh? Oh, you caught her! Haha, good, good, good! So smart, so clever! She snuck away from me, but you made sure she could cause no more scary things!
>???: Snuck away from you?
>Rosamia: Out in the forest, I tried to bring her back to you, but she played a trick on me!
>???:...She was never reported as being outside of this temple.

Sarasa's speech draws to a close, leaving her open to be interrogated by the metallic figure yet again.

>???: What is the meaning of this? Who was outside of the temple? A body double?
>Sarasa:...yes, just a servant sent in my-
>Role: Lady Rasara! It was her sister!
>Sarasa: Why?! Why would you-
>Role: We...we must submit, completely and without reservation! The Light has failed us...the light has blinded us for to long!
We must protect Rasara at all costs

>Sarasa: Y-you...you would abandon our peoples very ways, just so save your own physical form? You have become tainted by-
>Role: I will not let my life end without seeing beyond this colony! If the other invaders could not fulfill their words, then my salvation lay in these men!
>Gryps II staff: You one of the high priest of the cult, correct? Aid us in bringing the rest of your people to stand down, and your wish shall be fulfilled. If you wish to see beyond this colony, we can provide you with such a luxury. Your cooperation may even bare other rewards, if you serve us loyally...
>Role:...I, Role of the Holy order of the Light, submit myself before your will. Forgive this foolish girl, for she is a product of my teachings.
>Sarasa: You have become corrupted by their influence...by the same technology that has lead our land to ruin! Your soul will forever tainted by-
>???: You will obey, or your sister shall be made to suffer for your resistance.
>Sarasa: No! She has nothing to do with-
>???: Until that woman, Haman Karn is found, we shall continue our hunt within this colony. Until all signs of Zeon have been eliminated, your people shall answer for what you have allowed.
>Sarasa:...Holy light, giver of wisdom and protector of those born into the endless cosmos, cast these monsters from our land and-
>???: Your light will not protect you. If your people are search for judgement, then all they shall look upon is me.

Moon-Moon, or rather..."the invisible colony that never existed", would be quietly brought under the control of the Federations Forces. The elite warriors, trained from their very birth to serve the Holy Order of Light, are taken from their homeland without a trace. A land that had once stood as a haven of the tribal ways of Earth's past, would become a reservation for the Elite of the Federations revised government to observe the people of Moon-Moon for research and personal amusement.
Those poor Moon-Mooninites, at least Gryps 2 likely has better conditions than the old and defunct Augusta and Murasame labs.

Born from their near instant collapse, the revised True Order of the Holy Light is formed by the now ascended high lord of the new religion, Role. Preaching that their people were liberated from the ignorance by gigantic warriors of metal, lead by a man who had become truly one with technology, the new order pushes for the abolishment of many of the colonies older traditions in order to see the ultimate truth of their new beliefs, with many new warriors being actively trained to one day earn the right to be shown the world outside of Moon-Moon. Those that chose to resist, are forced into hiding within their own homes, while others have their children stolen away from them. As for Sarasa...it is better that Rasara is never made aware of her sisters fate. To be cursed chasing after ones own family...it never seems to end.

Reviewing the hazy footage of what has occurred at Moon-Moon, a young boy grits his teeth at the brutality displayed against his people, with the very technology he had come to believe could benefit mankind if used properly.

>Haman: Terrible, isn't it? This is the kind of world that the one who leads those men desires. One filled with endless destruction and stagnation.
>Jutta: Bright Noa...how could someone go so far to hurt others? There was no honor or reason in attacking our people, or even those who came from your tribe!
>Haman: There are people in this world who can not be reasoned with, my dear student. One day, you will return to your homeland as its liberator. With the power you possess, not even Amuro Ray could stand to face you.
>Jutta: The devil clad in White...if I can defeat him, then I will be strong enough to save my people?
>Haman: Of course. Once he is defeated, there will be nobody left to stand in the way of returning the world to its natural state.

Rubbing the young man's neck, Haman smirks as he appears to accept her affection without resistance.

>Jutta: (This cold sensation...even miss Haman has been hurt by that man. Bright Noa...I won't forgive you! I won't stop until everyone you have hurt has been allowed to rest in peace! Warrior wearing the mask of the devil...I will not run from you.)

[End of Epilogue XIII]
>returning the world to its natural state
And just what would that be?
Likely a nuclear winter
That doesn't sound very natural.
Now a world that runs on natural selection on the other hand...
So we're getting Haman's Counterattack after all?
>Artesia was a woman who could've been a mother to me!
>Haman's Counterattack
That does sound pretty neat, especially if Haman gets the Sinanju or Nightingale and its in her personal colors of pink and white.
Imagine seeing this before you die.
Will Haman have her own Neo Zeon movement or do you guys think she’ll take over Johnny’s and/or Lucy’s Zeon remnants?
Haman's reputation among Neo Zeon movements is in the gutter from her stint with the Federation and her marriage with Bright so I doubt she'll be leading anything. She'll likely just join an existing movement as an ace pilot.
The absolute last thing you'll see in life is the sultry smile of Haman licking her lips, as you are blasted to smithereens.
Oh shit Moon Gundam

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