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File: 1643719417207.jpg (3.22 MB, 4000x4000)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB JPG
Welcome to /m/SV Season 3! Popularized by shitposting in late 2019, /m/SV is a collaborative parody of Gundam's Universal Century loosely inspired by Mobile Suit Variations composed entirely of loosely connected MS Paint OCs and their stories.

/m/SV Wiki/Booru: msv.wtf.dev

With activity slowing down considerably last thread, I think right now is a good time to mention this since there has still been persistent interest in /m/SV despite the decreased speed. On my end, despite being busy with IRL work I have been prospecting various ways to adapt /m/SV into some kind of game for some time to replace the ongoing suspension of Copy X's /m/SV Gihren's Greed campaign as a result of external circumstances. Digiflux has also noted an interest in helping to tie the loose associations present in /m/SV into a more coherent narrative, and has done some of his own work to this effect. Inquiries and discussion from the community into these things is welcome.
>Digiflux has also noted an interest in helping to tie the loose associations present in /m/SV into a more coherent narrative, and has done some of his own work to this effect
good luck most of that stuff is borderline antithetical
I think that Season 2 was marked by a lot more effort to create a cohesive narrative, at least for the most part. We had a few overarching storylines that all tied together pretty well.
I dont think every single /m/SV is going to be part of it, but even some of the crazier shitposts I think can be worked in.

Season 2 was really cool for having done that, how I imagine it fitting in is as this overarching B plot in the narrative that at some point completely overrides and sidelines the main plot while inheriting all the characters and circumstances of that and then being resolved basically "midseries". Would be quite the shitpost.
Yeah, personally I think it would help keep interest and activity up if Season 3 has something similar. Having more than one storyline going at the same time should also make it easier for others to help with content creation without relying on a single person to do the heavy lifting.
What are the current storylines?
We can expand one of those to begin it.
The one I'm aware of is Czin's run to space.
Part of me thinks that some kind of prequel story based on OP's pic might be a nice idea too.
Here's the previous thread for convenience sake
File: 1635823463081[1].png (13 KB, 895x480)
13 KB
Did any of you find anything interesting in the last thread?
For me, it's this!
>not also posting the redraw
>The one I'm aware of is Czin's run to space.
About that, i'm unable to finish Czin side story in the previous thread as i intended due to i kinda wrote myself to a corner and having writer burnout at the same time.
My brain really want to redo the story, but i think i should ask you fellow first.
>We can expand one of those to begin it.
If any of you want to continue(or redo) this side story. Feel free to do so, i'm curious in where this will lead us.
as someone who's been a mecha fan for a good while but have never gotten into gundam; i plan to jump into uc soon. how much knowledge of it is recommended to participate in this, if there is even any? i love collaborative writing projects like these.
This is definitely the type of thing where the more you know about UC, the funnier it is, for example pic related is referring to Crossbone Gundam's retcon of the OYW that had Garma leading a secret project to train Zeon monkeys how to pilot mobile suits.
That said even just knowing about the original Gundam would be enough
File: desperado.jpg (688 KB, 2480x3507)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
0079's Desperado Daniel, when she was a adult man.

Might not be active again for a while. i will start a new job tomorrow.
I know the feel, which is why I think it's better to have more than one storyline going on at the same time, so that other people can contribute with those during downtime.
File: Thieleva.png (127 KB, 911x1952)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Thank you for understanding.
Alright then, posting the next batch of Alexandros Faction now.
File: Girald Springgun.png (86 KB, 1073x278)
86 KB
The pilot.
File: Loundell.png (280 KB, 1482x1390)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
and her grandfather.
File: Bildert.png (329 KB, 1055x1096)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
His superior.
File: mireylle.png (131 KB, 873x467)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
and the rest.
File: Harco.png (308 KB, 1804x1022)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
File: Leonardo.png (180 KB, 1633x752)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
File: Huge Tray-class.png (595 KB, 1022x614)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
The landship.
File: GM Terminator.png (116 KB, 902x1447)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
New grunt MS for Alexandros faction.
The Big Damn...
Alexandros is a pretty big splinter faction huh?

Once the Big Damn Z'cock is massed produced!
>Alexandros is a pretty big splinter faction huh?
All thanks to his charisma.
I'm new to this and was wondering if I could get a rundown of the current stories. Also, curious if it would be ok for me to make a small faction within one for my work?
You can do whatever you want, so don't take it too seriously (unless you want to). Some stories have evolved out of OCs people like or their own OCs but it's nothing you need to worry about if you just want to make something of your own.
The initial hope was for the wiki to be able to contain these but people for the most part didn't upload their stuff as they went along so the only stuff there is a couple pages about the blood GM and some templates for people to use that i personally wrote
I'm still plodding along in archiving the images themselves but maybe i will eventually get around to it. Some people who wrote stuff in pastebin like the guy who wrote Hertz Renfall made entire page long story vignettes in some cases that got lost cause I didn't know pastebin has an expiry date too so i didnt go archive them first

Anyways, I was kind of wondering about Legacy Gundam's position in the timeline. I'm wondering if it should take place next to season 2 or if it should be part of the events leading up to Shin Zeon's rise to power. I'm kind of leaning towards being at the opening of season 2 desu because of season 2 taking place on the african continent and Legacy Gundam taking place adjacent to that in and around South Africa. This would also allow some preservation of Legacyanon's original concept which involved Shin Zeon
haha what if solid fuel was a busty milf hahaha
File: AugustaManga.png (1.95 MB, 5000x3508)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
First two pages
File: Speedy Gallop.png (952 KB, 1165x731)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
The Speedy Gallop essentially an enlarged Gallop-class designed for guerrilla warfare. By removing the main gun and increasing the overall size, it gains two extra MS capacities and allow a MS to stand on top of it. It also has increased speed thank to additional jet engines. Furthermore, it is equipped with a coupler for towing a cargo unit on the stern, the unit can be used to transport supplies and could also function as a camping trailer, thereby enabling long-term operational activities.
File: Zpea.png (2.01 MB, 2494x1658)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
The MS team
File: Yulascia.png (229 KB, 1690x828)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
File: Roxvina.png (119 KB, 1261x626)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
File: Neio.png (264 KB, 1737x885)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
File: Girg.png (201 KB, 1483x990)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
File: ReGalbaldy α.png (266 KB, 516x550)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
Their reinforcement from space.
File: ZBawoo.png (210 KB, 1426x914)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
File: XDolmel.png (165 KB, 1820x1092)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
It has just begun and the suspense is killing me.
Degenanon, is that you?
If you don't mind me suggesting these.
I think we could streamline this story by making the rise of Shin Zeon and the formation of 9th Crusade happening at the same time.
Since EFGF, 9th Crusade, Alexandros faction, Aranos test team, Sandy Dan, Czin group and a part of Zeon Remnants are in Africa, Alan could partake in one adventure to another with his gundam, meeting(or battling) other OC in the progress of finding his missing sister.
File: Spoiler Image (1.71 MB, 5000x3508)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Sneak peek since I draw slow :D
File: Spoiler Image (1.87 MB, 5000x3508)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
more previews
Nice, hope to see the competitors, soon.
File: high juaggu.png (109 KB, 1308x912)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
new drip for an old character
Truly a high value MS.
Does she has stat yet?
If not, i found a template from season 1 we could use to stat the /m/SV OC.

[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership /20
>Charisma /20
>Ranged /20
>Melee /20
>Endurance /20
>Reflex /20
>NT Rank: /5
>*Positive Trait*:
>*Negative Trait*:
File: 1627703280201[1].jpg (1.04 MB, 3507x2480)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
>I'm new to this and was wondering if I could get a rundown of the current stories
There is a post Turn A story by BR-man at the start of this season.
Czin escape to space, currently the writer having a burnout and don't mind us continuing or redoing his story>>20636069
This anon's work, https://msvwork.blogspot.com/
and recently, a prequel to /m/SV from digiflux.
>Also, curious if it would be ok for me to make a small faction within one for my work?
Sure, why not.
You know you could comment on the OC as a mean of bumping
Are we stating our OCs? If so, are there any guidelines on what number in which stat count as "average"? I haven't played Gihren's Greed before, admittely.
File: 1573728187705[1].png (2.12 MB, 1056x1300)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
Here are examples made by Copy X during /m/SV Season 1.

>Name: Lucy Genocider
>Rank: Warrant Officer [Zeon], Ensign [Glemy Faction], Admiral [Self proclaimed]
>[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership: 3/20 (Max:8/20)
>Charisma:13/20 (Max: 18/20)
>Ranged: 5/20 (Max: 10/20)
>Melee: 14/20 (Max: 19/20)
>Endurance:5/20 (Max: 10/20)
>Reflex: 12/20 (Max: 17/20)
>NT Rank: 3/5 at max level

>Name: Blexar Burnings
>Rank: Major [Titans], Captain [E.F.S.F]
>[Stats being assumed from rank E]
>Leadership: 11/20
>Charisma: 12/20
>Ranged: 11/20
>Melee: 11/20
>Endurance: 15/20
>Reflex: 13/20
>NT Rank: Permanent 0/5

>Name:Rook Zogmaan
>Rank: Civillian
[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership: 12/20
>Ranged: 9/20
> Melee: 0/20
>Endurance: 3/20
>Reflex: 7/20
>NT Rank: 1/5 at max level

Name:Otto Mattis
Rank: Warrant Officer [E.F.S.F], Civilian [Post-retirement]
[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership 2/20
>Charisma 9/20
>Ranged 11/20
>Melee 1/20
>Endurance 13/20
>Reflex 6/20
>NT Rank: 0/5
>*Positive Trait*: Proficient in repairs and Shell-type Mobile Suits.
>*Negative Trait*: Refuses to pilot non-Shell type Mobile Suits.
Name: Echo Gunnr
Rank: Commander
[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership: 10/20
>Ranged: 12/20
> Melee: 7/20
>Endurance: 13/20
>Reflex: 9/20
>NT Rank: 0/5

Name:Charlotte Mejia
Rank: Civillian [Militia/OYW], Ensign [EFGF/Zeta], Lieutenant [EFGF/CCA]
[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership: 4/20
>Charisma: 12/20
>Ranged: 12/20
> Melee: 5/20
>Endurance: 10/20
>Reflex: 11/20
>NT Rank: 2/5 at max rank

Name: Solid Fuel
Rank: Sergent [EFGF/OYW], Ensign [EFGF/0083], Civillian [Retired/Zeta-CCA]]
>Ranged: 7/20
> Melee: 9/20
>Endurance: 13/20
>Reflex: 5/20
>NT Rank: 0/5
File: 1574079630669[1].png (1.02 MB, 1864x2273)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Name: Bee Ardo
Rank: Colonel [EFSF/OYW] Rear Admiral [EFSF/Post 0083], Vice Admiral [EFSF/ZZ-CCA]
[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership: 9/20
>Charisma: 1/20
>Ranged: 8/20
> Melee:0/20
>Endurance: 4/20
>Reflex: 2/20
>NT Rank: 0/5

Name: Richard Thomas
Rank: Lieutenant [Zeon/OYW], Civillian [Post-OYW]
[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership: 2/20
>Charisma: 6/20
>Ranged: 7/20
> Melee: 4/20
>Endurance: 7/20
>Reflex: 11/20
>NT Rank: 1/5 at max level

Name: Sidney Destinee
Rank: Commander [Haman Loyalist/ZZ], Captain [Neo Zeon/CCA]
[Stats assumed from E Rank]
Ranged: 8/20
Newtype Level: 2/5 at max

Name: Maryanna von Kohl
>Leadership: 2/20
>Charisma: 0/20
>Ranged: 4/20
>Melee: 13/20
>Endurance: 15/20
>Reflex: 11/20
>NT Level: 0

I think these all i could find.
Worry not, if you think you stat the OC too high or too low, we could always readjust them.
Alright, let's see if these stats make sense?
>Name: Ametseder
>Rank: Warrant Officer
>[Stats being assumed from E Rank]
>Leadership: 3/20
>Charisma: 10/20
>Ranged: 7/20
>Melee: 15/20
>Endurance: 13/20
>Reflex: 15/20
>NT Rank: 1/5 at max level
File: Spoiler Image (328 KB, 1920x1080)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Guess who showed up in Copy X's Gihren's Greed run.
She is really strong in melee.
It seems to be in line with how she's depicted in what has been written so far, although I should note that it's rooted in her ability to use the reuse P device, which might be better represented by trait?
>although I should note that it's rooted in her ability to use the reuse P device, which might be better represented by trait?
It could be one of her MS features, just like EXAM system.
Maybe a trait that makes her stat boosts a lot when piloting MS that has that feature? Not sure if the game has something like that.
I didn't play the game for a long time after my PSP died, so, i can't provide more insight in this matter.
Sorry about that.
File: Theocrat.png (220 KB, 2334x1626)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Visor or monoeye?
>If so, are there any guidelines on what number in which stat count as "average"?

3-5: Bad
6-8: Normal
12-14:Very good
18-20: Legendary (I prefer to keep custom characters limited to below 17, unless there is a very specific reason for their abilities to be approaching that of a Newtype MC.)
>ongoing suspension of Copy X's /m/SV Gihren's Greed campaign as a result of external circumstances.

This may be premature to mention, but I may as well throw the line in the water. Its true that I lost "all" of my original assets for the project, effectively wiping out months of work. Despite that fact, I do have interest in reviving the project since some of my concerns for its viability have been cleared up. [Combination of Gihrens Translators work and stability testing on the emulator to keep it from crashing and memory leaking.]

Do I have an exact time when it will get done? I can't say. The project will most likely be broken up into two separate projects.

>/m/sv: 0094

The central tale of the EFSF's conflict with Shin Zeon. [More grounding characters taking place in a conflict following the collapse of Char's Neo Zeon.]

>/m/sv: Genocider tales

A grand tale authored by Lucy during and after her time in the Augusta labs. [All shitpost/less grounded characters facing one another in a demented timeline]
>>20643719 I'm this anon.

I was giving it more thought and I think it might be better if I make my characters and suits for my own kind of fanfic project.
File: 1578461184041[1].png (439 KB, 1521x794)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Can't wait for my first /m/SV OC to appears in your projects.
Can you stat him too?
Which gundam setting your OC is going be in?

UC, I have it starting late 0079 when the federation begins deploying ground gundams and gms on earth. Focuses on Zeon grunts turned aces who just love killing feds.
Nice, what MS is he or she going to use?
Share it with us even still

Code Fairy makes use of this plotline and has Feddies in North America already deploying Captured Zaku II and Zannys pretty early on as Zeon capture California Base as they plan to advance to Cape Canaveral Florida.

Truth is I hate code fairy because the variations just look retarded and it's tied to GBO2 which I also find just a bad game. So basically I disregard its existence.
GBO2 is tits once you figure out the I frames and timing. Really feel like clunky robot combat and they let you exit the suit which is cool. Yeah theres rock paper scissors mechanics but they actually have a ton traits for each suit to consider too. Just the amount of content is huge. I play mostly lower cost suits but beware of water maps because aquatic mobile suits are extremely strong in their element. Really neat visuals on how brutal the combat is on the pilots.

I wish there was a super large scale version with more limited ammo and less I frames but its addicting fun once you learn what is what.
Damn, I kinda want to stat out Darrel from Season 2 now. Dude's rise to memetic fame because of that one hunger games thing was hilarious as S2 got and I still adore the vZ gundam.

I just can't get over the powercreep and stuff like dodgerolls. Really? I know Gundam is never fully "real robot" but how many times do you ever see a mobile suit do a dodgeroll on the ground and get back up?

I played the original Gundam MMO, Universal Century Gundam Online. It wasn't good either but man did I love the movement of the suits in that game, especially in space.
Just do it.
Kinda reminds me of the Bertigo from X, so a monoeye would fit.

You may have mentioned it at an earlier time, but do you happen to have a contact email for commissioning an image? If so, i'd like discuss an idea or two for the future.
Not him, but he has a twitter account.
Check your email. I might also have some questions related to a prologue adjacent prestory I'm trying to work out.

I'd be a fan of dual optic, actually.

It might also help to have a couple of different total skill point caps depending on the type of character being statted to kind of keep similarily capable characters within each other's league from the get go
>It might also help to have a couple of different total skill point caps depending on the type of character being statted to kind of keep similarily capable characters within each other's league from the get go

Sort of like a point buy depending on stuff like importance to the story/newtype status?
This >>20660170 anon here.
I think i will go with dual optic.
What color scheme should i use for this MS?
it wasn't white to begin with? I thought it was a neat color for it.
>it wasn't white to begin with?
Ah, that is because i use MS paint.
Re: stats, how do they change as rank increases? I see stuff like 'stats assumed from E rank' but I'm not too familiar with the full-on mechanics of GG.
I too wish to know how do the stats and rank work in Gihren Greed.
The white was kinda cool, maybe just shade it with a dark blue or purple and keep at it with the highlights. Was like a cool bishop figure clad in white could only use a few accent colors.
File: SkechZofrenik.png (421 KB, 2956x1746)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
made this based off a running joke between some goons in the GBO2 discord
File: TheOcrat..png (310 KB, 3522x1624)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
>Was like a cool bishop figure clad in white could only use a few accent colors.
Which of these is more fitting?
Surprise to see a R-Type reference in here.
I like the left one the most, the middle one is much too simliar to the qubeley and the right is too saturated
Agreed on the left one.

Maybe throw some more varieties for us to pick from too?

The over saturated colors dont seem to work well but that subtle blue on the left is a good start.
File: TheOcrat..png (920 KB, 3480x4876)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
>Maybe throw some more varieties for us to pick from too?
I like the bottom left the most.
I haven't contributed much this thread, as I am sort of busy trying to plan out my mecha novel series. I do hope that I am better as a writer, than I am as an artist.
Alright, go with that one.
Hope to see it soon.
it's very interesting to me how many people post that they want to contribute but they aren't going to. like if you don't have the time or you aren't really that interested why do you think you need to tell us
I'm losing it. I know I did a redesign of the Sandy Dan to make it look more like a shipping barge but I cannot find it anywhere in the archive.
File: 1599771966899.png (52 KB, 832x802)
52 KB
>a year and a half ago
Jesus Christ, I think I'm going to be sick. We used to be so young and full of life, anons.
Many people did not contribute to uploading their creations, we have a good bit of missing art and context unless you look through all the past threads.
File: sandydanmobilearmor.png (100 KB, 1140x1536)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
I take full responsibility for my irresponsibility.
This is what I was looking for it to do, I've had this idea in the back of my head for a while.
It will be nice if they give some opinions on the OC too.
Sweet, what weapons does it use?
Out of curiosity, if you were to involve other anon's OC in your story, who will be it? It can be more than just one.
>what weapons does it use
Funny you mention that, I did the same thing with the G-Mega where I forgot to stick any attached weapons. The port and starboard cannons wind up being the upper arms, so they're out. It has vulcans though so that's something. I was roughly assuming it was about the same size as the Iron Gear from Xabungle in both forms, so vulcans at 130ish meters tall should be fine. Punches and kicks are cooler anyway.
There are so many interesting characters that got thrown out by the wayside through seasons one and two, but off the top of my head I know there was Chad Thaddiston's arch-rival Virgilin that never got as much as a piece of art. I kinda worry about stepping on other people's toes when it comes to involving more in-depth stories and characters, that's why I've always tried to steer the Sandy Dan story away from stuff like the 9th Crusade or the Aranos Test Base. SD already has one of the biggest casts as far as stories go, I would rather have a small group of core antagonists with some good plot and development than throw more stuff on the wall to see what sticks. Frankly I don't even really count anyone that wasn't in that group picture as canon anymore.
>It has vulcans though so that's something. I was roughly assuming it was about the same size as the Iron Gear from Xabungle in both forms, so vulcans at 130ish meters tall should be fine.
That pretty much a navy gun.
>Punches and kicks are cooler anyway.
Second this.
>I kinda worry about stepping on other people's toes when it comes to involving more in-depth stories and characters,
I know that feel when i about to start Czin side story.
>I would rather have a small group of core antagonists with some good plot and development than throw more stuff on the wall to see what sticks.
There plenty of /m/SV OC i already made, just tell me what kind of villain you want and i will try to pick one for you.
It's not really that there's a specific archetype of villain that would fit the role. The issues is that there's next to no story for the Sandy Dan line, aside from people joining the party. I had originally envisioned a sort of Gurren Lagann situation with a big cast of MCs, but without a Spiral King or anything to strive towards it's just a bunch of desert hobos cruising around.
Since you are going for adventures type of story like Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw star, you could do something like OC of the week where the crew of SD interact with the said OC for an episode or a chapter.
Yeah, believe it or not I've been continuing to do it piecemeal every day. The volume is just so much and my schedule is pretty packed these days since I work 7 days a week typically.
One particular OC that really demoralized me though was Hertz Renfall. He was a Zeon remnant loner who wears the ned kelly mask. I drew my own version of him and his author was pleased enough with it to write a short story with the character which he posted on pastebin. However he posted it as a temporary and by the time I got around to archiving Hertz's stuff the pastebin had expired and links to nothing. I should have downloaded the raw text when I had the chance, I don't even know if that anon is still around (or alive given all the shit going on these days)
I did some leafing through the wiki, I think the only thing that would really fit as a recurring antagonist would be the Gespenst Special Forces, namely with Liquid Poison. I don't think any of the guys listed in GSF currently are touted as the leader, so I think that would be a good place for anyone looking for a prompt to start. Something along the lines of a Titans remnants group putting together a rogue's gallery with the sole goal of nuclear armageddon. Why Fuel and company would be the guys who have to stop them is in the air, though. Maybe because it's technically the Titans the EFF can't really publicly condemn them, so they have to recruit retired soldiers to get the job done under the table. That would at least set up the core three of the Sandy Dan crew, with others pouring in later in the story. That, or we just start stealing more shit from Metal Gear Solid.
>Yeah, believe it or not I've been continuing to do it piecemeal every day.
Keep up the good work and stay healthy.
>That, or we just start stealing more shit from Metal Gear Solid.
I have been doing that since last year...
lust for revenge
>a sort of Gurren Lagann situation
Now that I think about it, this could be a pretty interesting situation in a Gundam setting. A bunch of civs stealing shit and hotblooding their way through to victory. It would be a complete rewrite for SD, but it's not like there's much I'm connected to in their story anyway. Fuel taking a hero's death to prop up a second lead would be cool, too.
What exactly was Solid Fuels role in 0079? Im picking ideas to make them concrete and I wanted to feature a younger Solid and perhaps Blex taking about the new rollout model GMs as they receive and transport materials for a side mission.
That's not actually something I ever decided on. My idea from the beginning was that Fuel's story was taking place pretty far beyond 0079, so I never really thought about what he was doing during. The stuff with the G-Mega and the Getter ripoff is pretty nothing content-wise, that idea would probably be better suited to being other characters. A lot of junk needs to be trimmed from Fuel's story, there was a long period of time where I was just throwing things at the wall and seeing if they would stick. Tons of character bloat, all the shit with his son that led to nothing, the aforementioned G-Mega, all of it doesn't really add anything.
File: 20080525[1].jpg (1.25 MB, 4239x2070)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
IMO, the story of Sandy Dan is just lacking a starting point.
Just an idea, you could have the crew of SD work for one of companies in UC.
I think the companies in UC is underused.
Did some more perusing, I think Blex and Fuel would be better off as happening at the same time but not really intersecting. Pic related just feels right for Blex's squad, plus or minus his Dio/Griffith space boyfriend.
I think the "start" of the SD story would have to be in the OYW then, to at least establish who Fuel knows and how. Blex always seemed to be pretty space-oriented, maybe Fuel could be a ground forces sort of guy. That would feasibly put him in the right area to have access to the Pixy, which is my favorite US suit.
File: zeekslaiyers.jpg (82 KB, 647x474)
82 KB
i can't fucking believe i no-brained and forgot to post the picture.
You know actually, this is a big issue I never thought about. Is Fuel even the main character of the SD arc? It seems weird to have the captain of the ship be the main character, there's not really a lot of precedent for that in Gundam. I don't really know who would take the role if not him, but it does change the dynamic of the story. I'm not much of a writer, so some outside opinions would be good.
File: shield walker.png (114 KB, 730x441)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Here is another piece of tech I came up with. It's a shield walker, also known as walking cover. If the enemy has the high ground, or a better position, then EF will drop a few of these shield walkers on the ground. They are automated drones, that will pick a target, and start walking towards said target, without stopping. A mobile suit or two can hide behind them, and slowly approach the target, without taking much damage. They are heavy shields, that can withstand a lot of punishment, and also have anti-beam coating. Six small turrets on it, are fully automated to fire juaggu style lasers at incoming missiles, detonating most of them before impact. If need be, a remote can be accessed, and up to two weapons can be attached to the small arms on the side of the shield. Those weapons become easier targets, but it beats sticking your MS out to provide cover fire, in case of a retreat. Also, if all friendly MS are taken down, the shields will start a countdown and self destruct.
The effort is very much appreciated.
Fuel can be a tank commander during the early phase of the OYW.
How well it fare against the Dom and Dreissen?
>Fuel isn't even an MS squad captain
UC 0079. The Earth Federation Forces deploy a small mobile suit unit in sub-Saharan Africa for the sake of reconnaissance and sabotage. The unit, known as the Killer Crocs, operated primarily out of a Big Tray-class landship and was given a relatively high amount of autonomy. The unit held only five MS pilots and a skeleton crew of mechanics and operators to keep them running. The legendary "Unkillable" McMurdock (https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/352) was, with hesitation, placed as the captain of this unit. The thought had been that it would be a low-intensity position to finish out the last shred of his service. Alongside him was one Gordon J Sheffman (https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/234), the only other member of the unit who had seen any sort of real combat. The remaining pilots were a rowdy trio of men fresh from boot camp. Solid Fuel, Tap Trace, and Angelo Michelle. None of them particularly outstanding in any regard, but they had formed an immediate bond under the watchful guise of McMurdock. He became more than a mentor to them, almost something like a father. Gordon was also there, mostly talking about food and his master plan for a Gundam that could dispense condiments from over a mile away.

While their adventures were relatively brief and uneventful, the times they did see live combat brought the men together as a true band of brothers. The scars, blown-off limbs, shrapnel-pierced eyeballs, and other such horrible injuries brought them together as well. Fuel would later go on to regale countless others with the stories of "Old Joe" with a deep reverence. While Trace and Angelo both felt the same towards the man, to the point where Trace even wore his sunglasses in memoriam, it would ultimately end up being Fuel who would take Joe's teachings to heart, as though he was trying to earn the title that his mentor had been given. Gordon thought Joe was a bit of a dickhead.
File: killercroclogo.png (12 KB, 440x350)
12 KB
I fucking no-brained again and didn't attach the Killer Crocs emblem. I don't know about the colors but I like the shapes. I also wanted to include at some point that Fuel shacks up with a field nurse who ultimately winds up being Alice Hamburge's mom but I hit the size limit for the post. I like the idea that someone pitched ages ago that she's his secret daughter. I would have liked to incorporate more random OCs that didn't get any love into this as well, but dredging through the wiki trying to find things that were open enough to fit and not too much of a shitpost was starting to take longer than I'd like, so if anyone has anything that would fit in this I say add it in with impunity. I assume Joe's death will be at the hands of some prototype Zeon ultra cyber newtype mega suit, maybe that could feed in to the Gespenst squad and be a kicker for why Fuel and company want to take them down, or at least make it personal for them.
File: Elyrica.png (276 KB, 2056x1673)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
It's high time for the 9th crusade get their own idol.
Nice, which Zeon OC will be their adversaries during the OYW?
>I would have liked to incorporate more random OCs that didn't get any love into this as well, but dredging through the wiki trying to find things that were open enough to fit and not too much of a shitpost was starting to take longer than I'd like, so if anyone has anything that would fit in this I say add it in with impunity.
Since this going to be in OYW, i think Tordan (https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/703) and his two subordinates, Pavel(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/704) and Sun(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/705) are suitable for your story, they are pretty much free to use until after battle of Solomon where they will be recall for the Battle of A Baoa Qu for Tordan's story to happens.
>I assume Joe's death will be at the hands of some prototype Zeon ultra cyber newtype mega suit, maybe that could feed in to the Gespenst squad and be a kicker for why Fuel and company want to take them down, or at least make it personal for them.
Vilcox(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/141) would be a good choice for this.
>It's high time for the 9th crusade get their own idol
by the powers of pedophilia, i summon BR-MAN! you know what to do you glorious pervert
>Nice, which Zeon OC will be their adversaries during the OYW?
Maybe a small, highly-trained holdout group headed by pic related, he's one of the OGs. Set him up as something like The End from MGS3, just an ancient motherfucker with so much raw skill and talent that he's a colossal force to be reckoned with.
>Tordan (https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/703) and his two subordinates, Pavel(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/704) and Sun(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/705)
That would shave the margins really thin for the timeline, but I guess the timeline's floaty enough anyway that it should be fine. Tordan would be above Joe in the hierarchy on the Big Tray.
>Vilcox(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/141) would be a good choice for this.
this green motherfucker can't keep getting away with it. I like that it's actually not Liquid, that feels more interesting. Unless we wanted to go full anime and Liquid was a part of the Killer Crocs and went full traitor, getting Joe killed in the process.
Bring in that floating pervert, the BR-MAN
File: 61Oz+0HywvL._SY445_.jpg (42 KB, 309x445)
42 KB
We are BR! Troopers!
File: Elyrica.jpg (750 KB, 3507x2480)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
With your powers combined, i'm BR-MAN!

Elyrica drawing using some papers that Dalia gave to her (in reality, those papers are some important documents for Gilbert, related to information exchange and negotiations for defection. they were hidden in a vault under a maintenence hatch. Dalia deemed these documents redundant, sinse they were moving to exterminate these groups, without realising that Gilbert really wanted to defect).

Can't be to much frequent anymore, but i really want to draw more. Thanks for the support thogh!
I wrote Delilah name wrong.
I really can't stay all night drawing anymore, it fryes my brian.
>Maybe a small, highly-trained holdout group headed by pic related
There is some more we could pick from Zeon side;
We're going to need a Char clone for this, Captain Zaku(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/114) or Captain Helmet(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/185)?
Grėgoire(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/698), a Gyan pilot.
Dilek Altashur(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/23), the young Zeon soldier.
Thank you so much for making art for her, if you don't mind, could you make her hair more fluffy?
Rest well, BR-man.
Captain Helmet, Dilek, and Gregoire all have their own stories and interactions already, I'd prefer to keep it to guys who have had no spotlight.
File: Elyrica_floof.png (951 KB, 3507x2480)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
Shhhh BR man is sleeping
File: big ham.png (8 KB, 557x314)
8 KB
File: 1575572112112[1].png (40 KB, 528x734)
40 KB
Is there a possibility the pilot might be her?
Sorry, didn't mean to disturb.
Sweet, thank you for the floof.
>I'd prefer to keep it to guys who have had no spotlight.
I see, there is one more, i don't know Glitz(https://msv.wtf.dev/posts/651) is suitable or not?
Once the Big Ham is mass produced!
File: Spoiler Image (22 KB, 635x654)
22 KB
Quick, someone add this >>20720558 to this.
Didn't even know this guy existed. He's in.
>It seems weird to have the captain of the ship be the main character, there's not really a lot of precedent for that in Gundam.
There's plenty for sci fi and fantasy in general though. Captain Harlock for instance, and there's Star Trek arguably. And lets be honest nobody even remembers the names of the main characters of Pirates of the Carribean other than Captain Jack Sparrow.

All of the ones you just named barely have stuff deeper than surface level interactions though, they're all good candidates.

I got a really good laugh out of this one earlier, are those holes on the bottom cannon ports or are they funnel/bit racks?
funnel ports but the funnels can still shoot while docked so it can do both the qubeley funnel launch and the big zam beam spam
>All of the ones you just named barely have stuff deeper than surface level interactions though, they're all good candidates.
Fair point. Fuck it, they're in. That makes a decent little group.
>Fuck it, they're in. That makes a decent little group.
What will be the name of this Zeek group?
Sweetwater Crocs was thrown around earlier for the feddies maybe something as fearsome for a ground invasion team. Scorched Earth or something spacenoids would be proud of
karlitov is old and likes tanks, so probably just the name of a tank
How about Sturmtiger or Elefant?
elephants live in africa so that makes sense

Iron Hide Elefants

Zeon Earth-Invasion Task Force

"On the African Front...

Never falter!

Never forget!"

Their badge could have a mono eye elephant or Juaggu even
They can have a custom Juaggu with heat hawks tusks as a commander unit.
This sounds incredible.
Make it happen! Lol

Would elephants be a mythical creature by 0079? Hunted to extinction?
they went extinct so the government replaced them with robot elephants
File: Ursulette.png (267 KB, 1342x792)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
Her aunt is looking for her.
File: Able.png (221 KB, 2030x1164)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Her squadmate.
File: Rolnate.png (221 KB, 1590x1072)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Their squad leader.
Will Fuel have a Newtype vision of Unkillable Joe's ghost? How will Newtypes factor into the Fuel storyline, or Fuel Line for short?
File: 1601150565258.jpg (141 KB, 819x800)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: Gundam Diamond.png (293 KB, 2122x1234)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
The Federation going to need more Gundam to even the odds.
File: Myro.png (75 KB, 791x304)
75 KB
The creator.
File: Darrel.jpg (165 KB, 850x567)
165 KB
165 KB JPG

>Name: Darrel Torrian
>Rank: Lieutenant [E.F.S.F]
>[Stats being assumed from rank E]
>Leadership: 7/20 (Max 12/20)
>Charisma: 6/20 (Max 11/20)
>Ranged: 12/20 (Max 17/20)
>Melee: 11/20 (Max 16/20)
>Endurance: 9/20 (Max 14/20)
>Reflex: 12/20 (Max 17/20)
>NT Rank: 3/5 at max level

I have NO idea if this is balanced or what, but I tried to give him stats that at least made sense for a hyper-competent newtype who ended up kind of being the MC of the 2nd season
So, should we organize some OCs in groups and flesh out some combined history? Last time was Aranos, so now we could make something to the 0079 setting or it's space counterpart.
Aranos was the most organised these threads ever got.
i think that's what's trying to be done with solid fuel, it's just that no one is biting
What even are the scales for Newtype stats? What constitutes a level 3, 4, or 5 newtype?
Is it an SRW thing? Or a G Gen?
Can't think of other places where Newtype is a skill with numbered ranks
Gihren's Ambition
File: Rafluenph.png (68 KB, 656x237)
68 KB
I'm going to try to write a /m/SV story takes place during the First Neo Zeon War to link most of my OC while involving some others.

Sometimes after the destruction of the Gate of Zedan, a group of Titans survivors continue to defend the shattered space fortress to prevent AEUG and Axis Zeon from capturing the abandoned military supplies and equipment. At the lower half of the space fortress, the AEUG launches a full frontal assault.
Van: Those stinking spacemen filth, burn 'em all!
Rafluenph: You heard the man, when the AEUG enter in the base, give them all you got, then hold your position as planned.
As the AEUG MS battalion rush into the base, the first row of Nemos were hit by the well hidden space minefield, then the Titans open fire, destroying a dozen of them.
Nycisia: Bloody hell, there is more!
Ryedar: Doesn't matter, keep firing!
Despite the Titans entrenched position and firepower, the AEUG continue to pour more MS to overwhelm the Titans defenders.
Ryedar: That it, i'm going in!
Nycisia: Wait, you Fool!
Rafluenph: Stay in positi...
Ryedar's Barzam charge toward the incoming Nemos, successfully dodging the volley of beam unleashed by the Nemos, he use his saber to toast one of Nemo's cockpit and use it as a shield.
Nemo pilot: That's cowardly!
Ryedar: Huh, still alive? leave before i vaporize you, I have no more to say to you, traitors of earth.
Ryedar slowly destroy the AEUG MS one after another with other AEUG MS unable to attack him properly due the Nemo he is using as hostage, eventually they destroy the damaged Nemo after they confirmed the pilot had left the MS and forcing Ryedar to rejoins the Titans defenders.
Rafluenph: Good going, Ryedar, you brought us some time to-
Suddenly, a Rick Dias went ahead of the AEUG MS battalion at full speed, wielding a large shield.
Nycisia: Watch out for that one with the different shield, it coming straight for us!
Rafluenph: What're you waiting for, shoot it!
File: 1596981810703[1].png (236 KB, 1000x600)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
The Titans Hizack and Marasai attempt to shoot the said Rick Dias, only for their shot to bounce off the shield and a fully charged beam shot fire from Nycisia's Barzam managed to scratch it.
Drey: Wow, this SHIELD worth every penny!
Drey rammed a Marasai away, then headed to Rafluenph's Barzam.
Drey: You guys can have the rest, the commander is mine!
Rafluenph: Stay away from me!
Rafluenph panic and fire upon the Rick Dias randomly, his shots are unable to penetrate or slow it down. Drey slams the Barzam with his shield, sent it crashing down to ground.
Drey: It's too easy, wonder why the AEUG..
A shot glazed through the Rick Dias head
Ryedar: You left yourself exposed.
Drey: Ugh, you damn Titans!
They traded shots with each other before crossing their beam saber. Allowing Rafluenph's Barzam to move away from the fight
Rafluenph: Soldiers, hold the line while i resupply.
Nycisia:(That coward)
While the Titans were forced back into the base by the AEUG reinforcement. The AEUG casualties continue to mount as they're unable to maneuver because the traps set by the Titans beforehand. Drey pushes Reydar's Barzam to the wall.
Drey: You're one tough nut to crack.
Reydar: I will show you what is tough!
Barzam pull a grenade launcher and fire at the Rick Dias at point blank range, the projectile exploded and covers the area with smoke.
Drey: Hah, is that all you got!
A Beam Saber appears on top and Drey waste no time to slice it. The barzam reveals itself at bottom when the smoke disappear and take a shot at the Rick Dias, hitting one of its leg.
Drey: A cheap trick won't save you!
Reydar fire a charged beam shot, it went over Drey and hit the grenade launcher he left there. The explosion causes the Drey's MS loses its balance, Ryedar fire several shots with the first crippling one of the Rick Dias arms but next few shots either missed or blocked by Drey's shield. Drey look at the battlefield. The AEUG was able to sustained the breakthrough made by Drey.
File: RNT.png (352 KB, 843x1057)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Drey: They can take it from here, too bad about capturing the commander.
Drey withdraw with his Rick Dias, Ryedar attempt give a chase with his damaged Barzam, he was stopped by Nycisia.
Ryedar: Get out of the way!
Nycisia: Ryedar, return to base to resupply now!
Ryedar: I would have..
Nycisia: Look at the state we are in now!
Ryedar turn around and see their position now have been overwhelmed by the AEUG attackers and the Titans struggle to maintain their remaining area.
Ryedar: Fine, you better not be dead when i'm not around.
Nycisia: And you better make haste. Troopers, we will regroup with Lieutenant Rafluenph right now.
Marasai pilot: What about our position?
Nycisia: Leave it, we can't risk ourself at disadvantage anymore.
Meanwhile, within the Titans base.
Titans soldier: Hurry up with those payload!
Titans crewmate: Shut it, can't you see we already moving thrice as fast!
Van: Rafluenph! get back to frontline and stay there!
Rafluenph:(Those worthless subordinates)
Rafluenph walk through the two soldiers in front looking at him.
Rafluenph: Kil, ready the reserve! Thermykor, you with me.
Thermykor: I'm guessing they failed to hold the line as intended.
Rafluenph: Oh, the victory has yet to be determined.
At the frontline, The AEUG halt their advancement, waiting for their additional reinforcement before the final assault.
Nycisia: Once they attack, we will move according the plan, are the snipers in place?
Hizack pilot: Ready when you're.
Nycisia: Hate to miss out, but here they come, move!
As soon as his Barzam is repaired, Ryedar rushes in, before he could move.
Van: All the units, prepare to leave this station, we're going to put those spacenoid filth in their place.
Three Titans warships soar and an unexpected explosion come out at the gateway with several MS fly toward to the warships.
Thermykor: That's one pretty firework.
Rafluenph: Not good as the one from Jaburo.
Nycisia: What do you mean?
Rafluenph: Nothing, really, here come next one.
File: 1574459410909[1].png (17 KB, 916x518)
17 KB
Few more explosions occur, destroying much of the AEUG assault force and entrapped the survivors. The Titans Warships use a secret gateway to move out from the base.
Van: We're to join our fellow titans who are currently battling the spacenoid filth on the another side. Oh, look who's there. Send out the MS teams to assist them.
Titans staff: Sir, we're receiving signals from a Titans fleet far away from Gate of Zedan, its from Bask fleet.
Van: Didn't think there is any survivors after what happened to Colonel Bask and his fleet.
Titans staff: There is additional signals from other fleet, its from 111th battlegroup and 404th Corps.
Van: Those are.. don't let them near us and monitor their movement at all time and hurry up.
On the far side of battlefield, at the center of the AEUG fleet, in the AEUG flagship.
AEUG officer: Commodore Menul, we have received reinforcements from Granada. Shouldn't we go to support our allies at Gryps 2?
Menul: They will have to handle it on their own and if we don't crush the Titans here right now, chances are they might form a resistance or join the Axis Zeon under Haman Karn.
AEUG staff: More Titans fleet are returning to the Gate of Zedan.
Menul: Just as i expected, A Baoa Qu holds many secret, not even the Titans or the Axis Zeon want to give it up willingly.
AEUG: officer: I don't think..
Menul stare at him.
AEUG officer: The Titans going to give it up so easily.
Menul: In that case, ready my Rick Dias, i'm going out to defeat them before they become more than a headache.
The battle for the remains of Gate of Zedan rages on, from afar, a lone Axis Zeon ship moving through the wreckage of the defeated.
Zeon staff: Your order, Captain Sid?
Sid: Get me a coffee, make it large and thick, my dear.
Zeon aid: Right away, Ma'am.
Sid: Rachel, contact Toto fleet to rendezvous with The Desire now, hurry.
Sid:(Let wait for now, the AEUG and the Titans clearly going to battle each others to dead. Oh, i forget to ask for snack.)
I definitely had some general notions about that. I think it'd be sort of convenient to have Pacha and Otto actually start off as coworkers before Pacha quits Buch Junk to try and join some zeon remnants and later Shin Zeon where her origins as a cyber newtype could be explored a bit
Otto I was thinking could get himself fired from Buch for his antics and overenthusiasm early on in the timeline and then spend a large portion of the story doing odd jobs/shitter cannon fodder tier mercenary work for all the various factions which would invariably put him in comical run ins with other parties around the earth sphere kind of like that one dude from Beezlebub who always happens to have a part time job somewhere near wherever shit hits the fan. Later he could be folded back into Buch Concern when their work with Shin Zeon becomes more involved (something I pulled out of my ass when I retconned anon's original Z'g)
It's also helpful to look at the vague bios in a lot of these profiles and just kind of extrapolate from that who would be associated with who, like a lot of the ex titans and the Z.P.A. would probably be allied, and Norman Bulk Johnson and Fleck Tarn's rivalry could probably happen in the same general area as the UC version of Legacy Gundam in South Africa so there might be some intermingling there
A lot of the federation were grouped together in the Killer Bees too and I think that sort of association could hold but because it's mishmashing a bunch of the characters from around I think Killer Bees could be more like a task force that's made later on in the story to pool resources
File: Kil.png (262 KB, 1137x780)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
After seeing a Barzam being shot down by a Nemo.
Ryedar: Worthless, these losers dare to call themselves members of the Titans, let's show 'Em what a real elite pilot is.
Rafluenph: Well said, all the unit back Ryedar.
Nycisia: He is going to get us all killed!
Kil: Quit your whining and focus.
Thermykor: What did i get myself into now?
An Irish-class move ahead of the AEUG fleet to provides covering fire while a squad of Rick Dias and Nemo rush to flank the Titans fleet.
Titans officer: Captain, it's Memphis, Captain Dorflam's vessel.
Titans Captain:(He is alive?)
Titans officer: More survivors is coming to join us.
Titans Captain: Good, we just need to hold out until then. Fight on, men, reinforcement is coming.
The flanking AEUG MS squad intercepted by Van's MS squadron.
Thermykor: Another one down.
Nycisia: Rafluenph, i suggest we leave these to them and attack the enemy ship.
Rafluenph: No, we're not taking that risk.
Kil: Then, i will.
Rafluenph: Wait, we need you here.
Ryedar: I'm going too.
Rafluenph: Nycisia, stay here!
Nycisia: Ugh.
A RMS-156 Griffon approaches the Irish-class with a Barzam trailing behind it.
Kil: Rookie, return to your team.
Ryedar: Let you have all the glory, i think not.
Kil: Haha, then you better keep up.
The Griffon load its custom beam rifle and charge to the AEUG ship, it was attacked by the ship escorts. Kil avoids the attack while rushing in, shooting a Rick Dias in the progress.
Kil: Too slow!
He use a sea serpent to disable a Nemo, then ram it, using it as a cover, not before sending it to crashes on one of the ship turret.
Ryedar: Showoff.
Kil: Oh, fret not, just don't look at this direction!
Griffon launches several flash grenades from its armor skirt, blinding most if not all the combatants.
Kil: Now!
Together, they destroy most of the AEUG MS escorts, with two fleeing, they proceed to the bridge of the Irish-class.
Ryedar: Filthy spacenoid, i will give you 5 minutes to leave your ship before i blow it up.
So, more group photo?
File: 1573703548928[1].png (53 KB, 826x618)
53 KB
While the battle between the AEUG and Titans is taking place, multiple Zeon warships arrived to join up with Captain Sid's ship.
Gyldan: Our ships are in position, what now, Sid?
Sid sips her coffee.
Sid: We wait.
Gyldan: I see.
Sid: in the meanwhile, wanna bet on side will emerge victorious?
Gyldan: Sure, i will choose the AEUG.
Sid: Then, i pick the Titans.
Gyldan: By now, it's clear that the AEUG will win.
Sid: You will be surprised, my dear Miss Toto.
Gyldan: Suit yourself, and if i win, you will stop pestering my siblings for a whole week.
Sid: Well, then if i win, they have to go camping with me.
The AEUG begin their main assault by sending a dozen of the new Nemo models to disrupt the Titans MS formation, using the improved mobility, the Nemo pilots succeed in softening the enemies, the AEUG then proceed with all of their ships to break into the center of the Titans fleet, escorted by their latest mass produced MS; the MSR-00100S Hyaku Shiki Kai Mass Production Type. The Titans suffered heavy losses but hold their position long enough for their reinforcement to reach the battlefield, first of the Titans reinforcement to arrived is a new Byarlant model. It destroys a group of AEUG MS with its numerous beam weapons to clear a path. Prompting the leader of the AEUG fleet, Menul to enter the battle personally with his elite cadre of Rick Dias to engage the Byarlant. Even with their new MS models and the Titans in chaotic state, the AEUG failed to achieve a swift and decisive victory over the Titans at the Gate of Zedan and now only can engage in attrition warfare until one side is gone.
Gyldan: It appears that they're evenly matched.
Sid: Is not too late to call off the bet, dear.
Gyldan: Excuse me, really, Sid, I'm still confident that the AEUG will outlast and defeat the Titans.
Sid: I hope you won't regret it later, Miss Toto.
Adding to her lore >>19911558
She also tries to safeguard the alternate timelines from converging
File: 1575232641493[1].png (278 KB, 1280x800)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Menul returned to his flagship for repair and resupply.
Menul: Hurry up with repair! i have to defeat that Byarlant now.
Menul overseeing his Rick Dias being repair at full speed. A soldier approaches him
AEUG officer: Sir, i have good news and bad news.
Menul: I would like to hear the bad news first.
AEUG officer: One of our battlegroup had been completely annihilated by a single Titans MA and there an Axis Zeon flotilla spotted not far from us.
Menul: The good news?
AEUG officer: That Titans MA also destroyed its allies in progress and ran away from the battlefield and you should take a look at this.
Menul: I don't have all.. So, the AEUG at Gryps 2 have been defeated?
AEUG officer: Exactly, we can..
Menul pull the soldier closer to his head, giving him a determined look.
Menul: Char, i meant Quattro..
AEUG officer: I don't know, but his body was not found in his suit.
Menul: And Argama?
AEUG officer: It just barely survived the battle and high command has dispatched Coolgama to distract the Axis Zeon pursuers from Argama.
Menul: Then, it's time.
At the rear of the AEUG fleet, a Titans fleet appears out of nowhere and assault the AEUG fleet, but the lack of firepower make the assault less than effective as one would expect as this fleet only consisting mostly of outdated Hizacks, a few Salamis Kai and a single commander Ball. For some reasons, the AEUG fleet slowly pulling out from the battlefield.
Gyldan: THOSE cowardly AEUG!
Gyldan spilling some of her tea over the floor while Sid enjoying the moment. Gyldan regains her composure soon after.
It didn't take long for AEUG fleet to fully withdrawn. The Titans fleet prepare themselves for the upcoming Axis Zeon fleet.
Gyldan: Now, do we attack?
Sid: The Titans may have some use after all, let us return to Lady Haman.
The Axis Zeon fleet depart in organized fashion, leaving the Titan fleet in confusion.
Ryedar: Huh, they're running away?
Themykor: It's over?
Rafluenph: It's all thank to Meru's genius ruse.
File: 1596156403677[1].png (219 KB, 1056x816)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
With both enemies retreated, the Titans at the Gate of Zedan proclaim victory and already started salvaging whatever they could get. However, without a central figure to keep the Titans united. Eventually, they splitted into three major camps; one filled with Bask supporters and earth supremacists commands by a cyber newtype officer with a full coverage mirrored face shield known as the Titans Commander decided to prepare their fleet to invade Solomon while the another consisting mostly of Jamitov loyalist, mercenary and bureaucrats leads by Rear Admiral Stor, a veteran of OYW wanted to form an alliance with the Axis Zeon and lastly, the moderate members of the Titans choose to follow Captain Meru, the most senior Titans soldier to search for survivors around Gryps 2.
End of the prologue
How was it?

Welcome back.
File: 1634149602701[1].png (519 KB, 1659x597)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
Chapter 1(Shadow of the Forgotten)
One week after the Gryps War, The renegade Principality forces based at Axis proclaim the revival of Zeon. Adopting the name "Neo Zeon," they dispatch forces to take control of each Side. Due to the Titans's brutality in the previous war, many space colonies choose to submit to the Neo Zeon willingly. In spite of that and weakened by the civil war, the EFSF continues to fight the Zeon invader. Because of the strategic position of Konpeitoh, formerly knowns as Solomon, it's among the first few paces to be a priority target for the Neo Zeon to capture.
EFSF CO: Damn those Zeeks, send out everything we got, we won't last much longer if this go on.
EFSF staff: We're detecting another fleet entering the battlefield, it's the Titans!
EFSF CO: If they are here to join those Zeeks, then..
EFSF staff: Sir, they attacked the Zeon fleet!
At the rear of the Zeon fleet, the Zeon force caught off by the sudden TItans's arrival, their Gaza C and D are too slow to keep up with the monoeyed Gundam and a new Byarlant prototype.
Hownes: Wanna to see who will get the most kill this time?
Cyan: You're on.
A modified Gaplant flew through they at a lightning speed.
Courtney: You boys can have them, i will go sink their ship. Remember do not attack the EFF.
The Gundam rushes in, launching missiles to clear a path while the Byarlant provides cover fire. With the Gaza distracted, the Gaplant performs a hit and run on the Zeon warships. The Titans fleet move in to prevent the Zeon fleet from getting away.
Zeon captain: I thought the Titans is allied with us now?!
Zeon officer: Only those within the Gate of Zedan are confirmed to be friendly.
The Gundam appears before them, brighten its monoeye.
Zeon captain: Damn you Gundam!
The Gundam unleashes several beam shots on the Zeon ship, turning it into an exploding fireball.
File: 1603045325454[1].png (364 KB, 1042x568)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Soon after the battle is over, The EFSF garrison at Konpeitoh remains wary of the Titans fleet in front of them.
EFSF CO: What do you want from us?
Titans Commander: I demand you leave this base and its supplies to the Titans.
EFSF CO: How do we know you will not backstab us?
Titans Commander: Rest assured, our enemies are not you and those from earth, on the contrary, i only require this base to continue the mission to bring ORDER to space colonies.
EFSF CO: And what about those Titans who sided with Neo Zeon?
Titans Commander: They're the scum of the earth, on the contrary, those who are under my command remain true to the cause.
EFSF CO: How can we trust you, you wear a mask!
Titans Commander: Isee, then let me ask you this; have you ever wonder how the Neo Zeon was able to rise to this extent?
Titans Commander: That is because the Zeeks long planned this, don't you find it strange that the AEUG has several ex-Zeon officials as its core members and the former AEUG leader, Blex, an ex-Federation officer was assassinated and the assassin was never caught, afterward, the leadership of AEUG was passed to Quattro Bajeena, also known as Char Aznable and Casval Rem Deikun, in any case, he is a treacherous zeek, do the math and tell me who is more trustable?
EFSF CO: And we are suppose to abandon this base to you?
Titans Commander: You all can fight us or leave, even better join me in putting those wretched Zeeks in their place, your choice!
EFSF Pilot: If not for Zeon, my family will be still alive.
EFSF staff: Come to think about it, the Zeek will stop at nothing until they destroy all of us.
EFSF officer: The AEUG always have been dogs to the spacenoids.
EFSF aid: Who know Char, Quattro, who ever he is could have conspired with Haman Karn from the start?
After much deliberation, majority of soldiers chose to leave the base intact for the Titans with some remained behind to join the Titans.
File: 1574315868228[1].png (1.61 MB, 650x650)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
A Neo Zeon fleet under Commodore Gyldan moving out of the colony they just taken, she is still in a state of confusion after recently promoted by Haman.
Gyldan:(Why did Sid told her excellency, Haman that whole idea of allying with the Titans Remnants was my idea?)
Sid: Hello, Captain, oh, my mistake, Commodore Toto.
Gyldan: SID! you surprised me, you could talk to me through..
Sid hugs Gyldan, with Gyldan looking annoyed.
Gyldan: What do you want now, Sid?
Sid: I can't help but to take a look at your new ship and to hug you too, dear Miss Toto.
Gyldan: before that, why did you lie to her excellency about that?
Sid: OH, that. I was hoping by getting you promoted, you could bring your siblings together with you, then we could have so much time together.
Gyldan: (If only you had refrained yourself more often, they will be more comfortable with you) Wait, you don't want the promotion?
Sid: Not really, beside you have a higher chance of getting promoted due to your status, or else we won't have this brand new ship and all of those new equipments for this mission. If the responsibility too much to bare, i could assist you in any way possible and when i say any way, i mean..
Gyldan: Keep your cloth up! and is that all?
Sid: You want more?
They both look at each other.
Gyldan: Fine, as long as you don't mess around with my MS crews too much, i can't afford to have them to be tired before we reach to Luna II.
Sid: Uh-oh.
Sid look away.
Gyldan: You What?
Sid ran out of the room with Gyldan chasing after her angrily.
Sid:(Guess i won't telling her how much i enjoyed her sister's milkshakes during that picnic, sigh, too bad about Glemy, he was assigned as a MS pilot to the Endra Squadron led by Mashymre Cello at that time.)
File: 1575839899417[1].png (37 KB, 625x657)
37 KB
With the Neo Zeon invasion intensified, Konpeitoh fallen to the enemies and the the bulk of the AEUG is still recuperating from the Gryps War. The EFSF recalled their defense force in nearby space colonies and bring in additional mercenaries to reinforce Luna II to face the incoming the Neo Zeon fleets. While the defender of Luna II have the numerical superiority, but many of their MS are outdated, the defenders of Luna II could only hope their secret weapon to even the odd and reinforcement to arrive in time.

I have an intention to involve Killer Bees for this side story, but i don't know which member of Killer Bees is active during the First Neo Zeon War, beside Bee Ardo.
File: 1574003598034[1].png (124 KB, 1047x580)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Siege of Luna II begins with the Zeon bombards on the EFSF decoy fleet at all direction.
EFSF CO: Alright, men, we have prepared ourselves for this, those Zeeks will fail to take this base just as they did in the OYW.
An EFSF fleet move in to intercept The Zeon fleets, facing overwhelming firepower, the GM IIs and Hizacks are outranged and outgunned by the Gaza Ds. Despite suffering heavy losses, the EFSF continues to hold their line. The Zeon fleet seemingly having the upper hand until a large beam hit and destroy a Gwazine-class.
Gyldan: Identify where that shot is coming from.
Zeon Staff: It's a Burstliner, it apparently have been upgraded and there is more of them.
Several more large beam shoot through the Zeon assault.
Gyldan: This battle is not going to be easy after all, order the forward fleet to send out all their MS at once and have half of them to seek and destroy those things, We need those out of the way before the next wave.
In an Endra-class, the soldiers readying their MS for launch, a officer clad in green armor with a lot of medals and a zaku like facemask walk through the pilots saluting him.
Capt. Zaku: At ease, soldiers.
Entering a new Zaku prototype.
Engineer: How is the Zaku III prototype, Captain Zaku?
Capt. Zaku: This battle will determine whether does it will earns the name of Zaku.
The new Zaku equipped with a Skirt Extension Booster took a beam rifle with heat bayonet fly off to hunt the Burstliners, The GM II try to stop the new Zaku.
Capt. Zaku: I AM A ZAKU!
Using its speed and heat axe, the Zaku cut through them in a blink of an eye and proceed to rallied a team of Gaza D. Together, they breakthrough the GM II defense instantly, Capt. Zaku rushes toward the Burstliner, knocking and destroying the GM riding the Burstliner.
Capt. Zaku: Let see how they like it when their weapon use against them.
File: Vague NT..png (222 KB, 1705x875)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
>We can expand one of those to begin it.
I'm going to be busy for the next few days. If any of you want expand this story, feel free to do so.
When Capt. Zaku just about take control of the Burstliner, he dashed to the side, avoiding the unsuspecting beam shot. He turns to face the incoming GM II with Burstliner exploded behind him.
GM II pilot: Nice shot, Ableham, now they can't use it.
Ableham: Don't get cocky. I hear he's a skilled soldier. Spread out.
The new Zaku charged at a team of GM II, the GM IIs each went to a different direction and fire at the lone Zaku, only their shots to missed.
Capt. Zaku: Let me show you what this Zaku is capable of.
Using the skirt beam guns to blast through a GM II shield, crippling it and parrying the sneak attack from the behind, surprising that GM II with its glowing mouth, destroying it in the process. He continues to destroy even more until a grey GM II with red trim block him.
Ableham: That power-
Capt. Zaku: Is that all?
The Zaku punch the GM.
Ableham: Such force-
He use the momentum to a roundhouse slam the Zaku with his shield.
Capt. Zaku: You have some fight in ya, but this is the end!
The Zaku ready to deal the killing blow, three Salamis Kai along with a squad of GM Cannon II and GM II open fire at the Zaku, saving Ableham.
Capt. Zaku: More vermins.
Nolis: Soldiers! We're to defend the remaining Burstliners at all cost and those can't fight anymore, return to base for repair.
At the center of the Zeon fleet.
Gyldan: They taking too long, send in the second wave.
Sid: That's a bit too early, don't you think?
Gyldan: There is not a moment to waste.
Over the hangar, A soldier with a gasmask oversees the preparations of the MS.
Zeon pilot: Guessing it's our turn, Vage.
Vage: Oh, dear, i have yet to complete the mega beam cannon in time. Not an issue, it more than enough to deal with those pesky Feddies.
I've often thought about doing a run of patches for some of the squad emblems in /m/SV especially Killer Bees but i dont know if people would actually have been interested
Just do it
That's a neat idea.
I really like this one.

How many badges more to do we have?

Go on....
File: 1626547824039[1].png (119 KB, 673x548)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>Go on....
Thank you for your patience.
Do any of you want to add your OC or any other OC in this story?
It will helps me save time in trying to find an OC or making new OC for the further part of story.

Despite of suffering greater losses than anticipated, the EFSF persists in denying the Zeon advance.
Nolis: Maintain formation, don't let that Zaku near the Burstliners.
Suddenly her GM IIs exploded, one by one.
GM II: What, where?
Nolis: .. Watch out! the enemies have developed newtype weapons.
Unable to identify the where is the enemy and distracted, Capt. Zaku took the opportunity to get through the defense and destroys the Burstliner.
Vage: Nice shot, Captain.
Capt. Zaku: You have arrived just in time and brought some friends.
Vage: We await for your order.
Capt. Zaku: Follow my lead.
Nolis: All units, Pull back now!
EFSF officer: Why?
Nolis: We do not have enough Burstliners to slow the invasion.
The EFSF forward fleet begins their fallback to the second line with their remaining Burstliners.
EFSF CO: All according to plan, Commodore Takent, ready the reserve fleet to support Captain Nolis and others.
The Zeon fleets continue their push for Luna II, Captain Sid felt uneasy about the whole situation since start of the battle.
Sid: Commodore Toto, i have something to report.
Gyldan: That's rare for you address me with such..
Sid: I advise you reserve the main fleet and send in the auxiliary fleet.
Gyldan: For what reasons we are to prolong this battle longer than we..
Sid: Call it women's intuition
Gyldan: Don't joke with me.
Sid: I know you disliked me with all your might, just this once.
Gyldan: ..Alright, but know this, if anything go wrong, you will be hold responsible.
File: Spoiler Image (1.56 MB, 5000x3508)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Got off my 2 month hiatus and decided to piece this together and draw no matter how good or bad it turns!

I tried to look into the booru and past threads...

but who exactly is Ismillia? Does anyone have saved images or is the OC creator still around?
File: 1629555615174[1].png (207 KB, 1106x621)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
Not the creator, but here.
File: 1629555738505.png (235 KB, 1423x836)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Ah nice Thank you! I couldn't for the life of me put a face to the name. I read about Catherine Gundam on the desu archive and must of skipped her first post. I thought about using Rina but she'd be extremely young and not an Augusta cadet. RIna's researcher foster parents would be more likely. Or maybe just a phone call from Ismillia. I'll see how it plays out.
File: Spoiler Image (2.01 MB, 5000x3508)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG

more progress
File: 1573870681065[1].png (168 KB, 1670x900)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
You're welcome, glad i could help.
A GM II sliced into half by Capt. Zaku, behind them, the remaining GM IIs are trying to aim, they were destroyed by Vage's Dom easily without his funnels. More Zeon MS arrived to the area.
Capt. Zaku: What's the meaning of this?
Vage: Is the new model having an issue now?
Capt. Zaku: No, the Zaku is perfect. Why did they send us Galbaldy α and ReGelgu?
Vage: I think there's change of plan, Captain.
Capt. Zaku: (Do they intend to drag this battle longer) I see, you will take command of the reinforcement until i and the vanguards are done with the repair and resupply.
Vage: Roger that.
Far from the battlefield, CDRE Takent look at the Map on his screen.
Nolis: Commodore, the Zeon attack is getting intense, but we require more MS to keep them occupied
Takent: Good job, slowly get them into position and more troops are on their way.
Nolis: Yes, sir!
Takent: Mist, are the fleet in position?
Mist: Yes, fa-Commodore, they already in place.
Takent: Good, all units, move out!
Mist: Sir, allow my unit to be at front of the fleet.
Takent: Permission granted, but do stay in formation, i don't want you to get caught in crossfire.
The Zeon press on with their assault, breaching the second line of the Luna II defenders with ease. Inside a dark purple Endra-class.
Capt. Zaku: Even without us leading charge, the recruits are doing pretty great by themselves.
Capt. Helmet: I have a plan.
Capt. Zaku: What is it?
Capt. Helmet: Let flank'em before the main force.
Capt. Zaku: With only us?
Helmet: Maybe this is a..
Capt. Zaku: LET DO IT, Vage, you there?
Vage: I heard you loud and clear, LET GO!
Lero: You guys are nut!
The Endra charge ahead at Luna II at full speed.
I have an idea for a custom mobile suit design, can I just give the details on what it is and what it's based on, and if somebody's interested they can draw it or edit something to look like it?

It people find it cool enough that's usually what happens. Helps too if you color line art or draw it to the best of your ability in MS Paint. I personally like to look into the crude drawings and throw my spin on them.

Results may vary
Alright, than I'll hope this is good enough.
Basically this. Also, I'd like the visor color to be blue like on the design from Zeta instead of orange/red.
Shield can have a black and white color scheme, maybe put a 06 on it like on the GM Ground type from 08th MS Team.
Last added details are give the head a pair of vulcans like a Gundam, and have a beam spray gun stored on the side of the leg like the regular Sniper Custom does.
File: Manga_preview9-10.png (2.02 MB, 5000x3508)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
>Men only want one thing...
I promise I'll return to work on my own character once college eases up and I have the space to use my creative braincells elsewhere.
File: 1579703004180[1].png (270 KB, 1696x1030)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Welcome back.
Within Luna II.
EFSF CO: What're the energy caps right now?
EFSF staff: 69% charge, sir!
EFSF CO: Lol, those Zeeks won't know what hit them.
EFSF staff: Sir, a lone Zeon warship spotted approaching the base.
EFSF CO: HOW did that ship slip passed our defense unnoticed?
EFSF aide: What could a warship possibly do against a space fortress?
The CO punches his aide right at the face.
EFSF CO: You fool! they will discover what we're up to, send all available unit we still have at that ship, don't let they close.
Two Salamis Kai-classes rush to intercept the lone Endra-class.
Vage: They spotted us, sir.
Capt. Zaku: About time, we strike them with everything we got.
Capt. Helmet: Lero, you with me.
Lero: Yes, Captain!
In spite of their numbers, the EFSF interceptors are quickly defeated by Capt. Zaku MS team. The lone Endra-class press on, facing the incoming Luna II defenders.
Lero: Enemy's new model!
Several Refined Barzams fire their beam at the Zeon MS team together, destroying a Gaza D.
Barzam Pilot: Is this the Zeek's crack team?
GM II pilot: They sure are, they even have a newtype MS and nearly all of their MS are out of the ordinary.
A Funnel appears out of nowhere, before it could shoot the GM II, it was destroyed by a Refined Barzam.
Ran: Focus on staying alive, we only need to hold'em off.
Capt. Helmet knocked a GM II and look over the defending fleet.
Lero: Is that a Solar Flare System?
Capt. Helmet: You return to tell the rest of fleet while we attack the Solar Flare System, make haste!
After covering Lero's escape, Capt. Zaku leads the rest of the team into a desperate charge at the Solar Flare System.
File: 1579755079211[1].png (185 KB, 1114x799)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Meanwhile, at the Zeon main fleet.
Gyldan: We should send the main fleet now!
Sid: No, you don't think it's strange that the EFSF willingly sent much of their fleet to keep the forward fleet and auxiliary fleet at this particular spot?
Gyldan: Our casualties is mounting too, if we delay anymore further~
Zeon Staff: Receiving faint signal from behind the enemy line.
Gyldan: Patch it through.
Lero: Tis .. ro..v ...cover .. de .. hav.. Sol..tem.. i re.. we..
Gyldan's eyes widen and start to sweat frequently.
Gyldan: Get the fleets to spread out before is~
A huge bright light went right through the battlefield, destroying many Zeon warships along with a few EFSF warships. With the Zeon forward fleet obliterated and the auxiliary fleet down to 40% of its battle strength, The EFSF fleet began their counterattack with three Birmingham-classes leading the way.
Takent: Move out, avenge our fallens.
Mist: The remaining Burstliners, provide fire support for our Neros.
Nero pilot: Man, this suit has excellent performance, don't ya think, Vik?
Viktoria: It's no doubt fast, but i kinda wish it had more weapons.
At the Zeon main fleet.
Gyldan: All fleets, we now will join our allies at the frontline.
Zeon Aide: Ma'am, About the Solar system?
Sid: They can't fire until it's fully charged.
Gyldan: Sid, take command of the fleet, i'm going lead the MS force.
Sid: As you wish, all ships, prepare for an all out attack at Luna II.
At Luna II.
EFSF CO: Although i hope to see it fire at maximum capacity, but i couldn't take the risk to wait, ready to fire again once it reaches 25%.
EFSF Staff: Yes, Sir!
File: 1651976353674.png (2.28 MB, 4000x4000)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Ravid from the Girens Greed campaign making his last stand in the other thread.
So, if he lives there, he dies on /m/sv, and if he die there, he live here?

iirc the creator wrote good and bad ends where he lives or dies.

Truly all /m/sv characters will die at some point. I suppose the true cannon hosted Copy X Girens Greed campaign may not exactly happen now with current events but that doesn't mean we can't create a convoluted timeline. Right now we have a pool of characters that exist from 0079 to 0094 and some a bit further. What's to say how they influenced the battles and wars fought from beyond the scope of the television series?

Maybe we should post the saga featuring Ravid and company for our new followers.

Also current events and better links for info sources could be nice .
Sorry, fellows.
I'm going to be busy IRL again, but this time a lot more busier.
Copy X did a good job in depicting /m/SV OC in Gihren's Greed, especially Maryanna, liked her interaction with Mashymre in this run.
>Also current events and better links for info sources could be nice .
This means i have to sourced the OC like i did in the last one?
File: Manga_preview9-10.png (2.35 MB, 5000x3508)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG

More progress!

> I want to be a birb
I love that this dumb fucking guy still has fans
I did a choose your own adventure thing for the ending, though my personal canon is the one where he lives. That said he also wasn’t exactly the same character in Gihren’s Greed because there’s no Qliphoth.
Slowly but surely getting there.
File: Manga_preview11-12.png (1.74 MB, 5000x3508)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG

Thank you!

The little bit of critic and feedback keeps me chugging along. I like posting and reviewing so I can notice all my errors and typos lol
Updates soon. Am slow as this board.
File: Manga_preview13-14.png (2.38 MB, 5000x3508)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
New character introduction soon
File: 1574565611945[1].png (413 KB, 1050x600)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
The booru is down again.
Nice, she reminds me of a school principal from this angle.
The EFSF defense fleet effortlessly pushed back the initial Zeon attack with their Neros until the Zeon send in a MA(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1601/22/1601223318337.png) and the Zssas.
Brutonni: Today, Luna II fall!
This Zeon squadron easily break the EFSF defensive formation with their tremendous firepowers.
Gyldan: All units, move in, our target is the control unit of the solar flare system.
Amon(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1601/22/1601223671118.png): Here they come!
The EFSF MS squadrons attempt to slow the Zeon main fleet in vain as a lone Zssa surprised them from the back with a missile barrage.
Declan: Ain't so tough now, feddies!
Nero pilot: Darn those missiles!
Viktoria: Hold still, i will get you out of here.
Sid: Our ships will provide cover fire, now go!
ReGelgu pilot: You heard the ma'am, get moving.
Despite the EFSF fleet in a mess, the Zeon main fleet choose to leave the disarrayed EFSF fleet and head toward Luna II.
Mist: Get the fleet moving, We gotta to stop them now!
EFSF Staff: We're trying.
Viktoria: We need repair and resupply now!
At Luna II.
EFSF CO: Get the Solar Flare System ready, aim at the enemy main force!
Here we go
File: 1574563717915[1].png (113 KB, 1835x830)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Capt. Helmet: HELMETU BEAMU!
Unexpectedly, a beam shot through the control unit and destroying it in the process.
Vage: If i had completed the Mega Beam Cannon in time, then you won't have to risk yourself in overcharging that beam shot.
Capt. Helmet: Don't fret yourself over this, for we have destroyed their only means to win this battle.
Suddenly, a Refined Barzam appears out the black, fire a grenade at them and Capt. Zaku block it with his MS, losing both arms.
Lero go help Capt. Zaku while other provide cover fire as they withdraw.
Capt. Helmet: We have done enough, let regroup with the main force.
Vage: I will cover our retreat, go!
Capt. Helmet: How is the captain?
Lero: He is still alive, but he require immediate medical attention.
The Refined Barzam attempts to chases the escaping Zeon MS team but stop and look back over the wreckage of the purple Endra and numerous destroyed MS alongside the damaged Salamis Kais.
Ran: The rest of the squad is already exhausted, might as well return to the base.
The EFSF now without the solar flare system to turn tide of battle. Luna II defenders prepare for the final assault in their asteroid base.
File: Manga_preview13-14.png (2.58 MB, 5000x3508)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG

I'm enjoying the details in this.
File: Manga_preview15-16.png (1.65 MB, 5000x3508)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG

Thanks I try my best to keep in the details for even the rough drafts. Few inconsistencies I have to fix along the way but thank you for noticing!
File: 1573786639347[1].png (82 KB, 1348x629)
82 KB
After the Zeon main fleet received words of Captain Zaku team successfully destroyed the control unit, they ignore the Solar Flare System and direct their attention toward Luna II. As the Zeon forces drew near to Luna II, the EFSF holed up in their asteroid fortress, forcing the Zeon to battle around the fortress where the EFSF have the home field advantage. At the main gate of Luna II.
Ableham: Quick, get in!
Ableham use a Burstliner to fire a continuous beam at the Zeon invaders while turning it, giving his allies the time withdraw back to base. He abandons the Burstliner after the barrel melted away due to overheating.
Gaza D pilot: The base is ours for taking.
Jake: No, wait!
That Zeon MS team went in, only to be blow to smithereens while Jake stop the rest from blindly entering.
Jake: See, this is what happens if nobody listen to me.
ReGelgu pilot: Glad that wasn't me.
Gyldan arrives with a squad of Zssa.
Gyldan: On my mark... Now!
The Zssas rush in, unleashing a massive barrage of missiles onto the Luna II defenders.
Gyldan: All units, attack!
Jake: Yes, Ma'am!
The Luna II defenders could not stop the breakthrough of the Zeon invaders and suffered heavy losses. They are forced to retreat deeper.
Ableham: Hold the line!
A Refined Barzam grabs Ableham MS and pull it back.
Ran: You fool, there's nothing more we can do here.
The tedious battle for Luna II drag on throughout and within the asteroid base.
EFSF officer: Sir, i implore you leave now, the enemies could arriving at any moment soon.
EFSF CO: I rather die than have this base fall into the Zeon's hand.
Suddenly, A Gaza D appears in front of command room and grabs the Commanding Officer.
EFSF CO: Die, Zeek scums!
He pulls his revolvers and fire all of his bullets at the MS.
Gaza D: Haha, is that all?
EFSF CO: Go to hell, Zeeks.
He detonate himself along with the Gaza D, damaging the command room.
>The booru is down again.
Should be back up now.
File: 1574873191033[1].jpg (448 KB, 1060x800)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Excellent, thank you.
The tenacious Luna II defenders continue to fight to the bitter end in spite of being surrounded by enemies, refusing to surrender the asteroid base to the Neo Zeon. A group of Zeon ships circling the Luna II, detecting a EFSF reinforcement coming to break the siege of Luna II.
Zeon captain: Just as Captain Sid predicted, move the MS squad in front of our ships and ready the main guns.
Zeon staff: Sir, an enemy MS coming in fast!
A orange GM like MS with a red cape charge into the Zeon battle formation, ramming through several Gaza D while dropping missiles, destroying even more Zeon MS in the progress.
Zeon staff: It getting closer!
Zeon captain: Fire everything at will!
The Zeon Flotilla try keep it at bay with their firepower, only to see their projectiles miss as it perform a radical maneuver to avoid getting hit while charging toward the Zeon flagship.
Zeon staff: It's too fast, sir!
The caped MS's heat lance pierce the bridge of the Zeon flagship, leaving the ship immobilized. From afar, at the flagship of the EFSF reinforcement, an EFSF officer with numerous medals lowered his binoculars.
Bee(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1573/66/1573662728636.png): He did it, send in GM IIIs , we're going to slay some zeeks!
Meanwhile, near Luna II.
Sid: Commodore Toto, we need to pull out now.
Gyldan: Not after we have sacrificed so much just to take this blasted rock!
Sid: I understand how you feel, but the troop are exhausted.
Amon: We still can win this, if we hold the base and wait for reinforcement.
Vage: I agree with Sid, we have yet to take over the base completely and our supplies are running low.
Capt. Helmet: Their reinforcement is only a fleet, if there is a chance to win, i say we fight.
Gyldan begins to sweats even more as she is unable makes the decision to stay and fight or retreat and her subordinates continue to argue with each other.
File: 1574335459343[1].png (101 KB, 1440x900)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
A squadron of GM III led by a heavily modified GM III heading to liberate the asteroid fortress from the Neo Zeon.
Jeremy: Let's do dis.
Jeremy move ahead to attack the defending Zeon MS, blasting them with his double barrel beam spray gun, as soon as he get close, he pull a giant gundarium club to bonks the Zeon MS, clearing a way for his squad to move forward. Once they are in position, the GM IIIs fire all their missiles at the incoming Zeon MS, destroy a number of them and disrupting their formation.
Jeremy: Alright, yeah, that's- naw, that's a pretty good job.
Back at the Zeon fleet, the Neo Zeon commanders are unable to reach to an agreement whether to retreat or hold Luna II until..
Zeon staff: Detecting another EFSF fleet closing in from afar.
Gyldan: Where is that fleet coming from?
Sid: It's from Solomon.
Gyldan: What, that invasion failed?
Amon: Apparently, a group of Titans Remnants had claimed that base as their own, the Feddies must taken the chance to escape to here.
Sid: Your order, Commodore Toto?
Gyldan take a deep breath and issue a full scale retreat to avoid being flank by next EFSF reinforcement. The Neo Zeon auxiliary fleet volunteered to stay behind to cover the retreat. Bee Ardo noticed what the Neo Zeon attempt to do but he prioritizes in reclaiming Luna II since this is last EFF foothold in space. Soon after, With the last of Neo Zeon auxiliary fleet defeated, the battle for Luna II end in EFSF pyrrhic victory as they successfully defend the asteroid base but the base received a lot of damage during the course of the battle, it will be sometime before the base is fully operational. While Neo Zeon retreated, they managed to achieve strategic victory for they still retain half of their invasion force and crippled the EFSF in space, which meant the Neo Zeon can invade Earth without much hassle.
File: Manga_preview15-16.png (2.46 MB, 5000x3508)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG
Oh man, I haven't been in one of these threads in ages and it warms my heart to see people posting my shitty MS paint OC.
As a more serious character I can totally imagine him as a Zeon traditionalist, being old enough to have known Zeon Deikun in his early days.
Someone's in trouble.
File: 1603044958779[1].png (335 KB, 1974x1108)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
Welcome back.
Not long after the battle of Luna II concluded, an EFSF division sent to monitor the Titans remnants at Konpeitoh, only found it completely abandoned and leaving them to wonder where those Titans could have gone. Meanwhile, at a Titans Remnants fleet moving toward to the moon.
Titans Commander: These new MS(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1603/04/1603045102304.png and https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1603/04/1603045195463.png), will they be up to task, Captain Jinx?
Jinx: They're pretty much a match to the next generation EFF MS.
Titans Commander: Good enough, i should check on our guests, keep up the good work.
Jinx: Yes, Commander.
EFSF turncoat: I thought we're going to attack the Zeon scum, why are the Titans bringing us to the moon?
Turncoat officer: Be patient, their leader will be here shortly.
Titans Commander: And here i am.
The turncoat officer shaken by the voice of the masked man behind him and take several steps back.
Turncoat leader: Greeting, Commander. May we know why are we headed to the moon?
Titans Commander: To regain the means to defeat the Neo Zeon.
Turncoat officer: Raiding the Anaheim Electronics, that's an act of terrorism.
Turncoat leader: Keep your cool, soldier, While we didn't mean to doubt you or your cause, but we won't assist in attacking a civilian area.
Titans Commander: Who say it going to be in a civilian area?
Turncoat officer: What, then where we are going?
Titans Commander: You will see, Anaheim Electronics, the main backers of AEUG has intentionally withheld weapons that could be use to defend earth from the Zeon threat.
Turncoat leader: We see about that.
That's the dub name, right? Could have sworn this was a variant of a MA that was only mentioned in an audio drama, the Z'Chinde, making this the Z'Chinde Kai.
Sorry, wrong spelling. Should be Z'Xinde Kai.
File: Manga_preview17-18.png (2.61 MB, 5000x3508)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG


Just too much text. Conversations are a bit tough to handle I'll make it 4 pages or longer and fix the typos and errors. It just needs to flow and I have to make it not so many words in one page.
That's reasonable.
File: Manga_preview17-18.png (2.62 MB, 5000x3508)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB PNG

Yeah need to draw more camera shots and really hit how nervous the director is crossing the lines behind her back.

Here is the first revision.
That definitely flows better already.
File: Manga_preview19-20.png (2.25 MB, 5000x3508)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
Yeah maybe getting the hang of it
Absolutely! It's always cool to see more progress.
Looking good.
Somewhere at the dark side the moon, inside a secret Anaheim Electronics facility, an explosion occurs.
Anaheim staff: How they managed to find this place?
Security guard: Get down.
A group of Titans soldiers drop behind them and shot all of them, leaving none alive. Another group of soldiers in Titans and EFSF uniform arrived to the scene.
EFSF turncoat: For a supposedly civilian manufacturing company, they sure have a lot of arsenal.
Titans Commander: Oh, there's alot more to see.
Turncoat leader: Then, what're are we waiting for, let go uncover what're they hiding.
On the other side of facility, a squadron of Titans MS firing at the Anaheim security team.
Drey: Eh, it's these guys again.
Nemo pilot: Drive them out.
The Titans strike force easily takeover most of the facility in a short duration. Drey survived the encounter and is able to saved a bunch of VIP from a certain death.
Drey: Are you all ok?
VIP 1: Just get me out of here, i will reward you with anything you want.
VIP 2: I would like to have you as my bodyguard.
Vip 3: How about your very own luxury vessel?
Drey: Alright, off we go.
Drey fly away from the facility at full speed, a Titans MS attempts to snipe Drey at his back, it is fortunate that Drey was fast enough to block the beam shot with his shield, escaping with the VIP.
Drey: Gotta get more of this shield.
Once the Titans secured the facility, the Titans Commander and the EFSF turncoats stand behind their agents, waiting for them to finish hacking the security system.
Vorpal(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1628/70/1628704259753.png): This is taking far too long, the AEUG will notice us by then.
Jinx: They have changed the password for just about everything here.
Courtney(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1603/04/1603044517810.png): Pipe down, will you, let the professionals do their work.
Turncoat officer: You titans better hurr..
Jinx: It is done.
Titans Commander: It's about time.
You're gettin pretty good at this, digi
File: Manga_preview21-22.png (1.38 MB, 5000x3508)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
motivation and planning each page is really what gets me. Will spend days just thinking of hypothetical issues or even just what words these people may use. Need to avoid threads and social media, really sucks the time away just scrolling and lurking down the rabbit holes.

Almost done with the drama then its time to see the new Federation testing sites. Maybe some action scenes soon!
File: Captured.png (1.05 MB, 640x728)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
>Maybe some action scenes soon!
Once the hangar underneath the facility light up, revealing a few new Anaheim prototype MS and numerous new weapons. The turncoats look around slowly.
Turncoat Leader: So, it's true, the Anaheim Electronics intend to wait for the right time to sell us at the highest bidder.
EFSF Turncoat: Those greedy fat cats!
Vorpal: What did we told you.
Titans Commander: I'm going to take this one, you EFSF have the rest and leave.
The turncoats took two of Anaheim MS and get out as soon as they can.
Jinx: Commander, look like the Anaheim found out what're we doing here and sent an AEUG fleet to deal with us.
Titans Commander: Continue with the data extraction and have Van unit to delay them.
In the meantime, several more Titans MS gather around Van(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1603/04/1603044738855.png)'s ship.
Ryedar: Time to get back at them this time.
Nycisia: This time, Ryedar, don't be reckless.
Ryedar: Heh, you are not the boss of me.
Van: And I am! be quiet now and focus on the task at hand.
Kil: You heard the boss, get on to it.
Rafluenph:Get in position already!
At the arriving AEUG fleet, a dozen of Hyaku Shiki Kai Mass Productions act as the vanguards of the fleet.
Menul: To recall our force from attacking the Neo Zeon, this better to be urgent.
AEUG aide: It's the Titans and the same ones we fought against at the Gate of Zedan, sir.
Menul: Excellent, we will finish what we start.
Gina(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1597/10/1597103899162.jpg): Permission to flank them, supreme commander.
Vulvis(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1573/76/1573764705835.png): Cool, then my crew will act as the vanguard.
Menul: Permissions granted, all units, move out!
File: 1603044879259[1].png (302 KB, 1942x830)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
A team of Hambrabi went ahead and engage Vulvis's Rick Dias Kai, using their high speed to flank him while one stay to snipe with the fedayeen rifle.
Vulvis: You all are good but i am better.
Vulvis performs a complex maneuver to get close to a Hambrabi and kick it down, turning his attention to the next Hambrabi.
Hambrabi pilot: Too fast!
The Rick Dias fire at that Hambrabi at point blank range and move on to the remaining Hambrabi.
Hambrabi pilot 2: Let take it head on.
The remaining Hambrabi transform and rush Vulvis, they engage in ferocious melee combat.
Gina: We will clear a way for Menul's fleet, then we will take whatever of value when we reach to facility.
Gina squad flank a team of Titans MS, defeating them with ease. More Titans force sent to stop Gina squad's advance, a modified Baund Doc escorted by a Byarlant and two Gaplants flanking Gina.
Arisa(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1603/04/1603044593111.png): Thou shalt not pass!
The Baund Doc fired all of its weapons, while the shots missed Gina, but managed to destroyed the half of the Gina squad. The Byarlant took the chance to corner Gina.
Hownes: You're getting away that easily.
Gina: Care to show this lady what you got.
On the other side of the battlefield, Vulvis unit breakthrough the Titans defense line, heading to the facility. A beam shot scatters Vulvis unit formation, halting their movement.
Vulvis: Oh, look at what we have here.
Jinx: This going to be an interesting fight.
Jinx squad and Vulvis unit begin to trade shots while using the moon terrain as cover. While Vulvis unit have greater firepower, but they are not allowed to damage the facility and the Titans have lay a lot of hidden minefield within area as hidden MS in places.
Menul: All unit move in, get our ship in position, we will be able clear the Titans out in no time.
AEUG staff: Aye, Sir!
File: Manga_preview21-22.png (3.23 MB, 5000x3508)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
still kickin
File: 1573814378793[1].png (504 KB, 1528x891)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
>still kickin
Very nice.
Rafluenph team come under fire by an unknown AEUG sniper.
Rafluenph: Where that bastard hiding?
Barzam pilot: Take cover, you fool!
The unknown sniper fire its next shot, a MS pop out from the shadow behind it.
Ryedar: I got you now!
Ryedar shoot at the camouflage blanket covering the AEUG sniper, revealing a ball attached with legs, causing Ryedar to laughs uncontrollably and misses the target.
Kil: What has gotten into you!
Ryedar: BALL on legs!
Nycisia: Huh?
A Hyaku Shiki Kai Mass Production Type with Australian flag as an emblem arrived to the battlefield, firing all of its weapon at the Titans MS team, scattering them and buying time for its ally to pull back.
Meat(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1575/52/1575523439288.png): Don't worry, I got your back.
Kut: Thanks, I owe you one.
As the AEUG warships move into position, ready to bombard the Titans on the moon. On the spur of the moment, a large beam went through an Irish class. During that AEUG warship exploding, a second large beam shot blast through another AEUG warship in the progress. A semi egg shaped MA come out from the AEUG flagship, headed to source of the beamshots.
Titans Commander: I only used once, just once and it melted right away, useless piece of scrap metal!
The black gundam tosses the melted Prototype Hyper Mega Cannon away and turn to face the battlefield.
Titans Commander: Lieutenant Sylvia, how is the progress?
Sylvia(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1603/04/1603045023537.png): Only 69% done, Commander.
Titans Commander: I see.
A MA coming at the black gundam at lightning speed, then transformed in midway, it look similar to the Baund Doc used by Titans during Gryps War.
Menul: Let see how you like when your prized design used against you, TITANS!
Titans Commander: AEUG!
Menul unleashes wave after wave of funnels to surround and attack the black gundam.
File: Manga_preview23-24.png (3.86 MB, 5000x3508)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB PNG

Ket Legstorm back story? His Jegan could actually be kinda cool.
File: AEUGvsTitans.png (95 KB, 695x497)
95 KB
The visor of the black gundam flare up, it narrowly dodged each shots from the funnels, demonstrating its high mobility despite its large size. The Baund Doc and the black gundam activate their beam sabers as they get closer to each other. Once within striking distance, they both swing their beam sabers as hard as they can, when they cross their beam sabers, they both boost at full power, the black gundam is able push the Baund Doc before breaking off due the funnels try to shoot it at back. Baund Doc lights its beam talon, then attempts to overwhelms the gundam with a combination of melee strike and funnels attack. The gundam fires all three of its Scattering Mega Particle Cannon to prevent itself from getting corner, destroying several funnels, then it deploys its Wired Beam Gun and INCOM to even the odd. They both charge at each other again, this time, they managed to did some real damage to one another, the Baund Doc tear off one of the arms of the gundam and ripping off a leg from the gundam with the beam talon while the gundam sliced off a claw belonging the Baund Doc, at the same time, using its beam vulcan to crippled the monoeye of the Baund Doc, disabling the main camera. They breakoff again as soon as the damage are done. Menul sent his remaining funnels to restrict the gundam movement. Without its wired beam gun and INCOM, the gundam is once again at a disadvantage, slowly push back by the funnels. The Baund Doc charged at it again to finishes it off, the gundam charged its High Mega Buster and fired at the Baund Doc while letting the charged beam propel itself backward.
Menul: You missed, wait!
Menul turns and look at his fleet, the gundam charged shot destroyed another AEUG warship. Turning back to chase after the gundam.
Titans Commander: We got what we came for, Titans, RETREAT!
The Titans fleet fire several flares to signal the retreat.
Van: WHAT, those filthy spacenoids has yet to be crushed.
Titans captain: Fall back this instant!
File: 1578137419425[1].png (918 KB, 2007x1316)
918 KB
918 KB PNG
With the AEUG fleet reclaimed the facility after the Titans retreated. Menul look at the nearly destroyed black gundam, standing there disappointed for failing to capture the enemy pilot. Upon receiving reports of Neo Zeon drops a colony on Dublin, he order the AEUG fleet to return to battle the Neo Zeon after securing the facility. At the Gate of Zedan, Titans Remnants begun to quarrel among themselves, whether to remain with or fight against the Neo Zeon after that colony drop until a representative of Glemy faction arrived, she gave the Titans Remnants an offer which most of them could not refuse in exchange for their help in Glemy's plan of overthrowing Haman Karn. Over the ruin of the Aires City, a Titans ship is hiding nearby.
Vorpal: So, the New Desides is defeated.
Courtney: Look at these destruction and they said the Titans are extreme in their method.
Vorpal: I just don't get it, why would the EFSF send a taskforce to crush a bunch of earth supremacist who hated spacenoids even when Zeon threat on the horizon, they could have leave them alone to clash with the Neo Zeon, i mean the New Desides hated those flithy spacenoids.
Courtney: It's useless thinking about it now, don't just stand there, now go find something useful.
Vorpal: What is there to take, the place already abandoned by the EFF.
Courtney: Orphans and scraps.
Vorpal: You don't say.
They look at the space, wondering the future will be like while other Titans soldiers in civilian disguise move to join them.

The end
File: 1594859181149[1].png (195 KB, 925x731)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
In U.C. 0094, various faction within the Titans Remnants may have their own agenda; many yearn revenge, some desire glory while others remain secretive but they all agreed that Londo Bell need to be removed or atleast crippled in order to proceed with their plan. The Titans Remnants united their fleet and invade Londenion, the headquarters of the Londo Bell task force while the main fleet of Londo Bell is currently battling the Shin Zeon. The battle begins with the destructions of a number of Londo Bell patrol units in a large scale sneak attack, the Titans Remnants main fleet spearheaded the invasion, surprising the Londo Bell with the size of their united fleet. The Londo Bell send out whatever unit they still have in the base.
Drey: They don't really know when to quit?
Kut(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1573/83/1573832078231.png): I had enough of these bastards.
Kintoki(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1575/06/1575063092270.png): Let show those fools who they're dealing with.
Omori(https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/m/image/1596/83/1596831931007.png): If they want war, we will give them one.
The Londo Bell MS team and the Titans Remnants MS squad face off each other, about to destroy each others.
It's not over yet!
File: 404th.png (257 KB, 1014x664)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Regrettably, i won't have the time to write for the rest of year.
The best i could do now is to dump whatever new OC i already made and hope you folks will use them for your own story or to continue this side story.
Sequel bait.
File: Dreid.png (183 KB, 1688x1002)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
File: Legianne.png (165 KB, 1162x972)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
File: Auchon.png (708 KB, 1300x1038)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
Aurear's father and the leader of >>20900830
File: 404th captain.png (715 KB, 1620x844)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
His helper.
File: Refined Barzam V.png (151 KB, 1524x1190)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
A new Titans Remnants mass production MS.
File: G-Revanche.png (107 KB, 1356x917)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
A new Titans Remnants limited production MS.
File: Aurear..png (357 KB, 801x624)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
File: König.png (100 KB, 1263x377)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Neutral Titans OC.
File: Fiowin.png (230 KB, 836x806)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
File: G Bloom.png (106 KB, 1300x1010)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Her MS.
File: Oldiron.png (135 KB, 861x539)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
File: Goldilocks.png (149 KB, 1531x890)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
File: Klaire.png (94 KB, 789x320)
94 KB
File: Auchon,.png (79 KB, 287x711)
79 KB
His alternative uniform
File: Schwerer Gustav.png (191 KB, 1430x1088)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
One Londo Bell OC to finishes.
File: 1631102410499.jpg (560 KB, 1936x1936)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
Which drawanon made this? Been looking to comission someone to draw my zeon loli
>not even that one zeon loli picture on the booru
>you know the one
I don't know the one
I did, but I'm not confident enough to take commissions because I'm inconsistent as shit. Tell me who to draw and I'll try to get something done though.
Ah, that's fine then. Wouldn't be fair to other anons.
Nah it's fine, I would have tried to draw something for other anons too but I don't remember anyone else asking
If that's case, requesting a faction propaganda poster, the faction can be Zeon or Titans.
I'm not creative enough to come up with a layout for something like that, do you have any in mind that I could rip off?
Sorry for being late, 4chan think i'm spamming for some reasons.
This or https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fc/12/c4/fc12c453fd9b217b01a7ed3ecb2ccaf9.jpg
I'll try and get something done, but don't expect too much. I'm not sure how up to this I am because I can't do digital
No rush, take your time.
I forgot to add, when drawing the faction propaganda poster, be sure to use /m/SV OC.

Beside that, I wonder where other people story?
File: Manga_preview25-26.png (2.42 MB, 5000x3508)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
happy to come back and see new works and drawings.

Gave me some motivation to draw myself.

>more plot
>I'm not sure how up to this I am because I can't do digital
digiflux has done digital traces of other non-digital submissions before IIRC
but the cover doesn't HAVE to be digital
Yeah I can help make drawings digital if they don't mind
Is this Luse before his surgery?
Never see this uniform before
Yeah been plotting the events for a while now. I think I wanted him undeniably handsome.

Open to any other ideas how he should look as a young devout.


I think that's the same Titans uniform the director of Augusta wears in Narrative.
>Never see this uniform before
It is similar to the one wore by Jamitov aide in Zeta.
>I think that's the same Titans uniform the director of Augusta wears in Narrative.
That's right, i didn't have time to edit the one(picrel), so i use the one from Narrative.

>Open to any other ideas how he should look as a young devout.
Just a suggestion, he could look similar to his illegitimate child, Genine D'Canon in some way.
Right on, I need to get around to finishing some that I'd started ages ago.

And now this is inspiring me to make a Titans OC.
File: Manga_preview27-28.png (1.72 MB, 5000x3508)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
preview draft

>I can break these cuffs!
>No you can't
Hey I'm sorry anon, but I don't think I'll be able to do it after all. I figured I'd try and start participating in the thread again starting with this drawing since I've been in a better place for the last couple months, but we had a death in the family a few days ago and I've really been struggling to deal with it. I'm really sorry if I got your hopes up.
Don't worry about it, take good care of yourself and your family first.
We can wait.
I bet Jack is going to use a monoeye suit to beat other feddies suits, which will encourages the Federation to adopt and develop more monoeye suits.
>Right on, I need to get around to finishing some that I'd started ages ago.
Which one?
Are all members of >>20900830 going to wear Zeon-style Titans uniform?
>Which one?
Nothing that ever got posted. The most fleshed out one was a(nother) Zeon officer who I'd mostly forgotten my ideas about. Oh, and an Orbital Frame in the Turn A continuity as a joke about how similar the settings are.
File: Manga_preview27-28.png (2.93 MB, 5000x3508)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
We shall find out soon!

>script pending


Lets see it!
File: wip zeon.png (110 KB, 223x714)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
This is about as far as I got for the first. Open to suggestions.
>Open to suggestions
How about a Zeon officer specialize in counterintelligence operation and an excellent negotiator?
Looking nice, keep up the work.
>Are all members of >>20900830 going to wear Zeon-style Titans uniform?
Sure, why not. Having different Titans uniforms make it easier to identify with which Titans group they're in, just like 9th crusade with their white Titans uniforms.

Thread is about to hit the bump limit, what pic should we use for the next thread?
>counterintelligence operation and an excellent negotiator
Good call, and also reminiscent of what I can remember from my original concept for the character. I'll definitely go in that direction and see what I can come up with.

What complete pictures do we have? Should do a classic MS paint style one.

Or we could snag some of BR mans work
Looking good so far.
Be sure to give her a name before this thread end.
>What complete pictures do we have?
This >>20718759 could work.
>Thread is about to hit the bump limit, what pic should we use for the next thread?
I'd kind of like to have it be related to some of the stuff that's been happening in the Gihren's Greed campaign with the /m/SV elements now introduced
Something of a small contest. [or rather just a way to pool ideals]. If anyone has concepts for characters from the Moon-Moon colony, I would be interested in seeing them. I do ask that these ideas be drawn though without using preexisting assets. I do not care about the quality of the drawing as long as the concept, general design and description is interesting. Who knows, your idea could be featured in the next segment of [/m/ plays Gihrens Greed]

A proper Zeon name: Cylvia Lsaua.
File: 1652927077353[1].png (1.32 MB, 3940x2660)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Good name, hope to see more of her and your Titans OC.
If only i knew this will happens, i would have prepare one.
>I'd kind of like to have it be related to some of the stuff that's been happening in the Gihren's Greed campaign with the /m/SV elements now introduced
With a /m/SV logo, color and some OC cheering in the background, it will be a suitable starter for the next thread.
Hmm, yeah but i wonder if people remember that interaction with yazan
happened in a breakroom too with just the two of them
new bread soon as we collab the header

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