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Bandai Namco has decided that they want to do a non-G Generation, non-Gihren's Greed Gundam strategy game.

In a fit of coked out decision making, they have not only allowed gaijin to have a say in the development process, they've allowed /m/ to have a say. This includes the storyline as well.

So /m/, what does your vision of a Gundam strategy game look like?

(No budget has been disclosed, but since they tend to cheap out on the anime games, that's something to keep in mind.)
It plays a lot like a mixture of homeworld and Total War. You build up your production centers and take your armies around the earth sphere. When you load into a space battle, it plays like a homeworld-lite just without any building and with quicker games, and in ground battles, it plays a lot like total war.
XCOM-esque campaign. Your team is stamping out the very last Zeon forces in Munzo. Gameplay shamelessly steals from MechWarrior. All kinds of Newtype shenanigans can happen with dead pilots.
File: better_g-gen_UI.gif (1.35 MB, 1200x675)
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1.35 MB GIF
Build a Relayer ripoff in Unreal using assets ripped from the Gundam Breaker games. Maybe use an XCOM style battle UI.

Have an honest to god crossover storyline involving units from the various timelines showing up in IBO during S1. Then the sequel/expansion can cover S2.
Above all else, Valkyria Chronicles gameplay. None of that gay hit percentage shit, actually aim your shit.
My mind focuses on a lot of alternate paths. If the quest threads have taught us anything, the idea of branching allegiances and fucking with the timeline is incredibly appealing.

I want divergent branches of mecha development, and I want many choices to come up "Who do you allocate funding to, do you listen to X, do you form an alliance with Y, who defects to and from your side?"

I want factions to spawn early or late all dependent on choices. I'd love the building of Total War, love those games a lot, create your armies, navigate your fleets.
Whatever you guys choose, it better have visual customization options. I want to decide how my army looks. Maybe every single unit has the same color regardless of terrain. Maybe every single unit has camo that corresponds to the terrain they're stationed in, with colored highlights that give it away as part of the faction. Also a sturdy character creator, which will probably be very handy if you go this way >>20402641
File: Untitled.png (2.47 MB, 3840x2160)
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As much as I'd want more alt-history ala GG or to have GGen have a proper story, I'll leave those there.

So I'd do some dumb shit where you extend the idea of the Build/Breaker series, but to such a scale where you are designing multiple mobile suits using parts across many timelines to serve the purposes required of their roles.
You would then have to contend with other factions dropped into a solar system/earth sphere.
For factions you could mix and match styles of government, you could have traditional, conventional governments, or you could go more guerilla and really consolidate power to a handful of suits and just strike at large, spanning governments from the shadows.
You could have certain ideological choices, like supremacy of certain peoples or ways to bring about change, like law/chaos from GG that pilots and generals you have could agree or disagree with depending on the size of your government and would defect to another player's faction if you swing too hard a certain way.
I Always wanted what would be kinda like a much more dynamic Gihren’s Greed. I even considered trying to make it myself and even wrote a few pages of notes for it.

Some of the ideas in this thread remind me of what I wanted it to be like actually. I imagined characters having some sort of loyalty and influence stats and being able to defect if disloyal or even start a civil war if they were an influential ace pilot or high ranking officer. Characters being able to earn ace pilot status and get their own nicknames and signature colors and be able to awaken as newtypes or be turned into cyber newtypes. A system where you develop original new mobile suits and variants by mixing and matching parts and weapons. Along with a bunch of other little ideas like faction alliances, custom characters, characters dying or going MIA, mechanics for rival pilots, etc.

Never got far into actually coding though it’s probably beyond my ability and I kept changing my ideas for it too often.
I've considered mechanics like that, but unfortunately the sheer scope of all of those means that programming it would be insane.
Adding in all of the graphical problems, the best you could get would be a text based game ala eratohok.
G Generation, but with regular proportions instead of SD.

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