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/m/ edition
The End.
Despite all logic, life still persists.
Giant robots will battle each other.
A 16 year old boy stumbles upon a robot and through some circumstances is forced to pilot it.
Also all the female characters are after his dick.
Ancap comedy

In the future a bunch of superrich buy a waterplanet for themselves and live on floating-island with each a factory-box that can make everything from energy transmitted by solar satellite

Each episode have them discovers and face one of the tiny problem with lawless world,
-using irreplaceable works of art as money,
-stopping that one guy from acting like the king of the planet because he have the biggest island
-keeping that other guy from constantly expanding his race track over others "territory of comfort"
-getting someone to clean up all the trash he's dropping in the water
-settling divorce or power distribution after marriage, or birth.

The story final have the solar satellites destroyed by a solar storm, the now powerless riches on their water island have to cooperate together to get back to the (better protected) spaceship that brought them here
It end with them getting back into civilization and discovers they aren't rich anymore because their planet is now worthless and they now have to contribute to society.
A one-episode parody of mecha space-carrier

The spaceship treat the mecha(s) as if they were famous performers.
80% of the spaceship is the catapult & corridors for mecha plus light show, being a warship is an afterthought
Linked to the catapult by an elevator, a hangar closer to a mechanized manicure room with mecha reclining seat, applying paint and shine to the mecha.

You know how spaceship bridge have huge windows to the outside?
This one have windows on the INSIDE too, so the MECH can actually SEE OUTSIDE through both, (plus the sexy bridge bunny). The captain is on a shitty seat out of the way
There is no crew corridor in the ship without direct sight to be marveled as the mecha move by.
In fact sometime you need to go through airlock out, then in again, just for that.

A typical launch would be like this:
>Captain curse about the shitty ship weapon not being enough, and pretend the mecha was only a last card to glorify it. Give order but the one in charge is the underage pilot
>The bridge bunny go through a sequence of card validation, emergency glass breaking, synchronized key turn, pole dancing
>Mechanics run around the mecha doing procedures that look like musical shows.
>The mecha is moved closer to the bridge/windows so it can see outside (eyes light up).
>It's then lowered to the catapult on a pointlessly rotating elevator.
>New tailor arms appear to "dress it up", adding colorful armor and accessory, bringing out entire gun rack so the mecha can chose himself.
>5mn long showy catapulting scene
>Outside the mecha do an areal show with several 180° turn, using extra rocket booster, discarding them in a sophisticated dance until he deploy its wing.
10mn later the mecha is outside and ready.

That's ok because the enemy also do a 20mn choregraphy to assemble a fleet of space-limb ships into a slow & clunky giant mecha.

Then a gritty military warship come by, captain push a button and proper design win the day.
WWII but with mechs
Hav roobot?
Make drive in roobot?
Femal ssexy womnan!!?
Merchendizinge? YES
The show is about a scientist and his journey to create a super robot, it starts with him young and he success at old age, then he passes the robot to his grandson.
File: 1599845079313.jpg (2.16 MB, 3679x2675)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
R8 the autistic Gundam AU I've been writing a prose story of in my spare time.
Suggestion: to entice us into reading this nondigestible brick of text you could provide a TL;DR b8ting us into reading it. it still need to be tangentially close to the truth.
Oh, ok. How's this?
>tl;dr: world's most assravaged spacenoid joins a terrorist organization led by the Ultimate Thot to get revenge on the Federation destroying the space colonies
>only to find out she's secretly way more assravaged than he is and wants to destroy the Earth, and he has to simmer down on the war crimes to protect his adopted Newtype daughterfu
I'd say that's how it's done, maybe shorter.
Typical zeon terrorist, except surprise he have a newtype daughter keeping him from being too zeonic?
Main heroine can only pilot the robot by having sex with it.
Basically he starts out full hateboner for the (cult that controls the) Federation, and swore to destroy it by any means necessary. He only starts to change after meeting the Newtype girl. But the terrorists he joins up with slowly morph into something just as bad as the cult, and the daughter figure keeps him grounded from going along with it.

The Newtype loli is sort of like a symbol the different factions all prop up/demonize for different reasons, and the MC is the only one that just sees her as a person to protect. There's like a half dozen different plot threads that don't elegantly boil into an inflammatory tl;dr
Setting: Jovian lunar and orbital colonies (primarily Europa, Io, and Ganymede), it is a planetary orbital conflict concurrent with a solar system-wide crisis affecting most of the planets and their colonies, collectively known as the Solar Community. The gas giants are experiencing more civil war-type conflicts while the planets closer to Earth are experiencing the space age equivalent to being invaded by the Bronze age Sea Peoples, great masses of space-faring nomads who emerged from uncharted asteroid colonies in the Belt & are now attempting to settle on Earth, Mars, and Venus. Elements of Jupiter and Saturn's governments have decided to use this opportunity to secede and form their own bloc of colonial nations (the Outer Commonwealth), but Community Security Forces are resisting, leading to the Civil conflicts in Jupiter's and Saturn's colonies, lunar settlements, and the resource siphoning facilities. Agitators are attempting to bring Uranus and Neptune into the fold, but they thus far are the only remaining stable planets left within the Solar Community. The CSF hope to put down the rebellions and focus their resources on aiding the inner planets, while the Commonwealth rebels have nearly secured all of Jupiter's moons. Our story begins here in battles on and around Europa.
Mecha: Arwing-esque fighters, Man of Steel Kryptonian power armor with stupidly big melee weapons because zero-gravity combat, Dra-C and MW-01 mobile worker like robots. Commonwealth will use the robots with industrial appearances, Community forces will use the sleek fighters and eventually sleek robots. In the meantime they'll both use cool very form fitting nanotechnology fueled power armor suits to have absurd melee weapon fights and surf on giant axes with thrusters on them.
MC: KobI Dirtwurm, grease monkey colony builder turned emergency Community recruit who manages to steal a suped-up Commonwealth worker unit.
>Kuzey Ferris
>Kobl Dirtwurm
You both get top marks for Tomino Names
File: proxy-image.jpg (94 KB, 692x390)
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> /m/ edition

Just make Groundhog Day, except with the characters from Evangelion.
>Setting: Jovian lunar and orbital colonies (primarily Europa, Io, and Ganymede), it is a planetary orbital conflict concurrent with a solar system-wide crisis
You've attracted my attention

>The gas giants are experiencing more civil war-type conflicts while the planets closer to Earth are experiencing the space age equivalent to being invaded by the Bronze age Sea Peoples
Sound political

>great masses of space-faring nomads who emerged from uncharted asteroid colonies in the Belt & are now attempting to settle on Earth, Mars, and Venus. Elements of Jupiter and Saturn's governments have decided to use this opportunity to secede and form their own bloc of colonial nations (the Outer Commonwealth)
So revolt of the belters, a little big cliché but ok.

>The CSF hope to put down the rebellions and focus their resources on aiding the inner planets, while the Commonwealth rebels have nearly secured all of Jupiter's moons. Our story begins here in battles on and around Europa.
You get point for calling that anti-insurgency but isn't it essentially another Principality of Zeon except with Jupiter and naturally a de-facto dictator at the helm?

Basically: any bad guy around? bag guy from ANY perspective?

>Mecha: Arwing-esque fighters, Man of Steel Kryptonian power armor with stupidly big melee weapons because zero-gravity combat, Dra-C and MW-01 mobile worker like robots.
It does sound funky,

>Commonwealth will use the robots with industrial appearances, Community forces will use the sleek fighters and eventually sleek robots.
So the not-zeon get mecha first... well cliché.

>absurd melee weapon fights and surf on giant axes with thrusters on them.
>surf on giant axes with thrusters on them.
Thought: If the axes outmass the mecha and is the main propulsion, it stand to reason you can't actually swing them as much as having them propel themselves toward the enemy with your armor grabbing unto them.
UC 175.
You guys know the real purpose of this thread was to steal your ideas, right?
A win-win situation.
None of us is likely to ever make their ideas into reality, so if someone do? It's perfect!
You learn if your story was worth it and you get to mock the director for not making it as awesome as it could have be.

Steal this please:
During the cold war, a Russian military base in the middle of nowhere
They capture an intruder, turn out it's a time traveler whose suit broke
The Kommander want to call his superior, but can't. time traveler saboteur everywhere.

The time traveler friend are trying to rescue him, but they are pacifist and can't just grab him and they also must operate in a sequential way because of causality and because of their objectives.

The story is about this game of hide and sick, and the Russian questioning the time traveler about why they are here.
They claim to be good guys who liberated their world but still lost 99.999999% of human civilization.
they want to capture a distinct group of time travelers who in their timeline, used their science (and immortality) to control everyone through nanomachine kill-switch, starting from this base. Because of the method to track them they can't appear before their target do.
Obviously the Russian Commander question their motives (why not got back to before the bad guy?) and can't trust them since they operate in secret.
One episode.
>reverse Mary Sue idea
>my self-insert
>no one likes
>isn't useful
>dies on the first attempt to do anything
>everyone is happy that he's gone
>no one ever mentions him again
Then surround that with a cool space robot war movie, where the trained soldiers are cool and successful and everyone gets their girl. Ends with the heroes winning.

Ideas are nothing. Being an "idea guy" means that you have no actual talent. Everything is in the execution of the ideas.
If someone is stealing ideas, then they aren't even talented enough to be inspired. They'll never be able to pitch the idea to anyone who can get it funded.
At best, it will end up being a trash webcomic or a poorly written fanfiction.net story.

>t+0: rebooted, I'm called probe? I've got remote-bodies down this planet. Sensorbot1 is surrounded by motile biological creature, only memory left: "be helpful"
>t+12y: human are fragile, communication is hard, I don't have small tools, can't stay awake all the time
>t+35y: factorybot2 landed badly, radiation killed a lot as I moved it to an underwater trench
>t+46y: sage old man died, why are they ephemeral? gotta try to fix that
>t+75y: killed the king who used me to kill other, the rest worship miningbot1 now
>t+92y: they still don't understand all gods are me, decided to try various form of governance
>t+329y: lost Sensorbot6 in a cave
>t+829y: can't leave them alone 500y without them killing in my name, forced to kill 156,546.
>t+1596y: killing them only make them sneaky, gotta be sneaky
>t+1708: they discovered I'm all the gods, they are very mad and scared
>t+1822y: radio is great! but now I'm wondering who built me.
>t+1902y: biggest war so far, using technology I gave them. factorybot1 destroyed, vented the AM-core just in time
>t+1943y: dumbass tried to open Sensorbot6 in secret, result: 89Megatons, now they don't want my bots near cities
>t+2027y: even bigger war, I no longer help them with technology
>t+2040y: situation won't improve if I stay silent, decided to get more active
>t+2057y: got elected president
>t+2073y: became the ultimate internet troll, hope it will help
>t+2099y: discovered immortality but none of them trust me with biotech
>t+2112y: I fear my alien builder and power is the reason they can't trust me or anyone else,
>t+2118y: landed my last remaining brain part in a metropolis, threatened to nuke everything if they didn't bring me a list of leaders. US president is mad he's not part of the list.
>t+2130y: Surrounded by nukes and engineers from every country, I'm now ready to vent my AM-core and shutdown forever.
>t+????: Woke up, my body is brand new. Surrounded by human ...and alien? Said I was helpful.
UC 0090
Kamille finds himself on Sweetwater as a doctor and, after running into Char, realizes he had been drawn there. Initially wanting to reconcile with the only father figure he had in his life, Kamille is horrified to learn that Char was radicalized by Kamille's vegetabilization at the end of Zeta, using it as justification for his planned revival of Zeon, doubly so after he finds the colonists mostly in line with him. Despite this, Kamille senses Char's reluctance, and unbeknownst to him, the newtype spirit of Haman is clouding Char's judgment.

Kamille decides to join up with the Sweetwater Militia, a rebel group of Federation-aligned spacenoids who oppose Char and Zeon, and use it as a means to try and convince Char not to go through with his plans. After learning that the militia's leader is no other than Sayla Mass and that Char's own sister believes that Char has to be killed in order to be stopped, Kamille reluctantly engages in combat against Char's fledgling Zeon forces.

The final battle between Kamille and Char is even, with Kamille's ideology and recollection of what happened during ZZ almost winning Char over. Kamille ultimately wins the battle, but refuses to finish off Char, believing that Sayla is wrong and that Char can still be convinced. However, Haman's spirit overpowers Char and forces him to fire on Kamille, which would surely kill him - if Sayla didn't intercept the shot, sacrificing her life to save Kamille. Faced with a repeat of what happened with Lalah but with the roles reversed, Char is completely overcome by the spirit of Haman, continuing his fight with Kamille, but Kamille ultimately lets himself die to let his newtype spirit cancel out Haman's, freeing Char. Despite this, the damage is done and Char's will is broken, giving him the push to go through with the events of CCA The final shot is of CCA Char standing in front of Axis, with the spirits of Lalah, Kamille, and Sayla haunting him.
File: Plastic Little7.jpg (325 KB, 1000x1437)
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325 KB JPG
>ultra realistic setting, except with FTL travel
>artist, Satori Urushihara

A group of top model, designer and diplomat are gathered together for a very special mission of which depend the survival of mankind.
With hundred of colonies the great HUMAN FEDERATION is starting to break apart, signs appear of colonist who want to leave the utopia and might even do things for their own selfish benefits!
Oh the tragedy!

In an ambitious plan, this team is sent to go on each planet and sell clothes. Not any random normal clothes mind you, THE ULTIMATE CLOTHE.
Made of nanomachines with the best technologies of the Federation they are to represent what mankind can achieve when they work together.
Those clothes are capable of changing shapes, color, mimic textile, mend themselves.

But the task at hand is difficult.
CityPlanet! Want to wear the latest fashion, every 10minutes.
SpaceBelters! Want useful suit that regulate their bodyheat and serve as makeshift repair tools.
IndustryPlanet! Is mostly populated by robots.
Iceworld! Don't care about look, or so they say.
DeathWorld! Hunters only care about pelts from their hunts.
GothWorld! Like constraining bondage clothes and mindgame.
CyborgWorld! Want clothes that fit any kind of prosthetic and extra arms.
WarriorWorld! Have customs where negotiation require to fight in ritual combat.
WaterPlanet! Want swimsuits, stylish ones that don't impede their swimming.
DesertPlanet! Want their ruling queens to look much better clothed than male slaves.
DigitalPlanet! Are brains connected to a network.
ReservePlanet! Are nudist who want ecology friendly equipment.
LudditePlanet! Are craftsmen who hate automatization.

Thus the team travel the galaxy, gain new members (Warriorgirl, robot-tailor, catgirl, british gentledog, Nerd-kun, undefined-gender, Ugly-sama)
The final episode have our protagonist making FIRST CONTACT with all powerful hostile sentient alien plant, and bring them into the Federation by selling them clothes.
Mobile Knight From Another World:
Gundam SEED Starlight.
A pilot of the YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type killed during the 2nd Battle of Jachin Due, appearing before an orb of light who offers to send him to a new world with anything he wants so he picks his Mobile Suit.
The being sends to a world where Mobile Weapons called Knight Panzar Frames (Basically MS powered by Magic)

After arriving he first uses the GuAIZ's beam weapons sparingly but after having to use the full weapons and Phase Shift Armor against a Gigas he realizes the powr source has been swapped out for something that draws mana from the world allowing full use of its armaments.
As the story progresses the GuAIZ is upgraded gradually until becomes the Starknight Gundam with new weapons and equipement
Eventually the MC becomes aware that the battles fought in his world is having negative consequences on the world he's in and there are those in this world manipulating the minds of leaders from his world.
>Human created a device that allow human to summon giant mech armor that linked with their brain
>The mech armors became a stable in military and entertainment.
>Human can only use humanoid mech armor since they brain can only recognize the movement of human.
>Secret army project aim to create super animal that can use animal mech armor, giving the animals near human intelligent. naturally, some escaped and start to cause havoc.
>The story focus in a mysterious young man who can use animal tyranosaurus mech armor (impossible since dinosaur already extincted and there no animal that could mimic a Trex mobility function) and can transform to human form (also impossible since a human brain can't handle two forms)
I have this idea for a mecha show where it starts off with the usual totalitarian government happening onto alien technology and using it to build super hyper advanced mechs, but only people with a certain genetic mutation can pilot them effectively.

Of course then there’s a huge scramble to track down all these people who have this mutation, so they can either be recruited to pilot the mechs or studied for some possible way to transmit the mutation.

Anyway, our main character is a 20-something working in one of these decaying mega-cities, you know, standard cyberpunk tropes on full display and stuff. He has a family, a wife and an infant daughter, and it’s discovered that he has a particularly potent variation of the mutation, but his wife and daughter don’t. He doesn’t want to leave them, but he also realizes this is his one shot at improving his family’s life, so he agrees to go into the pilot training program.

Long story short, despite testing much higher and being a better pilot than nearly everyone else in his battalion, he’s constantly passed over and harassed for not being the ubermensch who just wants to kill people.

Regardless, his innate skill means that when his company goes out to battle, he always comes back, while some of his comrades don’t. While this is almost cathartic at first to see the people who were assholes to him getting destroyed, it eventually just becomes depressing as he just outmaneuvers everyone. He’s practically a god.

Anyway, that’s as far as I got. Not sure if I want there to be some big twist explaining why he’s so good or if he’s just built different. Either way he just goes home at the end.
>He has a family, a wife and an infant daughter
Dropped. Your plot won't sell without generic self-insert loser MC or gary stu that never did anything wrong in his life
A mecha show that is about the mecha
File: qHOUbO9.png (736 KB, 800x1036)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
Space taxman collecting taxes from megacorp, asteroid dwelling hobos, alien infested space station, bounty hunters, mercenary companies, crypto miners and Space Switzerland as the big bad.
Or Space ATF ensuring that every mecha and it's weapons comply with federal laws such as beam magnum stock and barrel length.
Children of the Corn but it's on Mars and He Who Walks Behind The Rows is a Devil Gundam type of monstrosity
The Earth has been rendered uninhabitable by an alien attack, the remnants of humanity live in space colonies and the battered moon. Huge, vaguely humanoid machines are created in order to fight back the alien menace, using a system in which pilots are chosen from a very young age, and raised alongside the machine’s AI in order to create a perfectly compatible partner, fighting is all they know, and it’s all they need to know.
But that was years ago, and now the alien threat has been repulsed, and efforts to reclaim and terraform the destroyed Earth are ongoing.
Some pilots have managed to adapt relatively well to a normal life, but others have extreme difficulties with being separated from the only friend they’ve ever known.
It’s a romance story between a pilot and his mech, or at least with the AI itself
Story takes place on a marine planet or ocean moon, long in the future. Most of humanity is forced to live on or under the water, fighting over the increasingly dwindling resources they can actually still use. Suits are mainly aquatic designed in nature, relying on thermal cameras to see due to the murkiness of water so far down. Main character would be a former marine biologist, conscripted into fighting by the remnants of the original government on the planet. Designed to show the horrors of war focused more on what it does to the planet itself instead of on just the human psyche, though there'd be plenty of that, too. Main character would start off panicking and freaking out about the damage they're causing to the only stable biome left on the planet, though growing more jaded over time and ignoring the damages he causes to human and animal alike, eventually just executing those from groups opposing his to speed up him just returning home. Show ends with his faction winning, though the planet is now far more inhospitable than it was before, with the seas polluted far beyond saving, their ecosystems destroyed, and the little land above being razed and burnt so that nothing can grow on it now.
Some ideas for battles are:
>battle in a beautiful coral reef, ending with it being smashed and left a wasteland
>d-day like assault on an island
>experimental sea dome designed to maybe let humans live underwater is smashed by the government, the enemy forces fighting a desperate but futile campaign to just buy enough time to evacuate civilians
>oil rig powering enemy faction is destroyed, the waters being set ablaze as suits clash in a sea of fire
>port assault from government using a tanker as an IED, with flamethrower equipped suits fighting against the firefighter suits they used to try and salvage it
>deep sea battle around thermal vents, both sides fighting in the blind due to thermal cameras not working
Medieval fantasy setting, knights, magic, you know the drill.
Ruins throughout the land of a more advanced, possibly elven civilization with magitech style technology

Enemy force has been pillaging ruins for years, manages to reverse engineer/salvage large magitech armor suits
Protagonist is a young witch whose village was casually destroyed by the conquering enemy forces, channeling all of her anger and emotion into her magic, she manages to imbue a spirit into a massive suit of armor, explicitly not a magitech Mecha thing, just straight up giant possessed armor.

Honestly I can’t write stories for shit, I just like thinking of fun setups or settings for a story, and I fucking love Knight themed Mecha shit
>ghost in the shell taken to its literal extent
Could be fun, I think. Cute girls and giant robots is always a neat combo. Plenty of directions to take it in as well, from a feel-good show to a darker adventure
Commenting on some of these since no one else seems to be.

I think this would be boring as anime, but a really good premise for an actual novel or sci-fi short story. It feels more like social commentary than a gripping plot. Solid idea, though.

Sounds like it could be a fun set of recurring supporting characters in a more lighthearted anime as opposed to the main focus.

Non-traditional isekai are relatively unexplored and fresh despite the genre being tired. I think this kind of crossover is pretty neat, especially with each side comparing how their rules and mechanics differ. I like it, but it makes me immediately think of other mecha-to-mecha crossovers I'd maybe like more. It's half the reason I play SRW.

10/10 setting and I can already picture those scenes in motion, but what's the actual plot other than generic cool shit but underwater?
This board didn't deserve such original idea. Thought just like >>20382275 what's the actual plot?
This all seems alright up until Haman’s spirit gets involved, and then it just feels sort of rough. Having another ‘Newtype girl dies to save protagonist’ thing feels like a bit much, too, but I don’t really know where you could go from there.
Honestly I feel like Kamille wouldn’t get into combat again, but if he and Char actually did interact before CCA, it would have likely gone a bit differently than it did
Macross , but the singing isn't magical. The mecha action matters, and both love interests have a chance.

So our protagonist is the singer. A meltran with two lives. As a Miclone she is a pop idol, and at full size she is Lead vocals of a meltran metal band. She manages to keep her two identities separate from the public.

Love interest 1 is a human female Valkyre pilot.

Love interest 2 is a NUN Spacy zentradi quell quallie scout ship pilot.

They each love a different version of the singer. Due to her secret identities. They don't realize they're rivals for most of the series.

The military conflict is that an extra galactic alien AI has taken over old protoculture/zentradi automated Asteroid factories. Building huge numbers of modified zentradi equipment. It is starting to spread out from the galactic core. NUN and allied forces from the entire galaxy are rallied into defeating the AI fleets. Though the immunity to singing has NUN playing catch up.

The series takes place in the systems around the colony world new Hokkaido. Which has be one q fortress world in the AI War. As it is near one of the fast space fold routes out of the core. If Hokkaido or Amy of the other fortress planets fall. Then the AI fleets can break out faster. Allowing them to overwhelm much of the inner galaxy. The NUN must break in to the core. To destroy ai production facilities. Before the AI gets put of the core the slow way.
I mostly wanted a bridge between Z and CCA, kind of like how 0083 was a bridge between 0079 and Z, that explains what pushed Char so far. And also to explain where Kamille and Sayla were, since it doesn't make sense for them to be MIA when ZZ's relatively mild events had already been enough to spur them into action before.

The Haman Ghost and Lalah re-enactment is a little much, you're right, but I felt like the former was needed to motivate Char into going against reason, and having him kill the two closest remaining people to him felt like it'd tie everything together.
File: 1399939146827.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Anime adaptation of the game HOMEWORLD

This is the story of the Hiigaran, they discovered the Hyperspace core and the location of their true Homeworld. But its activation led to the despotic Taiidan to genocide their planet. The surviving fleet escape with the mothership...fleet combat...precursor tech...megastructure...story made of myth.
The fleet is crewed by the different clans (Kiith) symbolizing their philosophies of life.

Mains characters
>(science) Karan S'jet always referred to as FLEET COMMAND, she is fused and one with the mothership.
>Kiith's leaders trying to decipher old religious myths to understand their real meaning
>(warrior) Admiral, say he should be put in charge of the fleet to fight the Taidan
>(religious) Man leading the scavenging efforts, hide AI and blasphemous artifact
>(trader) Man leading the production efforts, he no longer care about their Homeworld he want power
>(warrior) Man leading the war efforts, go religious & betray everyone to appease Sajuuk
>(science&trader) Engineers team sent to explore the dangerous wrecks
>(religious) Destroyer captain who think the progenitor became gods, is promoted to Battleship capt
>(trader) Carrier captain, consider his clan's duty is to support science first
>(warrior) Boarding-Frigate Captain Toban for badass combat, can't admit he fancy a (science)girl from engineering
>(art) Ion-cannon frigate captain who is in love with captain Toban, eventually promoted to Precursor-Destroyer capt
>(religious) Pulsar Corvette captain, is forced to go against his clan
>(art) Utility-ship pilot, he survived far too many ship to be trusted by his crew as he is promoted to Corvette captain
>(science) Forced as Bomber pilot, she later worship Karan S'jet and lead a suicide mission
>(art) Scout pilot, best friend with Fleet Command, eventually move to fighter pilot
>The Bentusi hivemind ship
>The Hyperspace core

Recycling and "Salvage everything" is a running joke.
Didn’t Sayla disappear because of some voice actor thing? That’s not necessarily related to a hypothetical story but it is weird that they just didn’t really explain why she fucked off in-universe
I feel like you couldn’t really have Char suffer a loss before CCA like that, though, considering how hard he genuinely tries to make Amuro understand his world view in CCA I feel like it’d be more fitting if something bolstered his belief that the Earth was corrupt, maybe like, have Kamille and Char argue ideology, and while Kamille obviously wouldn’t agree with the actions Char has planned, give Char the slightest hope that potentially Kamille could be convinced of the righteousness of his plans
And then you have some horrible thing happen, some EFF attack misfires and hits the transport Kamille was on, and he’s just gone unceremoniously.
Give Char a moment where he believes that, just maybe, he’ll be able to make Kamille (and eventually Amuro) understand, and then have the Earth tear it away from him.
Madoka meets Bubblegum Crisis.

An unethical defense company has a developed a secret weapon testing program. They're using high school girls to test new stuff. By having company agents pose as teachers. They're recruiting girls under the premise of being vigilante heroes. Fighting street crimes and "evil corporations". The survival rate plummets as the girls are pushed into harder missiosn. To find the limits of weapon, armorer, and other systems.

Until one day a particularly brilliant girl with an armor suit equipped with electronic warfare systems discovers the truth. Then she gathers a team of other girls to fight against the company.
>Didn’t Sayla disappear because of some voice actor thing?
Yeah. There's no canon reason for her disappearance. In her two second ZZ cameo, she does say that Char needs to be killed, though.

>And then you have some horrible thing happen, some EFF attack misfires and hits the transport Kamille was on, and he’s just gone unceremoniously.
>Give Char a moment where he believes that, just maybe, he’ll be able to make Kamille (and eventually Amuro) understand, and then have the Earth tear it away from him.
That's honestly pretty good and a lot better.
The plot is where the idea begins to fall apart, more than anything else really. I've got two main ideas, though I'm not particularly confident on either one, and truthfully, haven't had much time to really think on it. I'm more than open to ideas for it, and am open to any kind of criticism on what I do have.
The first one is just a series of kinda disconnected episodes focusing on the transformation of the marine biologist from a generally caring, if somewhat eccentric, guy, to a broken, jaded soldier who's committed so many crimes for a government that never cared from him. Each episode would be some time after the previous one, involving some aspect of the biologist being stripped away by war. For example, the coral reef battle would come earlier in the show, and he'd spend most of the fight more trying to save the reef than he was trying to rout the enemy, though a subsequent episode would be in a coastal wetland(a notoriously fragile, and critically important, ecosystem) and he'd be stomping through it and not paying particular attention to the damages he'd cause to it. Another example would be him starting off being incredibly passionate about his research, especially now with humanity being far more aware of their impacts on the ocean, but a later episode would be a calmer episode of him being stationed on a floating base, struggling to find any real reason to care about his research, disillusioned with the dreams of a society that cares about the ocean and tries to protect it.
The second idea is a campaign by the government(let's just call them the UN) to forcefully bring back a group that has broken off to form their own nation away from them, leading to fierce battles that have forced the UN to conscript civilians into their forces. Marine biologist is one such person, and he is thrust into a campaign he's not at all prepared for. The story follows him as he makes and loses friends throughout the battles, comes to understand why the UN must fight this battle, and is eventually commits a war crime that begins to transform him from a person lucky enough to be excited about living on the ocean into a shell of a man, broken by the tides of war. The UN wins the war eventually, finally releasing all the civilians back into a world they can no longer recognize. Arriving home with a broken spirit, he finds the unfinished thesis he was working on and notices that the species he was writing about is now likely extinct, but it ignites enough resolve in him to make sure that he will catalogue as much as possible information about what life is left on the planet. Not because he wants to, or because he is passionate about the subject anymore, but so that future generations might be aware of what once was and what may be left to hopefully avoid yet another disastrous battle killing off the little life that survived.
>Post-apocalyptic & Pre-apocalypse journey

A pulsar beam is gradually irradiating the entire solar system. To survive extinction in a few century Mankind dedicated all their efforts to create colony-ships. Earth was ransacked, considered lost Earth-bound governments collapsed as humanity clawed its way into space to secure their future.

164 years later we are now in the last month before the great departure, to maximize their chance of survival the thousand colony-ships are prepped to launch simultaneously. From Earth's surface one can occasionally see the incredible radiance of their engines tests.
Earth is a wasteland inhabited by various community, groups who don't believe in the apocalypse, misguided organization hoping to survive in underground or underwater base, new world order fanatic trying to build a last utopia, religious clans & sects gathering mortals to transcend, bandits, scavengers and just forsaken inhabitant trying to survive on what's left of mankind's cradle, devastated by pollution and Exodus wars.

Our story begin with the suspicious destruction of a space habitat, the space government decide to accept new colonist from Earth, if they can reach the last spaceport.
Our protagonist decide to try after a bandit raid killed everyone in his village.
His ace in the sleeve is a few AI controlled mega-rovers with exceptional endurance and resilience, abandoned on Earth long ago.
In this fabulous tales of mankind's will to survive our MC will meet many interesting people, friends, foes, ex-pirate, traitors...

The conspiracy who killed all the colonist will try to destroy the spaceport and instill distrust against Earthnoid by arming them. They consider Earthnoid as culturally inferior and want a full colony-ship for themselves.

The End:
The MC only wanted to meet the women who broadcasted the message and will stay, 2 of those he rescued will leave as an happy couple plus the AI now registered as sentient
Gundam Journey

After a century of devastating wars between spacenoids and Earth. In a Not UC Zeon Conflict. The earth aligned space born survivors decide to leave the solar system for Centauri systems. Building dozens of closed type O'Neil cylinders onto a group of large asteroids. They begin their 500 year voyage between the stars. Though unknown to them, a splinter group of space supremacist nation had left a couple decades earlier. In a smaller and slower cluster of colonies.

Roughly 250 years into a 500 year Journey.

The enemy colonies suffered a catastrophic event. That has put made it impossible for them to reach the centaurs system or make it back to earth. Massive civil unrest has only made things more dire. Then the earth aligned colony fleet is discovered. it will be with in range for them for a few months. So the new authority throws everything that is left into the conquest of the passing earth convoy. Hoping to save the remains of their people.

The earth aligned fleet only has mobile suits for labor purposes. Minimal military equipment on hand in case of the centuries system having hostile aliens. The enemy fleet quickly conquers the earth colonies. As the remaining refugee are shipped in a resistance cell destroys one at the dock. Killing thousands of women, children, and elderly. Causing an oppressive response from the enemy occupation. Spurring more retaliation terrorism. The cycle of violence becomes unbearable.

Leading to a group forming from both sides. Building 5 Gundams. They seek to put an end to the fighting by both sides. In order to preserve life out in the void.
>Mettleman Aggrandizer
>The year 2844
>Humanity is an interstellar civilization now, but in the middle of a galactic recession that is breaking down society, spurred by embargoes from their alien neighbors
>What's worse, an encroaching race of avian-derived bipeds, the Yeing, have begun an invasion of humanity's outer colonies, seeking a war to test their mettle against us.
>Humanity distracts itself from its dire straits through Metalliclash, a blood sport where athletes pilot 12-meter mecha named Mettlemen and engage in combat.
>The first MC is Ginsey Hubble, an up-and-coming scrappy Clasher piloting "The Grand", that's earned a rep for trashing his Mettleman every match, and has a distinctive gem embedded in his neck. The plot begins on a backwater colony world when he goes up against Karen Cavalier, the Earthborn reigning champ of the League, and her Mettleman "Derbee", in what's set up to be a slaughter of a pre-season exhibition.
>But in a stunningly, Ginsey's reckless piloting winds up trashing both their Mettlemen and nearly killing them both, ending the fight in a draw.
>When the two are sent off on a medical shuttle to receive treatment on Earth, their transport is attacked by a Yeing patrol, and the two get spaced in the chaos.
>But instead of dying, Ginsey's gem glows - as does a gem on Karen's breast - and the wreckage of their Mettlemen are yanked toward the pair as if by intense gravity, and mash themselves into a gigantic, double-sized Mettleman the two dub "Aggrander."
>Aggrander shreds the remaining Yeing, with both pilots coordinating to move the thing, only for a Yeing battleship to arrive... and welcome the two aboard as friends.
>The captain of the ship, Iienva Swool, explains to the pair that the Yeing came seeking war with humanity for a single reason: to seek proof of the existence of an ancient race of super-warriors that once warred with the entire galaxy, believed to be humanity's ancestors. And these two are living proof.
>After the battle, Aggrander splits back into the Grand and Derbee, the damage from before repaired. Swool explains that, although the means are a mystery, the key to their lineage and Aggrander lies in the gems both pilots were born with.
>Ginsey and Karen, although still at odds, make an uneasy truce with each other and the crew of Swool's ship, the Gosilaeus, taking the birdwoman's offer to take board on her vessel, and use them as transport across the galaxy, in exchange for helping her on her search for the link between humanity and The Ancient Warriors.
>But things are not so simple as that - for the Yeing aren't the only species to have caught on to humanity's ancient history, and there is a reason they're under embargo, even if that truth is a secret from the galaxy at large.
>Ginsey and Karen from there travel throughout space, competing in Metalliclash as teammates and rivals at various points, often running into other humans bearing the mysterious gems in their skin that give their Mettlemen bizarre and stupendous powers - prompting them to merge into Aggrander to fight them. Through this formula, they slowly unravel the mystery of themselves, the Ancient Warriors, and why people are attempting to revive them at all.

Still tooling it but let me know what you think. I kind of had a picture of half IGPX, half Gun X Sword, half Babylon 5.
Virtual Idol gains sapience and free will. Then struggles to gain her freedom from her owners, and be recognized as a person. Mostly as a commentary on the explotive nature of the idol industry.
File: E1EDLPmVUAAtExr.jpg (292 KB, 1612x2280)
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Red Dawn but it's in Afghanistan, the kids are from some tribal village, and the Soviets have mecha.
Post apocalyptic Gundam series where all the mechs are run down and near broken. A lone Gundam held together by tape and carrying a giant spear fashioned from a ruined building traverses the wasteland, it's pilot trying to survive in a world full of insane people who try to mug anyone who looks to be well off by comparison and warlords who pilot more fancy mobile suits like The O or the ZZ which are considerably less damaged.
tl;dr Violence Jack but Gundam
>Red Dawn but it's in Afghanistan
>Soviets have mecha
Fuck you. If they shout "Allah" instead of "Wolverines", I'm sold.
IBO prequel but things are less nice after the war
holy kino!
i never watched IBO or even know what its about i just like violence jack and gundams a lot
File: talibro laugh.gif (3.01 MB, 497x302)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB GIF
Sounds based, I'm in.
File: 1611621548889.png (1.5 MB, 1872x1618)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG

I pretty much think of new series once every six moons. So here are some I've thought of.


Complete but kinda heavy to fill out. Remember me of this pic
have the template
I always had this idea of mecha squaring off against sapient kaijus
There are multiple alien races, each having a different design philosophy behinds their giant robots
The kaijus wear power armor and wield equipment that run on space mana shit that they have in them. Select members of the species, usually those related to their king by blood, are psychics that can manifest and control said space mana shit
I can't write stories for the life of me, but in my head tonally and plotwise it was a mess between Halo and Xenosaga
In fairy tales, many forget the modern age.

We are in 2657 after the great beginning, of all the species who lived in those tales only the tools-user remain as major entity.
Mankind were the first one to reach industrial age. So did the Elves to stay ahead of human's aerodynamic flier. The Dwarves, master of the Earth entered an economic race against mankind', even allying with gnomes.

But many other species were driven to near extinction. Even the mighty Dragons are now an endangered species hunted for their scales and kept into reserve. Orcs and goblins enslaved during the first technomagic war were treated as cheap workers for long despite once ruling over entire continents.

Fairykind survived by making themselves indispensable to other species. Humans needed magic-tuned assistant, Elves needed to spy upon quickly-reproducing human, Orcs needed portable magic-source, Dwarf guilds liked fairies for their ability to do high-frequency trading and scout mines.
The fairies didn't shine much...
Until the modern age. Miniaturization of technology gave them more and more power at low cost, automated industries made them self-sufficient, with this they became first rate repairers of cutting-edge system.

Proud descendant of the great Fruitpip Flamewand, Cybcore Flamewand had been gifted with incredible control over thermalmagic. Greatest warrior of the CyberFairies Corps her armor allow her to channel a power akin to a great dragon, she is a pretty big deal for such a small personae. Easy to burst into flame too.

Today she's been asked to investigate with an human MageDetective. Follow: human alchemists, goblins necro-doctor, Dwarf Golem factory, elf sumotori, a mountain resorts for sirens, slime farm, orcs aristocrats betting on unicorn race, siren rockstar, Gnomes space-station and dangerous void-technomancy created by Fairies Supremacist

Before leaving her mentor Saturn Cryowand warned her "Be careful, Human can be very charming to our kind"
>the future
>outside of small populations of religious types staying behind around holy sites on Earth, the vast majority of the human race has buggered off to the L4 and L5 Lagrange points, the moon, the upper layers of Venus, Mars, and the innermost layers of the asteroid belt
>everything further out has been colonized by robots, the descendants of an eclectic variety of robots resettled way the fuck out there after dumping unwanted robots in junkyards/mass graves/Soulsborne torment zones where robots who aren't dead yet wander around and struggle a bit until they expire was outlawed
>we focus on the last arrow, as we look to a society that has evolved without humans but remains in close contact with humans
>we focus further, on the eclectic crew of a space supertanker shipping fuel from Jupiter and Titan to Mars' moons
>it is a very long, very boring route
>Sealab antics ensue
You are a man after my own heart.
>Cyberpunk setting,
>Main character is a mass of sentient nanomachines (aka "Main Core") inside a living host

MC have no memory and want to discovers what he is and where it come from.
Its host doesn't know he is here and he can't override a host without being suspicion. So he boost him, try to help him in his life to have leverage into asking his participation.
Because MC don't understand human social rules he tend to google it and experiment. Hilarity ensue.

MC eventually reveal himself to the (third) host, leading to a partnership (because he did succeed at improving his life). But his hacking attracted attention from the Evil-corporation looking for the MC, they aren't allowed to use (very) lethal weapon but they can send goons and agents.
No one want the real police involved because the gov-army would rather nuke/EMP the city than let a rogue-AI exist because of a previous catastrophe.

Fight in this world:
- nanomachine = strength/speed power-up, pain suppression, visual display, vehicle driving skill, hacking, first aid.
- bionics aren't rare because medical science mastered the ability to regrow limbs in case of remorse (take a month).
- MC can't have super-mode active all the time because there's too many scanner who would recognize illegal mods.
So host-fight require a minute or 2 to load/unload the boosts

His host get friends to help him using hacked nanomachine to fight against Evil-corp to reveal their secret and illegal boost technologies,
Except his new girlfriend deduce the existence of MC. By the end of the story, MC transferred his core-node to host girlfriend (vastly smarter)

Evil-Corp want the AI back because it can interfere with the CEO plan to make a slave-core incapable of disobeying himself and secretly slave every other production model to his enslaved core. Flashback: MC disagreed and escaped but was EMPed.

MC save the day by freeing the Evil-CEO from his self-brainwashing by way of stupid-core
Gundam alt universe

The back story is more or less the OYW to Zeta. Yet instead of another magic teenage boy and the AEUG. It's a Cima Garahau stand in. As she survived her 0083 and joins this universe Titans. Though her past gets known to the general public. Including the war crimes she was set up for. So she is a pariah everywhere. Which the Titans use to keep her as obdiant gundam pilot for their oppressive military actions.

Then a new spacenoid insurgency starts. Providing her with opportunity to get the evidence she needs on the not zabis for the war crimes she had been blamed for. Getting what she needs by feeding the spacenoid rebels information on the Titans. Which they use in their propaganda to justify themselves to the earth sphere. Fianl she betrays her titan masters in the pivotal battle. Destroying their leadership. Turnig what should have been a Victory for them into a battle of mutal destruction. Lewving both battered enough that the earth force regulars clean them both up

Not Cima crashes her variable gundam on earth. Able to finally be free.
star-gate with mecha?
Humanity bands together to develop long-distance space travel to find new planets to colonize after decades of war and climate change bring the Earth into an unstoppable decline.

Years go by without any signs of suitable planets which only raise tensions and reignite pre-pact distrust.

One planet is finally discovered that can support current colonization capabilities, it also brings hope of restoration to former glory when it is found to also host the first extra terrestrial life to man.

Unfortunately this planet is also incredibly dangerous, a huge primal world akin to a Jurassic or Cretaceous period Earth with massive alien life, thick impenetrable forests, arid blistering deserts and frequent volcanic activity disturbing the stability of the seas and lands.

This is humanity's one and only chance at rebuilding and each nation wants to be at the forefront, they develop separate colonization plans and equipment in a race to tame this wild planet. (mechas babyyyyyyy)

The initial settling period is frantic and incredibly catastrophic. Hundreds of millions die establishing permanent cities that can weather the brutal outside fauna but expansion is also necessary to stay ahead of the curve. A few satellites for elites are established later to distance themselves from the petty surface dwellings.

Lines are drawn in this frontier now as all-out war is all but confirmed and approaching. City-states and federations of varying sizes and allegiances push against one another whilst societies of outlaws and guns-for-hire try to eke out their living. There is even whispers of cults that worship the monstrous inhabitants of the planet and seek to frenzy them on anything they deem unclean.

Don't really know how I'd want to make a story out of this but certainly got the setting. Maybe just a small scale of a guy trying to survive an increasingly maddening world before it destroys itself.
That's kinda interesting.
thought I've been corrupted by Hard-SF and know that a planet with an alien ecosystem would likely be incompatible with our own biology and uninhabitable, so you'd have easier time making space colony from asteroids
If you want to increase dangerousness without needing ridiculous monster/weather, you can make the planet atmosphere toxic (but still interesting because they intend to remove it using their own genetically engineered plant)

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