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Author comment promoting the new Keroro youtube channel.
Here's hoping the youtube channel will lead to some renewed interest for the series, since not even the mangaka seems to care for it anymore.
Pretty difficult on today era of people caring only for vtubers.
That was probably the most boring chapter of the series' entire run. Really nothing happened other than Keroro and co. buy pancakes.
I don't get why they made such a big deal about an unmanned store, didn't they themselves build vending machines? There's not that much of a difference.
File: shin keroro tomosu.jpg (164 KB, 1280x1202)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
By Satoshi Koike. I'd like to see how his version of Myou would look like.
There is a big difference between an unmanned store and a vending machine... Either way though, I think it's mainly they were surprised Earth even had that. You can how Keroro and Giroro keep imagining this super advanced defense system while they're there.
It seems to be doing pretty well, 70000 subscribers in a couple of weeks, more than the official twitter account's followers.
File: ibuki_nekozuki Giroro 01.jpg (621 KB, 2508x3541)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
It sucks that there will probably never be official art of this spinoff again.
Yeah, he could just design new outfits and use them separately from Kemono Friends.
File: concept design.jpg (43 KB, 600x432)
43 KB
Can somebody translate these notes for me?
Are you sure there isn't a higher res?
I haven't been able to find any so far.
Returning to Keroro after a while reading other raw shounen manga, the pages feel oddly text heavy.
A lot of its humour relies on wordplay and quotes of other series after all.
Forget already about them, if he does as you said then the people against Mine will have a pretty great field day attacking him saying he is proactively trying to remove all the references to Kemofure from the Keroro franchise, so it is better if he continues to pretend those designs never existed, why kick the hornet's nest if you can choose to not do it.
I didn't see them complaining about those Keroro/Kemono Friends extra pages disappearing from the volume versions of Keroro (although some of them complained about those pages existing in the first place). It's more likely they'd complain if he tries to use something associated with Kemono Friends.

Either way, at least for now, nothing will happen.
This month's official wallpaper.
The cat Keroro is my fave.
Yes, that is what I am saying, every time Mine shows himself on the Kemofure franchise he gets quickly wacked like a mole on the game Whac-A-Mole and even then sometimes he gets hit simply by the fact of being there, for example, on this news announcement the situation got so out of hand that an infuriated fan came here to this obscure thread to vent his frustration.
"The comment section of this announcement is full of losers."
That happened even though there was no mention of Kemofure on the body of that announcement, same thing happened with the video Mine did for Wacom on YouTube some years ago getting massively downvoted.
So yeah, those designs are condemned to suffer the fate of being memory-holed, they are too risky as to attempt to bring them back on some away or another.
Maybe in a couple of years the whole thing calms down...
>Maybe in a couple of years the whole thing calms down...
The same thing was hoped when the negotiations broke down at the very end of 2017 and look, it is already three and a half years after the shit hit the fan and things are not cooling down at all as shown on the two examples given above, so that sort of hope is completely futile, so not be surprised if things stay exactly the same even at the end of this decade.
I'd kinda like to see the new characters again.

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