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Just finished watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes for the first time. Overall I enjoyed it immensely.

Let’s have a thread about it. What do you think of it, anons? Favorite characters, moments, etc?
It's a nice re-watch every few years. What specifically did you enjoy from it, anon, and do you plan to read the light novels?
>that moment you realize it's just Romance of the Three Kingdoms in space
File: 1605322580670.jpg (63 KB, 500x583)
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A toast, to... democracy.

My favorite moment bar none is during the FPA Civil War when Yang orders the absolute madman Nguyen Van Huu into the breach against the 11th Fleet.

"Signal Nguyen Van Huu. Maximum bombardment. Advance at full speed into the gap. Cut the enemy in two."

This gave us the famous "This is great!" screencap.
"What are they doing?"
"I imagine they think this task is too much for this ship alone."
>What specifically did you enjoy from it, anon
The stratagems were pretty great. Genuinely felt like an intelligent show which is refreshing to find anywhere.

I still specifically remember Yang calling the fire department instead of the police and feeling blown away by how simple but smart that was. And of course the battle strategies were all pretty great.

The show can sew seeds and then really surprise you by how they come back. There wasnt ever anything that felt unearned, the show always somehow foreshadowed anything of importance.

Except the teleporter that was used to beam a fleet straight towards iserlohn once and was never talked about before or after, what was up with that? Only part of the show that feels ‘unreasoned’.

Still, there’s honestly too much for me to recall everything I liked or even just the standout moments. Although I will say I fucking loved the assault on the terraist headquarters. Everything about that felt like perfect action, the snowspeaders jetting down the mountain firing on the collapsing base, the firefights inside the base while julian and the others are trying to evacuate with intel...it was all just so, so fucking cool.

>and do you plan to read the light novels?
Are they translated? I might at some point although I’ll probably take a break from the series for a while.
The novels have both fan translations online and official translations sold in US. They are abit on a dry side and have good deal of differences from both of the anime adaptions, but worth the read in my opinion.
File: 1589617782851.jpg (143 KB, 1183x688)
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It's been years since I last watched it. I recall one episode which, more or less, took a break from ongoing space battles to show how a single planet had been affected by the ongoing war. I feel that there were much better episodes but for some reason this was the one that made me understand just how far reaching the consequences of their decisions could be.
It shares very little with Romance of the Three Kingdoms. People who know jack shit about LoGH like to repeat that line.
File: 1563431745982.jpg (184 KB, 1439x1078)
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184 KB JPG
The best.
File: 1609874383666.png (404 KB, 803x655)
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404 KB PNG
How can I cope with the horrors the remake will eventually bring to every logh related thing in existence, what if replaces the old adaptation in the eyes of the producers...
Overrated. Not bad, but overrated on this board.
I still have to finish watching the last movie and start with the "new" stuff.
Meaningless adjective
File: yang, kneel.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Yes... To a great system
Meaningless post
meaningless post

As much as I liked the show I really could’ve used more scenes like this.

The naval stuff was all good at least. Sometimes I didn’t really understand what was going on in the ship battles and that made me feel like a brainlet.
War is generally confusing, so the characters in the show likely knew as much as you on what's going on, just think of the battles in context of a historian re-telling and not active battles; it really helps.
File: logh r.jpg (248 KB, 700x990)
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248 KB JPG
is remake this worth watching? or does it ruin the original?
Wasn't a fan personally, but it's alright.
It's very much a product of modern era in presentation and flow as opposed to being something more unique (so if you're not a fan of modern shows then I'd say a safe skip), but there are times when it knows to be subtle in presentation and those rare moments are among some of the best in the entire series (compared to any other version of LotGH). It's not really any more accurate to the LN than the older adaption either, despite what I've seen claimed online, often deviating in its own ways (which is not inherently a bad thing.)

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