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File: chromehounds.png (2.6 MB, 1600x1200)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
I miss it so much bros
>Loved the multi-rocket launchers so I was always specced as a defender even though I did it on a mobile chassis
>Never had friends that played so it was always me vs 1 CPU
>Join one of the more popular merc outfits and go with them on a mission
>get killed first because I was the only one not running a tank with 2 giant cannons or a naqa stick leg with 2 grenade launchers and didn't surround my cockpit with armor
>git gud and start building to the meta
>win some battles
>Learn that I like tank + cannons more
>make a nice double double build that single-salvos most hounds
>Sometimes trade it for 3x homing missiles which were just as funny
>Tried a bunch of meme builds like a ninja that would pop a smoke bomb and then run in with infrared vision and pile bunkers and stab motherfuckers while they couldn't see
>A hound armed only with howitzers and mortars that fired incendiary rounds to melt motherfuckers
>Various attempts to recreate Mechwarrior/Battletech designs

Such a good fucking time lads.
any chance of a revival through emulation and peer to peer improvised netcode or should I just give up and cry?
How is MAV doing these days?
what happened to this game, it has had a cult following since forever
>walking tanks
fuck off
It was going great, then SEGA shut down the servers in 2010 and you could only play the pitiful single player campaign with 1/10th the available parts

Thanks for the bump, anyways.

aren't there like, replacement online networks now?
There's a game in development hell called M.A.V. made by like one guy that is essentially Chromehounds without the full faction multiplayer but it has ai, similar building mechanics, lots of parts, some maps, and proper lobby multiplayer, but there is no good metric for when they might be able to recreate the true Chromehounds experience.
>any chance of a revival through emulation and peer to peer improvised netcode

The whole thing relies on a centralized server component to manage the faction war, and that component is a complete and utter black box from where I'm standing.

You'd have better chances asking Fromsoft to publish any relevant game documentation they may or may not have.
not that I know of, if I could find one I would fucking cream
All I want is something like this on PC, by a credible developer
Play VD, it offers even deeper customisation and teamwork
I want Chromhounds on PC, if they can bring MWC to PC they can bring Chromhounds.
>Complaining about chromehounds

You literally do not belong on /m/ if you are shit-talking chromehounds. You bring shame to /m/.
Not even close.
File: jayrus.jpg (99 KB, 1384x777)
99 KB
Jayruss... Jayruss had a hard life
File: eddie.jpg (134 KB, 1383x778)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
And Eddie too
I remember picking this up as a 12 year old not long after I got my first Xbox 360 for Christmas and hating it.
t. Hasn't played VD
Wtf is VD? Armored core?
Verdict Day
Ah was hoping it was something new and not another 360 game
Games don't have to be defined by their consoles. The PS3 JP community is still alive. It's a very high skill floor, though, get an INT copy first and get good.
Started with quad hex missiles and quad machine guns when I was new
Switched to quad howitzers and smoke screen with a shielded cockpit once I got better
I heard the meta eventually gravitated to grenade spam to pop everyone's weapons. Missed that patch but played enough to get 880 of the achievements. Now that they're lost forever, they do have extra sentimental value for me. Got all the parts and killed every super weapon. Sal Kar's walking bucket was the one everyone fought, but Tarakia's was something special.

Genuinely breaks my heart that it's all gone. A PC remaster is all I'd want. Only thing they'd have to do is rework COMBAS slightly, have it emphasize vision of enemy since everyone's gonna cheat comms with discord anyway.
Didn't they say they were going to add the full chromehounds shebang eventually?
I played and beat VD and it's nothing like Chromehounds. Go bait somewhere else.
Last I checked on it like 4 years ago it only had like 3 different leg models and slight variations on each leg model. have they added more varied parts or is it still pretty much all the same?
the same game engine was used on Armored Core 4 and Demons Souls

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