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"Does his depravity know ends?"
"It's hard to say, but I need something from the Federation." Rei said softly, as he reached and grabbed Revil's hands, squeezing. "I need a cure to the Cyberization process! Even if I can endure it, all those children are suffering, their bodies and minds twisted by the Murasame research! They deserve a proper shot at life. I'll do anything, if you want the Psyco Mark II, if you want my life... please... That research shouldn't exist..."

Rei had matured so much over the years, where once a boy desperate for power and to prove himself had come to Revil, now sat a man who's heart lay with the needs of the people.

>The only reason this is a choice is that it is one in-game.
I'm glad people aren't choosing to do the Betreiyal
"Is that all you have to ask?" Revil said, as he reached down, taking lifting the blueprints before igniting them with his lighter. Rei looked crestfallen as if Revil had rejected him. "This technology shouldn't exist." Revil explained tossing it into a trash compactor, before smiling to Rei, "Thank you for bringing it to us, we'll get to work on seeking a cure for the Cyberization process."

"Thank you-" Rei stumbled as Revil caught him,
"You need rest though."
"I'm fine I-"
"Generals orders. Go rest. You'll find your quarters just as you left them."
"Yes sir."

>Federation Cyber research has stopped
>Psyco Gundam Research has been destroyed
>Rei Masamune has returned to the Federation
File: Titan Slayers 12.png (199 KB, 974x533)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
In Hawaii, Roux Louka was helping to clear out the Titan Remnants, her Hyaku Shiki Land-Type perfectly suited for diving into the waves and re-emerging on land. As she faced down Doan's Quel her Saber was able to cut away at his squad mates. Fear, however, radiated off Doan's face as Roux moved to grab him. His bomb collar was secured tightly around his neck it would assuredly detonate and kill him if he was captured.

Roix realized what that meant, broadcasting openly, she raised her palm to say wait. "Just sit right there, we'll figure something out!"

>Doan has been 'captured'
>Torrington and Belfast have been reclaimed by the Federation.
>That pilot would experience a bloody, horrific end, and the feeling of dying would go to the pilot.
So, the EXAM system has been combined with the Mobile Doll system.

>Let's just run around in outdated machines while the aeug and federation update theirs
Is Jamitov stupid or just cheap and lazy?
The Federation was experiencing an odd problem, typically, balancing the budget between mobile suit production, research and design was its own minefield of issues. But so much had been spent on the re-armament of the Revil fleet that they, frankly, had nothing. And yet R&D propsals were starting to pile high on Revil's desk.

First, there was a plan liberated from the enemy, the Gaza-D. It, like the rest of the Gaza series, were repurposed mining machines, though the D did away with the flaw of "Would literally fall to pieces after a few transformations." They'd served the Axis fleet well... that said, they'd already approved, researched and developed the Gaza-E so... did the D offer anything?

Next there was the Zaku 1.

Next, there was MS-14J Regelgu, Illia Pazom had used this machine to great effect against the Federation. Still, how did it compare to the Zeta and Hyaku Shiki's? Would it be worth investing in at this stage of the war?

Another antique that had been sitting in the bin for a while was for the MS15Fs, the Gyan Marine commander type. The Gyan had only seen short ujse by Zeon at the end of the war, and it likely couldn't match to modern suits.

The next was one offered by the AEUG, the MSA-003 Nemo, boasting improved performance over the GM II, the Nemo offered itself as a top-line mobile suit that wouldn't be rendered utterly useless if the Federation were to develop a GM-III tomorrow.

While the MSK-008 Dijeh built on Rick Dias technology to create an earth-based mobile suit for clean up operations against the Titans.

Speaking of the Titans, if we wanted to make things fair... I guess, we did liberate the design of the GM Quel from them, there was literally no point as we'd already far surpassed the Quel but hey, we own it.

The RMS-099 and 09B were, respectively, the Rick Dias commander type and the Schuzrum Dias. Both iterating on the previous Dias design in different ways.

And finally the G-Defender and the Jupitris.
File: The Titans.png (136 KB, 974x533)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
So, game talk, when the Titans part starts, they have tech level 19, and are deploying units around tech level... 1. They use Fly Mantha, Saberfish, GM Cannon's, Aqua GM's. I have no idea why they refuse to build better units...

Until I took control of them and can see they have piss poor resources so they can't MAKE anything good. Then they've done stuff like "Make a Garuda in space" and other poor decisions you wouldn't believe the AI was capable of making. So, I'm going to cheat in some resources and rebuild their army, and maybe we can have a proper fight. Or are you guys fine with "The actual most pathetic enemy we've fought so far"?
Give em more stuff, we deserve a good scrap
cheat in something please
That's what happens when you spend your MS spending to make the Angel Halo. All that precious resource gone to the newtype battery death machine
If that's the case then don't cheat in resources for the Titans. Make it realistic.
>the Rick Dias commander type
You mean this bad boy? Shieeeet.
>muh realism
Cheat in Psychos. The reason why they are so piss poor is because they want to MP the bastards.
Giving them the money would definitely be the safer option in this instance
Does it fly backwards if it moves its arms forward?
Do the production costs of units go down as you produce more?
The Gaza-E is shit.
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Produce the Dias commander. >>19123117
No, it's the red Rick Dias.
File: batDias.jpg (421 KB, 916x845)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
it's not actually connected to the arms
it kinda works like wings, they swing out if the dias needs to extend its arms
>it's just the red dias
i forgot if it actually gets upgraded stats but you might as well grab the schruzum for long-range support
Rei stared down at his hands, no cure...It echoed in his mind, his fingers clenching tight... Jamitov had told him there'd be a cure... He'd said there'd be a way to reverse it. He'd lied to him again, as he had to so many others.

"Camilla will be working on a way to counteract the Cyberization process, but I'm sorry I don't have better news for you."
"It's fine..." Rei whispered as he clenched his fists, "It just means I don't have to feel bad about beating the old bastard myself."
"You look tired... you should rest Rei..."
"I'll be fine. It's the others I worry for... and Revil? You shouldn't put stock in these early victories. Jamitov hasn't stopped being a monster, he's got things he's holding back. to lure in the fleet while it's unprepared."
"Jamitov doesn't have anything that can stop us." Revil boasted. "His strength is what it has always been, his ability to manipulate men and make them fear their own power."
"No, I'm telling you, he's just doing... do you know what Decimation is?"
"It was an old roman military punishment, they'd have the 10th man of every squadron executed by the other 9."
"Are you saying this is some form of Decimation?"
"To purge the weak. Jamitov is obsessed with death and the human psyche. He is fascinated by the process in which people react to stimuli, the Titans are basically a big experiment for him. You shouldn't think of him like Gihren, who did things out of a dogmatic obsession with religion. Jamitov sees himself as a scientist, and everything he does? The scientific process..."

>Rei Masamune has returned as a pilot.
We Battlestar Galactica nao
Did you give Jamitov the cash?
Four's breaths were heavy, she could feel the malice of the machine pressing down on her, her head felt like it would split in half. as her fingers clenched tightly on the controls. She screamed, releasing it, as Bask raised his hand to cancel the exercise. Four shuddered, the cockpit of the Psyco Mark II was a monstrous place to be as Jamitov took notes on her reactions.

"Do you think it's enough?" Bask asked, but Jamitov shook his head.
"Bring in the next subject, we need to know if the response is different based on sex or age. How deep into the cyberization process they are. If we don't, how can we properly deploy it as a weapon?" Bask grimaced, he didn't care for all these psychic weapons. Beams and bullets, those were worlds he understood, the Xeku Eins was a perfect weapon for a man like him.

The GM III was one final restructure of the GM frame-type. Able to feature a separate loadout in case of requiring fire support, the current GM II's could all be restructured into the GM III. Revil was glad to approve it, as the last of the Nahel Argama refits was occuring, the main thing the Federation was lacking was a numerous workhorse unit, but they still had many GM IIs. Being able to convert them all to GM III's with the Methuss Kai, would give them everything they needed.
Was it ever decided if Mouar died or not? I'd put in a vote for her being captured but also critically wounded.
No, it wasn't

Yeah, I've given the Titans the cash.

So if the GM III is coming out now, how long until we get Jegans?
File: Sayla's Student.jpg (913 KB, 1200x1200)
913 KB
913 KB JPG
Mouar awoke aboard the Nezha, her eyes darted around quickly, she tried to sit up, but couldn't, the weight of the equipment pressed to her body, and her lack of strength both kept her in place. As her eyes glanced to the side, she could see another bed, another in intensive care... where was she? This didn't look like the Alexandria...

She felt her heart rate pick up as Sayla Mass walked into the ICU, she tried to reach out to her but realized she was strapped down.

"You're awake? Good... we were worried there for a second..." Mouar could hear her own breathing it was so loud,
"We found you at Side 6, Your Hizack was pretty badly damaged..." her heart rate started to pick up.
"You... might have some difficulty moving, yes. Just calm down, and breathe. You're safe now."
Mouar's eyes brimmed with tears as Sayla leaned down, wrapping her arms around her, holding her close.
"Scared... was... so... scared..."
"I know... we'll keep you safe, we promise..."

GM III's are 25/26/25
Jegan are 27/28/27
I'm not accepting defections from Bask. Life imprisonment or death.
File: The Fleet.jpg (146 KB, 1200x508)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Revil called a war council, the fleet coming together resting just over the earth. Each captain connected to the Nezha, Revil and Tianem waiting for each connection. 20 ships in all, 20 captains loyal to Revil, to the Federation, the spirit of unity, and overcoming adversity together.

"It's been a long time since we've all been together, hasn't it?" Tianem asked, reminiscing on times past, "And we even have some new faces." He indicated to Kenneth Sleg and Manity Kobayashi. it had been quite a road, through joy and sadness, but there was something missing, which was what Revil had called them all together for.

"We need to make a decision about our comrades in the Titans. For some of us, dear friends were taken by Jamitov, for others, it was students, people we'd helped shape into who they are today. Others are people we wish to save from their circumstances and yet others hated enemies." Revil announced, indicating for Bright to speak up from the bridge of the Nahel Argama.

"Our interrogation of Lieutenant Junior Grade Cacooier has had success. He's confessed that the enemy stationed at Luna II are to be a 'first wave' a collection of Pilots and forces for us to die against that will cause us pain and the Titans victory as they rebuild in Side 3" Bright explained, several diagrams of Luna II appeared, spy footage showing a movement of troops at the facility, and something in particular.

"Lieutenant Commander Rira? Isn't she supposed to be in the brig?" Blex asked, Scirocco bringing up security footage of the Titans emergence.
"We believe that the Lieutenant Commander has been kidnapped to serve as bait, or to be tortured for poential information." Scirocco progressed through their spy footage of Luna II. "A number of pilots we have connections with are stationed at Luna II right now. Along with what we've identified as Ex-Zeon operatives. Master Chief Petty Officer Louka encountered a man identified as Cucuruz Doan, a former Zeon pilot."
"Cucuruz Doan was fitted with an explosive collar. From what we can gather, this is a constant among the Ex-Zeon forces, many of whom were abducted and forced into being fodder for the Titans. We were successfully able to disarm Doan's collar and study it. The collar receives a signal from a Titans officer, the person holding the leash can detonate it at any time, if the signal ceases, the collar will detonate. Their own mobile suit also produces a signal, so long as they can remain active in combat, they won't die. But, the signal will cease transmitting after 24 hours. Meaning if no Titans officer broadcasts a new signal, they'll die, even if they managed to kill their leash holder and escape." Scirocco went over the technical specifications of the collar, a rather grim prospect...

"We have few options available to us." Revil said, "We can ignore their plight and continue on our mission. We could try to directly cut them from the Titans by attacking Luna II and securing our position or..." Revil paused and clenched his fist. "A direct attack on Gryps. We'd be at risk of a rear attack, but we'd have taken Jamitov's headquarters and defeated his forces."

>The captains mulled it over, before coming to a consensus

Note: No decision guarantees anything, it is still utterly dependent on RNG.

Also for GT, I believe we've discussed changing the ranks before, but after checking them via other translators and Gundam sources, the correct rank list should be.

Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Commander
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral
>Also for GT, I believe we've discussed changing the ranks before, but after checking them via other translators and Gundam sources, the correct rank list should be.

Yeah due to the weird way they are in the textures I can't change them to their proper ranks, each individual character for the ranks is its own thing in the texture. So the texture doesn't have the ranks are listed there it's just the characters needed to make all the ranks and they are placed next to each other in-game.

For example

中尉 = Lieutenant
大尉 = Captain

But the texture just has one 尉 on it which the game uses for both ranks so replacing it would change both ranks, the current translations are the best I've been able to manage with how it's organized in the texture.
File: Jamitov's Madness.jpg (800 KB, 1668x2224)
800 KB
800 KB JPG
"All forces, we're reclaiming Luna II! May victory be within our grasp, and may we once more make our broken world whole!"

Lila screamed, she could feel the needles piercing her flesh, her eyes flashing with defiance as she stared at Jamitov.
"Exquisite, is it not?" He asked, with all the cold efficiency of someone admiring a particularly well-constructed appliance. "Right now, your body is being injected with a cocktail of steroids, hallucinogens, psychoactives to force you into your peak performance." He could see her twitching, struggling against the leather straps holding her down, letting out an annoyed sigh, "What is it with you worms? You asked me to make you a Newtype, and so I am giving you a taste of that power. You parasites, you take and you take, Zero took my Halo away from me, Revil took my funding... Well, nothing happens without setbacks."
Lila's eyes stared daggers into Jamitov' as the Admiral simply rolled his eyes at her.
"Tell me, Lieutenant Commander. What was your death experience, and be honest, this is for the progress of science." Lila was trying to keep her mind focused, couldn't lose control, not to this.
"Radiation poisoning."
"Ah, improper shielding in the Mobile Suit. What an awful way to go. But, that is why we run experiments!" He clapped his hands together, as he walked over to the rebuilt Halo. "Tell me, Lila? Rira? Oh whatever, L. Tell me, do you know the beauty of the Angel Halo?"
"It's so you can make everyone as sick and twisted as you..."
"And the unenlightened show their ignorance again. Humanity evolves from experience, through understanding, we can grow and learn. I'm sure you check for your radiation shielding more than you did before? Because you've experienced death at the hands of poisoning. Thus, you have evolved. But humans cannot experience death without well... dying. And so the beauty of our experiments, of the Halo, is that I can give everyone the feeling without any of the death!"
File: Jamitov's Madness 2.png (269 KB, 974x533)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Jamitov explained his madness to Lila, it was hard to maintain her sanity hearing it. In his view, Humanity was still locked in wars, stuck on the earth, because they could not fathom the great expanse of the universe. And if Humanity were to set out, they'd fail and die, because they wouldn't be able to grasp what lies before them in space. But, by using the Titans to gather data, he could subject them to many deaths, many sufferings, he could use them all as reference points to gather every misstep, every horrid atrocity, and then, using the Halo, he'd beam it all to humanity, have them all experience it, and, having felt the sensation of death in all its forms, they would finally be able to leave the cradle that is earth and venture into the stars, as the harshness of such reality would force them to evolve, prepare them for the unfeeling universe.
"You're... insane... millions will die..."
"Oh? And it's better they die when the next mad man decides to drop something on the earth? The only reason I even commanded the use of poison gas on 30 Bunch was to record the effects on the human body, those emotions, that pain, and suffering."
"Why... why would you-"
"Because someone has to! And it wont be Revil, or that fat thugg Gopp, or that zealot Gihren and I wasn't going to let it be that upstart Haman Karn! I am the one who will guide humanity, for only I understand Zeon Deikun's will, and only I can help awaken Humanity to become a 'New Type' of lifeform! Because you're all-"

The Klaxons went off, Jamitov turning to look as the Revil fleet was arriving in Luna II, he sighed as undid Lila's bounds, walking away before she could attack him.
"It seems our time is at an end, while you can still follow orders, do be a dear and go to the hanger. I know you wont win but... do try to take as many of them as you can."
File: Jamitov's Madness 3.png (119 KB, 974x533)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
"We have hostiles- Oh jeez we have a LOT of Hostiles." The surface of Luna II suddenly lit up, as nearly 400 mono eyes lit up, glaring at the incoming Federation ships. it was almost ridiculous, Iino trying to count them all from the bridge of the Hephaestus.
"How many Barzams is that?" he kept feeling his mind go blank and skipping count."
"Around 350" Kai Shidan said, "And around 29 Gabthley. A number of Gundam Mark-V's and..."
"9 Psyco Gundam Mark II's" Rei said, his fingers releasing, then clenching down once more on his controls.
Not only had the Titans made the monster, but they'd also made a legion of monsters, supported by hordes of one-eyed demons.


"All forces remain firm!" Revil shouted, "We've fought worse! We've survived worse! We will not be cowed by our fear! We have our own weapons!" Revil's Ex-S Gundam stood on the bow of the Ra Calium, Judau's Full Armoured Double Zeta, flying alongside a squad of GM IIIs. "There is nothing in this universe that wont die to enough missile fire and bullets! Now... Nahel-Argama's! Hi-Mega Particle Cannon's primed." At the orders of General Revil, 20 ships deployed their bombardment weapons.
"Double Zeta's!"
"Charge nominal, General!"
"Primed and ready!"
"Hyaku Shiki's!"
"To the end, General!"
"To the end! All forces, move out!"
File: Jamitov's Madness 4.png (156 KB, 974x533)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
The Nahel Argama's Beams erupted in a transcendent column, ripping into the swarm of approaching Barzam's, the Mark-V's leading from the front deploying their Incoms, Chap Adel slipped between the waves of fire, getting into range of the Hephaestus, his incoms and beams tearing through the hull, every alarm in the ship was blaring, Iino trying to maintain his thoughts. "Mobile suit corp! Deploy!" He ordered in a panic. Judau, Roux, and Beecha left the ship with their squadrons, the ship turning to depart.
"Go, Iino, you can't do us any good here!" Judau ordered, Iino hung his head in shame, already he was out of the battle.

Lila was there on the front lines, what remained of her sanity was fleeing from her, her mind splitting with every second, she could feel her psyche splitting, as he hands refused to leave the controls. Monsha could see her pain, making his decision.

"This is Bernard Monsha broadcasting on an open channel! To all Titans pilots, what the hell are you doing?! You're fighting Johann Abraham Revil! The Living Legend himself! What have we let Jamitov do to us? Do you think anything that snake promises us is worth it? Do you think anything we've done is worth still helping him?! I don't wanna hear one shite word about 'defecting' god damn it, we defected to join this mad man, this is just doing what we should have done 5 years ago."

As Monsha tried to shut down his Mark-V, the machine's eyes turned a deep crimson, suddenly he was locked out of the controls.

"EXAM System online."
"EXA- I'm locked out! I can't stop it!"

One by one, the mobile suits optics turned red, pilots were locked out of their own controls as Jamitov's final failsafe for turncoats activated.

>All Titans pilots are now hostages in their own machines
File: Jamitov's Madness 5.png (304 KB, 974x533)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
>Luna II capture rules.
>The Federation has determined their desire to rescue their comrades from the Titans and to save the prisoners forced into combat. While admirable, this makes their goal far more difficult.'
>1. All death rolls for the enemy become Capture rolls, a Capture must be performed by a stack containing an Ace pilot.
>2. Conversely, all death rolls for the player can only result in a wound or a death, they can no longer be captured.
>Is this ruleset acceptable?
Need a very conservative play then. Flood them with MP units, keeps all ace and Battleships well defended and bubblewrapped.
Yeah, let’s try it
Money is the safer option. Ha.
File: 20201121_220819.jpg (20 KB, 300x166)
20 KB
I'm not all caught up yet, but this is how I feel Bask is with Jamitov.
File: Jamitov's Madness 6.png (191 KB, 974x533)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Kou would take the first challenge, the GM-III squadrons assisting his Ex-S firing at the lone Mark-V, the machine moved like an animal, the INCOMs creating a field of death for any that would try to get in close. Kou himself maneuvering around, deploying his own INCOMs and focusing, not the cockpit, or the reactor, just stable the machine so the pilot can be retrieved... Even without the power of being a newtype, Kou made the machine sing for him, his manual control tight and crisp, as Gaia's Mark-V was rendered inert, the pilot safe.

>Gaia has been captured.

Quattro lead a GM III Squadron to unload their missiles into one of the approaching Psyco's, they needed to whittle them down, they needed to ensure that not a single one took the lives of their companions.

As Revil and Bork moved together, Lila's mind fraying her Mark-V drawing on her latent newtype powers, and unleashing a storm of INCOM fire that tore apart Bork's squadmates, their Ex-S uniting up streaking across the battlefield. as Revil clashed blades with Lila, their Incom's dueling around them,

"If it wasn't for newtypes... wasn't for newtypes... I could win!" Lila screamed what was reality and falsehoods were mixing together, long dreamt fears with the harsh battlefield. Revil swung, his beam saber piercing the INCOM control system, his Incom's slicing around the cockpit block, the Ex-S grabbing Lila's body and tearing it from the machine. Bork didn't have fancy newtype powers and precision however, he just had power, cutting the limbs from Erik Blanke's Mark-V before kicking it away from the front lines

>Erik Blanke and Lila have been captured

Monsha's Mark-V distracted the pair of them, the berserk machine refusing to relent in its stream of fire.
File: Jamitov's Madness 7.png (257 KB, 974x533)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Only a single one of Roux's GM's survived the approach on Mash and Ortega, her Hyaku Shiki underwhelming compared to the power of the Gundam Mark-V, but she wouldn't relent, her beam rifle firing sinking two of the Mark-V's, she would have to pray that the pilot would be safe, she couldn't be more precise than she was.

>Mash has been wounded.

Beecha's squadron rounded on Chap Adel, he'd nearly killed Iino, but according to Bright, this guy'd used to be their comrade. Hell... he knew the feeling of being separated from your comrades, Bright had spent 5 years hiding out and unable to see his friends. His Zeta weaved through the Incom fire, He extended his saber, driving it through the head of the Mark-V, grabbing its beam rifle and throwing it away, seizing the missile pods on the shoulder and ripping them off, leaving the machine disarmed and system locked.

>Chap Adel has been captured.

The lumbering forms of the Psyco's had made it to the front lines. Five of them, each bearing a Newtype pilot, their mobile suits were close, They were exactly the monsters Rei had said they would be, I-Fields reflected all incoming beam weaponry, their own cannons could tear apart a ship within an instant, and their massive size and armour gave them a defensive edge.
File: Jamitov's Madness 9.png (287 KB, 974x533)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Cima, Kou and Quattro moved together, as the GM's missile pods unleashed a storm of rockets, slamming into the hulking fortress, the newtype pilot onboard, shocked to have actually been hit by something. Their incom's moved in sync, using the damage generated by the assault to pierce the I-field and dismantling the Psyco Mark II.

>NT-06 is wounded

"Nice shot, puppy!"
"Focus, I don't want to die out here!"
"Mark II inert! Move to the next target." Quattro ordered, snapping Cima and Kou from their banter. Especially as another Psyco rose to full height, all 20 beam cannons firing, the destruction tore into both forces, friend and foe found themselves caught in the destruction. South Burning would not be denied however, Emma Sheen and Ford Romefellow close behind in their Full Armour Double Zeta's

The GM missile storm continued, cracking along the sensors of NT-03, their fingers moved rapidly, directing their scatter beam's to focus on the GM III's, only for a missile to slam directly into the cannon before it could fire. Ford and Emma unleashed a barrage of missiles and bullets, the I-field failing to hold back physical ordinance, the armour plating buckling and breaking under the strain, South drove his beam saber into the chest, before beheading the Psyco, the Pilot safe from the explosion of the machine.

"Kill you all!" Ple-Four screamed, Master was with Jamitov, that meant these were masters enemies, her beams threatened to tear Shiro's Ex-S apart, before Aina's Full Armoured ZZ seized it by the arm pulling it to safety.
"I think that means we're even now?" Aina asked softly, before Karen's cough distracted them.
"As heartwarming as you two are being, battle, now." Right, they could flirt later, right now they had to take out that Psyco.
File: Jamitov's Madness 10.png (300 KB, 974x533)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
The INCOM's ripped into the frame of the Psyco Mark II, as Ple-Four started to panic, her powers flaring, forcefully overwriting the EXAM system and ejecting from the machine as its reactor went critical, a large explosion emanating from giant figure, battering the escape pod.

>Ple-Four has been captured.

Johnny Roberto and Michel were doing no less than their companions, focusing their fire on a squadron of Gabthley, Michel near giddy to finally, finally be out of a mass production suit! He was getting to ride a Zeta II... I mean yes, it was just a refurbished model from his old Methuss, and yes, he could barely make use of it, but it was the principle that mattered!

Josh Offshore was not going to let the Federation have its way, when he'd first joined with the Titans, he'd believed that he would finally escape the pain and suffering of his childhood, instead, all he'd found was torture at the hands of Jamitov Hymen. However, he'd come to realize the wisdom in Jamitov's decision, how he'd grown, through suffering to understand the value of life and the vast terror of space. He'd grown to value the survival of his underlings, to care for them, and that was why he'd been given the Hambrabi, to prove himself today!

He could not have expected to be confronted with the Xeku squadron lead by Luce Cassel, he couldn't have forseen the Xeku Zwei, or when he tried to flee from them, the Ex-S Gundams and Zeta Plus swarming his position.

"Josh, you should have stayed on earth." Rei whispered, as he turned to the other Ex-S pilot. "Hathaway, focus on what's about to happen. Don't ever forget this." The young pilot nodded as he aimed his Smart Gun, Rayer's Zeta Plus joining in the chorus of fire, tearing the Hambrabi and its escort to pieces.

>I know Hathaway is only 7 years old now, but the game doesn't care and he needs EXP so... feel free to make your own justification as to how the heck he's able to pilot an Ex-S Gundam.
Bright and Mirai must be so proud of their little child soldier!
Personally, I say Time Travel. The Unicorn has sent Hathaway back to I dunno, make sure his parents bang, stop Amuro from going Beyond The Time.
That explains why he's so fucked up.
I'm not sure if I'm angry that Bright and Mirai are sending their seven year-old son into a war zone or be happy that he's turning out better than in the canon.
File: Hathaway.png (137 KB, 974x533)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
And he's still better than some of our pilots, and he gets a strong newtype level.
Isn't this a "the pot calling the kettle black" moment with a SEVEN YEAR OLD Hathaway on a battlefield, when they were just judging Jamitov for doing the same thing?

Hathaway is pulling a Marty McFly?
Or the war's been going on longer than a year, or something. he's unranked, so he's not military.
Maybe Hathaway sneaked into an Ex-S or something. Not the first time a kid sneaked into a MS
I'm mostly making a joke. Hathaway, Chan and Kyara are the federations "Alignment Characters" and we hit Turn 200 when they join uh...50 turns ago. Not only does the game not care about how little that makes sense, as far as the game is concerned, it's still 0080.

So, thread game, come up with the most interesting explanation for Hathaway here and that'll be canon.
Or maybe Jamitov made a biobrain of Hathaway when we weren't looking and it decided to join us.
see >>19126012
Bright and Mirai met as teens when they were young, and they fucked. This is the reason Mirai was forced into an arranged marriage years later, since she couldn't be trusted not to fuck a random guy. Hathaway was born and taken care off by her parents or grandparents.
Hathaway watch the Phantom Menace and thought he could do better than Anakin.
I'm going with Hathaway is from a future where Jamitov has become a mix between Hitler, Genghis Khan, and Jim Jones. Due to his regime, many of BF!Hathaway's friends and family has died for starting a resistance movement, so he uses his newtype powers to travel back in time inside a body that vaguely resemble his to warn everyone.
When he try to warn everyone, the non-newtype aces thought that he was a crazy guy, but the Newtypes (which includes Bright and Mirai) believed him. A heartfelt moment happens when BF!Hathaway hugs both Bright and Mirai because they died protecting him in his future and stuff. Both BF!Hathaway and seven-year-old!Hathaway haven't met yet due to time travel reasons.
File: Jamitov's Madness 11.png (276 KB, 974x533)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Sayla, Fraw and Bork moved in on Ortega, even with the Mark-V's EXAM system, it couldn't keep up with a pair of Newtypes and an ace in Bork. His machine was left a derelict, the Black Tri-Star left hoping that his collar wouldn't detonate and take his head with it.

>Ortega has been wounded.

Kai, Kamille and Sleggar were moving in on another Psyco, this one piloted by NT-002, the walking fortress that was the Full Armour Double Zeta unleashing a storm of micro missiles, with the Zeta Gundam following in the wake, as the missiles detonated against the frame of the Psyco, it couldn't react to the superior Newtype and pilot, Kamille extending the saber, his psychic energy resonating with the Biosensor as it grew, cleaving the monstrosity in half.

>NT-002 has been captured.

Beecha was leading the assault on Ple-Three, Beam Saber at the ready as Roman and Yuu supported him with Incoms. Beecha roared, driving his beam saber into the cannon core, hand snatching the escape capsule as it ejected from the Psyco's head and pulling back.

>Ple-Three has been captured.

The Exam-Controlled Titans responded in kind, their machines moving without care for their human pilots, the installed berserk personality controlling their movements. Without the need for pilots, the machines moved as if controlled by AI, flexing limbs and fingers in ways that requires precise mechanical control but a swarm of beasts couldn't beat disciplined soldiers.

>4 Psyco Mark II's remain
Since there's a Ra Calium now, when was previously described as tech beyond the Federation. Wouldn't it be easier to just say the wars been going on and now it's 0093?
Okay I haven't been here for a good minute where in the sixteen Buddhist hells is Amuro?
Right this second? He hasn't been deployed. So sitting in Bright's Nahel Argama
I know Four showed up once, but has Rosamia or Gates shown up yet? I wouldn't be surprised if they were in a Psycho Gundam.
Rosamia is most certainly in a Psycho, but not necessarily in Luna II as she's less expendable than Zeon NTs.
Anybody who we deploy in the battle might die so we should hold our best guys back
File: A peek.png (220 KB, 974x533)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
A quick peek behind the curtain if you all will. Since I wasn't able to secure a supply point or divide the enemies attention with a multi pronged attack, you can see my current gameplan in action, unpiloted Nemo's, Methuss and other kinds are sent ahead as a screen unit, to distract the enemy from focusing fire on my aces.
Gotcha cool I've been ungodly busy so I missed a few threads shits getting real with Jamitov so to not hear him make a single move when this is the exact sort of shit that would piss him off had me worried for a sec
File: A peek 2.png (181 KB, 974x533)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
To help keep my units alive when the enemy first hits, you can see me using two grunt squadrons in front of them to serve as meat shields. this is actually less offensively powerful, as the top of the stack's command aura boosts the rest of the stacks number of attacks, but again, my focus is on keeping people alive.
File: A peek 4.png (198 KB, 974x533)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Once I've set up a front line, and usually whittled the enemy away, I'll form Ace-stacks like this. This goes in 3 ways.
1. A semi-wounded Ace is set to the back of the stack as they'll take less damage, the ace with the highest health is moved to the front. If out of energy, or I think they're at risk, they retreat into the ships.
2. damaged Aces will leave, and be replaced by other aces.
3. All aces will split and be replaced by screen units.

The main goal is to stop the enemy from surrounding us, and minimize what squares they can attack us from, while maximizing our own. I could also be laying down minovsky particle defenses to minimize incoming damage.

See: Here.
File: Jamitov's Madness 12.png (238 KB, 974x533)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Quattro's blade sunk into another Psyco Mk.II hacking away at the machine, Kou's INCOM's slipped inside the I-Field, following the melted wounds, firing beams through the internal frame and tearing the monster apart. as the pilot screamed, her Escape Craft firing off towards Luna II.

>Ple-Twelve has been captured.

There was a streak of white across the battlefield, a Barzam raised its rifle to take aim at General Revil but it suddenly didn't have arms, or legs, or a torso, azure blue beams fired out, each finding their mark, piercing one suit after another, as Incom's arose from Monsha's Mark-V, spraying towards the White Unicorn. In a battle between a Newtype and a facsimile like the Exam system, there was no doubt who the winner was. Every time one of Moncha's INCOM's tried to move or fire, it was shredded by Amuro's.

He landed before the Mark-V, a flick of his wrist enough to perfectly remove the cockpit from its chest, as he opened up his own, holding out his hand. Monsha leaped, snatching it, and was pulled into the safety of the Ex-S Gundam.

"Kid... you saved my life again."
"No, you stood up for yourself, I just helped even the playing field."

>Monsha has been Captured.

Kai felt this Psyco Mark II was easier... weaker almost, that was when he realized there was no pilot inside. Where had the pilot gone? What were they doing?
Jerid Messa was not going to be a party to that machine's terror a Gabthley might not be the most exciting machine to pilot, but he'd find the answers on his own.
File: A lapse in thought.png (185 KB, 974x533)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Iino was shaken, nearly having died does that to a man, so he wasn't exactly excited to plunge head first back into the battle. However, as the battle for Luna II appeared well won, he saw a small fleet departing Gryps. Numbering some 30 IFF signatures. What could he do? He could intercept it, just him and a Methuss Kai squadron... though he could always retrofit it into a ZII for himself. Against an entire Titan fleet?

Someone had fled from Luna II and was headed to Side 4 as well... He could intercept them, but intercepting a single person seemed... cowardly. And in either case, he was fleeing the battle at hand!

>What should Iino do?
File: Trunksmangacolor.jpg (110 KB, 380x1024)
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110 KB JPG
So he's like this guy.
Just for that Time Traveller Hathaway should be the canon explanation. He hasn't told anyone his last name is Noa, so everyone just thinks it's a crazy coincidence he has the same name as Brights son.
File: Reinforcements..png (226 KB, 974x533)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Iino decided to head to Side 4, if he couldn't stop the Titans there, then at least he could pick up some more mobile suits. He hoped they wouldn't see it as him abandoning the battle...

He needn't have worried, as the mobile suit that had traveled there returned to Luna II, just as the fleet from Gryps arrived, the Jupitirs ship a symbol of the Titans absolute power. Still, even with those numbers, the Federation wouldn't be denied.

"There's nothing Jamitov has that can stop us!" Revil ordered, "Keep fighting!"
Jerid clashed against Shiro, the Gabthley was not designed to engage in melee combat, nor was it designed to face a machine like the Ex-S Gundam. The Beam Smart Gun literally tore through his own Fedayeen Rifle. The 6.6 watts couldn't stand to the mighty 57 watts Smart Gun.

Jerid reached out his hand, he wanted to speak to Amuro again, he wanted to tell him so many things, but as he was sent careening off into space, his system locked, he realized he might never get that chance.

>Jerid has gone missing

The Federation forces continued to fight the Titans Barzam forces but it was clear they'd hit their limits. Quattro, Cima and Kou all had their cockpits turn red, they were out, their reactors pushed too hard, they'd need to be picked up by a ship. Apolly was in the same boat with his Full Armour ZZ, but he at least could jettison the armour for a recharge, Shiro was down to just two shots, Yuu only one, so was Bork and Roman, Several GM's and Gabthely's were also in need of recovery.

At this point, the Titans troops were down to half, many reduced to a single strength unit, While three of their Psyco Mark II's were active, their Xeku Eins and Barzams simply couldn't keep up with the force of the Methuss Kai and the GM III. They had lost.
>Apologies for the delays between posts, nothing much is happening besides 'Really efficiently killing enemy grunts'

Ryu, Roux and Fa plunged towards one of the newly approaching Mark II's. Despite their best efforts, they failed to sink the mobile weapon, its beam cannon nearly destroying Ryu's Zeta II in a single blast. Fa's machine was red lighting, and Roux's Hyaku Shiki was utterly ill-equipped to fight alone. Down south, Terry Sanders, Chuck Keith and Job John were facing their own issues as a swarm of Xeku Eins closed the gap mixed in with the Barzam force. Chuck's Hyaku Shiki was nearly destroyed, and worse of all they were surrounded.

Luna II had been an impenetrable fortress for the Federation. it had guarded Gryps in the past, protecting Green Noa from Zeon. But now it was clear, the fortress had not been held by weapons but men. And the same men who had risked their lives to hold it would die trying to take it.

Judau Ashta returned to the Ra Calium. The ship was impressive, he'd only really seen it from a distance when the Trafalgar had located it in Sector 4. That someone had managed to refurbish the ship surprised him, as did what he saw when he stopped by Medical Bay.

Haman Karn was blinking, she didn't know where she was, only that it wasn't slumped over bleeding from a gutshot by Lalah Sune. It wasn't the bed of the Nezha either. The equipment around her seemed familiar as if something from a long-forgotten dream... or a memory someone had inadvertently shared with her, as she blinked the sleep from her eyes and paused, staring into Judau Ashta's eyes.

"Good to see you awake..." he said softly, she tried to sit up, but lacked the strength, so he reached down, touching the bed as it rose for her.
"This is..."
"The Ra Calium, Things have happened while you were unconscious." He offered his hand, then pulled it back feeling dumb. "I'm... Judau Ashta, I was the guy who-"
"-Saved me..." Haman whispered.
Judau finished explaining the battle, what had happened and where she was to Haman. She took it all in stride, happy to hear that Illia at least was still alive and in the fleet, if serving in the brig.

"So all we have to do is defeat Jamitov and then we'll have peace, finally," Judau said, slamming his fist into his hand. "I'm only back here because I needed to refuel."
"Thank you..." Judau blushed as Haman said it, "You've done so much for the world..."
"Aw... I didn't do anything... It's not hard to hold a gun."
"No, it isn't." There was a click at the door and Judau's hand went to his hip the bullet fired from the doorway catching his holster perfectly. Lalah Sune smiled, slowly walking towards Judau and Haman. "I'm sure you have questions as to why I'm doing this-" Lalah started, but Judau interrupted.
"What? Shooting a foreign leader and kidnapping my sister? Nah, I don't really give a damn on the why." Lalah countered his statement with a shrug.
"That's fair, But Haman Karn needs to die anyway. And you need to return to the battlefield."
"Funny statement, I somehow don't see either of those things happening right-" Lalah squeezed the trigger as Judau's thigh was punctured by the bullet, she fired again to hit his other thigh, her eyes quite cold.
"I don't want to kill you, but I can immobilize you quite well," Lalah said, checking her gun to make sure it was still loaded. "You didn't want to know why, so just sitback, and let it happen. I assure you. It's for the good of man kind."

Who the hell cared if it was the good of mankind, was Judau the kind of person who could sit back and watch someone be executed in cold blood?

>What will Judau do?
Fucking Lalah, I can't wait until we get to kill her.
Is this the first time Lalah's been so hateable... or a presence? Usually, she just dies in the OYW and then is a ghost.
Do we hate her enough to trigger Judau's canon angry Newtype bullshit powers that scared Haman shitless?
Her ghost was responsible for CCA, whether she's dead or alive she will fuck things up regardless.
Judau didn't know what to do, he had to protect Haman, but he couldn't let Lalah just have the gun, even if he protected her, she'd just pull off his body and shoot her. He lunged for her weapon. The low gravity helping him to move even with his shot legs. However, he was still a 14 year old boy, and she was a grown woman, one who didn't have shot legs. She slammed the butt of the gun down on his nose, a scowl forming across her lips.
"Why don't you ever listen!" She shouted, preparing to fire on Haman as Judau threw himself over her.

Tianem could not know what was going on in the med bay, he had been focused on the battle and seeing the Sanders squadron on the edge of destruction, he'd plunged the Ra Calium in, allowing they squadron to dock as a Xeku Eins led a Barzam Squadron, their beams tearing at the ships helm, as Ple-Five and another Psyco Mark II unleashed a barrage of beams, nearly sinking the ship in a single blast, causing the ship to rock, the med bar nearly being torn open as the hull was damaged, wrenching Lalah off her feet, the gun firing. The bullet cracked against a bulkhead, Lalah scowling as she prepared to fire again, before feeling an immense pressure.

Judau was enveloped by an aura of anger and desperation. Lalah had only felt something similar once before when Amuro Ray had made a mobile suit without a psycommu move from the anger at seeing his friend shot. She tried to squeeze the trigger, only to find she couldn't, not because she was scared, but because the trigger had become a twisted lump of metal. She released it, none too soon, as the entire gun crumpled, Judau picked himself up, staring at Lalah, his breath heavy, eyes full of rage.

"You're going to give back my sister, and then I'm going to kill you for what you've done!"Lalah fled, she ran from the medbay, and before Judau could set after her, Haman's hand gently grasped his wrist, soothing the savage beast, his rage faded, his hand unclenching.
It's a basic time traveler trope, so in a way yes.

I was going to say that, but it would be difficult to keep that going or long since we have a lot of newtypes (two of which are his parents), and some of them are very powerful.
Haman's hand squeezed Judau's now that he was calm, he was trying to handle his wounded legs, it was difficult one-handed, but well... the other solution was to pull away from Haman and he didn't need to be a Newtype to sense she needed some physical comfort.
"The battle... shouldn't you."
"I'll go back soon, but if she comes back-"
"She's gone." Haman whispered, "I felt her leave."
"What's she got against you?"
"I don't know... I don't understand anything, I... I thought she was a Jupitarian..."
"She brought that scientist... Tem Ray... I thought she was one of them..."
Judau didn't understand the significance of what she was saying, he honestly didn't care, as he leaned down, stroking her hair.
"It doesn't matter... you seem like a good person, so I'll keep you safe." Judau said, squeezing her hand back, she smiled closing her eyes, her fingers going slack.
"You should return to the battle... we can talk when you get back." Judau smiled, giving her fingers one last squeeze, before standing up and making his way back to the hanger.
"Jeez Ashta" Sleggar said, looking at his bandaged legs, "What happened?"
"I'll explain after."

Kult, Mondo and Rayer were assaulting Kelly Layzner's Mark-V, the Exam system utterly ruined as the eyes went blank, the husk drifting towards the fleet.

>Kelly has been captured

Ryou was moving towards Ple-Five, the beam cannons flashing towards his Zeta Gundam, Alice was adjusting his movements, ever so slightly, ensuring he wouldn't be hit, leaving him to get in close, his blade swinging and carving right to the Psycommu, as it was pierced, the monstrosity was rendered inert.

"Expertly done" Christina whistled, as Ryou felt sweat dripping down his forehead.
"Yeah..." his hands squeezing and unsqueezing, he had done that right? He coulda sworn he wasn't going to hit, but... Alice relaxed, she'd kept him safe again, she was reaching her 'adulthood' soon, she'd reach her full potential.
>Ple-Five has been captured.

The Titans forces were almost completely wiped out, Jamitov, and Bask's Dogosse Giar's the Retribution and the Judgement of the Damned. were in two completely different positions. Jamitov was fleeing, the Retribution moving to depart Luna II, to keep away from the Federations forces. Bask was maintaining command- Ha! Command... over a bunch of EXAM driven machines, the pilots completely disconnected, waiting to be rescued. This wasn't a battle, it wasn't even a civil war anymore... it was a faction of rogues being stamped out.

"Just as we deserve..." He whispered

One of the Giar's went down, Amuro Ray had severed its engines, rendering the ship inert. He could see a Zeta blasting by the bridge, it wasn't aimed for him, it was aimed at one of the Psyco Gundams.
Four felt her head and heart both ache as Kamille Bidan's Zeta slipped into Melee. Why did it have to be like this? Why did she have to feel this way? Where was Rei? He was supposed to protect her... he'd promised her... where was Yazan? All of the people who'd said they'd take care of her had left. Now all she had was Jamitov.

"Then get out of the machine!" Kamille could feel her suffering, his hand reaching out to her. the EXAM system was going berserk, firing every weapon it could, the hands of the Pxyco detaching, attempting to crush or melt the Zeta, but to no avail, as Kamille reached her, the system crashed, her machine red-lighting, her palm raising...

As the Quin Mantha's beam saber slammed into the back of the Psyco.
"No yet." Lalah whispered, "You still have a role to play for Jamitov." Neither Four nor Kamille could respond as the explosion engulfed the Mark II, it's head snapping off, spiraling viciously through space. Kamille gazed upon the green monstrosity before it left the battlefield as quickly as it had arrived.

Kamille's eyes bulged, as the newtype connection he'd been making had been severed so quickly, emotions poured through him, emotions he couldn't control, suffering aching in his heart as he began to break down weeping.

>Four has gone missing
>Kamille's Psyche is collapsing
>I was going to say that, but it would be difficult to keep that going or long since we have a lot of newtypes (two of which are his parents), and some of them are very powerful.
At most they're just going to have a vague sensation whenever the person is around. It's not like any of them have actually met his son anyway, right? If two newtypes know each other well they can sense each other's familiar presence and get a good idea of who it is, but that's about it. It's not a foolproof and precise psychic nametag system.

Besides, Hathaway isn't that strong of a newtype, and there's a ton of other minor newtype characters anyway. Why would this particular person ring any alarms for them?
Bask felt horrid. He couldn't place it, he'd sworn to himself he'd be willing to do anything to defeat the spacenoid menace. In the One Year War, he'd been willing to let his allies die, to use nuclear missiles. He'd used gas on 30 Bunch! He had manipulated and isolated pilots as much as Jamitov had, he was no saint, his hands were stained in the blood of innocents. So why was he watching this battlefield with sorrow and disgust?! Why did he care so much now? He was far to gone to take a morale stance, but he couldn't-

Cima Garahau buzzed his bridge, her Beam Smart Gun firing into the ship as one of his Aides grabbed him, dragging him away. Bask couldn't even bring himself to move or fight back as he was shoved into the escape shuttle, his shit erupting in a ball of flame. left sitting there, staring at a field of death and misery.

>Bask Om has been injured

Bork Cry slammed the fist of his gundam into the side of the Psyco's head, palm wrapping around the escape capsual and tearing it out in one fell swoop. His heart was pounding in his ears, but he'd done it, he'd managed to disable one of those things and get the pilot out without risking destroying it.

>Ple-Six has been captured

Hathaway moved towards the Dogosse Giar containing Tosh Cray, he'd remembered the New Desides, and no matter the situation, Tosh Cray was not a man who should be allowed to live. Unfortunately for Hathaway, he was still raw, and Tosh managed to make his escape as his machine erupted in a hailstorm of flames and misery.

Helsing had survived the One Year War, he'd been picked up by Jamitov and made his plans then, to him, whether Zeon lived or died was irrelevant he'd served enough madmen to have gone a little mad himself. It was he who had given Jamitov the names and locations of Zeon pilots. He didn't need a collar since all he wanted was his revenge. Watching the Federation destroy itself, was like a fine wine after years of suffering.
Of course, none of that changed that the Jupitris was being sunk by Judau Ashta, his Hi-Mega Cannon tearing right through the hull, shattering the strong backbone of the Titans fleet, this time, he would not escape captivity. Neither would Jamaican or Chang Ya, with Hathaway and Shiro Amada not allowing them to escape. But they were not the Prize winners. No, that went to Quattro, Kou and Cima Garahau, who's INCOM's tore away at the Retribution as Jamitov Hymen was left piloting nothing but a derelict.

>Jamitov, Chang Ya, Von Helsing and Jamaican have been captured

The only Titans pilot left was Brave Cod, who'd just arrived in his Mark-V, assaulting Gene Connily's ship, only for Sayla and Fraw to rip it to pieces, his screams tearing his cockpit, but space did not care, and with only a few GM III's that had just started production to go, Luna II had been seized. The Federation had won.

>Katz has been promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer
>Mondo has been promoted to Petty Officer
>Kou Uraki has been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
>Fraw Bow has been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
File: I call heads.png (766 KB, 1925x1550)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
The majority of the captured pilots were quickly disarmed of their bomb collars and given freedom. Lila was taken to the medical bay to help counteract the effect of the drugs she'd been injected with by Jamitov, while Chap and Monsha were welcomed back into the group, Burning slammed his fist down upon both of their heads for joining the Titans in the first place and not confiding in him! The weight hanging there however was Jamitov himself. For a man who'd been defeated he was carrying himself with calm and dignity. Even chuckling to himself. Something which did not endear him to Revil, the General had enough of his shit for one lifetime.

Revil's fist sunk into Jamitov's cheek, nearly whipping his head full round from the force of his strike, cracking his knuckles. "Do you find something funny?" He asked, when Jamitov smirked at him, he struck him again. "Do you think any of this is funny?! How many people have died because of you?"
"Oh I stopped bothering to number my experiments long ago."
That was the trigger, Revil just started wailing on Jamitov, no one had ever seen him so furious, his fists were soon coated crimson in blood, as Jamitov's face swelled up from the force of the abuse.
"Do you think human lives are just lab rats for you?! Did you think the Federation was nothing more than a convenient place to explore your sick desires?! Answer me!" The unnerving thing was that Jamitov could not stop laughing.
"Revil, do you recall Toto-1?" Revil paused his eyes opening in cold realization.
"Oh yes, Gihren Zabi thought there were two outcomes to him detonating his Newtype bomb, he would either trigger an extinction, or force humanity to evolve into True Newtypes. A flip of the coin."
"What are you-"
"I call heads!" Jamitov screamed before biting down hard, Scirocco's eyes going wide as he dove forward, tackling Revil off Jamtiov, as the old man's body swelled up and then exploded.

>Jamitov has been killed, for real this time.
File: The Unicorn's Request.jpg (402 KB, 1181x1748)
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402 KB JPG
Revil had been bracing himself for something... but nothing had happened, as Scirocco lay motionless atop him, the back of the Jupitarian seared from the explosion.
"Medic!" Revil roared, as his aide, one of the only confidants he'd had for the past 5 years, lay in critical condition.

"But nothing happened..." Amuro wondered, Revil had gathered the fleets Newtypes together if Jamitov had converted himself into a Newtype bomb as they'd suspected, why had nothing happened, or why hadn't they sensed it?
"Maybe he was just crazy?" Judau offered, "He thought he was but he wasn't?"
"I don't think so..." Kamille said, "He had too much conviction for it to be a delusion." that was when he looked up. "The academy..."
"You think he was talking about Glemy?" Sayla asked in a hushed whisper.
"The Titans aren't standing down, and we just killed their leader." Quattro pointed out. "More than that they have another weapon."
"The Angel Halo," Fraw said, her eyes clenching. "Not to mention the Yazan Biological CPU. If he has Glemy Toto if Glemy really is the son of Gihren Zabi..."
"Then there's a chance he could use the Halo, and in that case, he wouldn't need a bomb, he'd be able to do whatever he wanted." Amuro muttered, "Which... if I recall... was kill me." Amuro said softly, before nodding.

"Seems like there's one option then." Amuro said, "I'll go to Gryps and call out Glemy. I can defeat him." Fraw and Sayla bolted up, both of them absolutely refusing.
"One mobile suit against the entire enemy force?!" Revil asked as Amuro shrugged.
"Fraw told me she fought against similar odds..."
"That... that's different. I had wing mates then, Burning and Rei!"
"So... me and two others then?"
"Why are you trying to do this solo?" Sayla demanded.
"It's me he's after, his pride won't let him ignore my challenge."

>In the end it was up to Revil, would he allow Amuro to do this Solo, or stop him?
Jamitov is just a crazy old man getting his ass beat by an older man.
Well fuck, did we just stumble into the Cosmic Era where everybody explodes into a mist of blood?

I say the power of friendship. Many, many friends.
Goddamnit, Jamatine just activated Operation Phoenix and berserked the Angel Halo.
I'm confident that Amuro can pull through, he just needs some backup to do so.
I guess you can say Jamitov's Hymen popped?
Kamille noooooo
How many people are at gryps?
File: Select Your Fighters.jpg (131 KB, 500x500)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Revil paused and then nodded, "If you think you can handle it, then I trust you." Revil placed his hand on Amuro's shoulder, he nodded. Now was the decision of who would be going with Amuro

>Who should go with Amuro? Top Two win
Why do we want Kamille again? He's grieving somewhat.
Four might be there
He has stakes in this and hes a top ace, why wouldn't we?
This is the perfect opportunity to start up Amuro's harem! Let's bring Sayla and some other girl, like Roux or Fraw.
Bring Roux and we might see a triggered Glemy.
We haven't already? Also, just imagine Glemy getting angrier and angrier while Amuro bangs Roux's brains out. I have no idea what brought this about.
Stop voting for Kamille, he’s retarded now
Judau would probably be a good choice. I don't trust Quattro though. He'll probably screw us over when he sees Lalah.
Kamille isn't retarded now. He just had a breakdown. Should have been clearer about that.
Let’s face it, Kamille’s always been retarded.
>We haven't already?
It is the difference between "killed my daddy" and "has my waifu call him daddy".
So why aren't we picking Judau and Kamille, again?
The real question is why are people picking Quattro?
Good fucking question, I can only see that going one way and I don't like it.
>>Kamille's Psyche is collapsing
>Lalah squeezed the trigger as Judau's thigh was punctured by the bullet, she fired again to hit his other thigh, her eyes quite cold.
Let's not send the injured to the battlefield.
Why aren't we getting Frau? The Yazan CPU is there.
File: The Miracle at Gryps 2.png (193 KB, 974x533)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Amuro knocked on the door to Kamille's quarters, he was still out of it, looking down at his hands, trying to comprehend being so viciously cut off from Four.
"Ready to go?"
"Save her, I mean." Kamille paused, his anger starting to rise, leaping up to grab Amuro around the collar.
"She's dead! That green bastard killed her! I saw it happen, I felt it happen!" Kamille screamed, his fist drawing back, slamming into Amuro's cheek. The older Newtype took the strike but remained on his feet.
"Did you though? I'm sure if you focus, you can still feel the strands of her presence." Amuro said softly, Kamille clenching his eyes shut, but... Amuro wasn't wrong, he could feel SOMETHING radiating from the Titans. His eyes shot open, Amuro smiling down at him. "Now, meet me in the hanger in 5 hours, We have a war to end."
Sayla was walking into the armory, Quattro was going over his weaponry, in case it turned into a person to personal struggle, he looked up at his sister, eyes narrowing under his sunglasses.
"Do you need anything?"
"You're going with Amuro then?"
"I'll keep your dearest love safe, sister," Quattro said, a hint of bitterness in his voice, as Sayla closed the door behind her.
"Oh, I know you will, because if anything happens to Amuro..."
"But you don't care that I could die?" Sayla rounded upon him, snatching the pistol he was disassembling from his hand.
"No, I don't. You abandoned me, Casval. And after you abandoned me, you went on to try and kill me multiple times. And when did you finally come back to fight with me, and not against me? after I'd been locked up for five years! Were you hoping I was pining for my sweet brother to save me all that time?"
"It wasn't that simple, Artesia. I had my own way of getting revenge on the Zabi family, revenge that you refuse to finish. "Roman Holiday"? How long have you been fighting alongside Dozle Zabi? As if he's somehow not guilty!"
"Roman's fought diligently at our side, I can forgive the actions of his family and see the man he is." Sayla shot back.
"I see... So mother and fathers death are worth less than Dozle's penance?" Quattro asked coldly, Sayla sighed as she looked down into her brothers eyes.
"We'll never see eye to eye on this. You believe the only way to avenge our parents is to kill every Zabi, no matter how involved they are. And you know what? I'll accept that, I can't make you human, Char." She said, her brother's name finally dead to her, but she stared into his own, a fury radiating from her. "But if you betray us, there is nothing in this world that will stop me from killing you. Do you understand me? You are a pathetic man, but try not to fuck it up, like you always do."

>Kamille and Quattro are joining Amuro on his mission, from when the vote was called

i can't wait for this to backfire
Kamille's brain gets melted by Lalah and Quattro leaves us for his mommy gf, and that's the best case scenario.
i mean, it was about time we made a terrible play, lets see who dies.
Amuro, Kamille and Quattro arrived at Gryps 2, Glemy watching from Jamitov's main office, his latent newtype potential could already sense Amuro Ray, his anger and hatred building for his former instructor, he was already moving towards the hanger as the entire Titans fleet began to move.

"That kicked the hornets' nest," Amuro whispered. 7 Psyco Gundam Mark IIs were shooting towards the trio of Ex-S Gundams, one of the mobile fortresses unleashing a storm of mega particle fire that the three newtypes weaved between, all three deployed their INCOM's, the weapons buzzing out, piercing the I-Field and tearing it to shreds.

"Is that all you got Glemy?" Amuro called, lifting the Ex-S's hand and indicating for the fleet to come at them. "We're only three men!"

Here we go...

And all I can think of is... Beyond the Time:
what about anime ja nai?
We lack Judau. Beyond the Time is out for the fact that we're missing the Psychoframe.

So, MS in a Flash.

Ramsus and Dunkle were the first to meet the trio, a squadron of Three Gundam Mark-V's unleashing a storm of Incom Fire, backed up by the Titans Fleet bombarding the trio of Gundams. They couldn't land a single shot, and Ramsus was left screaming as a beam bounced off a reflector incom nailed his cockpit and incinerated him.

>Ramsus is dead

Desert Rommel was charging now, his Palace Athena backed up by a squad of Barzams, useless, as the beam smart guns tore through his allies and the Incoms surrounded his machine, destroying its missile armaments and leaving it a floating derelict within seconds

>Rommel is wounded.

Buran's Baund Doc fired upon the trio, swarms of Xeku Eins moving to surround Amuro and his squadron. Amuro let out a taunting laugh, the Bound Doc torn apart by his Incoms.

"Is this all you got for me? Do I need to stop using the Incoms for it to be 'fair' Glemy?" Amuro roared

"Kill him now!" Glemy screamed to the fleet.

>Buran has been wounded.
So is Revil and the rest of the fleet just going to sit back like a bunch of idiots or are they going to help the assault on the Angel Halo?
Well, there goes our chance at having an AEUG Hambrabi Team.
"Kill them! Why can't you kill them now?!" Glemy screamed, staring at his wounded fleet, watching them be blown away with every second, He couldn't be this outmatched, there were only three enemy mobile suits? He'd been gifted 7 Psyco Gundam Mark IIs! as Josh Offshore's Xeku Eins were destroyed and the pilot left amidst the wreckage, Glemy could feel his heart pounding in his ears.

"No, no, no, no, no!"

Amuro drove towards the Zod-iacok Rakan firing wildly at the approaching Ex-S,.


Amuro slammed into the Mobile around, his beam saber erupting through the back, slicing it in twain, Quattro and Kamille helping wipe out the last of the GMs.

One of the Ple's charged at Amuro, Psyco Gundam roaring in agony, before the blade of the White Devil tore through it.


>Rakan, the Ple-series and the NT-Series have been wounded.
>Titans forces remaining: 6 Psyco Mark IIs
The fleet itself was enroute to the Angel Halo, in case Amuro failed, they would destroy the Halo, and even if Amuro didn't fail it was a safe bet that they should ensure its destruction. It was during transit as Fraw was looking through Amuro's personal effects that she found it, A blueprint on a thumb drive...

"Project Nu?" Revil said looking it over, he'd scarcely left the med-bay Scirocco was still there, still being checked over by the Ra Caliums surgical team, Fraw nodded to him.
"It looks like a mobile suit that Amuro designed, a new type of Gundam." If Scirocco were awake, no doubt he could provide some technical insight into what he was looking at...
"Take it to Purpleton, or Camilla..." Revil muttered victory was feeling rather hollow for him right now. Fraw frowned, but nodded, leaving the medbay to transfer the Thumbdrive to R&D
Nu time, oh yes.
Amuro severed the Mark II's head, his hand reaching out to allow Alpha Bate a chance to climb aboard, the last member of the Immortal 4th taking it, slipping into one of the G-Core cockpits in the Ex-S. No such mercy was afforded Ben Wooder, as Quattro placed his beam saber at the side of the head and ignited, incinerating the man in an instant.

Kamille took out the last of the Ple-Series, his blade piercing the core as only two Psyco Mark II's remained. Four and Rosamia. Rosamia was up first. The trio of Ex-S moved towards her, Kamille took point, as she began to resonate with him.

"Stay away! Jamitov... where is Jamitov?!"
"He's gone! He can't hurt anyone anymore!"
"He said he'd stop the sky from falling, he said he'd make it go away!"
"Can't you see he was only trying to hurt you?" Kamille's blade tore off one of the Mark II's arms.
"He's all I have, everyone else is gone now!" Her beams sprayed wildly, as Quattro lined up a shot with his Smart Gun.
"What are you doing?" Amuro asked,
"Is this a joke? Stopping the enemy!" Quattro roared.
"Kamille can get through to her!"
"It doesn't matter if he can, she's dangerous!"
"Are you really so cold that you'd kill her for being dangerous?"
"Are you really so meek that you'd let her live?"
As Kamille reached his hand out again, Rosamia fired, Quattro slamming into Amuro to drive him out of the way, raising his rifle and firing, the beam, pierced through the failing I-field and drove into the Psyco Mark II's chest, the explosion tearing the machine apart.

>Rosamia is in critical condition.

"Why would you do that, Lieutenant Quattro?!" Kamille screamed as Quattro stared coldly at him.
"There is no place for hesitation on the battlefield."
Fucking Char, goddammit.
>lalah not dying means that char becomes a huge asshole and isn't a mentor to kamille
what the fuck
File: Amuro Ray.jpg (806 KB, 1000x1420)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
Four's Mark II withdrew from the battlefield, Glemy was calling it back, back to the Halo. Amuro moved between Kamille and Quattro, "We have to go now!" Amuro said, as they took off after Four. sending out a signal for the federation to send a ship to collect the survivors.

Glemy paced through the halls of the Halo, moving towards the activation chamber. Well, they'd been set back by Rei's outburst, but here they were, each pod filled with one of his 'Ple' series, the ones that weren't filled with the spare 'Toto's. Glemy felt a swell of pride, his father's work had truly paid off, he'd been given an education on earth, and even gotten to study under the greatest pilot to ever live, all for this moment, to take his place as a legend. Every failure meant nothing now, as he sat in the central unit. He only needed Four to arrive now, and everything would be over...

Four's Mark II landed, her arm being snatched as she was physically dragged from the cockpit. Amuro, Kamille and Quattro forced to land and head inside on foot, they couldn't risk detonating the place and triggering a worse calamity than if they just shut it down. Still, the fleet was in position, just in case...

There was barely any staff, it appeared the Titans as an organization, no matter what happened today, was dead. Just as Bask Om had suspected, as Amuro rounded the corner and stood before him.
File: Amuro Ray 2.jpg (75 KB, 695x900)
75 KB
"Bask. Are you here to stop me?"
"I considered it. But I wouldn't succeed."
"...Why go this far? Why be a party to such terrors?" Amuro asked, he could never read Bask, even now, the man seemed a mystery to him. Bask reached up and undid his goggles, setting them down alongside his cap; His eyes were beady, small, bloodshot. Someone who hadn't slept for what looked like months were it not impossible.
"Because when confronted with the One Year War, I swore I would become a monster to fight the monsters that came from space. The Spacenoids had done so much, I lost myself to fear and anger. You understand, don't you? The crushing fear and anger at such devastation?" Bask seemed desperate to be understood, but Amuro shook his head.
"I'm sorry, Bask, but no. I don't understand those emotions. I've always believed in a brighter tomorrow." Bask looked crest fallen, but smiled as well.
"I see... so I'm not normal, and not even a Newtype can understand me."
"Newtypes aren't Gods. We're just people."
"That you are..." Bask said softly, before nuding his head to the door behind him.
"The Angel Halo's control center is through there. I don't know what Glemy plans to do with it. At this point, I can do nothing about it. I'm too stained in sin to change my path." Amuro nodded as he moved past Bask, the Captain turning to him.
"Was there a chance... a world in which this didn't have to be?" Amuro paused and turned to Bask, giving him a sad smile.
"Who can say. There's always the chance..."
Bask smiled back and turned to let Amuro leave.

Moments later, a gunshot rang out.
>Bask has died.
It’s fucking Lalah again isn’t it
Sounds more like suicide to me
Clearly not. Since he told the info and he said theres no redemption for him, he probably took his own life.
There is a chance that decide to commit suicide, but if it is Lalah, then she is morphing into a mix of Duke Togo and Jango Fett with these pistol kills.
File: Amuro Ray 3.jpg (251 KB, 1120x728)
251 KB
251 KB JPG

"Glemy!" Amuro shouted. The blond was trying to force Four into one of the pods, pulling his pistol on Amuro, he fired 6 times, each bullet sailing past the Newtype, charging forward, Amuro charging forward and tackling the younger blond, his fist drawing back and slamming across his chin.
"Why won't you just die?!" Glemy screamed his hand gripping around Amuro throat, Amuro was shocked at how strong such a young man was, Glemy's boot sinking into his gut and throwing him off.
"I'd be a poor teacher if I let my student do as he pleases without discipline." Amuro fired back, Glemy glared at him.
"You're a murderer who's been sleeping for seven years!" Glemy reloaded, firing upon Amuro again. "You killed my father, you bathe in the blood of the innocents and you don't even give a second thought to the pain you cause!" Amuro hid behind one of the pods, Kamille entering from another door and leaping towards Four, pulling her away from the pod.
"We have to go." He whispered, as she felt her connection with Kamille restored, she wrapped her arms around his neck, squeezing for dear life.
Glemy and Amuro were in close range again, as it became clearer and clearer that Glemy wasn't a normal human, his physique was enhanced, his muscles far desnser for one of his age or size, as he began to wail on Amuro, his fists hammering into his former teachers face.
"You were great once! Before doubt addled your will, before you rendered judgement on Zeon, before you condemned all, innocent or guilty, to die by your sword! How does it feel to have slain thousands?! To feel their souls drag you down to hell? You weak, sorry fool!" Glemy prepared to shoot as Amuro seized his wrist, wrenching it upwards, glaring at his former student.
"I did nothing! I fought so that humanity could survive, I ended their suffering... as I will yours."
>"You were great once! Before doubt addled your will, before you rendered judgement on Zeon, before you condemned all, innocent or guilty, to die by your sword! How does it feel to have slain thousands?! To feel their souls drag you down to hell? You weak, sorry fool!"
Is he projecting Ghiren's actions on Amuro?
File: Amuro Ray 4.jpg (493 KB, 600x785)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
Glemy might have been stronger, but he was not more skilled. Amuro hadn't been sleeping for 7 years, he'd been waiting, waiting for the day he could re-emerge into the world, Glemy struggled, he tried to fire on Amuro, but his shots kept missing, he couldn't understand how this washed up has-been could do all this. He tried to fire again, Amuro grabbing his arm and twisting again, Glemy's eyes going wide as the bullet passed through his gut. He stumbled back, slumping against the control unit of the Angel Halo.

"Why..." He muttered raising his hand, "I'm the son of... Gihren Zabi... I should be able to..." his words were lost in his throat, as the bullet fired from across the room landed between his eyes, fired from the gun of Quattro, standing next to Lalah Sune... and Glemy Toto.

"I've no time to listen to you, Amuro. Step away from the control, now." Quattro ordered, his eyes harsh and cold.
"And if I don't?"
"Then I'll be making Sayla very sad. Don't make me break my sisters heart even more."
"Why do you have to break it at all?! We've won. With this we'll have peace!"
"We'll have NOTHING!" Quattro roared, "Thanks to you, and your speech, now the Federation does not believe it has to leave the earth! Because you preached 'patience' you ignored the hurt to the environment, and you ignored the greed of the people."
"I'm no leader! My goal was to let the people know of the evils of the Titans and how we could reach peace!"
"Not my peace... Now step aside, Amuro."

>What should Amuro do?
Oh we fucked up
i mean, what did they think would happen by choosing char?

Give. Me. OPERA.
Mon Calamari Opera? Thanks, Palpatine.

You think? Naww...
File: Amuro Ray 5.jpg (114 KB, 568x800)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
"And what will you do? Are you going to use this machine?"
"It's just a tool, for a man who preaches his humble nature, you shouldn't revere a machine!"
"One a kind is always special, Char, now answer the question!"
"I'm going to trigger the desire of humanity to leave the planet. Is that so wrong? I'm no monster like Jamitov or Gihren, I don't desire to rule or lead. I will simply push humanity into space."
"And you don't see the problem there? To subvert the will of the people and replace it with your own?"
"They're like children! They can't think for themselves!"
"We were children and we could make decisions! No one has the right to impose their will on another!"
"So... you won't move?" Char hissed, levelling his gun with Amuro. Every part of him was screaming to run away, that he'd die if he stood his ground, but Amuro wouldn't move.
"No. Not even in the face of death." He said, as the gun fired. Amuro slumped back, falling away from the machine.
"Take care of him Lalah." He heard Char say as Amuro could already feel himself going cold, he tried to push himself up from the ground but couldn't stand, as Lalah walked towards him, casting her eyes down at him, dropping to her knees and pulling him into her arms.
"You're dying." She whispered softly, she'd dealt out so much death over the past seven years, why now did she feel pain.
"I won't die." Amuro insisted as Char took his place at the Halo's trigger, "I still have to stop Char." Lalah's eyes went wide, as Amuro began to push himself up. his forehead soaked in sweat.
"Why do you try so hard, they hurt you, for seven years they hurt you, just stay down... just rest, please!"
>What will Amuro say?
I hope amuro lives but this would be a king way for him to go out desu
I feel like most of the choices are in character with Amuro, good job on making it so hard to choose.
Even if Amuro loses, he wins.
Is there any way Amuro can use the power of the Angel Halo on Char and no one else? That might teach him a lesson or two.
The bell is ringing
as we speak the sound of the beast
new king in the town ya'll kneel to the crown
rebooting this, reviving now

We're still using Newtypes as psychic batteries, not exactly a bueno thing to do.
The difference is that Amuro pleads and asks nicely.
Fuck Lalah and fuck those idiots who voted to bring Char along.

don't look at me, i voted for Fraw and Kai
To be fair, Char probably would have shown up anyway.
Maybe we'll get lucky and have Lalah kill Char
I voted for Sayla and Fraw.

Speaking of which, where's Yazan?
File: Amuro Ray 6.jpg (757 KB, 1920x1080)
757 KB
757 KB JPG
"Because I believe in mankind," Amuro said, pushing himself back to his feet, wavering, he slowly pushed himself towards Char. Lalah just sat there, mankind... the same mankind that had locked him away? How could he believe in them?
"Why isn't it working?" Char swore, slamming his fist down on the center console, Amuro standing before him.
"Because you don't have enough newtypes." Amuro shot back, "Kamille's got the girl, and they'll be long gone from here..." He started to laugh as Char glared at him, "All this work... you stabbed us in the back... and you can't even fire it!"
"Do you think this is funny?!" Char seized Amuro around the neck and started dragging him towards the pod, "Fine then, you can serve as my last battery!" Amuro tried to swing his fists, but he was so weak from the blood loss that he couldn't land anything solid, he swung out his leg, hooking it around a pipe, making himself difficult as Char wrenched on him.
"It's hilarious..." Amuro muttered, "You better hurry up, if I die, then who will you shove in the machine? Lalah? That Glemy you have?" Amuro felt his voice growing weak. "Who're you gonna sacrifice?"
Char didn't get a chance to respond, he let go of Amuro, leaping away as a gun fired, 6 shots impacting in the open pod, shattering the circuitry inside it.
"He's not going to sacrifice anyone!" Jerid shouted he reloaded before Char had a chance to fire back, wrapping an arm around Amuro and kicking towards one of the doors, firing as Char hid behind cover.
"Lalah! Don't let him escape!" But Lalah was too focused on what Amuro had said... was this the mankind he was fighting for? A Titan had saved him... what did it mean... what did any of it mean? "Lalah!" Char screamed, but the door slammed shut and Jerid and Amuro were gone.
wheres the kiss char to destroy his evil option
File: 1343549862203.png (121 KB, 300x222)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Char? Isn't that a girl's name?
Best student Jerid to the rescue, huzzah!
File: Psychoframe.jpg (161 KB, 1080x815)
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161 KB JPG
"This is Jerid Messa, formerly of the Titans, requesting landing on the- the big ship the one with the fins! I have Amuro Ray with me in desperate need of medical attention!"

The Mark-V landed on the Calium, a stretcher had been brought along with enough fire power to turn Jerid into swiss if it turned out he was lying. Sayla and Fraw looked distraught, Kai was busy demanding to know where Quattro was. Kamille was shocked, what had gone down since he'd left the Halo?

Before any of them could continue their inquiries, the Halo began to detonate, the rings shattered, breaking apart as the core of the structure was utterly destroyed.

"Well, the good news is, he'll live." Revil informed the fleet, a wave of relief passed over everyone, If Amuro's story had ended after single-handedly defeating the Titans stronghold, it would have driven them mad. "The bad news is that Quattro has decided to return to being Char, and any time he so chooses, he could return and bring back the war." That they had fought so hard and still did not have peace was sould crushing. Sayla had the fiercest gaze of all, she'd warned Char, if he betrayed them, she was going to kill him.

Char Aznable sat on the bridge of the Sadalahn, he glared at Lalah, his hand clenching over and over again. His fury building, as he gazed down coldly at her.
"You betrayed me."
"I didn't..."
"After everything, I did for you. I brought that scientist to Axis, I tracked down Glemy Toto, I assisted the AEUG..."
"I know..."
"And despite doing everything that you asked... you betrayed me!"
"It's not that simple! I only know bits and pieces, Everything has been different than I thought-"
"And that means it's fine for you to betray our goals? I thought this was for true peace, Lalah Sune!"
"It was... it is..."
Char closed his eyes, it was fine, he could be a patient man too, especially since he had the Tem Ray Circuit.

>Part 2 End
So parallel traveler Lalah?
And so begins Char's Counterattack
As an intermission between Part 2 and 3, I'd like to apologize for the overall roughness of Part 2. Due to its general structure, it's really weird to handle this part of the game. You go from overpowered (Delaz) to underpowered (Axis) to overpowered again (Titans). I feel like I did a disservice skipping over some characters and scenes people would have liked to see or dropped/missed some plot elements. So while I set up the game for Part 3, I'd like thoughts on peoples favourite/least favourite elements from Part 2, and how I could have improved things.
I didn't even realize quattro existed until this last section if that says anything.
This is to be fair, that is basically how the Federation campaign is regarding Quattro. He just sorta shows up, gets Kamille, and then that's it. Past the OYW the Federation Campaign is like a hyper abridged Zeta and 0083.
Loved the ride. Was great.
Or future vision. She's been weird since Amuro 'killed' her in the OYW.
Honestly, some of the best parts of this whole campaign is seeing how different some characters are in this, like Good Guy Jerid, Yazan and Fraw being a pretty good OTP, the stuff with Bernard, Lila's whole arc, Scirocco being a great partner to Revil, Cima and Kou's whole dynamic, and making Bask Om have some real layers. Honestly, this has been the best campaign of Gihren's Greed I have ever seen and feel honored to be a part of it.
Why do you need to apologize, that was fucking awesome

I would also like more Peace Princess Haman please
File: 6 Years Later.jpg (759 KB, 960x1280)
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759 KB JPG

Amuro felt himself awaken, surrounded by the luxurious softness of Egyptian cotton sheets, the sun shining through the glass doors leading to his veranda. With a great heave, the pilot pulled himself from the mattress, the scars of the enter and exit wound still marring his torso, It'd been... 6 years... 6 years since that fateful day. He turned, noticing a mug of tea steaming on his bedside table. Picking it up, he paused to glance at his bedside picture, a smile spreading across his lips, turning his eyes to look up at the sky.

UC - 0093
Part 3 - Neo Zeon

Revil was getting on in years. He wasn't a young man when he'd commanded things 24 years ago, now he was starting to feel time-wrenching on his body.
"I still haven't cracked rejuvenation," Scirocco said, Revil raising an eyebrow as his aide worked away on the Nu-Project.
"I didn't say anything."
"You didn't have to." Scirocco turned and smiled, "I could feel it as you were walking into the compound."
"Time refuses to stand still for a man like me." Revil grunted, Scirocco smiling, offering him a chair, the elder man slumping down.
"You can still take the G-Force of a mobile suit. I wouldn't worry just yet."
"You're not my doctor."
"And good thing too!" Scirocco said, raising a finger, "I hardly understand the Psychoframe, goodness knows I'd be awful at biology." For a man who'd nearly been crippled 6 years ago, Scirocco had remained a good-natured man, devoted in service to Revil.
"Still... he's been too quiet."
"Let him. The longer he's quiet, the more time I have to figure out what Tem was trying to do with this thing." Scirocco muttered. Camilla knocked on the door, walking in with another pot of coffee.
"It's a Psycommu designed to be built into the very frame of the mobile suit." She said, Scirocco's eyes rolling.
"That doesn't tell me the how, only the what."
"So, how are things going with Rei?"
File: 6 Years Later 2.jpg (168 KB, 576x491)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Rei Masamune was relaxing back on the beach, frankly, he'd earned his vacation time and he was going to use it. Camilla's research into reversing the Cyberization process was going well. The artificial Newtypes that Glemy and Jamitov had produced had chances to live a normal life now, Leila was relaxing next to him, she was still considering joining up with the Federation despite his insistence that she very much shouldn't. He considered reaching over to squeeze her hand, but, 1. she had headphones in, so she was likely relaxing and 2. A pair of shadows had just cast themselves over the pair.

"Come on, puppy boy! Show me what you've got!" Cima shouted, her foil nearly scraping open Kou's suit. Fencing wasn't exactly either of their chosen sport, but it was all the ship had on it.
"Would you stop calling me that?" his thrusts sailed past her head, but his aggression was just where she wanted it.
"Why would I? You haven't shown me you're a man yet, now have you?"
"I shot down more enemies than you did in the last war!"
"Yeah, but you did that in nowhere space, so no one even noticed."
Chuck Keith sighed, every day with those two, in the simulator, out of the simulator, with fencing, with tennis, with kendo. Would they just fuck already?! He reclined back in his chair, Burning raising an eyebrow.
"Keith? What are you doing on the ship? Don't you have leave?"
"Yeah, but my show is on." He said, nudging his head towards the room.
"Honestly they're like children..." Burning muttered.
"What about you Lieutenant?"
"CO's don't get leave, Keith. We have things to do, like finding out why reports haven't been logged by snot-nosed brats who's entertainment is watching their crew mates fight." Keith reared back as the door to the training room opened up, Cima taking off her mask with a smile on her face.
"Get back here!"
Kou was already running out after her, same old same old.
Highlights for this campaign were definitely Sirocco/Revil, Yazan/Fraw, Amuro/Char/Sayla's relationship, the brief moments between Kou and Cima and adding context to Monsha and Bask's betrayal.

My only problem would be that some of the sub-plots were forgotten like Bright being undercover and his relationship with the zz crew, Fraw not hunting for Yazan or comforting him after he reunited with her, or Revil/Rei's brief reunion and instead focusing on characters with finished arcs like shiro and ex zeeks

Hope for part 3 are flushing out Kou/Cima, Judah/Haman(how he reacts to her being a terrible person) Fraw now being Yazan's mentor, adult Rei and the Zeta cast's drama with char
File: Rise of Neo Zeon.png (240 KB, 974x533)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Londo Bell. That had been the group Revil had formed to be prepared for Char's eventual return. In a way, Londo Bell was what the Titans should have been, that's how Monsha saw it anyway. He, Adel, and Bate were the 5th Squadron. It was a little weird, not wearing the 4th with pride... then again the fact the Federation had ever let them back in was amazing in and of itself.

Still... they weren't exactly welcome around the colonies, it only made their jobs harder. Anti-Federation sentiment had been spreading through the colonies despite their best work, too many saw the Londo Bell as the Titans under Jamitov, after so long being oppressed, they didn't trust that they were here to help. Char probably wasn't helping matters either...

"Hey, Monsha, do you see that?" Monsha blinked out of his thoughts, looking at his monitor, eyes narrowing.
"Never seen that kind of Mobile Suit before..."
"Think it's a new model?"
"Only one way to find out. Monsha to the Green Wyatt, come in Green Wyatt."
"This is Reed, I have you Monsha."
"Got a new type of mobile suit, patching through the visual now."
Reed studied what he was looking at and then frowned.
"Monsha, you're to treat the new model neutral until it engages, I repeat, do NOT engage with it."
"Roger that."
"I'm going to get a line through to Londo Bell Command, we need to alert Bright."

Haman Karn was still fascinated by the feeling of sunlight. It's not like she was currently living in a wealthy home, but then again, for a woman like her, it was better to live lowkey. A quiet village in the british countryside worked well for her. After she'd argued in parliament for Axis to be recognized as a part of the Earth Sphere, she owed her success to Revil, and now, she was enjoying her retirement.

A knock came to her door, as she picked herself up, before she felt the pressure... her blood ran cold as her fingers clenched tightly.
File: 6 Years Later 3.png (172 KB, 974x541)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Jerid Messa felt the G's of the Re-GZ on his body, it was slightly faster than the Zeta's Waverider, and packing far more firepower, he couldn't even ease up on the throttle as Kamille's Zeta chased after his. With every movement, he tried to dip and duck to throw Kamille off his scent, but it was no good, as the beam captured his BWS, he was forced to eject it, Beam Rifle in hand, shooting up at Kamille's diving form. He could see the movements, his rifle tracking, but Kamille could see just a bit better, turning sure hits into grazes, ejecting the BWS, and swinging his saber.

"Exercise Terminated" Henken announced, Jerid sighing as the Re-GZ faded away, stepping out of the simulator. Mouar smiled, she'd gone through the same just earlier, as Kamille poked his head out.
"Who's next?"
"The break room, you've been in there for 11 bouts."
"I can keep going, who's next?"
Fa put her hand on Kamille's shoulder squeezing lightly, "Kamille... we should take a break..." She whispered softly. Jerid frowned, he saw Kamille as someone to reach for, a rival, but Kamille was so focused on getting revenge on Char that to him, Jerid was just another training dummy.
"Don't take it personally," Mouar said, throwing him a water bottle.
"I don't... I just wish he'd fight me, not Char." Jerid said softly, even saving Four and Rosamia hadn't changed Kamille's anger towards Char, or the betrayal he'd felt.

Roman Holiday was enjoying his home life. He was a man torn between duty and family at the best of times, and while he knew Char was out there and had been informed by Sayla that he would not rest until the Zabi family was dead, Roman was not going to have his daughter living in fear. Shin was on the estate to help out in case anything went south, not to mention what they kept under the swimming pool.

The past 6 years were the happiest of their lives, with Jamitov dead, Zinna was finally able to live not fearing death around every corner.
File: 6 Years Later 4.png (173 KB, 500x550)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
The Double Zeta was skirting the ruins of the battle, sure, they were officially in the Federation, and Monsha even held rank, but the Ashta Junkers Guild never missed a chance to salvage. Besides, there was something interesting about the suit they'd discovered.
"Hey, Beecha, get down here and give me a hand." Beecha's Z-Plus sunk lower, helping to move the ship ruin that had been resting over what Judau was looking at.
"Never seen that model before," Beecha muttered, his fingers sliding over his console to bring up an MS catalog. "It looks kinda like a Zaku III bulked up."
"Yeah, and I'm not detecting any known IFF from the onboard computer," Judau added.
"We'll bring it back then, maybe Bright knows what it is, and if not, he'll want to see it," Beecha said, helping lift the suit out.
"Pity, thought we could fetch a good price for it..." Judau muttered, Beecha rolled his eyes, always thinking about cash. "Still, it might be our lead to Leina too..." That caused Beecha to frown. It had been 6 years since Lalah Sune had stolen Leina from their ship. She hadn't been at the halo, and the Titans confessed that for all the Newtypes brought in, she'd never been one. that meant Leina was elsewhere, and Judau was right to suspect it was Char. Beecha hadn't known Quattro for long, only enough to notice his distance and coldness. He hadn't socialized, when he did, it was tense moments with Miss Sayla. Even if someone had told him he wasn't Char Aznable, the fact he was going to betray them seemed more evident the more he thought of it.

"Katz, adjust your approach, you're coming in too quickly," Kenneth said, he wasn't there teacher anymore, but Katz still gave him worry. It didn't help Hayato was on the ship, having the kids father around only gave him more cause for concern.

Katz for his part, was mentally scolding himself for trying to show off for Sarah he was an adult now, but he still had a teenager's hormones it seemed.
I voted for Sayla and Roux but Char would have shown up regardless. We just made things easier for him.
Jeris Messa the prodigal son has returned. Best timeline ever?
File: 6 Years Later 5.jpg (49 KB, 367x484)
49 KB
Kai snuffed out another cigarette on his ashtray, despite the suave spy he presented himself as to the crew, when it came to his work as a journalist, he looked like a slob, his tie done loose, his jacket hung on his chair, energy drinks and cigarettes littering the area.
"Honestly, you could stand to clean up a little." Miharu said, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, he instinctively leaned up, his lips finding hers, knowing exactly what his wife wanted. It was the only thing that got his hands off the keyboard, sliding into her hair, squeezing tight and holding her close. Even when they broke apart, their lips didn't.
"Sorry." He whispered, "I get lost in my work."
"I know... but if you lose your life, what am I going to do?"
Kai smiled, returning to kissing her, trying to mumble the words between it.
"Okay, I'll... try to... cut back..."
"You better... don't you... have to report back today?" Kai checked the time in his head, squeezing tighter on Miharu's hair and shrugging.
"I got time."

"You're late," Blex said, Kai, shrugged, while a few of the less mature pilots snickered, Kai, didn't even dignify them with a response.
"I know, but you're going to like what I found." He said, handing over the thumb drive.
"You found him then?"
"He's not as clever as he thinks, never has been. And more on top of that." As he continued to insist, he was a journalist first... it just so happened that, for a very good journalist, there wasn't that much of a difference with 'spy'.
File: 6 Years Later 6.png (570 KB, 728x1027)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
Fraw was once again scouring the missing persons. Yazan had just disappeared from sickbay 6 years ago. She'd thought maybe the Titans had kidnapped him, like they had Lila, but no... he'd just left on his own. She searched the underground fighting rings, the homeless shelters, she searched on earth and in space... She wondered if he didn't want to be found, or if she was simply a failure.

Even now, she still wore the jacket he'd given her 20 years ago when she was heading to a new base when she had to sleep in the field... it was armour for her.

Where was he? She refused to believe he'd died... she'd ask Kai to look, but he was so busy trying to find Char she didn't want to drop even more work on his plate. Eventually, she settled down in the kitchen, there was nothing she could do today,

Gopp had his maid pouring the wine, relaxing back, he looked over to his guest.
"I really was surprised, you know, when you suddenly asked to share a meal with me. I really had thought I'd gotten to know you." The guest responded with a nod,
"Ah see, the silent treatment again."
"I was always taught never to talk with my mouth full, Chairman."
"Ah, good manners too, truly you are a man of mystery. First, my beloved daughter brings you to our humble home, and then you spend this entire time being our silent guest of honour."
"I appreciate it. Truly. It's been hard the past couple of years, but I knew that if anyone ever had trouble, to come to you. That's what Sleggar said anyway."
"I'm flattered... so, tell me. What is it you feel like doing now that you've woken up? Business or Pleasure?" Gopp asked.

Yazan finished off his steak, putting his knife and fork down, and cleaning his mouth, after a swallow, his teeth formed into a vicious grin.


Gopp smiled right back, snapping his fingers, their meal taken away.

"Then if you will follow me, Yazan Gable, I believe I have something you could use."
We've hit the end of the game campaign wise, at the beginning of Part 3, this is how the world map looks. I've already enabled the cheats to give Char max resources and money so we can have us a good scrap. But I was wondering how people would want this to go

1. Vanilla: I'm going to take my big stack and rip into Char's forces. I got 20 turns to take Axis before Char drops it and Amuro goes Beyond the Time. Beyond the plot stuff I'll be adding this is a straight shot to the end, win or lose, difficulty or easy.
2. Ace Challenge: Like Vanilla, but I'll be removing all my Jegans and GM III's and only be deploying my aces. Half the reason we have no deaths is that I use grunts to absorb the enemies' fire and hammer them with my Aces. With this challenge, my own pilots will be in danger more.
3. Area Challenge: I'll give more of space to Char, I might also give him some of Earth (He has none of it, to begin with) This will extend the campaign essentially, and force me to fight through more areas to defeat his fleet.

If you have other ideas or desires, let me know, I'll be continuing the campaign tomorrow, though it'll be delayed for a while around mid-day
Ace or Ace + Area sounds good. The campaign so far has been too easy with no character deaths at all. Some danger should make the finale more fun.
As someone who plays Fire Emblem games by save-scuming to have everyone live in the end. I vote for Vanilla, because I love these takes on the characters too much to see them die.
Since Char has max resource I believe Vanilla is the way to go.
I vote Area because I don’t want the campaign to end
A maxed out resources Char will be shitting out some stuff, so even Vanilla would be fine there
It looks like Char is collecting people for his Neo-Zeon movement. I wonder if any of the Zeon pilots we rescued from the Titans will be in there.
If Char's playing with max resources, then I think vanilla will be fine.
do you have any places you post your writing at at all? if you need an editor or whatever i think some of us could totally help out to make it as best as possible
No, I don't. Even for this, I'll be doing a section of the game then immediately transcribing it for the post without double-checking. Hence all my errors. And the posts I occasionally lose by accidentally hitting enter.

This was doubling as an exercise to see if I could do a Gihren's Ambition playthrough like X/Copy X, and to work off the rust of my skills.

Since the vote is pretty firmly Vanilla, I'll continue the campaign as such.
File: 1587522404884.png (2.78 MB, 2000x1950)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG
Is it time to update the chart?
the general opinion has been "time to make a new chart"
File: new.png (33 KB, 2000x989)
33 KB
made a new chart
Queen Sarah was a fucking blast.
>let's make Sarah Mineva's protector, she'll be like a big sister to her
>what could possibly go wrong?
>"whaddya mean you two are going to rule the world together?"
The answer is a clear yes
I didn't participate, but reading it, the Willia/m/ Shatner run seemed pretty fun.
Does anyone have the Mount Rushmore picture with Shatner's, Elran's, Revil's, and someone else's head?
File: 6 Years Later 7.jpg (2.61 MB, 1800x2150)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
Sayla's finger brushed over the trigger, her eyes narrowing, focusing on the target ahead of her. She'd been at this every day for the past 6 years, her rage continued to burn, not only had Char betrayed them he'd nearly taken Amuro from her. The crack of her rifle echoed 10 times, her gaze never wavering, her form like steel. She'd make him pay, with her own two hands, she'd bury him...

Then she saw Amuro standing on the veranda, and felt those emotions melt from her. Her rage could be stored away for now, while she was able to spend time in peace with him, this time, without the feeling of a gilded cage crushing them.

"Bright called," Amuro said, letting his arms wrap around Sayla, pulling her in close and enjoying her warmth. "We should get ready to launch soon."
"If he's calling it's probably important." There went a potential sleepy day to spend, it was time to be soldiers again it seemed.
"Fraw's gone on ahead to get us a shuttle to the Ra Calium. We got a bit of time." Amuro whispered lightly, leaning down to give her a soft kiss. "Are you sure you're ready to face him?"
"I told him, if he betrayed us then I would kill him. Amuro, that man has betrayed me over and over again. Any love I had is gone now." He saw the steel in her eyes and smiled.
"I'm with you... till the end."
"I know, after all, you're the man I chose."

Bright smiled as the Londo Bell fleet once more came together, They were still using the Nahel Argama's from the war, there'd been talks of creating a 'Clop' class to make another Ra Calium, but they still hadn't finished plumbing the depths of the ship they currently had.

"General Revil, you have command."
"Captain, I expressly gave you command over the Londo Bell forces."
"Perhaps, but you're still the supreme commander of the Federation military. So, General, your orders?"
>You wanna go murder your brother?
>I am so turned on right now
Every relation should be built on the firm foundation of hating your in-laws.
File: 1538045894086.jpg (46 KB, 480x480)
46 KB
>that man has betrayed me over and over again
File: 6 Years Later 8.jpg (2.06 MB, 2953x2079)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
"We have a few incidents worth discussing here, but the short of it is they all point to Char finally making his move." Revil was skipping the pretenses and just getting right down to brass tacks. The viewscreen showed a collection of bloody and beaten men littering a back alley. "These men attempted to kidnap Rei while he was on vacation, as you can see, they failed. These men-" He pressed a button as it shifted over to Haman's residence in Britain. "-Approached Haman Karn, and, after a few hours she departed with them, Federation Secret Service had them tracked to a space port." He pressed his thumb again, "Judau Ashta discovered a ruined mobile suit around Side 4. Make and model are unknown, but clearly, the design is similar to that of the Zaku III, implicating Axis, however-" He pressed the button again. "The Green Wyatt encountered another of these mobile suits, very much active, around Side 1."
"So Char's making his own mobile suits..." Yuu noted looking over his dossier, "And it would seem he's got some territory for himself."
"Quite. For whatever reason, he wanted Rei and Haman Karn. The latter seems obvious though."
"There are plenty of folks on Axis who weren't happy with how the war ended." Rayer muttered, "And those that were but would definitely rearm if it meant following Haman."
"She isn't like that!" Judau shouted, turning on Rayer, "She must be being forced into this."
"Regardless of if Haman is being forced to go with this, or if she's willing to reignite war herself, Axis remains the right target for us." Revil snapped, "Not only as a production point but a stronghold against a potential invasion."
"How should we go about this, then?" Tianem asked, "The way I see it, we can either keep the fleet together and progress along the Luna II route, though Sector 1, Side 4, Konpei Island, Sector 9 and directly to Axis. Or we can split the fleet, Send half our number through Side 4 and the Garden of Thorns to the Gate of Zedan."
File: 1542692274293.png (346 KB, 1152x392)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
File: Decision Point.jpg (901 KB, 1700x1275)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
It was quite the decision, if they moved all their forces through Luna II, they'd assuredly have the power to smash right through any and all of Char's opposition, but they'd be leaving their flank open if any of Char's forces decided to move into allied territory. However, if they suspected that Char was operating out of Axis and that claiming the territory was their ultimate goal, is was the smartest decision to make.

It ultimately came down to playing it safe or going on the offensive.

>What shall Revil do?
File: 1545964672788.png (380 KB, 800x450)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
> Not including sniping Kycillia.
Cover our flanks. Char's not stupid, and decisive battles are decidedly not decisive.
>lupin Cima
Yo what run was this? Sounds like a riot of a time.
As an AmuroxFraw-fag, I think I may have to throw in the towel because you AmuroxSayla-fags might as well have won this.
The Gihren one I think
>That custom run where we decided to send Amuro in an Alex to destroy all of Zeon, with Amuro almost killing them all, only to die to a random mook.

That shit was insane.
It was the Titan's run after Centrist Char where I recall the Titans having to deal with 10 psychos and all that. Jerid and Cima are basically playing cat and mouse in the end but on the same side. It's one of the better runs.
File: The Demon of Sweetwater.jpg (1018 KB, 1447x2039)
1018 KB
1018 KB JPG
"We'll divide the fleet. We can't risk Char taking allied territory while we're busy trying to track him down. The Ra Calium will head through the Luna II line, and Kowen will head the flank fleet on the Defiance."

Luna II Fleet
Tianem - Ra Calium
Bright Noa - Nahel Argama
Kenneth Sleg - Alamut
Wakkein - Caledonia
Gene Coliny - Abram
Iino - Spirit of Shangri-la
Noct G - Midnight Runner
Mirai Noa - Jeanne D'Arc
Isan Ryer - Invincible
Matilda - The Gorgon
Kojima - Shagohod

Flank Fleet
John Kowen - Defiance
Eiphar Synapse - Caledonia
Woody Malden - Belleisle
Kocsel - Lili Marleen 2
Manity - Titania
Reed - Green Wyatt
Henken - Siegfried
Blex Forer - Enterprise
Astionage -Diogenes
Antonio - Ajax

"We'll depart in 8 hours, may fortune favour you on the battlefield."

"What do you want, Char?" Haman asked, she could feel the chill on the bridge of the Rewloola, but Char was almost acting courteous.
"To welcome you back into the fold, Haman. After all, we're on the eve of achieving my father's grand goals."
"Your fath- You intend to get humanity to migrate into space, with this fleet? Are you mad?"
"Not at all. I could never defeat the Londo Bell in a straight-up fight. But the thing is that I don't have to." He paused and stared into Haman's eyes. "After all, if the earth were to be rendered uninhabited, then humanity would have no choice but to leave."
"You're going to render the earth-"
"I'm going to drop Axis onto the planet, the force of the collision will trigger a new ice age, humanity will have no choice but to move into space. Freed from the binds of gravity."
"Char that's... madness, you're talking about thousands... millions of lives!"
"The Earth Federation is not so callous as to abandon its people. But I understand Haman." Char stepped from his chair, walking towards her. She instinctively took a step back, his hand cupping her chin, "I can feel the tether of gravity upon your soul... we can solve that."
God dammit char, not again.
Haman felt the coldness run down her back as Mashymre and Chara saluted her, it was clear neither were quite the people she'd left.
"What... happened to them?" She asked, Nanai turning to her and smiling,
"Isn't it fascinating? To start with, I only had Jamitov and Gihren's notes on the Cyberization process. It was incredibly crude. But, Glemy proved himself to be every bit his father's son in deciphering the last bits needed to help perfect the process." Nanai turned, placing a hand on Haman's shoulder, the warmth of Nanai's touch only unnerved her.
"I know you must be worried, but Char's desires aren't to cause undue suffering. The past 6 years, you've lived bound to the earth, yearning for it. But here we have your subjects, and if you want, we can sever those bonds." Haman turned her head as Nanai smiled, "You don't have to decide now, we only want to help."

Haman didn't know what to do, she couldn't consult anyone. Mashymre and Chara had been altered, Illia had also joined the Neo Zeon fleet, even attempting to speak to her just had the woman looking away, she cared not for what Haman had to say... or was too ashamed to face her.

Haman's room was an opulent palace almost, it was as large as the bridge, with the finest silks and cottons, it was extravagent, as a man with a purple ponytail bowed to her.
"Miss Haman, I am to be your servant."
"I have no need of a servant."
"Master Char insisted that I be of use." The man bowed again, but he felt wrong... they all felt wrong to her.
"What is your name?" She asked, as he stood up straight.
"I am Garma Zabi, Master Char said he had need of me, and so, I have come to serve him."
File: take2.png (2.84 MB, 2000x1950)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB PNG
Sorry to Zero for derailing this thread with old stuff a bit more but I thought I'd get around to updating this since it lacked something important
I love the old runs, they're what inspired me to do this run, never feel back to 'interrupt' and the Legend of the Jackstab should not be forgotten.
I don’t think we ever updated this from the last run
Lalah Sune placed her hand upon the window of the Rewloola, her fingers clenching, she wanted to rip through the glass and let the vastness of space take her... Why had she survived? When Amuro had intended to kill her, she felt like she had been sent through time, she saw so many things, so many wondrous and terrible things, she saw heartbreak and tragedy, small miracles and engulfing darkness. When she woke up in the still intact cockpit of the Elmeth, she figured she'd been given a second chance to help steer the world to something better. That she needed to be the agent of fate. But all she had done was kill and kidnap, over the years, her soul felt stained black with the misery of her actions. And here she was, at the moment of truth knowing how this would end.

Amuro and Char would die, the world would fall into ruin, and there was nothing she could do... she was a swan with broken wings, doomed to fall in this chaotic dance of death and destruction.
The Jackstab was like if you walked back home from a long day of work, but someone offers you a ride back home, but along the way you shoot the driver in the back of the head, then walk the rest of the way home.
File: First Blood.png (277 KB, 973x541)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
The Spirit of Shangri-La was the first to move through the Luna II line, the rest of the fleet would catch up, but Iino was sure that he could at least help secure the path. When hostiles first appeared on course, he knew immediately that he wouldn't be of much help in the Nahel Argama, moving to the hanger to slip into the ZII, he'd be able to help effectively fight better with the machine. He hadn't expected the Geara Doga to be so strong, they nearly destroyed his machine in a single engagement. Returning to the hanger, he patched through to the bridge. "Support our forces with some covering fire! Deploy GM III squadrons and begin a fighting retreat!" There were 24 GMs, 8 Geara Doga's stood before them, 6 S Dias, and a single Zanzibar II. He wouldn't run away like last time. He was going to win this!

3 of the GM III's erupted in a fire storm as the Geara Doga and S Dias tore into them, even with the supporting fire of 18 other GM III they only managed to take down 1 Doga, As another squad of GM III's encountered 2 other Doga, they were only able to take down one, a GM eating a Beam Sword-Axe to the torso, the pilot murdered instantly. Those S Dias were the first problem as Iino directed his GM's to focus them down, The Nahel Argama lining up a shot with its Hi-Mega Cannon firing a burst down the line.

There were only 3 Geara Doga left, along with 4 S Dias. That had cost him 7 GM IIIs...
"Keep fighting! The rest of the fleet will be here soon!"
File: First Blood 2.png (266 KB, 973x541)
266 KB
266 KB PNG

Amuro was under immediate attack as he reached space, his Re-GZ immediately being assaulted by a crimson mobile suit. His beam plinked uselessly off the advancing monstrosity, he tried to adjust to get away, but it pursued him relentlessly.

"Really, Amuro? This is what you've chosen to fight me in?" The words ran cold in Amuro's ears, as the wound on his stomach began to ache. The red machine tore past his Re-GZ, tearing off the BWS before brutally driving a kick to the machine's side, Amuro was sent hurtling, he was going to get caught in the atmosphere! He activated his thrusters, the power of the Re-GZ barely enough to wrench him out of free fall, but the Red MS was there, funnels spiraling around him.

"Weak! Weak! Weak! Is this all you can muster against me?! You've grown soft, like a child Amuro!" The Re-GZ's legs were torn from its body as Amuro tried to mount some knid of counter-attack, but it was useless.

None could escape the Red Comets wrath.

"Die, Amuro Ray." Char said, a sharp gaze as the funnels moved to fire upon the cockpit... only for Incom's to slide out and tear them apart.
"Kid, the hell are you doing? You wanna make Fraw cry? You wanna make me kill you for making that sweet gal cry?" Char turned to face the new threat, Amuro could see what it was even from here, a Gundam Mark-V, clad deep blue, almost black, with crimson eyes.
"Am I supposed to know who you are?" Char asked, Beam axe flaring.
"You can call me the Black Beast, if we're usin' nicknames. But personally... I think executioner works well."
"Dead meat it is then." Char hissed.
Where did our nice and strong Ex-S go?
The post-war cost-benefit analysis, probably.
Besides, Re-GZ is cool as hell.
you forgot hiding the body, driving across town to get rid of the car and then walking all the way home with no shoes.
I'm liking the pseudo Beltorchika's Children vibe Amuro has.

Also I dont think Amuro can survive Yazan if he hears about the harem.
Yeah, and that.
File: First Blood 3.png (212 KB, 973x541)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
The Mark-V slammed back against the Re-GZ as the machine sparked, Yazan coughing badly, the Sazabi glared at both of them, a single dangerous eye gleaming.
"Holy shit he's strong..." Yazan muttered as he attempted to fight off the Geara Doga attacking him.
"Yeah." Amuro hissed, trying to dress his wounds and adjust his system, "And that one you're fighting? It's a Newtype."
"Incredibly, what a day to launch into space..."
"I thought you were dead."
"And I thought you'd have a better machine. What is that?"
"A refined Zeta Gundam."
"Why did it have a backpack?"
"Cheaper than a transformation system..."
"Holy shit, we're gonna die because the beancounters are cheap fucks..." Yazan muttered. though they had a number of IFF approaching from Oceania-Point.
"We just gotta survive this." Amuro muttered,
"Yeah, we're not dead yet." Yazan added.

Down in Jaburo, a rocket was beginning to launch, as Nina Purpleton wiped her brow.
"Miss Nina! We haven't even tested it yet!"
"We don't have time to test it!" Nina snapped, looking up at the launch controls. "Mora! Hit the button or I will march up there and hit it with your face!"
Camilla stared at the rocket as it began to take off. They still hadn't managed to get the funnels to interface with the Psycoframe, but perhaps it would still make a difference, the Nu Gundam...

Amuro got kicked from it when we swapped from Part 2 to Part 3, because he went from AEUG Amuro to CCA.

Since he was departing earth I put him in an MS that was departing earth at the time. Which was the Re-GZ and the Titans Spec Mark-V. and the Nu was complete the turn after Amuro launched
Hoping we'll be able to work up to the Hi-Nu at the very least; as nice as the Nu is, the Hi-Nu feels more appropriate for this iteration of Amuro.
File: First Blood 4.png (296 KB, 973x541)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
If Revil needed any indication that Char had amassed a fleet. It was the forces waiting for them at Side 4. Any belief that Side 4 was loyal to the Federation were dashed as their defenses immediately turned on the Ra Calium.

"Battlestations!" Revil ordered, "Pilots prepare to launch, we're to treat any mobile suit not broadcasting Londo Bell IFF as an enemy!"
"It looks like a mix of Axis and new models" Mirai noted, "ZII's, prepare for deployment, All ships prepare covering fire!"

A silent Newtype commanded from another Geara Doga, raising his machines hand and directing the Neo Zeon forces to charge, the Ex-S and ZII's of the fleet flying out to meet them. While the Newtype was powerful, they weren't an able commander, a silent figure plugged into a machine for destructive purposes, nothing in comparison to the figure Revil cut, even worse for the Newtype, they couldn't match the coordination of pilots who had trained for this, as Mondo's beams kept it distracted, Leung dove in, saber extended and sliced right through the cockpit, burning away at the Newtype inside.
File: First Blood 5.png (338 KB, 973x541)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>NT-100 is dead

The Neo Zeon forces spread out. Londo Bell had already broken their defensive positions, The mobile suits moved out, targeting each squadron in turn. Elle's Re-GZ tore ahead of the pack, twisting around, aiming towards Lyle's Gwanban. Her main cannon fired, puncturing holes in the ship.

"Commander Ch-" Lyle didn't even manage to squeeze out Char's name as his bridge erupted in flames, his body smashing through the reinforced class from the force of the explosion that erupted behind him.

>Lyle is dead
File: First Blood 6.png (246 KB, 973x541)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Char observed as the Federation fleer arrived, Hm... they outnumbered his forces, even split apart, a wing of the Londo Bell would be enough to crush him here, but he'd gotten what he needed. Already he began to depart the battlefield whether any of the pilots who followed him survived, he could hardly give a damn, as the ZII's and Re-GZ's deployed to assist Amuro and Yazan, the Duo were pursued by Rezin, Illia Pazom and another of the Newtype's Char had created. Their Geara Doga's were comparable in strength to the Gundam Mark-V, they featured far more powerful weaponry, their Beam Machine gun almost as powerful as the Hi-Mega Cannon of the Nahel Argama, and unlike the Mark-V which required careful maintenance, they could be produced by the factory load...
Wait, is the stuff about the Geara Doha’s machine gun being more powerful than the Nahel Argama’s hyper cannon actually true? What the fuck?
File: First Blood 7.png (154 KB, 973x541)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Which is why Rezin could not understand how she couldn't hit the Re-GZ! It wasn't even a real Gundam, it was a fake, piloted by a has-been! despite the spray of beam fire, she utterly failed to land a short. "Spread out and flank him!" she ordered, Illia and the Newtype moving to her commands, but what they'd failed to reckon with was the Mark-V, Incom's springing out from behind a piece of debris melting through Illia and Rezin's guns. THERE! The Re-GZ was charging towards her, she dropped the useless rifle, swinging her Beam Axe-Sword... only to pop the dummy balloon, the Re-GZ, even damaged as badly as it had been from fighting Char, looped around her, saber slicing through the legs and head of the Geara Doga. Illia moved to engaged before the incoms quickly sliced her machine to pieces.
"Hey ladies." Yazan said over an open line, "You mind letting me know what's up, I've had a few years relaxing, not up to date with everything, especially not those new mobile suits of yours."

>Rezin and Illia have been captured.

The Nahel Argama's Hi-Mega Cannon is 400 potency, The Beam Machine Gun on the Rezin-Custom Geara Doga is 384. On the Command Doga, it's 360, on the grunt model, 240. So yeah, they're powerful. For context, the Beam Rifle on the Jegan is 200.
File: First Blood 8.png (132 KB, 973x541)
132 KB
132 KB PNG

Amuro and Yazan weren't going to sit around as the Jagd Doga lagged behind, Amuro fired from his wrist-mounted grenade launchers, Yazan launched his INCOM's in the exhaust trail, masking the wires, letting them twist and weave towards Gyunei Guss. While Gyunei was trying to flee, the ships Char had arrived with started to be picked from the skies, Yuri Hassler was once more willing to face death, for the glory of Zeon, long live Haman Karn! Except once more, as the Rewloola was assaulted, his ship was not destroyed, merely rendered inert. He couldn't even DIE correctly.

>Yuri Hassler has been captured

The Newtype who had been fleeing in his Geara Doga however? Not so lucky. Cima's Incoms caught up to them, slicing right through their cockpit, a silent scream echoing as they were blown away in an instant.

>NT-102 is dead

"No! Crap! Come on!" Gyunei shouted, his beam machine gun firing rapidly, failing to land a shot on Amuro Ray. "To that faker?! I'm going to lose to this fake Gundam?!" As the Incoms tore away his machine's legs Amuro plunged his Beam saber into the Jagd Doga's head.

"Gyunei, Evacuate," Char ordered as the screaming pilot was forced to depart, his machine erupting in a ball of fire. blasting him towards the Sazabi.

>Gyunei Guss has been wounded.
Fucking what? That's absolutely ridiculous.
File: Casval Rem Deikun.png (478 KB, 1024x554)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
"You shifty FUCKER!" Monsha yelled, leaping from his cockpit onto Yazan who was getting out of the Mark-V "I knew you weren't dead! Where have you been? We've been looking for your ass for 6 years!"
"And where'd you get a Titans Mark-V?" Bate added, meanwhile Chap was moving from cockpit to cockpit, holding out his hand.
"The fuck are you all doing?" Yazan shouted.
"Bettin' pool."
"You assholes were betting if I was alive or dead?!"
"You disappeared for 6 years! If you don't want speculation next time send a fuckin' postcard!"
Amuro was torn. He was happy to see everyone so excited to be with one another again, But the fact remained that Char had utterly beaten him, beaten Yazan too. Amuro thought himself a humble man, but he knew his skills, he was the best pilot the Federation had. And Yazan? They literally wrote books on the things he'd invented as an ace. The fact that both of them were beaten so handily was... sobering. The way he saw it, not only did he need a machine of similar power, he'd need allies. He... he couldn't beat Char alone...
"Amuro." Roux tapped on his helmet, handing him a drink. "You'll be fine, okay?" She said, smiling to him, he smiled back as best he could, trying not to let himself get wrapped up in his own mind. For now, they had a friend to welcome back.

What was not okay, was the footage currently being broadcast around the Federation television.

"I am Char Aznable, many of you know me as the Red Comet, the Ace of Zeon. But I have another name, Casval Rem Deikun! I am the son of Zeon Deikun, a man killed by the Zabi family in the name of greed and power. I have come before you today, not seeking vengeance but growth. For too long has the Federation polluted the earth, their abuse of our home, the cradle of our civilization, is barbaric. While the rich fester and feast on the prosperity of our motherland, the poor are left to suffer, wallowing in squallor and filth!"
File: Casval Rem Deikun 2.jpg (950 KB, 1080x1920)
950 KB
950 KB JPG
Char's speech was interspliced with footage of the battle, of the Re-GZ being torn to shreds, while it would have been sweeter for a more clear Gundam type to be the source of Char's destruction, the Re-GZ would do.

"Humanity went to space so that the planet would not collapse under the weight of the people on it. Once there, they flourished, expanding their living space as they built more colonies on their own. Their success filled them with hubris and dreams of glory, leading to the creation of evils like the Zabi family. We mustn't repeat that mistake! Why won't people understand that their horizons will be expanded by moving into space? I believe that humanity should no longer pollute the Earth! But the Federation allowed the formation of the Titans, people who abused and used the people of space and of the Earth. It fostered the growth of men like Jamitov Hymen, who thought only of ravaging the Earth. Those whose souls were bound to the gravity of Earth!

From the dawn of time, mankind has played in this cradle called Earth. But now, humanity must leave the nursery behind! Our infancy has come to an end! Tell me why, at this turning point, why must we fight amongst each other for scarce resources and further pollute the Earth!? The Earth should be returned to its natural state. And all humanity must live in outer space. Otherwise, Earth will no longer be "The Planet of Water".

Look upon the scars of war! The crater where Sydney once stood, the destruction and desertification of the middle-east. The polluted waters and deforestation! This is how exhausted the Earth is! Every one of us would like to see the Earth remain alive and beautiful. If so, we should not cling to the Earth like parasites just to fulfill our selfish desires!

I stand before all of you today, to pronounce the birth of Neo Zeon, the nation of those in space, bound not by the selfish ideals of the Zabi family, but from humanity's desire to see the Earth restored!"
File: Casval Rem Deikun 3.jpg (1.02 MB, 700x1120)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
"The people are turning on the Federation." Gopp informed Revil, "Not only in space but on earth, riots are happening. Char has reached the people and incited their anger and desires to follow his words."
"If people want to leave the earth for space, they can." Revil said softly, "That's not what matters. What matters is forcing those who don't want to leave. See if you can stem the panic by announcing more colony projects and offering people a chance to sign up for them."
"I don't think the big wigs would like that," Gopp said with a laugh.
"When have I ever given a fuck about what they liked?"
"So you agree with Char?"
"To an extent. We've done some real damage to the Earth these past 20 years. The corrupt bureaucrats certainly haven't helped matters. But Char pointing out facts does not make his thesis correct. As Amuro cautioned 6 years ago, Humanity should be allowed to choose when it wishes to depart. We can fight those who cause harm to the world, but we should never attempt to impose the will of any one man upon humanity."
"I'll see what I can do then," Gopp said, giving Revil a salute as the call was cut.

"What did you think of it?" Char asked, wondering how Haman felt watching his performance, she glared at him.
"Just like you, to say what you think others want to hear."
"You don't think these are my true feelings?"
"To be honest, I cannot fathom your true feelings. Every second you talk, I think you're lying, whether it be to me, to yourself, or to whoever has to hear it."
"Harsh words..."
"You've lived as Casval Rem Deikun, as Édouard Mass, as Char Aznable, as Quattro Bajeena... who is the real you? Do you even know anymore?" Char didn't have an answer to that, he just stared at Haman, glaring at her, no mask to hide his emotions anymore.
"What I know is that humanity has ruined the earth, and I must take steps to guide them to a better future." He turned slamming the door behind him as he left.
It was just like the novels.
"General, we're receiving a transmission from... From Char Aznable?!" Torres said on the bridge of the Ra Calium.
"Put him through." Revil had been prepared to deploy in his Ex-S, sliding into the cockpit as the call was pushed through to his main console.
"General Revil, it's good to see you again." Char said, bowing his head, hand across his chest.
"What do you want?" Revil was not angry, his face betrayed no emotion, letting his stony expression guard him.
"There was a battle recently, In it, your forces captured a few of my colleagues, I would like them returned."
"You're joking."
"I am not one for jests, General. You may think them meager, but each of my companions means as much to me as yours do to you."
"Let us assume, for an instant, that I believed you, what possible cause would I have to listen to you?"
"Because if you do not, I will begin systematically killing every last Federation soldier I come across on the battlefield. Before, I have been content to let a battle be a battle, as you well know. But if you refuse me in this, then the next time one of your vaunted crew stands before my Sazabi, I will kill them. And I wont stop there. I will track down every last one of the Federations heroes. I will butcher them, You wont even be able to hold a funeral for the fallen. " Char's voice was devoid of emotion, the cold calculation was paramount. "This war need not end in mutual destruction, and it need not end with your soldiers dead at my hands. But if you test me, General, I will turn victory into ash in your mouth, I will make the bitter taste of defeat carve deep into your heart... So, General, your decision?"

>What shall Revil do?
To clarify, refusing Char changes every battle against the Sazabi were one of our troops is shot down into a kill, no endurance roll.
>I hate the Zabis but I’m gonna clone Garma and keep Gihren’s kid around
Flawless logic Char
What better way to show your absolute hatred than to turn Degwin Zabi(Who's still alive)'s beloved son into your clone manservant. And take the son of Gihren Zabi and mold him to your image?
"Alright, Char... you'll get them back after this battle." Revil conceded, in the end, he was an old man, and he realized he had come to see these pilots as more than just his soldiers, but his sons, his daughters. If he'd lost them... he shook his head, trying to clear those thoughts.

The battle itself helped to solidify Revil's fears, The Spirit of Shangri-La was sunk by Arius Moma, apparently, his KIA report had been exaggerated, or, as Revil feared, the cloning technology of Neo Zeon was growing more brazen. Whichever it was, Lila, Jerid, and Kacricon were not going to let it stand. Free of the shackles from their hearts, they'd become extremely effective as pilots for the Federation. Their ZII's weaved between the Bawoo MP shots, before Jerid finally levelled his beam rifle with the cockpit, squeezing the trigger and blowing the Newtype away.

>Arius Moma is Dead
File: Nu.png (163 KB, 973x541)
163 KB
163 KB PNG

"Until next time, Revil," Char said, smiling to himself before a single IFF signal appeared on the radar. "Report, who is that?!" Char ordered. Deune's Jamru Fin buzzed by the approaching white suit.
"Don't know, never seen this model before." He said before Char turned to the Neue Ziel II.
"Whatever it is, take it apart. Make an example of it." The Mobile Armour pilot nodded, driving forth with the crimson armour, its claws extending preparing to-

A pair of grenades cracked through the I-Field, impacting on the torso, followed by a white streak slicing the armour in half. Char paused, shaking his head slightly, no... he couldn't be back already... after being humiliated like that, and all alone?

"All forces focus fire on that new model, take it down!"

Amuro smiled, his eyes flashing with renewed vigour.

"Go ahead, roll those dice."

Camilla slumped over the console in her office, she'd done it... she'd finally figured out how to make the Tem Ray Circuit connect with the Funnel system, she smiled, a laugh rising to her lips, she'd done it! In as many days, another rocket was prepared to go up over Jaburo.

"We barely got the clearance from the last one-" One of the mechanics protested, but Nina Purpleton did not care.
"Is the pilot on board?!"
"He hasn't even been tra-"
"Is the pilot on the mobile suit?!"

The Rocket was away, with it, was the Federations next step, the realization of Tem Ray's research, but not the realization of Amuro's Project Nu
Oh shit lads, we’re going to stomp all over Char’s Neo Zeon and take dump on his pride.
Amuro moved like he'd been reborn. The Nu could not be further from the Re-GZ. Where he touched, it sung, and danced, every slight movement was his, He'd already destroyed almost all of Char's forces. the Sazabi could not tag the Nu.

"Why?! What changed? Why can't I hit you?!" The change? Well that was obvious, as Amuro leaned back with a smile, the Mark-V appearing over the horizon and unleashing a storm of beams.
"Not so tough without your cheer squad, are ya?!" Yazan roared, moving to back up Amuro, "New machine, how's it feel?"
"Well, there used to be more of them."
"Wonderful." Deune charged in, his Jamru Fin firing as Amuro twisted around, shooting right through the MA without causing it to detonate. the machine coming to a half. Deune completely neutralized. "Okay, that was just showing off."
"No, It did what I wanted it to do." Char's rage was growing, his funnels deploying and moving towards the Nu, "I'll dance, you keep those funnels off me." Amuro suggested, Yazan smirking.
"As much as I'd love to stomp a mudhole in his ass, you can be the lead right now.

>Deune has been captured
Amuro's twisted around the funnels as they came in, every time, Yazan would use the Incom's to duel them, to keep Char from being able to set up the shots he wanted. But Amuro was getting tired of dancing around, he was as much a beast as any other man, and right now, he was salivating to sink his teeth into Char. He lunged forward, beam rifle blazing, deploying multiple dummy balloons as he charged. Char saw right through them, his axe blazing, clashing against the Nu's saber.

"How... you don't even have any funnels! How are you so much stronger?!"
"Char, you don't get it... you fought by my side, how can you not see it?"
"I refuse to accept this!" his Funnels deploys only to be immediately sniped by the Mark-V. "If it wasn't for him! If this was just us!"
"You'd probably win, no doubt." Amuro said calmly, Char's eyes shot open, "But this isn't a duel Char. This is a battle, a war, and in war." Amuro twisted the Nu's wrist, forcing the Axe upwards, his fist hammering into the side of the Sazabi's head. "ALL IS FAIR!" Each strike came with the intention to tear into the cockpit, it was only due to the Sazabi's inherent design that his cockpit remained intact as Char realized he'd lost... And in that moment.

He felt fear.

The Sazabi's thrusters erupted, tearing away from the Nu as Char scrambled away.
"Get away from me! Get away you devil!"
"Nah... that ain't no devil." Yazan hissed his Mark-V intercepting, beam saber impacting with the Sazabi's chest. "He's a bonafide unicorn." The Sazabi erupted into fire, the escape pod erupting from the head, quickly reclaimed by the Rewloola as it fled the battlefield. "Wha?"
"The cockpit was in the head."
"Oh, bitch move! I totally got that kill!"
"Why did you think I was punching the head?"
"To psyche him out?"
"No... that... no."
"... if anyone asks-"
"You saved my life, yes."
"Just so we're clear."

>Char has been wounded, the Sazabi has been destroyed.

>Project Nightingale has been activated.
File: 1594613672259.jpg (274 KB, 1200x1653)
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274 KB JPG
>>Project Nightingale has been activated
Ooooh ominous
Nice closing line for the post
Does the game do Yazan justice and is the Mark V his best suit or all we have?
File: Yazan Gable.png (187 KB, 973x541)
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187 KB PNG
Yazan is, quite possibly with no exaggeration the best Oldtype in the game. The highest shooting among Oldtypes is 16, with Gato, Kai, Yazan, Ridden, Burning, Slegger, Visch and Mash all tying for it among pilots. The best melee is 18 shared by Ramba Ral and Yazan.

So in short, he has the highest melee and the highest shooting stat. Other pilots may have one or the other, but he has the best. When it comes to Reaction, only Johnny Ridden has more, by 2. Yazan is the second-highest dodger. Tied with Cima, Kuspen and Leung.

I can give him any suit. Technically, best for him would be the Ex-S Gundam, as having Incoms/Funnels is powerful and he's not a newtype, but I could stick him in literally anything.
Char had intended to put the girl in the machine, failing that, he'd planned to use Haman. Lalah would not allow that. This was all her fault, her attempt to prevent tragedy had only caused it, the harsh, cold heart of Char Aznable was her fault, she'd pushed him so hard, tried to drive him to help her 'save the world' but her guidance had been nothing but pain for him, his faith in humanity, in her, in himself, had died. Now the only thing pushing him forward was the burning desire to see his task done.

No matter how she moved though, or how her funnels fired, the Federation would not relent. As Sarah Zabimov closed in, her Z2's blade extending, she tried to let go, let this be her end, let this be penance for all the lives she'd taken. She could feel them, the claws dragging on her soul, the pain.

But the pain didn't end, and neither did her life. her cockpit was forced open, and the woman standing before her pointed her gun, "Out!" Sarah ordered, and Lalah complied. After all, what did it matter anymore, she couldn't save this doomed world...

>Lalah Sune has been captured.
File: The final Nu.png (230 KB, 973x541)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
It had been Amuro's design. Built from Tem Ray's research, the father's legacy had passed onto the son, then, Kamille had looked at it, he'd refined the system, he worked miracles, the way he tinkered and manipulated the function, it breathed a new life into the Mobile suit. Judau had taken it from there. He designed the weapons, the function of the Fin Funnels, the stylization, and the reactor. Scirocco had helped build the Psychoframe, he'd layered it piece by piece, working it throughout the frame of the mobile suit, letting each node respond to Amuro's thoughts and desires. Camilla had worked out the interface, she'd figured how to make the Funnels sing to the Psychoframe, how to make the frame whisper back to the Funnels, how to make it all work.

And now they had built it, the realization of 20 years of research, hard work, sweat, tears, and a generation of labor.

The Hi-Nu Gundam. Amuro Ray's first, and final, mobile suit.
File: 1554676206213.jpg (765 KB, 1100x1577)
765 KB
765 KB JPG
>and Kai helped too with the paint
And as we break from tonight, technically... no. The Hi-Nu is not Amuro's ultimate suit. Since this game adds Hathaway's flash (barely) technically, the Xi is the ultimate suit, and the Penelope. Both of which the Nu can remodel into. Now... that said... they kinda strip what little challenge is left in the game out. Seriously, I could pick any 3 pilots and stick em in Xi's and wrap up the campaign no issue. So let's put it to a vote.


Shall we bust out the bullshit, or leave it on the table? If we do wind up busting it out, I'll probably only have one of each. To be honest, If it wasn't for the fact the game makes a Nu, Nu W/ Funnels and the Hi-Nu, I'd only have one Nu too. but, such is gameplay. If you want, you can think of the Nu Trio as "Amuro's Squad" Who shall join him in his stack of death and absurdity?
File: 1575649510147.gif (267 KB, 563x763)
267 KB
267 KB GIF
Normally I'd say fuck it especially since we have time travel tech or whatever but Amuro vs Char demands a Nu vs Sazabi/Nightingale
XI vs Penelope doesn't quite have the same flair
It would be pretty funny to have the nightingale be gangbanged by three Nu with or without the mc from the trilogy
Just have Sayla assrape him in the Xi.
File: EnlFqbkUwAY7RNq.jpg (262 KB, 566x903)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
We should save Xi vs Penelope for a run with Mafty in it.

The last I remember of those in these runs, Wong built one to die in it.
>The last I remember of those in these runs, Wong built one to die in it.
Was that the AEUG run?
It was the perfect run, yeah.
Well it did gave us Yu Kajima and Jack Baynerd as our super badasses
Hear me out, guys. I say build both, but say they're not gonna be used...then our time traveling Hathaway jacks Xi and becomes the secret final boss.
The best thing about that run was Wong thinking he can be carried from a suit and got instantly gibbed by mooks because of his poor stats. Shit was hilarious.
>a Nu, Nu W/ Funnels and the Hi-Nu
Nu HWS got the shaft? That's unfortunate.
Not enough build up for that. Let's finish the campaign first.
He got gibbed by Glemy in the Quin Mantha.

Then again Glemy is sort of a mook.
Glemy did kill Jack that run but boy did Jack go out in a blaze of glory.
I think this run has been pretty perfect too (though the difficulty is easier so maybe it doesn’t count)
It runs on Vifam storytelling where there is little to no deaths on our side.
File: Confession.png (622 KB, 1290x1150)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
Judau was storming down the corridor of the ship, they'd tried to keep it from him, but he wasn't listening.
"Jud-" His fist sunk into the gut of the guard, throwing him to the side as he burst through the door of the interrogation room. Leung was there, trying to get information out of Lalah.
"Out" Judau growled.
"I'm not finished." Judau pulled his gun from its holster as his rage flared.
"OUT!" Leung wasn't about to die for this, he left the room, going to find Revil. As he left Judau slammed the door shut, glaring at Lalah. "Where is she."
"On Axis." Lalah said softly Judau paused, he... hadn't expected to just be given the answer.
"If you're lying-"
"I don't have any reason to lie... there's nothing you can do that will change things, we're stuck in this miserable universe..." Judau scowled, drawing his hand back and striking Lalah across the cheek. She blinked, that was the first time anyone had hit her since she'd met Char.
"I don't have time for your fatalistic bullshit! It's been 7 years since I saw my sister, so I need you to stop wallowing in self-misery and give me specifics!" Lalah could feel her ears ringing, it was as if something was cutting through the haze. It was... anger, at being hit.
"You hit me..." She whispered, as Judau raised his hand, and struck her again. "You hit me twice! "
"I'll hit you a third time if you don't give me some clear details!"
"You're a newtype, you should be able to understand me!"
"Says who? Some stuffy old bastard who died? What did he know about anything? How am I meant to understand some girl who goes and kidnaps my sister? Tell me where I'm supposed to nod and accept what you did?"
There was something liberating about the harshness of the conversation... Lalah had been brought to believe in the teachings of Zeon Deikun since Char had brought her to the Flannegan institute. But she'd never questioned if Zeon was even correct...
"Alright... you want to know where your sister is?"
It had been 7 years ago, Lalah had only the briefest flashes of Leina Ashta's power. But she knew she was important somehow. Attacking the Trafalgar hadn't been the wisest move, but she'd managed to get the target out without harm.

Lalah knew she needed newtypes, she knew they'd be important somehow. Glemy Toto, Leina Ashta, countless others. She needed to keep them away from the touch of the Titans, away from the Earth Federation. While Quattro acted in the Federation, she was allowed untethered movement to bring about a brighter future.

But it had all gone horribly, the coldness of Char's heart turned to using the Newtypes they'd collected. Rather than seek a better future, Char used Leina as a test subject to draw out the power of the Tem Ray circuit. She was a black box of information, the more pressure applied to her, the more her powers were forced to come out, she could conceive technologies that didn't exist. The Sazabi, the Alpha Azieru, the Rewloola, all of it came from the mind of Leina Ashta...

As did Project Nightingale.

"Char repurposed the Axis Newtype Research Facility as his personal laboratory. Your sister is in the 40th basement level." She paused and then looked into Judau's eyes. "Axis is moving. Char's reached his limit, he no longer fights for a cause, for a belief, he's consumed by all-encompassing hatred, I failed him, I guided him along the path where his heart was buried in darkness. In 10 days, Axis will fall upon the earth, unless you stop it. You are the only ones who can stop Char." Lalah sighed, relaxing back, "And that's all I know." she looked to Judau, and the gun at his side, and the fact he wasn't moving. "Are you going to shoot me now? Believe me, I deserve it. I'm responsible for all of this, I tried to steer humanity to a brighter future, and damned it instead. Because of my actions, Amuro and Char will die, and the future will be cast in shadow."

>What should Judau do?
Bask had the balls to kill himself, Lalah! Don't be a coward.
kek lalah is going to shit in the floor
Is there a way that we can use her as a guide to Axis? I mean, she should probably know the place pretty well and getting Leina out of there would set Project Nightingale back a bit.
>"Holy shit, we're gonna die because the beancounters are cheap fucks..." Yazan muttered

It's this kind of dialogue that's makes this feel real
So did we have ever have the fallout of Amuro dealing with Yazan killing Tem? I get that Amuro might have forgave him but it would be nice to have an exchange between them like Amuro and Monsha
Sorry to ask, but can someone give me the tread numbers/links of some more /m/ plays stuff? Only one i found so far is a Copy X Federation True Custom Campaign and nothing else.
Nevermind i am fucking retarded and only googeld it and didnt check archives. Anyway, some recommendations where to find the more crazy ones?
Post the link if you have it, I lost it and would love to reread a few.
Dont know how complete the list is, but it should make good reading.
File: Axis Drop.png (300 KB, 973x541)
300 KB
300 KB PNG

"You wanna die? Then kill yourself. Otherwise, sit down and watch me prove you wrong. Amuro's not gonna die, and no one is doomed! I'm going to save Leina and Haman, and we're going to defeat Char!" Judau stormed out of the brig, leaving Lalah sitting there shocked, but no... the future didn't change just because one man refused to accept it...

"Thanks to Judau's barbaric tactics, we now know that Char plans to drop Axis on the Earth, the engines are already ignited, in 10 days it's going to fall. We can't destroy the asteroid, since it has civilians living inside it, along with POW's. The Zeon forces there are going to fight like hell to stop it from dropping." Revil explained as he turned to the pilots. "Most of the fleet is busy fighting Neo Zeon forces throughout space, keeping our holdings safe, So the Ra Calium, Nahel Argama, Jeanne D'arc, Midnight Runner, Abram, Shagohod, Gorgon, Invincible, and Caledonia are the only ships entering. We shouldn't expect reinforcements or a flank. We are on our own. If anything, we should expect to be flanked."

A mobile suit buzzed past the ship, marked white and blue, it was heading into Axis without stopping for orders. Looks like they had their signal to start, whether they wanted it or not.
File: Axis Liberated.png (415 KB, 973x541)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Jerid weaved around the incoming fire of the Doven Wolf, his beam saber plunging into the cockpit, hearing the psychic scream of the Ple piloting it, he focused his mind, he had work to do, he wouldn't be distracted by that. Rezin was caught in the INCOM's of Christina's Ex-S Gundam, her Doga once more rendered inert, her fists slamming on the console as she'd JUST been freed by the federation, only to be recaptured again. As did Deune, as the Re-GZ fire focused on his Bawoo MP, he was driven into an utter corner, watching his wingmates shot down again, forced to rage in impotence as he once more lost.

>Deune and Rezin have been captured, Multiple of the Ple-Series have been killed.

Amuro was silent as the Hi-Nu tore across the stars, he was untouchable, nothing that fired hit him, nothing even came close to touching, the fin funnels moved exactly where he wanted them to, his beam rifle destroyed everything it shot. The output was nearly as strong as the Ra Caliums main gun!

And there it was, in a single day, Axis had fallen, thanks to a single mobile suit.
File: Axis Prevented.png (236 KB, 973x541)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Judau was hunting through the Newtype Research Facility. He was so close to saving Leina, when he heard a scream from the floor above him.

"No! Let me go!" He knew that voice, he knew that pressure, it was Haman. Someone was taking her away. But he was so close to Leina! Where was everyone else? But he already knew the answer to that, they were off securing the rest of the Axis, it was a large place. Still... Leina was so close, but Haman... he was a man torn.

>What should Judau do?
Saving Leina feels like a trap. At least we know the screams are coming from Haman.
Haman makes more sense, she’s not having Char’s blackpilled and lucid tirade and would comfort Judau in case something were to happen to Leina.
File: 1539576424121.jpg (278 KB, 899x766)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Plus we like Haman more
I don't.
Even though Leina's our goal, we can't just leave Haman to whatever fate the enemy has in mind for her. We'd never forgive ourselves in either case, and Haman's in the most immediate danger.

>Holy shit, we're gonna die because the beancounters are cheap fucks..."

Nailed it in one, Yazan
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...God damn it! Judau turned around, he could save Leina, but he couldn't just abandon Haman like this. He turned, charging back the way he'd came, he could still catch them if he focused!

They were nearly at the roof when he finally caught up, Glemy Toto was wrenching on Haman's arm, as he turned, saw Judau and scowled. "Ple! Stop him!" An orange-haired woman who was walking with them nodded, turning to face Judau, she had an intense pressure, Judau raising his fists as she dashed forwards, tackling him through a door.

Judau cracked his neck, slamming against the back wall, Ple bringing her fists up and bouncing on the balls of her feet.
"Alright, You wanna play?" Judau hissed, drawing his gun, "Then let's play!" He squeezed the trigger, watching in abject horror as she moved inhumanely weaving around his gunfire, sliding in close to grab his arm, swinging her elbow and driving it into his throat, twisting his hand, her finger wrapped around the trigger and firing the remaining shots in the magazine into the ground, before slamming her forehead to his. Judau stumbled back, choking, but Ple didn't release his hand, wrenching him into a headlock, she wrapped herself around his back, her arm tightening around his throat. His breath growing shorter as she choked him out.

Judau gripped around her arm, wrenching to provide any sort of relief, grunting, trying to distract her.
"So... what number... are you?"
"I'm the template." She hissed into his ear, her legs squeezing tight around his torso adding more leverage and pressure to choke him out with.
"Beautiful thing like you?" Judau grunted, straining, "Workin' for Zeon?"
"Master Glemy gave me purpose. To serve as the basis of the Ple-Series is my greatest achievement."
"Sounds like a short stick." Judau opened his mouth and bit down on her arm, her eyes went wide, moving her other arm to slam her elbow down on his head, but he didn't relent, his mouth filling with a copper taste as he punctured skin.
>let’s ple
Judau "Scruff McGruff" taking a bite out of crime and Zeon bitches.
File: The Original 2.jpg (1.92 MB, 1800x900)
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Judau wasn't going to go down like this. Planting his feet to the ground, he tightened up before pushing off, slamming Ple's head against the wall, feeling her arm release, he got up, driving his boot back into her gut, but before he could run forward, she'd already grabbed him, twisting violently on his ankle.

"Let me go!"
"What are you struggling so hard for?" Ple demanded, sweeping, Judau's other leg, his palms planted to the ground, drawing in his free leg and slamming the heel of his boot to her nose, she slammed back, her nose gushing with blood, but she refused to let go.
"To save Haman! And my Sister!"
"Your sister? Leina?" Judau nearly stopped fighting from the shock, but he remembered she was the enemy, continuing to swing at her.
"Yeah! You people took her seven years ago! And I'm getting her ba-ACK!" Ple had wrenched on the leg she had, twisting Judau onto his back as she mounted him, swinging at his face, his arms moving to turtle up.
"If you want Leina so bad why are you chasing after Haman and Master Glemy?"
"Cause she's in trouble dumb ass! Who ignores someone in trouble?!"
"Someone trying to save their sister, don't you care about her?" Judau grabbed Ple's arms, pushing up to his feet, her legs squeezing around his waist, he charged forward, slamming her against the wall, her head swung back, so did his, their foreheads cracking together.
"Of course I do!"
"Then why?!"
>Why was Judau trying to save Haman when Leina was elsewhere in the facility?
You seek this
>>19134002 pw is ^
>Because he doesn't know, shut up, he heard her scream and he didn't even think!
What is this supposed to accomplish?
it's the most in-character for Judau and shows how his impulsive nature leads to heroism

Honest expression of care for Haman. Not love out of jealousy or objectifying her like Glemy or Char would, it's just pure and utterly brash love.
File: The Original 3.jpg (329 KB, 700x1000)
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"I... I don't know okay! I heard her screaming and I didn't think much about what I was doing." Ple looked shocked at that.
"You don-" Judau drew her back and slammed her against the wall now that she was shaken.
"Yeah, I don't okay?! So shut your trap! Who wouldn't help someone in trouble, don't be stupid!" He gasped, finally he had fresh air, but he wasn't going to let this adrenaline go to waste.
He ran out onto the rooftop, Haman currently fighting with Glemy, she was a woman possessed, as the blond-haired man finally lost his patience, slamming the butt of his gun down upon her nose, it shattered in an instant, blood erupting out as he continued to beat her with it, she never stopped glaring though or attempting to fight back.
"I've had enough of you!"
"It's mutual, kid!" Judau roared, tackling Glemy to the ground. Gihren's heir tried to shoot him, but Judau seized his hand, twisting it and slamming it into the rooftop, beating it until his fingers swelled up and his grip was forced to release from the shattering of his digits.
"Ple! Where are you?! PLE?!" He screamed, as the orange-haired woman, still woozy from her own fight, stumbled out. She made to charge at Judau but halted in her place when Haman leaped for Glemy's fire arm and pointed it at his head.
"Move an inch and I shoot."
"It doesn't matter! All that matters is Master Char's plan! Kill them Ple!"
"Don't be an idiot!" Haman snapped.
"I gave you an order Ple! Kill them!"
"What the hell are you doing? Can't you see how she cares about you?" Judau was shocked at Glemy's callousness for his own life and Ple's feelings.
"My life is meaningless! I was born the scum of scum! My existence is to bring about Master Char's perfect world! Now kill them!" Glemy roared.

>What will Ple do?
Who the fuck voted for Ple to shoot them
there hasn't been enough deaths, i want more!

New thread!

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