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File: Akibarangers.jpg (77 KB, 576x355)
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Do you guys ever have delusions of piloting giant robots?

I have at least one every day.
I just pretend that I'm a tiny pilot inside my head, and I'm driving around my body like a robot.
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Why have delusions of piloting when you can be the robot!
Seriously speaking though absolutely, had a dream where I was both the pilot and the ms depending on what was going on in the moment. I will never forget or stop seeking the absolute joy that was being a dom tropen on the open desert. Every now and then I like to think about that slippery but stable hovering speed that I got to enjoy, and fully understand why doms were loved by their pilots.
File: dougram, hold my beer.webm (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
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Sometimes I think to myself "wouldn't it be cool if I could pull off a RIDER JUMP?" And I'm not even that into karate bugman.
Sometimes I'll just think off attack names I'd shout, other times I'll dream of full on battles.
>Crumples the roof panel
>Somehow can bounce off a narrow pole
She stepped on that pole very lightly, instead of putting all her weight on it like she does on the roof.
File: Dzxmv6JV4AAdffA.png (66 KB, 511x674)
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Every bloody day I think or dream or otherwise just be deluded about being a giant robot, being piloted by the woman I love and just being there for her through thick and thin. And it'll never happen.
It takes me about 45 minutes to commute to work, I'm a poorfag so I take the bus. Daydreaming about being a toku hero while listening to music is the only way I keep my sanity.
I don't think you can jump onto something without putting all of your weight into it. You certainly can't jump off of something without putting all of your weight into it.

I want to live long enough to cyborg myself. Is it a delusion? I hope not.

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