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"With will we bend our reality." Shouts David Duke, the cosmic elementary energy gathers around the event Horizon formed on the wrist of Monad's slave, like chains of light shifting the heaven's celestial storm to it's will. HEAVEN SHAKER!!! Yells David Duke, blasting the nigger face of Ancient Evil Kanye Obamahama WeWuz IV.

Taking the full blunt of David Duke's Total Nigger Destroyer attack, Kanye Obamahameha WeWuz IV, re-stabilizes him self from the onslaught of blast of the titan shockwave, with blood gushing down from his large round nostrils, and his lips enlarged to comical proportion from the bruise he suffered by David Duke's mighty attack, now with every intent to kill him, Kanye glares at David Duke with the ugliest stink face, emanating with unholy nigga Aura.

Harnessing his nigga aura, he calls upon the baboon energy of the cosmos, forming the dark negro halo with holographic projection of images of baboon asses shaking in unison magnifies around his halo, with loud aggressive chimps shouting and hollering as rappers postulates the dimensions of Kanye's genitals in graphics detail, Kanye charges up his GIGGA NIGGA attack, "THE NIGGAS AUDACITY!!!!!" Kanye shouts.

WITH A LOUD THUNDER AND ROAR, the atmosphere layer across his horizon starts collapsing in wave like motion in a outward directions from the emanating shout, turning the Celestial Blue into a Dark nuclear winter storm with roar of thunder cascading within it, David Duke is hurled into the chaos of its storm.

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