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Post tariqahs that are close to the Advaitin position.
you're searching for something that doesn't even exist
only a few Individuals in the muslim world touched non-dualism, like ibn Fazlallah El-Hindi, but there are no 'advaita turuq'

besides that, you must not confuse the description of 'superior states' (fanaa, baqaa) with the traditional doctrinal approach, which in islam and tasawwuf is inherently dualist. Even though some sufis attain what you could call 'non-dual' states, their doctrine is inseparable from dualism, its the same reason why Shankarcharya says that the buddhists and yogis,etc are all dualists
remember that in muhammed's night jorney he merely 'approachs' god, 'by degrees'; so its not a question of self-identity
What do you think of this basically unknown tariqah from Kosovo? It popped up on my recommended.


After 11:46:
They do call us Melamis
The dust of the heart we have cleansed

We left our wealth and our home behind
We have neither (sufi) coat nor robes

For Haqq's path we have melted
With God's love we have gotten drunk

We know neither tekke nor mosque
For we've entered the honoured al-Quds

(And) dressed in the ihram of the Ka'bah
Our robes we have undressed

This secret no-one can understand
Without undressing from this world

The heart's eyes, we have opened
(From it) the rememberance of God always flows

We see Haqq in the wheat and millet(=in the everyday and mundane)
Upon the word of Haqq we act

We've been immersed in Oneness
The multiplicity we see not

We've utterly confided in Allah
(And) we've forsaken our very selves

With the light of Haqq we have been covered
All the veils we have uncovered

There is no "me" and no "you"
(This) is told in the witnessing of God

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