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Where do I start with Aquinas? The summa theologiae is about 4000 pages, that's a bit too much to take on. Is there another book he wrote that is good and accesible?
He labels everything very conveniently. Just look at the table of contents and read the sections which interest you. Might help to read Aristotle first but that's it's own massive undertaking
>read the sections which interest you
As long as you don't claim to have "read" Aquinas after doing so
Make it digestible by breaking it up over multiple days. 1000 pages a day should be manageable. 1000x4 = 4 days to read the entire thing. You could possibly try 2000 a day if you're a speed reader, but that's pushing it.
What are you going to do about it big guy
Don’t start at all. There’s no reason to.
Why do you think he is bad? I thought he was the most prominent Christian philosopher.
Read The Summa of the Summa by Kreeft
>Is there another book he wrote that is good and accesible?

You might try his commentaries on various books of the Bible -- Psalms, Romans, John, and many more!


Also at that link, check out the texts listed under the "Popular" subheading.

I am no expert on Aquinas - I find him quite difficult, and prefer *commentaries* on Aquinas to the man himself** - but Contra Gentiles is somewhat more accessible and engaging: https://isidore.co/aquinas/english/ContraGentiles1.htm

**E.g., Vonier, A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist is essentially a popular-level commentary on the Eucharistic doctrine of Aquinas. Also worth checking out is Aidan Nichols, Discovering Aquinas. Nichols is an excellent and reliable Catholic scholar.

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