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What does everybody think of Fathers and Sons by Turgenev?

I was thinking of reading it, but I don't know what translation to grab.
It's nice.
I'd recommend the translation from the Norton Critical Edition. I liked it more than the Garnett, but those are the only two I've read.
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I read it as freshman in 2011 and since then i can't recall exact details of the book but the main point still sticks pretty hard all these years away

This book is mainly about how when you try to give advice to someone who is too new , too brash , too confident as in youth or zoomers right now , you can't detail to them how they are not capable of understanding how capitalism itself is owning them by selling them anti-capitalism stuff , in the time of the book it was different ideas elders could not get through silly impressionable youths who think they got the world figured out by the early 20's , but they can't because life can be viewed in context only after maturity and there is pretty much no chance of explaining it to any generation of youth , they are all brainwashed in same ways to serve upper-classes of their time and by the time they hit the self-criticism stage and realize they have been had by the system , the younger sheep are already paving ways for upper-classes and you are just a boomer who doesn't "get it"
Interesting take. I was just mainly focused on what an annoying twat Bazarov was. Literal I fucking love science incarnate. Good book though, gives a pretty good perspective on generational differences.
>I was just mainly focused on what an annoying twat Bazarov was. Literal I fucking love science incarnate.

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