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(A short story. Tell me what you think. Pic unrelated.)
He gazed towards the stars in the night sky, and full of wisdom, he contemplated. These stars are so far away, yet i sense that they know me. They are alive and see me from up there. Suddenly one star started to get bigger and bigger, seemingly coming closer to earth. It was as he thought, the star did actually come closer. And after a short while, it came really close, and it lighted up the entire sky. It came so close that it went into the pupil of his eye. As soon as this happened, everything went dark for a split second, he was in another place. In an eternal abode, full of snow-covered mountains and trees. And he saw in the distance a village, everything was still quite dark, at least the sky, but the ground shone, and the village was full of light. He went there, and saw the star, standing there in the form of a young man. He said to the man: "We stars think about you humans always. And we talk to each other about you. My brother, before he died, told me you are a special man. A kind man. And i want to give you a gift. Here, take this." The star gave him a piece of his soul, and whenever the star felt happy, the little white rock emanated happiness, and when the star felt sad, it emanated sadness. The star told him to stay in the village and so he stayed, never going back home. His family and friends missed him, never knowing the truth about his whereabouts.

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