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File: 1600096610228.png (95 KB, 194x225)
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When I was writing my faustian literature essay I wanted to have a presumptuous opinion on the role of the western powers throughout World War 2 and I wanted to make a literary piece that demonstrates the various philosophers that have made progress in the forming of the opinions of the major Axis power - the Nazi Germans.
When I speak from a certain point of view I speak from the point of view mentioning Socrates or Hume while bringing to a point that the role of the reader is someone who is to ride out which can be assumed as coming to an end. However, I am not trying to tell the audience the white race is coming to the end. I am telling the audience that we need to ride into the horizon as a means of being Always the Horizon. Please do not cancel me for not making 15 episodes where there has been more opportunity to produce more episodes than the entire 2016 Trump election. When making the novel "always the horizon" i wanted to prove to the reader about the various social ills and how they are mostly generated by the jewish media and propaganda from the elites and globalists.
File: 1641994920031.png (117 KB, 225x225)
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117 KB PNG
When I was creating the characters the Sacred Clown. I wanted to give him a sense of being a chaotic being which is his mode of being within being in the overall novel. The Republican party can't be trusted because other than Trump they have been a heavily Zionist party that barely has any real conservative beliefs despite holding the name the "Grand olde party". I was not anticipating writing a final boss for the book because I want the reader to assume the other enemies in the book had to be part of a overall jewish scheme. I want the reader to ride out into the Always the Horizon because in a way they are having horizontal thinking while Socrates and Hume spans throughout their newly created attention span while reading throughout the book. Seeing how most of the 2020 break I was reading you would think I would make one of the most exceptional books like Stephen King, but instead it reads out like a slightly more advanced shitpost spanning 20 real pages.
Had I written in more characters that represent black people maybe I could live up to my predecessor William Luther Pierce but turns out I had to make something that speaks more to the common /pol/osopher. But, then again most of the audience that is under 21 of mine has literally only heard of these philosophers through my writing and they likely will never learn Socates or Hume because classes in their schools only like reading trash written by niggers.
File: 1608605674558.jpg (94 KB, 1187x665)
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What I am trying to point out to the reader is that we are entering an age where the reader has no longer a meaning of what he is within his being. While being on the planet we have to understand the racial backgrounds of our selves which we have to live inside of the body which has itself knowing of its own being. After reading Hume, I was convinced the inner histamines within the mind are not meant to be of its own volition. Actually while analyzing the inner generational struggle within the Gen Z audience I noticed that their attention spans are of the too low category to be able to understand basic arithmetic and to understand the basics of the own being. The problem is that the jews are trying to compete with my artform by making fully animated drawings while I go in the other direction and abandon the 2D art altogether and to start making novels which require a higher intellectual skill and thinking schemes to comprehend. A lot of the Gen Z audience needs to see super-fast cartoons to understand the ideas that are being promoted which can be in produced within the scheme of sentences which would awaken the inner mode of being with Gen Z. However, that is where I draw a conclusion of comparison. The right direction is not to become better at drawing or to compete with Vivienne Medrano. It is quite the opposite that is the correct assumption according to Hume.

Let alone to accept the fact it takes more time to draw the cartoon pictured (here) than it would take to write a whole series of 3 novels each having several ghostwriters to make them have deeper ampherity within mode of being.
File: 1642090176182.jpg (40 KB, 361x512)
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Not only am I thinking about the competition which has labelled itself as “Hazbin Hotel” or a 24. I am also considering how several Zoomer medias have been able to evolve such as the Five Nights at Freddys franchise. At first, the FNAF franchise was a small game where there was several jumpscares which set you back to the loading screen. Now, it is entirely a interactive game that gives off more feelings of Fallout: New Vegas nostalgia than it does the feelings of a cheap point and click horror game. The same thing could be nearly assumed in the creation of the new Murdoch Murdoch medium which is advanced creative capacity writing which is how it is able to analyze a new form of being within its node. Because these various franchises mostly form 2015 have changed into new forms it has changed modes much like how people go from taking a car to taking a plane. Nietzsche once wrote that whatever make you stronger won’t kill you which makes sense because throughout the entire existence of Murdoch Murdoch there was never any related shootings or deadly events so it can be presumed the mode change of the new novel series is pretty interesting. I must also add that FNAF is a series that changes beings because when they were at a tough chokepoint they produced several novels before Scott Cawthon himself came out and asked for a professional to produce the new title Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.
Perhaps it would make sense for Murdoch Murdoch to adapt the horror game elements so that it would be able to reduce the lagtime from nearly an hour of concentration to just a few seconds via jumpscares. I am sure the young audience that used to watch Murdoch Murdoch in Murdoch Murdoch Middle School has them with faustian visions while jumpscares occur which makes them put into question their own being and having the short time expanse make them think about their whole existence which is put into question in the game they are playing.
File: 1642091952844.jpg (133 KB, 740x1507)
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133 KB JPG
I like the part where I said she would get pregnant halfway into the story.
I want to write a story where VivziePop is a fat kid from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. She jumps into the chocolate river without clothes on and gets pregnant after chewing cum. The chewing cum is really Bill Cosby-tier date rape drugs, she's the only one who accepts the gum, and VivziePop imagines 5 new cartoon serieses while unconcious. Her trip ends with a memory of her drawing at a beforeschool middle school program while up in middle school then going to the bathroom and overhearing a fight between 2 gay girls. During the altercation she draws herself and the two gay girls dancing in the stall; it then cuts to the principal talking with her parents showing the drawing and embarrasing VivziePop who at this point is crying while Nine Inch Nails - Head like a Hole plays in the background-- that aint buttholy.
While VivziePop is unconscious she is bred by a younger donald trump who is the sure fine ass Willy Wonka in this great story fucks VivziePop out back.

After coming out of a erotic booty coma session she eats da needles, all the candy (at least 6,000,000 calories), and smokes magikkk-pissmeff n coke wit da baby in her stomach. The baby is Alastor.
All of this happens while her family is back home in Argentina with uncle adolf. Sadly, Viv's family is poor and can't afford a transition for their third son (soon to be daughter). Meanwhile, Willy Wonka starts to propose to VivziePop and pretends he totally didn't just rape her back there and his would-be-gay ass be in Bill Clinton-Murdoch Chan jail. As the two go through storage, cafeteria, electrical, and O2, VivziePop notices Willy Wonka is fairly SUS while talking about what happened after she naked skinny dipped in the chocolate fountain. Wonkler starts telling VivziePop she liked her big flabby stomach and breasts bouncing up and down and he hasn't seen that since he let one of his lesbian girlfriends visit the factory (she ate all deez nuts). Just the part where Willy Wonka talks about why he likes chubby girls is enough to make any Murdoch Murdoch fan coom their pants 5 times.
After loligagging and VivziePop turns back into a high schooler and gets fucked by Willy Wonka under the fountain again (still pregnant). The two come to a problem, none of the mentally handicapped jewish kids get shoah'd like in the original Charlie and the Hazbin factory. VivziePop then breaks out into a musical number as the two lovebirds mcHolocaust the rest of the kids off the face of our white earth. Near the end, Willy Wonka pulls the curtain and shows all the important people in her life. The two get into an elevator as large as a gas chamber and they get to fly throughout town dumping Zyklon B cans and poisoning the townspeople (they fly over Israel and drop 8 nukes).
File: hitler.jpg (44 KB, 400x250)
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When the elevator lands in Argentina, Willy Wonka is shot in the back by Adolf Hitler and Hitler then tells Vivienne's family he will be able to get enough Reichmarks to afford the transition for the third son (now a real woman).
File: 1642093343374.jpg (246 KB, 562x508)
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de dicc fatter than fuck with hitler
god I hate avatarfags so much. 10x more obnoxious than tripfags
File: 1642094270591.jpg (13 KB, 315x266)
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File: 1642094497793.jpg (173 KB, 597x859)
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or ask Murdoch "did you take AP art classes and are currently the opposite sex"

he is the opposite mindset from zionism, kid
reminder there's a report option for avatarfagging

reminder that this is like a tranny holocaust since they all use avatarfag because they're all twitterniggers
Are we being raided?

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