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Are you more true to yourself on anonymous image boards? Would you be shunned for enjoying the books you've read or supporting the ideas you hold?
I would be shunned if anybody cared, but since I'm a no one, nobody cares about what I read.
I don't have social media and all my personal relationships are meaningful. I do hide my power level but I can't be shunned in any way.
People just don't care anymore. I ask my friends about Plato and Aristotle and they don't know them. They look at me strangely for reading. I openly display books by Evola, James Mason and Savitri Devi beneath my TV and no one knows who they are or what they are. It's sad because many of my friends are very intelligent people masters of their chosen profession but they themselves admit they do not read and do not care for things which do not have an effect on their lives.

If they knew the truth about me I don't think they would care because they are all smart enough to know why they are my friend and it has nothing to do with my reading habits.
I'm a based neoliberal chad so I dont have to worry about my ideas being shunned
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Not for long

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