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File: origin.jpg (76 KB, 800x430)
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>You, stop right there
>Hands where I can see them
>Write a poem in 5 sentences that's NOT PRETENTIOUS RIGHT NOW or you're going to jail pal
File: apu coffee zone.png (100 KB, 394x329)
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100 KB PNG
There once was a man from nantucket.
Whose dick was so long, he could suck it.
He said with a grin.
As he wiped of his chin.
"If my ear was a cunt i would fuck it".
Cop says hands up
I don’t have any hang ups
I don’t drink malt liquor, I don’t knock up strange spouses
And they never refer to me as “nigger”, I’m safe as houses
File: 181929282.jpg (9 KB, 247x204)
9 KB

fucking shoot me
there once was a man from philly
who packed a hell of a willy
when he came to town
and the girls gathered round
and he fucked all their pussies silly
File: haikubyarobot.jpg (34 KB, 600x450)
34 KB
Have a haiku

There, across the street
An aboriginal man
His mouth shines, gold paint
No rhythm there. And that was four not five.
Based doggerel poster
Sorry, I am ESL. I was happy to use my new words I learn "Pretentious". What is the poem word for sentence Thank you.
unda da knee!
unda da knee!
down here I'm jonesin'!
down here I'm rollin'!
I cannot breathe!
thats a big gun
for you
i had a gun once
but i fired it

They're called lines and the group of these lines is called a stanza. Multiple stanzas make up a whole poem, but some poems can just be the one stanza.
holy smokes!!!!
Men come and go
Flags stay

Flags come and go
Words stay

Words come and go
Nothing stays
Don't apologize fellow ESL chad. We'll surpass the Angloids one day.
I was able to read it in a way that rhymes with rhythm. I don't really make poems though, so maybe I should have payed more attention with the spacing and punctuation.
I'm not pretentious
fuck rupi kaur

>This post was made by postmodernism gang
My fingers dapple the home row,
the two slight nubs my oldest friends.
The weights on my mind left out in the rain
as I refresh the imageboard again and again.
But tonight I'll writhe and gasp at those sodden pains.
My favourite so far.
File: 1610563158229.png (63 KB, 400x700)
63 KB
every day I feel a need
to dig a hole and plant a seed,
when it grows I'll fill my tummy
with some food this is so yummy,
thats why they call me sneed
File: 1609805103132.jpg (39 KB, 492x388)
39 KB
> Okay, sir. You're good to go. Just be careful. There are a lot of psueds out there tonight.
Nice try, an ESL would never apologize for being ESL but would instead come up with an insult.
Lie on the ground oh little one and beg.
Beg while my knee on your neck.
Squirm and squeak,
On the blue bird orange man can no longer speak.
This is revenge for floyd
So feel my knee on your neck, rightoid.
"My first amendment! Allow me to speak, don't kick in my teeth!"
Can't hear you. What was that? You can't breathe?
michael dukakis
michael dukakis
michael dukakis
i feel like rick snyder
eat shit and die slowly
For the psychotic, I'm told, the threat of force
just doesn't click. A uniform evokes in him only
the dry-cleaner's tickets of his father's glovebox.

A cortisol pulse pumps on behind the shine
of authority, not a premonition of the gavel's crack. Another
jerk who can be reasoned with, not the riot of Kafka's

court. The psychotic can't see the law
in its obscenity, nor feel catharsis in chanting
All Cops Are Bastards, but I can see.
File: file.png (82 KB, 282x178)
82 KB
Lo! and Behold, members of modern Antifa:
nigger nigger nigger
tranny tranny tranny
retard retard retard
Islam was right about women.
All cops are bastards
No gods no masters
But what if I told you it's exactly what we need?
What if a citizen police force helps eliminate greed?
Look lad, upon this harbor and you will see a ship.
A ship that holds atop its deck twenty boxes and nearly twenty men.
You'll find a box for the arms they used.
You'll find a box for the coats they wear.
And even lad, you'll see a box for the man that were
dwelick's class
void void void
mambo was deaf but had good stomach
tomorrow was january
maggots maggots
lets go to the sea.
we can get ice cream and sit on the sand.
then we'll go swimming in the ocean.
and when we swim I'll wrap my arms around you.
you and me in the sea (your gay lol).
File: 1507237853603.png (269 KB, 567x960)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
I miss the smell of kerosene.
The spectre of father's cigarette smoke. The sandy turning of the paperback page. The hiss of bacon lighting the morning with its wafting glee. The shadow of a pleasant home, lost to the tide of time.
File: Horatius.png (12 KB, 395x332)
12 KB
Horatius in the common metre,
reading it makes me scream.
Each iamb weeps into my ear,
but all my stupid brain will hear,
is the fucking Pokémon theme.
File: 1610227597115.jpg (31 KB, 493x335)
31 KB
just a single day
the scalpel took it anyway
parents love did not prevent
the cutting of the end
a lifelong yearning for something never sensed
File: 1604346370269.png (349 KB, 828x692)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
There once was a man named chuck
Who sucked just as good as he fucked
While later came sneed
Who sold feed and seed
And refused to drive a fancy truck
I once had a grey-tailed cat,
I no longer know where it's at,
He fled home one summer afternoon,
And to my surprise,
File: 1591685523512.png (136 KB, 500x534)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
I am a man on the internet
Pretending to be a woman on the internet
I'll offer you holes
But I've really got balls
I rhymed internet with internet
First, I post Sneed
Then Jannie ree
I laugh with glee
then he ban me
change my IP
Back to post sneed
Soon I am joined
Hams that are steamed
File: 1608587797551.jpg (462 KB, 1080x1080)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
we're the slaves of society
cold and hollow
silently controlled and
subconciously giving up
freedoms constantly
One, two, three, four,
I declare a thumb war
Five, six, seven, eight,
I use this hand to masturbate
File: 1610084209570.jpg (47 KB, 713x711)
47 KB
anon, you're alive
anon, I am alive
anon, we all are alive
anon, I don't want to stay alive
Hello, I ESL. Apologize if my colleagues offend you and make bad impression.
sick dick hectic
hazy out of spent trick
just another veiled wick
normal electric
File: agni.jpg (208 KB, 770x998)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Through all the burdens I bore
There was but one thought to give
"I want nothing more
than a chance to LIVE"
>you're going to jail pal
i love being white
Under the summer sun
A butterfly rests idly
Wrapped in a rose
Take that gun out my face.
Did you not see my race?
I am white like you.
My skin is not poo.
Go show a nig, his place.

Edit: thanks for the 4chan gold kind comrade xdd
The self hating white Californian has arrived. Shouldn't you be resist dumpf on twitter?
There was a man, dreadful bore
Who was filled up with pokemon lore
Pokedex incomplete
Elite Four couldn't beat
So he jerked himself off on the floor
Some may say they like Obamaldo
And you could say, literally who?
Well, get on the fucking queue
Fuck you I just want to screw
Ben Shapiro Falls In Love

Let’s say, hypothetically
I am inclined mathematically
To love you unconditionally
Then the axiom of infinite loyalty
Is the only way to correctly
Destroy my spirit, freedom and stability

I have gone utterly mad
Honestly it’s kind of sad
I know to you it must seem kind of rad
Lost boys crying your name make you glad
Finally living up to the image made by your dad
I know the only dick you want is Chad’s

I can be him for a while
Woo you into my bed with a smile
But that’s not really my style
Even though for you I’d walk a thousand miles
I know, were we in front of a jury, I’d lose the trial
The taste of our story fills my mouth with vomit and bile

A man of Culture.
Dogs will chase cats and cats will chase mice
Gorillas and Zebras and Bears always fight
Conflict in this world is just nature, you see?
So the jew I choose as my worst enemy
It´s like one of my animes japanese
commanded at gunpoint, a poem he wrote
avoiding pretention, he had to emote
"I CAN'T DO THIS", he yelled
a pseud he had smelled
before he slumped with a slug in his throat
and seed
>in sentences
fuck you
Nigger, fuck suck and sneed
These are the memes I post on /tv/
Three lines more to fill
Fuck you OP
Julie was a pale redheaded lass
Freckled butt of considerable mass
She bit her lip
And let her cheeks rip
A noseful of pungent stale gas
Nous tombions à l'aval, quand tu nous pris,
Ô foehn ! Tes rafales ont ravivées
Nos passions céruléennes. L'esprit
Facilite notre marche rivée
Aux vives cimes de l'instant fatal.
Nous dormirons dans notre ciel natal.
La terre nous refuse,
Nous rejetons ses ruses.

Google translation gives:
We were falling down, when you took us
O foehn! Your gusts have revived
Our cerulean passions. The mind
Facilitates our riveted walk
To the vivid summits of the fatal moment.
We will sleep in our native sky.
The earth refuses us,
We reject his tricks.
Only mistake is 'his tricks' should be 'her tricks'.

Pretty damn decent otherwise.
life begins and ends
and ends again
its second end like a reunion
the honeysuckle
sours sweetly
squish squash
on this grey afternoon my shoes in the hallway
flish flash
her sad smile on my mind it won't go away
good thing i bought vodka
when she was a girl,
she would stand and look out
over her father's cornfields.
all that rustling growth.
her mind would hurt,
trying to think of so much corn.
that's what cancer's like.
File: 1555379294085.jpg (146 KB, 1080x1185)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
pop pills
bash women
eat children
unironically pretty creative
File: 1598984969001.jpg (629 KB, 1955x1552)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Drip drop pitter patter
the wet grey rain continues to splatter
soft warm comfy cozy
the cheeks inside all red and rosy
I hope it's here to stay
that´s brilliant
Globo homos
Won't get my shlomos
Nigga wtf sentences are strophe
Lean your vocabulary
that now your problemo
Shouldn’t it be "its"? I just put it through google translate
I sang it fuck
nigga iffy uh
stick my dicky uh
yuh yuh yuh
nigga uh uh
damn rite yt boi
>>17279397 >these are not bad

>>17279463 >-really pretentious anon, go to jail

>>17279437 s-tier

>>17279480 >going to jail

>>17279654 >jail
>>17279665 >kind of interesting
>>17280133 >jail, pal.
>>17280906 >free to go
>>17286474 interesting
i am stealing this one anon
Well if your wish
Is to force creation.
Why should you beg this way?
For when its done
It will still be unhearded!
Hey Mr. Policeman, come and see,
It's not neccessary to do this to me,
Hey Mr. Policeman keep off the trigger
For i am not a violent nigger
Rotten apples slide my way
Once crisp fruit sloughs off itself
Yet one half remains pristine
These will never make it to the shelf
They never see the light of day
Hands up
Get down
Knee drop
Neck crush
Nigga dead
-Rupee Coward
File: 1610476780402.jpg (356 KB, 1024x1363)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
I was a little straw,
plastic cups I dipped in
on a whim
to be used and rid of
until bamboo herd my thinned
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Fucking Matter
Pretentious. Stop being a prat about the whole "nothing matters" mantra and change the last line to something meaningful.
i fell asleep late again
last night, i felt so wired.

i drank a lot of caffeine
for lunch because i was tired.

so 1am came and went yet
snoozing i was not.

i simply could not find any
comfort, my room was way too hot.
will the jannie give my ass a bannie?
will the jannie give my ass a bannie?
will the jannie give my-
will the jannie give my-
will the fuckin jannie hit me with a ban tonight?

carol of the seed
Ayo Cracka
I is a free citizen
Put down yo gun
There was was a man named OP
Who made theme threads with much glee
He challenged this anon;
For prompt rhymes, with abandon;
Problem is - I can't write for toffee.
sieg hail.
File: 1610580157846.png (542 KB, 644x984)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
Ima nigga
Got smegma
Muh dik bigga
Now ligma
An apple on a tree
Will that be the apple for me?
I pick it from the tree
then I knew
This is the apple for me.
Nigger nigger watermelon
Ba da bi ba da bu
Suck my dick
stop talking about cops
i only like it
when people are
There once was poet called Cavafy
And he had a friend named Qaddafi
They got on the floor
Sang the dinosaur
And an Australian bong said "oh crikey"
wanna be my friend?
funny and sweet
lets go to the sea.
we can get ice cream and shit on the sand.
then we'll go swimming in the ocean.
and when we swim I'll shit in the water
you and me in the sea shitting
I like this.
what the fuck. All this while I've been frequenting a board which has the collective creative capacity barely capable of writing a poem that isn't just a garbled heap of contrarian racist verbiage?

for a board this obsessed with literature, it's shockingly infantile at making any.

Go to pretentios jail!
My hairy balls, if scratched, they smell
Like sunburnt earth when rain just fell.
How rose and worm both rise with glee,
So riseth my pecker, but not to pee.
Nay - To rub - perchance to coom with a yell.
ok illiterate child. might want to learn how to spell.
around the sound of the water flow
where the dirt road stretches on
under the trees, dropping their leaves
with the dew that collects at dawn

walking among the summer grace
within the dying days of fall
the cold replace, the heat's retrace
under the ravens call
George Floyd be
Georgie Floyd pregnant lady robbery
George Floyd knee’d
Georgie Floyd no longer be
George Floyd was
The Libertarian faction is a mutant of an old animal called the classic liberal
The neocons are a mutant of another old animal called the Trotskyite
The Christian right is a mutant of an animal called the Puritan
The Nationalist faction is a mutant of an old animal called the Klansman
The conspiracy nuts are a mutant of an old animal called the Bircher
When she farts
what a rip!
Drink it in
Sip Sip Sip
Can you imagine the smell?
I'm browsing /lit
the threads are shit
i can't write
i should quit
my baby takes the morning train
he works from nine to five and then
he takes the train back home again
to find me waiting for him
A man bedecked in cloths of labor,
One hand supporting, he shakes listly.
Without his soporif's fair favor,
A captain he is of industry.
holy based

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