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>be me
>be Greekoid
>start reading the Bible in Greek (Katharevousa dialect)
>some fucker shows up, Cain and Abel’s secret Third Brother
>he’s named Sith (Σήθ)
>search around
>realize that in English he’s translated as “Seth”
>most of his children have the same names as Cain’s
Can someone give me a quick rundown on Sith? Do goys descent from him? Where does Cain fit in there? What’s going on?
Sith is also a word in Old English. It means "journey"
that's because you turkic rapebabies fucked up the language of the ancient greeks, you european mutts. Pronouncing eta, ypsilon and iota as the same vowel is fucking retarded and you all brown-skinned-who-are-nothing-like-ancient-greeks should kys.
Keep on reading. You'll see that all current mankind descends from him, since he's Noah's ancestor (although extrabiblical sources sometimes imply Noah's wife may have been of Cainite extraction.)
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The Brahmans of India descent from him.

76:3.4.The religious rulers, or priesthood, originated with Seth, the eldest surviving son of Adam and Eve born in the second garden.
92:5.9.1. The Sethite period. The Sethite priests, as regenerated under the leadership of Amosad, became the great post-Adamic teachers. They functioned throughout the lands of the Andites, and their influence persisted longest among the Greeks, Sumerians, and Hindus. Among the latter they have continued to the present time as the Brahmans of the Hindu faith. The Sethites and their followers never entirely lost the Trinity concept revealed by Adam.
I am so confused. Who did Seth fuck? His mom? Adam and Eve didn't have any daughters, so who did Seth shag?
Fuck off retard
Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters, it's just only 3 are named in the bible. Cain and Seth both married their sisters that are only named in extrabiblical sources.
Oy vey the Israelite lawgiver is called Moyses in the LXX!
I found that out on the net, but I doubt it has any bearing on the Bible. Still, thanks.
But aren't we supposedly descended from Cain, thus our inherent sin? Who descends from Cain?
The Cainanites.
>>realize that in English he’s translated as “Seth”
maybe that's so because the pronunciation of ή is a long "e"
fucking pseud

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