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Can anyone recommend a book that can give me hope for western Civilization? Fiction or non-fiction, I don't really care. I verge on going full Unabomber in my beliefs system but part of me wants to hold on and see the good in our civilization. Bonus points if you got a book that'll provide an alternative if our society is truly fucked.
Pic related
>hope for western civilization
only fiction dude
the last culture war in america will be between blacks and latinos. The whites built the battleground and they doomed themselves
Don't become a crazy person, become the kind of person who raises ten sane healthy white kids who have never interacted with electronics except when absolutely necessary, and who all know how to feed and protect themselves. Then try to spread that same self-sufficiency to your community and build strong bonds so you can help others do what you did.

All you can do for now is keep the flame alive and have hope. Things aren't as bad as they seem. Things wouldn't be this bad unless the powers that be were playing every card in their hand to force the situation. You can't solve the current crisis with a LARP. You need to actually start building foundations strong enough to endure the coming storm.

Read Evola's 11 Points of Orientation (click "Point 2" at the top to go to the next one):
summary please i have read too much today and am going to sleep soon
I get what you're saying but I don't want to have a family that's just going to be raped and murdered. Or forced to love trannies. I already have one kid and I fear enough for that child. I'll look into the book you provided.
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your child will grow up, find that he, his education are not in demand, remain neet until he is 40 or 50 and will ask you why did you faggot invite me to this world knowing that technical progress, innovation are at the end, and demand shrinks. he will become drug addict, alcoholic, and may even slaughter you.
Me, an intellectual, to my son: Listen, kid, slaughter me if you must, but education is an end in itself, and no technical revolution will replace our family tradition of knocking up the best lass we can get. And if you start doing drugs, that is on you.
Legit recommendation here. I would recommend The End of Our Time by Nikolai Berdyaev. He explores the failure of modern civilization and greatly criticizes it. He argues that we are headed into the dark ages, but he views this as a good thing and he explains why. This book gives me faith in the good things to come when I know the West is in decline. "Night is no less wonderful than day; it is equal to the work of God; it is lit by the splendor of the stars and it reveals to us things that the day does not know. Night is closer than day to the mystery of all beginning."

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