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File: Napoleon Bonaparte.jpg (1.21 MB, 1118x1648)
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Thanatist Manifesto

1. We are those who are in need of an -ism to use as an excuse
2. We are those who know that ideas are nothing but vessels for actions
3. Ethics and morals are empty. Right and Wrong are empty declarations that are filled by community-based definitions. Let us thus make our community’s ethics: What is Right is what moves. What is Wrong is what stands still. This community ethic may not stand tomorrow morning.
4. The 20th Century was not a failure but a success. Infinite transformations in the social and individual body, explosive and implosive events. Politics are of no interest to us.
5. For those of us who are unsuccessful, we have realized that life is nothing but a disappointment. For those of us who enjoy success, we have realized that life is simply boring. Only energetic excitement has value for us. This value system may not stand tomorrow morning.
6. We do not believe in unity in our beliefs. Yesterday we felt hungry and tired, so we woke up as communists or fascists. This morning we have slept well and are in a good mood, we are suddenly social democrats or better Christians. Allegiances are transitive, rational choices are a mask for emotional fluctuations, which are themselves based on bodily reactions, which are themselves based on...
7. We do not believe in unity in our individual Self. What is a self but only a self-perpetuating transformative machine? Our own sense of who we are is nothing but organic programming.
8. What we are - we are fluxes, transitory states, expanding organisms and energetic maximization machines.
9. We are founded on the principles that revolutionary and transformative movements are not based on founding principles. Waspy intellectuals and moralists will be confounded by the strength of our movement which has no fundamental base.
10. We are the most inclusive movement: sexists and feminists, racists and new-age hippies, left and right. Politics are of no interest to us.

*Jackboots have been for centuries the apparel of the fighter. College white girls have decided to adopt it in the last couple of decades. Let’s take it back, it is ours.

Make this egg more popular than Kim Kardashian.
Be it white supremacists, feminists, nazis, sjws or other larpers, the end goal of all of them is simply to take power and to be allowed to do their rampage. This is our goal too.
Remember you saw it here first, you will hear more and more from us over the next years.
absolutely based ofc
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>What is Right is what moves. What is Wrong is what stands still.
Anything but Reddit please.
Woah it's like I'm really in Vineland
what and absolute non sense.
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Yeah, maybe i'm dying of cobardy and I'm actually aware of that but this fact doesn't imply i have to join a cause which is contradictory itself.

Art is dying. MAN is dying. Transhumism, homo shit, NWO, there is chaos over there, no need to spilt more.

Take it seriously, come back again and maybe I'll do something.

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