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File: 13124235235.jpg (69 KB, 450x675)
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>QOTT: Have you ever pretended to be a real girl in an mmo or other online game? Post stories.

Previous bread: >>33575367

>AGP questions and answers
>Thoughts and feelings / emotions
>Help, advice, guidance
>Be cozy and chill out

>What is AGP?
Autogynephilia, from Greek αὐτό- ("self"), γυνή ("woman") and φιλία ("love")
Broadly, arousal to the thought of being a woman. It can take many forms - being aroused at imagining or seeing yourself with a female body, dressing in clothes that make you appear feminine, acting in stereotypical "feminine" ways, or others.

>Isn't AGP just discredited pseudoscience?
No, you might be thinking of Blanchard's Typology, which includes the idea of AGP. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Blanchard's ideas, AGP is very real to the people who experience it.

>I'm AGP, does this mean I'm not trans?
No, you can be AGP and trans.

>Aren't you all just trannies in denial?
Some people with AGP will go on to transition, while others are content with incorporating it into their sex life or simply the occasional indulgence. It varies greatly in intensity. If AGP consumes a lot of your mental energy or causes you lots of distress, it is probably worth asking more questions.


>Why Gender Matters, the Emerging Science of Sex Differences

>The Gender Variant Phenomenon:

Compilation of AGP books and studies: https://pastebin.com/dRQvi2K7 (embed)
Yes a few times I played a girl in w1 lumbridge and at one point had 5 bfs who would financially support me with gp. I always sexted so we kept in private messages and had up to 3 all around me without realizing I was sexting them all simultaneously
File: F-ZRZ0CaIAAt76j.jpg (156 KB, 1200x853)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Post AGP fuel
I spent a year or two pretending to be a girl on a gaming forum. I made an embarrassing sprite comic about my female self insert OC so people just assumed I was a girl and I didn't correct them because I secretly liked it. I was like 10 at the time lol
File: Habbo.gif (1 KB, 192x68)
1 KB
I used to play a female character in this game and play dates with the guys
I'm not AGP, but I used to play a female Belf paladin because it was the least gay way to play pally for Horde, and when guys thought I was a girl they would be extra nice and generous to me.

I picked the game up again a few years later after a lot more girls had started playing, and notice girl players were a lot meaner to me if they didn't know I was a dude.
File: hqdefault.jpg (25 KB, 480x360)
25 KB
I played as a cute green skin Jedi consular in SWTOR and dudes would always give me favorable rolls in instances and make me free gear. I would always type in lower case with emojis which sells it to geeky cretins for some reason.
no i never played online or mmos. i just chose girl starting in pokemon, and played girl pretty much every game you could choose gender. i dont know why really. i think i identified with them more :/
the biggest issue I have is that my agp is both emotional and sexual but I'm really, really good at being one of the guys.

its egodystonic af, as frenchie would say. Its like if Michael Jordan decided to end his NBA career at the age of 28 to open a cupcake bakery even though he'd never worked an oven in his life. its stupid. its absurd. and yet I can't let it go. so here I am still one of the guys but looking increasingly estrogenized every month, the end result being a Chad to Andy Milonakis transition. pic related its me at 4 months hrt.
not really pretended to be a girl but found a belarussian qt who accepted my nature was pretty good
>accepted my nature
my agp nature, my fetishes etc. we were sort of involved. she told me she discovered a part of her she never knew there was with me. but it didn't work out in the end.
File: 1700530847971.jpg (132 KB, 683x935)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
yes how did you know i spent the majority of my childhood terminally online dissociated pretending to be a girl in discords and forums irc? kind of have identity crisis sometimes thinking how i act online and the difference of real life me. being girl online making friends is just felt easier, and i feeling more like myself online. But generally wasting time, ignoring real life, and not knowing about hrt until it was already too late becaus real life generally not worth living (ugly lateshit zoomer)
that's nice, ive always secretly wanted that but am too big of a pussy to not larp as a normal guy around gfs. it got so hard I stopped dating and just trooned and now im just another overly masculine larping manmoder who thinks he belongs around real trannies.
im sorry anon. its probably not as bad as you think? im an actual lateshit millennial but its not as bad because people anticipate my generation being cringe
well she wasnt "gf", on the contrary she was engaged. but we were like each other's escape from reality that surrounded us I think. i always act like a normal guy, that's pretty much my dominant persona but I have that other side as well basically that sometimes resurfaces and enjoys another type of attention.
wait did you only know her online or was this like some kink driven affair
we saw each other once because she lived a bit far away and I didn't have a good reason to drive to there, especially considering she was engaged. we didn't do anything, just drank coffee and talked. it wasn't completely kink driven but kink was for sure a part of it.
yeah it is what it is and can't change the past so i just try not to mope. im still baby trans almost 12 months at the end of this month. with shit levels on meme pills. sucks that i could have started a lot earlier but hesitated cause anxiety and fearing family and brain rot. I just wish I could have a life irl too
that's still nice though. how does one find such a fren? at this point im out of the dating game and will take whatever I can get.
well idk how i people like that. but somehow people like me and supposedly I am manipulative.
>Be in middle school.
>Only play total war games because 'tism
>Classmates talk about a Korean mmo and say many men play as women to have advantages socially
>Realize I can play as a woman and say it's for advantage
>Come back home and install the RPG
>Upon character creation, realize all of the female characters are really sexualized
>Create one trying to make her as unsexualized as possible
>Finish her, then play 5 minutes and feel disgusted with myself, uninstall.
Be one of the guys as a troon. It's possible and easier than being one of the girls for most AGPs.
That said this always weirds me out. People who genuinely are ok with being guys/ don't want to be women but have to troon for their AGP.
I was always quite dysfunctional and everything so I don't really have any regret with trooning but people who like being guys and are good at it but have to troon, that's just scary.
Story as old as time for AGPs.
The true death sentence for AGPs is being very masculinized by 19.
im literally gigachadimus rex incarnate holy fuck. i just saw my face in the mirror and got reminded of one of those "bald chad" pics people used to post on r9k before i left there when i trooned except i have long hair (for now until it falls out) and god thought it would be funny to make me a 5'5 neurotic BPD gynephilic AGAMP bottom. i cant find the pic but im literally a fucking spitting image of him its crazy. i think im actually looking closer to him as time goes on despite being on a crazy high dose of E and AAs.
File: morrowind.png (1.69 MB, 2000x1735)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
fuck this one is embarrassing. okay

>be me, 14 y/o egg
>going through puberty, really horny
>join a steam ERP group when those still existed. pretended to be a 16 y/o girl with a stupid name i dont remember anymore
>got a "friend" of mine into it
>get him really into it
>get him to send me nudes
>completely ghost him when i lose interest
>forget for 3 years
>randomly remember that i basically groomed a stranger

i am so sorry.
You sound BDD.
i literally look like him though. he had a big forehead and had that square AGP nose and a semi-recessed chin, not like incel tier but it wasnt le gigachad giant crimson chin jaw either.
I want to die.
I am too tired of being an unironic gigachad.
It never even began for me.
I literally looked like a balding nafri chad pre-HRT.
I will never be a woman.
File: head-phones-music.gif (1.5 MB, 498x381)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
Is there any music that induces autogeniphilic feelings in you?

I would like to test them to see if I feel the same.
portishead glory box
I did this throughout playing RuneScape. I had a whole persona and even fake social media accs to interact with my rs friends. Did this from age 11-13 until I got a real gf lol.

10 years later I trooned out and rocked a similar look to my character. Still play osrs from time to time but my old friends are gone
Oh boy yes
i have AGP for looking like that cute dyke you posted a pic of. who is Andy Milonakis desu? never heard of him
File: j34oi32.jpg (3.85 MB, 4392x4944)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB JPG
AGP art
File: IMG_20220902_160349.jpg (2.45 MB, 1936x2592)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
I feel filthy for having looked so masculine.
How can anyone who looks like that without any added hormones claim to be trans?
This is ridiculous.
I looked like Ted Kaczynski.
>I looked like Ted Kaczynski.
He was agp tho
Only because he was MK Ultra'd by an AGP glowie.
I wonder what mk ultra d us
TG captions, TG comics, gender-bender in cartoons and movies etc.
But if a feminine male gets MK Ultra'd and troons, it's cute and endearing.
If a terachad like me gets MK Ultra'd and troons, it's disgusting.
Maybe I should go innawood and get into epistolary conversations.
File: 1700546073316768.jpg (180 KB, 1080x1920)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>I looked like Ted Kaczynski.
mogs me. I was told I looked like satan but slavic
You looked quite masculine but still way less than me.
Tbf I used the selfie camera because I was retarded and only rarely took pics so it did deform my face a lot, but still.
File: 1688040626904159.png (160 KB, 515x346)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
I always liked gender-bender themed cartoon episodes when I was a kid.

But wouldn't that be innate? I mean, several kids watched the same cartoons as me and they don't have Agp.
when im hanging out in manmode with my trans friend she mogs me so hard everyone probably thinks im her bf. its over.
Any other early zoomers remember watching these while masturbating?
Also these types of trans timelines vids OMG they were too great
(Btw look at the first pinned comment she made in 2022, it's pretty heartwarming).
Thinking back, how was I dumb enough to think being fascinated by this (or videos like "how to come out as trans to your loved ones") meant nothing and I was just a normal guy?
It would have avoided having to go through puberty and becoming unpassable and faketrans (because who looks so masculine and is trans? no one).
Yeah I was joking. We weren't MK Ultra'd.
But Ted maybe was.
Only have cism friends then ;)
Tbf my cism friends still mog me.
All of my phenotypical traits reflect dominance, hypersexuality, high testosterone and impulsivity.
I am a rapist physiognomically.
I will never be a woman or trans, I am a rapist subhuman and should be killed.
whats the most dominant and order hypersexual high testosterone thing you've ever done, anon?
*and or
File: 1700559360319.jpg (3.69 MB, 3120x4160)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
I don't really know..
I got into a vocal fight with a girl who had called me a nazi in high school and called her a dumb whore.
I've never had sex or gotten into a fight and I am generally very submissive to authority, but like, physiognomy doesn't lie, I have EVERY traits scientists have found to be correlated witrh being a rapist/ dominant violent male.
Wide face, big nose, big jaw, deep set eyes, slopped forehead, jutting browbone, small evil mouth, high hairline, wide neck, wide shoulders etc.
Women should be throwing themselves at me to get impregnated through that strangely never happened. Probably because I was too masculine and scared them off.
It wasn't intentional but since my name is quite androgenous and I have femenine interests I often got confused for a girl online.
I actually lost a lot of friends because they thought I was a girl and when we voice chatted and they realized I was a guy they'd block me or never talk to me again. But yeah it was an interesting experience, I had people try to boost me, buy me skins, drop me items, basically simp behaviour for someone they weren't even sure was a girl...
>having fantasies about being an androgynous male model again

this cope might work for me if i go hard on it
>voice chatted and they realized I was a guy they'd block me or never talk to me again
Why not use voice changer
Because it wasn't intentional, I was just being myself online and wasn't aware of how I was being perceived by others
I am a subhuman and IWNBAW.
no one cares about your bdd. tell us about your insect collection that sounds more interesting.
It's over.
I am not BDD. Even my shrink told me I'd never pass. So did my father. I am not BDD.
As for the insects, some of them were gifted to me by family, some of them were bought at Deyrolle, some were bought in yard sales, and some were captured by me.
>Even my shrink told me I'd never pass

You're exaggerating, right? What exactly did he say?
Any jeeps straight or is the retard dichotomy just hsts = straight / agp = transbian?
there are but most are transbians. agps who are straight will larp as hsts to get away from horny transbians and their stinky polycules
He said "you are rational knowing that even with HRT and surgeries you will not reach your goal" praising me for my clear mind.
He also praised me for not wanting to be a sexualized tranny and said that chasers were homosexuals.
All HSTS are 100% androphilic, however many AGPs are "straight" (fully meta-attracted).
subtle, what an empathetic therapist who completely understands how despairing dysphoria can make a trans woman

for real though if you really want to know if you pass ask a reputable surgeon who has no shortage of business (has less reason to lie for money)
*can pass
He didn't know much about trannies.
But like I'm 5'11 with a big skull and masculine facial features.
It's ridiculous to say I have BDD.
What exactly is your goal?

I am bi. I have always felt visual, sexual and romantic attraction to both genders.

However, the idea of marrying a man while being a man does not appeal to me. Especially because in my circumstances I would have to marry a flamboyant faggot, and it would still be difficult to do so.

I experience meta-attraction, but I experience other types of attraction to men as well.
>has body dysmorphia she obsesses over every day
>no bdd
frenchie bdd doesn't necessarily only apply to youngshits trying to compete with cis tiktok queens their same age its just hating your body generally lol
living with men is so much easier than living with women they need so little to be happy i hate cis women forever and ever they all just want a man or a pseudoman to pay for their shit and deal with their emotional hurricanes totally untenable for your avg tranny
My goal is to either pass or be a twinkhon/ cutehon.
I can cope with being somewhat visibly trans if I look cute and endearing enough.
Basically anything that's not a true hon.
I thought BDD was exaggerating one bad looks. If that's the case then all trannies have BDD.
>Basically anything that's not a true hon.
whats a true hon? nice get.
>twinkhon/ cutehon.

Possible. You're already cute, Frenchie.
A true hon is mannish and ugly. Not cute. Think Chris Chan.
A cutehon is mannish and not twinkish but kind of cute.
Think radiochan.
A twinkhon is cute and not mannish but doesn't pass.
Think Contra.
I am not but I hope I can look a bit cute post FFS.
I don't want to carry my rapist physiognomy like Jesus carried his cross.
do you really believe that you couldnt be at least as cute as radiochan?
>I am not but I hope I can look a bit cute post FFS

I'm curious to see, girl.
Radiochan really isn't bad.
It's a bit discouraging looking so masculine as baseline.
damn the mmg agpgen overlap is real
anon? are you okay?
you look like a sensitive guy who reads/writes poetry
why passoids are so mean ?
File: DP277772.jpg (1.22 MB, 2510x3887)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
I write feminist poetry sometimes.
I wrote this when I was 17, excuse the cringe.
It's crazy that I thought I was a normal guy despite being fully sexually AGP and spending all my awake time fantasizing about being a woman or writing feminist stuff.

I long for my nation long gone
wich is the dearest to my heart
of our queen and her laurel crown
her recall tears my soul apart

i feel that fire, it still burns
deep in my spirit it echoes
the blast of the fiercest battles
the warcry of the amazones!

You are alive, warrior maidens
still fearless and mighty and bright
we, the loyal heirs of your kin
are still standing up for our rights

Our etched belts are still at our waist
our bronze shields and spears are prepared
sister, let’s draw your swords with haste
for battle our cohorts are squared

Because they can.
>anon? are you okay?
Sort of, but the scribbles are from 3 years ago
I was cuter when I was severely underweight.
Yeah, it's criminal that society lets us suffer so long in ignorance...
In my mind: not effeminate or gay = not trans.
So much sex ed is done for straight and even gay kids but nothing for AGPs.
what were you doing 3 years ago anon?
Honestly thinking about it, I wonder if the response would be worse if they actually did something
Like they'd give us all conversion therapy or something, gay boys would be seen as a lost cause, but there's still "hope" with us
AGP inspection day, but the bad-end version where you're taught/forced to repress more than you would alone, reversing the youngshit trend
Listening to this when I drew the scribbles:
i love pantyhose sooo much it feels so nice! ^_^
that looks wild anon
I am such a whore
I love posting my body on /pol/ and having dozens of horny guys tell me I'm hot.
fembrained desu
It feels so great. I can't stop giggling.
It's so great.
Not even sexual either.
File: 1679020064076381.jpg (436 KB, 2048x2048)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
it sucks that none of the niggers in the thread wont post ngl bro
Show an example.

Give link
File: 1668775996754441.jpg (3.56 MB, 3880x5184)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
well there isnt that much of you but your pale legs look hot
Yeah I don't like going all out or anything, just tease a little.
Nice body!
File: 1698283008691018.jpg (132 KB, 640x770)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
also post AGP fuel and pink pill shit

not mine part of AGP fuel posts
Oh I see!
My AGPfuel is less sexual, because my AGP is pretty clearly cut between aesthetico-romantic (paintings etc) and sexual (tg captions and stories).
File: 1686551690704472.jpg (309 KB, 1536x2048)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Yeah estrogen is gettin to your head but thats cool too

At the end of the day we AGPs are turned on by the thought of being a woman and I guess the hormonal changes show how ones mind can look at the same fetish/sexuality
The idea of HRT changing my brain is hot.
Best poster itt
File: zdgsffgarhsd.png (572 KB, 1000x636)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
Yes I love hrt captions too

I wonder why it isnt a WAAAAAYYYYY bigger thing in the "sissy captions/hypno" genre

Also hope jannies dont ban you for the nudity lol
File: 113019351g.jpg (161 KB, 881x1021)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Yeah I was a very well known poster here but people hated because I was honest about this fetish/sexuality

Now the threads are kinda dead now due to the same few mfs whining all the time

Hope my AGP bros can have a good community one day
HRT TG is way way too rare in general.
People just found grating that you insulted everyone who trooned or had deepper feelings about their AGPs desu.
>Your mom selected a dysgenic male to produce you.
I love /pol/
File: 1688725882226187.jpg (1.67 MB, 1061x1417)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
>HRT TG is way way too rare in general.
Kinda weird considering HRT is the "final step"
or the bigger one atleast

>People just found grating that you insulted everyone who trooned or had deepper feelings about their AGPs desu.

Well desu I was kinda toxic at the end but I was just so mad that the only AGP community got destroyed again

I want to make this community grow but they said no

Frenchie was a well known pedo and fake trans but I didnt care about any of that

All I wanted was to make a great community for all types but they didnt want me cause I see AGP as mostly fetishistic

No hate if you dont see it as that of course

Anyway I just wanna tell everyone that we should form a subreddit(Just normal AGP) and some type of thread on an nsfw board just so we can keep fetishists there and "trueTrans" here

I just wanna help my fellow AGP bros

Oh I was the one to post that pic lol.
It's great.
As for sissy vs HRT, the main reason is that boomers imagine someone can pass and feminize by just getting fucked and putting on a dress or something.
Magical TG and the like are fairly common tho.
>Frenchie was a well known pedo and fake trans but I didnt care about any of that
I am frenchie lol.
Tf did I do that was pedo and faketrans?
Also literally no one minded your presence, you simply constantly attacked people who talked about their troon feelings.
Also you would get into literally endless flamewars with cure over bullshit and clutter the gen.
File: TakeE1.png (3.33 MB, 1920x1328)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB PNG
>As for sissy vs HRT, the main reason is that boomers imagine someone can pass and feminize by just getting fucked and putting on a dress or something.

Well you did post pics of little kids bro
but anyway

In termans of attacking yeah but only when they were coping about some really unimportant stuff and when I was mad at something anyway so some of those times were my bad ngl

But I am up to the offer of making a bigger AGP community still bro

I just wish we could have a place for /AGPfuel/
so I dont have to shit up these threads

Anyway it was nice to come to this thread after half a year of absence
>Well you did post pics of little kids bro
Is that illegal?
I hate this amerimutt mind virus.
>I just wish we could have a place for /AGPfuel/
There's a few threads on /d/ and /s/ already.
ai art is a crime worthy of death
Yeah the I want to be the girl threds suck ass

They post straight up porn pics

I mean making a subreddit r/AGP or smth
Making more hrt/captions shit
/AGPfuel/ Threads somewhere

The reddit can be discussion/memes/advice whatever

And if we tell the word to people about AGP you will see that so many people are actually AGP
Just look at all the sissy subreddits that were made by boomers

We can make AGP more well known and thus a bigger community
File: 1670286594015497.jpg (317 KB, 1000x1500)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
forgor pic
File: 1913583621.jpg (114 KB, 498x750)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
hrt captions you say?
if only
frenchie take note
File: sissy.jpg (1.12 MB, 4412x1196)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>Your hips scream "Hold me till i orgasm", 10/10 Bro
>you're embarassing all of us by being a small twink.
>I would peg you without lube. No wonder why France is now Muslim clay. This is what stock your lands produce. If a man hit you, you'd tear like paper.
>highest testosterone Frenchmen 2023
>Your body is skinny and weak in comparison with my Nordic body
>You're basically a woman. If I fucked you in your pale little ass you'd probably get pregnant.
>Dude, you have girl hips .
>You look like neither of them or a man in general
I love /pol/
besides swimming that's the only reason why i wish i didn't have breasts yet, my hips are wider than my waist too
File: 2003790241.jpg (88 KB, 540x720)
88 KB
Thanks bro

had these

BTW for everyone in this thread
this guy posted about 1000 of these
Yeah once I'll have bigger tits my body will go from wide hip twink to mediocre tranny sadly.
File: 1696869658102692.jpg (1.58 MB, 2048x2048)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
It's funny you got more attention then a youngshit I remember posting herself on /pol/
Because I LARP as a normal straight guy who just happens to be twinky and estrogenized, which is much more interesting (and hot probably) than a youngshit, who is basically a woman anyway.
oh my god that happened to me (well it was a programming forum but somehow people thought I was a girl online and it was easier to become one than tell them)
are these like normal sissy captions these days? glad they finally figured themselves out
File: literally me.jpg (82 KB, 680x428)
82 KB

Please read my post above. People keep calling me AGP, but I'm sure there is another explanation.
sadly i don't think so, most of them are still for coomers, that's just the SFW affirming/transition captions by that author i could find among just plain porn ones
I don't seek out agp fuel much anymore because I've completely coomed out, shit's boring honestly
Just a mindless compulsion that leaves me feeling dead
The only reason I'm still agp is because of non-sexual agp
It's too on the nose...
And probably the political climate too, people got into fights over it on other boards and sites
Something like: "Our fetish is being hijacked by trannies, we need to put a stop to it"
Personally I think the mistake was non-trans claiming AGP, AGP was invented to explain a kind of trans
So when we all get under the same umbrella it's just confusion and fights.
The idea of everyone experiencing AGP differently is too difficult for everyone to comprehend too, which is why we need different words because there are all different things being experienced.
As for subs, just join one of the millions of sissy subreddits
(ik it's not the same but maybe you can shift the culture, maybe make an agp version of bambi, kek)
And you already have /trash/, /d/, and /gif/ for fetish fuel, off the top of my head.
>are these like normal sissy captions these days? glad they finally figured themselves out
basado, i hope in the near future every sissy caption is about taking hrt and being normal
File: gamp.png (113 KB, 969x649)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
is this really how the average AGP is, just a less horny GAMP basically? does this apply to you?
Am I faketrans if I don't necessarily get gender envy around my cousins?
When people are real people, so to speak, with personalities, I struggle self inserting as them, I just see them as people.
I don't start liking my body but like I don't jealouse them.
Am I faketrans?
Yes, pretty much for me.
my biggest AGP trigger is pics of myself wearing lewd slutty clothes.
it's hard to explain, but it brings me to the moment i was wearing that slutty outfit and how sexy i felt posing so lewdly in front of a camera.
one of my biggest AGP fantasies is having a "trans friendly" photographer doing a session with me and me just letting loose with my slutty desires.
>less horny
>less GAMP
Hot n' Cold by Katie Perry
You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift
[spoiler]Your Reality from DDLC[/spoiler]
Similar thing happenrd to me. Despite my masculine username, I mainly played things like cute fairy girls and stuff, and I guess my personality just read "quirky geek gamer girl", so I would often get added after games in LoL by guys only for them to be confused that I wasn't a girl.
My friends often asked me why I "type like a girl" as well.
Stuff like that had been happening to me since I was a toddler desu.
File: 1684211704322988.png (3.57 MB, 3067x1945)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB PNG
Kmpi's typology!
>non fetishist crossdressers
No intervention now and forever.
File: F8mGUuUWoAAkcsF.jpg (2.55 MB, 1920x2560)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
So jealous
hmm where would gaygp go on this?
Why are random niggers accusing me of being a pedo now?
I hope this 19 year old dies in a car accident.
>No sexual element
I hate trannies.
I offer them my kinship and sympathy and I get shut down.
I suppose I am not good enough, I am not worthy.
Well I hope you all get hatecrimed and that troonism becomes illegal. Fuck all of you.
You can offer me kinship if you want
>t. started browsing this board at 19
File: 1680634451539821.jpg (32 KB, 640x640)
32 KB
god i wish that were me
Do you hate me and reject my kinship tho?
That's nice.
I am pissed because I gave that guy my kinship and sympathy and genuinely think we are fairly similar and he just rejected it and called me a pedo. It's disgusting.
He will pass and never be punished for his crimes.
Life is si disgustingly unfair.
you can't expect nuance frenchie... app is not something anyone will understand
some things you should shove down deep and never talk about
well, what did you expect? you're not exactly obscure, and have shared too much about yourself honestly in your self-hate sessions
you should rebrand, I think
File: 1700599650996.jpg (2.85 MB, 1936x2592)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
It's mostly that I was so masculine that my faceapp pictures as a woman were ATROCIOUS (example picrel) so to be cute I had to use the child filter in addition.
At this point my posting pattern is too well known to just rebrand.
Everyone will always hate me because I am ugly.
I am accursed by some divine punishment.
My destiny was always to be hated and rejected by trannies.
I always knew I was not one of you, somehow.
You can smell it and instinctively reject me.
And I hate you for that.
It was just written in my genes that you were and I wasn't.
Frenchie stfu . I literally only advice post to you and am not mean don’t let haters send you into ocd spiral
I just wanted to be nice to them and they called me a pedo..
/pol/ hates me less than this board.
Trannies always reject me and hate me.
Nah I would stop browsing this board if you stopped posting
it’s just burger bullies with bunched up panties don’t let it get to you
Thank you but I don't deserve it.
I feel so dejected.
But thank you.
I wish I could just look like a woman, nothing else would matter.
>A cutehon is mannish and not twinkish but kind of cute
I think I found a fitting description of myself

Could someone post radiochan for comparison?

I like this but in a nonsexual way
But they'll pass and I won't so in the end they win anyway..
She started like me at 24 btw.
really? i guess my frenchie lore is lacking...
and honestly i can't read that pic as anything but female, i don't see what's wrong with it
>too well known to just rebrand
you can do it, but it'll require you staying away from the board for a while, maybe two years?
Or perhaps you could actively change your posting style and never reference your past, "frenchie" should be an online persona you should let die...start a new one.
>hate me because I am ugly
hi frenchie's ocd, how's it going?
>Nah I would stop browsing this board if you stopped posting
same desu, i was considering leaving for a while due to my ocd but i didn't because i wanted to see frenchie's progression ultimately
So maybe a bit more attractive than me. Might as well admit I'm a hon
Well I like being provocative so I liked insisting on APP etc but fundamentally it's just a subset of my AGP.
Since it's purely anallosexual I don't think it's that bad through I do understand why people find it weird or gross.
Idk this one isn't the worst but there were so many super disappointing faceapp pics of mine. But TBF a lot of it is due to me being dumb and using my selfie camera which gives me an insanely wide face (it's already wide in reality but it makes it worse).
This contributed to making me repress longer due to having a dissorted vision of my own face.
I don't think I can leave the board rn, it's my only real outlet to talk about tranny stuff with the subreddit. I'll keep posting only here in my safe heaven.
Also I need to stop attention whoring on /pol/ lol.
I never actually wanted to be a personality, people just recognized my pattern in April or may and called me Frenchie because I am french.
Well I guess long before, in like 2019, I was nicknamed "frenchon" on AGPgen for being bitter and chimping out at transitioning AGP with spite.
>hi frenchie's ocd, how's it going?
I think I'd be liked if I were cute.
>same desu, i was considering leaving for a while due to my ocd but i didn't because i wanted to see frenchie's progression ultimately
That's nice lol.
I have no idea where it's going.
I might or might not live on my own next year. That'd be nice because I could like voicetrain and train with makeup and wear cuter things.
But only once I have had laser.
I fear I am a youngshit mef
I mean she's literally 10 years HRT.
You'll be fine.
File: 1681043730242747.jpg (247 KB, 1024x768)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
I have a mild cold and my throat slightly hurts
It's over I should not have been a chud
You're neither a youngshit nor MEF lol.
You are a midshit AGP.
MEFs can't function as women.
I have had COVID twice and am unvaxxed and I am fine
t. Frenchie.
thanks :)
>You will never look like a girl and you act like a man
It always comes down to this.
I am evil because I am ugly and masculine.
People would like me if I were cute.
It's the only thing that matters to trannies above all.
I'll always be rejected by trannies because of it.
My behaviour will always been seen as mannish and creepy because of it.
It's just lookism and all animals operate under it not just humans and not just trannies in particular
It sucks.
I like Reddit because it's full of older transitioners who do not judge me for being an ugly Hon.
I want to just die. I will never be a woman, or happy, or loved.
It's all pointless.
I will detroon, become a chud politician, make daddy proud, and ban HRT.
I want to write a story about an ex-Institut für Sexxualwissenschaft transbian who detrooned and then join the SS Polizei and tracks down and kills fags and trannies.
In the end he meets his former transbian gf who has kept transitioning and can't get himself to kill her so she smashes his head with a candle holder saying "Sorry, Helga" (his name when he was transitioning).
I've thought about this scenario almost exactly, except modern-day
How would your modern day scenario be like anon?
don't most animals operate on dominance hierarchies according to which male can commit the most violence and survive. Sexual selection is a thing in like certain tropical birds but otherwise its just rape rape violence rape
I was probably thinking about male birds either dancing or building nests to impress a mate yeah kek
File: 1695071350876.png (181 KB, 256x256)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
I think the meaning of my name in numerology is quite fembrained. Also, I think it describes me perfectly.

"Number 9 is the number of humanitarian, supportive, artistic and creative people, leading to activities such as writing and communication. Represents friendly, generous and emotional people. But, at the same time, the person with this number can also be possessive, having an excessive appreciation for the people they love, in addition to being very consumerist."
its weird how once you get deep enough into hrt the thought of detrooning seems like an unimaginable nightmare
Basically a rising fascist movement in the USA. Otherwise fairly similar
>want to detroon, felt like i got what i needed from hrt
>decide to skip dose today once and for all
>think about throwing away all my E and needles in due time safely
>imagine the possibility of a wife and kids
>...see an attractive woman, immediately want to be like her OR see a tranny timeline and seethe internally
>inject more hrt for this week
i can't stop....
yup that do be how it is
i originally started after a long period basically repressing because i was stuck in a thought loop and it made things uncertain
now that i've been on it, it's the same thing but reversed and now i can't get off it
yeah lol. i had a moment a few months ago where i made friend with this cute short blonde girl with curly hair and thought to myself shit...what am i doing to myself i should be trying to wife up a girl like this why am i larping about being a woman myself.

and then the next day i injected anyway
so lots of people repress because of anxiety about passing or social rejection...but what if you repressed because you straight up thought transitioning was ethically wrong? Like you never hear that perspective here but that was how I thought about it for a long time, that the whole practice was just extremely narcissistic and inconsiderate. It took years of not being able to kill my desires to overcome feeling like it was wrong. it still feels kinda wrong but not as much.
well, shit
i guess this is how it is...
probably unique to your upbringing anon, not sure
deeply religious i'm guessing
this is Kim. I'm fucked up tonight and deathly sad

AMA before I pass out
Hi Kim, I just hope you'll get over your issues and be fine (including stopping weed).
uhhhh who are you and why do you assume we should know you
A very ancient repgen and AGPgen ex-tripfag.
Trooned at 24 and went from fairly masculine to cute.
She made several agp and tttt related memes like >>33613626
I am also obsessed with her for some reason.
ik I need to stop. it's just my life is very painful and overwhelming right now so it's very nice to just feel numb
I am really sorry...
Please work hard on your studies.
You have seen a glimmer of possible female socialization at that party the other day. You can make it.
>Please work hard on your studies.
there's no reason to. we live in a uniquely evil culture. there's no real learning here. there's no point in contributing to society in any way. in fact it's everyone's moral duty to interact with it in any way

I am also obsessed with her for some reason
I get this. I've felt a similar way about other trips
She is WAY too clever to work a shitty 7 to 5 wagie job, so she needs degrees.
And yeah, she's really fascinating.

You aren't even worth licking Kim's feet, worm.
Also I don't simp for her, she made big mistakes, I hate that she threw away her purity with a random chasoid, that's an unforgivable crime, she betrayed herself over nothing as Raskolnikov would say.
But still.
>uncalled for foot fetishist imagery
and yes you simp for her and just generally skinwalk clicky twinkhons
Some are called to greatness, some can only skinwalk.
Can I be blamed?
yes, meds, now.
I am completely out sadly but I try not to have too many crises. I had one yesterday but it was because of that evil 19 year old.
Today I'm writing that story.
you need to stop making this place important to you it’s parasocial and unhealthy. tttt has its place as a venue to tell unfiltered truth and share your darkest impulses as an anon, but for those very qualities will never be the place to form deep personal bonds. Notice tttt microcelebs always end up unhappy and broken no matter how fortunate they are. It’s not because they deserve it, it’s because they just played a stupid game and won stupid prizes.
But I feel comfortable here.
It's not perfect for sure but it's fine.
I'm not namefagging or anything.
lol you literally had a giant panic attack yesterday because some anon took potshots at you from the safety of anonymity
I guess. But I need to be able to talk about tranny stuff and the like.
groundhogs day it is then
What else can I do?
I am so socially awkward and anxious that I can barely do groceries.
Am I just supposed to start acting normal and make tranny friends IRL or something?
After 8 years of being an asocial stay in my room idiot?
Thing shouldn't repeat themselves as I am on HRT. There is no reason things would entirely stagnate.
they’re already stagnating you’ve been on hrt for a good amount of time and have done little to aid it, you just waste all your time here chasing quick dopamine hits and say ‘tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow’ to doing the real work
I will see my dermatologist in December.
The only thing besides acne scar treatment I can imagine is laser.
What other effort thing could I even do?
is your life only your transition or…?
do you have aspirations for a career? a skill? do you exercise your body daily? your mind?
Rn it's only my transition. Nothing else matters. But yeah I should find a hustle. Might reinvest into crypto. I made a pretty penny back then.
I don't exercise but I should do it again. Not going outside tho, it's scary.
File: IMG_1305.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
my god you are so himouto design wa
I actually really hate her and find her insufferable.
Also I disliked the show because it had a male main character.
I am more similar to Gabriel from Gabdro.
lol so you’re only chasing one dream and you can’t even focus on it? VT takes time and skincare is a daily ritual.

your laziness is induced by trauma, you might want to start there if yo want the rest of your life to fall into place
I do skincare, I clean my skin, take an anti acne drug, use a cream etc.
I used to have several more steps but I feel like it's better to wait for laser/ peeling on my acne scars for that, rn it's like trying to clean a bombed up hospital.
I cannot VT right now as I live with my father.
Also I am much less lazy when I feel like I can make it.
When I feel like it's pointless I stop making efforts.
I think effortmaxxing is really easy if you're twinkish and really hard if you're a terahon like me.
And yes I don't identify as a tranny anymore I identify as a fallen angel.
you’re a codependent doormat with no agency because it was robbed from you by your narcissistic father and you see no way to establish yourself in the world. In a way your familial legacy has crippled rather than elevated you.

sic transit gloria mundi, indeed!
I'll try to do my best..
I don't even know how to move forward.
I feel completely stuck and powerless.
I just hope I can get my own apartment this year and start VT, laser etc.
But I feel like it's pointless because my face will never pass, idk.
If I can never live as a woman then there is little reason to live.
played a girl on a private RO server. Had the whole server thinking I was the real thing. It was as easy as refusing to assert myself as female and letting them draw their own conclusions
some years later I troon out; guess I really was the real thing
Hot take: passoids should be exiled on a small island to avoid presenting a cognitohazard for hons and reppers.
go to school, make it as important to yourself as trooning, and thug out your manmode so the next decade of your life can be smoother than the current one. the dream of twinkhon cottage farm can be realized yet if you go and take it
but anon, if they pass then you couldn’t recognize them anyway. You might as well just exile cis women to at that point
My main issue is social phobia.
It's literally paralyzing me.
I will look into the various exams I can do and work for them.
I just feel so stuck and powerless.
Maybe ban them from claiming to be trans?
File: F5_aARCbsAA2AdT.jpg (116 KB, 1125x1478)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
One of my fav passtimes has become setting up a very masculine looking profile with a male-coded avi and name, and convincing people through my words and actions that I am a female.

Reactions like "You're a girl, right? I thought you were a guy at first because of your pfp" get me so high, for some reason.

Anyone else get it?

(t. Not trans, obv)
it’s easier to pass classes as an asocial nerd than a sorority girl, dummy.
I wonder how these women would feel about having their photos used for this sissy slop
But I am the "depressed nerd who doesn't work and barely passes" type, not the "depressed nerd who doesn't work and easily passes" one.
I have been bad at school since middle school and only went into higher education thanks to my dad's nepotism.
Also it's not about passing class, I am not even in uni anymore sadly, I am supposed to prepare for an exam so I am in a kind of cram school.
I miss uni...
Same but for TG captions.
File: IMG_1312.jpg (47 KB, 1200x676)
47 KB
frenchie you’re being a nigger right now. Laziness is a habit not an innate quality, holy shit to prove you’re human you have to steer the stubborn elephant that is your mind, I.e. the collection of semi autonomous complexes (dependency, roominess, melancholy) that govern your everyday actions.

Self overcoming is the real life Gom Jabbar
laziness, *troonishness, melancholy
I do feel like my mind is made up of semi autonomous mental illnesses and complex which makes it harder to fix.
File: IMG_1313.jpg (418 KB, 1440x1800)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
lol welcome to samsara we’ve got fun and games
Holy shit it's horrible
Have to pass as a fag or as a tranny who is masculine and honnish because what man would get laser on beard
>Laser on acne
More ok I guess but still metrosexual
>Voice training
Have to hear my gross voice and sound ridiculous like a chipmunk
Hon dylan mulvaney horror
>Working for school
Brain assailed by waves of anxiety and boredom
>Going anywhere outside esp taking the subway
Extreme anxiety, profuse sweat

the obstacle is the way
I will
>Invest in crypto rationally
>Try to work on the tax exam (which is supposed to be kinda easy, the director said, "you cannot fail unless you have a bad psychiatric condition", which, I mean, I do, but yeah).
>Try to work on the librarian exam because that'd be cunty
>Force my dermatologist to tell me what to do for my scarring
>Force her to give me finasteride if possible
>Once I am done with scarring I will start laser, I'll be more used to getting laser anyway by then so it should be easier
>Once I get my own place I will start VT and trying makeup.
actually, you’ll start today, in whatever small capacity is possible in your current circumstances. else, you will lack inertia when conditions improve
I guess I'll go outside to buy milk and peanut butter.
And I will do 20 squats.
File: IMG_1315.jpg (226 KB, 1026x1062)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
that a girl
its 3 in the morning,time to be overly psychoanalytical of myself and then do nothing about it
If you turn off the lights and sit alone in the dark this is when the demons will speak to you
A while ago I saw a post that said "don't trust anything you think about yourself after 11pm" and I think that poster was right

doesn't stop me ofc but it's probably good advice
is it just me or has the board gotten a LOT faster lately? like to an uncomfortable degree. is something happening?
thanksgiving week school holiday in us
It used to be SO MUCH faster in like 2020/2021.
AGPgen was a fast general day round and you would have walls of text upon walls of text.
I miss it, kinda, even through I was seething all the time.
these days those same walls of text would just be labeled hon copes
The gen was very hopeful.
Which I hated because I was hopeless.
File: IMG_1318.jpg (166 KB, 768x768)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
I kind of like the dark reboot tbdesu, it’s so real and dripping with yearning
Old AGPgen was "hopeful eggs discovering they can troon and becoming happy".
This is "depressed reppers discovering they have to troon and being miserable but trying to get by".
We're closer to /mmg/ and /ltg/ than original agpg in many ways.
File: IMG_1320.jpg (209 KB, 768x768)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
it’s pretty much the majoras mask to old agpgs ocarina of time yeah
Maybe someday we'll all be passing or twinkhons and like it'll be back to being chill and positive.
the best part is 0:30 where she's dressed as a boy
maybe the real twinkhons are the friends we made along the way
Agreed, I always found that hottest.
This makes me nostalgic.
Imagine a AGPgen meetup in 5 years and everyone's a passoid.
File: channels4_profile.jpg (206 KB, 1760x1760)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
that was a pretty good transition
Yeah she's super cute. And her message from 2022 was super moving.
Maybe we can...
Be happy someday? Somehow?
I kept in touch with a lot of people from old agpg and they all pass now. completely insane. But I'm still here...
Why did I have to fucking repress for 5 years, I want to kms.....
I want to kill myself like Dominique Venner did only in front of a tranny center or something.
All the passoids would have to see my exploded brain case.
Life as an agp male is pain.
I'm seeing more and more content of wives with their agp husbands so I'm trying not to give up hope but it's hard.
File: IMG_1325.jpg (238 KB, 768x768)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
the despair and yearning of the left behind and castaway is something to behold
This place is hell isn't it?
Or maybe purgatory?
I'm bpd + agp,this doesn't mean i'm a tranny
I wish I were AGP but I don't remember being jealous of girls until like late high school at most.
Before that I was just either a bit fascinated by them (if they were cool and nice with me), neutral and not really liking them if they were neutral, and hating them if they weren't nice with me.
where? i want to hurt too
i ask myself this question every day
I both wanted to be with them and wanted to be then around early puberty. It was an incredibly chaotic dichotomy to resolve. As the story always goes though the agp artifact supplants competing heterosexuality
Idk honestly.
I had sexual AGP (I fapped to tg captions, would imagine I was transformed into a girl etc), but I'm not sure as to whether I felt "I wish I could be her" when I saw girls.
>I felt "I wish I could be her" when I saw girls.
I get that all the time
it’s ok to have atypical dysphoria frenchie, in fact no one really cares
I went outside to buy milk and peanut butter.
The store was full of beautiful cute women, it was hell.
I almost had a panic attack but managed to stop myself.
I don't know how I feel.
I went to the store and when I saw cute girl I simply felt a crushing feeling of utter despondency.
I am my anima's bitch
does the fact i feel so comfortable gaying it up with mannerisms and voice mean im not AGP but rather HSTS?
But my anima isn't that feminine.
In a way she's more masculine than my male self.
I am AGP and am gaying up my behavior and voice a bit too.
Not flamer territory but a little gayer to feel less masculine.
File: 1689596539093.jpg (48 KB, 500x599)
48 KB
>See a transbian webm on /pol/
>Immediatly want to kill myself because I'll never be them
Where can I find moar like this
post it
Sex is so weird
File: IMG_20231122_143301.jpg (3.47 MB, 3120x4160)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
How bad's a bmi of 23.1
I feel like I'm as wide as a fridge despite being in the normal weight category
I should kms.
Looks like an old woman from eastern europe besides the big head
If I jump in front of a train at least my body will be too mangled for the rescuers to have to see my disgusting face.
I also thought about that
I don't even care about having a female name on my grave, just make it stop.
would it be bad if i made separate online personas presenting as mtf?
i just want to see how it would feel, to be treated like one, to finally feel closer to how i see myself... but i feel bad since im still an agp freak :(((
No, that's really ok.
Stop hating yourself.
that's hard for me, sadly
i dont want to deceive anyone, calling myself trans feels wrong as i dont have diagnosed dysphoria. but it also would feel really nice..
I am 8 months into HRT and I still struggle considering myself trans.
Just go for it!
>massive boob pain for the past two or three weeks
well, okay, maybe i could just try it for a bit
Am I faketrans if the idea of being a femboy and being called a good boy is arousing?
exercise so you are more lean
Yeah I can lose 22 pounds and still not be underweight
>short skirts
>cute longsleeve sweaters that almost cover up short skirts
>small budding HRT tiddies in microbikini tops
my agp fuel
File: society.jpg (662 KB, 1452x1825)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Literally me life.
At least an Hungarian on /pol/ said I had cute hands and that he would mount his horse, bridenap me and wife me up, which was nice.
bottom would pass if she had bangs
>crisis because of an evil 19 year old
lol where?
new >>33626729
I feel that anon

No lol

I want to get some of those things

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