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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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a cute girl at work might like me, i want to ask her out, but shes from a christian family and ive been boymoding for 4 months. nobody at work knows and will definitely be nosy but i kinda dont care. think she'll be able to overlook it if i get her on a date?
File: 1679181258296816.png (6 KB, 312x293)
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i dont get gynephilic boymoders
Does she give gay or Bi vibes?
File: 20230316_005422.jpg (16 KB, 402x411)
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whats there not to get
i like cute girls. i have a dick which makes that convenient. i am otherwise distressed by most male characteristics i grew with. i dont want to make people call me a girl. i am not impossible to have a kid with. fuck off mang
yeah shes never had a bf and ppl have asked her if shes a les, which she denies
Ok that's good for u, if she doesn't know and just sees you as a really cute feminine boy then she's a chaser tho lol
i wouldnt know. i havent asked to contact her outside of work. thats the next step im debating on since she kinda dropped me a pretty big hint.
once i do ill probably tell her pretty quick that i take hormones and will probably end up being pretty girly in a few years (but i acknowledge my being a man, which might actually be a w with the nuance)
i have no idea what she sees me as now or what she will see me as later. she might already know, she IS a girl and i can see her sports bra, too!

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