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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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Need help.

>be me 27 mtf
>girlfriend cheated on me while she “went to work” and left me at home alone all day.
>while stuck alone and isolated begin noticing cats all around the apartment
>every time people get evicted, they just LEAVE the cats behind. The cats never consented to being homeless.
>adopt them
>girlfriend begins “working overtime” cheating the whole time
>refuses to even talk to me
>tells me I need to leave in 2 months, basically forcing me to be homeless
>I don’t have any savings or a job, and 15 cats.

I don’t mind being homeless, I’ve been on the streets before, but what do I do with these cats? They didn’t consent to any of this, and I have two months to decide what to do with all these babies and I’m overwhelmed
put them in a shelter
community fb/subreddit advertising them for adoption
train them to steal money for you like fagin from oliver twist
I’m looking for a Facebook community I can trust.

Does anyone know a trans/leftist cat shelter in the Portland area ??
File: 136.jpg (43 KB, 490x263)
43 KB
>trans/leftist cat shelter
OP, I think I found your problem, See, Leftists always eat their own kind, it's part of the psychological disease they suffer from.

Now Rightoids have entirely different types of fucked, Rightards actually believe shit they see on TV news, and you can actually convince them dumb fucks that every stolen election was COMPLETELY SECURE.
>savings or a job, and 15 cats.
Eat the cats, save money for food
File: 1672709059246343.png (55 KB, 1007x840)
55 KB

doesn't help with the cats, but, "/aan/ - Adopt-a-NEET" exists, if you weren't aware. though, i don't know how successful it is for trans people
Based Alf-Poster
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534 KB PNG
>but what do I do with these cats?
leave her the cats so she has to deal with 15 cats shitting and pissing all over her apartment
If you can't have anyone watch them for you and can't take care of them while homeless make sure you pick a no-kill shelter that has strict policies not to send animals to anywhere that's a kill shelter. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and they euthanized this sweet healthy kitten and it was traumatizing and I quit

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