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Anyone lurking the board from Tenerife.
I can barely find any transition related info online spesific to Tenerife.
Im in need of help pliz.
Posted ot on another board as well accidentally
Isn't that Spain? You have OTC estrogen, so maybe you could try that, but to be honest would be hard without AA because I hear estrogen injections aren't sold in Spain.

No idea what official transition is like and if there's gatekeeping. You probably have to do it at some point for legal stuff like name and gender change, since don't think there's self-id.
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Never even set foot there but as an i/n/cel I offer you my moral support
Thats my biggest problem, altho it is spain yes i can barely find any info online about how it all goes , i dont know where I should start, what place to look for, what kind of doctor to search for if any.
ask in >>>/lgbt/hrtgen also check the OP of that thread, also idk maybe https://hrt.cafe/
also /mtfg/ ofc, there was a spanish trip there back in the day
Thank youu, ive seen these online sites, i thought online sites require perscription to be able to order n recieve the meds ordered isnt that the case?
Go for otokonoko if you can, it's the cheapest of the bunch, and a lot less expensive than regular injections.
Idk about using "legit" stuff.
Wouldnt it be very risky to DIY it? I dont even have doc here who could get me some blood tests as of rn. Im a bit lost here. What kind of medical facilities are known to handle trans related stuff? Where did you all go first?
some online sites "ask for a prescription" where you just click a checkbox
what >>25789495 said is one option
lena hopefully is ok and still ships
if spain is like some other mediterranean places, you might be able to waltz up to a pharmacy and just buy it OTC, saying you forgot the prescription at home or it's for your mom or whatever
I don't really do blood tests at all, monotherapy is so stronk it's almost impossible to have low e or high t.
Idk if there's a /hrtgen/ up right now but you can ask them for help with your diy journey.
There's also a github wiki on diy but I don't have the link on me rip.
It'll be in the general tho.
So are you doing hrt complitelly DIY?
Without professional supervision?
For now, in about 3 years I'll get a script.
I've just read countless horror stories about pills and t blockers, along with being potentially misdosed for years that I want to get the bulk of positive changes out of the way before meeting up with a doc and basically continuing on with injections, this time officially.

Everyone should go legit eventually, they might crack down on diy and you're left without hrt while on a waiting list somewhere.
I doubt that's a problem anytime soon tho.
I guess ill research DIY options in the meantime, hopefully ill be able to link up with a local sis in the close future to get area spesific info on the official process.
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised of Tenerife just doesn't have the infrastructure for trans people, in which case you'd probably have to make your appointments in mainland Spain and fly there. Are there discount airlines available that fly between Tenerife and the mainland?
Yes sometimes flights can be as cheap as 5 euros, altho im certain tenerife has a system for this type of thing set, the country is extremely lgbtq friendly,
I just cant for the life of me find oyt where to start it all.
Did you try talking to a doctor?
No I havent, I dont know what type of doctore should I look for, im really really new to this all, at the very beggining of the journey I guess
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>mi cara cuando no novia travesti de Tenerife
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Es lo que hay papi, vida triste
I found this link about LGBT organizations in Tenerife, I would try contacting one of them as I'm sure the trans ones would know what to do. https://www.gobiernodecanarias.org/diversidad/colectivos/
It's good to hear that Spain is LGBT friendly, I minored in Spanish and am planning on doing the Camino de Santiago and hope my trans sister comes with me.
Thank youu so much, idk about spain but Tenerife extremely is, seeing openly lgbtq ppl of all kinds is as common as seeing cars, noone judges and no1 bats an eye, its trully an amazing place for any lgbtq person.
No problem, I'm happy to help. That sounds like a nice change from the Southern US where there's so many anti-lgbt people.
I know im extremely lucky to be here, idk how they achieved it here but in the public eye openly lgbt ppl r as common and normal here as it can be. It truly is a hidden gem in terms of accepting enviroments and not in a forced way.
In case social pressure is a huge deal for some id for sure recommend checking Tenerife put, altho Tenerife is pretty hard to online research sadly thats why im so lost as well
So many of info here are spread thru word of mouth, and not online search

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