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>my top always calls me spastic, retard, sperg
>says im too autistic to meet his parents
>beg him to let me
>he says i have to promise not to be spastic
>ok I'll do it
>2 weeks later
>dinner with his parents
>engage charming mode
>act all fancy and smart and try to pretend I'm at least a little bit ashamed that i get railed by their son every night
>his parents talk down to me a little bit but I think they actually really like me
>when i first arrived his dad looked relieved
>I think he was worried his son was the bottom, but he has like 6 inches and 50 lbs on me
>made me feel strangely proud
>do everything right and have a very nice evening out
>we drive back home
>bf actually proud of me
>says he'll give me some milky bones when we get home for being such a good bottom
>we get home half an hour later
>bf where are my milky bones
>he tells me shut up and rams my face into the pillow and does sex on my butt
i want my milky bones. I earned them!! why are tops so mean?
do parents actually care whether you're the top or bottom?
I swear I saw this post months ago
isn't the kicker that op is mtf
I've read stories.. basically I think the answer is yes. If their son is going to be a faggot they prefer their son to be the top lol.
No dad wants their child penetrated. So if they have a gay top for a kid, they avoid the shame. If you're a bottom or a daughter, your only purpose in life is to exist as a way for your bf to cuck your father.
father's don't want to have sex with their children whats wrong with u
Fathers want their children to succeed. And to be reflections of them. The only father that's happy to have a daughter or a bottom son is one that likes being fucked in the ass or one that hires a bull for his wife.
When a man buys his son condoms to have safe sex, who's penis does he think (hope) those condoms are going on?
This thread is why I'm worried about bringing a top home

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