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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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(cis male) chasers, can you walk me home? It's 3am and I'm a little bit too drunk to notice everything going on around me, and it's quite cold outside.

You can drive me home, right? I'm sure if you need to crash you can use the couch, I'm alone all week so nobody else is going to walk in on you sleeping. Is that ok, anon? I'm just scared you see, I'm so small and defenseless on my own. haha
I-I'll call you an uber and message you tomorrow... bye.....
What are you, some kind of LA tranner? Gross.
I'd unironically just drop you home and wish you good night. I can't imagine anyone finding me sexually desirable. I feel like that part of life is just not meant for me
>find drunk boymoder in the streets at night
>help her up and carry her disoriented body to my place
>let her sleep on the bed as I sleep on the couch
>deal with her freak out when she wakes up
>ask her if she's ok
>"You don't have to tell me what happened. But you do have to eat this" as I hand her a bowl of eggs
>ask if she needs a ride home
>tell her to take care

How do you react?
nice zodiac cover
I'm not a boy moder though anon and I do like eggs but i don't need them thank you though.
> OP

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