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straight t4t general, mtf x ftm tagmap.io/tag/st4tg
qott: write girlremoval green texts (boy removal green texts but for ftms)
I just want to read something about a guy being seduced into a dominating a cute girl really hard, maybe I'll write idk
Im too sleepy and have to go to bed but hope this thread is still alive and filled with cute girlremoval greentxts when I wake up
previous thread >>22666441

write smth & start the thread off anon :)
>be mtf
>see cute girlmoder, has obvious facial hair
>he kills himself a week later because of the trauma
>girl successfully removed
I will in the morning if thread is alive, I wrote one last time
Get out of here, shoo, shoo
from the boyremoval edition
suck my dip: ghostbin.com/IR1hi
too big: ghostbin.com/F3ZlT
halloween moder: ghostbin.com/qOsV4
toy: ghostbin.com/oIpz4
house party: ghostbin.com/kngOj
porco rosso: ghostbin.com/XtZeJ
I laughed
Thank you for capturing all of these
So my high school best friend trooned and I think I want to try something with her. My idea is to take advantage of being her only trans friend to help her start girlmoding and make my former bro now become my ideal gf. She's already coming for me to ask about HRT and other trans stuff so it feels like we're close again lately.

But consider this was her transition process

>used to be a completely normal pussy lover straight dude comfortable with his masculinity
>started getting into femboy porn
>started hanging on femboy and gay internet circles
>started calling himself bisexual and liking more masculine men
>decided he wanted to be a femboy himself
>trooned out and now is a bisexual woman

I don't want to speculate on her identity or anything, but since the chaser to trans pipeline is a common trope here, what are the chances of her not actually being bi and it's all meta attraction? And what are the chances of her becoming a dicksexual t4t transbian once she's on HRT? And finally, is there any chance at all of her being attracted to FtMs?
What's your ideal gf ?
Often I think people can have repressed desires that being on different hormones bring out, so it might be hard to know until she's on hrt for a bit. But if she's still bi after then there's a good chance she'd be interested ? FtMs can have whatever dick size you want really so I mean
If this thread is still up when I get home from work I'll post a girlremoval greentext
Sounds sorta similar to when I started coming to terms with my transness and I've been t4t boycrazy since starting hrt. Plus if you actually buy into the Blanchtard shit, she sounds like a pretty open and shut HSTS, so I wouldn't be worried. Just go for her my guy
>be mtf, 4 yrs hrt
>have ftm crush, on t 2 yrs and mascing up nicely
>hes the same height as me, black hair, dark eyes
>if he has one failing, its that hes way too shy
>Ive seen the way he looks at me, the glances when he thinks Im not looking
>I tease and flirt with him alot and he gets embarassed
>I love his attention and seeing the effect I have on him
>but he never makes a move

>we go out with friends after work for drinks
>I wear a low cut top with my bra peeking through and a long necklace that draws attention to my cleavage
>his eyes keep straying down
>I catch him looking and his ears turn bright red
>I smirk and stir my drink with my straw
>lean towards him and we have to get close to hear each other because the music is loud
>gently press my boobs against his arm while I talk in his ear
>he stutters an answer and a blush creeps over his face
>he clenches his jaw
>I smile, hes so much fun to play with, he makes me feel like a succubus
>Ive always teased him like this
>he loosens up and relaxes with the alcohol
>I push harder tonight to see if anything will happen
>I sit next to him and he watches my skirt ride up my thighs
>keep touching his arm and staring into his eyes
>he says he needs a haircut and I run my hand through his hair and say it suits him as it is
>normally I tease him and it goes nowhere
>but tonight he kisses me
>we were talking one moment and the next moment his lips are against mine
>almost immediately he pulls back and starts to apologize
>I grab his hair and kiss him again before he can finish
>press my whole body against him
>his smell and cologne makes my mouth water
>slight stubble
>he slips his hand under my skirt to grab my ass
>hes a good kisser
>I draw back and something has changed in his expression
>its kind of hard to read
>he leads me out of the bar by the hand
>we didn’t even say goodbye to the others
>"where are we going?"
>he doesnt respond
>I know he lives near the bar
I NEED the update to this story
>Im too stunned to say anything, I just follow him
>we get into his apartment
>I dont feel so confident now
>I dont know if its the alcohol but hes acting strange
>theres something darker in his eyes
>I say his name nervously
>he moves me against the wall and stares at me
>try to push him away gently but I cant move him
>how is he so strong, hes skinny af
>turn my head away and he moves my chin so Im forced to look him in the eyes
>this isnt like him
>Im the one blushing now
>he kisses me hard
>my legs go weak
>I grab onto him for support
>he shoves his tongue into my mouth
>within a few minutes Im putty in his hands
>he takes me to his room
>I sit on the bed, he rests a hand on my face, pushes his thumb inside my mouth
>his eyes glaze over as I suck it
>he forces me onto the bed and pins me down hard
>hes too rough, I dont think he knows his own strength
>he strips my top half, grabs me and grazes my nipples with his teeth
>I gasp and he sucks
>he runs his hands over my waist and tummy
>he pulls my pants half-way down and kisses my thighs
>can he feel that Im shaking?
>my legs instinctively try to part for him but my pants are bunched up around my knees
>he glares down at me as he pulls off my pants and panties
>he moves me onto all fours
>he circles his tongue around my bussy
>I grind myself against his face and I pull him into me
>he comes up for air and fingers me, curling them inside
>then Im on my back and hes pressing a strap against me
>I moan as he enters
>roughly grabbing and squeezing my boobs
>he isnt slow for long
>grabs my hips and slams into me
>he swaps out for a bigger size half-way through and I feel like Im in heat
>he fucks me hard into the mattress, Im entirely pinned down I cant move
>theres no shyness from him now, the drink removed any inhibitions
>Im moaning like crazy and hes growling and groaning against my neck
>I finish first, cum leaks out over my tummy, he runs his fingers through it and tastes it
>he leans down to kiss me, I can taste myself in the kiss
>he didn’t come so I serviced him afterwards with a bj
>his clitdick swells in my mouth
>his hands are tangled up in my hair
>I eat him out and we kiss again, both of our cum mixed in the kiss

aaaaaa Im embarassed, I wanted to try writing one, I havent read a girl-removal one before is this okay?
It was lovely anon I enjoyed it
tysm I wasnt sure if like he should be early transition if its girl-removal ? excited for people to write stories

yeah I feel like girlremoval is about the guy taking control and you captured that pretty well

I want to write something similar but I don't know enough about what makes trans guys feel dominant :(
I was going to absolutely pummel this one ftm that I thought was mocking me in a bar once. I met him later at and lgs and he said he'd seen me there before and thought I was cute.
We dated for a bit after lol
For me it's a girl trying to bait me into just losing control so I take her and make her mine
Yeah I just want to tease a cute guy until he's so worked up he just destroys me and shows me how much stronger he is
lively relationship? lol why did you think he was mocking you?

Based st4t is based especially if you subvert or reverse the dynamic of penetration always being a dominant act by the penetrator. Some ppl just want to be ruined by bussy and that's okay
Need an ftm bf who I can open up and be vulnerable with. I dont trust being vulnerable with women anymore I need a bf who will listen and tell me it's okay
did you have a bad experience with a gf? i had that with my ex gf, she was vindictive and when we broke up she twisted the knife as much as she could before she left.. im scared of being open like that with somebody again
story time?
ugh first skirt then pants? Keep your greentext straight anon, I can't get off to such blatant inconsistencies. Anyways good girlremoval from an mtf perspective but I feel like you should write one from the guy's perspective about him taking control.
This, give me insight into lusty boythoughts please
>ugh first skirt then pants
omg noo dam:(( ty, Im not sure I could do the guys perspective? are there other anons who are up to the task?
I am planning on writing my fantasy from my penisbrain pov if anyone is interested
okay anon your turn
My ex was abusive physically and emotionally, I really like being dommed but i need it to be with someone I really trust now. And I have a hard time trusting cisbians after that. Never dated a transbian, I'm not sure if I'd trust them yet. I mostly like guys now, but I have a harder time dating cis guys because there's less interest in trannies, ftm bros are just guys who won't judge me for being trans and I like that.
>be me, 20 yr old ftm
>has a crush on mtf tranny friend
>she doesn't like me back
>nothing ever happens between us
damn srry anon, i hear about alot of abusive cisbians outside of 4chan, i thought it was just memes
Did you ever tell her or

This was so cute and really hot anon
Absolute dream scenario for me right here
>t. Ftm
File: thel idea.jpg (158 KB, 386x577)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
great story ^, you captured girlremoval pretty well
Anon there's probably a girl out there you could fulfill this with, js
>T. Mtf
Want gf to bully
Not sure if this counts as girlremoval but:

>Be FtM, came out and on HRT since last year, shy and uncomfortable about it
>Friend group is a bunch of straight and some bi guys
>Theyre edgy dudebros like me but they actually treat me like one of them
>One of the guys I don't know as well starts acting more friendly towards me lately
>He's a sorta willowy twink, cute for a guy, much more feminine than the rest
>He asks some questions about how long I've been on HRT and tries to get personal
>Clam up reflexively, not interested in bishit chaser twink boys
>He notices and lays off after a while
>Seems more closed off after that, depressed, and sad
>Feel like an asshole but don't know how to say anything
>Don't want to be the "girl who tore the group apart"
>Pretend like it never happened
>Few months later, still feel bad about it but don't know how to handle it
>He's only grown more closed off from the rest, talks less and less
>Longer hair, curly and unkempt, baggy hoodie, really selling the willowy look
>Want to try to apologize, start talking to him a little, asking if he's okay
>He seems to appreciate it, but doesn't really open up
>One day am out grabbing a coffee at a local cafe
>Notice him in the corner on his phone
>First time we've been alone together in forever, gonna take this opportunity to actually apologize for real
>Walk up to him, but he doesn't notice until I'm right next to him
>Awkwardly wave and he finally sees me
>He looks like a deer in headlights, petrified
>Fuck am I that shitty?
>Ask if I can sit down and say something
>He sorta just nods
>Start actually apologizing, try to explain what happened
>He seems genuinely interested when I said his trans constant trans questions made me uncomfortable
>He starts apologizing profusely
>He sorta flinches when I say I was afraid he was a chaser
>We move on and talk for a minute about something else
>He starts getting really on edge after a minute
>Can't sit still, looks like a deer in headlights again
>Barista walks up to us
>"Anonette, I was calling you! Here's your coffee"
>Puts coffee down in front of him
>Anon softly says "Sorry, thank you"
>Sit in silence for 5 full seconds while my braincells do as much work as they've done in years
>She starts stuttering out something to break the silence but doesn't come up with anything
>Just turn to her and ask "Anonette?"
>She's fucking beet red and continues stammering, with no eye contact
>Eventually just says "Y-yeah"
>"Would you like me to call you Anonette?"
>Somehow turns even redder, can't help but think it's sorta funny in a cute way even though I'd be mortified
>"Y-yeah I would" still looking down
>Everything makes way more sense now holy fuck
>Start actually apologizing more profusely than she was after realizing why she'd been asking me about tranny stuff
>her head snaps up and she starts saying "Nonono I understand"
>Grabs my hand and says it's fine
>We sit there and she drinks her coffee, we talk some and it slowly becomes less awkward
>She starts using a more feminine voice, and opening up a little
>Actually have fun talking to each other
>Can't help but appreciate how cute she's being
>Eventually she finishes her drink and says she has to go
>Realize I never even ordered
>We say bye to each other and leave
>Over the next few weeks, then months we grew to be way closer to eachother than anyone else in the group
>We're almost always the last two left after everyone's left
>Start developing a massive crush on her
>Notice how soft her skin has gotten, the little changes in her voice over time, how she started wearing girl jeans and only I noticed
>Don't want to act on it and become the creepy guy
>One night during the Summer when it was hot and a little drunk I finally convinced her to take off the hoodie after enough teasing
>Wearing a white tee, can see her bra through it, her tits become way more obvious
>Not as stick thin as I thought she'd be, just slender
>Try my best not to stare, probably blushing a little
>She laughs and we continue talking
>Start talking about Vidya
>Of course she's a Dark Souls tranny
>Mention playing Bloodborne
>"Ugh I've never played I only have a PC"
>Say I have a PS5
>"No way, really? I'll have to come over sometime and play"
>In a moment of pure adrenaline I say that she could come over tonight if she wants
>Panic internally
>She says she'd like that
>Eventually we head to my place, she ends up sitting really close to me on the couch
>"Can you show me how to play a little"
>Yeah I guess
>Pick up the controller and immediately freeze
>She's leaning against me, her skin is so soft and warm
>She puts her hand on my forearm and just leaves it there, sorta rubbing her fingers against my skin
>Holy shit I can barely breathe
>She makes some comment about me working out, it barely registers
>After a while she takes my arm and puts it around her and leans over onto my chest, nose against my neck
>She shivers
>"You smell really good anon"
>Her hand is on my inner thigh
>Finally break, can't hold back anymore
>Drop the controller
>She raises her head, we make eye contact for a split second before I grab her chin, another split second and we're kissing
>Her lips are so fucking soft
>Push my tongue into her
>She lets out a half squeal half moan and I grab her back and start repositioning her on top of my lap
>After a minute I'm fumbling to take off her shirt and bra, her tits are small but really fucking cute
>Start licking around her nipples, just barely pressing my teeth against them
>Her back arches and she moans, super soft and light
>Fuck her moans are hot I want to fucking devour her and make her mine
>She stops me and gets down and starts taking off my jeans
>Starts teasing me with her mouth over my boxers
>I fucking pull them down and she starts sucking, just worshipping me
>Fuck fuck fuck fuck this feels good
>Grab her hair and push her into me
>She gasps and I just rub her face against me then let her continue until I came
>Grab her arm and pull her back up to my level
>Start aggressively kissing again, I start taking off her pants and panties and push her onto her back on the couch
>She's hard, not the biggest but I don't care at all
>Climb on top, and lower myself on her and just move my hips until her eyes glaze over, stop kissing and stick my thumb in her mouth, other hand against her neck
>She's moaning like fucking crazy
>Not soft and light anymore, but still high and delicate
>Eventually she says "Okay, okay, okay"
>Hadn't realized she came
>Get off and just slump next to her, fucking exhausted
>She gets up and dressed to go to the bathroom and I just pull my boxers back up
>When she comes back she just lays her head on me and wraps her arms around me
>"Soo want to watch a movie?"
>Say yeah, still processing wtf just happened
>She chooses some foid shit, just lay there and feel her pressed against me, my arm around her waist
>Really fucking hot but no goddamn way am I moving
>We fall asleep together on the couch

>We end up doing this a few more times, with more talking those times
>End up just being happy dating
>Friends don't know, but definitely realize something's going on
>She and I both are much more confident
>I have a cute girlfriend who treats me like I'm the hottest, most masculine guy she's ever met
>I made it bros

Sorry for the long story (but still abridged), everything I included was really important to me, hope it didn't run on for too long and that some of y'all like it. Am 21 if it matters.
Probably somewhere out there but I’m too socially avoidant for it to really matter rn..

Funny enough though this board has me now encouraged to get out of my depression slump
Im going back to school soon, heres to hoping I find a qt trans gf on campus

This felt so real and Im actually so happy for you anonbro
You fucking made it. Youre the hopefuel now
Hot and cute, need this, also need to play bloodborne. Nice greentext, dw the long ones are the best. Fuck.
Well there's a whole thread of other socially avoidant anons rn lolll
This is so fucking cute oh my god I'm so envious of her and so happy for you ahhhhhhhh

T. Needs a trans guy I can treat like a king
Horny, fuck. If I don't get a gf soon I'm going on strike. I might even hold people hostage, you'll see me on the news anons.
"horny tranny makes demands"
Remember to add yourselves to the tagmap anons! tagmap.io/tag/st4tg
gosh this is so good, please write more some time <3

i enjoyed reading these alot thnx!
this is good too!
alot of new anons c:
Need. More. Greentexts.
i can try writing my first one later if the thread is up! if you guys have suggestions lmk.
try doing something where they already know eachother, like childhood frends
okie ty! if people dont want to write you guys could still leave like prompts or smth for anons who want to write one c:
Lol it doesn't count but apparently I was really close to this girl in preschool and we were good friends for 2 or so years and then drifted apart, 16 years later my mum tells me she's a he meanwhile I'm an MtF
He's probably a gayden though
your t4t-dar was working ahead of time lol
Honestly I barely remember him, I mean I remember his deadname vaguely but it was a long time ago
I know it's dumb and I'm just really lonely but it'd be cool if we could meet again (not for the t4t but for the gimmick)
imagine meeting your st4t dream partner but their chosen name is your deadname
Not t4t but cis girl I dated for a while went by my deadname, wasn't bad at all desu.
I think I'd learn to be okay with it yeah
Bumping to keep the thread alive for the greentexts
I have a huge crush on an ftm friend but he's pretty poly and I don't think he's looking for a serious relationship so idk what to do. I think I'd be a good gf but I'm not really poly at all, what do
My ftm ex ended up dating another ftm with my deathname. Strange but funny.
Captcha: 8gayj
youll get feelings for him and hell be sleeping around not giving a damn? unless you can seperate feelings and sex find another guy
Yeah I really can't separate them idk I've tried
bump with greentext (not girlremoval)
It sorta is, very wholesome and hopefuel regardless tho
File: 1623801089668.png (378 KB, 500x539)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
>tfw no bi ftm bf to boymode with and go outside and hold hands and kiss in public so people think we're a gay male couple
This used to be me and my ftm ex ~4 years ago. People would look at us walking hand in hand and yell “faggots” or some shit like that. I thought it was pretty funny and it made him feel really validated. The year before that we were called lesbians so it all balances out. Gotta be honest I dont miss the early transition days but he made everything better
There's something almost poetic about st4t, some law of equivalent exchange bullshit. For every straight bottom mtf there's a trans man ready to fuck her brains out
thats so cute
Do you like incest ERPing?
Need cute gf to hug. Really bad day already ._.
File: 1322.jpg (140 KB, 1918x1079)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Can I order a brother x sister st4t greentext? Thanks
find a guy who is mono, if youre mono and he is poly it will not work out and youll be heartbroken
for sure, its symmetrical c:
How hard would it be to find a bf taller than me when im 5’6? I know its shallow as fuck but still…
ooooooomygod it’s so cute
Something about T must make people malebrained about boobs, no? It just seems to pop up in a lot of these, super cute though
Sending hugs anon, what's on your mind ?
You're probably right :( where the heck do I meet trans people though lolll
bump! ill write one in abit when i get home
Yup, I could suck and kiss booba for hours and not get bored
o.o hot

Watching someone have "neuron activation" from my booba just feels really affirming desu
File: 1499307473094.png (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
I could do with affirming someone right now desu
Would post but blue board lmao
Nooo this is such a great thread I wouldn't want jannies to prune it bc of that, just add me on disc or something it's derp#2099
I think it could be pretty hot, I'm into incest but I never really thought of rping it..
i have to run errands so this is part one, if another anon wants to write the end id realy like that cause im not sure when ill be back or how to end it lol. if not i can finish lateron <33

>let me tell you about Tom
>we grew up together
>he was she then
>and i was he
>in middle school she hung out with the boys and i spent alot of time with her
>at lunch breaks we would sit huddled together with our gameboys
>her skateboard was named Deathtrap after her mom called it that
>i still remember her grazed knees and the band-aids covering her legs
>she never got the memo she was a girl
>when others reminded her of it she would scowl and say nothing
>everybody called her Tom, short for tomboy and she introduced herself as that
>we teased each other regularly
>she would tell me "you punch like a girl"
>acted like i was offended and not secretly pleased
>"then hit me and show me how its done"
>"no im not gunna hit GIRLS anyway"
>she was mischievous and outgoing
>i was shy and timid
>i was the yin to her yang
>id get bullied and she would loudly respond with something more cutting to shut them up
>i would shyly thank her afterwards
>she would grin and my stomach would flutter

>when we started high school, she changed
>she got bullied bad and her personality was muted
>she looked blank, kind of gone from the world
>i missed that boisterous noisy little kid
>the boys didn’t hang out with her anymore and the girls thought she was weird
>she didnt talk anymore and kept to herself
>i tried to include her in my group
>my friends would call her names behind her back
>i knew my "friends" would have names for me too if they knew who and what i really was
>Tom and i still had our own little thing when it was just us
>i would compliment her being strong when she offered to carry things for me
>she would call me pretty and compliment the femme things about me
>we knew it was weird but we didn’t care
>one day i caught her skipping gym class, smoking pot on the steps
>she said there was smth really sick and wrong with her brain
>i remember how sad her eyes looked
>she didn’t explain, i tried to comfort her
>i didn’t see her again after that
>one day she just stopped going to school
>i asked around and no one knew anything
>never heard from her again but i never forgot Tom

>years passed and i came to understand myself
>i could finally identify the problem
>be me now, 24, 3 yr hrt
>more confident and getting attention from guys
>i discovered me and Tom have mutual friends
>Tom is he now
>holy shit
>its been so long
>we organise a day to meet and grab coffee
>hes sorta brooding and quiet
>still has those sharp blue eyes
>"do you remember that time we climbed on the school roof?"
>how could i forget?
>"what about the time we...."
>he gets more animated as we chat
>this is nice
>we flirt some
>i pull on his earring and tease him
>we arrange a second meet

this is all for now
I got so worried when he disappeared, write more anon
please finish this
Have you finished those errands anon? <3
here is the other one written by the same anons
File: 1609265638133.png (39 KB, 692x465)
39 KB
Wish I didn't feel so guilty about being into trans men, I don't even know why I do
why feel guilty? arent you into cis men or smth?
is it because this board made you dislike them?
I am, how'd you know ?
no i mean the only reason i could understand feeling guilty is if you dont like cis men but like trans guys. if not that idgi
thinking piv with a trans guy would be hot makes me feel chaser-y really
embrace being a chaser
but yeah i kind of understand you, i'm mostly a bottom and sometimes a verse but still heavy leaning bottom but god i would love to have piv sex with a trans guy so much (and it's weird because i have no interest in topping cis men, cis women or trans girls, only ftmbros)
dont feel guilty, so long as you arent weird about it its fine alot of trans guys are okay with that? respect boundaries and be respectful and youre fine. if you arent fetishizing him and he wants to then nice, more options for you both.
yeah am mtf bottom and mainly feel bad because I know it's a source of dysphoria for some guys
writing the next part!
thank you love you
waiting on the edge of my seat for it
brbed srry for the wait, writing now
tbhon this isn’t reaally a girlremoval i just wanted to write a greentext, i hope you guys like it.
heads up theres some piv.

>the second time we catch up on alot of things
>he tells me he moved schools, that hes a youngshit and started early
>"im sorry i didnt stay in touch, anon"
>"you always saw the part of me that others missed"
>oh my heart
>i bring him out of his shell a little
>we talk for a few hours about everything and nothing
>he smells so good
>i speak softly so he has to lean in to hear me then i can breathe him in
>his cologne makes my head swim
>he watches me trace his arm tattoo with a finger
>play footsie with him under the table
>we are having way too much fun to stop it here
>he invites me back to his to watch a movie or smth
>how could i say no
>i go back with him
>leaves crunch under our feet on the way back to his apartment
>i hook my arm through his
>"i missed you Tom"
>his smile reaches his eyes

>he shows me around his fancy apartment
>im enjoying watching him lead me around, he has a nice butt
>he still has Deathtrap the skateboard in his closet
>we settle on the couch thighs touching
>start watching the movie and less than 10mins in we’re kissing
>he slips his hands underneath my top
>he massages and caresses me over my bra
>he gets riled up quickly and starts roughly grabbing me
>i pull his shirt off and stare
>tattoos crawl down his stomach and past his waistband
>i want to see the rest
>"get on your knees"
>i drop immediately to the floor
>he looks down at me, sorta hungry
>unzip him and bury my face against him
>boysmell is strong
>i wrap my lips around his tdick and suck and kiss
>he forces me further down to eat him out
>i lap at him until hes drenched
>the first time we do it, he pins me down and rides me on the couch
>he frots against me, the heat and wet from his pussy is driving me crazy
>his tongue slides against mine as he lets me inside him
>whimper and kiss him back
>its so hot and tight
>he clenches and unclenches around me
>the roles are so reversed it isnt weird like at all
>i cum, moaning against his lips
>he cums a couple of moments later
>we have a few moments of afterglow
>the forgotten movie plays in the background while we kiss
>then he pulls me toward the bedroom
>i realize hes looking around for a strap
>he sees the look on my face
>"are you tired already?"
>he pushes me onto the bed
>two thick fingers slide inside me and work me slow and deep
>"hows that?"
>all i can manage is a moan
>"mm, nice."
>he slowly enters, inch by inch, taking his time
>then he pulls my legs around his waist and changes it up
>he grunts and pushes all the way in
>the fat strap fills me up
>my eyes open and hes staring down at me coldly
>his whole body pinning me down, slamming into me
>i couldn’t get away if i tried
>he presses his lips against my ear and practically purrs
>"who’s are you?"
>i grab his ass and can feel his muscles flex as he thrusts into me
>"i’m yours"
>he growls next to my ear
>"good girl"
>he opens my lips and spits into my mouth
>it hits my tongue
>he jams a finger into my mouth and i suck
>he pants in my ear as he gets close and tires out
>a groan rises up in my throat
>i am seeing white
>i leak cum all over us both
>the end
What do if your girlfriend leans her arm on your shoulder and towers over you?
break her in until she knows her place
very cute I love the little details
tysm anon
can we request greentexts? likee a brat tamer bf would fit girlremoval or training a gentle bf to be more dom
The latter sounds like something I'd want to write about, might do so honestly
yeesss id love to read it! thats one of my fantasies sorta like forcemasc ig
accept your place as her bitch
duality of man
I want a greentext about this one
this one was really good, even though piv usually freaks me out
If the thread's still alive in the morning I'll write one
Amazon gf x catboy bf is based
File: 1606246199906.png (1.27 MB, 803x1199)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Idk if I'm t4t but I'm kind of an FtM chaser and it's messed up and offensive.
Been in a few servers with FtM's and I really wanted to be some of their friends, the cool ones at least not the ones who wanted to dm me and rant about how much they hated afab trenders all day.
Had a friendship crush on a really cool guy but he was already taken sadly and he never liked me as much as I liked him.
Pic unrelated kind of
Nothing about your post sounds messed up or offensive. Seems like there's a few MtFs nervous and feeling like chasers but unless you're a weirdo about it you're fine.
soo good, loved the build up
bumping for stories
Tbh wouldn't mind hearing someone rant about trenders idk it's interesting to me

Sorry it didn't work out for you
I wish there were a server for this that were active and fun and chill, I left a bunch of servers bc most trans ppl there were transbians and it's tiring
we could make a new server for this gen?
File: 1633709949032.png (66 KB, 634x464)
66 KB
Where can I find a dominant hon to perform girlremoval on me?
I might ! I have a bit of experience with bots and stuff I'll try
there is a server but it's really dead
I'm serious man if I don't find the rapehon to my trender I'll go insane
Yeah fuck it I'm making one, will probs have a greentext archive and shit at least
good idea! the old server may be dead because no one ever links it?
what do you find attractive about the dynamic?
Come join anons it'll be cozy

we need more trans girl topping t4t
I think a lot of girls would but some would probably be very sensitive desu so it'd be different than a guy topping ? But maybe that's what you want haha
Writing my greentext now, going to incorporate the height difference bit, any other suggestions?

some of these ?
I would happily top for an ftm I just don't think any want me
im ftm, my mtf gf is a top but pretty shy abt it
I can't relate to a trutrans gf and I'd constantly be in competition with her to see who's more trans
that sounds cute asf
perhaps she teases and bullies him alot and he punishes her bussy lateron
everyone is so shy how do i make people talk
you'll significantly advance ftm optics by doing that. real men hold people hostage over not having gfs
i think you mean based
pretty normal in a new server, it will be easier when numbers grow!
anon just has to realize that half the straight mtfs are bottoms and all he'd have to do is look at us the right way
are you still writing this one?<3
Yeah, sorry. Gf came over and no offense but she's higher priority.
File: 1625611473626.jpg (750 KB, 1200x848)
750 KB
750 KB JPG
Im a shy mtf top with a crush on a top ftm.. I want to wrestle with him and the loser gets fucked

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