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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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>be 6'1 tranner who wants to get dommed by a bigger guy
>match with guy on tinder who is really into me
>turns out to be 6'9" and has 60lbs on me
>brain barely functions when im talking to him now since its so muddled by horny thoughts about him

Uhhhhh ummmmm why is my brain doing this to me. Im making myself seem like an absolute slut with the things I'm telling this guy I wanna do.

I havnt even met him yet and told him he should fuck me in a barn on his farm already :((

Tradwofe thoughts go away...
i hate trannies so much its unreal

I dont know why. I have that I'm trans in my profiles bii, which he has mentioned stuff from multiple times.

Not catfishing him, he geniunely wants to plow my fat tranner ass, and I want this more than anything else too.

It sucks ass being tall like myself and being taller than like 80-90% of men, this guy is my age, taller, stronger, and actually handsome. Consider me wooed
File: 1623381892058.jpg (102 KB, 833x1024)
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i hate trannies so much becuase it activates my empathy and compassion and to try and help them but they are also very resistent to the idea of being wrong. they are paticularly caught up in materialism and nihilism and narcissim.

they are never religious, or spiritual, they think religion is fucking stupid.

they refuse to compromise, which is obvious for if they had that capacity they wouldn't be trans.

Many people love vaginas, but they want a penis

many people love penis's, but they want a vagina

many people love femboys, but they want to be a girl

many people love tom boys, but they want to be a man

i've seen tomboys have men and women profess their love publically over and over again for them

i see femboys have men and often women profess their love for them.

but the response from trannies?

"i don't care, i would rather die then be male/female"

"i have dysphoria"

"your a retard who doesn't believe in science/doctors"

i hate trannies. because i can't help them.
congratulations on finding a nice man though, hope it goes well.
>just be a feminine man!
>don't cut off your pretty girlpeen!
>i'm helping i swear!
we hy 2
He knows your secret. He is a repressor.
File: 1612063077015.png (404 KB, 1409x4759)
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trannies: 41% suicide rate, many studies show this is unaffected by levels of transition/transphobia

me a repressor: in a relationship for ten years with a bf, happy, unsuicidal.
>trannies: 41% suicide rate, many studies show this is unaffected by levels of transition/transphobia
why would the lifetime suicide rate change post transition
If you look at statistics and not fucking cherry picked reddit screenshots you'll find out that regret rate for srs is very low, even lower than on most 'big' surgeries

congrats for you man. Each case is different. My repression ended with me literally going crazy, constant mental breakdowns and trying to beat myself every other night for months with no end. Me transitioning was literally the best decision of my life.

Im openly trans in my profile, It's not a secret.
File: catwink.jpg (8 KB, 236x303)
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honestly? pretty based anon,ill transition exclusively to reach androgynous aesthetics because i have come to terms with not being able to be a woman,hormones arent magic pills.Its sad that we are never going to meet each other because it looks like im the exception you are trying to find,but trust me,there are a lot of tpeople like me.
I respect other mtfs opinions about their identity and what makes them dysphoric or not,i think you should focus less on imposing ideas,and more on finding someone who is open enough or shares the same ideas as you.Dysphoria is a bitch and everyone deals with it differently.
I dunno, tell that to the copypasta posters

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