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> lauren southern makes another tranny hate video
> entire 1 hour is her cherry picking studies with some random twink from tiktok
> everybody eats it up

our society is doomed
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> literally WHO
why is her name red? some addon?>>20988317
Hi chloe
i remember being a fan of her and the whole rebel media group, wtf was i thinking
wtf you mean cherry-picked? They referenced almost every commonly cited study on the topic (albeit very briefly).
Which other studies would you have liked them to have mentioned/referenced?
>6 thousand views

what study, rogd?
did you watch the video? They went over most of the common studies, at least they were mentioned. It's just not really reasonable to say they're cherry picked, especially since the claim is the video is mostly "there's not enough studies", so the claim they cherry-picked studies to reach a specific conclusion seems somewhat disingenuous and there's not like some ultra conclusive study out there that just simply wasnt mentioned.
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All while using a trans girl icon as a pfp. Smh
You had a brain back then. Now you just follow the hivemind.
>there's not enough studies
Isn't that how it always works:
(1) "I don't believe the current studies' results."
(2) "Therefore, all those studies must have a systemic bias." (for example: "they're only about people returning to their physician or therapists, which detransitioners would not do, because they're just absolutely happy with their lives"; or "physicians have a vested interest in presenting their treatment as successful")
(3) "Therefore, I do not believe any of those studies, we would need more studies that address this systemic bias."
(4) "I won't do them, though" (either because they aren't part of the scientific community, or perhaps because they fear doing a new study might simply confirm the existing studies' results, and they'd have to shut up) "so I can just pull bullshit out of my ass that completely goes against all existing good studies' results, but that sounds correct to stupid people from the street who just have no fucking clue."

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