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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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how do I stop being a depressed lethargic fat autistic retard and force myself to put effort into my transition
Lmfao u think you’re gonna deal with that made up bullshit before obesity RIP in pieces
this entire board is lethargic fat autistic retards lmao
im not so much obese, I used to be tho, but i am certainly still overweight and have been "plateaued" on weight loss for the past year
My fren, lifting is everything a human needs in life.
PUSH that IRON. Not pushing the iron = Not generating motivation hormones to do anything else in life.
Me personally its dysphoria that pushes me to do it
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find a dozen things in your room that aren't where they belong
ask yourself "do I need this thing?"
if you do, ask yourself "Where does this belong"
and then put it where it goes.

you do this 1000 times and you'll be married
i have dysphoria too but most of the times it just makes me want to kill myself because overcoming it seems impossible
Like today I've seen a picture of a cute mtf and it made me want to die so i ate like nothing today. Or i hate everytime ive to use my male voice so im forced to voice train if i want to leave this night mare

its things like this that make me move forward
It’s not that hard
Stop eating junk food
Go for a run a few times a week
Watch some makeup / skin care / hair care tutorials
Make an appointment for laser hair removal

You have problems so get in the habit of addressing them. You shower and brush your teeth, don’t you?

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