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Thinking about getting it as my first BP gun. I want it for gun reasons too but mainly to larp around my house.
Anyone have one?
Is uberti as a brand g2g for BP? Think I remember reading about underlength mandrels?
With pastaguns, the more esoteric they get, the worse the quality
I had a Model 3, its decent gun if you can manage its weight. Caps were falling into its mechanism, but unlike with the Navy they didnt cause jams because its just ground them to flat tiny bits.

Not necessarily so, problems with Italians is that they cant produce properly specced and heat treated small parts of the trigger mechanism at low price point. The smaller their percussion revolver is the more trouble you can expect with it, because those cheaply made internal parts will go out of alignement or wear themselves. Barrels, cylinders and frames are usually well made.
Dragoon is not esoteric anyway, Uberti made them for decades and before them Armi San Marco. They have robust internals, usually work just fine.
yes the colt51 navy i got for my grandpa is very nice
>Is uberti as a brand g2g for BP?
Depends on the gun
Their Schofield replica is not viable for BP and will seize up in like 6 shots or less

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