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File: thunder.png (1.03 MB, 2811x2480)
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1.03 MB PNG
Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical (or not-so-typical) fantasy world. Old world governments have managed to hold on to major urban and suburban areas, but rural areas range from fragile peace to complete chaos. People and towns from either side suddenly find themselves in a new realm, and portals going between both worlds are scattered throughout the lands.

The old worlds are gone, and two new worlds are in their place. Our side of a SHTF hellhole, and the other side of a untouched land of endless fantastical possibility. Be a STALKER, adventurer, hero, or bandit. The new world is yours.
This is fan/k/sia, and you're here forever.

Send a message to Romulus.the.writefag@gmail.com if you want to have your story archived

>inb4 "No Fun Allowed"
-You don't have to browse this thread
-Whining about the thread won't stop the people posting shit on it from posting shit

>The fucking sticky
Don’t care, as long as I get to bang a centaur. And a mermaid. And maybe a harpy?
Where's the vagina on this thing?
Does it have two sets of ribs, guts, livers, etc?
asking the dangerous questions
It’s got two. Party in the front, business in the back.
File: 1569874677189-1.png (486 KB, 665x771)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
How would /k/ operate with a loli Cheshire?
File: 624.jpg (27 KB, 550x281)
27 KB
I don't care what else happens. There is only one clear mission for me. Kill every single knife eared bastard I come across. I will not rest until I drive the elven race to extinction.
Reminder:many a high speed low drag operator has ended up in a minotaurs stew pot by underestimating them, they might seem like slow lumbering brutes but this is deceptive, they are fast and can tank small arms fire to a degree, not least because their size lets em wear armor that makes level IV look like tissue paper by comparison
File: bucket of guns.jpg (3.01 MB, 2100x2959)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
File: chichi 1.png (132 KB, 903x941)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
>"Don't forget a bite to go!"
Do yo have anything else on the menu besides chimichangas chichi?
A cool thing would be a magic radio that can conjure any kind of air support depending on if you have the mana charge for it.
Imagine holing up in a trench and calling for endless A-10 gun runs. Show the elves that we have "dragons" too.
File: chichi11.png (98 KB, 351x554)
98 KB
How about a milkshake?
(ballistol not included)
File: the hero of neumagh v 2.1.jpg (3.91 MB, 2305x3271)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB JPG
Yeah that'd be pretty cool. Something something only granted to the favored of the /k/ube.
File: skeleton+army.jpg (46 KB, 604x403)
46 KB
Remember to pre select yourself for post mortal military service today. Distant ancestors of yours who were bludgeoning each other's heads in 1000 years ago now serve as humanity's most elite special operations forces. Your distant predecessor from the Battle of Hastings couldn't imagine modern firearms at the time, and you can't imagine where you'll be or what you'll be armed with a millenia i to your service. Sign up today and find out!
File: index.jpg (6 KB, 193x261)
6 KB
/k/onvergance news "telling you what shit just happened"
in my travels with /k/onvergance news i have had occasion to meet with many different people and creatures and have interviewed many of them. skin walkers have proved to be excellent sources of information and stories as they not only have excellent recall and mimicry skills but can actually ingest and read and recall the internal thoughts and emotions of those they consume. if you can convince them not to eat you they can relay incredibly detailed and accurate stories.
the portals that have opened in recent times are not the first to appear and there have been others to travel to the new realms this is one such account was relayed to me by a skin walker. as close as i can tell this particular account comes from around the settling of canada when this particular skinwalker managed to find a portal to our world and travelled it for a time.

The new world was a strange place. Henri had been a hunter in his village in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes back in France. when he had been conscripted, he had hated it. when he had been sent to the new world, he had hated it. when he had seen the things that stalked the pines and deep forests of that strange place, he had been thankful that his family had not been able to come with him. As frightening as a hungry mountain wolf could be, they were nothing to the things that stalked the new world.

having served out his military service Henri had been cut lose on the shores of this strange place. told that he was free to return to France at any time he wished, if he could pay his way that was.
the fur trade was one of a few ways a man not attached to a company or consortium could earn a living with any hope of making enough money to return to France. travelling the rivers and forests to make contact with the various bands and tribes of natives that lived there to trade for beaver, fox, wolf and bear pelts. and so, it was that Henri fell in with a company of voyageurs.

Henri had heard tales of the things that stalked the deep forests of the new world. bears that could snap the back of a horse with one swipe, mountain cats that would stalk a man for days before dragging him away from the campfire as his comrade slept, twisted forms that lurked in the night that belonged to shapeshifters, giants who's heads peaked between the tops of the trees as they walked.

many of these he had credited to superstition and exaggerated soldiers’ stories. no longer as he and the other voyageurs sat backs to the fire, uncomfortably warm now. but none of them dared move. muskets clutched they stared out into the dark flinching at every shifting shadow and snap of twigs in the night.
they had been drinking and singing happily not an hour before. flush with success as they headed home their canoes loaded with furs and more. gold they had found gold. inside a cave they had stopped in one night they had found 4 nuggets each as big as a man’s thumb. enough to double their profits on this trip.
but that was all forgotten now.
there had been the groan of timber, that of a tree pushed to it limit and about to fall. then the crack and crash as a tree of in the distance shattered and fell.
"an old tree" one had said.
"it happens, these are old forests" said another.
but each had pulled their blankets a little closer and sang a little quieter afterword.
it was an hour later that they heard the screams.
"mountain cats, they call like that sometimes"

it was Gilles shout that had awakened them.
"mon amour, je viens I am coming, I will save you."
as they woke, they heard him stumble through the bush shouting for Rachele, Rachele, where are you Rachele. Henri had wanted to go after him but the others stopped him shaking their heads and stoking the fire none of them going near the bushes and trees that edged the small clearing, they had stopped in.
in low voices they explained to Henri that it was a fool and a dead man that went into the woods alone at night after a voice in the dark. if Gilles did not return by morning, they would look for him, but they would not follow.
File: jungle heat.jpg (3.48 MB, 2229x2962)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB JPG
>your batle buddy has two ribcages
what do I do with this information..?
What's the "coolest" night vision concept you've seen? It seems like we've all defaulted to the quad-tubes but I'm looking for something more unique for my fantasy setting. Think "humanity has to rebuild from scratch but with knowledge of its previous technology." I've been really digging the IR/NV combos out there.
File: 1564217798513.jpg (44 KB, 600x383)
44 KB
Yo is S/K/INWALKER ANON still updating his story? I gotta know.
how big are their horse cocks?
Is their semen addictive?

Whelp i'll level up as a Cleric and dip into Crusader and then go Ruby Knight vindicator. After I stock pile some night sticks I'll go off and fight the gods to bring balance to the planet.
his stuff is on 4 binz not sure if its still being updated
It is, just… quite slowly.
File: image_2021-07-18_024546.png (444 KB, 1273x900)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
Is there really any scenario where centaurs would keep using primitive weapons like bows if guns existed? Most iterations of man + centaur have the centaur acting as a mobile artillery piece. Practically this makes the most sense but it's so boring to have what amounts to just two humans. The "muh pride" angle doesn't work well either; soldiers want the most advantages no matter the technology.
I assume that pretty much anything goes, but I do have a question. Are there anthro races of animals? Like bears and wolves and shit?
File: 1574033268319.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
Fucking nice also checked, my friend.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (272 KB, 1280x720)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
The only tactical advantage of keeping arrows would be for vampires or spirit-based mamonos where inserting a shaft of wood to the heart is more effective than jacketed lead or silver.
Then they'd still be mass-producing those Georg Sprage Auto-legolas multi-shot bows.
File: origin.jpg (143 KB, 1200x629)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
There were concepts that do a full-visor II and Thermal HUD like the F35-helmets or the IronVision 'see-thru-armor' AFV helmet system, but the only one I've seen as a prototype suffered from having the cameras at the forehead above the screen so the parallax difference gave bad headaches.
>youd need a lot of 3d processing to 'adjust' the camera PoV to match the eyeline, which is available in a F35 or AFV but it was too big for manportable
>a bigger mamono like a Cent or Oni may be able to carry the extra batteries and CPU box to do it
part of the reason quads or other tube nvgs are so prevalent is because thats one of the better ways of physically intensifying low light levels. there arent a whole lot of ways to physically do that so we end up with a lot of tube devices. when you add in an alternative like magic it can allow for some bypassing of physical obstacles.

if its a fantasy setting there can be some allowances for magic to solve physical issues. for instance magic batteries that can power devices while being quite small and light.
or maybe the exterior of a visor is inscribed with sight/vision runes that when activated give the helmets wearer night vision/dark vision or thermal vision.
PTRD hunter Anon returns!
>it took anon and henriette a day to get to the next town, driving through the night
>the town was as quiet as a graveyard, all the windows had curtains, plywood or cardboard covering them.
>it looked like something out of the old west.
>he half expected to see two gunslingers standing off as he turned onto the main street
>Anon parked in front of the largest building, the town hall.
>was this town abandoned? It happened sometimes
>still, he walked up to the door, Henriette stretching as she followed him
“Its a bit creepy isn’t it” she remarked
"A little, yeah" Anon looked around suspiciously, looking in through windows for any signs of movement
>he knocked on the door
"Hello?" He called
>no answer came.
Anon sighed
"Looks like there's nobody in. Next town I gues-'' Anon was cut off
>the door crashed open sending Anon sprawling
>when he looked up he found himself staring down a double barrel shotgun.
>anon followed the barrel up to the wielder, dishevelled man in a cowboy outfit
"Who the hell are ya? How’d ya get here?" He spoke with a southern drawl
"I'm Anon, I got here in my truck"
>anon looked over to henriette, where she and another cowboy were busy pointing revolvers at each other.
>where the hell did she get those?
"I can see yer truck, Idiot. How did ya get past the beast? Are ye in league with it?”
"What beast?"
"Are ye serious? Day an night that fucking thing is-" He suddenly stopped and cocked his head, listening for something
>anon listened too
>there were the sounds of the wind, a bird chirping somewhere, Henritte and the other cowboy growling at each other and a faint hum.
"It's coming back! Inside now!" The cowboy pulled anon up by his shirt collar and shoved him toward the door.
>Anon and the cowboy pull their respective companions through the door
>Inside is an old style saloon.
>it was dark, most of the windows were boarded up, so not much light could get in.
A few people milled around drinking or smoking
>the cowboys close the door and sit down on some stools
>when anon tried to speak, he was just shushed, so he listened closter to the hum
>it grew louder, and became a sound Anon recognised as a plane
>everyone sat in silence, some bowed their heads and whispered prayers
>it passed overhead, but the silence continued
>anon flinched as four explosions rocked the building
>He peered out the window
>the buildings across the street had been reduced to kindling.
>and the windows in his truck were gone
>son of a bitch
>the plane passed overhead overhead again, heading back in the direction it came from
>anon felt a tap on his shoulder, it was the cowboy, handing him a telescope
>he took it and watched the plane as it left
>it was a single engine single seater, with wide, thick wings and a solid looking fuselage
>it had a dull green paint job, a light blue underside, and a red nose
>and a red star on the mid section
>some chucklefuck got his hands on an IL-2
“So, is that your Beast?”
“Yes” replied the cowboy
“You know thats just a plane right”
“No! Its a dragon! Ive seen it!” the cowboy shouted, and everyone in the bar nodded in agreement
>Anon sighed
>he looked out longingly at his truck
>he could just get in and leave
>Henriette, however, was looking around at the sorry state of the people
>She looked at him with big worried eyes
>they shone like pools of water in moonlight
>fucking adorable
>anon knew what she was going to say
>and he knew he wouldn't be able to refuse, no matter how much he didn't want to get involved in this shitshow
“Do you think you could kill it with your big rifle?” she asked
>goddamn it
>he tried to work up the nerve to refuse, but he couldn't face the judgement of those big blue eyes
“We’ll have to track it back to its airstrip, but it can definitely kill it”
>Henriette jumped and smiled.
>the cowboy stood up
“Thank you, but can you really do it?” he asked
“Yes, I'm sure. Oh, i’m Anon by the way” Anon introduced himself
“Thank you Anon, I am Jeremiah, we can't offer much as a reward, but ill try put somethin together”
>Anon nodded
“Alright, henriette, lets go
>Anon walked out to his truck, inspecting the damage
>the windows were all broken, and the paint was all scratched up
>he was gonna beat the shit out of the pilot for this
>truck-chan will be avenged
“Henriette! Let’s fucking go”
>Anon dusted the glass off his seat, and Henriette did the same.
>thankfully, the engine roared to life and Anon peeled out of there faster than a responsible driver should have.
>off in the direction the IL-2 flew off to
File: FZAGLC308-emp.jpg (770 KB, 1450x963)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
Ok guys, got a new short story, tell me how good (or bad) it is.

The Sniper at the gates
K-day + 155 |12th Military region, 3rd jungle brigade,1st Hunter gang | Manaus city, Amazon |
Up on a old ruined and overgrown building overlooking a boulevard through a window i made my nest, the mold-darkened concrete walls were moist thanks to the recent rains, the skies were grey due to the coming rains; down there the streets were filled with litter, abandoned cars and ruined colourful buildings, not like this one, this one was abandoned way before any of this mess happened the nonsensical graffiti and odd smell reminded me of that constantly.
I was alone in this mission, my partner Noh-heh died long ago, he was an old high-elf from the Sunguard itself. He fought the undead way before I was born and he was good at it. I was the best in the sniper-gang so I had the honor of learning from him.
The burden of his legacy rested on my shoulders now and thanks to that the Region command itself gave me orders to kill lord Hahykim the Necromancer who was leading another invasion of the North, he had earned the sobriquet of ‘Stubborn’ thanks to his many tries in conquering the Norte, we lost too much and suffered too much thanks to that unliving bastard i had the mission of making sure he would never try again.
A single enchanted shot to his cold cranium, a true test of all my skills, the Lord was never alone and was never vulnerable. He could sense danger miles away fortunately I had some tricks up my sleeve on how to deal with that.

The loud cry of a turboprop engine followed by the thunderclap of a guided bomb’s impact signalled the enemy was on the move towards my position the beautiful turboprop aircraft moved like a blur on the greyish skies, like a modern day stuka the Super-tucanos were our best friends here. The dragons often kept away from the metropolitan areas and we made the enemy remember that fact every chance we had.
The enemy was approaching this avenue, it was their main way of getting into downtown and the Amazon river Bridge. We've been hunting the bastard for days and now he’s playing in our hands.
I had to prepare myself for the moment, first of all, undead lords could sense murderous intent, when the Sunguard revealed this to us we were astonished but the most surprising was the fact all humans had this same skill MACVSOG operators in vietnam learned to never look directly into the NVA troops they were about to kill before an ambush otherwise the prey would feel they were being observed and go into alert, this latent skill never became more than a small footnote into esoteric research. To combat this Undead talent Noh-heh taught me to meditate before battle and suppress all murderous intent only freeing them when the time came and to never look directly into the prey before attacking,this however was not enough for such a high-level target i would need more.

I moved my hand to my bag that was leaning against a decrepit wall nearby. From inside I took a bottle filled with a crimson liquid and a pristine white cloth, the bottle was filled with the blood of a lamb, the innocent animal and it’s blood had magical effects creating an aura of innocence, perfect for this situation. I opened the bottle and began praying while submerging the cloth in the crimson innocence, i recite a prayer while doing it so i could meditate
“Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.”
The once white cloth is now a dark shade of red, I twisted it so the excess of blood would be eliminated.
“He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer”
I tied the now red cloth on my forehead like a bandana.
I moved back to the window in slow methodical steps still reciting my prayers and cleaning my mind. My rifle was waiting for me, a wooden stock AGLC Imbel rifle the newest successor of the lineage of Mauser rifles from the Itajuba factory, made to equip the caçadores in infantry regiments, it was my first gun it fought with me ever since day one, it’s rugged wooden stock couldn’t be called pristine anymore signs of rough use were present all over the rifle i also carved a cross on it and had it blessed by priests, Noh-hen told me that was imperative for a undead hunter, i didn’t ask why now i regret not learning more from him. A small sun emblem made entirely in shining gold is his last gift to me, he said to tie it to my gun when ‘a dangerous trial awaited for me’ i think this is it, i used some small colored rope parts to tie it to the stock close to the barrel, it’s shining gold visage was out of place along the gunmetal and the wood but i had faith in Noh-hen’s words.

I opened my rifle’s bolt, slowly, to make sure the sound wouldn’t be heard. No reason for stealth as no one would hear it anyway but it was drilled into me over the years and I had no plans to change it.
The ammo had to be special for such a target, 7,62x51 150gr boat tail with a silver jacket, guaranteed to crack a Undead lord at 500 meters. I drowned the bullet tip into the lamb's blood with no reason behind it, simply a fad.
“Deliver me from evil lord almighty, guide my hand for war, deliver my people from evil Amen.”
I slid the bullet into the chamber and closed the bolt.
Then came the enormous procession of horrors and monsters, vile mockeries of the human form followed by oversized bipedal rats with a few green orcs covered in human skin in the middle of that enormous horde was Lord Hahykim, his mere presence exuded a malignant aura.
My mind was clear, peaceful thoughts filled it, I moved my rifle and connected the scope’s crosshair into Hahykim’s face, peaceful thoughts of tropical birds and endless blue skies filled me, at this point he was still far away i had to keep my eyes away from while maintaining my rifle aimed at him, the cold blood of the lamb in the bandana reminded me of the rules i had to follow to win this hunt.
He was a blur in my scope for now, his bald pale face appeared in the corner of my eyes, that was him for sure the same bald head from the photos they showed us when the Northern campaign started, the same bald head the Sunguard alerted us about.
Approaching still the horde made their way down the street no order whatsoever in their march, they looked more akin to a street gang than a military force, birds and skies birds and skies such beautiful landscapes, such beautiful sounds the click of my rifle’s safety being disengaged acted as a calling to reality.
Hahykim was within distance now, my heart accelerated, I had to take the shot, the crosshair was still aimed at him.

there were no more birds in the north they all flew away, there were no more blue skies in the north they were stolen by vile creatures, there was only hate and the holy peleja.
I looked at Hahykim, hate and murderous intent flowed through me, a smile appeared in my face, his eyes were black orbs, his skin was completely pale with blue lines, his robes were purple and he was looking directly at me, i pulled the trigger and his face became a crimson blur. Seems he wasn’t too stubborn to die.
Runic batteries are an underused concept for sure.
Alright, heres some more Freedomanon.
Heres a link to the binz: https://www.4binz.org/336

>"I managed to save this before the internet cut out"
>Hes playing this video of what appears to be an elf stuck in a window with her tits out
>I turn to face him, face blank from the sheer audacity of this zoomer
>"So yesterday wasn't a fever dream"
>"Nope, one hundred percent happened!"
>I keep staring at this dumb bitch trying to get out of the closed window
>Quite a nice pair of knockers on her
>I realize that I am watching this with Jack and immediately look away
>"Delete that shit off of your phone before Daryll finds it."
>Jack hesitates and then puts his phone back in his jeans backpocket
>I grab another handful of crispy bacon from the pile left for me on the coffee table
>I take a couple of bites before a question enters my mind
>"Did you make this bacon Jack?"
>"Y-yes" he responds quietly
>"Damn you did a good job, keep it up!"
>My lard ass has been resting on the couch several hours now
>Jack in his infinite malice and spite has decided to play some old ass MG shit on the television
>He said it was "Educational" and said something about "Educating you guys in the world that you live in now"
>Jack can not be this stupid, this has to be some sort of sick game that he is playing
>Can't stand up to any of us when we're able so hes gotta do it when Im injured and alone
>I dunno
>This might just be him being dumb
>I hear incredibly lewd noises emanating from the television speakers
>my eyes narrow and look away from the bright shine of its screen
>I wish I could watch something else, like Godzilla or something else besides this shit
>I genuinely hate it but the bastard has placed the remote on the other side of the couch
>I do not want to risk opening up this wound
>I also do not want to spend anymore time staring into the terribly drawn boobs of some mutant on my television
>What do I do
>I reach for the glass of OJ and find that its empty
>"Hey Jack, can you refill my glass of OJ for me?"
>I see his head pop into sight
>I hear the fridge door open and then I realize I could've gotten him to hand me the remote by simply asking him to
>I shouldn't be so willing to grit and bear torture
>Hes come over with a full gallon of OJ and one of the tendie sandwiches I kept in the drawer
>Those are for tuesdays, but for now I will make an exception and eat it
>He somewhat dramatically pours some for me
>A very small amount of it splashes onto the counter
>Annoying, but he did pour me a glass
>He also places half of the tendie sandwich next to it
>Wait does he...
>Hes pocketed my tendie sandwich..
>That bastard...Thats not yours thats mine!
>Grinding my teeth I get distracted by the sounds of a young Japanese man rocketing into the air from a nosebleed
>There are more important things to get mad at
>"Hey Jack can you pass me the remote?"
>"Huh? Oh sure."
>He walks over and hands it over

>Finally with the remote in my clutches I turn on some documentary so that I can nod off and nap
>Something about listening to a british man talk about retarded animals humping in the woods lets me doze off
>I wrap up and get comfy, eating my sandwich and drinking my juice and get ready to take a nice afternoon nap
>I watch an elephant trumpeting at a rhino too close for its comfort
>My eyes have trouble staying focused on the animals on the screen, the inbred british voice soothing me to sleep
>I nod off
>But then the front door swings open, I hear the doorknob slam into the closet door
>No way its not damaged
>"Oh hey man whats up! Im glad your still alive!"
>I grit my teeth and foam at the mouth
>I hear Jack slap the counter top
>"Shit dude where did you get all that food!"
>"Takios place, We went into town and well..."
>I hear Takio speak up
>"Shits fucked. My parents are..."
>Awh shit his parents are dead

>Wait...No they might've left or something
>I get up enough to look at his face
>Shit hes crying
>Nah they're dead
>I lay back down again
>Im not good at helping these situations
>"Takio you can stay in my room for tonight, Im consigned to this couch for a couple of days thanks to those fucking elves."
>I peek my eye over at him, seeing him nod and then drop the supplies he carried on the ground
>Dudes put his head inbetween his elbow and making his way to my room
>Shit thats rough
>Dude really loved his folks
>Wait hold on
>"Daryll...Did you go check up on my mother?"
>Hes silent
>"The whole neighborhood was burnt to the ground."
>"So shes not.."
>"No man, all of it burnt away in an instant. It was like a bomb went off."
>Fuckin hell man
>Moms dead
>Shit uh
>What was the last thing I messaged her?
>I check my phone
>She replied
>"Have a fun time son, I love you!"
>I replied to her too
>Must've been on the drive there
>"I love you too mom"
>Fuckin hell why
>Why my mom?

>The days late
>Daryll and Jack have taken to dealing with the supplies
>They finished unloading Takios suv hours ago
>The two went out to get supplies from Darylls but they have so much shit over there they'll have to take many more trips tomorrow
>I imagine that'll take another half a day knowing how much shit Darylls got
>Their location might be better...
>No, no its not
>Its right along a major freeway, who the fuck knows what will happen if we decided to hunker down here
>Its not like that was even discussed, Everyone here subconsciously knew this was the better place to be
>I will have to talk with Daryll about being more respectful with my stuff while hes here
>The fucker slammed the front door knob into the closet door blinds
>The entire door is fucked now
>And I guess I will just have to deal with it too, its not like I'm going to go out and get the shit that I'd need to repair it
>With an arrow wound in my leg and a magical armageddon going on outside I have bigger things to worry about
>The two of them passed out on the floor, tucked in the sleeping bags that I have for guests to use
>They're nice for one night, maybe two
>But we'll have to get something more comfortable
>I have a feeling that our dumb group will tough this out together for as long as this shitty situation lasts
>I have no idea what the fuck is going on
>But it cant be good
>Entire neighborhoods razed
>Elves, Orcs and who knows what else are fucking around in the woods and streets
>I got a arrow wound in the leg so far
>Daryll wrecked his truck, I've only got enough food in the pantry for a couple of weeks and although I have enough food for three months for myself...
>Theres another three people living here and theres no way that we can just sit idly by and not get what we need while we can
>Its a miracle that we still have power
>I have a power hookup for a generator but I only have enough fuel for two maybe three days
>I'll remind Daryll about it when he wakes up tomorrow

>I try and get up
>I napped all day and now Im restless now that its night time
>I would've watched the news but the TV was out
>And I didn't think to look for anything happening on liveleak or youtube
>Shit I should actually check liveleak, there might be some genuinely good information on what type of shits going on out in the world
>Everyone else is dead quiet
>They're all sound asleep I imagine
>They had a hard day of work today
>And I did nothing to contribute
>Shit Jack even cooked bacon for me
>I give him too much shit
>Or not enough shit
>Im 50/50 on that one, I imagine It'll swing to the latter once I spend more time for him
>I might be wrong though
>He isn't that bad of a cook
>tap tap
>What is that
>tap tap
>Somethings tapping on the glass
>Whos doing that?

Thats where I'll leave it off. I'll try to update the story soon, lately my life has been pretty hectic.
File: 1626630383796.jpg (215 KB, 1080x1058)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Bros I want to go on a date with a cute witch, but she keeps bullying me for not being a magic user, what do?
(I'm a knight BTW)
>"Oi mate what's dat"
>"Oh no a metal dragon is atakan as!!!
I call it based
Guys who want to fuck centaurs are worse than furfags or ponyniggers
Anyways what gun would this bitch elf carry?
BRN180 with a maple wood stock and handgrip.
Built for BSC (Big Stormvermin Cock)
Based edit anon thanks for sharing.

Cute birb, could go for a chimichanga right now.
Glad to see you back! Looking forward to more story.

Also is the anon who was writing the story about helping that dwarf guys daughter take out the cult still around? Haven't seen the story in a while, was looking forward to reading more of it.
Got a link to your 4binz?
birbfren is like a little light in this rude thread
Minotaur are based on bulls not horses you fucking nonce
Need moar black powder anon, and Skinwalker gf anon. And moar of everyone in general.
One of my settings involves a human space colony crashing on a planet where the native species can utilize magic, but does it make sense that magic exists on one planet but remains unable to be utilized by humans or is only universe-wide magic acceptable? I find it hard to explain away why one species can use magic and not the other without the rule of cool of guns and magic.
File: american gothiK.png (914 KB, 1600x1800)
914 KB
914 KB PNG
have a drawing I did while I was shitfaced. because you guys are cool
Based, thanks anon.
>be Neo Prussian grunt
>somehow mexicunts teamed up with French fags to recreated a Mexican empire
>fuckers want texass back
>Rhodesian tribals and about a dozen gopnik cyber crusader kingdoms appeal to the kaiser
>get sent to Texass
>Texan ruins are neat
>been fight for 5 months
>all of the blood and gut have attracted wendigos, shadow people, and other monsters to the battle field
>only thing between me and them is my FG 4000 with cryo tracers
>sad that French and Mexicans can use monster while we can’t after our prized dragon and the Kaiser’s finest LUCKNER was slated, turned into a zombie, and sadly put down
>cryo mortars and modified China lake launchers courtesy of our allies have been both useful and fun
>still I’m surprised that I haven’t met a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Human shield
>currently stationed at SOD depot 99
>basically a bunch of giant man made hills used FLAK tower
>cleaning my FG 4000, MP 18J, and Mauser 3144 T-Gewehr.
>blue alarm goes off meaning gas storm attack
>gas mask on and rush out side
>Mexican forces somehow got a necromancer with them
>set fire wall
>shoot in every direction for 17 hours straight
>only a few of my fellow Schutztruppen ran out of ammo and few rushed in to gas void thirsty for more action with melee weapons in hand
>we avoid to shoot in their direction
>feel brave I joined them
>mutated honors I fought against
>warped soldiers, hounds, horse, and skinwalkers were among the enemy’s ranks
>I took care of some while the bravest of use ganged up on the necromancer, who had sacrificed the Mexician army given, which led to bastard to being defenseless
>out of the 900 gunless Schutztruppen, only two survived
>both dragging the French necromancer by his teeth
>when the gas void cleared, all we could see was guts and red mist
Dayum pretty swell, hope it gets colored.
hmm, where have I seen this drawing before...
Always good to be posting with you gents.
Nice drawing Anon!
File: 12341243124.jpg (647 KB, 1400x1083)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
Why yes, I am a total degenerate who would fuck a centaurs horse pussy
I have an update coming for you guys later this thread. Life has been pretty wild lately but thanks for not forgetting about me!

(blowoud soon sdalger :DDD)
where is mosin anon
Human operators are not there to tank. They are there as special operators.
If your commander is sending humans to deal with minotaurs, ogres, giants, centaurs or other large mass units without mechanised or large mass assistance. Then that commander wants you dead.
Special operators solve problems, run tunnels and access implacements other large masses can't.
So bring mass and CYA.
Hearing and smell often forgotten senses in humans.
Burning powder can ruin sent and mobile artillery is loud.
A centaur can pull an 800 pound longbow and wish proper arrow heads can punch threw most armor.
The centaur is quite, fast and can stalk.
When properly equiped they are some of the best scouts available,
So depending on the mission bow and arrow is a better loadout then powder weapons.
Some commanders like to run 2 or 3 centaurs with a human for tree climbing and vantage observations when scouting.
File: 213412421.jpg (201 KB, 2219x1713)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>The centaur is quiet
Imagine being the first orc having to explain to his buddies the sheer sound and scale of an A-10 gun run. That it doesn't even need to get close like a dragon. But created even more destruction.
God the idea of sustained gun runs before storming a fortress makes me hard
compared to humans, horses have huge lungs, and therefore huge noses and airways. to keep breathing like a normal horse, the amount of air moving through the human nose would be enough to suck a golfball through a garden hose. that kind of airflow would probably also be very loud. a centaurs nose would have to create an impressive amount of mucus to keep it from drying out. if the centaur has two sets of organs, then it could survive having the horse part amputated after something like getting shot in combat. the first few weeks would probably be filled with lots of sneezing and snot, as the body would still be getting used to the lower airflow.
in short, i want to stick my dick in a centaur amputees nose
File: PSX_20210331_202849.jpg (410 KB, 1769x1903)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
Based and redpilled
Is it possible that with such immense strength that they'd invent ordinance arrows that we wouldn't normally use? I'm thinking centaur-portable bow-launched hydra rockets. Hell that opens up a whole plethora of bow munitions like glide bombs, flares, willy pete, parachute camera feeds and loitering munitions. The ability to launch these as far or further than conventional man-portable launchers at any angle with both precision and stealth makes centaurs the ideal deep penetration unit ideal for sabotage and supply disruption. Fellas I think we're onto something.
Thats a horse not a centaur.
Thats like you in steal boots stomping around and jumping on the floor boards of the upstairs apartment vs a ninja who knows how to be quiet.

Go take someone like you hunting and then take someone who knows how to walk in the woods without being heard.
Best gun for hunting gobs?
>not just a horse but a NIGGER horse
Centaur are best at recon and information as they move faster and quieter then elk or moose in the forest.
The human is mostly as needed like a LT with ability to climb, tunnel and radio.

If your looking to have centaur to be heavy's, just bring some rockets and a fire support team.
For hit and run up and down a mountain like a goat.

Me ill take a team of giants with 105mm howitzers. If i need heavies and fire support.
Missions are about what you have not what you want.
Says every recruit until they meet ST Oakenhoof who stands 14hands and weights over 2300lbs with a ring of giant size.

So feel free to offer, if you want a medical discharge.
File: 12341324321.png (1.74 MB, 2827x2000)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
If I offered a centaur a sugar cube would she eat it?
I'm not crazy. I'm not a schizophrenic. Several others have told me they can feel it being there. Two have said they can even feel its presence, its real life influence the world around. Only one said they can see it and they promptly left. I don't blame them.

My only fault is my greed or avarice if you have a affinity for Biblical apocrypha. That's when all my troubles started and landed me in this world of bullshit.

>Be me two years after >/k/onvergence.
>Hear tale of anons taking the risk, >grabbing their balls and learning >how to juggle. plunging themselves >into the world unknown to modern >people.

>Something I didn't do myself when I >had the chance. That ate away at >me.
>Some of them gave up and came back without much fanfare, to resettle into the lives they left behind, albeit a drastically different as can expected when two worlds or dimensions intersect.

>Others were killed in action but did what they always dreamed; being explorers in a strange but not alien land. The myths and stories go back thousands of years.

>Some other intrepid souls found a new home, found love and prosperity. These souls pursued a dream and were able to take it for themselves; starting new lives as in this world.

>The elite few, the ones who did the stuff of legends rivaling the heroes of Norse and Greek mythology. Those legendary people will be remembered for centuries if not millennium in both worlds for their exploits.

And here I am, thumb up my ass in some gas station diner.
Reluctantly. She would secretly really enjoy it though.
>Drip drip drip.

>Order the cheese burger plate and look out the window as the rain increases in intensity.

>I should probably fortify my property against the goblins or lizardmen.

I look up at an older waitress as she waves me over to where she's standing; to the wall phone at the back near the kitchen. Clearly an employee only section.

>"It's for you."
Before I could say anything she hands me the phone Thinking someone was pranking me.

>"Hello, is this anon?" I hear a distorted voice on the other end of the line and think to hang up then and there, but I remember the guys who made the plunge. "Yes. Who is this?" A brief pause on the line before the voice responds "We know who you are and what you're capable of, more importantly, we need some outside help. Interested?"

>This whole situation is giving me the heebie jeebies. They tracked me down to a hole in the wall diner, they called its landline and asked specifically for me. On top of it all, they're using voice masking not too dissimilar from the cellphone towers in Far Cry 2.

>I was getting ready to hang up until the voice, perhaps sensing my desire to end this conversation, spoke once again.

>"Your job is the extermination of a vermin. Pay will be in 5,000 US dollars. Funds will be transferred to your account upon completion. Address is ... ...... ..... at ......"
>The caller hangs up, leaving me once again, with my dick in hand. I notice I have more than several eyes of curious onlookers and patrons. I hang up the phone and make my way to the front.

"Can I get that order to go?"

>Digesting the what just happened(as well as the fat cheeseburger in my hand) I figure if my mysterious employer wanted to harm me they would have done so already. Why go through all the trouble of directly contacting me if they knew everything about me including my dining habits?

"I really don't like this shit,"

>I utter aloud to nobody in particular, rifling through one of my gun safes. "I don't like this shit at all."

>I briefly finger fuck my DDM4V5 before slinging it over my shoulder. I check the 32 round magazine and make sure it's loaded. Loaded with M885, not necessary for a "vermin" problem unless they're wearing soviet helmets. I put those magazines back into the safe and find the other 32 rounders girthing XM193.

"That'll do pig."

>I cringe at my own autism as
I place the magazines into my battle belt and load one into the rifle itself. I grab my sidearm, my second sweetie, an SR1911 10mm loaded with 220 gr buffalo bore, just in case the rifle doesn't get these "vermin" first. A cherry on top of the sundae, I slip a trench knife into my coat pocket.
File: IMG_20210417_123945.jpg (59 KB, 698x262)
59 KB
Other dead goblins bodies
Gay, lame and degenerate. Kill yourselves.
Agreed what the fuck is the difference in fucking a horse and fucking a horse girl? Its the same hole.
Enfield or Ross rifle
File: snake.png (46 KB, 1062x848)
46 KB
here's a snek named sandy, her only noticeable characteristic is she likes those purposely shitty skeleton memes that say shit like
>suck dick? Id rather be sucking down the smooth rich taste of Marlboro cigarettes
>and also dick
File: tam notes.png (114 KB, 943x1020)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
based snek, snekfriend, i have one of my own named Tam. she got a taste of weeb culture and it got her good. working for her parents, using her money for imported lewd mangas etc
forgive the fucked face, for some reason i was having trouble at the time and i just left it
File: capitalsim.jpg (41 KB, 745x408)
41 KB
yes brother, big titted snake women is where its at. All my shits made in ms paint so i cant complain about anyone else art.
>be me, infantryfag
>2 months since the portals first opened
>intermittent fighting between various races since the portals first opened
>gets worse for us the further away from civilization you get
>hear of whole squads disappearing save a few hacked off limbs
>my unit is looking for a fire-team that went MIA a 3 days ago
>after arriving to their last known location notice handfuls of spent casings
>get surveillance drones up and scan 3 klicks out
>nestled in the hills see a tiny amount of smoke peaking out from the trees
>investigate and see an in-ground firepit that's almost out of fuel along with a pot
>the pot has an arm in it
>move out in that direction, going as quitely as we can
>roughly 500 meters from where the firepit is notice an awful smell, like unwashed ass and blood
>others notice too a few gag,saw docs eyes water
>another hundred meters closer hear something snap a branch, then another snap
>looking up the hillside, i see it
>a massive humanoid Bull creature with dozens of gunshot wounds all across its torso and limbs
>it lumbers back over to it's firepit and pulls out the arm it left in the pot
>LCPL Kinley gets the bright idea to try and empty a belt into it
>at 400m the bullets only piss the fucking thing off and it charges us
>in 7 seconds it closed the gap, and pulled Kinley's head off with it's hands
>SGT Hudson tries to use his radio, but the beast pivots and stomps down on him.
>his torso is turned to paste
>LCPL Davis pulls a frag out and starts to pull the pin, but the beast grabs his arms and stops him
>it's intelligent
>LCPL Davis has both his arms ripped off
>I Fix a bayonet hoping it will help keep it back
>it turns towards me and lunges, i panic and fire off from the hip
>I hit its kneecap and it falls over ontop of me
>ontop of my bayonet
>it grasps at my left arm and pulls, its grip strong but weakening
>still not weak enough, it tears my arm off
>it finally goes into shock and dies
horse pussy
why are entrepreneur monster girls so based lads
>CPL White radios in a medvac while doc tries to stop the bleeding
>wake up 3 weeks later inna hospital
>getting fitted for a prosthesis and am informed i'll be transferring to a new unit
>"tight, so im getting to go to a support MOS right?"
>get discharged, and show up to my new duty station
>first person i see is CPL White, ask him whats going on since no one would tell me what my new job was
>"after the incident with the minotaur, it has been decided that there is a need for highly skilled soldiers that specialize in fighting large to giant sized threats"
>ask CPL White that isn't what we'll be doing
>it is
>TFW gonna die as part of the first Hunter-Killer team
File: file.png (1.66 MB, 994x675)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
Which race would have the best guns?
Dwarves maybe?
dwarves strike me as the type who would take some offhand idea, go "holy fuck, lets do that" and go overboard pretty much every time.

which is the way it needs to be.
How xenophobic are these dwarves? Or are we operating on Wakanda logic where isolationist civilizations' tech are somehow are leaps and bounds further than their more social neighbors?
If I get the 5 and zeros old /k/ returns in all its glory.
gets for chichi best bird
I'd imagine Dwarves if they're at all like the ones in LotR, DnD or Warhammer would be secretive but highly advanced
So sort of Wakanda-tier but only for things they deem worth keeping secret, like cutting edge technology, weapons, that sort of thing
They'd be the race to, for example, develop the Atom Bomb by WW1 but then have no way to deliver it because they didn't cooperate enough with other races to develop planes
File: strangle elf.png (278 KB, 1266x689)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Imagine being an ancient Elven sword-master
You've trained with the blade for ten thousand years until you're better with it than anything alive
You've been to every continent, seen every civilization and dueled each of their champions to the death, winning every time
You're so far above a human in your sword skill that the very idea of even fighting one is insulting to you, but a war has brewed between the Elves and the Men and so you go off to punish Mankind for their insolence
You enter your first battle with Men, sure of your victory, sure that you will never be defeated, knowing for a fact that you will win and punish the humans for their transgressions

You enter the battle, and a stray bullet takes your head off at 500 meters
File: roland in a new world.jpg (3.29 MB, 1971x2511)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
File: roland in a new world2.jpg (3.02 MB, 1971x2511)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
made a couple small edits think i like this version better
damn it just realized i misspelled communists
if anyone wants the corrected version i can post it but im not going to unless someone asks so as not to spam the thread with the same image
>Thats a horse
>not a centaur.
so he's half right
One is illegal while the other (presumably) wouldn't be.
File: Hatebugs.jpg (394 KB, 1600x1163)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Theres too much thinly veiled bestiality in this thread, Centaurfags get turned into Paardenrookvlees (look it up bitch ;/)
Heres more Psycho, enjoy.

>I slam the door open
>I get a feeling that I should go and check on the kids
>Idk maybe its intuition or a hunch
>But I feel the need to go and check up on them and Sylva
>Im sure they are doing alright just..
>Idk better safe than sorry?
>I bolt down the carpeted hallway
>I wipe out once I try to turn the corner on the linoleum floor
>Ok it doesn't hurt that bad actually
>I get up and jog abit more slowly towards the front doors
>Make it through the first door
>Then the second and
>I see black dots along the horizon
>Fuck thats not the....
>I push the front door open with all my might and hold it
>I look to Sylva
>Shes still playing with the kids
>I shout as loud as I can, pointing to the sky
>She perks up and sees the bugs
>She grabs all twelve kids in her arms
>And fucking bolts
>Her teeth are bared, I see her green eyes in fear
>The bugs are not too far off
>A two hundred feet or so
>They're being pushed by the wind towards the school
>I hold the door as wide open as I can
>Sylva makes it, squeezing the kids in as painlessly as she can manage
>Some kids squeel and some get out of her grasp
>She pulls them back into the door though
>Fuck they are crying
>I try and pull it closed
>Awh fuck its one of those slow close doors
>Shit shit shit shit
>its slowly closing and
>Fuck it lets get through the second door that might be quicker
>I open that one and I yell at the kids and Sylva to get in
>Fuckin Sylva is like a bull in a china shop here
>She pushes the kids in and then she squirms her ass inside
>Im going to have to talk with her about losing some fat off that ass
>Sure it looks great but in situations like these its a fuckin hassle
>Ok the first door is closed and...

>They've gotten alot more aggressive since we've been gone!
>I hear their jaws trying to gnaw at the glass
>I hear them biting
>Fuck I hope that'll be enough to hold them off
>I put my two hands on her massive ass and push her through the second door
>Move bitch get out of the way!
>She didn't appreciate that
>I step inside and slam the second steel door
>Fuck I hope that'll hold them
>Im panting abit
>Sylva looks saddened
>....Is she unhappy that I manhandled her?
>"Look I dont want to die by your fat ass just yet alright?"
>I should've worded that differently
>Fuck shes even more sad
>"Look its the good type of fat, not the bad type of..."
>"Wait you have to know that you look good right?"
>She looks back and forth
>Nervous, sad and...
>Is she self conscious?
>Really bitch?
>"Sylva you are a Twenty out of ten in my books, Infact I can tell you without a doubt you are the most beautiful woman I will ever see"
>I scratch my head some and look to the walls
>Might be telling her the truth too plainly
>Fuck im not liking this its awkward
>especially me telling her this right in front of the children
>I gland back
>The kids are back to doing stupid kid shit playing together
>Nothing to lose here I guess
>"Really I dont know what type of insane beauty standards you Devil people have but damn, you are the hottest piece of ass i've ever seen."
>I glance back
>Her eyebrows are raised, theres a grin on her face...
>Shes still laying on the floor with her legs stretched out
>Her arms keeping her torso upright
>And she lets out a belly laugh
>What the fuck is going on
>Do I choke her?
>"NO Psychomaaaan..."
>That fucking trilling maaaaan shit again
>Cute, endearing and somehow gets on my fucking nerves like nothing else
>Im clenching the grip on my AK
>Just bear it
>"...I was just wondering when you'd grow the balls to touch my butt thats all!!"
>Im clenching my teeth as well
File: TendieSammy.jpg (287 KB, 840x717)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
>"...I was just wondering when you'd grow the balls to touch my butt thats all!!"
>Im clenching my teeth as well
>Yeah I might actually fuck you
>Infact I think I will tonight
>Yeah definitely going to happen
>"Well that wont be the end of that"
>I give her a smirk
>I think she catches my drift
>And gives a look
>We stare at each other for quite sometime
>Her eyes locked with mine
>I've tuned out the kids
>Something about her makes my heart melt
>its something unsettling
>Something foreign and unknown
>I dont want to strangle her anymore
>I want her to be mine
>Thank God the kids can't see
>They wouldn't know what was going on
>Why does Mr.Psycho have a stick in his pants?
>Why are they just staring at each other?
>Im fucking hungry, I haven't had shit to eat ever since the Old man fixed me up a sandwich
>I really want a fucking sandwich
>"Hey Sylva make me a sandwich"
>It breaks her tranced gaze, her face perks up in curiosity
>She must be thinking about the meaning of the phra....
>"Sure thing....Darling..."
>Oh she know....
>She knows by the way she said that
>She must've picked that knowledge from eating brains
>Im really getting hungry
>I was always like that
>Shes bounding over to the cafeteria
>Air smells
>Like cinnamon
>It smells nice
>Nice as can be in fact
>One of those little shits must've lit a candle
>Where are they...
>They're all in the main hall clutching their backpacks like sleeping bags
>Emanuel is playing his nintendo switch
>I can faintly hear bing bing wahoo noises erupting out of that slab of plastic
>Cant really get wifi anymore
>Internets cutoff
>Otherwise I'd have shown 'em stalker
>He might as well play a game that'll be somewhat relevant to his new life
>Wheres my sandwich Sylv....
>Speak of the devil and she shall appear
>There she is briskly walking, the floor pounding with each footstep
>And shes carrying a plate full of sandwiches
File: Hungry.jpg (222 KB, 1300x650)
222 KB
222 KB JPG

>Four or five of them
>Must've been pubby sandwiches in the freezer for the employees or something
>She leans over and stretches the platter down for me
>"Here you are Psychomaaan"
>Good Lord im starving
>"Thanks so much you beautiful red woman!!!"
>"I grab one off the platter, tear off its paper packaging and start ramming it into my mouth
>Chicken tendies...
>I grab the plate from her
>And I start walking towards the main hall table, sandwich half and sandwich plate in hand
>I set it down, take another monstrous bite from it
>Gulping down barely chewed tendies
>"Woah, hey Psychoooo you must've been really hungry!"
>I glance back
>Such a heartfelt but embarrassed look on her face
>"You should've mentioned something to me earlier Im sure we could've pulled over to one of those 'publixs' "
>I wharf down the last bit of that sandwich half and tear into the second halves packaging
>I stop for abit to answer her question
>Im not like that asshole skinwalker
>"Yeah I guess I was in the moment, you know? I get in one of those moments where I gotta think about something."
>"That doesn't sound very healthy"
>I get back to gorging myself
>"No its." I take some time to actually chew my food "its no."
>I chomp down again
>"Not. But I am what I am"
>I finished the last bite
>I need something to drink
>I look around to the kids resting on their backpacks
>One of those shits must have a soda tucked in their packs
>Shit man where are they going to sleep now?
>Days drawing to a close, Its damn near four O'clock
>Better get them ready to go to bed while we still can
>Fuck twelve kids
>Idk they aren't mine that's the problem
>I guess that I can think of them as practice
>I shift my gaze away from the ripped sandwich half package in my hand and point at the little shits with a knife hand
>"Those kids need a fuckin bed, Got any ideas Sylva?"
>I eye Sylvas facial expressions
>She really wants to talk or do something with me
File: LoungingSylva.png (566 KB, 735x435)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
>More of that doing thing
>"We're also going to have to make one of those mattress platforms for the two of us, that was comfy as fuck last night slept like a rock"
>She giggles and puts her hands over her mouth
>"No seriously you Devils know a thing or two about mattresses, like I dont know how you did it but your sense in sleeping hardware is top notch."
>I unwrap another sandwich and snicker, shaking my head side by side
>"Pillow mountain man"
>My snickering stops and becomes a chuckle
>"You know that was the funniest shit I've seen in a long time..."
>I wave my hand her direction
>"....You are a thing of beauty Sylva, some of the shit you do is just...."
>I lightly slap my knee with my left hand
>"So....So over the top and its cool as can be really I really like that about you."
>I go over to look at her
>Shes blushing redder than her skin
>Her cheekbones are so red they are purple!
>I made the demon woman blush
>"Y-you know thats about the most loving said somebody has said to me right"
>Alright im getting distracted, we gotta get beds for the little shits
>"Sylva, focus...How are we going to get beds for the little shits?"
>She looks back at the tykes
>"I could conjure something up now that I know how they are made but..."
>"Honestly it would be easier on me if you went out and got them from somewhere."
>Bitch I'm exhausted and hungry.
>"Sylva could you please do it?"
>She rubs the back of her giving me a pensive glance
>"Yeah Yeah ok I'll do it...I'll do it Psychoman..BUT"
>She points at my head with her index finger then right at my chest
>"YOU are going to have to drag my ass to the bed I'll make for us after I'm done with the children"
>There might be something implied here
>Yea I think I understand her loud and clear
>I give her the wave of my hand
>"Sure sure, I'll help your ass out"
>She launches out of her seat, gripping her hands tightly by her side
>Full of vim and vigor aren't you Sylva?
>"So...How do you go about making them with magic?"
>I stare into blank eyes
>"Alchemy is.....Complicated...""
>She grasps her chin looking downward, pondering in thought to that question...
>"Im not sure I could even answer it in English its..."
>"I have to take the energy from one thing..."
>"...And put it into a new thing and into that same things form."
>She throws her hands up in the air
>"Yeah I guess that works well enough for you as a human."
>Is that an insult...?
>I rub the back of my head
>" I appreciate the explanation Sylva..."
>Im sure she didn't mean it like that
>"So how long will it take you?"
>She puts a finger to her mouth, her eyes gazed up looking left to right and right to left
>"Couple of hours at least..."
>But she throws up her hands
>"But I'd have to be too tired to walk after doing something like this..."
>She stares at me in objection
>She really wants my ass to go out into the hellzone and get beds for these little shits
>"Its fine I'll be able to carry you"
>Will you?"
>And with that she turns around, calls the kids to the classroom wing and I hear the calls of incantations begin
>Demonic gobble di gook
>I'm going to go back to my tendie subs
>They are all...
>Tendie subs
>I give a quick prayer to God
>"Thank you God for letting a demon into my life"
>God doesn't hear that one everyday Im sure.
>I make the sign of the cross and then chow down
>Hours pass, after the subs I snooze off
>"I cured you on the lake"
>I heard that in my sleep
>I wake up to that sound, and to Emanuel tugging my hoodie sleeve
>"Sylva wants you real bad Mister"
>Kid kid kid
>I know
>”Tell her she'll have to wai....”
>Oh she needs my help rolling her ass into bed
>I kinda want to see her handiwork
>After I'm done carrying her to bed I'll have to see

Aaaaand thats where I'll leave it off.
Heres the binz!: https://www.4binz.org/41
File: Dog.png (1.57 MB, 1080x723)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG

“I’m fucked up, I panicked… I uh…”

“just get inside”


I unfucked myself and fumbled over the contention rail. A4 disappeared behind the door which she then opened from the inside. Once in, A4 locked the door, and left us in complete darkness. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and dug through it. I found what I was looking for, the zippo lighter, and used it to get some light.

“what are you doing?!” said A4 in a scolding tone.

“what? I need to see”

“use something else, we don’t have infinite lighter fluid”

“like what?”

“I don’t know, check the backpack you stole from that elf broad”


I take a deep breath and calm down. I am completely enclosed by concrete walls, the only way to me is a heavy steel door that we’ve just locked, I can relax. And so, I do, sitting on the floor, digging through the contents of the elf’s backpack. And by digging, I mean feeling around because even with the zippo I still couldn’t see shit. It wasn’t long before I came across something that felt like some sort of nylon belt, it piqued my curiosity, so I pulled it out. turns out that was a great idea since it turned out to be a headlamp.

“hey look at that, there’s actually another light source here that won’t set me on fire by accident”

“great, now you can dedicate the lighter to my cigarettes”


“…speaking of which”

I sighed, because of course that was the actual reason. I turned the light on and then handed A4 her pack. While she stood aside to light herself a smoke, I turned the light on and discovered it was actually rather pathetic. No matter, I looked around to all the shit I had been pulling out of the bag that I couldn’t see. Turns out it was mostly plastic packaged electronics and batteries, there wasn’t even any food in there. What the hell was that elf planning on doing with all this? I threw everything back in the bag and fastened the light around my helmet. It was wobbly and not secure at all but I didn’t care.
Got anymore anon??
File: tam 4.png (514 KB, 977x1080)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
sad snek being sad about lack of anonbf
File: 1622811853267.jpg (59 KB, 595x643)
59 KB
>Elves boil and seethe at the sight of a gun
Feels good knowing your enemies are going to be butthurt longer than a humans average lifespan
File: Fankasia CYOA page 1.png (2.09 MB, 1616x5900)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
File: Fankasia CYOA page 2.png (3.56 MB, 1612x4598)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB PNG
File: Fankasia CYOA page 3-min.png (1.2 MB, 1556x3862)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
busy right now, maybe tomorrow at night if you guys keep the thread alive
Can I get some recommended reading?
And? they get horse cocks cause they look cooler on minotaurs.
based doggo
The sticky has good stuff.
You got a lot of reference material to back that up?
No way to deliver it? Surely they'd decide that plopping their atom bomb into a huge fuck off catapult would be a suitable way of delivering it? Sure it wouldn't go very far, but it'd work right?
what kind of weapons would be needed to take down one of those guys assuming they are wearing some tough armor? lets say the kind of armor you put on a tank. also tactics. which is best against one of them. which is best against a group?
Pit traps and flamethrowers.
liking the story so far. too bad i was not able to cap the previous entry last june but i can do this one.
good stuff. nice to have you around drawanon.
i like this short story. it is interestin enough to make me want to read until the end. my only problems here are the need for better punctuation and that some sentences that are too long or have multiple main clauses can be split into shorter sentences.
Been a while, I'll tell you that
>Put in the order and get our drink cups
>Get a cup of Dr.pepper
>Zeegle follows suite, making a suicide soda with no ice
>Fucking disgusting
>sit down at a table with her
>face her sitting opposite
>she’s staring at me
>Really staring
>Staring like I’m some fucking bug faced china man
>”why the hell you got your sunglasses still on? You a fucking blind ass or something?”
>Ah, my fucking sunglasses
>Of course
>”Actually they’re enchanted, help me see when it’s dark. Got them from my boss.”
>Zeegle rolls her eyes, sipping her soda
>”wow, fucking magiced yourself up a pair of NODs. Brilliant. Maybe your boss will give you am enchanted can on a string next, that way you can talk to each other far away!”
>The birds shit eating grin is pearly white
>Laughing at her own damn joke like it’s the pinnacle of comedy
>Her laugh turns into a snicker

>”Ah, but fuck that. Anyways, your boss, the job, spill the beans dude. Sell me on it.”
>Wait what the fuck?
>Let’s back up a second
>”Didn’t you want to eat first?”
>She shrugs, dripping soda from her straw onto her mouth
>”Eh, worst case if I don’t like what you're putting down I take my food and wander off into the night like a hamburglar.”
>The bird sets down her drink and sits up, leaning across the table
>”Of course, If I like it, then you can take me home and I’m all yours.”
>She says it loud enough for the manager to take a second glance over in my direction
>Damn it
>Doesnt help her fucking bird cleavage is hanging out and shes giving the stupid winky eyebrows
>Practically shove her out of my face
>”Fucking hell, act respectable. You want to hear about it or not?”
>The harpy is laughing as she sits back down, gulping down her soda
>”Sure dude, go for it.”
>Let out a long sigh
>”Alright, so, the jo-”
>The sound of a straw sucking an empty cup stops me in my tracks
>”Hold up, refill”
>Mother fucking bird
Can I fuck it?
>small and slick profile for cave action
>preferably on the quieter, but nothing that can be potentially bothersome should Gobs capture it. No external surpressor to give them ideas
>if possible some niche ammo Gobs will have a hard time getting their grubby little hands on
>hard to use if you're retardrd

Pic related, but strictly with stick mags
Am I just a phoneposting faggot or is this image fucking unreadable for you guys too?
It's just the phoneposting.
Nah get a american 180.
Thanks for the feedback. Punctuation is my main problem i hope i can fix it by the end of the next month.
It's somewhat rare and the magazine is 100% guaranteed to fail on the worst possible time
Post lance guns, spear guns, knife guns, sword guns
hey good to see you posting again!
yay unlike anon, I love this bird bitch!
How about real ones anon?
I hope you faggy redditors die of cancer
That's mean anon, we're just having fun here's and you can always start your own thread if you want to talk about something else
open the image in a new tab, then go to the url and replace the 'm.jpg' with .png. 4chan turns all big pictures into smaller compressed versions on mobile to save data
Kind of in the vein of what >>50014327 said, but a grease gun. Really, SMGs are king. Or PDWs if you have the gold (but then why are you even hunting gobs?)
Cool but not enough spears
File: quarry_supergun.jpg (173 KB, 972x647)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Dwarves love their mountains, their minecarts, and their explosives. Every true Dwarf Fortress needs its own Project Babylon supergun for delivering "Weapons of Mass Grudge-Settling".

>Most worrisome in Iraq's arsenal of guns developed by Gerald Bull from mid-1981 until he was assassinated on 22 March 1990, were its 300 155 millimeter howitzers, all versions of the GC-45 gun that Bull developed in the 1970's. Two hundred of these guns, termed GH-N-45 and manufactured in Austria, were shipped to Iraq via Jordan in 1985 for use in the Iran-Iraq war. The remaining 100 were manufactured in South Africa, where they are marketed under the name G-5. The G-5 can deliver a tactical nuclear warhead, chemical shells or any NATO standard 155mm shell.

At the very least dwarves would have ornate railway artillery.
I'm glad you like my posts man! I'll have more out for you and everyone else soon.
Get raped to death by a pack of niggers, you can't even reply properly on 4chan look whos the redditor retard. Also, whoever deleted my post is an extremely black and retarded tranny nigger gorilla.
Keep it up fren, shits cash
tight, i've got more

“ready to move on?” asked A4 before turning her head away and blowing a cloud of smoke.


I looked around the damp concrete passage we were in. The entire place was featureless, just a gray and narrow hallway, the only personality the walls had seemed to be the patches of moss growing on them. After a little exploration, I found that the inside of the wall was segmented by more steel doors. Fortunately, however, it appeared that the doors inside had not fared as well as the one we came in through. Most of them laid rusted on the floor, broken out of their frames. I kneeled down to inspect one and found something rather peculiar.

“hey… A4, look at this…” I said as I pointed at the broken hinges.

“what is it?”

“look, these metal pieces here are torn and jagged…”

“mhmm? so what?”

“that means these doors couldn’t have eroded out of their hinges, something must’ve ripped them out… what sort of thing could do that?”

“an explosion maybe?”

“yeah maybe, but no room so far looked like it ever had a bomb go off in it… you think one of those monsters could have done this?”

“hmmm… corpseling or not, you should probably keep an eye on the ceiling… this is exactly the type of place clots love to infest…”

“aha… haha…”

“I wasn’t joking”

“y-yeah I figure you weren’t”



“…let’s keep moving”


We kept advancing. And as we saw more and more of the same thing, a question in my mind kept popping up again and again. What sort of architecture is this anyway? I mean I know it’s supposed to be a fort but come on, at least get some paintings up or put a map somewhere or some sick looking statues carved into the walls like please. Did soldiers really lived and patroled around here without nothing better to look at?
>dwarf supergun
imagine the death and destruction they can cause with that thing. with the right ammunition, they could kill entire armies lay waste to large cities.
The mental image of dwarves shoving a minecrat with a nuke in it at some orcs makes me giggle like a retard
thank u, I didn't know that
Post fantasy guns
File: Wooden_Cannon_GNM_W622.jpg (3.64 MB, 3192x2736)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB JPG
Not fantasy but I wonder how effective these would be if you gave them to dwarfs.
god damn, how many shots did one of those things last IRL?
I guess not many but it's a good improvisation.
File: fanksia server iceberg.png (387 KB, 981x1149)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
Chainsaw sword?
>tfw no monster girl gf
Life is hard, bros.
File: chichi 7.png (49 KB, 567x437)
49 KB
>Zan is a man(maybe)(?)
File: 1572358669851.jpg (171 KB, 571x800)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I think I'll go have Mexican tonight for my late birthday dinner. Since my actual birthday was sad and miserable. Going to get that chimichanga and think of a happier life with a /k/ommando birb gf.
I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad birthday man. With luck, you'll find one. I hope you enjoy your Chimichanga whoever you are!
i heard goldfishes can walk on land during rain. is that true? can mermaids do that too?
File: 1608031204567.jpg (33 KB, 700x394)
33 KB
Thanks anon I appreciate it.
Yes. Yes I do.
Post fantasy guns
File: 1625697973090.png (73 KB, 355x259)
73 KB
File: EO Mi8.jpg (31 KB, 500x375)
31 KB
>Hey Anon Long time no see! God how long has it been, 7 years?
>”Yeah I guess that it's been about that long.”
>The girl, Ella was a acquaintance of mine back in High School
>We now sit at a small coffee shop
>Some of our Ex-Classmates decided to throw an impromptu High school reunion this year
>Both Ella and I happened to arrive and extra day early, and thus we made an agreement to meet up for breakfast one morning
>”So Ella, did you ever finish your nursing Degree?”
>”Yeah, In Fact I train the nurses at our hospital now”
>”Wow, that's great to hear”
>”Yeah, I’m really enjoying it, and the pay isn’t half bad either”
>She takes another sip of her coffee while I mindlessly stir mine
>”So how about you Anon, what are you doing now?”

>I cough heavily as I run through the cloud of dust that the rotors from the Mi-8 kick up
>I slightly worry about all of the particles getting into the grooves of my rifle
>It should be fine though
>It is a G3 afterall
>”Another peacekeeping mission you say?”
>”That's right Sargent, you are there to keep the peace with extreme prodigious!”
>I respond with a simple “Yes Sir!” before taking my final step on the helicopter
>I count the mags on my plate carrier as the Chopper heaves off the sandy airstrip and begins its journey off into the jungles of the New World
>Men have been doing this for decades now
>White men in a Russian Helicopter flying across a jungle to try to solve disputes with savages
>However, it used to be that those Savages were African only recently brought out of the stone age
>Now it is Orks, Elves, Dwarves, and all other manner of fantasy beast
>We’re not a very large company
>And the pay isn’t all that great to be honest
>But the one upside is that we get to some of the jobs that the larger companies won’t touch
>That's gotta be the biggest plus for me
>I was never the kinda person who could settle down, always had to be up and moving
File: Mi-8 Bay.jpg (308 KB, 1024x727)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
>All that matters is the upcoming engagement
>I lean back against my rigid metal seat
>Seems like comfort wasn’t the Soviets top priority when designing the Mi-8
>It’s about an hours flight to the LZ
>I glance around the Cabin
>Some men sit by themselves with sorry looks on their faces
>A few others are playing some card game
>Some are checking every detail of their kit
>One other man sits with his Boonie draped over his face
>I like his style and decide to follow suit
>I drape my repro Rhodi boonie over my face
>I was never really one to fall asleep on any sort of Aircraft
>Let alone before a mission
>But that doesn't mean I don’t let my drift back to memories of the past
File: Whataburger.jpg (111 KB, 1200x739)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>The /k/onvergance happened 6 years ago
>I still remember that day clearly
>I was out during lunch and heading to Whataburger to get something to eat
>I was driving down the highway when I got a text from my then GF
>”Hey where are you rn?”
>”Omw to Whataburger, want me to grab you something?”
>I feel my phone vibrate, but I don’t check it as I’m to focused on the Scene unfolding in front of me
>A group of men and women are chained together by a Centaur and some kind of Demon thing
>The highway is filled with burning vehicles, gunshots are a near constant background noise
>I see the bodies of some people with what almost look like elf ears, then the body of some boomer with a 1911
>What I can only assume what was once his truck sits idling not far from him
>It only has one bumper sticker
>”You can pry my gun out of cold dead hands”
>At that very moment, another elf looking person walks over to the man and prys the 1911 from his cold, dead hands
>I sit stunned
>What am I supposed to think?
>What am I supposed to do?
>One of the women in Chains probably in her mid twenties looks directly at me
>Her eyes say it all
>The fear, the pain, and the dread
>Tears stream down her face
>Do I try to help her?
>I don’t have any firearms in my car
>I have a bug out bag, but that only has a small machete, and I doubt I could win a fight with just that
>I turn the car around and floor the pedal
>I never looked back to see what happened to the other people
>Nor do I know what happened to the women who looked at me
>I’ve re-lived that day over and over again
>Sometimes I ask myself if I could have done something differently and saved those poor people
>My life went to shit after that
>I took up drinking and let my social life fall apart
>I just barely managed to pass my last semester of school
>I spent some time just wandering after that
>I ended up crossing into the new world about 6 months after I got out of school
File: Mi-24A.jpg (15 KB, 355x200)
15 KB
>I adventured around and took up odd jobs
>And that's how I ended up here

>The aircraft banks hard to the left as I see an RPG come up from the jungle floor\
>The door gunner lets off a burst from his FN Mag while our Escorting Mi24A turns around to engage
>I glance down at the timer I started on my watch
>10 minutes till touch down
>I pull the bolt back on my G3 before slapping it back forward
>There's 22 of us with a total of 4 small squads each containing 5 or 6 men respectively
>I’m currently in charge of squad bravo
>Squad Alpha is the command squad with 6 men, Including the overall commander for the mission LT.Charles Whitmeer
>We just call him Whitty
>Squad Bravo is my Squad
>Theres me, Anon with my G3 and a M72 LAW, Kenny with a PPS-43, as well as our radio, Mark with an Romain AKM, Tom with a Polish RPD who acts as our SAW gunner, and Louis who carries a C1A1
>We are acting as Assault Squad Number 1 this time
>Squad Charlie is our sister squad and is layed out very similar to our squad with 5 guys
>Squad Delta is the Mortar Team
>They have 6 guys and 2 60mm M19 Mortars
>In addition there is another 5 man reinforcement team in the Mi24A which WAS escorting us
>The Mi24A will also be acting as our close air support for the mission

That's all I got for now, might update sometime in the next few days tough
Centaurs based
I hope to read more from you anon
File: chichi14.png (122 KB, 1098x817)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
>"Happy birthday, Anon!"
>"Sorry for the cup hats, heheh, I couldn't afford real party hats..."
>The harpy goes and gets her refill before coming back
>”Alright, continue, I’m all ears”
>I’m a good worker
>This isn't for me, this is for the boss
>I keep having to remind myself of this
>If I wasn't such a good worker I wouldn't be doing this
>Time to let out my whole spiel for the bird
>“Aight, so, this is a long term gig, you understand? Once you sign on, that’s it. You’re ours. No bitchin out, got it? You get gear on your back, food in your stomach, some cash in your pocket, and a bed to put your head on at the end of the day. And in return? You do what the boss says when he says it. Youre on call 24/7, no matter what. Have to wake up at 4:00am because some fuckhead summoner decided to bring back the third reich in a mall plaza? Deal with it. Have to shoot your favorite bartender because it turns out he was pocketing cash from the register? Too bad. You think you can do that?”
>Zeegle just looks at me with the straw hanging out of her mouth as she chews on it
>Her face is bored
>”Wow, way to make it sound edgy dude. Really, top notch overplaying. Not like I haven't done any of that before you retard.”
>She tosses the chewed up straw in my general direction before going and drinking more of her soda
>”What if I don’t join? Let me guess? ‘Yooza hafta sleep wiff da fishes’ or some mafia bullshit like that?”
>I feel my ire rising again at this bird
>”Something like that, yeah.”
>She snickers at me, flashing her teeth
>”ah, ‘sumthing like dat’, you're too predictable, you know? And you're the best these guys got? No fucking wonder your boss wants me.”
>its for the boss man, keep your cool
>The bird seems to be considering it
>”Seems like a good gig…”
>Ah thank fuck
>I was worried I would have to-
>”... If I was as much as a dumbass as you are, which is a lot, and I’m not. So, nah, pass.”
>I can feel my combined fatigue, tiredness, hunger, and anger rising into an incomprehensible emotion
>I grit my teeth, and try to force out the words as nicely as I can
>”Why. Not?”
>Zeegle raises a hand
>”First, who the fuck are you? Second, who the fuck is your boss? Third, why does he want me so bad? If it was just a passive thing I know you would be out of here by now, but your boss really wants me, so why?”
>The birds eyes have a cunning edge to them now, she knows something is up
>”He thinks you'd be a good worker after what you did at the club.”
>The bird snickers again
>”You see, thats bullshit dude. Unless you gave him an intense play by play, video footage, and a fucking orchestra giving background music, I doubt any half assed thing you said on the phone could have persuaded him.”
>I hate her
>I hate her, because shes not wrong…
>she’s a little too damn smart
>Probably whats kept her dumb ass from being killed
>”I want the truth Kasino dude, of course, not like you’ll give me it….”
>The truth, right
>how the fuck do I do that?
>especially when I don’t want her to find out the whole truth…
>”... so I’m going to take the truth from you.”
>wait now hold on a second
>I don’t like that tone of voice
>The harpy is digging around in her coat for something
>Pulls out a small glass vial filled with a strange looking viscous liquid
>She’s grinning mischievously
>”Now dude, I think you might know what this shit is.”
>Do I know?
>Maybe I do….
>And I don’t like it
>”Truth oil?”
>The bird nods
>I’m fucked
>”I’ll take it you're familiar with this?”
>I nod back to her
>I can’t let my composure fail, but that shit makes me uneasy
>”You know what to do with this right? Just rub it on your hands, and interviews go a lot easier.”
>The weird truth serum or whatever you call it
>That shit is bad luck
File: oil of truth.jpg (94 KB, 700x525)
94 KB
>I can feel my combined fatigue, tiredness, hunger, and anger rising into an incomprehensible emotion
>I grit my teeth, and try to force out the words as nicely as I can
>”Why. Not?”
>Zeegle raises a hand
>”First, who the fuck are you? Second, who the fuck is your boss? Third, why does he want me so bad? If it was just a passive thing I know you would be out of here by now, but your boss really wants me, so why?”
>The birds eyes have a cunning edge to them now, she knows something is up
>”He thinks you'd be a good worker after what you did at the club.”
>The bird snickers again
>”You see, thats bullshit dude. Unless you gave him an intense play by play, video footage, and a fucking orchestra giving background music, I doubt any half assed thing you said on the phone could have persuaded him.”
>I hate her
>I hate her, because shes not wrong…
>she’s a little too damn smart
>Probably whats kept her dumb ass from being killed
>”I want the truth Kasino dude, of course, not like you’ll give me it….”
>The truth, right
>how the fuck do I do that?
>especially when I don’t want her to find out the whole truth…
>”... so I’m going to take the truth from you.”
>wait now hold on a second
>I don’t like that tone of voice
>The harpy is digging around in her coat for something
>Pulls out a small glass vial filled with a strange looking viscous liquid
>She’s grinning mischievously
>”Now dude, I think you might know what this shit is.”
>Do I know?
>Maybe I do….
>And I don’t like it
>”Truth oil?”
>The bird nods
>I’m fucked
>”I’ll take it you're familiar with this?”
>I nod back to her
>I can’t let my composure fail, but that shit makes me uneasy
>”You know what to do with this right? Just rub it on your hands, and interviews go a lot easier.”
>The weird truth serum or whatever you call it
>That shit is bad luck
File: 1601522469802.jpg (50 KB, 890x1084)
50 KB
>hmm, where have I seen this drawing before...
I meant the exact picture not what it was parodying.
Centaurs are hot so long as you crop out anything above their withers. Seriously, who the fuck wants some whore attached to their mare?

Yeah this is dope....Plz finish it! we rarely get OC....
What a cute little bird!
File: 1625252374681.png (396 KB, 768x1024)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Shit rattle me bones.
How ethical would eating centaur be?
centaurs are still sentient creatures. killing them to eat them is still unethical. unless you are a wendigo in which case go ahead and eat.
imagine killing and eating a human except instead of being a cannibal you are now chinese
must be horrible seeing all of those people get enslaved and not being able to do anything about it. i hope anon gets some peace of mind.
Very based
Any Valkyrie stories written? I might make one
Anyone got the real link to the shubby story? The sticky has the wrong link on it.
I've been frequenting this board for quite a while and I don't think I've seen any

“what is it A4?”

“look to your right… there’s something on the floor over there”

I looked to my right and saw what seemed to be pieces of wood on the floor and stuck to the wall. I walked closer out of curiosity, and then realized the bits of floating wood were not stuck to the wall at all, they were laying on a staircase. The stairs were so indistinguishable from the rest of the room that I literally didn't see them at all. I looked up the stairwell and discovered that the convenient attention grabbing bits of rotting wood on the floor were actually part of a now broken door that used to seal the top of the stairs.

“stairs… where do you think they lead?”


“yeah I know but I mean what’s ‘upstairs’?”

“I don’t know… probably more empty rooms”

“let’s check it out”

I readjusted the light on my helmet and walked up the stairs. Beyond the broken door laid another gray empty room with another two doors, just like how A4 said. However, this time I noticed the there were another set of stairs besides the ones we had just came from. Without saying anything, I turned around and climbed to the third floor inside the wall. I could see a bit of light coming into the room upstairs as I walked up the steps. The third-floor room proved to be quite the surprise, instead of yet another gray room with two more destroyed doors at the sides, it was a yet another gray room with more destroyed doors at the sides BUT there was also a third door right in front of the stairs. Light shined through, immediately calling my attention. I stepped outside to the cloud covered sun to find myself in a sort of balcony. A parapet stretched across the edge and there was a weird pile of rusted metals that sat over the middle of it. I looked around to see many balconies like this lining the outside of the wall.

“what is this place?”

I asked as I got closer, only then realizing that the rusty metal pieces were actually an M2 browning that hadn't aged well.

Very nice.
Looking up to be a good story anon!

Speaking of more tactical stuff, what happened with that story the anon was doing where they were trying to find help for their friend with the arrow wound and encountered a camp of Orks?
Thanks anon, just now saw your post.
Yeah...I'll have to get with Romulus about that, It should link you to the proper story.
here it is: https://pastebin.com/3wj9fSLn
no prob, im just happy to draw cute birb
>A Valkyrie, a harpy, and an angel walk into a bar
What ideas do u have anon? I like valkyries.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R ofc. Gotta make bank on those artefacts.
Thanks, I'll check it out anon. Could get some ideas for stories.
File: 1565305946666.jpg (431 KB, 943x960)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
I need me some skinwalker strange.
best anon, thanks
Anytime you're in sneed I've got the feed. God bless you Anon.
Same, skinwalker horny levels are higher than normal right now.
I can't think of a single fantasy creature as retardedly designed as a centaur
literally the horse and the rider but the advantages of neither
It's kinda faggoty that people are attracted to them too.
They want to fuck horses but are too pussy to admit it. Being attracted to pseudo-furshit is unironically more pathetic than being attracted to actual furshit
Honestly, I'd wish one of these fuckin old and retarded presidents we seem to be getting would just make it legal to hunt pedophiles, zoophiles and degenerates down. While I'm still wishing, hopefully we'll get actual /k/onvergence shortly after that too. Need skinwalker gf.
File: file.png (702 KB, 500x667)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
>Reports of mermaids in the great lakes causing ships to crash and murdering swimmers go on for months now
>sick of their shit
>take the IP-5 rebreather and diving suit i bought for shits and giggles
>grab RPO-4 speargun and a pack of improvised explosives, replacing the fuzes so that they work underwater
>wait a week for my mail order co2 Injection knife to come in
>i'm ready

>drive over to a beach on lake Erie and move in
>I swim above the water until it gets deep, the waves are stronger out here too
>suddenly, I feel a hand grab my leg and start to pull me down into the water
>quickly fasten my mask and then go for the hand with my knife
>cut it and it lets go
>when I look down I see my attacker
>a mermaid with dark green hair clenching her hand in pain in her other hand is a rusty dagger
>I swim backwards and try to take aim with my speargun
>the mermaid sees this and starts moving towards me
>she's faster, and I'm worn down from all the swimming
>she tries to stab the rebreather bladder
>i manage to knock her knife away with my speargun and then ventilate her head with it
>her body goes limp and floats away slowly

>if she attacked me, they must be nearby
>reload speargun and dive further down
>find a structure close to the lake's floor
>it's some kind of stone tower, about 10 feet tall, colored blue, and with a single hole entrance on the side
>this must be the entrance to their... colony? Hive? Town? fuck if I know
>start swimming towards the entrance, but two merman with crudely made metal armor and a simple metal spear come out first
>I see their mouths move with some noise, but I can't understand them
>I shoot at one with my speargun, but it hits the armor and does little but push him back.
>Need skinwalker gf.
Hey buddy, that’s my line!
You're alive?
File: Tikbalang.jpg (23 KB, 512x507)
23 KB
if centaurs are retarded then what about reverse centaurs?
Discord link ecpired3
it's not valid, re send it
how are mermaids even able to cause ships to crash? do they have pet whales that ram the ships?
Mist. Mermaids live only in the most dangerous parts of the waters. Lighthouses don't help and may even harm as they will apper in the wrong places causeing the ship to run a ground.
Rogue waves, cloud bursts and other weather can and will cause even the most seasoned crew to fumble, trip and find themselves in the water.
Then their are the mermaids themselves enchanting to the point of madness once a sailer hears their songs they hear them for life in every white noise or gust of wind.
Some seekout that mermaid just to end the enchantment and are never seen again.

Not all mermaids kill or drown their enchanted some become thralls hoplessly lost to the mermaid who enchanted them.
File: oh you know it.png (614 KB, 601x570)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
hey guardbro how goes the campaign
Distracting the crew is usually a good tactic they use.
There’s also tales of mermaids using some form of underwater explosive or rune to melt holes in the boats side, but nobody has lived to talk about those.
File: Centaurfags.jpg (40 KB, 640x831)
40 KB
File: trad guns.jpg (461 KB, 1080x1673)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Muh Wood and Steel vs Polymers
Can someone make a Rhodesian version of this?
>Decayed materiel forced into a mold and subjected to torturous treatments which solidifies it into something useful
>poisonous if you're exposed to it for long periods, causing it to warp your body
>Hazorous to the mental health
>Can only be created through archaic means out of the bodies of dead ancient monstrosities
If that's not black magic I don't know what is
so if I wanted to do a hypothetical Valkyrie story, how do I avoid the larpagan vibe? Also what would people want to see?
Try >>>/r/ or >>>/wsr/
Hm...I think you've gotta address the connection in a way that dismisses those vibes. I personally would like to see more air battles and Waifu+anon combat schtuff but thats just me.
When you say air battle do you mean planes or like actual magic infantry combat in the sky? How hard could I lean on the obvious warrior gf appeal of a valkyrie?
What's the consensus on /k/ related writing here? Only fantasy? Or can you post things like alternate history and scifi and the sort?
Post fantasy guns
File: Moo.jpg (37 KB, 507x380)
37 KB
Idk but a Minotaur with guns would be tight as fuck, somebody should work on that.
This is mainly for fantasy writing and larping.
All that other stuff is /wfg/ territory.
I would like it to be comfy as fuck because valkyries are the taxi maidens taking you to comfy town.
/wfg/ kinda died.
soon, broski
I'm cooking up a one-off story centered around a politician and his Valkyrie girlfriend-but-kinda-sorta.
File: war hammer.png (206 KB, 2344x1570)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
I've tried fucking everywhere /k/ and I haven't got a single proper answer, to the point I'm going insane now, I even tried asking Leddit.

For my mythology tied in with real history game I'm trying to give a robust, fuck-off muscular typed creature a double sided dual war hammer, think minotaur or Orc. I know I've probably given someone cancer by saying that but could it work as a weapon in combat? I know scythes are awful let alone double bladed scythes so I settled for the hammer concept instead.
>Furry girls
Should suck start shotguns.
like >>50057242 said /wfg/ is mostly dead at this point. but i dont think posting your story here will bring too much flak.
>I know I've probably given someone cancer by saying that but could it work as a weapon in combat?
You're right, it's really unpleasant. Fucking don't.
the concept itself looks awesome but the user will probably need to use it like a staff that will be spun around to for it to be most effective in battle.
the strength of a minotaur or an orc will make it a devastating weapon. the momentum of each spin will make it deadlier. just look at tombstone from battlebots.
I have even worse concepts if you'd like me to land the killing blow.
Hmmmm so would you be suggesting that it would be used with extended periods of spinning, almost like a tornando attack which you would see in fantasy games resulting in a single powerful attack? Or as in using a bo-staff, given that it would be much lighter for a creature of large stature than a human, spinning it from the left to unleash a quick attack on the right and even spinning it from one end of the warhammer to another to launch a fast attack?
File: F15jhdB.png (64 KB, 3460x1100)
64 KB
A staff with metal weighs at both ends would work, but anything with such a shape would get in the way of any sort of extended attacks, which is mostly the point of any long weapons. What's the point of having two hammers, when you can only strike with one at a time, and you're as likely to poke through your own armpit if you try to do a ranged sweep? Just, you know, put a heavy counterweight on one. Bar some very obvious (and extremely rare) exceptions, there's a reason why weapons have an ouch end and a slim end.
>if you try to fuck the khajiits or argonians you go to hell!
its trash
mermaids attacking submarines would be trippy
I could see them using an arc carbon cutter or something like that to cut into a sub and flood it.
That's a pretty inconvenient way of fucking with a submarine. If you have bodily access to the exterior of (most) modern submarines, there are better ways of causing trouble. Ballast clappers are an obvious weakpoint, and could be fucked with easily.
A story about an anon getting saved by a friendly mermaid after being sucked out of a sub would be cool.
Even at shallow depth, getting sucked out of a sub would probably be fatal (considering some extra force had to be applied somewhere to blow the person out instead of, you know, smooshing him to paste outright).
There are many ways to kill a man, but anyone who has ever read anything about delta-P incidents know the very concept of submarines to be inherently terrifying.
I wanted to do a horror story centered around submarines with some lovecraftian vibes. So would you have any good videos or reading about the scarier parts of submarines?
Die because I got shot trying to keep the kittygirl safe.
what were you thinking of writing anon?
File: 1626478233787.gif (1.87 MB, 400x260)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
So Im designing a rifle-sword. How thick the internal width of the barrel of a rifle has to be? And how thickthe width of a sword can be and still be able to cut very well?
a tornado attack is probably how it will be used against an opponent as big and sturdy as the miotaur/orc. for smaler and weaker enemies like goblins, the user could use it as a bo in a sweeping motion.
what kind of ships are they targeting here?
>So Im designing a rifle-sword. How thick the internal width of the barrel of a rifle has to be?
First draw the bullets and decide how much it can shot
>And how thickthe width of a sword can be and still be able to cut very well?
Half the double of your hand
File deleted.
been having ideas for fictional weapons in fictional worlds like a revolver carbine for caravan owners and light gaurds in something physically similar to 7.92x33, with a detachable wood stock and double action
How does one worship the /k/ube?
admirable care of your weapons, care for your battle buddies, and the destruction of the enemy outright by sick ass warfare
Both. Hard as a diamond.

>>on a moving platform
>>which is also using pvs-7's
>>And both are using projectile weapons

Tfw no valkryie to save u from a falling to ur death when ur biplane is shot down, because u made sure to save ur assitant gunner first.
i'd tell her to stop dressing like a slut and ask her where her parents are
Magical equivalent to limpet mines?
this is probably how they would do it. although that begs the question if they target moving ships or only those that are stationary. if they also go for moving ones, can they swim as fast as the ships or do they have pets that they ride?
File: Skussy2.jpg (103 KB, 754x876)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
/k/ wouldn't operate with a small child, they're more useful for stationary machine guns and fixed positions. A better question would be, How would /k/ operate with a Skinwalker gf?
why make a rifle-sword? wouldn't it be better to just make a rifle with a bayonet?
Necrobumping the thread
Covert operations and intelligence gathering after teaching her how to not speak broken English
How are stuff like elf gods and demons handled? I do wonder how much of a canonical restriction a "heaven" and "hell" would be.
>inb4 my god can beat up your god
>the bodies of dead ancient monstrosities
Plankton? "Fossil fuels" aren't actually made from dinosaurs, anon.
File: RATTLE.jpg (72 KB, 566x475)
72 KB
How would fan/k/sia kill skeletons?
They don't have organs or blood so shooting them with bullets will be very difficult
Maces? I'm looking for more ranged options though
There are no bullets, it's an energy weapon
>Half the double of your hand
I don't think I follow.
Because it's cool

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