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Discuss Touhou games, post 1ccs, etc.
I quite enjoy SoEW
Me too. I prefer the games without focused movement, I have a hard time pressing multiple buttons so one less makes it easier for me to play.
File: 1517862443475.jpg (58 KB, 960x826)
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File: 1635025118456.png (79 KB, 369x338)
79 KB
Any tips for Nazrin lunatic in 19?
I get stuck for what feels like hours vs Orin because she immediately casts EX and I have no idea what to do. In theory you can scope plus lv2 them but she casts it so fast I don't even have a lv2 ready and even if I do, the scope does fuck all and the spirits don't stay scoped for long enough anyways. And if I do get past Orin then even on a good run Yachie will always kill me because her other spam is too dense, again the scope does fuck all and then even if I start spamming my ex attacks she doesn't die fast enough to endure the imminent shitstorm she unleashes.
This shot is truly one of the worst experiences I have had in this series
how did ZUN create the survival spell bug in 16 and 17? he fixed it in 18 but the boss has to move off the screen in order to evade bomb damage. in every game until 16 the bosses never had to do that so why did it all of a sudden become a problem?
I have no idea, but there were a bunch of random problems with bombs and bosses in older games too, in 8 bombs can override the players invulnerability, killing you if you're careless, in 10 Suwako can retain her invulnerability to the following attack if you end a spell while a bomb is active. In 11 bombs can kill bosses during dialogue allowing you to skip EX Sanae completely, in 12 bombs can persist between stages. There's probably a lot that I'm forgetting.
File: FDF reimu hard.jpg (239 KB, 1280x720)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
I gave FDF 1 and 2 a shot. They're pretty decent. I expected them to be total remakes, but it looks like they're doing their own thing by building upon the events of 6 and 7 while taking a different spin on them.
Got my first Seihou clear, Kioh Gyoku with Marie. This game gets on my nerves but it's not actually that hard once you realize most battles end quickly. But damn, the last battle made me tired.
Almost got my first 1CC Normal with TD...
File: aaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg (153 KB, 590x889)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
also who the fuck coded this nigger site that it thinks this is spam????
Finally got my first 1cc on easy. Onto normal, I guess.
Any tips for PoFV Extra mode Komachi (and eventually Shikieiki)? I play aggressively in the first 5 bosses to collect 2 lives...Then I lose my fucking momentum against Marisa who always takes a life thanks to some bullshit, then Reimu takes the rest of them with her utterly broken lvl2 and lvl3 spells.
Also worse I noticed that Shikieiki's battle is always going to be 50 seconds minimum, regardless of how many lives you lost at the final stage. Is this true or is this cope-o-vision?
Same here. It seems the cpu doesn't respond well to the EX attack missiles and they get seriously gimped after player death. I finished a 1cc within 7 minutes, with only a single death at Muse.
I noticed that if you say nigger alongside other profanity on a blue board the server host itself won't let the post through. Not 4chinz' own post detection system, the very server itself.
It's weird because it wasn't like this up until recently. Maybe came with the 4channel thing
File: 4M Clear.png (50 KB, 640x480)
50 KB
Finally 1cc'd every game from 3-10 as Marisa. Is there a general ranking of Extra Stages from easiest to hardest? I want to go back and clear them before tackling 11.
You can cheese Extra by rarely attacking. The timer only stops going down if you don't KO any fairies for a while, so just shoot once to kill a fairy every so often and you won't be sending off anything to feed the opponents more gauge.
File: 1693960201898596.jpg (72 KB, 680x667)
72 KB
>slowly playing through the windows games on easy mode
>first time being truly stuck is on Kanako in 10
I can play through the whole game on easy without dying once, and the moment I get to Kanako and she starts chucking hundreds of knives at me, I always die. I managed to survive her homing knives ONCE because of bombing, but my power was so low at that point I couldn't get past her last attack and died anyway. I know I suck ass at these games, but how am I supposed to avoid homing bullet attacks? I try to find gaps to dodge but it feels impossible when they fly straight at you.
I think one of Kanako's middle-ish spells was harder on easy/normal than hard/lunatic. The one with a vomit of knives and balls. I remember her having a lot of aimed knife attacks, but nothing homing. Which ones do you mean?
Lmao, just got that ending. I also got rekt in MS with Yuuka, died just with Shiki's homming shot when she was already changing to the next shot and I was literally at 1 point of an extra life. The last threads really have made me nostalgic, but at least touhou games can cleared fast.

For hardest extra it's hard to tell since it's subjective, this post https://warosu.org/jp/thread/41497954#p41647198 started a little discussion of which extra is harder and there's not really any clear agreement. It also depends a bit since some give you less resources like EoSD or MS where you can only get 4lifes max or SoEW where dying only gives you 1 bomb unless it's your last life and having no deathbomb is a pain.
Also some shots might work better against some bosses and so on.

Considering that and that my list that I beat the games in order and that I used spell practice in IN my list from easy to hard would be:
PCB < MoF < MS < IN < EoSD < LLS < SoEW

If with the knives you mean her third spell, the trick is to slowly go from one side of the screen to the other all the time, if you do it slowly you might avoid all the knives or leave a big enough gap, staying around the bottom of the screen is normally enough but you might have to move a bit more upwards at the end of a knivespam.
Good luck with Kanako tho, she's kind of a huge difficulty spike.

Better than me when I started and went directly to lunatic, just to fall into hard and just to fall again to normal.
File: 20230920_193330.jpg (187 KB, 850x1290)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
This woman is all that stands between me and the Mystic Square Lunatic 1cc at this point. Any tips for dealing with her red and blue spam attacks?
Tell her Arisu is pissing herself again
1. Move a lot
2. Pray
I wish I knew how to dodge properly the blue lazer spam properly, changing directions right after the kunais tends to work, but when she speeds up I always get hit.
is there any way to deal with Chiyari yet?
Also, Nazrin is very fun to play with. Not the strongest, but it's fun to bop the spirits.
File: file.png (110 KB, 257x371)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
How will this help against Shikieiki though?
Any bullet she sends will fly though the EX cloud and turn into a fuckyou rod. If I don't fire to clear the shots then there will be both the rod AND the bullet to manage.
For a game often suggested to newbies, MoF is a real ballbuster. Easily more difficult then IN or TD.
Is there a way to lower only sound effects volume without lowering music volume on EoSD and PCB?
I think the reason people struggle with MoF is because they are afraid to use bombs. The thing is, MoF is actually really generous with giving powers. There sections in the stages where if you use a bomb, you'll get back your power back up, because you also killed a bunch of enemies in that section. Also if you use it on a mid stage boss or the first boss spellcard (At least for stages 4-6) you get enough power to get your rank back. The drop-off from 5 to 4 in power isn't that bad, and you'll always get enough power to start at rank 3 when you die. If you use practice start and experiment with using bombs in different points, the game is easy.
The main issue with MoF is getting into it with experience from prior games. 6-8 teach you to use bombs when you need them, meaning you won't realize just how much power bombs cheese the game. You can bomb the entire game all the way up to Kanako's final. The other factor is that MoF is on a new engine, and bullet hitboxes are a bit different. The stages are also very streaming-heavy, so if you have a good grasp on that you shouldn't have much trouble.

I myself was struggling with MoF quite a lot for the above reasons. I found myself getting hit very often by things I expected from experience to dodge, and bombed very frugally. But after some anon told me to spam bombs and getting used to the hitboxes, the game became pretty simple.
I just played 19 for the first time on Reimu and cleared it on my second attempt (on normal). Did ZUN make this game easier than normal or was Reimu just an easy character to beat it on?
Reimu is stupidly easy. Wait for Aunn's story, that's the ballbuster.
ah gotcha, just cleared Sanae as well and the bullet erase cheat mode card made it really easy
you can play as ran :o
Is Flan's Maze of Love spell card possible without bombs for Reimu? I'm not sure if I should just brute force my way through the stage until I can dodge it or if I should just 1CC Lunatic on Marisa. Is it even worth it to try to NMNB every Extra?
Yes, Maze of Love is static and the waves move slowly enough. You can use thprac to practice it on demand if you want. NMNB is just another self imposed challenge like scoring, whether you see any worth in it is up to you.
I got so fucking close to beating LoLK with Marisa on Normal Bombless. Junko's very last phase ended up being too much and I said fuck it and bombed through it after dying 141 times. Its a good test in patience at least, but not even sleeping was able to improve my skills enough to overcome it.
File: shrine_farm(tksand).png (2.76 MB, 2047x1447)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
I don't like this kind of gameplay
Sanae after sitting in Scope farming Level 3 Spell Attacks
>I noticed that if you say nigger alongside other profanity on a blue board the server host itself won't let the post through
oh that would explain why I've been seeing less of that nowadays
nigger nigger nigger
fucking nigger jew kikes forcing me to work at mcdonalds
I'm trying to get back to play more seriously by going through Imperishable Night, and these two retards are funny enough that I can't skip the dialogues.
To get a 1CC I just grind the spells, right? It's been a while since I played the mainline games.
Depends on where you're struggling. If you have trouble in the stage sections, practice the stages. If you have trouble with boss spell, use spell practice to figure them out.
So what's the general consensus on 19? I've been having fun but the lack of a scoring system is really strange to me. Also the character balancing seems all over the place.
As someone who overall didn't enjoy any of the other Phantasmagoria games, I had a lot of fun with 19. It has just the right amount of normal bullet hell type of gameplay to make me stick with it. Character balance is all over the place as you said, some were braindead easy to clear with while others had really annoying opponent, and a few were such torture to play that I didn't even go for the 1cc. The OST is great, the title theme is what stuck with me the most. This is probably the only 2hu game I've consciously delayed starting a run in just to have more time to listen to main theme. I liked how the plot was overarching as well, it gives you an actual reason to play the game with all characters.

That said, I do feel like the plot is the strongest motivator for playing. Once you've had your fill of story mode, there isn't much of a reason to keep playing for someone not interested in multiplayer. As you say, the game is lacking a lot of features that would promote replayability, extra mode being the biggest offender. I personally have no desire to deal with Chiyari or Yachie's bullshit in the near future, so I don't see myself going back to the game for a long while.
Who's the best playable in Mystic Square? I've only really been playing with Reimu so far.
Is there any precise description of how PoDD works?
I'm not sure what exactly triggers sending you characters attack to the other screen, it's usually a fireball cleared by an explosion but other times fireballs just return as fireballs.
Hard to tell, I like Mima since she is the fastest and does decent damage but I also like Marisa's shot and she hits hard as fuck at max power.
The only one I'm having trouble with is Yuuka since her damage and speed feel too low. Maybe she is better if you get closer to bosses but that's risking it a lot imo.
Reimu is nice except when the homing shots go to the other side of the screen instead of what you have in front of you, but still good at bosses.
Mima = Marisa > Reimu > Yuuka
Fun, could be better, absurdly unbalanced so it gets frustrating sometimes, I think that's more or less the opinion people have.
I like the idea of each character having a special skill since it adds more variety but that also made ZUN mess up the balance.
I think I'm struggling with collecting shit and streaming, I think it's called. Just bad positioning because I still have the reflex to go to the collection line and then realize I can't pick shit because you can't do that unless you're at max power on IN.
As unforgiving as it can be at times, MoF is so much fun.
I want to get good and proceed to catch up after years but MoF just has me trapped in its gimmickless snare.
You get a life every 100 point items, and since there's no poc in MS, faster characters like Marisa and Mima can make your life easier. Most people would recommend Mima.
Reimu is decent, and Yuuka's only saving grace is having an easy stage 5 (not counting the boss).
is there a good english patch out for 19 yet?
Which one of Marisa's shots in UFO is supposed to be the good one?
Keep in mind you only need to clear all stories to unlock extra mode, you don't have to 1cc any of them.
>Any tips for PoFV Extra mode Komachi (and eventually Shikieiki)?
Nothing in particular, besides abusing lv2 charge shots so you can clear any troublesome clouds of bullets coming at you.
Have my replays in case you need some inspiration.
For EoSD you can use the IN.DAT from this patch, which lowers the volume of the sound effects:
It's meant to be used with the rest of the patch, which replaces the ost with a properly synthesized version of the midi soundtrack (the result sounds really good), but can be used on its own.
For PCB, I've got nothing and I'm tormented by that too. I think I'll ask the guy who made this patch for tips on how to mod PCB's volume levels.
Just play normally until you get better in general and start struggling with specific things.
>Is there any precise description of how PoDD works?
There's some info here, it also explains fireballs
File: 1681925077094125.png (1.15 MB, 700x1000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
The plot of TH19 is just decent but it is written so fucking well, and keeps you hooked. Special mention to how the character dialogues mesh with each other in their respective stories. It's interesting to see what the characters are thinking to themselves in their respective routes before they encounter each other and share the same dialogue, then after a win/loss you get to see what would happen should the character win/lose.
However, coming from a PoDD and PoFV all character 1cc run (except Komachi and Shikieiki, fucking Extra mode...) the gameplay of TH19 is garbage. It has grown on me a bit especially how each character gets their own unique shot type and gimmick, but overall doesn't hold a candle to the Phantasmagoria games and feels like a slog to play. It seems like ZUN made this game with Human vs. Human multiplayer in mind because compared to Story mode, having only 1 card makes games extremely dull and the CPU (tested with Normal) isn't that good at using its charge attacks or sending bullets over. Not to mention the lack of a replay system which makes the game feel even more barebones.

I don't understand what's the issue yhe other anons have with Yuuka, she has a great spread shot which isn't THAT weak like other spread shots in the other games. I've had bosses die faster with her compared to with Reimu for some reason. The coverage is great and like the other anon said, you don't have to worry about parts of the game where enemies come from the sides, which is the majority of Stages 2, 3, 4, and 5.
I just cleared EoSD on normal now with Reimu B, I had already done it with Reimu A before and in both I ended up with 1 life and 1 bomb, should I start trying on hard mode now or try to get better results on normal mode first?
What I'm upset about is the fact that Komachi and Shikieiki's story gets unlocked AFTER clearing Extra mode with them.
Why isn't Extra Mode the last unlockable? Why do I have to grind my balls in Extra difficulty just to unlock Normal?
This should cover most things
>What I'm upset about is the fact that Komachi and Shikieiki's story gets unlocked AFTER clearing Extra mode with them
Ah you're right, I've misread your initial post. It's weird indeed, though keep in mind that the story you get on Normal is the same as on Extra.
Seems like I misremembered Yuuka's firepower, I thought she did less damage... guess the only real inconvenience then is the speed, especially due to item collection.
> I've had bosses die faster with her compared to with Reimu for some reason
It depends on how close you get to bosses since more bullets hit. I think that might be the reason I had her weaker in memory, I hugged the bottom of the screen a lot last time I played MS.
I guess in the end mystic square has pretty balanced shot types.
Also for some reason lately I'm beating stage 5 loosing 0-1 life but getting hit a lot in stage 4, weird.
>fucking Extra mode...
And people complained about no extra mode in 19... I mean it was an interesting thing in PoFV, but I haven't really seen many people like it.
For some reason I read this but completely forgot about the fireball part and remembered it as being a copy-paste of the description in the manual.
Guess my memory isn't doing well lately.
I don't remember it that well but were familiars, the bright circle thingies some fairies summoned in IN, were exclusive to Imperishable Night? I don't remember seeing them after that game.
I really like hina's stage
>but I haven't really seen many people like it
I like it, it feels like a boss rush mode.

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